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MSN is being really silly right now and keeps on signing me out. Sigh. Not to mention I was printing something double-sided and printed on the same side. Fail, Georgina, fail. /bash

Most of my relatives – except one family who live here in Australia – live overseas in Indonesia. I personally don’t talk to them much, but my mum phones my aunts and uncles every once in a while, especially one of her sisters whom she is really close to. She and my dad come from a big family so I have many aunts, uncles and cousins.

I talked to my cousin Ricky yesterday. It’s weird because of the language barrier. My Indonesian isn’t that great, and his English isn’t quite to my level – but it’s good! He’s nearly three years younger than me. Regardless, my mum would actually like him to study here in Australia because it will give him a better education and he’ll be able to work on his English and study his final high school years here.

Talking to him over the phone, Ricky likes the idea but he’s unsure about how it’ll be if he comes here. I miss him a lot because we got along really well last time I visited Indonesia (which was back in 2007), despite the age gap. :) I would really like him to come here, since we have room in our house too, but in the end it’s his decision.

Today my mum had a lot of news for me too. A relative, though a distant one, passed away. But my mum was more excited about something else.

Apparently so many of my cousins are going to get married in the next year. When I was younger, I liked the idea of marrying my “prince”, LOL. Obviously, later on, the right guy. Hearing about all these possible marriages in the next year, I wish I could attend a wedding, but our relatives can’t adjust the wedding dates just for us. Especially when the only suitable time we can holiday is around Christmas or the New Year.

Two of my cousins got married in recent years, and it was nice seeing all their photos when they sent them over… or put them on Facebook, which I snorted at because I don’t have one and my mum was peering at my brother’s screen since he’s the only one in the family with a Facebook account. :P

It’s nice to hear about family going well, even if they aren’t physically close to us. Admittedly I’m a bit jealous. James and I have talked about getting married on several occasions, and it’s become a topic of discussion with Lilian too – it would simply be amazing to have a wedding. I used to watch my parents’ wedding video when I was younger. It was beautiful! At one point, I even asked my mum if she still had her wedding dress. Sadly, she had been poor at the time so it had been hired.

Yes, weddings are expensive if you want them to be extravagant. I don’t want to go down that road though; it’s far off. I hope to be married someday. /faw

Heck, I’m only 19, but, you know… a girl can dream.

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Msn is indeed being VERY stupid /angry . Evil msn. Skype chat is BETTER. But the emoticons suck because I haven’t quite worked out how to get custom ones in there yet /um .

My mum phones her sisters in Malaysia once in a while too! Yay. Hahaha, I love phonecards. Without them, our phone bill would be D: . Not cool.

Awwwww. It must have been nice talking to your cousin. Even with the language barrier. I haven’t spoken to any of my cousins in a while. Even the ones in Australia :O . I miss talking to my niece because she has the cutest voice. And he English is pretty good :) .

Oh wow. If your cousin comes here to study and he doesn’t have an Australian Citizenship, it’s going to be heaps expensive to go to uni D: . But I think he’d make friends really fast. I have like FOUR Indonesian international student friends. He better improve his English then! HAHAHA, although since you said it’s quite good, I guess he should be FINE :) . I bet he’s miss Indo though :( . But he’s have YOU for company! YAY 👏 .

Ohh…I wonder if my niece will come here to study. She’s totally smart enough to :P .

I’m sorry to hear about your distant relative passing away. Death is always so sad :( . /wah

BUT OMG, A WEDDING! How exciting! Hahahaha. Sorry, I get SUPER EXCITED when I hear about weddings. It sucks you probably won’t be able to go, but it IS super happy news /bounce . That’s the problem with having relatives overseas. You can NEVER make it to their weddings because they’re so far away. Grrr! 🤬 Like my cousin who’s getting married early next year. We missed her wedding by TWO DAYS. ARGH! /angry .

My parents just attended a wedding of a family friend. I didn’t get invited :( . But weddings are always cool. I can’t wait for yours! :P Hahahaha.

I’m jealous of all my cousins getting married too. Because it means they’ve found the person that they want to be with forever and it’s like AWWWW! /love ♥ But I don’t want to get married for the sake of getting married, so I guess I’ll have to wait.

Haha 19 IS a little too young for people like you an me to get married, but when it happens, I’ll totally BE THERE. Even if I have to fly back here all the way from London or whatever :) .

My mum rented her wedding dress too! :D Hahaha. Her wedding pictures are so pretty :O .

Hahaha! Yep. That’s what sucks about having a big laptop screen. If someone looked at my laptop screen (if I ever brought it to lectures in the first place :P ) they wouldn’t see ANYTHING cos it’s so small! My friends ALWAYS look at my notes when I’m writing in lectures because I seem to get the most down. HAHAHAHA. But if it’s someone like Belinda or Francesca, I don’t mind because they’re close to me. But sometimes complete strangers do it and it’s like. Screw you. I’m not taking notes for you, I’m doing it for myself, bitch! Because eventually it gets to the point where they’re writing down everything I write instead of listening for themselves, and I hate that.

Awww! Clueless children. I hope they grow out of it. It’s creepy to have someone just standing there staring at you D: .

Hi! :)

Oh man, my MSN was really going crazy. I’m glad it decided to cooperate tonight. I’ve never used Skype though. What’s better is Gmail chat! Sebby loves it because of the way the emoticons animate and how it’s small and fast-loading. :D

My mum loves phonecards too! They’re cheap. Very cheap.

Oooh, good point. :( I’m sure he can learn though, and become a citizen if he really wanted to take that step. I think Indonesia doesn’t account for dual citizenship though, which is a shame. In the end it’s up to him but I’d like him to come!

Other cousins have wanted to come here but my mum hasn’t been so keen because of bad relations. My mum is really close to her sister (Ricky’s mum) though. And her other sons are much older and my mum thinks it’s the best chance for one of her nephews/nieces – since many are too old.

I think I’ve only been to a wedding once when I was little! :P I want to be invited to another… But there’s always my own to wait for. And I won’t rush into that either.

LOL Lilian, you said it: “I’m doing it for myself, bitch!”

I found it funny that Sebby looked at my screen all the time last year when we were barely friends, and I was so annoyed that I started posting rants on Tumblr about it. Now he doesn’t do it so much anymore because he knows I don’t like it. :D

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My relatives live away from me, too. Recently my own cousin and I have been becoming closer…and all through Facebook *giggle* So I know what you mean in a way. I hope your cousin decides to come and stay in Australia with you. You two would probably get much closer, and be close for later on! I wish I was closer with the rest of my family. We’re pretty much estranged.

Ahh, weddings. I have my mom’s wedding pics since she and my dad are divorced. She looked pretty, but I think they only really married because she had me at the time and I wasn’t born yet. I still like looking at those pictures, and seeing the Church where they got married at in town, though.

Myself, I’m single and I have been for too long. I’m hoping that would change…but I don’t know about marriage. I’m not sure I believe in it. I hope you do get your wedding one day though, when you’re ready for it! I can even see you writing us a blog post for it, with pictures. That would be really cool! :D

And thanks! I hope I can complete all my goals this year too. LOL@ your driving experience. It’s just, I haven’t been in school in years and I hate studying. Once I remember the information, it’s there. It’ll be the actual driving part that terrifies me! Especially on the main busy highway in my town. Those idiots don’t know what they are doing! -shivers-

And that is why I quit MSN about a year ago. It just kept screwing up. (1) files won’t transfer, (2) it lists me as offline when I’m not, (3) it doesn’t flash when I get IMs or worse I don’t get the IM at all. Maybe it’s just me? But I wish I could find an IM I like…it is kinda inconvenient when it’s just email. /angry

It’s funny you just mentioned that in this post. My cousin is probably gonna do the same thing for college next year. We’ll probably start together. :D I think it’s very common in Asian families. At my friend’s school I met so many Asians who just came for the better education. Though I don’t really believe in that, it’s more like “look good on their resumes” or something. Personally I’d love to get out of here for college like my brother did.

A distant relative passing away is still sad, even if you might not have known them. Sorry to hear -or should I say read- that. /oh

Yes you’re still young, there are so many years to think about marriage ahead of you. XD I guess it’s unfortunate you live overseas so you can’t attend their weddings. Only try to feel like you were there with the few pictures that get sent to you. It’s kind of like the same for me. I couldn’t go to my brother’s graduation. 😢

Hey girlie long time no see or hear! I’m using the library’s computer right now, so yeah.

Yeah I too would like to get married one of these days. I’m not sure if I can handle a big wedding or what have you. I would like one in Ireland with the green grass and shady hills and what not. How perfect is that? I even have an idea as to what my wedding dress would be like. Have you ever seen the first knight with richard gere and I forget his name. But anway, Lady Gwenievere walked down the isle with this perriwinkle blue dress on and it was amazing. I really want that dress.

But anywho, I’m glad you get to speak to family too. Family is what makes the world go round. I’ve been talking to my Aunt Kelley and Uncle Dan, and Aunt Kim. I’m surprised though really, they don’t live here in Beaumont, they live elsewhere but their work is here in Beaumont. How uncanny is that?

I’m glad you got a chance to talk to your cousin I do hope he can make it to Australia and study his English there. That’ll be a treat for you cause you can help him with his english studies and he can help you with your indonesian. Cool no? Well; I better get going I think my time is almost up.

I have a veryyy big family too. My Grandma on my Dad’s side had 8 kids, and on my Mum’s side had 3; which equals loadsss of cousins. And there are some of ‘us’ all over the world xD Mostly England and America though.

That’s nice that he may go and study in Australia :)!

None of my cousins have every been married Dx I think my oldest cousin is 28 and I’m not even sure if he’s in a serious relationship xD I’ve only ever been to one wedding though XP Which was my aunties xD

I’m 15 so I’m not thinking about marriage at all, but I know that I want my marriage to be to a song – kinda like the ‘Forever’ one on YouTube xD

That’s funny because my dad use to say I was good luck because every match I went to, Everton seemed to win.

Thank you :) I’m glad you like the layout.

The breaks are boring but sometimes you really appreciate them. I’m rarely on my own so I quite enjoy them.

Ugh I hate it when MSN signs me out by itself. I found out I had a virus which was causing it. One time it was my dodgy connection.

Aww I can image how much you want your cousin to come and live in Australia. I always wanted my cousins to move up North to go to school with me.

I like looking at all the photos of my family who live far away on Facebook. That’s the only reason why I go on there!

My mum sadly no longer has her wedding dress. She gave it to her sister who got married shortly after and she had it all adjusted so it kind of ruined it for my mum.

I don’t want an expensive wedding. I’d like a nice dress and a nice location but I wouldn’t go extreme. My dad’s friend lost his house because he couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage after paying for his 2 daughter’s weddings. :(

Weddings are indeed great. I loved my wedding. Even though I’m getting a divorce now, I still loved my wedding, it was perfect for me. It was nothing amazing and extravagant, but perfect non the less.
I think it’s awesome that you seem to be close to your family even though you don’t really get to see them much. I wish I talked to my other family members more…we all mostly keep up with each other through Facebook. :/ Not sure if that’s really a good thing or not. lol

Thank you. I’m sorry about your pets, too, and your relative :(

I’m always accidentally printing on my dad’s nice, expensive photo paper and ruining it lol xD. I only have family in America, but it would be really cool to have relatives in other countries, especially with different cultures/languages. My mom had a German exchange student come when she was in high school, and she said that it was a pretty good experience for both of them. :)

I practically plan my wedding every day xD. I went to my cousin’s wedding last year, and it was pretty exciting to me alone, not to mention my cousin. I actually did bring the topic up with my boyfriend, who changed it pretty quickly. But it would be just wonderful to get married to somebody I love /faw

It must have been nice to talk to your cousin :D Let us know if he decides to come and live with you guys. I get why he’d be hesitant though.. even if it is a great opportunity, it’s still changing his entire life & that would be really scary.

It is nice to hear about your family doing so well. All of mine live relatively close, and not many are anywhere close to getting married. My sisters and I aren’t the oldest of the family, but we’re probably all the closest to marriage (which is a little sad :P), and plus.. we’ve all been in relationships for a loooong time. My 19 year old sister has been dating her boyfriend for over three years now.

LMAO don’t feel bad.. I’m only 17 and I’ve though/talked about marriage with people before :P I’d like to be married, but not have a wedding. I don’t plan on being married anytime soon though, but I’ve always known I wanted to get married at a younger age.. hopefully before 25 :P

I’m glad things are going good too <3 We aren't officially dating, but we're also not just friends so… :P We'll just have to wait and see.

My first ad will be in the paper next thursday :) I've done two already, as well as helped other people cut out some images for their ads. I need to blog about co-op, it's pretty good so far :)

At least you can set your printer to automatically print double-sided. I have to do it myself, manually, printing out all the odd numbered pages first, then take the papers and flip them over and print the even numbered pages :|

I have an uncle in Vietnam who’s getting on in years, and he wants to send his only grandson here to America to live with us and go to school. From what I know, he’s a kid and his parents (my cousins) are kind of asses. I don’t like kids – I’m sure you see where I’m going with this :P I mean, I guess it’d be a great thing for him to come here, but he was raised differently – as in, not raised by my mother. My mother has some uh… quirks, I guess I could say, and she likes things to be specifically done and specifically placed in specific locations. So I’m used to things being just so, and then people come along who don’t know how to do things just so and I want to kill them DX

I think all my adult cousins are now married, aside from one who is gay but still in the closet and one who is a year older than me (but will probably marry her boyfriend when they’re done with school, they’ve been together for over 5 years now). But all their weddings were pretty boring.

I used to think about marriage all the time, but not so much anymore. Ryan doesn’t believe in marriage, so I guess that’s why I started to see it differently, hahahaha.

Actually, our printer can’t do that. I have to put the paper in manually, which is why I made a mistake in the first place and printed on the same side. We have a 4-in-1 machine so the paper goes in a certain way. :(

Oooh. My mum doesn’t mind our cousin coming over, but with another cousin she has problems with – it’s just something she’s trying to avoid, because their whole family treat us really nastily. Most of my cousins are either much older or much younger than me, which is why I don’t really talk to many of them. :P

I haven’t been on MSN that much, it hasn’t done that to my MSN before. My old computer used to freeze when I tried to sign in on one of my accounts, but when I signed in other accounts, it worked.

I think I’ve only got about seven relatives (I don’t really know them) who live overseas. Since my mum doesn’t know them that well, she doesn’t have to call them!

That’s nice you talked to your cousin! All of my cousins speak English, but I don’t talk to them much because they’re kind of annoying… I’m older than all of them!

Sorry to hear about your distant relative passing away :(

I haven’t been to many weddings! I’m sure you will get married someday :)

Same! It’s easier to read short chapters. Thank you! Usually I wouldn’t read but the books I got recently are good! :)

I’ve heard about the Royal show in Sydney. I noticed that the Sydney Royal show gets more items in the showbags.

There weather is getting better but it is still cold! It feels like Autumn. Lucky! I don’t like rain either. I don’t really want it to be summer though, it will be way too hot.

Cool! I really like the layout :D Sorry I haven’t been commenting much on your website. My mum doesn’t let me on the computer much anymore :(

The Sims does get boring, somehow I end up using it for hours D: I take a long time to make the characters!

I rarely use MSN anymore, moreso since Sean and I broke up. Have no need for it really and all my special friends email or we talk on the phone and such.

I also come from a huge family and a lot of them are overseas to. I have been lucky most of dad’s family moved here when he did, but there are still some who stayed in Scotland or came to see how life in Oz was and decided to go back home … Mum’s family is a different story, most are in Sweden still.

Ah weddings. I have been in and gone to many. A girl isn’t a girl if she has not at least once dreamt of her wedding and what it would be … /love

Aww that’s really cute of you saying you hope to be married someday! ♥ It’s really nice seeing that there are still a lot of mature young couples these days. Most of the time when I see a young couple, they’re all just about dating and playing 😒 . No mature dreams for the future, whatsoever. So that’s really nice Georgina! :D Well I know you would do get married someday!

I wanted to say everyone wants to dream about getting married, but I remembered my bestfriend from the Philippines saying she doesn’t really want to. She doesn’t have a strong interest in boys at all. I keep telling her that she still hasn’t found “the one” yet (lol cheesy and such a cliche), but I think it’s because of her passion for becoming a Christian missionary. Um, I don’t know. She’s one of a kind! Haha.

My parents weren’t even that well-off enough to get married in a church! I forgot how their marriage was called. It’s like something done in an office, with papers and witnesses and all. They were that poor before. They’re married, but not in a church with guests and all. Anyway, one of my dreams for the future is to get my parents married quite more extravagantly in a church ♥ That would make them really happy :)

Maybe your parents got married legally, but didn’t have a wedding to celebrate, per se. Some people want to be married but don’t want to have a wedding! I hope that one day you can help them have a really nice wedding. ♥

Oh it’s cliched indeed, but I also think the same – those people haven’t met their match or someone they’ve really fallen in love with. It differs for everyone. :)

I’ve made that same mistake before with the printer my mom has. It gets annoying after a while.

I think it’s safe to say that you and your BF will be getting married in the future. /eee And your wedding will be fantastic!

That’s sweet that you’re so close to your cousin even despite the language barrier and the age gap. I hope he does come out to Australia to study, because it sounds like something you’d like. :)

I must admit I’m not really interested in the idea of marriage (well, at least for me!) and so have no dreams of mine, let alone plans…but it’s nice to hear about other people being so excited to think about or plans theirs. I haven’t even attended many weddings, but hey, anywhere there’s cake and an open bar…hehe. ;)

I do hope you get the wedding you’re hoping for…I’ve heard that planning it all can be very stressful though, which is a shame considering what a happy occasion it’s supposed to be. =/ But like you said, you don’t have immediate plans, so don’t let me start you worrying prematurely! Lol.

It must be hard to hardly ever see your relatives. Most of my relatives live either here, in the Caribien or in Surinam, from my dad’s side anyway. Your mom and dad are both Indonesian? So relatives of both sides live there? How often do you go there? My mom’s relatives mostly live here or somewhere in Europe, so that’s easier I guess.

I think it’s really romantic that you want to get married! Nineteen is of course very young to get married, haha.. but I’m not sure what the standard age to get married is in Indonesia/Australia? I hope you have your fairy tale wedding one day! 👏

Ah! I hate it too when I accidentally print something on the same side, not to mention I’m wasting a piece of paper. But funny stuff do happen at times too. Like once, my mom spent 30 minutes on the printer and finally yelled at me to help her out. The reason she couldn’t print her stuff is, SHE DID NOT SWITCH IT ON. /snort

Hey, my mum and dad also come from a big family too! I have 7 aunties and 9 uncles. We all live in the same country, except for my eldest uncle who lives in Australia. I guess they too, feel that Australia would be a better place for their children to receive education. Sadly, I don’t really keep in touch with my relatives nowadays. We used to play together when we were kids. /wah

I guess it’s disappointing to be unable to join a wedding huh. Although we might not be close to them, it does feel nice to just be there for them (:

My elder sis just got married last year (: She and her husband have been together for almost 10 years now. My mum didn’t have the chance to keep her wedding dress too but my elder sis does. She’s an extremely thrifty person though. Nevertheless, I heard that it’s a lot hard work to keep a wedding dress because it turns yellowish easily.

Aww, I’m sure you’re get married one day ♥

The paper is still sitting on my desk, at least I can use the other side. I don’t write a lot, but I hate wasting paper. Oh your mum! Ahhh. Parents can be like that. Sometimes they’re just not up to date with technology and get so confused.

I feel that way too – I am there in spirit even though I am not there physically.

Congratulations to your sister! :) It’s really nice that they have been together for so long and still are. I can imagine a wedding dress would require lots of care! White is a colour of clothing that gets stained and coloured pretty easily.

;) Glad to hear that you are not wasting the paper. I hate it when I see people who throw the paper away without using the other side. /angry They’re really wasting the natural resources.

Ah, I’m not annoyed at my mother. I just feel that it’s sort of funny. /rose She always does funny things. For example, she’d walked around the house looking for her spectacles. And you can guess where were her spectacles. They’re sitting quietly on her head all day long! XD

Thank you. ♥ Keeping a wedding dress is not just about that. My sister said that even if you keep it in your cupboard without touching it, it’ll also turn yellow! So, don’t ask me. I don’t know how to keep a wedding dress myself. 😒

Most of my cousins are really young or really old. Except for my uncle’s kids, because they are like my real brothers and sisters, since we live together and all. I have another aunt who lives nearby, whose kids are in their mid-twenties, and both of them are quite jerks. My sister always tells on about us to our mothers, and the brother hardly ever hangs out with us because we are “too young.”
Sometimes when everyone comments on how close I and my sisters and brother are, I really cross my fingers. None of my parents are close to theirs, and I can’t imagine living in the other continent. When WE talk about marriage, it is usually like, “What would happen to us if one of us moves out?”
Since I am the oldest kid in the family, I am the one most often asked that question. Thankfully, though, it is far off. I am probably going to go abroad for my post graduation or MBA, but I don’t like to think about that time because I don’t know how I’d survive without my family and friends in a strange country full of strange people. No matter how one curses their country, it is theirs, ultimately.

I wanted to reply to that anon comment because I felt so awful. I thought that my blog was the only way to do it.

Aw. Your teacher stared at your water bottle? Poor you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

MSN stopped listening to me, too… And it’s ten times worse on my blackberry (but I guess that’s to be expected…). /ho And don’t even get me started on printers XD I honestly can’t work those things… Oy. Here’s to hoping you’ll have your dream wedding someday ^^!

I think it’s nice that your mom would think that for your cousin, (: . I want to go to England for university. It seems amazing there. And England has one or the best schools in the world (Cambridge). I wish I could be like your cousin, and decide where to go for my education, o: .

I’m so sorry about your relative’s passing, <|3.

Aweh, I love weddings so, so much! I like to see happy couples together, especially those who make such a huge commitment to one another, :D. Two of my cousins are getting married next year. I'm so excited, 'cause I probably get to attend their weddings, ^_^.

Ryan and I have talked about getting married one day, but now, I realize there's a tiny chance of that happening. 4 months and I've already had second thoughts about the relationship several times. A life together forever is gonna be a really rocky road, |: .

I've only cried watching 1 horror movie — the only horror-ish movie I've ever watched, :b. LOL.

Things like ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activities fascinate me so much, but if I'm thinking about those things at nighttime … Oh boy, lmao. I get scared and can't sleep b'cause those scary thoughts would be clouding my mind, D: .

I went to sleep at 12:30 yesterday. Even though I was lying down, i wasn't tired at all. I couldn't even keep my eyes closed for more than 5 seconds, o: . So I stayed up talking to my friend on the phone, and it was so hilarious, haha. I thought I'd die from laughing. And when I woke up at 8:30 this morning, MAN, I was sooo tired!

I agree. You can't love someone just from seeing them. That's crazy! You don't even know who they are, o: . It'd be funny if someone "falls in love" with a crack head or like, serial killer, upon first sight, xD.

Yeah I do treasure the key a lot. It’s Tinkerbell and I love her. I always thought my favorite character was Stitch, he still is but I just never acknowledged Tinkerbell until now. You’re right it was a gift from my uncle and I do treasure it deeply. I plan on going to see them later on.

Yeah you should definitely see First Knight. It’s really good. I guess the reinnasance has a part in me that I love, and would love to have a reinnasance wedding ya know? Probably because I’m part Irish. But I dunno. I’m sure you and James will have a nice wedding with family and everything. At least you have a future with someone you love. Me I’m still trying to find friends in Beaumont.

Right now we’re looking for the ethernet cable so that I can log on to my computer and what not. I finally found my digital camera and video camera a long with several cd’s I was looking for so that was a plus. I got lucky. I thought for sure I packed it outside a box but nope it was inside a box inside a box. If that makes any sense? lol.

I think God has a plan for me right now and that’s not to find that money that’s in my dad’s cup. I have like like in the 300’s in money wise. So maybe that could be for Belle. I’m getting really testy with our other dog right now. He’s getting annoying and I know it’s my frustration that’s making me on edge and it’s not him, but I can’t help it. Unless I get new meds. I don’t know.

As far as the tattoo goes, you and everyone else has the same views. My dad told me last night that if I do get the tattoo and I do go see my mom just wear socks and long pants and she’ll never know. I really want to get it because it’ll be a remembrance for my grandma whom I was very close too. She was almost like a mother figure as well.

I’ll probably get it next month when I get my s.s.i. money on the first. The only bad thing is you have to make an appointment to get it done otherwise if you were to go in another day with out an appointment you’ll be charged $20.00 in advanced. Oh well; I guess making appointments wouldn’t hurt.

As for the medical assistant program. I’m still iffy. I told the lady that I can’t get a job afterwards because I have a mental illness. It sucks to have this set back. I really want a job but what I’m getting through S.S.I. I won’t make at a regular job. But who knows maybe in a hospital or a clinic I can make more I dunno. I just don’t want to lose my S.S.I. I can’t even go out of the United States for more than one week or else I’ll lose it. Dash it all. I really want to visit you and James, and Sebby and Lillian of Course. And who knows maybe that time will come sooner than expected but I doubt it.

But anyways, I’m sorry you don’t get to go to any concerts that you want. I mean you’re 18-19 years old right? You’re an adult you can make decisions on your own right? Or what’s the legal age to become an adult in Australia? I don’t know the rules over there.

Anyway, I’m rambling and this comment should be long enough. I’m hopefully going to change my layout today (Thursday) if not than I dunno. Talk to ya laters.

That would be really fun if your cousin came to live with you for school for a few years.! I hope he decides to go stay with you. /eee
Only 19 and worried about getting married? You got time :P I love weddings, It’s unfortunate that you won’t be able to go to any of your family’s weddings.

I’d love the idea of having a cousin coming to live with me. It get’s lonely now both my siblings have left home, but then again I have no cousins my age!

It would be a good opportunity for him though! However, it must be scary moving so far away from home, but like you said, it is his decision.

I’m sorry about your relative passing away. :(

Weddings are a wonderful thing, although I don’t want to get married myself (I’m so young though, I’ll probably change my mind lol) I love attending them. They don’t always have to be expensive though, as long as you’re with the ones you love you don’t need a 5 tier cake and a dress 3 metres in diameter. :’)

It’s going to be something like that, I’ll just have to wait a few days to announce it. :P

Haha, yeah. When I’ve told people about the movie they’ve said it doesn’t sound too scary, but it’s more jumpy than anything. Things that you don’t expect to happen just jump out. Eurgh, it was pretty gruesome too.

I always buy a lot of food and never eat it haha. You’d think I would know for the next time not to buy so much, but I still do LOL.

Weddings are super cool :) Me and my friends often talk about them and how ours would be like haha! One of my bestfriend’s family is obsessed with food so we always joke that all her family members would just be waiting for the food after her wedding haha!
I’ve never actually been to a wedding, but If I ever have one, I’d love a pagan wedding so It will be very different to a Christian based one.
It would be cool if your cousin did come over! I suppose he’d get a better education and some good grades :D It’s really cool that you get on despite the language/age thing :)

I love weddings as well. I like to get dressed up and see people all happy and excited, it’s just a great event. =).
I wish to get married one day as well, but I too am only 19 so it is still a while away. I wanted to marry my ex but that didn’t work out seeing that he’s.. well my ex. But you never know where life takes you sometimes so I’m just going with the flow =). I’m quite happy with the person I am with currently as well so.. We’ll see =P

Take care

First of all, I want to say that this layout is super-duper amazing and pretty. What font did you use for your site name?

The puffiness is going away. :) My mom’s remedy is actually working. It’s so much less noticeable now.

I have so many distant relatives in Vietnam, and I live in the US. My parents use Skype, but whenever they want to make a phonecall, they have to buy a long-distance calling card.
I’d love to get married someday. I don’t know if I would want a simple or elaborate wedding, just as long as my loved ones are there. My parents found their wedding video from decades ago and watched it. The quality was horrible, but it was amazing. My mom still has her wedding dress: it’s a traditional Vietnamese wedding gown. :D

You thought right then, there was, haha. It’s on same day as Chuseok, I have Chinese friends who celebrate. I’m not sure if the two holidays have relation to each other though. Maybe I’ll ask someone or look it up.

I guess you’re right. Just looking at how little my mom sees her sisters, like once every couple of years, it’ll probably the same for me in the future. I don’t even want to picture that time though, I already miss my brothers so much. 😢 This is when I get jealous of my friends, they have their entire family here and all get together for Christmas and stuff. We USED TO celebrate Christmas. I wish we could at least have a dinner like you said.

Oh that’s cool! Are you Chinese and Dutch but your family’s from Indonesia? Or are you also Indonesian? Based on what I know Indonesia had Dutch rule, and a lot of Chinese people live there nowadays. I could be wrong though. 🙄

I will double check from now on -checks- yup I put in the right URL. It would be frustrating if two people with the same name didn’t put in correct URLs, I wouldn’t be able to respond to them until after some “investigating” though I don’t think many people have my alias. Haven’t seen one…yet.

I don’t want to work in a restaurant because I don’t wanna clean people’s food messes up. Hate cleaning for others, except for my kitty of course, haha. I’m actually trying to get a job similar to yours right now, would really help my boredom. That’s probably why schools don’t give such long breaks, it gets boring after a while.

LOL people think Australia is deserted though, they really do! Unlike me, I actually look up stuff before assuming things. I know Australia has less people than Korea does, and it’s almost as big as the US.

Oh kisstherain.info was your domain?! I saw it when I was applying for my fanlisting collective to be hosted by Bubble.nu, I was like hey it’s a domain named for Yiruma’s piece! Or maybe not, just coincidence. /bash

Yeah I know what you mean, having an IM is so much easier to contact people, but MSN was seriously bugging me so much! I used to use it to talk to my brother but he’s busy and the time difference doesn’t help at all. Maybe if I meet more people online I’ll go back to using it. Maybe. XD

I guess if you (well not you, in general haha) want a better life for yourself and your future children you’d move to Australia, America, etc. Though I think if you’re just planning to go to school there and go back to your home country, it doesn’t make much of a difference. In fact my mom came to the US for college, but she stayed here.

Parents only want us to do chores, it’s like we’re their servants /angry. My friend mentioned she has to clean her dorm, her dad asked her to clean their house when she’s home too, I was like seriously WTH. I think dorming or living independently is a university experience though. Even if I were to live close enough to travel, I’d still dorm. Anything 1 hour and under is close enough, so if I go to any of the schools in the city I’m applying to, that’s how it’s gonna be.

I actually really was upset, not because I couldn’t go because of school, but because my mom went and didn’t bother considering taking the rest of us. Then again it’s a pretty expensive plane ticket. But I’m probably likely to miss his say-future wedding too. 😢

Aw, don’t hate on MSN. :) It isn’t that bad…LOL.

I always feel so young when I talk to you, and inexperienced. I mean, I’m 13, and you’re 19, and though it isn’t that big of an age gap, it’s still large enough. :/

That’s sweet that you’re close to your cousin like that. ♥ Don’t even get me started on my cousins and our relationship. :/ The only cousins that are close to me live on the other side of the US. The ones here, on the Western side, thrive off drama and making my life at school miserable. Ah, the joys of being young. -_-

/eee You and James should get married. You’ve been together for a long time, and it’s obvious you love him. But, as always, it’s your decision. :) I’ve never been happy with the thought of settling down with someone my entire life. I’ve always been afraid of seeing someone else, or something like that. It’s hard for me to trust people. And relationships depend on trust. But I have yet to meet someone who meets that much to me that I’d give them my entire life…

:3 Thank you, Georgina! I am quite proud of my shirt picking myself. LOL. I wonder if you’ll like them? You might be the only person I know who does, if you do. Everyone else says they’re “too weird.” But I listen to off–the-wall music. xD We’re all different! Maybe that’s why they make shirts so boxy. :/ Just tie them a bit or something and change them how you want? I don’t know. We can’t get them all the same.

Ick, uniforms. Not my favorite things. :/ But, hey, some people really don’t mind them. I guess they’re okay. Honestly, the top made me a bit self-conscious when I wore it yesterday because it kind of made me look fat, because it was a bit baggy. And I have weight issues, so I was constantly folding my arms all day, trying to hide the fact that the shirt was bagging and stuff. :(

Nope – never heard of those stores. :/ But, like you said – stores here are different from stores there.

I love jeans. <3 But, on the chance that I can, I'll wear shorts or just something comfortable. I hate wearing jeans all the time. The fibers tend to scratch the living crap out of my legs. D:

Here, "clearance" just means that it isn't selling as much anymore, and to get rid of the extra stock, they've marked the item with extra sales and things. So, actually, all of the clothes are in wearable condition. Usually, summer items go on clearance once they start bringing in their winter stuff. So it's best to shop during the autumn season, when things are still summer-y, but there's new winter stuff too. :) I guess our countries are different in more ways than we thought? :/

Eh. Parents have a job, and that's to make sure their kids do as they're told. My dad hates doing dishes, so he always makes me do his dishes. And he eats a lot of odd meals that smell bad, and also leave gunky residue on the dishes. Which, in turn, makes them extremely hard to wash. :/

But I'm not a big fan of most of the 70s/80s stuff. :/ I just never listen to it. Most of the time I like to dance to older things, from the early 2000s. Back when "pop" was a bit different than it is now.

I'm glad you don't self-harm anymore, Georgina. :) *hugs*

I know – I'd be freaking out if I saw dolls! D: That makes me not want to look at my walls right now…*shiver*.
Anyways, that's horrible! :O I think it's completely wrong to try and fix someone with medication(s). I mean, maybe that isn't necessarily what they need. But when people don't know how to talk with someone, they think shoving little white pills down their throat will fix everything that's wrong. :/

Thank you. :3 I like my mom. She's pretty great – she is strict about things, but also flexible with others.
Yeah, my dad was getting on me tonight about how I'm "so sensitive" and I need to "toughen up and be more like him," while he's an angry and impatient person who doesn't like giving anyone the time of day when they try and talk to him about something that's bothering him. But, he's a man and doesn't understand how we women feel about things, and that we need to talk about things that bother us. He just yells…a lot.
:( I’m sorry about your parents. Just because you live there doesn’t mean you’ve become her maid or anything. You aren’t required to do every thing in your home. :/ Gosh – parents drive me crazy sometimes!

Aw…my mom ate all the bananas…so now I have toast. :D

Hey girl, I’m replying here because you said a lot and I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you or anything! I know your website situation. I think I know what domain you have too (something to do with your Tumblr if I’m not wrong, hehe)… regardless, take your time moving. ♥

Oh I love MSN, don’t get me wrong. I think in this case, my internet connection caused MSN to go wonky.

Most of my cousins are either much younger or much older than me so I have never really been close to them – except Ricky. I treasure that relationship even though we don’t talk much!

I definitely think James and I will be together for a long time to come. :) I mean, I know not all relationships are perfect and I can’t tell if they will last, but I think that we love each other enough to work on it if ever there is a problem.

You’re welcome! Well, I love band shirts – a lot! I’m growing out of that style, but that isn’t to say I don’t still love them, because I do. I love how you can just throw one on, wear it whenever… :P I wear my old ones to bed.

I don’t mind uniforms, but that could be because I’m used to it. :P

Oh. The same happens to me with tights/stockings/pantyhose. They make my legs itch. But I do like wearing them, for the most part. I used to love jeans a lot but I grew out of the ones I have and I just found them annoying to wear.

I see what you mean! We have some clearance items but most of them are – well, just that – out of season. Sometimes they tend to be ruined from everyone looking through all the clothes because they just put clearance stock in a bin here. :|

My dad is lazy and doesn’t do chores! :( I have to do most of them. He only does the dishes sometimes. Even cleaning his computer room, he won’t do. My mum has to tell him off like a kid haha!

I like the music from the 2000s, but I suppose my ideal dance music is much older. :D

Oh boy, whenever I hear horror stories about writing on walls, I get scared to look at walls. Let’s not think about it.

All our bananas were gone for a day so I had vegetable crackers. Now there are bananas in the fruit bowl again! Hooray! /bounce