Smile For Them

Hooray. It’s nearly the weekend. I’m so exhausted. I hate bean sprouts. They are so gross. I just picked and washed a huge bag of them for dinner tomorrow. It was not enjoyable at all (though I don’t see how that ever would be enjoyable).

Bean sprouts are so ugly.

Today when I was on the bus to and from work, I wanted to take some photos. Just, you know, take photos of my journey and what happens in my day. Just a view from the window or something like that. I love taking photos and when I’m with friends, we take hundreds of photos when we hang out.

Sometimes though, what stops me from taking a photo is embarrassment. /blush

When I’m alone, on a bus, and there are other people on the bus… no doubt they would be thinking “WTF?” if they saw me take out my camera and take photos of the views outside the window.

It’s not a regular thing to do to take pictures from a bus. Especially a regular bus, and when you’re alone.

But you might think, gee… what’s the worst that could happen? Someone laughs at you or thinks you’re weird?

But I don’t like people thinking I’m weird or laughing because I’m taking a photo. I know people don’t laugh at tourists when they take a photo, because they don’t know the area well, and everything is amazing to them. I come across so many tourists in the city. It’s a pleasant thing to see. /eee

On the other hand, I most certainly do not look like a tourist. So it becomes obvious I’m just taking photos for fun, but other people will think it’s weird I’m taking photos of trees and houses on the way to work. O_O

Okay, so maybe there was one time I did look like a tourist… *flashback*

This photo is one of my favourites of James and I (if not my favourite). It was taken in early 2008 around the time we started dating (excuse me, but I sort of hate the word “dating” 🤮). You might notice that we are both holding cameras; that’s because my friend Dylan took this photo. :)

But yes, as you can see… a tourist-like photo. :P

I thought I’d share with you some of the photos I took today. There’s a surprise at the end. The first photo, however, is of my nice little outfit. XD

A nice little house along the way…

A small shopping strip…

And WTF is this?

I hope you can read the sign. Pain-free dentistry. Oh dude, are you kidding me? I pass this every day to and from work and I seriously think, “What the hell?”

What kind of dentistry claims to be pain free? I actually (shockingly :O) enjoy my visits to the dentist because most of the time there’s nothing wrong with my teeth, but even then I do feel a bit of pain. Whatever loon dentist is in this practice, I bet this massive sign welcomes new patients… only to have them displeased. 😰

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GG /bounce (H)

Hellooooo! Yes, it is indeed almost the weekend, even though I have no notion of weekends or weekdays at the moment since I am on holidays. Hahaha. It was quite a shock to me today when I realised tomorrow would be Saturday. I was like: “Wtf? Where did my week go? D: O_O ” Oh wellz. You must be pretty tired from work :( BREAK TIME XD

Beansprouts. I’m kind of neutral towards them. I’d HATE to eat like a whole heap. But yeah if you chuck a few in the food I’m eating, I have a meh attitude to them :P Although my Daddy says that when they’re not fresh they go all slimy which is totally 🤮

Wow. We did use to take lots of photos at school. My old camera phone had PLENTY from when we were that bored. Hahaha. And omg, our collective swimming carnival photos didn’t even FIT on one cd. I think we had to resort to burning on a DVD or something. D: How’s THAT for epic ✌️

But yeah…I agree. It’s a little awkward sometimes when you’re in a crowded place and you suddenly want to take a photo. This one time I was in my uni library and I was taking photos of graphs on my pages for one of my friends using my camera phone. When I looked up, like 3 people were staring at me and I was like. GO AWAAAAAY! I’m taking them for a reason /wah

Oh wellz, in the end it’s okay if people you don’t know think you’re weird because most of the time you’ll never see them again. :P

The swimming carnival photo definitely gave me a flash back. I MISS SWIMMING CARNIVALS! I never thought I’d say that, but whatever. Hahaha. You guys don’t look like tourists! You guys look cute. Maybe it’s cos the background is of the swimming centre. Maybe if you guys were in the city, you’d look like tourists. :P

Very nice outfit! :D Hehe. I see your ipod earphones :P Hahaha.

And I totally recognise EASTWOOD! I think. I’ve only ever caught your bus twice. /um So not 100% sure.

OMFG! That is the biggest contradiction EVER. “Pain-free dentistry”? If that isn’t an oxymoron, I don’t know what is. PAIN-FREE? Since when is dentistry pain-free? Even the needles they give you to prevent pain are painful…==…

Ugh, it is the weekend and like you, I have don’t really have a notion of it either. It means no work though, so yay…?

Yeah, that’s true. Once we left beansprouts in a bag in the fridge and they did go a little slimy and gross. 🤮

I don’t really like them in my food. I like when they’re used to garnish soup… well it’s alright, but I don’t like them, still. :P

I know! Yours, mine, James’s and Dylan’s. It was hilarious. They didn’t all fit on a CD… but who cares, we exchanged photos and it was good.

OMG! That’s so stupid. /angry I always thought it was alright if it was a camera phone because it doesn’t look as obvious as a camera, but seriously. Those people would be doing it like mad if they went to Disneyland, or the Big Ben for that matter.

LOL I think the pose makes us look like tourists. It’s so odd. You don’t know that’s a swimming pool… ;) It’s actually the QVB… LOL just kidding.

Yep! Sorry, but I don’t recall what song I was listening to at the time. :P

It usually means more drugs when it’s “pain free”, and yes, even if they had measures to reduce or remove pain, they would most likely require pain… needles. /hmph

Um, n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no. Bean sprouts are DELICIOUS. Are you sure you’re eating them right ? Lol. My grandmother has always steam-cooked them with garlic and green onions. SO. DELICIOUS. YUMMMMM (: I’m not too fond of the Korean bean sprout soup though. No taste -___-

What kind of camera do you have ? If I had my own digital camera, I’d probably take a sinful amount of photos. Man it’s so great that you and your friends take a lot of pictures. Think about years from now when you look back at all the pictures and remember all the good times (: Are these your university friends or Lilian and gang ?

So those are the pictures you took on your 2hr ride home ? I love long train rides. I’m not a fan at all of public buses. The first time I ever went on one, a creepy guy who smelled strongly of urine sat right next to me the whole time. The buses where I live are really bumpy because they have like zero suspension. But I loveeee long train rides if they’re not too crowded or full of creepy people.

I know how you feel. Well, at least you’re taking pictures of legit stuff. I like taking pictures of pointless things, like table settings at wedding receptions and random stuff like that, lol. People definitely give me a “wtheckkkk” look all the time. That’s okay though. I want to remember what I take pictures of for a reason ~

Where are tourists in Australia from ? I’m sure they’re from all over the place, but are they from any one place more than the other ? You can always spot an Asian tourist in America, lol. Their obnoxious visors, long socks with short shorts, dangerously pale skin, massive cameras, etc. And they are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYSSS taking pictures by water fountains at the mall ! LOL !! I’m not even joking. Ask anyone else you talk to from America.

Oh. My. Goodness. Are you two not the cutest in the WORLD ?! Awwe (: Look at him leaning on your head like a little cutesicle (: He must adore you so much.

I don’t like the word “dating” either! Makes me feel like Harry and I are just a little play thing and will eventually break up. That is certainly not what we are though. And from what I read about your relationship with James, that’s not what you two are either.

*RANDOM* If you ever come across a Passionfruit Papaya scented candle, BUY IT. Sorry for the random text-outburst, but my boyfriend’s mom bought me one for Christmas, and it’s right next to me so I can smell it. Soooo goooood. */RANDOM*

I love your jacket in the picture! The outfit looks very Georgina-like. Nice earbuds too (;

Is that ONE house in the corner ? Looks pretty big. Do most of the houses in Australia look like that ? I know American houses and Spanish houses are completely different. Hm, I never thought about Australian or English or Asian residential architecture.

Well, Georgie, it’s OBVIOUSLY the REAL pain-free dentistry. You know, the one and only real one in the entire world, and you pass it on your bus route home. You must feel pretty darn special. Did you know people fly from all over the world to go there for pain-free dentist appointments ? Yeah.

Yuck. Bean sprouts. I don’t mind washing or even cooking them. But not eating them. Bleergh.

Haha. Taking photos are fun but I don’t do it often because I don’t own a camera. :'( So if I want to take pictures I have to use my phone and you can tell the pictures don’t come out in good quality. Tsk.

Pain-free dentistry? Is that for real. Wow. That is definitely something worthy to be laughed at. Despite the claim, I’m not gonna try it out.

I know. She is just silly. /hmph

I have another friend named Anika and she’s pretty friendly. It’s a pretty common name here so when someone talks about one Anika, I get confused about which one they’re talking about. XD

I would like to take pictures of my journeys as well. I’m mostly riding in our car but I don’t get the chance to take many pictures as the roads are always full of other cars and stuff. So no nice views from the windows. :P

Nice jacket. :P That house is so cute. ♥ Kind of like my dream house, as there’s no house like that in my city. Most people live in apartments, which I’m not very fond of.

LOL. Pain-free dentistry? My mom needs to see that. She has a lot of teeth problems so whenever she needs to go to the dentist, she starts having a panic attack. XD

Wow, we look okay /bounce
Yourezoocute :)

cute wuggs! /love

Ooh, it’s Business Wuggs! /eee
/um it looks nice /sweat

Finally, a pain free dentist. The clumsy skanks at Parramatta make my gums bleed /bash


Haha you look like a sex bomb. 💥 /bounce 🤤 🤤

I’m wearing a dress and a coat, hehe. :)

I think this place actually is in Parramatta, or around there. The dodgy half of Parramatta. My dentist is around St John’s Park and Bonnyrigg. He’s really good. :D

I think my gums bleed too, though. After all, they make it squeaky clean… sort of. ✌️

I’ve never really liked bean sprouts D: Though I have them with pho if it’s cooked. I hate raw bean sprouts. They taste weird and sort of dirty to me for some reason :(

ha! I know what you mean about feeling embarrassed when you take a photo. Some people just STARE. And the thing is you don’t know whether they think your a complete nut case or whether the view or whatever your taking a picture of, was something they never noticed before.

Tourists are quite adorable. They look around and notice almost every aspect that an ordinary citizen wouldn’t give a damn about.

Aww! You and James look so adorable! James has this cheesy grin (no offense James, but hey I never said it was a bad thing!)

Even though we live in the same country (probably state as well) your local area feels so foreign to me! Either that or I’m more of an idiot than I thought I was XD

Pain-free dentist…what a sham XD They probably double the legal dose of pain-killers for patients. :P

You might hate me for this but… I actually like bean sprouts. :P

I love taking photos but not photos of me because I get extremely shy. =D There are just so many interesting things to take pictures of… ♥

Ah, yes! It is a bit embarrassing when you’re the only one taking a picture and then people look at you… I know that feeling very well. ;) (Although I’ve never been the only one taking the picture in front of everyone else and having people to look at me)

But then again, if you’d be the only one to take those pictures and all, people might think you’re somewhat a photographer so I don’t that’s weird. XD

The first photo of you and James does look like both of you were tourists! But James’ camera that mostly made me (or anyone else) thought you were tourists… y’know… having it hung around your neck.

Eeek. I hate the word “Dating” a lot! Because it sounds yucky somehow. O_O

LMAO. Pain-free dentist? I don’t think children would really fall for that… Dentist tell you this and that just to make people come to their clinic often. Though it really is good to have your teeth checked regularly. 🙄

Truthfully, I don’t find that dentist sign very welcoming either. It sounded as if the dentist was trying to make a ridiculous joke or something. /ehh

Rand0m – LOL at Bean sprouts are ugly /hehe

I hate it when people stare when you take photos! I know how being embarrassed when taking photos feels.

Nice photos :) good quality too, unlike my camera, my camera is crap. I really want a photography one but they are so expensive.

WTF a pain-free dentistry! LOL I actually laughed at that, BTW sorry for swearing D:

I feel weird taking photos too. Especially when theres crowds and they’re already wondering wtf your staring at, so pulling out a camera would be like….”OMG. SHE’S MAKING FLOWER PORN! SOMEONE QUICK GET HER CAMERA! CALL THE COPS!”. It sucks cos theres lots of pretty things like snow and rainbows and stuff. @_@ Maybe one day I could get over this akwardness or pretend to be a tourist…if I could pull it off 😳

I like your purple top. It’s so cute. Aww, you guys look so adorable too /heart

It is, it’s so weird! I really love taking photos but I don’t want people to think I’m weird because I do it somewhere unexpected, like on a bus. O_O

I should probably try pretending to be a tourist in future, haha.

Thank you! :) It’s actually a dress, but yeah. :)

I wish there were a perfect host. It’s just I waited for them to be done for like a week when I could have been open a long time before that because it was something with the file permissions. It seemed weird that their site was showing up when mine wasn’t. /hmph

I only know those few words. There is one song by them (I can’t remember the name) & there is like..5 styles just in that song. :)

Haha, yeah. Now that I know that word I understand :P

Gah, it is. People must think I’m weird when I do that. XD

Jeez. I’m sorry. I forgot to comment about your blog. So, sorry for all of these double comments. D:

I’ve never had bean sprouts. They don’t sound very good though.

Haha, I usually feel weird taking pictures from a bus. I’m afraid people are staring. Not that they will remember me, it just feels weird. could it be pain free? Even if they num your mouth, they still have to give you a shot. It also hurts when they are poking that thing in your mouth to check your teeth. /hmph

Ew, I hate the look of bean sprouts too, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten them. Most of the time, if I don’t like the look of something, I won’t eat it.

I love taking photos too, I like taking photos of random things, and since we have the snow, I like taking photos of just roadsides. I hate the idea of people thinking I’m weird, or laughing, too! I suppose if you used a big smart, professional SLR camera, they’d think it was your job though…

Aw, thats a sweet photo of you and James! I hate the word “dating” too, I saying “going out”. XD

How can a dentist be pain-free…? Sure, at the time, it’ll be pain-free, but what about when the anaesthetic wears off…? Not so pain-free, then, huh?! haha!

I want to fill my iPod up to at least half way full of songs, so there’s always a choice of songs for me to listen too, but I never know what to download! Meeeh, I need to hear about some new songs!

I got a reply to my email, and they said it was out of stock?! Why let me order it, if it’s out of stock…? :| I’m just going to give the £10 to my sister for her birthday on Monday.

I got given £500 as a present from my step dad when he sold his house, and that’s when I opened my bank account. I promised I wouldn’t spend it all straight away, but I kind of…did. D:

I don’t even like playing in the snow that much any more. I used to love it but now I’m just like “…too. cold!”. The cold weather is one thing I hate haha.

Yeah, exactly! I nearly fell straight over as soon as I walked out the house! The stairs in our school aren’t covered in carpet and they’re slippery even when they’re not wet, and they were soaking, like the water was dripping from it, so they were even worse. |:

I choked on bean sprouts years ago and haven’t ate them since. I was also sick on the last day of primary school because I had a bug… but I ate jelly and ice cream the night before and I haven’t eaten jelly since…

Embarrassment stops me from taking photos too… I just feel so awkward :( If anything though, you could like, pretend to be a tourist… You’d have to fake an accent and everything though so you don’t look non-touristy. /bash We don’t have any here :(

The photo of you and James is cute. ♥ Were you like walking or on a bus when those were taken? XD

Oooh you blogged quickly /faw

Or maybe I’m thinking you posted this yesterday (on Thurs)? Whatever, you’ve blogged and that’s cool.
Eurgh. Bean sprouts. At least that ordeal is over /sweat

You were all alone on the work bus! I saw your tweets and your reply. I hate being on a bus alone… I don’t know why haha.
But yeah, you’re right. You can’t just go snapping pictures when there are other people on the bus. That’s weird. :P
Me and my friends don’t take HUNDREDS of pictures but we do manage to take quite a lot.

Either we use our phones or cameras. I have loads on my phone (it’s like the only thing I use it for; pictures and for texting/ calling people, which I seldom do).
I love collecting pictures, whether I look bad or good in them. Preferably good but that’s rare, aha.

Yeah, buses aren’t always great for taking pictures. But it could be like, for a project or something. When I take pictures in public, even just around my village, I always tell people when they ask “homework” and they just leave me alone. Haha. Try it out one time! :P

Then again your assignments probably don’t fit into photography. /ehe

I have like NO TOURISTS where I live (obviously) but when I go to London I see a lot; Chinese, American, French, Spanish; all sorts.
If you’re a tourist you kind of have the upper hand. For a start you ask people to take a picture of you and your family and they want you to think that the people in wherever you live are nice. And, of course, it is always nice to have someone willingly take a picture of you and your family without them appearing grumpy. Haha.

They must know not to ask the businessmen and such~

Trees and houses are fine, people should learn that! And yeah; sometimes it’s easy to be distinguished as someone who has lived in the city for all their life. But taking photos of you friends isn’t as odd as taking pictures of trees and stuff, although personally I think taking pictures of trees isn’t so bad.

I’m trying really hard not to use too many smileys because I don’t want my comment to go into spam 🙄

Aw you and James certainly do look like tourists! But very cute tourists :3

I like your coat! I want to see your shirt though (fail. I put ‘shit’ by accident, which is just DIRTY and bad that that’s the first thing I think off haha).

I can see your iPod earphones! /bounce

Nice house. Looks quite cosy, doesn’t it?

OMFG. I’m laughing my fucking head off, whilst of course being considerably worried. You are right; no NORMAL dentist claims to be ‘pain-free’. WTF.
Like that’s much comfort *cough huhum* cough*

I wouldn’t trust that sign so I wouldn’t go in /ehe

I don’t like the dentist much because I hate things like rods and needles and whatever else they use being in my mouth…

But LOL. ‘Pain-free’. WTF?!!!

I didn’t have to approve your comment! (Y)

Oh no I was waiting for ages until all the Americans got home from school and started returning comments until I got any after yours.
Ice is very slippery. I don’t blame her really. XD

Haha well it might be blog-related but I didn’t expect people to say ‘hope you head and ass get better’, let alone EVERYONE, including you. :P

Either way, it was cool. Dig it.

Oh my God, if I was made to do P.E in 40 degrees fucking C I would get my hockey stick or actually a hurdle because we’d probably do athletics, do some serious assaulting and go to Cafe Nero and get a ice cold milkshake with my mates~
Way to go.

I guess I am lucky but I had to go in today. /oh

Oh I hate those type of ads haha. Like did you see the Cillet Bang advert? (It’s something like that) and this guy dipped a dirty coin in some liquid and pulled it out and it was completely shiny. Sure it is…

Hopefully indeed!

My brother can’t sing but he has some ‘tasteful’ dance moves… notorious if you want the truth 🙄

I just keep my iPod and phone in my blazer pocket (fuck yes, I have to have a shitting blazer. Crap in summer, good in winter).

I quite like the song ‘Bodies’ by him too, but it’s a bit too ‘pop’ for my taste :P

Oh yeah, guys and make-up, nuhuh. They just don’t like it.

I hope he wasn’t an arsonist too. Or a pyromaniac~


If this goes into spam, fuck. /hmph

Take care and have a nice day. I should be on MSN tomorrow, so keep your eyes open, bitch. /bounce

I luh you ♥ x

Aww, you and James are so cute together! :D
I laughed so hard when I saw the “Pain Free Dentistry” sign. So what if you’re getting a tooth pulled out without pain meds, well, heck yeah your going to feel pain!

I hate beansprouts as well. They’re just not nice. :L

I know what you mean about taking photos, I get like that-there aren’t any tourists here, so I have no hope of looking like one, and I just feel really awkward.

Pain-free dentistry? You wonder what was going through the person’s mind when they thought of putting that sign up. XD
My dentist has never caused me any pain, though after my appointment a couple of days ago I think my back tooth is chipped. Doesn’t hurt though, so I’m not fussed.

Don’t worry about the capital letters, tis all good.

Thanks for entering the competition! No big deal that you forgot the name, it isn’t important anyways. :P AHAHA, I laughed out loud at your submission. That’s a pretty good one. A pretty PROPER imitation, I must say. I always feel bad when you say that you’re tired while returning my comment, cause I feel like my comments torture you. D: But you said they make you laugh so YAY. :3 WIN. I’m glad that my comments actually mean something to someone lmao. I noticed that you always return mine before you go to bed. :3

Omg srsly? I’m so totally getting a Namecheap account. Thanks for letting me know about this, I would have never known.. cause I’m obviously an extreme newb with all the domain hosting jazz and anything closely related to it.

I can’t rape Cpanel. I was trying to upload files through there during the the time that my nameservers hadn’t been changed, and I just don’t like cpanel. LOL. I mean, I use it for everything except uploading files. I just don’t like it as a file uploader. xD I prefer my Filezilla. :) I guess I’ve gotten used to FTP, so maybe that’s why.

I’m sure you don’t fail as gangster. You seem pretty bitchin’ gangsta to me. All you need is a durag, and some baggy pants and some messy hair and BAM, you’ll be more gangster than fucking Barack Obama. You’ve already got the lingo down .. YO.

I want to dress up like a gangster one day.. and just go out in public and try to act like one. I would probably get made fun of, and then have no social life afterwards.. so maybe that’s not such a good idea..

WHY WOULD I MESS WITH SUPERWOMAN? I would never mess with you. And whoever does mess with you, will regret it lmfao. >:)

You’re lucky that the grade 11 marks don’t count for much there in Australia. Here in Canada, our grade 11 and 12 marks are the ones that universities look at when you apply.. so it matters a whole shitting lot. D:

I think Grade 12 marks are focused on more though.. so in a way I do have somewhat of a “second chance”.

I don’t think high-school is the best time of your life at all. >:O I would think university would be the best time, but you seem to think the opposite, so now idk. Haha. THANKS FOR RUINING MY EXCITEMENT FOR UNIVERSITY. UGH. Lmao, just keeeeedang. :D

Thanks for all your encouraging words. I hope I do become a CA. :3 Idk if you saw my mini-Tumblr blog about the accounting competition I’m going to join.. or the one that I’ve actually already joined.. LMAO. I’m actually so excited and happy about it.. which is pretty sad, I know.

Mhm the workload that I’m having right now, is being a massive bitch. But yeah, you’re definitely right, I have confidence that it will pay off. So I’m forcing myself to do it, and get through it once and for all. My accounting teacher keeps pressuring me to study accounting like mad, if I want to have any hopes of surviving the university business courses.. and I was just like “oh .. thanks. *scared*”

Ohh, so you haven’t gotten the “next level” license where you can drive independently without your parents? That sucks yo. I hope to have my G1 (first level) license by the end of February and then I’ll get my G2 right after that. I think G2 allows you to drive independently. Do you guys have licensing levels there or no?

You have a good point. Sometimes the public transport is faster than car travel, especially when the roads are being molested by traffic jams. Although, most often, car travel saves a lot of time.

Uh.. fail. I never knew that there was this wondrous “end” button that automatically takes you to the end of the page. -.- Thanks for letting me know about that.. it should come in handy lmao.

NO I AIN’T KIDDING. I really dislike the layout. I truly, truly do. Usually my layouts have some color to them.. and this one looks like it’s been stripped of any kind of joy or happiness. xD Sure there’s the little purple going on.. but that just makes it even worse. Cause it’s like these random purple splotches pmsing everywhere.. or maybe I’m pmsing.. UGFUGHUGHGU. (tehe, I did the caveman).

OH SURE SURE… SUUURE you were holding down the “z” key lmao. I bet what really happened was that you fell asleep on your key board, and your head fell on the “z” key so that’s why it was like “zzzzzzzzzzzz” ;D Don’t deny Superwoman, do not deny. Ahaha, I’m just joking. (: That would be insane shizz if you could return comments in your sleep.

Yeah that’s why I’m thankful to have a friend like Ryan. Even though he’s really stupid.. he’s hilarious and full of personality and he isn’t the type of person who would act like someone who he isn’t just to be friends with you. He’ll be himself all the time. :) Unless he’s like depressed or angry.. he always acts weird in those situations. xD

Ngaw that’s so sweet that James is the same guy he was when you first met him. :3 You guys are deffo the cutest online couple, LOL.

Thanks so much for the name of that author. I will definitely check out some of his books. Humorous literature ftw.

Omg yah. That would actually be kinda creepy if someone just kept tickling you beyond the point of peeing your pants. That’s just cruel I tell you, cruel. It kinda reminds me of rape for some reason.. fail.

Yeah, at least I know that my feet are disease free thanks to Andrew. :P

My mom’s like the complete opposite. xD She despises driving, and she has some freakish fear of it. She just get’s soooooo worked up when she’s behind the wheel. So yeah, she doesn’t drive at all (even though she has her license lmao) and depends on my dad to take her everywhere.. which pisses my dad off.. and makes me laugh. :D You see, we’re a happy little family.

I think my dad will be more than happy once I start driving cause he’ll probs tell my mom to harass me to take her everywhere. That’s when the joke’s over. -.-

HOLLA is a very cool word indeed. Y’know, to add-on to your gangster-ness you should greet people with HOLLA. lololol.

Yes, it best be recorded in history.. cause it’ll be an extremely rare occasion when I finally get that first comment. xD Shit yo. Jorja’s so lucky to have the title of ‘first commenter’ *award music plays*.

WOW that is a big time difference. It didn’t look like it was the wee hours there when we were on webcam. :O *does wow face back* Hehe, we’re just too cool.

TESTE. LOLOL. I would have laughed so hard if you had typed that.. and not even realized it.. that’s totally something I would do. Psh I bet 140 is your real IQ. YOU MUST COMPREHEND THAT YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN. Lmfao. Your brain power must be fucking kickass. But seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had the IQ of a professor. You’re smart. :3

Yeah I get what you mean. As long as you’re from a country that doesn’t have the same accent, then you’ll notice the accent of someone from another country.

My brain rots even more when I go to school.. LOL. Cause it’s like there’s an overload of information and then my brain is just like “wow, this blows.. let’s go to sleep :D” *passes out on desk*. So yeah, for me, it wouldn’t make a difference if I’m at home or school… my brain just rots all the time. :)

Yay glad the comment returning didn’t feel like a chore. This doesn’t feel like a chore to me either, cause it feels like I’m just having a conversation with you.. and I’m taking my time returning it.. so it’s quite enjoyable lolol. I still have a couple more comments to go after this one, but ah well. I’ll worry about that later. *laziness kicks in again*

LMAO when you said you’ll be smiling in your sleep I immediately got a creepy image in my mind and my eyes widened.. ahahaha.

I agree. The first video was definitely the funniest one. The other ones are pretty hilarious as well. Have you seen the one where he’s stuck in a tree? And his brother starts calling him squirrel boy? LMFAO. If you haven’t, here’s the link, “AND NOW THEY THINK I’M A FRIKIN FAAAGOT” LMFAOLMFAO. That’s my fav part.

I wanna see that parody of when he sticks the remote up his ass! xD Bahahaha.

Gawd that video was just priceless in so many different ways. It got over a million views within a few days! It was crazy.

Yeah, exactly. I could care less about if it was real or fake.. the point is that it entertained the shit out of me. xD

Yeah it’s a great thing to watch when you’re feeling down. I remember once I came home really pissed for no particular reason and then I just watched that video and got all happy and hyper within a few minutes.

Booty shakin’ ftw.

HAHA yeah I’ve seen quite a few Twilight parodies as well.. the ones that make fun of his sparkliness are the best. xD They amuse me like hell.

Nah I knew what fringes were, so I’m sure other Canadians/Americans knew as well. Plus, if they didn’t know, they need to get out more AND they could always google it lmao.

I agree with you there. It does look weird when hair is behind your ears. I look like such a douche when I have hair behind my ears, ahaha.

My mom wouldn’t rage at you. Cause I’ve had friend come over who have fringes in their eyes and she doesn’t seem to care.. idk if she’s pretending not to care.. or if she really doesn’t care LOL. I guess she just wants to be nice to them and not me.. HMPH. xD

It’s like the opposite with me. I don’t think the clips and all are annoying, it annoys me when I have to use my hands all the time to hold the hair back. xD I piss myself when I do that LOL. Plus my hands/arms get fed-up of dealing with the hair all the time.

It’s not always hard to find things in a bag. If your bag is organized then you can find things easily.. BUT, 99.9999999999% of bags aren’t organized so yeah, it’s a very common sight to see a women shuffling through her purse desperately searching for something. I swear, my mom’s purse is like a fucking jungle. Literally. I found a leaf in there once.. xD.

LMAO, I saw your reply to Vicky about my comment preventing you from going to sleep. D: Oh noes, I hope you had a good rest, and hopefully my comment didn’t take you like half the night to return.

At least you’re into your weekend now, so you can just CHILLAX YO.


But I don’t luh bean sprouts. BLEH. One of the veggies that I do like though, is broccoli. Everyone usually gives me the “EW WTF” look when I tell them I like broccoli.. but I really do. xD

YAY PICTURES. :D I hardly ever take pictures these days, I used to take pics way more often when I was younger. Now when I hang out with my friends we’re usually busy doing something so I never even think of taking out my camera. Back in Grade 9, when I used to go to parties, I would take like over 100 pictures and now when I go to parties, I only take like 20 or less. xD
Weird. :/

Bahahha, I understand what you mean when you talk about embarrassment. Although, I don’t think that should stop you from taking out your cam and snapping those pics. Who cares what others think. They’re probs sitting there wishing they had photos as good as yours. :D

I absolutely tourists as well. I find them quite amusing. Especially one with accents.. LOL.

AWEH what a cute pic of you and James. Love your shirt btw, it’s super smexay. The little cartoon illustration on it is so cute. :) It is a very tourist-like photo, since you’re both holding cameras and it seems like you guys were walking around with amazed faces taking pics of random sights all day. xD

I love the outfit. The jacket is hot-stuff.

LOLS BALLS @ the “pain-free dentistry” .. what the shit is that? Pain and dentist shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Or phrase. Rawr.

I’ve always hated the dentists. Friggin’ whores rape my teeth with their vicious torture tools. -K so that was a bit of an overexaggeration. :)

Great pics Georgie-porgie. LMAO. Omg. Another nickname. Yus.

D: Bean sprouts are good! xD

I don’t like taking pictures in buses either. I did once, and this person beside me gave me such a weird look. Hey, she’s the one who smelled like she was dipped in skunk gas, and had the bright blue makeup with orange socks. >.<

Haha the first picture with you and James looks like he's gonna be a creeper and secretly take a picture of the person taking the picture. xD Just kidding, hee. It's a nice picture, you guys look cute! You're so pretty. :)

Those are nice pictures. :D You must live in a nice neighbourhood. Pain-free? Baha! It hurts my teeth when they use those metal spoon-shaped things, because I have really sensitive teeth. =/

I quit basketball. xD I was to shy to play, so I lied to the coach and said I had to babysit my brother after school days. x) Can you say wimp?

Yeah, I hate when they cost so much. -_-

LOL it is funny, even when I do it myself. Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. :P

You're welcome. :) I agree I listed amazing sites. :D I'm at Twitter 24/7.. x)

HAHA yeahh 7x ! i think the only time i actually used the 7x + the digital zoom when my mom wanted to take a picture of this bird far away… that is all.
yeah, if i HAD the money, i’d get a DSLR :p right now, i can use my money on something better heh.
aww you dont like bean sprouts? theyre not bad but i cant have too much of it :P

i find it embarassing taking a photo in the mall of random items because im not sure if im allowed… and if im by myself haha. if i were with friends, i wouldnt be afraid :P it really is weird alone !

awww thats such a nice photo of you and james ! and i think actually really LOVE your jacket ! the black one !

Okay, I may be a little late with the chat lingo here, but what does FTW stand for? *feels ashamed*

Anyways, the free pain dentistry sign made me go “eww”. You’re right, they’re probably using that to draw in customers only to go “OW”, in the end.

Hmm, I see nothing wrong with taking pictures. I do it all the time. I’m not even a tourist. I kinda find it ironic how most of the tourist takes pictures all the time when they visit somewhere new (and I’ll probably do the same thing when I visit other countries), but when people take pictures ok I lost my train of thought there. Excuse me. lol.

Well; I’m glad it’s the weekend for once. My sister’s 19th birthday is today and she took her driver’s license test, a couple of days ago and passed. I can’t believe how old she’s getting. She doesn’t act like a teen though even if she’s a drama queen.

Oh hun, you wanna talk about public embarrassing moments – with my blackberry when I first got it, I discovered one of the features is an instant messenger called Blackberry Messenger in which has groups and you can add contacts/buddies or join a club via scanning a bar code…thinking it would be a quiet process, I done so AT A PUBLIC LIBRARY. So, I go to scan a barcode – you know to test it out and “BEEP!” Loud as hell beep and two older folks look over at me with a suspicious look…am like “Just testing something out” and smile brightly…boy do I hope they don’t think the worst of me or something like am a terrorist or something AS AM NOT…*LOL*

Awesome pics hun! You given me an idea…but come to think of it I may appear strange in other folks eyes but taking pictures on my way home on a bus…would make it more funner but am going to avoid public embarrassment…seeing as folks can be “NOSY”

Anyways, catch you later hun! Awesome pics – BTW, first time seen you and James together – BEAUTIFUL COUPLE you two make! :D Ciao hun!

Yeah, when I don’t want to do something because of embarrasment. I think, what’s the worst. But what I want is not to be laughed out. And that overpowers that over powers the other sometimes.

Oh yeah, pain in the dentists chair. I dislike when they spray that cold water in your mouth. There should be a ‘No Discomfort’ practice too. :)
I think what that practice is saying, ‘the least amount of pain,’ because, like you said, who can garuntee no pain?

Thank you :)

Is this Australia? This looks so much like Miami.
Hmm, “Pain Free” means alot of drugs. lol.

Yay, it’s weekend! We’ve just resumed school lst Monday and I feel really tired already. T_T

My friends and I take lots of pictures when we hang out together, even if we’re just in the malls or when we pass by something that’s unusual. I don’t mind it when people stare at us like idiots, because I was with them. I’d be uncomfortable and uneasy when I’m alone and they’re staring at me.

There was once when I stopped taking pictures in the jeepney because the driver kept smiling, as if he’s trying to hide his laughter. I really want to slam the camera in his face. T_T

Aww, I really like that photo of you and James. I first saw that on your layout and I thought you were tourists on some other country. XD

LOL! Pain-free dentistry? It has never been pain-free. That’s false advertising. Ugh.

Oh, right! That’s why the dog in your tutorial looks familiar. You mentioned her once in your blog, if I remember correctly. XD

Since I went to College, I received less Christmas cards then. I wonder why that was. Thinking of it, makes me want to go back to Highschool. :P

I just got a virus in my flash drive yesterday. What a pet peeve.

Sorry for the late reply, though. I’ve been really lazy and tired. T__T

Sorry it took so long to return you comment, I had a paper due and it took me forever to write it because I was getting distracted. 😝

But It’s all good now. I finished my paper, so now I have more time. Which is good.

The party did go good, thanks. /eee

Of course, everyone left at like 1:30-2AM. LOL. But it was fun!

Aww, you and James are so cute together. ♥

You took some really nice pictures there. :)

I feel the same way, but I love taking pictures. But I’d feel weird pulling out my camera and taking photos. I’d feel like everyone was looking at me.
I think If I really wanted a photo, I’d take my phone out, and act like I was doing something important, but I’d be taking a picture! Haha!

And I’m so happy the weekends almost here too. 👏 LOL.

Have a great day/night! Haha, I’m not a fan of timezones.

I know I’m not supposed to leave one lined comments and I swear I will write a proper comment later (I’m cleaning right now) but I just have to point out how funny bean sprout sounds. It sounds funny just like wax balls XD I’m sorry. I’m going to go now. Have a nice day. Proper comment later :)

Haha, I totally agree about the embarrassment about taking photos thing… even some of my friends make me embarrassed when I take photos of things that they think are ordinary ><

As for painfree dentistry – uhhh maaaybe they invest in a lot of anasethetic shots :p

Pain-free dentistry my ass LOL. They even look at someone’s teeth that person will say ouch. LOL

I don’t ride buses, but if I did and I saw aomeone taking a random pic, I wouldn’t say anything. I would just think that they are some kind of photographer or something.

I bet that’s what people think when you do it. :)

Don’t think too much of it and enjoy taking pics. Who cares what others think. (H)

LOL :P I like those Asian noodles where you just add all the stuff in the packets. Not really healthy but whatever 🤤

Oh, we have lazy asses and control freaks. Ugh. O_O

I know! The brushes are to die for. (:

Hehe, I prefer not to be heard for many obvious reasons. I can’t actually sing, I just pretend that I can so um, yeah. :X

I do? I put one page off for the next day simply because I can’t be bothered. I just tell myself that I’ll have more to return the next day. :P Next time someone forces you to return a comment just say, no way and slap them. That way they won’t ask ever again. :P

Yeah, I just brush my hair to the side because I don’t like it in my eyes. It gets hard to see and also its kind of gross having an oily fringe on your forehead.

I would die if I walked out on the street with Lady Products without a bag…its just sending out a way to big of a message xD

Thanks :P I’m pretty sure I’ll have a good time ^-^ I went in year…3? And I can barely remember it. Haha, my memory sucks.

Aw :( I would’ve begged to go if I were you :P

I know! People are so reckless these days. Alcohol should be banned if you are going to drive a car two minutes later.

I’ve been to NZ :P It’s so much like Australia but there’s less people.

I love Love Actually! I get this warm fuzzy happy feeling after watching it. x3

Ouch. I don’t think she should sue the school, just the people who screwed up her finger. :S

Bean sprouts…as in the ones you put in your pho?

Haha I like luvoing with friends on the train and stuff. Once me and my friend went to go take a picture together and she used something from the mannequin in the shop and kind of knocked it over. I don’t want to be mean but she kind of made me laugh for a long time xD

Taking photos seem weird sometimes but I do it anyway, I don’t really care if people think I’m a creepy person or whatever. I delete them straight after anyway. :P

Aw that’s such a cute picture :P I love your top!

Cute jacket :P I love the buttons on it.

Pain free dentistry? WTH! /huh

I actually like bean sprouts, but only if they are mixed in with other things, because otherwise I might not be so keen on them.

I do the same thing when I’m going places, I take my camera or phone everywhere with me when I’m going somewhere because you never know what you will see on your travels. My friends and I also take loads of pictures when we get together, I always print them and pin them to my walls. Its getting a bit obssesive though because I’m probably verging on around 700 photos pinned to my walls. Maybe I should stop.

You and James look very cute together :) And I would love it if going to the dentist was actually pain free. The horrible thing about having braces is when you go to the dentist its only ever painfull :( Oh well.

Heyyyyy!!! Don’t apologize for not commenting. I wasn’t expecting you to apologize or anything. I just figured you were busy or something. But thank you anyway. :P.

Yeah a guy carrying a hairspray bottle does seem pretty weird. Or that he could’ve been carrying a paint spray bottle and was gonna go tag something. I dunno if they do that in Australia or is Australia a clean country?

Hmm Singapore? Well; I’ve always heard that China was clean, but I dunno. My old friend/hostess went to China for a few days she got home sick, and other issues happened to her so she went home earlier than expected. She was supposed to stay a week but stayed only a few days. I hope I last longer than a few days. I get homesick quite easily. I went to San Francisco on a school trip with the Chorale, Band and Pangetry(sp?), and my best friend and two other friends ganged up on me and it was the most miserable experience ever. Those two friends are best friends of my ex best friend from junior highschool. I had no idea why they ganged up on me but it was all because someone snored and they blamed it all on me. I snore petite. lol. As crazy as that may sound I do.

So yeah, that was my first experience traveling on a plane. I want to do it again. But after seeing Final Destination I’m a little scared too. I have the movie and I watched it about a few weeks ago and it scares me. I’ve always had this fear of flying. But nevertheless; I think I’ll be okay going to Japan. I can only stay a week so I probably won’t get to see much of Japan. Stupid Social Security rule. :s.

Hmm bean sprouts are yummy. If you place them on chow mein they’re to die for. heehee.

Thank you for wishing my sister and best friend a happy birthday. I really appreciate it. Now it’s my turn next month. Good lord I”m getting old. lol. My best friend posted something like that on facebook and she put “Dang I’m getting old, my back and knees are giving out etc.” and I put you’re so full of it. And she responded back “@Jamie ur getting there” and I put “Don’t remind me” rofl. Good times, Good times.

Yeah, my sister passed her driver’s test, and is in the truck non-stop. She’s single now too. OMG boys watch out lol. There was guy who came over on christmas day and she introduced him to us and I was praying that she’s not gonna date this guy. There’s something about him that I don’t like at all. He seems weird. I dunno maybe it’s just me.

Yup, my ex best friend was pretty rude to ask me if I had taken my medication that day. Of course I did! I never miss taking it. One time I did forget to take it but I went to the nurses that work there and asked if they had any of my medications and they did so I was able to take it then. But that only happened a few times. But when I confronted her again on the bus, I told her I was sorry and all I want is my best friend back and she said “It’s not that easy”. And went off. So the best friend necklace I was wearing that we bought together I yanked it off my neck and said “Here take it back”.. It was broken after I yanked it off my neck lol. So she has to fix it. If she was any sort of a best friend and claimed that I was her best friend she would’ve taken my side instead of talking to someone else about it. Can we say two-faced? Yeap.

On the layout, I actually got inspired by ‘s layout. I took some coding from my friend Ash’s website but I credited her though. She seemed okay with it though. So all is good. I still stuck at style sheets. Suck suck suckage! lol.

So FTW means for the win? Who would’ve thunk it? I never knew. Thanks for telling me!!

My laptop is strange. It didn’t do this before and all of sudden it started doing it all on it’s own. And now saying a hard drive is missing when I try to play my learn Japanese game in. UGH! I hope we can get a new laptop if not than the computer will take it’s place and every once awhile I’ll go back on it for something or other. Ya know?

Well; kiddo I better go so I won’t bore you anymore lol. I left you a really long comment. I hope it made sense. lol.

I’ve never really thought about it before, but bean sprouts are pretty ugly. They’re yummy though, so that makes up for it. XD

I hate going out to take pictures when there are people around. I always get the whole “what are you taking a picture of that for?” vibe from everyone and it freaks me out.

I’ve only ever taken one picture from inside a bus, and it was really blurry, so I never tried again. /hehe

I don’t think you look like a tourist. I imagine them wearing big sun hats and bright shorts, thrusting their cameras in people’s faces because they want their photos taken in front of random buildings/statues/things. And they’re always really loud. With huge bags.

I quite like my dentist… but no trip is ever pain-free because of my braces. I want to meet one of the patients of that practise now, just so that I can quiz them on the dentist’s methods. :P

Ah! I would be so creeeped out. I get chills just thinking of it XD

Haha yeah it is. I like the young choy because it is not soggy or weird. It is my favorite. My sister hates it, but I love it XD yeah it is bitter. My cousin made brussel sprouts for Christmas and I didn’t taste the bitterness though, she added lots of stuff to get that taste out :D

You’re welcome! Aww awesome! Are you exicted to go back to Uni or no?

haha yeah it does ! Its just amazing !

LOL DONT WORRY. I don’t skip gym (: My friends do though XD. I only skipped when I sprained both of my ankles XD but I had a note :D

LOL I wonder where we got the word from XD Oh thats cool! Yeah, I hate when I want to have bangs, but then I get second thoughts about them LOL. I hate growing out my bangs though XD

aww what a pretty outfit! The jacket is awesome!

Haha I love taking random pictures of stuff. My sister thinks I’m weird, but I just like taking them!

LOL pain free dentistry XD I don’t find it painful. Even though I have to get a lot of stuff done to my teeth since I’ve always had problems where teeth don’t come out when the adult teeth come it, and I had to get them pulled out. I am use to the pain though XD

Awwwwwwwwwww, ♥ I swear you and James are the cutest thing ever. :D It’s so adorable. ^^

And I agree, I feel odd taking out my camera to take pictures of things around me or of people around me (I like candids) because everyone’s like wth? Tourist? NO, I’m from here thankyouverymuch.

And I used to love pulling out my camera and taking pictures of me and my friends. But that was in grade school. Once I entered high school, I got conscious of my self image and hated taking pictures :P

HAHA, pain free dentistry. :P Silly name. /ehh

Bean sprouts… what are those again? Haha. I can’t recall… their bean sprouts, yeah but I get my vegetables mixed up.


Yeah, optomisticness used to come so easy for me… I started overanalyzing one things one day and now… it’s just one huge hard difficult task O.o

XDDDD 3 paragraph blogs are hard for me to write though. But you’ll probably see more of those kind now that I have tumblr to mind dump.

Yea, just don’t get a FB. ^^ Besides, you don’t need it. It’s meh. I only use it for pictures. xD

Yeah, it’s weird because I’m on the RIGHT of Australia. I used to think we were ahead but then I realize that we’re not. In fact, I’m pretty much a day behind :P Are you the same time as the Philippines? Or a few hours ahead? I can’t recall :P

Asian parents are just strict. Period. O.o

Big Yellow Taxi by the Counting Crows.. I can’t recall why you were trying to recall that song. Hahahahahaha.

Yeah, I wish I could have chose both art and music. But no, they don’t let me do that. O.o

Oooh, I love taking pictures! I take my camera everywhere I go so whenever something pops up I can just get the camera and take a picture/video of it. :P

Hm, that is true. You normally don’t see people around taking photos inside a normal bus.

The only kind of bus that people “normally” take pictures in it are probably tourist buses. I went to USA once, and went in a tourist bus. A lot of people were taking pictures inside the bus especially me, haha. :)

Nice outfit, I love the jacket. :)
Oh gosh, that Pain-free Dentist place should really change there name. :P

Thanks! I’m glad you the layout. :D
And your welcome!

I know what you mean! I would take more pictures, especially at school (our campus is so pretty!) but I’m afraid of looking like a loon.

Haha, it would be amazing if under the sign it said “or your money back”.

Hey Georgie :D

Your comment on my site is already quite a while ago and I honestly have no clue what we were talking about, so I guess it’s easier to just start the conversation over again :)

Yeah I totally agree that it would probably be kinda weird if somebody would be sitting on the bus and taking pictures out of the window, especially if they are alone. But I guess if there is something really nice out there, you should take a picture!

I remember a friend of me tried to take a picture of this really neon pink/red/orange car kinda thingy we saw on our ways back home on the bus a couple of times. But she failed soo bad xD

But it’s fun taking pictures, so maybe you should just pretend to be a tourist? Because people definitely don’t say anything if tourist are taking pictures of nice things. :)

You and James always look soo cute on pictures! :) And you definitely look a lil bit like a tourist on that one. ;)

Pain-free dentist?! As if! LOL who are they trying to fool? I mean, I can’t really imagine a single visit at the dentist that was “pain free”.. they should just stop lieing to their patients. But maybe it’s a great way to get new people into your own practice.

Hi there! You have been selected as a finalist for the Website Awards at Innocense! Congrats! Feel free to check it out and ask people to vote for you. Good luck.

*copy and pasted*

Oh, thank you for letting me know! :)

I’ve already asked some people to vote for me. I had no idea I was nominated!

I was wondering where your comment was! It’s fine though, I understand. XD I should add some pictures too. It will make my blog look longer ;)

I know. We rarely do because where I live we are prepared for the snow. I know, I have to study hard for these tests D:

I didn’t know what else to call it. I like the colors too :P

Haha, good. I have been forgetting to comment about peoples blogs when we were having previous conversations.

LOL. Wow, a word that actually looks like it’s name. They don’t sound very..pretty :P

Yeah it is. Unless they use laughing gas or something..just because it is pain-free doesn’t mean kids won’t be scared.(Or adults haha) So, I don’t really know how it helps them that much with attracting new people. /huh

You were right and i was wrong lol. Oh i will. :D I will be upload everything on there now. :D

My teacher doesn’t even know our names. He called everyone baby. How he does grades is a mystery to me lol.

With WP time my blogs actually show the actual time lol.

I’m going to try and answer the recent question. I don’t know how i keep missing them. :(

LUCKY!!! My nightlight a.k.a TV is on right now lol. My computer also helps sometimes though. At times i just fall sleep in front of the computer lol.

Dumb crack is like the innocent version of ass crack or ass wipe which is really nasty lol.

Thank you soo much. You comment made me feel awesome too. You are right, i should pretend. I should just not care. Not care, just left it go and not even care. It’s like a bug i just stepped on and killed lol.

Things has been awesome so far. no more bitches. 👏
I just goggled Bean sprouts and I now know what it is lol. I’ve ate it before at a Chinese restaurant. Yeah it’s disgusting lol.

Aww you guys look cute. :D Why do you have the word dating?

Wow that is pretty and the lawn is soo green lol.

Pain free my ass. There ain’t no such thing as pain free dentistry. There’s always pain no matter what. That’s probably a scam to take people money lol.

I don’t think bean sprouts are ugly, I just don’t like eating them (*unless* they’re mixed in with something else… and they’re just there for the crunch factor, I can’t stand it if I can taste them).

I love taking photos, especially outdoor shots, but I *usually* don’t take any when I’m on public transit because I feel awkward (unless I’m with friends, and we take photos of each other, in which case that’s okay, lol).

And in regards to the pain-free dentistry… There’s a local dentist who puts ads in the newspaper that has the line “We cater to cowards!” and underneath it says “Contact us about sedation dentistry”. So that might be what that dentist does (sedation and pain killers for routine exams… it’s one way to have kids ‘like’ the dentist and to also get more money, since pain killers cost a bundle unless you’re fully covered by insurance – although, not sure how it works in Australia).

It was terrible for my sister. :D It’s good for her that she is not as self-conscious as I am and good that at that time I didn’t think so much of what other people think of me. Otherwise I would have cried to have vomited in front of everyone.

Thanks a lot! :P

That actually makes sense. LOL. Sometimes I also wake up early and then feel tired and sleep a lot, AND then don’t feel sleepy at all the next day. XD

Some of the pictures I have on my site have been taken from the car. I was surprised to see that they’re actually of good quality as I had taken them with my mom’s mobile phone.

My mom gets nervous even when she is only going to the dentist for a check-up. I feel sorry for her, though. She sometimes takes me or my sisters with her for support but unfortunately does not find support.