The Versatile Blogger Award

Haaaay. So. Michelle and Pauline invited me to do this Versatile Blogger Award post. Straightforward stuff.


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about you
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly

So yeah, thank you Michelle and Pauline for selecting me! I feel honoured that you thought of me when you were writing up your posts. O:)

Facts about Georgie

  1. I believe in second chances. It’s not that I have always believed that or constantly think about it, but judging from a lot of my life experiences, it seems to be the case. This may or may not be a good thing, but I know that some people have given me second chances too. You can decide.
  2. I just broke my entire blog comments table in my database by updating the character set (#nerd) and Nick spent four hours trying to fix it. I feel so bad. But at the same time I am so attracted to the way he writes queries. #nerd Thank you Nick ILY HEHE :)
  3. I braid my hair in meetings. It’s like a tic. I just reach up and start braiding my hair while I sit in a meeting talking to my colleagues or listening. I probably look stupid. It’s better than trichotillomania, which I used to have, and it left bald patches on my head too.
  4. My lunch order in primary school was a chicken drumstick and chicken soup. It was only $1.10 for each item! How cheap is that!
  5. I no longer eat chicken.
  6. I actually tried to eat meat again recently but it was hard to stomach. I stopped eating meat from land animals in the first place because I was not as drawn to the taste anymore. Still, I remember the times that it tasted good, and tasting it again was not as good as I had remembered. I decided to remain pescetarian for now.
  7. Spinach is my favourite vegetable. Nick and I went to Din Tai Fung earlier this week and they forgot to put the spinach in my soup so I got a separate bowl of it and it was huge. I pretty much ate it all. Yuuuuuuuum.

Cool people B)

I’m just going to name a handful of people and hope I hit fifteen. If you are here, you don’t have to feel obligated to write your own post, but you can leave a comment with your facts if you like! I think some of these people may have already done their own post too.

  1. Adastra
  2. Ariane
  3. Cat
  4. Clara
  5. Domenica
  6. Holland
  7. Holly
  8. Jessica
  9. Kya
  10. Liz
  11. Nancy
  12. Rachel
  13. Rachel
  14. Rebecca
  15. Tara


I am also currently learning Italian. :D

Comments on this post

Congrats on the award! I believe in second chances too, depending on the person. I would want people to give me a second chance, so I should do the same back.

I twirl my hair around my fingers in meetings or at my desk, and I usually don’t even notice I’m doing it. When I had longer hair, I used to braid it too, but I think having shorter hair made me stop that habit.

I also love spinach! I’m not sure if it’s my favorite (I really like broccoli), but it’s up there :)

Aww, thanks for nominating me!

Yay! You finally did posted about the Versatile Blogger Award. I had no idea you had a tic, too! I have a weird one, myself where I have to play with wrinkles on pants especially jeans. It’s just so weird.

Thanks for the nomination, Georgie! :D

That blog comment database you broke . . . EEEEK! I’m glad you had Nick around to help you! I’d have probably utterly panicked XD

I don’t always like meat, either. I only like certain type and the depending on how it’s prepared. Chicken is my favourite, though, so I am not sure if I can ever give that up! XD;

And spinach is awesome! Have you ever tried the Korean-style spinach dish? They are so good.

Second chances are great to give when it is deserved :). I’m usually a three-strike kind of person; so if someone does me wrong or gets me mad 3 times, I am done for a really long time! It’s so awesome of Nick for fixing your comments table :D. He’s a keeper ;). My boyfriend can’t be cool enough to fix a table, but I’ll hope that he can fix my car when I ~break~ it XD.

It’s cool how you braid your own hair all nicely and everything! I can’t braid my own hair and it doesn’t look best with me :6. It’s good that you stopped eating red meat (or land meat). I think I am starting to draw away from meat more recently. My boyfriend and person I look up to are both pescetarians so it influenced me a bit. I mostly eat beef while avoiding pork and chicken when possible. Buuut I’m still drawn to KBBQ, ribs, steak, and BBQ ;~;. It’s awesome how you have Din Tai Fung over there in Aussie too!!! We have it here and I see it as an upscale Dim Sum restaurant XD.

Thank you for the tag~~

Thanks for the nominating me Georgie! ♥
I believe in second chances as well! It just feels right to forgive and learn to forget especially if the relationship/person meant so much too you

And I also love to braid my hair!( well not recently ’cause my hair is short). Today, I am more addicted in doing other people’s hairstyles more than mine :)

Best regards,

Oh no. That would have been a major doom when you broke the comments. I am glad that you could get it fixed.

I guess no one would really care if you braided your hair and they knew that you were listening. It is a much better one than the old problem. That would have been hard to deal with, I am glad that you have moved on from that. *hugs a million billion*

After not eating ‘meat’ for so long I can imagine that the taste would have been really strange. Was it also to do with your health that you stopped as well (red meat?) I have some memory of reading that at some point…… or I imagined it. xD

I do the hair thing too! When I’m in a brainstorming meeting with my boss, I just reach up for my hair. I don’t know I’m doing it until I need my hands for something (probably to write something down) & I’m like DANG IT. I know it probably gets suuuuper annoying to people.

Pescetarian? Is it like being a vegetarian, except you eat fish also?

So jealous you went to Din Tai Fung. That place is awesome! I went to two of their locations, one in Southern California (close to Los Angeles) and one in Hong Kong. Both equally delicious! :)