Hello 2010

I’m typing this just before midnight on the last day of 2009. I seriously don’t care about New Year, haha. It’s different for everyone and the timezones are making everything stupid so whatever. I’m sure by the time most of you read this it’ll be 2010, or nearly 2010… whatever.

I’m guessing that it’ll be 2010 somewhere in the middle of this blog…

Looking back on this year, it’s been… just wow. Shit, I hate being sentimental when I know everyone’s looking back and confessing and other shit. /blush

It’s been a great year. I don’t know what to say on it – but let me tell you, it was better than 2008, and infinitely better than 2007. Some things to look back on – I completed one year of university, James and I have nearly made it to two years of being together, Lilian and I have still never had a single fight for the seven years we’ve been friends – what’s there not to love, right?

It’s like a blessing. And perhaps after all I’ll start 2010 well? Maybe? Maybe not… maybe… just quietly. Sometimes people just don’t like all the hype about having another new year. It dies down after a while… but I have to admit, I’ll be looking forward to seeing January again.

I hear fireworks outside now.

Yeah, you can tell I’m totally distracted because I’m secretly wondering if this blog is going to be in 2009 or 2010. I can barely even concentrate while typing this blog.

I went to the markets yesterday with my mum and brother and we spotted a section with a lot of lollies. We bought a lot too and just pigged out.

Oh fuck it. It’s past 12. HAPPY NEW YEAR JERKS. I LOVE YOU ALL. ♥️

This is why I hate timezones. Everyone in America is sleeping, people in the UK have woken up on New Year’s Eve and people in Asia are saying “what the hell, there’s still three hours!”

What great monuments lie here in 2010 so far for me? I’m not sure. I haven’t made resolutions… I’ve just said Happy New Year to people on Twitter, fireworks outside are blasting the hell out of my ears, and someone just screamed “fireworks” outside.

I’m so deeply amused…

I didn’t make any resolutions or anything. I guess I’ll generally try to be a better person, stop buying so many domains, get more sleep, get better marks in university… yeah, you get my drift. I stopped making resolutions a long time ago.

The last thing I said to James in 2009 was “I’m sorry”. It might have been over MSN, but I don’t know. It seems a bit sad. :(

On a brighter note, I’m kicking off 2010 with a domain contest! There are 10 to be won. If you guys can help promote, why, I’d love you more than I do.

I feel like sleeping. I’ll ask some questions.

  • Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
  • Is it new year yet, where you are?
  • Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.

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* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

I’d like to take resulations, but i have enough time yet :)

* Is it new year yet, where you are?

No, it isn’t yet. It’s 31st of December, 14:25 :)

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.

Hmmm… The lot of meetings with Shane :) They were so funny.

Happy New Year!!

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! IT’S 2010! /bounce This is soooo cool! (as you can see, I am one of the people majorly hyped about the new year. For no reason whatsoever. Haha!). ♥ But yes, Happy 2010 :) LOVE YOU LOTS TOO! ♥ ♥ 👏

I agree: It HAS been a GREAT year. I’m so totally looking forward to this year in the hope that it’ll be even BETTER!

GO US! *high 5* SEVEN years without a serious fight. Because we do fight. We just don’t do it seriously xD Eg. “No Georgina, you cannot marry Ben Jorgensen…*rolls eyes*” XD :P ;)

And WOOOOOW…almost 2 years for you and James ♥ Very cool *nods* I wish I had a better word than ‘cool’ but yeah…you get the pictures…^^

Oh wow…That is a LOT of lollies! @_@ I’d be all /love if I saw that because I LOOOOOVE lollies! Hahahaha. New years resolution: No more pigging out on lollies! Only kidding :P

Timezones confuse the crap out of me. :( It’s like “I DON’T GET IT! WHICH WAY DO I WIND MY CLOCK?!” And then travelling across timezones is like…BLAH. Did you know Perth is running on the same time as Singapore and Malaysia when we’re 3 hours ahead? Like, WTF?! O_O

I watched the fireworks on TV :) /bounce They were really pretty. And very sparkly. It was so cool. They actually got some to sparkle this year. Like go on and off. Chem wrecked fireworks for me though. I’m always wondering which element is added to make that firework that colour. Omg, how sad. :( But fireworks are still majorly AWESOME! ✌️

Except close up. They really DO deafen you. Someone in my street is blowing fireworks. I swear, SO LOUD! /angry

Oooooh! Domain contest! That sounds way cool. If I had a site, I would totally adverstise for you :)


-I have a crap one at the moment. Maybe I’ll think of some good ones tomorrow. Haha. Mine’s “clean your room” because I figure the only way to get my room clean is via resolution. :P

– YES! I’m in your timezone, so yes! ^^

– One good moment…Hmmmm…There are so many…D: Okay…there was the time…where I went to watch Transformers 2…That was loads of fun, and the movie was awesome! Oh and not to mention Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Who cloud forget that XD

Hahaha OMG. You had so many smilies in your comment. /bounce Happy new year! :D

Some people look back on 2009 badly because of all the celebrity deaths but hopefully 2010 won’t be as bad. It’s a new decade, which is going to be a pretty interesting one I think. :)

YAY! /bounce ✌️ Well I won’t really call them fights haha. Fights are usually pretty serious. I don’t even think you could call them arguments. Of course I can’t marry him… that would be totally bad. :O

Haha YEP! I swear, 2009 went by so fast though!

We still have a bunch of lollies and chocolates in the kitchen. Super yum. I think I still want to eat some, though. New year isn’t stopping me. 🤤

Yeah, I know! I know someone in Perth and it’s weird because they’re three hours behind like Singapore. I guess it’s better that they’re clumped together so I can remember them easily. ;)

I watched the 9pm fireworks but not the midnight ones. I also saw some fireworks from my window… I should have taken pictures! I think they had fireworks at Parramatta park. I should have gone just to take pictures… I regret it now.

What am I going to do? Go to New Jersey just to see fireworks? XD I’m so insane.

Australia spends so much on their fireworks, LOL. D:

We had people near us blowing fireworks too. It’s quite annoying. A few days ago you could tell they were testing it by blowing a few. They sounded like gunshots.

Haha! Oh well, I’m sure other people will advertise it! I started it today and it was very exciting. :)

LOL, wouldn’t it be weird if you weren’t in my timezone? O_O Hehe.

That was a good movie! /bounce

It’s still 2009 where I live. USA.. It’s December 31, 2009 at 9:05 AM…


Visual editor is dodgy. I use HTML editor too. ;3

I haven’t heard of Penrith Markets before. Wednesdays only? o: Sounds mysterious :X

LOL! My mum tries to steer me away from clothing stores, she knows I’ll go CRAZY!

Parklea…don’t know where that one is. :P I mainly go to Paddys. :P

Diva on sale = Heaven.

Pfft. They can’t do that to you because you have lots of bracelets. I think it’s called making a statement and being unique. (;

8 minutes?!? Woah, that’s a very long song o: I prefer acoustics to like electronic though. :P

Lucky you! I must go find somewhere cheap but good quality. (: Bargain hunting time. /hehe

Well, if there were more trains…less people would be late. ;)

D: Ouch. Not a good wasabi experience. I eat it in small tiny amounts with my salmon. :P Raw salmon BTW, I don’t want to ruin my smoked salmon xD But it burns up my nose so er… /ho

Goal this year – eat pho.

8th grade? D: Congratz for her!

LOL. I cut my fringe and tried to make it shorter so it looked like I didn’t have a fringe…but that was when I was 9. :D

Aw! That’s such an awesome breed. ♥

My primary stuff is either in a recycling plant or caught up in spider webs. Heh.

Oh how did the lunch system work at your high school with raffles? :P

I haven’t actually reflected on 2009 yet, but it was WAY better than 2008 or 2007. :D

That’s a CRAZY amount of lollies!! What types were there? :P

A domain contest? Sounds AWESOME.

I’m trying to go with the resolutions I’ve made because I can feel accomplished. (Y)

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Stop procrastinating. :)
Is it new year yet, where you are? Yes! 40 minutes past. :3
Tell me one good moment you had in 2009. Meeting all my new friends and finishing almost all my assignments on time. (: As well as all those great times with friends. :P

No problem. XD

Oh, I see. Do they come in different colors?

LOL. Did the teacher caught you guys passing notes? Hope not! For us, if we did, the teacher will just rudely take it from us and tear it into pieces. End of convo. 😝 And sometimes the teachers won’t let us have our recess.

OH. Do you still have them now? :P

Yay! 😏

Haha, that’s true!

*Returns high five* LMAO. ;)

Thank you! :D Haha, no problem! *Hugs back*

Hey, at least you get to use it at your family friends’ house. 🤬 ROFL. Is your computer in your room?

Ah hell, that sucks for real. Pure torture!

That’s a good thing that you didn’t got caught!

I didn’t, thank God. My mom just scolded me. XD

WOW .. That’s insane! I wouldn’t do that to my kid even if he/she was being really bad. /argh

Oh! Did you apologize after? I know I didn’t. @_@ I really feel uncomfortable when I say ‘sorry’ to my parents.

– – – –

Haha! Happy New Year! :D

Congrats on having an awesome year in 2009! I hope it will be just as great for you in 2010.

Oh! I saw the fireworks from Austrailia in the news minutes ago! LMAO. It was in Sydney right? XD

LOL about the lollies. XD

HOORAY about the domain contest! I would join, but, I don’t think I’m ready for a domain yet. :P

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Yeah. To stop being lazy, stop being late for school and start returning comments. Haha! I have more xD

* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Nope. Only one hour left though!

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Um .. I started getting a lot with my parents.

Oh crap, I meant “getting a lot closer with my parents”. My bad. /sweat

I’m glad that you liked my vlog! hehe :)
I’m glad that 2009 has been a great year for you! I can’t say the same for me, but oh well! :) 2010 will hopefully be better for me. My mom doesn’t really like making a big deal about the New Years, and after what happened last year on New Years, she hates it even more. So we probably won’t do anything, plus me and my sister are sick so we can’t really go out. Oh well, I’m fine with staying in the house. :)

That’s fun that you bought some candy and enjoyed it with your mom. Sounds fun :D

I love fireworks. Hopefully there will be some tonight, it is snowing right now, so I don’t know if they will be able to do them.

I hate timezones too! Especially when I am trying to contact someone in a way different timezone than me, and they aren’t up and then I get a reply when I go to sleep, it’s just like.. ugh!

I laughed at “will try to stop buying so many domains”. :P

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
1. Recover from anorexia
2. Stop caring so much what people think
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Nope, New Years eve though. There are still about 12 more hours.
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Getting a better relationship with my family

I’ll post the domain contest right now on twitter for you :D
Have a great day! Happy new Years!

Well, no new year resolution for me. No, it’s not new year here yet as I stay in India. My best moment of 2009 would be…… 🙄 probably when I stood 3rd in my school for my board exams. If theres another good moment, I don’t recollect it now.

Happy freaking new year, too!
No time to comment long, New Year here already.

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
No, I always break them
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yes it is. Philippines
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
’09 pretty much sucked

Hey Georgina! I’m finally open. :)

Happy new years! It’s only new years eve here. :P Wow you really haven’t had s fight in seven years? Holy crap, that’s a loooooong time.

So how have you been? Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m at my cousins house, which is 12 hours away from my house and I’ve been here for almost two weeks. :P I’m coming back in a few days, though.

1. Yep, they’re listed on my website. They’re pretty general, though.
2. No, it’s new years eve here.
3. Meeting my best friend. :)

Have a great day!

Thanks for commenting on my site! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the New Year brings all new things into your life that will bring about even more happiness for you and your family!

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions? yup, quite a few :D
* Is it new year yet, where you are? not yet, it’s almost noon
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009. oh gosh, so many!! how bout changing my life completely? =)

either i hate being rejected, or that my parents are actually ‘scary’ haha. once i told my teacher casually that i’m scared to ask my parents things and she got really concerned… its not like i hate my parents, no ! love them, but i just hate it when they say ‘no’ to my requests ahaha (like going otu with friends).

gasp, how brave of you to ask to stay over at your boyfriends place ! my parents would probably be like O_O HELLLLL NAWWWW. then, i have my grandma whose WAYY over protective . yeah, its gunna suck.

my familys real protective also D: im 16, i noticed they started to be mroe friendly and letting me to go to places … and this year, they finally let me take the bus haha.

oh gosh thats A LOT OF CANDY. haha, i think its already new years in texas… sitll the afternoon of eve here :P

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? just the same old :P
Is it new year yet, where you are? nawww, still eve.
Tell me one good moment you had in 2009. ER… HAHA. that sucks that i have to think. hanging with friends during the summer? haha !

Haha I’ve still got 10 hours until midnight :P.

2009 has been an amazing year for me! Might be the best actually. I’ve made sooo many new friends at school, and I’ve changed sooo much, appearence and maturity. I finally got contacts this summer. I look so different and i feel so different too.

You know what will stink about 2010? You can’t wear those glasses with the numbers on each side of the zeros :P

Are you at home while typing the blog? :)

Yay happy new year :D

Haha woo america!! 😴 lol :P

OMG my mom made a resolution to not buy anymore food with MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oil. Bye bye cheetos, gum, and all yummy things :'(

I’m so deeply amused…

Hehe you’ve gotta over come that domain addiction :P.

Why did you say im sorry? :(

OMG domain contest :D. If there are judges needed for it may i help? i dont really need another domain – wait… i could take one, i want a tumblr one but its need to be on namecheap :P. I could give you snap-beat.com, i dont have any use for it :D. Can i trade it for one on namecheap? :)

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Be more organized, live life freely (take more risks), and get better grades :P.
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
noo a few more hours :3
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
When i got contacts :)

Oh that sucks, i dont have a job yet, no one will hire a 12 year old :P.

aww, i hate holding off returning comments :P

That sucks, yeah i hate when i have time to do something fun but i get sidetracked and then… bye bye freetime :P

Haha they seem pretty on time to me :P

Haha xD yup yup, we have mcdonalds here :D. Hehe my mom is beginning to plan a trip to go to europe and all around there, and i was like, can we go to austrailia?? I want to meet a friend there xD. She was like, its kinda too far… :P xD

Haha, its not really good reputation for new jersey that it has hobo’s or hoboken lol :P.

Yaa :) We could maybe videochat for the time being, my new laptop has a webcam, and i have skype or msn :P do you have a webcam?

yeah, they know too much D:

Ugh same, my mom just told me to clean my room this afternoon or my laptop will get a little vacation… uh-oh.

Ohh, good thing it was off then :P. My mom didnt even take my phone away, i was just too busy to check it :P

Ohh jeezz i had the same hobby as your dad :P

Yaa :D i love my laptop, is yours Dell?

Yeah and i cant get it scratched because if i do and there’s a problem with my laptop the people will think i dropped it and wont fix it D:

lol aww :( maybe next year you could heave your family celebrate it :)

Byee <3 btw i think this was a long comment…

Happy New Year! XD

Yeah, I don’t like timezones either. Sometimes its confusing. LOL.

And for the questions…

1. No, I don’t really have a New Years resolution. I kind of just make goals as i go through the year. :P

2. Currently, it’s still 2009. Which makes me happy, cause I’m not wanting 2010 to come anyway.

3. I have too many, to be honest. I can’t really pick one. 2009 was a pretty good year for me. 👏

I’m sorry this comment is short. I’ve got to go get ready. We’re having a New Years party at my house. 😒

Well, I hope you have a lovely New Year! And that domain competition is very generous of you :P

Have a good one! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you at least. It’s still 2009 here. Honestly I don’t remember a thing that happened in 2009 but I agree with you, it was definately better than 2009 and 2008 (:

I am very anxious to see what 2010 will bring. Something tells me a lot of interesting things will be happeneing, for me at least. I’m not really one for making resolutions because I already know I won’t go through with them so it would really be a waste of my time.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Not really.

Is it new year yet, where you are?
Nope, we have about 11 hours left.

Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Hmm, I met a girl and she’s the just about the bestfriend I could ever have.

My mom says a lot of nasty stuff to me too and honestly it hurts and makes me wish and say some things that I shouldn’t. I really don’t share such things with anyone but my close friends.

Someone only asked me if I loved my mom only once and it really had me thinking.

Yeah it’s so strange and random because New Year’s is spread over such a large amount of time. There are still 9 hours until New Years here in New York.

I hope you had a great New Year!

Aha, I enjoyed reading that blog :] .
I think a new year is just a regular day, but it means a whole lot to me deep inside because I think of all the new things I plan to do and change. This year, I look forward to more fun events and activities with my friends & hopefully family.
It’s currently New Years Eve, but that’s okay! :] .
Happy New Years, Georgina! =) I hope you have a good one! <3 ^^

Happy New Year to you XD ! It’s 3:36 pm here in Pennsylvania (below the state of New York if you don’t know where it is lol), so we have a little less that 9 hrs to go.
I’m posting to you in the past whoooooo /huh . I’m kidding, have a Happy New Year and a great 2010!!
(I love your smilies!)

I don’t really fuss much over the New Year either. It’s just a chapter in our lives over, and another one ready to begin. No big whoop there :] but I see how to some it is a huge… landmark, if you will.

I kind of treat every day like “today is the first day of the rest of your life” so I don’t have any resolutions either – I’m just going to do what I normally do and try to be the best person I can be. :3

Ah, timezone differences are crazy. In my neighbors bathroom they have four different clocks, each set to a different timezone. The dad in this family travles a lot, generally to those four timezones. It’s actually really cool and nice to help keep up on everything!

But yes, I was sleeping when you posted that. I’m sick, too… so I slept until about noon. :3 For me there is… well, it’s 4:15 pm (probabally a bit later when I finally hit “submit comment) so a little under eight hours until it’s 2010.

Ah, fireworks drive me nuts. They’re really very pretty, but the noise is KILLER. And not a good killer, either. =P

Awuh, that does seem kind of sad with James. But…w ell, my best guy friend (we aren’t bf/gf but we’re really close) drives me nuts more often than not. We’re always apologizing to each other, but it’s not really a big fight ever. It’s just, we love each other so much sometimes we can’t stand it ? I hope everything is fine with you and James…?

And now… onto the questions you posted (although I believe I answered most of them above).

Uh, nope. No resolutions. :]

And, not quite 2010 hear yet…

Oh, a good moment. There’s so many! Going up north to my friend’s cabin last summer, sledding at George St. with my friends last weekend, going to Camp Luther with my church last Febuary, the variety show at my school last year, my best guy friend loving his Christmas present I gave him… (?Kyle haha and I didn’t spend any money on it so that was special)…. there are too many good moments to name.

2009 was good, but it’s walking out the door.
2010, that’s what we’re waiting for.

I thought I was the only one who isn’t too excited about the new year. I am not too crazy about the celebration..perhaps I’m getting old? I don’t think so though. I suppose I’m just not into this kind of thing. Plus, most of my close offline friends are in different parts of the world. The different timezones just make it hard for us to celebrate anything together.
And oh, I never like fireworks. Too noisy..

No new year resolutions for me because I haven’t even fulfilled the one I made in 2009. Haha. I guess I should work harder.

The best moment I had in 2009 was I got to decorate Christmas tree for the first time in my life. That was awesome. I totally enjoyed it.

Zoot! Domain contest! I’m so gonna join this one. Haha! I’m gonna help you promote it.

I haven’t been a great daughter to my parents as well. But I’ll try to make it better this year. No promises though. ;)

Hohoho. Carving memories definitely will last longer. I’ll have to build a large storeroom to store all the stone tablets. Hehehe.

Thank you. I didn’t expect to win anything from the bubble.nu considering there were so many contestants. I suppose luck was on my side that time.

I’m not too crazy about the new feature of BellaBuzz. I’m more interested in the security aspect of it. The new version has better spam protection so that’s why I upgraded mine.

Hahaha. Yes I do know about your domain addiction. I’m gonna put mystifique up at the namecheap marketplace soon. ;)

Happy New Year Georgie! Even though it is already the new year in Australia. haha :)

Congrats on being with James for nearly two years! ♥

Those lollies look yummy, I should really cut down on sweets. My dentist is going to kill me! /ehh

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Yeah just to study hard at university and cut down on the sweets to please my dentist. She is scary. 😰

* Is it new year yet, where you are?

Yeah it is. It’s 01:08 AM here in England.

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.

Going on my first little get away with Chris was defo a highlight. Just me and him in the countryside, it was nice to get away from it all. haha :D

xxx <3

Hello Georgie! ;3

It feels weird to be typing comments again.. feels like I haven’t done this in forever. The joys. ^_^

Happy New Year to you too and thank you! <3

Aww, that was nice to have a show. They should do more programmes like that instead of all the funny shizz.

Me too, I'm pretty shy around my family as well. I don't even know why. ;o

Good luck at university this year. :) I think your 'be a good person overall' resolution should be directed towards everybody in the world, not just yourself.

Wow, that's freaky. I rarely eat any junk, not that there is much junk in my house. High cholesterol is bad for you. D;

Yeah, I'm trying to start thinking everything positively.. in fact that can be one of my resolutions for this year. xD 2009 was pretty rubbish, just the usual la la.

Lol. You should stop buying so many domains, maybe stop at 20 or something. How are you going to afford to renew them all? :

Before this year, I would of most likely said twenty ten but I'm probably gonna go this year with two thousand and ten. ;]

I really hate timezones too, it can be annoying at times. /sigh

I'd kill to have a friend like Lilian, I've probably had a fight with around every single friend I've had apart from the few. =x I hope the 7 years turns into forever. ;3

I love fireworks, but for some reason I hate hearing them on New Years Day.. it's been like this for several years now. I must have something wrong with me.

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Be less shy and gain more confidence, become more healthy and gain more weight. Think positively, focus more on schoolwork and be more organised.
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yes, it is. 1 hour and 37 minutes since 2010 started.
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Wow, this is a hard one. I can't really think of anything.. I think in my brain I've piled all my 2009 stuff up and threw it out the window. =/ I'm sure I had a few though. (:

Happy New Year! Ugh I hate timezones. They’re so confusing. It’s just so weird how it’s already 2010 over here but there are still places that are still 2009.

Sounds like 2009 has been a good year for you. My year has been okay. There has been some good moments but then some bad ones.

It feels weird being a new year. I mean it feels like it was September a few days ago. Time does travel fast.

Woah! That’s a lot of lollies. You must of bought alot then.

Good luck with the domain compertition.

1. Yes. To do better at school, to work on my school work more and to lose weight.
2. Yea it is. It’s 12:27pm in Adelaide.
3. Starting high school was a good moment for me. Especially meeting so many amazing people.

Well; first off I didn’t make it to number one comment over here, so that’ll probably happen once in a life time. Lol.

It’s still like 7:00 or about to turn 7:00 p.m. here in california. So happy new 2010 year to you :P. lol. Sorry I couldn’t resist saying it.

You have every right not to make any resolutions nor will I. In fact I did make two resolutions but I know that not one of them will work. So I guess they really aren’t resolutions because I made them way before the new year.

I made a new layout in case you couldn’t tell. I really like this one a lot. I’m gonna try and keep that up for a while. lol. I’ll probably take it down with in a several day time period. ‘Cause you know me. lol.

Hmmm you don’t have change the layout or anything on your site, I like it. Nothing wrong with that. I’m glad that you and Lillian have never had a single fight. I wish I could say the same with my friends but I can’t. At least you have a boyfriend, who loves and respects for who you are and not what you are. So that counts.

Like I said I don’t think I really made a new years resolution, although losing weight would help. Okay it just turned 7:00 p.m. here in Southern California. I might make a new year resolution of getting a computer in February 2010. Wish me luck!!

Hmmm the most memorable event that happened in 2009 was uhm, probably getting reaquainted with old friends from my elementary school.

haha wow the 7000th commenter? That is freaking a cool!! It only shows 26 comments but maybe there’s more in the RSS Feed.

Hahaha yeah you really don’t need to have a resolution for the new year.

I was just going through my hamper cause I was bored and wanted to clean, so guess what I found in it? My Television remote control! The things that eat things you lose is so insane! lol.

Yeah I agree timezones sucks. It’s like how will I know what day my dad will pick me up from the airport when I save up for the trip to Japan or something? Cause you guys are ahead of us. Or well; Japan is.

But yeah 7000th commenter cool beans!

Okaay, you’re so right. HERE is Argentina is 3.15 am now, only three hours ago started 2010!. I suppose it’s afternoon of jan 1 where you live.
At 10 am (!) my mother woke me up to watch new year celebrations in Australia! I was sleeping, of course.
I loved the fireworks, I wish people here did the same, they just do that by themselves and use their guns to shot to the sky HAHA which i hate.
She knows I want to visit sydney and that’s why she woke me up xD
So the time difference is 13 hours /faw I hate that!

The best moment of 2009 was the summer trip I made with my family. I travelled to 3 different places including Chile :D
I haven’t made any resolution, I believe it comes naturally lol.

OMG loved those candies! I’ve eaten so much ice creamm ;)

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions? – Nope, not a single one. :)

* Is it new year yet, where you are? – Yeah, it’s about 12:30 am. So far it sucks.

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009. – When I saw No Doubt again in concert since ’04. I had a blast! XD

I can really say that 2009 was a great year for me. Like every year, ’09 sucked major ass. And 2010 will most likely suck ass too.

Are lollies what you call candy?…

60 cents is pretty cheap for some candy. I would have done the same and pigged out /bounce

Hehe, thanks. :)

I know. I mostly try not to get angry, but sometimes I do and at other times I start laughing. XD

I hate fights as well. Currently, there’s no one fighting in my house which is a really good thing. We haven’t had absolute peace inn our house for several months. :P

Happy new year! I know what you mean. 2009 was better than 2008 for me as well. I had fights with my friends on 2008 and although my parents fought a lot on 2009, it was still good.

Oh wow, that’s a lot of candy. :D Timezones are really weird. It was weirder for me because we had daylight saving and it was all confusing. XD

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Study harder and lose weight (because I’m really getting very fat) :P
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
I’ve gotten much closer to my friends than I ever was, and it’s awesome.

Happy new year. Well, when you posted this blog it wasn’t new years yet for me. I wished people happy new year until some told me it was 4 in the afternoon for them lol.

Well, when I think about 2009, late 2009 it was okay. But early 09 and 08 was just fantastic, I was really happy back then, and i could do everything i want. Wow, I want that time back. Congratulations on completing 1 year of college, and 2 years with james, and 7 YEARS WITHOUT FIGHTING WITH LILAN Wow, applause! I’m speechless :X

I’m looking forward for January, well it has already started. My mom’s birthday in January 👏 . And I’m planing on spending my savings on a gift for her, she deserves it ♥ .

Well, where I live in there is not much excitement but in Dubai it was just like WOW. i saw it on TV, and I’m super jealous. with the fireworks and everything.


I didn’t get to writing my resolutions, even though I planed on getting to them /wah . but it’s okay, i don’t have to wait for a new year to be what I want too. I want to be a better person too, and a long with other stuff.

My timezone is ahead than yours! Haha, just kidding. New Zealand is only 2 hours ahead of Australia. Not much of a difference.

Truthfully, Georgina, 2009 was a blast for me because something incredibly, unimaginably wonderful had happened to me and it was definitely unforgettable no matter how many years would pass. However, I’m actually looking forward to 2010.

Wow, sooner or later, Heartdrops will 2 years old. That’s fast. :(

Don’t worry, your blog will be in 2010 since the date stated on this post is 1st January 2010, so yeah. XD

Man, you’re lucky you could at least “hear” fireworks outside your house whilst I can’t hear any of them. They’re shooting the fireworks somewhere else that’s not near my house so it’s a bit unfortunate not being able to see them this year. :(

Holy rolly. What a tight friendship you have with Lilian! That’s great that you’ve never had a fight with her not even once for seven whole years. You guys definitely deserve an award.

I love Lollipops! Once we saw this cool lollipop sale and they had 5 lollipops for $1 which is unbelievably cheap. Lollies with bright colours are best. XD

I have quite a lot of new year resolutions actually but one of them is to stop procrastinating or at least procrastinate less. It’s been the hardest thing to do for me.

Ngaww… “I’m sorry” is actually something good to say to someone. I mean you apologise to a certain someone before it’s too late. So it may be sad but it’s worth saying it, if you know what I mean. :)

Yay, a domain contest. I’ll be sure to remind myself to join it because it’s not something I would want to miss, that is. Good luck running the contest!

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
– Yes, to procrastinate-less is one of them.

* Is it new year yet, where you are?
– Yeah. It’s 11:45 pm right now. Just 15 more minutes and New Year’s day is over for me… :(

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
– It’s a secret but I really love that moment best. ;)

Don’t eat too many again or we’ll have to *flush* you again D=

Wow, two years /love
:) /bounce /bounce

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Nah, I like to commit myself to things over the long run instead of a spirit-of-the-moment vow /um

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
The moment when I found out I passed introductory electrical engineering, by three marks. It was hounding me all semester, and wham. 8D It’s over. To everyone who failed: SUCK ASS /bounce


There were so many in there… it was like a whole building within the market, all full of lollies, chips and chocolate. :O

Two years is ♥

I think I prefer to make little goals as I go along. Clearly they’re not working for short-term ones; I think I am better at long-term (such as over the course of a year) ones.

Three? Oh… right… because if you got 49 that would have been a fail compared to 50… right? ;)

Hehe, you used the emoticon: 8D

Oh! That’s cool!

Yeah, that would be totally embarrassing.

I see. Well, don’t piss off your parents. LMAO.

Haha, that’s one of the reason why I don’t apologize to my parents.

Maybe I will join the contest XD though I’m still having second thoughts. :P

Oh, alright! Good luck! :D

HAPPY 2010 XD (I keep typing 2012 for some reason :|)

Wow, it seems like you’ve had an amazing year! Let’s hope that 2010 is just as good, or maybe even better XD

Woah, it seems like you guys were made for eachother. and seven years without a fight, that’s incredible ♥

YAY FIREWORKS! I love fireworks xD My dad got kinda pissed though, cause he bought a £50 firework thing and it didn’t even work. It was supposed to have loads of little rockets (I think it could have been twelve; one for each month of the year) but about two went off then it died. Fail. But we did set off a Chinese Lantern which was absolutely amazing. It was beautiful!

WOAH That’s a lot of lollies :3

Yeah it must be more weird for you with the new year cause you’re one of the first places to bring in the new year so everywhere else is just like “wha? there’s ages yet” but with us, we’re kinda in the middle cause Australia and Asia are always before us, but then America are after us so everyone’s still in the New year “mood” when we get to midnight. XD If that makes any sense at all.. But yeh, Timezones suck.

haha, stop buying domains? That’s like a smoker quitting smoking :P How many do you have now? is it seventeen? I just admire you for actually keeping up with them! I can’t even keep up with three! D:

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Nope. I don’t see why a new year should be the time to make a change, I change when I feel like it XD
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
YEAH! It’s 1.30pm on 01.01.10. And I still went to type 09 there.
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.

I’ve missed talking to you too! :( But I’m kinda half-back now so s’all good XD

Aww, I hope it gets better for you, whatever it was that was upsetting you :(

Yeah, it annoys me. Because I listen to the same kinda music as Dawn (my dads girlfriend, well.. actually, she’s not. but I think I’m gunna blog about that later..) and all my brother says is “Dawn’s crappy grunger music” because he know’s that I listen to it aswell :| Dickhead.

Exactly. Wear what you wanna wear, not what someone else wants you to wear. :)

it’s fine! I didn’t expect anyone to give nice comments, so I’m amazed at the people that did! You don’t need to apologise :)

yeah, I know exactly how you feel. It’s hard to work out who your real friends until you meet them properly.

First of all, I would like to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, Georgina! ♥ Thank you so much for things that you have done for me. Like, talking to me when I’m bored at times, or helping me and stuff like that. I really appreciate it. :)

Yes, I really do hate timezones. Australia and New Zealand’s time are a few hours ahead of Malaysia, while Malaysia is a few hours ahead of UK & US. That’s pretty annoying isn’t it? /argh

Well, 2009 hasn’t been a great year for me. There’s more downs than ups for me. Sucks to be me huh. /oh I’ve had a few tiffs with best friends. Well, I don’t even know if best friends have tiff. 😴

LOL. I saw fireworks on TV. And the fireworks took place in Taiwan! I wasn’t watching fireworks of my own country. xD

Mhmm. I haven’t decided what are my New Year’s resolutions yet. I will. Later, or tomorrow. LOL.

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
As I said, not yet. ;)
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yes! ;)
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Sigh. I’m not sure. Oh, the best moment was when I won one basketball game. I mean, my team & I. Haha. :D

Aw, you’re welcome. Happy new year to you too, Alivia! ♥ I appreciate you cheering me up when I’ve felt down, too. :)

It is pretty annoying – I know America is behind me by at least 12 hours. It’s hell when I want to talk to someone. Haha.

I’m sorry you didn’t have such a great year. *hugs*

I watched a few fireworks from Sydney, on television, but I didn’t bother watching a lot of it. I wanted to actually go out and see them, but I knew it was going to be madly crowded.

Congratulations on winning that basketball game!

Happy New Year. :)
Aww thank you soo much. :) If feels soo good to be back again. :D I miss replying comments and leaving comments. I miss just talking to everyone lol.

I try not too let them get to me but some how it always does. I’m going to try to ignore it, if its my friends i will understand because they do have to be honest. My school is filled with people who just enjoy making others feel bad about themselves.

I soo did not know you had a site with Olivia. I already started this site and I’m already using: 194.82MB of space.

The stupid phone fell in gym class and that was the end of it lol. I’m going to be careful with this one and I learned the hard way not to put my phone in my jacket pocket when in gym class lol.
Thanks. :D I forgot where i got them from, i think it’s from shizoo.frozen-media.de. :D


09 was a good year but so many people died last year and swine flu came killing people also. Other than that, it was a good year. /bounce

Hahaha when I post my blog, there was still like 4hrs before new years but my WP time said it was already new year so i just posted my blog. :D

Aww did you too have a fight or something?

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Yep you are know it lol. 🙄

Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yep. :D

Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
I got closer to my friends because we are drifted apart after a while.

Crap I forgot to change the site url on my last comment lol. ;)

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Not really. I just wanna save more money hehe.
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yup :) It’s gonna be January 2 in about 15 minutes!
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Only one?! I can’t narrow it down! Haha.

Tons of candy!!! :) I like! I miss shopping for candy haha. Yeah, timezones are craaazy but i’m pretty sure by now everybody’s experiencing 2010 haha. HAPPY NEW YEAR <3

Thanks, you too. ^^

Yeah lol you’re lucky to have a great friend for seven years. :)

Yeah lmao. That’s true, so I guess I’m okay. Phew. XD

Yeah, it’s actually pretty fun to type with it, hee.

Aha the party was okay, all of the adults were gone so we were counting down till twelve.

Yeah, the main thing for me, also is to be less shy. But I could use some new friends. :P

Thanks for the wishes of luck. :)

I’m glad you like my layout, it was such a pain to code though /angry I wanted to put the main bits I put in my sidebar, like the links, into a footer, but it wasn’t behaving like it should, so I just put it into a sidebar anyway. But I’m quite proud of my header :) It’s not like anything I’ve done before.

Twitter’s quite cool, and I’ve installed an app called echofon, so whenever I want to twitter I can do it from the bottom bar of firefox, which is pretty nifty.

I might just make a tumblr blog and give it a domain or something :)

Haha, I remember once my mum told me I was grounded for the rest of the week, and wouldn’t be allowed out. The next day, she’d completely forgotten! :D I wasn’t going to correct her.

We stayed up all night and watched the fireworks go off of the London Eye. It’s quite depressing though, when you think about it. Somebody spends their entire year planning that display- getting the materials, safety clearance, making it pretty. And it finishes in around five minutes.

WOW. Two years with your James ♥ Congratulations. I’m jealous /ehh

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Urgh, yes. Some are very embarrassing xD Basically, update my site regularly, and stop being so sarcastic to EVERYONE. xD And maybe do some situps? I want to get fitter.
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yeah :D New years day, now.
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Umm, (YAY, WE JUST GOT THE PRINTER WORKING! But that’s in 2010. xD) I don’t know. When I got my straighteners, for my birthday, maybe?

I’m back!!

No, of course I don’t mind, I wasn’t actually expecting any reply at all to be honest, considering my site was on maintenence mode and all.

Yeah, the snow was great here. It’s all turned to ice now though, but I think we’re getting more.

Some of the texts we’re doing for English look quite interesting; others not so much. Oh well.

Happy New Year!! I guess it must be New Year everywhere by now, not really sure though ’cause timezones confuse me. Strange how some people are in one year while others are in another. And confusing, haha.

Oh, the lollies look nice. I’ve been eating lots of sweets over the Christmas period as well.

I don’t think I’ve seen any fireworks this year. I usually notice them every year, but I guess I’ll probably notice them sometime later.

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
To keep all of my New Year’s resolutions.
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Erm, quite a few, but probably going to Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of the best ones.

Whoo, Happy New Years! ♥
It’s was just New Year’s actually 14 hours ago hehe.

Time zones are definitely confusing, lol. When it’s day in Canada & USA, it’s night time in Asia, Europe, Australia and all those other countries on the other side of the world.

One time my mom wanted to call her relatives in China at 2:30 PM, and oh shiz she woke up the whole house. XD

Oooh, well good luck with the domain contest! Your so generous, tehee. :D

Here’s a New Year’s gift by the way: http://i45.tinypic.com/16lydyx.png

Haha. The way you absolutely hate the thought of a new year humors me. Its funny how you can pick any subject and find something bad about it :P

Yeah, timezones are fricken annoying. I can only ever twitter stuff to you when its about 10:00pm for you, when It’s about 12 noon for me. eugh. Annoying.

And so much for new years resolutions. I mean It’s cute when you are like 7 and you decide to clean your room everyday or something, but It never seems to work out.

Well, as my friend said to me; Lary Christmas and a Crappy New Year! ✌️

The timezones completely through me off. I sometimes forget there are different timeszones. Everyone was done with New Year’s and I still had two hours to go. Hahahaha, but still, it’s cool because I got to be the last one to go HAPPY NEW YEAR’s. xDDD

Candy. ^^ I like lollies.

I don’t know what to say. I read this a long time ago but now I don’t know what to say. /ehh

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Yeups, I already wrote them out on blog that you read… and … I can’t exactly remember them all. Haha.

* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yeups, well past now. It’s 3:21 PM. ^^

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
9/27. Definitely the best day of 2009. (:


I still think that’s kind of an act of being a coward. I mean I should be able to face my problems and look it in the face, right?

But I can see what you mean. In another light, I’m not because I stepped back from something I clung to for so long.

I love how everytime I return your comments something in the story has changed. You’ll see in my next blog. ^^

^^ Yeah, another mini resolution I made… shorter blogs. At least.. less than 1000 words. Haha.

Well, I like the idea of everything happens for a reason. It makes me feel like life is just one big puzzle being put together… perfectly. ^^

I’m glad you’re happier and excited and whatever now. (:

I knowwwwwwwww, my friends like planning last minute and my parents HATE that. So I can’t be a part of ANYTHING. Reason for the story of my life. I have no social life because of that. =/

There’s definitely a time and place for all stories. ^^

Awwwww, James sounds so sweet for everything. ^^

A time away from friends often makes you appreciate them most definitely.

Probably one day I will say that too. High school being the best time of my life. One day.

That’s cool, my blogs make you reflect? ^^ That’s deep. ^^

Yeah, grade school is so far away. How did it happen? YOu were in high school when I was in grade school.. that’s funny to think about..

Yeah, I thought the technology hiatus is BS. I told him that, he was like NO it’s not BS. Apparently it’s one of his resolutions. I’m okay with it now. I think the one reason I thought it was major bs was because he told me last. =/

That is rather funny, maybe because James is a BOY. The taboo for us females. Haha.

I fail at using cameras, so I try hand-drawing. ^^

Aw, I’m sorry about you and James arguing in the first hour of 2010. But at least it’s all good now. ^^

I really wanted to open my site and blog at midnight but because of the stupid timezones I couldn’t. :( I hate that we’re all in different timezones. It sucks when you and I are working too, we barely get to speak to each other! LOL. :(

It sounds like you’ve had a pretty good year all in all. I know you were pretty upset the last few days of 2009 and beginning of 2010 but I hope you’re feeling better now?

I don’t really care about the New Year in all honesty. And it annoys me when people are like “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” yeah you say that every year…

MMM LOLLIES!! I want some, please? :) Actually no, I feel rather sick after last night hahaha. Mixing Lime Vodka, Magners (cider), pizza, cheesy garlic bread and chocolate isn’t too good.

HAPPY NEW YEAR THOUGH GEORGIE. ♥ I’m a bit late but hey ho.

I love watching the fireworks, they amuse me so much. They do get annoying after a while though. o_O

I always make resolutions but never stick to them, whatever.

That’s awesome you’re holding a domain competition. I think I might at some point. =D

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
– A few, they’re in my blog and I can’t be bothered to repeat myself haha
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
– It’s nearly 2nd January now. xD I’M IN LONDON, ENGLAND BABY
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
– Just being with Rob.. sad but whatever. :P

Happy New Years *hugs* :P

Really? Lol, I rarely even say Grandma, all my grandmothers are Nannies. And then there is a Pa, Nappy and my stepgrandfather Grampy. Lol,

Hmm, I’m guessing they taste sour? They don’t look sweet.. Hmm, that will be on my Bucket List. Taste a rambutan..

Yeah, and then to the grandkiddies, it’ll be prehistoric and cool.. XD

The Land Before Time was epic, man. Epic. :D

I suppose, but still, I suck at combinations, piano is one for one.

Haha, the siren noise is AWESOME! Like, my own police car.

Same, sometimes I forget though. O_o

Yeah, really. Like, it’s they’re all mad at you for some reason. I mean, there’s probably a lot of other people who have domains and still enter contests. Not sure what their problem is.. :X

That’s probably best.

The glue gun is murderous with burns. Hot tea? That sounds very painful…

Teenage boys… what can you do?

Hope so, yeah sometimes my mom does that for Christmas. Since me and her have different tastes. She likes plaid skirts, I like plain hoodies..

Haha, that was a rule at my house. “NEVER OPEN GIFTS WITHOUT A PARENT PRESENT” To break that rule was serious timeout time.

No, we were just excited. So not that important, lol :P

Haha, you’re welcome! XD

My stepmom would love you then, even now, my stepsister who’s 21, still unwraps them like a maniac.

Tisk, tisk, you should be excited. New decade. Lol XD
Actually I’m not either, still feels like 2009 to me. 2006 for that matter.

Wow, that’s really good. I mean, 7 years, me and my friends and I have had a few fights and we’ve only known each other for about 4 years. O.O

That is A LOT of candy, yummm… I want some.. *steals all and runs away while doing a witch’s laugh*


Gahh, I know what you mean. I absolutely hate timezones. I swear, it feels like no one lives in Canada. Everyone is like “HAPPY NEW YEAR” while I can only sit there and say WTF? I still got 2 hours to go. Sometimes I wish I knew someone who lived in a semi same timezone.

Ooh, I’ll have to enter your contest! :D

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Ermm, to practice piano more. I never practice and screw up a lot. :O Especially with my teacher wanting me to try exams next year.
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yup, :)
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Umm, probably when I won 2nd place in my first horse show. :D


Me and my friend we drinking and it was good. Vari good. (: Big Ben going off, the fireworks. YAY.

I’m glad you had such a good year, it seems like you were one of the lucky ones. (; New years resolution, stop buying so many domains? :P LOL, c’mon, they are like your thing. My thing is shoes, bags and DVDS. Yours is domains. We are all allowed one indulgence.


Oh I missed the fireworks here and the Times Square Ball in New York.
We went to chruch on New Years then to a party.
I don’t make new years resolutions any more either.
I just heard of a blind marching band that played in a New Year’s parade. They practiced for a Year and a half! But I missed that too. LOL! :)

Wow that is a lot of candy! I hope your year will be great!!!!

3.Breaking free from Site Builders and making my own code!

Aha, I was never big on new years either. But this year I loved it because it was a new decade! And my mommy let me drink (Y) .
At midnight me and my friends ran down all over my neighborhood yelling “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and clanking pots and pans.
And my brother, trying to fit in ran down the street STREEKING…. /bash /bash /bash

I did get some good gifts now didn’t I?

Sorry, that I never got around to replying your email! =[ I’ve been kinda busy.
Yeah, I heard fireworks everywhere. I actually went to see them @ Darling Harbour. Then I went home and watched the one @12 on tv. Hehe.
The lollies in the picture are cheap :)
* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
I’m going to do Project 365, the one where yo take a photo everyday :D
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
There are so many great moments and it’s too hard to pick just one. I’ll name a few.. hehe.
– Making new friends.
– A great report at the end of the year and the first report was pretty good also.
– Becoming more crafty and discovering the beautiful scrapbook layouts and fun crafts to do.
– Family together and having a good time.


I’m replying to your comment on my blog because your blog comments still aren’t working… :(

Happy new year! :D :D

That’s okay haha. I forgot about the email. I just couldn’t comment on your blog. XD

I have been taking a photo every day since March 2009. It’s on my photoblog!

Yeah, they were sooo cheap! D: I was surprised and we bought such a load.

I like those canvases of art! I think they both look very creative and yours looks very colourful. :)

I’m so grateful for my family and friends as well, and my online friends who really keep me going. ^^

I wanted to go out and see the fireworks but I knew I would be stuck in the crowds. Which I hate. :P

* How did you spend the last day of 2009?
Just at home aha.
* Do you think 2010 is going to be a fantastic year?
Better than 2009 – not necessarily fantastic, but GOOD.
* Any new year resolutions?
Just be a better person and not start any fights and stuff… yeah.

wee. same here, I don’t really care about the new year thingy. I did not lit any firecrackers, instead I just watched tv during new years eve. :)
It’s a good thing that you and your bestfriend are still together. Same here, I have a bestie since 3rd grade and we’re still enjoying the company of each other. HAHA, even though sometimes she’s such a pain in the ass. I love her. Happy new year!

Happy new year! :)

I agree about the time zone issue. I will see all the “Happy new year” tweets for 24 hours on my timeline since different parts of the world crosses over to the new year at different timings.

I still write resolutions every year though I don’t fulfil them intentionally and don’t keep track of them either. I just hope some of them get done coincidentally. It happens! ;)

I didn’t get to see any fireworks this year but I heard them as well. It’s just way to crowded for me to want to squeeze with the crowds to watch it.

Hope the new year will be full of laughter, love and joy for you. :D

Oh yay happy new year to you too! *hugs* :) Hope this year could be better than 2009! Oh and hope you could accomplish your goals in 2010 :) Best of luck!

Haha timezones difference is confusing sometimes. Like what you said, people in certain places have celebrated the new year but some other people are still sleeping XD That’s why I tweeted “Happy New Year” 3 times on twitter because of different timezones.

Wow, you and Lilian must be great great friends XD You haven’t fought for 7 years?! Cool! I’m sure your friendship will last forever XD

I love fireworks! :D I didn’t see them on the last day of 2008 because I was sleeping that time, LOL. But I saw them on the last day of 2009 :) I saw them in a public mall and woo it was crowded there. I couldn’t walk without touching someone O_O But the fireworks were so pretty! They were huge and awesome XD

Ooh the lollies look yummy! I love lollies XD The store looks great! And the price is pretty cheap too (I saw the green note with the prices up there)!

Yay for the domain contest! I’m in XD Anyway do you pick the winner randomly using a random generator like random.org? I hope I’m lucky enough to win :P

Answering your question:
My new year resolution is, I want to be in the first place again this year. I got the 2nd place last term though, haha. And I hope I could be more patient, haha.

The good moment I had in 2009 is when I made a big mistake and my family hugged me to support me. That made me feel awesome! Family is the best thing I’ve ever had XD

Why don’t you care about the times? I mean It’s a tradition to literally SCREAM and shout as we count down to 0 on new year’s eve. Our house is loud, really really loud. I love it. I’m a loud person. XD

Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Not yet, I’m going to make some as I post my blog though. I think I’m a little late. Oh well. :P
Is it new year yet, where you are?
Yes, it’s 11:24 PM on 1/1/10
Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
I had my first kiss.

Why the heck would you feel like sleeping on New Years? I mean I’m wide awake when I went to sleep at 5 am and woke up at noon. Hahahaha. I’m about to go back to school so I should probably fix my sleeping patterns. Ugh. School….

Anyway, back to your blog. I don’t see how you don’t like new years. I understand the whole timezones issue and I have the issue with my family living in Eastern while I live in Central. It’s an hour difference so the famous ball dropping in Times Square (NY) happens earlier so we have to record it and replay it.

xD Thanks? I wasn’t at fireworks (WAHHH) but I was with my laptop so yeah, I decided to countdown. It’s fun ^^;

Noughties remind me of naughty people. :S So it does sound kind of unclassy. Heh.

The other one, I got bored of the grey and CSS. 😴

Yeah! Birthdays are also a great excuse to pig out on cake as well as lollies and all that kind of stuff. :)

I don’t find you bitchy :S Haha.

Far west. That’s really far from inner west. It’s like one hour :S

LOL! My mum always says “I should go to China” because everything there is so cheap. Like $1 for all these pairs of socks or something.

Electronic is upbeat and makes me feel good. But I also like broadway (Thanks Glee!) and general pop (excludes Miley Cyrus and HSM *cringe* ).

I love any salmon. Maybe except burnt salmon. But I have to agree with you on wasabi. It’s only too much you start to get burnt. A little is okay. It doesn’t usually /burn/ xD

I know, I doubt I can even READ the music, let only play and cram myself with musical knowledge. The pressure.

Wow. D; I think you avoid cutting your hair around your mum now…:P My mum doesn’t really care I guess, she would probably be more worried about me poking myself in the eyes.

Oh!! That’s a pretty good system! We use our roll classes and write them on the bag so yeah.

I know; so many celebrities died in 2009. I hope not too many do the same :( It’s pretty sad to lose someone you don’t even know because you’ve recognised them in films and stuff.

I LOVE YUPI BURGERS!! I remember when I was little, I took it layer by layer and savoured it. :P

10?!?!? Do they already have names or do you just register them for people?

I did as well. I procrastinated this assignment for like 2 weeks, and then the day before, I stayed up until 12 and I still hadn’t finished and had to work on it at school. Thank goodness that subject was last period otherwise I would’ve killed myself xD

Finishing last minute…I did that once o_o

LOL yes! Just having it around you all the time gets your tired of it. *sigh* Sometimes I feel so bad being so how do you say it..indecisive? Eh, something like that. But I do perfer, a sunny day with a mild wind :D XD that’s like the best day ever (Y)

Haha yeah..I got MORE weird questions. I deleted/blocked them. It’s so annoying. -___-

Haha true! I find it so funny how plush toys are so expensive! They are just a big fluff ball XD! Hahah yeah! Aww yeah the snail is good! It reminds me of a butterfly XD

LOL why thank you XD Hah yeah, good times!

Hahah yeah! So many holidays! I love how everyone is pumped for Christmas break, but then once its over, everyone is pumped for spring break :D

LOL ! Awww you must’ve looked so cute though ! XD Hehe I use to have like a rose pattern shirt and leggings LOL. When I wore them together, I was quite an interesting sight!

Hahah aww cool! Heheh I love plaid ! XD

Hah I didn’t go to the beach much either. I would go once, and just scoop a big bucket of sand/shells and that would be my collection LOL I didn’t really pay attention to what they looked like at that age XD

LOL well to me its like everyday since I take FOREVER to return comments XD.

:O ! WHOA. Dang, my sister’s friend’s cousin is from Australia, and she is visiting for like a month and DANG, she must’ve had to save up for a trip like that! At least she’s staying at their house, so she doesn’t have to pay for hotels or anything.

I hope you had a happy new year! The girl from Australia [like I said above] called her family at like 12AM here, and it was 4pm the next day there! We were like WHOAA XD

No it’s just some sort of feeling Georgina. I just find it surprising so guess it’s some sort of big deal to me and it’s my website so, i just like to write what i like :P

Whatever. That’s your opinion, so I don’t really care actually. But all opinions matter so, oh well. Whatever…

You did mention in your blog post, “Georgina, we are freaked out. WHAT IS HAPPENING?” and I saw that as incentive to respond to your post with something other than excessive verbiage, also considering the fact that you had mentioned yours truly.

Haha. New Year is just some ordinary day, huh?

Yeah. I always resolute to lessen my sweet intake, since my parents told me that my Granny has Diabetes, and it’s hereditary, and I love sweets.

Well I’m that as each year goes by it gets better!

Ahh, I love pigging out on junk food! Thinking about food is actually making me really hungry right now 🤤

Try not to dwell on the last things that happened in 2009. It’s not as if 2010 is a new beginning. The world continues to go on as it is really.
* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
Not yet. I need to make some soon… XD
* Is it new year yet, where you are?
It’s is the 2nd of January, 6:56pm! So yes. XD
* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Going overseas :)


haha a lot of people hate durian actually, especially because of the taste. Some places in Malaysia where there are a lot of western tourists put in place a ‘No Durian’ sign. It was quite amusing actually XD

Yes, yes, I shall open an icon site very soon! At least before my holiday ends XD I’ll try iconish and see how I like it. I wish there was more icon scripts out rather than just a few :(

D: I should buy a guitar tuner! I’m not sure when I’ll be playing guitar again, I barely have any hobbies yet I seem to never have enough time to do things /ehh

I think my favourite flavour at Gelatissimo would have to be the pistachio and mango /ehe

D: That’s so awesome how you speak to Ben Jorgensen and convince him to come visit Australia! I’m too shy to even talk to band members online. :( It’s a little shameful actually XD

Well you heard right about All Time Low. They look nice, but when it comes to meeting them, unless you’re ‘hot’ they’ll just ignore you or whatever. I mean, if they wanted to be mean, they didn’t have to pretend to be nice. /hmph
I’m considering to sell their signed poster. It’s up on my wall and it doesn’t mean anything to me any more except disappointment. Maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t know D:

Tsk tsk Georgina! Disobeying your parents! :P Ahh well, next time they call you a rebel maybe you should say to them – “At least I’m not doing or dealing drugs!” Maybe they’ll think of you as an angel from then on XD

I love New Years. It’s like a second chance, but not really cus it happens every year. :P

* Do you have any new year’s resolutions?
I wanna be fitter, more exercise. And party moreeeee!

* Is it new year yet, where you are?
Well, it definately is now. Hahaha.

* Tell me one good moment you had in 2009.
Coast trip with my friends :)