I had a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish for just about the first time in… um… let’s just say four years… courtesy of my friend Mike, who gave me a lift home and let me play appropriate car music in his car. :) (James and I concluded that it is pretty hard to find good car music these days. It’s hard to find music that you can play in the car that isn’t too depressing or loud or heavy or poppy.)

My head hurts. I don’t know, I think I might be going mad lately, just as a scatterbrain; not mental or anything.

It was a yummy burger. And normally I hate fast food but I figured I might as well have a treat. We were in the car and we went through the drive-thru. It was probably my second time going through a drive-thru. For James, it was the first time he could even remember going through one and we were sitting in the back being amused by a sign saying something like “you must be in a vehicle or on a motor vehicle to be able to use the drive-thru”… apparently James forgot we were in a car or just skimmed past the sign, because the look on his face was a bit ‘what the fuck?’ XD

When I was younger I was amazed by drive-thrus because it just made life so much easier. You didn’t have to get out of the car and you just drove… through… yeah, obviously. However, my mum has never been too keen on drive-thrus. She told me once that sometimes you may have to repeat yourself if they don’t hear you, and I guess all in all, she prefers to get out and buy by walking to the counter and paying.

I remember watching an Armor For Sleep DVD in which the members of the band were ordering at a drive-thru and kept arguing while they were ordering, as well as changing their mind constantly. I’m telling you, when I go to a restaurant I can look at the menu, make up my mind and be done with it. But when it comes to fast food I get so picky. I can’t decide between the burgers or the fillings or if I should get fries or not.

Maybe because it’s fast food. So if I change my mind it’s not like I can quickly call the person again and ask them to quickly change something. They bloody key it in at once.

Anyway, I don’t like McDonald’s very much, though their bacon and egg McMuffins tempted me every morning last year, since I get to university at about 7:45am each day and sometimes get hungry. Not to mention I walked past bloody McDonald’s all the time.

But I’ve been saving money this year, which is working out pretty well.

I’m pretty exhausted. I didn’t want to go to class today, and Dahlia didn’t even go to the tutorial class. I didn’t want to go but we had an interesting discussion in class which wasn’t so bad. I still hate that subject so much – media is so stupid, it’s all about bloody journalism and not very much about different kinds of media like radio, television, websites, and so on. For crying out loud. Yeah, I will complain about that subject frequently, if I haven’t already. :X

I hate apologising for this, but I really am sorry that I’m just doing the ol’ bloghop and only replying to major large things in people’s comments. I’m just so worn out and tired so I thought it would be easier that I make my comments shorter just for a bit. /um I hope you guys understand. I don’t know why I blog every two days either, when often I just empty head of its rambles. Out of habit I suppose.

I think I should hit the sack. /wave

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I walk by all sorts of fast food chains on my way home from school and you know what, I feel like as if I am eating inside those fast food chains. The smells just get icky if you keep on smelling them.

Believe it or not, I’ve never ever had a Fillet-o-Fish burger from McDonald’s. I prefer eating rice and chicken since it always gives me a long lasting feeling.

It’s been a long time since I last heard from you friend, how are you?

Wait.. Were you the one who lost your iPhone? T___T Goodluck in the uni! >:D<

Jaaa that was me. I am putting aside money for a new phone, but cheaper than the iPhone. :) It still has similar features and I guess I don’t need such an expensive phone when many smartphones are the same these days.

junkfood tastes too good!! haha!! (: i like the normal cheeseburger, yum yum! now it sounds like i live in some kind of junkfood house, but i’m not! that’s probably why i think it’s so good, because i usually don’t eat it.
i can’t remember i’ve driven through a drive-thru, i bet i would’ve done the same thing as your boyfriend though if i were the one who drove the car (not that i actually can drive).

i’m tagging my photos on weheartit and tumblr, but i guess i’ll maybe start tagging my blog posts too then! (: but so far i’ve never needed any of my older posts, and since i don’t have too many i don’t have much to look through either, but later i know it will be!

some bus drivers are evil, some are really nice though. i remember this middle old man, he was so happy, everytime anyone entered the bus he said “hello!! :D” and when they left he wished them a nice day and weekend (:

i’m sure animation is a good challenge, i’m wondering how much time i would’ve used just to make the potato sack to jump once, haha! :D

*tomato sack, lol!

I think McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish is probably one of the ickiest sandwiches out there, but I sure do hope that you enjoyed yours. :) It doesn’t help that I’m just not that much of a fast food person anymore, either.

My husband and I drive through sometimes, and sometimes you just have to go in. Like at Subway, you have to go in or they will mess up your order. No offense to any Subway employees, though, because it must be difficult to keep up with such a long list of sandwich ingredients without the person right in front of you telling you what they want at each station.

Ahh I probably mentioned this before but I hate Subway for that reason! I can’t make up my mind about what the heck to include in my sandwich, and whenever I want someone else to order for me I’m stuck with that problem and I have to explain to them what I want. Definitely much easier to go inside in some cases. :D

It’s funny, because I’d rather go through a drive-thru than inside the place and ordering. Blame my lazy, American ass. XD Though I rarely eat fast food and when I do I don’t get filled up as a home cooked meal would. Even those cheap bags of Ramen fill me up more than a burger does. I’m not sure why it is. Probably because I have the mentality of “I make it = I know what’s in it/I took the time to prepare it”.

Like I commented on another blog, sometimes I just bloghop without leaving comments. @_@ Most of the time it’s because I can’t really find something to add but still find the post interesting, but other times because laziness gets the best of me and I don’t want to type out a sentence when I know I can write more.

I’ve tried all the fish burger variants and out of McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s, Wendy’s has the best one. McDonalds probably the worst. In any case I tend to avoid fast food franchises in favor of smaller mom and pop shops because their quality tends to be better even though it may be more expensive xD. Basically, rule of thumb is, the smaller the chain, the better the quality heheh

I don’t really like fast food as it is! But it doesn’t hurt to have some every now and then. We don’t have Wendy’s here… actually, we have a Wendy’s chain in Australia that sells ice cream. :P

Maybe a proper comment later.

I JUST lOVE the fillet o fish from Mikey D’s (thats what me and my friends call mcdonalds lol)
I try not to eat McD’s a lot but once in a while whenever i go , I grab myself either the fillet o Fish or Mcchicken. Now that they list their calories, i usually skip lunch and go to there for the evening meal (sometimes though, not all the time) Nowadays Its really RARE of me eating Fast food because I find that Fast food is starting to TASTE really bad (or maybe its just fast food in the Uk for me). I started to switch over to everything veggie…totally giving up meat…=/ dont know if thats an entirely smart move …… :( 😰

PS totally love your layout and smiliessss

Yeah, the one about the bugs sort of disgusted me! I’d never eat them, either. Just the thought about eating bugs… ugh. They’re creepy enough to look at.

Yeah. I mean, I always start stories then just discard them. I have no patience.

I hate McDonalds. I have since I was about seven! It just disgusts me. I never liked their fries; the only thing I ever enjoyed was their chicken mcnuggets, but not anymore. Fast food in general makes my stomach churn.

WOW. Do you guys have like.. hardly any drive throughs there? Jee. I’ve probably been through one a million times.

LOL. McDonalds has the funniest commercial for Filet-O-Fish. I actually had it stuck in my head the other day so it is funny that you mentioned it.

If I had to count how many times I’d been through a drive-thru I just don’t think I could. We eat a lot of fast food here in the states aha. Not everyone, but a shit-ton of people sure do. I, too, laugh at those signs that say only vehicles can go through haha.

It is so difficult to NOT walk by a McDonalds. There is literally one on every corner around here haha. I’m guessing you guys have quite a few as well.

Ahh we all go through those little spurts. Sometimes I have really long comments and other times I barely say anything. It depends on my mood. :/

Sometimes I miss eating at McDonald’s. I like to eat either a Big N’ Tasty or Quarter Pounder. That’s if I’m really hungry. I like to eat a McDouble. That’s if I’m not that hungry. I never ate a Filet-O-Fish before. I’m not a big fish person. It reminds me of the Filet-O-Fish singing fish ad. Haha. /hehe I remember Walgreens had that in their As Seen On TV section. My favorite dessert is the McFlurry with M&M’s. Hmm. 🤤 Now, I want to go out and get one. :D

Yeah, I like going to the drive-thru’s. That’s true. You don’t have to get out of the car. You just drive in a U shape. Sometimes the drive-thru line gets long. /pow It’s good if they have two or more locations. You can go to other one. If your not too lazy to drive there. It sucks if it they only have one location. /hmph It reminds me back in the days where you park your car, a waiter or waitress would skate to your car, take your order, and put the tray on the side of the car. I wished we had more of those. (Y)

I know what you mean. I don’t know what I want. Some of the food sounds good. You don’t know if you want this one or that one. :X If I go to the same place, I try not to eat the same thing over and over again. You tired of it after a while. I’ll try something else.

I don’t like to eat McDonald’s McMuffins. It’s too dry for me. I have to constantly drink something while I’m eating it. I like to eat the McGriddles. That’s really good. I kind of on the sweet side though. It’s a maple flavored pancake. I usually like to order the Bacon and Cheese McGriddle. /bounce Sometimes I like to eat Rice, Egg, and Portuguese Sausage.

I wanted to major in Broadcasting Journalism. I thought being a Television Reporter would be cool. I even Job Shadow a well-know anchor and reporter here. I had fun doing it. After learning what the anchors and reporters have to go through, I changed my major to something else. No thanks. 🤬

I eat McDonalds when I have nothing to eat, I don’t like it much but believe me there is hardly any food I like. No I’m not anorexic. :P I hate the drive-through so much, because it’s for lazy people :P and I can’t stand eating in a car anyway. I’d rather sit in there and eat.

I’m getting pretty sick of school too … I don’t wanna go to classes but we fail if we have 3 absences so those are reserved for spring fevers I tend to get. Fun. I understand if you wanna relax on the websites a bit. =) But hang in there, Australia university is due for autumn break soon right? Well every school is different.

Hmm I’m looking at the guy on your layout, what’s his name again? I think he’s prob alright but I’ll need to see another picture … I don’t really like any American singers (because they are either Bieber or look like goddamn jocks!!!!) but I don’t mind guitarists/rockers at all. ^/_^ Though I usually just listen to them rather than watch or get to know them.

I’m picky with my food; I know what you mean. :P I love restaurants to death though – perhaps it’s just the idea of them rather than the food, but I do love Japanese food.

We’re only allowed three classes off too, unless we’re really ill. We would have to give in a medical certificate to prove it. I don’t get a break for another month, and even then it’s a “study break”. I’m bound to get assignments during that time.

Ben Jorgensen! Haha. I’m more into male musicians when it comes to celebrities. :3

Omg! I hope you don’t mind me asking you this … you’re using the Comment Reply Notification plugin right? (I just realized that today I think I’ve received responses for you before. =) I respond to my comments but I don’t think anyone’s gonna know. You activate, edit the settings a little, and should work?

I looked this Ben Jorgensen up … I like his style … based on Google Images. :P I see what you mean though, I only like male musicians, or should I say musician, singular? :P It’s all about Lee Hongki! But I also like Adam Gontier somewhat, JUST as a singer. Not his doing drugs or some wacko haircuts.

I’m using the WordPress Threaded Comment one which is this one. I noticed that you replied to some of my comments but I never got a notification email. I think you might be using the one that has been integrated with WordPress since 2.7. I’ve been using the plugin since before then; I think you’ll really like it, it actually is that simple to use.

I’m not surprised! I know quite a few people who love Korean male musicians. ;) Shame when celebrities have such admirable talent but their bad habits turn you off. :(

Thank you, I thought you were using the other one because they seem to have the same notification email. I don’t think this plugin works either, not with my testing anyway. =( I guess I’ll ask the next commenter I get then. :P

Lee Hongki is a musician, but Korean boys are NOT musicians, they’re a bunch of not-so-pretty faces who can’t sing and just work out chocolate abs. Of course there are exceptions but those few poor people are camouflaged by the overratedness. I honestly think musicians should play instruments (like Ben up there) or sing professionally, not dance trying to be sexy. Sorry =( /end rant. I have different views towards K-pop than most people who bother to listen to it, I get seriously annoyed at fangirling. I should write an article or something. :P

Bah, fast food. I run from it like the devil.

My mom has always hated drive thru’s.
..Actually, she hates going out to places in general with her kids when it deals with food. That’s probably one of the reasons why we don’t go out to eat often.
I’m fine with that. xD

I don’t mind if you don’t return my comments, Georgie. c:

This may be completely random, but hear me out.
I was Googling and Wikiing some things dealing with chronic depression, and depression in general, and their treatments. One of the treatments I came across was music. I thought to myself, “Isn’t that so teeny-bopper, having music be the anti-drug and soother for emotions.”
Then I read that it was best treated with soft, dissonant-free, melodic music. The first thing that came to my mind was “Meladori,” and I blasted over to that lovely site you have with that lovely music on it.
I kind of want to try it out and see if it actually works on me (before I schedule a doctor’s appointment, find a therapist, get onto meds, or whatever).
-crosses fingers- Here’s hoping it works!

I am definitely not a fan of McDonalds. Except maybe for their breakfast egg sandwiches and burritos… But the rest is just eew every time I think about it.

Car music is definitely hard to find! Part of it is because car music can’t have dynamic changes, otherwise you won’t be able to hear everything. And that rules out a lot of stuff.

I have never felt the need to comment on every aspect of a blog post, and often times, I find that I don’t have anything good to say, and prefer not to ramble about myself too much (though I have no issues whatsoever with other people doing it). However, I definitely notice that my comments tend to be relatively short compared to many others and that your comments tend to be quite long. To each her own. :)

oh no.. I haven’t tried Mc Donald’s filet-o-fish yet… :) how does it taste??? I might try it soon! hahahaha.. or better yet, ASAP! :D

I always go through the drive-thru.. i think it’s faster than doing your orders inside the fast food since a lot of people are also doing their orders there. :) it’s really more convenient to be in the drive-thru. <3

Take care Georgie! <3 P.S it's really unusual for me too cause I've been blogging for like everyday already. o_______O and I'm sorry if I missed some of your past posts.. I promise to make it up to you dear.. ;)

I just wanted to say I’m sorry for not being around lately! Been kinda busy with the domain and what not.

Ewww! I really can’t stand the fillet-o-fish from Mcdonalds. I love Mcdonalds and everything but I don’t like that. I also don’t like the cheeseburgers that have those little chopped fine onions and pickles on them. If my dad forgets to order them with out the onions and pickles and I have to scrape it them off and hand it to him I get so disgusted by it. lol. I don’t know why. But I do. I like pickles and I like onions but not together on cheeseburgers especially on home made hamburgers. I know I’m a weird goose but oh well.

Haha that reminds me of the time where my dad and one of his buddies went through the drive-thru on their bicycles lmao. If I remember that correctly. Haha. They still got their order but the woman or guy or whomever it was standing at the window laughed their butts off until tears were coming out and said it was the cutest thing they’ve ever seen but still ending up giving them their order lol.

But I love drive-thrus. It’s so conveiant especially when you’re in a rush to get somewhere. Especially to a party and you haven’t eaten yet or anything like that. It’s kinda hard to eat in the car, but eh, we make do with what we can lol. I’m sure you guys had to do the same thing. Right?

Hey I just have to ask this do you have a skype account? If so, do you have a web-cam as well? If you do we can web-cam each other and actually get to hear each other talk for FREE, FREE!! I do this a lot with my overseas friends haha. So yeah it’d be really cool if you could get one or have one or something like that? Lol.

Well; girly it’s getting really late almost 5:00 a.m. here so I better be on my way to la la land. lol. I’ll comment more later. But you do have a point that you can do what you want when you want it is your web-log after all. Ya know?

HAHA, they actually have a sign saying that? A little bit of stating the obvious, isnt it? haha. I’ve always wanted to walk through one though, just to see what they’d do. A few years ago, when my mom still raced cars.. we had her race car on a trailer behind our van, and we went through the Wendy’s drive through. It was a blonde worker, and after we went through… she tried to take an order from the race car HAHA. It was so funny.

Drive thrus are convient, but not at the same time. They often mess up your order and you have to go in anyways (or be like my mom and just walk up to the window haha) and it’s hard with multiple people in the car, if people are paying separately.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve commented your blog! I’ve been so out of touch with my blog and comments and everything, it’s insane. But I’m trying to get back into it now. How have you been?! Other than busy with uni work as usual, haha.

I hope you had a nice rest. :)
I prefer drive-thrus to going inside and ordering.
I haven’t had a chicken-fillet in awhile. My family would get it during lent for fun. I don’t have as hard of a time. My family sometimes does when we go inside and my attitude is like lets decide quickly and get out. I am so much more comfortable in drive-thrus.
I don’t like it when I don’t like a class. It makes the whole experience bitter. I’m like, “If only I liked this class.”

I’ve never had a Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s; to be honest, I’m not even that keen on McDonald’s. I only like their breakfast and the Big Mac meal. XD But it never fills me up for some reason, whereas KFC does.

“you must be in a vehicle or on a motor vehicle to be able to use the drive-thru”

Really? Me and Rob walked through our McDonald’s drive thru once. We were coming home from a gig and we were hungry but it was shut and the drive thru was still open so we walked through. XD I prefer just going into the restaurant though, the drive thru is convenient, but because I have “special orders” it’s easier just to walk in.

I always have “set meals” for each fast food place I visit, so I never take ages to make up my mind. My meals normally take longer because I order like plain burgers and stuff. I can’t eat any fast food anymore though. :(

Sorry you’re so exhausted *hugs*, I hope things ease off soon. And on that note, I won’t return your comment. We’ll just “bloghop” for a while, so it’s easier. /faw

Haha! Well I’m not sure if you’d like them. I don’t like fast food all that much. I guess that I felt like some because I hadn’t had it in a really long time. I think it’s because KFC put fatteners in their chicken or something. Additives, obviously, to make the chicken look big and juicy. 🤤

Yeah, there was even a sign with an image of a person walking, and a cross through it. Dang. If I walk into the restaurant I actually take a longer time choosing because I can’t decide. :X

I’ll have to keep an eye on your site then. :B ♥

Hey Georgie, /wave
It’s been a while … again. I have been visiting – wow, I sound like a stalker 😰 – but I haven’t had the chance to comment.

Mmmm, Mcdonald’s. I know it’s all rubbish but I can’t help but love it. Chicken Legend with Mayo. That’s what I get every time. :D Sometimes I’ll want to try something different, but I wouldn’t dare incase I wouldn’t enjoy it, and then I’d be regretting not ordering my usual.

If media is all about journalism, it should be called journalism. Ugh.
No worries, I’m sure the TV side etc. will come in time … Or at least, I hope for your sake.

There aren’t many places to hang out in my town, so everyone from school usually gathers at McDonald’s. I also used to work there (ugh). I eat way too much fast food, but my mother doesn’t have time to make dinner most nights. I’m hoping this won’t be much of a problem in college since I’ll have a meal plan. (H) My favorite things from McDonald’s are the Classic Sandwich (crispy chicken, plz), the Honey Mustard Wrap, and the Big N’ Tasty.

I’ve been way too lazy to blog or bloghop, so I feel ya. :P

lol i like your random post XD
I use to eat so much mcdonalds..not because I want to too..but because when I lived in an apt for school..I lived directly across from a McDonalds and..yea, well, it was easier to get food there instead of cooking for an hour XD; And it was cheaper for me too..but soooo unhealthy T_T

It’s okay, its better to rest then to comment since you’re so tired :3 Please do get lots of rest!!!

P.S. I hardly ever use the drive-thru ..probably because I can’t drive yet and like your mom..I hate repeating my order lol

After a childhood of eating fast-food at least four times a week, I can’t really stand the stuff anymore. Still, I feel like I’m in a drive-thru almost every day…mostly for Starbucks. I was a little shocked when I read that you’ve only been through one twice, but I guess it’s different here in America. We’re lazy and obviously can’t spell, which is why it’s spelled drive-thru and not drive-through.

My dad hates drive-thrus though and insists we go in to order if he’s driving. It’s a shame that I’m so annoyed by that, actually. It doesn’t take that much longer. I just hate personal contact with other humans, I guess.

But I’m the exact opposite with regards to making up my mind in a drive-thru, though. I’m much more sure about what I want than if I go to order inside. There’s a pressure to be quick in the drive-thru…people behind me are waiting and it’s not like I can stand off to the side and stare at the menu while I’m in my car like I can when I’m standing in the restaurant.

And don’t worry about not blogging as often or not sending long replies. Seriously, few other bloggers are that considerate.

Your tuts are really helpful! I finally did get the widgetizing! Finally hehe! I am def. getting the hang of it and now it does seem much easier! I’m just loving simple/minimal themes nowadays. I was trying to do a new one for my 1st anniversary layout. My site is one year old and seems just like yesterday I bought it o.O I’ve gone through about 4 hosts with it, so its not soo bad =D About the movies, the one’s I usually like watching are “horror” or comedy but these ones were just crap =/ I did love Limitless..finally a decent flick with no boring scenes or ending after a long time. Not many movies come out every year…i mean ones that one can look forward to :)

Filet o fish is my favorite thing at mcdonalds. lol I don’t eat mcdonalds that much either. I try not to eat much fast foods. The only fast food that I eat is like five guys lmfao. I really like their burgers. They are like a step up from mcdonalds though… or at least I think they are lol I stopped eating KFC and I never eat Tacobell. the only fast food I eat (which isn’t often) is probably mcdonads and wendys and burger king. I do not eat any of the other handburger fast food places. I just really do not care for it. My parents hated the drive thru… well my dad did haha he thought it was “wasting gas” Which I guess it is. He always wants to save gas, because he doesn’t like to spend much money.

Yea she is too auto-tuned. She really did sound bad=/ I think shes getting a record deal. I am like what the hell? lol If she could get one, i could get one :p okay maybe not. I probably sound worse then her ahah with autotune lol. I only like one of the artist form the record label.

Justin Bieber has a pretty good live concert voice. I think people just hate on him because they either 1) do not like his music 2) think hes too famous, too fast 3) they wanna be him lol. And willow smith has two famous parents. I like both of their songs though.

How does he copy you? Like does he always choose the same thing as you and follow you? Or does he like dress the way you do and act the way you do? lol Like there are two ways people can copy you.

I haven’t had McDonalds food in so long. It’s definitely one of those foods where later I feel sick and run-down and really want to sleep because I feel tired, too. Definitely a meal you don’t want to have all the time, especially if you’ve ever watched Super Size Me. 🤬 Grossest and most educational movie about McDonalds I’ve ever seen. Definitely watch it sometime (unless they don’t have it in Australia, which I’m sure they do).

Many people who work our drive-thrus here are Mexican (not to come across as racist; it’s just how it is), which means they have thick accents translated over the intercoms. When they recite your order for you you’re never 100% sure if what they’re telling you is correct, and you hope you’re getting what you paid for. You usually do, but I’ve gotten someone else’s meal before. That was really annoying. /hmph

*hugs* I hope your exhaustion goes away soon. Definitely make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and drinking enough water. (I’m sure you already are, but just a little extra something.)

Don’t worry about your comments being a bit short. No one requires that you write long comments. I’ll keep this one as short as I possibly can. c:

I am too young to be doing any soul-searching because I really don’t even know who I am yet. I have a general idea, but not like what she’s asking. I’ll probably just ramble a bit until I come up with something I really like, even if 99% of it isn’t true. I’d rather do that than pour my heart out to my English teacher, haha.

Ha, I’m far from into geography myself, but I also heard that the island of Japan moved 8 feet, and considering the Earth’s crust only moves about 1 inch a year…that’s quite a bit. 😰 I’m not too concerned about it, though I do know some radiation has leaked over to Nevada (where I live). Not too much, but it’s still kind of scary.

I wish I had “alternating weather” days like that. xD Here it’s either hot as hell, or cold enough to freeze you. I’m hoping this weekend has some nicer weather!

I wasn’t into theme parks much myself until I went to Disney Land. Their rides give the perfect combination of thrilling and calming, which makes them crazy but not too crazy. My parents were actually surprised that I went on the roller coasters I did last year because I’m not someone who likes that stomach-turning feeling, but I loved it. :)

Agreed. My close friends don’t even need to ask how I am. They already know when I’m happy/sad/angry, and they’ll just ask “What happened?” I like that better. I know someone’s a good friend when they’re able to ask that question without me telling them how I feel. /faw

I guess when you’re interested in so many things, you have more options. Good luck to your brother, anyways! Haha. And here, there are crimes everywhere… Just the other day a 20 year old man was shot in a hospital parking lot 20 times for no reason. :/ It’s really upsetting, especially because I don’t live in that great of a neighborhood. I’m always afraid something will happen. Maybe I’m too paranoid. 😳

Bah. I hate fast food. 💥 More so now than when I was younger, but I have always enjoyed health food more. Fast food tends to make me feel sick and sluggish. /ehh

And I must say, once I moved back to America, I was old enough to drive, and my school mates wanted to go constantly on our lunch time to drive thru’s. The people are often rude here, and talk quite nasty to you. Especially to me because I’m an American who speaks with a Brit accent because of all the years I spent in England. Bah. Forget them. I would rather have rabbit food than deal with rude prats any day /hehe

Oh, poor baby. Take care, honey. ♥ We all have some of those days when there doesn’t seem enough time to take a breath, but you’ll pass through those soon. Hopefully. Till then, don’t take extra stress and enjoy life as it comes. I’d rather have busy days than those days when I roam around, haunting the house because I have nothing to do.

I love McDonald’s! I am a vegetarian so my friends tell me that I have not really eaten anything worth eating, but I love their ice-cream. Hah, I prefer drive-thru’s. They are quicker, and because I am lazy. We have to park in the mall parking which is underground, then take the elevators to come up two floors,then walk a good portion because the mall is too big for the only McDonald’s store we have here.

The comment you left me was pretty big. :P Its okay, I won’t mind. Sometimes I do the same and not even apologize. 😳 Now I feel like a cad.

Yes, I do have read some of your posts about the relationship with your mom. Thankfully, mine doesn’t hit me. Unless I do something really bad.
Since the school has been closed, so I am spending a lot of time at home and that is putting even a greater strain. However, school will be open on Monday, so I am kind of hoping that everything resolves soon. Everybody has problems, but this seems to be accelerating every day. We are not a close family, parent-wise. I am extremely close to my sisters, while I barely share a single event of the day with my parents. I don’t mind it so much, except some times when I look at my best friend who is extremely close and then I feel bad. Ah, well.

Ahh, its okay. *Hugs* I am glad I could help. My second novel was barely crawling, but then my break started, and I wrote about 25000 words in two-three weeks. Mine is on 32000 right now, and my school re-opens Monday. My speed will slow down then considerably. I have my summer break in June. I wish to finish it then, but my plans rarely ever work out. Good luck to both of us. Maybe we’ll get published together. :P

I’ve never had McD’s Fillet-O-Fish either, burgers never fill me enough, so should I really have to get one, I’d have a big mac :P And the same goes for me, I don’t really like fast food either, it makes me gain much but at the same time doesn’t satiate enough.

I prefer going to the counter and wait for my order instead of waiting in front of the drive-thru. Here in my country the drive-thru’s suck sometimes, you would have to wait much longer because they sometimes precede the others’ orders first when actually you placed your order first. And sometimes when I really have to eat McDonald’s at nights, I would feel bad for the drive-thru lady for having to hover back and forth late at a cold night (it’s always the ladies who stand by the drive-thru at nights) lol

I change my mind easily when ordering fast-food too, especially when it comes to drinks and desserts. :P Sometimes I get influenced by what others say too much.

Sorry that you’re tired, hope everything goes well. :D

i haven’t eaten at mcdonalds since… quite possibly high school. mostly because the food is crap, but I never liked it all that much.

I’ll only go to McDonald’s if I’m in the mood for fries. I’ll eat Chicken McNuggets from time to time. I’ll get the whole meal if I’m hungry. I’ll get just one thing if I’m not that hungry. I like to drink their Mocha or Iced Coffee. The Cinnamon Melts are really good with it. I love it. You should get a McFlurry. :D

You’re so lucky to have a McDonald’s every two minutes. It seems like we have a McDonald’s in every town here. Haha. XD I guess it depends when you go to the drive-thru too. I can always dipped them into some kind of sauce if the McMuffins are dry. I know that sounds gross. Anything to be moist. /hehe

Journalism is a lot of hard work. I was a writer for my high school newspaper. I had a hard time writing about Survivor. I forgot what happen. I tihnk I wrote it and turned it in. Unfortunately, my article didn’t get published. Oh well. The advisor was a bitch anyway. /pow
Thanks. (Y) I’m glad I work early in the morning. Get that out of the way. I can do whatever else afterwards. I figured your mom would let you take a break as long as you want considering your her daughter and all. I guess we all don’t get that special treatment. Haha. :P I can see why you liked being a Graphic Designer. Your very good at it too. ;) I had a job where I was allowed to take as long a break as I wanted. I didn’t have to write it down on a timesheet. The owner would be in and out.

The Lilac layout is centred. I just made it smaller. It aligns to the right. It’s okay. I like it the way it is. I don’t want the font to be too big or too small. Just right. Thanks. I’m going to have to pass. I rather stick with Pre-Made layouts. It’s easy and fun to customize. For me, it’s challenge that I enjoy very much. I know that sounds a bit weird, but it’s true. :D

I’ll put stuff that I enjoy doing like my fan fiction, architecture drawing, and photography. ✌️ Unfortunately, I’m not able to put up the architecture drawing and photography at the moment. Hopefully, later on I’ll be able to. You should definitely keep the tutorials. I find it very helpful. I like to read them whenever I have some troubleshooting. I got rid of the Reviews section. I felt the need to do more than one at a time. It was too much of a hassle. I was doing television shows and a book.

Sometimes I like the fries. Sometimes I don’t like the fries. It’s either too salty or too bland. I’ve never had their lattes before. I agree. I rather have coffee at home. It’s much easier and less expensive.

Haha. Maybe I’ll try it and let you know how it taste. :D

Thanks. It was there lost anyway. At least, I can tell people I tried it. That’s the main thing. I agree. It’s not something I want to do for the rest of my life or even long term.

It’s like vampires. The creepy people only come out at night. They’re too busy sleeping in the daytime. That’s what I’ve been noticing. 🤫

I rather have a sit down job than a stand up job. For some reason, I can’t stand up or sit down too long. Yeah, it’s strange. I know. /hehe I don’t mind having my own cubicle. I’d be checking my emails and stuff too. I did that when I was volunteering at two places. It was for an administrative/clerical position.

I like the layouts you make. It’s easy and fun to customize. You don’t make it difficult like the other ones I see.

I’m glad your not getting rid of your tutorials. The stock images are nice. I felt that doing a review takes up a lot of your time. You have to figure how your going to criteria it. If you wonder if people will read it or not. If they don’t, it’s like your wasting your time doing it for nothing.

P.S. You don’t need to return this comment. I’ll be moving on to your next recent post. XD