The Promise

James and I always laughed at the Anberlin version of the song The Promise. I think it might just be their version that was a bit of a laugh in the way it was done. Sometimes, covers of songs can be really well done, or so badly done that it makes your ears bleed.

To be honest, I think a lot of songs are badly done on reality shows like Australia’s Got Talent or The X Factor. Sometimes, a contestant might sing a song that I’m familiar with, or even one that I like. A lot.

When they ruin it, I’m so disappointed.

A lot of live versions seem to suck, too. I didn’t really understand “live versions” when I was younger. I didn’t know why they were so different from the original recorded versions. The fact that they had recorded these live in front of an audience – was just something I couldn’t fathom. Strange, I know.

Listening to different versions of songs makes me curious. When you take out all the percussion, or just have an acapella, or just the very fact that it’s sung live. It gives the song a different quality altogether. When I listen to live versions, it just makes me jealous of the people who would have heard that song when it was recorded, who were at the live concert of some band, whose cheers you can hear when you listen to the track.

For a couple of years I’ve been dying to go to a concert, and see some band live. People tell me that I should at least see my favourite band live. Well, they’ve disbanded. Armor For Sleep are long gone now, and frontman Ben Jorgensen made clear that there is no more for Armor. One thing I can smile about is that he’s come out with some solo stuff, which I love.

Last week I was disappointed to find out that I can completely forgotten to take notice of the Smashing Pumpkins coming to Sydney. I had known, quite a few months ago, that they were coming here. And being so busy, I forgot. So I missed out on buying tickets.

They are probably the only band I’d be a hundred percent willing to see live. A lot of the bands I like no longer exist, or don’t ever come to Australia! :(

Well, tough. My only consolation is that the lineup of the Pumpkins is different from the original (I preferred the original).

It’s Heartdrops’ second birthday tomorrow – the 11th. Two years ago on the 11th, I opened this site. ♥️ It’s come so far. I think I might be closing reviews for good, after I complete the two I have left. It’s just… I’ve done over three hundred, and it’s become such a chore. I love helping people but when reviews are going to take me two months to do, I don’t think it’s worth it.

I usually end up complaining about it, too. I know I promise to get them done, but I’m wearing thin. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. ;)

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Anberlin do great covers. I liked their cover of ‘True Faith’. I just like Anberlin’s sound overall; their not-so-new album is fantastic. Though I can’t believe Stephen cut his hair. @_@

Yeah, live songs can sound pretty rubbish. I prefer the studio versions, because, as you say, I just get jealous. xD

OMG! You missed the SP? :( Aw! Well someone, sometime will come to Sydney. I think MCR are going? Though I know you’re not a huge fan of them.

I am going to see my favourite band live :D That is, if the tickets show up; we didn’t get them straight from the venue as the lines were busy so my mum went online and got us some legit-looking ones. No eBay. I will be so mad if they don’t turn up. :X

And yes, I am dragging my mum to a MCR concert. She’s pretty amazing. :P Though I’m too young (I think I am anyway) to be allowed to stand, and my mum said she had to get some seats. LOL.

I don’t like X Factor much; I’d watch it if I had to but I don’t obssess over it, y’know?

Happy 2nd birthday, HD! It’s come so far, as you say ♥

My fucking gawd, over 300? Stop stop stop. How much more advice can you give. xD

Well said /bounce

Take care! xx

I haven’t heard that one! I’m out of the loop with Anberlin. I sort of lost interest and only listen to them from time to time now. I haven’t heard their most recent release; my brother’s been on about it. Maybe because he expected me to have it but I don’t!

Yeah, I’m not such a big fan of MCR! I have spent many a long time looking at guides, seeing who’s coming to Sydney… and there are bands I would possibly see, but I don’t feel like a big fan, and going to a concert would be a waste of money when I can’t guarantee that I’ll enjoy it!

Ahhhh, usually if you buy online and are linked from the band’s website or something, it would be legit. I hope they’re comin’! Your mum rocks for doing that, I swear. To come and see your favourite band live, should she like them or not. Send her my love! ♥ Hehe.

I don’t like reality television all that much, but the X Factor is on television in Australia right now and there are some good contestants. :P

I lost interest until I got their new album. Ho hum!

I hope you find something soon. You’re the type of person I’d’ve expected to have gone to loads of councerts already (Y)

I know, I know ;D I was like “ZOMG I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER MORE” and she goes “does that mean you didn’t like me in the first place?”, as all mums do /ehe

It will be a laugh, methinks. And I don’t care because I’ll still be seeing them. :D 13 days!

I only watch the bad auditions on YouTube; my friend links me to them. You might have seen this one on Vicky’s blog but this was terrible – they had such bad attitude:

Take care! xx

Haha I think Gillian said that about me too. Ahh, I wish I’d gone to see Avenged Sevenfold back in 2008! :( But I hope something pops up. The problem is finding someone who wouldn’t mind coming with me.

Ahaha, mums are like that. ;)

I’m jealous. If you get photos or anything… share! I’m sure you’ll let me know about it anyway. I’m expecting epic fangirling!

Yeah, I saw Vicky’s blog. I’ll have to see the video later though, my internet is buggy and I’m going to sleep soon! :P

Yeah, I was gonna go with my friend but she couldn’t make it so my mum was like “I’ll go!”

LOL YES. I will fangirl like fuck. I’m taking my phone which has a good camera but you can’t zoom in :/ I don’t think you’re actually meant to take cameras though tbh.

My internet is buggy too xD

Love you!

Take care! xx

I don’t think I’ve heard The Promise before. None of the versions. I’ll give it a listen haha.

You probably know this already, but live versions are so different from the recorded ones because at the studios, they do many takes for each part of a song, until the singer or player gets their part perfectly. I was able to see differences the most in Arcade Fire’s songs. If you go and listen to their live version, they are so different, it’s hard to believe it’s the same dude singing.

Concerts. When I was younger, I liked the idea of going to one, but eventually gave up on it. I didn’t like the idea of standing up with a group of people, all jumping and moving around. I prefer to sit down on a concert hall, and enjoy the music from an orchestra more. But yeah, some bands are worth seeing live! <3

And last, but not least, to Heartdrops …. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D

I still explode with jealousy every time I hear about someone going to a concert of their favourite band. People say that the experience is either amazing or intolerable. But you know me… I’m crazy, hyperactive, and like metal music. Then again, I hate people in general. But on the other side of the spectrum, I love operas! I think I’ll just have to say, I don’t know anything until I’ve tried.

I usually don’t bother listening to live versions because they tend to suck. Unplugged versions are lovely (Nirvana, please!) but when it comes to rock music, I’m indifferent. It’s just like hearing it harsh – microphone buzzing, raspy vocals – and doesn’t tend to have the intimacy of something acoustic. Raw, yes (and I like), but not really to my liking. :P

I’ve never heard of Anberlin or The Promise before. So I’m just a tad bit clueless.
Over here there’s recently been quite a lot of controversy about ‘live’ singers because most of them have their voices altered etc so they sound better which sort of defeats the point of live singing. Well in my eyes it does.
You should definitely go to a concert! The feeling is just so amazing. I went to my first one not too long ago, I’m already looking for dates for another concert.
Happy Birthday to Heartdrops in advance!! :)

*cough cough* I’m not one to remember to reply to comments. My bad.

Well, when covers are nice, you admire it. When covers looks ugly, you laugh at it or wrinkle your nose. But it isn’t really the cover you want. You want the things INSIDE it, not the cover. But since people’s first impressions are always on front covers… yeah. :P

Usually when I watch American Idol or Singapore Idol on Channel 5, contestants will pick the top songs in that particular month or week. But sometimes, when they pick a certain song that I don’t know, I sigh and turn the television off. :( At times, when contestants sing it badly, I sigh again and wonder, “Why is he/she making such a wonderful song sound like a fool?” /angry

I love music, particularly English pop songs from singers like Taylor Swift. But I am not one to be sensitive towards the background, where the guitars, violins, drums, etc. are playing. I usually focus on the song, but I still keep the background music deep in my heart because I know they are important to a song – every song.

I do not really like bands; I prefer solo singers. And neither do I purchase tickets for concerts (I want to, though) because well… sometimes it really isn’t worth it and sometimes they never ever come to Singapore. /wah

Well, everybody has their own things to do. Don’t worry about missing the concert – I’m sure there will be another one.

You know, I can’t believe Heartdrops is two years old. I thought it was already like… five years old or something, because I never pay attention to dates :P Anyway, happy birthday Heartdrops! I ♥ You.

Well, closing reviews might be a good thing, but not for good. Close it during your university days and open them up when you have less pressure on yourself again. Take your time when you do reviews. It is really tiring, I understand. Why don’t you refer people who wants reviews to :)

I can’t say I’ve heard Anberlin’s cover but I agree with covers sometimes being bad!! i listened to muse’s cover of the smith’s ‘please please please, let me get what I want’ and it was terrible, they just didn’t capture the emotion of the song the same. Yep, I’m not a big fan of live versions to be honest, all the screaming from fans does my head in lol. I mean its okay when you’re there live, but when you’re sat in your room listening to a live recording it’s sort of rubbish
aww sorry that you missed the smashing pumpkins. I missed the maine! they were touring over here so I was gonna get tickets then I got sick so I physically couldn’t order them and by the time i was better they’d sold out :(
aww yeah you should close reviews if they’re not fun for you anymore, you can always reopen at a later date


I’ve seen a few performers that I like live in concert and you know I’ve seen Meat loaf twice already. He looks like he has fun on stage. I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that and get nervous all at the same time.

I’m sorry that you missed out on going to see Pumpkins live.You probably would’ve brought home a lot of souveneirs(sp?) I know I spelled that wrong. Oh well; maybe when Ben comes to Australia you can see him than. Or any other group that you feel like you might want to go. Sometimes being busy can distract you in so many ways that you forget and all. I know you’re busy and I don’t expect you to return every comment I make on here. Just wanted to let you know that. ;).

Anyway, I’ve been busy re-doing the website again. It looks much much better now than it did. I can now access Aly’s website. Before when I was behind the proxy fire wall; I couldn’t and for some reason now I can.

Anyway, there’s like only one performer I wish was still alive and that is Elvis Presley. I would’ve loved to see him perform live. But alas; he collapsed on the bathroom floor, in 1977. So no more concerts unless; they’re a tribute or something. I want to go to one. I have so many friends on facebook now it’s uncanny I have like 310 friends that are mostly Elvis fans. I’m trying to find Meat loaf fans out there.

Can you believe this, a guy tried hitting on me through facebook yesterday. He’s an Elvis fan, and he was pissing me off, so I blocked him and reported him. I told him I’m not looking for anyone on the internet because men on the internet are lazy, and they’re only after one thing sex. So he asked “Are you mad at me?” and I go “Yes”. I mean come on. I thought I could befriend his pathetic dipsh*t a**, and that’s that. But no, he had to ruin it. But others are very friendly and nice and such. I’ve never had 310 friends before. Half of them are from my old city and friends and family members, and some are from the Church I used to go too. But mostly all the new friends I’ve made are pure Elvis fans. :D. So yeah.

Anywho, I’m gonna take off so I’ll talk to you later.

hey hun
group work isnt that easy if u cant choose whose in ur group. the recent group assignment was pretty good cause i got to be in a group with one of my good friends.

some of my cover songs that i know are pretty good i just dont remember who sang it first lol. i love going to live shows the atmosphere is sooo WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! i just hope my number one band comes to south africa soon XD … u must really go see a live concert u wont regret it..

congrats in 2 years for i must see how old mine is, i think its only a year. 300 reviews in two years o my word u are popular and dedicated to ur commentators i dont think i wouldve reached 300, it will take me a while to do them because i would think and re think on what to say about their website..

I don’t really get seeing bands live. I have a lot of reasons, like dislike of crowds, standing, on barely even able to hear the music, so I’m not really a fan of concerts. I’ve never been to see a band that I’ve liked but my mom has dragged me to see some of her bands’ concerts.

Happy birthday to your website! Congrats! :)

The girl is still causing us problems even though we haven’t spoke to her for over 2 weeks. She just seems to be seaking the attention. I asked her politely the other day why she had told everyone my secret that she had promised to keep and she just walked off. She can’t even tell me the truth /angry

My friend doesn’t like pancakes either. They make her sick 🤮

The weather here is really varied. It’s been cold all week but today the sun has been out and it’s warmed up outside. I bet tomorrow it will be cold again!

I agree about covers of songs. Some people can pull them off while others can’t and kill the song in the process.

I stopped watching the Xfactor. I don’t know why but I hated it so much. I just think it’s all so fake when they use voice enhancements.

Some people can’t preform live at all! They sound good on the album but then you just cringe when they preform. I’m a big fan of the Police and my parents went to see them in concert. After hearing the live album recorded at the time I became so jealous. They were so amazing live, I just wish I could have been there!

I know what you mean. I love older music and a lot of the bands are split and even some of the members have passed away :( Even my favourite band Kasabian are having a temporary break so I can’t go and see them in concert. I hope the Smashing Pumpkins return to Australia so you get another chance to see them :)

Happy birthday Heartdrops! 2 years, now that’s an achievement!

I never saw the promise… mhm maybe i should?! lol And I agree with you, i feel like a lot of people ruin songs. Especially other pop singers who try to sing a popular R& b song or something like that. I really like the Youtube cover songs, like what people do. IT entertains me so much haha. Like i think some of the singers there are better than half the pop singers now. And i Love live concerts, but unlike you i get annoyed with the screaming. i dont get jealous lol Some artist sound amazing live so it would be better if the screaming/singing along was not as loud lol Like AOL has sessions and i like them cause they are usually accoustic live without an audience. I wish i could play guitar haha. Sorry off topic. Anyway i hope more bands come to Australia. I dont know why they wouldn’t I would think Australia has just as good of a fanbase as America, Canada or the UK (where bands seems to go a lot).

I have never once heard of these songs or bands and I don’ think its because I’m American either -_-

I’ve been to a couple of concert in my lifetime. It took me awhile to realize it all though. Some artists don’t even sing “live” at their own concerts, they lip-sync. Others, when they come to concert I admit the quality of the song does change. It’s always different whether heard live or recorded. Some give you a good show when others don’t. In concert everything simply changes, some are horrible in all depends on what you do and don’t like.

When covers aren’t as good as the original, it can be really disappointing. However sometimes I think we’re just use to the original especially if we’re a fan of it.

Concerts is something everyone should try. The experience you get there is something completely out of this world. It’s so different from just listening to the songs through ur ipod etc. You should give it a try when you have the chance.

I really want to go to some concerts on my current favourite artist, but they don’t always do concerts in the UK or when they do it’s super duper expensive :(

I love those type of reality TV show, mainly for the entertainment/competition not really for the talent though.

That sucks that you’ve missed out on going to the concert, but you’ll have your time to go to one. And when you do, it will totally be worth the wait.

Currar loves his new hair cut, I still miss his longer hair. I think it’s because it’s easier to play with. But he kept his rattie just for me. :)

I’m going to push Currar to taking the job. I think it will be good for him, and although it will keep us apart for a long time I think it will be worth it. I just hope it doesn’t break us up.


Look who remembered to comment on your blog at uni :P.

Oh my god, call me ignorant, but I didn’t know the The Promise by Anberlin was a cover. HAHAHA! I just learnt that from your blog :O. Well it did sound rather different from most of their other stuff XD.

I agree with you: Sometimes when people do covers, especially on those reality tv shows, they completely destroy the song. It makes me so 🤬 . Especially when I really, REALLY like the song. I remember hearing a rendition of Wonderwall – Oasis on Australian Idol, and at the end of it, I was like D: WTF?! It was…*that* bad. 😰

Sometimes covers can be better than the originals, though :). Anyway You Want it – Rise Against? I love it! ♥

I love when bands do acoustic versions of their songs :). They’re always so pretty :O.

Oh no! You missed the Smashing Pumpkins! That sucks :( :( . Hopefully they come back, and then you can go see them THEN :D. Man, that epically sucks.

I don’t think live concerts are my thing. They’d probably be too loud for me. I’d only want to go see Muse or Armor For Sleep, anyways. And like you said, AFS are GONE! /wah That’s so sad. And I haven’t listened to Ben Jorg’s solo stuff yet D: . WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! /wah 😢 /wah But I love God Loves a Challenge! :D

AND IT IS NOW HEARTDROPS’ BIRTHDAY!!! At least in Australia it is, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEARTDROPS! ;) :D (Y) /mwah /bounce ✌️


Talk to you later :) :) ♥ .

Hello! :D I was surprised to see a comment from you… I forgot that you hadn’t commented. :P

I think it’s a cover of a song by The Smiths. It sounds weird – I won’t say they ruined the original because I haven’t properly listened to it, but James has this idea that if a song sounds like it was “too good” to have been sung by the band, it usually isn’t. :P

Oh! I saw someone doing a rendition of Wonderwall on the X Factor – she was a good singer but the song didn’t suit her style, and it was slow and wasn’t very interesting. Some classic songs just can’t be re-done… it makes them sound bad.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see them, but seeing as many of the band members are different from the lineup in the 1990s, I get the feeling that they probably won’t do as well with those songs, so it wasn’t completely worth going to. ;)

Haha I’m sure we’ll be hearing more stuff from GLAC! I just hope Ben comes here again for a concert this time. :D

Wooooo! /bounce ♥

Happy Birthday Heartdrops! :)

I hate covers most of the time. There are a few exceptions but for the most part they always disappoint me. I can’t even stand watching America’s Got Talent or anything like it because it just… makes me want to scream.

Depending on the band that’s doing the covering, and how much they change it, some bands do decent covers. But I tend to like the originals better, if I ever liked the originals at all! :P

It’s weird, I live in a place where it gets a decent amount of bands coming and going, but it took my favourite band nearly 6 years to show up where I live after I found out about them (also, just a FEW months before I found out about them, they had done a small concert in the city >.< Talk about bad timing!)

Happy birthday to Heartdrops! And I think 300 is a nice number to stop at! ;) Especially if it's become a chore to you – it's no longer fun AND no longer worth doing (unless you were getting paid to do it!)

You will love it, it even smells delicious inside of the restaurant. Wow i really want to go there lol.

It’s okay, I’ve been letting my comments pileup due to laziness. I’m replying them before I go to sleep today. I can’t reply all but I’m trying to get most of them. :D The challenge is really great because
my blog would seriously be empty without it. Also it’s helping me reach my goal of 100 posts before 2010 is over. :D

I fixed the comment box, the scroll bar comes up now. I have this overflow hidden code in my stylesheet. :/
I just the challenge and when there’s something to blog about, i write it after that challenge. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HEARTDROPS!! TODAY IS THE 11TH LOL. I’m actually basing mine on the day it was open rather than the day it was registered. I’m going to register my next domain on Halloween and make that it’s birthday lol.
Coloursplash birthday is the 4th of July. I seriously opened on Independence day lol.

I’m sticking to web-design, it’s my passion. I’m not going to do something I don’t love because of what my parents say. It’s going to make wonder what would have happened. Besides I would really hate to hear someone go on and on about their issues. I see some of the issues on movies and i really would be the person to laugh at my clients. /bash

I feel so lame since i have no idea who those bands are. /faw

I saw the original bandmembers of SP’s when they toured with the Adore cd. It’s one of my favourite cd’s by them so I was rapt. Such a great concert. Billy did some great stuff solo and I saw that live when he came to Australia. He ended up walking off stage in the shits because people were yelling out for him to play SP music when he said he wasn’t going to out of respect.

I was going to see them again this year, but to be honest, I am old school SP. I have found it hard to get used to the new stuff.

Happy 2 year anniversary heartdrops xx

Cover versions I hate. That’s why I cannot watch those shows. I don’t like someone else singing a song that isn’t theirs.

To me, the live show of a band defines their quality – if they only sound good on record then… they’ll only do well on the radio, i guess?

And DONT COMPLAIN that Australia doesnt get bands touring there – you guys have had a stellar year next to NZ: THE STROKES, Klaxons, etc etc…

As for Smashing Pumpkins… i don’t want to be brutal, but i saw them a couple of years ago (cos i used to looove them, and went despite it ooobviously being a diff lineup) – and the verdict is… i haven’t listened to the pumpkins since. Asides from the fact that they used waaay too much strobe and caused a dehydrated-me to pass out, i got really really bored. It was just a Billy Corgan one-man-show with the pretty thing playing bass and i was bored out of my miiiind. I know i’m probably going to get slapped for having just said that, but yeah – you’re not missing out. There’s a reason i groaned rather than cheered when i got an email about them touring in Aus/NZ. I wish i’d never saw them live so i could keep on loving them, lol. The one good thing that came out of that show was i fell in love with QotSA instead. Ironic that i enjoyed the opener better…

Aw, I must complain. As I said, all the bands I know don’t exist, or don’t come here. I don’t like any of the bands you’ve mentioned, eh. :P

You’re not brutal; I appreciate your honesty and you actually reassured me a bit. I am more a fan of their old stuff, and get this – I love James Iha; he was amazing. I think after 2000, it just died for me. Everything after that isn’t as amazing and I prefer the old lineup! The original! But I still want to experience a concert, whatever that may be. XD Well, hopefully another band I like will come around.

I also love John Lennon. I know, I felt like I should mention it and pay a small tribute, and his songs have been with me always. It is also great that Imagine your favorite song by him. You’re right.

Thank you so much Georgina! Glad you like it :) If you like the teen shows, I recommend you watch The OC. Haha yeah. I love making designs featuring characters from some TV Shows that I see or I’ve seen in a while.

Thanks Georgina! Yeah, the maximum mark is always good ;) Me too. It is true, have a good mark is always motivating for my upcoming tests.

I understand what you say. That’s what happens to me now. I’m too a busy person, but if often doesn’t update my site, I try to write new blogs.

Congrats to get the second-highest mark! You deserve it 👏

You did well to buy the song you wanted to hear, so you didn’t have to download it. I’m glad you feel good to buy songs instead of downloading them :)

I understand. I think most people use the Internet in our free time. I also use the computer/laptop for watching movies or TV Shows.

I’ve never heard of Anberlin or The Promise before. Maybe I should listen them.

You’re totally right. Most singers do cover, especially in the reality tv shows, they completely destroying the song. That is unfortunate, especially if the song is good and I like it.

In Australia, you have Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor, and here in Spain we have a program called “Operación Triunfo”. I don’t watch these shows, but a day of changing channels, I found this program. At that time, were singing The Final Coutdown from Europe, I couldn’t believe it was destroying the song. I was very angry because it’s a song that I love /argh

I also recommend you go to a concert, because you see the band live like you is amazing.

I’m sorry you forgot to buy tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins’s concert. I hope to return again, and you can go see them :)

Happy birthday Heartdrops! I’m sure that the site will turn many more years :)

It’s officially Heartdrops’ birthday here in Singapore. Once again, happy birthday, Heartdrops!

Sometimes I usually read blogs of people who commented on me, and try my best to type out a comment. But when I get to the comment form, I sigh because I can’t think of anything to comment on. @_@ But I really do enjoy reading blogs from people like you – long blogs take up more time for reading, and that’s good because I have too much time in my life! (Not that I don’t want time!)

That’s right. Kitty and I discussed about PayBox before. It would make me so fucked up if they tell me that every PayBox dollar is one cent in USD. I mean, we took quite a long time to accumulate all that money stored, and… well… yeah. :P

Well, you are right in that point of spending too much. I think we should make a list of what is needed and what is wanted, so we can start from buying what is needed before buying what is wanted. Also, the necklaces from Krystal, I was only supposed to buy one, but my mother wanted to give one to her friend and one to my godma, so I asked for one too. In the end, we ended up buying four XP

Oh! That’s what you mean. I thought you meant by a cover illustration or something. Now that I think of it, I remember my brother saying, “I’ll cover this first, then cover that.” I’m pretty sure it means something like “do this first, then do that”, but of course, a word has many meanings. :)

I don’t really watch Singapore Idol if they don’t give the songs that I have listened to before, because I enjoy Singapore Idol only because they let me listen to songs when I’m doing homework or something :P

Is it? :O But I’m sure many people are still giving reviews there :)

Haha, I know what you mean. I always prefer listening to original recorded versions rather than the covers. But I have to say, (most of the) Korean celebrities have real talents; they can sing, dance and there are some who can even create their own songs and dance steps. For example, Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), Super Junior and Girls Generation. Well, what I’m trying to say is, because they have talents, they can sing covers of songs quite well and more often than not, it makes me feel that the songs are theirs. So, I don’t mind listening to the covers sang by them. :)

Live performances? Yeah, some can be really bad. 😰 Most of the time, their live performances is what that turns me down. I expect a singer to be good on stage (unless they have health problems). I mean, at least they should be able to sing nicely, not off-tuned. /hmph But I’ve come to understand why some don’t – because they couldn’t 😒. Pardon me for the Korean fever. Nowadays, Korean celebrities are the hot subjects over here. They attract me too because they can sing live (DBSK, especially, can sing acapella really well, but too bad they have disbanded /wah). For me, singers who can sing live are good singers; and vice versa. :P

Aww, I’m really sorry that you can’t go to the concert of your favourite band. :( I don’t really fancy going to a concert though. I don’t enjoy crowds because there are bound to be people who like to push and squeeze you. I went to a small-sized concert twice, and both were crowded with teenagers who’d glare at you just because you were trying to get some fresh air. Phew ~ So, I’m not that jealous of people who are going to a concert or are at the live performances, unless there are seats provided.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEARTDROPS! :D Congratulations on 2 years old. <3 *clear throat*
Happy birthday to you ~
Happy birthday to you ~
Happy birthday to Heartdrops ~
Happy birthday to you ~ ??
(Sorry for the off-tune birthday song, heh! /um WHERE'S MY HOLE? 😳)

You've done a great job in reviews, Georgina. (: I've always admired your attitudes while doing a review. But if reviews are becoming a chore than a hobby, it can be quite frustrating. @_@

Agreed, never make promises which you cannot keep, especially to kids. I hate it when people break promises. My elder sister once told me, "People break their promises because you've never kept yours", when I was little. And I don't think I'll ever forget this sentence. (Y)

Hi Georgia!! Congratulations with Heartdrop’s second birthday today!! ✌️ Are you still going to celebrate it in some way or not? :)

I also haven’t seen that many bands live, but let me tell you.. it’s fun! I’ve seen Maria Mena, Keane, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Kanye West and some more Dutch artists. You don’t necessarily have to go to the band you like the most, the experience itself is also quite fun. Just find some music you like (you don’t have to loooveee it) and find some cheap tickets. :)

Allow me to wish a happy second birthday. :P ♥ *throws confetti into the air* Hope to see staying on the net for years to come. :)

Ugly covers song always put me off and I end up refusing to buy the album. I always believe a well-done/well-made cover songs reflect the quality of the songs inside the album. Simply means that if you want people to listen to your music, you put an effort to make people like what they see. It’s not always true, there are some good music with crappy covers and vice versa.

I’m don’t really like listening to different versions of a song. True there are some nice remakes, but most of the time, these new artists actually ‘destroy’ the music instead. They say they’re giving it a new life, but I say they robbed the life out of the music.

Sorry you missed the Smashing Pumpkin concert! I guess it wasn’t your luck then.

Speaking of concerts, we no longer have any concerts by foreign artists here. It’s probably got to do with some religious reform and tbh, it annoys me so much. There are a lot of good artists out there that I would love to go see them perform here but with this new regulation, that hope is now gone.


My university schedule is always tight which do not always allow me the luxury to read books, so that’s why I try to read as many as I can when I have the time to do so. :)

Haahaa, I love Anberlin. ♥
However, I understand what you’re saying about artists/bands making covers for songs. :P

Mm. Yeah, writing reviews sounds tiring. Just finish those you have left, as you said, and then, end it. I’m sure you have tons of other work to complete and you don’t need that, right? :P Who does?

That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t like watching “talent” shows. They ruin the song that I like. Sidetrack : Rachel Berry (Glee) totally ruined Baby One More Time. Haha. I just had to say it.

Anyways, yay for Heartdrops! Happy 2 years =)

Oh man, I love the smashing pumpkins! I’ve lost my habit of constantly checking for bands who’re touring, although it has saved money lol. (sorry for the long reply, I had a small break :3 ) And I enjoyed reading your reviews, it’s a shame you’re going to stop. But if it’s getting more like a chore than I agree that you should stop. :)

Wow, happy birthday to Heartdrops. I should have got some balloons. :P

I would say i totally know how you feel about missing The Smashing Pumpkins but I guess I don’t because I am seeing several bands I like later this year and early next. But I have missed out on my two favourites, Green Day and Lostprophets several times each. I really hope you see someone you like soon. 

I don’t quite understand how there’s only one band you’d want to see that still exists.  Surely seeing any band live is a great experience regardless of whether you like them or not? I love live music, I want to see as many bands as possible before I’m to old for the mosh pit. :P

I did understand the concept of a live track but I didn’t see the point because they were the same song. I’m still kind of like that. I’ll buy the CD if it’s a band I love but an album and a concert are two really different things. There are things created in a studio that cannot be produced live and energy live that cannot be captured on CD. So I don’t see the point. :P

I really hate bad covers. Unless they’re meant to be funny.

Haha, I’m known for stalking tweets too. People would assume I have no life. 

I quite like DST because it means it’s not so dark in the mornings. I have a huge grudge against waking up in the dark. I stubbornly refuse to believe it’s morning then I end up being late. 

Lol, yeah, I was all excited about Internet on my iPod so I tried an online FTP client to see if it would work. It did actually it was just really awkward so I considered it an epic fail. 

300 reviews? That seems SO exhausting. o.o

I understand what you mean – contestants on American Idon will ruin songs for me all of the time. I had this favorite song, and I couldn’t listen to it anymore. It was one by the Backstreet Boys. Yeah, I was young when it was sung, but it pretty much just … annoyed me with the way it was sung. o.o

Awhh!! That seems so fun, it being Heartdrops’ second birthday and all. :) Ahahh. It’s so cute. :P

I write letters. :) Right now, I’m writing to a guy in boot camp for the army. It does bring back some painful memories from last year, but he’s really nice, and he says that he enjoys sending and receiving letters. I love getting mail, too, so it’s a win-win thing. He’s from where I live, but I’m holding back from getting attached even close-friend-wise, because of the guy that I wrote last year. o.o

I’m much happier now than I was Friday. I signed up to help out in the church’s nursery as well as with kids, and I’m going to give out candy in their Trunk-or-Treat event on the night of October 24. :D

I thought I was the only one when it comes to covered ears. XD I hate showing my ears because it makes me feel so exposed and it makes them cold.

Whenever I listen to a cover of my favorite song, I usually think that it’s really good or extremely bad. It’s usually extremely bad because I’m so used to the original song, so when the cover sounds so different, it makes me think that it sucks.

My favorite song by The Smashing Pumpkins is Tonight Tonight. I love that song so much.

Happy 2nd birthday to Heartdrops! :D

Well, I am not much of a music fan. Instead of the hassle of buying the tickets and going to a jam-packed stadium, I’d rather watch it at home on the t.v. Moreover, hardly any English bands come to India. Us being a third-world country and all.

Wow, Heartdrops, happy birthday to you! /eee We want a partayyy. :P

Ahh. True romantics to the core. Your boyfriend sounds great. :)

Yeah, the musical does sound funny, but I don’t know. I mean some guy is going to go down on his knees and ask me to marry him…in front of my mom and dad! Yeah, it is just an act, but still….awkward.

I went to see a live concert a couple years ago. It was definitely very much worth it! I loved it. Except now she (Vienna Teng) is going to business school for a couple years, maybe to learn some things about the music business? But it made me sad.

Happy second birthday to Heartdrops! You have an amazing site, and I think that you’re quite a successful blogger.

I giggle at their version of The Promise but I still like it very much 👏 His voice just makes me happy. And it’s even funnier because my mum loved that song when she was younger so she always sings along to it.

Yeah, songs are usually badly done on those shows. The contestants usually have talent but I’m still disappointed. I’ve been watching X Factor this year and I liked the voice of Mitchell (it was really soft when he sang Chasing Cars) but I hated all of his performances.

I actually like some live versions of songs. I was never really interested in Lady Gaga until I heard her live version of Paparazzi. I actually heard her voice and really liked it. And Muse sounds great live (I’ve done my fair share of youtubing their performances :D ) but I doubt I’ll be seeing them in December. But then again, heaps of live versions sucks because I think performing is quite difficult for some artists.

The different versions of songs fascinates me too. I might actually end up liking the different one more than the studio one (like Anti-Gravity for Incubus). And I like seeing artists cover others. I love Arctic Monkeys’ version of You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse (I love both Arctic Monkeys and Amy).

I can’t imagine one of my favourite bands breaking up. It’d be like Michael Jackson’s death :S I really feel sorry for you but like you said, at least Ben still creates stuff which is great. I know I already said this before but he really, really, really reminds me of Justin Long 😳

Ngawwwww I can’t believe you missed their concert /faw That’s so sad. Some of my favourite artists have concerts that I can’t even go to because they’re for over eighteens only. *cough* N.E.R.D. *cough*.

Happy belated birthday to Heartdrops.
I can’t believe you’ve done over 300 reviews. I can’t believe you’ve done over 20. I don’t think I could ever do one. But yeah, if you don’t want to do it anymore then I guess you should close it.

If you need a friend, don’t look to a strange. /heart < I don't even know what that emote is doing.

Goodbye :)

Oh goodness woman, you really should just move here so you can see some shows. I mean, there are shows playing in my area at least every other week & they’re generally bands I like, I just don’t have time to watch them. So, lucky me, I take live shows for granted, while you, are sitting in front of your computer with them kangaroos wondering why the hell they don’t play more crazy tours with ya. hahaha.

Well anyway, I’m sure there are tons of music festivals every year in Australia, it’s just a matter of having the ability to drive there/get there I’m sure. Perhaps it’s time to broaden your musical horizons….?…in order to see more live shows..?

They’re so fun. Man, I wish you could see more. I mean, you’re so enthusiastic about music that it’s such a shame that you haven’t even been to ONE show before. Oh yeah & happy 2nd bday to your site. :) I don’t even know what day I bought my domain or anything. I guess I don’t care that much. haha.

heyyy! i wanted to apply for a review but there doesnt seem to be a link, is it okay if I apply here or email you or something like that? :)

No, and reviews are closed until further notice; sorry.

I feel that way about ‘Fashion’. A Heidi Montag song that Lady Gaga re-did. The Montag ver sounded so superficial and bimbo, it made my ears bleed but Lady Gaga just made it – click -. Yes, it still sound superficial, but more like a royal “holier-than-thou” xD

I don’t like live shows. :( Too loud. I’m an old nanny already, I’m not the kind of person who likes to blast my music (except maybe max my mp3-player’s volume).

Happy anniversary~ My blog has been around for 5 years, lol, but I’ve been moving and revamping it so much, no date counts xD

Thank you! Well, I have been blogging for about five years too, but my blogs have moved quite a fair bit. I’m glad I’ve kept this domain name for two years straight, though. I am usually indecisive so I’m glad that this seems to be one of the more concrete decisions I have made. :)

I don’t mind loud music; I do want to see a band live before I get too old though!

First off: wow Georgina, three hundred reviews! That is a lot! Your reviews are always so fun to read, every time I read one, it gives me a whole bunch of tips for my websites. Also Happy late-birthday! Two years (or is it three now?) wow! @_@
I know what you mean by people ruining original beautiful songs /angry . It certainly annoys me. Especially when like certain punk rock bands sing pop songs and just messes up the whole thing! I have only been to one concert in my full 12-year old life. I live in South Carolina; no famous people ever come here…ever. I love concerts though ♥ ! The only part I don’t like is when you start getting tired, and then the bright lights and loud music just make you grumpy and groggy. /hehe
I don’t really listen to many bands. I really only know solo singers. You are right, live sound much more different from recorded versions. I hate it how when you hear a song recorded and the person sounds great, and then you see or hear them live and they sings terrible. So much technology these days can cover up anyone’s voice. /bash
/type Quinn

I’ve never heard of The Promise /huh

Yeah, I have noticed that xD I’ve noticed that songs that are on the album tend to be better than the live, although that could just be me. It’s probably because when they’re recording the song in a studio, they filter out all the other noises and it feels neat. In live versions, anyone can do anything, so you can hear a lot more, which is not what I would come to a concert to hear/see/do. Another problem is, they still change up voices to make ’em sound better… which defeats the whole purpose of singing live, doesn’t it? You just can’t be sure of who’s good at singing and who sucks xD

You know what else annoys the hell outta me? Mixes. They take perfectly good songs and try to make them ‘hip’ and ‘retro’ or whatever. 💥 NO! BAD MUSIC COMPANIES! *whacks*

Aw. Happy B-day, Heartdrops! You’ve really come a long way. ♥

And if you’re not sure you can do the reviews anymore and they’re a chore, it’s probably a good idea to stop doing ’em. You can always come back if you miss it, or whatever ^^