My Life is Complete

“My life is complete”.

I’ve probably used that phrase about ten times in the past week. Upon looking at how lucky I am to have the amazing friends I do; upon being approved for the fanlisting for the Smashing Pumpkins, probably my favourite band that is current and hasn’t broken up or died; upon receiving a (about the fiftieth) reply from Ben Jorgensen on Twitter; upon buying Ben Jorgensen’s new EP on iTunes; upon finding Arcade Fire’s album on vinyl; upon celebrating 32 months together with James; upon finishing my university debate that I had to present today…

(Actually, the clock hit past midnight, so technically yesterday.)

I’m a happy person right now. I’ll admit I haven’t been checking my site or doing very much online. Yesterday I was working pretty hard on the debate I had to present today, which went fairly well. It was a little on the informal side, but that was okay. I felt pretty proud of myself for spending so much time on it and getting it done before I went to bed – all with no rush. I also slept at midnight on the dot. :)

That said, since university is back this week, no doubt I’ll be busy. I’m also working on that new job I got last month. I recently got some tasks to do… so all in all, I’ll be pretty busy.

I have to say, that with this glowing happiness, I still had to encounter some mundane moments. Though yesterday ended nicely, it did not flow through very well. I feel like people know how to make me angry; they know me all too well… they know how to push the right and wrong buttons. :P

I woke up late, which ticked me off most of all. I love my mornings and to wake up at around noon was very disappointing. I had woken up from the house phone ringing. (I guess I have to thank my mum for that.) I checked my phone; Sebby had messaged me multiples times to wake up. I also got a phone call from a friend in my group for the debate. I was so angry that I didn’t make my bed. For those who know me well, I love making my bed and do it every morning without fail.

I had so many emails to respond to when I woke up. Daylight savings had really screwed me over, and now I’m still not used to it. I also need to make it a habit to sleep early. Hopefully I’ll adjust to the time changes soon.

I know I haven’t really been responding to comments lately. I’m not feeling stressed about it – I usually freak out when I realise I have so many comments to read and respond to (where necessary), but even though I haven’t really been paying attention to my site, I don’t return and get stressed about comments or anything silly like that.

Also, let’s wage war on buses. Lilian got home close to midnight because her bus never came. :( At least she’s home safe! ♥️ Buses can often be really unreliable. Many times I’ve been left waiting for half an hour because buses don’t come when they should. I find them worse than trains because they don’t have a set time that they stop at each stop, and you don’t know whether the bus stops or not – it all depends on whether or not people are waiting at each one.

Right now I’m listening to Ben Jorgensen’s new EP… and it’s wonderful. /faw

  • What brightens up your day?
  • Do you like making your bed?
  • Share a piece of good news you’ve heard lately!

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Hahaha, I’m glad your life is complete! Completeness in life is such a many splendor thing :P. Okay, so I’m mixing my quotes, whatever, it’s still awesome :D. BEN JORG’S EP! WOOOOOOT! I must get it off you some time. Damn, I wish I had more bandwidth for my internet /wah .

YAY! For the Smashing Pumpkin’s fanlisting! ♥ ♥ And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND JAMES! You guys are as cute as ever 👏 ✌️ /hehe /eee .

Good work on your debate. You totally slept early last night! Hahaha, go you! :P :P Good luck with the new job tasks! I know you’ll get through them fine :).

Awwww! Waking late can be really inconvenient sometimes :( . But at least you woke up before 2pm! When I do that I regret the two hours I’ve wasted, but I love my sleep, so I quickly get over it. Hahaha!

Daylight savings has screwed me over too. My sleeping patterns are SO screwed, it’s not even funny. Well they were screwed before. Daylight savings just made it like ten times worse. God, daylight savings is such an idiot concept. Hopefully we’ll both adjust soon! D:

DAMN BUSES! *rage* /angry /argh /angry 🤬 God, travelling is exhausting. Well, I AM HOME NOW!!! :D Yay! Buses ARE totally unreliable. I mean, you’d think that since people are RELYING on them, they’d take a little more care, but NOPE! HMPH! Our transport system FAILS.

What brightens my day? Hmm…Dark grey clouds. Wow, is that an irony or what? Well I guess seeing my friends always brightens my day :) . Corny, but true. And yummy food (RAMEN!) totally does!

I don’t mind making my bed. It’s usually one of those meh! things for me. A completely mundane task I am neutral towards :P .


Hi! :D

It definitely feels good, haha. I am feeling quit content at the moment. What’s the bet that next week I’ll be stressing like crazy due to uni? Ahhh. I wish you had more bandwidth too, though – your brother is so inconsiderate.

I’ll send you the EP some other time though! :)

I felt so proud of finishing that debate so early. :P It’s been a while! But the day after that, I slept pretty late. So it’s still not consistent. It looks like this habit is still a bit hard to break.

If ever I wake up after noon, I think I’ll be furious like these emoticons. /angry /argh 🤬 /hmph 11:30am was bad enough!

I think time seems to be passing really slowly, but it doesn’t help that daylight savings still made us lose an hour. A lot of countries don’t have it, and some parts of Australia don’t – so why not us?

Buses are unreliable! I caught one home today but it was about ten minutes late, which was a shame. I wasn’t in a rush or anything, but it was still inconvenient because I worried that it wouldn’t come at all.

RAMEN! /bounce

The buses here are hopeless. The company seem to think that because it’s a village we don’t need a bus service that’s even vaguely like the timetable…never mind that their buses are the only way to leave the village, other than walking(which won’t get you anywhere very quickly), or a car. It’s possible to walk to a train station, but it takes 25 minutes and the trains are only every half hour, or you can be on the bus for ten minutes to a station with trains every 15 minutes. So nobody really walks to the nearer station unless they have to.

What brightens up your day?
Chemistry, on the days I have it. I sit with an awesome guy and we just have such a laugh.

Do you like making your bed?
I never make it. It gets left unmade. The rest of my room’s such a state that the bed being unmade makes no real difference. XD

Share a piece of good news you’ve heard lately!
Erm…is it bad that I can’t think of anything? I’ll say the news that my signed Funeral For A Friend EP is getting posted to me sometime this month. I’m so sad that I’ve been excited since May…if it doesn’t come until the 31st or something I will be annoyed. XD

hey hun im glad ur lifes complete im still trying to complete mine lol.. congrats on u and james being togethor for so long i dont know how u do it hun.. plsss tell me? i know how u feel about ppl knowing how to tick u off, ive had that with my classmates they so dumb sometimes lol..

Well, we’re friends, we take the time to talk to each other and appreciate each other. It comes from both sides. I can’t tell you how. A relationship cannot only have one person.

Happy belated 32 anniversary? LOL. :)

I haven’t really had much to blog about lately, but having a lot of comments to reply to – not really, just not what I expected to have considering I expected only one – has somewhat stressed me out. But I don’t want to not reply and then blog, and have those comments to have to get back to. That only stresses me more, because it is something that I would owe.

I’m not really a morning person, especially right now since it is really, really cold. I prefer to sleep until noon, and would rather work later in the day. Maybe from one to five, but because I have a few different TV series I keep up with, I’d rather get up early and work in the morning, since it wouldn’t be as busy as the afternoon. I’m rambling, sorry. 😳

Todd brightens my day, to be honest. It is weird, I’ll admit. But SO true. :) And I don’t enjoy making my bed, but I have to, because otherwise Todd will lay on the fitted sheet, and kitty litter (from his feet) will get on it. Plus, it’s soft and he likes that. … He stole my downy green blankie. D:

I don’t really have good news at the moment. o.o But maybe, later. :)

Hi Georgina!
Happy anniversary to you and James! :)

Yeah, I can relate to you with the daylight savings time problems. It has a lot of bad effects on people since you have to set your clock back one hour. When it doesn’t really matter at all because you are going to set them back forward again in the spring. Really! It does not make a difference at all. Except for the hour of sleep that everyone has to lose. /bash

Oh my, buses are not dependable. I stopped trusting the bus when I went to the mall with my friends one time and the bus was about 45 minutes late. I ended up having to walk halfway home and then call my mom, (Who in fact was not too happy at me, when she found out I decided to walk home) But it ended up being a huge fiasco! /ehh

Usually what brightens my day, is when I get to be greeted by my friends when I arrive at school. They always want a hug, and they are always excited to see me. :)

I never ever, make my bed. I guess I could say its a really bad habit cause my room is not the cleanest. But I have tried making my bed every single day but after a while I cannot stick to it.

And, A piece of good news I have heard lately? That I’m going on vacation to Florida in a couple weeks. I get to see my Aunt, and I have not seen her in a while! So that’s good news for me. XD

I should say… CONGRATULATIONS on all fronts, Georgie dear! :D So many wonderful events to celebrate! And wow, 32 months of love… I want to reach that goal too, with Simone! ♥ :3

Don’t worry about returning comments anyway; it comes with time. ^_^ I know you love it, but people who love you will be patient. Also, I’m glad that your friend Lilian managed to get on the bus in the end, and home safe. Yes, public means of transport can be so unreliable sometimes, and even too much, compared to the money we spend for tickets. >.< Bah.

Sorry to cut it so short today, I wanted to write a longer comment, but I’m mass updating many sites, writing reviews, e chatting with my boyfriend, and it’s 11:46PM and I’m half asleep already. See you tomorrow for some better talk sweetie! *mwah* ^-^

– Luana S.

Thank you Luana! ♥ Personally though, while I like seeing how long James and I have been together, I don’t like measuring relationships by time. It’s nice to know when a couple have been together for a long time, but I don’t doubt that couples who have been together for just a few months are extremely happy together and know each other well. After knowing my friends for such a long time I’m surprised how close I can be to people in such a short amount of time. :)

Tickets are definitely expensive! I once said to my mum that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to go to a university so far from home, but she told me not to be silly and that money isn’t an issue when I’m getting a good education at a good university. :D

Honestly, I don’t measure relationships by time either, but it has a sort of ‘cathartic’ meaning to me, the reaching of a 3 years relationship with Simone: my previous relationship lasted for two years and a half, and my ex illuded me about everything, about wedding, about long lasting love, etc. Now that I found my true soulmate, the 3 years goal will be the definitive detachment from everything that WAS with the other guy, and the beginning of a new life. Not that it is for real, but for my heart, it’s going to be cathartic, and reclude my past forever. It might sound silly, I know… It’s just how I feel. ^^

And… I SO agree with your mom there. ;) No matter how means of transport can be expensive, if we can afford them, then a good education is by all means worth of all the financial ‘sacrifice’. *hugs!*

– Luana S.

P.S. I hope to send that email tonight before I go to sleep, and I’ll make sure it’s short enough so you won’t spend too much time on it ;3

That’s not silly at all, dear. :) I understand where you are coming from. The past sometimes, though a part of us, needs to be disregarded. For some reason I feel very good when I realise I’ve been with James for longer than anyone else. :P

No worries, take your time! ♥

Glad to hear that somethings are going well for you. :)

That would really piss me off if I were out all day long and I didn’t get home until midnight, all because of a stupid bus. /angry

Sorry about the short comment, this cold has worn me out. 😢

I don’t like making my bed. My parents never made their own bed, so I basically never made my bed unless friends were coming over that day. I do believe that you’re the first I’ve heard of that enjoys making her bed. I usually just wake up, shut the alarm off, and clunk myself down the ladder to the floor.

What brightens my day? Call me a nerd, but when I finally figure out how to solve that massive problem on an evil problem set. Also, hearing from my boyfriend and my family, and knowing that my work on stuff is going somewhere. Which brings me to some good news! I get to present at an academic conference in February! Being happy is awesome!

I avoid buses whenever possible, and usually wind up hitching rides home with friends whenever possible. But sometimes I’ve got no choice. They’re pretty darn good around Los Angeles, so I’m okay with them for the most part, except when traffic sucks. Then it just sucks.

I find that feeling busy is great. You’re always doing stuff. You feel great, and your troubles are washed away slowly. And then you feel simply awesome at the end! Enjoy life!

I don’t think my parents make their own bed! I never really noticed though, until you brought that up. I think I’ve only had friends over maybe once or twice in my life. My mum’s that concerned about the state of the house and in general she doesn’t really like having visitors.

I usually shut off my nightlight (yes, I still have one), open the curtain then jump out of bed and make it. It feels weird to just get up and trudge to the kitchen. :P

I have to catch a train to university every day because I live an hour away. Trains are better than buses here, though. :)

It is so good you’re this happy lately. Sometimes simple things like a wave from a stranger make your day.
Oh, your debate sounds interesting. Lately, I have been lazy about responding to comments. It seems more of a chore than ever.
Don’t stress out. Whenever I feel stressed out, I give myself a pep talk. “What is the worst thing that could happen if you don’t reply to this comment today?”
Nothing, thats the answer. The earth is not going to stop moving, the sun is not going to stop rising…so chill.

Lmao. Thanks for being proud of me. xD They are not exactly laughing at me, they laugh along with me.

I can’t wait for the movie too.

Wow, I’m glad your life is complete. (: It does feel good to finish all the work that you’re supposed to do, even though not all.

I’d skip the first question. There’s nothing in specific that can brighten up my day. It all depends on my mood, I guess. x)

I .. have to say that I don’t make my own bed because I have a maid (who’d do that for me. AH, lazy kid). Well, I did, a few weeks ago, after reading your article on Time Management (I had problems waking up early -_-). But after a few days, I sort of stopped doing it as I don’t have problems waking up early nowadays. I know that I should make my own bed but I just don’t see the point of making up the bed and I’d really like to know why. Perhaps you can tell me why? I really don’t know since nobody has ever told me why, besides the reasons: you should and you have to.

Good news huh? Well, someone’s going to buy our house at quite a high price. My mum is happy about it. She wants to move to a new home where it’s close to her family. She didn’t really enjoy staying here. So, I guess that’s quite a good news. :)

I hope you can get used to daylight savings as soon as possible. Have a nice day ~ ♥

Happy Anniversary to you and your boyfriend!! And very glad to here that all has been going pretty smoothly for you :)

I totally agree with you on the buses, even though the only bus I take is from campus to my apartment. I hate how crowded it gets 15 minutes before classes start because it’s all crammed and my stop is the last so usually when the bus arrives it’s too full and the driver just ignores us and continues driving so we have to walk.

As for what brightens my day…I would have to say the current weather. It finally feels like autumn and it isn’t hot and humid anymore. It’s perfect.
I don’t usually make my bed since when I wake up in the morning I’m in a rush and when I come back I take a nap and then leave it the way it is. I only make my bed sometimes when I have time or don’t feel lazy haha.
Good news I heard lately…nothing really. Everyday is just the same.

Thank you Ariel!

You’re lucky haha. I take the train to university every day. I live pretty far away from university. The buses are worse, so I avoid them. :P Getting on a crammed bus is not my idea of fun, and it can be really uncomfortable. In fact, in your situation I’d probably rather work. :P

If you’re still having problems with FanUpdate I think I still have a copy on my server. I linked to it in my FanUpdate tutorial. :)

Being seasonally depressed is something new. :O I think the weather reflects my mood but it definitely doesn’t determine it. *hugs* I hope you feel better soon, though! Sounds like you’ve been having a bad week.

I am going to check that fanlisting out as Smashing Pumpkins are my favourite band of all time … I have everything they have ever released :) And I also have Billy Corgan’s solo stuff to and when he was with that stupid band Zwan (totally disappointing I might add) I also have his poetry book signed by him (my best friends waiting in a line for 2 hours in Chicago and got him to sign it with my name on it :D ) …

* What brightens up your day? A sunny day … I thrive in the sunshine.
* Do you like making your bed? I rarely make it … I figure why bother just to jump in it again hah!
* Share a piece of good news you’ve heard lately! – You know what I cannot think of anything … My life is very mundane right now.

Eyy, first, thank you for your lovely comment. So let me comment about your blog ;P

It’s a really GREAT feeling to have AMAZING FRIENDS, and I’m so glad you saw them again at university, How is it ? How do you feel ? Grown Up i guess :P .. And omg, I know how it feels like to stay up until midnight for only School Projects, Screw School.

Congratulations about your job ;) .. I hope you’ll always be happy in your life and get whatever you want :)

Back to my blog, About that teacher, yeah – she speaks a lot and it doesn’t make any since ! And the Spoon and Fork earrings, PLEASE ! Trust me You don’t want one of these ! THEY ARE HILARIOUS ! I really don’t understand what she says in her classes >.<'

So Eventually, good luck with everything in your life :) ♥

* What brightens up your day?
hmm, what really brightrens up my day? I think that would be when I got a really good idea to write about. Also when I have a laugh with my friends
* Do you like making your bed?
No, I don’t like it. I really don’t like cleaning my room. I’m a messy person 👏
* Share a piece of good news you’ve heard lately!
I don’t really have some good news lately.

Wow, it’s great to read about someone being so cheerful. It’s great that so many things are going good for you and luck is on your side. Congratulations on your anniversay as well.
I hate buses too. Just the other day we had a tube strike, meaning I had to take the bus to uni. What a disaster that turned out to be!
As for your questions, my boyfriend and friends usually brighten up my day. I live reading those silly texts you get throughout the say about mishaps and whatnot.
Much to my mothers dismay, I hate making my bed. Recently I have been getting better and make it at least 3/7 days a week in the morning.
Well I can’t think of something recent, but actually getting into uni was a pretty proud moment.

Thank you! :)

We rarely have transport strikes, but usually they get really annoying because we have to completely change our plans. I take a train to university all the time since I live about an hour away. If I take the bus it will take much longer.

I’ll admit, even though it was two years ago, getting into uni was also a proud moment for me. I didn’t think I’d make it in because my grades weren’t that good – but I was definitely proud of myself in the end. Congratulations on making it in! :D

I wan’t good with comments for a while either. I think it happens to most people once in a while.

I am so glad life is so good for you right now. That is exciting about the fan listings!

Daylight savings always screws me too. It was easier to adjust to a 16 hour difference when I moved over here, haha!

It’s amazing that you can keep up with fanlistings on top of everything else. Congrats on getting the Smashing Pumpkins, who are awesome by the way.

Wow if anyone actually replied to me on Twitter I would be…just crazy. I’m quite the obsessed teenager at times. Ian Watkins has been answering loads of questions on his blog recently and I made a tumblr account just to see if he’d reply. No luck. :( There’s an emerging band from Glasgow who talk to me on Twitter sometimes though. :)

I’m sure the debate went well. Is being informal bad? I thought it might have emphasised your arguement more. I don’t know much.

I hate when the clocks change, they always screw up your sleeping pattern. It’ll be the opposite where you are won’t it? So you lose an hour sleep. Ugh. :P

The buses in my area are always pretty reliable. The bus that goes through my village into town is there every fifteen minutes. Late buses are really annoying though. 

Haha, no I’m not being modest in the slightest. My acting talents are laughable, my friends mock me for being unable to skip the lunch queue without looking guilty.

That’s what I tell myself. :D The only problem is that it’s getting really cold and miserable here so the skirt might have to wait until next summer. :(

Yeah, Lindsay seems fine now. She actually seems to hang out with the alleged bully now which confuses me. The other girl Holly got punched in the face the other day though. It seems bullying is suddenly everywhere.

Yeah it takes me forever to type on my iPod too but my time on the computer is so precious now. I use it for Photoshop and anything involving code. I tried coding on my iPod and it just didn’t work.

• I always find the tiny things brighten my day like a song I like on the radio or a smile from a stranger. 

• I never used to make my bed but in this more stressful period of school life I’ve been keeping my room tidier so I make my bed now. 

• I’m coming up blank here. Umm, all I can think of is that the line up for the relentless tour is really good next year and my friend is getting tickets. 

I am truly glad to see that your life is complete.

Its seems the complete opposite of mine right now. It’s very much so INcomplete, I hate my mornings, I go to sleep early every night, miss talking to the ones I use to, and everything has just gone wrong. One day though, I’ll get back to where you are :)

1. To see my love calling, brightens up my day each and every time.
2. I hate making up my bed. If it was up to me, I’d never be made of “neatly”
3. hmmm, good news..sorry but I have none /:

:) hehe i’m glad your life is complete. It is refreshing reading a personal entry that is positive. Smashing Pumpkins are awesome, but I haven’t been updated with them =( Any new songs that I should listen to? Bullet with Butterfly Wings is still one of my favorite songs by them.

I love that song! To pick a favourite would be really hard, but I think mine might be Tonight Tonight or 1979… then again I love Ava Adore. :P

If you visit their website you can actually download tracks from Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. It’s a 44-song album being released gradually on the internet. It’s okay so far but I’m curious to know what’s next. I’ll admit that the album Zeitgeist wasn’t too bad – Tarantula is one song from that album that’s a lot like Bullet With Butterfly Wings. :)

:) weeee I didnt know their site has free downloads! ♥ muhahaha /type *dl dl dl dl* THANK YOU for the site and suggestions! /love

Hi Georgina, I hope you don’t mind me replying your comment here. <3 (It'll be too long if I continue to reply on my blog.)

You're welcomed. I'm glad you can keep your Heartdrops for so long. I hope I can do the same thing too. :P

Oh I see, and I thought I'm the only one who started web design that early. x) I don't wake up in the middle of the night to work on them, but I work on them until the middle of the night instead. My dad was extremely unhappy about it though. I remember when I had a website at, I work really hard on it too – adding pages and lots of useless stuff. I keep on inviting people to my website but now that I think of it, I didn't have any useful contents to offer back then. Wonder why was I so excited to invite people to a useless website. D: Now, I opened a blog again because I enjoy having readers who can sometimes offer me advices and suggestions. :D

Well, even if I do plan, the plan would be ruined most of the time. ): For example, when I plan to study on weekends, my parents would definitely have something else for me to do. -_- I guess that's one of the reason I dislike planning, because I never get to do any of them! I dislike having my plans go wrong. It can sometimes ruin my mood. Ah, a good example is what happened a few days ago – when my mum's car alarm system was broken. I had plans to study if I reached home at 2.30 p.m.. But since I reached home at 5.00 p.m., I didn't feel like studying anymore. D:

Ah really? But my cousin said that she learned about some basic codings, like HTML, PHP, Javascript etc. I plan to ask for notes from my schoolmates, just to have a look at what they're learning, hehe. Owh! Same goes for me, I learned everything online and I feel proud of myself, since it's the first thing that I did willingly. :D

Perhaps there's a reason why daylight savings is done so? My country does not take part, so I don't really know much about it. D: It's a pity you have to lose an hour, I understand that feeling. *hugs*

I have a senior who claimed that she has never switched off her laptop. She said that laptops will only burn when they are overheated. So, she placed her laptop under her air conditioner all the time. Her laptop has never burnt so far. O_O

You know, I have sensitive skins, and I went to the general hospital a few weeks ago. The doctor told me that I should not bath too many times per day because it'll dehydrate my skin. But I'm not sure whether it applies to people with normal skins. I have the urge to rush into the bathroom when I'm sweating, but I try not to. Usually, I'd just sit under a fan with maximum speed. :P

I'll be moving this December, I think. My mum has already planned for it and I can see that she's really excited about it. I personally dislike changes when I'm used to something. But since I'll be graduating this year, and I feel that I shouldn't limit my social life, I'm willing to accept the change. ^-^