Blood Red Shoes

My dad got a pair of shoes about a month ago. They were from a charity store but were still brand new. My brother didn’t like them, but after I tried them on I thought they were pretty sturdy and would do for casual wear; they looked a bit like Doc Martens. They were black boots that reached above the ankle, and since they hadn’t been worn, they were pretty stiff.

I once wore them to church – so that only involved walking on a bit of concrete from the car to the church, and on carpet inside. Today I decided to wear them to university and I felt happy because they matched with my black skirt.

I was walking out of the station and began walking to university. As I was walking through the concourse area, I felt like my left shoe was making really loud clunking noises, at least in comparison to my right. Yes, the boots were a little on the loose side, but I didn’t think they would make clunking noises that loud. It was actually pretty embarrassing. I regretted wearing the shoes already.

I assumed my left shoe wasn’t tied tightly enough, so I stopped walking and tied it up. It was then that I realised the entire sole of my shoe – the whole bottom panel including the heel – was hanging by a thread. It was attached to the bottom of the shoe only by a small section at the toe, and the sole was flipping itself crazy every time I took a step.

Needless to say, I was really irritated. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, I thought.

I tried to walk, and it was a hassle crossing the road trying not to make a retarded flipping sound with the heel of my shoe whacking against the ground due to the pull of gravity. I tried sliding my left foot across the ground subtly, but to no avail. Naturally, the way I slid my foot required me to lift my heel, which in turn hit the heel of my shoe against the ground in an unnatural and rather loud manner. /argh

I tried to walk without attracting attention, but it didn’t help. When I finally made it to university, I was beyond pissed. I felt like throwing this shoe at someone (George Bush?). My blood was boiling.

Sebby tried to calm me down. I went on a computer to check my email and see what topic my lecture was on. By this point, I was so angry about my shoe and I’d kicked it and thrown a fit at it (yes… a shoe) so that the sole completely fell off.

Good one, Georgina.

I didn’t go to my lecture. Thankfully Vicky said, “You missed jack shit“. For the most part, I’m glad that there was nothing hugely important. I will have to take a look at the readings later though; I think they’re relevant to my research.

Instead, Sebby helped me find a pair of shoes. It proved difficult because I didn’t want to buy a cheap pair that were just going to ruin themselves over. I used it as an excuse to buy a nice pair of shoes, so I bought a pair of Converse like the ones below. They weren’t too expensive and I wanted a cool pair of flat shoes. :)

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Argh! Dodgy shoes. They must have been quite old for the glue to wear off on the soles, even though they’d never been warn before. Haha! Never trust charity store shoes again! :O

Poor you. Walking with a clunking noise must have been HUGELY embarrassing D:. I would be SO ashamed, I’d just go back home. Hahaha.

You don’t need to be angry to throw a shoe at George Bush! Throw it at him ANYWAY :P.

But no, I’d have been pretty frustrated at my crappy shoe too. Like, of ALL things to go wrong. D:

Lucky the lecture you missed wasn’t important! Otherwise it’d be like D:. But I’m sure Sebby and Vicky would have helped you catch up :).

Those shoes look cool :D. I want a pair like that! Except, maybe white. Even though they’d get dirty way too easily 🤬 . So at least you got a nice new pair of shoes from the experience! :D

I was thinking of throwing them away, but I think they are still sort of worth it… but I’m too angry at the shoes to consider getting them fixed now anyway. /angry

Yeah, exactly! Dahlia was telling me that she would probably get so angry and just declare that she had a bad day, hand her assignment in and go back home – if something like this happened to her. We both agreed that it was undeniably embarrassing to walk around with a broken shoe. I don’t know what was worse, walking around with a half-broken shoe or a broken one. 🤬

Oh well, a lot of my lectures are pretty dull, and I would have been flaming angry if I attended. It occurred to me that I should do the readings since they seem useful…

I have a pair of white shoes which I don’t like wearing too much for that reason. :P It goes with any white clothing though; they get dirty easily. :(

Aww, I’m sorry about your bad day. :( *pats* I hope it won’t happen again. ♥

I can’t relate to your situation since I’ve never experienced it before (yet) but I know it sucks a lot from what you’ve written. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THE ONE WHO SAYS THIS WILL ALWAYS BE THE NEXT VICTIM. /bash So tomorrow, you might see me leaving a new comment here saying: “Yo Georgie ~ I CAN FINALLY RELATE TO YOUR SITUATION.” Now, now.. seriously, what am I thinking. /hmph

Hehe, nice one. That pair of shoes look cool. I prefer wearing flat shoes, and I think you already know why. :P Somehow, whenever I wear flat shoes like the one in your picture, I’d look like a tomboy, especially with my short haircut. But anyhow, I enjoy looking like that (although I wanted to look girlish). Ah, what am I saying. /ho

I know what you mean! Lately though, Lilian and I have decided to dress in a more girly fashion. I am getting sick of looking like a tomboy and my recent haircut makes it look even more so. I love these kinds of shoes but I also like heels and girly shoes. I just needed something I could walk in for the day, and I wasn’t willing to get heeled boots. :P

I don’t think that’s happened to me when I cannot relate to someone’s situation, but check your shoes before you head on out – or take an extra pair! ♥

/huh And I thought your haircut was sort of girly. I really like it, especially the way you tied them up.

Nah, I meant this sentence “I’ve never experienced it before (yet)” will “curse” me; not the one before it. :P Yeah, I’ll be sure to check mine. You too! ♥

Oh dear! Something similar to this happened to me. The sole of one my shoes completly came off. I had to tie it with a rubber band to make it to the nearest shoe shop and buy another pair – which was a 15 mins bus journey away! I must have looked like a right tramp! 😳
You’re right about becoming stronger with distance. I guess it makes you realise how much people mean to you.
I would really appreciate it if you could do me a review. But I understand about times. Dw about it too much. But if you ever feel like you have the time then I will defo be intrested.

Aaah, the “scrape your foot against the ground” trick. I know it well and have tried to cover up the bo-bo-ness of many a pair of shoes that way. No luck. Good for you on actually springing for a new pair. I used ductape. It was bad.

I would’ve thrown a fit the moment something like that happened to me! I would’ve went home and changed my shoes or walked to a shoe store and buy myself a new pair right away. At least you didn’t miss anything in your lecture class. :)

I like Converse shoes. I think they are pretty comfortable just like Vans. I have two pairs of converse myself like the one you pictured in your post, but mine is in black and white and the other one in navy blue.

What did you end up doing to the broken shoe?

I was pretty far from home (an hour haha) so I don’t think that was an option; I would have had to walk around more in that ugly shoe anyway.

I now have three pairs of Converse; they are all very different. I don’t wear them much anymore but owning this new pair might encourage me to wear them more often. :)

I took the shoe home, just in case it could be fixed. I was in such a rage that I don’t think I want to bother getting them repaired or wearing them again. :P

That sucks about the shoes from charity. :(

I like your Converse ones, though! :) I have some… They’re white… White? I ALWAYS get white dirty. >:|

I looked at it again, and I see what you mean – it really does look like a laptop, kinda. :P I used to do that, but I don’t as much anymore. I like the decorated ones because they have different prints and such; they show my personality. And the insides are always so cute! /hehe I also enjoy getting matching and mismatched folders xD

God, that’s SO annoying! The same thing happened to me once on my way home from work. It’s was so frustrating not to be able to walk normally and making those stupid sounds at each step >.< But at least it happened at the end of the day when I was on my way home. If it ever happens in the morning I'll probably throw a tantrum *lol*

The new shoes look nice :) I bought a pair of Converse not long ago myself, they're really comfy.

I’m sorry about your shoes. The most damage that a pair of my shoes has ever had was a hole in the heel.
I’d probably panic first if the sole of my shoe barely hung on to the rest of the shoe, and then I’d throw a fit.
Converse always look nice, and people never have to worry if it’s going to match with their outfits, unless it’s formal.

Something similar happened to me. It was my first time wearing these very Asian heels my friend got for me. I was at a party and the bottom was falling off. My friend had to get me a pair of her shoes to pass. /angry But yeah, it would be really irritating. I’d probably throw the shoe at someone too, like George Bush. /ho Don’t trust charity stores, cheap markets, shoes from unknown places…

Ah, black Converses are so nice! I’ve always wanted a pair but can’t seem to find them. I already have several pairs of Converses though so maybe I should lay off. XD

I was wondering why it’s jeorgina – I was thinking maybe someone had already taken georgina? Now that you mention it, I have that confusion dilemma on MSN – OMG I got one, I know! I only go by Krystee online, I prefer this funny spelling, haha. So now I don’t know what to do for my display name.

Oh here it really depends on the house. Like my house doesn’t even have a nasty-things-filled attic, instead the second floor has pretty nice tall ceilings. I’ve seen houses that do though. The house I’m staying at is just tall enough for an actual attic room. :D

You know, I think when someone says “I’ll help you with _insert language_” it never happens. We end up speaking in English anyway because I still can’t get my complete sentences. Just out of curiosity, does Indonesian have its own alphabet or is it like Vietnamese that uses something similar to the English alphabet? Or neither? I’ve heard only a bit but never seen Indonesian writing.

I think it’s mostly America that uses the weird scales. The metric scale goes by 100, 1000, etc. But 12 inches in a foot? WTH. I don’t even know how many feet there are in a mile, but its easily 1000 meters in a kilometer.

I think when I get a domain I’m gonna need a real website name. I don’t just wanna get – I’m a huge fan of the .me domain but it’s so expensive! I don’t think I’d be able to stick to one name though. That’s why I like my fanlistings, they’re all in folders like /dambi for Son Dambi so I can change the site name whenever I want. :P

Ohhhmy. That’s why when I get a “hand-me-down” or something from a thrift store/charity store and they claim it to be brand new I never trust it. Honestly, I don’t like shopping at such stores. My grandma and aunt says we’re too “poor” to be picky like I am. I find that to be none true because if you can afford the better things you should have a choice right? Anywhom, I loveee converse. The last pair that I bought were like neon yellow or something and everyone loves them and just wonder where I got them from because they’re unique but I’ll never tell and for only 14 bucks :)

Ooooh, well I have NEVER heard of any of these bands.

I love Converse shoes. I have a few pairs. I have high top ones that come to just below my knee and I’m so in love with them.

I would be so pissed as well with the shoes, I hate it when they fall apart or the sole is coming off.

No problem. :) I don’t mind answering questions for you, especially if it helps you with uni.

I so wish I could write interesting posts like yours. I find mine even boring to read so I don’t know how my affiliate and blog visitors read them.

My parents aren’t strict at all. My mum has only ever grounded me once, and about an hour later she let me go out. It’s so funny.

Aww it’s too bad you guys don’t celebrate halloween! Haha to be honest, I only began “celebrating” it when I got to high school. And by celebrating, I mean people were actually starting to have parties on halloween, and i would go to them :P

And good point – surroundings are an important part of selecting a university. I loved everything I had heard about a certain school I was applying to, and was about to make it my ED school (early decision – which means you appy early, but you have to go to that school if you’re accepted)… until I visited and realized the surroundings just weren’t right for me.

Awww no! Sucks about the boots. They sounded really cute :/ My dad brought my sister a pair of shoes one time from his travels, and they fell apart at school. hahah it was quite funny. but sad, because they were super cute :(

You coped better then I would. Seriously, I would have chucked a tantrum … I wouldn’t have even bothered to make it to school. It reminds me of when my wardrobe door fell on me the day I had an exam. I didn’t show, and when I rang the teacher to tell her what happened, she was laughing hysterically. It made me madder … Luckily she was a good sport and let me re-sit it. (Y)

Ouch! That sounds painful. At least she wasn’t all nasty after she laughed at what happened. That was very kind of her. :)

First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE converses. They are amazing. They are like the best shoes ever. <3 /cool ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm sorry about your shoes. At least you didn't miss anything important in your lesson. :) My blood would've been boiling as well. I would've wanted to punch someone in the face, more than once. /pow @_@
I know, but obv she didn't think we could get through another 3 chapters within the next 9 weeks (we get out after 18 weeks) so, she was reviewing (a tiny bit) and [mostly] going over chapter 3.

Yeah, I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Derivatives were hard. They are easier now that I know that all I have to do is slow down and I will make 90%'s on the tests. XD I make like 100s of 100s of STUPID mistakes that I end up failing the tests. XD

I don't study for math. I did for the Mid-Term though. Not that it helped. I made a D or a 68%…at least my grade only dropped to a 78%. :)

That is awesome but that is horrible to have a full week of exams…that would suck big time. Has that ever happened to you?

Thanks so much! <3

Totally. & Yes, he did, so I'm happy and so is he. Guess what I just discovered like this past week. We have been celebrating our Monthiversaries on the wrong day. XD (all we do is get together and make sure we see each other) We have been celebrating them on the 25th when really we got together on the 23rd. XD I was just like OMG when I realized that.

Hahahahaha. Dante knows my addiction was a problem like a few months ago, but I'm not on the internet as much anymore due to the fact that I have work and school. So, if I didn't have either like today and tomorrow, I do try to get online and at least return comments if I don't do anything else that day.
Hahahahaha. I'm mean too, I'd probably do the same thing. Dante wants to learn this stuff but I can never teach him as well as I can teach other people because he asks too many stupid questions or questions that I don't know the answers to. XD

XD Wow. I think my music takes up about that much as well..or at least it should. I have a few games but like you said, not many anymore. I deleted most of them. I only have like 5 now. XD

Nope, no point. Mine lasts probably 1-3 hours before it dies. XD

Those converse sneakers are really cute!

There are people who I know will get offended but honestly I could careless because it’s the truth. I don’t even think half of them will be going to a university. They think it’s cool but it’s not. No one wants to see their underwear.

The gossip i’m talking about is someone starting something about a certain person, and then someone else takes it and tells the whole world.

There’s a girl in my school who purposely sits on two chairs because she says her butt is too big. I mean seriously?? She’s not even that big but she does it for the attention.

I sometimes try to hurry up and reply comments before I go to school. I’m always in the mood when I don’t have time but when I do have time, I never reply. XD

I really would do that. I cannot wait till i get there. The thing is I need something to motivate me to actually do it. The 30day challenge actually motivated me. I usually blog once a week but now I’m doing every day.

You’re welcome. :D

I would have burned them. XD Now you know where they in a charity store lol. I love the new shoes though. I have a obsession with converse. Over here, they are really expensive. Online it’s 30 bucks, at footlocker is like 50. I’m trying to buy it online but my paypal is currently empty. 💥


At least those look comfortable enough to walk in. Seriously, those boots are bad for your feet. Shoes that pinch your toes will set you up for some serious problems later D:

Man I’m tired. Gonx! Sorry for another lousy comment. /um


No they’re not! :( They looked a little like Doc Martens. I barely even wore them. /poo

Haha, I knew about your whole shoe issue because I follow you on Twitter and I was online when you were ranting about it. :P But honestly, I can’t believe that happened. How does the entire sole of the shoe just fall off? Especially if they haven’t been worn before… I would advise against buying shoes from charity stores anymore. XD

So you actually went shopping for a new pair of shoes? Did you have to wear the sole-less shoe to the store?

Oh, I really like those shoes! I want a pair like that. Actually, I think I had a really similar pair four years ago, but everyone I knew made fun of them, so I got rid of them. :(

I’d have been absolutely raging at the shoe as well, you’re not alone xD I love the converse, my friend Jayne has that pair :) I only ever wear converse, since I only own two pairs of shoes and both of them are converse. I prefer spending my money on things like CDs, shoes don’t matter all that much to me. As long as the ones I have are wearable I won’t bother with new ones.

At least you get to buy cool comfy shoes! Aww.. I have experienced those stuff before. When it happened to me, I can’t buy a new one so I had it repaired. But I had to go somewhere else while it was being fixed so they gave me oversized ugly slippers to use in the meantime. I had to walk around wearing those! Really, really embarrassing. @_@
But I really like the new shoes you bought! That’s a type of footwear that I would buy too^^

Converse shoes to the rescue! XD They are really cute, tho. At least you got something good out of all that drama ^^

Note to self: Doc Martens, Doc Martens, research on Google.

:O Wasn’t the shoes your father’s? Well, I certainly like matching things. I don’t enjoy black and yellow because dark and bright isn’t nice at all. Black and any of the light colors (except white) totally doesn’t match… even if it’s just for me.

Oh my! That would be embarrassing if anyone saw it :( Have you ever tried taking off your shoes and exchanging it with someone? :P That is a weird idea, I know.

Well, if I were you, I would be pissed times a million. I would throw the pair of shoes in the bin but I’m sure that before I do it… I’ll think of wasting money and there I go, I’ll wear the shoes again and try to hop on one leg or something.

Here in Singapore if you walk like that with the sound I believe at least a quarter of everyone that’s present will look at you with an irritated or a weird look. But the good thing is, you just have to smile and ignore them and they’ll stop gossiping. Just like what I did when I carried my backpack the opposite way (like I was pregnant).

Whenever my family bugs me and I’m angry about it, I actually shut myself in the bathroom and while bathing or changing, I stomp my feet repeatedly. Then when I strip (it’ll be EW in my class) for a bath I slap my clothes on the pail where we put our clothes and it’ll be brought to the washing machine. I pull a face while looking at myself in the mirror because I couldn’t say out my feelings. My mom would kill me.

Cooooooooool pair of shoes! How about Nike or Puma?

I just e-mailed you back with my answers. Let me know if you need or want more detail. Also, feel free to e-mail me asking me more about my answers or anything else you would like to know. :)

My high tops are amazing to wear. They look best with short shorts or skirts/dresses. :)

I’m trying to hide my bad mood and not take it out on Currar. But it’s a little hard because he will do tiny things that will annoy me but because I’m in such a bad mood they annoy me even more than they usually would. I’m glad that he puts up with me, I know I can be really bitchy when I’m grumpy.

Awh. Your shoes! *Hugs* That must have been irritating, and embarrassing as hell. THe good thing is that you didn’t miss much of the lecture and got nice shoes in return. All is well that ends well.
The part about throwing the shoe at George Bush made me laugh. :)

Yep, the events leading up to the program did much to dampen my enthusiasm, but in the end, when it happened, it was so beautiful that everything that happened before just stopped mattering.
I am not much of a sports person either. I like basketball but you know when such a massive event is organized right next to you, and nearly 6000 athletes visit you, it is kind of hard NOT to catch the fever.
I have never been to any paralympics.

Thanks. The last cover was done by me. :)

Oh shoe drama= worst! I’ve had my fair share, I once had a louboutin heel stuck inbetween two planks on a pier :S

cute blog


Well the silver lining I suppose is you had a legitimate reason for buying cool shoes. I don’t what us up with my feet but my shoes start getting holes in them within the first two weeks of wear. I’d understand if they were the primark shoes or something but most of them aren’t and it’s just so annoying. I think it’s the way I walk. Apparently I don’t lift my leg high enough. :/
I know what you mean about not spending other peoples money. Thats why I rarely buy things other than the basic essentials. I make it sound like I haven’t got clothes (!) I mean like the extra bag that I don’t need.
That’s why I wish I was earning my own money so I didn’t feel like that.

You’re so sweet and helpful it is unbelievable!! I don’t really need a review, it’s just that when I used a HTML and CSS validator it came up with near 50 errors! Yikes!! And to be honest I don’t really understand what the errors are all about. I mean mtgs layout looks fine doesn’t it?

I’m just replying to your comment here because you don’t have a blog right now; hope that’s cool with you! Good luck getting all that set up. :) FanUpdate is lovely but there was a time when I had to move on as well.

I used to wear out my leather shoes a lot when I wore them in school (we had a uniform and had to wear them). They ended up getting worn out on the sides. My mum said it was the way I walked. :P

Ooh. Well, just let me know when you’d like me to take a look. Send me an email (I get to emails faster than comments). I’ll look at your site and point out all the errors and what you can fix. You just put up a new layout so just let me know when it’s okay to check it out and when you’re ready for me to check it. :)

The girl seems to have left us alone thank goodness. I’m keeping right away from her,

I’ve always found geography an easy subject. It’s got a bit harder at college but it’s not too bad.

No as the years have gone on the Xfactor has got worse. There is always loads of stuff in the news about the contestants having secret lives and all that. It does my head in!

Ugh that must have been annoying. I have so many pairs of shoes that I love but I have problems with. I have a pair of vans that rub me and a pair of converse that squeak! It’s rubbish they fell apart too but I’m glad you found some new ones.

I live in flat shoes and converse are the best! I wear mine all the time and they haven’t worn much at all. Your new pair look really nice. I’m sure they won’t fall apart!

OMG, that must’ve been so annoying! I hate the noise of clunking shoes and if one was clunking more than the other, it would have been so irritating.

I’d have been pretty angry about the shoe too, I lose my temper pretty easily and I would have been beyond pissed. It’s probably a good thing that you missed the lecture though, you may not have been able to concentrate fully knowing you were annoyed about the shoe!

The only good thing about a dodgy shoe is the excuse to buy new ones! And those ones you bought are so cute. :) I used to have some similar except mine were high-tops.

I do often talk about the bands I’m “obsessed” with, like quite a lot, but it’s not ALL I talk about. I think the reason people get annoyed with me talking about these people so much, is because they don’t like the people I like. They all talk about their favourite bands/singers/films, and I don’t like them, but I don’t moan at them, I still listen. ¬_¬

I am pretty obsessed with these contestants on X Factor now though, I haven’t received any Formspring hate for it just yet, but I did delete and remake my Tumblr since the last time it happened, so maybe these people don’t follow me now.

Hm, that is a rather different system- we usually have 1-5, 6-8, 9-12, at least around here.

The kids who got in trouble are definitely really angry, and the ones that are still on the bus are continuing what they were doing, just sitting in their assigned seats. The girl really shouldn’t have told in the first place; they weren’t bothering her personally and you’re right, it just makes her seem weak.

I can’t believe it either, since now Converse are really popular. But four years ago, most people I knew referred to them as “ugly nurse’s shoes”. O_O

that day would’ve pissed me off as well but im happy u got another pair of shoes.. u lucky u can get notes about ur lessons at college, at ours u cant so if u dont go to college u snooze u lose :(