The red scarf

My toe hurts. I also bit the inside of my lip three times the day before yesterday, so now it’s starting to hurt. I can put some herbal medicine on it but I’d rather not. I haven’t worn my retainer at night so it doesn’t rub and bruise my lips even more. My toe hurts because… I’m not sure why it hurts but I think it’s been a few months that I notice, after I have a shower, it feels inflamed and swollen. That can’t be good. There are no open wounds and I can still move that toe as much as it normally would. It’s probably a bit bruised… or something.

Yesterday was Ryan’s birthday. /bounce Happy birthday honey! I was going to go to his birthday dinner tonight but some stuff came up at home and I couldn’t. I hope he had a good time anyway. I wouldn’t have liked to be home late or anything either. The place was a bit far from home. /um Unfortunately he had to work on his birthday. I think I’ll be doing assignments tomorrow, on my birthday, so…

James, Michael (Mike :P), Shirley and I went to eat pho (Vietnamese rice noodles) yesterday. I hadn’t had it in a few months. I’d also been working on my fanlisting for pho a few days ago so I was craving it. We went to a really good pho restaurant in the city, though the last time James and I went there, we had a less than satisfactory experience. The plump old man there with big eyes was quite nasty, and seemed to be having mood swings. He was really grumpy whilst telling us where to sit and when asking for our order.

Yesterday was no different. James ordered from the man but he just stormed off in some… kind… of… weird… rage. Someone else took our order. :) The difference between large and small bowls wasn’t even much. It was still nice having lunch with everyone though. James and I decided to have a “mixed nuts” drink. It was just one of those health drinks with lychee and longan and jelly. Quite nice though. /drool

We went to the markets after waving Shirley off (she had an exam). I was after a red scarf and James was looking for some sesame bars. I eventually found a nice red scarf for $10. I wanted a long one, so I ended up getting one that was a bit thin but the length I wanted. I wanted a red scarf to match my red gloves that my boss gave me on Thursday. She’s so nice; she gave us all gloves. I chose red over black since I already have a black pair. Red seems to be trendy this winter in Australia… I’ve seen quite a few girls in red coats. I don’t have a red coat – but how lovely it would be to have one. /faw

We were talking about Minecraft in the markets. James said, “You’re talking about Minecraft in the middle of Paddy’s markets…” He kind of scoffed. XD I know, I know…

On the way to Mike’s car at the station, we took the stairwell. Everyone knows stairwells and fire escapes smell like shit or piss (if you don’t, let me tell you, they usually smell disgusting). This one was no exception. My dad phoned me as we were walking down. Mike and James were dying from the smell as we escaped the stairwell. James looked like he was going to retch. I got off the phone and I was wondering why they looked like they were going to die, when I thought the smell was tolerable. James said I had a distraction when my dad called.

Next time I’ll go down there without a distraction and prove I’m superwoman, maybe. Hahahaha.

Anyway, that scarf was probably my birthday present to myself. I don’t have any plans for my birthday, and I think I’m too lazy to want to do anything but stay at home. I’m going to watch Doctor Who in the morning, surf the internet, watch some subscriptions on YouTube (I haven’t been there in a week), do my media report, play some guitar, clean up more of my websites (!!)… and yes, hug my poor little toe.

I’ll wake up and I won’t be a teenager. This should be fun.

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It’s almost your birthday :O. The one day of the year when we are different ages. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I hope your toe gets better soon! Sounds terribly annoying. Hopefully it’s nothing serious! And ow, I hate biting the inside of anywhere in my mouth. Haha my dad says then when you start biting yourself then you’re about to get sick. That better not be true D:. I don’t think it is cos if I got sick everytime I bit the inside of my lip or my cheep or whatever, I’d be perpetually sick. Yuck! Chinese herbal medicine D:.

Happy belated birthday to Ryan :). And haha, while I’m at it, happy early birthday to you :P. ♥.

Ohh pho! I want pho now :P. I’m always craving something at this time of night. It’s a terrible habit. What a grumpy man. What’s his problem? You guys took it well though :P. I’d have got up and stormed off if someone was like that to me. Perhaps I’m a little oversensitive XD.

YAY! You got your red scarf :). And yeah I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing red as well D:. Those red coats DO look nice! Well you now have adequate red accessories. All set for winter :) :).

Oh god! Those stairwells. I’ve only been down them once and dear god, the smell was TERRIBLE. Haha, by the sounds of your blog, the smells seem to have gotten worse D:. God, why do people pee in stairwells? It’s so unhygienic x(.

Have fun tomorrow! Don’t do TOO much work :P. ♥

Happy birthday for tomorrow! :D

I bought a red trench coat in Paddy’s Markets in Sydney for $20 a few weeks ago, and it’s lovely :)

Hey hun
Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! hope you have a wonderful day and spend it with those you love. I hope your toe gets better soon, i hate hurting myself and i dont know what i did, it generally happens to me and im like how did that happen. my friend loves red as well, she also has a red coat but its getting to small for her. im glad you got your red scarf, you need one during winter like me now i always wear mine lol.

Happy birthday for tomorrow!!!!!!!!! :D
Nothing wrong with your birthday plans. :) I had to go to the orthodontist on mine. :P I have to say, I know so many people who have their birthday towards the end of May. I share a birthday with Ryan apparently, as well as three other people I know. D:

I wonder what’s wrong with your toe. O_O It seems strange, I hope it gets better.

I thought there was quite a lot of red around here for winter too, but we’re going into summer now. Do you mean the red trench coats? I saw a few of them and they look really nice. I considered buying one but I never got around to it.

I’ve never experienced smelly stairwells I have to say. It sounds really disgusting though. 😝

Hahaha, don’t worry about it. :) You were really busy.

I did think the zoo was a good day out but I didn’t really find that I really appreciated the animals more. I remember when I was a lot younger bouncing around like a six year-old maniac and loving every animal I saw. I don’t remember getting bored. This time though I found the day to be quite unexciting. I think I would have had just as much fun having a picnic with my friends any other place. :P

I guess there are always going to be animals in captivity, I just always look at those enclosures and think they look claustrophoibically small. Safari parks at least are far more open.

I know. /angry As soon as I have a means of paying for things I’ll be buying my own domain. I don’t really have much choice but to stick with for at least another year. Backups 😰 I really should be making them more often than I do. My host now offers automatic backups but it’s not infallible. So I guess that’s what I should do pretty soon.

It’s still saturday here, but I checked the date there so it’s probably Sunday. And if I’m right, which I guess I am (lol), then here’s a big HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! /eee Hope you enjoy your day! And get another of those phos. Why not. Lawl. I just saw the fanlisting and it looks really delicious 🤤

Bit your lip three times? D; That might’ve really hurt. There’s this saying that if you bit your lip, then someone’s talking or thinking about you. With your birthday coming in, it could be anyone ;o Tho it would probably be James. ;> The thing about your toe is weird, better check it out or smth.

RED COATS SRSLY LOOK NICE. I’ve been looking for ones that don’t look too shabby or plain and I don’t have any luck yet. It’s too early for winter anyway, so I still have time. Yay for finally getting the scarf! And lolol, I have same experiences on stairwells back in my hometown. I never dared to go through it ever again. @____@


I don’t blame you. It’s been a long time. I’m not sure, but I had either or when I was last active. I really do regret why I left the blogosphere, I miss a lot of friends. </3

I haven’t been to the markets for so long! I really want to go now that you’ve mentioned it. I love scarves, especially red ones. I have an old wooden ladder in the corner of my room, and I’ve filled every rung with scarves. I’m only a little obsessed. I wear them all, too. I’m rarely seen outside at this time of year without a colourful scarf.

Red is really in, which I love because I LOVE red. My mum has a beautiful red coat that I borrow sometimes.

Your boss gave you gloves? Like, for free? Was there any particular reason? That’s pretty awesome, though. Free gloves are always a good thing. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way, seeing as it’s already your birthday here. You’re no longer a teenager… you’re no longer in Justin Bieber’s target demographic. That’s an achievement to be proud of. Hope you have a lovely day! ♥

Hey! :)! Happy birthday! I wish you have had an awesome one and may you have a healthy year & many years to come as well (:! And a happy one too ^__^!

I hope the irritation in the toe will stop soon! X:! I swear- out of everything, the toe is a major bugger. And the tip of the fingers. Anything that’s bothering it- bleh. It just kills your mood! Wait it a few days and it should be back to normal! :)!

Happy birthday to your friend Ryan :)! I wish him a great one :)! Good luck with working on your assignments :)! Get ’em done right the first time :D!

You’re too epic, Georgina. Now a fanlisting for Pho?! What the pho?! Awesome! :D! I want to seriously join it! :D! {I love pho.} It’s like my “native” food. LOL! There’s like hundreds of pho within like a 100 mile radius of where I live -___-! :O I am probably familiar with that drink that you mentioned about– But I just need a picture :X. I suck at imagination -____-! Hope you enjoyed the lunch :P

I hope you’ll enjoy the red scarf too :D! I love scarves- but in a weird fashion that is like wrapping a handkerchief around your neck. :X!

I hate it when places smells like piss and crap. Seriously- if that’s the reason why it smells, can’t people just WAIT AND FIND SOMEWHERE TO PEE?! Ugh. It’s not “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” This is just being barbaric ‘~’. But yeah. You did have a distraction so that’s why the smell was tolerable XD!

I swear- every time I see Dr Who on the TV listings on the TV guide thingr on my television, it reminds me of you and the song we play, “Doctor Who” — which I mentioned billions of times XD! I even sing part of the song out loud and say, “HEY! YOU SUCK!” It’s just an insider I caught on. :P Enjoy your birthday (:

I’m behind on comments too ‘~’. By like 8 comments or something. And 2 days or something. I’ll manage to survive it and go through it! Oh school recessions.

We have to remove the rooftop :C. I guess it’ll be beneficial in some ways- which I will not waste.. 80 watts per hour to light my room 15 hours a day! ‘~’. Horrible!

:O Our yearbooks is also student made- I even wanted to be in yearbook -___-. I still do! Bleh. But we do have students from other grades :(. And every activity possible. I guess it’s just to fit in 183 pages that’s available in the yearbook! 10 dollars is a lot better than our 80! XD

Have a good weekend and birthday :)!

You should have your toe checked out if it’s been hurting a while. Could be gout or something. Though maybe you’re too young for gout.

You should post a picture of the scarf and gloves :)

happy birthday, if I didn’t wish you already, or eve if I did, happy birthday again :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *partyhat* Georgina, you’re awesome 💀 I hope you have a great year and I wish you the most of happiness. I hope your toe feels better soon. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a red coat for your birthday :P You go superwoman! Lol, easy on the Minecraft. You and your addiction /hehe Anyway, ~have a fun day!

OMG, that really sucks man. I tend to bite my lip all the time. One time, I bit it so hard it made my lip inflated up and it was fucking huge and didn’t go away for a few days. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been having a very good time, but as long as there’s no cuts or anything, it’s all good, I suppose. xD Herbal medicine, what exactly is that? :P

Ew, that’s disgusting with the stairwell. I have never in my life, well actually, I’ve never really taken one before when I think about it. Elevators, FTW!!

Haha, that sounds like a great birthday! At least you don’t have to go to school on you’re birthday! I had to go to school AND study for a test the next day that night on mine. :(

I know I already said this to you on MSN, but happy birthday again!! Hope you’re day improved from what it was like before. xD And please mind the shortness of this comment, I just reopened, and you’re my first site commenting on (WOO) and I’m pretty rusty.

Talk to you later! And I see you Lilian is still always first comment. I swear to you – one of these dayus, I will get it!

I already said happy birthday on twitter, but I’ll say it again.

Happy birthday.

Maybe you have some sort of infection under your nail? I don’t know what else it could be. Or, I guess your toe could be the only part of your body that’s allergic to the soap you’re using. That sounds incredibly unlikely, but you never know.

That old man seems really…odd. I guess you got your food, but I don’t know if I’d go there anymore. I’d wonder what was going on in the back that could give someone such intense mood swings. Hmm. I’ve never had pho before, but it does look delicious. I suppose it would be worth it.

Obviously red isn’t necessarily a trendy color here since we’re in different seasons and different sides of the world all together, but I hate when it is. It’s such a lovely color, but it looks horrible on me. My face gets a little ruddy sometimes and the shade of…caramel? that my hair is just does not work with red. Ah, well. But that’s supersweet of your boss to give you all gloves. I always forget to buy gloves until winter is already halfway over, so that would be perfect.

I hope your birthday was enjoyable!

Happy (belated) birthday! I hope it was a good one and I hope that being a “not-teenager” feels so very different.

I’ve never had pho before although there are so many pho restaurants in where I’m from originally. I guess it’s because my parents are Chinese so they scoff at rice noodles; they’re just not used to thin noodles. Pho always seems so enticing though!

That old man, somebody’s on their man period. Well at least you got your pho. I’m usually quite flammable when restaurant staff are slightly iffy before my meal but afterwards the waiter/waitress could hit me with a mallet and I’d still be content.

I’ve never been one to wear red. I’m just not brave enough but wearing something like red gloves or a red scarf seems like a good way to add an accent of colour. Hope you enjoy your scarf! When you first wrote that you specifically bought a red scarf I was immediately reminded for the green scarf that the girl bought in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Don’t know if you’ve seen it but I just kind of made a stupid little connection. haha

Ewww…I hate when stairwells and alleyways smell like piss. You honestly have to wonder is it actual human urine or just some chemically shit that smells kind of similar. Either way, it’s not very lovely.

Could you perhaps have an ingrown toenail? I think that you wouldn’t only notice it after a shower, though; for example, mine hurt like hell whenever I bump my toe. :P So I doubt that’s what your problem is.

Is… is TODAY your birthday? If so, happy birthday, Georgina, and I’m glad that the day I picked to visit was such. ♥ I kind of forgot that I was a teenager even when I still was one… Calliope turned 20 in November and Jesse in February, and I spend a lot of time with them, so I just got to thinking I was their age. XD It’s weird to be 20 now, though, mainly because I think that saying “I’m nineteen” sounds a lot prettier.

I’m not a big fan of red. There aren’t many shades (hues??) that I like and it’s tough to find the right one. A red scarf would be pretty, if it looked like I am imagining one. :) I dislike having most anything in red, though, which is kind of funny since blondes are supposed to look good in red (though I am very dirty blonde, with very pink cheeks that probably wouldn’t look that great when juxtaposed with red). The only red things I own are my water bottle (because there weren’t any other designs I liked), my toolbox, and my Sharps container (because that’s the only color they come in), haha. Red would make a pretty peacoat, though.

You have soo many fanlistings! You’re talented that you can keep up with so many sites because I can tell you are engaged in a lot in your life. Pho looks quite appetizing though, I would love to try it. :)

I hope your toe feels better! >_<

Either happy early birthday or happy birthday! /faw /kiss


I’m so sorry I missed it, hopefully I didn’t? If not belated than! Anyway, it sounds like you’ve got a lot going for ya! I’m also sorry to hear about your pain in your toe! Maybe you stubbed it and not remember it? Sometimes that does happen, when you’re not really expecting it to, and you just walk on like nothing happen. It could be that, and I’m hoping it is and nothing else!

So what are you going to get for your birthday? I started watching Doctor Who, and I must say I kinda like it. I haven’t finished the first episode yet, but it seems very interesting and something I would like honestly. :).

I’m sure you’ve posted your red scarf on your photoblog yes? If so I’ll go check it out in a bit!! Anyway, yesterday I was at my dad’s girlfriends place, and spent the night there. It was kind of weird. I wasn’t used to that surrounding. I was there once before, but I never spent the night there. I honestly felt that the couch was very firm and my back liked that. But again, I felt like I was suffocating almost like having a futon again. My futon is actually in bed position right now. She’s coming over tomorrow to help us with the kitchen, and see what we need to do to get it fixed. She also might be moving in! Which means, she’s gonna help me out a lot, and I’ll help her out a lot as well. And one more dog to have lol. She’s sweet though. I love her, but not as much as my kitty! lol.

But yeah, I kinda cheated on my diet yesterday. I had cheesecake. And I’m finishing it off tonight. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish it off tonight or not. Ya know? I don’t want to go over my points. As it stands I’m already at 31 points for this day. I also didn’t go to my weight watchers class last week, because I was depressed and was upset I just couldn’t go to class that way. Ya know?

But oh my god. What an arse! You guys should’ve complained about him! Cause you know that saying “Customers are always right”. I learned that the hard way. I don’t have a lot of social skills. I honestly walk into things to fast especially relationships and I honestly believe that my relationship with Andrew failed. But again my dad’s girlfriend said there’s no one to blame but yourself. In any break up. Which is true. I did take that pot brownie when I know I shouldn’t have. I also shouldn’t have smoked the weed either. And it’s not any better that I’m prescribed medications either. But oh well; I couldn’t handle his mood swings and what not. Ya know? But ya, you guys should’ve complained on that guy. You guys are sweet for not doing that though. But you can’t let people walk over you like that. :). Next time you go, I honestly hope that guy won’t be there again. But if he is, just ask nicely “May we speak to your manager please?” and tell him/her the story on what’s going on. That’s what I would do if I got that crappy service (sorry for the french).

But yeah, Happy birthday (belated?), you’re 20 years old now!! :D. WOOHOO! I can’t believe it! Haha. Next year I’ll be 29 years old, and than the next year 30. My gosh. I don’t even want to think about that! Haha! But my gosh how time flies doesn’t it? Well; I’m rambling on now so I’ll let you go now!

It’s just over a week now until I go to see Kasabian. I can’t explain how excited I am. I hope I do get to see them up close. I just keep thinking they might be hanging around by the stage door before the show starts. Now that would be a dream come true!

Happy belated Birthday!! /eee Waking up and not being a teenager? Wow that’s so scary!

The only time I don’t wear my retainer at night is when I have an ulcer. It’s too painful.

Red seems to be in this summer in England. Bold bright colours are just great. :) Unfortunately red doesn’t really suit me so I don’t have many red items of clothing.

I’ve been told not to hold onto the railing in stairwell because my dad’s friend worked at some flats once and some druggies had hidden syringes under the railing. It’s just sick but I’m aways careful now.