Today I was doing my assignment on reflective practice. It’s a bit of a dull subject in terms of communication theory, but when you relate it to media and recent news, it becomes very interesting. For my research project I formulated the question How do people with personal blogs reflect on their writing?

Since the topic has something to do with blogging, which I really like, I thought it would help to look at my own blogs and see how I have personally progressed. I searched around, and realised that my old blog is still around as it was on MSN Spaces. Comparing my blogging habits is really strange.

On this particular blog, my writing was just as contemplative. I also seemed to ramble on, and my blog posts were very long. I didn’t really care, because I wasn’t really writing for an audience. I feel like right now, I’m blogging more so for my audience, and they are a primary factor in my blogging style. I don’t like writing long posts because I know that can turn people away – people don’t want to read ridiculously long blogs (I knew someone whose blog posts were 6000 words…) or endless waffle. :O That said, looking back on my very long blogs, I realised they were very long and detailed not because I was waffling on, but more so that I didn’t blog as often. Heck, I blogged about once a month. I had lots to say.

I think that over time a lot of us realise that our writing style changes. I’m looking for people to help me out with my research for university, so if you’re up for answering a few questions about blogging, just let me know! :)

Looking over my posts made me a little sad; I was really going through a rough time back in 2007. But looking back on it also makes me realise how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve learned. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit sad – just crying for no reason. Perhaps I was very stressed. For some reason I wouldn’t stop crying and I wasn’t sure at all what was bothering me, but my friends cheered me up, and James really cheered me up with a chat on the phone. ♥️ I love phone calls.

Yesterday James and I went to eat at a Japanese restaurant called Poporo. We were up for trying something new and didn’t really have any idea what to expect. The chairs were big and red and comfy, and the service and food was good, so that experience turned out to be a good one. /drool

James ate half my rice, and I ate his miso soup. Despite being a fair trade, I ate the lesser portion… because I’m known to have a small stomach and to barely finish meals I buy at restaurants. As James put it once, “Makes dates cheaper”. /bounce I have to admit, it’s true. :P

James bought me a jar of cute fake pills. I don’t know why it was so intriguing, since I am usually only amused by little things for a short period of time… but you can open these pills and there are rolled up pieces of paper in them, on which you can write notes. I really liked the idea. /eee

love pills?
love pills?

Today I watched The Piano. It is a haunting movie, but it is really, really, good. It’s so well done, and really hits you. I was watching it in Sebby’s lecture for Screen Studies, just because I thought I should take the chance. :P I managed to write half my media report in that lecture too. The movie is really good though; I would highly recommend it. I found it very moving and surreal.

Lots of people just jump into their friends’ lectures, especially when they’re in huge lecture halls. It seems to be the norm; attendance isn’t marked and because there are usually many people, you wouldn’t look out of place. :B

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Hahah, the rice was surprisingly silky. And it was pretty cheap; we’ll try other dishes sometime. But next you have GOT to try Nando’s next. /frog

*HUGG* yeah, your stomach really is tiny D:
Remember when we made wraps? You had one and then I had two and a half /um
But that was a nice day. With much /love



Yummo! /bounce I’ve never had Nando’s. I like trying new things but it seems to be a common restaurant that didn’t completely appeal to me… /um

I get full easily ngege! ♥ I loved those wraps. Sometimes I eat and wish I could eat more but I’m already full. D:

It’s amazing to see how much you’ve changed over the years, isn’t it? I believe last year, before my laptop died and I still had my chatlogs from before, I took a look at them. I was quite surprised how I changed from this innocent, naive immature 15 year old kid into a less naive and less immature 18 year old. I was amazed at how my way of talking to people (especially on msn) changed over time, and how important friends influenced me. It was quite startling. At the time, it seemed normal to do certain things, but once you grow older and look back, sometimes you don’t believe you did those things, or sometimes you were suprised you did something very mature for your age.

The pills look cute~ hehe. I really like their little faces. When I saw them first in class, I at first thought they were some sort of candy. /um

I agree, The Piano is pretty good. Yet it made me feel weird at times. I’m quite surprised it had that effect on me, seeing how I already spoilt myself the night before…

Anyway, hope you go well with your research, and if you want you can ask me a few question. Though seeing how I don’t blog that much, I may not be much help. xD;;

I guess in essence, I didn’t know what to expect from the movie even though I was aware of the plot. The finger-cutting scene we saw in Language and Discourse didn’t affect me the way it did when I actually watched the movie. I’m glad I tagged along. :)

Ahah chat logs! I have plenty on The Machine from quite some time ago. I once looked through them when I was bored and wanted to look at the kinds of conversations I had with my friends.
I think I was very immature back then – not to mention the chatspeak I used was extremely unsightly. D:

Georgina, Georgina, wow time does make our habits heal quicker and mature faster. It really has been a hectic I agree with that.

Hmmm, yeah, I can’t wait to start taking guitar lessons from Debbie (The pastor’s wife). I’m gonna give it some time though I’m not going to rush right into it. Ya know? I just met her and everything. So maybe after a few more visits to church and what not, I can ask her again and get her number so I can call her and get to take guitar lessons. I so can’t wait!! I have to say it , it’s actually a lot more thrilling than Disneyland!!! :O

As far as languages goes, I agree it really is just a novelty thing. I mean if I did make it to Japan I’d be wasting thousands and thousands of dollars just for a plane ticket and hotel room. I honestly believe that people are interested in Japan for their anime/manga and their music, and not anything else really. That’s my belief anyway. I could be wrong though. But I’m not about to travel 1 million miles away from home just to see if I can get my hands on an Asian male or what not. Ya know?

I’m glad you tried new things. That japanese restaurant sounds yummy. Heehee. I envy you that you at least have someone to go with. I go by myself but that’s okay though. :).

Well; Girlie, I don’t know what else to write about but I promise to write a longer post next time. Take care! <3

In the past I’ve written blogs on LiveJournal, that were about 2000 words. I don’t go on there any more and I didn’t have many friends on there. I wasn’t blogging for an audience there though, it was just a place to write my feelings as hardly any of my real-life friends knew about LJ.

I’d be happy to answer some questions for your survey. :)

I hope you’re feeling okay now! *hugs*

The Japanese restaurant sounds nice. I’ve never been to one before, maybe when I go out for a meal with my friends before Christmas, I’ll suggest a Japanese restaurant, we don’t have many near where I live though!

Those fake pills are so cute. :3

I always edit my pictures haha. I usually only edit the skin so there are no blemishes or spots, but if it’s for my Facebook profile picture, I tend to add a script.

Thanks. :) I am having second thoughts about my fringe now- I don’t think I suit it. :(

That sounds like a really interesting topic to write about. That’s so cool. It sounds like one of those papers you’d actually enjoy writing, haha.

Those pills are SO cute.

I kinda am sad that i never kept my old post. mhm you are so luck you can read your old ones. I have actually one old post cause I got like over 100 comments on it in a week and was so proud of myself. But that was when i was 13 haha. So i thought it was the coolest thing ever. lmfao Anyway yea i know people who don’t like reading over 600 long blogs. I think i got better at reading them, you know? Like I can read them faster and read the important stuff haha. yes, reading blogs takes skills haha just kidding. But I know I definitely use to blog for my “viewers” now I do not care as much. If you like my blogs, good for you. if you hate them, i don’t expect you to comment it haha. I think it’s all about growing up too. When i was younger, my first sub. I blogged about stupid stuff. haha Like my problems back then, which wasn’t stupid at the time though. I go through phases.

those pills are so cute! I want one now haha and I love Japanese food :D Yum!

yea It’s really popular in the United States. I know my friends from across the country heard about it. Maybe you can find a news article about it. It’s interesting to read and to know how cruel the world is to one boy. It gives you a new perspective on the internet and how people treat each other.

So many people are being bullied these days. I wish I could see and help them, you know? I don’t really witness much bullying in my school. Most people have friends and have a group in my school. we are very clique but open haha. Make sense?



Anyway, omg, reflective practice. I finished my reflective practice essay at 2.30am last night. It is. The most. Boring. Tedious. Thing. EVER! Poor you.

Although we had to reflect on teamwork using the DATA model or whatever. Yours sounds SLIGHTLY more interesting. SLIGHTLY. Hahahahaha! Because it’s about BLOGGING :O.

I’ll help you with your assignment. I’ll answer as MANY questions as you want :) :).

Your blogs really HAVE changed! You blog so often now too. I still remember your space. Your blogs WERE long, but it’s okay, cos they were still heaps interesting. That hasn’t changed XD. You never ramble. I was the one with rambly blogs. Hahahahaha! And oh my god. The netspeak D:.

Sorry about your crap day :(. *HUGS* I hope things are looking up now.

Oh my god. I read the word “Poporo” and automatically started feeling hungry. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ohhhh…those little pill things are so cute! I WANT SOME! It totally looks like the kind of things James would get you. I mean I remember that fake can you can store stuff in :P.

THE PIANO! /wah . It is such a haunting, moving story. It’s unconventional too, which is part of what makes it great :). I miss that movie. Anna Pacquin was so cute. AND OH MY GOD, I MUST BURN YOU THE SCORE. The score…/love. I could go on for ages about the score. The pieces are so @_@. No words to describe!



You wrote a lot in ten minutes! I do hope you didn’t miss your bus.

I think my research is good though, because it’s not really a reflection, but it’s about reflection. We kind of got to formulate our own question, so it is much better than those reflective things. Which I find ridiculous to mark us on.

Of course I’ll ask you questions! I was going to anyway; I remember the days we used to blog and I had extremely long blog posts… not to mention, when I started blogging on my website, you would link people to its new location. XD The netspeak was unsightly! Though I didn’t use that much on MSN Spaces; I did before that on my website updates… argh!

*HUGS* I am feeling better today!

The pills are very cute! One day I’ll give you one, if I remember. They are just too cute. :3

That’s what I’m like when it comes to amazing songs and movies. I just go blank, and the most I can say about it is that “It’s just. Amazing”. I’m at a loss for words; that’s what The Piano was! ♥ It’s been a while since I played the piano but the score must be fantastic. /bounce

I’ll answering some blogging questions :-) I love helping in that regard … So just let me know what you would like me to answer.
I started blogging in 2000. I know 10 years ago, scary. I was having a lot of surgeries at that time and my feelings were all muddled up so I started blogging. I started on Xanga. I had over 300 readers and was always on the top of the featured lists, and then someone stole my words and made it their own and that killed me, so I stopped blogging only to start blogging again some 5 years later … I deleted my Xanga account, told no one bar a few close xanga friends who I ended up going to America and meeting … and to this day they are my closest and dearest friends as they have seen me at my best and my absolute worst …

I like those pills :-D So nice to look at pills and know they are not going to medicate me (H)

Ah, this is going to be long. 😰 I hope you don’t mind me starting from how I feel about blogs. /eee

When I first created a graphic website at Freewebs, I also created a blog for site updates. I used to dislike personal blog websites, because I thought that all blogs are just the same – “Today, I went to …. I did ….. So …. Then … The end.” It was only until my elder sis created her blog to record her life as a doctor, then I discovered that blogging can be different. She has readers who’d actually take their time to read and comment on her blog, and definitely not comments like, “Oh, nice layout! Visit mine!” At that time, I owned, I don’t quite remember what I used to blog about but I guess it was still something related to site updates.

After visiting some other websites, like Jem and her clique, I changed my blogging style from just site updates to opinions and site updates (as little as possible) because I realised that nobody is interested in my site updates (I suck at creating graphic) and that I want to have readers like my elder sis’s. So I changed my graphic website to a tutorial website (and later, a review website). Now, I love blogging and enjoy sharing my thoughts. I write long posts nowadays because I decided to only update my blog weekly (until I finish my examination). I guess, that’s how my blogging habits changed.. ✌️

I don’t mind answering a few questions about blogging if you want me to. Good luck in your research! XD

“Nobody can let you down without your consent.” I read this from an article last year, and it “wakes me up” whenever I’m sad. I’m glad you have friends and your boyfriend to cheer you up. <3 I have my online friends and sisters who'd cheer me up too. Anyway, I hope you can be happy everyday! :D

Grr.. Japanese restaurant. It's not that I dislike it, in fact, I love it. It's just that my mum and sister had agreed that we'd go to eat Japanese food on Monday but until today… WHERE'S MY JAPANESE FOOD. /wah In Japanese food, I love Takoyaki (octopus balls) the most. :3 Yummy ~ I don't really enjoy their noodles that much, I prefer sushi. +__+ Gosh, it's making me hungry. 🤤

Ah the cute pills! I like that small notes idea. But if I were to receive them, I don't think I'll write anything in them. "Wouldn't it be a pity to "ruin" its "natural beauty"?".. This thought of mine will definitely turn them into a decoration somewhere in my cupboard. 🤫 By the way, I'm just curious, err, will the pills melt if you place them in the water? +__+

The Piano? I'll try to find that movie here. (: I enjoy watching horror movies, in daylight. :D Yes, I'm a coward, thank you very much. /um

Ah lecture halls! I'm not studying in college yet, but I did see them before, on a TV. 🤫

I think I got that kind of vibe too. I thought personal blogs were boring. Then again, I didn’t come across many. Then again, I also thought site updates got a bit boring! I wrote in a diary very often, prior to blogging. I think that really fuelled my interest when I realised that people had “online diaries”, ie. blogs.

When I had a pixel website (yeah, it happened), I blogged about updates and I’d often leave people comments on their pixel sites, and comment on their tagboards telling the owners that I loved their layout or some aspect of their content. It was nice just to receive compliments back, but when I started blogging on my website I was surprised and happy when people eventually took a liking to the things I wrote. :)

I definitely started out as a pixel website of sorts. First it was personal, because it was just a site full of my surveys I’d done and things that I wrote. Then I offered a lot of “cute” content. My layouts began to change and I started writing reviews (even though I had no idea what I was doing at the time). In the end, I turned my website into a personal blog, and added a few tutorials.

I actually had no idea that my tutorials would become as popular as they are now. O_O

Thank you Rin! I actually love what you’ve said in your comment, so I’ll probably email you later about helping me in my research! ♥

Ooooh. That happened to a friend of mine! She wanted yum cha, and her family went without her (when she had made other plans). She was disappointed and upset. :P I love sushi, though – as well as other Japanese foods. I get cravings for raw salmon all the time. D:

I haven’t tried putting the pills in the water. I think they are made of plastic and not the kind of material that normal pills are made of. So I hope not. I don’t think I’d dare to put them in water; they’re too cute. :)

The Piano isn’t really a horror film; it’s a drama/romance film. The way it’s done just sent chills down my spine!

I admire people who know how to pixel. I tried pixelling once… /snort And that is so not something I’ll do in my life, not even my next life. Plus, I don’t get along well with colours. They hate me. /wah (I seriously love this emoticon!)

I started out with a … misc site with flashy backgrounds and colourful scrollbars. /poo Then it became a dolls site with an owner who doesn’t know how to pixel a doll (I made them from doll makers). Nevertheless, I placed a lot of efforts in them and thought that I was great. Gee, I wonder what was I doing back there. I quote my elder sis, “You were creating digital rubbish!” .. NO, I WASN’T.. /wah

Your tutorials are popular because you took your time and placed your effort in writing them! :) They’re really detailed and easy to understand. But anyway, I enjoy reading your articles (under your Visitors section) more. Articles like “Time Management” and “Commenting on Websites” are the most helpful to me, especially “Commenting on Websites”. I love that sort of articles. /eee Do write more whenever you’re free, I’ll definitely be the first to read them. :D

Oh, you do? Thank you. :3 I’ll try my best to help you wherever I can. (:

Ah, that must have sucked. D: (referring to your friend’s situation)

Hehe, I just had my sushi last night. 🤤 And I forgot to mention that I love UNAGI. I don’t really like raw salmon, but my cousins do. My mum said that raw salmon was really cheap 10 years ago; but nobody wanted to eat it. Ironically today, everyone loves to eat it when it’s expensive. (Did I use the word “ironically” correctly? I sort of understand the meaning of the word, but I sort of don’t. 😳) Anyway, I’ll be going to Penang island tomorrow, which means… I’LL GET TO EAT MY TAKOYAKI TOMORROW. /faw

Oh, I see. I just googled “The Piano”, and I think my elder sis will love to watch it, because she loves musical instruments. :3

Haha I have given up on that though. I can’t believe I had so much patience to pixel. I don’t think I will go back there, unless I’m making my own smilies or icons.

Oh well, that’s what I had on my personal site. I would stick images of things I liked, and I would also use the colourful scrollbars. My backgrounds weren’t ever flashy but they were really busy because of the design. I liked dolls but I only had fun making them… that was it. Man, I remember spending hours dressing up dolls. I cannot believe I had nothing better to do. /um

Aww thank you! :) I always thought I was bad at explaining but I guess I’m better at writing it down than expressing it verbally. I believe that a lot of my articles are really outdated and old though. :P I don’t write articles much anymore because of my blog, and the fact that people like reading what I have to write.

Thank you! I will email you when I go further with my assignment!

I used to be scared of raw salmon and think it must taste gross, but I love it. More so than cooked salmon! However, when I tried raw tuna, that didn’t really impress me. I didn’t like it very much. Raw salmon is so expensive now though; I never realised it was ever cheap!

AHHH takoyaki! /bounce 🤤

It is interesting to see how habits, even blog habits, change with age and experience. Two years ago, if you think about it, isn’t a really long time; but as you’ve said, and from what you’ve described, you’ve grown up more /eee Which is always a good thing.

I can’t look back for two years into blogging; I didn’t blog, and I was just starting out making a website. My Warrior cats one /hehe But I do compare layouts; I compare the one I have now, which is pretty decent, to a crappy, image based one two years ago. All that shows is that I’ve grown as a webmistress and in knowledge. I can’t exactly judge how I’ve changed as a person based on that.

I can, however, do it through old role-plays. I save all my old ones, or at least a bunch of them. I went from this illeterate, stupid 11 year old to a much more mature almost-14-year-old. And obviously, I’m still going to keep learning. And yes, I’m pretty gosh darn excited. ♥

Wow. You do have a small stomach xD

Aw. Your messenger pills are adorable!

Ahh, thinking back to my old blogs, they were pretty crappy. I’d never think about what I was going to blog about before hand, I’d just decide I as going to blog and write anything up. Like you, I never blogged for visitors. So I didn’t care if the subject was stupid or uninteresting, I also happened to blog much, much more. These days though, I do feel that when I blog, I blog for more of an audience (even though it’s not that big lol, now I actually care about my blogs).

I’m up for answering any questions ;D

I think I’ll check out The Piano, although I don’t like creepy movies Dx

The pills are cute ;D

I love blogging and most of the time I keep my audience in mind. I wrote really deep stuff before but that was because I was going through a rough time, maybe that’s why I don’t do it so much now. I had so much to write about back then and now it’s kind of lacking. I care about my blog posts a lot. XD

Haha it’s not really a scary movie, by the way. It’s a drama/romance film, but it’s just really intense and deep. Kinda sent chills down my spine.

Awwwh those pills are so cute :3

oh man. If you need to ask me any questions for your class feel free!! I just found some posts from 2003 when I first started blogging! I totally know how you feel with the randomly crying some days. Every once in a while I feel completely drained and just about anything will make me burst into tears. Those pills are so adorable! I want some, it’s such a cute idea! I’ve never heard of the Piano but it sounds very interesting. I will probably put it on my list of movies to look into.

My friends in university always tell me I should come and visit, and just sit in on their lectures xD Because the professors won’t notice.. at all. I think it’d be interesting to go to one for a day :P

I love looking back on my blog posts, even just from a few months back. I have written some fairly long blog posts, but I think the longest I did was over 3000 words, when I hadn’t blogged for a week (which was unusual for me xD) and it had to do with the GIANT prom fight for David and I, so there was a lot to tell :P It was only so long because I tried to put down every single detail of that week.. I think I managed pretty well xD

Those pills are super cute :D My sister had something like that, and I think hers said that the purpose was so if a teacher caught you, you could easily hide it in your mouth. I’d be afraid of swallowing it though :P

Thanks :D I loveee how the textures came out, I love making icon textures :D

HAHA, you sound like my sister when you talk about your hair :P She has had short hair for a few years now, and will always say ‘I want to grow my hair!’ and then a few days later, she’ll go get it all chopped off. It’s pretty long (for her) now, and I pointed that out the other day and then asked her when she was gonna get it cut, but she said she’s not :P

It is good that you have learned and grown. And I’m glad you can look back on the rough time and you aren’t still in it.
It is so great to have friends to cheer you up. I hope you are feel much better.
I have a real aversion to trying new things. I usually think about a new thing or action a long time before trying it. So much that it is no longer new.
Those capsules are really cute.
The last thing I watched was Spy Next Door. It was my first Jackie Chan movie. It wasn’t to dumb. It is not coming to my dvd connection. :)

The pills are so cute! Me want want. All the food you mentioned in the post sounds so tasty!

It’s always interesting to look back at old blog posts from years ago. It’s a nice way to laugh at yourself.

Aw, those pills are absolultly adorable!
I would love to help with your research but I don’t blog much, I usually write because I am on my site. But I do write a diary.
I also get days when I just feel like crying. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very rare and to be honest I never had them untill about a year or so. Sometimes things pile on top, and it’s hard to pinpoint the actual ‘things’. But a good cry, a lovely chat and a few funny texts always bring me right back up.
Bdw, I was wondering when you’re going to start doing reviews. I tried using that HTML validator that you use and I got horrendous results but don’t really know how to make sense of it all! /ehh

My writing has improved so much since blogging. I couldn’t spell or write English even though it’s all I speak. Blogging is a really great writing exercise.

I’m not really a phone call person. I think the only person I like talking on the phone to is my mum. :)

Those things are so cute. :) Where did James get them from?

I haven’t seen that movie but I will look out for it. :)

I would sneak into a medical lecture and see how hard it is, and what they talk about. Is it rocket science or is it like being in health class back in high school? lol, or maybe I would sneak into a law lecture and get some tips. Hehe!

Haven’t heard of that movie! I haven’t seen many movies lately. Might watch that movie someday :)
I was going to consider watching Paranormal Activity recently but then I read about it and now I’m so not going to watch it.

Those fake pills look so cute! That’s cool how you can write a note in them :)

I don’t think I reflect on my writing when I blog….

I just blog what’s on my mind and what I’ve done to my site.

Those are the cutest little pills! :)

Oh wow, those little fake pills are so cute! I so want some. Lol.

I’ll answer some questions if you need. :)

Concerts are so much fun. I’ve been to a few, I always take the chance to go to them since not many famous music artists come to my city. I’ve been to one that was in a different city and it was such a more amazing experience.
How come your parents wouldn’t let you go?

I know Currar and I won’t break up, well I hope not. I feel as if I’ve finally found the one and it makes all the heartbreak worth it. :)

I do agree that over the time, people’s writing style changes. We get mature with experience and it affects our writing style. Our way of thinking and how we percept the world and the things around us affect our writing as well. I realise that when I read my old blogs. I could see significant improvement in terms of style, language and grammar use in my writing today compared to the ones I wrote 3 years ago.

I wouldn’t mind helping you with the research project. I think it is a good way for me to reflect upon my blogging practice as well. :P

Yay for Japanese food! I started to have a liking for sushi when my friend invited Leon and I to join her party at a sushi restaurant. Initially I wasn’t into oriental food because I didn’t know how to use chopsticks so I was forced to use my hand to eat some of the food. 😰 But after trying a couple of sushi and sashimi, I just can’t get enough of them. I also introduced them to my family and now my dad just love going to Japanese restaurants. /hehe
Aww those fake pills are really cute. The idea to wrap papers and put them inside pill-like containers is just a brilliant marketing ploy. Hahaha!

I haven’t watched The Piano simply because I don’t like and couldn’t stand horror movies. I don’t mind watching horror video games like Resident Evil, but not horror movies. They give me the creeps. O_O

Oh I do jump into my friends’ lectures as well. In fact, I did that again yesterday. I sat in the first row right in front of where the lecturer was standing. He saw me and was surprised to see me there. LOL. /hehe ;) (I took one of his courses last year)


Say, knowing your mom did a lot of other jobs before settling on her current job give me the hope and inspiration to go on. I might not be able to do something entirely different from what I’m doing currently, but hopefully there will be an opportunity to relate whatever I’m doing now with my true interest. :D

Yeah I’m currently reading The Great Gatsby. That classic work is indeed an awesome read. I’m only halfway through the book but I really am enjoying it. /love

oo, your topic is interesting. It made me reflect on how my writing style has changed throughout my years of blogging. I think one major thing that has changed in my writing style is that I learnt not to divulge too much about myself in the net, and speak in hypothetical instances if I want to complain about something or someone in particular.
I remembered once I wrote about how I hated this girl in my project work team for rejecting all my ideas, and yet pushing all the paper work on me, and she happened to read it. Drama ensued, of course, which irritated me to no end. I mean, I do have my right to have my own personal opinion and my own space on the web, she had no right to confront me about it.

But that’s about all I feel my writing has changed, hahah.

The pills are sooo cute~! Do they all have the XD expression? Or are there different variations? :o I waaaant. They can be used for sending secret messages in class, haha.