Blood Red Shoes

My dad got a pair of shoes about a month ago. They were from a charity store but were still brand new. My brother didn’t like them, but after I tried them on I thought they were pretty sturdy and would do for casual wear; they looked a bit like Doc Martens. They were black boots that reached above the ankle, and since they hadn’t been worn, they were pretty stiff.

I once wore them to church – so that only involved walking on a bit of concrete from the car to the church, and on carpet inside. Today I decided to wear them to university and I felt happy because they matched with my black skirt.

I was walking out of the station and began walking to university. As I was walking through the concourse area, I felt like my left shoe was making really loud clunking noises, at least in comparison to my right. Yes, the boots were a little on the loose side, but I didn’t think they would make clunking noises that loud. It was actually pretty embarrassing. I regretted wearing the shoes already.

I assumed my left shoe wasn’t tied tightly enough, so I stopped walking and tied it up. It was then that I realised the entire sole of my shoe – the whole bottom panel including the heel – was hanging by a thread. It was attached to the bottom of the shoe only by a small section at the toe, and the sole was flipping itself crazy every time I took a step.

Needless to say, I was really irritated. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, I thought.

I tried to walk, and it was a hassle crossing the road trying not to make a retarded flipping sound with the heel of my shoe whacking against the ground due to the pull of gravity. I tried sliding my left foot across the ground subtly, but to no avail. Naturally, the way I slid my foot required me to lift my heel, which in turn hit the heel of my shoe against the ground in an unnatural and rather loud manner. 😠

I tried to walk without attracting attention, but it didn’t help. When I finally made it to university, I was beyond pissed. I felt like throwing this shoe at someone (George Bush?). My blood was boiling.

Sebby tried to calm me down. I went on a computer to check my email and see what topic my lecture was on. By this point, I was so angry about my shoe and I’d kicked it and thrown a fit at it (yes… a shoe) so that the sole completely fell off.

Good one, Georgina.

I didn’t go to my lecture. Thankfully Vicky said, “You missed jack shit“. For the most part, I’m glad that there was nothing hugely important. I will have to take a look at the readings later though; I think they’re relevant to my research.

Instead, Sebby helped me find a pair of shoes. It proved difficult because I didn’t want to buy a cheap pair that were just going to ruin themselves over. I used it as an excuse to buy a nice pair of shoes, so I bought a pair of Converse like the ones below. They weren’t too expensive and I wanted a cool pair of flat shoes. 🙂

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