I Started A Joke

I went to the shops with my mum and I was able to find a replacement for those boots that I mentioned in my last post. There were two other pairs of the same boots in the same size so I got the ones that looked the best and quadruple-checked that they weren’t damaged! :D I’m really quite relieved.

It’s hit past midnight here, and it’s the 27th of September – happy birthday Sebby! ♥️ Hope you have a lovely day. :)

I had to clean the house today (technically yesterday, I suppose). It was not an enjoyable task. We’re going to have visitors in the next few days, so my mum wanted to clean up and make sure everything is neat and tidy. I’m sure some of us don’t like excessive chores, and for me that is no exception. I honestly don’t mind doing chores, but the moment I am forced, all drive is crushed. Being pressured is something I’ve never liked in any way. Being pressured to make a decision. Being pressured to do something I don’t want to. Being pressured to go on and on at a pace that is too fast for my liking.

When it comes to things I dislike, I take a moment to analyse myself. The reasons I dislike things isn’t always just purely because I dislike them. Sometimes there are ulterior factors in relation to my personality that set me off certain things.

I have decided to list a few qualities about myself. I feel like it explains a lot of who I am, and it helps me realise my own flaws, because hey – no one is perfect.

I’m indecisive.

I’m extremely terrible at making up my mind, and when it comes to a fork in the road, I will stop and I will look both ways and even if one is infinitely better than the other, I will still have trouble coming up with something. Anything from food, to jewellery, to what assignment to start on next – I just can’t make up my mind.

I’m sensitive.

Little things hurt me. Small comments hurt me. I’m easily swayed and easily hurt. Sometimes I can’t take a joke.

I have a short temper.

I’m easily annoyed. This, coupled with being overly sensitive, is a nasty combination for outbursts of many cuss words, tearing stress balls to pieces, and punching pillows. I don’t resort to self-harm anymore; it’s a path I’ve been down that I don’t want to go down again.

I hate leaving things unfinished.

I hate being disturbed. If something or someone distracts me when I’m doing something, it irritates me. Leading to the short temper I was just referring to. Whether I’m writing a blog, typing a comment on someone’s blog, typing an essay, writing an email, playing a song on my guitar, or eating lunch, I really hate having to stop in the middle of what I’m doing and having to do something else.

It’s a reason I love planning, too. I like to have something to follow. But I don’t like leaving the computer mid-sentence, having to do something in the middle of a meal, or even just cutting off a discussion with someone.

I’m impatient.

I really am.

That said, though, all this pulled together, forms the basis of a myriad of excuses. I know I haven’t been very active online lately. I didn’t have a very good day today. I haven’t had a good weekend, all in all. Yeah, there are comments to return, some reviews left to do; I’ll get around to it. /um

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it it because people are coming and u had to be disturbed to help clean up? i get annoyed when my dad does that he wants everything away including a face cloth for the bath 🙄 .. i think for my next layout im gonna try look professional ill see..

That’s the thing – I don’t mind cleaning, but when I am disturbed to do something like cleaning the house, it annoys me! My mum likes everything spotless, not even a tissue on the floor or anything on the bathroom floor!

Yay, I’m glad you were able to find a replacement for the boots! (I did read the last post lolol)! Happy Birthday to Sebby for tomorrow! (As it’s still 26th here, heh)

I don’t mind doing chores but like you, I hate it when I’m forced or pressured to do it right away. I prefer to do it in my own time and in my own way.

I’d say I’m pretty indecisive too. I mean, I have had 5 domains in 2 years haha. But yeah, with other stuff it takes me ages to make up my mind. I don’t like jumping straight into things and saying “yes I want that one” or whatever, I like to think about it for a while before actually doing it.

A lot of things hurt me too, especially things that shouldn’t bother me. I don’t know, I think a lot of us girls are like that, even guys too.

AGREED! My short temper has got me into so much trouble in the past, especially in school. I don’t know, everything gets annoys me far to easily and I just explode.

I leave a lot of things unfinished actually. I’m very unorganised I’ll admit, probably why I’m always all over the place.

I’m SO impatient it’s unreal. I want everything like RIGHT now. I hate waiting for emails, omg I get so agitated and everything haha.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well. I am really lazy and don’t clean my room as much as I should but when I do, I always make sure I do it REALLY well. I hover under the bed, all the skirting boards etc. It literally takes me about 2-3 hours to clean a room. It HAS to be perfect.

Sorry you didn’t have a very good day! *hugs* I hope tomorrow is better for you. ♥

I know what you mean, Georgina. Sometimes when I feel like cleaning and tiding up my house, I have no trouble doing so. But when someone is coming to visit and I have to.. esh. 😒 But in the end you’re still happy that you did it, right? 🙄

All of the characteristics you just mentioned, I also have! Except for being impatient, I’m quite patient actually.. but I have other flaws (like perfectionism, etc.) you didn’t mention. :P

Analysing yourself from time to time is actually healthy, I believe!

my dad and ur mum will get on perfectly lol he gets annoying sometimes the way he wants everything spotless, once i was eating and took the last bite and before i put my fork down the plate was gone /huh but im getting quite good at cleaning my stuff before he gets his hands on it because if he does i have no idea where he puts my stuff lol

I love cleaning, doing chores, and things like that, but I’m like you: I hate being pressured into it. My parents don’t tell me to clean things, mainly because I’m the only one in the house that cleans, but being nagged about something just pisses me off. I’ll have teachers hanging over my shoulder while I’m trying to work, and I just can’t do anything while they’re standing there.

I’m indecisive if it’s something I don’t feel strongly about, and I’m not a very sensitive person, but other than those, I’m like you.

It’s now a new week! I hope this one turns out excellent for you. ?

I HATE when discussion are interrupted for whatever reason unless death is imminent lol. I hate it so I completely get what you’re saying. In my college career, I’ve only dropped one class in 3 years and most people I know drop classes like they drink water but I always feel that I should finish them if I start them so I know exactly how that feels. And while these traits aren’t seen as good, at least you aren’t fearless. I know people always idolize people who are “fearless” but those are the people who fall the farthest since fear is a good thing. Yeah, it could be abused and used in the wrong way but being cautious is a good thing… to an extent but nonetheless, it’s a pretty good trait. I’m not too indecisive but I do weigh things heavily and I don’t like to be rushed into making decisions that feel premature so you’re not alone :)

Self reflection is AWESOME. Nice post (as always lol).

I love cleaning, but I don’t like people ordering me around to clean especially if it’s not on my schedule. Thank goodness I don’t have parents bossing me around at home, but I thoroughly clean the apt. once a week.

I think I’m also like you because I don’t like things left unfinished. :)

So…I was kinda shocked. We have the same personality traits. I am all the same things you are, it seems like. I’m kind of more selfish than I want to admit, I need to work on that. I am also very sensitive, just like you are. When my dad gets mad at me he calls me a baby, and of course that doesn’t help matters, you know? Ugh. Parents.

I could help you organize lmao. I love to clean/organize/put things in their place. I think that has to do with my OCD though more than anything else. I just like finding a place for it. IDK, call me weird. Cleaning makes me feel all peaceful and zen like.

Where I’m the opposite of you, is I tend to wait till the last minute to do things. I will put it off until it can’t be put off anymore. Then, I rush into it all at once. I need to stop doing that :\

Speaking of house cleaning, I had to wake up at 8 am on Saturday and clean the kitchen from top to bottom. It took forever. I promised my dad though, and kept putting it off…and off…till he got mad and reminded me about it -eye roll-

Which…is why now I have to wake up at 8 am again on Monday to do house cleaning before I can go do other things.

I should change this eh? LMAO.

Ha, that is exactly what my family does too – clean when there are visitors coming. :P

I guess nobody would like it when they are being forced to do something :o The only difference is whether they would say it out or just be quiet about it. I have a friend who doesn’t dare to say “No!” to anyone, not even when she doesn’t want to do it. I was quite annoyed at it because she is my friend and I don’t like to see anyone taking advantage of her. Initially I taught her to say “No!” to me (because we are close friends) if she really doesn’t want to do it. Now, I’m glad she knows how to reject things that she shouldn’t be doing, like the her “friend’s” homework.

OMG, *high five* Georgina, I’m about the same as you! I am indecisive (mentioned in our previous comments) like you and I’m also sensitive. I honestly do not take a joke well. My sisters love to tease me with it. Most of the time, I take it as an insult rather than a joke because it does not seem like one! I do not like it when my friend jokes with me, especially about friendship. For example, when I ask my friend whether she wants to join me in certain activity and she rejects it saying, “Why do I have to do it with you?”, I would ask why. Her reply, “Because we are not friends. Nah, just kidding! :D”. To be frank, I am taking it seriously. It doesn’t look like a joke to me in any way. I personally don’t think, “It’s just a joke!” can make up everything. However, I think of this as my weakness because sometimes, my friends are really just joking and I’m trying to change myself. But it’s really hard to differentiate ):

Having short temper is also one of my weakness. But I think I’ve changed as time passed. I met people and experienced different things. I still have short temper, but I try my best to make sure that it doesn’t last for a long time. Plus, it’d make you look older if you’re always angry :P

I hate being disturbed, but only by the people whom I dislike. If my friends disturb me, unless I’m doing something really important, I usually don’t mind. Being disturbed when blogging or commenting can be really annoying sometimes because after I finished doing something else and come back, I’d always forget what I wanted to type! Grrr.

The maximum time limit I give for people to be late is 20 minutes. I remember once I waited for my mum for three hours in school. I was obviously angry but she was even more angry for not phoning her (I didn’t have the coins as I was alone in school and I do not own a cellphone back then). Everyone in my family is impatient, so I guess it’s a family trait :P

I know that people can never be perfect. I change because I know that I have to, not because I want to please the others. Whenever I find certain quality that I dislike from the others, I’d always make sure that I do not do that myself. :)

p/s: Georgina, I just want to let you know that I have a comment that is still waiting for moderation in your previous post – Dancing Shoes. Just thought that you should know in case you’ve forgotten about it ;)

I don’t like to be forced into doing something either. Especially when someone is demanding me to do something. That will get me nowhere. And I will purposely not do what they said to do just cause they said to do it. /eee

I don’t like being bothered either when I doing something. Especially if it’s on the computer.

Congrats on finding your boots! /eee I read your previous blog post so I’d understand what you were talking about. LOL.

Happy birthday to Sebby. :) It’s the 26th right now, my time. Though it’s 2 hours and 40 minutes away from being the 27th. A Monday. A school day. *dies* /bash

Anyways. I’m a very indecisive person as well. :/ Before I make decisions, I like to think: what are the pros and cons of this decision, and what are the pros and cons of the other one? And, from, there make my decision. But, even then, I wonder what would have happened had I picked the other decision. -_- Oi.

My dad is constantly riding my ass – ah, excuse my French – about being “too sensitive.” He wants to “toughen me up” and make me “more butch.” Well, sure Dad, I’d love to be a man, despite the fact I have boobs. 😰 He says I get too worked up about things. But, I’m a girl and I’m aloud to get a little worked up about things. …Aren’t I?

You don’t seem to me to have a short temper, but then again I’ve never had the Wrath of Georgina released on me. /ehh So many things set me off – when my dad sits on his butt and makes me do the chores, when my friends comment on my clothes or my hair, or when people just in general bother me. I’m a very controlling person, and like to have things my way, so when they’re not…I tend to lose my temper.

LOL. That’s me, in a nut shell. When I’m getting ready to reply to comments, or I’m writing a blog and am right in the middle, I hate when I have to get up and do something – like take the dogs out – because I lose my train of thought. :/ And then I go back and delete everything because I can’t remember what I was even going to say.

Impatience…I think we all have it. *hugs*

LOL – I have a habit of leaving obnoxiously long comments on your blogs. 😳 Excuse me for that. Well, I’m done moving, and I’m happy to say I’m not moving again! LOL. My blogging love is fresh and new. <3

MSN is great in most cases, but I don't use it much. I never have anyone to talk to anymore. Except Swetlana, when we talk about NaNoWriMo. -_- Agh, MSN always goes a bit wonky for me.

My cousins who live here are the same age as me, and we go to the same school. :/ They're constantly telling me the family drama, and mixing our home/family and school lives into one. We're not close – at all. But my younger cousins, Jack and Drew, live out in Maryland. I saw them last summer and they were just adorable little tykes. ♥ And my aunt just had two new twin baby girls late August who are in Connecticut. I won't get to see them until either (my) winter, or the next summer that comes around. /wah

IMO, if you love the person enough to be with them for a long time, I think that a relationship like that will last. :) Mostly because you both have dedication to the relationship, and are willing to make it work, and fix the problems you might have. You're right – no relationship is perfect, but I respect those who are willing to work out their marital problems. /eee

I'm planning on getting 1 T-shirt for each of my favorite bands. Eventually, they'll wear out, and then I can wear them to bed. 👏 Unfortunately, it gets much too hot in my house sometimes, and you have to wear tank tops to bed to keep cool. 🤬

I used to hate jeans. I hated how the seams felt on my thighs, and how they were never the right fit. But I started wearing them, and I like them now. But I'd wear sweat pants or leggings any day. /eee

Grr, I hate shopping and finding something absolutely lovely (especially when it's on clearance), and finding it ruined by someone else. /angry It is only kind to take care of the shirt you're trying on, seeing as someone else might find it more appealing than you, and want to purchase it. Why destroy its value by stretching it or tearing it? -_- But, most of the stores I shop at hang up their clearance items, so they aren't all thrown into a bin. It keeps them neat, I guess?

My dad never ever ever does the dishes. :/ It’s always me, or my mom. Generally, it’s me. The only chore he does is mow the small lawn in our backyard that takes all of 5 minutes. Other than that, my mom makes the bed he sleeps in – they sleep in separate rooms; long story – and actually does his laundry. Why are so many men so lazy? /hmph

The new dance music, when you listen to it, is much too bassy, and doesn’t have anything to really get wild to. :/ So, I sometimes prefer the oldie stuff to the new, 21st century music. But, that depends because my parents like quite a few things I don’t.

LOL! I’m eating a Yoplait yogurt right now. They’re fantastic things, I swear. /bounce

…Um, this is probably a bit long. Sorry about that, Georgina! 😳

Yay for getting a replacement boots =)

Oh girl, I’m very indecisive too! But I manage to see some good side to that especially when it comes to shopping. Not knowing which dress to pick can lead me to a better looking dress in the next shop at a cheaper price. Yay for silver lining.

While I’m a pretty sensitive girl, I can turn very cold = But I don’t wanna get to that and make this comment entry very dark.

omg Georgina, based on those descriptions, you and I are pretty much the same person! And oh my God, my mom gets the exact same way when someone is going to come over! Like, I don’t understand why I have to deep clean my bedroom when NO ONE IS GONNA BE IN MY BEDROOM! But my mom just feels that the house isn’t clean unless every square inch has been Windex’ed, vaccumed, mopped, swept, scrubbed, air freshened, etc. It drives me crazy /bash

Well, I hope your week will be better than your weekend was, you deserve it!

Wow we are very similar! I’m super indecisive, extremely impatient, pretty short temper and sensitive. I’m not so bothered if I was distracted when doing something because I get distracted easily.

Impatient is probably my worse quality. When I can’t get something I want immediately, I start to get annoyed & think about it all the time. I pace up and down when I wait for stuff. It makes me a little pushy because I want things to be done straight away. When someone doesn’t reply to me on msn or email then I start to be all like “you there??”. Most likely they’re not at their PC or just busy with something. Trying to be more patient but it’s pretty hard hehe.

I can spend hours and hours at a store deciding if I want to buy this item or not, or which one I should get. Last week I spend 45mins at the optician picking a pair of new glasses because I just couldn’t decide which one I want.

Hi Georgie!

I’m glad you got your boots! That totally IS a relief. I’d have been quite crushed on your behalf if there wasn’t another pair for you D: . Luckily there was :) .

Happy Birthday to Sebby! 👏 ✌️

Cleaning the house is definitely NO FUN at all. We rarely have visitors, but if we do I have to clean the house, and what really pisses me off about having to clean the house, is that we’re mostly cleaning up my brother’s mess. Because he’s a stupid, idiot retard and likes to make life hell for everyone. But I can totally sympathise. I will willingly do housework without a complaint, but if you put undue pressure on me, I will resent it, and that makes me NOT want to do it. And oh my god. The WHOLE house. That’s so tiring. I only vacuumed the other day, and I was EXHAUSTED. D:

I hate being pressured to do ANYTHING. It’s an infringement of free will, and that just gets to me. Like if a friend keeps pressuring me to do something, I’ll get REALLY angry and frustrated. Not cool. Even if what I’m being pressured to do is something I’d ordinarily not mind doing, once you add the pressure, I get resentful and start objecting.

Pressure sucks! So you are totally not alone in feeling that way :) .

Hey, at least you can totally recognise your flaws :) . That’s heaps better than a lot of people who are just hopelessly blind to their fallacies and totally stuck up.

Sometimes having a little bit of those faults is okay. Being indecisive also means you’re a little more careful. At a fork in the road, there is nothing wrong with checking both options. It means you’re thorough, and you’re less likely to make rash decisions :) .

And not wanting to leave things in the middle means you’re constant and like to get things done. So that’s a good thing! :)

I’m impatient and oversensitive too. IT SUCKS! But hey, at least we know it :) ♥ .

Funny thing about planning. I am going on a date tomorrow night and I told this person, if he wants to do anything with me, 24 hours notice or no deal. This goes for anyone, I hate being surprised. Hate it. I like to plan what I wear, what time I am doing what … And yes it is rigid, but it is the only way I cope.

You sound like a mini me … I smiled and thought, ‘this is me all over …’ Especially the being pressured thing. I lose my temper then. bigtime.

Hey Georgina,
Thanks for telling Sebby happy birthday for me. You and I are almost a like. We’re both indecisive, and both impatient. Yesterday I tried helping my dad unload the truck with my sister and our friend, but the dog got out so luckily my dad was able to catch him, and told me to hang onto him. So I did. I felt bad but I was really tired. I didn’t put make up on or anything.Until I figure out how I want my room done and when it gets done I will start doing more make up tutorials and stuff like that. But as it stands I’m not going to worry about that until later. I’m on the laptop it’s bad enough I had to ask permission to download photoshop to create the layout you see now. I love it a lot and I’m gonna try to keep it up for the whole month of October. So yeah.

You’re kidding your friend’s mom sold the beatles lp? I would’ve been pissed if my dad decided to sell my Meat Loaf LP’s. Well; technically speaking they’re his because he paid for them but still; he gave them to me and I cherish them. We have this thing that you can put a record in and a blank cd and it’ll record from the LP to the CD and you’ll have the songs than. I remember the gal’s name now. It’s Suzi Quatro. She has an excellent voice. If my dad were to get rid of my Star Wars, Bruce Willis and Suzi Quatro LP’s I’ll be devastated.

The move is finally done. All we need to do now is clean up the house and move the MG car out to Beaumont and voila we’re done. But technically moving stuff we’re done. We just need to sort through it all and work on the house in Beaumont. I really like it out here. It’s peaceful never a dull; moment. The neighbors are friendly. Talk to you when you drive by. And what not. So all is good.

OH I got the meat loaf pictures up :D. I’m so happy it’s over and done with. I decided to take some out because they washed out his face and the ones I put up are the really good ones..Ya know? There were 100 pictures total. Can you imagine how tedious that’d be to resize them all? I’m really thinking about doing that project 365 thing again. But I’m not sure. I may wait until we get the chord for my computer. But yeah.

I found some old high school pictures of me when I was in choir (my dad found those), and when I was at my Senior Prom. I am in shock. I was so thinner than, than I am now and my jaw bone was up too it wasn’t slouching. I’m going to my Dr.s on Friday to see if he can’t do the Gastric Bypass Surgery and I’m bringing those pictures and saying this was when I was happy. Thin and in school. Right now I’m not happy with my weight at all. So maybe that’ll make him do it? I don’t know it’s worth a shot.

But anyways, I to hate being forced into doing something I don’t want to do. Like I didn’t mind taking my grandma to dialysis but when she calls my name it just makes my skin crawl because I know she wants me to help her do something. And it was like a shrill voice calling my name. I didn’t like it. But anyway. I gotta go I’m tired still. Sorry I didn’t respond to this last night. I was dead tired.

Happy birthday to Sebby! :)

I’m glad you go those boots you wanted. :)

I hate cleaning the house, especially when someone forces me to do it. But sometimes I go “UGH, everything is a mess” and start cleaning out my desk and random things around the house. XD I used to do this a lot when I was younger, but now I guess I’m lazier. :P I don’t like living in a messy place, so I usually keep my room neat.

The things you mentioned are things I really dislike as well, especially the indecisive part. I’m always confused about what I want. *sigh* I don’t like leaving things unfinished, but I do it all the time. :P I’m also really sensitive. I don’t mind my friends making jokes about me, but if someone I’m not close to teases me, I get REALLY annoyed. AND I have a short-temper and I’m impatient. :P I also REALLY dislike people repeatedly telling me what to do. Unfortunately my mom does it all the time and that’s one of the main reasons why we fight so much.

Thanks! :D

I wanted to get those shoes because every time there is a special occasion, I realise I only have snickers and plain sandals and nothing else.

My dad is okay. We were scared he had seriously injured his wrist bone or something, but he’s fine.

I think there were about 257 steps in Batu Cave. D:

Wow, over a hundred fanlistings? That’s quite a lot. :O I think it’s awesome that you manage to regularly update all of your website AND have so many fanlistings, when I can’t do that with a single website. :P Anyways, it sucks that you have to work on your break.

Haha okay I’m going to say it again – you and i have a lot in common. I have all of those traits and I’m not proud of them, but they really do make us the way we are. I feel sorry for people caught on the wrong side of my temper and impatience though…

I am the same way with decisions. I just hate making them when other people are involved. I don’t want my decision to effect them badly. Short tempers are hard to keep in check too. :) – didn’t know if you’d be interested in being affiliates?
I love reading your blog! :)

tell me about being disturbed. when I’m busy with photoshop or writing, suddenly my father walks in. all the inspiration is gone. it’s like they catch you of the wave of imagination.

I’m also indecisive, when people give me a question is the first thing i think “shit, what shal I say”. it is hard to make up your mind.

Thank you Georgina that means a lot to me coming from one of my favourite bloggers. ♥ ♥ ♥ I went through a lot of stress and frustration to get that layout up. Unfortunitly I didn’t make the images. I wish I was as talented as the artist who designed them. Maybe one day. /hmph

I’m glad you got your boot problem sorted out. I was going through my boots this morning and realized I still have two pairs of boots I wore in my goth days. I don’t want to say good bye to them but they’re taking up a lot of space. (I don’t go through my wardrobe often).

I also have to do a lot of cleaning. We have a rent inspection coming up. Lucky for me the land lord isn’t so fussy, so I don’t have wipe my finger along things to check for dust.

Why don’t you make up a list of things that me you great? It will boost your mood. From what I’ve read in your blogs, I know you have a lot of them…

I’m sensitive too. I’m always told I am.

I’m impatient too and I think that’s one of the worst qualities about me. But in todays society you would be lucky to be a patient person.

Writing gives indeed some stress. your character doe’t want to do the things you planned out or you get stuck because you don’t know how to get from one point to the other without making some *not even possible* decisions. that is when i go do something else. drawing, trying to improve my photoshop skills.

I’m really getting my ideas from reading, it is like the muse wispers me about what i have to make from it. And it is also fun to get away from the real world for just a couple of hours.


Oh I see, so those are their names. Wow, your dad gave you one? /faw Is it expensive? D: Are there a lot of them in Australia? /love (Ho, here goes my curiosity!) I honestly envy you. ^-^

Yeah, I understand the feeling of being forced. Oh, I forgot to mention that I taught my friend to say “no” to her “friends” only, definitely not to her parents otherwise I’d surely be in a big trouble O_O!

*Waving a white flag* OMG, we really have a lot of common personalities! I too, joke a lot with people, but do not take joke well D: I totally agree with what you’ve said about the tone of voice and who is saying it. I know, it really irks me when someone I dislike joke with me, especially in a sarcastic tone. Sometimes, I may get really annoyed and defend myself with sharp words. But I figured out that if I dislike people doing that to me, I shouldn’t do that in return. Nowadays, I often smile and walk away whenever I face that sort of “joke”, telling her with my body language, “IT IS NOT FUNNY, THANK YOU.” and I always feel victorious afterward! :P

Ah, I think I got used to my online friends who “misuse” the function of “busy” on MSN. Most of the time, if I have my status on “busy”, it’s when I got annoyed at the “deng deng deng” sound. And it’s not because I’m really busy.

Last minute decisions where I have to choose between two things isn’t something I like to do often.. I hate being rushed. My ex used to do that to me… Once we went to the store to get groceries (for the month) and he had been rushing me.. well, I forgot my wallet and he didn’t have the money that day. So after getting everything we needed, I wound up having to go all the way back home to get the money. :(
I have had a short temper lately. I think it’s due to stress because I used to be a very patient person that didn’t let things get to her. But not anymore.
Awesome that you got your boots exchanged :)

Aww, suddenly I see so much of me in you. I wonder if that’s a good thing. Really, lately it’s seemed as if I was the most sensitive person you could ever possibly meet. My best friend and I fell out because of some misunderstanding we had on twitter. Of all places, Twitter! I blew my top at her because I thought she was trying to insult me, though in reality she had no intentions to do so at all, hence the vexation that followed. Turns out she was replying to a different tweet with an entirely different meaning. Embarrassing. Both of us were so mad at each other we had to have one of our friends analyze the situation and point out that fact. :( I tend not to like things because I may have had a terrible past with them, or I just don’t like the fact that merely seeing or being around these objects reminds me of something I’m not fond of — though I’m doing my best to get rid of this attitude seeing as I know it doesn’t make sense at all. Plus, it’s extremely bothersome. It irritates me whenever I get these sudden inner outbursts that I need to take out on something (or worse, SOMEONE else, often an innocent, unknowing victim) — an easy task for me, but never on the people who actually get dragged into it. It takes time, too. I like finishing things too, it’s never a good thing to leave tasks hanging. You’ll never know what you’d miss out on if you stopped.

Hmm finding out these things about you, I feel like you’re going to be really successful! Haha. I mean, you like planning, you hate leaving things unfinished- they’re both really good traits you know (Y)
Although sometimes I get indecisive too, I think I make decisions a lot. Uh, but it’s not like they were all good decisions. XD Sometimes I make decisions too fast that it makes me make wrong decisions. /bash
And yeah I totally agree about that thing about chores. I’m totally fine with cleaning, too, but I start hating it when my mom keeps making me do them pronto when I’m already planning to do them in like, 2 mins later because of some other stuff. They just don’t believe me when I say I’m going to do them later XD hahaha.

I agree, when I decide to clean on my own terms, it’s no big deal. But when my Mum’s breathing down my back and threatening to take away my computer if I don’t do it (chores), it’s not so fun any more.

I am very indecisive as well, I change my mind a lot, and never know when to just say ‘yeah, that’s my final decision’. I used to be sensitive but not really these days. I am very short tempered though when it comes to my brothers, or just at random times. Sometimes it takes a lottt of annoy me, but sometimes I get annoyed so easily.

Hah I have the same problem about leaving things unfinished xD Like if I have to do something, I’ll want to just finish what I’m writing, or whatever section of the layout I was working on (for example) before leaving. I can be pretty impatient too, depending on if I have something else to do. For example today I had to scan my work for IT, and I had to wait behind this other guy who took agessss, and put his sheets the wrong way up, and I had somewhere else to be at lunch (I only thought I’d be scanning my work for 5 minutes), eventually I decided I would do it some other time and just walked out Dx

I think it’s fantastic to truly be able to point out all your own character flaws. So many people aren’t able to do this and it shows a lot about a person to be able to do so.

WHOA. You’re so much like me, o.o. Lmao. I used to have a very short temper as well, and I hated it so freaking much. It caused me to get myself involved in drama, or at times, to start drama unintentionally myself. It was awful, and I’m so glad I had managed to get rid of it over the summer — or well, not completely get rid of it, but you know what I mean, :b.

I’m also indecisive as well. Right now, I’m stuck in a love triangle, with no idea who to choose, since obviously, I have to choose one or the other. OR, I can just choose neither of them. But, that’s also a decision I’d have to make. I suck at decisions. I’m always afraid I’m going to make the wrong one, a bad one, and I’m too scared to take huge risks, |: .

I’ve always been so insecure about myself, which also means I’m sensitive. If someone says something mean about my appearance or anything about myself, I tend to want to cry, or say some pretty nasty things to them if they piss me off enough.

I never really understood what “exchange” means, when it comes to going to school in a different place or something, y’know? Like, foreign exchange students. I don’t understand what the “foreign exchange” part is for, o: .

I found out this weekend that my cousin postponed her wedding, because she wants to finish her education first before getting married. It kind of holds you back from your education, I guess? Like, getting settled in, getting used to have a husband around all the time, and then uhm, you know. It. More responsibilities and everything. It slows her down, so I guess that’s why she decided to wait another year before she gets married. I personally think that’s a great choice that she made, :D.

Speaking of weddings . . . My sister once had a lover, who was 14 at the time, and he was engaged, O.O. I was so shocked when she told me, since that’s such a young age to be engaged, O: .

I used to say that if Ryan and I truly love each other — even if it’s just a middle school relationship, too — then we’ll work on it. But after awhile, I realized I was simply covering up his mistakes for him, and making excuses for him and the way he treats me as well as my closest friends. I couldn’t tolerate it much longer, and when he just crossed the line, I broke up with him. I don’t see it going anywhere, anymore. Amazing how fast and how much things can change.

I’m starting to get into the habit of going to bed around 10:30 – 11:00 again. NOT GOOD, Dx. I did that last year for awhile, which resulted in me waking up really late and always being late for first hour or walking in right on the bell. It pissed my parents off so much, because if I get to school late, it also means my daddy — my ride — gets to work late, o: . I don’ feel all that tired when I go to bed, but when I wake up, OMG. It’s like I took a sleeping pill. And I’m lucky if I make it through the day without nearly falling asleep in class, |: .

Good thing you got a replacement for your boots. :)

Ugh. I hate chores. My mom normally makes me, too, do extra when we have company. It’s so annoying. :(

I enjoyed reading your traits! I am very indecisive too…but not with everything. It’s normally medium to large situations that I have issues with haha. I am also impatient like you. Seriously. If something doesn’t load on my computer in like 10 seconds, I freak out! :S And what else do we have in common…Oh! I am extremely sensitive. /um I hate that about myself! Good thing is that I am one to get over things super fast…but really my feelings get hurt all the time. :'(

HEY! :D Thanks! It was weird…I got sick of it and think another huge part of it was that I missed my offline friends. I would cry at night because I felt like they all secretly hated me…but that’s not true one bit. Now I am much better though. ;)

I hate it too but this year has been easy and fun. :) I don’t think it will be like that forever though haha.

Thanks! I hope so too! D:


Whoops! Sorry for that random “I”. I meant to say:

I missed you! How have you been? :P

Oh gosh and one last thing. XD
You own Amber’s domain right? http://dead-battery.org? Well, if you don’t mind, can I have your email that you use (just to make sure the email that you comment on my blog with is still active lol)? I’ll be emailing you some nameservers and will you please change the nameservers on the domain to those? I believe she said that you own her domain so if you would do that favor for me, that would be just awesome! :D Thanks!

Heyyy. :) I left a comment on your blog about the shoes thing but i don’t think you got it. /argh Anyways glad you find another pair. :D

I don’t mind doing chores when I feel like but if I’m told to do it, I really hate doing it. We had to do excessive clean once because my parents were holding this meeting type thingy, basically it’s a party but for old people. We had to clean everywhere and guess who did most of the work……meee. It wasn’t fun at all.

I have a very very short temper. The stupidest thing can piss me off really fast. Like today, a girl sitting next to me just kept talking and talking, i was getting so mad because we were watching a presentation. It was so boring and we were all falling sleep so her constant talking just made everything worse!

Lucky about the boots! :3 I feel your relief – I’ve been in that situation a few too many times…

In some ways, I can relate to your ‘I’ statements, but for the majority of them, I think we’re complete opposites. I’m really decisive, often making a quick decision and seeing where it leads me. I’m always the one of my friends who’ll decide which fork to take, and as a result, I’m usually blamed when I make the wrong choice. I don’t mind, though. I always feel better after a choice is made, and the majority of choices aren’t set in stone anyway. That’s not to say I don’t change my mind – because I do, especially when designing. Especially with site layouts! D:

I’m not sensitive either. I used to be though – in primary school I was bullied a bit, and it really got to me. Something happened in the years between then and now though, because I’m no longer easily affected by criticism or hate. I’m often right back in the offender’s face, having a go at them :P

I do have a fairly short temper, but my outbursts aren’t particularly large. I have very few major blowups, the rest is just extensive online or imagined rants at people :3

I don’t mind leaving things unfinished, but I do hate being interrupted. I especially hate it if I’m writing, and my mum calls me to set the table, even though my brothers are doing nothing, thus free to do it instead. I lose my train of thought, and whatever I was writing ends up wasting away as I try to regain my muse later..

And impatient? Definitely! You should have seen me yesterday, waiting for the internet cable in our street that broke to be fixed… I think I destroyed any semblence of patience I may have had then… :D

Thanks for your comment! We need to start some deals with cookie companies – then we’ll get the cookie coupon industry booming :P

Hello. :) Remember me? :X

Oh my gosh, cleaning before visitors come..it’s like tradition at my house :s I don’t really have to do much since I’m a bit OCD with my room.

I’m very much like you too…indecisive, impatient, hating leaving things unfinished and short tempered (working on that ^^). I take 10 minutes to make up my mind stuff like, should I buy a macaroon or save my money?, usually I end up with a lighter wallet but oh well. :P Tiramisu macaroons are always worth it.

But the impatience..well :D I just hate waiting when I know I could be doing better things with my time. i.e. homework maybe? I don’t know. On the other hand, my temper is actually pretty well controlled especially since I get pissed easily. I just suck it up, unless I get really angry. I will spaz at anything.

Anyways, how have you been? ^^