The Colour And The Shape

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I’ve been playing guitar quite a lot the past few days, and now I have peels and callouses on my fingers from my hardcore playing. I’ll need some band-aids and pawpaw cream, thank you! :P

James and I had a fight on New Year’s Day. Which sucked, because you know I was trying to be a better person and everything, and I sort of lashed out with some rather nasty things. But we’re okay now and we’ve sorted out the problems. /love

Other than that, I haven’t had a serious argument or fight with anyone so far this year. I’m going to try and keep it that way. If anyone tries to start a fight, or drama, I’m just going to back off.

So, the other day (in 2009…), Dyron was trying to keep the peace amongst some rage and drama on Twitter, and suggested we all go back to our younger days and get a colouring book, colour in a picture and take a photo. Good times.

I didn’t have a colouring book so I printed something from the internet and coloured that in:

picture I coloured in

Ignore the fact that I look a bit like a 12-year-old (no offense to anyone who is 12 years old, but I’m 18!)… I tend to look younger than I am sometimes, heh. :P

But colouring in – I hadn’t done it for years. I really enjoyed it when I was little, especially entering competitions, even if they were rigged and they chose winners who didn’t even have good colouring-in skills.

I guess I was more into reading. One time I won a summer reading program, and I won this wonderful, beautiful book about dogs. It was a huge book with so much information on dogs, with pictures and everything. I still have it. ♥️

I want to share a funny memory I have of my childhood. It’s something that I blogged about a while ago, and only a couple of you may remember because back then, not many people read my blogs.

When I was in third grade, my class had the classroom right at the end of a hall. And from our classroom door we could see the storeroom window.

On a rainy day, my friends and I stood outside the classroom by the door. Looking at the storeroom window, we all saw a ghost. To us, it was real. To anyone else we told, it’s fair to say they believed us.

We were only around eight years old and seeing something white in a window, moving, was obviously scary. :O

So I started The Ghost Club. I started the whole question whether or not the ghost was the good ghost Lady Lucy, or the bad ghost Bleeding Barry. We had a list of all the “good” ghosts. Which were really just nicked from books.

I think, deep down, I knew it wasn’t real. Maybe a floating plastic bag. The thing that amazed me most… was how everyone came to believe me. /hehe

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(H) /bounce



Second blog of the new year for you :) /bounce ✌️

Haha, I’m totally the opposite of you! I’ve been neglecting my guitar. /um I’M SORRY GUITAR! I promise starting from next week there will be some hardcore practicing taking place *nods* :) Haha.

Yep, looks like you need the pawpaw ointment, but I reckon bandaids might impede your guitar playing :O

Ngawwww! It sucks that you had a fight on NEW YEARS DAY. :( That’s like /wah But I’m glad it’s all over and you guys are okay now ^^ Otherwise that wouldn’t be very fun for you…:(

Yes! Massive dramas = AVOID. Good idea. I HATE massive dramas anyways. But it’s been a while since I’ve been involved in one. Haha.

Oooohh…Nice coloured picture! Now I am tempted to colour something in. :P I still have pokemon colouring in books. Or maybe I’ll just try to draw something. It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to seriously sketch something. :(

But yeah. Aww you don’t look like a 12 year old. You look cute, is all…:P XD

I liked colouring-in in primary school, but then I got bored of it. :( Now I’m kinda meh about it. I prefer to draw pictures. Maybe cos my second-cousins kept making me colour stuff. Oh well, they’re too cute to say no to!

I REMEMBER THAT STORY! Hahahahaha! Don’t worry, I’d have believed there was a ghost too, and totally freaked out. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep after for a few weeks because I was seriously a wimp.

But yeah, looking back, it IS so majorly funny that people believed you :P

WIN! ✌️

Yeah, and you did, which was pretty surprising because I thought someone else would write a shorter comment and beat you. :P

And it’s on the second day of the month too, yay! I was going to make a goal to blog every day but maybe not. I might run out of things to blog about, and the holidays are pretty boring at the moment.

I did neglect my guitar for some time too, though.

Pawpaw ointment is pretty oily. I think it would be bad for the keyboard. And probably not very good for the guitar playing either. :P

Yeah, you were there. Thank you for being there! ♥

I’ve been in dramas online especially… and I don’t want to start crap with people I can’t even see, and using words… it’s a silly thing to do and I’m just going to try and not get involved.

I haven’t really drawn or done anything arty. Colouring is a good way to get back into it, I guess… XD

I really liked colouring in primary school! It was probably my favourite activity. Sad. :P

It is pretty funny. LOL. I think it will be a story to tell the children… Hahaha.

I eat a lot of junk food as well. LOL. Computer is the main reason I’m gaining weight. Really, everything that I love to do has some bad effect on me. XD

Me too. I hear about deaths all the time but this new really frightened me even though I didn’t know those boys. Probably because my sister knew them and it’s just hard to imagine someone dying because of an accident.

Sure! :D

Yeah. As my sister loves make up and stuff, I get to do lots of experiments on her face. XD but the sad thing is, she also tries to do make-up and hairstyle experiments with me, which I really hate. :P

I used to suck at blending as well, but I made a lot of them so I’ve become much better. Thanks! :)

When I first started playing the guitar, I used to get scared to see how the tips of my fingers had become kind of grey in colour and very hard. Thankfully that doesn’t happen now.

Aww, I’m sorry that you fought with James. That’s great it worked out.

I miss my childhood a lot. There was nothing to worry about except sometimes for homework and because I used lose my colour pencils a lot. :P That colouring looks really cute. I haven’t coloured anything for a long time as well. I sometimes like drawing but I’ve always disliked colouring.

Yay for the book with the dogs! :D

LOL. My friends used to say all the time that there are ghosts in our school, and everyone used to believe that. XD

Georgina you hardcore guitarist! XD I get calluses from writing study notes; does that make me a hardcore nerd?? XD

I’m glad you and James have made amends :)

D: I miss colouring in! I have a Powerpuff Girls and dinosaur colouring book 😳 But it’s been untouched for some time! :P

Looking younger is better than looking older! You’ll at least want to be continued to be told that you look younger once wrinkles start appearing :o

Colouring competitions. They always chose the crappy artists… XD Although I did win a colouring competition once when I was around 5 at my local pet shop. I won a goldfish XD The cat next door ate it shortly >_>

haha! The Ghost Club eh? I so would of joined! XD
It’s amazing how gullible innocent minds can be :)

Ah, I miss playing guitar so much! I got a new piano for Christmas so I’ve happily been spending hours jamming away on it. But my guitar is beautiful, and I really miss strumming simple chords and listening to the notes reverberating over and over. I find a sort of peace in it, you know? Well, except the callouses on my fingers. I have steel strings, so even if I only play for ten minutes, my fingers go all weird. Yours sounds a heck of a lot worse than mine though! :P

New Year’s never lives up to my expectations, really. I always tell myself, “Jess, from this day forward, you are never, EVER going to (insert unrealistic resolution here)!!!!!”
… And I end up doing it the very next day. Sigh.
I suppose my real issue isn’t New Year’s itself. It’s all the hype and expectations that come with it. I think that if people really want to change, they shouldn’t feel the need to wait right until January 1. They should have a little New Year’s Day of their own, whenever they feel like. :)

Haha! Your story about the ghost is funny. When I was in kindergarten, my entire class believed that I was telling the truth when I would tell them the weirdest stuff. The main one I remember was telling them, every single day, that a relative, friend or pet of mine was celebrating a birthday. I’m pretty sure my dad had six birthdays, my mum nine, and my brother two. Not to mention the multitude of animals- cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots… the list goes on. I think they only realised I was fibbing when I told them it was my elephant’s birthday; based on the logic that an elephant can’t fit in a house, naturally.

Colouring books rocked ✌️

I used to have a Barbie one and some other randoms. Good times. Except I refused to colour them in most of the time since people would criticize my colouring /hmph and so I like to sketch now and not colour or paint. 😳 Bleh, I was little, it’s not like they had a “how-to-stop-colouring-like-a-retard-class” /faw

I used to freak out about ghost stories. Actually wait, no. I used to laugh at people who freaked out at them. Especially when they wet the carpet and the next morning you’d see a sparkly white bleached patch in it’s place. (hey, it was one way to get it clean) /hehe You remind me of the Rugrats. You’d be Tommy fer sure. So did anyone pee then?R

Well if it’s any consolation, I like your site alot. I’ll be back often ♥

I couldn’t find a way to comment on your site so I’m replying here; hope that’s alright with you. :)

I loved colouring books, haha. I think they were the kinds of things my brother and I fought over.

That’s not very nice, LOL. I remember being told by an English teacher how to colour in. She said you had to go in one direction and not change directions. I was about 14 years old. I’m thinking, “what, woman?”

I used to be so scared of those urban myths and ghost stories. So very scared.

I love Rugrats! Of course it’s been a while since I’ve watched it but it was one of my favourites to watch when I was little.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. ♥ Take care!

Haha, you seem really passionate with your music. Yeh, hope the fingers get better. I sometimes get that from playing piano.

Aww. You and James had a argument? Yh, It would suck.

Avoiding big dramas is a good thing. It’s easier to not get involved rather than getting into a big dispute/argument. (Y)

Ooh. Your picture is so sweet. You look older than a twelve year old- trust me, I am one :D

Haha. There was this rumor in year 4, supposedly there was a ghost in the girls toilets- I was afraid to go in them in year 1 when I was like 6. 🙄

That is so generous of you!
Happy holidays!

I started commenting on your “Hello 2010” blog yesterday but you’ve written a new one. xD So whatever.
Epic fail on my part. /um

Hardcore guitar playing, eh? Are you still missing a string?
My cornet’s been abandoned. Um. Well, I don’t really play it anymore or have lessons or take grades and stuff… but I wouldn’t want to sell it or anything.

Aw! *hugs* Sucks you fought on New Year’s Day. But at least everything’s better now :)

Big drama…. I get it all the time at my school. “You’re a bitch”, “you’re stupid”, “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, “you have no fashion sense”.

You know? In the end you learn not the fight back… it justmakes things really sticky. Argh.

Haha what an awesome suggestion! I used to love colouring those pictures in too. :) I used to spend ages making sure I didn’t colour outside of the lines.

Aw you don’t look 12! You look 18, so there. DIG IT.
Maybe you look younger because you’ve got a big smile on your face, hehee. (Y)

I used to love entering those colouring in contests! Although you are right, most of them were rigged. I think that it’s okay to rig one or two contests so that people don’t get left out… but not all the contests. xD

Wow! That book is quite a prize. :3 I remember doing some reading contests. I was so into them that once, I read 40 books in July. O_O

I remember doing a drawing contest once for Savills (estate agent people). You had to draw your dream home.
I came second and got a Savills cap, a Savills pen and a Savills shirt. HAHA.
I just use the shirt for painting rooms and redecorating. :P

HAHA! The Ghost Club. OMG. :’) So funny and cute that everyone beleived you. (Y)

Oh well, what else can an eight-year-old do? 😏

Gotta love being young, eh. Or having memories of when you were younger.

Good ghosts and bad ghosts? Well Georgie, you certainly got very involved. In the Ghost Club. Haha. Were you the head?

So cute everyone else believed you! /oh

Crooge? @_@

And haha thanks. I didn’t want to sound moody… but I think I did. /um

Wise, eh? That’s a first/ oh I’m not so sure… /ehe

When you posted your comment the fireworks had gone off EXACTLY two and a half hours ago. I was awake in bed… trying to get to sleep… /faw

Because my drunk next-door neighbours were firing fireworks. Agh.

Domain contest! I won’t enter because I don’t need another domain… happy with just one :)

Wow! You’re right O_O Practically a year. We are cool (Y)

Happy New Year to you too! Well it’s kind of late, but whatever. I wished you a happy year on MSN. Admittedly four minutes late…

Apparently in Sydney you let off your fireworks at 9pm. Is that true? 🙄

You are quite far ahead in timezones, though. Maybe not the first to have New Year, but you are close!

Twenty-ten annoys me. Like you say – it’s two fucking numbers. Not ONE number.
And as a decade, you should pronounce it properly and whatever.
Two thousand and ten FTW, biatch (Y)

I don’t like forgetting the old years either. I reflect on them too. It’s like, what you’ve gotta do. You can really see sometimes how far you’ve come :’)

High school sure as hell is gonna be one of the best times of my life, I know. It’ll teach me a lot, right? Because I mean you go there at 11 (at least you do here), and by the time you leave you’re 18. You learn a lot and throughout those years of your life you will grow up the most and be more mature.

Why forget the past decade, indeed?

You’re right! Maybe in the future people will rely totally, 100%, on technology and what it allows us to do. Of course we rely on it a lot at the moment but I wouldn’t say that everything we do requires technology.

Haha. Gekko and his stupid iPhone soon being old and antique… what a vision, lmfao.

I don’t want to change myself either. I mean, sure, I can always make myself a better person by changing my attitude. But not who I am… not my music or my clothes or my likes and dislikes or my hobbies. Because everything adds up to make me ;)

Without one little thing, like not liking MCR (which will NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever happen), then I wouldn’t be me.

And that would be… weird. 😏 /oh

No problem. I was meant to return your comment two days ago too… /ehe

Yup. Accidently… *cough, cough, of course*

Same! Sometimes I need a break from returning comments.

At the moment, for the last few blogs I’ve written, I’ve been loving returning comments because I hadn’t done it in almost 2 months. I wonder when I’ll start getting lazy with them again…

Aw, you can do it! *hugs* Your reviews are better then mine ever were though, hah.

It is a little crazy. Sure an online life is a nice addition to an offline one, but you can’t rely 100% on an online one. And besides, that’s seriously sad, to be honest. To put an online life before seeing the world each day and living and breathing and that shit.


And I owe you, actually. I read your last blog and STARTED to comment, but didn’t post because I’m commenting on this one instead :P

Timezones are fucked… but I wouldn’t want to eat breakfast in the dark. 🙄

Don’t remind me of Physics, please. /poo It’s so boringgggg.

Hehee fangirling is satisfying.

And nope. I don’t tend to pay attention in Physics. Hah.
Against the rotation of the earth, eh? WEIRD.

We have all gotta go on that huge trip of ours! (Y)

Too right.
It does suck, eh. Long periods without the computer… ahahaaa we such computer geeks 8D /type

Addicts, too. 🙄 /oh

Not necessarily! Sometimes rebelling is for good causes. :P

We do need dislipcine, indeed we do.
Somewhat scarily, yus. /sweat


Can you make a good siren noise? Top commentator coming throougggghhhhhh!!!

Aw thanks. :) But WP is way more useful. LOL.


Good song overall (Y) Ex’s and Oh’s FTW!

Haha I know you used to hate welcome messages. XD But sometimes a line or two is required…

I remember your footbar! On the layout with the pictures of you, Lilian and James down the side. :)

Thank you! Glad you like the brown.

And LOL, I’ll remember your font recommendations for next time. :P

Thanks. I made a premade yesterday but it’s not my best work /ehh

Good luck at work!

Fondant Fancies are yummy! Good thing I gave you a picture to look at ;)

I have 10… maybe 11 after this to return.

Like on Family Guy, my dad and sister laughed forever at the line “a woman learning?!” /hmph



I hate it when people nag me to hurry up with anything, let alone telling me what to do with my site. Sheeeeeeeesh.

I blog every two days, or maybe the next day. Depends.

I’ve got all those acronyms, Georgie. DIG IT. /hehe

I will :)

My sister has some odd shades of polish too. It’s the thang! (H)

Well your spam is sexy… kiss it, bitch. :P

LOL. I don’t pig out when it’s Christmas, okay? I don’t even like turkey. XD

I still suck at icons. Maybe I’ll try later on!

And danke. ♥ ILY!

And I’m managing to return long comments, whoo.
Hehe thank you! I showed you George the Kingfisher on MSN the other day, amongst scribbles and crap. XD

I did a colour version of him the other day /bounce

OMG OMG YOU HAD BLACKBOARDS? That’s so cool. We have whiteboards. Ehhhh.

Coolly messy, I should hope!

OMFG, he said all that? /love Aha I can see why you like Ben Jorg so much, heeee.

I feel sorry for the person who has to have the Big Ben Clock account. Even if it’s just a bot (which it probably is), whatever. So amazingly stupid, haha.


Gotta love it ;)

I think it’s awesome how the guys in the Simpsons are yellow. It’s cool (Y)

Take care! xx

I don’t know, I haven’t actually seen any this year. We usually do though. Can you set fireworks off in the snow??

I still think it’s really weird. If I went to Australia it would take me about 23 hours to get there, but the timezone thing would mean it would actually take about two days. And going back home would be like going back in time… pretty much like a modern day time machine.

Pasta’s like the easiest thing you can cook and I still failed. It went all soft and tasted strange. I should learn to cook something this year, as a proper resolution.

It might be quite nice being in a warm suit dressed as Santa.

I think I have had an argument this year. Nothing major though, just disagreements with parents and stuff. Hope you’re okay now.

I love the colouring picture! It’s so cute, and well done for not going out of the lines, lol. People always say that when you’re kids don’t they??

I used to do a reading challenge every year at my local library. You had to read 6 books over the 6 weeks holidays to win some stickers and a badge. I think I still have them.

The Ghost Club sounds cool. It’s weird what people believe when you’re younger isn’t it?? I remember when I was in Year 6 (last year of primary school) we all made this rumour up about a blue lady, and if you said something in the mirror three times she’d come and kill you or something. Then we all got shouted at ’cause the little kids were really scared. Aww.


Hahaa after a while you will get used to it. :D I kept making mistakes when putting my site url in the comment form.

I missed you too. :D I was truly bored. I couldn’t talk to anyone, it just sucked lol.

I’m going to ignore it. Some people try to be your friend and then the next thing you know, they are talking about you behind your back or something.

I just noticed the so-pink button lol. :)

I upload all my images to my site, i don’t use Photobucket because if you don’t visit it for a while, it shows some error message on your images.

Oh in gym, we just sit there and stare into space, you can do whatever you want. Out gym is 42mins of free time lol. We do absolutely nothing. The only thing we can’t do is have out ipods out but we can text if we want. :D

They just kept dying one after the other. I hope this year isn’t like that.

I don’t know how to change the timezone for my WordPress. There’s a lot of time there but i don’t know which one is for me.

Aww soo glad you guys are okay again. :D You guys do have puppy love lol. :)

Mine go to school with me. Like after the break she started ignoring me and now suddenly wants to be friends again. I wanted to go off on her when she started talking to me, but i just decided not too. It’s not worth it.

I missed the first question. I entered the 2nd one though. The answer was soo easy lol.

Goodluck with the no fight thing. I do that a lot. Just let them go crazy and then ask “are you done yet? ”

You do look like a kid in that picture lol. XD I haven’t colored stuff in forever. /bounce

I would have believed you too. :D When i was little, i believe that ghost, and all fairytale creatures existed.
I would sit in my room and hid under the covers just thinking that there’s a ghost some where in my room watching me. It’s still one of the reasons why I don’t like going into a place that has no light. I know that there’s nothing in there but since it’s dark, i just get a creepy feeling that something is about to jump out and get me. /hehe

Yaa now it’s the second day of the new year xD

Haha yeah he’ll probably lose it down the drain or something :P

Ya but then it would cover up the eye :P.

Haha its not really the junk food, like the soup i love has msg in it :'(

Haha yeah you’ll have to pay like $200 D:

Yay!! Georgie and James ♥

Ya i’ll keep entering :) Any idea what i should do with it though? like with all your domains whats a good one for a lazy person to have a sidesite?

Haha but you’re in Uni :P

Ya but people wont want 12 year old, you have to be leagally 14 to get a job here :P.

Haha I had like 15 to return this morning :P.

Haha oops that’s probably me being the distraction :x

Yay :D we have to set up a videochat sometime :) I tryed to do it with Pam in england and it was really bad quality, so lets hope the internet doesnt crap out and i can understand your accent :). I probably have an accent to you tho :P.

Haha strange o.O

Im entering every domain competition :D And i9n my next blog I’m gonna advertise it :).

Haha I havent colored in a coloring book in ever, i never really did when i was little eithe though, wanst in to it much :P

Haha I dont really look 12 do ya think? Alot of people say I look 15 and act like a 15 year old too :P.

Haha I wasnt into coloring or reading… I was really into the computer since I was like 6 :S and I began webdesigning when I was 9 :P.

Aww what a cute story :) I remember in like 3rd-4th grade me and 2 other friends began a game called the never-ending story or something. So every day at recess we’d go on the jungle-gym and make it like an adventure to save things and all stuff. Ah good times, i miss elementary school :(.

yeah, it was a bit scary cause i didn’t want to make it seem like my parents are like abusive… cause thats not the reason why im scared of asking them things ahahah.

aww sorry to hear that you got into a fight with james on new years, but im so glad you guys worked things out :)

AHAHAHAHAH ‘the ghost club’. good one :) i’d totally believe you if i knew you HAHA

Aww, I’m sorry about the fight that you and James had! :( And on New Year’s Day, too — That sounds like the epitome of suck, man.

But hey, it couldn’t been worse! At least neither of you ditched each other on New Year’s Eve … This is what happened to this one girl I know offline. She was all ready to go out to a New Year’s Eve party or whatever, and her pathetic excuse for a boyfriend texts her at the very last second and says he can’t go with her. I don’t know what reason he gave her, exactly, but it was a REALLY crap one.

I mean, really — WTF?! Who does that?! /angry But yeah, I’m glad this didn’t happen to you guys. I always like hearing about the nice couple-y things you guys do, which is weird because normally I’m like, ‘FFS, STFU about your stupid BF! I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!’ :X It’s so annoying when girls go on and on and on about their boyfriends, like they’re fucking Gods or something. 😒 Borrrrrring.

And hey, happy new year! ^____^

oh aww thanks! Haha I have the hardest time thinking of color schemes, especially since I tend to repeat them a lot XD & thanks again!

Haha that’s good! Yeah, my first question was pretty like rude as well. I can’t believe people would ask such questions!

LOL! I use to pick them up and we use to collect them and stuff, but *shivers* I hate them now! They creep me out XD

hahah funky :D Indeed! We all have become more
self-conscious over the years

Haha I would think I would’ve collected the pretty ones too. I use to think they were all pretty. I remember they were like purple in the inside, it was pretty cool (:

haha aww. Yeah, it would be kind of weird to have a stranger just living in your house XD.

Haha that’s cool! I’ve never been to Indonesia, is it nice there?

Hahah! That’s so cool though! We were watching the ball drop, and afterwards they were talking about the new year celebrations all over the world. And since Australia had it before us, they showed us one of the celebrations in Sydney! It looked amazing. There were LOTS of people there!

Hahah aww, poor fingers! That happens to me from the violin. Its like the pads of my fingertips all hard and weird XD.

Hehe nice coloring (:

Haha awww the Ghost Club! I would’ve so believed you, especially at age 8 XD. I was so gullible XD

Hey Georgina! I just wanted to comment to say I hope you had a great christmas and happy new year! I can’t remember my last comment here from being on hiatus..haha, I’m all confused! Anyway, I’m back open now wahoo!

hey cool you’re having a competition thats great. Happy new year btw, sorry you had a fight with James but these things happen eyy :) hope you had a good one though otherwise

hope you had a good Christmas as well :)

yeah I’m just gonna ignore them and watch all my dvds and do my work they’ll be out of my life in June…only 5 months to go *sigh*
aww thanks and aww i really like your image rollovers theyre so cute
thats cool that you’re playing your guitar again I have no sticking power when it comes to anything,

good luck not fighting with anyone my temper’s too volatile and so’s my mum’s so we’re likely to fight by the end of the year lol

lovely colouring :) and the ghost club lol we all believe in things when we’re younger but we get more cynical as we grow up. I don’t think that’s always a good thing. I dont ever remember any good and bad ghosts but I remember when i was younger that if you said grey lady 3 times at sunset she’d come and get you LOL I was quite scared by that thought haha

LOL. My brother is a fuck up,
I hope he gets frost bite on his cock for that. /hehe

Yeah, it was pretty fun.

HELLO. Look at me returning your comment four days later! D:

Haha I hope I never get a longer review! I mostly had fun with yours thoughhh. It was only my first one! :) INITIATION.

Lol what did you wear before you got your first pair of jeans then? Skirts and stuff?

Sailor Moon jeans? Nice. xD Aww Hello Kitty! <3 Though if I saw you in Hello Kitty jeans now I think I’d be a bit surprised.

Mm yeah we did talk about how flare jeans make you look shorter. I think that makes sense. :P They probably make your legs look shorter or something.

Oh I think it’s amusing that my jeans tore too. xD

POTATO. LOL do you remember when we used to say “OBAMA” in every comment for a few comments back and forth? :P

The jeans stores had better continue to have massive ranges!

Bah, I’ve totally lost my motivation to go back to ballet. =/ MAYBE I WILL REGAIN IT.

Yeah you could have done what I did with skating! I stuck with it a bit longer than I wanted to so that I could finish all my tests. That way if I ever want to coach or something they will all be done.

Bahhh that reminds me that I still haven’t touched my portfolio. >.> I need to finish it up so I can start looking for a new job, since it’s after New Year’s now.

Lol if you named a kid Heartdrops, it would be scarred forever. D: It could be proud of its namesake though! xD

Bahhh I hit my head when I get out of the car a lot. xD I did yesterday when I was getting out of Jimmy’s car! -_-

OH RIGHT THAT. World’s smallest continent but the biggest island.

HE DID SAY YOUR NAME. Thrice! I like that word. xD No one says it here at ALL. Do people say it there?

I think I have more than 20 comments to return, and I think I might try to do all or at least most of them before I blog today. It’s getting late already (4:30pm). =/

There were a few guys who graduated last year who could breakdance. They performed it in our fine arts festival last year. Then there’s one guy in my grade who breakdances; some of his senior pictures are in breakdancing poses. It’s funny how all those people I mentioned are Asian. xD

None of the networks around my house are protected, thankfully. I hope they stay that way!

Yeah I would probably like a city like Sydney better than the country too. There aren’t any big cities near where I live. There’s Detroit, but Detroit is suuuuuch crap. It’s all run-down and dangerous as hell. D: Most big cities in the US can be pretty dangerous. What’s it like there? I know in France the cities are the better neighborhoods and its the suburbs that are bad (opposite of here).

You’re welcome! I don’t remember what you were thanking me for. xD

That’s a good philosophy. It’s like the whole thing about “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I should remember what you said whenever I get upset about all the shit with Lucy. I’m going to do my best not to let it all rush back when I go back to school on Monday.

You’re welcome again. :)

I feel bad that I didn’t return this comment in time to comment on your previous blog. I just wanted to say thanks so much for the little mention in your last blog when I was feeling down. It means a lot! ♥

I played guitar today! :D You know that feeling the tips of your fingers get after playing? Not pain… but something else. Well anyway, whenever my middle finger on my left hand types a key on my keyboard, I feel that funny feeling and I’m like “what is that? OH RIGHT I played guitar.” :P I should try to practice every day so I can finally learn. I HOPE TO GET CALLOUSES LIKE YOU. That’ll mean I’ve been playing a lot. xD

OMG you should have seen the callouses on my fingers from tying (fail… I forgot how to spell that word and had to look it up) my skates every day for years. I constantly had callouses and/or blisters all over my hands… and some of them had this ugly orange-brown color underneath my skin. Skate laces are damn painful to tie tightly enough.

I’m so happy to hear that you two sorted out your problems. :D I hope you guys won’t fight about that topic anymore.

I want to keep it that way too with keeping the fights to a minimum. I think I will be much happier if I choose my battles wisely. Like if my mom tells me to wash the dishes, I should just do it without complaining. Sure I won’t be happy, but I won’t get yelled at either. Then everyone’s more happy, right?

That’s a cute picture. :D Haha you do look pretty young, and it’s not helped by the fact that you’re holding up a coloring page you just colored. xD

That’s such a cool prize! Did you get to choose it?

Oh you told me about that ghost! I remember. :D

Lady Lucy and Bleeding Barry… that’s cute. xD Did you guys makes up those names too, or were they also taken from books?

Yeah it’s impressive how everyone came to believe you. :O

i honestly love coloring books! there the best thing ever!
thats how my friend and i de-stress. lols

Wow that’s some interesting stuff you’ve told. I’m sorry you and James had a fight on New Years. But I’m glad things are better now.

Hmm a ghost? I myself believe in the supernatural. I’ve seen the white lady, and even indians dancing amongst a fire and what not. It’s pretty cool. My sister and I heard some ghosts before too in this house we rather my dad, grandmother and me live in.

So you got to color? That’s pretty cool. My skip it still hasn’t come through the mail yet. I thought it’d be here by now. :(. But alas; it has not. I knew we wouldn’t get any mail yesterday because of New Years Day being a holiday. But we just got one bill. Can you believe that? All that waiting and one freaking bill.

Well; I’m starting to save up for my computer. I have like $600.00 or $700.00 saved? I dunno how much I’m just guessin lol.

But yeah, you don’t look 12 maybe 14 but not 12 in that pic. Haha. That’s cool you and I both got the young genes though with all this fat and blubber that I have I look older now. Bah!

Lol. Laughter there. Hard-core guitar player… my fingers just get dry in the winter & crack, so I currently have band-aids on… -counts- seven of them. 0-0

I’m really glad everything is fine with you and James again. =]

Ahha, I laughed at your comment on the appearance age in the picture. Because I’m twelve, and my mind is rather mature, but I look like a ten-year-old half the time. XD

Coloring is fun. I don’t do it at all anymore (aside from when I draw the picture myself & color it) but when I was little I also came to really enjoy it. Just a fun thing… challenge yourself to stay within the lines and make it look pretty. Sometimes I miss being just a little kid… and now I’m almost a teenager! Scary thought for me, sorry.

You sound a lot like me. I love reading. I mostly write nowadays, but reading used to be just… my thing. I think reading is what increased my vocabulary (and mis-pronounciation of words – I’d read it, know what it meant, but have no clue how to say the darn word).

Awuh, that dog book sounds epic. I’m a huge animal freak, mostly dogs… so it’s just a ?.

I laughed so freakin’ hard at that Ghost Club thing. I’ve never believed in ghosts – my strong Christianity has been with me since a very, very young age and I’ve always just never believed it possible for people to “come back” after they have died. It didn’t seem natural, and, frankly, freaked me out a bit, so the way to stay calm was to stay on the side of complete and utter logic. =P

Have a lovely rest of the evening~!

Haha, I love colouring XD It’s my guilty pleasure /wave

Ouch about your fingers with the guitar. /huh THey must hurt :(

I’m so tiered, I have been reading my review today and been on my laptop ALL DAY and its now 00:00 which isn’t that late and i’m still on for a couple more hours but idk why im really tired.

The question you asked today in your domain competition was so hard i couldnt guess the answer. /huh

Thanks for the review and everything. Michael /kiss

Aw, childhood memories. (:

*hugs* as I said before, I’m glad everything between you and James is okay now. It’s okay, the fight just shows that the year can only get better, if you look at things like an optimist (which I’m trying to do). ^^

I loved coloring books. I could never color in the lines for the longest time, I don’t understand how that was POSSIBLE. But once I learned how to steady my hand, I hated seeing color outside the lines. I lost part of my childhood innocense that day probably.

Haha, ghosts. Yeah, I had moments like that too. People believed me just because I was a kid probably. =P


Well, definitely SHORTER blogs. But not three paragraph blogs like some people do. Those get so boring. =P But definitely shorter. I’m working on it. It’s just I was able to sum up my happiness. I guess I can’t sum up sadness and anger as easily. =P

FB chat fails. It always DIES. xD That’s why I hate it. And it slows down the computer like bleh.

Yeah, the first long chat in awhile. Things won’t be the same, I get that. But it’s fine. I’m just glad to be on good terms, versus terms of confusion and dissaray. xD

Hahahaha, I wanted to sound angry but I mean the New Year was 8 minute away. I decided it was best to just ask for forgiveness and forget all I had been angry about… I don’t even remember WHAT I was angry about.

Yeups you follow me on Tumblr. ^^ And yups, probably more than 24 hours? I don’t know.. you’re just ahead of us by a lot like the Philippines. ^^

“My blog is so sucking with its big picture of lollies”? Hahaha, sucking? … I’m confused. It sounds like you’re saying your blog sucked because of those pictures. HAHAHAHA. O.o it did not by the way. I like the picture. ^^

I know, same. For once a GIRL who can relate to me. xD Kuya was in the same predicament. Not being allowed out except for when it was organized and blah. But my friends, last thing we all were was organized. And that’s still the problem. Making plans is such a hassle. =/ I wish I could just go out whenever.

True, absence does make the heart grow fonder. “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” As said in that one song I can’t recall.

xDDDDDDD I’m a reflector. ^^ Sounds epic. ^^

Drawing is cool, I was going to take drawing as my art class this year, but I love Choir. I would hate to not be part of it. =P

*HUGG* /love
Glad we’re okay now :)
That was really strange. And pointless D:

Hahahhahaha that photo is ZOOCUTE *saves* /um

HUHU, ghosts! I once heard snoring in the bedroom of our old house when noone else was home D: it was distinctively snoring. I hope I was just hearing things /sweat

Damn, better fly now *smoog*
Talk to you later

*HUGG* I love you. ♥ It reminds me of our first (stupid) fight about the /poo game… /um

It wasn’t pointless… I guess we discussed some things? 😳

Stalker! :O One day I’ll steal the photo of you in the tree that you have in your lounge. /hehe

No, that was me snoring. Hrrrrng. Just kidding /bounce

*smoog* /mwah

LOL. Thanks! The layout sucks. -.- Oh well..thanks for lying. XD

Hahaha thanks, but it ended today. :) I’m pleased that I got 8 entries though. That’s the most for me. :)

My mom doesn’t, that’s for sure. I like to keep stuff, but my parents force me to throw it out. Most of it is really just junk though. >.<

I've gone shopping so much this break. I am like broke. XD Seriously. the past week I've spent more than $1oo! At least it's my Christmas money and baby-sitting money. It's not too important; I miss the days where my mom bought be stuff because I was too small to have a job. I can actually get a real job next year when I'm 15! :)

Of course it's not rude labeling. There's not much bullying in my school since it's really strict. Hahaha; My mom is always cranky during break…she hates me and my brother being home hahaha!

So is mine! My iTunes is just plain evil to me. It's very slow. It just like doesn't respond and stuff. I think it's because it's more compatible with Apple. :/

Yeah…like what's her problem?! Does she enjoy making people hate her? And to think I hosted her…

Oh yeah…I think mine does that too. It takes like 10 minutes… :P

She must of just forgotten about her site…I have no idea. I just keep commenting her, and I know she won't answer. :)

It's kind of weird…she does have a blog on there saying she's on hiatus, but it's been months now. She hasn't been on Twitter for a month. I doubt she'll come back. It was weird because she just sort of abruptly left… O_o

It's not even entertaining to watch people suffer. XD It's sad watching people bang their heads on their keyboards. :P


Hahaha; I feel kind of pressured right now since the comments that I'm returning now since they are from my last blog, and I have 8 comments from my current blog. xP

I think her site is Dear Agony now. It's down at the moment though… :( I need new smilies since I got a new layout! I guess they sort of match right now…I'd rather have gray. :)

AWW. I'm sorry haha. We had dinner at our neighbors. It wasn't that great… :)

LOL. Nice artwork there, Georgie. :) I never liked coloring as a kid. It always bored me. I guess I had a short attention span. ;)

Heh. Heh. A ghost? A trash bag, maybe? :P Sounds cool, and interesting for your classmates!

Aww you’re lucky you can play the guitar!
I got one for my birthday a few years ago and it’s still in its case covered in dust. /um
That reminds me, I’ve always wanted to get neon band-aids. When I was little my mom bought me a pack from the dollar store, sadly I lost the bag. /argh Oh well, I’ll have to wait until the next time I get hurt :P
That’s a cute picture, and nice colouring too! I remember my pet peeve when I was little, I hated it when people coloured outside of the border. XD
You made me remember my elementary school memories :P I studied kindergarden and grade one in an old elementary school that had three or four floors. I remember my friend telling me that there was a ghost in the top floor (the attic which had little windows). We were all terrified of it. Now that I think about it, it seems pretty funny to me. OH! And I read your last blog too, I’m sorry I couldn’t catch you in the right time but…HAPPY NEW YEARS GEORGINA! :D Timezones, they torture all of us. XD

Aw sorry to hear about you fight; good thing is that you guys talked about it and everything is good now(:

Ohmygosh! I loved coloring books when I was little! And it just made me want to take one out and start coloring! Hehe I know I will do it… :P

And I love when you go back and remember those childhood days and just make you smile. And is so funny that everyone believed you, it was maybe because they had watch a lot of tv.. lol

[sorry, I kinda suck @ commenting :/]


I can understand that your parents weren’t okay with letting you fly out across the world to see a band, but are they okay with letting you go to one in Australia ? Just asking, because some parents are crazy weird like that. My parents were like that up until I was 16 — I wasn’t allowed to do ANYTHING ! Well I certainly do hope that Mr. Benny Jorgy and his crew come to play in Australia SOON ! Awwe wouldn’t it be so mind-blowing if you saw him and he recognized you !! (;

Lol I thought you never slept when I first started following you on Twitter. It seemed like you tweeted at all times of the day; not necessarily all day though. I know you have a busy life (;

There are a few topics in life where once brought up, I cannot stop ranting about: horrible parenting of bratty children is one of them. The other topics are crazy Asian adults, usage of the word “retarded,” and hypocritical, fundamental-only Christians.

I remember reading that girl’s blog. Well I must give credit where credit is due: she painted a clear (yet sinfully pathetic) picture of just how “hurt” she was about not being able to have a Twitter. There’s another teenager with the big picture in life. Not.

My situation was different from yours growing up. I never bothered asking my parents to let me hang out with friends outside of school because I KNEW they would say no. In turn, my friends just stopped asking me. I was never allowed to go to other people’s houses; they weren’t allowed to come over to my house; and if by God’s grace I was allowed out, going out at night was like taboo. I can now understand their fears because there are some real creeps out there, but I don’t think I’ll be that overprotective when I have kids (even though I know what teenagers are up to these days. *blachkg*)

But does your brother throw ungodly tantrums ?

So I started writing this comment around 12PM. I got to the line above around 12:15 (I can’t focus when I comment, hehe). Then my boyfriend came in and made me go out to lunch with him. I’ve been going about my day, and now it is 12:55AM. It has taken me over 12 hours to return this comment. What is the matter with me ?

So yes, does your brother throw ungodly tantrums ? I bet he’s too mature for that, unlike my brother. We should just stop cooking for them and see what they do. Mwahahahahaa (:

Eugh my site isn’t working, so I can’t see the rest of the comment that I want to return. What a shame ); After this one, we’ll start a new conversation. Sound good ?

My internet (I’m assuming the problem is on my end) is being odd. It won’t show certain sites hosted on the new Pixobox’s friend’s server. Usually my and family will work, but sometimes it won’t. never does. Ahhhh is this just me ?


I’m participating in the domain competition (: Are you using the credits you won from the NameCheap contest for this competition ? My goodness I bet you’ve invested over $200+ in your website endeavors.

Learning a new instrument is so hard ! I think it’s so great that you’re taking on this new hobby and teaching yourself to play. Eek, I bet your fingers to hurt a lot. Try using a folded paper or a piece of a library card you don’t use anymore. Just suggestions (:

Wow you and James had a fight ? That’s so odd to hear because it seems like things are usually great with you two. What was the fight about ? I’m glad everything is okay now though !! You two are so adorable (:

That picture is so beautifully colored in. Hang it on your wall ♥

Lol that’s the natural leader in you Georgie ! Everyone believes what Georgie says. That actually is a very unique and cute memory to hold onto. Oh great, it’s like 1 in the morning, I’m in a dark room by myself, and I just read about ghosts. I’m probably gonna have a bad dream tonight about ghosts are imagine I’m seeing things. Ahhhhhhh !!

What are your favorite/most used/most practical iTouch Apps ?

LMAO! Bu.. Bu your so thin! Lucky cow! lmao! /pow /hehe only joking georgie love you really /love ♥ :X Oh yeah back to the blog sorry I get distracted so easily! D: Haha I still color xD I was coloring in hello kitty just yesterday :3 (Y) (H) /bash I believe in ghosts but not in seeing them :/ I used to have to same recurring dream of my nana visiting me when she died it used to spook the hell out of me /faw but it put my mind at rest. Anyhoo! Happy New Year (: Bit late I know but hey it’s the thought that counts! LOL! WOO! long comment! :P Plus I havn’t even finished yet ;) lol!

Anyhoo! <– god I love that word. OK OK back to what I was going to say… oh yes! GEORGIE YOU ROCK MY SOCKIESSSS :3 lol! :P

I think the crowds on NYE might be louder than the fireworks. :D

xD Grey is okay, I like wearing grey as clothes but it got a bit too much for me as a layout. :P

I didn’t pig out that much. I don’t usually eat a lot of food, but when I do I do eat quite a bit.

I can be mean too. But I’m only mean when other people are bitches to me. And it’s something you don’t want to see :P

LOL, far west. :P I live near the centre of the whole suburban Sydney area. :P

I reckon! Everything in Asia is like 2 cents or something :P

Disney Stars?!?!??! Ew ew ew ! I hate HSM, Hannah Montana and all that crap. I’m sorry to whoever loves them, but like, ewww. D; I sometimes forget to listen to mainstream xD

xD imagine eating this tube of wasabi. Gross D;

Sight reading piano is HELL for me. I know all the notes and stuff but I can’t play it or like register properly. Eh. I suck so much at stupid sight reading.

Yeah, at our school, you only preorder noodles mainly and the lunch “specials” heh. I never bothered with ordering my lunch, I don’t like the noodles at our school.

My favourite layer was the buns. They were squishy and nice. :P

Awesome ;D

Woah. That sounded very stressful D; Wah, uni now looks like a big black storm cloud now after your experience :(

Ooh, what songs are you playing on you guitar? :D I’m planning to learn. ^-^;

Aw, that’s good that you’ve sorted your issues out! :3

Your so lucky you haven’t been caught up in heaps of drama in 2009. We had heaps of fights in our group (our record was like 3 weeks without fighting) and I got caught in like half of them. Most were like class issues, but we had this MASSIVE fight. Ugh. @_@

Haha! Awesome colouring in picture :3

I remember entering a colouring in competition. I came second place. haha. I haven’t really coloured in stuff in ages. Ahhh. Nostalgia.

LOL you were so cheeky when you were little. That’s such a funny story xD

Haha well I don’t exactly have a late curfew, I don’t have one! Live on my own so yeah… haha.

Lmao at that ghost story, it is mega cute! Also your picture… love how you stayed in the lines! I’d go and colour in now if I had some crayons/pencils :(

I am so envying you. You are so multi-talented. ♥ I wish I can play guitars. Hell, I wish I can play any music instruments! I’ve got a keyboard at home but I never managed to learn how to play it. Hahaha!

Glad you sorted out the problems with James. Having a fight is not a good way to start the new year. :)

Oh wow, you saw a ghost?? I almost had an encounter with a ghost as well when I was a kid (I was 6 years old). The ghost, (according to my aunt) was standing (floating?) outside the bedroom when I was about to go to the bathroom but my mom made wear diapers instead so I never actually got to be face-to-face with the ghost. Creepy.
Hahaha, “good” ghosts. Reminds me of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

It was my first time decorating a Christmas tree because well, first thing I am a Muslim so Christmas is not something we celebrate. I’d probably get hanged if my folks find out about me decorating the tree.

That’s true. The more people joining a contest, the more you have to depend on luck. And so I am trying out mine. LOL.

Take care :)

Yeah I did thanks :D gahh, yeah I was just looking for something simple, when I do crazy- detailed layouts sometimes it’s just too much so I went for that instead, you know, worked on the way the page is layed out and stuff? I know, I don’t know how to get it to stick to the bottom, I’m gonna do something different with it anyway I have ideas, I’ve just not had the time with the festive season… theres a few things I want to tweak yet!
thanks! :D

I tend to lash out with mean comments in a fight, too.. /pow

I haven’t coloured in forever but it’s so much fun! You’ve inspired me to do that sometime soon.

I was more into reading as a child, too.

I’ve noticed that you do domain competitions quite frequently, I think it’s so kind of you. :)

Aw, thats a shame about the peels on your fingers, I’ve never played guitar in my life but I can imagine it would be quite sore.

That sucks so much that you had a fight, good job that everything is fine now though. :) I’ve been trying not to fall out with anyone at all this year but already I’ve fell out with my mum quite a bit.

Oh I miss the days of colouring books! I think I might get one soon. :’)

The Ghost Club sounds pretty cool, to be honest! We used to do stuff like that in primary school, too. I look back and I find it’s so funny all the stuff we used to do as kids.

The reason I had a new iPod was because I was beginning to run out of space on my 8GB, so my mum said I may as well upgrade if I’m going to get another iPod with more space on. So now on my 32GB, I doubt I’ll run out of space for a very, very long time! :D

Yeah, that sucks. We should be getting the money tomorrow, so I’ll be able to cash it in, and have it sent by Tuesday.

Haha, I was squealing like a fangirl when they were jumping out of time to the music hahaha.

Aw I’d love a little cottage house, nice and cosy.

Haha, my shorts never even came in time for New Years Eve, and because we weren’t in they’re being held at the post office and we have to pick them up. ¬____¬

Yeah I have seen it, but never noticed that he was doing it in the snow. Haha, I’ll have to look out for that next time.

I can make cookies and buns, just not any kind of meal. I’ll have to make buns that resemble burgers or something next time I plan to cook for anyone!!

I really enjoyed them too. I’ll have to colour in again sometime.

They’re strange aren’t they?? Everyone pretty much knows they’re not true, but people don’t dare to do it though. I remember watching a film called ‘Candyman’ and if you said ‘Candyman’ 5 times when looking in a mirror you’d die. Then my friend comes out with, “Christina Aguilera’s fucked then.”

Playing guitar! It’s kind of one of my life goals to learn to play guitar… some day. Because it’s really my secret (or not so secret) unrealistic ambition to be a rock star. And by rock star, if I ever learn to play the guitar, I will showcase my talents at whatever school I work at by playing for my students… in a faculty talent show or just because one day I will plan to have nothing else to do! Hah!

Uhh, but anyway, just by your title, have you been playing any Foo Fighters? Seeing as ‘The Colour and the Shape’ is one of their album titles, naturally I wondered… :)

Very nice and neat coloring job, Georgina. Gold star! Haha, I haven’t colored in a long time, either. Now I kind of want to! It’s very calming.

That’s funny that so many other kids believed your story. Guess you must have been a very trustworthy and convincing kid. I love how the littlest things can turn into fun, elaborate stories and games for kids. Good ghosts and bad ghosts… hah, when you mentioned Bleeding Barry, I immediately thought of the Bloody Baron from Harry Potter. xD

Aw a fight on new years day, that sucks. I hate it when it’s a special time and you have a fight for no real reason. gah.

Haha I like your ghost story. When I was in school, I told everyone that I had a twin sister who went to boarding school, and made up all these stories about her. And my older sister helped me photoshop a photo of my ‘twin’ and I, and printed it out for me. So I took that to school and everyone believed me. Hm, I still don’t know why I went to such lengths to make that up, I think I’d just always really wanted a twin. Ha.

Anyway this is my first time on your blog, and I love it! It’s gorgeous. :)


Hey! Ohh I just got a guitar for Christmas. :P Is it fun to play?

Aww! That sucks that you had a fight with James. Luckily you haven’t had any serious fights! I hope you and James don’t have any other fights. :)

Lol nice picture! I’ve always been more into reading, too. I just find it more fun than colouring.

Lol! Wow that must have been fun. In grade three I was on the wall and in trouble a lot because of my ‘friends’. xD

I like typing on it too, it’s fun. :)

Yeah, I’m not really into parties either. I’m just too shy and they bore me. Plus, I don’t like big crowds or a lot of noise. :P

Thanks, I’m pretty sure I will too. :)

Well that was rude of your friend.
I suggest you don’t watch it if your scared of things.
Me and Caitlin we’re like in the corner holding hands, we were so scared. /hehe it was funny.

ehhh me and my ex used to fight from the DUMBEST things. im real sensitive and he likes to joke, so it gets real bad from there ahahah.

i had this friend who told me the weirdest stories and i guess i believed everything ahahah. another friend told me you shouldnt breathe when you pass by a cementary … did that for the LONGEST time ahahahah.

Hahah yes. Grey is like the best color for layouts ! Anything goes with it :D

LOL they are! I hate their little trails they leave when they move. And OMG when the turn into slugs. O.O I hate slugs. I will scream my head off if I see one XD I saw one once in my backyard, and I swore to myself that I would never step there again, because I had seen a slug there XD

Haha yeah! To me it doesn’t sound like the sea. Sometimes it kind of hurts my ears XD I never knew it was the echoing of the air though. I just knew it definitely wasn’t the sea 8D

Hahah, then I must go there in the winter. Maybe it’ll be a tad cooler? XD! Ah that’s cool, I would love to go shopping there!

lmao! yeah I saw the fireworks! It was awesome! There were some fireworks near my house that were lit. It was pretty cool. I didn’t see them though since I was too busy watching them celebrate in NYC.

Aww! Poor fingertips ):

Haha yeah! My friend is still gullible. Until last year, she believed [the person who told her] that the tops of broccoli were poisonous. After all those years. It was hilarious because we were talking about broccoli for some reason, and like whether we liked to eat the top or bottom better, then she was like “THE TOPS ARE POISONOUS!” And we were like “OMG NO THEY ARENT” And she was like “:O SERIOUSLY? ” LOL yeah it was so funny to see her reaction. But now she knows (:

haha I didn’t think I would like it either. It ended up being like similar to Pocahontas, like the whole idea of it. But I ended up loving it. Haha my sister is seeing it again tomorrow XD, I wish I could, but I have school ): Haha yeah, technology has really improved over the last few years!

Aw thanks!

LOL! That game is so much fun! My friends and I play “extreme twister” where we have like more body parts involved. It makes it so funny when you go like “Left ear red!” Lmao

Haha yeah, it cools you off! Also, you can just go outside and let the hot air dry your hair. While at night, when its cooler, you have to dry it indoors or by a hair dryer.

Yeah, you don’t really know where you want to live until you’ve been there. Especially when it is a different country because their rules are different and you may disagree with them.

My husband has an acoustic guitar that he’ll random play sometimes! =) Ack, sorry you guys had a fight on New Year’s Day! Hubby and I had an emotional situation to deal with on New Years Day too. Relationships can be hard but well worth it to get through it together and I’m glad to hear you guys are on good grounds now!
Awww I haven’t colored in a coloring book in forever!! I’m opposite on the books.. I do not generally like to read, lol. Aww lol childhood memories are great huh? It’s interesting what kids can come up with!

Whoot! Happy New Year, Georgina. I wish you the best in 2010!

And colouring! God, I haven’t done that in years. You make me want to find a colouring book/page and colour away. Somehow. I have no crayons or coloured pencils any more, so what would I colour with . . . hm.

Ghost Club? That’s so cute! I remember my friends and I started the “Rolling down the Hill Club”. Yes, we were lame LOL. XD

What a good idea for a domain giveaway. I entered the competition.

I’m sorry about your fight with James. I’m trying to stay out of drama and fights with friends and family this year aswell. The last two years I’ve had enough drama with my “friends” to last me a life time. /pow

You’re picture is lovely. I used to love coloring. Sometimes when I’m hanging out with my younger cousin I join her in coloring, she’s usually amazed about how neat my paper looks compared to hers.
I remember that once when I was five I bought this really nice coloring book in Italy and I never wanted to color in it and ruin it, I saved it and still have it, it looks like new. I was just a bit OCD lol.

I was wondering If you would be able to help me with a problem I’m having with WordPress. For some reason my side bar wont show up in the correct place even though I placed the absolute position in the CSS for the div. I tried to validate it to see if there was a problem, but I’m unable to validate my codding /angry . I figured since you have been using WordPress a lot longer then me you might be able to help.

That’s good you’re able to work out your fights. It’s always nice to see a couple who can do that. I wasn’t able to do that with my ex. He’s a stupid idiot anyways. Always looking for attention. But yeah.

There must be some of you that believes in the supernatural if it scares you. Yeah I tried the Bloody Mary urban legend. It’s false. She doesn’t come out of the mirror. Perhaps the only thing that changes is your facial expression because your mind is playing tricks on you. I read this at an early age and it scared the crap out of me and I never wanted to try it but I did it one day though.

Thanks for the early birthday wishes for my sister. I’ll let her know :).

Oooh I’ll have to take a look at the when it’s back up. I tried looking at it today but it was down.

As far as the saving goes, I’m pretty sure that with the rides I give my grandmother to her dialysis thing will eat up some of the money I saved. But ah well. I still have a butt load saved up so I may get my computer next month.

Sorry I didn’t comment earlier I was asleep, and then had to go grocery shopping. Which I hate doing. But at least I have my Nutella now. So I’m happy. The crazy thing is that the checker forgot to check our pepsi’s.. Heehee.

LOST is coming in February. Sadly it’s the last and final season. :(. I hate that. Now what am I going to watch? Any suggestions?

Hey Georgina, good you sorted out the fight (Y)
And I probably would have participated in the domain contest, but I’m currently very busy with preparing for my 12th std. and CET exam. It’s for engineering. If theres any contest after my exams say after one and half year or so, I may participate.
A ghost club? Sound scary O_O

You should post a video or something showing us your guitar skillz (Y) I would love to see it. :)

I enjoy coloring every once in a while. I still suck at it though. Damn crayons.

I can’t I don’t believe in ghost, I never saw one. But If i ever do, I think I would probably /poo myself.

LOL. Same here! :D

I had never been interested in cosmetics and stuff but I like making up on my sister’s face mainly because I get to take pictures. And they wouldn’t let me make blends on their pictures unless they look good. XD

I’ve become kind of good at making textures. I don’t have the patience of blending pictures perfectly so I usually put one image on top of another and erase the sides of the image with a very soft brush in Adobe Photoshop. My sisters think I’m perfect at these, because TBH, they both suck at using Adobe Photoshop. /bounce

I don’t have much chance of bossing people around. I wish I had a younger sibling but I don’t. /wah I think my second sister is luckiest as she has me to boss around and my oldest sister who will give her stuff as she is older. XD

LOL. I miss believing those rumours. Now most rumours in my school is who likes whom, who goes out with whom and stuff like that. I guess that happens because you grow older, and it’s worse in my school because in my school there are only about 100 students so everyone knows one another.