The Untaken Path and the Empty Child

Yesterday, a bunch of us at uni (ah, sorry, I am horrid at mentioning everyone, but Mike and James were part of the group :P) went to Galaxy World to play arcade games and all that fun shit. I hadn’t been to the place for months, so I didn’t know it had relocated to another much bigger part of the building. The last time I played such games was a long time ago.

They had bumper cars… and I hadn’t been on bumper cars for at least seven years or something. I never had fun because I sucked at controlling the car and I’d be attacked by people from all directions all the time. This time we went in as a group, so it was definitely more fun. There was another kid with us, though. He had stayed for at least four rounds, just playing over and over, spending his money playing bumper cars. Because we didn’t know him we just all ganged up against him and kept bumping him. I guess that was mean, but we were only having fun. But that kid was completely expressionless the whole time, hands on the wheel, eyes focused on the path ahead of him. He didn’t smile, the corners of his mouth stretched his mouth into a thin straight line… o yeah. Empty child, right there.

James even said, “You know, you could smile once in a while,” and the kid’s blank expression remained. I don’t know how that kid could just sit there expressionless the entire time, throughout so many rounds. We just laughed at him because we all had a good time playing bumper cars anyway…

After we bought “groceries” (read: beef jerky, mochi and other shit XD) at the supermarket, we just sat down in the refurbished part of campus to consume said goodies and chat. That part of campus is amazing right now. There are many places to sit and the walls and furniture are all this warm hue of green. I think it actually makes you relax… or concentrate… I don’t know, but I have the feeling that I’ll be able to work really well in that place.

Today, I bailed on my ex-boyfriend; he invited me to a barbecue. Eh. We’re not close friends but we still talk to each other. I guess he was just inviting me out of politeness and to recruit more people for that Esperanto language I was jabbering on about. Well, when I thought about it I didn’t really want to go. Needless to say, neither did James (heh, not surprising). In the end I decided to just ignore it all and decided we (yours truly, James, Lilian and Mike) go on a picnic in the forest, and if my ex-boyfriend were to call… just say I forgot. Well. He didn’t call at all.

This morning we bought food at the shops. We had wraps with, well, ham/chicken/salmon, and lettuce and other fun stuff including limeade. We argued about shopping and how boring (or weird) it is for males to go shopping at all, had fun using the self-serve checkout when ideally just being served by a cashier could have been quicker but less fun, and played with lightsabers in a toy store. I feel like even the littlest things make me laugh, and I guess that’s a good thing. I couldn’t stop laughing when at the forest James was pretending to be an old man with a hunch and a tree branch for a stick… yeah it got creepy and scared me after he started following me for a while with that grumpy old man look and that tree branch. 😢 We had a big argument about it but fixed that all up. /eee

We went walking around the trails for a bit, obviously exhausted… and there was a point when we had to drag and push Mike around because he wouldn’t move. Another point when he walked ahead and hid from us until we tried to look for him and he was actually behind us. O_O

I think it’s rather amusing how we annoy each other. We threw grass and bark at each other for quite some time, in between me and Mike being complete shutterbugs (nickname courtesy of Lilian who was extremely observant to our photo-taking) and James powernapping. For fun we just decided to climb a fence, the width of which was enough to stand on. I guess I thought I was so awesome I could walk really fast on it, but I slipped and hit my shin on the top of the fence. Thankfully I didn’t fall and break my neck. Haha. :P I have a large bump on my shin where a blue bruise is now forming. Yep, that’s going to hurt for some time.

There were mosquitoes nearly everywhere, but I didn’t get bitten at all. James and Mike probably had a lovely addition to all the bites that they already received last night from dropping me off home at night… I do not like mosquitoes. :X It was funny killing them today, and whacking each other to kill as many as we could. Whoops. I forgot my pawpaw cream which is good for bites. Damn.

All in all, a good Saturday (I keep thinking it’s a weekday), and I returned home to do all my homework for next week and you know what’s left? Just one piece. An assignment. I wish I could do this every week actually.

James, Lilian, Mike: To the three of you, you are undeniably awesome. ♥️

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YEAH! WE’RE AWESOME :D :D. But you’re awesome too ♥ :P.

OMG, I missed out on seeing bumper cars! :( :( That sucks. But NEXT TIME! Haha I told my dad about them too :P. I haven’t been on bumper cars since Conception Day at my uni when I was a first year :P. They were so much fun! Although there’s a photo of me driving one and looking clueless somewhere. It’s embarrassing D:.

Wow, that kid sounds pretty weird O_O. Smiling is actually a good idea once in a while :P. Oh wells, at least you guys had fun! Hahahaha.

UTS is being refurbished too? We just opened our new library. It’s like VERY spacious. And HUGE D:. Hahaha this year must be the year of refurbishments for unis :P. I wonder what Usyd and NSW are doing XD.

LOL, I’m glad you (we?) bailed on Mr ex-boyfriend, the pretentious ASS! Hahaha, I think we had more fun today that if we had gone to his stupid convention D:. Haha, even if that initial trail almost killed me from sheer exhaustion and my ankles seem to be COVERED in mosquito bites :P.

LIGHTSABERS! I TOTALLY WANT ONE! But yeah, those things were hard to retract D:. Hahaha, we bought HEALTHY groceries for lunch :). Oh noes. Now I am craving grapes cos I thought of the grapes we bought. LOL XD.

And that argument was AWKWARD MAN! Mike and I were like D: WHATDOWEDO!? Hahaha, but I’m glad you guys fixed that up :P.

Man I got hit by SO MUCH BARK D:. Although I was more concerned about my shirt when James killed a mosquito by WHACKING ME IN THE BACK x3.

OMG, you falling was the scariest thing EVER. Thank GOD you DIDN’T fall and injure yourself more seriously D: D:. Man, I’M supposed to be the unco one! LOL XD. I hope the bruise gets better sooooon!


Haha! The only times I ever go on bumper cars is either at the fair, or at BOOMERS or somewhere around those lines. Haha! Good times, Good times. Those are the funnest things on the planet. Besides the electronic 3d roller coaster ride that literally flips you upside down. :/ .

Yeah, I remember those 3d roller coaster rides. I was at the Ontario Mills Mall with one of my best friends, and we decided to try it, well; little did we know that the guy who was operating it did know it was our first time on it but he was a sneaky arse! He gave us all the loopy de loop ride. Everyone heard ME screaming lmao. But it was all for fun. I went up to him and I think I punched him just for doing that but it was all for fun really. Haha!

Hmmm speaking of mosquito’s….Why don’t mosquito’s bite clowns? xD. Because they TASTE funny!!! I guess Asian blood is nom nom nom to Mosquito’s? I dunno I think I’ve only been bitten a few times before when I went camping and that was it.

Today it was weird. I woke up this morning around 7:00 a.m. and to my surprise I looked out the window and SNOW!!! I couldn’t believe it. I looked across the sreet and saw the snow, and I was like dang they paved over their grass? And then I looked down at my own yard and there was freaking snow on it! I was like I guess they didn’t with a giggle. I ended up taking several pictures of the snow. It stayed for a good 5 hours or more until 11:30 when it started raining and it melted. You can see some of the snow in nooks and cranny’s. But I am so glad I took the pictures when I woke up when I did. Heehee. I’m so excited about that. But I’m also glad that I’m not in the higher altitude of the mountains where you would have to shovel it out. Ours melts but not right away. Haha!

All in all it sounds like it was a BBQ well missed /eee

It seems you had a lot more fun being overly goofy and silly with your little group than you ever would have at the barbecue with your ex. /hehe

It sounds like you had an awesome day :) It’s nice to just have those days, where you do such simple things but you have so much fun. And it sounds a lot more fun than what the bbq would have been, especially since you aren’t really close with your ex-boyfriend.

I’m not sure how that kid could have such a straight face for that long :P I laugh on things like that all the time. Though I don’t like them that much, a lot of them are just really painful. The ones at the amusement park here are really bad for that. They’re just really rickety and not pleasant to drive.

I post about personal things just because it’s a way to get it off my chest. I mean, I’d talk to my friends about it and what not but just as a way to type it all out, have it there and then being able to look back on it and realize what happened, and why I know to avoid things like that in the future :P haha. But it got so repetitive after awhile, with all the David stuff so it was just like.. I’ll just spare the details, haha.

I’m allergic to strawberries so, that wouldn’t really be a good option :P I’ll have to check out some of the other possibilities, though :)

Sidenote: Kelsey fixed my old domain she bought me as a birthday present and offered it back to me, so I moved from I was hoping I could leave it up until you have off hiatus, and then you can remove it from your server if you’d like. Whichever you’d prefer. :)

Anyways, that sounds like such a fun weekend! I’m so jealous. D: I don’t ever get to do fun things like that because here I have a good chance of being picked up in a white van. 😰 It’s made my parents very over protective to now I can’t even go out with my close friends that they even know personally. Oh well. It sounds like you had a great time though, and I hope your shin gets better! I’d recommend making a press and soaking it in vinegar. It’ll alleviate the bruise and the swelling. (I do this because I bruise very easily, and don’t like having bruises on my arms/legs when they’re exposed.)

LOL at your story about the expressionless kid, and James’s comment. xD The kid was obviously way into the game, and definitely wasn’t messing around with it. I can get that way sometimes, but I tend to laugh at bumper cars. Since I can’t do it on the road, I love bumping into people with those little things and totally knocking the wind out of people. I sometimes get quite into it. /hehe

Nice going on your ex-boyfriend. xD They tend to have a habit of sticking around, don’t they? I wonder why he wants to keep in touch with you, despite the fact that you’re friends. I’d find that to be a really awkward situation. O_o

Good luck with your assignment!

Fast food and drive-thrus go hand-in-hand because most people find it easier to buy the food if it only takes 10 minutes, and they can leave and go home and do whatever they want to. :/ The only time I ever have McDonald’s (or any other fast food for that matter) is when a) there’s absolutely nothing to make in our house, or b) we’re on vacation. I try and stay away from it though because it really isn’t good for you at all.

I hope you’re feeling a bit less exhausted. :/ It could be that, even though you’re sleeping good hours, you toss and turn a lot in bed, and so your body isn’t as rested so you feel really run down? I’m not sure. I’ve been having that problem lately.

Ha! Here we go, agreeing on the same thing! I’ve been trying to shorten my comments, but what can I do when someone leaves me an essay in my comments? O_O Your comments are never too long though (for me at least). They’re just the right length, so don’t worry about it. :)

I also heard there was another tsunami warning in Japan. :( I guess they canceled it though, but it’s horrible that it isn’t over yet. I’m thinking of sending some money there soon, but I don’t really have much.

I miss the times when it was okay to play on your bikes in your neighborhoods. :/ I know for sure in America that privilege has been ripped away, especially because I have 5 registered sex offenders within 4 miles of my house. /ehh

You certainly sound like you had a lot of fun! XD I never hang out like that, I don’t really have any close friends here with me, but the once or twice a year I go back to my hometown my friends and I seem to hang out all day, it’s great. I’ve been invited to picnics and karaokes etc by my classmates here but I always bail. My dad says it’s quite bad for me, but who cares.

I would be happy if I had only one assignment! I have six right now I just remembered … oh shit. Six major ones I mean, and a lot more little things to do along with it. Great … :P

P.S. Did you ever get my reply to your comment via email/spam?

A picnic in the forest definitely sound like a way better alternative to a bbq with an ex! And omg bumper cars… where can i find some..

The Empty Child! D=
ohboyohboyohboy 😰 .

Ho ho ho that part of uni was nice /bounce. They sure did a good job on the walls; it’s funny how it smells like new car smell :P
and we ate so much junx! tehee

Cumberland was awesome /eee except for the Awks 3:
that wall fence thing was rather fun /bounce but I wish it was a bit wider /bash

It sounds like you had such a fun day! We don’t have anything like that near where I live, but we have a little seaside town about 15 miles away, that’s not really a seaside town because it’s in the middle of the country, but it has the qualities of a seaside town with a fairground thingy with bumper cars. :’)

That kid sounds kind of…Morbid, to say the least! It’s kind of hard not to laugh when you’re on the bumper cars!

At least you got to have a fun day out with your best friends, maybe if you had gone to the barbecue it could have been a little bit awkward. Aw, I’m sorry you hurt your shin! I hope the lump and bruise heals soon, there’s nothing more painful than hitting your shin.

Eugh, the summer is starting here so there are mosquitoes around everywhere. 😰 I haven’t been bitten yet but there’s still time, my legs and arms are usually covered in them by July.

Yeah the fish were pretty cheap! Dougie, Zayn and Justin were only £1 each but Harry was about £4 and Louis was about £6 as we got them from a proper aquatics store rather than just a pet shop.

Something like a guinea pig or hamster doesn’t take a lot of time! You only have to feed them once a day and put them in a ball or a wheel to get there exercise! Plus they’re unbelievably cute. XD

Galaxy World sounds cool ✌️ Poor kid, when I red the part about him I imagine him having some issues and the bumper cars being his form of escapism. But I guess there could be A LOT of explanations for his empty expression and his bumper cars …uhm “repetition” (yeah…?) How was the beef jerky?

Lightsabers ? /faw Toy store? /faw COOLNESS! :O

Sounds like fun ✌️ Thank goodness you didn’t break your neck, indeed !!! D:

There’s literally no arcade’s around where I live. The closest I know of are in Blackpool (a long way away), which sucks.

I love bumper cars! I remember one time when I was in France, we went to this little fun fair right in the middle of Paris, and there were bumper cars there. I was the first person to get the bumper car. Then, a group of about 20 absolutely massive men came and joined me. I actually thought I was going to die :P It was still fun though, just a lot more painful that usual! :P

Haha, sounds like me. My idea of food shopping is basically me piling a load of junk food into a basket :P

There’s never any mosquitoes in England, except in the summer. You know it’s summer when the mosquitoes come out, and they come out maybe once a year :P

I love 3D films! And I watch so many films, it’s awful. I really do see hundreds of films a year! Not always at the cinema though.

The chicken is amazing! Just thinking about it makes me drool – it’s just so good! I always have the same thing when I go: a plain chicken wrap (by plain I mean the spice thing; it’s the least spiciest, I have all the salad and stuff) with chips and occasionally some garlic bread. Perfect! I thought it was just in the UK, but obviously not. Maybe they’re branching out? I hope they are! Then the whole world can experience the joy of Nando’s! :P

Lately, things seem to be coming naturally to me (i.e. blog topics). I’m loving it! :P I just hope it carries on!

(wasn’t meant to submit it before, feel free to add this onto the end of my other comment)

How did you know? I love my Mac! :P Yeah, I had Vista. That’s probably one of the reasons why I hated it so much. Windows 7 looks pretty cool. I’ve heard it’s a lot faster than Vista, too.

Ah, I love days like that. I remember bumper cars used to be my favorite ride when I was younger. I haven’t been in one in ages. I distinctly remember one of the last times I was in a bumper car, I picked one surrounded by other cars that no one else came and filled up. So I was stuck there for the entire time. It was depressing. I cried. My dad let me go on again, thankfully. Gosh, I had to be like seven years old.

I’m happy that you had such a great day, especially since you’ve been so stressed. :)

OMG, BUMPER CARS. ♥ I haven’t been on them for donkeys years! They used to be my favourite, but because I’m so small (in height and build) every time someone bumped into me, it really hurt LOL.

I don’t think it was mean that you all ganged up on that kid; to be honest, that’s the whole point of the game. XD I used to do that though, we’d all gang up on a friend of our group who we didn’t like very much. :P I have a friend who like, never smiles too. I think I’m going to start calling him empty child. 👏

I wish I knew a place like that. Everything sucks around here and I just wish I could find a “quiet” place to go now and again. Everywhere is covered in graffiti, screaming kids and ignorant teenagers. /bash

I love using the self-server checkouts! When the shop near me first got them, I was so amused. I used to go to them all the time, buy stupid things, just so I could use them. XD I hate people, and I hate talking to people so it’s a lot easier for me to just serve myself. :3

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time in the forest though; I love that, just hanging out with friends. Not even the nasty mosquitoes could put a downer on the day. :P We get them here, but I rarely see loads of them. I do, however, manage to always get bitten by them. Evil.

I love RHCP’s distinctive sound too! They are amazing, and they’ve been around for such a long time. Even my parents like them! We usually don’t like any of the same bands. Although, they prefer their older stuff.

Forget It by BB is my all time favourite song by them. It was the first song I ever heard, so I guess that’s why it’s always stuck with me. I agree too; Ben Burnley uses a lot of the same lyrics in his songs. Although if you listen to Saturate, then go straight to listen to Dear Agony, you can really hear a difference.

Yes, I do remember! I still don’t think you’ve listened to DBA a lot, or really gotten into them. I didn’t think I’d like Hollywood Undead, but I’m like addicted to them atm. XD

I’ve always wanted to do a meme blog; I was thinking of doing a 30 day one, but I know I wouldn’t keep up with it. So yeah, I just thought I’d do Thursday Tunes. I’ve seen a lot of people doing Wordless Wednesday, but I rarely take photos. :3

I only have like 20 plays of Nirvana on my; that’s quite depressing to be honest. :P I need to listen to them more!

Oh god, chocolate is the worst. It melts so quickly! You’re lucky you managed to get it off so quickly! I’m surprised my laptop survived the cappuccino, but apparently it was the sugar that corroded it eventually.

If I didn’t have to take two buses to work; I’d probably take my laptop. But because I have to switch buses about 40 minutes into my trip, it would get annoying lugging it from bus to bus. Plus, my first bus usually gets quite packed, even at 6:30am. o__O

I know, I think it’s stupid how friendships are mostly based on Facebook. I think of Facebook as getting in touch with people you lost contact with years ago, not to keep contact with current friends. (If that made any sense)

Haha, that would be awesome. My step dad is pretty mean though, he always takes the piss out of me, by calling me twig, or skinny. He doesn’t do it as much now I’ve been diagnosed with something mind. He does call my sister “fat arse” though. XD

I see you’ve finished that tutorial now! I have a quick look at it earlier and it looks great! I’m sure it’ll be helpful to A LOT of people. :B

I don’t like having a lot of files in my themes for some reason. :X

At least you found something to blog about! I’m quite paranoid about what I blog about for some reason. I’m worried what people will think and stuff. I never used to care so much; I don’t really know why I do now. :/ I never do anything interesting, I sit at home most day or I’ll look after my neighbours kids out the front but that’s pretty boring paha.

My neighbour doesn’t live next door anymore (well he comes back for like an hour every so often), but rarely causes trouble so I can’t even blog about that lmao.

Weee to you too! ♥

Wow, I rambled a lot. o___O

You don’t have to reply to this by the way, aha.

I don’t really remember Galaxy World but I’m sure I’ve went there several times because I always like to go to the city.

I hate bumper cars :(
Five or six people would bump into me before I had even begun to move.. And it’s so embarrassing because some of these kids are younger than me.

Lol, what a weird kid. He sounds scary. :/

Wow. Green walls, nice furniture and you can even eat there. University sounds like so much fun (despite all the work uni students have to do).

The picnic in the forest sounds awesome :D I don’t think I’ve ever been to a (or on a? I’m not sure, engrish moment right here) picnic but it sounds like my sort of scene because there’s food involved. (H)

I wouldn’t have went to the barbecue thing because it would probably just be awkward. And my life is awkward enough as it is.

Oh, I love wraps. So yummeh. Limeade is like lemonade with lime. Wow. I’ve never seen that before, haha. I never even knew such thing existed.

Is there an actual forest in Sydney that you’re allowed to go to? Does it have a sign that says ______ Forest? Or did you guys just go to a random, unnamed place with trees? O_o Sorry, I need to go out more. LOL.

Ngaw, you guys sound like you had a great time :)
I think I’m like Mike when it comes to my friends. Because I’m really annoying sometimes XD

I hate mosquito bites. Is your paw paw cream the same as Lucas Paw Paw ointment? Because if it is, I’m going to start using mine for bites. I hate getting bites on my fingers because it’s so weird scratching my fingers.

I’m glad you had an awesome day. Good luck with that assignment :D

All cheesecake tastes good. Well, except for the one I had at the All You Can Eat buffet in Blacktown. But their Pavlova makes up for it.

And thank you :)

My friend’s operation went well but I can’t visit her for another few months which is sad.

Salmonella is the worst thing ever. Even after the doctor said I could go back to school, I couldn’t eat anything without feeling like I have to vomit. Now I’m really careful with what I eat.

Hope you have a great week :D

It is weird to see dudes shopping at a mall. Hahahaa. Usually they are either gay or just bored. XD

My sister decided to have her birthday party with me. :) I’m so excited. :D

You should take some pictures. I wanna see it! (: I can just imagine it though. It sounds really nice.
I am extremely picky with what I eat.

Yeah, that is ridiculous. Wow…

Yeah, We got better. I think I was just being stupid. Hahahaha.

Wow I don’t remember the last time I went to an arcade would of been at Galactic Circus back in 2006.
I had bumper cars :P maybe because I suck at it, people go crazy, I always get hurt because people bump me too hard.

I think It’s kinda weird seeing a male go food shopping when my dad does the food shopping he always forgets a lot of things because he feels he doesn’t need a shopping list.
I always use self-serve check out, they are always fun.

I’m glad you like my wordpress blog, but theres only so much you can do without paying. I’ve been there for a year and a half, I feel It’s time to move on. I think a sub domain would be good for me until I build up the skills before I can have my own domain.
$10 a year is pretty good. I took a look at some of your articles ‘New To Domains’ I’ve heard a lot about how good name cheap is so I might go and take a took at it.

take care x

Bumper cars? Are you talking about dodgem cars? That’s what I think about when I think of Bumper cars … Mozzies need to die *stab stab* ♥

Bumper cars are fun! Though I get headaches from it… :P Anyway, I’m glad that all of you guys had so much fun together ;) I think you guys should do it more often :P

sounds like a fun day!! :D bumper cars, really?? hahaha last time i drove one of those were when i was a little girl! i have a picture of me somewhere, when i’m sitting in a blue one. weird the emty faced child didn’t it enjoy it, i thought it was really fun! (:

sometimes me and my friends annoy each other too, but we’re still best friends after all, and i’m glad we are (:

well climbing on fences has never been safe, lol! i hope it feels better now!! (:

you’ve worked good with your homework if you just have one assignment left, that’s GREAT!! can’t say the same about me, but i’m going to do some now (soon)

if i was going to write by hand i don’t think i would’ve been finished. we write the mock exams in english and norwegian on the computer, it’s just math we’re doing by hand. yes it goes a lot faster to write on a computer, but i guess it’s demand more of us too, my handwriting is for example much bigger than the times new roman size 14, so the 4 pages text on the computer may be 8 pages written by hand.
you don’t write on a computer? at our school we have “computer rooms” where we write, and if some other classes are using them when we’re going to use them, we’re allowed to take with us laptops from home so we can write. i think the teachers prefer a computer written text, then they can check we’ve not copyed from anyone on the internet, and it’s easier to read (since we’re all having a different handwriting, some more unreadable than others)

thank you :) the heels were only about an inch and a half.. but i think the image stretched them to make it look higher! haha. i laugh at the people who were 6 inch heels everyday! it’s like WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

aww! poor toes! haha. ya, i took flats, and changed into them after two hours coz i had a feeling it would be outside in the mud.

did you go for all your proms? and it was an extra class on saturday – our teacher is such an effing idiot that he can’t teach, so we had to go in on saturdays to try and catch up with all the work! it’s crazy!

don’t worry! i know how busy everyone is! you still have a week and a half to enter :) hopefully you get a chance :)

wow, you speak a LOT of langauges :) I speak… English, Gujurati (indian language), Kiswahili (Kenyan Language) and french… i like pretending i can speak italian though :) and i kinda understand a lot of the other indian languages out there, like Hindi, punjab… you probably have NO idea what i’m talking about, so i’ll move on :)

you sound like you had such a wonderful day! i’m absolutely jealous! i wish we had places like that in Kenya! i love roller coasters and bumper cars, and the whole lot!
and hahahahah! that guy had NO expression? that’s priceless!

it can get awkward with an ex… nice move going to the picnic :) has he talked to you about it since? lol. in the long run do you think you wanna be friends with him?

Yeah, every new Harry Potter film seems to break a new box office record. The upcoming film is expected gross close to two billion. It’s in 3D, which will bump up the overall gross quite a bit!

Haha, it kind of irritates me :P When the film’s good, (in my eyes) anyway.

Your university’s an hour away from you? :O

Haha! Nor are chocolate doughnuts.. Once in a while they’re OK, though :P

Surprisingly, when I was in France they had so many mosquitoes!

I’m completely opposite! I really don’t like watching films at home.. Well, I’m OK with it if I’ve already seen it at the cinemas, I just love the experience of being in a cinema :P

My Mum still hasn’t made the transition over to a Mac yet. I really need to update her computer to Windows 7. Or even Vista! I think anything’s better than Windows XP 80 something.. :P

Meh. I bet that kid had a BLAST, but was just too cool to show how much he really enjoyed it! ;)

I love mochi! 🤤 My favorite is mochi ice cream. Whenever I go to the Asian market, I always end up with a box of green tea and strawberry mochi ice cream boxes. Hehehe.

Agreed about it being weird when guys shop. But they have to get their outfits from somewhere, right? They can’t always rely on their mothers/sisters/girlfriends/whatever to buy them their clothes! :P I met my friend at the mall for dinner one time and he needed pants so he got their early to shop. These girls flanked him at one of the stores offering him a “private fitting” and doughnuts. I think he got creeped out because he promptly left and then ran to tell me about it. Hahaha. Boys! /hehe

people like that bumper car kid end up going psycho and killing a bunch of people. hopefully he’s just having a bad week.

A picnic in the forest sounds fun. Though I enjoy anything involving food.

Arcades are so fun! My friends and I used to go every summer, the day before school started, but then the economy crashed and we stopped. They’re so expensive here :( Good memories, though!
My brother’s pretty emotionless when we do games and such. It’s his serious face, like he’s trying to control his anger about now winning or something. 😰
Hiking sounds like so much fun! The weather’s just starting to get nice and hot here, so I hope to get outdoors more soon. I can’t wait for the stress of school to be over :P
Eww mosquitos lol. That brings back memories, too :P

My dad thinks that anyone will burn down the house if he/she cooks. I guess it’s true, but there’s a bit of paranoia there.
I think that you mentioned that you liked Mexican food. Cuisine is always fun to experiment with :)
My eye doctor has some eye health documentary that doesn’t stop. Ugh, it’s the most boring thing. I’d much rather have some lame TV show (I’m sure that America’s TV shows can chew out other countries’ when it comes to lame-ness :p)

I don’t know if I ever been on bumper cars or not. Ever. If so, it was when I lived with my mom (and Tony, Cody, Chris – Mary wasn’t born yet) in San Antonio. :P Bumper cars seem like an odd amusement park activity. LOL. Maybe he loved bumber cars or something, but he was just bored? Hmm. o.O

Beef jerky is yummy. ^^

It seems like it would be fun to design a campus hangout place… The furniture… When I was little, I told myself I’d design a dorm room lounge/campus lounge one day. I doubt that will ever actually happen, though. Ha.

Your ex-boyfriend doesn’t know about your blog, does he? Ahahh. :P Otherwise,… BUSTED.

Those self-serving checkouts are fun. :D They are time consuming, though. And tend to be out of order a LOT. …Most likely because people who don’t know how to use them or want to play with them just … break them. >.<

I know. It's be cool to still be able to publish a book, but if I never get to, I'll be okay with that. :3

I was taught that it's wrong to stand up for yourself/share your opinions about something. I was never allowed to say what I thought, and if I did, I was ignored. So … I want to be heard; I want to be listened to. I want to be able to share my thoughts, and my blog lets me do that.

It's really funny how we talked about giving out/publishing personal information online in speech today. I SO wanted to just … gfdhjgfjdk raise my hand and add a note about how it's okay, as long as you are respsonsible about what you share. But they kept talking about Facebook. I use it for networking, not necessarily socializing, and using Facebook for socializing is what they were talking about, so I sort of felt … out of place. But it is fun to watch people talk about social networks and discuss how people post "TMI" posts/statuses/etc. I always try to remember that the poster his/herself has a story/reason behind posting such a thing, and today I realized that everyone just … assumes. I also realized that, after saying my example to the guy I was paired up, I'm quite abnormal to them, and because they don't know what I'm talking about, they assume that I'm talking about a computer. It was very … frustrating. It also made me remember my stalker: he is back. :(

The Japanese culture! I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT!! Haha. Mann. :|

Thanks. :3 Tony suggested I go for earth-y tones, so I did. I stuck to about three color schemes; I am working on the credits page for the color schemes/etc., too. :)

Notice a change in the I.P.A.?