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Today we had to wind our clocks forward for daylight savings time. I’ll admit, I was pretty pissed off about this. I don’t understand why we have to move the clocks forward an hour in October, when in April, we just wind them back again. Even if we “lose” that hour, we’re going to get it back anyway. Who cares where the sun is at midnight. @_@

The day seemed to go pretty slowly today. I was a bit upset that we had to wind the clocks forward. If we didn’t, then my day would have seemed like it was longer because in actuality I woke up earlier!

Again I’m going to whine about how I wish there was more time. Bleh. I wish there was more time for everything. Time for family, friends, doing things we love. Studying, working, doing things we have to do. Sometimes I just love taking my time when I have to do tasks, but when it comes to university, meeting deadlines is all I gotta do. 😰

Now I’m annoyed because I planned to sleep before midnight, but it’s not happening… it’s past midnight now, but my body still thinks it’s 11pm. Damn you, daylight savings! :(

I was wondering though, on a completely different topic, how do we react when technology fails on us? I’ll start with the laptop/computer. I remember my printing playing up several times in high school when I needed to print an assignment, and I had to rush into school early so I could go to the library and print things.

I hated doing that. The library didn’t even open until 20 minutes before the school bell, which I didn’t think was enough time. People would line up outside the library, waiting to get in and jump on the computer. Most of these people would be those who wanted to play games. /hmph

Before I got a brand new computer in 2004, I had an old one that would constantly crash. Once I was doing a music assignment on the French Horn, and in the middle of it, my computer just froze. I think I was a really temperamental teenager back then. I was always getting angry every time something went wrong with the computer. It wasn’t brand new and I’m sure it was a “hand-me-down”. So when it froze while I was working on this assignment, I was so angry that I actually started hitting the keyboard with my hands, hoping it would unfreeze and return to normal – but to no avail.

I hadn’t saved my work. /bash

Now I still have that habit, especially working on something in Photoshop. I don’t feel like saving the whole document, especially if I’m just working on something small like an icon. As a result, sometimes when Photoshop stops responding, I am awfully disappointed.

The biggest thing that seems to bother people is – the internet. Whether the internet crashes or websites are down or your router just stops working or your wireless cuts out – it’s a bitch. :P Most people consider a computer useless without the internet. I think there’s so much less you can do, but if you’ve got games or work to do, obviously it can be of some use. You can watch DVDs if you have them, and listen to music.

The internet is too much of a great invention to ignore. :X I think I’ll ask some questions. :)

  • Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
  • What do you do when the internet goes down?
  • Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;)).

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I hate it too. Daylight savings. Less so now but before, when most of my friends were living overseas, daylight saving sometimes meant I had less hours to talk to them, it was really annoying.

I agree though. Sometimes computers seem useless without the Internet. Most of my activity on my laptop is by using the Internet. Even on my iPhone, I use mostly to check Twitter or Facebook and my email. When I don’t have it I… usually go watch tv if I’m at home haha. Sometimes I’ll read a book and listen to music as well. Internet is such a distraction but it is also a big part of our lives. We can live without it, but we’d rather not.

Hmmm, my computer/laptop crashed many times, more often because of viruses. I eventually learn how to do the system recovery thing, so it became less of an issue. Until I got angry once and hit my laptop. On Christmas morning. That was the first time my laptop died… /um

Hey bb, I wanted to write in the hope that my mood would stop fluctuating… /faw

From knowing Rachel and Vivien and Tiffany and Georgia Kate and many other people online – daylight savings and the norm that is timezones – always bugged me. Often I’d just be waking up here when all my friends on the other side of the world were going to bed. It wasn’t very convenient. I feel your pain!

I agree. That Social Informatics “mission” was just bonkers. I didn’t even want to try because I’d rather have the internet here. Why not make the most of it while it is? Haha. There’s too much to do on the internet. It’s too fun. Though I like going outside and taking photos or reading a book or watching something if I get bored.

I’m hoping Fin lasts a long time, but I’m not sure. It’s been over a year. I’m surprised though; he seems pretty tough. ;)

Oh my god. Daylight savings IS a bitch! /angry 🤮 🤬 /argh I HATE it. I hate losing sleep. And I hate thinking “oh it’s only 1. I can still do work”. And then realising that it is technically 2pm. YOU STOLE AND HOUR OF MY LIFE AWAY JERK! /wah I hate it. I totally agree with you!

God, daylight savings is so pointless. /angry It makes me so mad, even thinking about it. LET’S CONTINUE TO WAGE OUR WAR!

I hate rushing too. I always want to get things DONE. But it never happens. I always try to set myself time limits, and I always exceed those limits, and then I get really annoyed. And sometimes (like now) people decide to start conversations THIS LATE AT NIGHT. Now that REALLY pisses me off. Because not only are you forcing me to stay awake that much longer, you’re DISTRACTING ME FROM WHAT I WANT TO DO. GRRR! /angry

Wow. I can’t believe that we went to a highschool where the library only opened 20 minutes before class. It’s so different in uni. The library is like, perpetually open. Haha, how strange :P.

Awww! Your pre-2004 computer reminds me of my pre-2003 computer. It was SO BAD. I have no idea how we used to survive, especially now that we’re both used to having things occur INSTANTLY on the computer.

I remember, when I used to not save my work in time. I lost SO many documents. Now I have this habit of pressing Ctrl + S every sentence or so. Even every few words if it’s an EXTREMELY important document. Times change.

Haha! I hate when my router crashes. I get SO frustrated. I know you do too. It’s totally worse for you because you have all your sites and stuff. If my internet were down, I’d be really inconvenienced because I wouldn’t be able to access Blackboard or msn. But you…you’d have SO MUCH to catch up on when it came back up D:. Let’s hope your internet is NICE to you for EVERMORE!

Hmm a time when my computer crashed and caused a lot of inconvenience? I don’t think this has ever happened to me (touch wood). The last time my computer crashed, I was too young for it to be a problem. Lucky me! HAHAHA! :P

When my internet goes down, I rage if I have something important to do or if it’s my brother’s fault. Otherwise I message you and go read a book :P.

Technologies I can’t live without: My phone! (Yes, I know, I am sad), electricity (HAHAHAHA!), the internet and this laptop? Man, this list could go on for ages. Oh and the fridge, because I like my food, thanks :P.

Ahaha this is the comment that made me laugh!

Argh, I hate losing sleep too. I don’t even do anything about it, but daylight savings just makes it worse. It makes me lose sleep and motivation. :( It’s pointless when we get an hour back in April. It makes no difference, essentially, except to give us weeks of this jetlaggy feeling. /angry

I always want to get things done too, but because I don’t get enough time to organise myself, that doesn’t always go well. I try and do things within a timeframe but that doesn’t always work either. Damn distractions!

I didn’t realise that either. I thought the library opened at 8:00 at school, but I was wrong. 8:30… that’s lame. And that’s not enough time to look for books and borrow them. I love how the whole university building is open 24 hours… well, most of the buildings.

My internet has been nice to me for the past few days, which is a good thing. :D

I think I can live without the fridge… on dry crackers. LOL.

I honestly don’t get Daylight Savings.. like, what’s the point? Why can’t we just stick to the same thing at all times? What point does it serve?! lmao. We don’t switch until October 30th, I think o.O Or somewhere around there. But this is the one I dread; I haate having to lose an hour -__-

We rely too much on technology, but as you said, the internet is far too great of an invention to ignore! I’ve had computers crash, but it has never really caused me any problems as far as school work goes. Except for the computers at my school; they will randomly freeze or shut off, and most people don’t save their work, so then you have to start alllll over again. They really need to update & fix those things /angry

When the internet goes down… I guess I just watch t.v or read, pahah. And some technologies I can’t live without are, of course, electricity, my iPod touch, cooking appliances, showers, and gaah there’s too many to name! XD

I don’t get it either! When the clocks go forward and we lose an hour, I am awfully disappointed. It takes some time getting used to, too.

Since that incident I haven’t lost anything related to schoolwork, but a lot of times I have been typing an email or a comment and my computer has frozen. Now that I have my laptop it’s generally fuss-free, so I’m happy about that. What’s also a good thing is that email clients now save drafts automatically!

School computers tend to be really crap, argh! :( They should definitely update them especially if they expect students to find it a useful resource.

Hey! :)

Okay. :) When you send the e-mail can you please tweet me or something? I am barely on MSN lately and I don’t check that e-mail that much? Just so I know you wrote and stuff.

I remember one time my cousin Olga & I were at her house and she decided she wanted to have Chinese food for dinner – I had never tried it but ended up buying something I hoped I would like because it had chicken & rice in it mostly. Sometimes my mum feels like she has to try something new because she is sick of always cooking the same things over and over so we are kind of “forced” to try it too.

I think it shouldn’t be illegal if the actual channel or websites like hulu and stuff upload them for people from the US to watch them but there are tons of websites out there that do the same thing and sometimes I think it’s not really legal – especially if websites lik MegaVideo point out that uploading the episode is against the copyright.

I really dislike this whole daytime saving thing too. SInce I read one of your tweets last night I am trying to figure out when we have to put the clock an hour forward but I just can’t remember it. I should google it later I think. I usually forget my entire dislike for the daytime saving once a week or so is gone because by then my body usually is used to it. But the actual day sucks. Especially if it’s a school day. Because there is no way that I will go to bed an hour earlier just so I get that one hour of sleep I miss otherwise. But wait… when you guys put your clock an hour forward we put it an hour back because it’s spring for you guys, right? I mean, if we’d put the clock an hour forward it would be darker outside in the morning and everything and that’s not the point.. so we put hours an hour back..

When my printer used to act up like that back during the school days I would ask a friend to please print it for me and bring it to school the next day because we had pretty much the same problem with the free computers at our school. Or people would check social networking sites and stuff. You had to make sure to be at the room right when it was opened because most of the students got to school around 7:30am and went straight onto the computers and stuff – if they weren’t doing their homework or copying it from someone else. xD

Our very first computer never had any problems until the very end when it was like full of stuff. Like, really full. It would take a while for the typed letters to appear on the screen that is how slow it worked. xD But the one we got later (and still have now) acts up waaay too much. I think my parents have paid at least the amount of money the computer was worth once to get it repaired a million times! Mum says it’s because of the internet. She never wanted us to have internet in the first place.

I get really pissed when our internet doesn’t work too – mostly because I have no idea what I should do. But thinking back to the days when we didn’t have internet I could spend hours on the computer too playing cards, listening to music or writing stories. I never really got bored of it back then. Now? I pretty much do everything online. I only ignore the internet when I want to write on my story these days. I log off of TweetDeck and don’t even look at the little Google Chrome icon on my taskbar. xD

I think I already pretty much answered your questions in my comment so I’ll just answer the last one here. I think electricity is one of the main and most important technologies I can’t live without. I guess I could find a way to live without everything else – with time.

To answer your questions…

My computer crashed on me twice with a virus and had to be sent in to be wiped completely. Every single file was taken from me. This was my laptop so I resorted to the family PC which was much slower and had none of the programs I use. When I got my computer back the first time, I remember being determined to get everything back and redo it better. It worked in some aspects. The second time-actually, I think I just ended up buying a new laptop and transfering my files (without taking the virus with me).

When the Internet goes down (which it did a lot before we had it changed), I usually pick up a book, game device, or resort to TV. The logical answer would be to do homework, but of course I don’t do that. :P

Technologies I cannot live without…. I would have to say undoubtedly the computer (and air conditioning, but that’s another story ;) ). Since moving to where I am now, our neighborhood was relatively new and houses were still being built across the street so I stayed in the house and went to the one thing that could keep me busy. To say the least, the computer stuck to me.

– well I had it that sometimes my computer froze and I couldn’t do anything. same happends when I put my computer to sleep. when I want to work again, my mouse son’t work. I have a Wireless mouse so when I can’t use my mouse, I shut down my computer and restart it again and It all works again.

– my internet didn’t shut down for a while. that was like 1/2 years ago. It is so frustrating. you want to upload somethimg or your writing a post and you cqan’t save it because you have ny connection.

– I really can’t live without my computer, I con’t mind the television (although if I’m bored for a couple of days, I really get to miss it).

REPLY: I know how it feels when you leave things unfinished. you come back and you don’t what you were doing. it is like getting brainwashed. When I’m working with photoshop I rather stick to it and finish it because I can’t focus on something I’ve set aside (even if it is for only 15 minutes).

Seems like I have been here a long life ago. I missed you, Georgie. ♥ There’s a lot to say about my absence, but I will tell you by email when I get a chance to write a long letter. *hugs*

Oh, university and its oddities, and the Internet and its charms. ^^ I guess that’s a good way to describe it. I haven’t attempted at entering our department library in a whole year, and I’m not sure I’m going to … yet. You see, there’s this strange list of rules outside, and a metal scanner, so… how am I supposed to enter there with a laptop, a ring and a cellphone? :-/ I’m afraid to get in trouble, so I’m waiting to find the right person to ask to how I can get in there. There’s nobody around usually. 😰 Bah.

We haven’t changed clock hours yet, but I guess we’re going to sooner or later.

Take care, sweetie. *hug*

– Luana S.

I’m okay with daylight savings, I know it’s a total pain, but it does give us that extra hour of daylight in the winter and that can such a boon.

I can’t live without: electricity, running water (and I’ve had to in a few times of bad weather 🤬 ), my Blackberry, my laptop, my car and my wireless router.

LOL who does care where the sun is at midnight?

Over here in October the clocks go back, which I find sooooo annoying because it just gets dark and five which is depressing Dx Then when it gets to the Summer, the clocks go forward, but what’s the point really because if they didn’t go forward it’d get dark at like 9, which isn’t even bad. Grr.

My computer plays up all the time, I always say to myself that if my computer was a person I’d be tempted to beat it up O_O

When it comes to PSP, I literally save my document every second, unless I’m making something realllyyy small. I never used to, and once I almost finished making a vexel and it froze and closed x_X I was sooo angry.

* Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble. I’ve never actually been in trouble for something due to the computer, even is PSP closes, nobody gonna get angry at me for not finishing a vexel XD
* What do you do when the internet goes down? Try and reconnect it… sleep… watch TV… or Read x)
* Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;) ). My phone, my TV ahh so many more I can’t even think of xD

I never realized that Daylight Savings Time was different in other parts of the world. I suppose that’s because it’s so insignificant to me that I don’t even think about how it goes down here much. We “Spring ahead” and “Fall back” here, and our falling back isn’t for another month. It makes sense that it would be different in the Southern Hemisphere…but I never thought about it. Huh.

It’s a shame that our lives rely so much on technology. I’m not one of those people who thinks technology is the devil or anything like that, it’s just really inconvenient when something goes wrong. The worst part is that teachers have no sympathy for tech problems. I remember last year Microsoft Word crashed on me, and my dad wasn’t going to be home to fix it until the next day. I had all of the assignments due the next day finished, so I figured I could make it one day without using it. Wrong. My English teacher decided she wanted this insignificant set of questions typed. I had to type like lightning the next morning in the library. It wasn’t finished and the spelling errors were disgusting, so I just turned in the written copy with a note saying Word was broken. Of course, I received a 0. /bash

I couldn’t live without electricity, the internet, or my cellphone. I don’t use my cellphone as often as a lot of people do, but I always seem to need it when I don’t have it or the battery is dead.

Ugh we have daylight savings time here in the United States except for one state and I think that’s Arizona or Nevada I can’t remember which but they’re lucky. I feel your pain and everything. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. today, due to cramps in the stomach and having to go potty TMI. lol. Oh well.

I hate it when the computer crashes. I remember I was talking to someone online, whom I thought was a sincere person to talk too, well; it started frying and sizzling and crackling and than bam it exploded. I was like NOooooooooooo!!! I turned it off before it exploded but boy oh boy was my dad pissed about it. But who could blaim him? That was way before cell phones were of use, and everyone tried to call through and couldn’t get through because of dial up. Thank god we upgraded the computer to DSL and to a new tower and what not. So I feel your pain when the internet isn’t working like it should.

Life with out internet would be so boring. I remember it well. It was pretty boring. Mainly due to the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend, and my best friend M. is in Chino and I’m stuck here in Beaumont. Now my car is acting up.It’s doing what it did before, when you turn the ignition on the bar wouldn’t move out of gear. So now my dad needs to check into it and before I can try a different church (this was my idea) I want my dad to work on the car first.

The technologies I can’t live with out are my cellphone, ipod, internet and television. :D. Haha. I can’t live with out those things. If I did my life would be pretty boring. I would think.

Daylight savings time is pretty much invented for farmers, not so much the regular people that don’t farm. haha, so it’s kind of useless for us, but very useful for them.

I think that there is plenty of time in a day, but a lot of it is wasted on sleep…sigh, sometimes I wish we never had to sleep & we were just creatures that could be up all day without any rest but sitting down or laying down for a bit. Imagine the world we’d live in if Albert Einstein never had to sleep one wink..or if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs never crazy would our technology be? We’d probably be driving in hover cars like the Jetsons!

Ahh yess…if technology failed us…it would be quite a disappointment. We are our technology, you know? It’s just like the early Homo sapiens who are defined as our early direct ancestors because they used tools to hunt & gather–their technology. People think our technology & depending on it is our weakness, but it’s what defines the Homo sapiens of the the 21st century. We build cars to drive us to places, trains to take hundreds of people to places, computers to take notes, write software, surf the internet, entertain us, ipods to listen to music, writing books to educate & entertain, TVs to entertain, etc. Our technology are our tools & means of life. Without it all, we’d just be pretty bored..& resort to prehistoric tools.

I hatedd when my old computer would freeze when I’d do things in photoshop, but I have brand new computers now & they never freeeze! :D wooooot, but anyway, yeah…if any of my computers broke down on me when I was typing up a shitstorm of notes, I’d be so angry. I wouldn’t be able to kill my laptop or anything…because I bought it myself, but I’d be very very upset. That’s for sure!

Like you, I agree that you can still do a shit load with your computer if there’s no internet. I certainly do…like watching movies that are already on here or ….playing the sims. hahahahaa.

Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
I wish I used a Mac my whole life so that I could say, “never,” but unfortunately, I have way too many stories that would take up 23984928374 pages. hahaha. My senior year of high school…my computer had a virus or something that it would blue screen alllll of the time. I was sooo annoyed. -_-
What do you do when the internet goes down?
I watch movies, play games, do things in Photoshop, write tutorials, etc.
Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity!).
Electricity, cars, sewage system, electronics, kitchen appliances, uhhhhh…..yeah. ahaha

I really think your blog post is something everyone can relate to. Haahaa. (Y)

– Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
I can’t really think of a good one at the moment, but recently, I had to do a typed lab report and suddenly, my computer froze on me while I was editing it. I started freaking out because I really liked my edits…I saved frequently and everything though, but I REALLY, REALLY liked those edits that didn’t mean a lot. XD
In the end, it un-froze and everything was there. XD

– What do you do when the internet goes down?
I’d ask my father or my brother to fix it. >.< Or try to figure it out myself if it has to do with my laptop. Hah. - Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ). 1) My laptop. 2) My cell phone. 3) My iPod. ---- Sorry for not commenting in awhile! /ehh

you lose an hour? I guess it’s convenient most people get excited here we haven’t had daylights savings yet I think it’s this upcoming week though..people like longer nights…though I’m like you,I’d prefer the daytime.

# Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
every year it seems to do so..last christmas I lost all my files my computer wouldn’t power 4 years of college work- gone
# What do you do when the internet goes down?
# Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;) )
power,internet,and cable :)

I don’t get day light savings. But summer has crept up on us so fast. It wasn’t long ago that it was dark around 5ish and now it doesn’t get dark until 7ish.

When I was younger my computer received a nasty virus or worm. It would continue to make copies of it’s self and I had to get rid of it. My current laptop has only crashed once, but it didn’t really bother me too much, although I was worried I would have to spend money on it. Lucky I didn’t. It turned out that it was over heated.

When I have no internet I go for walks or watch a lot of TV.

I couldn’t live with out light on at night. That’s about it. If the internet crashed or my laptop did, I suppose it would be a good thing. I could do something more constructive like read a book and help with my memories (reading is good for your memory). But I’m not sure I could go too long without missing it.

Sorry, when I said I don’t get daylight savings, I meant I don’t understand it. But we also have to set our clock forwards one hour.

Daylight savings time? We don’t practise that in our country. :/ I think it’s being practised in your country for a good cause, maybe? But I’m sorry that you have to lose your one hour time. ):

I feel that time passes too fast sometimes, especially when I’m being online. :P Time can be really weird. For example, when you’re hoping for the time to pass away quickly, it would always become slower and it seems to be endless; when you hope that it’d pass slowly, it speeds! Anyway, I do hope that your body will get used to it soon and sleep early. ;)

My computer usually crashes after I leave it on overnight or after I downloaded something (viruses, I suppose). My computer is quite old, about 4 or 5 years. My mum doesn’t want to change the CPU, claiming that it’d cause a lot. She changed the monitor instead. I hate it especially when the cables in my computer burnt out, which happened 3 or 4 times in a row last year. It was so frustrating. I had to bring it to the computer shop and I usually ended up having to format the hard disc, which also means that all my files (and hard work) would be gone. D:

When the internet goes down, I usually play the games that I’ve downloaded. When I got really bored of waiting for the internet, I’d switch off the computer and take a nap instead, hoping that the internet would be back when I open my eyes. :3 It usually doesn’t work though. But whenever my sisters go to it, it’d always work fine and I have no idea why. Perhaps the computer hates me. /wah

I think I can’t live without a computer with internet and my mp3 player. I think that’s it. I don’t rely on my cellphone that much these days, not like I used to when I first got it. I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod. Oh and of course, I can’t live without the electricity. People have gotten too used to electricity these days, I think some people might die without the air conditioner. D: Luckily I don’t have one in my bedroom.

I’ll probably get them done a few minutes before they’re actually due. Stupid and pointless assignments are just time consuming. /hmph Woah. I was getting 60s even if I studied and stuff and my mum freaked. Luckily my grades are going up.

Haha the weather is actually really strange. Our spring is abnormally cold..almost winter-like! Honeycomb?! SEND A TUB PLEASE :(

I love being Asian too :D All that rice…

I think you deserve a gold medal. No all nighters? That’s almost impossible! I’ve probably pulled 3-4 in the past two years…argh.

I wouldn’t mind walking in heels, it’ll make me look taller :P How tall are the heels you get?

I love smoked salmon. It’s so delicious! I love savoury and sweet muffins but not too much sweet. I almost died of a sugar overdoes x_e.

Ew. Daylight savings. I’m in Brissy at the moment so it doesn’t apply here but once I’m back to Sydney..arghhhhh. It’s going to be like waking up at 5:30AM everyday for school then :( I need my sleep to grow…

I think everyone wants more time. I always find that I have either a. spent too much time on the internet, leaving not enough for homework or b. there’s no time for anything now. Option a is usually the case :/

Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
This has happened twice so…
My laptop’s motherboard crashed and I didn’t save my school work so I had to wait three weeks for it to get fixed. So during those three weeks, I had none of my assignments and stuff I could work on because I was already halfway on my other computer. Epic fail moment x 2.

What do you do when the internet goes down?
Get really pissed. Fix it and be happy again. xD But one time Telstra cut our internet and I was really angry because they cut it for no reason and we paid $100 to fix it.

Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ).
Electricity, internet, iPod, laptop or computer, phone.

I fell asleep in front of the laptop I was so tired from stupid daylight savings … It always gets me like jetlag, and today I just felt

* Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble?
When I was handing in my electronic folio in 2007 at Uni. We had a week where we could come into the computer labs, get teachers help, tweak how our folios looked and then submit the work. About 20 mins before the deadline time, my pc decided to freeze and then crash … I freaked out so much I was actually crying. All that work in 6 months … Luckily for me the coordinator who totally rocks let me stay behind until the system came back up and one of my beautiful friends used her external hard drive and helped me out BIGTIME! I have never stressed so much in my life …

* What do you do when the internet goes down?
I play games on my iPod :D Or I read, go for a walk or eat :P

* Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;) ). – Electricity, phone, laptop, iPod Touch … hairdryer, hair straightener :P powerpoints (without those we can’t plug anything in)
I can live without TV though, I rarely watch it.

I’m glad we don’t have daylight savings here! I’m sure my body would get pretty confused too.

I used to be such a jinx. Computers always broke when I used them. That was pretty irritating. It’s become a habit to press ctrl+s multiple times while working on a project, since the computer’s crashed on me many, many times before, before I was able to save.

I do consider the computer pretty useless without the Internet, mostly because almost everything I do on it involves that. At least I always have access to my neighbor’s wi-fi when mine goes down!

I know what you mean about time. Everyone wishes there’s more time for things we want to do.

I use to be super annoyed with my pc because we couldn’t really afford expensive computers so we always bought cheap ones. It’s only now that I work full time and can afford to buy my own PC. I don’t really have PC problems anymore and even if I do it isn’t that of a big deal because I don’t need to do any assignment or work on it.

I always save my work, I have a habit of pressing ctrl+s every few seconds. My hands just do it without me even noticing it anymore. My work is usually always saved and completely up to date. However I do have a habit of not backing up my files in an external hard drive! I should start doing that though because if my pc randomly dies when I don’t know how I’ll get the files back especially my important files.

Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
One time during school holidays my pc completely died! The motherboard died somehow :( It was pretty bad because I had coursework to hand in after the holidays. Luckily we have a family pc so I plugged my harddrive into that and extracted the files. I was able to complete the work on that PC. That was really lucky.

What do you do when the internet goes down?
I usually just take a nap because I don’t really sleep that much. If I don’t feel like sleeping then I’ll head to the gym or watch some TV. Ususally the net isn’t down for that long so I can just live without it for a bit.

Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ).
Computer & internet. I’ve tried living without my computer or internet for a week but completely failed. My computer & the net is my life and I must have access to it at least 2-3 times a week.

Thanks Georgina! I hope to add more photos when I have some free time. For now I can not because I’m kinda busy. Flickr is an amazing gallery, you can find great pictures :)

I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post about my trip. I understand you.

I’m sure you get to see a sunset with James. I know, is a romantic activity, ideal for share with your couple. I agree with you. I have always believed that the best sunsets can be seen from the beach ♥

You’re welcome! That’s great, I hope you manage to put things together to make the assignments.

I agree with you, I also believe that some new bands should sell their music on vinyl, they should be aware that there are people who like to listen to their music more that way. Haha you’re right /eee

I hope your brother has learned his lesson and not try to download anything.
I understand. I’ve never downloaded anything from the Internet. I’m not sure, but I think what you say is correct :)

I think it’s best summer time, since you have more light in winter. In Spain will change our clocks to put on the winter schedule. The days are shorter and darken first.

I understand your point of view, and share it. The first day of the time change always seems to go slower.

Not bad, you complain. I also like more time for everything. But when you go to college, you have less time to do everything you want :(

Sometimes I’ll read a book and listen to music as well. Most of my activity on my laptop is by using the Internet or to university work. When I don’t have it, I’ll read a book or listen to music as well. Internet is such a distraction but it is also a big part of our lives /type

My computer crashed many times, more often because of viruses. But after all, I can always use my laptop :)

* Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
One day not long ago, my computer crashed A few days later I had an assignment for college. I had to work on my laptop and print it in the library of the University.
* What do you do when the internet goes down?
I watch movies or TV – Shows, do things in Photoshop, reading a book, etc.
* Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;) ).
Electricity (of course), my mobile phone, cars, sewage system, electronics, kitchen appliances, Internet,…

oh, I tend to do that too – hitting the PC keyboard when the PC froze when I did something important. it’s nerve-wrecking for someone as impatience as me. 😳
as for your questions, if my internet goes slow, I’ll start reading a book while waiting for it to load. let see.. I think it’s the internet? Idk. or maybe the phone… since it’s an alternative way of browsing the net.
and yes the net is such a great invention… /hehe

Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
I have had tons of viruses but I’ve never really had a computer crash when I needed it most. The only time a computer has ever crashed on me was when I used to use my mom’s computer and I was working on my [horrible] websites like a year or two ago. My computer currently crashes every once and a while but when it does I just turn it off and then back on & it is back to normal. The only trouble I have is waiting for it to turn back on because it takes like 5 min and that is 5 min I could be working on something during.

What do you do when the internet goes down?
I usually either watch TV or play video games. Since our internet goes down once a year (STUPID BELLSOUTH!) I’m used to it by now. I don’t like it but it’s a good break from doing things online, you know? I mean sometimes you do need a break and then it just is forcing you to take a break.

Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;) ).
TV, The Internet, Electricity (of course! ;) ), Computer, Our WII, XBox 360 (planning on buying one soon), and basically anything that can entertain you..OH! My cell phone too!

I know that this is off topic but I’m so happy that I got my website up. I miss having your long comments to return. :)

I don’t like Daylight Savings time either. I mean, I completely agree with you. What is the freaking point?! Seriously. :/

Why do you turn your clocks ahead and back before us? Lol. I am being serious. We don’t turn ours back until like November 20th. It’s so weird.

You’re right a computer isn’t useless when the internet doesn’t work unless you are like me and broke the battery so that it can’t be unpluged for more than 6 hours or else it will die. Lol. But still, that is enough time to watch 1 3/4 of 2 movies. :)
Thanks! It has. I’m not all that good at selling, I’m still trying to work on it a little bit. I sound rehearsed and unoriginal. That wont make people buy stuff from me. I’m really trying to learn though. :) I hope I can learn before my first day on the floor.

Thanks so much! (: It really means a lot that you say that. All of your layouts, including this one, have been different everytime and original. So, I’m glad you say mine is original. Now I know what to do if I ever want to be original again. /bounce

Yeah. Hahahaha. I do that on Mondays (if I am tired that is). I just fall asleep while the teachers are talking. I think I’m going to plan on falling asleep tomorrow during my first class because it is health and we are going to be onto the topic of STDs and I don’t want to scar myself with those pictures. :P Good for me! 👏 XD Sorry, I had to. I saw that clapping one and I was like (Y) (Y) (Y) /bounce

hey hun i know what u mean i also wish there was more time to do things. like weekends they go sooo fast and college days just go on and on. sometimes i wish that weekends were 5 days lol.. my deadlines are taking up all my time and what really bugs me is wen my classmates dont finish their deadlines and get an extension and if i dont do mine i get shouted at, thats not fair play is it? i also have a habit of not saving something that im doing in photoshop. one time when i was at work photoshop kept closing and everytime i forgot to save the graphic i had to do 🤮

I was paranoid at first when you mentioned daylight savings time was today. ‘Cause then that would’ve meant I was an hour late for work this morning. And didn’t even apologize for being an hour late because I didn’t KNOW I was an hour late.

But then I saw you’re from Australia, and I figured you guys must just do that at a different time than little ole Maryland, USA. Thanks for a good scare, though.

Technology I can’t live without? An alarm clock. That automatically detects daylight savings time.

High fives for mentioning a French Horn in your blog. It’s my main instrument, I play French Horn in the county concert band. :)

I hate the clock changes as well. I don’t have a clue when we have them though. About the 20th of this month, maybe? My calendar doesn’t say.

Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
I have millions, I spent a few months recently with a computer that shut itself down every five minutes or so. Nightmare and a half. D:

What do you do when the internet goes down?
Play The Sims 2. Or read a book, or watch tv…I’m not really that helpless, usually. It depends. If I don’t have a decent book handy and there’s nothing on tv, I have been known to go a bit mental. XD

Name some technologies you can’t live without(don’t forget electricity! ;) )
This is where I sound ridiculously image-obsessed, but I couldn’t live without my hair straighteners. My natural hair has no order or style to it, it sticks out in literally every direction possible. XD I couldn’t live without power, though for short periods of time-say, a couple of days-I’m fine, really. :L

* Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble. I wrote a thousand word easy, and the computer crashed, but I did save it, but when I did save it I only had about 20 words. I gave up that day, so when the teacher came and asked me why I was not working on my essay, I said I’m done with these computers, I had a thousand words, but it crashed. So I will do it later.
* What do you do when the internet goes down? I read. Or create textures.
* Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! ;) ). Electricity, phones, computer

In Indiana, USA, we didn’t have Daylight Savings until a couple of years ago, I miss those days.

Oh sorry about the pregnant tweet. Well when she stated your name, I automatically think you. Mostly because I only know you with that name.

As of late I feel like there is plenty of time in the day but that’s mostly because I’m not working and I’m in a place where I don’t really know anyone so I stay online a lot and watch a lot of TV, really not productive, I really need to work on being productive.

When I’m in school and working though I understand where you’re coming from, it does feel like you can’t fit everything that needs to be done in one day especially when you have to make time for sleeping as well.

I’ve had issues with Photoshop just randomly crashing on me and it makes me sooo angry. My computer rarely crashes, it used to crash when I’d play The Sims 3, but I bought air duster and aired out the dust collected on the fan and that fixed that problem so, I’m fairly happy with my computer other than Photoshop crashing from time to time. I can’t remember what I was doing, but the other night I was working on something and it decided to just quit working and like you, I always forget to save my work as I’m going so of course I had to start completely over and that is very annoying.

When the internet is down, I play games and even when it’s not down I play games. I love playing The Sims 3, it’s probably my favorite along with Nancy Drew games. I will also mess around in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Technologies I can’t live without… obviously electricity, computers, high-speed internet, refrigerator, transportation and I’m sure there’s more, but those come to mind first heh.

Haha. Someone from the US told me about Daylight Savings not too long ago. She gave me a link to the wikipedia page about it. I honestly didn’t understand the whole point. Until now, I still don’t know what it’s for. XD In the Philippines, we don’t really follow that daylight savings thing…

I go crazy when there’s no internet! Haha. But since I love books, I can say I can deal with short time internet downtimes -_- Once, we didn’t have internet for a month. It felt like I was on some sort of a rehab those days. I ran out of stuff to do. LOL but I managed to fight boredom with books^^;;

But you know, I agree it’s so annoying when technology brings us down sometimes. I agree to it when it comes from techie people. LOL. When it comes to the oldies saying that they can’t rely technology at all, I sometimes get a little annoyed. It’s because when they say stuff like that, they’re on a “solvable” situation. They just don’t know the solution because they’re not familiar with the equipment that they’re using. Then they’d say that we can’t really rely on technology. 😒 Well, I can’t blame them, really… they’re not used to it.

Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
– On a humanities class, I needed it for our presentation. My classmate’s flash drive had really tough virus (lol) and it affected the presentation I made. My anti-virus didn’t even work. :(

What do you do when the internet goes down?
– I read a lot of books! :)

Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! )
-okay electricity! lol mp3 player, laptop, mobile phone, camera, internet, wifi, bluetooth. There’s so much!^^ But I guess I can live without an ebook reader? O_O