In the Arms of Sleep

I’m still trying to sleep early these days, but it’s not working. I really need to be strict on myself. I’ve been going to bed at midnight, which I guess is a huge improvement in itself, but I should be sleeping before midnight. On most days when I have university I have to wake up early (6:00am, sometimes a tad earlier).

My brother leaves the house at 6:55 and I follow suit, because it’s just more “convenient”. We both get dropped off at the station by either mum or dad.

I never really minded going to university early; I usually occupied myself on my laptop. But now I can really see that sleep is quite important and I’m just very tired of going to university so early.

My brother takes quite a while to go to school, and that’s the reason he leaves early. But I could leave about 40 minutes later than him, and still arrive on time. The thing is, my mum says I shouldn’t use up so many car trips to the station and back.

“By the time I get back from dropping Brandon off at the station, I have to take you.”

I know, even 40 minutes more sleep is more important to me. 😚

Forcing myself to stay awake is incredibly silly. 😞 I really need to stop. The other day, a small thought crossed my mind – sleeping pills.

It was obviously not a good thought. James said to me that I was forcing myself to stay awake on some nights, and forcing myself to sleep with pills was not going to do me any good. Not to mention, I could become dependent on them and eventually have a serious addiction. I don’t want to risk that.

I feel like someone needs to actually drag me into bed. Literally grab my arm and give me a big pull. πŸ˜• I know for a fact that if I lived with James, I’d be more likely to pick up on his habits of sleeping early. I am pretty terrible. /um

I try to sleep on the train if I get tired. There’s usually nothing better to do, and reading books on my iPhone isn’t very pleasant on a rocky ride. I don’t mind sleeping on the train since most people do – but I know some people who just get scared that they’ll miss their stop.

Lately I have been collecting information and responses for my media research on blogging. I haven’t progressed much with it, but I’ll be honest and say that university isn’t stressing me out all that much at the moment. I’ve been working on the Smashing Pumpkins fanlisting I was approved for a couple of weeks ago. I am just adding so much to it that it’s unbelievable. /um Sebby has been helping me with it too.

Today was a really cold day. I thought it wouldn’t be that cold, so I didn’t wear stockings, and my poor knees were really cold. In the lecture theatre at university they had the airconditioner on. 😑 I started to get really cold and I got a headache.

Last time I “froze to death” in tenth grade was because the fans were on. I eventually caught a cold and had a really raspy cough, despite the fact that it was the middle of summer. I ended up getting pneumonia. Woot. 😐

As people tell me, get more meat on your bones. I don’t have enough body fat to keep me warm. 😞

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