The waiting game

I got my laptop exactly two years ago, 1st April 2009. That’s about as monumental as today gets; no one tried to play an April Fools joke on me, though I do recall the one time I thought someone was. I was in a music rehearsal, giving up my lunchtime at school, and my friend had bought a pie and sat in the chair next to me. I went to get something, and when I sat back down he was yelling, “No, no, move, you just sat on pie!”

I refused to believe him and I told him to shut up, “I know you’re just doing that because it’s April Fools”. Soon a few of my other friends were chorusing, “Georgina, you’re sitting on pie…”

I decided to get off my chair and have a look. There was pie on my seat, but luckily I hadn’t sat down on it. But I am really over those jokes, perhaps because it’s not that funny when you know it’s April Fools. I think jokes are funnier when they are spontaneous.

I was going to write a blog post yesterday (as per my routine of writing every two days) but there was nothing really worth writing about; I haven’t felt like writing a lot lately and I’ve become really tired this week. It’s daylight savings on the weekend and we gain an hour – unfortunately, that hour will most likely be dedicated to the two assignments I have due this week. I knew the stress would pile on eventually! I don’t know, is it because it’s third year university? I never felt this kind of stress in first year, I honestly didn’t.

Today in the hall before going to class I bumped into this guy I used to like, but I didn’t talk to him. It led me to think the world is collapsing. My ex-boyfriend talked to me the other day and invited me to a barbecue for an Esperanto group (admittedly, it interests me, this whole idea of Esperanto being a universal language that I really have not heard about, and I get curious about things – and of course, we all like free stuff, especially food). I know we talk occasionally, but it’s just weird when you bump into people you don’t talk to much. I also talked to an old friend when I saw him in front of the elevator at university, who tells me that now he’s studying Sound and Music Design, a new course my university has offered. But I keep seeing these people everywhere… O_O

I was standing at the train station today waiting for my dad to pick me up and I felt something tickling my finger. It wasn’t my huge ring and I was certain it wasn’t my hair. I looked down at my hand and there was a little orange and black ladybug on my finger. I just moved my hand a bit and it didn’t move, but when I put my other hand near it, it crawled on. I was amused for about ten minutes… then I let it go, just let it fall to the ground, though I think I saw that its wings were broken. :(

I went to the doctor today, though I’m not ill; I just need a referral for an ultrasound to check up on something that I’ve had for a while. My mum needed to see the doctor so I went with her for convenience. I absolutely hate waiting in the doctor’s room and Lilian and I both agreed that it was like hell – though hell might be more tolerable. I waited for about one and a half hours and nearly fell asleep. I absolutely despise waiting in the doctor’s room. It’s different waiting for a bus or a train or for a friend or for class to start, because the doctor’s room is just so bloody depressing. /um It annoys me so much that some people take twenty minutes to see the doctor and I swear, every time I see the doctor, I get quickly checked, get prescribed some medicine and I’m out in a jiffy.

I don’t get ill much, but even so, it’s like people can’t properly explain to the doctor what is wrong so perhaps they spend so much time in there trying to figure it out? Whatever it is, it’s annoying.

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But Esperando failed somewhat. It was supposed to be the official language of the EU but because of the clear Latin influence it was rejected at the European Council, which sucks because Romantic languages are my forte. /poo
I don’t like April fool’s although I never got tricked…


Happy 2nd birthday to Fin :). Wooooooow, he’s getting old. Haha, jk.

Omg, I didn’t even REALISE it was April Fool’s Day until I read your blog D:. I thought it was still somewhere near the end of March. I fail. But yeah, I can’t remember the last time anyone played an April Fool’s joke on me. And I doubt I’m skillful enough to play one on anyone else.

It gets a little lame though :(.

Oh my god, I’ve never been so stressed over uni work as I am now. It’s not only 3rd year, but my timetable is bloody overloaded. Doesn’t it suck to be a 3rd year? Let’s hope we can BOTH get through next week D:. Good luck with your assignments :) ♥ .

Man, what IS it with your ex-boyfriend suddenly appearing this week? Hahahaha XD. It’s kind of amusing, but creepy at the same time :P. And man, that Esperento thing is going to be so weird. But I too, am intrigued XD. Let’s hope it’s good!

Awww, the poor ladybug with it’s broken wings :(. Let’s hope they heal! Ladybugs are SO cute!

Oh god, don’t get me started on doctor’s waiting rooms. The waiting is bad enough, but what REALLY bothers me is that people are SICK, yet they don’t bother to cover their mouths when they cough. EXCUSE ME, BUT I DO NOT WANT YOUR GERMS! 🤮 /pow

A one and a half hour wait is EPIC man, but you have your referral! I hope the ultrasound doesn’t reveal anything too drastic D:.

XD I always, ALWAYS, forget April Fools day. It’s just not a big thing for me. I never believe hardly anything people say when I do remember, though. I hate getting tricked. I can’t even remember my laptop’s birthday (I got it in the middle of last year), but happy birthday to yours. I know some people that give their PC a new program or a bow or something for it’s birthday.

It’s pretty awkward when you run into people you used to be close with but don’t talk to much anymore. I used to be really good friends with this guy I knew since the beginning of elementary school, but we don’t have the same classes anymore so now we rarely say hi. It was nice of him to invite you to that Esperanto thing. I’ve never heard of it, though. :)

I hope you get better, Georgina! I hate waiting rooms, too. The wait for an appointment is just… eh…. but I hope you get good news from the ultrasound! Take care! /wave

Sorry, Amelia. Esperanto hasn’t failed. There’s nothing weird about it, Lilian. I use it a lot. It’s not the case that it was “rejected at the European Council”. There has never been any formal proposal about that, although there are some MEPs who speak Esperanto.

A good place to start learning Esperanto is

Yeah, I downloaded CS3 last night and used a friend’s activation key as well. I think adobe assumes everyone is a millionaire >__<

I think it is so ironic how I am in college to achieve my nursing lisense, when I am on fact terrified of doctor offices, lol.

I don’t really think of April 1st as April Fool’s Day anymore. I think it just gets old as you grow older. Plus, a lot of people “fooled” me on this day as I was growing up, and it simply grew old altogether.

It’s funny how you got a laptop on this day two years ago. ^^

…Speaking of laptops, mine’s FIXED!!!!! Now I just have to figure out when and how to get it from my dad, who lives a few hours away… I suppose I’ll just go visit him one weekend soon!! ♥ ♥

You haven’t gained an hour yet? That seems so … different. We did in March, the Sunday before the Sunday after my birthday, March 26.

I hate how, even though YOU show up on time to the doctor’s office, you STILL end up waiting a really long time to get in. :( Yet,if you’re a little bit late, they get mad at you. It’s as if it’s okay for them to show up late, but it is not okay for you to do the same. :(

I replied to the hosting e-mail as well. ^^ Sorry I haven’t gotten to set it up yet; I haven’t been feeling well, and my mom’s toothache has been making her insanely cranky.

I’ve been chewing gum constantly and eating mints. I have found that mints are also helping with my headaches, and my headaches do not last as long as they do without the mints. I think it is because of peppermint. Trichotillomania does not sound good at all. :(

wow Thats a lot to digest oh my! I hate going to the doctor as well! I hate the whole waiting game, by the time your in, your almost out in 2 seconds..its kind of stupid haha. I do hope your okay. I had an bad infection just a few days ago which Im taking antibiotics for. I have been kind of tired most of the time and I have hit insomnia real bad! I only sleep in the morning for about 4 hours…or so then wake up again. Its bad! But yes, I am so glad for the tuts =D Thanx so much! I def. learned a lot and you have made things so easy to understand. I was also reading your rocketdock tutorial and def. downloaded it a while back! I was admiring your desktop icons? Where do you get hose cutsy ones? I loved them!

Aaaaw, Happy Birthday to your laptop! I also remember when I had bought mine. :)
Oh geez, April Fools Day – seriously, it is so silly. Over here there were many media jokes – I don’t know WHO they thought that they were actually fooling. One billboard said “this billboard and those on this road will be torn down in order to plant trees”, yawn. Like, next attempt at something slightly funny. I can’t believe they spent GOOD money on that. Ugh.
Oh wait, as I type this I heard that Def Jam Records came to South Africa and signed a local artist… That was a joke obviously! Now THAT was good ;)

It’s weird when people from your past enter your life again. There is normally those awkward moments or silences – don’t know if you get that?

I hate doctor’s rooms, but hate the hospital most. Well, I used to like wandering around hospitals, but that was when I was a kid and now it is depressing. :( even just doctors rooms. Luckily I don’t get ill often.

Aren’t ladybugs a sign of something? Luck? I’m not too sure, but that is so cool… Magical even. :)

Good luck with all your university work by the way. :) I work full time and start studying in June (First year) – I’m scared about the load of work. Ugh


When I was in 6th grade my best friend and I played a joke on our other friends. Back then we sometimes fought, so April Fools we pretended to fight again. Our friends were commenting on how we fought over the smallest things until we said, well it is APRIL FOOLS! That was a pretty lame joke. But I agree, on April 1st you expect these things.

I heard about Australia DST ending this weekend … I know everything about Australia, ahaha. Well, maybe not everything. :P But isn’t it a bit short, exactly 6 months of DST? Wait, what am I talking about? We have 8 months of DST and 4 months of EST!

When I see people I know but don’t talk to much, I turn away. Actually I even do that with people I sometimes talk to. When I don’t feel like talking I run away. I think I get that from my mom. Rather than my dad who tries to talk to everyone anytime.

I hate seeing the doctor. Honestly I feel I know more than they do. But I know what you mean, when I go see my orthodontist, takes 2 hours to get there, wait for 30 minutes, out in 5. Real waste of time.

I would hate it if I had no chance of resisting. My time at college would be over!

Thank you for linking my photoblog. :D I linked yours in return.

Yeah, my brother told me Vista was so bad they had to bring out Windows 7 as quickly as possible.

I’m so gullible! I believe everything. I was listening to the radio on the way to the college and they made an April Fools. I believed it until the end of the day until my friend told me it was a joke!

Someone put an April Fools joke on their blog saying they were closing for a year. I was believed that as well.

We gained an hour last weekend and it has taken a while to get use to it. It’s strange to arrive home from college and it is still light outside.

I know what you mean about talking to old friends. I met up with one of my best friends from high school the other week. We go to different colleges so I haven’t seen her since August. It’s strange how we haven’t changed and we still get on so well. I was worried about having nothing to talk about but we didn’t stop chatting all night!

The one thing I hate about doctors waiting rooms is the magazines that you can read. In my doctors waiting room, the same magazines have been there since 2 years ago. I’ve read them all!! I like it when they have the TV on though, which is very rare.

I hate not knowing what’s wrong with me when I feel ill. I just want to know what’s wrong so I can try and get better.

I’ve never been a big fan of April Fool’s either. I used to think I was supposed to like it when I was younger because Nickelodeon made it look so fun, but I’ve never been much of a prankster. Most jokes are cheesy and easy to figure out because everyone knows what day it is.

Doctors waiting rooms are horrible. I always feel like I’m going to catch something. People are hacking up phlegm, sneezing, talking about unusual smells and rashes…ugh. Plus, it smells so sterile. It makes me think of when kids would barf in the earlier grades and the janitor would have to douse the spot in every cleaning solution he had. At least you know you probably won’t have to go back in awhile.

And just think, the school year is almost over. If your university is like most, you should be getting out early May-ish? I have until the end of May, but still…only two months. Soon we’ll all be able to rest.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIN. ♥ My laptop, Benjamin, will be two in August. Gosh, times flies. Luckily, nobody tried to pull an April Fool’s joke on me today. I wasn’t really expecting anyone too, except my mum, she thinks she’s funny but she’s not been well, so she probably forgot. xD

The pie of your seat joke isn’t exactly.. funny. IDK, maybe I just don’t have that type of humour. I remember pulling a prank when I was about 15, I told my friend I was pregnant and she believed me. Unfortunately, my teacher overheard us and I got sent to the nurse’s room and she phoned my mum. LOL #fail.

I’m sorry you’re stressed out and tired. *hugs* I hope things settle down for you soon. Just think though, all this stress and what not will be worth it in the end!

LOL that’s so weird about your ex-boyfriend showing up. Obviously I still see Rob now and then but I always see my ex’s around. It’s kinda freaky but I wasn’t really “in love” with them so it’s not awkward or anything. It’s still hard seeing Rob though. :(

You had to wait one and a half hours?! That’s ridiculous!! I usually end up waiting around 20 minutes and I thought that was long. :| I agree though, it is weird just waiting though. I don’t know, I feel quite awkward. Especially at the hospital, where you tend to wait like an hour. I hope the ultrasound goes okay and it’s nothing serious. ♥

You don’t need to reply to this, by the way. :)

usually when there’s something tickling my finger, it isn’t a sweet little lady bug, it’s a big frickin’ beetle.

I think old people get lonely and spend a lot of time talking to the dr. though usually, i find if I’m waiting a long time, it’s because people have been calling the dr all day and he had to take time to talk to them.

Haha, that’s funny. I’m sick of April Fool’s, too. I did tell my friend this morning that a field trip we had was cancelled, and told her immediately that I was joking, but she got really mad at me. It was a small joke O_O
Sorry things have been stressful. At least you can blog once every two days :P School is getting pretty stressful here too.
Ugh, I hate the doctor’s! I still go to see a pediatrician, so I get to watch Disney movies in the waiting room, but it’s so boring and usually a waste of time. My doctor spends a lot of time conversing with his patients, which is good but takes up time. We’ve had the same conversation for the past couple of years :( I just get yelled at for “not taking care of myself.” I have to go to the hospital next week, and I’m not excited for the waiting, or the appointment.
My mom was worried that I was a tomboy when I was really young. She’s cried over my wardrobe before, a couple of times throughout different sections of my life. I think that’s a bit extreme, and I hope I’ll be more tolerant with my kids.
There’s such a big cultural gap between parents and the current generation; it can be pretty irritating sometimes.
Thank you :)

Seriously, you have no idea. Going to the concert, I was dying to play something by the time I got home! Unfortunately, I don’t have any consoles here so I’m pretty much sulking in my room in some random corner. I do have a DS but that has so many limitations. Since I don’t have a console (I mostly look at PC games), I hadn’t heard of Duke Nukem Forever, but that sucks that it’s been delayed. :/ I hate when they do that. I want to punch someone: “OMG RELEASE THE DAMN GAME ALREADY.”

Whoa, you got two things signed by Ben Jorgensen? O: That’s freaking awesome. :) I really wish I could meet my idols and have them sign my stuff. Though, knowing myself, I will go completely fangirl on them and recite all their songs or something. 🙄

I’ve actually never been tricked or anything on April Fool’s Day (by an actual person). Since this is usually exam time, my head is almost always in the clouds anyways. I don’t really talk to anyone so in turn, they don’t bother me. I do however remember getting tricked one year from the magazine Game Informer (not sure if you have that there); they were talking about some people added into Super Smash Brothers Brawl (before it had been released). I had forgotten who the characters were but I was spazzing uncontrollably — at the bottom? APRIL FOOL’S! … 🤬 💥

I never had that problem in high school. For some reason, unless we had a class together, I never really saw people again… then again, I have the tendency to look at the floor when I walk. I’ve never heard of Esperanto but I am going to Google it now. 😏

I find it torture waiting in the doctor’s office especially when it’s something kind of “urgent”. Is it just me, or do a lot of people tend to get hurt on the same day? Maybe you go to the doctor for something huge and the place is empty but when you go in for something small (like a check up or shot) the whole place is packed and it’s impossible to find a seat. WHY MUST THEY SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS ON THE SAME DAY?!

I sometimes find it hard talking to a doctor. My doctor makes me explain how I feel, but while I’m not yet done explaining it, he butts in and says it’s this or that and that I have to do this, blah blah. I’m not even done yet. I don’t think he gets it. Sometimes I just want to say “BAH NEVERMIND”, but yeah I can’t. Haha!

Wow you don’t get creeped out by bugs? When I see a bug crawling on my body, I usually shake it off immediately XD I’m scared 😢

Waiting rooms at ANY medical related centre are the worst! Seriously, its like the doctors take time between each visit to play tetris, or something. It shouldn’t take that long to see people, especially when often all the people need is a quick checkup or a prescription. Thankfully, I don’t get sick a lot, and I try to avoid doctors’ waiting rooms as much as possible.

HOW COULD YOU RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO PRANK ANYONE AND EVERYONE, GEORGIE?! I love April Fools Day – I have a competition with my friends to see who can prank the most people. The administration at our school actually tries to prank the students, although we usually get them back with a much better counter-prank. It’s like, the one day of a year when doing funny things like that is accepted in society. I love it!

awwww..I got 3 prank jokes yesterday. O___o the first one resally got me though.. I thought a friend of mine was already getting married.. but heck.. he told me “Happy April fool’s day”! hahahaha.. gah! I almost forgot that it was already April yesterday. x______X

that’s a poor ladybug there. :( though I really bugs Georgie.. they give me goosebumps! X____x and yes! I agree! some people are so un-educated! they don’t even know how to cover their mouth when they’re coughing or something. >.<

I don’t find April Fool’s to be that amusing anymore, either. I think it was much funnier when I was younger but now I get annoyed when people try to pull pranks.

In the offices out here, it takes the doctor at least over an hour to even call you from the waiting room. Then when you get back there, you wait another half an hour for the doctor to come in. You get checked, then the doctor leaves the room and you’re waiting another 20-30 minutes for him/her to come back. During these waits, they’re usually multi-tasking and tending to other patients. I guess because the offices here are often so over-crowded that we have no choice. I usually have to take off work just to see a doctor because I never know or can really estimate what time I will be getting out of there.

(this is gonna be long… lol)

the new contest is up if you’d like to take part :) It’s under the contests page :) hehe

I’ve felt myself start slipping. Some things happened in my family, which led me into a semi-depressive state. As a result, I didn’t do any homework or study for three months :( Fortunately I’m back on track now :)

i don’t think my sis wants it now, since the “3” is broken. But it’s easy to fix this, only the top bit came off, so I just need to stick it back on :) and yeah, if it still works well there’s no point getting a new one.

There are some products, but they require so much time for me to use, time which i usually don’t have :(

ahh, that makes sense. I need to go through my site and get rid of a lot of duplicate posts/pages that I have. As well as make sure all my tutorial images fit within the page’s width. I know some of them don’t, i’ve just been too lazy to fix it.

That makes sense though. the bus drivers in my school are really nice :) there is this one guy who is a little stupid though – he kept getting stuck during our school trips. And i’m not even joiking about this. He would drive straight into a vat of mud, and do it slowly, so he wouldn’t have momentum to get the bus out. in three days, he got stuck 9 times!

i enjoy april fools, or at least the idea. But i agree – it’s no fun because most people expect it. We planned a prank on our math teacher though :) but he’s a pretty cool teacher where he doesn’t mind us doing things like this. we blocked his door with a bunch of plastic cups filled with water, so that he’d have to long jump over them justto get into his class. As soon as he tripped over some, he came back out of class and turned and pointed straight at us… hehe.

i actually did a speach about creating a universal language a few years ago (part of our school – we have to take part in a speech contest every year). I place 2nd/3rd overall :) and was pretty stoked about that. i’ll try post the speech up if I find it, you might find it interesting :) it wasn’t specifically about Esperanto, rather about the goods and bads of having a universal language :)

wow O.O that’s a long time to wait at the doctors. I used to think 30 mins was bad. Unless it’s something important, we usually schedule our appointments and most doctors stick to the timings :)

Nothing has happened to me during this April Fools, but last year all sorts of tricks were used on me. I don’t even want to talk about them, but most of the time I ended up on the floor. /wah Ah, April Fools fools everybody when your actually prepared and stuff, things happen lik that pie for example. lol. XD

Nothing really has happened this week for me either so I was struggling what to blog about. I was going to rant about how much work I’m getting but whats the point? Everybody blogs about it and it’s just another silly rant, it’s all the same blah blah.

Thats weird that you keep seeing those people everywhere lol. That haoppened to me once, it was summer holidays and people from my school suddenley appeared out of NO WHERE near my house. There was some kind of gathering or something, but seriously I hated them all so why did I have to see them during vaction? MEH.

Aww, I’m afraid of insects but lady birds are different, they are so cute and beautiful. And they are quite amusing and entertaining!

Yeah, the hospital is a horrible place. I always feel squashed and uncomfortable in there. :L

I have to say, April Fools is about as fun for me as it is fun for you. I don’t really understand the humor of it all- it’s better whenever you aren’t expecting a prank. @_@
It’s weird running into people that you haven’t seen or contacted in, well, forever. I’ve moved around so many times that when I, for example, get an email from an old best friend, or a Facebook request, or even just plainly seeing them out and about, it’s so bizarre… 😰
I. cannot. stand. doctors.
I go to the dentist so many times because I have braces, that’s almost as bad. But in a waiting room, it freaks me out to go there even for just a checkup, because you never know if something is wrong. I hope you feel better though. :)

i also think spontaneous jokes are the funniest! they’re natural, and not made on purpose. but some april jokes are fun though (:

lately i haven’t either have anything to write about. my life’s pretty boring right now, just school and work mainly, so there’s nothing to actually write about. i don’t think my visitors would appreciate a blog post about maths, i wouldn’t at least.

sometimes i also run into people from the past. the world isn’t as big as we think. it’s nice seeing them again, i miss some, but i guess there’s a reason we’re not that close anymore. it’s sad though.

i also hate waiting for the doctor! you’re just sitting there, waiting, waiting and waiting. even it’s past the time your appointment was, you’re still sitting at the waiting room, waiting. i hope you feel better soon (: and whatever which is annoying you, goes away soon. the best wishes!!

i also tag my pictures at tumblr, i don’t know though how they can be to any use for me. i’ll just search for them or? haha all of these websites and programs have so many fancy features that i don’t understand

it may be hard in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it soon :D i can’t either really draw, but i’m better drawing now than what i was once, haha!

Wonderous! Bravo on the awesome birthday to your 2 year old laptop! I really never did April Fool’s, but this year just because I thought it would have been funny, but the person just ignored it. Not much fun. :D

I really don’t like to go to the doctor, maybe that is why I never go and then when I do go there is fifteen things wrong with me. :C Oh well. I rather go once than 20 times in a year. My mom was a nurse aide so I can usually get everything worked out at home. :D

Poor ladybug.
I really have no clue what Esperando is, so no comment.

When I was younger I loved to play April Fools jokes on people with my brother … lol now that I think about it it’s like we were twins or something. But I agree, you expect these things on April Fools! It’s not so funny anymore when everyone is playing pranks. Just like Valentine’s day, when everyone is celebrating love! It’s not so romantic anymore.

I like that November day when we gain an hour! It makes the day seem so much longer! Just like in March when we lose an hour the day becomes so much shorter. Though it’s kinda nice to have a 7.30 curfew now as opposed to the 4.30 one in December.

Lol guy you used to like + ex boyfriend … luckily I’m avoiding all those kinds of people. They’re all off to state universities in the mainland or elsewhere, just not around here. But you can’t really avoid them if they do go to the same school as you.

There are orange ladybugs? The poor thing … one time I found a bird with a broken wing. -tear tear-

Ultrasound? Sounds like a pregnancy story!!! Just kidding!!!!!!!! I so hate waiting for the doctor! My mom still makes me go to pediatric’s so I end up listening to kids complain. Or watch Tom & Jerry’s or whatever other cartoon they got up there. Teehee.

Yeah, I so feel for all the people in Japan. All those poor babies who don’t have water or food because everything is contaminated. And those idiotic people elsewhere who are panicking. Big deal, there’s nowhere to escape now, the radiation is everywhere even only most concentrated in Japan.

My mom gives in to peer pressure lemme tell you, no matter how funny that sounds. One of her patients has a son in Japan and she is begging him to come home, and apparently that’s contagious! Except that guy lives in TOKYO. My mom calls my brother like almost every day now it’s really annoying even for me who has to listen to it like once a week. Honestly I think it’s just a ‘great’ excuse to get him back home once and for all.

Hahaha dummy vote! I guess it wouldn’t matter if you do that since it’s just one vote, but what if everyone thought that way?

I like LG! I wish I at least had that! But no, no smartphone for me. I really, really, really want an Android at this point but my mom has stated many times I’d have to pay for it myself. No significant income for that. GRH. She pays for my brother’s iPhone, hmmph.

I hate waiting at the doctor’s office too. I’m sure that I were to go to hell, that I would wind up waiting in a doctor’s office with lots of illogical people talking about the most boring things for eternity.

I guess that once we get older, April Fool’s isn’t really a thing anymore. My school’s summer research programs always tells us whether our proposals have been accepted on April 1st. Ah well, at least nobody did anything terrible to you. :D

I hope that you feel better soon!

I never got to come up with cool April Fools Day prank. I guess I`m just not into it. My friends had pranks going on left and right. Its funny if it isn`t something that is a nuisance. :P. Thankfully, you didn`t sit on pie :O! Though. I think a funny time to mention that is on March 14. :P!

I hope the hour you gain is worth the things you`ll do :) I wish you the best of luck with your assignments! :D My assignments are piling up as we speak -__-! I lost the mentality to go on. :(

I find it weird to be in a situation with an ex or people you used to talk to a lot for a short time. Even if it is momentarily. :(. At the most you can do, is distract yourself during the time. Now when I think of that, I am happy I didn`t get into relationships too much. And thankfully, this isn`t really a small world. Hopefully :P!

I hope whatever is the problem that you have, I hope it is curable and it is a minor thing. :). I hate waiting in the doctor’s office. For me, 3 hours of waiting, or 2. Then after that, I see the doctor doctor for like 15 minutes and I`m gone. It is too.. inconvenient. We need more doctors!! Thats what I say. :P

Don`t worry about it. You still did an excellent job of commenting. As long as it isn`t a mere sentence, I`m happy ^__^! I appreciate the thought you put into commenting (: My life was busy last week. And this week too -___-! Music stuffs. D:!

I managed to pull off with the report and poster ^__^! But blegh. It all has to be in a short amount of time. I blame the budget cuts :( Its like squeezing a 10 hour worths of learning thingrs into a 3 hour period. -___-!

I know I gotta get stuff done for my site. Or sites. D:! March is over! its time for new goals. :P! I need to fix my photoblog and fanlistings. :/. I`ve been using really really simple layouts for them. I don`t like it anymore D: So I changed some of em a bit. And I have 2 that I need to make before May O:! I usually hate how instead of producing 5 good things, 1 turns out to be very very good :X!

Take care ^__^

I can never be bothered with April Fools Day. Technically it is not even a whole day as you are only meant to play jokes on people until 12 noon. I am not much of a practical joker. I am glad that you didn’t sit on the pie, that would have been unfortunate and embarrassing.

Awuhh, happy birthday to your laptop! <3

I'm glad you didn't sit on the pie. I would have most definitely done it just because that's how things work for me lol.

I, too, despise waiting rooms. It always amazes me that you end up waiting there over an hour and when it's your turn you're in and out of there in 15 minutes. Amazing!

We're in the waiting room a lot now haha because of the pregnancy. It seems like every time we're at an appointment for me we only wait 10 minutes but if it's an appointment we're at for Eric, we're there for over an hour every time. Oyy. /bash

It's always awkward for me because at an OB-GYN's office they need lots of urine samples. So, when you check in the girl might be like "Okay, just a urine sample!" all happy and what not. You have to hold on to the bag of a cup of urine until the nurse calls you. So there are 20 women holding bags of urine in the room. It's just so awkward lol.

I actually turned 25 weeks today. It's so scary and I can't believe it either. It happens so quickly!

How funny! It's your birthday, really!? I have no idea why I find that so funny. :)

Lol thanks! I ended up changing the layout as you'll see at some point soon. I'm glad you liked it, though. I just couldn't get into it for some reason. :/

OMG. It's so funny that you mentioned bubble tea. Eric gets one at this popular place down town EVERY DAY. He'll literally drive down to this place where there is never anywhere to park and struggle for an hour just to get one. I thought it was a local thing but you guys have them too!

I know how you feel. I totally just feel like reading and commenting. I used to be excited when I had comments on mine but now I just see them and think about how I have to return them lol.

I’m not a big fan of April Fools, I mean you can play jokes on others any day you want! Most jokes people play on each other are cheesy and boring, though. :P

Poor ladybug with broken wing :( , ladybugs are so cute!

I keep telling my sister that we share a room and it’s not hers! She thinks it’s hers because she has the key to it, so she keeps on locking me out /angry

Esperanto – I’ve never heard of this. What is it? I can’t find it in the dictionary either. A universal language, maybe I’m just not very up to date with these things.
Wow, you wait ages to see the doctor. Don’t you guys have like a set appointment time that they give you and then you go whenever that is? Seems to be more practical than waiting for hours just to spend 5 minutes in there.
Happy Birthday To Your Laptop! I didn’t get any april fools this year, as you get middle aged it sort of loses its novelty but I’m sure when we have kids, all the excitement willk come back so we can make it fun for them also.
Bumping into old friends and stuff makes me slightly nostalgic but sometimes I don’t even mind. It makes me happy to see them doing well for themselves.
I hope the third year gets slightly easier for you – this is your last year right?

An orange and black lady bug? I never saw any that were that color before.

I didn’t prank anyone on April Fool’s or get pranked by anyone, but I was fooled by some news stories that I wasn’t sure were real or not.

From what I have seen with doctors, most people are in and out in twenty minutes or so, but say for every patient the doctor has, theres at least 3 times more he talks to. Usually between patients doctors need to return at least 3 phone calls to other patients or hospitals or referral centers, or even just talking to their nurses about what he has missed in the 5 minutes that he sees a patient. At least that is what I have seen with the GPs that I’ve gone to.

I don’t think I know anyone who is serious about April Fools day. Though, this year at school my friend went around telling everyone that their fly was undone and they fell for it. She even told a teacher wearing a dress that her fly was undone and boy did she glare at us.

Jokes are definitely more funny when they’re spontaneous.

I had transitioning into daylight savings. It’s only 7:24pm and I feel very tired already. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be fine with all your third-year-uni-student things. Good luck with them and remember to have a break every now and then!

I hate bumping into people whom I don’t talk to much. The familiarity is there but so is the awkwardness. There’s this guy from my old church who I see all the time after school and I know he knows that I’m there but I don’t know if he wants to acknowledge my presence or not so I don’t say hi unless he does lol. And I try to avoid walking past him as well.

I can imagine the awkwardness between you and your ex-boyfriend.
That is one thing I will worry about when I jump into the world of romantic relationships – seeing an ex.

Ngaw poor ladybug. They are the only insects I really like.
That reminds me of a time when I put on a pair of socks and my right foot was so itchy and when I took off the sock there was a huge ass cockroach and I was screaming. 😢
Very unpleasant.

Waiting room = sick people everywhere. It’s quite disturbing now that I think about it.
I usually take long with a check up because my whole family usually comes and we all get checked up.

Movies always ruin books so I’m not surprised. Jodi is a good author, Nineteen Minutes is a book that I’m really enjoying. :D
My spring break is coming soon, I think this week is our last week of school and then they give us 5 days for spring break after that we go back to hell.

I got to see the university life on Thursday, we went on college visits. I went to Akron University and Walsh. Walsh really sucked in my opinion, Akron was awesome. :D On Tuesday we’re visiting Miami and I think Wittenberg University. I am so excited. :D

Aww happy belated birthday to Fin, I got a new laptop btw. It’s an HP Laptop and her name is Leah… pronounced Leigha. :D I’ve always loved that name. I was going to name it Dory, but I decided to not lol, it’s too fishy…haha wow I made a little joke. /bounce

On April Fools day my friends tried to get me, but I made a promise to myself not to believe anything serious on that day. April Fools isn’t really funny anymore because people do the dumbest stuff.

Aww lady bugs are so adorable, they are the only bugs that don’t scare me. XD I hate hospitals, I would never want to be in one or work in on. It has a certain smell that makes my stomach hurt. Whenever I’m there I’m always scared because half the time the doctors are telling you bad news.

They have definitely motivated me; in the sense that I know I need to do something whilst I’m not working. I’m so lazy, it sucks. :( Which is why I didn’t complete the taking my dog for a walk goal or the playing soccer goal. XD I’ve kinda given up with soccer now…

I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for the WP theme tutorial. :P I had planned on writing a tutorial on that so many times when I offered tutorials, but it just seemed so long. o___O

I won’t get it get short! I just get it trimmed, I usually only have 1-2 inches off (that have been damaged). I might get a bit more off this time, it takes so long to straighten now. :( I’ve always had a fringe, I’d never grow it out. XD I used to have it quite long, so I could just put it back if I wanted, but I tend to keep it just above my eyes now. I love my fringe, I’d never get rid of it haha. Tip: Eating lots of protein makes your hair grow quicker, apparently. :P

Yay, thank you. I hope so. Now I’m on the gluten-free diet, my stomach should start to heal and I’ll be able to absorb fats and carbs again. I know it’s going to take a long time to get to my goal weight, but eh, at least the diet is helping somewhat. I love potatoes! :D Well, in chip form. :P

LOL I KNOW, I should have elaborated a bit with the “comment on more blogs”. I just meant I need comment on “new” sites. I usually wait for people to comment me (I’m so lazy) but my comments have dropped so much so yeah. XD

Yeah it is pretty much a safe diet. Because when I eat gluten, my immune system attacks it, which damages the villi lining in the small intestine, and that’s what absorbs vitamins and nutrients from food. Hence why I can’t gain weight and I have a few vitamin deficiencies. Apparently the small intestine can heal within weeks of being on the diet. :D

I think I just got emotional because I couldn’t eat the foods I like. Everything I love like bread, pasta, pizza, I can’t eat anymore. Food is a huge part of me because I love it so much and yeah, I think that’s why. I found gluten-free pizza though and it’s SO good, and found some other things I can eat. I miss bread so much but eh, I can live without it.

Yes, I’m sure music will definitely help. ;) I just get so bored, I’m more of a “boredom smoker”. I want to quit though, I need to. Cigarettes cost far too much.

Hahah I know right, I’ve heard so many people do the “I’m pregnant thing”. I love gullible people. My sister is REALLY gullible, it’s fun to make her believe things that aren’t true. :3

I don’t remember you telling me; but I do have a bad memory sometimes. XD Oh, is it just like a cyst? I know some lumps are common, but I guess you still worry about them. *hugs* I hope it hasn’t got any bigger. If it has, would they want to remove it? (Delete this part of the comment if you don’t want nosy people reading it :P)

Sorry, I rambled. :(

I forgot Friday was April Fool’s Day. The days, weeks, month, and year are going by so fast. Next thing I knew, it was April already. I’m trying to save my money so I can buy a laptop. 👏 My home computer keeps breaking down. I’m tired of getting it fixed. It’s a pain in the ass. /pow

Wow. It’s a good thing you didn’t sit down. Otherwise, you’ll have pie on your butt. You’ll be the laughing stock of the school. I don’t think you want that. /wah I’m glad your friends told you. Some people like to play jokes no matter what day of the year it is. Others will go too far. That’s when you know when they cross the line. /argh Of course, you those who care and those who don’t care. I wouldn’t get them back. You just adding more fluid to the fire. /bounce

That reminds me of the iPrank episode on iCarly. Back in the 9th grade, Spencer made garlic powder rain down on his classmates. They had to get their eyes flushed. Spencer and Carly pulled a prank on Sam and Freddie. After that, Spencer couldn’t stop pulling pranks. /hehe

I tried to wait two days before I post a new blog. I know what you mean. The stress does pile on. I have so much to do. I’m already behind on everything. I’m trying to catch up on the leave and return comments. /bash Hopefully, I’ll be all caught up by the end of today. We don’t have daylight savings here. I’m glad because we don’t have to worry about moving our clocks forward than backwards. 🤬

Some can be friends with their ex’s. Others don’t want nothing to with them. It just depends on how they are. I feel the same way. It’s weird when you bump into people you don’t talk to much anymore either. That person knows you. You don’t know them. I have a hard time remembering names. If they look different, faces too. /ehe

Haha. I jump when I feel something crawling on me. I’ll look around to make sure no one saw that. /hehe I don’t like when things crawls on me.

I don’t like waiting at the doctor’s office either. I agree. The doctor’s office is depressing. I just want to go in, do whatever I need to do, and leave. Sometimes the doctor gets behind. He shares with two other doctors. There’s a total of three doctors per office. It’s frustrating. /angry

P.S. You don’t need to return this comment. I’ll move on to the recent post. XD