The Dvorak Experiment

I’m typing a blog post. The difference between this blog post and others is how I’m typing it. I’m typing it on a Dvorak keyboard, which has a completely different layout from that of the popular and widely-used Qwerty keyboard:

Dvorak keyboard layout
Dvorak keyboard layout

James suggested I try it because it is more ergonomic and makes your hands less sore. I have been using it for a couple of hours now and I’m speeding up, but it’s still taking me time to remember where the letters are. I am still constantly looking down at the keys. It’s like learning how to type for the first time! 😰

(Pro: Not suffering from looking at the screen too long! Con: Often losing the patience to learn to use the keyboard. But nevertheless a good experience; my brother tried it too!)

James and I made tacos today, and even made our own guacamole. The guacamole was great – all we used was one avocado, lots of mild pepper, half a lime and a few blobs of sour cream. Some recipes include herbs but I love the way we did it. I love Mexican food!

Taco preparation!
Taco preparation!

James and a Fail Taco. XD /um

Fail taco!
Fail taco!

We got a kit of hard and soft tacos and split the last hard and soft tacos in half – to have a half-soft and half-shell taco. Knowing how hard it is to eat tacos without really making a mess, we had a competition. James thought the hard taco at the bottom would be better, but I thought the opposite. I won, because once the hard shell broke, it could fall on the soft layer. James’s just fell apart. /hehe

I think, as James said, food is more enjoyable when you eat with others. Not to mention creating and cooking. :D

Haha so today when I bought a train ticket I set it for an earlier station. I knew the station near James’s house didn’t have ticket barriers so I figured I’d make a run for it, and hope the cops weren’t around. It felt a bit thrilling. Thankfully, I was safe. XD

On the train I stuffed up the Kenken puzzle in the newspaper. I used a pen, too! I hate when that happens. Like when I’ve nearly done a Sudoku puzzle, think I’m going great, then realise I put two of the same numbers in a row. /hmph

I bumped into an old high school friend, Wilson, today. It was really touching that he still recognises me and made conversation. He exclaimed, “Georgina!” (Unlike other old classmates who pretend not to know me. /angry)

We caught up and it’s good to see that although end of semester is coming up, he’s not as stressed out as he used to be in high school. /clap I hope to visit my high school with my old classmates some time before the end of the year. I miss my high school teachers!

James’s dog Keeks looks like a princess.

On another note, all the work I put into my Smashing Pumpkins fanlisting is now done with. The fanlisting is finished – icons, lyrics, band info and more – at, so you can join if you like! /bounce

This post took me an hour to type! It’ll take a while getting used to a Dvorak keyboard! /um

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Good work for using the Dvorak keyboard :D :D. It looks EPIC. Really. So different from Qwerty D:. Hahaha my hands and wrists can suffer. I’m sticking with Qwerty cos I’m conservative and can’t be stuffed re-learning how to type :P. Okay, in other words, I am lazy XD.

Oh my god. GUACAMOLE! I want some. I LOOOOOVE avocado. LOVE. Especially in sushi. And with tuna. And with sweet chilli sauce in a dip. Eeep, getting hungry. Your guacamole looks like it’s a nice green @_@. LOL, I think I must sound like a weird person for commenting on the greenness of your guacamole. Oh well :P.

WOOT! Go Georgie for winning the hard/soft taco competition! HAHAHA. Girl power. I always new girls did everything better :P. Kidding. We only do most things better /hehe :P.

I agree: eating stuff is more fun with others. Although I wouldn’t know about cooking, since I fail at cooking D:. I’m sure it IS more fun with people, though :).

AHAHAHAHA, if that’s my local station, LOL. It’s so funny how James and I share the same local station, yet we live in different suburbs XD. I’m pretty sure transit officers are NEVER at that station though. Or maybe only at nighttime/weekends.

Wow! You bumped into Wilson. How unexpected :D. But still pleasantly surprising. You must tell me all about it on MSN :D RAWR!

Keeks is looking very pretty, and cute there. Standing at attention. Ngawwww! I want to ruffle her hair/fur!

Haha thank you! I feel so proud… yet now I’m back on a Qwerty, back to my roots. It’s fun to try but I don’t want to try it all the time – I was getting very tired of looking at the keys. It really makes your brain work because it’s exactly like picking up something new. I’ll definitely give it a go tomorrow, and when I have more time in the holidays. :D

I was surprised that the guacamole was that good. I’ve never made it before… success! :D

It is definitely more fun with people, and the best I can cook is instant noodles! You definitely learn more when you cook with others too, so long as at least one of you has some experience and knowledge in it. :)

Ooh, well, when I went to work once, they had officers. Luckily that time I had a ticket. It’s good to be careful, I guess. Just in case. ;)

The guacamole was pretty awesome /bounce I don’t think I’ve enjoyed avocado so much before. /um
I can’t believe we ate 5 each! D: D: D: but they were so good 🤤
and those half/half tacos were the greatest. /bounce

Maybe Wilson will be willing to visit Girra with us sometime soon, tehee! But I don’t have any of his contact details /um

Hahaha how wide are Keeks’ eyes? /sweat


It’s okay, he has Facebook! Lilian can contact him. :)

I can’t believe I ate five too. Then again they are pretty small… and crazily delicious. I haven’t had tacos in a while. I love them a lot. :D /bounce


I hate learning how to type on new keyboards. Especially when I get a new phone. When I first went from a keyboard to a touch screen, it took so much getting used to. Then on some phones with keyboards the buttons are smaller than others & all that other stuff. It can get sort of aggravating d: Your tacos look delicious. I love tacos (: I wish I could make some tonight but I had them last night. I love seeing old friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Just this week one of my elementary school friends moved back around us & goes to our high school now. I was pretty surprised he recognized any of us.

Dvorak keyboard? /huh This is the first time I see and hear about it. It seems so.. messy, for me. I don’t think I will use that keyboard since most of the people here don’t use it. In fact, I have never seen anyone using it. But I would love to try it if I have the chance to. :D

OMG, TACOS!! +__+ I never try it before, and I don’t think that I will get to taste it here. /wah When I was little, I used to watch Kim Possible on Disney Channel; there were tacos and that was how I know about them. They look yummy from your photos. 🤤 I would really love to have a bite. AHHHH ~ /wave

I agree, food is tastier when we eat with others. It’s even better when we snatch among one another. :D Hoho. I used to make cakes with my elder sister every Friday, it was really enjoying. We had a lot of fun, especially when making sushi – we can eat the ingredient while making them. 🤤

O__O Thankfully you’re safe! /ehh

The other day I went to the morning market. While I was crossing the road, an old schoolmate of mine called out to me, “Eh? RIN?!”. I didn’t expect that she would remember me. It does feel nice when your old schoolmates do not act as if they do not know you. /eee I met my primary school teacher two days ago. It was unbelievable that she still remembers who I am. /um

OMG KEEKS IS SO ADORABLE! /faw It does look like a princess. You guys must have loved her a lot. ♥ My friends planned to gift me two hamsters as pet this year, but my mum declined it. She said that it is not easy to take care of animals. It is fun to play with them but they will die if care is not given appropriately. Frankly speaking, I do not have the confidence to take good care of them, and since I will be sitting for my exam this year, my mum is afraid that I might not be able to pay attention to my studies. Well, I could not pay much attention even without the hamsters. 😳

Congratulations on opening the fanlisting! :D I like the changing photos whenever the page is refreshed.

I hope you will get used to the keyboard soon. Do let us know which keyboard is better according to your opinion. :)

It might be messy, but when you think about it, all the vowels are in a row. :) Maybe because you haven’t tried it yet!

I love tacos! I don’t know if they would sell the resources to make tacos there, but if so, you know you have to give it a try. :D When we’re younger we’re told not to share food; I guess that’s because little children tend to be “dirty” and not have good hygiene habits after playing in the playground – but I share food with my friends quite a bit. Not to mention, when we have the chance, we make things together. I used to make sushi with my mum before she started working long hours.

Wow. :O My primary school teachers might not remember me. I think it’s because they have had so many students over the years that they forget. Perhaps you left a good impression.

I have had pets before, but now not anymore. We had to return our two dogs because we couldn’t afford to take care of them, and we all work/have school – my mum, dad, brother and me – so we wanted them to go to owners who would take good care of them and could pay attention to them. :)

Thank you! :D Yeah, I didn’t think I could stick with one image – after all, such a legendary band changed their lineup over time and I think as one walks through the site, they should be able to see a wide range of pictures.

I’m finding that it takes a lot of time to use a Dvorak but it is like learning something new – after all, I’ve been using a Qwerty keyboard since I was ten years old. I guess I’ll have to see how quickly I pick up the Dvorak’s use. That might be accurate judgment. ;)

I understand. The film is entertaining if you like the financial issue, however, I’m not sure if it would be interesting for someone who doesn’t like that topic.

Thanks! I’m glad you both have a similar view about love. It is true that we learn from past relationships. I agree with what you say :)

Yes, that’s true, we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it’s bad to hurt people we still love. I guess your friend does not leave her boyfriend because she loves and feels dependent on him. You’re right, sometimes love is unbreakable.

However, that friend of yours who is looking forward to love, I guess looking for a special girl, but I’m sure he will find to special girl. Sometimes you have to look for much to find that person that complements you 👏
That’s true, love is a strange thing, but pretty ♥

Thanks for understanding! This week I’ve been studying hard, within a few weeks I have two exams. Thanks Georgina! I know, my education comes first, everything else is secondary.

I started listening to The Smiths has long recommended by a friend, and I liked his music. Then you should listen to a song by Tracy Chapman, maybe you like his music. True, some of the best songs are covered by many people.

I also worry about what people think about me. My mother always tells me that if people talk about you is that they see you, that is, you’re not invisible. I understand, I also try to ignore what people say about me. Only we ourselves know who we are inside.

Forgiving someone always feels good. Forgiveness does not mean to forget. Because you’ve forgiven a person doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten what he/she have done. I cannot agree more with you, if this girl says bad things behind your back, you better stop talking to her and not give any more opportunities.

Your welcome! I’ll check out my email now. /type Don’t worry :)

It’s nice that Dvorak keyboard, but I must say, I have never before seen.

Certainly, when you change your keyboard to relearn how to type.

I also love Mexican food ♥ Tacos look good. I’ve never made guacamole, always buy packaging. But thanks for the recipe of how to do it 👏

I agree with you, eating stuff is more fun with others :)
I’m glad you’ve seen Wilson. It is always rewarding to talk with old friends from high school.

Keep practicing with the Dvorak keyboard, I’m sure that soon you will type faster.

Thanks (: I don’t really go through many phones mainly because my parents won’t get me a new one, since I’m still on their plan, & I don’t have the money to buy a new one if I break it. I have a LG Versa right now, the screen is cracked & scratched but I can’t really get a new one ):

I haven’t heard of Dvorak. O_o Is that an app for iPhone or something? And I agree it has a different layout and I could imagine myself getting a headache and typing like a grandma. Haha. Slow moves, indeed.

I saw the tacos you made via your photoblog. ^-^ They look really delicious. You and James are funny and cute together. :P I love tacos but I don’t love Mexican food in general. Hehe. Weird. Probably because the Mexican style pizza that I ate didn’t really delight me. LOL.

I can relate, I have these old classmates here who are snobbish and pretend not to see me. But there are some who still greet me. Though I don’t like it if they greet me from afar since I can’t see well without my glasses. Haha. XD Some of my classmates would reprimand me about not greeting them back right away as I still have to squint my eyes for my vision to clear somehow. XD

Aww, that dog looks really cute and well-groomed. :)

I’ve completely forgotten about my fanlisting collective and haven’t made a new fanlisting. LOL. I guess I’ve been too busy with everything else these past few months. Urgh, school.

I’ve been looking everywhere for The Ring book, I don’t know where to get it. LOL. The book seems like more of a scientific explanation, and I guess it has something to do with the virus, which is so different from the movies. I still want to read it though. Haha.

Keeks does look like a princess! She’s so pretty! Do post more pictures of her hehe.

That keyboard type is pretty interesting! I would love to try it when I have the time. It would be interesting like back to where I started when I first learn how to use the qwerty keyboard.

And the tacos look delicious~

I’ve never used a Dvorak keyboard, and probably never will. I like qwerty and am too used to it. haha. I’d get so annoyed with the dvorak one because i like to know where everything is and I’d much rather just stay with what I know. haha. I dont think ive ever tried an actual taco, might try one soon. :]

As if this post took 1 hour to write! I would get so bored and just publish it, haha.

My boyfriend exclusively types in Dvorak. So as a result, I know how to type in Dvorak without looking at the keyboard, but I’m just really really slow because I don’t actually use it often. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, the Qwerty keyboard was made to slow typists down so the keys wouldn’t get stuck. And then it kinda stuck. But you do type much much faster on Dvorak. At least he does. I can barely keep up with him.

I love food! But I’m always reluctant to eat when there aren’t other people around, because it just isn’t satisfying without them.

Haha, I love mexican food as well, though it’s not my favourite type of food. Asian food is my thing, lol. But I’m glad you enjoyed the tacos xD

I’ve never tried that type of keyboard, though it looks interesting. But yeah I bet it was like learning typing all over again (>__<)

That pup looks like a Papillion. That's my dream breed of dog, they're so gorgeous!

yum! I love tacos and that is cute that you guys did it together! I want tacos now. actually I always want tacos lol. and I dont get that keyboard.. Was it on the computer screen and you need to click it?! and how does it work? gosh I don’t get technology anymore haha It really is getting to advance for me :0 and that picture of James’ dog looks so good! it’s all profiled and everything!

I am glad people in Australia wore purple! It’s like the whole world coming together lol. I know that tumblr changed to purple:D I was so happy! And you probably get this a lot, but do you like Australia? I mean its probably warm there. I am freezing right now, well my hands are haha

haha me too with the 100 cmts. mhm But if i did get that many i would feel horrible cause I could never return all of them. lol I just couldnt. I barely have time to return the few I still get. Plus I want to be more regular, you know? Like how I use to be.. way back when I really loved to blog haha. don’t get me wrong I still do lol

Yea I think I got pretty good at picking out the good details. haha It takes me less then a minute to read each blog, its commenting back that takes a while haha. But i do love it! I liketo know about peoples lives in different places. I also like to see how people respond differently to my blogs.
And mhm i hate depressions. I think everyone gets into a slump. I am in 11th grade so a lot of people in my grade are in a bad slump. They are stressed and just sad. It sucks :(
I am glad your ethics teacher brought it up. Awareness is the best thing!

Looks like you had fun making tacos /eee i love tacos :P haha, theyre yum :)
And wow that dog is so cute. I love it! I want one ;D

I can’t imagine how it’s like on anything but QWERTY. Even my cellphone has QWERTY :D When was little, I didn’t understand why everything wasn’t just alphabetical. The keyboard was stupid for shuffling all the letters xD

OH. I love Mexican food too, but I can’t eat nachos/tortilla ever since I got braces :( I still love my wraps <3

Have you ever tried ginger chicken? O_O

Aww, old classmates usually suck. My 10year-long classmates all ignore me on the bus, walk pass me without greeting or smiling and pretend like they don't know me :(

The Dvorak keyboard looks difficult to learn. O_O I’m so used to QWERTY because I’m grown up using it my entire life. I’m a super fast typer, but my hands have never gotten sore, unless I’m working on a huge paper that’s due the next day.

Tacos taste so good. Your blog is making me hungry for tacos now, even though I just ate dinner.

Whenever I see my old classmates, we pretend that we don’t know each other. One of my old classmates hangs out with my friend, and I think she still remembers me. It’s too bad we act like complete strangers.

Keeks is so gorgeous. :O

That type of keyboard looks really familiar! I can’t remember where I’ve seen it but definitely not on any computers I’ve come across recently. How does it make your hands less sore though? I don’t think I’d be able to learn it, I’m sooooo used to the popular keyboard.

Whenever someone posts pictures of food I get so hungry. I think I should stop eating the same thing every single day. /ehh I’ve even considered starting a food blog just to get myself to try new foods. I think I’m pretty lacking in food if I think about food blogs. /ehh

I really like to visit my elementary and middle schools. Some teachers actually remember me! They are always so nice and curious, it’s fun to go. But not high school. I dislike high school. I highly doubt anyone would actually pretend to know me.

Aww, Keeks does look like a princess! So adorable! What breed is his dog? I’ve seen them around but I don’t know what they’re called. I’m only familiar with Labradors because my brother had one a long time ago.

It’s the same thing with me really. Now that I have MSN people update me on “the news” that I’m really not curious about. That’s really weird, someone who has a crush on you was spreading on Facebook? /huh Another reason to dislike Facebook. I felt upset for a bit – with my mom who is so inconsiderate. If I found out the news on Facebook I would’ve been pissed. Except no one in my family has Facebook, so that can’t happen! And I hope it stays that way. Haha. But now I can only feel excited!

Oh, if I were to get an iPhone it’s a requirement to be on a data plan. How much is it there? It’s 30USD/month here. My mom’s reasoning was that “I probably won’t go online on something other than my computer.” Though iPhone would be better than using my iPod Touch trying to get Wi-Fi everywhere.

I know, some people who comment on my blog I try to return the comments but they don’t return and instead just comment on new blogs, so I just did the same thing. I think returning comments should be a mutual thing. XD

I’m so sorry about this, I tried to post on Twitter during my short internet time. I went back to work earlier than I thought because my mom didn’t want to drive me on Monday. Your assignment is probably finished by now, I’m sorry I said I’d help but couldn’t! =(

Oh that’s so much easier than Korean then! Languages with Roman letters are easier to learn. Korean has completely its own alphabet. I can read it, but it takes me a long time.

I like your domain, I think it’s really creative! $22 is a lot for just a domain that might even get neglected. It must be a pain to pay for so many domains. I don’t have a credit card or Paypal so no domains for me. I just hope sticks to being free. /bounce Though I think some people discriminate domains.

I’ve been reading your blogs for like a couple weeks now, but never got a chance to comment. :P

That’s actually a pretty cool keyboard. Good job on using it! I never even thought of using a different keyboard. And also, Dvorak is like a cool word too. Dvorak….haha now I’m obsessed with that word.

Those tacos look so goooood! I can never get my tacos that perfect. I’m not such a big fan of guacamole. And James’ dog is so cute! And Keeks is such a cute name too. :)

Love the website!

Woah. That is an interesting keyboard. Hopefully, you can get used to it. I wouldn’t want to bother with learning a new keyboard. Hahahhaaha. I barely wanted to learn how to type on the normal keyboard. XD

I’ve got a touch screen keyboard and I barely use it because I don’t feel like learning. XD

Ick. I had Mexican food. BLA! I’ve tried tacos before & I don’t like them. The meat is disgusting and I hate lettuce. XD
I’m a very picky eater if you didn’t notice.

Awh! That sucks! At least you have a strong immune system!

Yeah, it is. It's really nice. I keep forgetting to get money out of the bank. XD I need $10…

Hahahahahaha. Yes, yes, you do. Or you can be on your laptop on your bed and whenever your alarm goes off, put your laptop down on the floor THEN turn off the alarm and just lay down and go to sleep. That works for me. :)

Yes, it is, I bet. Cars can go so much faster than anything, except someone who rides a bike everywhere and just has unbelievably strong leg muscles…then a biker can go like 40 mph. XD That is really fast.

Yes. I'm glad you agree! (:

I'm not allowed to shower more than once unless I ask. XD Otherwise I'd take 2-3 showers a day because I'm a freak like that. I'd mostly be to wash my hair because I absolutely HATE greasy hair. I can't even stand to look at it, let alone having it on my head. XD Some days I can actually deal with greasy hair but on the days that I can't, I take a shower. (:

Yeah, same here. XD

Oh, that is a good idea. Never though of that. ;)

Yeah, who else! XD You love them. :)

I like it because it is versatile too! That's the best thing about it! :)

Hahahaha. I don't like to change from dark, but I can. Just like my last layout. :)

That is a good idea. I'm probably going to walk on Dante's mom's treadmill and dance to music. I've always danced to music but never actually thought of it as an exercise. That makes me feel a whole lot better! (:

Yeah, it is. :) Do you like going there? What is the best part about it, in your opinion?

Yeah, I guess. :)

Yeah, we had issues with phone plans at first & my mom was really tempted to just get us prepaid then once she thought about it, she realized how much I used my phone. Thanks (: I’m glad I at least had a good homecoming for senior year! (: Sometimes I have to push myself with homework or I’ll never get it done, especially if I’m trying to get work done ahead of time. I hate when the weather takes serious turn, especially when it’s been a bright & beautiful day, then it down pours.

I want one of those :-D How awesome …

I never party on Christmas, I just don’t think that it’s necessary. On Christmas day I’m going to sit on the couch underneath my cozy ho ho ho blanket, and watch the parades while trying hot coco. :D
It could happen if you spend one Christmas outside Australia. When you and James get married, you take a vacation and spend Christmas in some other continent where it snows lol.

That happened to me last year, it seriously made me hate school. This year I’m keeping my business to myself.
I get distracted easily so it takes a while for me to reply comments. XD

Cool Keyboard, i have no patience so it might not work for me lol. Ohhh I love tacos!! :D They did a commercial on a fail taco and then the little kid suggested a big taco shell. Now they sell bigger taco shells lol.
I hate it when you walk down the streets and people pretend not to know you. Nowadays I don’t even bother, i just avoid eye contact.

Royal dog. :D Put a tiara and call her “Your royal highness princess Keeks” :D

Thank you :)

I hope you can enter. I have no entries yet :(

I need some more feminine shoes like pumps to go with my nice outfits but I always end up wearing boots or something. I love my boots in the winter!

I haven’t seen that keyboard layout before. I think it would drive me mad not knowing where any of the letters were. I’m slow to pick things up too so I’d be going for week before I cracked it haha!

I love tacos. I think the first time I had them was when I went on the cruise. I don’t think I would like guacamole because I don’t like avocado but I should give it a try some day anyway.

Those pictures have made me hungry! I’m off to find some food!!

I would love to go back to my old schools. I think it would be great to have a reunion with everyone. I’ve only been at college for 6 weeks or so but I miss everyone.

Aww Keeks is so cute! I want one haha :D

hi hun
i havent heard of that keyboard before, whered u get it? i know from James but which shop.

i love guacamole and tacos in fact i had it today when i went to the shops it was to good to leave one bit so i feel a bit full now lol.

ye i bumped into a friend from high school and i havent been back since i graduated in 2006 and she knew who exactly i was :).. i miss two of my teachers, my maths one and my geography one they were so sweet.

i always do my soduko and crosswords or codebreakers in pencil because i always stuff up lol i only do my wordsearch in pen.

james’s dog looks soooooo cute i want to keep it lol, what type of dog is it again?

It took me forever to learn how to type on a Qwerty keyboard because I refused to use and of those “Learn to Type” programs, so I would never try anything else. I’m perfectly fine with the prospect of someday having carpal tunnel.

I want tacos so badly now. A half hard shell, half soft shell taco sounds interesting. The mess used to bother me because I’m slightly OCD when it comes to that, but it makes a nice little taco salad at the end.

Awwuh, that puppy is so cute.

Looks like you had fun! :D

First time I’ve heard about the Dvorak keyboard. Should research on that, sounds interesting. Haha.

As for the food, yes. Eating with someone is so much better! You get to nice moments together that others tend to take for granted.

You’ll get used to the keyboard soon enough! It’s weird just changing a few letters around can make it less of a stress for your hands. :|
It was nice of your old friend to catch up with you, I saw someone today as well I haven’t seen for years and they stopped and said hello when others would just ignore.
The food looks lovely, I love cooking! I especially love baking but I think it would be cool to also make the type of food you made. I’ve always preferred eating with other people rather than by myself.

I also work better in the morning! I work better under pressure too, but leaving things until the last minute isn’t always good. :/

hahahaha how funny that you blogged about food because I did too. Even funnier because I made tacos this morning!! & yesterday as well, they were so yummy. Yours looks so good. Shit, I love guacamole. I know that “shit” wasn’t necessary, but it’s just so yummmy. Aww I love that you & James are bonding over some yummy food. hahaaha he’s right, food is better with good company. :D

I can’t believe you started up another fanlisting woman. You’re crazy!! But it looks good. I like that you’re still using that background….hahahahhaa.

Looking at the Dvorak keyboard looks like it would really speed up your typing if you really got used to it. I kind of wish I had one because it looks so much more efficient than the qwerty keyboard. But of course, the keyboard was designed this way for typewriters who can easily spell “typewriter” in the first row. But I’m sure you’ll get super fast on that keyboard in no time!

That keyboard looks so complex haha, I guess it’ll be fine once you get the hang of it! I often wonder who designed the arrangement of a keyboard, wouldn’t it have made sense to put the keys in alphabetical order?

Woah, those tacos look amazing! I’ve never actually eaten one but I love Mexican food, I’m assuming I’d enjoy them! I love reading your blogs about when you and James cook food together, you always cook such interesting stuff. :P

I did something quite similar yesterday! I bought a train ticket to a station which was further away from my house, but when we finally got the train home it was dark. The ticket collectors didn’t come round the train, so I just stayed on the train and carried on until it got to the station near my house. :’)

Aw, what breed is Keeks? He/she is so cute. :3

Oh, I just try a Dvorak keyboard! It looks…fun. lol.

I like Mexican food a lot. There’s a great little Mexican restaurant in town I just love going to…but I have never tried guacamole. I’ve never even tried an avocado. I hear so many stories that they’re horrible but at the same time so many stories saying they’re great. It just comes down to one of these days I shall try. lol. I’m a soft taco girl, lol, though most of the time lately when we’ve made taco stuff we’ve just made them into salads.

Love the picture of Jame’s dog. :) Reminds me of a dog my mom had, her name was Princess. lol.

Ooh I remember learning to type! I grew onto it, but it was so difficult when I went to France and they had a different keyboard layout. I’ve never heard of Dvorak keyboards though O_O

It sounds like you’ve been having fun! I’m not a huge fan of tacos, but I love experimenting with different types of fajitas and quesadillas. I just tried an apple and cheese quesadilla yesterday. I would’ve though that the hard shell would’ve been better though lol. Almost everything is more enjoyable with other people :D

I just ran into an old friend of mine yesterday, but I didn’t recognise or remember him at all. This somehow always happens to me. Usually, I don’t talk to people because I’m not approached or because I’m not positive of their identities. It always makes me feel pretty bad, like a good part of my memory is missing. This guy, whom I learned to be Michael, was really nice though :) It’s always nice to keep in touch with old friends, especially the ones that are apparently friendlier /eee

I use the French keyboard on my itouch and a normal qwerty on my phone and laptop it’s sort of annoying but also fun, Dvorak looks uh.. interesting.
Here’s a tip for tacos, serve some nacho chips with them and eat the bits that fall out of the taco with nacho chips, no waste and general yum-ness!


That keyboard look way confusing! /faw I actually had to check to see if all the letters where there, lol. It didn’t look like it. But rest assured, they are there. lol.

Those tacos look really good. We have tacos every two weeks when my dad and I go shopping. I like them alot. :)

Anyway, how’s that Jamie situation?

30STM- It’s their latest cd, this is war :-) I ended up getting the song from iMesh and it’s perfect so I am all happy now … I have all 3 of their cd’s also. Love them … ♥

Woah. I hadn’t even heard of the Dvorak experiment. Its cool you tried. I am the queen of impatience; I would have put it down the second the newness of it wore out – which would be about 5 minutes into the game. :P
Then I would put it away thinking that I’d definitely try once I get time which I know I would not.

I enjoy baking. My culinary skills are nothing to boast off – I have burnt popcorn on occasions, but baking is fun, and I always do it with my sisters. Especially when we make chocolate, and fight who’d get to taste it.
These tacos look awesome. And the dog. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Yeah, I had my hair cut. I am still trying to figure out what style it is. Lol.
Yep, I visit your plog occasionally. It is nice.

Hi, its my first time here.. :)
Uhm, the Dvorak keyboard seems interesting! :) Where did you get it, btw?
Tacos! Making me hungry.