Changed My Mind

Wow, it has been an eventful past two days. πŸ˜• I have been busy. Getting out there and having a life, if you must know. I was talking to James today about the impatience of some people – worse than mine, I have to say. If you can’t wait more than one day to receive a reply to an email, that’s pretty selfish. Someone obviously couldn’t wait that long, and decided to pester me with more emails. 😐

Yesterday I went to Sebby’s birthday dinner. I wore the heeled boots I wore last week, which wasn’t the best idea. I couldn’t feel my feet at the end of the night, and had a not-so-pleasant blister on my little toe. We went for pancakes.

I’ll be honest, I am not a huge fan of pancakes, but I like trying new things, so I just picked something from the menu. Oh, there were oranges in it – that was nice. πŸ™‚ I have to say though – this was my first real and big serving of something with chocolate/ice cream/junk food in 15 days. It made my stomach angry and I couldn’t eat more than one pancake without struggling. 😞 It was a great night otherwise!

Last night our family got a really big shock as well, in regards to our internet provider. They had emailed my mum about us infringing copyright. Apparently our provider had been notified by a representative of Columbia Pictures that someone had downloaded or distributed a copy of the movie Salt, and this was infringing copyright.

(Thanks Brandon. Sigh.) We were warned that if this behaviour continued, we would no longer be given internet access. My mum was furious and very strict with my brother. She told him that he could go and buy DVDs and see any movies he wanted, but downloading was completely not worth it.

I told Brandon (who kept complaining and saying that “everyone does it”) that we got caught this time and to take it as a serious warning – there won’t be a second chance. A lot of people download illegally, but it was just us who got caught. πŸ‘Š They had a timestamp of when the movie was downloaded, too. It’s pretty nasty.

It could happen to anyone. I guess we were just extremely unlucky. Brandon used a torrent to download the movie, which Jennifer told me made it easier for you to be tracked down. πŸ’© Needless to say, I’m not going to be downloading things anymore because I don’t really want to take that risk. It’s like getting a reality check, smack in the face. πŸ™

I went to see James today, and we hung out at his house. We made chicken wraps, which were very filling. That was my breakfast and lunch in one go! After we argued playfully over who was a rube, we took his dog, Keeks, for a walk. πŸ˜„

When we went back to his house, we lay down on a picnic rug in the garden. The weather was really nice, but a bit windy. It was such a nice day; so nice that we fell asleep there outside.

We made salmon muffins before I went home. We put in onion for a bit of taste, since we didn’t have other herbs. 😊 It was a very nice day. β™₯️

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