My 8 photos of happiness

I was tagged by the lovely Holly to share my 8 photos of happiness.

Happiness is something I have struggled with throughout my life so far, after battling depression in about three bouts during the last ten years. I’m really glad that Holly tagged me in this because I think it’s a beautiful idea and its given me a chance to look back over some old photos and realise that there have been some beautiful moments in my life.

Tulip Festival, 2012

Red tulips
Red tulips

A very old photo. I think this was one of my favourite photos that I took at the time. I went to the tulip festival and just got my first DSLR. This photo ended up being the cover of my EP Transience. I’m not such a fan of my music now, and I don’t play or write anymore (hence why I am not promoting the link to it, but you will find it linked in my old posts!).

I like the photo because it reminded me of a time when I was experimenting with music, very happy with it, and really getting immersed in my hobby.

Gujo, 2013

Gujo, Japan
Gujo, Japan

I visited Japan at the end of 2013. I’d just lost my job, and things were on a low, but I had looked forward to this trip. I was in my last relationship at the time. We went to Gujo because we wanted to visit the original warehouse where the famous plastic food was made. We got to make our own plastic food items, but what blew me away was the serenity and peacefulness of this rural town. I think the snow might have added to the bias, but Gujo does hold a special place in my heart. The Gujo-Hachiman castle we visited was also a beauty, and there was something so quaint and beautiful about it all.

This is my favourite photo that I took on this trip and I look at it all the time and just get lost in its beauty.

Graduation, 2014

Me with my parents and brother Brandon when I got my Masters degree
Me with my parents and brother Brandon when I got my Masters degree

Holly’s own post had a photo from her graduation and I can only think the same when I graduated. My parents were very proud of me and I almost cried because I was really touched by them saying that – I didn’t hear it often even though I knew they were proud. Brandon came all the way from university to make sure he made it. :)

I was also proud of myself, this photo being of my graduation from my Masters degree. I endured a lot through the two years of doing that degree, and it was a different story compared to my Bachelors. It was a huge struggle especially in the last semester, but my classmates put my personal issues aside and were glad to reunite a few months after we finished classes.

Groovin the Moo Festival, 2014

Luke Henery of Violent Soho, at Groovin the Moo Maitland 2014
Luke Henery of Violent Soho, at Groovin the Moo Maitland 2014

This was a hit. I had been photographing concerts for two or so years, and this was my first big gig. A festival. My first GTM festival and the first festival I was photographing. I had to trek all the way there, which took three hours by train. It was well worth it. I had a few hiccups with not having enough memory cards and just feeling flat out tired… but this is possibly my favourite shot.

I had this photo as my work desktop wallpaper for a while and bragged about it. It’s Luke Henery, bassist of grunge rock band Violent Soho. The shot of the hair, the fact that it’s in a perfect round shape and you can’t see his face – I was just wickedly proud of it.

Melbourne Cup, 2014

Me and Nick, Melbourne Cup day
Me and Nick, Melbourne Cup day

Nick and I weren’t together yet, but we were good friends. We liked the idea of dressing up for Melbourne Cup day so we both wore red. This is one of our favourite photos. :D

LZRGUN, 2014

Me with my car and the boys from Hey Geronimo
Me with my car and the boys from Hey Geronimo

I drove all the way to Wollongong to see Hey Geronimo. It was a two hour drive and way out of town, but I drove with my own car. I had seen the band just the day before, in Sydney, but for some reason I felt some crazy need to see them again in a rural town. I invited them to check out my car, which has the plate LZRGUN named after their song Lazer Gun Show. They loved it and thought it was awesome, and of course they all wanted a photo with it.

Hey Geronimo is my favourite band and of course my blog is named after them (which my mum only realised the other day). I feel like a lot of my life revolves around them, but in a non-creepy way. O:) I’m more of a friend than a fan now.

Festival of Steam, 2015

At the Thirlmere Festival of Steam
At the Thirlmere Festival of Steam

I took Nick to the Festival of Steam because he loves steam trains. It was originally a surprise but he guessed it the day before – with me having given enough clues! I think he was thrilled. He took his camera and took this photo of me.

Hamilton Island, 2015

Me and Nick jet skiing at Hamilton Island
Me and Nick jet skiing at Hamilton Island

This was Nick’s and my first sort of getaway, the first time we went on a plane together and spent more than just a couple nights away and on our own. This was the first time I went jet-skiing and it was ridiculous. I mean, ridiculously amazing. I was almost scared at first but once I caught my breath I realised how exhilarating it was even though my butt was hurting from bouncing on the waves. Nick was good at driving the jet ski and I just clung onto him for dear life.

When I warmed up to it I found myself squealing with delight and shouting ‘WOOHOOOO!’ at the top of my lungs. The wind was blowing madly in my face and honestly, I think it just made my heart pound like mad because I felt this awesome rush of ‘I am so in love [with this guy driving this jet ski]’, too.

Who is next?

I pick the following people to do this, but anyone else can. If you do, share yours with me! :)


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Awww, thanks for the tag :)

I’m glad you did this post! It’s good to do a reflection posts like these at times to see that our life isn’t always doom and gloom. I’m glad you’ve pulled through those bouts of depression you suffered. *hugs*

I love the photos you picked! The tulip! The graduation photo! Your trip to Japan! The Steam Fest (which I remember!) — love them. I really enjoyed seeing how these photos make you happy and brings you good memories.

This is a real great idea of a post. I’ll definitely do it soon!

Beautiful post!! I love seeing people reminisce about happy memories (as do I of course ) it always warms my heart to see people pull through tough ruts and seeing them smile and laugh. You’re inspiring me to do the same as I always think of happy times in my life it would just hard to narrow it down!!

Thank you for this!!

Loved all your pictures, Georgie!
I have listened to your EP and I still love Reflections which has a place in my playlist! :D

You picked lovely photos and I felt happy just looking at them. What great moments they capture. I especially love the tulips, the photo of Gujo, the concert shot, and your jet skiing photos.

Despite having to battle depression, I am happy that this tag gave you a chance to reflect on the great moments in life :)! Your photography skillz is 1337~~

The tulips look soooooo beautiful!!! It’s definitely something I would use as my iPhone wallpaper XD. Gujo looks like a really peaceful and rural area where it’s not too industrialized (or at least from this picture). I love how the houses are right next ot the mountain. ~peaceful~

Ah, yes! You’re Master Georgie! I always made a joke about how PhD’s allows people to be called Dr. and that people with master’s or bachelor’s should have something similar XD. The picture with Luke’s hair flying is perfect timing!! You and Nick are cute!!

I think I became a total car person that the first thing I noticed in the picture was your car (or the Mazda) XD. I can be convinced it is either the Mazda 3 or 6 (the difference is more noticeable at side view ;P).

Thank you for sharing ;D

Aww, these are so cute! Love the big smiles and happiness radiating in every photo – I’m going to say it again but you and Nick are adorable. The photo before you guys got together makes me smile so much! You can already see the love blooming there ;)

I LOVE the photo of you graduating, I am excited to graduate, I bet your parents were so proud of you!

Thank you for sharing Georgie!

Love all your photos especially the one at the concert! You are sooooo good at photography ♥ Haha
Thank you for tagging me! Definitely gotta post one some time soon :)

I really liked seeing which photos you picked! The tulip and Gujo photos are beautiful! I still remember your blog entries for both of them, and this makes me want to do a winter trip to Japan. (My last one was during autumn, but now I want snowy photos like that.) I also love that you chose a photo from your graduation :)

Cute photos of you and Nick too! I think that’s awesome that Hey Geronimo wanted to take a photo with your car. Thank you for tagging me! This will be fun to pick some photos!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos, Georgie :3 I can tell exactly why you picked each of them. <3

These photos and memories are so wonderful. What a great post to do. I hope this can also be something you can look back on and be an ‘uplifter’.

I really like the photo of your family and graduation. Your family looks nice. <3

I’m glad you enjoyed taking part in this tag. I can’t wait to look back in a few years time to reminisce about those happy moments.

I love that your graduation photo made it into the post. I also get emotional when my parents say they are proud.

Oh wow! Your number plate is amazing. I’m pretty sure in the UK we have to have at least one number in our number plates, which sucks.

I know you mean about happiness. Absolute happiness compared to relative happiness, one is right now and the other is just always.

I’ve struggled with depression and mental illness for as long as I can remember, and finding absolute happiness has been difficult for me, but I’m glad there are some things in this world that make you smile truly and make you happy. Absolute happiness.

Thanks for the tag Georgie! I will have my post up on Friday. :) I totally agree with you, I think this is one of the best ideas for a post especially since it is so positive. I love your license plate! It is cool. Mine is also custom, I got my favourite soccer team on it, ACMILAN. It actually fit. Thank goodness. I still think it is so cool you basically became friends with your favourite band. Your trip with Nick is cute. As you saw in my saving post, Chris and I will have our first get away next year. So exciting! :D