The red scarf

My toe hurts. I also bit the inside of my lip three times the day before yesterday, so now it’s starting to hurt. I can put some herbal medicine on it but I’d rather not. I haven’t worn my retainer at night so it doesn’t rub and bruise my lips even more. My toe hurts because… I’m not sure why it hurts but I think it’s been a few months that I notice, after I have a shower, it feels inflamed and swollen. That can’t be good. There are no open wounds and I can still move that toe as much as it normally would. It’s probably a bit bruised… or something.

Yesterday was Ryan’s birthday. 😁 Happy birthday honey! I was going to go to his birthday dinner tonight but some stuff came up at home and I couldn’t. I hope he had a good time anyway. I wouldn’t have liked to be home late or anything either. The place was a bit far from home. /um Unfortunately he had to work on his birthday. I think I’ll be doing assignments tomorrow, on my birthday, so…

James, Michael (Mike 😛), Shirley and I went to eat pho (Vietnamese rice noodles) yesterday. I hadn’t had it in a few months. I’d also been working on my fanlisting for pho a few days ago so I was craving it. We went to a really good pho restaurant in the city, though the last time James and I went there, we had a less than satisfactory experience. The plump old man there with big eyes was quite nasty, and seemed to be having mood swings. He was really grumpy whilst telling us where to sit and when asking for our order.

Yesterday was no different. James ordered from the man but he just stormed off in some… kind… of… weird… rage. Someone else took our order. 🙂 The difference between large and small bowls wasn’t even much. It was still nice having lunch with everyone though. James and I decided to have a “mixed nuts” drink. It was just one of those health drinks with lychee and longan and jelly. Quite nice though. 😋

We went to the markets after waving Shirley off (she had an exam). I was after a red scarf and James was looking for some sesame bars. I eventually found a nice red scarf for $10. I wanted a long one, so I ended up getting one that was a bit thin but the length I wanted. I wanted a red scarf to match my red gloves that my boss gave me on Thursday. She’s so nice; she gave us all gloves. I chose red over black since I already have a black pair. Red seems to be trendy this winter in Australia… I’ve seen quite a few girls in red coats. I don’t have a red coat – but how lovely it would be to have one. 😚

We were talking about Minecraft in the markets. James said, “You’re talking about Minecraft in the middle of Paddy’s markets…” He kind of scoffed. 😆 I know, I know…

On the way to Mike’s car at the station, we took the stairwell. Everyone knows stairwells and fire escapes smell like shit or piss (if you don’t, let me tell you, they usually smell disgusting). This one was no exception. My dad phoned me as we were walking down. Mike and James were dying from the smell as we escaped the stairwell. James looked like he was going to retch. I got off the phone and I was wondering why they looked like they were going to die, when I thought the smell was tolerable. James said I had a distraction when my dad called.

Next time I’ll go down there without a distraction and prove I’m superwoman, maybe. Hahahaha.

Anyway, that scarf was probably my birthday present to myself. I don’t have any plans for my birthday, and I think I’m too lazy to want to do anything but stay at home. I’m going to watch Doctor Who in the morning, surf the internet, watch some subscriptions on YouTube (I haven’t been there in a week), do my media report, play some guitar, clean up more of my websites (!!)… and yes, hug my poor little toe.

I’ll wake up and I won’t be a teenager. This should be fun.

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