Dancing Shoes

I’ll run through the highlights of the day first. I went to a nice little town (an hour from home) where Sebby showed me around the shops. I like a good adventure. I was on the lookout for clothes, but I get indecisive and unsure when it comes to clothes. I didn’t find anything I really completely liked. But I found a vinyl record of ELO’s Discovery, for only $2 at a charity store. The cardboard cover was kind of stuffed, but the record itself was shiny new!

We popped into a music store and they had more recent albums on vinyl. I was doubting I’d find anything I wanted, until I got my hands on Neon Bible by Arcade Fire. I was… gobsmacked, to say the least. It was like holding pure gold. I love Arcade Fire; their music is uniquely amazing. I had this album on my iPhone and digitally – but seeing it in vinyl… /faw

It was $40 and after some thought I decided to get it. This evening I listened to it, and boy did it sound amazing. Music sounds absolutely wonderful on vinyl.

We found Sebby a shirt and tie for his birthday dinner on Tuesday… mission accomplished. (That’s really the bones of what we were after.) :)

I didn’t have such a nice morning though. To get to the little town, I had to change trains. But when I caught one train and looked for the next, the timetable on my phone was a jumble and it seemed that so many trains were late or didn’t seem to exist. I was running from platform to platform. I think I must have checked every single one, but there didn’t seem to be any trains to my destination for half an hour. I was pretty irked.

So, what should have taken me 40 minutes ended up taking me 90. :( The trains here – for the first time I’m saying this – suck! I usually don’t mind the trains at all, but today, I was so angry because I had to keep changing trains and looking for the right ones. Not to mention, the trains I caught were late. 🤬

My mum works in a department store at a beauty counter, and she wanted me to come by on the way home so she could show me the boots they had there. I found a nice pair of flat boots and a pair of heeled ones – which I completely fell in love with.

They were on sale and were so cheap, both for under $100. As usual, I checked to see they weren’t damaged. Unfortunately I must have looked too fast. When I got home I realised there was a small tear in the stitching of one of the heeled boots. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but when my mum found it, she was quite angry.

It made me upset because now she wants to take the boots back. I don’t know if I can find another pair the same to exchange, and I’m worried and disappointed, yet hoping so hard that there is another pair. I love the boots so much. I walked around in them and they are so comfortable. It’s so hard for me to find shoes that I like since I’m so picky.

I’m sure I saw another pair of the same size, and I’m just really, really hoping it’s there tomorrow morning. I’ve never felt like this for clothes before. 😰 :(

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Perhaps if they don’t have that second pair in your size, you could have your mum barter for a partial refund on account of the damage? If it’s really minor and you don’t think it’ll affect the longevity of them, and you love them (it’s difficult for me to find shoes too) then just keep them. Don’t return them if you’re only going to regret it. :(

Have you tried to find the same pair on eBay, etc? Maybe you could purchase them online and return the slightly damaged pair to the store.

Oh… I didn’t think of that! I don’t like buying online but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have a look. I’ll consider that too and bring it up with my mum about getting a refund for the damage.

*hugs* You’re very understanding and wise, Jennifer. ♥

Hehe, thanks for coming! You were a great help and it was good seeing you after a week. Also glad that you’re happy with your vinyl records. ^_^

I really don’t get your mum. It’s not like the shoe’s ruined, and if you look for fault and didn’t see it at first, then I doubt anybody else would notice it. I hope that you find another pair though. It sounds like you really liked them.~

You’re more than welcome. :) I’m glad we found what you needed (even though I was less than patient about it!), too. 8D *is only genuinely excited to see you in a shirt and tie, ROFL*

It’s definitely not ruined. I think she just thinks it’ll get worse… but as I discussed with Lilian, boots are meant for wear and tear and will eventually get wrecked. Like the boots I wear to university every day. Besides, these boots are fancy and I won’t be wearing them as much!

Wah, I love the boots.

Riding trains sounds fun! I only say this because we don’t have trains here…only buses, and they aren’t as fun as trains, but they are also a hassle with all the transfers and such. And you bought two pairs of shoes?! I am so jealous right now, I haven’t gone shopping in a while and I really want a pair of booties but there is no way I can buy them. So sad..

And I hope you got (or can get) the shoes exchanged for another pair. I’d hate to lose a pair of pretty and comfortable shoes :/

One question, is FanUpdate okay?

FanUpdate is definitely okay. It’s no longer supported but there haven’t been many security issues found, so go ahead! Less overwhelming than WordPress, I’ll give you that. If there any problems with it in future I’ll let you know, of course. :)

I really am disappointed. I only recently posted this so I haven’t gone yet – it’s bed time but I’m going in the morning. Fingers crossed I can find the same pair. ^_^


Yay! You went shopping today. I want to go shopping :( . Well I sort of went today, with my dad, but I want to go REALLY, REALLY shopping! $2 for a record is REALLY cheap :O . I cannot believe you found ARCADE FIRE on vinyl. Like, WHOOOOAAA. They’re not even that well known. That is INCREDIBLE :P . Hahahaha, you do love your music :) .

God, that sounds so annoying. The trains, I mean. Cityrail is SO BAD. The trains are late really often. It’s ridiculous. Your train-changing sounded pretty hectic. At least you got there in the end. The whole transport system in NSW is screwed. I mean you don’t know that they’ve changed the timetables until they actually change the timetables and you have to catch a train. They NEED to give us ADVANCED WARNING. GRRRR! /angry /angry

I hope you get your boots tomorrow! I love boots. I’d cry if that happened to me. Man, your mum made such a big deal about a TINY thing. TINY! MINISCULE! :( . It sucks. Well with any luck you will have your boots, all nice and new and shiny by tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!

Yes! I am very stressed in my midsem break. How very pathetic. Hahahaha. And lol, blackboard is down because of maintenance and I JUST finished typing up questions. I am SO PISSED OFF. Grrr!

I remember your group assignment. Now THAT group was even MORE apathetic than my group D: Hahahaha. But at least it’s over. We can both laugh at our respective groups once this assignment is over!

LOL! You DID sound like my mum in your comment, but I highly doubt my mother would tell me to read books/watch television, so you’re like the…COOL mum :P . Hahaha! I did read some books, but I’ve not had time to read more, which makes me so sad :( . I want to READ! Gah! I’m so sad, my whole life is UNI related D: .

Thanks! :D I’m glad I passed. Don’t worry, when you sit the HPT, I’ll tell you ALL about it. It’s relatively easy. They just show you film clips about certain situations and as you stuff like “When is it safe to turn?” and then you either press the button on the screen when you think it’s safe, or if you don’t think it’s safe you don’t press anything. And then they ask you to confirm what you did. *rolls eyes*. All very boring.


Aha one day we’ll have to go shopping together again! :) My dad thinks that $2 is expensive for an old record. He thinks it’s not worth it. Sigh! It was going to charity anyway, as I went to St. Vinnies.

Then again they do have promos and things for newer records. I have not come across many new albums on vinyl though!

I usually don’t have a problem with the trains. This time they were very annoying. I don’t think I should have relied on my iPhone application so much. Still, the time displayed on the screens at the stations kept changing. That was really annoying. /angry

I got my boots! /bounce

I’m glad the assignments are over! I don’t think I’d want to deal with the same people again after such a bad experience so hopefully we aren’t jinxing it by laughing at our groups after that.

Uni just happens to put a lot on our plate! It’s upsetting. But it’s life… we must face the music. I just sounded like I quoted someone. :P I also need sleep, look at the time… @_@

Haha there’s a first for everything in life. I’ll be praying for you that you get those boots you like so much. I’m glad you found a band’s vinyl that you really really like. I was like that when I first saw the Star Wars on Vinyl. I was dubly excited. And than I found another Vinyl on some actress/singer that was on Happy Days. I got them both for real cheap. I also have a get this a Bruce Willis Vinyl cd. I’m proud to say I love it. Not only is he handsome with hair and with out, but he can SING!! I wouldn’t mind being paired up with him ;) lol. But yeah, finding your favorite musical band/artists on vinyl is a big deal. My dad bought me a Meat loaf “Blind Before I Stop” Vinyl for my 27th birthday, and I was excited and than he found a hard to come by promo vinyl of the same thing. I wanted to go to the concert and ask him to sign it but they wanted a $399.99 for a meet and greet and I just didn’t have that money. And you had to stay in a hotel room over night and what not. I didn’t care, I got a necklace and a meat loaf t-shirt. So no worries. I guess I can always go to meatloaf.net and write him an email and tell him the story. Or something. I dunno. I’m just really betting that since this is a promo vinyl LP ya know the ones that makes it to the radio dj’s? It’d be worth money one day. He’s 62 years old or as Patti Russo puts it Sexty Two. Lol. That was a highlight of the night. Not to mention he closed with Paradise By The Dashboard Light. He opened with Hot Patootie Bless My Soul which surprised me a lot. I tried doing the cowabunga hand wave but my arm got a charlie horse and I think he saw that. He made a face. So I dunno it’d be cool if he did see it. haha.

Anyway, I really hope that you can find another pair of those boots and in your size. Tell Sebby I said happy birthday :D. Ok? Well; girlie I really don’t know what else to say. So I guess this is it for now. OH I did manage to put a new layout up. :).

I agree, vinyl for the win! ♥ Oh and the boots… I’m such a shoe addict, I know how you feel XD Let’s hope they still have another pair in your size!

I hate to choose clothes, no, I hate to make decisions actually because I’m indecisive like you too. /pow One second I like this thing, and another second you can see me talking about how much I dislike it. D: I sometimes wish that I can be like my sisters who are always so certain about their choices. And they always manage to make the right choices! /faw

Wow, I’ve seen a vinyl player (is this what it’s called?) but have never got the chance to see it being played. I didn’t know vinyl is still available! :O I thought the player is available as a decoration only nowadays, I didn’t know it can actually play music. I remember my mum once told me that music sounds better on vinyl and I’ve longed to hear it. My grandma house used to own one, but that was a long time ago before I was born. I hope I can see it being played one day :) I really like it because it looks so unique to me. But sadly, vinyl is not available here. 😢

Ah, I understand your feeling of not being able to catch the right train. It must be so irritating! I hate looking for the right thing for more than 10 minutes. Seriously, I really wish that I could press Ctrl + F in real life, especially when I’m reading my notes. /angry It’d definitely help me study better! :P

My sister always advised me to check the shoes before I purchase them but I never accept her advice. Now I see why I should. I did help my sister to exchange her shoes with the shop once and it went well although it was 3 weeks after she bought it (she didn’t wear it because she found a few scratches). I’m sure there will be another pair of boots for you, don’t worry so much. *Pat on your back*.

My wish for tonight: Georgina will get the other pair of the boots! XD

hehe, you were the 700th commenter on my blog. congrats :D

It sucks about the boots :( Hopefully there’s another pair when you go back! It’s hard for me to find shoes that I like too.. I’m so picky :( But I’m glad you had a nice day with Sebby :)

I am gonna be really excited :D I’ve made quite a few ads now, so I’m going to search for them all in the paper! haha. I’ll probably end up taking pictures and eventually posting them xD I didn’t even have to do anything different for real estate day. Yesterday was uber boring, but today, because of the choice awards.. I just got to do a bunch of ads for those. I’m glad I get to do actual graphic design things, because my friend is doing co-op for graphic design as well and she usually just does odd jobs around her placement. The only graphicy thing she has got to do so far is blowing up a picture :/

I remember that I would go to the site first and be like hhhmmm do they have good graphics? Enough hits? /hehe I want to have affiliates but most of the people I talk to don’t have them so I think I might just do favorite blogs.

At my school they only have apples and bananas and I don’t really want to cut up an apple(I have to because of braces :/) and bananas and there bananas just look weird! @_@ My mom’s the same way. She always tries to get me to eat spinach but there is no way in heck I will ever eat that! It just looks so nasty!

I was on it everynight this week till maybe 10 or 10:30 and the night I decided not to get on it we had a school 2 hour delay so I got to sleep in I was like really? It was like it was planned. 😒

Haha, that reminds me of when I got my new boots. I’m not much of a clothes person either because I spend more money on CDs and such but, boy, when I saw those boots I just had to buy them. I really hope you find a new pair that are in better comdition.

Oh I love the sound of vinyl records. I tend to buy CDs so I can put them on my iPod but I’ve pulled out a few of my dad’s old Pink Floyd records and there’s just something about them, even though the quality isn’t as good. I’ve considered buying Green Day vinyls many times, there was a great edition of the Warning album released on Billie Joe’s own label but I resisted. I’m regretting that slightly now. :P

I’ve never really worried that taking music at school might not be worthwile, I’ve always kind of trusted I would do well in other more “important” subjects and so far I have. I wish I could teach myself guitar but I gave up pretty quickly because my fingers weren’t really dexterous enough. I’ve taught myself a bit of piano but now my piano teacher says I have bad habits.

Thanks for the good words. :) I’m actually not worrying too much about careers and stuff anymore, I’m starting to worry about just getting through this year at school which is proving to be stressful. :/

yuup i don’t think i’d ever get bored of tumblr haha :)

i’m going to miss blogging on my actual site so much, just cause i’ve been doing it for such a long time. and thats such so nice of you offering to get me a domain :) but i think i’m gunna take a break from it, realize if i really wanna continue with it, i saved all my blogs so if i ever start a new site, i’ll just import everything there!

of course you have my tumblr, and my twitter so you can always get in contact with me!

awww, my moms like that too, gotta buy things in PERFECT condition haha. i don’t really like making a fuss about things too. i hope you get the pair of boots you want :)

Hehe thanks for replying back! It’s a shame you’re not going to be blogging on a domain anymore but I doubt anyone can completely leave the internet these days. ;) I lost interest in Tumblr and sort of drowned in my own domains (LOL) but I’ll definitely still be using Twitter and I’m still following you there!

Oh I actually found a pair of the boots that were exactly the same. I’m so glad. I was so worried they had run out or something. I’m so relieved, too! I love the boots a lot. :D

I’ve never owned any vinyl. I hate the fact that there are rarely vintage, thrift or charity stores here. Vinyls are quite expensive here even for the old ones. I’d like to have some vinyls and listen to vinyls instead of CDs or MP3s though! Especially you said that music sounds wonderful on vinyl. :)

I love riding trains. I don’t really ride trains a lot here–it’s dangerous with the people and such. I was on train a lot on my summer vacation though. It is quite inspirational but when trains are late… it’s not fun at all. Late trains are not fun. I also don’t like it when information is unclear, it confuses me. -,-

I’m sorry to hear about the boots :( I agree with what Jennifer said on the comment, I was going to suggest that just in case there is no second pair in your size. I hope there is! My mom was quite like your mom, if I were you my mom would do the same too even though I usually don’t mind (if it’s minor).

Allo! I’ve discovered your site and I plan to be back often.
I remember when I really discovered shopping for the first time. Its so much more fun with friends. :)

Oh! Vinyl, theres just something about it that makes the music better don’t it? We have almost all of the original Beatles records. *faints* So wonderful!!!!

Thanks for the comment! :) It’s amazing that you have the Beatles records; they’re so hard to find and a true gem. They’re rare and probably will increase in value over the next few years. I only have a couple!

Your website’s comments don’t load for me. That “make Edward sparkle” is pretty silly. It was funny for a little bit, then I realised what I was doing. Ahaha.

I live in Australia and shootings rarely happen. It happened once at a school in the town next to mine, and it shocked the whole country. It’s always good to be prepared though. :)

Are you sure you checked every platform? Did you check Platform 9 and 3/4??
/failed attempt at humor.

Happy birthday Sebby!…whenever it is (: I feel like you and my lovely Brits take public transportation a lot. It’s not really a common thing where I live. Well, maybe it is in the city, but people in the suburban and rural areas rarely use buses and trains. I love trains though xD

Take a picture of the boots!! I love a good pair of boots. I don’t really have a weakness for shoes, but a nice pair of boots gets me…excited, LOL! I don’t own any music on vinyl, nor do I have a medium for which to play them. But it would probably sound so much more authentic ;P

I cannot believe your mom sells Yves Saint Laurent! Those lipsticks go for like $36 each where I live. My mom really likes them. If your mom has any leftover inventory or slightly damaged products she wants to get rid of, feel free to send them my way ^__^ What dept store does she work at? Does Australia have their own really major dept stores? America has like Bloodmingdales, Neiman Marcus Nordstrom, Saks, Macy’s, Boscov’s, JC Penny, and Sears.

Aww, I feel the same when I find a shoe that I looove but there’s one tiny bad thing about it, and then I have to decide whether or not to return it and whether there is another one like it. It’s especially hard for me because my feet are so small and shoes my size are so hard to find :(

That’s what I hate about big cities, the trains being every where. I come from Perth and everything is so neat and organised, it’s never hard to catch a train. Melbourne is horrible with it though but you still get used to it eventually.

I only have six pairs of shoes, four of them are boots. I’m not a real shoe person and spend most my time in sneakers any way. My boyfriend thinks I have too many shoes and that I need to give some to saint vinies. /bash But I kind of wish I had more.

That sucks about your boots. How visible is the damage? I purchased a $400 pair of boots and have loved them ever since. They don’t have heals but are still hot. I hate heals anyway. Another pair I bought were small ankle boots at the cost of $200. They were damaged when I bought them without me knowing, but I tell people it’s just wear and tare from wearing them a lot. I couldn’t be bothered taking them back to the store because the store was in the main city and I live an hour away.

Happy birthday Sebby! I hope it’s a good one…

Glad you’re enjoying the break. The breaks always go fast, and when we realize has come to an end. I’m sure you’ll do your assignments on time :)

I understand. Sorry about your family in Indonesia are poor. I am sure that in the coming years they will make enough money so that so they can go to Australia.

Good luck with the big assignment! I’m sure you’ll do fine (Y)

Break is always good 👏.

That’s what you must do. Blogging is always fun. It is true, people can visit your site to view the tutorials you have.

Yes, it’s a shame. But unfortunately the good education is in decline. You’re totally right. Children should learn good manners at an early age. Maybe. But that is because some parents allow it their children to be rude :(

Glad you’re having a good break so far.

Looks like you enjoy it on your visit to this little town. I love the Electric Light Orchestra. ♥ It’s great to purchase the vinyl record for $ 2. How lucky you found the Arcade Fire vinyl, I haven’t heard them on much time.
That is true, the music sounds better on vinyl, it sounds more authentic.

I’m sorry to hear what happened to the trains.

I’m sure there will be another pair of boots the same size. I’m also very picky about shoes, so I understand you :)

Hiii. :) I had to break our comment chain because i think i might have deleted your last comment during my site makeover crap. :(

I used to think that vinyl records really suck. I do love them though…mostly because they are vintage. :D

Aww you poor thing. I will help you pray that you find another pair just like it. It makes me mad when you find something you love but it has a flaw. :( Is the tear really visible? If it isn’t you could keep it. The only sad part about that is that the little tear could turn into something big.

I have to say that i love your moms job. :D

I already know who is stalking me. It’s not really a big deal, because the person isn’t much of a badass. I didn’t get a note on Friday morning because they were studying for a test.
I only have one doll. I threw all away all of my other dolls, so I only have one doll head to work with. :(
Oh, I definitely will update on the stalker thing. I’m going to write about their reaction when I tell them that I know.

My dad is better with technology than my mom. He has a degree in Computer Science, so that’s probably why. I had to help my mom so many times when she got a new cellphone, and even had to repeat some things over and over again.


I’ve heard of Arcade Fire before. I’ve only listened to a few songs, and from that I like how they sound a little retro.

Your train dilemma reminds me of the road dilemma I had today. The Fall Festival takes place this weekend, so a ton of roads are blocked. I was trying to pick up my friend, who lived all the way across town, and couldn’t get to her house easily. When I finally got there, I found out that she already walked to the place. So my dad had to drive me all the way back in the immense traffic, and I came one hour late. I had to do a shift at a food tent for my club.

I hate it when I find something that I really like and it’s damaged…

Oh my I sure need to get into the groove of things, I have missed like 30 of your blogs. I majorly fail, sorry love.

I am sorry about the stitching in your shoes, it is hard to find good shoes these days. Well I’m not really a big shopper so I sorta fail at commenting your blog today.

I have only ridden a train twice, once it was Thomas the Train and the other, to this small town that has shops.

My niece said thank you.

I would totally end up buying vinyl over clothing. :) About a month ago I spent like $3 on a bunch of albums. The only recent album I have on vinyl is Terror State (Anti-Flag), it was only $10.

I hope they have another pair of boots like those. Consider yourself lucky that you can get heeled boots period. lol. All I want for Christmas/Birthday is a pair of beautiful, comfy heeled boots, in size 4 (US). So hard to find! lol.

Usually when I get something on sale (which is 100% how I shop lol) I never get upset is there’s a minor problem with what I get. As long as I can fix the problem or if it’s not really noticeable, I’m happy.

Ahh boots really are hard to find! I ended up finding a replacement pair though. It’s pretty hard to find boots that are my size too. Small feet and I tend to get picky with the design!

I love buying things on sale. You can just find so many good bargains these days. My mum always makes me check the item to make sure it’s not damaged. :P

It’s okay, life is busy, not everyone has free time like me, though I think that is about to change. I’ve been making website changes, and omg I got a Twitter, wow. /bash

I feel like a such a noob because I’ve never heard of vinyl before. Ahhh!!!!

I really hate the trains here. When I was coming home from the city I took the train by myself and I didn’t have a timetable so I could only wait the half an hour for it. I suppose I don’t have much patience. 😏

If there was damage on anything I buy I’d definitely take it back, even if I love it too much. And I am definitely guilty of falling for clothes like that before. I guess the damage bothering me overtakes my love for it? Okay that sounded weird…

I asked my friends and none of them knew relation between Chuseok and Moon Festival. I don’t dare ask my mom, I don’t think she’s happy with me leaving during it. Maybe I’ll ask my brother next time I call him. If I remember to ask. :P

When I was young I never thought I’d be in same situation as 1st generation Asian parents. But apparently now I am. I haven’t seen my brother for almost two years, last time was when he came back during one of university breaks before graduation. There might be the chance – maybe I’m getting my hopes up – that he’s coming for Christmas. If he is I prob would find out very soon! XD I guess it’s sort of similar to your boyfriend and his dad. I think still being close despite distance is really important.

Yeah it does make sense, from what you’ve said you’re mixed with everyone that was in Indonesia /wave. I guess the hassle makes sense though, even if it’s unfair. But if you’re going from Australia I think they should treat you like any other foreigner.

Blog, fanlisting collective, and now icon archive…so many wow. Not as many as you though. (H)

Yeah if you don’t have the time then pets aren’t really a good idea. When I got my cat my mom made me promise I’d take care of her 100%, which is what I have done, except for these past few days my mom became babysitter. Don’t think she’s happy with me about that either, though she didn’t do much except make sure the food and water isn’t empty.

Hmm I’ve never thought about naming my blog or something after a song. My names are all so random! If I were to name my sites after songs they would probably all be Korean…which I’m not sure is a good idea or not. People would have trouble remembering the name.

My dad said I have to live in a dorm no matter how expensive because I have to “meet people” not to mention he wants me to go to school out of state so I can become more independent. Hmmph I’d love to go to school in Korea. That’s REALLY far and probably nice experience too. I think international students are too cool. ✌️

hi hun how u? its been so long since we last chatted.. im just letting u know im back in the website world and my new layouts up

Sometimes we take trains when visiting my in-laws, but I really prefer planes since it’s a lot faster. In the city, we have a light rail, but I don’t take it because we live in the heart of the city so I just walk around when I need this or that.

It really sucks when you cannot find the shoes or boots you really want especially when you need to replace the one you just got.