Sunshine In A Bag

I was in a sad mood yesterday (read this if you must – it’s not necessary) but I thought I’d hop to it and blog. I’ve had a hectic past few days so there are a few comments left behind.

Today I was sitting on the bus on my way home from work (tiring day indeed)… and this boy got on the bus at one of the stops.

I saw him before the bus pulled up to the kerb and he had a long fringe and was flicking it to the side of his face over and over, because it kept on getting into his eyes. It was getting annoying because I was watching him (no, I wasn’t having a perv) and he just kept flicking his fringe over and over.

FYI: “Fringe” is otherwise known as “bangs” in America…

It gets a bit annoying when you see someone flicking their fringe like that. Just clip it back or tuck it behind your ear instead of letting it waver in your face.

I know it looks dumb tucking your fringe behind your ear. Whenever my friend did it, this guy would make fun of her because her curls made it look like there was hair growing out of her ear. But still, try and make an effort to hold your fringe in place with your hand or something, instead of looking back down on the book you’re reading only to flick it away again.

Otherwise I will chop it off. /angry

I’m just kidding.

But it wasn’t really this boy’s fringe that got my attention in the first place.

He was holding a bottle of hairspray. O_O

It was most peculiar. I saw him holding it from the moment I saw him standing at the bus stop. It wasn’t in a bag – he was just holding it in his hand.

Why wasn’t he carrying it in a plastic bag? It sort of amused me. Carrying a bottle of hairspray.

A small part of me thought, “Dude. Can you like, hairspray your fringe back or something?”

But I didn’t say it. I didn’t say anything. 🙄

I know some people don’t like carrying bags. Sometimes I’m really not in the mood for carrying a bag. When I’m going somewhere quickly, I grab my iPod, wallet and phone. (My iPod fits in my wallet, I discovered recently!) I just carry the lot in my hands or pockets.

My mum thinks I’m “quite a handful”. She says I should carry a bag instead. But sometimes a bag can be pretty inconvenient, or you don’t have the “right” bag.

I have big bags, backpacks, handbags, messenger bags (all of which I’ve broken because I’ve used them too much :P) and tote bags. I usually like big bags, but it gets hard to find stuff in big bags. The main reason I use a bag is to hide a lot of stuff I wouldn’t want people to see… /blush

I think this guy on the bus could really have done with a bag. I would feel embarrassed carrying around a bottle of hairspray. I don’t know, maybe the guy’s bag broke or he just wanted to carry the hairspray, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be carrying a box of tampons around in my hand in public for whatever reason (unless it’s when I’m picking it up in the store to take it to the counter and pay for it). /um

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Don’t worry about comments! *hugs*

OMG. That would have creeped the shit out of me and annoyed me too. Flick, flick.


I understand you were not being a perv ;)

Or you can use hairgrips! I admit it’s harder if you’re a guy because they just tend to let it hang like Mr. Guy at the Bus stop, but really. /ehh

Hairspray? WTF. HAIRSPRAY?

My friends use hairspray in the classroom all the time.
I go to an all-girls.

So everyone has hairspray, right? (Apart from me. I don’t need it, use it, or want it).

LOL. He didn’t have a bag or anything? Strange. I would rather carry a bag. It would look less… noticable.

I thought you were going to say that he did hairspray his fringe back. Hah.

I saw the picture on DailyBooth of your iTouch in your wallet! And that picture of you and James :3

Oh yeah, gotta match the bag to your outfit and stuff. Can be hard work.

Aw. *hugs* Sounds like you have a lot and a lot of bags :) I don’t own many at all or even use them that much. Maybe I should.

Tampons… not in a bag… /ehe

I would die of fucking embarrassment.

Anyways, take care and dig it, bitch. I luh you. ♥ xx

I’ve entered today’s, but it’s not a very great answer lol.

I have no idea what version of WordPress I’m on. It’s probably like 6 or something, but they’ve brought out so many that I can’t remember. And they only have really little changes made to them.

I haven’t played in the snow yet. I used to go straight out and play in it when I was younger, but now it seems too cold to run about in the snow. There’s a snowman in someone’s garden down my street which these kids were making. It’s so big, they must have had help from a parent. I want to make a snow angel!

Bad Romance is a really good song, but I heard it loads recently. My sister played it non-stop when it first came out. She even knows the dance to it.

Aww, hope you’re feeling better now. I really enjoyed reading your post on, I guess I just love stuff like that. You’ll still be Superwoman even if it takes you a year to reply to comments!

Things like that irritate me too. If I was reading I’d have to put my hair behind my ears or it would really annoy me. Why did he just leave it there?? Perhaps he was trying to look cool, but with the hairspray you could argue about that. I don’t think I’ll ever need to carry hairspray around anytime soon.


Hey Georgie :)

I just felt like commenting you again after I haven’t done so in like at least a month now. My site is still not back up or anything and I also haven’t returned your comment yet.. so just feel free to reply on here, because my site probably won’t be back until a week or so :)

Oh it’s not like I haven’t read your other blogs from the past – I have, I just didn’t comment ;) You know I love reading your blogs :)

Kay, so this boy is definitely kinda weird xD I hate it when my fringe is in my face. I hate it with a passion. So I either have it behind my ear (I always put it behind my ear xD) or clipped it back or something. I just need to see everything that is going on around me.

Sometimes it looks really good with your fringe in your face, but I guess that depends on the type of face a person has and also on the haircut. I’ve seen a lot of pictures where people have their fringe in their faces and it looked cool :)

And he was seriously holding that hairspray bottle in his hand? Wow.. I hate doing that, so if I know that I want to buy something, I always take a bag with me. My sister has this really cute handbag that has a good size to put a lot of things into but it’s still “small”. I don’t like those huuuge bags, because of the same reason you mentioned: You can’t really find things in them.

Buying “women’s stuff” is the one thing I hate the most xD I feel awkward walking around the shop with it, let it be holding it out of a shop.. I am glad mum usually always buys it when they go to the supermarket xD But if I happen to buy it myself, I always make sure to take a bag with me xD I don’t want anyone seeing me with it xD

It’s actually kinda stupid because every women out on this earth needs and uses them, but still xD

I hope you are feeling a lil bit better after your blog yesterday :) I definitely think you should take some time to just live this year. You are a very, very passionate website owner and do a lot for all of us visitors, you more than just “deserve” the time for yourself :)

We want you to be happy and if that’s what makes you happy – it makes us happy too. And if people don’t understand that you need your time off sometimes, it’s their problem. Not yours.

Bye ♥

Hey Swetlana! That’s alright. :) I am glad to reply to you on here. Gotta love that WordPress plugin.

I’ve seen you tweeting and I’m glad you’re alive, well, and enjoying having a break from the site! I should totally follow your example… I’m so stubborn I won’t even close comments or anything! But I’ve promised myself I’m going to take it easy. If I don’t feel like returning comments, then I won’t. :P

Aww, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. ♥ Those true friends are the ones who still talk to me even if they’re busy, or their site is down or closed. :)

I actually hate putting hair behind my ear because I think it looks funny. I prefer using a hairclip. I know my friend had protruding ears so she didn’t like tucking her hair behind her ear.

Yeah, that’s true! I know some people look good with long fringes but some people really need to keep their fringes out of their faces.

It was really weird that he was holding it in his hand! Oversized bags can look cool but it’s so hard to find stuff in them.

I feel awkward buying it too. I always try to buy it with other things, so it doesn’t look like I’m buying just that. It can get embarrassing!

Thank you. *hugs* :) ♥

I hope to hear from you soon! And take your time with your site. <3

I submitted a comment and I think it’s gone into spam. /um


Take care, biatch. x

Haha, definitely! That plugin is awesome ♥ I don’t know what I would do without it sometimes.

Hehe, yeah you definitely should follow my example :) It’s a lot of fun being without the site for a while, though I really want to start working on it again. But I have to wait until Kya moves the stuff from my .info domain to the .org domain to start working on it again! So yeah :)

I guess taking it easy is one step into the right direction :) Just take all the time you need to return comments and stuff. No one will be mad at you for that :) Or at least most of the visitors!

Though I kinda feel like we haven’t really talked much lately. Which definitely sucks. But that’ll change for sure as soon as I am completely back again! :)

Hehe, yep definitely. That’s why mum usually buys it when she goes grocery shopping xD Then there are tons of other things and those women things aren’t that obvious anymore xD

I will definitely take my time with the site :) And you’re welcome ♥

In year nine one of my friends changed alot. She went on a school trip abroad with the rest of my friends (I didn’t go to that one) and came back with a boyfriend. Nicola isn’t really the type of girl you can picture with a boy- and the boys seem to think so to, really. She gets embarrased when people joke about sex and she never admits if she likes a boy. For a while, we were unsure if she actually like boys- but we wouldn’t of cared if she didn’t. So anyway, when she got back she got dumped by him and she changed alot after that, and seemed to not want to be friends with us anymore. Eventually we stopped making the effort, and then one day we get called in at school and told off for bullying her. We were abit like WTF? she didn’t want to be our friend.

Eventually though, she apologised and we’re all good now. We still don’t talk as much as we used to though, which is a shame.

Me and my best friend Katy used to fight all of the time. We couldn’t handle disagreeing, and one day it got to much which is why we didn’t speak for nearly a year. Thankfully though we’re over that :D

Aww! Don’t be sad. And PLEASE don’t give up on heartdrops. I know sometimes your online life gets too much to cope with and you really just want to quit. But I promise I don’t expect you to return my comments and blog pronto ♥ I still love you!

aha, that boy must have been annoying. I don’t get embarrassed about buying things like tampons in shops, but I would do if I was carrying it round the street.. 🙄

I hope you feel better!

a lot of guys really are like that. maybe he’s metro sexual or something. he prolly has a mirror in his pocket too. lol.
i’m like that too with bags. same reasons as you. either i don’t have one that goes with what i wear or im in a hurry or sometimes just lazy. haha. that’s why im planning to buy a big black bag – one that goes with all outfits.

Lol! I once had to interview this boy, who once every 5 seconds would swoosh his head to flick his hair out of his face….it was all i could focus on after a while!!! /hehe

I have way to many big bags, but i always end up with back ache after using them, brcause i end up putting so much stuff in there! I think, “oh its ok, i’ll put it in my bag…..” but when you empty it out, you have receipts from 4 months ago, a lone chewing gum that has escaped and random other things you thought you had lost!!

But i wouldnt carry something like hairspray without a bag, i might end up on someone’s blog being laughed at /mwah

Haha wow! I always thought that that would be a bad impression in an interview. :P

I like big bags because you can put whatever you want in them, but I agree. All this stuff stays in there for ages because you can’t be bothered cleaning it out.

Haha LOL!

I’m replying on my site because I couldn’t comment on your site. I’m not sure what the problem is but I can try and help you out when I have the time. I don’t know if you tried to use WordPress with a PHP layout… but I don’t think you can actually do that; you need a theme to be able to use WordPress. O_O

AHAHA at that guy. i’d probably try really hard not to laugh at him flipping his hair.
there are these real cute ‘to go’ little bags on etsy you can get and it fits all your ipod needs, money, etc. i really wanna get one cause they look so handy ! i love big bags ahahaha.. but dont like to bring them to places where theres gunna be a lot of people cause you’ll knock people over :P and it gets sooo annoying when you want to look for something quick in there haha.
maybe he was holding the hairspray for easy access AHAHAH. i have no idea. thats funny though.

Aw, I hope you’re not sad any more! ):

My fringe is kind of like that. O.o not by intention though- I just haven’t had the time or money to have it cut recently! :P

I get what you mean about bags and stuff. I own so many but I have days when I just like “…I haven’t got a bag to go with that!” So I just take out my phone, purse and iPod, put them in my jeans pockets. :)

Hairspray is different though, because obviously you can’t fit it in your pockets. I think if he knew he was going to buy hairspray, he would have brought a bag to put it in. Maybe it was an unexpected buy? XD

Haha I don’t think I’ll get a new iPod for a very long time now, I’ve not filled up much space at all on this one, I just love it so much though! :D

I haven’t bought new stationary in a while, I might get some soon.

Yeah I got all my stuff in the post now. :)

Oh I wish I didn’t have to go back until February! I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s so hard to fix your sleeping pattern when you have strict hours to sleep between. ):

Yeah, Kylie is very famous in the UK. I have a teacher who is so obsessed with her, we bought him a calendar of hers for Christmas and he was jumping for joy with it saying how beautiful she is haha.

I HATE seeing people when they keep flicking hair out of their face. I don’t know why it’s so annoying, but all you wanna do is shout at them “HERE’S A CLIP, USE IT!”. Haha, it’s just one of those things that gets on my nerves for no reason.

I always have to carry a bag. I have so many though. It’s annoying having loads because then when you lose something i.e. your phone and you can’t remember which bag you used last you have to search through all of them. My school bag is so full or crap though, I literally just shove everything in there. It’s pretty amazing I’ve never lost anything in there.

Oh my gosh. iPod in wallet? Why didn’t I think of that? You’ve just made my life a whole lot easier :D


Yeah a lot of people needs to do that lol.

Our conversations is always random lol. :D

She always replies and helps the best she can. I wouldn’t even be able to code my current layout if it wasn’t for her lol. I just recently got a photobucket account. It’s really helpful. :D And its less space too.

Mygym class is the best. We just sit there and do absolutely nothing. I was in there listening to music on my cell phone and text. The teacher did nothing lol. He doesn’t even know our names. He doesn’t take attendance, he just passes every one lol.

I looked and I finally found it. I’m using New Yorks time and it works perfectly. :D It was hard without the time before because If i wanted to post something at a certain time I couldn’t because I didn’t know which time to use lol.

I am soo missing the questions. :( I missed question 3, 4, and 5. What time to do you post them? Your anniversary with James is coming lol. I saw the question. :D
As for the new question, yeah i have no idea lol.

Hahah darkness sucks. I sleep with the TV on but on mute so that there’s some kind of light in the room lol.

Haha I was confused for a moment on fringe was lol. YAY I know a knew word that’s not American lol.

It was irritating you because you just kept starring at it, and even though you want to look away, you can’t. Instead, you just want to yank it or something. It happens to me sometimes lol.

Wow that is dumb, if he had hairspray then why the hell did he not use it? Dumb crack lol. /hehe

I think maybe he thought it would look cool? /hehe /hehe

I love tote bags but it hard to find something in there, especially small stuff lol.

I read that little note and I really just wanted to fly out to Australia and give you a big hug. :( I know how you feel and told you on Twitter, sort of. Don’t worry about comments, if anyone moans then they can suck it. You’re not superwoman (even if you seem so), you’re not a robot, you’re fucking human.

I get well annoyed when people play with their fringe lmfao, I don’t know why. I just find it so irritating. :P

My fringe used to annoy me so much, so in the end I just clipped it and then got a “full fringe” it’s less hassle. :P

Wow, holding a can of hairspray isn’t weird is it?! *sarcasm* I would have took it off of him and sprayed his fringe, muwhaha.

I don’t like taking a bag out with me, I just grab everything and shove it in my pocket. I’ve only recently started keeping money in a purse, I used to just throw it in my pocket. 8D

I think he needed a bag too. Someone should have offered him one~


I know, I hate the time different between you and I. :( It’s so stupid. I miss talking to you so much when I work, we barely get to say hi to each other. :(

I go back to work on the 12th!!! I don’t wanna go though, got to used to lazing around hahaha. I’m only working up till the 30th though, so I guess it’ll fly by….

I don’t like it when couples have an argument and one is like “I’LL CHANGE” yeah you love him/her but why should you change yourself for someone else? ASDFGH.

You should ship me some lollies, I want someeee.

Yeah, that’s true. :P I saw about 5 people today who all said Happy New Year so whateverrrr~

Ewww chocolate. I don’t like it anymore for some reason. :S Just doesn’t tickle my fancy.. (I laugh every time someone says that saying har, my bad)

Fireworks are so pretty. :D I want to go to Central London for New Year, they had a firework display on the Thames… but apparently a quarter of a million people ended up going. o_O

You definitely should hold off… 10 domains is a lot of money when it all adds up! Thank you for mine by the way. :D

Yay I’m glad you like it. In honesty though, I couldn’t care if people didn’t like it, I love it so whatever. Someone said they thought it was illegal to use song names/lyrics for things like site names though? Oh well, lol.

I don’t think sounds corny. :) It could be a place where you write him “letters” and stuff.


I know it’s stupid. I mean, whatever has happened has happened, just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear.

Awww thank you! I hope 2010 is a great year for you too. :D And James of course. :) HI JAMES!! I doubt he’ll see this but never mind. :P

Oh I’m not lazy and retarded like them people; I do LOOK for a job hahaha. My sister moans she hasn’t got a job but she’s applied for 1 job in nearly 3 years…

I PROMISE to you I’ll keep DA for MORE than a year, heh. Keep this for evidence haha.

“* What should I do with
Give it to me or have it for dinner.”

LMAO. You make me laugh. :) Take your time returning this by the way, don’t stress. :P

Thanks for not eating me. You wouldn’t have much reason to, cause you’re on that list lolol. :)

Alright then. *prepares self* I’m ready for your random comment in random order. :D

Yeah, I was anxiously waiting for Wendy to change the nameservers. A couple days passed and even though it wasn’t a long time at all, I started to feel like I was screwed and she was never going to change it. xD But then, I randomly tried going to my site, and it showed the index files so I was like HOLLA. *starts raping FTP with file uploads*.

I get what you mean. That’s a very valid point. It’s nice to be there to help people, but they shouldn’t be asking constantly to a point that it gets annoying.

LOL you were getting sleepy while returning my comment.. so there’s not much of a difference b/w that and returning comments in your sleep. xD

You’re saying yo, because your gangster. Holla.
.. lmao.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. <3 That would be funny if you kept on saying it, like you did with Merry Christmas. xD But yeah, feel free to rape your comment with "happy new years", I don't have a problem with it LOL.

Yes exactly. I always either forget or just fail to achieve any of my resolutions. Plus, I don't really understand why people decide to set goals for themselves at the end of the year. Why not do it at any other time? I mean, the whole point of them is to make yourself a better person, and you should be doing that throughout your life, no?

Best of luck not starting fights with people. That won’t be too hard to achieve.. people should know that they shouldn’t fuck around with superwoman. Lmao. :D

A lot of people say that Grade 12 is a bitch. Although, I think Grade 11 is a bigger bitch because it was an insane transition from the easy ways of grade 10. It was just a huge change, and tbh, I wasn’t prepared for it.. maybe that’s why my grades flunked. :/

Maybe Grade 12 will just add on to the craziness of Grade 11, but I don’t think it will be as crazy as the transition from 10-11.

Thanks for the encouraging words. :) I hope to get to that CA goal someday.

Yes, I know you wouldn’t and don’t get drunk. :) Kudos to you for that. Once again, a very superwomanish thing to do. It’s rare to be a university student that hasn’t gotten completely trashed, so you should be proud. I hope to follow in your path of soberness. :D

I agree with you. The last two, senior years, of high-school are awesome, because you just have a blast with your friends and all.. but holy shit, the work is like a slap across the face. I hate the word load. Rawr.

Damn you sure did tell me a lot about university and high-school hehe, but it was interesting to read about. You weren’t ruining it for me, don’t worry, now I’m even more excited to just get the fuck out and live a real life. :D Lmao.

OMG I never knew you had your license. *giggles* COOL DUDE. :3 Cause yeah, I always read about in your blogs about you using public transport, so I didn’t think you had one, but say woooord you do! I’m sure you will past the next level. :) Have confidence in yourself superwoman! >:O

Nah I used to have a jump to comment box link, but I removed it. I can’t even remember if I removed it by accident or on purpose.. but whatever. LOL. Since I have paged comments, there are only 10 on each page, so it isn’t a long scroll down to the comment box. (:

Ngaw thanks. I can’t believe that you seriously like my layout, you better not be just saying that to be nice. xD Cause really, I hate it. It’s the worst lay I’ve ever made. It’s so depressing and colorless, the design is so basic and uncreative. *anger builds up* *bursts a vein*Gah.

HEYHEY. YOU DID FALL ASLEEP WHILE RETURNING MY COMMENT. You proved it with your “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” which further proves my point that you totally return comments in your sleep. FRIKIN’ AMAZING. Lmfao.

Yeah you really did set up my domain faster than she lost her virginity. And believe me, she didn’t wait even a second to lose it. :)

Meh, I hate guys who do that. They act all nice when they first meet you, giving you the completely wrong impression, and then as soon as you really start to get to know them, they turn out to be major arseholes. Thankfully, my bestie Ryan, wasn’t like that. When I first met him, he was as idiotic as he is today. He didn’t hide anything, he was himself from the first second we met lmao. xD

Wtf. I never knew that there were such things as “urinating competitions” O_O Dear Lord, what has this world come to? LMAO. Who is this Australian author? I would be glad to check out some of his books. I love good humor. But omg.. EW. Who can pee the highest? You know you need a life when……
That’s disgusting that it landed on his head. xD If I witnessed that I would have started calling the guy “PEE FOR BRAINS” muahahah >:)

*omg yay video is loading, I’m anxiously waiting for your reaction*

Yeah the whole hyperventilating thing sounds very possible. D: I wonder if anyone has actually died from being tickled. Scary thoughts.

Mhm.. he must have had a pretty strong immune system. Cause for all I know, he isn’t dead right now.. or sick from licking my foot. xD I guess that’s good news. Woo.

Yeah I really can’t wait to get on the road. It’ll be freedom at last hehe. I hope you can get there someday. That is, if you want to. Cause not everyone does. :P My mom has never really been into driving, I think it’s rather odd but whatever.

Omg. *celebrates* I’m in the top 20 commenters! HOLLAAAAAA. *does dance*

Hm, I’ve been saying holla too much lately. Even when I greet my friends, I don’t even say “hi” I say, HOLLA.

I noticed that Jorja got first comment. DARN YOU WOMAN. Lmao, just kidding. But yeah.. one day.. I promise I will prevail with the first comment.. in all it’s glory.

Well if you blog in the wee morning hours over there, it should be a reasonable time in the evening here, no? I actually have no idea what our time zone difference is, so I may be talking total bullshit. :) Just a warning.

Since you think that IQ tests aren’t accurate.. I feel much better about myself. LOL. Cause I think I did horribly horrible on that IQ test (since I didn’t even finish it). :P It’s good to know that the low score I would’ve ended up with, even if I did finish it, wouldn’t have been accurate. :D Meaning that I’m most likely smarter than it says I am.. or dumber. FAIL.

Yeah I always try to spice up my blogs somehow. Whether it may be with humor, or images or videos.

Ngaw, I’m glad that you aren’t going to kill me with your superwoman powers for not returning your comments sooner hehe. You deff have a life, and you seem so busy all the time, I can’t imagine you having much more of a life. :O Lololol.

Yeah that time on Twitter when you and Diamond were having some kind of conspiracy over my accent.. I still don’t think I have an accent.. lmao.

You are so lucky that you don’t have to go back for another month. Oh em gee. JEALOUSSSS. That really sucks that you have work though. :( I hope you can get it done and out of the way.

Yeah, I get that feeling of comments being a chore to return at random times. I don’t know what exactly triggers the feeling, but I absolutely hate it when it hits me.. it totally drains my energy and I start to feel like shit. D:

Aww, good to know that you wanted to return my comment. And same goes here. This doesn’t feel like a chore right now. I have no homework tonight, plus, I enjoy commenting you, so it’s all good. :)

LMAO YAY THE VIDEO FINALLY LOADED. AHHAAHAHA, you typed “OMG” like a million times. But I can deff understand why. The only thing Iw as thinking when I first watched it was “omg”. xDD It’s insane eh? Glad you enjoyed it. :P

I love the part where he literally strips under the blanket within like 10 seconds and keeps saying “I’M GONNA RUN AWAY.. I’M GONNA RUN AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK” LMFAO. Oh gawd, it never gets old.

HAHA, I’m glad it made you feel alive. Share it with everyone who hasn’t seen it already. :D Especially someone who’s feeling down. I always watch it when I’m in pissy mood.. cause it makes me less pissed when I see other people pissed. :D -Yah, I’m weird.

You’re very welcome. Aw thanks, good to know that you don’t think my lays suck, even though I do. Especially my current one. I hope to change it soon.

Shake that booty all the way. I like shaking my booty. :) Why did that sound so wrong? ..


Yay, I’m glad that your brother liked the video as well. It’s pretty epic hahahaha.

LMAO, that would be absolutely hilarious if you just busted out the dance moves in the middle of the train. I think I should add that to my mental list of things that I want to do before I die.

You’re welcome once again. :) (It’s funny cause I don’t even know what you’re thanking me for.. but I’ll just go along with it lmao).

Yeah if he started sparkling.. that would just be creepy shit yo. I’d be like “dude get that skin disorder checked out.” It’s always annoyed me how Edward sparkles, I don’t know why.. lmao. I think it’s kinda lame.


A lot of people who have a tough outer appearance are pretty soft and sensitive on the inside. :P It’s weird, but true. I guess they try to shield it, especially with guys who are always going for that tough rugged kinda look/personality.

Now to finally comment on your current blog. WOOHAY.

I laughed out loud at your little side note: fringes are bangs in america. LOL.

Anyways, if I was in your position, I would have been sitting there getting annoyed as fuck as well.. cause I’d have this huge temptation to just walk over to him, pull out a frikin hair clip and just grab his bangs and pin them up. xD Then yell out, “THERE. FOR FUCK SAKES.”

I personally never like putting hair behind my ears. It’s just uncomfortable and feels awkward to me. :P

That’s hilarious/sad that he made fun of her cause it looks like there was hair growing out of her ears.

I remember that my parents used to get so mad at me, cause whenever my bangs would grow out, they would come in my eyes, and once I forgot to pin them back.. and my mom was like I SWEAR TO GAWD IF YOU DON’T PIN THOSE BACK… *goes on rant*

It was scary. She like had a spasm. No lie. All because a small piece of hair. Sigh.

But I don’t understand how people with those bangs that come down on their eyes can not get annoyed with themselves lol. Cause when I had long bangs, and when they come in my eyes, I get so annoyed and frustrated cause they either tickle my eye or blind me. D:

Lmfao @ the hairspray. That is weird that he was holding it in his hand. Rather odd. He really should have used it on those bangs.

OMG, my mom says the exact same thing. O_O She’s always telling me to carry a bag or a purse, but I always refuse, cause I hate carrying a bag. I’d rather just use my pockets and hands, as you do.

It doesn’t make much sense, if you think about it, cause a bag would be more convenient, and it would lower the chances of you losing your belongings as well.. but I’ve developed some kind of weird reluctance towards purses and bags. :P

Anywho, MUCH LOVE. ♥

I read your post on *hugs*

Don’t feel bad for not entirely returning all your comments. Sometime I do that too when I feel extremely tired or just ran out of energy to do it. You don’t need to push yourself too hard on it!

OMG. I hate it too when people flick their fringe so many times! >_< But you have the worst person there. I mean is the person in the train being an idiot or something?! Like you said, he could at least tuck his long fringe behind his ear for awhile.

Or better yet, why don't he just cut it?! I don't like boys/men who have long hairs (depends on how long it really is) because sometimes I get confused to the person being a girl.

This boy in my class last year had a quite a long curly hair (well not really "long" but it was around his neck) which at the time didn't actually confuse me to thinking him as a girl yet… Not until when he had kept his long curly fringe. O_O

LMAO. It would look really funny when you hold your hairspray all the time wherever you go! There are just certain things that would look extremely funny when you hold them in your hands. /hehe
But it doesn't look funny to me at all if you hold your cellphone or something in your hands.

I do find bags to be pretty handful if I have too many things that I need to carry with me otherwise it's just a bother.

I could not agree with you more. I'd be very embarrassed to carry a hairspray in my hand (it's just too weird) and having people to look at me all the time. O_O

Lol, it’s weird we say Grampy G. when we talk about him without him there, but we say things like “HAPPY NEW YEARS GRAMPY” and basically yell. Because all he says back is “eh? eh?” Yup that’s good ‘ol Grampy G for you.

I don’t know where they grow either, I don’t think they grow in Canada though… but if I ever travel and find them. I’ll taste them and tell you what the taste like. Or vice versa. :D

I loved the little Demetri guy, he was so cute.

I TOTALLY AGREE! Mannn, if we ever get to go to those head Avast guys, we should mention, “Dude, you’re alarm voice needs to be more panicky…”

WHOA! That is a lot! I’ve only owned 1, lol, I’m probably going to buy another one later on.. but right now.. with all this crazy crap going on….

Haha, in grade 5, my teacher LOVED arts and crafts. And even though we were fresh out of grade 4, she let us use glue guns.. I got burnt a lot that year… lmao.. :P

Haha, my mom likes everything that looks terrible. She has striped turtlenecks, plaid shirts and flowery shirts galore.. :O

That rule just insured that no gifts were opened during the middle of the night or without all the other kids.

Still, that’s still pretty good. No big fights! You guys should seriously get an award. My best friend and I seriously argue over every little thing. Sometimes we won’t speak to each other, but usually it smooths over later. Lol, *hands over a big ass trophy* XD

Mmmm, yummm,,, that’s going to be so yummy! You can keep the grape ones though, :P

Thanks, lol, actually that was in one division. In the other two I got 3rd and 5th. I just think 2nd sounds better, haha. ✌️

Mhmm, I love it! ♥ Yeah neither does my mom, only my dad. But either way, playing with the apps is fun. And when I walk home, I don’t have to put pesky earphones in my ears, I can just turn the volume up real loud on the iTouch.

Yup, it’s definitely entertaining.

EXACTLY! Like, it’s celebrating their birth! I mean, come on, that’s a kinda important?!

Yeah, it wasn’t the greatest, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Aww, *hugs* Georgina! Man, don’t feel too bad about the site stuff, it’s not supposed to be a chore! But I know how you feel, sometimes things can be overwhelming. When all the shit at home and school pile up, website things just feels chore..

TRAVEL! And find that odd rambutan! Hey, and go to Greece too, and visit a Greek Mythology museum. Tell me if it’s cool, :)

Ugh! That would get so annoying. It’s like when people bob their knee up and down or something. Something just kind of twitches inside of you.. Or that’s just me. ;)

Haha, I don’t even use a bag really. I kind of just grab something at random and stuff my wallet in it. So I don’t walk around like a weirdo with a wallet.

Yeah, if I were carrying something like that. I’d would not want to walk around showing to to the world.

Don’t even think about it, if you want to take a brake you go right ahead :) You DESERVE IT! I’ve visited your site for over a year now, (even though I didn’t comment much in the beginning) and I have come to realize you are a very dedicated website owner. Reading your blogs, reviews, tutorials and everything else you do here really shows you care and you’re dedicated. To be honest, I’ve always wondered why you don’t really take a nice break. I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say we all appreciate what you do here, value your online friendship with us and ♥ ♥ you!

It really does annoy me a lot when I see someone having to flick off their bangs/fringes every few seconds. Honestly, what does it take to put them back. My younger brother was starting to grow bangs and it totally bugged. Thank goodness he was forced to cut his hair :) It’s quite short now except for the top which he gels up/back. <– Not the creeper way, I guess it would be the 'stylish-for-highschool-boys way) XD

The only reason my brother won't be able to have his grow much is because he is in Cadets. Well, we both are in it. I don't know if you've heard of it before, but it's officially called: Royal Canadian Air Cadets. As a matter of fact, my brother and I have to go to it today. Every Wednesday :( It kind of sucks when I have too much homework, but overall, it has a lot of benefits. Luckily, today is sports day (it only happens three times a year).

Hairspray? You would think he would use it to get his bangs off his face. I think I've done that before, not hairspray, but candy. But I mean, candy is candy, I don't think it's much compared to a bottle of hairspray. XD

Ahhh, I would hate carrying around "Lady products". Yikes, that's one of my biggest fears. Sure, almost every woman has it, but we don't have to go advertising it out to people. Luckily my dear mommy buys them most of the time. I always make her hold them, I just can't. It's so awkward when there is a guy around you. It's like "what are you looking at?". Aggh.

Awwww! Ipod in your wallet?!? TOOOOO CUTE! 👏

LOL, yeah that is kindof weird and random to carry around a can of hairspray?… I don’t get it, lol.

You’re so lucky to still be on break, how long is your break? I wish I lived in Australia, it seams so nice.
I was going to say, what’s a fringe but, it’s like bangs, just the British/Aussie word for it. I learned that from Youtuber Paperlillies. :P hehehe

I don’t mind crowds, they just freak me out sometimes. I’m just scared someone will kidnap me. 😰

Yeah I know xD I heard some stuff from 2007 and I was like, haha look I remember that!

They were the Fantastic noodles…you know the ones in a foam cup? :P They tasted kind….OTT xD

Ohh! I remember that song :P It’s an okay song ^-^

Oh, my mum always picks up the phone because she has earphones, but if she doesn’t I take the call x3

We worked in groups but people slacked off. I don’t mind groups – but sometimes in our groupwork we start fighting so it gets frustrating and if you were doing it alone, you can’t really fight with yourself xD

Ooh, awesome. I checked out the other day and wow, its amazing!

LOL, I would die if my family caught me singing. They are all so nosey. I’m just idly singing to a song on iTunes and then my grandpa pops up and asks what am I doing. /snort

:( Well I know what you mean…my friend acts kind of bitchy but she has like a lot of home problems so yeah :/

Aw. :( Your “offline” life is more important than your “online” one so don’t try and like compromise it, if it makes any sense. You should focus on things that matter most/more :)

& Don’t worry about returning comments. I slack off a lot as well :P

I don’t like it when people always play with their fringe. Especially when you’re trying to talk to them. It’s like, HELLO?! I’m talking to you?! and their just combing their fringe and arg, I want to slap them sometimes xD

I wouldn’t carry hairspray without a bag, I don’t even use hairspray xD but yeah :P I would usually carry all my stuff in my bag but I have a lot of big bags, so it’s kind of weird carrying my iPod, wallet and phone in this beach bag when all I need to do is buy some groceries or something xD

& i would never want to walk around bagless showing any lady like products…it’s just way too weird. :X

First off I want to say thanks for the helping me in ur ask me! It was nice for u to take time out for me.

Omg you would be soo annoyed with me because I tend to flick my bags out of my face in class while writing notes, if I pin then they get an indent and I can’t move behind my ear because they are not long enough. Though I understand how u feel. I will be talking to someone and all of a sudden they tilt there head repeated to move their bangs out of there face.

Oh and no need to reply to me just keeps ur website up becuase I love it!!

I do that sometimes too when I’m looking down, then I get pissed and grab the closest thing to tie my hair back. Usually it’s a pencil or something. I just wrap it around my hair and stick it through the makeshift bun.

It sounds weird, I know.

Don’t worry about getting back to all those comments. The most sincere people will understand if you didn’t get back to them right away or at all. (H)

Awwe, Georgie ♥ Don’t even worry about the site, I read your message, and if the offline stuff is piling on you, leave the site at the bottom of your list.

I call them bangs, but I find fringe sounds fancier. Like bangs? Fringe? I think we have a winner. OMG! I hate it when people do that! I thought it was just me so I didn’t want to say anything! Thank god its not just me, or else I would sound like bitch if I was complaining to someone about it. Not that you’re a bitch, you’re not a bitch at all. I’ll stop now :P

Hairspray!? Of all the things to carry around in the open, hairspray!? Won’t it explode or something from the heat? I’d laugh if it exploded and his fringe got slicked back ;)

I know, I usually just grab my essentials and run, sometimes I have a bag that matches, but other times, it looks clunky.

I always hide my, you know, female products in a big bag, one time one fell out of my small bag O.O I forgot I didn’t see it and walked faster ;) Okay….lets pretend I never said that.

Timezones suck. I actually would love to kick them, like, whats wrong with one or two timezones? No fair >:(

Honestly, if I could, I would. You’re wayyyy too nice for me to deserve you :) I’ll cross my fingers for you!

I know, after lashing out or whatever you feel bad =| And its not the greatest feeling ever, kinda freaks me out to be honest.

Blech, I hate being grounded! I was only grounded, like a really big grounding (?), once. I hate having my Mom take away my things, she just doesn’t understand….I sound like a typical teen. Oh boy.

LOLOLOL! I’ve never had anyone say that hahahaha, I might be the devil for Halloween this year ;) I always get really nervous when I think someone’s made at me, so I was so relieved when you said you weren’t mad :) <33

Is “Sunshine in a bag” from that Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood”. Weird…I was listening to the Gorillaz yesterday and I just watched Back To The Future III where Marty calls himself Clint Eastwood 💀

Anyways, I’m sorry that people expect so much from you. I have a suggestion but it’s not a good one – I’ll suggest something later. I just want you to know, that even if people expect so much from you, you don’t have to stress. Please try your best to be happy. We understand that you have an offline life :S I’m sorry, again. I hope your mood gets better.

My suggestion is …
Well, you know how some people say Elvis faked his death? If leaving HD ever is an option for you then maybe you could just fake leave. So you wouldn’t really have to leave… that doesn’t make any sense. Sorry.

I know heaps of people with those flicky fringes. Some of my friends even have flicky fringes. And it annoys me because when I’m talking to them they move their hands or flick their heads to move their fringe out T_T. My fringe used to be flicky so I just started clipping it up. And my science teacher last year gave this boy a bobby pin so he could keep his fringe up XD

Yes it looks very dumb having your fringe behind your ear. My homeroom teacher said “Monica, keep your hair behind your ear” and when I tucked it behind she said “Much better” and people were just laughing. I knew how stupid it looked XD

Hairspray? Odd. Maybe he had like, spray paint or something it and he was about to tag a brick wall.

LOL. I don’t think hairspray can hold your fringe back. I don’t think it even has a purpose. All it does is poke a hole through the ozone layer. And it makes your hair feel hard.

I don’t like carrying bags. Egh. They’re such a pain in the ass. Once mum made me bring this hand bag thingy to a party and I left it there.

I only use this messenger bag to carry things around and that’s pretty much it.

LOL. It shouldn’t be weird to carry tampons. I mean, if you think about it, it’s natural for women to buy tampons and use them so why not carry them?

Or maybe not…

Fuck you. No offense XD That reminds me. I wonder if Jincen ever annoyed you after that.

As for my mother…well she took the news pretty well. I don’t know if you read my blog already but I have a half baby sister and mum actually called her cute. I was expecting her to blow up or something. XD

Well, I’m not nocturnal anymore. If you haven’t already noticed, I don’t tweet past 10:00 or go on MSN past 10:00. It’s one of my greatest achievements! And I wake up earlier now :) Around 6-9am YEAH BOY.

I don’t find fire that dangerous. Just as long as you have a bottle of water close to you and you know what you’re doing then everything’s fine.

I was playing with fire on New Years too XD But not as much. It’s only right to play with fire on New Year’s because you have sparklers and such.

Expensive candles work the best XD

I remember on Christmas day, after we played with fire and candles, we had to scratch all the wax off the table T_T and we couldn’t do anything about the burns XD.

Bye bye ;)

Lol @ his bottle of hairspray… but that’s a bit ironic, isn’t it, especially when his hair’s in his face… you should’ve totally told him your thoughts of him hairspraying his fringe down!

Haha same. I pick out cities from other countries on my iPod so I know what time it’s over there and stuff. XD

Ugh I hate seeing guys flick there hair like every minute just because their hair gets into their eyes. As you said, they should do something so it doesn’t get into their eyes or something. I mean shouldn’t they just cut their hair shorter. >____< But I don't own many bags, I should buy some more but it's really hard to find one that's perfect for me. But I really love big ones.

One of my guy friends flicks his hair every two minutes. It's so annoying especially since his hair is quite long. But then again it's quite helpful since you can tell it's him because of his flick. XD

I hope 2010 is a good year for you too. :)

Oh dear. You’ve been through difficult moments in life. When people have high expectations of us, we consciously try our best to keep up to it though sometimes it may not be the best move. I hope you’ll get through it, dear.

OMG! I know how that feels! It is extremely annoying to see someone keeping on flicking the hair. This refers to both guys and girls. I’ve seen people doing it a lot and it sometimes get to the point where I felt like cutting the hair. I don’t know why it is irritating though, but I’m guessing the repetitive action somehow gets on my nerve. :(

I have so much bags but I rarely use them. The only ones that I actually use are my handbag which I take with me whenever I go shopping and my school bag (which is hot pink, haha).

Yeah, that’s the dummies series I’m talking about. I wish I could get more of them but right here they’re so bleeding expensive. :'(

I am pretty confident that most newbies to the online world would have done the same thing: cluttering their websites with unnecessary Javascripts, including me, so don’t feel too bad about it. ;)

My god, what a fruitbag
Why can’t he just spray it and be content D=

I’d be careful about putting the ipod in the wallet; might get squeezed /bash /um

I like bags as well; I keep a near-empty backpack in my room for outings, just in case I need to take a jumper or expect to buy stuff, etc. It’s pretty good; I like having my hands free /bounce


Haha, I bet he was going to use it for something else… or had other ideas in mind. 😏

Ngaweeee! Yeah, I’m worried it’ll drop out of my wallet. It’s not the best place to put it. /hehe

I used to hate bags… but having hands free is good. I used to particularly hate backpacks. XD

God, I hate it when I see someone moving their hair back all the time. Gets so damn annoying. Like they have so much energy to do that, but not enough to clip it back or something so they don’t have to keep moving it back.

My mom is also bitching how I don’t put things into my purse. I recently lost a scarf, I’m not sure how but it’s gone for now, and she lectured me on how I should have stuffed it into my little old Volcom bag. Because obviously I hadn’t intended on using the scarf or anything.

*hugs* Don’t force yourself or stress yourself too much. Everything can wait. *nods* You’re supposed to be on HOLIDAYS anyways. /pow

Omg, I would have been just like you. I’d be all “STOP FLICKING YOUR FRINGE DAMNIT!” I don’t know, it’s just very…very annoying when someone is doing the same action over and over and over and over and OVER AND OVER again. It’s like 🤬 /angry

I bet he had an emo hairstyle! :P

Yep, he definitely should have just held it in place or something. Although a guy using a hairclip would look pretty weird. :P And amusing at the same time :P For us. Maybe not for him.

My aunt is the same. She told me once that everytime she sees someone with a ridiculously long fringe in their faces, she feels like getting a pair of scissors and chopping it off. /angry

LOL, that is quite funny. Holding a can of hairspray like that. Maybe the store ran out of plastic bags. In which case, poor guy (regardless of the incessant hair-flicking).

Hahaha, when I don’t feel like taking a bag, I just grab my phone. Unless I’m not with my parents, in which case I have to carry my wallet, and my wallet is too fat, so then I have to take a bag. *sigh* Too bad my wallet doesn’t fit in my pocket. :P

Yeah, I swear us poor girls have more reason to carry bags than guys do, because we have to hide stuff like pads and whatever. And some girls like to carry make up around. Also we have to carry tissues and stuff because guys mostly…don’t. HMPH!

And I think in general girls take more stuff out with them too. == And have bigger wallets. Damn lucky guys! Hahaha.

I have heaps of bags too! Except I’m so lazy to change bags, so I rarely do. :P I usually just stick with one bag for a long period. And I have like 3 evening bags I rarely have a chance to use. :( And a Coach bag I’m too scared to use because it’s so freaking expensive…@_@ My cousin bought it for me. Also, it’s so small, I’m pretty sure my wallet doesn’t fit in it atm XD

That’s totally true. /pow /pow

Haha my friend told me to see a video. You should see it too. It’s this video someone put together of the lead singer of AFI – constantly putting his fringe back into place. My gosh.

LOL this guy was blonde, and he didn’t look hugely emo, but he did have an “emo” fringe, and the rest of his hair was rather messy.

My brother uses hairclips at home to clip his fringe. I guess that’s because he’s not in public.

What I really hate though, is when someone has their head permanently cocked to one side because of their fringe. /angry You’re not a cockatoo… ugh, pun not intended. LOL. 😏

Or he could have been saving the environment and it was his idea. ;)

My wallet is huge too. I stopped using small wallets since nothing really fit in them. I think they might now, because I made an effort to carry less in my wallet. 👏 But… still! I wish I had a wallet with a chain so I could carry it like a bag… that’s pretty much like having a clutch bag. O_O

LOL tissues. My mum gets angry at me when I ask her for tissues because I don’t carry them myself.

I saw a Coach bag in Indonesia the last time I went. I wanted it but it was actually quite expensive. Blargh.

I have a like two evening bags… I took them to our formals already haha. /hehe

Thanks. :) I guess so. My mother would probably bring the medicines today again. Thankfully she has the same problem so at least she understands what I go through. My father and sisters only get annoyed when we start sneezing.

There’s no way anyone can stop my sister from getting involved with Anika as they spend most of their time together at university. My mother has even started hoping that they would get in a fight because Anika is influencing my sister to do stuff that are not so good for a 20-year-old girl in my country.

Yeah. Thanks to Farzad. LOL.

I hate it when people keep on pushing their fringes backward. I usually put hairclips so that they don’t come in front of my eyes.
Why did he have a HAIRSPRAY in his hands? That must have looked funny. LOL, you should have told him to use the hairspray. He should have done it if his fringes were bothering him so much that he had to keep on tucking it back. XD

I don’t carry bags with me as I don’t need them. Whenever I have my iPod or phone with me I put it in my mother’s/sister’s bag.
But bags are cool. :D

/hehe this post is too funny.
I think people purposely let their hang on their face so they can keep putting behind their ears.
It is weird to see a guy walking around with a can of hair spray.


Thank you :) Glad it looks better now, it’s not annoying me anymore! Well they are sensible and realistic resolutions, I hope 2010 is good for you! Lost is brilliant. It’s totally crazy and you need to be clever to follow it, because it’s sooo confusing, really. Iv’e never seen anything so confusing as Lost, haha you have probably heard how confusing it is to watch! The last one starts here anytime, I think it’s the 6th season? After it’s finished all the DVD’s would probably come out so you could watch them that way, although I know Australia is behind with the tv schedule :) Actually, my mums friend’s children are cousins with one of the actors in it! His character is Charlie, so if you ever watch it look out for him! I love house too, I get freaked out though by those strange illnesses, like woah that can’t be real :O Haha. my fringe is exactly like what you described atm, so you’d probably find me annoying! It falls into my eye all the time, it’s so annoying! I grip it up most of the time but I guess I’m used to it now as it’s done it for ages since I grew a side fringe, I’m hopefully having it cut soon though, then it shouldn’t fall in my face :D Lol, I’d feel embaressed carrying round hairspray too, lol! I feel embaressed to carry round anything at the best of times, I feel everyone is looking at what you have, but I also hate having a bag too, it’s an annoyance and I worry someone might snatch it! I tend to just carry my phone and other things like keys in my pockets :)


After getting first comment, too /oh


Anyway, so down to business… then I’m gonna hope I have no other comments left and I can blog.

Haha yeah, quite a fall /ehh It was Bee’s fault really. Crashing into me and all. :P

Eurgh, MAN-MADE snow? /hmph Sounds awful.
Oh God you made a reference to my sore ass. /faw Evil of you. I was hoping for ONE COMMENT when no one would say “hope you head and butt are better”.

You ruined my hopes. /wah

Just kidding. Like, whatever~

Oh God yeah. I fell over in a snow mound once and it is fucking hard to get out because there is nothing to hold on to. /ehh

Before you were dating, eh? 🙄

You answered my question! Well the kind of not-question thing. Because it didn’t have a question mark…

Aha yeah, we were screaming our little heads off /ehe

I’ve never been skiing but I guess I wouldn’t like it… 700m-or-so slopes? D:

Half splits position, arghhhh, painful. *HUGS*

Hehe yeah the others suck… including the second one. xD The first is okay though~ Glad you like it!

Thank you! (Y) Your site is unique too /bounce

Aha I love it when you subtly spam haha. /oh

I WANT ONE MORE SNOW DAY, then I’ll have been at school for 1 day of the week, and I would have got a five day weekend. WHOO.

My Internet was superfuckingslow earlier too /oh

/oh <—- I love that little dude ♥

So cute /eee


Well nope I haven't heard of the shamwow towel thing… xD

It is cool!
The blue/ brown one was nice, but the Midnight Mist layout is nice too!

That's right! :)

Well I have my own room but the computer isn't in there (my mum would neevvvvverrrrrr allow that haha).

LOL, can he sing? 🙄

Yeah dude… short showers are best (Y)

OMG yay. Because everyone I know has these fancy shower cubicles and stuff.

Really?! We're not even meant to take iPods/ phones into school. But we do anyway LMFAO. 😏

Being judged or bullied isn't fun…

Classical! At the moment I'm listening to a lot of 30 Seconds to Mars and even some Robbie Williams /ehh

Oh God yeah, if you have to tilt your head because of your fringe get it cut!
He needs a haircut, hohum! (Y)

My brother's hair is terrible but he doesn't really need grips. xD



Who knows?

I need a new computer for DailyBooth… /wah

Yeah. He was a dick. An asswipe. A loser.

OH YEAH. You gotta love me for doing that (Y)

Alternative text is cool :)

I LUH YOU BITCH. Dig it, yus~

Take care! x

After reading this blog, I realised that I’d been flicking my fringe out of my eyes and hadn’t even noticed XD

I’ve never seen someone carrying around hairspray before. That’s weird. However a lot of boys at my school don’t use bags; they think bags are not cool ;)

Hahaha! I used to have a long fringe so it got pretty annoying. I hated clipping it back so I chose to just sort of permanently hold my hair to my face with my hand. LOL.

Yeah, I have to agree. Guys that I know actually hate carrying bags. XD

I love your new layout by the way. Good luck getting the rest of the site up!

Haha, yes I am! (:

Hah, well I try to make sure no one can here me. Not that I sound horrible, it’s just…weird I guess.

LOL. Thanks haha. I love those two colors together. It was actually a color scheme with 5 colors. The brown, orange and blue, then a vintage-y orange and blue xD

Blah. Me. Too. I wish my host had told me as well. I’m not even sure she knew thought… /hmph

Yes, I try not to do it. Sometimes I do it without noticing it. But, when someone does it all the time it is really annoying. I would rather have a friend who cried non stop for 5 hours over it then acting sad but not telling me the reason..

Ooh, Sunshine in a Bag? Thats a song I believe..

Haha, when I first read it I thought you said “fridge” I had to re-read it because there is no way someone could flick a fridge.. XD

That can be annoying. There is this guy who sites next to me in one of my classes and he is constantly combing his bangs down with his fingers then flipping his head to the side to get them out of the way. It’s kind of amusing. He just does that over and over. :P

Hm. That is peculiar..hairspray..I wonder why that was so important to him. I am not really the type to carry a bag either. I do have a couple purses that I carry. I always stuff them with things I don’t even need though. When I buy them it’s more of a vanity thing I guess O_O

I am sorry that I posted twice, I just wanted to say sorry for still having .info as my link on the above comment! O_O

lol. thankyou for the english translation lol.

LMBOROTF! I love how you devoted an entire blog to this guy. he should be honored. that is peculiar for someone to just have a bottle of hair spray though. but that was great :)

Hey Georgina, long time no talk aha.

Thanks again for trying to help me the other night. My Twitter is messed up so I don’t know if you got the little message I sent you the other day. XD

I’m sorry you feel so overwhelmed. It happens to all of us I think…the whole balance between online and offline life. Good luck and I’m sure things will balance out well.

Hahaha hairspray. How random. I always carry a purse with me. I chose a neutral color so I can use it basically whenever I want. Ahh! I used to go without a purse all the time but now that I have one I can’t live without it! I put virtually everything in there. Everything important anyway haha.

You’re welcome :D

Haha! Some people are so brave, they pick them up /ehh /poo 😒 I hate when people pretend to throw them at people! It’s so rude and disgusting

Haha yeah it is! Broccoli is my favorite, next to Chinese Choi :D Hah I don’t like Brussels sprouts XD

Haha ohh okay, cause I knew it was summer and all, but I wasn’t sure if class was like different then here. But thats awesome, I hope you are enjoying your summer break! haha my school starts in September, after Labor Day. People in California start in August, so it depends where you are, but for us, its around August and September

Hah yeah it’s really nice! Its so pretty and it barely rains. It could rain and be like a thunder storm and its soo windy, but then 5 minutes later, its sunny and hot. Its really hot there.

LOL We aren’t either, but people sneak them. A lot of people just don’t change into their gym clothes just so they can get out of gym for the day, but they lose points on their grade for being unprepared.

Hah that’s good. It’s nice to be able to share such fun things like singing with your friends because you know they don’t judge you by your singing

LMAO! XD You should get to that XD, but stringing it would be a pain. LOL You’re welcome :D

LOL i like the little FYI thing for the fringe. I was thinking before I got up to that part, “What the heck is a fringe” lmao! Thats a bit strange why he didn’t just use it. I have sidebangs, [which actually don’t look like sidebangs at the moment since I cut my hair short a month ago and its like the same length] but like mine just use to be long enough to be tucked behind my ear without it looking odd. Or I don’t mind. I can’t stand just regular bangs, even if they look pretty. They get in the way and sometimes they grow fast, so then you have to cut them constantly XD

I can’t make a snow man ’cause the snow won’t stick together properly, haha. I was going to make a snow angel at school today, but I thought they’d be mad if I came in soaking wet. I had a snowball fight instead though, which was fun. Cold though.

I quite like it, it’s really funny. I’ll search that video tomorrow night when I get home from school. I’m on Firefox at the moment and don’t have Flash Player on here, haha. Must…. install….

Sometimes that happens to me, so I just take a break from blogging for a while and then I really want to do it. I think it’s when all the comments pile up and you just can’t be bothered to get started on them, haha.

My friend does that too. I put some pictures on Facebook and she kept commenting saying “My ear.” “My ear again.” Then someone replied to her saying, “We all have ears!!” Amusing.

OMG you just named everything I love to eat! haha! But yeah, Japan seems really clean compared to what my friends have said about it. I always thought that China would be clean. Who knows?

Anyway, the boy carrying the hairspray I’ve never heard such a thing! I know they use gel to spike their hair but HAIRSPRAY?! That’s so weird!

I actually did way better on the skip it today. I didn’t do it yesterday as I was on the computer all day long trying to come up with a layout which I finally came up with one today.

I’m glad my comment didn’t bore you haha.

I agree with you that she shouldn’t have taken his side even if she had feelings for him still which she does. I guess it’s because she knew him longer than I did, but I know exactly what he’s done to me, and she had the nerve to call me up one night and ask me if I took my medication that day. I called back and asked her why she asked that and she started attacking me over the phone so after 30 minutes of listnening to her bitch, I hung up. I called like a week later to see if she cooled down and I asked are you still mad and she went “yeah”. So I hung up. Oh well; her loss exactly.

As far as fuel goes, for the car, just to place 4 spark plugs was like $8.00. and $103.00 for the belt or something else. I couldn’t believe it. It was so expensive.

Well; chickie, I don’t know what else to say so I guess I’ll leave you with that boring comment :P.

It’s my brothers snake. And now he’s refusing to let me hold it because it went up my shirt and apparently I’m disgusting for not taking it out right away. I didn’t actually realise where it was going until he was actually in my shirt, so my brother is just being unreasonable. So I really want a snake of my own but I’m not sure if I can afford it /wah

Oh, I don’t like white stuff much actually. It’s cold and soaks into your clothes so that eventually, you’re cold and you can’t do anything about it. And you still don’t warm up for ages :/ and if you stay out in it too long then your body does this thing called vasoconstriction where it stops your blood flowing near your skin and you turn blue, and then eventually all of the unneccessary parts of your body (legs, arms, fingers, toes, feet etc.) begin to drop off because your body is concerving your vital parts.

Wow, I can’t believe I remembered all of that. My revision is working! Woop!

I honestly can’t get along with my brother, no matter how hard I try. I can ignore the bad bits but I can’t be friends with somebody that enjoys walking into the house after he hasn’t said a word to me all day and calls me fat, ugly and thick. Yeah, that happened this morning :/ I can’t be friends with somebody that takes pleasure in putting me down.

One time I got so sick of it I went online and talked to an advisor for a company called connexions who basically told me that if I can’t get him to stop through the methods they suggested to me (tell your parents, be nice, confront him, etc. which I had already tried) then I could talk to the connexions people at my school and they would contact social services and they could actually have Luke put into care. I told my parents and Luke I was prepared to take the step and he stopped for a while, but now he’s just as bad as he used to be.

Sorry for my life story!

Don’t worry, you’re not obligated to make a tutorial!

Yeah I can see that being annoying.
I wonder how that kid wasn’t annoyed too. And hairspray would have been the remedy. Hello? :)

My mom says to always have extra feminine sanitation, I carry a bag. :) But once in a while I don’t like today. I have this big winter jacket that comes in handy this time of year. And it has a big enough pocket for my wallet.

Eh, it’s okay. I’m just going to call the doctors (when I can remember to), find out which Psychologist he referred me to since I lost my paper, and go from there. He/she should be able to help me figure that out since it’s their job.

Lol, the whole flicking your bangs out of your face repeatedly gets on my nerves too, like when reading. If you’re reading and you put your bangs behind your ear, no ones going to care and then no one will look at you because you’ve quit moving so much.

Lmao, I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I don’t care who says what. If I’ve got tampons and no bag, then whatever. All girls, well almost all girls, get their tampons. Would you rather stare at me carrying a box of tampons or the blood on the back of my jeans? Lol.

First off, I read the message posted on, and I’m really sorry that you’ve been feeling so burdened with everything online and off lately. I’ve said this in the past, and I shall say it again — You really must try and make things easier for yourself, doll! @_@

If you really feel one day like you just want to drop everything, then just put all your sites and everything on a hiatus for a week or so.

Or, if you want a more permanent solution, just convert everything to one big site to make it easier to manage!

There’s lots of ways to make things simpler and less stressful, and if you want to go ahead with any of those ways, then you just do it, goddamnit. /argh

We’ll all support you no matter what — Well, those of us who actually care about you, anyway. If there’s a few people who get pissed, they can go fuck themselves, to be honest. /eee

But to comment ony our actual blog, LMFAO at the kid with the hairspray! Oh, man, i wouldn’t have said anything to him, either — I’d be worried he’d start a fight or something — But if I was just getting off the bus, and I knew he was still gonna be sitting there, I might risk saying something, since I’d basically be safe after I stepped off the bus, LOL.

Probably just something catty like, ‘If you’re going to carry around a bottle of hairspray wherever you go, how about actually USING it?’

:D Ahh.

Oh yeah, I remember Bebo. o.o I think Just about everybody in my grade quit it sometime last year when they discovered facebook.
Facebook is crap as well unless you use it as a tool for sharing pictures or something or rather.

I’ve never really used Tumblr D: Is it like a blogging site?

I know I’m going to be suffering for the next two years thanks to a crummy exam called the HSC. I’m determined to excel though, by means becoming an anti-social depressed hermit for two years. A sad thought I know.

D: You deliberately pulled out a tooth just to put it under your pillow! I remember my tooth fell out when I bit a slice of pizza, and once with a banana. The one with the pizza hurt like hell D:
I’m surprised that didn’t put me off pizza for life XD

Thinking in the shower is normal apparently, because the water is supposed to stimulate your brain. I seem to get ‘brain waves’ in the shower often. 🙄

I suppose not looking approachable has it’s advantages…I mean at least the sales people are less likely to try and sell you a product if you look ‘mean’ (which I disagree with, but that may be a bit biased). I hope I don’t seem like an unapproachable evil witch or something. :(

D: You and James should totally go to a orchard or fruit picking farm on like valentines day or something. It’s pretty amusing actually :P

Aww thank you. :) I took around 200 shots so I was likely to get at least one or two good shots LOL.

Yeah, it’s ironic how people (like me) get excited to go back to school, but once you start school you only want the holidays to come again. XD

I actually just used some hardware tools my dad had to make the bracelet. It was a bit of a struggle because the tools were so big :P I made a lot of bead bracelets as well when I was younger. I have like a gazillion left over beads. T_T

D: Georgina I never knew! I’m very sure that all your regular visitors will be more than understanding, even if you take like a month to reply to one comment. XD You can always take some weight off your shoulders (maybe you could consider close the reviews/stop receiving any new applicants for the mean time?).

Anyway, I hope things get easier for you very soon! ♥

LMAO. I can just imagine you getting pissed off inside about the guy’s fringe! Though I probably shouldn’t find that amusing…do forgive me? :D

Maybe the boy didn’t have a clip? You should keep some bobby pins spare in case you run into another fringe-flipping-boy so you can do him a favour and either give him the pin, or offer him a free hair cut XD

Maybe the boy was trying to save the environment, one plastic bag at a time. Though I doubt something like that would be a young boy’s mind. >_>

haha I getcha! Yeah well, I use a bag because it’s fashionable, and it’s just easier to shove everything in one place. Besides, I can’t fit everything in my pockets XD

Oh dear tampons. I have a funny incident about them. Maybe I should blog about? Oh whatever I’ll just tell you XD
I was overcharged for a packet of tampons, and I went to the customer-service desk. There was a lady there, but she was apparently busy so she went off and called this guy to serve me.
I didn’t really want to say ‘you overcharged me for this packet of tampons’ so I used ‘product’ instead. A very awkward situation for me >_>
Ok that was a stupid anecdote lmao. We were both really embarrassed (he was kind of cute D: ) and he didn’t know what to do (or so it seemed), so he asked for some other girl to come and serve me. XD

Anyway, take care and try to not stress. It’s the holidays! ;)

Haha, yeah it is kind of weird. XD

Well, at least you told people! Server changes are annoying.. /angry

Ohh, Okay. I only know some of it. Well I only know “I’ve got sunshine, in a bag (something, something, something…something) feeling glad” I think that’s how it goes. I’ve only heard it once. I think that band is cool, they have a lot of different styles combined :D

Haha. When I am nervous I try to put them behind my ears, without success. My bangs are way to short for that. It is weird how we call them different things..It’s kind of fascinating how fringe can turn into bangs (or the other way around..who knows?) XD

My sister is always arguing with my mother for independence. But for some reason she does whatever Anika wants her to do. Right now Anika called her and she almost ran off to her house. /hmph

I’ve got a classmate named Anika as well and she is a spoilt girl as well. XD My mom told me to stay away from her, but unlike my sister, my friends and I knew we had to stay away from her.

LOL. I don’t get why a guy would need a hairspray. Unless he was buying it for his mother or sister or girlfriend. /ehh