The waiting game

I got my laptop exactly two years ago, 1st April 2009. That’s about as monumental as today gets; no one tried to play an April Fools joke on me, though I do recall the one time I thought someone was. I was in a music rehearsal, giving up my lunchtime at school, and my friend had bought a pie and sat in the chair next to me. I went to get something, and when I sat back down he was yelling, “No, no, move, you just sat on pie!”

I refused to believe him and I told him to shut up, “I know you’re just doing that because it’s April Fools”. Soon a few of my other friends were chorusing, “Georgina, you’re sitting on pie…”

I decided to get off my chair and have a look. There was pie on my seat, but luckily I hadn’t sat down on it. But I am really over those jokes, perhaps because it’s not that funny when you know it’s April Fools. I think jokes are funnier when they are spontaneous.

I was going to write a blog post yesterday (as per my routine of writing every two days) but there was nothing really worth writing about; I haven’t felt like writing a lot lately and I’ve become really tired this week. It’s daylight savings on the weekend and we gain an hour – unfortunately, that hour will most likely be dedicated to the two assignments I have due this week. I knew the stress would pile on eventually! I don’t know, is it because it’s third year university? I never felt this kind of stress in first year, I honestly didn’t.

Today in the hall before going to class I bumped into this guy I used to like, but I didn’t talk to him. It led me to think the world is collapsing. My ex-boyfriend talked to me the other day and invited me to a barbecue for an Esperanto group (admittedly, it interests me, this whole idea of Esperanto being a universal language that I really have not heard about, and I get curious about things – and of course, we all like free stuff, especially food). I know we talk occasionally, but it’s just weird when you bump into people you don’t talk to much. I also talked to an old friend when I saw him in front of the elevator at university, who tells me that now he’s studying Sound and Music Design, a new course my university has offered. But I keep seeing these people everywhere… O_O

I was standing at the train station today waiting for my dad to pick me up and I felt something tickling my finger. It wasn’t my huge ring and I was certain it wasn’t my hair. I looked down at my hand and there was a little orange and black ladybug on my finger. I just moved my hand a bit and it didn’t move, but when I put my other hand near it, it crawled on. I was amused for about ten minutes… then I let it go, just let it fall to the ground, though I think I saw that its wings were broken. 😞

I went to the doctor today, though I’m not ill; I just need a referral for an ultrasound to check up on something that I’ve had for a while. My mum needed to see the doctor so I went with her for convenience. I absolutely hate waiting in the doctor’s room and Lilian and I both agreed that it was like hell – though hell might be more tolerable. I waited for about one and a half hours and nearly fell asleep. I absolutely despise waiting in the doctor’s room. It’s different waiting for a bus or a train or for a friend or for class to start, because the doctor’s room is just so bloody depressing. /um It annoys me so much that some people take twenty minutes to see the doctor and I swear, every time I see the doctor, I get quickly checked, get prescribed some medicine and I’m out in a jiffy.

I don’t get ill much, but even so, it’s like people can’t properly explain to the doctor what is wrong so perhaps they spend so much time in there trying to figure it out? Whatever it is, it’s annoying.

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