Hello. The only two blog posts before this one that had “hello” in the title were the ones I wrote on the first day of 2010 and the first day of 2011. They were simply titled Hello 2010 and Hello 2011. I didn’t keep the “Hello World” title on the default first blog post on WordPress.

It has just occurred to me what a lovely word “hello” is. It comprises of a word that we all associate with death and flames and the big bad wolf, and a simple round-shaped vowel. And we pronounce it that way too: Hell-o. But it’s still “hello”.

All in all, we don’t look at the parts, but rather the whole. And I always write about how we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance, because their appearance is just one small fraction of their entire self. Their personality, their smile, the length of their legs (ooh, I love long legs… eh, I didn’t mean that perversely), the colour of their hair, the music they like listening to, the time they fell off the monkey bars as a kid – makes their whole entire self. We don’t pick at the small parts when we look at a word; why should we when we look at a person?

There is a sort-of-meme that floats around the internet that goes a little something like this:

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, olny taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pcleas. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by ilstef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

I used to be so amazed that I could read it. Now it’s not that interesting to me anymore. If studies show that we read words as a whole, then I think similarly, we should look at people not based on the colour of one eye being off-blue compared to the other, or one fingernail being longer than the rest, or one mole on the side of their face.

Please forgive my head for being completely out of place today.

Why am I saying hello? Well, it’s a nice greeting. It’s more formal than “hi”, but it’s not formal enough to make us nervous and think we’re talking to someone majorly important. It makes me laugh when people say “hai guise!” on YouTube videos, complete with a small wave of their hand and a face that resembles this: /bounce

You also come across the sarcastic “hel-looo” which can often be expressed by a widening of the eyes in disbelief and an exasperated throw of the hands in the air.

I don’t really think about how I say hello to people. Sometimes I just wave. It’s nice to know that waving shows you acknowledge someone is there, as well as greeting them at the same time. It’s rather polite without being brash or harsh. Perhaps some people would disagree and prefer the word “hi”, or some would like to use slang and say “g’day mate, how ye goin’?” I start thinking about how people ask these kinds of things and in what manner they do it.

“How are you?” I fucking hate “how are you” so much. I hate it because it’s so formal. I find it so formal that it disgusts me and I don’t quite know how to explain it. “How you going?” seems alright to me, but for the life of me I cannot understand why I hate using the phrase “how are you” so much. I feel like it sends shivers up my spine when I write it out or even say it. I certainly don’t fear the word; I just dislike it.

Lilian and I thought about perfect alternatives for asking someone how they are going. “How you going”, though grammatically incorrect, works for me in colloquial speech.

We classified “What’s up dawg” as rather trite. I think that “what’s up” gets too boring, and people like me always take that literally and say “the ceiling” (no really, I do).

For me, I’ve stuck with “what’s rolling?” Not because I’ve been playing with wheels or watched too much Transformers lately, but, after a habit of saying, “Let’s roll!” and “Are we rolling?” I figured that it fit me quite well.

Alternatives? :P

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I remember that meme. I was so amazed that I could read it, the first time I saw it. It was year ago, but I still remember. I recently saw it on Tumblr, although this time it had a minor addition – which said that the study proved that spelling wasn’t important. That actually put me off because spelling IS important. Maybe the letters are not in the right order, but spelling would still matter a lot, especially with words that have very similar spellings (e.g. ‘feel’ and ‘fell’).

‘Hello’ is a great word, isn’t it? xD But I think I use other variations more than ‘hello’. I know for a fact I use ‘hi’, ‘hey’, ‘heya’ and ‘hiya’ on the IRC channel, depending on my mood and the people I’m greeting. I think I don’t use ‘hello’ as much because I don’t find it friendly enough. I don’t know, but while chatting with friends online, I find ‘hello’ a bit too dry. Although in person it’s different since we can use our tone of voice to tell others our mood (obviously).

I wave at people too when greeting or saying bye to them. But I noticed that I also do an ‘informal’ salute instead of a wave. If I remember correctly, I picked that up from my friends in year 9 and 10 haha.

I remember that meme, its been made into so many facebook pages and they keep on popping back up. It is really amazing our brain works like that, but its a shame we don’t look at people the same way as words isn’t it.

How are you just reminds me of the queen, and you can’t say it out loud without sounding like royalty. I have always say ‘are you alright? or you alright?’ in person and on the computer, it just seems really friendly and casually, but not like ‘what’s up dawg?’ XD

Hello does look like a really pretty word, and it just rolls off your tongue. I’ve been saying it for the past minute and it still sounds lovely ♥ I don’t say hello when I’m talking to people though, I normally say hey or hiya because it just seems more laid back and casual.

I saw that study on MySpace and I thought it was really interesting!
I love the word “hello” because it can have so much more meaning than any other greeting. We had a practice in English class last year where we all got a situation and had to say “hello” as if we were in that situation. It was pretty fun :)
For me, I usually just say “hey” with a wave and then a “what’s up?” but I’d like to have a more interesting vocabulary. Sometimes I’ll throw in a foreign expression. I usually find other expressions for “what’s up” as awkward, though, and I don’t really like the saying much because I don’t like telling people what I’ve been up to recently.

Thank you ^_^ I have a new layout now that I really want to put up! lol
No, I don’t really use my Facebook, but it has come in handy for projects and talking to people so far. But I still don’t really like it.
Aww, sorry about your computer. That gets so annoying xD.

I didn’t keep the “Hello World!” blog post, either. It kind of … seemed too alike to other people who kept the title, and I like to have different titles than what others may have.

I love your sarcasm toward the word hello.

I’ve came across that meme before. :P

Here, people use the phrase “How are you” in place of “hello”, and sometimes you are supposed to answer, and sometimes you are not. If you answer and the person has already walked off, then it was a “hello”, and if you don’t answer because you don’t know whther you are supposed to, then you’re stared at until you answer and/or labeled as rude. Also, sometimes they expect a “how are you” in return, and sometimes they expect an answer AND that phrase in return. It’s so confusing. D: :(

Haha, yeah. I’m a picky eater, too. o.o

It’s funny to think about. Everyone who says hello are actually swearing without meaning it. I don’t use hello a lot, since it’s English. More “hallo” and “hei”, however, I use “hell”, which means “luck” in my language. :D I also hate “how are you”! It’s the most annoying phrase, I never know how to reply to that, because suddenly I’ve started rambling my day in full detail or coldly answer “…ok.” which is a bit rude. :( I don’t mean to! People who wants to chat or text me always start with ‘Sup? or variations and it’s just so… obvious they want attention. If you want attention, stop beating around the bush and get to it, I say! D:

I haven’t seen the meme before and I’m really fascinated by it now, lol. I actually read a third of it before I realized the letters were mixed. /bounce

I remember reading an article that a man wanted to change “Hello” to “Heaveno” because of the negative connotation of the first four letters.

I don’t use “hello” often. In fact, I only use it when I’m awkwardly and randomly greeted on the streets by random strangers. I only use “hi” if I’m in a bad mood, and every other time, it’s a variation of “hey”. Never is it “Hello”. When I see someone across a room, and I stare at them and flail my hands in a really stupid way. They’ll eventually look, and I’ll continue waving until they wave back. They get quite embarrassed.

I also do a sort of salute like Seb does. ^

I use “How are you/ya?” if someone isn’t talking much in a group conversation. I normally use “How’s it going?” but I don’t actually say them a lot. I more just jump into a conversation and skip the “formalities”.

I don’t actually think I’ve read that meme before until now. But it is quite interesting if you come down to think about it. And you’re absolutely right we shouldn’t judge others by their ego’s or anything of that nature. You know what I mean? It’s just not how we are supposed to be in life. God actually wanted a utopia here on earth, but since Eve took the bite of the forbidden fruit and than gave Adam the fruit, so she wouldn’t be lonely and abandoned, it just goes to show you that everything is being judged and labeled you know what I mean? For instance, a lot of people like Rap music, I personally don’t like it but I don’t hate it either. I’m in between. Same with video games. I don’t dislike video games, but since I haven’t played in god knows how long, I’m more into the thought provoking ones that makes you think about what to do next or where to go next you know what I mean? I don’t like the cheesy video games. Those are for little kids really.

But eh, yeah I I’m still bouncing off the walls from Randy handing me his guitar pick! I was like OMFG!! And he did make eye contact with me through out the show and smiled at me. My dad told his girlfriend that I was in 7th Heaven at that point. My dad didn’t even know Randy did that until I showed him after the concert was over. Heehee. But yeah, it’s signed by him and everything. I was like tearing up and when he looked my way again I just blew him a kiss. Heehee. I was being a camwhore that night. I took almost or around 600 pictures of Meat loaf and Randy and the band total. I even filled up my memory card and had to use my phone’s camera. And the ones on the phone came out better than the one on Andrew’s camera lmao. Ah well. I just need to get used to his camera that’s all. But yeah, I took some videos but I guess I had my finger on the zooming button and it cut off the sound D: . I was pissed. I was like dang it! I think I only got one video that had sound on it. But the others didn’t. You’re so lucky you got to meet Ben. How did that happen btw? Did you have to pay extra to meet him that night? Or did he just tell you come over once the concert was done? I’m actually going to take a picture of me holding Randy’s guitar pick and the ticket at the same time and that’s gonna be my gravatar and my fb profile pic (after I get done blow drying my hair lol). But yeah, I’m even thinking of creating a symbolized tattoo for Meat loaf and having Randy’s signature underneath the tattoo. I know where I want it as well. On the lower part of my back! :O Ye-OUCH! That’s gonna be painful but I can take it! Haha. Hopefully. I’m hoping to get it next month if not the month after. That will be my third tattoo. Heehee.

Oh goodness, when I was taking camwhoring through out the night of the concert I literally stopped taking pictures to see Meat sing and what not. But than I went right back and camwhored through out the entire show! lmao! He sang Hot patootie bless my soul as his opening number, and he did Bat Out Of Hell as the third and people were walking in at that time, and he stopped and commented on it lmao. Such a character! Haha! But yeah, Meat loaf fans are simply the best and I’m sure you can say that about Ben’s fans as well! Haha!

Yeah the header titles are different. They’re actually from my own computer and I just uploaded them to my domain. So I’m happy with that, and I’m also happy that I did something special in the mistress and www sections! Heehee. I haven’t really done much to the site yet, but I will get around to it! Heehee. Anyway, take care and I hope you feel better and no swollen-ness! (Sorry was that out of line? You can remove that part if you want too?).

Yeah. It does sound kind of weird.. lol.

And thank you! You too!

any sort of greeting makes me uncomfortable. Whenever I go to the bathroom at work, I know I’m going to run into at least one coworker that I’ll have to acknowledge and I’ll have to decide, do I know this person well enough for a greeting or do I just smile? If I greet them, do I say good morning, hi, hey, how are you? I hate it when people are like, Hi and then right away sneak a how are you in and I can’t say it back because by the time I say, Hi, good, they’re gone. I could say Hi, how are you back, but if both of us ask and neither answers, isn’t that more awkward? Why do they say it????

The first time I read that meme I was so excited that I could read it, and I still am. I think it’s absolutely amazing, the way our brains work. Plus, I have a massive crush on anything to do with the English language.

I hate it when people ask “how are you going?”, because most of the time they don’t even wait for an answer! I’ve been in too many conversations where someone has said “Hi, how are you going?” and walked off. It’s almost like “How are you going?” has lost all meaning and just become one of those things we say. Some people even forget to type it with a question mark, now.

I love the word hello, especially in typography, but in real life I can’t say it and not feel ridiculously formal. I normal just greet people with a “hey”, because it’s comfortable.

Thanks for your comment ;) I’ve never really even considered having an articles section, but I think I might. And I definitely wasn’t referring to you when I wrote number ten. You’re a little vague sometimes, but you make it clear somehow, in your blog or in earlier tweets, that you’re being vague about family problems. It more annoys me when someone just tweets one word and then never bothers to explain it. Ever.

I suppose there is a purpose to connecting twitter with YouTube and whatever, but sometimes it’s just, too much, you know? Some people set it to tweet likes and favourites and then like absolutely everything, sometimes unnecessarily. I think it’s more meaningful if its reserved for sharing things that had a bit more meaning, rather than every single video of cats doing funny stuff that a person happened to like. I love what you share from your YouTube, though, because you have really good taste in videos :P Whenever you tweet about a video I usually end up watching it. Tumblr, though, is just too much. People absolutely spam me with tumblr tweets.

You should have an article section! I do heartily love some of your blogs, and that one just struck me as a great article, a must-read-again! :)

I know what you mean though, some people spam Twitter a lot. I think the worst that we haven’t really covered is Formspring. People spam other people’s boxes and in turn they spam Twitter with their answers. It becomes so banal and unnecessary.

Some people have vague tweets; I know this one person who does have one-worded tweets and then hashtags them with some show she’s watching… like Glee. It pisses me off, because she pretty much does a running commentary on the show. I don’t even watch it and I know what happens because of all that she’s saying and reacting to… ah, it’s bloody annoying. XP

Random. o.o I work in retail, and we have to greet people. Always saying hello gets boring, so I often say “Hi, how are you doing?” or “Good afternoon” or something like that. I’ve never heard anyone say “How are you going,” but people use “How’s it going” a lot here.

I have a friend who says hello like, “HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” to everybody. It brightens up all of our days, and it defines her as one of the happiest, brightening people I’ll ever know.

Around here, “How are you?” is perfectly normal and seems all right to me. Except that many of us say, “How is yous doing?” in lolspeak fashion because being lolcat goofballs is too much fun.

Hellooooooo! Hahaha, how very apt, considering the subject of your blog :P. Which, by the way is very original. I never would have expected a blog AAAALL about “Hello” and variations as such :P.

That’s actually a good point. How we’re taught to read words as a whole, yet a lot of us have the propensity and the inclination to judge people based on parts of them, some of which are really too superficial to make a legitimate judgement on. Isn’t human nature a little retarded at times? It’s sad!

LOL, I never actually thought about what I say when I greet people. I usually use “Hey” when I see people. Cos I’m lazy to say a two-syllable word like “hello”. Hahahaha! Or maybe because I’m just used to “Hey”.

“How are you?” kind of has bad connotations for me. I mean it works for some people cos they’re just so nice and all. But most of the time it’s a question I associate with people I know, but aren’t really close to, or don’t really interact with beyond a hi-bye basis. I mean do you ever notice that the first question people who don’t really know you, but know who you ask is “How are you?” while it’s completely obvious they don’t care about the answer? Maybe THAT’S why it’s such a formal phrase D:.

Haha, “How you going?” looks totally weird typed out. Maybe because the grammatically correct way to write it would be “How’re you going?”, yet when we say it, it NEVER sounds like that D:. WEIRD.

“What’s rolling?” is COOL! It reminds me of the Autobots, with their “Roll out!” catchphrase :P.

Isn’t it freaky? How our brains are like that? Can read a word if it’s jumbled up as long as the first letter is in place. We were handed out something like that at TAFE the other day, although it was worded different.

I always say “how are you,” it makes people feel like you’re friendlier and show more of an interest. Although I’d admit that just like everyone else, I don’t expect an answer longer than “Good thank you, and you?” Not many people ask how someone is to start a conversation, unless you really do have an interest. I always say either: “hi, how are you?” or “Hi, what have you been up2?” And hope that their answer is no longer than “Not much.” But I’m a good listener, so I don’t mind taking the risk and asking how are you and what have you been up to.

Whenever someone says ‘hello’ or I read it, I actually start singing that Lionel Richie song. I have a bad habit of incorporating song words into general conversation, I now have that song stuck in my head.

Hello is a nice word though. Just from the tone of that one word being said in, you can tell what mood a person is in. If someone answers the phone and says “hello?” harshly, you know they’re not too happy. It doesn’t really work the same with ‘hi?’ or ‘hey?’.

Whenever I see that ‘aoccdinog’ thing I instantly just scroll past as I’ve read it a thousand times, but I too used to get excited. The ones I read ended in “if you can read this it means you’re smart” and suchlike, so I’d be so happy being able to read it!

Talking to someone online I say ‘you alright?’ but in real life I just say ‘alright?’. I hate being asked ‘what’s up?’ as I never know how to answer it. It’s not something we actually use here unless asking why someone is upset. When I’m asked it online I think, do I answer with how I’m feeling or what I’m doing?

Okay, I’ll be honest. Seeing that meme and realizing that yes, I can read it at the same speed I read the rest of the text around it, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Obviously other people can do it just fine too, but y’know…it’s just a little accomplishment. 🙄

I really hate when people say “How are you?” or “How are you doing?” What the hell am I supposed to be dying or something? /hmph It’s just a very formal way to ask someone how they’ve been/how they are at the moment. I don’t really know another way to say it, honestly. I really hate when people say, “Whuddup dawg,” and “Yo homie!” /bash It’s what I call “Ghetto Talk,” and I cannot, even if my life depended on it, speak or understand it.

I think this blog was rather touching. You’re right – people look too much at one thing instead of really taking in the whole picture. They look at someone’s face and see a large/small nose, clear/acne skin, almond/droopy/big/small eyes, and they automatically judge. I’ve been trying harder to look past looks and take the more important things into account.

LOL, I’ve never been one to watch spy movies. Especially James Bond. That really sucks that your brother can’t take criminology because there aren’t any courses in Australia. :/ I guess you guys are really crime free. Not us, ha. I’m not even 100% sure what I want to do in the future. I don’t see myself doing any one thing. Maybe I’ll just live underneath a rock. /bounce

Seriously! It wasn’t my fault I ran over the kid. He was in my way, and I was just trying to get through. I wish people watched their kids more, and didn’t let them run a muck around stores. That is pretty much giving me permission to run the little beast over. :P

Germs = no good. I’m always afraid of getting sick. I hate being sick. It always means being confined to my room and my bed, which gets boring and I hate it. :X

An entire day? Wow. :O Yeah, I’m glad it only took 20 minutes. It was mostly the preparation that took so long. But it’s good that we walked out more hopeful than before.

I get really pissed when you ask someone if they have more in stock, and they just say “no, sorry,” and walk off to help someone else. It honestly isn’t that hard to walk back there and find something. But I’ve never worked in a shop, so maybe it’s a pain in the ass.

I really love pizza. 🤤 I try not to eat it too much, but sometimes I let myself indulge and have nice fat pizzas. But that’s only ever once in a while. The only “Chinese food” I like is Panda Express, and I’m 100% sure their orange chicken is .00001% real chicken.

I’m sure when I come off of this no-soda thing, I’m going to only have it every once in a while. :) I think feeling much better physically is really a good thing, and I’m trying to eat healthier anyways.

Ah, I see. I knew it was full of gas and carbon dioxide, but I didn’t think it really effected the nose or anything unless you burped. I guess it depends on the drinker?

LOL I remember that meme. My prof actually showed us that meme in class during a lecture on cognitive writing for one of my nursing classes and I was surprised at how quickly I read it and without really thinking about it, understood what it said. Strange how the brain works like that.

I never actually noticed how I say “hello” to people either. I usually just say, “hiiiii” with a shy smile or I guess I do the whole quick, “watsuuup?” just because it’s casual and quick and there’s no pressure for the other person to have a formal answer. ‘Cause I understand the whole “how are you” hatred you have for it. I don’t like it either. I normally don’t feel like having to explain myself and it’s strange how those three words have that kind of power on you to do so. LOL. The English language is just fucked up at times LOL

I like saying ‘hey’ or not saying it at all because it is in fact too much effort for me to greet people … yeah. On the internet though my friend and I tend to say “yo” or “YO what up” but that’s supposed to be an inside joke. It’s funny online but if someone said ‘YO what up” to me in real life I’d be all … what? And it usually sounds like a guy is hitting on a girl, ahaha.

I like that meme though, before it I never realized that we do read word by word. I love how you interpreted it to mean we should look at everything as a whole. That is logical thinking that I really need in my analysis and critiques that I simply have failed at since high school. (Y) (H)

Oh Georgina, I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog post that breaks down “hello” an its synonyms. You brought up something i also despise as well though – “how are you?” – and the problem is, I can’t blog about it… I ESPECIALLY hate it when my boyfriend’s mother says that, it goes “Hi Amanda, how are you?” or just “How are you?” EVERY SINGLE TIME that I see her. See, for some reason, I associate “how are you” with having to be polite and all nice and smiley. Because usually it’s people who don’t know you well that ask you that, so it mostly seems pointless to be that truthful anyway. It’s not like they really want to hear an intimate breakdown of how AWFUL you actually feel that day…

Sorry, i’m glad i got that rant out of the way. Cos you see, i can’t bitch about it on my blog since the boy reads it.

Well I’m glad you had somewhere to put it! Gosh girly, you have no idea. I talk about people I know in a nasty way in the comments I leave on other people’s blogs when something relates – because I know those people may come across my blog!

I think it’s just way too formal to say “how are you”. And sometimes I question whether people really care, because as you said, usually it’s people who don’t know you well. It’s funny actually, someone emailed me – and they are notorious in my book for only emailing me when they need help; and this time was no exception – and asked “how are you?” in the first sentence. Before asking the question they wanted an answer to. And I figured, heck, why not be honest and say I’m in a shit mood and have home troubles? That got some sympathy from them; I was surprised though. :P