The Angry Mob

Today we had to wind our clocks forward for daylight savings time. I’ll admit, I was pretty pissed off about this. I don’t understand why we have to move the clocks forward an hour in October, when in April, we just wind them back again. Even if we “lose” that hour, we’re going to get it back anyway. Who cares where the sun is at midnight. πŸ˜•

The day seemed to go pretty slowly today. I was a bit upset that we had to wind the clocks forward. If we didn’t, then my day would have seemed like it was longer because in actuality I woke up earlier!

Again I’m going to whine about how I wish there was more time. Bleh. I wish there was more time for everything. Time for family, friends, doing things we love. Studying, working, doing things we have to do. Sometimes I just love taking my time when I have to do tasks, but when it comes to university, meeting deadlines is all I gotta do. 😰

Now I’m annoyed because I planned to sleep before midnight, but it’s not happening… it’s past midnight now, but my body still thinks it’s 11pm. Damn you, daylight savings! 😞

I was wondering though, on a completely different topic, how do we react when technology fails on us? I’ll start with the laptop/computer. I remember my printing playing up several times in high school when I needed to print an assignment, and I had to rush into school early so I could go to the library and print things.

I hated doing that. The library didn’t even open until 20 minutes before the school bell, which I didn’t think was enough time. People would line up outside the library, waiting to get in and jump on the computer. Most of these people would be those who wanted to play games. 😐

Before I got a brand new computer in 2004, I had an old one that would constantly crash. Once I was doing a music assignment on the French Horn, and in the middle of it, my computer just froze. I think I was a really temperamental teenager back then. I was always getting angry every time something went wrong with the computer. It wasn’t brand new and I’m sure it was a “hand-me-down”. So when it froze while I was working on this assignment, I was so angry that I actually started hitting the keyboard with my hands, hoping it would unfreeze and return to normal – but to no avail.

I hadn’t saved my work. πŸ™

Now I still have that habit, especially working on something in Photoshop. I don’t feel like saving the whole document, especially if I’m just working on something small like an icon. As a result, sometimes when Photoshop stops responding, I am awfully disappointed.

The biggest thing that seems to bother people is – the internet. Whether the internet crashes or websites are down or your router just stops working or your wireless cuts out – it’s a bitch. πŸ˜› Most people consider a computer useless without the internet. I think there’s so much less you can do, but if you’ve got games or work to do, obviously it can be of some use. You can watch DVDs if you have them, and listen to music.

The internet is too much of a great invention to ignore. 😢 I think I’ll ask some questions. πŸ™‚

  • Share a story of a time when your computer crashed and caused you trouble.
  • What do you do when the internet goes down?
  • Name some technologies you can’t live without (don’t forget electricity! πŸ˜‰).

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