Changed My Mind

Wow, it has been an eventful past two days. @_@ I have been busy. Getting out there and having a life, if you must know. I was talking to James today about the impatience of some people – worse than mine, I have to say. If you can’t wait more than one day to receive a reply to an email, that’s pretty selfish. Someone obviously couldn’t wait that long, and decided to pester me with more emails. /hmph

Yesterday I went to Sebby’s birthday dinner. I wore the heeled boots I wore last week, which wasn’t the best idea. I couldn’t feel my feet at the end of the night, and had a not-so-pleasant blister on my little toe. We went for pancakes.

I’ll be honest, I am not a huge fan of pancakes, but I like trying new things, so I just picked something from the menu. Oh, there were oranges in it – that was nice. :) I have to say though – this was my first real and big serving of something with chocolate/ice cream/junk food in 15 days. It made my stomach angry and I couldn’t eat more than one pancake without struggling. :( It was a great night otherwise!

Last night our family got a really big shock as well, in regards to our internet provider. They had emailed my mum about us infringing copyright. Apparently our provider had been notified by a representative of Columbia Pictures that someone had downloaded or distributed a copy of the movie Salt, and this was infringing copyright.

(Thanks Brandon. Sigh.) We were warned that if this behaviour continued, we would no longer be given internet access. My mum was furious and very strict with my brother. She told him that he could go and buy DVDs and see any movies he wanted, but downloading was completely not worth it.

I told Brandon (who kept complaining and saying that “everyone does it”) that we got caught this time and to take it as a serious warning – there won’t be a second chance. A lot of people download illegally, but it was just us who got caught. /pow They had a timestamp of when the movie was downloaded, too. It’s pretty nasty.

It could happen to anyone. I guess we were just extremely unlucky. Brandon used a torrent to download the movie, which Jennifer told me made it easier for you to be tracked down. /poo Needless to say, I’m not going to be downloading things anymore because I don’t really want to take that risk. It’s like getting a reality check, smack in the face. /bash

I went to see James today, and we hung out at his house. We made chicken wraps, which were very filling. That was my breakfast and lunch in one go! After we argued playfully over who was a rube, we took his dog, Keeks, for a walk. :D

When we went back to his house, we lay down on a picnic rug in the garden. The weather was really nice, but a bit windy. It was such a nice day; so nice that we fell asleep there outside.

We made salmon muffins before I went home. We put in onion for a bit of taste, since we didn’t have other herbs. ^_^ It was a very nice day. ♥️

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Once again, thanks for coming! I ahd lots of fun last night haha. And sorry for not reminding you to bring another pair of shoes. /um

I never download movies or tv shows, which may be a reason why 25GBs is more than enough for me (and practically nothing to people who do download movies). Oh well, at least they’re giving you a chance to keep that Internet. It could have been worse. ^_^;

You’re welcome. :) Thanks for inviting me! And don’t worry about the shoes. I didn’t anticipate we’d be walking that much. That was my own fault anyway. :P

Oohoo, that’s no good. D=
They’re onto you! Tell him to go easy on the trackers; they tend to keep an eye on you for a bit after they dob on ye /um
But wow, what’re the odds! Just avoid thepiratebay; they’re all over it. D:
He should read comments too before he starts each too; nothing helps more than the hindsight of people that forged ahead ;)

she’s on my bed, rolled up in my blanket. Like a piece of chicken 🤤
Dude we’re seriously good at making muffins. /bounce


LOL I think he does read the comments, but looks for an overall positive review. I hope he doesn’t keep doing it; I’ll be pretty furious if it happens again. It’s just too risky. We got caught once; it could happen again. D:

/bounce Thank you for making muffins with me. /eee

Hey Georgie! :)

Regarding your question, I would love to help you out on your assignment and let you ask me some questions! :) That is, if it’s not too late already because you commented quite a while ago and I didn’t get around to return your comment earlier.

I also thought I’d start our comments over because I was lazy or slighty busy with my pre-NaNo story that I didn’t really get around to blog or comment and stuff.

People that are that impatient are really annoying! I am impatient sometimes too and when I send out an e-mail I usually check my inbox god knows how many times but I don’t go out there and send a bunch of e-mails to the person I am expecting an e-mail from. People have a life and don’t always have the time to get around to e-mails and stuff like that right away!

Heeled boots can be a pain in the ass sometimes! I remember when I wore mine for the first time on a night out I was barely able to walk the way home because my feet were hurting so bad. I feel your pain!

I am usually not really a big fan of trying new things but when my friends & I decide to go out and have dinner somewhere I am usally “forced” to try new things and sometimes I get lucky and the food I order actually tastes great. Oranges are yummy! I love them – especially in a fruit salad! Yummy!

OMG! I would have been shocked and freaked out if I ever got an e-mail like that in my account! I can totally understand that your mother got really, really angry with Brandon – I would have done the same thing! Can you go to jail for illegally downloading things online too? Because as far as I remember you can here in Germany. And you can ed up in there for years if you’re really “unlucky”.

I downloaded a movie once and then de-installed torrent from my laptop right away. I don’t want that program sitting on my laptop like that. It makes me feel weird. I prefer watching stuff online – no idea if that’s illegal too but I just hope it’s not.

Yay for spending some quality time with James and enjoying the great weather and just doing fun things!

Hey Georgie!

I finally managed to blog after two days of picture posting. But anywho, sounds like you’re leading a busy life style right now. That’s good. It’s always nice to keep busy. Heaven forbid I know what it’s like to keep busy. I wish I could make muffins and what not but we don’t have an oven or a stove yet so that’d be pretty hard to do.

I’m glad you had a wonderful time at Sebby’s birthday dinner thing. Despite the blister on your toe. I hate blisters. Especially the really big nasty ones. You know what I’m talking about right? Anyway, I’m sorry your stomach was angry at the food. Luckily you didn’t throw up or anything. So that’s a plus.

Well; we’re all moved in Beaumont. I did a lot of cleaning my room up. But I still need to put clothes on and wait for the tow truck guy to come whenever that is. And than take the dog out for a walk.

You’re gonna have to give me those recipes to try. So I can make my own muffins and what not. Ya know?

I’ve decided that I’m not going to pester any one any more about going to Disneyland. I wish I would’ve listened and not got the pass but I didn’t and now I’m stuck with it until next year. blech.. Oh well. Lesson well; learned. I think.

Well; Georgie my left hand is falling asleep so I better go. Longer comment next time!

Oh no! well at least they just gave you a warning! That’s why I love being at school, we have a huge user-user sharing program where you don’t even have to leave our school’s network and you can download a movie someone else put onto their computer if they say it’s okay. Sounds like you’ve been having a really nice time otherwise. :D What on earth is a -salmon- muffin??? it sounds like it could be not so tasty…

Ah, I don’t fancy wearing high heels. My sister and I once wore high heels to Penang Island for shopping as both of us were competing for heights. She was a little shorter than me. So, she disliked the idea of me wearing high heels because that would make her look a lot shorter. After shopping for two hours, guess what? We were competing again – looking for shoes outlets. -_- I bought a slipper which costs around 40 because I couldn’t put up with the pain and numbness anymore. Ack, I will never forget that feeling. That was the last time I wear high heels to shopping mall too!

I dislike trying new things, especially food and often stick to what I’m used to. Perhaps it’s because of the habit of my mum, who enjoys creating new recipe from time to time. It’s a little bit unfortunate for me, because I’m the only daughter who lives with her now, which also means that I’m the white mouse for her great “experiments”. D: My sisters are either working or studying oversea.

Aww, I’m sorry to hear about the Internet. That certainly was a big shock, even for me. I do know that downloading movies and other materials is illegal but I didn’t know that it’d result in such a big matter. It’s really unlucky that your brother got detected by Columbia Pictures. *Hugs*. I see, your mum must be a nice person eh? Because she allows your brother to buy DVDs for any movies he wanted. My mum doesn’t allow me to do that. She believes that I’d leave the DVDs aside after I finish watching them. It’s true though. Furthermore, the cost for DVDs is really expensive here. Therefore, I’ve never bought any DVDs. Anyway, it’d be really boring to watch a movie again and again until I could even remember every words said and every sounds made by the characters. -_- However, it’s nice to watch a movie (that I’ve watched previously) again after a few years. I enjoy doing that once in a while. (:

You seem to have enjoyed your day a lot (: I do hope you will have a nice day today too ~ :D

You’d be surprised at how many people do get caught with piracy. It’s not that those who don’t get caught are lucky, they just know to mask their IP addresses. 💀

Those pancakes sound nummy! I really like pancakes, but I actually prefer mine with either butter or fresh fruit, I don’t really like whipped toppings or syrup. Too sweet.

Aww, it sounds like you had a great day. :) I hope there are more days like that for you.

I’m sorry to say, but your brother is a dork. If he has pretty much free reign of buying/renting DVD’s, why the hell would he want to illegally download them? It’s pretty much just stupid of him to do so.

Does your brother have his own computer or does he use a shared one? If he uses a shared computer (ie, your mom’s or dad’s..or even your’s) someone can put restrictions on it. Such as not being able to download anything. /type

Well, I have to say that my parents aren’t too keen on spending money on many DVDs, but after this incident my mum now insists that it happens! I was having a chat to my brother today and we were talking about movies. Not once did I mention the incident, but I suggested a recent movie he might like and he said, “Well I’m not downloading it after… that.” He seemed pretty changed by it too. I casually commented that it was probably still at the cinemas to watch. :)

My brother has his own computer. :P

I like pancakes, sometimes. ONLY SOMETIMES. Haha. I prefer waffles, though. That is, if I ever had to choose. :P I don’t really favor chocolate and candy. I have certain candies I can enjoy without my tummy acting up, and those I like. <3

I didn't know you could get into trouble for downloading movies online. D: That's scary. :/

It's been pretty nice here in Texas. :) But my poor Californian friends have been burning up from the heat where they live. o.o It's kind of funny, because two weeks ago, they told me I should just get over the heat. :P

I never really download anything except old exam papers and things, I’m glad I have nothing to worry about there.
I just realised how geeky I must sound right now. xD
You’re lucky to actually get a warning though, I’ve heard stories of people who just had their internet cut straight away. Maybe it depends on the amount of things they catch you downloading, or maybe it depends on the provider…maybe both actually, now I think about it. :L

Dang. I’d never heard of people getting caught like that for downloading. That type of thing really does make someone think twice about downloading.

I’m not too big on pancakes, either. I do enjoy eating them but I can’t just eat them all of the time. It has to be a once in a while type of thing. Usually I go to IHOP and eat pancakes, though.

I think it’s very weird to not give someone time to respond to emails. A few days waiting is quite enough. I usually don’t answer emails for a week, depending on my schedule. Patience is a virtue and when people don’t have patience, it’s annoying.

:O That sucks about the warning. majorly. I knew that there were laws changing, and people said they were gonna buckle down here in Canada but after years, nothing has happened.. at least not to me. That seriously sucks.. I’d rather buy a freaking movie than lose my internet D: Hopefully he smartens up, at least enough to not get caught.

Aw, I’m glad you got to have a nice day with james :D I wanna try some of those muffins, mail me somee! haha, just kidding.. those would go bad xD

I don’t think a lot of people show how grateful they are for their mom/dad. I really am, though I know I don’t show it to her nearly enough. I guess it’s kind of a given though; they brought us into this world, and made us who we are. They’re the ones we have to thank for our existance :P

I’m the exact same way with artists! Especially Taylor Swift. I can’t freaking WAIT for her new album to come out. Though three new songs will be released before it does come out, so I’ll of course be getting those as soon as I can :D

I’m glad you found the same pair! I’m looking for some new shoes for co-op, but I can’t find any that I like :( I might just get a new pair of boots since it’s almost winter.

Wow! That must have been a huge reality check! I can’t believe they caught you! Thank god I don’t download movies online xD
But, I bet if that happened to me, I would be extra careful about anything that I do ! My parents would’ve flipped if that happened to me! Anyways, it’s good that you guys just got a warning for now . Thats not that bad :)

it’s been like forever since i commented :(

That is pretty selfish to expect you to respond straightaway when you’ve got other things to do, I can understand if you were like a business or a helpdesk and it was like an epic emergency but you know
oh my god i love pancakes, when it’s pancake day in february I make so many pancakes and then stuff my face and get belly ache xD I know what you mean though I’m like that, when I dont eat junk for a while then i suddenly go mad it gives me bad belly ache

I bet that did come as a shock to you!!, and it’s true everyone does it but everyone doesn’t always get caught , sucks really. I’ve never downloaded a film or tv shows I’d rather rent or buy the DVD and watch it or watch it online.

aww sounds like you had a nice day with James and salmon muffins? I’ve never heard of those before?
Thanks i love it :D and yeah I know, cars are so confusing, people were asking me if i’d checked this that and the other and i’m like uh…….
OMG i can’t believe the banks were charging you!! at least you sorted it out though

My ex got a letter like that once. I don’t know what happened though because obviously I broke up with him. For different reasons, though. I agree you should definitely take it seriously. I hope your brother realizes it isn’t worth it.

Sounds like you’ve been having a fun, albeit busy time!

Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone really getting caught doing that.. I mean, I know it happens…but yea, never heard about it.
Sounds like you had a really nice day. I would love to be able to lay outside and fall asleep with a significant other. ♥

My boyfriend downloads movies all the time. I hate it because they’re bad quality and I’d prefer to get the DVD. I can’t wait to tell him about your blog. :D

Would you get in trouble for download a celebrity image now? Or just movies? Out of the millions of people who do it, it would be annoying to be caught. I bet your brother doesn’t do it as much as we do.

MMM I love pancakes with iced cream and maple syrup. I can’t eat them without iced cream because they’re too sweat other wise. Doesn’t really make sense though. :P

The weather is pretty nice here too. It still rains but only in small showers now.
I hate summer but it does make me more active.

(I still haven’t gotten around to replying to my old comments, but I was referred to your site from Bubble and had something to say about this blog. :))

Gordon used to download movies to watch them, but he doesn’t do that anymore for this very reason. I think his family got a warning before, but I’m not sure — anyway, now I think he just watches them online. I’m not sure where he does that, but there are at least a couple big sites out there where you just watch the video like a giant YouTube clip. Perhaps your brother should use one of those? Although… perhaps those have been shut down with these new laws/regulations/whatever you’d like to call them.

Salmon Muffins – ok that’s new to me. Odd.
I never download anything online unless I pay for it. I am really anal about that. That does suck though that you guys got in trouble … Hopefully Brandon doesn’t go ahead and do it again off his own bat. I am going to assume your mother would be more then irrate if that were to happen again after he’s been told and warned. Copyright is a very serious thing, as I am sure you would know already … /eee

Wow, I can’t believe you actually got caught for downloading, it’s one of those things you think will never happen. And, I’ve always been told that it’s harder to get caught using torrents than something like Limewire, maybe it’s different now, I don’t know. That’s still really crazy though and scary.

I remember when I was like 13 my dad got a letter like that because he had downloaded music from Napster at the time, but they never did anything with it. There were a lot of people on the list apparently, I don’t know the details, but like I said it’s one of those things you think will never happen to you because like you said “everyone does it.”

And, btw, I LOVE pancakes. Especially pancakes from Ihop with strawberry stuff on top and whipped cream and strawberries, yummm! /love

you got busted, it shure is a face of reality. Well, it is good that you stop downloading, I think after this they’ll keep an eye on you for a while. I still will be downloading I guess, it isn’t that I do it that much. But that is probably just a lame reason I give myself for it.

Reply: planning a novel indeeds takes some time, but it also depends onhow much you want to plan out. you can make a summary of your plot, or you can write it all detailed. it also depends on how much time you spend on building characters.

I really had a great time and enjoyed it 👏 Glad you like my pictures. Certainly the landscapes were amazing and deserved to be captured. I agree with you, the experience of being in those places is welcome. Haha it’s true. I’ve always liked to take lots of pictures, and these are just a small sample, perhaps I’ll post more photos on my Flickr account.

Yes, I know. But that is what you get after taking a break, turn back again to reality. Thank you Georgina! I hope so. I hope you enjoyed reading the post about my trip.

It’s always nice to return to the city that my father considers her second home. I understand. My father took us to visit your favorite sites there. It’s like being at home.

The experience of watching a sunset is amazing and unique ♥ . I know it’s encode find a good place to see them. I’m glad you had the opportunity to take a photo of a sunset.

Your welcome! I hope you enjoy what’s left of break, without leaving you to assignment. And I wish you good luck with your university work (Y) .

I agree with you, in fact that parents consent to be rude to her children is a shame.

It’s great that we both like Electric Light Orchestra. I can’t stop dancing when I hear them /hehe . I understand. That happens with many bands sell music on vinyl. It’s so true.

I’m glad you found another pair of boots the same. Haha I understand.

I’ve never downloaded movies or TV shows. After the warning, at least you have the opportunity to keep your Internet connection. Something worse could have happened. You’d be surprised how many people who fall into the trap of piracy. What they do not know is that can be located via their IP addresses. In my country we take piracy very seriously, even I’m sure that most of the world. It is a very serious matter. I hope your brother realizes it isn’t worth it.

Pancakes sounds delicious.

It seems you had a really nice day. :)

One day for replying to an email? Hey, that’s fast. I’d say it isn’t unusual for someone to reply to an email after three days at maximum; that is acceptable even in the business world. Why, if companies are usually allowed fifteen working days to respond to written requests or queries, how come you can’t have the same rights as theirs? People like that are just plain irrational. They normally wouldn’t even be worth my attention, although I’d just have to respond as needed.

Your internet service down there must be very advanced. Here people do all sorts of illegal things online and can away from it. All providers do is simply give internet access to subscribers. They wouldn’t really bother to look into your browsing habits if you were signed up with them. That’s just too bad for your brother. :( I never really liked torrents, they’re so slow to download, and most don’t work.

I’ve never used a torrent but my brother has for sure! I don’t know how they work but he seems to recommend it. I haven’t heard of anyone else – at least anyone else around here in Australia – who has been caught in the same way. The thing is, our ISP was emailed about the situation. I don’t think they could have avoided it especially when they had been notified. :(

I sometimes read emails as soon as I receive them, but I don’t always get the chance to reply straight away, or I need some time to think, or if it’s a long email, I just need a lot of time to write down a reply. I don’t know why people can’t wait – I’d say a day is short, too. For example, with my hosting website, I asked them to wait 72 hours for a response, but people were spamming me with emails the day after they sent an application, asking if I was going to process their application soon. /hmph That’s when I mentioned to wait a week, instead. Psh.


You HAVE been busy having a life these past two days. Hahaha, but you deserve a bit of fun after the two days of hell you had D:.

Wow, that IS impatient. I mean seriouslyyyy! Pestering you to reply when it hasn’t even been ONE DAY? What does that person take you for? A 24/7 helpline? How very inconsiderate! /angry

Hahaha, maybe wearing the boots wasn’t such a good idea. BUT at least they looked good, right? Hehehe! Oh well, you know better next time :P. I hope your blister is okay now :).

I so totally have to go try those pancakes one day. I’ve never, ever been! I want some! Oh wait, I can’t because I’m on a diet now :(. *Sigh*. Oh well, once isn’t going to kill me. Haha, your no junkfood diet has its downsides :P. I hope the stomach ache didn’t last.

Wow. That IS a serious shock. Your ISP emailing you about copyright infringement. Hahaha, talk about a MAJOR wake up call as to why copyright infringement is bad D:. Silly Brandon. I’d have been furious too. Unless it was only a one-off thing. If it were the first time he downloaded something, and you guys got caught, then it’d be like…Oh dear. Bad luck. But maaaan, good idea: Cut down on the downloads D:. That is SCARY. I hope nothing like that happens to us, because I know my brother downloads lots of crap. /ho

Your day with James sounded very cute and fun :). Yay. Spending time with him must be GREAT XD. And you guys are ALWAYS baking savoury muffins. I WANT SOME NOW! But they better be healthy :P.

His dog sounds super cute too! ♥

And LOL, NEITHER of you guys are “Rubes”. Hahahahaha!

Omg, I know what you mean. Sometimes the LITTLEST thing is annoying. My brother does that too. He NEVER puts his clothes in the bloody HAMPER. He just leaves them all over the floor. I feel like getting a knife and RUINING all the clothes. Boys are SO LAZY. How hard is it to lift a lid and put clothes in? JEEZ!

Hey, spontaneity is totally a good thing! You wouldn’t want to get too predictable, right? :P

People always get irritated by me because I reply really late. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just because I’m lazy.
Man, that’s scary about your brother getting a warning about illegal downloading. The staff here at Uni warned us that the campus network is being watched, so there is no use in dowloading anything anyway.
Ah, your post made me hungry. :)

My brother downloads movies and games and T.V. shows all the time. I knew that piracy is illegal but it is so widely rampant anyway. Its sad it happened to you. Even if I asked my brother not to do it, he is the sort of a person who would DEFINITELY do something I’ve forbidden him to.
Glad to hear you’re having such nice days. My two week school break starts from tomorrow, so I am pretty excited myself.

I LOVED If You Could See Me Now. Ivan is so different from your typical romance novel heroes, and just so…beautiful. I cried a lot at the ending. I don’t like the way Cecelia Ahern has this dark twist in most of her books. P.S. I love you too has it.
It would be interesting to see which actor is cast for Ivan and whether he manages to pull it off or not,

I do talk about things, too, but sometimes, when I’m just not in the mood to pick up the phone and just want to forget that any of it happened, I pick up a book.
I have an awful fringe too. It falls to the left of my face and I look like some bad heroine from the 60’s, just with shorter hair.

Yeah they use to block everything on the computers at school. They rules aren’t so strict at college.

I prefer shopping with my friends too.

I really want to learn to cook because homemade food is the best. I can also be healthier because you know what’s gone in to it.

I love pancakes but I don’t have them too often.

Oh dear :S I hope your brother stops downloading stuff he shouldn’t be. It would be a such a pain if you were to lose internet because of your brother. I’d be so mad!

I don’t download anything illegally. I purchase all my music off iTunes so at least I’m paying for it. One of the main reasons why I don’t download stuff is because I tried with music once and I got the worst viruses ever on my computer. It taught me a lesson.

I’m glad you had a good day with James. I’m also glad to hear the weather was nice. Can I swap with you? It’s so damn cold here!

Ah sucks you guys got caught because like your brother says – so many people do it nowadays :P And that’s the downside to heels! You look great, but feel like your feet have fallen off by the end of the day (or wish they would!)

LOL. I can be pretty impatient sometimes, but I just don’t show/tell anyone about it. I get really impatient especially when it comes to project. If I’m in a group, I HATE it when people do things last minute, and that just jeopardizes the whole group. Like, everyone’s waiting for just one person’s part of the project! GRRR.

OMG! Now I’m really scared! 😰 I usually download movies from the internet. I know that some people have been caught and stuff, but that really doesn’t stop me. It’s just that everyone’s doing it! And its really unfair for the other people who got caught! But I guess, a copyright is a copyright. I haven’t been downloading music and movies lately because of school, but this will absolutely make me think twice. WHY CAN’ EVERYTHING BE SO CHEAP! That way, no one would have invented the “download this on the internet” thing. GGRRR

Unless it’s something urgent, I don’t mind getting a replying e-mail that’s over a week late. I remember e-mailing someone, and they didn’t get back to me until two months later. I had already forgotten that I sent them an e-mail. XD

I like pancakes, but I can’t eat a stack of pancakes. I can only eat at the most two. I usually eat them with syrup, but sometimes I’ll add in fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It tastes so yummy.

Your internet provider is so alert. I’ve downloaded a lot of music on my computer, some movies, and some TV shows. I’ve never been caught. Now I’ve stopped downloading them (except for music) because I can just watch them online. :D I’m such a cheapskate.

Thanks :)

I know! I have like 6 assignments due over the holidays and I don’t want to do any of them because they’re really pointless and stupid. Also I have to do maths since my mum believes that my maths is really terrible (which it is..I got like 60% in my term one test paper. Ugh the horror!).

I used to avoid cookies and cream ice cream and then…I changed! I love cookies and cream, chocolate, coffee, etc. ^^

Nah, I get into trouble if my room is messy and I don’t really want to get shouted at over having stuff on the floor. Anyways, cleaning is good exercise (Y) (I think… /um)

I like saving money too. I feel a sense of…Asian pride? I don’t know but I just feel sort of proud. But this month was really bad, I spent all the money I had my hands on T_T

Good luck with your assignments! You might wanna start soon…you don’t want to pull any all nighters :P

Lucky you! Getting to go out and stuff :P But I guess it’s because you’re over 18 and can do whatever you like, right? xD

Ouch I hope you recover from wearing heels :( I can barely walk in them.

Mm, I love pancakes! They’re so yummy ^^. And the ones you make with the powder is surprisingly nice. You should try it and smother it with maple syrup if you like it sweet ;D

Woah! I never knew anyone got caught over piracy :s oh my, I’m going to stop piracy especially with torrents now. That must’ve been seriously freaky.

Ooh, salmon muffins! I’ve never heard of that before. Do you have to puree the salmon or something? Or do you leave it in as it is?

oh man, heels. such wonderful things, but so terrible also! i wore a pair of balck sparkly ones to a 21st (the theme was sparkle haha). and my goodness, by the end of the night, i think my feet were numb. it was like they had detatched themselves from my body!

Haha that’s how mine felt like; they honestly hurt! I couldn’t even feel my feet! I love heels too, but sometimes they’re just – to be honest – impractical. :P

So the tales I heard of people resending emails after one day of no reply are true? I really can’t imagine doing that, it seems so d*mn desperate. I think responding is something one does at own pace, otherwise it would become a chore. Ah, chores! /angry

I really don’t like heels or sandals if I have to walk a lot. Best choice is always sneakers or something similar, but they don’t look as pretty. But we all go for the prettiness rather than comfort… sigh./ehh

I’ve never downloaded a movie before, but I heard about this person who had to even pay a fine. It’s really not worth it just for a few DVDs’ costs. Most people probably download music like that too, but nowadays I buy the CDs. It is a bit of a problem though, since sometimes I like 1 song in them. Waste of money. 😢 I wish there were more songs I like on iTunes, makes life so much easier.

High five! I’ve gotten several invites, but of course *delete*. I steered – as you put it hehe – away from social networking a while ago. They just get so overrated! Right now I actually can’t think of much to write on Twitter, so it’s a bit neglected. :(

Thanks! I’m trying out more of the “website” style of layouts. The layouts I used to make for my Blogger blog looked like my old one. I don’t think your layouts are that bad, I really like Splat. If people steal my stuff I’ll be like oh well, it’s still mine, they’re the idiots. Not that I want that to happen. /ho

Oh I do know what they are then, just didn’t know they were called vinyl. /huh

Hey, that’s great! I’d be pretty pissed if they didn’t have another. Sometimes when there’s only one and it’s a bit damaged I get so annoyed. It’s like “ooo I want this” then “bam” no I can’t get it. /angry Or I just not care and get it…which is rare.

Yeah, it’s really how close you really are, not in physical distance. I barely know my dad’s family and they live right across the rivers. /snort They’re a bit racist too, my dad’s non-racist-ness sticks out, haha. I think people are racist everywhere to some extent. When I was at my friend’s school, this guy asked me if I’m from China. Like actually from China! It’s like he thought all Asians must be from Asia and don’t speak fluent English or something. The international students can get a bit annoying. Why come if all they want is to speak in their own language? Even if they aren’t good at English they should at least try, and that includes not changing the computers. /bash

I keep forgetting to mention how much I enjoy picking out smilies… XD

That’s making me a little scard too. I download of a lot from the internet. I don’t download movies though. I mainly download Hong Kong/Korean dramas. I’ve cut down a lot now but this is making me worried.

I don’t want to get my parents into trouble seeing as it is illegal.

When I read salmon muffin, I actually thought it’s muffins with salmon in it. I was thinking that that’s going to taste a bit odd, it’ll be sweet and fishy at the same time. Then I googled it and it is not what I think it is. It is similar to fish cakes right?