The Last Straw

I am a sensitive person, and I know that isn’t a valid excuse for anything. But when someone hurts my feelings, I don’t deny it. I’ve had friends hurt me in the past, and upon receiving an apology, have forgiven them.

When you forgive someone, I think it should be a given that they don’t do the same thing to hurt you again. As I mentioned in a previous post of mine… don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you receive forgiveness from someone, it’s not a ticket to give you another chance.

Some people aren’t that forgiving. Some people will not give you a second chance. For example, if a girl is cheated on by her boyfriend, it could take her a lot to think and believe that he wouldn’t do it again. It is understandable that people make mistakes, which is understandable why there is such thing as forgiveness.

But how many chances are you willing to give someone? Me – I’m a sensitive person. I’m easily hurt by things people say or do, and I will attempt to hold a grudge against someone – but fail. Numerous times I have tried to completely ignore my younger brother after he has been rude to me. I think it might differ for family compared to friends, though. I cannot ignore those in my family. Though once, my mum refused to talk to me when we had a fight some years back.

It isn’t nice to be ignored.

I know the feeling… which is probably why I give people another chance. I have the belief and faith in them that they know what they did wrong. I also know that if I didn’t talk to them, they would be deeply affected – especially if that person is a friend.

Earlier this year, in the summer (January) my mum was ill, and I had to go to work several days a week. I had two jobs, and one of them required me to be away from home for about 12 hours every day. I enjoyed it but it took up a lot of my time. During this time, I kept on updating my blog every night, but I wasn’t able to return comments as quickly as I wanted to.

Someone whom I thought was my friend felt the need to complain. Fair enough – I explained my situation. Today that person had the nerve to get bitchy towards me, saying that they “understood” that I was busy, but claimed that I didn’t respond to their comments.

I cannot believe people do this at all. I cannot believe that people expect others to respond to their comments. It isn’t even a requirement, as Lilian put it. If I wasn’t known for returning my comments, people wouldn’t expect this shit from me. And that for me was the last straw. It deeply hurt my feelings that someone, whom I thought was a friend, would be so selfish as to want me to reply to their comments. Clearly it is not obvious that I now have two jobs, university, and a life to live – and cooking lunch for my brother on weekends – on top of that, household chores.

It was the last straw. I cannot stand people hurting me. My life doesn’t revolve around you. It is the most inconsiderate and disrespectful thing I have heard. I gave this person enough chances already, and enough is enough. There are only so many times you can forgive someone, and I will not be repeatedly hurt like this.

On a brighter note, thank you to those who have answered some questions for my media assignment. Let me know if you’d like to help out answering some questions about blogging! 🙂

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