Sunshine In A Bag

I was in a sad mood yesterday (read this if you must – it’s not necessary) but I thought I’d hop to it and blog. I’ve had a hectic past few days so there are a few comments left behind.

Today I was sitting on the bus on my way home from work (tiring day indeed)… and this boy got on the bus at one of the stops.

I saw him before the bus pulled up to the kerb and he had a long fringe and was flicking it to the side of his face over and over, because it kept on getting into his eyes. It was getting annoying because I was watching him (no, I wasn’t having a perv) and he just kept flicking his fringe over and over.

FYI: “Fringe” is otherwise known as “bangs” in America…

It gets a bit annoying when you see someone flicking their fringe like that. Just clip it back or tuck it behind your ear instead of letting it waver in your face.

I know it looks dumb tucking your fringe behind your ear. Whenever my friend did it, this guy would make fun of her because her curls made it look like there was hair growing out of her ear. But still, try and make an effort to hold your fringe in place with your hand or something, instead of looking back down on the book you’re reading only to flick it away again.

Otherwise I will chop it off. 😡

I’m just kidding.

But it wasn’t really this boy’s fringe that got my attention in the first place.

He was holding a bottle of hairspray. O_O

It was most peculiar. I saw him holding it from the moment I saw him standing at the bus stop. It wasn’t in a bag – he was just holding it in his hand.

Why wasn’t he carrying it in a plastic bag? It sort of amused me. Carrying a bottle of hairspray.

A small part of me thought, “Dude. Can you like, hairspray your fringe back or something?”

But I didn’t say it. I didn’t say anything. 🙄

I know some people don’t like carrying bags. Sometimes I’m really not in the mood for carrying a bag. When I’m going somewhere quickly, I grab my iPod, wallet and phone. (My iPod fits in my wallet, I discovered recently!) I just carry the lot in my hands or pockets.

My mum thinks I’m “quite a handful”. She says I should carry a bag instead. But sometimes a bag can be pretty inconvenient, or you don’t have the “right” bag.

I have big bags, backpacks, handbags, messenger bags (all of which I’ve broken because I’ve used them too much 😛) and tote bags. I usually like big bags, but it gets hard to find stuff in big bags. The main reason I use a bag is to hide a lot of stuff I wouldn’t want people to see… 😳

I think this guy on the bus could really have done with a bag. I would feel embarrassed carrying around a bottle of hairspray. I don’t know, maybe the guy’s bag broke or he just wanted to carry the hairspray, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be carrying a box of tampons around in my hand in public for whatever reason (unless it’s when I’m picking it up in the store to take it to the counter and pay for it). /um

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