My head feels so light. Yes, I know it’s a peculiar thing to say. But today I got a haircut and had more than half my hair hacked off. :D James was sweet enough to pay for my haircut too. /faw My hair used to be pretty long, and I planned on growing it out, but being the indecisive person I am, I changed my mind a little bit on a whim. /um

I have dealt with long hair for many years of my life. From birth until the age of thirteen I didn’t cut my hair, save a few trims of the ends to prevent them from being split. So for quite a while I had hair that was down to my knees. Yesterday, I decided that I was sick of having the side-fringe-and-layered-hair that I’ve been having since I was thirteen, and wanted something a little more edgy and choppier… shamefully, the likes of the character Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (I’m referring to the movie; her hair is different in the comic books). My last haircut was in December 2009. I got my hair cut by the same hairdresser who cut my hair last year. He’s really nice. A lot of hairdressers don’t give a crap about what you want, and they don’t ask you questions or opinions. I once had a hairdresser who gave me really weird suggestions!

Anyway, here’s how my hair turned out. I tied the tails up at the front, though. :) (I was too scared to thin out the front tails, for fear they would be a lot thinner. My hairdresser said, “You look so punky!”)

Me with my new haircut. :)

I felt like giggling. /hehe

I miss my very long hair, but it was about time those blonde ends were chopped off and time for a change. :D The hair isn’t so heavy on my head as it felt before. I remember that a long time ago, one of my friends said that she should cut all her hair off so that when she weighed herself, she would seem to have lost weight. I thought that was a very good point.

Another friend of mine, in high school, mentioned that when we write in books, we are making the books heavier. Due to the ink being transferred from the pen to the book, the more we wrote, the more ink we were putting into the books, transferring minute amounts of weight onto the paper. She said that if we compared the weight of a new book to one that had been written in, the one with writing in it would be heavier.

I don’t know why I found that so amusing. Sometimes I marvel at how much stuff I can put into one of my bags. I looked at the Bag of Holding from, which is “bigger on the inside”, and was amazed at how much I could possibly fit in it, until I realised that it wouldn’t be that nice for my shoulder. Ahaaa…

I’ve got a bunch more to talk about, in terms of the website… but that shall be for another blog. :)

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You do look nice. :3
It is a Nice Change :B

I like bags :3
They’re so great; I have that blue Timberland one that can fit quite a darn lot of stuff inside; once, three days of clothes. Ngege!

Ah, the bag of holding. I wish it came in backpack form *frog*


I was so worried it would look weird, or you would think it was weird. /um ♥

You’ve had that bag for a really… a really long time. You had it way back in year eleven and that’s as far back as I can remember. I’m betting you had it before then though. It’s mighty strong! Goes to show, handbags and shoulder bags don’t suffice… I went through so many in high school. :(

I suppose you could get someone to buy the bag and alter it, but that’s too much trouble. It’s a nice bag. :D Like a TARDIS. /bounce

Hair down to your knees? O_O That’s really long! I used to have long hair too, but it doesn’t suit me because it makes my face look longer. D: I really like girls with long hair, especially with a little bit wavy on the ends.

Speaking of hairdresser, I don’t know why but I always feel awkward when I enter the shop. I don’t know how to tell the hairdresser what I want; I feel shy to tell him/her about it. -_- I know, weird. My old hairdresser, who is a nice lady, is the only one whom I dare to talk to. Besides, she knows what I want. We usually chat a little when she’s cutting my hair, which really helps me to relax myself. Sigh, I regret going to the hairdresser yesterday. I shouldn’t have done that. -_-

Uh.. “(I was too scared to thin out the front tails, for fear they would be a lot thinner. My hairdresser said, “You look so punky!”)” I don’t understand this.. :l Front tails? D: Oh you’ll look punky if you have some black makeups on you. :P But I like the way you tie them up. ^-^

Haha, what your friend told you were what I had thought of too. Hair can be really heavy. I could still remember the light-head-feeling when I had my long hair cut off. ^w^ My mum mentioned that growing long hair will “snatch” the nutrition that your body needs. And since I’m the skinny type who also looks unhealthy, my mum encourages me to grow short hair. I think what your other friend said about the inks is quite true. Not only does it increases the weight of the book (by a little) but it also makes it thicker. It’s sort of amazing how people can think things this way sometimes. :l

Ahaha, I know! That’s why I dislike bringing handbags when I go out. Besides carrying my own stuff, sometimes the others might also ask me to keep their stuff for them, which often makes the bag heavier than it should be. AH, my shoulder. D:

Hello! You WOULD feel light-headed. Your hair was so long before, and now it’s so much shorter :O. That’s a LOT of hair gone. Hahaha. It’s okay, I always feel light-headed after a haircut, even if I don’t get that much hair cut off D:. Maybe it’s a psychological thing?

Awww! James was sweet for paying for your haircut. My mum pays for mine! Hahaha!

Hehe! I remember your super long hair down to your knees. It was so straight too :O. LOL. And I remember when you cut it short in year 8 :P. Or was it year 9? O_O

I like your hair! It does look edgier. But it suits you. And like I keep telling you, it makes you look SO CUTE! :P :P

I want a hair-style change too! But I need longer hair first. LOL.

Your hair had those blonde bits in there for AGES. I swear, they’ve been there since what? 2008? 2007? When did you last go to Indonesia? The blonde bits were cool while they lasted, though XD .

Oh hey, I never actually thought about that. The whole books-being-heavier-when-written in. LOL. It’s so obviously logical when you think about it. Cos the pen gets lighter too. Hahahaha! Well you know what makes books REALLY heavy? When you paste sheets into them, thereby making them FAT! D:

Haha I thought it was a really drastic change but I like it! It’s good to have a change once in a while. I like that my head doesn’t feel as heavy. Perhaps it might be a psychological thing though – or maybe you have heavy hair! XD

My mum pays for mine, generally, but this time, even though I was planning to pay for myself… James did!

I think I cut my hair really short in year nine. That’s when I got my braces, too, so it was like a total change. :P Ahhh… cute wasn’t the look I was going for, but it doesn’t hurt. Haha… (I think you can tell that I am very tired right now.)

YEAH! I had the blonde done at the end of 2007 I think… or some time during that year. I can’t even remember now, but I am sure it was then.

Even if you don’t paste sheets into the books, they would probably be heavier from the ink. In school I hated my geography book the most. We always got a lot of sheets for geography… this is why I liked carrying a binder so I didn’t have to carry books unnecessarily…!

Are notebooks really heavier when you write in them? that’s weirdd xD But interesting.

Your new hair looks awesome :D and you’re just as pretty as ever <3 I got my last hair cut in Feb of this year and got it cut a lot shorter than I was used to. It's all grown back now though, and I want to grow it reaaaally long xD I might change my mind in the process though :P

His boss was impressed :D David had already showed him the flyer I made because I emailed it to him and he showed it to his boss, so he just told me the types of things he wanted on it and he's going to email me some stuff and I'll be doing it next week. I'm excited :D

She does need to cut the crap. She did the other day :/ She's all happy and offering to help me one day and the next, is bitching about something or another. GR.

Ooo, your hair really does look punky, haha. I wouldnt dare to chop off my hair if i had long hair like yours 😝 I cut my hair short a couple of times, and they both went badly, I think i like my long hair best -strokes hair- *_*
That’s interesting O_O The ink actually weighs something?? Whoa. I had always assumed that the ink evaporates and all that’s left is an imprint. haha. What about ball point then?

/wave Hey Georgie! (: <3 I get so jealous whenever I see your boyfriend post comments on your blogs. I wish my boyfriends was "into" the same things I'm into. It'd be nice for him to read some of my blogs. It'd give him a heads up on what is going on in my head…He only reads things I post if I show them to him. Partially because he doesn't have internet at his house and partially because he couldn't careless. :/

I love your hair!!! :) You look like a rockstar. /cool (H) ✌️
I got my haircut recently. (like 2 months ago recently XD ) I need to get my dad to cut it again though. I need it cut because I'm hoping to be lighter-headed. ;D /bounce

I can't wait to hear about your website updates. (:
Well, that's good. I clean out my files as well. I make sure to not have that many saved games. :P

Mhm. Breaks are healthy. Some people would just go insane if they didn't have a break. Sometimes I force myself to have a break because I want to go on the computer really really badly but I end up having a friend over but then when they leave I have nothing to do online…so, it ends up being good for me. XD

Wow. I've never seen the Sega and the other old ones. The oldest I've seen is the original Playstation and the Nintendo 64.

Thanks. ;)

Totally. I agree 10,000%.

Dang. Yeah, I remember that story. That musta've fried it. I'm sorry. That sucks!

Totally! I finished it last night. I was TOO excited! OMG! I am so happy now! I don't have anything to stress over anymore. :D

Thanks! Yeah, I had no idea. I know what kinda schemes to choose to make my layouts better now. :D I just need to remember "colorful" colors. :)

Hahahaha. Yeah, I was doing HW during most of the lesson but I still ignored them. :)

High-five for us with new haircuts! ✌️ The hairdresser’s right, you do look spunky and it really suits you! : D I also have thin hair so I was so worried about how it would look like if I cut it short…

Interesting thought about the ink in exercise book weight issue. Until I realize the presence of the pen so there isn’t much of a weight transfer (until the pen gets thrown away).
Yes yes, apparently long hair is a sign of attachment, perhaps confirmed by you missing it after parting with it. Which reminds me of two things; 1) I need a haircut and 2) I really need a haircut (just kidding, it was to watch the Rapunzel movie by ….”Dreamworks” I think?).
When one has a big bag, I am surprised at how much … useless trinkets I carry, suggestive of challenging or stupidly stuffing as many things within arm’s reach (and leg’s reach for that matter – I have very nimble legs and feet). I remember in primary school, my school bag was longer than my torso and weighed 17lbs (8? kg); quite significant since I was 55-60lbs (25-30kg) at the time. In contrast to high-school, one backpack weighing 5-10 lbs. Well now I think college would be even lighter; One pen, one notebook, one laptop (and its power supply).

My mum has a big handbag and sometimes it’s just a mess! She asks me to look for something in there and I find empty mint boxes, tissues that have fallen out of inside pockets, random jewellery and scraps of paper with notes. :P I used to love having a backpack with many compartments because it made certain things easy to access. But the side pockets were usually crammed with rubbish. Haha.

I can’t believe your bag was that heavy! I think my bag was actually heaviest in high school, having had to carry more books and sometimes having seven subjects/lessons in one day and carrying all the material for each. My bag weighed about 5 kilograms then. I heard that it’s bad to carry more than ten percent of your body weight. During that time I weighed about 40 kilograms, so I often complained about it and reiterated how bad it was for my back. :P

As for my laptop, sadly, it’s quite heavy, so it hasn’t made too much difference…

lovely change, lovely haircut. mom will love it if I have that haircut too.. /wave since she always complains about my anime-boys-type of hair. D: Ramona’s hair rocks XD (you should dye it too,lolz kiddin)

Haha I have dyed my hair before, but it was natural colours like red and brown and blonde. I am actually trying to colour it orange right now (for the second time, because the first time nothing much happened). I don’t think the colour will show very much because my hair is pretty dark.

oh yea, Japanese food is awesome 🤤s.

Ramen~ ♥

I’m surprised when I found out you’re part Indonesian. we’re the same XD

no internet, no nothing. =D

I was like you. Except my hair was till my knees until I was 16. Then I took a stand and decided to chop it off. I missed my long hair oh so much but I turned out to like short hair. I am trying to grow out my hair again till it reaches my knees so I can chop it off and donate it to cancer patients. Did you donate your hair??
I always feel iffy to go to a hairdresser cause they always want to do thier own thing like you said and don’t ask what you want. So I prefer to just mydad to cut my hair cause at least he’ll listen =P But he can’t do styling just trimming so. I feel like I could never find a good hairdresser for my hair that is not insanely priced too.

Take care and your hair looks awesome =)

Thank you Nayana! :)

You have to have a certain length cut off to be able to donate to cancer patients, which was pretty upsetting. The first time I cut my hair, I wasn’t ready to cut it from being so long to really short – so I only cut it from my knee to my hip. It’s a bit hard parting with hair!

I have gone through quite a few hairdressers and given them all a fair chance. Once when I was fifteen, I was desperate for a haircut and my split ends were going crazy so I just hacked off the ends of my hair myself! D: Because my hair was long, I didn’t think it would be that noticeable. It wasn’t, but I think it made the ends look terrible because I had layered hair! :P

But yeah – it’s pretty hard to find a really good hairdresser!

I love your outfit! You’re so pretty, and I like how you have a suspicious look on your face. XD I want to see your hair without the pigtails.
I’ve never tied up my hair in public because I have this thing about showing my ears. I feel so exposed when I show my ears. O_O

The longest I’ve ever grown my hair was to my boobs…I’ve never had back-long hair.

I remember doing a lab with a group of people for Chemistry, and we were measuring the mass of an envelope. We kept arguing about the mass because a bunch of stuff was written on it.

Georgie!! Hiiiiiii!!!!! *waves* I’m so sorry I haven’t been by lately. I’ve been sorta busy re-doing my website and losing all my posts from august and september both because of a minor mishap. Anyway. I validated my website and I hope you don’t mind that I took some snippets of your coding on one of your freebie wp layouts. I did credit you though!! So again I hope you don’t mind.

I love, love, love, love, love the new hair cut. I wish you didn’t put it into ponytails so we could see the finished result! But I love it anyway. It’s very cute. I wanted to re-dye my hair blonde but my dad said “But you just had Christina dye it black and purple for you not two weeks ago, think about it”. Well; I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s right, and I sorta got my natural hair color back. *squeals*. I’m lovin it! heehee.

I’m going for my consultation today in two hours. And let me tell you, today was NOT my day. I was pissed at the dog, for begging to go outside and potty and he didn’t. So I had to take him around the block and as I did I just wanted to cry, probably from the plucking of the eyebrows to yelling at the dog which wasn’t his fault. But I stopped at a corner and kinda sobbed for a bit, than I saw my friend’s dog Oden and he cheered me up some. But I didn’t see my friend though. After taking the dog out for a walk, I went back to plucking my eye brows and they look better than what the people do at the salon’s. I tried making icons and I couldn’t think of anything catchy to say or funny to say as I was drained from crying. So I shut the computer off and went to sleep my dad just came home a few moments ago and that kinda woke me up (but in a good way). I’m better now. At least I think I am. I dunno.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to cry for no reason? Like everything just irritated the living hell out of you? That was my day today.

But anywho, I’m really nervous about the consultation and telling my doctor about what’s been going on with my body lately. I stopped taking Zyprexa (which I forgot what was used for other than voices) and you know what? I haven’t heard that little nasty voice at all hardly in the past few weeks. I feel “normal” again. But I’m gonna have to keep taking it because lately I’ve been having anxiety attacks, so I’m not sure if it’s because I quit taking the Zyprexa, or it’s nerves for the consultation and I don’t know why I should be nervous but I am. I dunno. I still am nervous a bit. I really don’t get my emotions lately. It’s like they’ve gone haywire. I’ve checked out three books on haunted places and one of them is a poetry book *gasp*. Lately I’ve been so drained by 7:30 p.m. that I just want to crawl in bed and sleep. But I force myself to stay awake. And lately I’ve been feeling rather sick to my stomach on top of that and waking up in the middle of the night thinking I need to vomit or something and than don’t. It’s really weird so I’m gonna have to tell my doctor all this. I’ll let you know what he says. It’s probably nerves, and my fatty liver that’s making me feel sick to my stomach. Or something. I dunno. Sorry for grossing you out or something.

But anywho, is there a picture of the girl that has your hairstyle? Not the anime girl? Let me know I’d love to see it. You look so good! I always thought you had short thin hair, never in my wildest dreams to know you had your hair down to your knees. That must’ve been hell to take care of. I like long hair though. I want mine back. When and if I get this gastric bypass surgery done and if my insurance pays for it, I’m gonna grow it back out. It’s starting to grow out now. So I just swoop my hair over to one side, it’s a pain the rear, to keep positioning it there and leave it, but I need my hair gel to keep it there and I have no idea where it’s at :(. Ah well. I’ll find it sooner or later. Sorry for the rambling on your comments. Return the comment when you have free time.

I hate it when friends drift away. I had a neighbor friend. Our parents were good friends and I knew her since I was 2 weeks old. After about 3rd grade we never talked, we only talked if we were partners in softball or something. She said me and another friend were ignoring her at a football game but I didn’t hear here say hi. (Actually I’m postive she didn’t say anything but who knows she could have.) She brought her mom into it and pretty much she made us become friends again. I don’t talk to her or hang out with her like we used to but whatever…

At my school most of us have been there since kindergarten we had some people move in and out but not many. Our school is really small and not academically good but some people move here young because have amazing sports teams. We went undefeated in almost every sport but other then that were just really small. We are pretty much all friends no matter what other people say. We all talk. If 2 of us were at an event or something with people from other schools we would hang out together.

Oh I know now! ;) I have people complain to me about them and I just say trust me you will get used to them!

I didn’t put a space in my paragraphs. Between softball or something. and She said me there should be a space. I was talk about 2 different people /hehe

I like your new hair cut. (H) It looks great on you.

I have long hair too, long and curly and thick. short hair doesn’t fit me, so I have to do it with the long hair.

Your hair looks adorable! My hair was past my butt but I chopped it all off too and I know how light it feels, haha!

I like the new cut :)
I cut my hair the summer before high school. I miss it dearly now though. I just wish it would hurry and grow longer already but it seems to be taking forever and a day. When I got it cut though, I did notice a bit of weight off of my head. You and your friends make a valid point, I just never looked at things in that way. It’s so true about writing in a book though. Whenever I get a new tablet, it soon gets filled and gets way heavier and I always wondered why, now I know :)

I often fill the need to let everything out to someone but nobody is ever there to just listen without giving me their negative opinions. I’m never really searching for someone’s opinion unless I ask…I mainly like for people to just listen -_-

I’m not running away from my problems. I just will be so thankful for the day I move out of this house and get out and on my own.

Oh, I love the punky look! As long as it’s not “too punky” if you know what I mean. Your hair is actually similar to mine. I had straight long hair for ages then just decided to mess around with it, haha. The same dude always does my hair. Every time I go I pick him, I think he always has a line of people waiting while the others get to chill. XD

I found that so amusing too actually. It’s true! Maybe I shall weigh a filled journal and an empty one, but that would be over-interpreting, sorry hehe. /bash

I heard that Australian summers are like crazy. I’m guessing it’s because it’s mostly desert? 40C would be like 105F or something, whoa! This summer had a record of 102F which I believe is 39C, and I haven’t seen that for ages. See you’re talking about weather to someone now, haha. /hehe I actually have a conversion application on my iPod, it’s how I learned F vs C, though I’m still clueless about height and weight. Why can’t the world go by the same scale…? /hmph

I managed to survive my first week. It’s actually not that bad since I’m always occupied with something. I doubt it about the wi-fi, but I’m looking for Starbucks and Barnes&Nobles around the area so I can at least go on a bit every day. No more chilling in front of computer for hours. 😢 I always feel it’s too good to be true that they provide free internet, there must be a catch. Like you must buy a coffee/book and you have limited time or something.

Hmm I actually got lazy with the subdomain, so I’m just gonna attach it to the end of my actual posts. To be honest I don’t like it when people only post blog challenges, it’s becoming a trend. And some aren’t even blog challenges, I saw some with all questions on Twilight and creepy stuff like that!

I’m hoping to stick to my sites for as long, though if I get a domain then everything will change. I see a lot people changing domain names, I don’t think I will do that. It seems really complicated to move websites around. Especially ones with databases, and those are the common ones.

Youtube, the 2nd joy of life after internet! Once I had an account but I really can’t stand the messy layouts of user profiles! They do have everything, but you can’t really download the videos or at least you’re not supposed to. Though I’ve seen people do it, no idea how. And I need to make sure everyone has seen this: Sorry for not putting a link, I’m not sure what HTML can be displayed.

YES! That’s become my number one pet peeve! All the blogs with celebrity headers! I think reasonable header images are stock or a picture of yourself, which I haven’t seen outside of Blogger yet. Though I like typography best.

hey hun love the new hairstyle. i also chopped off all my hair, alot shorter than urs, my hair u cant put up. ill show u one day… i use to have hair down to my butt and i use to hate hair wash days because id have to have it down and i cant stand it wen it was down because my hairs a bit curly.. i only had it down if it was straightened lol im very fussy.. now with my short hair its pretty easy to managee and it takes ten minutes to straighten :)

Thanks! :) I didn’t want to go too short. It is really short at the back, though. I can’t tie my hair all too well now, because it’s layered and it’ll just fall down again. :P

I hated washing my hair when it was long! I didn’t wash it as often, and thankfully it didn’t get that dirty. I guess I should feel lucky to have naturally straight hair!

Aw, that’s really nice of James to pay for your haircut. Your hair looks great. :D

I had long hair for a really long time, too. until I was 10 my hair was down to waist, then I had it cut to shorter than my shoulders! It was in such bad condition though, every time it get’s too long now I do have it cut to shoulder length again.

Is Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World that movie with Michael Cera in? If it is, I want to see it so bad! I remember seeing a film advertised on TV with him in recently, it looked really good but I couldn’t remember the title. /huh

I have quite thick, long hair also, it doesn’t feel heavy to me though…I guess if I had it all cut off, I’d know the difference though!

That’s quite interesting about the books, I’d never thought about that before though. I’ve never noticed a book get heavier when it’s full of writing, but I guess the weight is only really tiny amounts added each time. I may weigh a book before I begin writing in it, then weigh it again when it’s full!

Thank you about my layout. :D

Haha, I know that feeling! It’s like, after a new haircut, your head feels like it doesn’t even have any hair on it! It feels so light! My hair’s not even that long to begin with, so I just imagine how different it would’ve felt for you to cut your hair, haha. My hair’s never really been long. I know someone who’s always had hair until her knees. She’s kinda known for that.

It looks cute, haha. :)

You have such pretty hair! I like how it’s so straight and extremely thin — it must be far more manageable than my straggly mess of wavy locks. ;) I used to have long hair when I was a kid as well, though somehow I got sick of it and started wearing short hair for the rest of my teenage life. I find it more “me.” :D

Btw, that Bag of Holding is such a creepy piece of luggage to bring around. :O

Thank you! :) I used to wish I had wavy hair, but a lot of people wish they had straight hair so I guess I’m lucky. I used to have very thin hair, but it got thicker. I think it just looks thin in the photo because it’s a lot shorter at the back and that’s all that’s left of the front and longer segments of my hair. :)

Yea. When I first got mine cut I was excited but now it’s old, it grew on me so I want my long hair back.

People just don’t understand. I just want someone to simply listen.

smh, I just don’t know what to say about your mother anymore /:

You look lovely in your new haircut, Georgie dear. /heart LOL, punky! XD Maybe, but it still looks nice on you and your clothing style.

I think your high-school friend is right about writing on books that makes them heavier. That thought always crossed my mind in the past, but I never focused on it. It’s true of notebooks, for instance: when we buy a new one, it’s light and thin; when we filled it with written words, colors, etc. it becomes thicker and heavier. Perhaps it’s only a matter of grams, but there IS a difference (after all, the ink in the pen is a liquid substance, and once it’s transferred on paper, it dries, yes, but there it stays, so you still add substance to the current one). Okay, enough with it, we don’t want to enter a physics discussion. :P

– Luana S.

P.S. For the email I promised to send a few days ago, I’m attempting at writing it now. I’ve been holding back so many things that putting them in words seems to be absurdly difficult now. I know I need it though, to let go of some things… so expect to receive the “Long story short (I hope)” message within 2-3 hours. ^^” (Yes, that’s the Subject of the email I’m writing)

Oh, your new hairstyle is very cute and punk. ;) I definitely know what you mean by feeling as if your head is lighter. I got my hair cut really short in HS, and I definitely noticed that I had less headaches. Hm…

I love pasta too its my favorite food ever. /faw I just pretty much love Italian too! :)

I went blog hopping and thought about making a cupcakes one but I kept messing up when adding the frosting :/ But thats a good idea :) I might just do that!

I have 4 options of what I want to do:
1. Fashion Designer. I kinda want to take classes on that get a degree and then get a degree in business so I can open my own store but I might just get a degree for fashion design.

2. Interior Designer. I want to get a degree in that but its hard to find work for it.

3. Cosmology. I want to get a degree in business then go to beauty school a couple of years.

4. Party Planner. This is like a maybe, maybe not kind of thing I haven’t really thought much on it.

True the category was probably better. But some of the high schoolers said they give us a test later that gives us a specific job. I looked at graphic designer briefly to see what it offered but I’m not sure. Some people, mostly family, say they think I would be good in that but I’m not that sure about it.

Oh my gosh your hair is so cute! When I get my hair cut I like it but can never really make it how I like it. I’m thinking about getting mine shorter, right now its just below the shoulders.

Oh wow, your haircut looks super cute. You’re gorgeous.

I will find a picture of Currar and his new hair cut. I’m getting my hair bleached next Saturday, I’m so excited.

I loved Currar’s hair when he got it cut, but the more I see it the more I miss his old hair. :(

Thank you, I’m so excited for Summer. It should be fun. Currar wants me to go camping with him. :)

Cute cut!! I wanted to cut my hair soon, too. But I feel lazy. And sometimes I just want to keep my long hair forever. LOL it’s not that long anyway. Hm. I still haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim! I feel like I’m missing on a lot of things because of that XD

I don’t think anyone likes sore throats – maybe doctors because they can make money out of treating sick people. :P I’m kidding xD Laryngitis? Ugh, that sounds terrible. :( I can’t go without talking..talking is so addictive!

:o :o You are so lucky. Blackheads are a massive pain in the butt. They don’t go away and when you try and get rid of them, it really hurts.

Wow that is a pretty pointless assignment :/ I hope you get it done soon.

*eats ice cream* Brain freezes drive me slightly spaz because I feel like spazzing on the floor because my head is like…away.

:o Those are crazy heels! Where did you get them from?

I can never stick to my goals list. There is always something distracting me.

Oooh :D Your haircut does look really punky! I remember when I got my hair re-layered that it was really light and it felt a lot better. I’m currently growing my hair out long since I’ve never had really long hair. But stupid split ends are always getting in the way.

Hair down to your knees?! WHAT!?! Wouldn’t it be a pain to handle?!

I think your new hair cute looks great. But you should take another pic with it all the way down, I couldn’t really tell how short it was..

I used to have really long hair aswell. Up until the 8th grade. I decided to cut it cause I was up for something new and shorter. Ever since then it’s been about the smae length. I can’t stand my hair to be really long any more.

That’s about how short it is, since it isn’t tied up – it’s just tied there. The back is very short though. :D Since I first cut my hair I enjoyed having it shorter than it being so long. I feel the same way. :)

Down to your knees. Woah. You couldve played skipping with your hair haha lol.
You must feel really free. I feel like that when I take my extensions out. Its a shame that my hair doesn’t grow very long becaause of my ethnicity. The longest I’ve had it was to my shoulders, then I decided to chop it off two years ago and its just getting to below my ears. Bad move.
That was so nice of James to pay for it.
Haven’t spoken to you in a very long time, apart from random twitter convos. Its nice to be blogging again.