Life Less Frightening

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I’ve got a few updates, so let’s get those out of the way. There’s a new caption competition, for starters. That isn’t that interesting but I have better news. I had one of my domains, Midnight Mist, in limbo – a hosting site and then a quotes database, but now it’s revamped with a better (albeit dark) layout, and it’s going to have quotes, but they’re going to be more interesting and decorated in Photoshop. I got the idea from Meera.

Some of you might know Rachel, one of my great online friends. I’ve created a fanlisting for her so please join. :)

Updates out of the way. /bounce

I was listening to music the other day, as usual, and I came across some songs that I hadn’t listened to in a while. Some songs just make me want to dance. It’s like a switch going off in my head.

I suddenly hear the beat of an awesome song, and it ticks off this fire inside me and it makes me dance like mad. O_O I’m sure a lot of us dance to music in private more than we care to admit. I don’t know, maybe some of us sing in the shower. 🙄

But I guess that’s what we do. We sing in private or hum quietly so no one can hear us. I feel a bit embarrassed singing out loud. I have a few videos of me singing on YouTube and I guess I pulled up the confidence to put them there. I wasn’t really made for performing using my voice. I’ve been pretty self conscious about it.

In high school I used to sit next to this guy in class. The class I probably liked the least – mathematics. He listened to music most of the time. I was actually a little bit scared of him because he was so “hardcore” and he never seemed to smile. /ehh

I didn’t really know what sort of music this guy liked, because he wasn’t one of those people who listen to music at full volume so that they can’t hear anything around them. I guess I got a little curious. His gelled hairstyle and personality screamed out some sort of… no, not hardcore rock… nah… he wasn’t the kind to listen to metal…

Typically, he looked like your average punk guy.

He was a really quiet person. From the beginning of high school I got the impression that he was just shy. But he seemed quite unfriendly at times.

Well, did he like rap music? Yeah… of the sort. Korean music? A little perhaps, because he was Korean. I don’t think I ever found out exactly what sort of music he listened to. He was always a bit mysterious.

Being intimidated by a person is a weird feeling, especially someone you see almost every day. It was a little like that with this guy. Probably scarier than getting up on a stage to sing to people.

I talked to him a fair few times during high school. Nothing much, really. He was always put in the lowest class and was a lazy student, but when he actually tried, you could see how smart he was. Some time later, I found out that was an only child in a broken family; his parents had troubles, and he lived with his grandparents.

I guess, whatever music he listened to, it must have been some kind of solace.

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I don’t ask for much. Truth betold I’d settle for a life less frightening XD Man, I haven’t listened to that song in AGES. Brings back memorieeeeeees :)

I know the answer! Muahahahahahahahaha :P But I don’t know what to do with a domain and I have no idea how to use one :( *sigh* But yes, I do know the answer. :P

Yes, you totally revamped Midnight-mist :O And it looks AWESOME! I love the darkness of it ^^ And yeah…it’s a good idea for a website. :D

Ooooh! Dancey songs :) They’re fun. Hahaha. Yes, I totally do dance crazily when I’m by myself, although I’m not sure you could call it dancing. More like jumping around as if I’m being possessed by a ghost or something @_@ but anyways. I love songs that make you want to do that. They have this AWESOME energy :P

And I also love when you haven’t listened to a song in ages and the you go and listen to it, and it’s like AWWWW ♥ Haha.

I have watched your singing youtube videos :) Go you for making them and putting them up. Hahaha, I find it funny that you play better guitar than me, even with a missing string and even though I get lessons. You totally sing better than I do! Teehee!

Oooohh…which guy was this? I can’t work out who you were talking about. Hahahaha.

But music is so awesome, I totally don’t blame him for using it as a solace or whatnot. His story sounds pretty sad :(

A lot of people are intimidating, huh? And later you work out that it’s totally not worth it to find some intimidating because they’re just really bitchy and sad and have no lives, and their bitchiness is so lame and immature in the end. Yay!

But I don’t know. Some people who are really quiet and seem really sturdy are amazingly intimidating. They just have this “back-off” aura that makes you sort of go “WHOA” as opposed to “that guy is so stuck up”. Maybe because they seem more genuine than those pretentious people who intimidate you because they’re actually bullies XD

Yeah, remember our fight over which song was better? I don’t remember the other song though… but I was going for Life Less Frightening. XD

It totally brings back memories! I was listening to Journey by Yuna Ito and Reira the other day, and it reminded me so much of 2006 because that was my song of the year. 😢

Haha only about 14 people got the answer right. It was funny to see. The current question is a bit hard, or at least I think so, because not many people answered.

I’m glad you like it! I totally used your Jane Austen quote yesterday. :D

I’m like that too with old songs. XD I’m like, “oh! I remember this!” :’)

Aww, thank you! Well, I don’t have an electric, and you know that’s cool… ;)

Now you know who it is. /bounce

It’s probably just a mask for them to look cool by being a bitch or a turd. It doesn’t make you look cool at all.

Oooh, full of suck. I hate to feel that intimidated by someone. XD

YES I DO! I remember that. I just completely forgot which songs we were fighting over. I think I conceded defeat in the end though :P I remember losing. Hahaha.

Omg, *that* song! I’m still in love with Endless Story. It’s on my phone. ♥ Yuna Ito has such an amazing voice @_@ It’s like :O I don’t even remember my song of 2006. Did I even HAVE one?! D:

Oh wow…only 14 people. Hehehe. Well you can’t make this competition too easy for them XD Holiday brains are getting lazy! Make them think! Hehehe. I am so evil /um

Yes, I noticed that you used my Jane Austen quote. Because I totally ♥ Jane Austen. I can’t remember which book that’s from though :( But I BET it’s Sense and Sensibility.

Yep, yep. I worked it out. Rather, I guessed it. He seemed a little arrogant at times though O_O And a trouble-maker in class. Definitely quite disrespectful :P

I think some people act all superior because it makes them feel good to belittle people. I have no respect for those people now. So very lame.

Don’t worry! I think everyone gets intimidated by someone in their lifetime. I’m intimidated by almost EVERYONE :P Or maybe just the situation. Hahaha.

Haha, true. In the end we both asked James. Oh we should totally look through our chat logs… LOL. We both asked James and he said Life Less Frightening was better. I think they were both good songs though…

I love Endless Story as well!

I think my song of 2005 was Resolve… if I’m not wrong. I know Breakaway was my song of 2004 too…

I think most of America went back to school this week though. But nevertheless, get those brains working! Not many people have answered the question that is up right now. :S

Oh well, it’s still by Jane Austen! /eee

He was, mostly around his friends though. When he was alone he was a nice guy. So strange what people do, eh. O_O

I’m intimidated by people like myself. LOL. If you know what I mean. People probably thought I was a bit “woah!” and crazy. 🙄

Haha yeah…true. Still…now I’m curious to work out what the other song was. Not curious enough to look through all those chat logs though. @_@ *so lazy* I’m not even sure if I KEPT chatlogs then.

Wo-ow. You remember pretty far back. :P I bet I don’t remember because I didn’t have a song of the year in the first place. :P I’m hopeless at picking favourites. I’d probably come up with a list. XD

Breakawaaaaaay ♥ ♥

Oh cool. American’s start early in the year :O I think Malaysia started this week too. So my niece can’t facebook with me anymore :(

Yeah so many guys are weird like that. They act like total pricks around their friends, yet are really nice by themselves. Hmm. O_O Don’t they know that we’re not stupid, and we can tell? Silly people.

Hahaha, yeah I know what you mean. :P No way! They probably think you’re super cute and shy /hehe

LOL it’s all on my old computer anyway. I turned my old computer on the other day to get some stuff but it took me a lot to actually bother turning it on. :P

I think I started the “song of the year” thing when I started doing this survey thing. At the end of every year I would do a reflection on the year. I discovered the sirvey on the internet and I thought it was interesting so I gave it a go. It asked what song summed up my year, so I tended to remember. I guess it’s not really favourites for me, it’s just a song that sticks out and reminds me of the year. ;)

Yeah, it’s because the American school year starts in July. Weird, right.

Awww I’m sure you can talk to her on the weekend or something! :3

Well we are smarter than guys. 😏

Haha I think I’m pretty loud though. When I first meet people I guess I’m shier. O_O

Oh…Yeah, I don’t blame you. I barely touch my old computers anymore. Except that’s mostly because my stupid brother is always on one, and I try to avoid him as much as possible because he’s an arse. :X But they take so long to turn on compared to this laptop :P I love my laptop. Even though it’s so small XD

Oh yeah…that survey thing. I vaguely remember it. Hehehe. I like surveys! :) I can’t really think of ONE song that describes the whole year. :( I think every year, my answer would be something stupid like “All I Want for Christmas” because then I could substitute the ‘with you’ with whatever I wanted for that year XD

Hmmm…that is strange :O Maybe it has something to do with the 4th July. :P

YEP! Girls are always smarter than boys. We’re just generally cooler ^^

LOL, oh well. Shyness is cute sometimes. At least you’re not so shy that you can’t look anyone in the eye and hold a decent conversation. Because then it’d be really hard to make friends. Haha!

Haha! Of course you avoid him… sheesh, thank goodness you don’t need to freaking pick him up tonight. /ehh

Surprisingly and shockingly, my desktop computer turned on pretty damn fast. I mean, it loaded pretty fast compared to my laptop. My laptop has massive RAM when I use it, but starting up takes a fair bit of time.

LOL! I haven’t really thought of a song for 2009. Or 2008. Or 2007. Let me just choose an Anberlin one for last year or something. :P

4th July! Probably. It’s funny. We have Australia Day at the beginning of the school year, and they have Independence day…

Speaking of which, the 4th July is Ben Jorgensen’s birthday. :P

Haha it’s weird when you meet people, looking them in the eye and trying to be friendly. I guess we all have trouble making friends sometimes. /hehe

Yeah, thank god I don’t have to pick him up because I am dead tired today. As in I can’t concentrate because I’m all /twirl (see msn emoticon. LOL) and @_@ Stupid jerk. Logic says that if you want to work late, wait until you can drive yourself so the rest of us can get some freaking sleep. /angry

Hmmm…maybe that’s your laptop’s vista :P Apparently it takes FOREVER to start up compared to XP. Or maybe too many programs. My cousin just told me the other day that the more programs you have the longer it takes to start up because when you turn on your computer it opens all the programs in standby which is what takes so long. But you probably already knew that :P I was all :O WHOAAAAA…THAT IS SO EPIC and then I felt like a noob. ==

Hehe, that is quite funny. US is so different to Australia D: LOL. Lucky Ben Jorg. Harder for his friends to forget his birthday.

Yeah…it’s weird and awkward because you don’t know if they’ll be all *get away, freak*

Ugh, I woke up early but I’m not tired? I promised James I would sleep before 12. I think that is actually possible today because I’m catching up with comments. Woot, right?

Oooh, the /twirl emoticon! I think I will feel like that soon.

Yeah, that’s totally wrong. Are you sure he isn’t out doing other shit instead of working? Because you know how much of a douche he is. *sigh*

Really though, it is pretty inconsiderate. I was talking to James about his sister, similarly… his sister and your brother should live here. See how they like it! Your brother will have to walk home or catch a bus because my dad works night shift! Okay that’s evil but who really cares. /bounce

HAHA okay, you’re right. It’s probably Vista. :P

Haha I kind of did know that. :) I worried I was filling up my laptop. But it seems okay anyway. Despite the starting up slightly slower than my desktop PC.

Yep! I wish I went to that celebration in the park that they had on his birthday. No fair. XD

but I must admit the walls give my whistling an awesome echo effect /bounce

Poor guy. I hope he’s okay now
No wonder he always seemed so mopey D:

COMMENT /sweat


LOL, I know you do it. /bounce

I don’t know if my bathroom walls echo. But because of our weird doors, you can totally hear when someone is singing in our shower. /oh


/bounce /bounce

Hmm mysterious guy. Creepy. People listen to music that they think shows who they are.

In my music class we had to do a music assignment. We got to choose a group and compose our songs- theme was ‘winter’. I was with my mate Ellie. She has an amazing voice. I was on keyboard. [Sorry, going off subject :P ]

Wow, your voice is quite unique 👏 I can’t really sing well.

Woah… that poor boy… Although it’s times like these that remind us all of the power that music can have. It’s like audio escapism. You can envision it to be anything you want, relate to in how you wish, interpret it in the way you want to see it…

I think music for everyone is an escape. I know it is for me. There are certain songs that I can listen to and they’ll cheer me up. And there are certain songs that I can listen to and they’ll make me cry. Which isn’t always a bad thing. People relate to songs cause sometimes they say the words that we can’t find.

I can’t say that I’m the ‘break out and dance’ kind of person. But there are songs that I have to sing a long to. I’m a singer, not a dancer haha. I’m always singing something, or at least humming if I don’t know the people I’m around well enough. But I love to sing. Can’t sing worth a damn, but I love it nonetheless.

I hate lies, and I too would like to hear the truth, as hard as it may be to hear. I always find out when I’m lied to, so that’s good and bad for me.

She could have atleast said ‘I don’t know what to say, but sorry -hugs-‘ instead of just hugs, or awee! I hated that so much. I’d write like a novel and she’d say one thing -.- I hated it, which caused me to not trust her and eventually hate her. But ohh well.

I had a huge group of friends when I was in high school, and I wasn’t close with many of them either. I’ve drifted from every single one of them. Actually I more than drifted because I’m not even friends with them anymore. If I see them I’ll say hi, maybe give them a hug. But nothing more than that. It hurts me that I lost people that I once spent every day with, but it happens.

“I suddenly hear the beat of an awesome song, and it ticks off this fire inside me and it makes me dance like mad.”

Haha i totally do the same thing. I’m a gay guy though, what’s your excuse? :P

As a fellow youtube singer, I instantly went over to your channel and watched you perform. You have a lovely voice… and you play the guitar VERY well. Hopefully that encourages you to post more videos. :)

How’s the new year been going for ya?

I haven’t really any idea how to mske stir fry at all, so you’re doing better than me!

Wow, that’s scary. That’s why I don’t watch horror films so often, there’s always something creepy in them like that. Apparently that ‘Paranormal Activity’ film’s meant to be really scary, but I’m tooo scared to go and see it.

You have 17 domains now?? I decided to take a peek at your domain competition and was like WTF. How do you have time to update them all?? I haven’t added anything to my one domain in ages, lol.

I don’t think I know the answer to the question today, it’s like easy but hard at the same time. I just can’t remember the answer!

I love the Midnight Mist layout, it looks brilliant. I need to improve my Photoshop skills; I’m lot better on Paint Shop Pro. It’s so much easier to use.

It’s amazing when you find a great song you haven’t listened to in ages, and I usually end up doingit when I’m out somewhere so I’m just walking around dancing in public. Must be funny for passers by. And I sing in the shower sometimes… if there’s no one upstairs in my house.

I think I’ve met a few people like the guy you mentioned. I’m usually glad when people keep their music quiet. I means I can listen to my own…

AHAA I ENTERED THE COMPETITION. I searched for ages through your joint blog with james until I came across your 20 month anniversary and did the maths from there. I spent a while on it though xD

And I did the caption competition too. Aren’t I a good little hostee? :D

Oh, I do love my dogs. Willow is the epitome of cute, but she’s a huge pain in the arse. And Dixy is just lovely. She’s fully trained and really great. She’s really old now, though, but when she smiles she looks young again :)

Yeah, it is the first time I’ve centered my layout. And don’t worry, my belly has slowly but steadily explanded coming up to christmas. I miss being thinner :/ But I’ll do some exersize every day to get it all off. My body tends to adjust quite quickly when I excersize alot, I’m quite lucky in that aspect.

He sounds abit wierd xD We don’t have any punk-ish type people in my school. We have a couple of gothicy people, who aren’t quite goths but not emo’s either. Somewhere in the middle, I guess. And there’s a guy called Brad, who is good looking but so camp. Everyone just takes the mickey out of him, but he doesn’t care. And Harry is just annoying- as well as incredibly camp and insulting. The rest of the boys vary from being rebellious slackers and inbetween the annoying/camp-ness.

Hey Georgina! Wow, I haven’t visited this site in ages! It looks really good. I’m glad you’re staying active (way more than me anyway).
Sounds like things are going well too!
Happy 2010! :]

Yeah some guys will be like the quiet type when they’re around a lot of people.

You’re actually braver than I am putting videos of me singing. I did it a couple of times but I deleted it. I don’t have that good of a voice and perhaps it’s because I’m tone deaf . I hate it but I got stuck with it.

I too start to dance to music, if it’s a catchy beat. If there’s a catchy beat to it or I know it by heart, I know I’m gonna burst out singing lol. But yeah.

Hmm, at least you got to talk to the guy a couple of times. It’s sad though when people have to go through that. But if you do you just do. Well; I’m gonna go I’m sorry this comment isn’t as long as my others but be rest assured I will definately leave a longer comment next time.

lol yeah, my mom doesnt likes any site that involves my pictures, so me posting them, bad idea. But she doesn’t knows, so whatever.

Haha I always sing when I’m alone in my bedroom, but then I realize my voice is so not good and just shut my mouth and sing it on my head xD

I get intimidated by people at school most of the time, and mostly, they are boys. lol
I just feel weird around some people, so it happens a lot.

Wow, that boy had a reason. It’s sad that a lot of kids go through hard times because most of the time, it affects them a lot. :/

Lol, I sing in the shower and dance in the mirror in the privacy of my own room. Music is my some songs out there just describe me and my life to the fullest extend and I love it.

Sometimes I feel like others see me as a threat and are intimidated by me. Especially girls. I know a lot of people think I’m mean and shy when they first see me but once they get to know me and it’s a whole different story. That’s exactly why you should NEVER judge a book by it’s cover :(

I’m excited for the New Year as well XD

I don’t really have many friends either but the ones I do have, I keep them very close.

I just wanted to say I’m having fun with your domain contest ✌️ !!

And I love your layout, alot.

In relation to your post, I don’t think I’ve heard a song and had to get up and dance (unless it was at a dance and my friends said “HEY GET UP AND DANCE!”). But I’ll randomly dance around to music to burn calories XD.

I am loving the domain competition. It’s kind of scary though, since it is actually totally random, so even if you get it first, you might not win. Is it possible that people could take other people’s answers?

I sing in the shower all the time! :P I had no idea people can hear you, until I came out one day and my brother started singing to the song I was singing to.

I checked out your youtube channel and it’s really cool. You sing really nicely :) And you have SO MANY videos on pensnapping. That’s absolutely crazy, that’s some talent. I don’t even understand how you could do that. It looks cool though :P

You have inspired me to make a song cover on youtube. I have actually recorded so many over the past year, but I’ve been to shy to post them. I’m going to do that as soon as I have the guts to. Hopefully, that is soon.

continued :)
And yes, I agree. It is rude to start playing on your phone/game at a party, but when the time forces you to, it’s your only hope of surviving. Thank goodness for portable electronic devices.

Actually, my parents are really strict to. The only reason my friends have come over a tad frequently is because it was for school things and only one Christmas party/potluck. Other than that, they don’t like me going out with my friends. I guess it’s school that they want me to put all my focus on. That’s why I find it so impressive and inspiring on how you are able to keep up with all your websites and still deal with life, school, a relationship and all the other things you have going on.

Me and my sister sing all the time. We sometimes sing on people’s words, in public. We actually sing good. :)

I love people like that. But most likely they are my favorite character in a movie. I would be too nervous to talk to someone like him. :)

I know my voice is less than stellar; I can only sing freely in public if a few friends are singing along, too.

The guy you mentioned reminds me of someone from my chemistry class. He always had his earphones in and wore black every day, and I thought he was intimidating. Eventually I started talking to him and jokingly asked him if he had any shirts that weren’t black… The next day he wore a dark green shirt and winked at me! :P

I am a music fanatic, and I too notice that the music I listen to reflects some sort of thing going on in my life. Like, when i was younger, I used to hate oldies music. But now, my favorite music is classic rock and oldies, especially The Beatles. I came to the conclusion that it’s the only way for me to truly connect with my mom. She and I are two different people and don’t really relate (we’re very close, but just don’t have anything in common), but put on a good ol’ Beatles song, and the two of us will be dancing and singing around the kitchen. I love thos times with my mom, and thus I love The Beatles for creating those times for me :)

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift music. I grew up around country music, but have always, always hated it. Despised it, really. But there’s just something about Taylor Swift that irresistable. I concluded that it’s the topic of her songs. These cutesy, fairy-tale songs. I was always a sucker for fairy tales as a child, and now her songs are like modern day, musical fairy tales. My favorite is Love Story, and God do I love the music video for it… I just put myself into her songs and scenarios, and long for the ultimate happy ending like most of her songs suggest.

It’s funny how some people, who try to fly under the radar and are supposed to be rather insignificant, can really make an impact on you. I went to a small high school and often tried to be one of those “I’m not here” people, but then I’ll think of that random guy I sat next to in World History, or I’ll run into someone I had Math with, and it’s just so nice thinking of what they’ve accomplished and what they were/are like, and where they are now.

I think the kind of music people listen to is so interesting – sometimes it tells so much about their personality. I wonder what my music tastes say about me, since I listen to basically everything. I like it better that way.

Last year I would always come home and turn up my stereo really really loud and listen to music while I did my math homework. And sing along too. But I always got worried that someone would be listening! /hehe

I really want to post myself singing or playing guitar or singing one of my songs on youtube, but I’m always afraid I have an awful voice, or can’t hit the notes.

Do you think you sound better in your head than if you hear yourself recorded?

Aw. Do you hate crowds?

xD Yeah. I think when we go to China, we will be splurging. :)

Mainstream is okay, everything gets old too quickly though.

Yeah, neither can I. Sight reading is too hard…my brain is just super-slow. :X

Our noodles are $2.50. And they don’t even taste nice.

I haven’t eaten a Yupi burger in such a long time. It’s been like a few years. :(

Ooh, cool! What song are you learning by him?

Heh, I wish! Our group is seriously full of conflicting personalities. The stubborn people get into fights…ugh. Not good.

I know. Today my mum was driving and she called and my mum missed the right turn for Ikea so we ended up spending another few minutes on the road because of her. =_=

I miss watching TV. It’s not that I can’t, I just can’t be bothered or nothing good is on anymore. Bring Masterchef back please. xD

Our school has Food Technology and you get to cook with people :P It’s kinda fun ^^; except for washing up and cleaning up. People can get quite bitchy there. :S

I would enter caption contests but I’m not very witty. :P

!! I love the new layout and quote redesigns on Midnight Mist! It’s awesome!! It’s looking great ;D Good job. BTW – you might want to tell me which sites you got your resources off :P They’re really good! ;)

There are so many songs that make me want to dance like One Love :P You should see the video clip, it’s awesome. As a goal, I have, “Learn the Single Ladies dance” and I sneak dance when people aren’t watching :P :P I don’t sing in the shower any more xD

Heh. Music reflects our personalities I guess…that guy sort of reminds me of my friend – she’s not quiet but she can be a bit rude and stuff but it’s mainly because off stuff at home. You don’t really know people sometimes xP

Ooh yeaaah the questions for the domain contest are getting harder and harder! I can’t find the answer for this one :(

Anyway, I love the new look of Midnight Mist :) It’s nice that you put the quotes into images XD So neat and attractive!

Some songs in my iPod also lead me to dance sometimes :P I love dancing even though I’m not really good at it haha.

Aw my lame internet doesn’t let me to watch your YouTube videos :( But I think you still sing better than me because I’m a total failure in singing. Haha :P

Aw I pity that guy. He sounds so mysterious. Maybe it’s because he comes from a broken family. Well I used to have a friend who comes from a broken family too. I tried to befriend him because I was filled with pity but… dun dun, that guy started to like me because he thought I was different from others; I still befriend him even though other students avoided him. :( I feel uncomfortable since I knew that he liked me LOL. Poor guy.

Yeah, like those footballers and celebrities are paid too much in my opinion. Some footballers get $10,000 dollars a day or a week, if I’m not mistaken. It’s way too much!

Well, I guess by the time we grow up, we will realize that our world is so unfair haha. That’s what I’m learning now :P

D: You don’t like the fruity gelatos!? D: *shock horror* mum and I LOVE the fruity gelatos because they’re not as creamy and have a more real fruit taste :)

I have a myspace but quit it. Just like most social networks haha.

Yes! I shall sell my All Time Low poster…I just need a paypal account and an ebay account D: Maybe I’ll do a bit of research to see how much people would pay. They’re pretty popular now with die-hard girly fans because the lead singer is ‘s0 h0t’. *rolls eyes* There are other cute guys out there in the world! @_@

It’s typical for parents to criticise more rather than praise. So it seems to be for a lot of people anyway, particularly Asian parents in my opinion.

D: Ouch! You must of written A LOT to inflame your hands! Or you just write really hard on paper XD

Hmm I don’t think I type correctly. I think I type with 2-3 fingers on each hand. It’s weird… but it feels weird for me to type any other way.
If you’re worried about wrist and or hand problems when typing you should get a wrist rest. I think you can get it for both keyboard and mouse. I have one for my keyboard and it’s pretty awesome because it’s so squishy :D

Ahh the toothy fairy! I was broken hearted when I left my teeth under my pillow only to find that I received no money. :( I actually believed in her! D:

Ahh, I love listening to old songs :) And yes, I enjoy the occasional private dance haha. XD I stopped singing in the shower when I realised that everyone in the house could actually hear me :(

Yes, there is always the mysterious sort, and they do surprise us a lot at times because well..they are mysterious.

I don’t think I’m that friendly D: Maybe that’s why I find it difficult to make new friends…

I seem to always feel some sympathy for people with broken families because bleh I don’t know…I just do :S

LOL, I do the same thing with music I haven’t heard in a long while and just start groovin’, haha. Oh I sing all the time out loud LOL. I used to be a bit nervous to sing aloud around my-then-boyfriend-now-husband but pffft that was long ago.
Yeah I knew some people like that in High School. There was one guy in my graduating class, his Mom was our Senior English teacher. He was extremely smart but chose most of the time to do nothing and get failing grades and that tends to happen when there is something “else” going wrong in their lives. I agree that music does create peace in our lives!

Music is my passion, my comfort, my life. There is a song for every single life situation, problem, happy moment and so on. If I would describe my life I’d make a tracklist :)

I think you sing beautifully! From the heart.

Ah, your domain competition looks like so much fun! I’m not going to enter, I’ve got no reason to get a new domain, so I’m going to leave it for people who’d like them, but it does look fun!

Oh, I’m definitely gonna keep checking out the Midnight Mist, I love pretty, decorated quotes (:

I looove dancing around and singing. However, I suck at both! Lol. I do that privatly for that reason :P

Oh, mysterious people. Sometimes, a lot of those people end up being really nice, but not all of them :

Haha, I sing in the shower…sometimes, when no ones home I will go around singing at the top of my lungs /eee
but I wouldn’t dare do that when my family is home..haha

Awh, that’s really sad. I guess it just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I guess he acts “tough” to hide the fact that he’s sad. D:

I’ve seen a video like that!! It was this car going down a country lane then this monster screaming and it made me jump when I first watched it.

Wow 14’s not many compared to how many people got the other questions right. The new question’s hard as well.

Yeah, mine’s only version 10, but my dad got me 11 which is almost the same. I was like, “I sat here installing this for half an hour and it seems exactly the same. Ugh.” Pretty much like when you’re installing WordPress updates, which I really should do sometimes soon.. They just sit at the top of my dashboard.

Sorry, short comment. I think we both like apologising for this, haha.

Thank you! Yeah. :) Your welcome! How did you get the font to be like that, the one of your blog header?

Same, it’s only if there’s a special event where I have wear heels or slippers. It’s a pain to take them off.

That’s a habit of mine I need to break, I just care too much. If someone’s staring at me I’ll start wondering why and check myself out. /hmph

Thanks (x2)! Oh cool! What’s the coldest it ever gets in Australia? I’ve never been there but I want to travel all around the world.

I usually stay at home too but this year is just special, I have no clue why.

Singing! I hate singing, mostly because I suck at it. :P I dance all the time, in front of anyone. They may think I’m weird but I don’t care…if it was anything else I would be self conscious like I normally am.

That’s too bad for the guy, you can’t really tell why a person does something, there’s always a reason I believe. No wonder he was quiet! I would’ve been as well. Did he have any close friends?

I MADE IT. I finally made it down here to your comment box so I can return your comment. :) I just have 4 more comments to return now, and then I can open my site, which is hosted by you. YAY. *throws confetti*

Don’t you worry, I have no doubt whatsoever about your hosting haha. You set up my domain faster than the captain of the cheerleading team lost her virginity. Congrats. :D

Oh gawd. Justin Bieber. *shivers* His name gives me a headache. He truly annoys the fucking shit out of me.

Yeah Andrew, didn’t seem like someone who would get expelled. He seemed like really nice, funny guy. But I only talked to him for that one night, and I think you need longer than that to truly get to know someone. I’m sure he was hiding his truly rebellious side LOL.

Omg, James got expelled. :O Never knew that one. But wow, that’s absolutely ridiculous, he was just defending himself by fighting back.. schools really are quite stupid these days.

WHOAWHOA. Peeing on eachother? Dayum, you know some hardcore rebels hahaha. Once again, WOW @ the kid who peed on him first. Seriously, I don’t understand people like that. Get a life JERK. >:(

LMAO, no don’t worry! This video isn’t one of those things where a scary face pops up. TRUST ME. I promise. :3 Here’s the link: I swear to you, nothing will pop up. xD You must see it, I was laughing so hard when I first watched it. Now I don’t think it’s that funny though, it’s kinda creepy. NOT BECAUSE SOMETHING POPS UP, just because of how the guy is freaking out. xDDD Enjoy.

I don’t think you can die from being tickled. Or can you? D: But yeah, the tongue didn’t tickle my foot that much.. surprisingly. I think it was because he just licked it so fast. xD

Yeah I know eh. That’s why I was just like “Uh dude if you die.. from a disease that was on my foot.. then that would fucking suck man. It would fucking SUCK.”

He didn’t seem to care much though. -.-

Oh for sure. I was so thankful for his condo.. it’s a really comfy place, kinda creepy at night, but it’s still really nice. It has a nice view over the city and such, and I had a blast when we went there for New Years. So I guess as soon as I start driving, I can head down to the condo anytime, by myself! HOLLA.

You’re very welcome. The shirt is available for stealing. Lmao.

Are you freeken serious? I’m one of your top commenters? I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. If you lied to me, then you should be ashamed for getting my hopes up.. lmfao.

Damn, you should blog when they aren’t online just to give me some kind of chance at getting first comment. xD Haha, I’m just kidding. I’d rather get first comment when they were online, because then it would be a genuine WIN for the first comment spot. LOL.

Aweh thanks, I really hope “Mr. Right” comes along for me someday too.

TANTALISE. I’m going to go around saying that to all my friends and teachers so they’ll think I’m smart. :D Yeah, I’ve only taken one IQ test … some online one at my cousins house like many years ago haha, and I don’t even think I finished it.. but some of the questions just seemed really stupid and idiotic. :P Or maybe it was just me who was being stupid and idiotic. Hm.

Yeah, blogging is a great way to just empty out emotions and such. Although, when people do it constantly, the blogs become boring to read. Especially when they’re constantly going on about depressing emotions. It’s not that I don’t feel bad for them, it’s just that the blog starts to become very predictable and therefore, boring.

You’re very welcome. And aweeh that’s sweet. Thank-you. I’m glad that my blogs engross you “GIRLY” LOLOL.

I really appreciate your comments, and I feel like a tard for not returning them for so long, so I apologize for that. D:

Lmao yeah we should really drop the whole death topic. Not exactly something pleasant to be chatting about. :P Plus, you’re Superwoman, so I’m sure you’ll live a long and happy life hehe.

I hope to visit Australia someday cause it sounds more awesome than Canada tbh. I just can’t get enough of the accents. xD

Yeah that’s a great solution. Just drop by his place and start playing that piano haha. Don’t forget the camera to video tape yourself. I wanna see this lmao.

Sorry to hear that you weren’t in the mood for blogging or returning comments. D: That’s the worst feeling, cause that’s when it starts to feel like a chore, which sucks. *boo* Surprisingly, even though it’s a school day, I’m in a pretty comment-returning mood. Maybe it’s just because I’m anxious to get my site back open. :P

Omg same here. Our garage is full of some major shit as well. I hate going in there, cause I hate the smell of garages. Not that it’s a bad smell, it just bothers me for some reason. :P

Pictures are really a great way to spice up a blog, and make it more interesting to look at and read.

That’s true. Cards that I received from random people when I was in kindergarten have been discarded.. I think. I didn’t keep those cause they weren’t something extremely sentimental or special. As you said, I don’t remember the people who gave them to me either.

LOL. Yus, I hope you did live it up in your comments on Christmas. :3

It’s always good to recognize the good and bad. It’s nice to see that you still remember the good times you had with your ex, and respect him for those times, despite the fact that he was a jerk.

Don’t worry about going on and off with my comment, I didn’t seem like you did. I was able to follow along pretty well hehe. I always get distracted by Twitter and other things. D:

Yay a caption contest. I shall go on ahead and enter, as soon as I finish this comment. I love the dark layout on Midnight Mist, it really looks great. :) I have a new layout ready for my site, and I’m pretty sure it’s the shittiest thing I’ve ever made .. lmao.

I get what you mean about hearing a song that just makes you crave DANCING. Shake that booty. LMAO. I had to say it.

I always get that earge to just bust out the dance moves, and I usually don’t hold back.. even if I am in public. LOL. :D

Oh gawsh. Singing. Not my thing. I admire you for putting up videos of yourself singing on Youtube, cause I would never do that. My voice just sucks that bad. Yes.

You shouldn’t be so self-conscious about it, you have a great voice! Really now. It’s infinitely better than mine. :P

Omg when I read about the guy you used to sit beside, and the way you described him.. I was thinking of Edward Cullen. LOL. Cause that’s what it was like when Bella sat down next to him in class for the first time. He didn’t smile much, he was intimidating, and he was mysterious. xD You also mentioned that he was smart when he tried.. and Edward is smart. LOL. Dayum, you had your own version of Edward Cullen in your high-school. You never really said that he was insanely hot, because if you did, then that would just be a freakish coincidence. :P But yeah he seems to possess a lot of Edward Cullen characteristics. Let’s just hope he doesn’t sparkle in sunlight. -.-

That’s so sad that he came from a broken family. It must have been extra hard for him since he’s an only child. I can’t imagine having to deal with that.

The type of music someone listens to can say a lot about them.

Haha, don’t worry, your layouts never bore me, they always amaze me!

LOL. Nasty little creatures, not that I would want them to be gone, but just not here XD

lmao! You just think that its germs are there LOL! After a while though, you are just like whatever XD Ah I don’t like worms :P

Ohhh! Hmm, then I think I would rather go during the sunny season. Then at least I can go an explore rather then not wanting to go out due to the rain. Rain tends to ruin my day XD

LOL! Yeah, me too. I love broccoli. I’ve always wondered why kids shows always made broccoli seem as a horrible food, when it is actually very tasty.

Hah! I actually haven’t seen that movie in who knows how long, but I do remember the story line.

Aww, yeah, are you on like summer break, or just holiday break? Yeah, and then when we are off from school, you have university ):

Hah yeah, and it takes foreverr! The only thing I really like about it, is in the winter, it warms me up LOL!

XD! I haven’t really stayed at any other place for that long to know any other locations I would like to live. I’ve been to Bahamas twice, and its nice there, but more like a vacation spot, not as much as a place to live for me.

Haha, at my school, the only time people listen to music is during gym (they play music) and in the morning if they bring their iPods. I don’t bring mine since you also have a huge risk of getting it taken away. They have hall monitors all over the place and they tend to catch a lot of people with them.

Hehe, I like to sing out loud with my friends and when I’m at home. I only really sing with my friends if they are super close to me. Otherwise, I feel kind of awkward XD

Aww you sound really good on your videos ! I also watched the one when you only had 5 strings LOL XD ! It was really good :D

Heyyy yourself! lol. I just couldn’t resist it. Now that you’ve told me how dirty China is, I really don’t mind going to Japan. I mean I like the language, the music and the FOOD. so yeah.

I did some of my skip it today. Believe it or not my ankle didn’t hurt. I guess it’s getting used to being jumped around on. But there are like 3 pictures of me jumping. You can’t really see my face because the thing is so small, you literally have to watch where the ball goes, or you’ll fall flat on your face rofl. I haven’t done that yet.

Yeah I think there’s still a bit of me that’s scared of Bloody Mary and why I’d never try it at night. I did it one time, and it was during the day. lol. Call me chicken but I’m still afraid of it. I was always afraid of it ever since I read it on Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. That’s where I heard it first. I read that at night and the funny part was, if I had to go to the bathroom at night, I’d reach out my arm and hand and feel for the lightswitch. Than I’d go and do my business lol. I had this big mirror, so yeah I can understand why anyone would be afraid of trying Bloody Mary.

Yeah, I’m glad you had a guy that you got pretty close too, it was the same with me and one of my friends from the amazing place. We got together and dated for a month and he was such an attention hog, he would ask me if I ever overdose on my pills or something of the sort and than when I tell him no he would say he did. And then he would use me for my money because he only gets 100.00 a month from his dad. The rest goes to whatever. Needless to say he came in between my so called best friend and I because she still had feelings for him when I told her what he had done to me. She couldn’t believe it. So he took his side. Oh well; her loss. If she would’ve taken my side I would’ve given her rides and what not. But now that won’t happen. haha. Sucks to be her.

Oh btw, I went to and it’s back up, so I got some of her smilies and added them. Heehee. I love them. I remember that a long time ago when I had I had a friend of mine do all the work for me and I paid for her to do it too. Than finally I learned how to do it myself. :). I also know how to make movies now. So I’m getting there. The only thing I need to know is how to code a stylesheet. It’s hard. I’ve started out with html and php first so it comes natural but stylesheets no siree bob.

OMG you don’t like Nutella? *Dies*. It’s the best. If you toast your bread first and than spread it on it’s delicious!! And than with a glass of fat free milk! :D. Yum. This time around I bought two of Nutella’s so I won’t run out before we go to the store again. Heehee.

Yeah that is a lot saved up. I had to take $20.00 out of it yesterday to gas up my car and believe it or not it’s filled all the way now so I should be good from now until whenever I have to gas it up again. Which isn’t bad. I should give my sister money like a $20.00. But I dunno.

Aww, thanks that was nice of you to compliment me. I love your singing and guitar playing it rocks! Yeah I don’t give a rats toosh as to what people think of me. I mean when I’m not depressed I don’t, but when I’m depressed I do in a way. Ya know?

I made a video of me dancing to “Bold And Delicious” by Ayumi Hamasaki (Ayu), but it’s still uploading. I hate youtube sometimes because it always takes so long to upload.

Anyway, I found some new salad dressing that I absolutely love from Kraft foods. It’s called Asian Sesame something. It’s really good. I just thought I’d throw that in. Lol. Well; I better be on my way. So here’s your long comment for ya :P. Hope it didn’t bore ya and made sense.

Aw, that is so sweet that you created a fanlisting for Rachel, that’s really sweet! :) I’m sure she was really happy to find out you did that for her. :)

I love listening to old songs, the songs that I don’t listen to much anymore. It just brings back great memeories, and some are so great – so great I don’t even know why I don’t listen to them anymore. I love dancing in my room, it just feels like life is great at that moment, and that no one can stop my happiness.

I don’t really mind singing out loud… I usually do it in the car even if my mom or sister is in there. Although I don’t like singing around my friends, heh.

What you were explaining, about that guy reminded me of a description in the book “Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen. (really good book by the way!)
The few tiomes you did talk to him, you should of asked! It would of been cool to finally find out after all those years of wondering.

I love how you just transition so smoothly from one topic to another, your blog just flows, I love it! Just thought I should let you know that. :D

Have a great day!

Ahh, I’ll have to go join that fanlisting for Rachel. ;) And a few of your other fanlistings, for sure. xD

I’ve always been terrified of performing in front of people; I get embarrassed really, really easily! I don’t know why, I just do. I suppose I’m just really insecure. For example, I’m starting basketball(for school) tomorrow, and I’m scared shitless. :P

I don’t like to talk to people a lot, but for some odd reason people like that boy you were talking about irk my curiosity. I always end up talking to them, trying to see what’s wrong. It’s not that I’m nosy, I just want to see if there’s anything I can do to make them feel a bit better. :) I try to be a people-pleaser.

Ohh, I love may. :) And I like dogs too, but I love giraffes. xD

Five years? That’s a long while, eh? ^^

It’s great that you guys have a strong enough relationship to get over the fight! :D

Yeah, it was a long time. :( We never go on planes, since they’re so expensive.

Ours are white too! It was weird to see a yellow one. And our taxis are white too, and some are navy blue. :P Americans are weird. xDD

Have a great day!

Oh, well thank you darling! I feel like our sites have always coexisted in similar circles and we sort of reappear on each other’s sites every so often. I’ll see your name somewhere and click just to see what’s up or what cool layout you’ve put up. :P Kind of a cool web dynamic, you know?

Anyway, your blog encourages me to blog. I was thinking about opening something on Blogger just as a journal to vent about this and that. In fact, I might do that. I’ve been thinking about something like that for a while. I even wondered about getting a second domain for it at one point. So thanks for that extra push (you’re probably like, “What did I do?”). I always find inspiration from other people’s actions and thoughts. I think I’m going to do it. :]

Cool, well hang in there. You’re a freshman in college, right? First year, gotta be tough but you always seem so optimistic about everything. I’m going to be a freshman next year and I’m stoked. I hope I can stay as cheery as you! :]

Anyway, no way I can compete with the length of blog comments you’re getting here sooooooooo I’ll stop now and start that blog I was talking about.

Take care and all the best!

You’re welcome! And I’m a little surprised I still remember you, haha. I think that both you and I have improved quite a lot in terms of web design. ;)

I hope you don’t mind if I respond to your comment on my blog as a reply; I didn’t want to flood your tagboard, haha.

Well, I’ve been blogging for a few years now – a while ago it wasn’t so in depth and I didn’t really “blog”. If you feel like starting one up, do! Even if it’s just something on a subdomain of your site. Some people like it that way, I guess.

I don’t know what to say! I’m quite surprised (and happy!) that I’ve somehow inspired you. Well, what with my 17 domains and all… I think people are more inclined to think I’m crazy. XD

Well, university – I guess that’s roughly the same thing as college. I’ve just finished my first year and I’m going back in about a month for my second year. Scary, actually, my bachelor is only three years. I was thinking of doing another degree but who knows. :P

No problem. I tototally understand. The tagboard is tiny… :P

Yeah, I’ll be attending a university too. I just call it college. Wow, three years! Lucky… I think I’m pretty much doomed to 5 years unless I work my butt off in summer courses because I want to pursue a complex science major. Oh joy. I wish I could just write my whole life.

So I did it!
Pretty stoked about it to be honest. Now to find some readers… :P

Aww, poor guy. I guess so. I think almost everyone listens to music when their bored, hurt/upset and stuff.

I can’t believe your brave enough to post yourself singing on youtube, especially since your selfconcious. I’d probably run away the minute the camera’s switched on @_@

I don’t sing in the shower, it creeps me out. Like you never know who’s listening on the other side of the door. Imagine there’s a psycho who’d broken into your house and decided to look for survivors and you’d of escaped but too late! He heard you singing…dun dun dun D: Jk

Yeah, it took me a lot of courage to finally post them but I did!

Music really helps us get through things, I think.

I can hear my brother singing in the shower sometimes so I guess I don’t really want to sing in the shower in case people can hear me. XD I guess sometimes I worry someone will bang on the door and tell me to shut up too. :P

I don’t think they need to be perfect. Because I just only make them for fun, and sometimes I like trying to persuade my sisters to put those as their profile pictures on Facebook, but they are too embarrassed to do so. XD

Sometimes rumours are really fun to hear, but not so great if it’s about you. Thankfully, I’m a too quiet person in front of people so people don’t know me well to be creating rumours about me. :P

Sometimes some songs make me want to dance as well. It’s really awesome to sing along/dance with some songs. I’m usually in a room full of people so I get to do it only sometimes.

I get what you mean. Some of the senior guys in our school are intimidating so it’s weird as I’ve talked to them a couple of times.

There’s this guy in our class who can be called as a “spoilt” boy. He says the sickest of things and he even said the most disgusting thing about some girls, including me. I was really mad at him but then I heard that he is like that as his father had passed away. I guess most people like that and the type of guy you’re talking about have some family problems.

AHOY THERE *salutes*

I worked out the answer to that question. /faw And I kind of left a useless comment saying I knew the answer. Ha.

I LOVE THE NEW MIDNIGHT MIST. The layout is kind of mysterious and the quotes/ graphics you use/make are really cool. /bounce

The other day (fully random this but whatever) I was looking for text brushes so I looked on DeviantArt. I saw the most awesome set I had seen in fucking ages and I was like, “OMFG. How fully siccccccckkkk man”.

Ho hum, MCR lyrics (Y)

Haha. I get “the switch feeling” when you gotta dance, headbang, sing along. It’s quite hard because my sister uses her laptop in the same room as me so I have to do it when she’s not there. Haha. /ehe

I love listening to old songs. :3

Do YOU sing in the shower? 🙄
I don’t. I don’t have a shower…. we just have baths with shower heads. WTF.

I sing along if I’m doing it with someone else. If not I just hum and stuff. :)

I couldn’t watch you singing on YouTube because of my fucking flashplayer… but your accent is cool, so dig it (H)

Whoa, that guy does sound a bit odd. And you were allowed to listen to music in class? OMG. Or was he just like, rebelling?

An average punk guy, eh? I guess I would get curious, too, about his music taste, if he wasn’t one to shout it out to the whole world.

Shy people can often appear to be unfriendly. I know that I am really shy at first but if you get to know me I am so loud, crazy, and bloody insaneeeeee 🙄


That guy does sound a little intimidating if he didn’t talk much. And being intimidated by people is quite strange. Because we are a little wary of them whilst we know that they are human, just like ourselves.

Aw, poor guy. :( I hope he’s okay now and has a happier life, somewhat.
It’s a shame when smart people don’t work much at all, because it just gives the “wrong” impression to other people and it’s almost a waste of their intelligence.

Music is a great solace sometimes. Metal when you’re angry, piano when you need to study or feel down. Music is a great little saviour and I can understand why the boy needed it. :)

Ah, I tend not to win these kind of things. I’m bad at that kind of stuff xD. It took me ages to work it out though, I swear I’m brain dead at the moment. Which is bad, because I have a french mock exam tomorrow D:

There’s hardly any variety in the girls at my school. Yo have some really really stupid ones, the bitches, the sporty ones and then I suppose the rest are just the same. Lots of people hang around in different groups, and we don’t really mix groups alot. But recently I’ve started becoming better friends with people that I don’t normally talk to, because I’m not in many classes with my normal friends this year.

Aha, thanks. I think I’m going to fail, lol.

I’m not really sure where our group fits in. We’re not snobby, bitchy, slutty, sporty or anything like that. I suppose we’re just crazy.

I haven’t changed my freiends much, and I only have a year and a half left of school.. I finish in July 2011. In my second year, though, I had a fall out with my friends and I didn’t speak to them for pretty much the whole year. I made new friends. I ‘got back together’ with my friends in the beginning of my third year, but I didn’t really stay friends with many of the people I had met in my second. They were all really quite bitchy and up themselves, really. I am still friends with Charlie, though, who I still sit next to at registration and we’re still best mates. I think of her as my radiator- she just radiates happiness! xD