The Dvorak Experiment

I’m typing a blog post. The difference between this blog post and others is how I’m typing it. I’m typing it on a Dvorak keyboard, which has a completely different layout from that of the popular and widely-used Qwerty keyboard:

Dvorak keyboard layout
Dvorak keyboard layout

James suggested I try it because it is more ergonomic and makes your hands less sore. I have been using it for a couple of hours now and I’m speeding up, but it’s still taking me time to remember where the letters are. I am still constantly looking down at the keys. It’s like learning how to type for the first time! 😰

(Pro: Not suffering from looking at the screen too long! Con: Often losing the patience to learn to use the keyboard. But nevertheless a good experience; my brother tried it too!)

James and I made tacos today, and even made our own guacamole. The guacamole was great – all we used was one avocado, lots of mild pepper, half a lime and a few blobs of sour cream. Some recipes include herbs but I love the way we did it. I love Mexican food!

Taco preparation!
Taco preparation!

James and a Fail Taco. πŸ˜† /um

Fail taco!
Fail taco!

We got a kit of hard and soft tacos and split the last hard and soft tacos in half – to have a half-soft and half-shell taco. Knowing how hard it is to eat tacos without really making a mess, we had a competition. James thought the hard taco at the bottom would be better, but I thought the opposite. I won, because once the hard shell broke, it could fall on the soft layer. James’s just fell apart. πŸ˜…

I think, as James said, food is more enjoyable when you eat with others. Not to mention creating and cooking. πŸ˜„

Haha so today when I bought a train ticket I set it for an earlier station. I knew the station near James’s house didn’t have ticket barriers so I figured I’d make a run for it, and hope the cops weren’t around. It felt a bit thrilling. Thankfully, I was safe. πŸ˜†

On the train I stuffed up the Kenken puzzle in the newspaper. I used a pen, too! I hate when that happens. Like when I’ve nearly done a Sudoku puzzle, think I’m going great, then realise I put two of the same numbers in a row. 😐

I bumped into an old high school friend, Wilson, today. It was really touching that he still recognises me and made conversation. He exclaimed, “Georgina!” (Unlike other old classmates who pretend not to know me. 😑)

We caught up and it’s good to see that although end of semester is coming up, he’s not as stressed out as he used to be in high school. πŸ‘ I hope to visit my high school with my old classmates some time before the end of the year. I miss my high school teachers!

James’s dog Keeks looks like a princess.

On another note, all the work I put into my Smashing Pumpkins fanlisting is now done with. The fanlisting is finished – icons, lyrics, band info and more – at, so you can join if you like! 😁

This post took me an hour to type! It’ll take a while getting used to a Dvorak keyboard! /um

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