Dancing Shoes

I’ll run through the highlights of the day first. I went to a nice little town (an hour from home) where Sebby showed me around the shops. I like a good adventure. I was on the lookout for clothes, but I get indecisive and unsure when it comes to clothes. I didn’t find anything I really completely liked. But I found a vinyl record of ELO’s Discovery, for only $2 at a charity store. The cardboard cover was kind of stuffed, but the record itself was shiny new!

We popped into a music store and they had more recent albums on vinyl. I was doubting I’d find anything I wanted, until I got my hands on Neon Bible by Arcade Fire. I was… gobsmacked, to say the least. It was like holding pure gold. I love Arcade Fire; their music is uniquely amazing. I had this album on my iPhone and digitally – but seeing it in vinyl… 😚

It was $40 and after some thought I decided to get it. This evening I listened to it, and boy did it sound amazing. Music sounds absolutely wonderful on vinyl.

We found Sebby a shirt and tie for his birthday dinner on Tuesday… mission accomplished. (That’s really the bones of what we were after.) πŸ™‚

I didn’t have such a nice morning though. To get to the little town, I had to change trains. But when I caught one train and looked for the next, the timetable on my phone was a jumble and it seemed that so many trains were late or didn’t seem to exist. I was running from platform to platform. I think I must have checked every single one, but there didn’t seem to be any trains to my destination for half an hour. I was pretty irked.

So, what should have taken me 40 minutes ended up taking me 90. 😞 The trains here – for the first time I’m saying this – suck! I usually don’t mind the trains at all, but today, I was so angry because I had to keep changing trains and looking for the right ones. Not to mention, the trains I caught were late. 😀

My mum works in a department store at a beauty counter, and she wanted me to come by on the way home so she could show me the boots they had there. I found a nice pair of flat boots and a pair of heeled ones – which I completely fell in love with.

They were on sale and were so cheap, both for under $100. As usual, I checked to see they weren’t damaged. Unfortunately I must have looked too fast. When I got home I realised there was a small tear in the stitching of one of the heeled boots. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but when my mum found it, she was quite angry.

It made me upset because now she wants to take the boots back. I don’t know if I can find another pair the same to exchange, and I’m worried and disappointed, yet hoping so hard that there is another pair. I love the boots so much. I walked around in them and they are so comfortable. It’s so hard for me to find shoes that I like since I’m so picky.

I’m sure I saw another pair of the same size, and I’m just really, really hoping it’s there tomorrow morning. I’ve never felt like this for clothes before. 😰 😞

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