Smile For Them

Hooray. It’s nearly the weekend. I’m so exhausted. I hate bean sprouts. They are so gross. I just picked and washed a huge bag of them for dinner tomorrow. It was not enjoyable at all (though I don’t see how that ever would be enjoyable).

Bean sprouts are so ugly.

Today when I was on the bus to and from work, I wanted to take some photos. Just, you know, take photos of my journey and what happens in my day. Just a view from the window or something like that. I love taking photos and when I’m with friends, we take hundreds of photos when we hang out.

Sometimes though, what stops me from taking a photo is embarrassment. 😳

When I’m alone, on a bus, and there are other people on the bus… no doubt they would be thinking “WTF?” if they saw me take out my camera and take photos of the views outside the window.

It’s not a regular thing to do to take pictures from a bus. Especially a regular bus, and when you’re alone.

But you might think, gee… what’s the worst that could happen? Someone laughs at you or thinks you’re weird?

But I don’t like people thinking I’m weird or laughing because I’m taking a photo. I know people don’t laugh at tourists when they take a photo, because they don’t know the area well, and everything is amazing to them. I come across so many tourists in the city. It’s a pleasant thing to see. ☺️

On the other hand, I most certainly do not look like a tourist. So it becomes obvious I’m just taking photos for fun, but other people will think it’s weird I’m taking photos of trees and houses on the way to work. O_O

Okay, so maybe there was one time I did look like a tourist… *flashback*

This photo is one of my favourites of James and I (if not my favourite). It was taken in early 2008 around the time we started dating (excuse me, but I sort of hate the word “dating” 😷). You might notice that we are both holding cameras; that’s because my friend Dylan took this photo. πŸ™‚

But yes, as you can see… a tourist-like photo. πŸ˜›

I thought I’d share with you some of the photos I took today. There’s a surprise at the end. The first photo, however, is of my nice little outfit. πŸ˜†

A nice little house along the way…

A small shopping strip…

And WTF is this?

I hope you can read the sign. Pain-free dentistry. Oh dude, are you kidding me? I pass this every day to and from work and I seriously think, “What the hell?”

What kind of dentistry claims to be pain free? I actually (shockingly 😧) enjoy my visits to the dentist because most of the time there’s nothing wrong with my teeth, but even then I do feel a bit of pain. Whatever loon dentist is in this practice, I bet this massive sign welcomes new patients… only to have them displeased. 😰

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