The Promise

James and I always laughed at the Anberlin version of the song The Promise. I think it might just be their version that was a bit of a laugh in the way it was done. Sometimes, covers of songs can be really well done, or so badly done that it makes your ears bleed.

To be honest, I think a lot of songs are badly done on reality shows like Australia’s Got Talent or The X Factor. Sometimes, a contestant might sing a song that I’m familiar with, or even one that I like. A lot.

When they ruin it, I’m so disappointed.

A lot of live versions seem to suck, too. I didn’t really understand “live versions” when I was younger. I didn’t know why they were so different from the original recorded versions. The fact that they had recorded these live in front of an audience – was just something I couldn’t fathom. Strange, I know.

Listening to different versions of songs makes me curious. When you take out all the percussion, or just have an acapella, or just the very fact that it’s sung live. It gives the song a different quality altogether. When I listen to live versions, it just makes me jealous of the people who would have heard that song when it was recorded, who were at the live concert of some band, whose cheers you can hear when you listen to the track.

For a couple of years I’ve been dying to go to a concert, and see some band live. People tell me that I should at least see my favourite band live. Well, they’ve disbanded. Armor For Sleep are long gone now, and frontman Ben Jorgensen made clear that there is no more for Armor. One thing I can smile about is that he’s come out with some solo stuff, which I love.

Last week I was disappointed to find out that I can completely forgotten to take notice of the Smashing Pumpkins coming to Sydney. I had known, quite a few months ago, that they were coming here. And being so busy, I forgot. So I missed out on buying tickets.

They are probably the only band I’d be a hundred percent willing to see live. A lot of the bands I like no longer exist, or don’t ever come to Australia! 😞

Well, tough. My only consolation is that the lineup of the Pumpkins is different from the original (I preferred the original).

It’s Heartdrops’ second birthday tomorrow – the 11th. Two years ago on the 11th, I opened this site. β™₯️ It’s come so far. I think I might be closing reviews for good, after I complete the two I have left. It’s just… I’ve done over three hundred, and it’s become such a chore. I love helping people but when reviews are going to take me two months to do, I don’t think it’s worth it.

I usually end up complaining about it, too. I know I promise to get them done, but I’m wearing thin. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. πŸ˜‰

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