In the Arms of Sleep

I’m still trying to sleep early these days, but it’s not working. I really need to be strict on myself. I’ve been going to bed at midnight, which I guess is a huge improvement in itself, but I should be sleeping before midnight. On most days when I have university I have to wake up early (6:00am, sometimes a tad earlier).

My brother leaves the house at 6:55 and I follow suit, because it’s just more “convenient”. We both get dropped off at the station by either mum or dad.

I never really minded going to university early; I usually occupied myself on my laptop. But now I can really see that sleep is quite important and I’m just very tired of going to university so early.

My brother takes quite a while to go to school, and that’s the reason he leaves early. But I could leave about 40 minutes later than him, and still arrive on time. The thing is, my mum says I shouldn’t use up so many car trips to the station and back.

“By the time I get back from dropping Brandon off at the station, I have to take you.”

I know, even 40 minutes more sleep is more important to me. /faw

Forcing myself to stay awake is incredibly silly. :( I really need to stop. The other day, a small thought crossed my mind – sleeping pills.

It was obviously not a good thought. James said to me that I was forcing myself to stay awake on some nights, and forcing myself to sleep with pills was not going to do me any good. Not to mention, I could become dependent on them and eventually have a serious addiction. I don’t want to risk that.

I feel like someone needs to actually drag me into bed. Literally grab my arm and give me a big pull. @_@ I know for a fact that if I lived with James, I’d be more likely to pick up on his habits of sleeping early. I am pretty terrible. /um

I try to sleep on the train if I get tired. There’s usually nothing better to do, and reading books on my iPhone isn’t very pleasant on a rocky ride. I don’t mind sleeping on the train since most people do – but I know some people who just get scared that they’ll miss their stop.

Lately I have been collecting information and responses for my media research on blogging. I haven’t progressed much with it, but I’ll be honest and say that university isn’t stressing me out all that much at the moment. I’ve been working on the Smashing Pumpkins fanlisting I was approved for a couple of weeks ago. I am just adding so much to it that it’s unbelievable. /um Sebby has been helping me with it too.

Today was a really cold day. I thought it wouldn’t be that cold, so I didn’t wear stockings, and my poor knees were really cold. In the lecture theatre at university they had the airconditioner on. /angry I started to get really cold and I got a headache.

Last time I “froze to death” in tenth grade was because the fans were on. I eventually caught a cold and had a really raspy cough, despite the fact that it was the middle of summer. I ended up getting pneumonia. Woot. /hmph

As people tell me, get more meat on your bones. I don’t have enough body fat to keep me warm. :(

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Don’t worry, you’re doing a better job than me at sleeping early. I swear, for the last week, my average bedtime is probably something like 3am in the morning. My head is constantly aching D: . But you’re right, you DO need to sleep earlier. We BOTH do. We’re so regulating our sleeping habits in the holidays. *nods*.

Oh my god. 6am is WAY too early for me. If I got up that early, it’d mean I only got something like 2-3 hours of sleep. I don’t know how you do it D:.

James is right. Sleeping pills are NOT a good idea. I’m sure they’d have side effects too, which is NOT good. O_O I’m sure you can get to sleep without them anyway, right?

Hahaha…when you and James move in together, I bet he totally WILL drag you to sleep early every night. Your lifestyle is going to end up HEAPS healthy. YAY :D. It wouldn’t work for me. If I got dragged to bed, I’d protest the whole way, screaming: “I HAVE TO FINISH MY TORT READINGS!!! /wah “. Not cool.

It’s so cool how you got the Smashing Pumpkins fanlisting. Make sure you don’t leave your assignment to the last minute though :).

Today WAS cold. I was at uni at night time, waiting for the bus and I was wearing a thick coat, and I was STILL cold. D: Damn weather won’t make up its mind!

That’s bad! And you should sleep earlier! I suppose I compare myself to James too much, because he sleeps insanely early sometimes.

We say that all the time and never regulate them! This is so terrible! *hugs* We’ll sort it out, we will… otherwise you’re going to get serious jet lag on your trip. I mean, jet lag is bad enough. Coupled with bad sleeping habits? That doesn’t sound good… so hopefully it’ll be like motivation!

Oh you probably won’t have tort readings by that time! I swear, university and school is so much worse than work. When we’re much older we’ll have good sleeping patterns… or so I hope. Don’t forget we have to get rid of the bags under our eyes! D:

I won’t leave my assignment to the last minute! I will work on it tomorrow… promise! XD

Sleeping early? People do that?? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED!?!?!?

Roflmao I don’t know about you, but I think that since the HSC, I haven’t once slept before 1am. EVER.
D= Fail!
At the same time, I only occasionally have to get up before 6am. Sounds like you do it more often than me dude. >< Definitely need more sleep!

Mmmm, they really should have people you can hire who literally drag you to bed and wait till you sleep! Creepy but effective 8)

And congrats on the Smashing Pumpkins fanlisting :) Something tells me you like them, don't know what gives me that idea :P

Sometimes when there is a television show going on and I’m lying in bed, I just… er… yearn to watch it if it’s one of the shows that I usually watch. (7 – 8 PM Channel 8, 8 – 9 PM Computer/Homework, 9 – 10 PM, Channel 8, 10 PM – 11 PM, Channel U, 11 PM – 12 PM, Channel 8) It’s usually at night that this happens, about eleven.

It usually happens at about 11 PM because it’s actually time for bed. But sometimes I just… er… let’s take it nicely. I kind of bug my mother by telling her I can’t sleep and she’ll hand me the remote and say, “Watch finish go sleep ah.” :P

I leave the house at 7 (our clock) which is actually 6:55 A.M. every school day. That’s because my father also leaves at that time and we usually reach the lift at 7.00 A.M, so I’m never late. Sometimes, even though I leave the house at 7, we’ll reach the lift at 7.05 A.M. (walking, going downstairs to the car… urgh.) and I’ll reach school by 7.08 A.M. XD

There is a Facebook like page saying, “When i was a kid, i hated going to bed. Now i cherish every hour of sleep.” I really agree. When I was young I really wanted to stay up late because when I sleep, I know I have A LOT of time to get ready. Now I cherish EVERY SECOND of sleep. :)

Noooooo, sleeping pills are NOT good. I know I’m exaggerating, but honestly, a wrong dose can cause a wrong outcome. And when you eat ONE sleeping pill, you won’t know what you will do, trust me.

Because my father drives me to school pretty quickly (it’s close), I never have a chance to sleep on the pickup truck (dad uses the truck to work so mom can pick me up after school using our car). The only thing I hate is crossing the roads on myself. I’m spoilt. :(

My brother is horrible, now reminded by what you say. There was one time he poked me really hard and I said, “Ow! That WAS painful!” and guess what did he say? He replied, “You’re so fat, your body meat will help cover your bones lah.” What the?!?

As a university student, I applaud you. I go to sleep around 4am and wake up at noon. Part of that is because since I’m a junior, three out of five days of the week, my classes don’t being until the afternoon. On the other two days I just don’t get enough sleep, go to class, and then take a nap. Sleeping at midnight? Impossible! But then again, I don’t live at home, either, so I can wake up only 30 minutes before classes begin and still get there on time.

So you’re pretty good already I think! :P But getting enough sleep is absolutely heavenly.

Awh. I’m sorry you got pneumonia. That would suck! I’m planning on saving money so that when it gets freezing outside I can buy Hot Chocolate in our school store. It costs like $1 for a small and $2 for a “large”. Lol. It’s pretty big but ehhh, It’s enough. XD

I’m sorry you have some bad sleeping habits. I’m sure that’ll change in the future and you can make it change sooner if you really really don’t like it. Hopefully, you can save up money for a really used car so that you can leave 40 min later without worrying about gas. That would be nice!

I need to put more stuff up on my fanlistings, I just don’t see the point…idk…Lol. Like, yeah, I get how you want to show how much you support your fanlisting and how much you are a fan of it but, personally, I don’t look at the lyrics, pictures, or anything else that is on the fanlisting, I join it because I know of it and really like it. Like, Let’s say somone had a fanlisting for Horses. I wouldn’t look for horse pictures on it, I’d just join it because I love horses…I don’t see what the extra “bling” is for. I guess that is just a personal preference though.

I wake up (usually) at 6:30. Today I woke up at 6 and decided that I just didn’t feel like taking a shower and just went back to sleep and my sister woke me up at 7:20. Our school starts at 8. We leave at about 7:35-7:40 and get to school at like 7:40-7:45. It’s really nice when I don’t have to wake up early. I just got my wisdom teeth out on Friday so I didn’t feel up to coming to school but here I am, in class, returning your comment…wishing I was at home returning your comment. Oh well, I only have 3 classes so I can’t really complain and there really is NO reason why I can’t and shouldn’t come to school. This will be the first year that I have had perfect attendance for the whole year. Only because I have 3 classes. XD I ♥ having co-op/early release for my last class.

That is an interesting title. Is that another title for a song? I swear, there is a song title for EVERYTHING. XD You can’t run from anything without being able to name a song that labels what you are doing/talking about.
Yeah, this is my first time using line height so I’ll do that when I fix it later to work with Firefox. Hopefully, I don’t have to do much to my code to make it work in FF. Have you seen it? It looks HORRIBLE. I have link coding in GC but in FF half of the coding is missing or something. XD Maybe if it works in FF it’ll work in IE b/c it looks exactly the same in both browsers.
Thanks. I’m a fan of darker colors. Idk why but I just LOVE the color black. It’s weird, like I’d never be gothic or anything but the color black and I are best friends. XD Thanks again! (: I’ve been wanting to do the chalkboard look and it came out really nice. I wanted a border but borders wont show when you have an image as the background. I figured that out the hard way. DARN! XD

Yes, it’s a HUGE source of motivation for me. Like REALLY huge. & Yes, I love my job. ♥ ♥ ♥ it.

Yes, they are. XD it doesn’t hurt that much for me, I just can’t chew because the clots can get blown out very easily. Ugh. I am eating so much ice cream it is insane. I need to run once I get over this. I need to run like 10 miles. XD

Hahahahaha. I didn’t think you’d have it there. Do you have any kind of electronics store?

Yes, I wish I could wear them but I have flat feet and tennis shoes are the best for my feet. Flat feet and converses are a big no no. :/

Yeah, that is one of the reasons why I can’t wait until next semester. No more MATHS! YIPEEEEEE!

Yeah, I did. XD I just hope I do well on the rest of our tests. I want to make an A this semester or at least a low B so that I can make a B in the class so that I can get Netflix for free.

Totally. I’m sorry you had that. That musta’ve sucked big time. At least that is over! (:

Yes, same here. <3 :D

Do you find it difficult to sleep or you’re just busy with stuff that you forget the time so end up sleeping late? If it’s the latter you can just set an alarm for 11pm and force yourself to drop what you’re doing and go to sleep. Eventually you’ll get use to it and sleep early.

I can’t really give you much advise because I don’t sleep much either. I try to sleep early but I find it difficult to sleep so I don’t usually fall asleep till 1-2am :( I normally just catch up on sleep over the weekends by sleeping loads. Not sure if it really works like that though. We should be sleeping at least 8hrs a day but I only get about 5-6 :(

Thanks for the reply. I’ll let you know once my blog is up so maybe you could take a look then. But there is not rush at all. My site is more of a personal thing than anything else so don’t make it a priority. You serioulsy are too nice!! :)
Sleep is seriosly important and you should defo not use drugs. They seriously mess up you’re cycle. I did sleep as a topic for my A Levels Psychology. Since then I’ve seriously altered my habits to ensure I get to bed on time.
It’s your habits now that can really mess you up when your in your 30s-40s. Try going to bed early. And possibly taking a bus or even walking to the station rather than taking that ride.
As for the airconditioning in lectures – agh! /pow They have like a million holes in the ground (ok I’m exagerating) but my feet literally freeze!

You’re welcome! :) My site is a personal thing, it’s more for fun than anything else. But of course when it comes to errors it’s nice to have things generally error-free. We all take pride in our sites. ;)

I definitely won’t resort to drugs. It was an idea, but now I see it was a very terrible idea. Someone suggested I use an alarm to signal me to sleep. I think I’ll be trying that! And thanks for the heads up. I’d hate to keep this going at this age and then really be suffering when I’m much older. I think I ought to warn my little brother too; he’s 14 and sleeps at 3am on the weekends. D:

Oh I am sorry to hear that you freeze to death easily. I guess just travel with some more layers with you in your locker or something you know??

As for the sleeping thing, perhaps take up reading a book, like an actual paper book before bed. So your eyes are not being bombarded by all the bright lights from laptop and phones.

I hope that helps!

Haha if I had a locker that would be an option. But they’re so expensive to hire and I hate carrying a lot of stuff. I’ll just have to keep a really close eye on the weather next time around.

That’s a good idea haha! I should just drop everything I’m doing and get into bed… and pick up something to read. I should make that more of a habit actually. When I was younger I used to read until I fell asleep. :P

I really hope you get your sleeping pattern sorted out. I have been trying to go to bed before 12 every night, and so far I’m succeeding. Currar doesn’t sleep until 6am sometimes, I don’t know how he does it. But then again he can sleep all day. I would rather get up early than stay up late.

Thanks for your comment, I decided to take the post off after thinking about it last night. Sometimes I am shocked with the people that I talk about depression, because I would never suspect they suffer from it as well.

Georgina dear, indeed, sleep is important! Some people think they’ll have time to sleep when they’re dead. Obviously you don’t ,right? Because that’s really stupid. @_@ My grandpa used to say that the hours you sleep before midnight, count dubble!! So this means you will have more benefit to go to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 6 am, then to go to bed at 12 pm and wake up at 7 am. ;) So you try and get some sleep okay! And no, sleeping pills are not the answer. If you do want to try them, try homeopathic ones, because they won’t make you addicted. Sometimes sleeping pills can just help your body remember ‘ohh, this is the time to sleep’. But be careful and read the instructions and everything. /eee

I really hate it when people use vans or airconditioning. Especially on airplanes or school or the workfloor. It really makes me sick. :( I have to cough, I get a headache and I feel so cold!! I can only appreciate airconditioning when it’s actually 30 degrees and I have to work hard in that environment. Otherwise, hate it! It’s really bad for you because you can so easily catch a cold. So watch out. :)

I’ve got exams and folios due in next week so sleep is out the window, I’ve somewhat trained myself to sleep less, tricking my mind in a way by having a nap when i usually would go to bed and getting up 30 mins later…. Bad for you I know but it’s only for a few days. Thanks for the comment.


I think some people are just prone to staying up late, I’ve been a night owl since I was in the womb says my mother and it’s something that has followed me to adulthood. Going to sleep early for me is a hard task, even if I wake up earlier in the day I can end up staying awake until 1-2am and if I sleep in of course I end up staying awake sometimes until 7am which is crazy and has been happening a lot lately especially since I’m not working.

I’m sure for me I’ll get back into a better routine once I’m working again, although even then sometimes there are days when I stay up late so who knows.

Trevor goes to bed early some nights and I still stay up late, so hopefully you’d be better than me at adapting to someone else’s sleep schedule, I find it difficult.

I wish I was one of those people that could lay down at any time and fall asleep, but I have to be really tired or I just can’t sleep.

Hopefully, you work things out. It’s definitely not healthy to be tired all the time and not good for your body and your boyfriend is right, if you have to force yourself to stay away then it’s probably best not to turn to sleeping pills for the nights you can’t sleep unless you knew you wouldn’t take them on the days when you’re not tired..

I hear you with the cold. I am the same. I ache in the winter because I am so cold and in summer I still don’t get warm enough to sweat. My doctor said it was my lack of body fat. he also said it was normal, so I made the joke of, ‘so I was meant to be a frog?’ ribbit, ribbit.

I try to get to bed at 11pm if I can. Midnight at the lastest. But even if I am in bed, I end up playing solitary demon on my iPod Touch or Pocket Frogs so I don’t really drop off to sleep till like 1am. 💥

Sleeping pills?! Oh God, just don’t go there, it won’t end well.

It does make sense to get up earlier and share a car trip. I’m all for fuel economy and being green but 40 minutes extra sleep can make all the difference. You should maybe try setting an alarm at night or something. Once it goes off you have to go to bed, no matter what. And as for sleeping one the train, my Dad used to have to get the train for work and he taught himself to power nap. I think you’re still partially concious but your mind rests in a similar way to sleep. I don’t know, maybe it would help. Especially considering how hard it can be to get to sleep on a train.

It’s been really cold here too, but I guess it’s because winter is approaching here. I always want to turn the heating up or put more layers on but I can’t because it’s only October and it’s going to get colder.

BMTH were number 1? Wow, that’s quite an achievement. I always feel strangely proud whenever I see a rock, metal or alternative band high in the charts. The new album is really amazing though.

I wouldn’t have thought you used to like rap. The closest I like to rap is probably Linkin Park and even then I prefer their newer material, but I haven’t heard A Thousand Suns yet. I’m really surprised I ended up liking some metal too. I used to laugh any time somebody screamed. Now I love the power of it.

I think everyone thinks orchestral music is lame at some point. It’s a shame because the classics are classics for a reason.

I just bought Green Day’s live album and I love it. I bought it more for the DVD which had me in tears (I really wished I was there). I find Billie Joe’s voice so much more powerful live though so that’s probably why I like it. Even still I haven’t put it on my iPod. I already have all the tracks so I don’t see the point. I’ve heard the Black Eyed Peas live on TV and they didn’t seem very good. I liked a few of their songs but when I realised Fergie wasn’t a good singer I kind of went off. I have no respect for singers who can’t actually sing.

By the sounds of all the Australian blogs I’ve read tonight, i guess the low front over NZ is there also? It’s been bloody freezing and giving me headaches out in the wind!

I should be sleeping now though, so i’m going to cut my comment off here. I should have slept 3 hours ago, at midnight. Shhhhh :S good luck to us and sleeping, haha

Getting a good sleep is really important. /snort I realised it this year. Since my dad is sick, my mum became the driver. But because she’s working as a principal and her school is located far away (it takes about 20 minutes to reach there while it takes about 15 minutes to reach my school, provided there’s no traffic jam), she paid an uncle in my neighbourhood to fetch me to school. Since then, I had to wake up at an unearthly hour (about 5.30 a.m.) as the uncle would be arriving at 6.20 a.m. to avoid traffic jam. I did not have enough sleep for approximately eight months. I honestly hated that uncle. /argh Luckily, I successfully convinced my mum to stop torturing me last month. Now, I get 50 minutes more sleep everyday. ✌️

Hence, I do understand how it feels to not have enough sleep, and I also understand that PERHAPS from your perspective, your mum is a little bit unfair. But I think that maybe your mum is trying to save the fuels (I’m not sure about your country, but the price of fuels had risen here). I dislike sharing car trips because I’d usually end up arriving too early or too late. Nevertheless, I try to understand why my parents have to do that. Well, I don’t have a choice anyway. -_- I think your mum would do the same if you happened to be the one who has to leave earlier. :) ♥

D: Nooooooooooooooo ~ don’t ever resort to sleeping pills. My elder sis, who is a doctor, warned me not to take any sleeping pills even if I couldn’t sleep at night. I’m glad you know about the addiction (and you should live with James :P ). But you know, even if we know we should not do it, we might still do it one day. So .. ah, you know what I mean – DON’T CONSUME ANY SLEEPING PILLS. :/ Yesterday, I woke up at 10 a.m. (ah, my morning was wasted /hmph ) but I was somehow glad that I did – I had enough sleep (I slept at 1 a.m. the night before). I know that we tend to force ourselves to stay awake, especially when we have something (or nothing) to do online. I’m one of the people who does that, but I try to force myself to sleep whenever I’m tired these days. I don’t want to waste my mornings and I don’t want to strain my eyes.

Ah, I wouldn’t dare to sleep on the train, or even on the bus. Afraid of missing the stop is one of the reasons. When I’m sleeping, I wouldn’t be aware of the people around me – there might be a thief, or some weirdos, or even a robber! (Okay, exaggerating much!) There are a lot of social problems here because the policemen are not working. /hmph I’m a careful person, which means I don’t go to pub or any dangerous places. I know that I may be a so-not-cool-girl in the perspectives of some people, but I don’t care. I care more about my own safety than their opinions. I received an email months ago. A girl who went to the pub was drunk and when she woke up in the morning, she found herself in a bathtub filled with ice. She phoned the police station immediately after realising a cut at the side of her abdomen – her kidney was stolen! D: I don’t want to risk my kidneys or any other organs !(#*&!(#*!^(#*@#. /ehh

Speaking of cold, I was freezing (almost to death) at the tuition centre just now. I did not bring my jacket because I thought that it wouldn’t be that cold since the other day was quite warm. I regret it. My feets are still cold now, even though I’ve arrived at home. Burrr. 😰

Hehe, my mum told me that too, that I don’t have enough fats to keep myself warm. I would always freeze whenever I go near the cold storage at the supermarket. Goose bumps would start to appear on my skin. -_- I can’t stand cold and I can’t stand heat either. :3

I’m glad you no longer suffer from waking up so early. I don’t mind in my case, but I guess there are days I can afford to leave home later, and wish I could – but not at the inconvenience of my mum or dad. Traffic jams are very annoying though; my mum likes taking a detour instead of the usual way. I do understand why she says that, though. :)

I won’t! It just isn’t a good idea. The thought crossed my mind but I won’t try it. I tried using an alarm to sleep earlier. It didn’t really work, but last night I still slept earlier than usual.

If I wake any later than 10am, I get pretty annoyed. I don’t like waking up late and feeling like my whole morning has gone to waste!

I usually only stay up because I want to do stuff online. XD If I don’t have anything to do, I’ll go off. The thing is – I always have something to do!

I don’t mind sleeping on the train. Lots of people do here, and you don’t really hear about anyone getting robbed on the train. Maybe I live in a safe city. But holy crap – that story you told me about that girl really made me cringe! 😰 D: I don’t think I ever want to get drunk. I’ve never been into drinking anyway.

I lurveee sleep. I need a solid 7 hour sleep, at least. Its nearly 12:30 pm right now, but its okay, because I caught two hours after school today so even if I go to bed, I won’t be able to go to sleep.
Sleep is very important. I have some of my friends who talk to their boyfriends the whole night and then fall asleep in the middle of the class. Whatever the reason might be, is it important enough to compromise with your health?
Look at me. I sound like my mum.

I usually get cold in summers. In winters, I can eat ice cream and not even cough once. :P Lucky me.

I did it. But he fixed my speakers for me. He is not that bad. I guess.

OMG. Your brother opens the door for you. Woah. He should be given the nobel prize or something.

Ah, I’m trying hard to get my sleeping pattern back in order too. (Which is failing as I’m writing this at 10PM, ahha!) same with the ‘not enough meat’ thing. I’m 5ft and a few inches and weigh 7 stone, so yeah I need more weight! haha, seems like we’re in it together. /eee

I have horrible sleeping habits. I tend to go to sleep at 12 AM and I’m supposed to wake up at 5:30 AM for school. Today I was so tired that I didn’t even bother to get out of bed after my alarm clock went off. I slept in and the next thing I know is that it’s 6:25 AM and my mom is in her car, honking.
I actually liked the weather today. It wasn’t too cold, even though it’s autumn over here and it rained hard last night. The sky looked gloomy but so pretty because of the clouds and the sunrise. I took a picture of it.

I know what you mean about sleep. I have ben going to bed late too, but not as late as you. I can never wake up after. Some stuff recently happened which has caused the lack of sleep too. I guess my nerves are high. I have been cold in all my classes lately. I think I should bring a sweater, that would help. :) But I am too lazy too. and if I am cold I stay awake in class. I think the answer is to layer up though. /eee Hope you get warmer and get some more sleep! ✌️

When I’m stressed out, I get less sleep too. :( Especially with friend troubles or university work. At least you don’t sleep as late as I do! Just don’t make it a solid habit – that would be bad. :P

I like layering up but sometimes the cold is unexpected. I think the weather is really indecisive here… XD

Yeah, definitely agree with James on the sleeping pills issue. Don’t do that. I know it is so tempting to stay awake. I’m such a night person. I get my second wind at night. Trying to go to bed early is good. Try that for a while. Sleeping pills are generally for when people have insomnia and can’t sleep.

I hate the cold. I came from summer and it’s not really truly spring here and I’m in shock! It has been yucky for most of the time I’ve been here.

it’s hard to get as much sleep as you need to, I hope you can make the change. I work at 530am most mornings and I still can’t get to bed until at least 12 some nights. >.< Good luck though, hopefully your mom will be willing to drive you seperately.

Sometimes I make myself work on the fanlistings, but after a minute I slouch down on my chair because I can’t. Whenever I force myself, I can’t do it more. :( But sometimes when you are a fan of a lot of things and these things have no fanlistings… *sigh*.

Well, I’m kind of married to Opera but it depends if one day I’ll divorce it. The shake made me smile because sometimes when I feel so fucked up and I log in to my WordPress dashboard (I still can’t sort if my password has numbers or not, but I don’t care XD) it shakes. :D

Ah, e-books. I never buy e-books though, because I enjoy holding the real book in my hands. But since there is a free e-book reader on Opera, I thought to myself, “Why not?” :) That’s er… probably my first step to e-book reading.

I see. Well, there’s Taiwan Tornado here at 11 P.M. from Monday to Friday. It’s on it’s 100+ episode already – boy. School is near for me, I’m lucky! :D

Yeah I understand, I’m just worried. But… in fact, I’m also trying to see if 9-year-olds can refer to sleeping pills. I need to force myself to bed nowadays – I always wake up LATE.

Oh well you shouldn’t force yourself! When you’re in the right mood, that’s when you work best. I have stopped applying for new fanlistings; instead I make a suggestion to others who may want to apply. Sometimes I may just wait. It’s just that I have so many fanlistings and I’m trying to apply only for ones that I really, really want.

I enjoy having a physical book too rather than an e-book reader. They may be popular but I don’t think that real books will become obsolete any time soon.

I guess you and I just have to try to sleep earlier!

Wow, i think i’m just like you!
I hate going to bed, yet i hate getting up! it’s just so cold in a morning, whatever time of the year, especially when you cant have central heating on because of your asthma. :/
I’m quite bad at getting up though, I usually only have 20 minutes to have a coffee, get ready, watch tv and go to school. Usually I’m supposed to get up at like 7:30 but stay in until 8. :/ Or else i would have 50 minutes, but i’m too lazy.

Anyways, Bye!

Haha, yeah I also always count down until holidays.
In 2012, im going on a school trip to west coast of America..
San francisco, Las Vegas, Los angeles etc. :)

Thanks anyway honey.

Yeah, I let late nights ruin my love of early mornings. I’m trying to change my sleeping habit so I can get up early and enjoy my Summer days. It’s hard though with my boyfriend, because he stays up so late and sleeps in. :(

That’s a really good idea. I might try to keep my blog for happy thoughts, and my bad ones…Well I’ll still write them but not post them if that makes sense. So I get them out (as I don’t really have anyone to talk to) but I don’t have to look or read it again.