Think Against The Grain

Recently, I had an assignment (Investigating Media Reflective Practices – it’s a subject most of you probably wouldn’t like because it’s a little analytical) to write a reflective blog post. Something about this assignment irked me very much.

We didn’t get graded yet, since this is part of a larger assignment. However, our tutor was able to email us with written feedback about our online posts. Our tutor emailed all the students in the class, and told us to look at the work of students who had done well. She provided a list of names.

This annoyed me because it clearly separated those who had “better” assignments. And I’m guessing that they will get the highest marks in the class as well. I know we should really use these as opportunities to ask our tutor for help or learn from our classmates, but the fact that she separated the “good” from the “not so good” made me feel a bit uncomfortable – a bit like favouritism.

My friend, Vicky, was annoyed that our tutor corrected her spelling. Like me, she takes pride in her spelling. In Australia, we spell a certain word as artefact, which is recognised as the British spelling. The American spelling is artifact. Vicky was corrected, and the tutor mentioned that “artefact” was wrong. She didn’t feel up to retorting, though.

In high school, one of the things that annoyed me in an exam were questions like these:

1) Why do you think Andrew went to Lindsay’s house? Give reasons for your answer.
2) Why do you think that Jimmy collected certain types of flowers?
3) Why do you think the author chose not to reveal the identity of the thief until the end of the chapter?

It’s questions like this, that ask what you think, that annoy me. Once in high school, I looked at a question that began with “Why do you think”. I had received no marks for my answer; I was marked wrong for my answer and reasoning. The way these questions are worded is wrong.

Why? No one can say my thoughts are wrong! Because certainly, that’s what I think. And I answered the question with what I thought. Surely it can’t be marked wrong.

I guess there isn’t really a better way to phrase the question. So why ask?! To me, it’s a bit like asking for an opinion you’re going to say is wrong. :P

That said, I always feel weird about writing reflective posts or reports in university, since we’re being marked on it. Usually, a writer expresses themselves in what they write, or they write in a certain style, whether they are a journalist, author, songwriter, or poet. I feel that there is always an element of themselves in their writing.

I don’t know who would agree, but some would say that writers write for themselves, not necessarily for others. Wouldn’t you write to feel at least some sense of accomplishment? I feel like I’m emptying out my own thoughts, be it passionate or discreet, when I write something – from a poem to a report. For a recent report in university, I had to write about why I chose my topic. Even that is including a personal aspect.

I don’t think we should be asked to hand in reflective essays or asked questions on what we thought of a piece of work. We have different interpretations. And sure, you might disagree with me on that point, but you can’t tell me my thoughts are wrong. I actually thought them.

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It is rather heb, now that you mention it. /eee

Yeah, English was crap. I really don’t see how analysing texts helps anyone function as a member of society. I can read a manual just as good as anyone else; I really don’t care what Shakespeare intended on a more philosophical level when Romeo wore socks to bed or something.

I reckon English is compulsory to give Australians a chance. I hate to say it but a lot just seem to believe career success is their birthright and they don’t have to try academically to achieve it. I could be wrong. I’m just saying I’m yet to be convinced otherwise.


I just think that more so than analysing, they should introduce basic grammar into syllabuses, because some people’s grammar is simply atrocious. I think (from being a communication student) that most of the things we learn are just “learning how to learn” or general knowledge more so than learning something of much practical use. I don’t know why I have to write on language and discourse and read things that dead French guys (philosophers like Foucault) wrote.

Apparently having qualifications is desired more by employers now. On the whole, I believe that English is really important in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation. But big words and academic pieces aren’t really what I’d consider beneficial in society either; one can write a good story or poem without those. :)

I know this wasn’t my original comment, but I agree with this so much! I see people in my year at school get great marks in their coursework despite having absolutely terrible grammar. Ahhhh, it’s so infuriating, especially when I make sure that mine is perfect /hehe

I think the point of these exercises is to help us start using our own brain and start thinking of our own opinions, and not just agree with anything that anyone says. Rather than tell us facts (2+2=5) and make you memorize it, they ask us to realize why the facts are true or not (why 2+2 is 4, so that we won’t believe straightaway if someone were to tell us 2+2 is 5).

However, that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. I really don’t think what your tutor did was right. It isn’t a good thing to do, especially since they’ve told us we should help each other, not compete against each other. Not that they’re asking us to make our own opinions right, since I’m sure some of us just don’t give a damn about what we’re supposed to have an opinion on. Still, they mean well, in a way.

I agree in that what they’re trying to do isn’t really practical for society… in a direct way. If you’re think about it, they’re really just trying to educate the great minds of the future, to increase human knowledge and whatnot. That’s what academics try to do, to learn more about their own field, even if it isn’t really practical.

But most of us aren’t really interested in that, included myself. I just wanna write books, and live a happy life ^__^;;

I really don’t think you should be graded like that, if asked what your own thoughts and opinions are. As you said, they’re YOUR thoughts… and that’s what they asked for.. so who are they to say it’s wrong?

I think, sometimes, teachers are looking for specific answers, and that’s when they shouldn’t say “What do you think“.

I’ve never really had a teacher that counts off for these questions, so that’s very surprising to me D:

Also, it was very unfair for the teacher to correct your friends spelling! Surely, she should realize that different countries spell certain words differently? It’s sort of ignorant for her to only accept the American spelling.

In middle school, we take two exams per year, and one final “exam” called the CRT. It’s basically this big exam that decides whether we know the material of the year we’re finishing, and therefore move on to the next year, or if we don’t and have to repeat the year. The unfortunate thing is that they ask for you opinions, much like your high school tests did. The teachers would always tell us it was our own opinion, and that it couldn’t be counted as wrong, but because there was always a “right” answer for the questions, if our opinions on why someone did something weren’t correct, they would mark the question wrong. /bash

That wasn’t right of your tutor to tell your friend Vicky she was wrong when she spelled it “artefact.” If a word can be spelled two ways – like organized and organised – than there shouldn’t be anything wrong with spelling it the preferred way. /angry
I should be able to use British spellings in my English assignments, but they’re marked wrong. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

I’ve never been a “huge” fan of children to be honest… 😳
I think it comes from the fact that I don’t like them constantly asking questions, or asking what you’re doing, or crying. They’re fine when they do as they’re told to do. But, they can’t always do that. My friend, Savannah, likes to call me “the children hater” because I don’t like being around them sometimes. We were in a restaurant the other day and this woman had a baby, who was adorable, and I told her so. Savannah then says, “I thought you hated children?!” to me in front of the mother. /hmph I was a bit embarrassed.

Well, there’s like a little shuttle train that has to take you from the airport where you check-in and hand them your suitcases and non-carry-ons, to where the planes are actually at, and where you actually get on the plane. But, yes, you’re required to put your bags in the overhead compartment, but few people do Dx. I have tripped over quite a few bags in a moved airplane and almost gone sprawling in the aisle.
My airplane experiences are never fun.

LOL xD. I have a bad habit of zoning out and then staring at someone for a while with a blank look on my face. At school, I have sometimes received the finger.
Eh, like the feeling someone’s watching you… I get that sometimes. But it’s downright strange when someone who is a total stranger is trying to “figure you out.” O_o That would give anyone the wrong impression…

Well, I still have to pretend like I’m listening to the teacher teach xD. So looking around the classroom is something he/she won’t mind. If I was doodling, they’d probably ask me to put my pencil down and bring up the doodles and things. Anything not school-related in a classroom is taken by the teacher. >_< And, we can't use laptops.

My school has the kids with tons of money, and the kids with not-so-much money. And you can always tell them apart. It's mostly because their clothes aren't as nice as some of the clothes bought by the kids with money – like the Hollister clothes, or the expensive True Religion jeans which can sell for $200.00 a pair. :/ That, of course, brings along quite a bit of bullying. If you don't have the "right clothes," you're automatically subject to rude comments about what you wear. It's wrong.

Me neither – Matt Smith just isn't the Doctor. :( So I stopped watching it. I guess I should probably start up again, but without Rose and the Doctor (David Tennant), I’m not that into it anymore.

Ah, I love Bones ♥

‘Why do you think’ questions are quite silly. It’s what you think and if you are able to provide valid reasons for your thoughts how can you be marked wrong? It’s so silly.

I can understand where you’re coming from, being asked to write a personal assignment like that and then being graded on it almost doesn’t make sense. The most they can really grade is the grammar?

First off, I haven’t read your blog in forever. I’m sorry I’ve been so terrible at returning comments.

Second, the new layout is gorgeous. I love how it’s so simple, and says so much at the same time.

I attend a Christian high school and in Bible class, my teacher always asks us opinion questions. When she asks us things about what we think, I try to get inside her head so I can know what she considers to be the right way of thinking. She’s one of those people who has a firm opinion and if you don’t agree with her then you’re wrong.

I could complain for hours about this if I wanted to.

My English teacher is wonderful. She respects our opinions and just grades our essays and such based upon sentence structure, grammar, and the basics. She’s a fellow grammar Nazi.

I had a creative writing teacher last that made me so mad. She wrote her poems with a lot of verbs and insisted that I should write mine the same way. She was trying to teach us her style of writing and wouldn’t accept any other styles. I was in a creative writing class and she was putting walls around my creative mind.

“Why? No one can say my thoughts are wrong! Because certainly, that’s what I think. And I answered the question with what I thought. Surely it can’t be marked wrong.”

That’s a great way of putting it. I didn’t like those questions either. I always felt like they were the kinds of questions teachers typed up the night before class because they were too lazy or something. Well sometimes people are just completely off base that they can’t possibly get full credit for an open-ended question like that, but I agree: how can a teacher mark an answer wrong with the question was about what the student THOUGHT should be the answer to the question? Hmm.

I cannot believe your teacher did that! Separating the “good” from the “bad” so blatantly is so inappropriate! Giving the “good” ones praise privately is acceptable…but does your teacher have know idea that she could have offended so many of her students? What is this lady’s problem…?! Where is she from?

Wow, I really, really despise questions like that. There is no right or wrong answer to a “Why do you think” or “What do you think” question, or any question that is basically asking your thoughts on something. Questions like those should not be put on big exams and tests, because often, the student will be marked because his or her thoughts are “wrong”. Blegh, BS.

First impressions aren’t always such a great thing, because people often make bad first impressions. So I don’t think people should judge a person based on first impressions, xD. Lesson of the week! ^_^.

I like those activities where we just get to know everyone. I love meeting new people and making new friends; it’s so much easier now that I’m way more outgoing and not as afraid to speak my mind. Plus, we get out of listening to a boring discussion about, uhm, seismic waves or something that day, xD.

There is a teacher at my school, and her last year students said that you get in trouble if you text during class and try to hide it, and she’d rather have you break the rules in front of her instead of hiding it, 0.o. So basically — it’s kind of okay to text her class . . . Weird . . . I used to text all the time in class, but then I got tired of pretending to do work while trying to hide my phone and not attract attention when I jump because my phone vibrates in my back pocket, or I jump because someone snuck up behind me and I have to use those 2 seconds to hide my phone and pretend I’m actually doing my work, xD.

I think I’ll be getting a lot more homework this year than I did last year, now that it’s just one more year until I go to high school, xD. I’ll get used to it sooner or later, because that’s probably how it is in high school. Lots of homework, :b.

Whoa, if I filled up my noodles with cold water and actually ate it, my appetite would totally be ruined.

Going outside for a picnik and enjoying the sunshine does sound a lot better, and more tempting than sitting at the computer/laptop/on the couch watching television for hours, xD. I think I will do that some time! Before winter rolls around of course, xD.

When my friends and I fight, I know that if we overcome the conflict it means our friendship is strong, and if we don’t, then I guess the friendship wasn’t as strong and intact as I thought it was.

I talk to pretty much everybody — even random kids I don’t know — at school, but over text, there are only a few people I actually text a lot and keep up a conversation with, and those people are my boyfriend, Bestfriend, and my other really, really close friend, (: . I feel the most comfortable talking to those 3 people, and a lot of other people who texts me/I text (but don’t really keep up a conversation with) usually find some way to annoy me . . . Lol, xD.

My education is the #1 thing, to my parents. I had so much homework in the last week already. I had to do so much writing every single day in class as well as at home, and that doesn’t include the 21 pages of math I had assigned from my algebra teacher. It’s finally Saturday, and I just want to relax a bit. Watch some TV, sleep in, “chillax”, but nope. My mom says I have to do even more work over the weekends. She wants me to get ahead and ahead of everyone else in my grade, so even though I’ve already had a ton of homework during my first week of school, I have even more math to do at home, assigned from my mom, =_=’. I got so pissed off when she told me that. She clearly doesn’t understand. I have stuff going on in my life, and my whole world does NOT revolve around getting top-notch grades and being the best of the best. That’s too high of an expectation for me to reach, and they’re trying to turn me into a perfect person and someone I am not.

Aweh, I’m glad you and your boyfriend had a fun time catching up, (: . My boyfriend told me that if we don’t get into the same schools after this year, he will wait for me because he loves me that much. I want to believe that, but a part of me wonders if he really will wait for me, or if I will be willing to wait for him. Sometimes, absence drives me insane, because I am so used to seeing him every day, Dx.

It’s amazing how one little thing can make such a big difference in our lives, (: . Back in October 2009, a guy came up to me and shouted in my face: “DAVID SAID HI!” And at the time, I thought he was totally psycho, but then we were so glad he did that because he and I became the bestestestest of friends . . . Until the Incident, =_=’. Screw him, lmfao.

Often on websites like Tumblr and Twitter my spelling for words such as colour or realise is corrected by people who use American English. It really annoys me because where I live, that is how it’s spelt!

You’re so right about the “Why do you think” questions! Really there’s no right or wrong answer for a ‘why do you think’ question, so it’s kind of irrelevant haha. I have wondered about questions like that in exams before and it confused me…

I think it could be worded better. “Why did Jimmy collect that type of flower?” however would be a hard question, who apart from Jimmy would know!

Thank you!

School wasn’t so bad actually haha, the only problem is because of the past 2 days being so chilled out, I just know everything is gonna be so much harder this year. :(

Yeah, me and my mum have disagreements all the time. It gets annoying because I feel like she doesn’t want me to be happy but I know she’s just looking out for me.

Oh wow, I don’t think I could go to bed so late and wake up so early! I hate early mornings hahaha.

Hello. :)

She’s actually starting her job on Tuesday! And she has to go to school twice a week too, so I will see a lot less of her from Monday on, yay! xD

Yeah, it definitely save quite some money! I remember how 3 years ago my aunt was celebrating her 30th birthday and I was like “OMG, mum! We totally forgot to invite everyone to my 18th birthday!” (which was exactly a week later) so I quickly invited all the family members that night & then had my very own great party a week later. Last year my sister’s boyfriend & I celebrated our birthdays together because his is two days later and his was on a Friday.

I bet it is! :)

I am definitely kinda used to it, but I’ve also had days where I didn’t blog at all. So I’ll have to find a way to constantly write or at least write a bit more than the needed 1600+ words a day to reach the goal at the end.

I usually don’t really mind if others post about the latest episode of the shows I watch. I know I do the same thing every now & than. I think someone once told me that they had to block me too, because I was posting spoilers.

Woah! I think I would’ve feeled kinda creeped out by that! I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to know that kind of information.

I dont really like those kind of questions either. Mostly because I am kinda afraid of what the teacher might say or think about my work.

My English teacher used to tell my friends that they should take a look at my work to see how they should write their texts & tests, etc. I never really thought that was such a great idea.

Every student has his/her own way in writing. We all have a different style. I wouldn’t want to write like XY just because he get’s the better grades in the end or something like that. Sure, when it comes to looking at the structure he uses & stuff like that – it’s helpful.

In my English class we had three of us who were really good: Andre, me & Lena. Andre was the one with the best grades and his way of expressing what he thought was amazing. I once read one of his texts we had to write in a test and I was impressed. I always thought my English was pretty good especially considering the fact that its not my first language – but his? You could’ve thought he is American/British/Australian etc. It was nearly perfect!

I don’t like it when teacher say that your thought are wrong either. Just like you said, you thought them.

My German teacher usually always tried to actually understand our way of thinking and grading based on that. And not what he thought was right or wrong. And that’s the way it should be.They really can’t expect us to think the exact same thing they thought when coming up or chosing those questions for an assignment.

usually teachers are not allowed to give back papers until all of them are corrected and everyone handed them in. so im surprised that your tutor did that, and more surprised that she didn’t ask the students’ permission to give out their names either.

i agree with you on “thinking” questions. I have to write a reflective analysis after my placements. its kind of easy, just answer the questions. but its true that they can’t really mark what is my own thoughts. what i’m thinking about my own experience isn’t wrong.

We actually didn’t get our work back; we just got feedback. They are allowed to give general feedback before work is graded, and it’s happened a few times. But mentioning names of those who did well was a bit uncalled for.

Of course, I agree. I just don’t like the idea of being marked on something reflective and personal. @_@

I agree with you! I hate those questions as well, because they aren’t actually asking us what we think! You’re right because if the question says “What do you think”, it’s asking for your opinion, and they can’t tell you that your opinion is wrong.
I don’t think what your tutor did was exactly right because it’s not right to separate you guys from who did better and who did worse. Aren’t tutors supposed to help you? She can’t use favouritism and separate you the people who did better than others…I don’t know, but that doesn’t seem right to me! That just makes people compete against each other and nothing can go right when everyone gets competitive…

Yeah it is a good thing that they pay it all for us. I’m not sure how/if I would cope if we had to pay for it ourselves. Also *hugs* that sucks. The important thing is that you made it in :). I can understand that would be scary though! I got my grades in before my University place was confirmed and even though I had more than met the requirements I was still scared :P. My best friend just missed getting a place at my University too. Luckily in the UK they recommended we have a back up University so he got into that. Is it the same idea for you? Or is it a different system?

I agree. Travelling gives us some exercise at least! And with so many yummy and cheap places near the University to eat I need all the extra exercise I can get! Aha.

I love when Ewan does stuff like that :P. When I was visiting him at his family home over the summer (he lives near the University near term time) I got really unwell one day and he felt bad leaving me because he had to work. When he got home he had brought me some cheesecake because he knows it’s my favorite dessert. It’s the little things like that that always make me smile :).

That does sound a bit like favoritism! It probably made some of the people who weren’t included in the ‘good’ list feel pretty bad about their work too! In High School I used to get really good marks in Psychology. Anyway the report I wrote for my final exam got full marks and my Psychology teacher used that as an example and had people read it to improve theirs. I was really embarrassed for a start but I also felt bad because a good friend of mine in the class wanted to go to University to study Psychology yet it was my piece of work being used and not hers :(. Favoritism is not cool!

Arghhh gosh! Those sort of questions used to annoy me too. How can your opinion be wrong! Humph. I understand what you’re saying. I think writers do put a bit of themselves into what they write. Also our opinions shouldn’t be graded. It just seems wrong for someone to sit with a red pen and make corrections to your thoughts. I’m studying for a Science degree so luckily I don’t really come across that anymore. Generally speaking there is only one correct answer to the question. In High School English we had to write reflective essays and I found it a bit weird that my thoughts were being graded.

Yeah, I agree about how you dislike being marked on thinking. I don’t like that my personal thought process is being judged, as it’s undoubtedly going to be different to the person who is marking my work. While I’m not bad at English, I wouldn’t want to carry it on too far because to be honest I much prefer when things have a set answer. In English there are so many possiblilities and I’m such a perfectionist I take aaaaages to decide on what to write, hahaha.

And yeah, about the favouritism. Recently my English teacher put us all in groups based on ability, which I think is a little unfair seeing as the class was setted to begin with, and so we were already around the same ability. That said, I was quite pleased with the group I was in, though I’m sure I’d be more annoyed if I was put in a rubbish group /hehe

By the way, I love your layout 👏 it’s so clearly set out and the colour scheme is lovely.

Thank you! :) I’m glad you like the layout; I put it up last week and I’m pretty proud of it.

I’m not bad at English either, but I know that especially when it comes to big pieces of writing and creative writing, it can get really subjective because one person is marking your work and they might not see it the same way you did. Sometimes when it comes to questions, I try to think of what the person answering the question was thinking, but even that is difficult.

Earlier this year in university, we were put into groups, but the teachers looked at our abilities and mixed it up so that each group had a mix of skills. That meant that all the people with better skills weren’t stuck in the one group – making it fairer. I think that’s what should have been done in your case.

My teacher was telling me about someone who, for their exam, wrote the entire thing backwards because it was about mirrors or something. They got full marks, but it was really risky because the examiner might not know what they were doing and stuff, so I’d never be brave enough to try it haha.

Yeah, I definitely agree – ’cause she gave us an essay to reference in our work even though I think the rest of the class was just as capable. Plus it was just an optional thing anyway because it wouldn’t get us any more marks, but there you go :/

And no problem :) I especially like the hearts behind the navigation :D

Oh that’s amazing! I think I remember our teacher telling us about someone who had drawn a picture or folded their paper in half and wrote their story some creative way like that. I’m not so daring so I wouldn’t want to try! Though when I wrote something outrageous about a man drooling for an onion tree and being chased by a dog, my teacher said it was fantastic because it was creative. He didn’t like my soppy love stories. I guess being creative means you really gotta be “out there”.

I think it’s understandable that you would want a better relationship with your mum, most people would in your situation. As do I with my whole family. Unfortunately however, as the saying goes: “You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.” Or something along them lines. xD

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia ever since I was little. It just always looks so beautiful there (I know I’m probably assuming because I’ve only ever seen it on T.V.) and you have all sorts of exotic animals and such. Plus, knowing you are there just makes me want to visit more. :P

Wow, how can that person say that when they’ve never even spoken to you? Some people are just plain rude and inconsiderate. :| *nosey* any chance you want to tell me who it was?

I agree, I don’t think it was right of your tutor to do that. In school, if a teacher ever did that I think a lot of pupils would have complained that it was favouritism and they would have got a telling off. University is probably a lot different though, so I don’t really see a way you could get round it. :/ Do they have a suggestion box or something? :S

I’ve never really thought about it before but now that I do, I suppose it is just asking someones opinion, therefore it can’t really be wrong. I’d love to meet who comes up with these stupid exam questions. -_-


Hey Georgie!!! hws u??? long time na????? didn’t visit your site from such a long time!!!! /wave

I don’t like answering questions based on your opinion on tests because, though they ask for opinion, there is almost always a right or wrong answer, though there shouldn’t be. I usually end up putting what I think the teacher would want me to answer instead of my actual thoughts. Questions like that will always have biased checking, and I don’t see the point of deducting points for not answering it the way they expected you to.

I do like essays in tests in the sense that they’re practically free points, and they’re usually part fact anyway, usually just checking if you understood the lesson. At least they have a rubric which grades based on how organized your thoughts are, if your answers make sense and if you followed the requirements (amount of sentences, paragraphs etc.), so it’s not so biased.

woo! Cosmic dancer is amazing :’) But I would say that as I am a hugggggeeee fan of T.Rex :3
When I was buying my domain I wanted a T.Rex themed name and I was going to go with but I thought it looked weird. Maybe it’s because I don’t like longer names /hehe
I love museums too! One of the museums I went to yesterday I’d been too before on a school trip XD Going to the same ones can be boring, specially when you start remembering the information so you can’t be bothered to re read it xD
I’m mainly pissed as they’ve given me sport on a monday which is almost criminal, and I seem to have some type of science everyday, which IS criminal haha :D Also nearly everyday I have Spanish last lesson ?! Weird! I’m sure it won’t be too bad after a while though.
wow, crazy! If I had that many I’d be forgetting to renew them and getting in a huge mess haha! I think I’ll stick to one domain.. :D

Your tutor definitely shouldn’t have separated out what she thought were the best assignments from the others! Even if some work gets lower grades, they’ll almost definitely have something that sets them apart from other work for some reason, so if she wants to make a point of some people’s work she should list every assignment submitted. xD

Teachers correcting spelling annoys me – there are some people that make far more mistakes than me and as spelling is one of the things that I make sure I get right, I tend to just accept that the teachers won’t change their minds, correct the spelling that one time but then just keep spelling it the way I always have, haha.
Is American spelling more acceptable in Australia? I know the British versions are widely used but I wasn’t sure. I can’t remember being told to change my spelling to an obviously Americanised way – there are some words, ie. realise and realize, that I’ve been told to change before, but artefact and artifact are clearly different to me, haha.

I know what you mean – the answer you give is why you think it, so surely everyone should get full marks for those kinds of questions? :L

Talking to people is the best thing about the internet. I love blogging and designing and everything else online, but really, how much enjoyment would you get out of half the things we do if there was no one to share it with? haha.

Yep – the way people describe what happened to them that day on their blogs opens up even more that interests me. They don’t think of it that way, because it’s something generic and everyday for them, but I know a lot of people would love to experience what they take for granted. I do it too – I don’t much like where I live, but I think a lot of people would probably like to visit just to see what it’s like.

Hahaha, I fully agree that I should introduce my grandma to the internet. God knows I’ve tried enough times! I can understand why she might find it difficult to relate, though – my generation were brought up around computers but the internet only really took off when she was in her 50s. I’m sure she would find something to enjoy about the internet, even if it took her a while to understand how it works. My dad is quite computer literate, but my mom is just getting around to it and she loves it. ;D

There are definitely some aspects of people’s lives that I wouldn’t mind incorporating into mine, haha, but I’m like you, I don’t think I would want to fully swap.

I completly agree Georgina (H)
At my school we are forced to read a novel, then we have these long tests on what we “think” should, or will happen next.
I have been gotton points taken off for my opinions. I worded it right, and I personally did think that this was going to happen next, or why this happend, but the only reson the teacher marked me wrong was because it wasn’t the right guess D:
I tried confronting her, but she told me the same thing: “You have to think about things, that answer wasn’t thought out.” HOW DO YOU KNOW!? It made me too angry /angry if you ask for an opinion, you will get one, there is no wrong or right opinion. And I was forced to walk away without another word :X
Every test about books and articals will have “do you think…” or “Why do you think..” questions on it, I just learn to put the answer the teacher wants, and not my opinion. Although it is annoying and fustrating, it gets me the grade.
/type Quinn

I hate how they can just grade your opinion. In some classes I had, we’d have essays and such about our own opinion but the teachers would say they can’t grade us for that, it’s based on the actual writing of it, and the process behind it. Brainstorming, rough work, editing, etc. It’s not fair for them to mark based on opinion.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with us. I know I’d need to be careful, and make sure that whatever the choice is, it needs to be what’s going to make me happy. I know that some people wouldn’t be happy if we did end up getting back together, but in the end it is my life & choice & no matter how much I appreciate everyone’s advice, it is something I need to figure out on my own.

Writers do write for themselves. It is the truest thing ever said. There was this line I read somewhere but I cannot exactly recall it, but it went something like this:
“No angel sitting on a fat, pink cloud comes up to a writer and ask, ‘Okay, so what do you want to write?” Everyone expresses themselves in different way. This is why the word “genre” has been created.
I don’t usually like to write deep stuff. I hate deep stuff and over-analyzing. Sometimes I hope that someday I would write something better than just a regular novel, something that would change the world, but I am not stupid enough to stop writing until that perfect moment arrives for the perfect plot.

Everyone’s thoughts are different. They are like fingerprints. Never similar. That is what gives us our individuality and questioning that is plain stupid. Why bother to ask for opinion just for the hell of it?
Dividing the students into groups like that wasn’t good. Maybe one child doesn’t excel in reflective writing. He may be good at something else. But how much of his confidence would be crushed by that one simple act of the teacher?

Thank you. I am working with that layout, but since I have recently did a change, I am feeling any compulsion. Plus, with my exams and all, I don’t feel like getting on the computer with the fear of not being able to get off.
I worry all the time about my work too but never get anything done! Even now when I am supposed to be finishing a chapter, I am online, replying to comments. God only knows what will happen to me.

That trick is stupid. I didn’t even bother to try for the fear of the result. I have below zero concentration. *Drumroll*

Those guys who leer at strange women are disgusting. :/

I totally agree. I really don’t like my literature book. It is very confusing and it asks me to find things about the story. But I have a different perception on the qualities and reasons for things.
If someone wanted to grade a reflective piece. I would say that they should only correct grammar and spelling and specify the method of spelling. :)

I understand that it’s my P.E. teacher’s job, but I agree – the way she presented it to us was wrong. She should have told us what the food would do to us in the future – not only put us into a dangerous weight zone, but also give us diabetes, heart disease, etc. Also, eating such crummy food all the time can make you depressed, and can also make you tired all the time. It doesn’t help that you’re at a higher risk of clogged arteries. 😰

If she had made hurtful comments, I probably would’ve reported her to the principal. Making comments about a girl’s weight is worse than telling us we eat shit food.

I agree. My opinion is my own thought, and my opinions aren’t wrong. They might not be exactly right – depending on what the opinion is about – but that doesn’t mean you can mark me down a grade for having it not be exactly what you wanted.

Well, I like children when they’re not crying/screaming, eating my hair, or pooping. Then they’re great, enjoyable little tykes :).

And: said friend isn’t exactly someone who hides her opinion. She has told me I’m fat before. o_e

I can understand that though. You want to get off of the train quickly to be where you need to be, and probably don’t want to have to stuff your things in some overhead compartment. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t take up three seats so that someone has to stand and hold all of their luggage. -_- Some people really erk me sometimes.

LOL. My teachers only call only call on the kids who have half-lidded eyes. So if you look wide awake while daydreaming, they couldn’t care less. So, I hardly get answers in when I give them, but at the same time I talk out a lot in class. Our teachers say if we have something important that could start a good quality conversation, feel free to blurt out things. :)

Our school has a strict dress code that says we can’t wear anything inappropriate. But, some people get away with it anyways by covering themselves when teachers come by. Our hall monitors are racist as well. I’m not joking. They’re black, and they once – rumor has it – caught a girl smoking weed in he bathroom. She was black, and they let her off easy (3 days suspension). They caught a group of girls a few weeks later smoking pot, and expelled them.
They also let anyone colored get away with what they don’t let the white people get away with. >:|

Nah :D. I want my David Tennant. He is the perfect Doctor. But maybe I’ll watch an episode of season five and see how good this Matt Smith is…:).

I really really really love this layout. it’s awesome! :D
I hate th books we have to read for school – they suck. haha. They get super boring and then you have to do a bunch of work on the book. (N)
lol @ the spelling because we also (canada) spell things differently. haha I like it that way though. It seems more right to spell things with the extra letters and whatnot.

lol didn’t understand part of the blog – delete the other comment? :)

I dislike opinion questions too – I don’t see how teachers can give marks for an opinion. Okay you can mark the sentence structure and grammar but that’s really it.

the spelling thing is funny too because I think that the way we spell things seems like the correct way because the way you pronounce things. Like Colour…the american way (color) sounds like and then our way is just Colour. :) haha

Exactly! That’s what I also think. Back in highschool, my teachers would only give high grades to the students who think the same what that they do. Teachers’ opinions are not always correct. They’re so biased. Also, the true or false questions in Christian Values, I don’t think they work. Once I encountered a question saying “Bestfriends fight, too” I answered “True” and then they marked it wrong because they said friends do not fight. WTF is that? Don’t they ever make friends? First, Friendships arent perfect. You’ll always have disagreements and stuff. Second, when you say fight it doesnt always mean it’s fighting physically. So I was completely annoyed with it.
Another thing is, when I answer essays, I write as if I’m just talking. Once I put some “questions” which is something like “I don’t think it’s blah blah blah because why would I do blah blah if it’s blah blah?” I didn’t mean to write those questions for the teacher to answer me. It’s just my style of writing. But my teacher marked something on my paper “Why are you asking me?” Ugh some teachers need to read more, or at least be aware of different writing styles :P
But in my uni it’s different, thats why I like it. They ask us for our opinions and then asks us to support the opinions. The grades are based on how strong our evidences/backups are. It’s difficult, but at least it makes sense :D

I have to agree. One of my friends tells me the same; friends will always fight because it’s inevitable. No relationship is perfect, either. That question was really ridiculous!

LOL I suppose in an essay you shouldn’t use rhetorical questions much. I think it depends on the writing piece, but teachers should know that not all of us want to use big and fancy words, and we all write differently!

I see some tall girls that just look really awkward cause of their height. I’m not a heels person, but I don’t think I’d wear heels if I was that tall! I just figure that being short gives me more options.

Back when Twilight had just gotten extremely popular, people kept telling me that I looked like a vampire cause of my skin. :| That got annoying. At least my skin’s not the type of white that would make me look like I was dead all the time.

I basically think of essays as free points, haha. Even if you don’t really know the lesson, you can usually find a way to write something that at least kind of makes sense based on the question.

I know exactly what you mean! We had questions like those in our high school exams. We were told that we can write what we think, however we must back up all up with evidence. We were taught to answer those questions in a certain way. I can’t really remember exactly what we were told as it was a long time ago.

I hated “What do you think…” questions because clearly they don’t want to hear our actual thoughts!

I had to do some reflective blog post for some university assignment as well. I really hated them! How can we be marked for what we think about a particular assignment and what we learnt from it. What if we didn’t learn anything? What if we thought the assignment was a complete waste of time? We can’t really put that in the post. We have to write like we think the assignment was amazing and we learnt loads! Completely pointless really.

If they ask for an opinion they should expect YOUR opinion and no grading on it as such. An opinion is just that, there is no right or wrong answer. As for the spelling, we’re in Australia mate, use Australian/UK spelling … grrrrr that shits me.


Man, I am seriously getting WORSE AND WORSE at commenting on your blogs. It sucks.

Aaaaaanyways, LOL, funnily enough that subject seems kind of interesting to me as soon as you mentioned “analytical” because it reminded me of analysing a book or a poem. But if it’s analysing anything law-related then I’d hate it. Well, each to her own! Haha :P

Oh god, I hate reflective stuff too! I have something reflective due this Friday and they STILL haven’t given us instructions on WHAT it is we’re supposed to do! /angry

Hmmm there is something dodgy about publishing the names of students who did better for everyone to see. 😒 But at least she didn’t name and shame the people who didn’t do well! That would be VERY dodgy.

Oh I hate when people confuse American spelling with English spelling. We use the English spelling here in Australia. Get it right! Duh! I’d have been so pissed off if someone corrected my English spellling /argh

Yeah those questions are a little too vague. I had no problem with them by HSC, but if you really think about it we’re encouraged to just analyse the texts according to established conventions and well-known themes. When are we actually developing something original as our own opinions? I can understand being marked down for flawed reasoning and bad diction, etc but you can’t be marked wrong on what you think if the question is asking for your opinion. Really. Everyone should get full marks for the opinions. So silly!

Writing reflective posts is weird. I’m never going to get used to it. I don’t want to think about an assessment after it’s over! GRRR! LOL. I don’t want to reflect!

It’s so true! People always express themselves personally to some extent in how they write. Especially through poems and stuff. And in their handwriting. That’s why sometimes getting a bad mark is really D: :( /wah !


Oh god, I hate the people who won’t get out of my way. It’s like THIS IS AUSTRALIA! WE KEEP TO THE LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY DUH!

Argh! What a spacial perception -devoid lady to try and squeeze herself into a gap too small for her. Some people are so delusional D: STUPID woman! Lucky she got up in the end :P

YES! SWEDEN! HOME OF ALEXANDER SKARSGARD! <3 Greece too! Must go to Greece :P

I don’t know if u realize that it is best for everyone if your teacher does that. You are one of the students that didn’t do a great job and it bothers you. I bet that if you would be in the great list you would actually be happy.Im not beeing rude, just telling the truth. Stop complaining:D

The point is that I’m not in “the list”. I don’t care whether I’m happy with it or not. I don’t see how it’s “best for everyone” when it initiates competition between students.

Not to mention, the tutor was in the wrong when she corrected my friend’s spelling.