written on 22nd July 2015

like hot air balloons, caught on a string,
begging to leave the hand of the flier.

like whimsical love, waiting for change,
longing for the weather to extend it.

like deep blurry clouds, floating in peace,
stretching, stretching, gaping like open arms.

making every moment magic,
seeing the world while caught and held down.

shooting for the stars,
following the breeze with every flap of the wind.

a moment,
a shooting star,
a coloured flicker of red in the day,
glistening by the flares of the sun at noon,
brown at sunset,
a shadow, a shape, a navy blue diamond by twilight.

like a blood-red diamond,
you floated,
floated into my clouds.

floated into my stars,

my day,
and my night.

like a deep blue sapphire,
you drifted,
drifted into my dreams.

drifted into my world,

into a special place,

a gem,
a comet,
a hot air balloon.

a hot air balloon, caught on a string,
never wanting to let go.

like holding hands,
like catching fingers,

like reaching for you,
letting me pull you back at the same time,

until we brought ourselves close to one another,

like a person’s hand clutching onto a string,
begging a kite to never leave.

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Oh. :( Maybe it did not like a emoji reply.

I’ve been talking about this with Nancy, for some reason my database is in a really old encoding type. The database collation also sucks, and that’s why I can’t seem to use emoji anywhere on my blog. I’m going to get Nick to help me with it, I recently tweeted that I messed up 23,000 rows in a table and I don’t want to risk that, so… no emoji for now :(