The Reason

Earlier today I was talking to James about my website. Heartdrops’ birthday is coming up early this month. I can’t believe it has been two years since I bought this domain.

I was also telling James about my terrible internet addiction. It’s what got me losing sleep, sleeping late, waking late, and having a lot of problems sleeping. To be honest, I never dreamed that my site would ever become so popular and that people would be so interested in the things I had to write. @_@ It came like a shock. It has always been a habit for me to return my comments and respond to people and read other people’s blogs. Now it has become a daily challenge. That aside, knowing that I love to interact with people – I’m just going to sum up a lot of what I said to James.

He loves his sleep. He “digs it”, as he put it. :) I’ll be completely honest – I love relaxing, and I like sleeping. But it’s quite true that my addiction gets in the way. And I’m not afraid to admit it. I know perfectly well that it’s my fault and I brought it well upon myself opening so many websites and leaving myself with so much work. I used to get bored – a heck of a lot. I used to sleep early because I had nothing to do. Over time, my hobby just sort of blew me over.

Don’t get me wrong. I love web design and blogging; I don’t see myself stopping it any time soon. I love the fact, that, from comfortably sitting in my room, I can do a lot of the things I love in one go. I can play guitar and share my music with people. I can blog and read blogs – therefore I can read and write – two things I love doing. I can be creative by working in Photoshop and I can take photos and share them. I can interact with people. I can use my brain in a good way to learn about code and use it.

It’s still something I’m working on. :) I also think it’s about time I shared some of my good qualities, rather than my bad ones (that I did a few blog posts ago). Steff suggested this. ♥️

I’m sort of organised. I like planning. I like keeping things in order and making sure I’m on the right track.

I like helping people. I don’t mind helping people so long as they aren’t rude. If I can help someone out with my knowledge, why not? Many people approach me with questions about coding. If they ask politely and clearly, I’m willing to lend them a hand.

I’m a “pot luck” person. I always thought this was a bad thing, but I suppose I’ll explain. When I call myself a “pot luck” person, I see myself as a person who can do “a little bit of everything”. I am not a complete master in one thing, but I can do many different little things. I envied people who could play the piano so well or sing so well. But now, I don’t envy them that much. They have their talents but I should focus on mine.

I know how to do many things, and I think some people know that… I can sing, dance, code, play the piano and guitar, like random video games, type fast, organise myself, take pretty good photos, and that’s just some of what I can do. I’m not a genius, nor am I a complete whiz on the guitar. But I can do many little things, and I think I can realise that that is a good thing about me. :)

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Hiiii :).

WOW! I can’t believe it’s almost Heartdrops’ birthday either! TWO YEARS? WOW. Heartdrops is all growed up! Hahaha :P. That’s cute.

And WOOOOW…your internet addiction is EPIC. I mean, we talk every day so I can totally tell when it’s costing you sleep and stuff, but reading it on your blog just makes me go :O. It’s so much more…out there! Haha. Well as long as you make sure the addiction doesn’t consume your life! Get out once in a while! :)

I’m with James. I “dig” sleep too. Unfortunately I am totally fail at keeping regular sleeping hours.

Your website empire totally HAS grown. Like EPICALLY. I still remember the days when it was just Out The Window. Which was still pretty awesome! I still don’t know how you keep up. I can’t even keep up with MY blog and I get like one or two commentors who aren’t you! I am so fail :(.

Yes! You are organised! You make plans and everything. I sit at my desk and go “OH, I should probably do this now…Okay, now what? Oh crap, I forgot about this.” *sigh*. Well I guess I’m more organised when it comes to group assignments, but whatever! The point is you totally ARE organised :).

HAHAHA that’s an AWESOME term, “Potluck” person. Don’t they usually say “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Oh well, “POTLUCK PERSON!” sounds WAY cooler :P. But you totally are XD. And you’re better at heaps of things than you think you are. I know your piano and guitar skills are totally better than mine. Even though I think my technical work in piano is slightly better than yours. But who the hell really cares about scales ==. I am fail at most things, but I still try :).

Being pretty good at most things is totally more handy than being GENIUS at one thing, and crap and everything else!

And there is plenty more good about you than that! You’re funny, you’re excitable, you listen to me whine without yelling at me (which is totally amazing, because I am a total pain in the arse when I whine, I know. And I’m sorry), and you have PERFECT grammar! I could go on for ages, but I better not. LOL xD.

I’m replying to your old comment… I know I haven’t slept yet, please don’t kill me. :P

Haha yeah, two years… it’s pretty crazy, I can hardly believe it myself. I’m glad I haven’t been indecisive and I’ve stuck with the same name too.

Oh, I just feel like I’ve totally brought it upon myself. It’s not that epic… but I suppose owning a lot of sites is epic in itself. I really need to cut down and “calm down”, as Tiffany says! :)

I fail at keeping regular sleeping hours too. I promise myself though, as soon as semester starts, I’m going to sleep early. Before midnight… because it’s becoming ridiculous. Midnight was considered really late in high school, and now it’s really early.

I love sleeping but I feel like a hypocrite because I don’t even get enough of it. XD

I still think you’re organised! Well, you’re neat, so that counts for something. I think it’s good to be organised in some way.

I didn’t know the term! :X That’s why I called it “pot luck”. Oh well, I’m glad you like my made-up and incorrect term. So many people corrected me on that one. I think you’re still great at piano and guitar though! So there. :P

I’m so tired… and fail… @_@ Ahahaha…

Aw well I am glad you took the time to write some good stuff about yourself. =) Good for you! =) I am an organized sort of neat freak myself I suppose. I like things to be where I put them and I like having my room clean and everything looking tidy, nothing is wrong with that =D .

Congratuations on your domain having so much success, I don’t think I could ever have my site having so many visitors and success like you have or any of those other sites. Butgood for you. Desired-Sin has been around for three years this past august and I just love it and I hope it keep at it for as long as I live =)
Take care xx

Congrats to Heartdrops!! Heres to many many more years to come (Y)

Wow! Advance happy birthday to HEARTDROPS.ORG ♥

As for your addiction, I don’t think you’re alone on this one but nice that you’re aware of it. Some aren’t, or are in denial that they’re THAT addicted to their Internet life. /type

“Potluck Person” is like the Jack of all trade, master of none. Yeah, that’s my problem too sometimes. Like why can’t I be good at one thing, absolutely one thing. I like it that you’re not envious of other people because some do (I think).

Oh that’s the term; jack of all trades. :D I just seem to have such fun calling myself a “potluck person”. I used to be envious but I think that I should be proud of the things I can do, the little things that I achieve that make me feel proud of myself.

I will definitely admit that I have an addiction but I’ll be honest; I don’t do much about the problem! :(

Oh my’s been so long that I forgot your site’s domain. I can’t believe it. -_- I typed in heartsdrop for the longest time thinking, “wait..that doesn’t sound right..” haha.

I haven’t heard that term before..the “pot luck” person. I’ve heard of the jack of all trades or renaissance man, but that term is a new one. I, too, am good at a handful of things, just like the things you’ve mentioned besides the guitar & piano, but I don’t consider those as skills or anything too important to be proud of. I guess it’s because the things I’m good at won’t get me anywhere in life that it’s not something that I’d be like…”oh yeah I’m a jack of all trades,” because I’d rather be amazing at science, math, writing, history, & other school subjects than just being skilled with the computer & random components like the internet, coding, photography, photoshop, etc. hahaha.

Me thinks you should slow it down with the domains. You really have brought it upon yourself to take on so many things & lose sleep over it. :( Calm down!! I can’t do what you do & keeping up with just 3 sites is more than enough. I mean, I have so many things to do for the forum that it’s stressing me out a bit that I haven’t even done it yet..& I have a shit load of reading to do for school.

Anyway, sleep is really important & I hope that you cut down on the 23847298374893274 domains you have & just stick with the real necessities because it will take a toll on you! Returning comments shouldn’t be a chore, you know? interacting with people should be fun & when you see it as a chore/challenge, it means that there’s too much you’re putting yourself through, girly.

My internet addiction gets in the way of my sleeping too! I’m pretty lazy with my site, so usually late at night, I’m just refreshing the live feed on Facebook or refreshing Tumblr every few seconds although there are no new posts! I’m not really doing anything, but I can’t get off the internet.

Returning comments can be a challenge, it’s pretty hard for me to return 10 or so that I get per blog, I couldn’t imagine how much of a challenge it must be for you, having to return 5-6 times that amount per blog!

You are very organised, I picked up on that in my first few visits to your blog. :3 I’ve never seen a fault with anything in your blog haha!

It’s great to have lot’s of good qualities, if you just had one amazing quality you could get bored of that one thing quickly, whereas if you sing, dance, play guitar, blog, etc, you’ve always got something to do! :)

Thanks for leaving a comment on my photoblog. :D I’m the same- I rarely buy CDs, if I do it’s only for my favourite bands.

I love my sleep too.

Sadly, I don’t have the time to do everything I want to do. Every night I have to choose between deviantART or Eonshine and it’s terribly hard. O_O I at least get sleep and wake up feeling okay.

One thing I do to actually make myself want to sleep is think about my dreams. I usually have fun crazy dreams and I like them! :D

There are lots of good things about you Georgie! ♥

By the way, sorry fo not commenting in forever! D:

I definitely have the same addiction as do a lot of people. ;)

That’s cool that you’ve had Heartdrops for almost 2 years!

Awww even though you’re talking about yourself, I felt encouraged while I was reading this one. Just a few days ago I was really, really feeling a bit insecure about myself when I was looking for a job. I mean, I have skills. But seeing others’ resumes, I felt a bit insecure as I noticed that they have a lot of talents that I do not have. But like you said, they have their own talents and you have yours. I have mine, too, I guess :) So in that way, I just felt much better. Thanks for that! Haha.

Blogging and reading blogs are two things that I love doing, too! But coding? I don’t know. People say you can learn it. I’ve been trying to. When I try to learn it, I understand it. In my IT class, when it comes to simple coding (everyone of us were noobs, tho), I was on top of class. I think I just don’t have enough patience. -_- Also, another reason why I want to try to learn it is because it’s starting to become in demand. Honestly, I only learned about this when I’m trying to find part-time jobs. They are seriously looking for people who can code WordPress themes so I think it’s really great that you’re good at these things, Georgina! :D (Y)

Whoops! I almost forgot to greet Heartdrops! Happy birthday in advance! Although I think I will always be here to greet you when the actual day comes. /bounce

Wow congratulations! It’s been two years huh? :3 I’m glad you manage to keep it up for such a long time. ^-^ (Unlike me…..)

I also have a terrible internet addiction. I remember when I was 12 years old, which is when I created a website on, I’ve always manage to wake up at 8 a.m. automatically without any alarm clocks – I was afraid that my sisters would snatch the computer (we only had one computer during that time). I woke up early in the morning and slept late. I had sleeping issues for months and my parents were not pleased at it. Honestly, I did not know why I wanted to create a website, it wasn’t because I love reading blogs and it wasn’t because I love to interact with people by then. Ha.. Recently, I’ve been waking up at 8 a.m. again but with the help of an alarm clock. I did not want to waste my mornings anymore because I love them. I also realised that I could do a lot of work in the morning too.

I’m glad you love web design and blogging so much. I can see that you put a lot of effort in your website. (: I hope to keep my interest too and I do not want to lose them again like the old times. I did not have any time to explore the blogging world yet. So far, I enjoy reading your blog the most. ^-^ It’s because I know that your grammar is good and I want to improve mine by reading yours. :P

I don’t plan for for my life because I think that if I feel like doing something, I can do it immediately. That is why I’ve never followed any schedule that I was forced to create by my teachers. However, I do know that I should learn to plan things sometimes. It will benefit me one day.

I enjoy helping people too, both online and offline. I feel happy whenever I manage to help people without expecting any rewards in return. A “thank you” is enough to encourage me to help more people. ^-^

Ha! I’m also described as a “pot luck” person by my classmates. My mum says that it’s known as jack of all trades, master of none. I can play piano, code, draw, dance and I’m also quite good in sports, like running, table tennis, badminton etc. But I do not think that I’m a genius in any one of them. There are people who can play piano much more better than I do; code much more better than I do… Oh, and I am good in video games too but I’m not the best player. I used to think that it’s a bad thing, until I read your opinion towards it. Yes, I should focus on mine. OK, confused, what are my talents -_-?

It’s quite impossible to focus on coding now because I did not take ICT in my school. My mum wasn’t please at all when she knew that I wanted to take ICT. I’m not blaming her for it though. A few days ago, my cousin who took ICT told me that our country only provides some basic theory for ICT in high school. My sister who took ICT in Singapore mentioned that the students there already know the basic (she was new to the subject) and she had problems to folllow the classes. She advised me to take ICT in high school if I want to proceed on learning codings. Too bad, it happened during the time when I lost my interest in web design so I chose to give up. ~_~ Ahh..


“I don’t like telling people that straight out, though, they might think I’m ruining the fun.”

Agree. It’s the same with my sisters. I try not to show my emotions when they’re teasing me too. I didn’t want to ruin the fun but it’s so hard to keep on smiling when you know that you do not want to! ):

Ah, I know the feeling of being short in comparation to other people. My cousin is about 169cm while I’m 160cm. I’m shorter than her for about half a head. -_- She’s really tall, too tall. But I did not wear high heels when I go out with her because I do not enjoy torturing myself to look better. D: However, since I wanted to be more girly, I tried to wear high heels. My elder sister bought me a pair of them and told me to wear them. Ack, what a torture D: In the end, I bought a pair of slippers which is girly :P Hehe.

Aww.. *hugs* Just try to be more careful on the Internet next time. ;)

Oh by the way, I received a bag that I bought online yesterday. Thanks to you (about double checking the item you bought in your previous post), I remember to check the bag (for the first time) for any flaws. And I did find some. ): I emailed the seller immediately with pictures and thank God, she allowed me to exchange it :B And I have no idea why am I telling you this.

Aww I thought you didn’t lol. Sorry I kinda rushed you. *hugs*

My life is boring, if I wasn’t doing this challenge I probably would not have blogged since September or something. No more drama in school–that’s a good thing but it’s still a bit boring. xD The challenges were really boring, it keep listing things like favorite songs or movies, songs in my iPod, and stuff like that. The first two days it was alright but it gets old.

We used to have a really big collection of vinyl records but my mom sold them all when we moved to America. They case were a bit dusty but the record was just perfect. No scratch at all. That was pure vintage. :D

My brother did that to me today. He asked me to do the dishes before I go to sleep and I said okay. A couple hours later he’s still bugging me about it, I already said I’ll do them so quit it already.

There are sometimes when I just let someone tease me for fun, but there are also times when I’m just not in the mood. I tend to just blow up a bit. 💥

Happy Almost birthday to Heartdrops!!! When is the official birthday? I lose sleep like crazy because of my website. It’s 12am and I want to work on it more. Normal teenagers are in bed dreaming of crap and I’m wide a wake. I did sleep for 3hrs during the day though.

Yay us for our addiction to the internet even though it’s not healthy. XD I’ve been switching on what I want to do with my life. My parents keep saying web-design has no jobs in it. I was thinking a therapist but i’m back to web-design because I just love it so much i would hurt badly if i quit.

You also nice–that’s a talent because lots of people don’t know how to do it. /bounce

Congrats on the two years. :)
I’ve loved your website since I first came upon it. You always have great things to say and I enjoy reading them. :)
Lately I’ve been on the internet a lot more because I just haven’t been able to sleep for some reason. Ugh.
I wish I could be some what organised. I always try, at least.
You are such a helpful person, I know I’ve asked for you help before and I do appreciate your help more then you’ll ever know. Some people just don’t want to be bothered with questions and it’s great to find someone who is willing to help someone learn a new skill.
“Pot Luck” person, that’s a new term, I think I finally know what I am as well! :)

You deserved this. ;) You do quite often focus on bad points.

I can imagine it must have been a shock for your website to become this big. I’ve only ever known heartdrops as it is now – probably the most well known website in this online communtity, and with good reason. It always surprised me how you took the time to reply to everyone and that you really cared. I’ve commented on blogs of other well known personal websites and just been ignored. It’s strange to think I expected the same from you.

I hope you’re not losing serious sleep though. D: And I would say you’re a lot more than “sort of” organised. :P

Haha, I was the same when I first connected to the wireless on my iPod. I’m on it right now actually. I can reply to comments more often now, it’s great.

I actually survived okay without the Internet. I was getting everything done for once. Now I’m falling behind with everything again.  Still I wouldn’t repeat the experience. 

I’m not particularly a fan of pink floyd. I think there’s just the kind of comfort of playing a record you heard quite often throughout your childhood. I like Robbie Williams for that reason, mum used to play his album a lot.

But yeah, if I can listen to green day on vinyl it will be a happy day for me. A lot of my friends actually find it weird that we have a record player but we’ve always had one. It would be weird not to have it. 

I wish I was a potluck person. I envy you because I am either really good at something or I really SUCK at it … You’re quite blessed hence “pot luck” :-) Happy 2 year anniversary ….

Sleep is definitely a wonderful thing, but hobbies aren’t bad to focus on. Sometimes they may get in the way of sleeping, but if they make you happy I don’t see the harm as long as you are getting some sleep.

I don’t think anyone ever really expect their websites to get really popular, but I’m sure they hope for it. I remember when I was at my peak back in like 2004-2005 when I owned and would get around 60 comments a blog it was definitely overwhelming and not expected. It kind of just happens and then you have to just go with it. Although, the blog scene is completely different from the way it was back then. I remember back then you HAD to be graphically inclined to be noticed, if you couldn’t make appealing header images then you didn’t stand a chance at becoming “popular.” CSS layouts were considered boring then, so lots have changed. I don’t see many graphically inclined people on the web these days, it’s more about CSS layouts. It’s interesting to see how things have changed. I also think that people are overall nicer these days than they were back then. People were a lot snobbier then.

Anyway, it’s a good thing being good at many things. I think I have a few small talents as well. It’s always better to focus on the good things than the negative.

I wasn’t on the blogging scene back then! I think I probably started around 2005. Even late 2005. Prior to that I was in the pixel website community. There was so much drama with people stealing other people’s pixels and whatnot. I think I just decided to step away and do my own thing, try to be as unique as possible and avoid drama. I had a LiveJournal and blogs elsewhere, before I started blogging on my website. Getting 10 comments was a lot for me! I think a lot of people hope for their websites to be popular too.

To be a hundred percent honest, I don’t know how I got here. :P My graphics weren’t that good and I didn’t have a lot of tutorials, but it seemed that people came to comment on my blog posts and I guess it all just kind of grew.

Happy early birthday Heartdrops :D I think in November, it will be quotetastic’s third birthday. I should really start updating that more :P

I’m quite alike when it comes to obsessions. I don’t sleep, or I stay up way later than I should because I get to working on something. Lately, I’ve been trying to force myself to sleep instead of design past like 11, because I don’t want to be too tired :P

I don’t think anyone ever EXPECTS their blog/site to get popular. I remember when I first opened lover dearest, I was happy to even get a single comment on a post, which would be up for days. Now, with the daily prompt I still get excited to see 5 comments when I wake up in the morning, just from overnight xD

It’s pretty cool that you’re a pot luck person. I’m not really that good at that many things, but I’d say I’m pretty good with web/graphic design. I really want to learn more about wordpress coding, and more extensive layout coding which I’m hoping to do with a new site I’m going to be creating :)

Yeah, she is pretty moody o.O Sometimes it’s fine (when she’s being helpful, and in a good mood) but others its annoying. She told me that if I ever needed help to just ask her, but I feel like she’ll yell at me if I do :/ Usually I ask the other girls, who are nicer :P

HAHA, I never though of the Def Leopard/ Led Zepplin thing. That’s interesting. :P

Mine is an awesome song <3 It's so cute :D I can't waitttt for her new album, it's going to be amazing.


I love sleeping too! But sometimes I keep limiting myself from sleeping. It’s like, “I need to wake up at this time to study. And I need to sleep at this time so that I can wake up early”. That kind of thing. It’s hard to just sleep and not worry about things that’s going to happen the next day. Especially since school started :(

I started playing the guitar again :) My friends somehow managed to tune my broken guitar, and its working fine at the time being. LOL. I will never know when its going to get crazy again. It sure is a way to just relax and get away from stuff that’s bugging me.

I am organized too. Sometimes, I think I’m TOO organized. So right now, I’m just letting loose for a bit. Just a teeny tiny bit. But its really helpful to be organized especially since I’m in college. WHEW.

I love helping people. But it really bugs me when they don’t even appreciate my help. /angry That’s when I feel useless :(

Multiple choice exams is probably the hardest kind of exam. I hate it when the question says “choose the best possible answer”. GRRR. It’s like how would you know which one is the best, when everything is the same? /huh

So far, my group is doing good. I have nothing to complain about YET. We’ll see how it goes as we start doing some REAL tough work.

Awww sweetheart, don’t worry, we all have this Internet obsession, it’s not only you or me, it’s about the whole worlds, You’re not the first Web-Designer, and neither the last, It’s just something we love and we also love to improve it, we’re willing to show the world our art and that we can do things, not just be online and go to Facebook or any of these things, Web-Designing is a hobby, w a talent, and not a lot of people has it!

Graphic Design is our gift, we’re special, we’re not like anyone else! We know how to use internet/computers properly and in a good way, we know things people don’t know!

We’re not genius, SO WHAT? Who said that when first Einstein created something or did something there were laptop or internet? All the scientist used their brains, they had ambitions, they’ve been kicked out of school, but they stuck on what they want! and This is us, going to school, learning, some of us is using the school things and some are not, internet; we don’t take it at school as a “Class” you attend, we’ve learned how to use it during being at home and so as graphic design! – So i guess, US being Self-Tutor makes us SMARTIES ;)

So rise up your head to the sky, and Sleep whenever you’re tired or sleepy, get some rest, and work on your website on weekends and things will be okay :D

Love xx,
Nedo <3

Happy early birthday, Heartdrops! Woolisauce would be two years old this month too if I had stuck with it. O.o Wow, two years ago I started that thing? Crazy. Time seems to pass so fast in hindsight. Last night I realized that something I felt like I had done in April 2010 was actually in April 2009. O.o

Meh… I don’t think your internet addiction is really a problem. If you weren’t doing this, you’d be doing something else! Like reading all the time or playing video games all the time. I think as long as you enjoy it, there’s nothing wrong with it. :) And like you said near the end of your blog, you do dabble in a lot of different things. Your time isn’t ALL spent on the internet!!

I love sleep too, but sometimes I deprive myself of it just so I can have more free time. I know you do the same thing.

My mom used to yell at me for always being on the computer. I was playing Neopets at the time, and also learning all about CSS and stuff by doing that, so I told her that it was actually good and educational! She didn’t buy it, but I still believe what I said. I mean, without the time I spent on Neopets, I wouldn’t even have the job I have now. Take that, hah!

I’m sort of organized too. I think the term “organized mess” describes me pretty well. I know what’s going on, where stuff is, etc., but it might not always look that way to other people. I think you get what I mean. And you know I like making to-do lists and organizing what I have to and want to do!

I’m a “pot luck” person as well, but I sometimes get kind of down about it. Like I feel like I should focus more on one thing… but I like to do lots of different things!! I like your positive attitude about it. :)

Insert non-lame end of comment here. xD

Congrats on your almost-birthday!

I used to be addicted to NeoPets. It got into the way of everything: sleep, family, school, and other hobbies. Now I just have school lol. I think that days should be longer than 24 hours haha.

It’s always good to list good qualities rather than bad ones; it’s something that I’ve started doing recently. I used to want to do everything, I’d grab bits and pieces of different talents and would say that I could do each talent. Your talents are very good for business! Focusing has really benefitted me. Now I can say something like “I can speak French” and actually know more than “bonjour” and “au revoir” xD. haha.

Amazing that your blog is super popular. I must say that your entries are nice to read. You always have something interesting to say. I think you just blog about what is on your mind but you just seem to make it interesting to write. I find it difficult to blog about my day to day life because I feel that it’s boring and people will be bored. However I believe you just blog regardless what others thing, guess that’s what makes you different from others. Don’t leave the blogging world and don’t stop either.

I get bored easily and at the moment my life is pretty dull. Guess that’s why I’ve put more effort into my blog lately just to keep myself busy.

That’s good that your brother has stopped downloading movies. Those salmon muffins sounds really interest. Think I’ll look up a recipe and try it out.

I sort of have an addiction to my phone. I’d tell myself I’m going to sleep at 9:30, but then somebody texts me at 9:20, and although I tell myself not to reply because I have to go to sleep soon, I end up replying anyways, and then the conversation lasts 2 hours (I just typed years of accident, WTFCK? xD.) and I go to bed at 11 something P.M., just minutes away from midnight. It’s a really bad habit, o: . I’m not that addicted to the computer anymore, xD. But I still kind of am.

I love being organized, ^_^. As bare as my room can get when it’s clean, I prefer it clean over messy any day. I feel so much better walking into a room with no junk everywhere and no clothes hanging from the bed or lying across the floor. And then I hate going to sleep knowing my room is messy, too. I’m kind of a neat freak nowadays, xb.

I wish I’m good at more than just a few things, ahah. I am somewhat good at web-designing, “ehhhhh” at playing the piano, “ehhhhh” at playing the violin. I can code, I can type super fast, I am really good at drawing anime, I do really well in school, I’m really organized. However, I wish I’m a really good singer, and a lot better at the piano (I do not like spending so much time practicing the piano nowadays; if only I can sightread well!), and then I am stronger — physically. I’d feel a lot confident about myself. Some of the people at my school are amazing at sports; I wish I’m one of them, |: . Blahhh.

I told Ryan today that although I like to overlook other people’s common flaws because nobody is perfect, I just can’t keep making up excuses for him, y’know? He’s disrespectful, rude, ignorant, and if I can’t accept who for the disrespectful, rude, and ignorant person he is, then he and I aren’t meant to be. He then told me that if I don’t learn to overlook flaws like that, I will go the rest of my life without finding anyone. Which kind of hurt, but it really didn’t. His opinion no longer matters all that much to me. He went from being one of the most important people in my life, to a person who I can no longer stand. Amazing drop, |: .

I used to have Karl and only Karl to turn to — for everything. Boys. Friendship problems. Family problems. Pretty much everything. I had unintentionally pushed most of my friends away, and Karl became the center to my universe. He told me that he only needed me to make his life complete, and that I shouldn’t need anyone else besides him because unlike him, they’re not going to always be there for me. We cried over each other, and we got in a million fights starting in March, only to cry and make up hours later. And then there was one huge, huge fight, and unlike you and your friend, we never made up and forgave each other up to this very day. And it’s been over 6 months, o: . I kind of miss the old days.

Everyone else was working on their worksheets and only whispered if they had or wanted to talk to each other. But Ryan? Nope. He didn’t care at all. He is a douchebag, for sure.

Thanks! I hope I feel better too, :b. Hee-hee.

I love reading, :b. Ahaha. I have to read every single day — my school requires you to bring a book with you every day to all classes or else you get a detention if they catch you with no SSR book (Silent, sustained reading book). Which is kind of stupid, aha.

I always think like, “If I had chosen to take the other path, would my life be a lot better? A lot worse??” And if the path I chose was the wrong one, I’d feel so awful and filled with regret, |: .

I only began caring about my appearance at the very end of 4th grade, or at he very beginning of 5th grade. I wonder why, 0.o. I just wore whatever my mom bought for me without a second thought. And then I started obsessing over the latest trends. It was a strange phase, :D.

I think I’d like to be an exchange student . . . Ahaha. That sounds pretty cool, xD.

She’s the oldest of our family — like, as in cousins, :b. Lol. So when my mom told me she thought my cousin should wait awhile before getting married, I disagreed at first because the girl is almost 27 — or almost 26? Ahaha. And she’s old enough to make her own decisions. But nevertheless, I was really happy when she decided to wait. It’s for the best, ^_^. We’re like best friends, so of course, I want the best for he, (x.

I think it was an arranged engagement. He didn’t love the girl, but she loved him, so their parents made them become engaged. But after a year, it didn’t work out, so he’s a free man now. Thank God, o: .

Mmm. I think you told me about that one friend once. Or maybe it was a different guy? The guy started a rumor. But yeah, boys these days . . . I know a guy, who likes me a lot, and for awhile back there, I liked him back too, but then I realized I was really just trying to look for an escape from my & Ryan’s relationship problems. And when I got back with Ryan a few weeks ago, he threatened to go back to his self-harming ways because that’s how much he liked me. I thought that was so wrong, and even when I tried to convince him not to do it, he threatened to end his life. It was so scary!!! o: .

Yay almost happy 2 year birthday, Heartdrops! Whoot! :D

I used to be a lot more addicted than I am now. I still love using the internet though…a lot more than I should. XD It’s just amazing how the internet has almost become a “need” in a person’s life haha. I just know that I’d be SO lost without my laptop. :P

LOL. I am not a lucky person really at all. Sometimes I am but when I try new things, it normally takes me many tries to get it right.

Oh you did? I emailed her the first time about 2 months ago to change her nameservers but she never did email me back… O_O Oh well. I’ll be emailing you the nameservers soon then. :) It’s annoying with Amber though because she is never on Twitter, never on MSN and it seems she ignores her emails. I’ll just wait until she contacts me again lol.

Oh good. :)

I know right? It’s soooo annoying. It’s not like when I go to someone’s house I really care if everything is perfectly clean. D: I guess it makes a good impression though. Haha I know! It’s like all in one day she is like “Let’s clean the house!” No matter what, we always seem to get into an argument then too.

You’re welcome! Me too…I normally don’t like to talk about myself. It makes it kind of awkward if you talk about yourself and no one can relate, but everyone could relate to your post. :)

Hahah me too! It’ll be like my dad saying “do you want pizza or chicken tonight?” me: “Eh. Whatever. I don’t care.” XD

Yeah I guess. It kind of sucks because sometimes when someone says something and I’m having a bad day, I can’t get over it fast and it ruins my whole day even more. /angry

I mean I have school but sometimes that isn’t enough of friends haha. Good thing I’m better now. :) I started to miss my online friends!

Good! Hope your stress gets better. :)

Hey, I know we’re talking to each other right now, but I just wanted to wish heartdrops an advanced happy birthday.

I know what it’s like to have an internet addiction and to lose sleep and not care about other things in life. I got yelled at today because the dog peed in the house, and well; I certainly couldn’t take him out to go potty when it was raining, because it was pouring down rain a few days back. And the dog does not like it when it rains. He can’t stand to be wet. So I got yelled at for that, and for having a messy bedroom. Which btw, is now clean. My dad and I were going at it because I was on the computer taking a break and trying to explain to him that I’m on a break etc. Ugh. Parents.

Anyway, I envy you that you can play the guitar and piano. I can play a little on the piano, but not much. I’ve always wanted to take piano lessons, but never went through it. I did take a course in junior college, and failed it. XD. I was too nervous to do the solo thing in front of everyone and only knowing some of “My Heart Will Go On” (which my Professor requested for me to play). I wanted to play something else but everything I wanted to play were in the advanced steps. I did managed to get a few notes out of “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion. But still. I don’t know how I did it but I did. But I didn’t go to the recital. I was too nervous and I wasn’t ready for it. I like to be organized as well. My little cd holder isn’t up yet, but when it gets put up, I’m organizing my cd’s. Ya know? Right now they’re taking over the majority of my dresser. I have that many cd’s, and movies. XD. My best friend Margaret offline, said I could open a video store XD. lol.

But yeah I get what you mean. You can sing, (I sure as heck can’t you already told me that XD ), even though I’m tone deaf and I wish to God I wasn’t, because when I sing I hear a really pretty voice, and I can go high and low and what not. But when I record it’s blech. Not very pretty. I just wish there was some way around to get what I hear out of my mouth to record and be happy about what I hear and what not. Ya know? I don’t like my voice to be honest with you. I’d never go on American Idol and make a fool of myself. I know if I did go on that show I’d freeze up and get nervous and forget the lyrics. I know I’ve done it before. I was in choir for two years before I lost my voice. And whenever I had to sing for a final, I would get so nervous I would snap. But than when I’m actually singing I’m fine. I made a big deal about my ending year in choir. I sung a Weird Al Yankovic song called “The Saga Begins”. I made people laugh and when I saw they were laughing and having a great time. I knew I could relax and I did a fantastic job and went out with a bang. I even got to go pass 2 minutes. In choir you had to sing a verse, a chorus a verse and another chorus. And you’re done. I went past the two minute mark. I was so happy about my performance. It was the talk for a while. Heehee.

I only did two years worth instead of four, and two years worth was enough for me. I got signed onto a recording label in Memphis Tennessee, but they wanted $3,000.00 for three songs, because they said I had a unique style. But that was a scam so I didn’t go on with it. I was proud of that. But still. For an independent label to tell you, you have a unique style is heaven. Ya know? I was going to sing Country music because at that time I was into country music. I still am. But I don’t think I would’ve gotten very far if I were to have gone through with it. Ya know? I get nervous when people ask me to sing, or when someone is listening in on me singing. Now I don’t give a crap. But I don’t sing all that much any more. lol.

But yeah life story right there. Oh btw, you don’t need to comment back on my vlog if you wish not to once I get it up tonight. If you want to that’s totally and completely up to you.

But anywho, I think I’ve said enough as is. So I’ll talk to you on msn. ;).

Happy 2nd birthday to Heartdrops? It really must be wow-ing to have a website up for that long. To tell the truth I find your blog entries really interesting, compared to a lot of what I saw back on Blogger. People would just right “today I something something” and make a humongous paragraph with no breaks of ranting. I have trouble following that. O_O

The computer + internet is utterly addicting, like you said: talk to different people, read and write blogs, listen to music, play with Photoshop. I often find myself doing all that after midnight because there’s so much else to do during the day. I guess between life, sleep, and internet, you can only pick two. XD

I don’t think pot luck is a bad thing at all! If you can do a bit of everything there are so many choices for you to focus on! ;)

Funny you pointed that out, I was just thinking about it. I’d better save up the money I get from sacrificing internet or else I’d totally be wasting my time. I’m still dreaming of methods to not go internet-less but I don’t have solutions yet except pray for wi-fi detection. Maybe I should get an iPhone or Blackberry to save my life. 😝

Where I live is very quiet, it’s just all trains head towards the city, not to other areas unless on the same line. And I’m not on the same line as my mom’s friend. I’m still so excited though! XD

Oh we do have our own internet, someone else thought the same thing too so maybe it’s the weird way I worded? It’s that my dad takes care of these things I’m really lazy. /bash

iTunes isn’t really an option for me since most of the music I listen to isn’t on it. That’s what I get for being stuck in Korean industry! It’s okay though, the many albums I’ve bought are quite worthwhile. Then again there’s always the option of Youtube. I know this site where you can actually watch movies, and nothing happens. :O

Maybe someone subscribed for you, haha. So it’s like they try to recruit more people to join Facebook? Maybe they should try fixing up their whole system. I think they should start with firing their layout crew. 😏

Aw I still like it though, I think the header image is interesting. Probably because I’ve seen too much celebrity layouts, if featuring anything I prefer something simple like a brush, with the exception of fanlistings of course. I think with a site as popular as yours people would know if someone stole something.

That is just so racist! Some girl once accused me of calling her a “black bitch” when I’d never say that even if someone technically was one. Telling someone to speak English is pretty harsh, reminds me of the Rush Hour 3 movie where the guy got slapped to speak English…but that was for movie comedy reasons I think.

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday dear Heartdrops!
Happy birthday to you!

It’s a bit early, but hey! :) Why not wish a happy early birthday, since I don’t know the exact day. I should probably check that out, but at the moment I’ll get to your comment. /eee

I’m glad you listed the good things about yourself, and not just the bad. Sometimes it’s good to look back on yourself and recognize the good things, too. :)

I agree with you about that whole talent thought. I am a pretty good piano player, and I pride myself in being able to play well, but it isn’t like I’m utterly outstanding and can outplay everyone. I’ll admit I’m jealous of people who are extremely good at it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of myself for getting as far as I have. I’m good at many things, and that’s okay with me. I’d rather be good at many things, than outstanding in one, because where’s the fun in that? I’d get so bored of doing the same thing over and over. But those in symphonies, I guess, don’t mind much… /ehh

LOL at James’ ghetto-talk there, “Dig it.” I haven’t heard that in a while…Actually, I’m writing this comment on Sunday at 12:07AM. I should be sleeping, and will probably still wake up at around 7AM my own time, but, hey, this comment deserves a reply. Right? I try and be moderately quick with replying to comments…I hate seeing comments sit for a week or so. Then again, I’m hardly busy on the weekends and tend to stay up later than anyone should. Therefore I have dark circles sometimes. Agh. -_- Get your sleep, Georgina!!!! (And I promise I’ll get mine!)

Selena shouldn’t have done a lot of things – like call me a “stupid honors student,” and multiple other insulting things to both me and Savannah, along with publicly displaying them to 300+ of her “friends” on Facebook. /hmph Some people deserve a good slappin’.

I was already involved since the drama was partially about me already, because although this Noah kid had only met me one day for an hour and thirty minutes of church service, he told Selena I was “hot,” which lead to her being jealous of me and ranting about me to Savannah. So Savannah told me this…and I was kind of pissed that Selena couldn’t just take such a comment. Boys at 13/14/15/16 have wandering eyes (generally). Hardly ever do they focus on one girl. So, yeah, I was already involved, whether I liked it or not, and I knew the drama was coming the second I heard “Noah,” “Selena,” and “church” in the same sentence.

Selena rants about Savannah all the time on Facebook (seeing as Savannah doesn’t have one), so everyone knew who she was talking about. Not to mention texting. I don’t even know what Selena said through texting to other people about Savannah.

Argh, I hate drama.

I guess it isn’t bad looking at all the “what if’s” of things, because it makes you really think hard about your decision. But, in some ways, it isn’t always great, because you end up second-guessing yourself in something that you should have done, and you end up making the wrong decisions…

LOL. :) I have yet to have a solid guy friend. The guys at my age are immature, and like talking about sex and girls (most of those guys have had minimal to no experience with either! xD). So girls cause too much drama, and guys can just be insensitive. But, eh, guys are better. Most definitely.

Hmm…I think I’ll pass on seeing you angry. xD *is glad she lives on the other side of the world*

Sorry about the whole long comment thing…I don’t like leaving short comments, but I also don’t like leaving obnoxiously long ones either. Sometimes, though, I just have a lot to say. I like to write, I guess? :3 Excuse me for that. And, when you’re thinking you might lose your train of thought, get a notepad to write down your ideas (or short little notes), so when you come back and reread those notes later, your brain remembers what you were going to write/type/etc. next!

I’m staying, promise. :D I don’t like being too indecisive, but sometimes I can’t help it. But I plan on staying here for a long time. Ah, don’t worry about long comments – I appreciate complete thoughts, and complete paragraphs, despite the fact that it’s 12:21AM…

My cousins are…how do I say it…a bit on the nosy, attention-getting side. They like when people fawn over them and make them feel wanted, and special. I prefer solitude and being left alone, most of the time. This has only become worse by the fact that I now have a blog, with comments…and a Twitter. :P To be honest, I think it would be cool to go to school with a sibling. But, I don’t have a sibling and haven’t had the chance to experience it…

Start a campaign, Georgina! “Hang Up All Clearance Items, or Else They Get a Bit Icky.” LOL. xD

James sounds like a nice guy, and it also sounds like you really love him. :3 It even makes me warm inside to see someone so happy and in love. Not many people are like that today (or, at least from what I’ve seen here in Las Vegas). ♥

Wow 2 years – congratulations & happy birthday to!! I love my sleep, but totally know where you’re coming from with your addiction!

Congratulations and happy birthday to your blog! I’m no longer addicted to the Internet, I can go for days without surfing as long as I have access to my email on my iPhone, which is all good. Plus, I’m uber busy to surf around except when I’m visiting or reading blogs that I like while I’m doing research work at the same.

aaaah, congrats with your anniversary with heartdrops. It is so great that helt on to the site for two years. I wish I could archive that with my site:P

I love my sleep, but when I’m passionate about a project, I definetly stay up late and have less and less sleep.

Two years is a long time! I see so many websites closing all the time, so I’m glad that yours is one that actually lives on. So congratulations. :)

I used to sleep so late from staying on the computer all night, but I’ve managed to put things in moderation (for now). You update all your sites so much – I honestly can’t see where you’d get the time! It is tempting to own so many websites at the same time, but I know I wouldn’t be able to update them. My website now already has it’s lulls. I don’t think I would be able to dedicate myself to even just 2 websites!

Most blogs I see only manage to post about their bad habits and never their good ones. I’m glad you did the opposite. :)

I’m starting to not like Paramore anymore. I used to love them a lot, but now I find them a bit…boring.

I cherish my sleep. At the end of each day, one of the things that I immediately want to do is sleep. I love the feeling of when I lie down and the muscles in my back completely relax.
Sadly, I woke up this morning to the sound of the home phone ringing at 7:50-ish. I usually can go back to sleep after that, but people came over at 8:00 and I can’t sleep anymore.

I wish I was organized. I can almost always find my stuff, but it would be so much better if they weren’t in a messy pile.

I like to help people, too. Helping out others makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. XD There comes to a point, though, when the person I’m helping is rude and obnoxious. Then I get annoyed.

I can do lots of things, and I’m a fast learner. I don’t have totally amazing skills in everything, but I can at least do the basics.