I had a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish for just about the first time in… um… let’s just say four years… courtesy of my friend Mike, who gave me a lift home and let me play appropriate car music in his car. πŸ™‚ (James and I concluded that it is pretty hard to find good car music these days. It’s hard to find music that you can play in the car that isn’t too depressing or loud or heavy or poppy.)

My head hurts. I don’t know, I think I might be going mad lately, just as a scatterbrain; not mental or anything.

It was a yummy burger. And normally I hate fast food but I figured I might as well have a treat. We were in the car and we went through the drive-thru. It was probably my second time going through a drive-thru. For James, it was the first time he could even remember going through one and we were sitting in the back being amused by a sign saying something like “you must be in a vehicle or on a motor vehicle to be able to use the drive-thru”… apparently James forgot we were in a car or just skimmed past the sign, because the look on his face was a bit ‘what the fuck?’ πŸ˜†

When I was younger I was amazed by drive-thrus because it just made life so much easier. You didn’t have to get out of the car and you just drove… through… yeah, obviously. However, my mum has never been too keen on drive-thrus. She told me once that sometimes you may have to repeat yourself if they don’t hear you, and I guess all in all, she prefers to get out and buy by walking to the counter and paying.

I remember watching an Armor For Sleep DVD in which the members of the band were ordering at a drive-thru and kept arguing while they were ordering, as well as changing their mind constantly. I’m telling you, when I go to a restaurant I can look at the menu, make up my mind and be done with it. But when it comes to fast food I get so picky. I can’t decide between the burgers or the fillings or if I should get fries or not.

Maybe because it’s fast food. So if I change my mind it’s not like I can quickly call the person again and ask them to quickly change something. They bloody key it in at once.

Anyway, I don’t like McDonald’s very much, though their bacon and egg McMuffins tempted me every morning last year, since I get to university at about 7:45am each day and sometimes get hungry. Not to mention I walked past bloody McDonald’s all the time.

But I’ve been saving money this year, which is working out pretty well.

I’m pretty exhausted. I didn’t want to go to class today, and Dahlia didn’t even go to the tutorial class. I didn’t want to go but we had an interesting discussion in class which wasn’t so bad. I still hate that subject so much – media is so stupid, it’s all about bloody journalism and not very much about different kinds of media like radio, television, websites, and so on. For crying out loud. Yeah, I will complain about that subject frequently, if I haven’t already. 😢

I hate apologising for this, but I really am sorry that I’m just doing the ol’ bloghop and only replying to major large things in people’s comments. I’m just so worn out and tired so I thought it would be easier that I make my comments shorter just for a bit. /um I hope you guys understand. I don’t know why I blog every two days either, when often I just empty head of its rambles. Out of habit I suppose.

I think I should hit the sack. /wave

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