My Life is Complete

“My life is complete”.

I’ve probably used that phrase about ten times in the past week. Upon looking at how lucky I am to have the amazing friends I do; upon being approved for the fanlisting for the Smashing Pumpkins, probably my favourite band that is current and hasn’t broken up or died; upon receiving a (about the fiftieth) reply from Ben Jorgensen on Twitter; upon buying Ben Jorgensen’s new EP on iTunes; upon finding Arcade Fire’s album on vinyl; upon celebrating 32 months together with James; upon finishing my university debate that I had to present today…

(Actually, the clock hit past midnight, so technically yesterday.)

I’m a happy person right now. I’ll admit I haven’t been checking my site or doing very much online. Yesterday I was working pretty hard on the debate I had to present today, which went fairly well. It was a little on the informal side, but that was okay. I felt pretty proud of myself for spending so much time on it and getting it done before I went to bed – all with no rush. I also slept at midnight on the dot. πŸ™‚

That said, since university is back this week, no doubt I’ll be busy. I’m also working on that new job I got last month. I recently got some tasks to do… so all in all, I’ll be pretty busy.

I have to say, that with this glowing happiness, I still had to encounter some mundane moments. Though yesterday ended nicely, it did not flow through very well. I feel like people know how to make me angry; they know me all too well… they know how to push the right and wrong buttons. πŸ˜›

I woke up late, which ticked me off most of all. I love my mornings and to wake up at around noon was very disappointing. I had woken up from the house phone ringing. (I guess I have to thank my mum for that.) I checked my phone; Sebby had messaged me multiples times to wake up. I also got a phone call from a friend in my group for the debate. I was so angry that I didn’t make my bed. For those who know me well, I love making my bed and do it every morning without fail.

I had so many emails to respond to when I woke up. Daylight savings had really screwed me over, and now I’m still not used to it. I also need to make it a habit to sleep early. Hopefully I’ll adjust to the time changes soon.

I know I haven’t really been responding to comments lately. I’m not feeling stressed about it – I usually freak out when I realise I have so many comments to read and respond to (where necessary), but even though I haven’t really been paying attention to my site, I don’t return and get stressed about comments or anything silly like that.

Also, let’s wage war on buses. Lilian got home close to midnight because her bus never came. 😞 At least she’s home safe! β™₯️ Buses can often be really unreliable. Many times I’ve been left waiting for half an hour because buses don’t come when they should. I find them worse than trains because they don’t have a set time that they stop at each stop, and you don’t know whether the bus stops or not – it all depends on whether or not people are waiting at each one.

Right now I’m listening to Ben Jorgensen’s new EP… and it’s wonderful. 😚

  • What brightens up your day?
  • Do you like making your bed?
  • Share a piece of good news you’ve heard lately!

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