Tangled Up In Blue

Wow. I’m really exhausted again.

I neglected to mention what the weather is like where I live right now, but move over Great Britain and America… because Australia has heat. Well, there was my attempt at being dramatic, which didn’t work. :P

But a lot of people have been blogging about the snow. They can see it out their windows. I’m pretty jealous. I know the snow is annoying and pretty dangerous sometimes (and ice goes with that, too), but it would be pretty much a miracle to see snow outside my window.

It snows in some parts of Australia – up in the mountains. I live in the general city area, so it doesn’t snow. And right now, it’s summer, which means blasted heat. Lately it’s been so hot, it affects my mood. Extreme weather really gets to me and affects my mood badly. /hmph

Here are a few photos from when I went to the snow with my school friends in 2007.

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

I love looking back on my high school times. It was an amazing trip. A lot of shit happened, but a lot of new friendships were made too. :)

I’ve found a photo from 2008 in summer. Soooo long ago! I know I’m sharing old photos – it makes me nostalgic. I can’t believe this was two whole years ago – we look so cheeky and weird, LMAO.

It was so hot today. 😰 So yes… I’ve fallen a little behind with online stuff and updating my website. My second job is unfortunately finishing up in February, because we’re so ahead on the project. That, and I return to my first job (in the educational centre) next week. Blast.

There’ll be another project for my second job later on in the year. But other than that – it’s finishing soon. :( I’ve really enjoyed it. I wish it was permanent rather than having slightly unpredictable times.

I return to university on the 1st March. It’s not a bad thing. But in the meantime my mum has to give me more driving lessons (I’m quite terrible, frankly) and it’s hard to work around things when she has work on, keeping her busy, and so do I. :O

Anyway, that’s all from me today. I’m easing up a bit on the site and taking things easy. The last thing I want, in my “break” from university, is for this to feel like a chore. ♥️

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GG ^^

(H) ✌️ 👏

Look who made it to the comments on her current blog! 👏

I think I’ll shower now… haha…

Oh, by the way, Gillian told me in a comment that you have competition. She also wants to try and get first comment. XD

Even though she’d have to get up pretty early in Canada to catch my blogs. :P

Hahaha, maybe you needed an elipsis and bigger, bolder, brighter font to create a dramatic effect :P Maybe RED, cos it’s stands out. :P Hmm…let me try…

Move OVER America and Europe. Because Australia has…

The most diabolical, earth-shattering phenomenon…



HEAT! :O D: 💥

Okay, maybe not… /um

Anyways, yes, it has been RIDICULOUSLY hot lately. And I do not use the word “Ridiculously” in uppercase lightly. Seriously. It was so hot, I actually had to bother cleaning the dust off my ceiling fan, so I could use it. AND I am becoming increasingly convinced I am related to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz because I seriously believe myself to be MELTING though I am told humans can’t melt. LIES!

I’m not even sure it was the Wicked Witch of the West who melted. D: Whatever.

Yeah, I’m with you. Snow is dangerous, but it’s also really pretty. I’d like to one day look out my window and be all: OMG! IT’S SNOWING! *celebratory snow dance*

I HATE extreme weather! It makes me grumpy too :( Because you can’t concentrate. And as soon as you get out of the shower, five minutes later, you feel as though you need to shower…AGAIN. GAAAH! /angry

Looking at the photos you stick up on your site…makes me nostalgic too. :) It brings back memories. Not all good, cos you’re right. Lots of crap happened at ski camp, which I’m trying to forget. 🤬 But yeah…lot’s of good memories. And in the end it was fun…^^

Oh my god. SWIMMING CARNIVAL AGAIN! :D I LOVE that photo. It’s a cute photos. And we all look so happy there. Hahahaha. I miss those days!

Heh, look how different our hair is! God, wait till we show our children. :P

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years either. :O

Awww! It sucks that your new job is finishing soon. :( /wah But at least you’ll get another go sometime later this year. I’ll totally visit you if I have uni :) It’s fun meeting up with you. Even if it’s just for a little while. ✌️

You start after me! /wah But oh wellz. I guess it’ll somehow even out in the end. Hahaha.

Ooooh! Driving again :O Awesome! ^^ Hahaha Don’t worry, if you keep driving you’ll get better really fast…^^

Haha okay, yours was more effective than mine. :P I could have made it big and all, but that might have been intimidating instead. :P

I think I use the word “ridiculously” a lot. D: But thankfully today it cooled down a bit.

My ceiling fan… haha. My god. Late last year, because I don’t use the fan in the winter of course, I turned the fan on and all this dust came shooting down. Fucking hell. XD

I do not think we can melt! But we can sort of feel like that, and emotionally feel like that… not physically. :P

I think it was the Wicked Witch of the West. Well it was still a witch.

It would be really cool to see snow just outside my window. It’s never happened! So I know I would be in such shock. We should move to America, haha.

I can’t concentrate in extreme weather too. Especially hot weather. I get out after a nice cold shower in summer, and then I sweat again. WTF?

LMAO. Ski camp. James and I were talking about Bearman yesterday. *sigh* Do you remember that he had thrown a fit and locked the cabin when he was inside so that no one could get in? Like holy crap?

Oh OMG. Memories. I dumped their rubbish bin? What was that Georgina? You need anger management? :O

I miss those photo days haha! Note that none of us swam. Win. /bounce

I think our children will laugh. They’ll probably have wild colourful hair and think that we’re boring. How times will change.

Haha! I hope so too! Super fun hahah. It’s not a bad job but it would be cool. Excuse to see you. /hehe

I’m totally scared LOL. My license expires soon; that’s probably why I’m worried. My mum’s always working… /hmph

My dad applied for an Australian visa so we used to visit Australia as much as we could to fulfill the living requirements/ So we spent most of our holidays there. I hate that it’s hot in the winter D: or hot in the summer? Anyway it totally ruins the Christmas ambiance. I remember staying in the hotel watching a Spongebob Marathon on Christmas Day because all the shops were closed. I’m glad that’s not like a longstanding Christmas tradition cause I would’ve killed myself. But we went to New York this Christmas and it was snowing so like FINALLY. A white Christmas. Australia is cool with the kangaroos and all but it’s just not the place to be for Christmas.

I love the snow we’re getting in the UK at the moment – it hasn’t snowed like this in a while so I guess it’s a good thing despite all the ice and power shortages. I love the pictures, old pictures remind me of memories and good times. <3
Take your time with the site, your offline life is more important than your online life, and unfortunately some people can forget that. :/ x

Haha that’s a good thing! A few people from the UK have been telling me that they don’t like the snow. But I heard that it hadn’t snowed there in a while. Glad you like it! :)

Thank you! :) ♥

“Extreme weather really gets to me and affects my mood badly.” The same exact thing happens to me. I get really snappy and grouchy and the allergies don’t help. There are no outdoor allergies for me in the winter, so I don’t mind that it’s so cold outside, hehe (;

It’s so crazy that I’m freezing outside and you’re melting, lol. Being on opposite ends of the world is neat. I wonder how long the flight is to Australia from Pennsylvania! I know my relatives fly for like 22 hours when they visit from Korea. Ungodly.

So it never snows where you live ? That’s so unfortunate! It almost never snows in southern California, but they’ll be graced with it every once in a while. Is it like that where you live or is it the sign of the apocalypse if it ever snows there ? Hehe (;

Awwe look at you and your friends ! James always looks so happy in pictures! What a jolly guy. Tell him about my band idea ^^

Who are those random white guys ? lol. Your friend in the pink and grey striped shirt looks like she wasn’t ready for the picture, hahaha. Do you keep in touch with the other 3 in the picture ?

Awwe that stinks that your second job is gonna be over soon! That’s such a shame considering you like it and it relates to your major. Hopefully this round of your educational centre job will be better! *fingers crossed*

What exactly do you do at your second job ?

Man it’s so weird that you have different school schedules too, lol. Well I guess that makes sense since your summers are different. When you go back to school, I’ll be starting my spring break, and only have school for another month and then I’m off for summer!

Relax as much as you can on your break ♥

I think it’s weird too! But that’s happened my whole life. I never get nightmares when I nap/sleep during the day, but I get them at night.

I don’t know what you mean by “meant to be nocturnal.” ..Are you implying that I’m a vampire ? Lol if I said that to my sister, she’d be like “Um, you’re so stupid. Vampires don’t ever sleep. Psh.” She’s one of those Twilight-obsessed teens that actually think vampires are real -__-

Maybe it’s about my sleeping patterns being disheveled, but maybe not. My sleeping patterns haven’t always been this bad. Boo );

I’m not sure about my stance with dream symbols. I think I believe them to a certain extent, as with anything in psychology. Nothing in that respect is solidly measurable. I don’t believe in horoscopes at all though, heheheheee (:

LOL. Relax Georgie Pordgie. It’s not a big deal if you tell me the same story more than once. God knows I do that to everyone all the time (: Sometimes I know I already told the story but it’s so great that I have to tell it again. Yes, my life is THAT fascinating, lol. Kidding.

But no, I don’t think you’ve ever told me that story before. Aw man, attacking balls, huge ponds, monsters everywhere ..that must have frightened your 5-year-old self to your very core.

I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was younger that Gordon (a demon guy) from the original Power Rangers was going to do something bad to me if I sleep with a pillow. So every night, I would throw my pillow on the floor and my grandparents would yell at me, but I was more afraid of Gordon than of them. Now that I look back on it, it’s so silly.

But it’s really weird because I don’t get bad dreams if I use a pillow anymore, but I’ll get a bad dream if I don’t have sheets completely covering my body or if I’m touching something. Maybe I’m being paranoid about this, but EVERY time I wake up from a dream, I’m either touching something or my blanket isn’t covering my body. So then I’ll cover myself up and fall asleep again, and I don’t have a bad dream. I seriously need to get my sleeping patterns and dreams professionally analyzed.

YOU. ARE. SO. LUCKY !! I would LOVE to have fluffy-happy-light-pretty dreams every night. Good for you though !! Keep dreaming those dreams and then make them happen, literally ! Can you imagine you and James getting married this young ?

You know what, when I fly out to Australia to start up our band, I’ll BRING the passionfruit papaya candle and delicious bean sprouts made the right way, and we’ll make a whole great day of it! And James can enjoy them if he promises to make his stage name James and not Jimmy.

Yeah up at Harry’s parents’ house around Christmastime, there’s a train service that decorates the train cars and pretends it’s the Polar Express. Parents take their kids in their pajamas and have a nice time (: I would love to go on a long train ride, have a nice dinner, and look at beautiful scenery. I’m such an old, boring person, lol.

It’s great you can experience snow in some parts of Australia! I was under the impression it never snows there!

It is quite mind-boggling to know that when it’s winter up here, it’s summer down there. I think that’s one reason why I’d feel weirded out moving to anywhere in the southern hemisphere — to experience SUMMER in December-February would be quite an adjustment for me XD.

Looking at your high school photos remind me of my high school days. I miss those days, too, but I mostly miss the easier life back then and BAND. I miss playing in a concert band :(

Ack, I know what you mean about the weather. It’s hot as hell here too (after all, I think I’m only a day’s drive north from where you are, lol) and it’s been affecting my mood too – like SAD in reverse or something. =/

Lol, that photo of you and your friends is so cute; you all look so happy and I love your tee shirt. ^_^ I like to reminisce like that sometimes too, though I don’t think I have quite as many of those fun memories as most people would. I was never very sociable even back then…I didn’t socialize much outside of class, though for the most part it didn’t really bother me. I quite enjoy my own company, haha. :P

Good luck with your driving lessons! How long have you been learning for? I start back at uni on March 1 too; I guess that’s the standard semester start date for all the universities here. I’m actually looking forward to it though. :)

Oh, and just had to comment on your blog title – I love that song! It’s rare to find anybody our age these days who even knows a Bob Dylan song besides the few they occasionally still play on the radio, nevermind quote it in their blog. Awesome! :)

Damn this heat is freaking evil, just can’t stop sweating ><

Huge amount of nostalgia from those pics XD I can't believe i used to look like that, glad i changed :P…but man i wish i was at girra with our grade again. Just wanna be able to relive yrs 10-12.

Good luck with this year of uni ♥

Hey hey! :) The weather was a lot better today haha. Too bad it might rain on Thursday; I was planning to go to the beach then. Poop.

We ought to organise an outing or something, it’s been ages. O_O But seeing as James has an internship and I’m working most days, it’s gonna be a bummer to squeeze something in before uni goes back. /poo

LMAO and I was the Jazzmo… good old times. My friend still thinks I look like a grunge chick. Oh well, you only live once. ;)

Let us know if you’re coming to UTS! I hate surprises so don’t just pop up halfway during the year LOL! Good luck to you as well. ♥

I have first hand experience that snow is dangerous! xD Especially icy snow. Once my friend pushed me off the tube we were sharing and I went FUMPF into the hard snow…. Also, I slip down my front stairs oh so many times when it ices over. In New York, it’s not that bad, but in Minneasota, yeah, my whole driveway was sleeted over and I saw someone driving a Zamboni! :D

Wow, it must be really different in Australia! C:

Ooh, you went Skiing? I went skiing two weeks ago at Pocono Mountain! It was soo fun, except that whenever I fell, I had to be helped back up, or else I’ll butt-skii down the mountain.

I’M HERE ALREADY! (Y) I guess I’m kind of trying to return your comment because this is the last (and longest one haha) on my old blog so when that’s done I’m up to date /bounce

Then I have homework to do…
Is the title from the Bob Dylan song? I saw it on my Dad’s iPod. :P

Aw! You’re tired *hugs* Don’t push yourself tomorrow! Or today. Because it’s 1:32am over there on the 11th.
You’re asleep :3
I think you sounded vaguely dramatic. Maybe some capitals or an exclamation mark could’ve upped the effect. LOL.

I don’t want to blog about snow. Britain’s Big Freeze is shit. I’m getting sick of snow and stuff… I just want some snow days haha.
Extreme weather affects me too. You are not alone.

You’re always going to have a good time on the actually trip but have a lot of drama and fall-outs and crap. On the Paris trip I was in a three, so we went in a room for four. This girl who is actually seriously weird and only talks about fucking death and black and how she hates arguments fell out with some friends so she moved into our room for a night. She made up and went back the next day… I mean WTF.

So yeah there were some right big bitch-types in there but surely she could live? Like, whatever. They didn’t even argue. So what was the big deal?!
Haha you guys look so young in that photo compared to now *hugs* I forgot to mention this in the last post, but I love your shirt!

Hehee all of the girls have fringes (H)
Aw. It’s fucking FREEZING here (obviously). Swap? My hands are numb and it’s really hard to type :(

Don’t stress yourself out with your domains! *hugs* Return this comment 1 month late and I won’t care. ♥
Good luck with your jobs and uni! You are on a break and who wants to feel like they have fuckloads of work on a break? Take it easy *hugs*

Thanks! As usual, I love yours /bounce
Oh yeah… all the way through I was thinking of the Kurt Cobain quote but I didn’t put it in because I thought that might make it too much like the old blog.

I think we do kind of have the same inspirations. Another reason why we’re friends :)
Agreed. Sure, there’s gonna be shit waiting around every corner but you’ve gotta get past it and go for the good.

Haha yeah they weren’t much better. If I stopped being friends with Tanya no one would be my friend because she was the ‘it’ girl and everyone wanted to be her friend. I think I already told you that already….

It is great to be yourself and be happy that way. There are always going to be people who judge you on shit like music or people who will want to take you down because of it, BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT? /bounce
You’ve just gotta ignore them and keep on keepin’ on.

Oh I see now. :)
Yeah… bean sprouts. Eurgurhurh. I remember last year in Biology we had to learn about reproduction and my teacher was stroking the fucking plastic model of a man’s sexual organ. Talk about WTF.

Heheee /hehe My bus has always got eight or so people on it when I get on and it just fills up…
Haha that’s awesome you have so many pictures! Must take up a lot of laptop space though. 🙄

Hehe yeah I was too lazy to write out all of the band names. :P
Try it! It should work ;) And if they ask more, they’re a douche.
I remember Dani but I haven’t commented her in ageeees. And haha come here dude. I’ll meet you in London and we’ll take pictures and crap ;)

You’d be a pretty awesome tourist. :D You’d have terrible jetlag though. :(
I am 11 hours behind you, haha. When it’s 11pm there it’s midday here.
It is very cute when tourists ask you to take pictures /eee
The road, eh? Not a bad photo subject.
I hope this doesn’t go into spam. I’m using more smileys then last time!

Oh I knew that. 🙄 A nice dress either way! As I said on MSN I’m not reall a dress kinda girl.
I hope this isn’t taking too long… I want to start my homework at three o’clock and I have 8 minutes. Let’s do this thang~
*ploughs on*

You thought Gillian’s comment was an ocean, heh. What about yours? It never ends! :P 😏
HEEEE. Your iPod is cool. At the moment I’m listening to Muse… I haven’t listened to them in so long.

Yeah. Even when they give you anaesthetic, right, the needle stings. I know from experience. And then you have that vile gross gum crap to chew before they yank out your fangs…

Oh by the way, I never mentioned but I’m Bella Swan. My sexy guy Edward made me a vampire and I have no urge to eat people because I’m the perfect, clumsy bitch. Isn’t that fucking awesome? And by the way, Jacob is a paedophile and is like, bound to my kid. Isn’t that even better?

Fuck Twilight hah.

I prefer returning comments in the afternoon too, as I am doing at the moment. Mainly because I get up really late in the mornings on weekends anyway haha.

That’s true! I guess American timezones are more suited to your comment-returning. Mine sucks. :(

FUCKKKK my mum just came in and asked me if I was doing my homework.
That was a close one. /oh

Anyway, I’m almost done.
At the moment the Americans are waking up.

Yeah, we always have our P.E teacher looming over us and doing shit. Like WTF?

They never do anything themselves. Lazy bitches eh?

I don’t wanna go to school because then I get to MSN you! ♥

Oh my brother’s moves…. you don’t wanna watch them haha.

I’m going to wait for a minute so I can post this on the hour… or the o’clock, yo.

Take care! x

I’m glad you enjoy your job so much and I feel bad that it’s ending for the time being. I’ve also looked back at pictures of me from high school (That was 5 years ago for me ahaha) and I saw “Wow…I was chubby” XD.
Oh nostalgia, such a fun thing.

Snow is so pretty, heh. /eee And then there’s snow days, but it fails when you have to sit exams in the snow @_@ So it’s not all great.

Down here, we’re all like, snow? Pssh so much for global warming. And everything shuts too, so if you can’t drive (lucky I can), you’re pretty much stranded or walking your way around, buses if your lucky.

Gah, I hope the bushfires/animal fiasco doesn’t happen again this time round, or at least get that bad for you guys. Be safe.

And good luck with your driving lessons. I’m sure you’ll do great once you get the hang of it. Fighting! /pow

Aww that’s a shame! Well, I don’t think anyone likes working in cold weather. :(

Haha. I can’t drive, so it’s a shame. I’m used to catching buses and trains to university and work though. If it snowed, it wouldn’t make too much of a difference to me. :P

Aww thank you. The bushfires aren’t too bad in my area; it’s worse a bit down south.

Thank you! I’ll have to get used to it – I hope next time I go in the car, I’m magically awesome at driving. XD

OMG. HEAT!!! How I wish we have that here in Canada right now. But the snow’s fine. I guess. I was so terrified when it wasn’t snowing on December. I keep saying, “global warming. NOO”.

I guess that’s the problem with people. We want something that is not there, but when IT IS there, we don’t want it anymore. Just like snow. @_@

Did you guys go skiing? I’m so terrified with skiing. When I was in grade 8, we went skiing, and I was doing fine. But then I smashed into Benny the Bull (Dora) and I decided I am not going skiing anymore! It was one of those tests thing..

I love looking at old pictures. They remind me of the times when I was innocent…a little. ✌️ It makes me think how time passes by so fast! But sometimes, old pictures really make me sad. I wish that I can go back to that certain moment in the picture.

OMG, you start on March 1st? That’s so cool! How I wish school starts the same for us. But NOOO.. We just need to go to school four days after the New Year has started /hmph GRRR…

I wish we had heat. Or snow. Instead we just have cold. (We being NYC.) Which makes me miiiiiiiiiiiserable. I like when it snows and it totally is magical, but if winter doesn’t have snow and it’s just cold UGH, I hate hate hate it!

Here is where I disagree with you! /angry I live in “Winterpeg” Manitoba Canada. /wah It is currenly -35 degress celcius outside! 😢 D: I hate wonter and the snow, Ya it looks pretty when u are warm but once you step outside into the coldness here it is horrible! It is days Like this when I wish i was in austraila.

AWW! I wish it was hot here. It’s freaking cold here. We use Ferinheight so let’s see…in Celsius it would be I think about -1 degrees C. xD Well, it’s somewhere around there. Either way, it’s cold out here! Luckily I’m going to Disney World (in Florida) this week for Chorus, and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees F there! ;)

That photo is sooo cute!

Ehh, don’t feel bad…I’ve been really behind on comments too. I haven’t been busy at all, but I’m very lazy. >.< Shame on me.

LOL. Okay…fine. I believe you. You weren't lying; come out of that corner, and face me like a real person! Jk. x)

Hahaha; I entered like two I think. Then I totally forgot about it, and now it's over. Wahh..no domains for me! :P Oh well, I have enough. ;) I would really only use the domain as a redirection to Tarnishedwish.info for hosting. Like so I can have to more subdomains to choose from. :)

LOL. I need the money. I spent it all! I'll probably work on weekends since I have swim and school on weekdays. I'll most likely just work as a cashier. :P I'll probably work as a swim coach during the summer though. ;) They get paid a lot!

Me too! I must control my money…that's why I'm entering contests for domains, and I'm not buying them. ;)

Yeah…I guess. Maybe one day she'll just magically come back! *checks Stolenrain.info* Looks like she hasn't gotten on Twitter in 46 days. O_O I'm a loser…I spammed a comment. XD

I don't know how I would deal with being you. I can't handle the 10-15 comments I get on a blog! 50 would be so much. XD That's good on you!

I can see her site now; I uploaded some smilies off her site. They are so cute. :3 I just had to change the color of them. ;)

LOL. You foolish children! Jeez! Get it right! ;3

Eh, my dad says the ball dropping looks better on television anyways. You're not missing much. x) I am going to New York next year though (family) … I don't know when though haha. Maybe February. ;D Yeah..I think we're going next February in 2011. ;P

LMAO. It was hilarious! My brother was so pissed!

Hahahaha! That's nice. At least he called you. ;) We had the fight thing. One year we went skiing in Colorado so we spent NYE there haha. That was fun, especially since my best friend was with me. :P

I love your website :) I think I’ve commented once or twice…I don’t know xD But I’ve always known about Heartdrops.

I’ve never been in snow -.-‘ because I in Arizona…even if it’s the winter here, it’s kinda hot in the day as well. Ugh my mood gets affected too if it’s really hot xD.

Ooh, everything looks so white in those pictures ;3 & um aren’t you supposed to learn how to drive when your 16? or is it different when you’re in Australia? o_o

Lmfao I think it’s hilarious how your mom enjoyed watching it. :D But yeah, my initial reaction to it was WTF as well.

It doesn’t really make me angry as to how stupid those girls are.. it just makes me laugh. Cause seriously, how desperate must you be if you want to get MARRIED to a random guy in a matter of weeks. Wtf. Go get your brain checked sweetie. It makes me laugh even harder when they think they’re actually in love with him while they watch him stick his tongue down other girls throats.. hm. Plus, they don’t even KNOW HIM well enough to even say that they “like” him. Fuck.

Pathetic is right. Obviously the TV producers purposely choose an attractive guy so it’s easier for the girls to fall for him. For all we know, it may all just be a fake acting scheme. The ladies may just be pretending to like him, and pretending to get in bitch fights for the sake of TV and money. Ya never know, even though that sounds highly unlikely.

LMAOLMAO yeah I totally remember that season where the guy was some farm boy, but they told them he was rich. xD Gawd, that was just too funny. This season of the bachelor has been taken to a whole new level though. At the end of the program they show like “stay tuned for these future episodes of the bachelor” and then they show clips from the episodes to come. So I was watching it and apparently the bachelor starts to “fall for” one of the girls in the house and then she tells him that she’s having a sexual affair with someone else .. LMFAO. Omg, I know I’m evil for laughing, but seriously, it was just fucking hilarious. How stupid can you get? MANNNN.

That’s so pathetic and shallow of the girls who left once they found out that he wasn’t rich. Wow, I don’t understand how the bachelor has confidence in believing that some of these girls actually have feelings for him.. because it’s hard to trust someone when you’re on national tv and there’s money involved. Ugh. Stupid faggots.

YEAH! They totally do have a bachelorette as well. It’s the same deal. The most recent bachelorette was named “Gillian” and everyone in my school made fun of me.. LOLOL, it was jokes though, cause I made fun of her too.

Yeah all the entries for the Imitation Game made me laugh pretty hard. It’s going to be hard choosing a winner!

That some good advice. I should look into making a free account and hopefully she’ll push it over for me. Not that I would need to change hosts ever again (hopefully not hehe) but just in case, it never hurts to be prepared. :D You sure are a great host Georgie-porgie! Please don’t eat me for calling you that.

Yeah I was considering just zipping up files and uploading because I was getting impatient waiting for Wendy to change the nameservers (even though it had only been a couple of days lmao). Ah well, it all worked out nicely in the end. :)

I feel like a newb cause I haven’t even heard of LeechFTP. It must be good though, since you’ve stuck by it for years. :) As long as it works and serves your needs, then it doesn’t really matter how popular it is or whatever.

PSH ARE YOU KIDDING? It’s almost impossible to be more gangster than Barack Obama. xD

I guess that’s true. The gangster look doesn’t suit everyone. :P It definitely doesn’t suit me.

That’s pretty intimidating and scary that all the university stuff is based on your Grade 12 marks there. D: It’s like you only have one chance, and if you fail, then you’ve failed for good. Gah. Unless they have summer school courses and stuff like that to help you pass.

Woo nice to hear that uni is great too. I’m sure that when I’m in uni, dying of stress, I’ll wish that I was back in high-school. xD Life’s weird like that.

LOLS, thanks for that little sidenote. :) Don’t you worry, if you get called off to sleep, then we’ll just pick up where you left off.. or whatever. :D New comment chains are a nice refreshing start sometimes, especially when the comments get too, too long. xD

Ngaw thanks! Glad you don’t think it’s sad, that I’m super excited about an accounting competition. (lmfaoo) I’ve literally been going around telling everyone about it and they just laugh at me and then say “ACCOUNTING FTW” sarcastically. :) Nahuh, your parents would probs hate me. Besides knowing what I want to do with my future, I’m a pretty messed up child. xD

I suppose you’re right. Teachers are there to push us, but some of them just push too hard. >:( They think we have no lives, pshh!

I’m sure you will be magically great at driving. Don’t be jealous, you’ll get there! I know it. :D LEARNERS LEVEL FTW. That’s actually so cute. I wish we had cute level names like that instead of robot sounding ones like “G1” and “G2” .. wtf.

Yeah we have time periods for getting each level of license here as well. I think I have to wait a couple of months after I get my G1 before I can go for my G2.

I’ve located my end key! WOOT. It’s right above my right arrow key hehe. What does the “page down” button do btw? I would press it to find out, but I’m scared it’ll crash my computer or something. :O

I’m glad you think my layout is UHUHGUGHGUHU but I think it’s seriously, UHGUGHUHGUGUHGUHGUH in a bad way, so stop making lame jokes about how UGHUGHGUHGGUH IT IS GAWD. LMAO.

Translation: I’m glad you think my layout is kickass but I think it’s seriously, shit, in a bad way, so stop making lame jokes about how KICK ASS AND COLORLESS IT IS GAWD. LMAO.

Just kidding about the lame joke btw. Cause it wasn’t lame. I actually laughed. /hehe

Yeah I always feel really awkward around depressed angry people. I never know what to say to make them feel better.

Of course you’re not a freak. A lot of other webowners talk a lot about their boyfriends. Omg, I was just going to use Anne-Marie and Kuya as an example.. but then I realized they aren’t even dating.. fail.

Yeah that’s what I meant. It feels like rape when someone tickles you, after you’ve told them to stop. Cause then it’s unwanted and creepy and uncomfortable. D:

Hm, I don’t think I expressed enough how much my mom hates driving. So let me make it more clear. xD Even if I was friggin’ choking to death, my mom would not get in a car and drive me to the hospital. Instead she would call my dad and say something like “GET YOUR FUCKING ASS HERE SHE’S CHOKING OMGOMGOMGOGMG.” Then my dad would say, “get your ass in the car”, and then she would say, “DO YOU WANT BOTH ME AND YOUR DAUGHTER TO DIE?” .. mhm.

..so that’s that.

My moms fear is like intense though. XD

LMAO, were you really still sitting in bed? I never even noticed when you were on webcam. Cause we were too busy making funny faces lolol.

TESTES. TESTS. Funny how one “e” can make all the difference in the world. O_O

You’re welcome. :) Don’t IQ tests usually ask you questions that cover all, if not most subjects though?

Kudos to you for getting the comments under 20. That must have sucked ass waking up to 36 pending comments. I said it once, but I shall say it again “FYL”.

Yeah “squirrel boys” accent is much more pronounced when he says “faggot”. Cause he says “faaaaaaaaagot” LOLOLOL. It kills me everytime. Never gets old. I do feel bad for him though, that’s so embarrassing. xD If I had a little brother who did that to me, I would never let him live it down.

LMFAOLMFAO, I watched the video. Omg, that was hilarious. I love how Kanye West just randomly comes in at different points, and the way they showed the remote shoving in slow motion was epic. xD I love how there’s like elevator music playing in the background while he shoves the remote up his ass. LMAO.

Well yeah that’s probs why there’s so many views. CAUSE IT’S WEIRD. ;D

I remember you telling me before about your friend telling your other friend that it looked like hair was growing out of her ears. xD I’m going to steal that diss, and use it on someone who I see with hair behind their ears. But I don’t think I actually know anyone who does that, so whatever. *disappointed* :P

GUM WRAPPERS? Lmao. My mom hardly chews gum, so there’s not many of those in her purse.. but she has other random shit like little bags of walnuts and chocolates. xD And also, tissues and bills all over the place. Psh the next time she tells me to clean my room I should tell her to clean her purse. xD I’d probs get in so much trouble. Muahaha.

LMAO aweh Vicky’s effort to get you to go to bed didn’t pay off since you with your superwoman powers returned her comment before she even tweeted it. xD

I like broccoli just plain boiled or steamed. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a sauce with it, but that does enhance the taste. :D Spinach is one of those veggies I really don’t like. xD Although, my parents are huge fans of it, and they always try to make me eat it, but I run away. >:)

Yeah it’s less awkward to take pictures when you have your friends around, cause then you don’t look like this loner who’s randomly taking snapshots. xD Everything is better when you have people around around to share it with. :3

You’re very welcome. :) Indonesian clothing is awesome. I was in H&M the other day, and if you look at their tags, most of the clothes are made in Indonesia or India or Bangladesh. ;)

PSH THAT CHEAP ASS MARKET SALE MUST HAVE BEEN EPIC. That was a nice jacket, who cares where it’s from, I loved it!

Exactly. The dentists don’t even realize half the time how much pain the patient is going through. Usually, the patient is scared to speak up for themself cause if they randomnly yell out “OUCH THAT HURT” it may startle the dentist which could cause him to cause you even more pain. -.-

Injecting always hurts, cause needles are bitches. :( I hate the anesthetic they give you too, cause I hate the feeling of numbness for some reason. Just feels super weird.


Omg, no snow?! I feel bad for you. I love the snow off, and I guess I'm lucky to be getting a little snow compared to nothing that you usually get. :(

It amazes me how different it is in different parts of the world. Here we are in the middle of winter, while you're in the midst of summer. :P So opposite.

That school trip looks like fun. I remember when I went on a skiing trip with my school in Grade 7 and it was the besttt! I love skiing hehe. At least you got a chance to go up to the mountains to see the snow.

That's so sweet that new friendships were made too. :3 Ngaw, on my school trips, everyone just sticks with their own friend groups.. fail haha.

That is the cutest picture ever. You don't look weird! You look.. just the way you look now? LOL. I don't see too much of a difference, cause it was only 2 years ago. -That's actually a long time, but still. Nice peace sign, *peace sign back* hehehe.

The heat would make me want to go swimming instead of attending to my site, so I don't blame you. :P Hope the heat doesn't get to you. D:

That sucks that you have to go back to your job so soon, but that's just how life works unfortunately. We have to eventually get back into the routine of things.

Ngaw sorry to hear that it ends soon. At least you've enjoyed your time, and hopefully there are better times to come. It's never fun having those unpredictable times, cause it makes you nervous wondering about what's next and how to prepare for something unexpected.

Best of luck with those driving lessons! :)

Darn right you don't want it to feel like a chore. I hated it when that happened to me. D: Take some time to relax, you deff deserve it.

And lastly, I was oozing with jealousy as my eyes happened to catch Lilians ecstatic comment "I GET FIRST COMMENT!" .. watch out Lilian. You have competition. xD

:P I heard it on one of the Rock band’s but never knew who it was by until recently. :O

That’s okay, I’m usually late returning people’s comments too. O_O

I like the pictures in yours. I just can’t find pictures that would relate to my blog. Oh well, I might add some anyway. :P

Pftt, my reward will be “Wow, good job!” They already expect good grades out of me so it won’t be a huge thing. XD

Well, I only called it “Radical Blur” because that is the effect I used xD Well, what else would you call them? I call some of mine Advanced Coloring 1, 2, etc.

Hah, thats true..It doesn’t actually make you laugh. Very nice puns 😒 Just kidding, they actually did make me laugh. Yeah, I guess it would attract more people but not me. ;)

Eww, I hate the heat. I hate the cold too. I’m more of a spring and fall kind of person. XD It looks like you guys had fun! I wish we got to go on a field trip. Our school is cheap -.-

I keep telling my parents I’m going to be driving in about 3 years and they reply “Oh, well remind me to stay off the road” :P I don’t think I will be that bad though. Hopefully… 🙄

Haha yeah my mom too. I love soy sauce with food XD

LOL! Haha your brain has been dormant since Uni ended XD Aww, haha my sister is practicing driving too. I always get freaked out when I go in the car. Especially when she comes to visit since she doesn’t drive that much and not being home makes it worse XD. She’s so use to taking the train and walking.

Yeah, at least side bangs are versatile. Unless you cut them too short XD

You’re welcome! Ha that’s cool! My mom does that too. On her way home if she’ll see something she thinks I would like, she would buy one (:

LMAO! My dad ALWAYS says that. He’s like “You’ll have so many memories of places, but no one will be in it!” XD. But taking those types of pictures are fun! Haha yeah people sometimes ruin the pictures, but sometimes it is good to take pictures with people in it.

awwww ): My sister got them pulled out for braces too. She is missing 4 teeth then the average person, but you can’t tell. She might have to get another 4 pulled out because her wisdom teeth are coming in. Haha, she has such a small mouth XD

Aw thanks!

Haha yeah, just shows how fast time has flied!

Aww thanks! Yeah, and she’s not a good teacher to start off with XD. No one fails her class because she is sooo easy and laid back /argh

haha I suck at geography. We had a Geography Bee and its just like a spelling bee but like you have to know where places are. Yeah, I guess when it comes to geography

I wish it was hot here. I prefer Winter over Summer but it’s been so freaking cold here lately. *cries*

I actually really hate the snow at the moment; it’s all turning to ice and it’s far too dangerous. The UK can’t deal with it. We even ran out of grit and had to import some from Germany. o_O

It’s been a miracle here that it’s snow this much so maybe you’ll get some too? :D

Those photos do look amazing though. :’) I would love to go somewhere like that!

LOL you guys don’t look cheeky and weird, you all look so happy. xD

That sucks you’re job is finishing. :( Mine finishes at the end of January too. Sucky. My job is like that too- unpredictable times and what not. Meh, never mind.

Good luck with the driving lessons. :P Don’t be scared!! :D

I think you do need a break from online, and I’m glad to see you have been (like going off Twitter etc), you’re only human!!

*Hugs* Some retarded people probably do see you as a robot. It’s like they expect their comment returned straight away, erm shut up. Us “normal” people know you’re only human, you’re not expected to do this shit.

I used to think these fringes were childish as well haha! Lately, they’ve come back into fashion though!

Yeah I do that too haha! Usually, when I get off the bus on the way to work, I go in the shop to get a drink and stuff and it takes me AGES to get the money out, put the stuff in my back and put the change away. People get well annoyed. XD

LOL! I saw the Big Ben Twitter thing, it’s well funny hahahaha. I was amused too. :P

I’m used to lazing around dude, I’ve been sitting in my bed for like 2 weeks lmfao. Gotta get up at 5 on Tuesday. :(

Yeah, you seemed to be some what comfortable in the routine when you were at Uni! You didn’t seem AS stressed!

Amen to that!! Nobody’s perfect, everyone has flaws, why can’t some people accept that?

LMFAO! I do kind of like chocolate, it just hurts my teeth hahaha. I don’t really like sweet things anymore. =/ *tackle hug* haha that made me laugh. :’)

I’m really picky with chocolate too, I only eat a few types. =/

LOL, I’d die in that crowd too. I’m too small, people would trample all over me. :(

Oh well! The competition was open to everyone, it was the luck of draw. You done it randomly as well so people can’t complain. XD

Yeah I don’t think they can sue for using a few words of a song… besides they aren’t exactly “their words” anyway. I know why this person said it though (they said it on Twitter) because of my site.. it was like 2 hours after I opened, baha.

Um yeah, that’s true lmfao. Was just throwing an idea at ya! Aww that would have been a sweet present. :D

Haha no, I really do want a full time job. There’s just nothing out there at the moment.

Ha, I will keep it. I promise. :P Unless I lose interest and close forever, muwhahaha.

I need to open my plog lmfao. I’ve linked your plog on the sidebar under “friends” ha. I like posting random photos of things. XD Haha Sasha’s my baby. She’s so thick though, it’s not even funny. :3

People are only hating the snow because of the trouble it’s caused. I mean, some people have had no power for days. o_O The temperature dropped to like -22°C in some places. :| Which is well bad cause it only drops to about -3°C most Winters. I love the snow when it falls though, it’s so pretty. :)

I know for sure I’ll fall over on my way to work on Tuesday, I just know it.

OMG I know how you feel, the journey is so fucking boring. Even if my bus does get packed (the first bus anyway) it’s just boring as hell. Feels like it takes 43953857384 hours man~ I’d die if my iPod died, seriously. :|

Our comments are getting longer and longer…

Wow I wish I was living in Australia right now! I like the cold, sometimes, but the heat is so much more better. Y’know?

Anyway, don’t fret about not being able to update. If it’s hot and makes you feel uncomfortable, than you shouldn’t have to return anything.

Those pictures are nice. Is that you doing the sign backwards? I like it. What does the backwards sign mean anyway?

Gosh I sound like a n00bie. lol.

Anyway, so the heat makes you have mood swings? I thought periods did that? lol. Sorry I’m not laughing at you if it sounded like that.

I’m sorry to hear that your job is coming to an end. But hey at least you won’t be hella busy anymore until school starts up again. I still need to find something to do with my life. I have no life. That’s one reason why I cut down my bloggings to like once a month or something like that.

I hope you can get some cool air in for some of your summer. At least. Take it easy turn on a fan and watch old episodes of your favorite shows if you have them or listen to music.

I live in Australia, where I am it’s over 40 degrees! I am going to die :O 😰
I am jealous of people who get snow too! I really want to move to another country, I probably will when I’m older. Right now I am using the computer in my room, it is boiling in my room, I have a cooler in my room but it’s not working!

I’m already having trouble blogging and I got my new site recently, but that’s because someone hacked mine :(

Those pictures are nice, I went to the snow when I was in grade 3, I went to Germany. I also went to Paris XD I wish I went when I was older though, cause now I’m more into fashion and Paris had that, but I didn’t see snow there :(

Naww, I’m sorry that your job is ending /wah
Good luck on your driving lessons! :)
I wish I could drive /angry

Hopefully the heat will be over soon :) otherwise.. I’m begging my mum to take me to another country! LOL, I doubt that will happen.

Haha, I do that a lot, it’s alright. ^^

I like any vegetables. :P Speaking of vegetables, I agree, she should have looked at her self. xD

I don’t like having sensitive teeth! D:

Lol I am a wimp, though. x) I go on Twitter all of the time.

I think our timezones are like… 12 hours apart, or something. :P I dunno. So, that means that you have Christmas in the summer, right? That’s pretty cool, but I think I’d prefer a white Christmas. ^^

That looked like fun! You guys all looked so happy in that picture. :) Good luck with driving!

I wanted to reply to your previous comments before actually but I was scared that by the time I click on the “Submit comment” button you might have already posted a new blog entry. Which used to happen to me before. :P

Anyway, I turned off ajax on FanUpdate like you said, and I’d like to thank you for that! You are a genius. (Y)

LMAO.. On your newest comment, you’ve replied twice about the fringe guy and about you taking photos from the bus! But that’s alright. “Free comment for me”. :P

Aah…. yes, I’m getting really envious to those people who actually get to see snow from their bedroom windows! I’d reeeaaaaaaallyyyy like to see snow!

We don’t have snow either in New Zealand. Well, we do. But in certain area/place/state. I live in Wellington (the capital city of NZ) and well, generally it doesn’t really snow. But I live in the north of Wellington and before you go to my neighbourhood, there’s these really big mountains (we have a lot of mountains in NZ, that’s why it’s “greeny” here) and I actually saw snow! LOADS of them. Last winter, my family and I went to Masterton (a district in Wellington), and we saw a flock of sheep on a mountain and a long with snow and it was so beautiful.

Okay, why did I talk about my country and not your blog? Sorry, I got carried away. 😳

Yeah, it sucks that we’re (considering you live in Australia and I live in NZ, so we experience the same season) having summer and those who live in the UK or US, are skiing and everything. :(

Wow, you and your high school friends seemed to have a lot of fun there. I’m not in high school yet… So when I find pictures from my kindergarten days or my primary school days, it was really something interesting to look back to.

You guys don’t look cheeky and weird in that photo to me, you guys looked like a really cool group of friends. :P
I know, 2008 was like a long time ago. Those days… :)

Good luck with you driving lessons! It may be a hard thing to do at first but I’m sure you’ll be driving professionally in no time. ;)

I am so wishing I was where you are. I would love a heat wave. Right now a heat wave in USA, KY is 25F degrees. Which is terrible, really.

I am the same way about weather and my mood. If it is too hot or too cold I get all moody and mean. Which isn’t good for anyone. Hope the heat calms down a bit. xox

Before I comment I have 2 questions. Did you make your smilies or did you get them from somewhere? & How long have you used your smilies? Just out of curiousity.

Okay, so yeah. I haven’t seen snow in a year. Which isn’t bad but I lived in Florida for 4 years so I didn’t see snow whatsoever there. It just got to 40 degrees and people there had freaking parkas on. I was just like WOW! Hhahaha. Here, I can see parkas because last week it was like 13 degrees F. I was like OMG! FREEZING. One day I wore like 5 layers and I was pretty warm actually. I ♥ layers. XD I’m sorry you don’t get to see snow. Snow is awesome cold but awesome. :(

I think you look good in that picture of you from 2008. (Y) I don’t see much difference.

I hope you don’t get to dreading working on the site. I got there once. UGH! I did not like it one bit. :P I have motivation now so it’s all good.

Hopefully, you can make enough money working on your jobs to pay for a car. I want a car of my own so badly. I don’t really care how many miles it has (to a point) I just want a car that I don’t have to share with my dad. Although I get it most of the time (he lives far away and comes to visit a lot) I still don’t like it. It seems…idk..just stupid. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now besides getting a freaking job. Ugh. I don’t want one but my mom keeps nagging me about getting one so I want one so that I can get her off of my back for at least a little while.

Hopefully, your classes aren’t too hard this upcoming semester. :) I wouldn’t like that. What classes are you taking? I bet you’ll be happy once you finish school completely. I’ll never finish school completely because I want to be a teacher and that just prohibits me from ever finishing school. Hahahaha. :) I love school though. 👏

Sorry for taking so long to return your comment.

I will trade you weather right now. Last night is the 5 degrees (F)! I would do anything for one day I can go outside without a coat on…or without having to put 5 layers on. lol.

I love looking at other peoples pictures. It sounds kinda weird, but considering I’ve never been out of the state not alone out of the country.

I’ve been going through pictures and putting them up on facebook. I’ve found pictures from 2005, I was still in High School. Ugh.

At least you’ll get to return to your second job at some point. Since you enjoyed it being able to go back this year is better then just not being able to at all.

I need sew some purses up and figure out how to sell them to get some money for this darn wedding.

Hey, ya even here there were new about a lot of snow in some parts in Europe. It doesn’t snow here as well. But it does snow in the northern parts of India. There the temperature goes in minus degrees. Wish it snowed here ;) Here its winter now, but the temperature doesn’t cool so much, its pleasant though.

My mobile phone’s camera especially sucks. XD

My mom also takes me to shops, but I hate those trips. We usually end up fighting, but then I regret fighting. It’s all very confusing. XD

Heat affects my mood as well. When it’s too hot, I start feeling really annoyed and when somebody tries to talk to me, they end up getting shouted at by me. :P

Those snowy pictures look cool..literally. :D
I love looking back at old pictures as well. I don’t know if it’s just my computer, the third image does not show up fully.

You did something with web designing in your second job, right? I would not have liked stopping that job as well.

Good luck with your driving lessons! :)

Aww, don’t think of your site as a chore. *hugs* You SHOULD take things easy.

Ahhh blow some of that Aussie heat over to NZ! The forecast for this week isn’t great and I’m going camping… >< I hope you learn to drive better soon, though – i loove driving, and its so much easier once you can drive yourself everywhere efficiently instead of waiting for rides or public transport :). And ohh, interesting, your uni starts the same day as mine. Although i've never been to uni before… hmmfph.

/frog I wish we had snow

We’ll go skiing someday /bounce

good luck with lessons :)


I wish we did too. I would totally enjoy it in this heat. 😰

Yeah, together, instead of with that guy there locking you out of the cabin and with me dumping all your rubbish on the floor.

I have to admit, that was a little lame.

I can imagine someone at the scene going, “Georgina, are you angry? You’re doing a pathetic job. Could you be a little more dramatic?”

I think my intention was to primarily toss the shit at Dan, but wasn’t he taking a shit? Wow, I have a bad memory. :S


I’m really annoyed… i wrote out such an elaborate reply and it seems to have disappeared! :( but aww, nostalgia with old photos…

LOL! Dramatic!Georgina is pretty good, BTW, but she doesn’t know that, so shhh!

Well, I’ve never heard of a summer that’s cold unless there’s a typhoon coming or something similar.

There was a time when it briefly snowed in the least warm part of our country, but I haven’t experienced snow yet. That’s one of the reasons why I would want to tour the world. XD And I would love to wear winter clothings, especially boots. :P

Aww, you, James, and especially Lilian looked so cute! 😝

And it’s good you’re taking things easy. Sometimes we need to slow down. I have been in a rush for these last few days too and I miss the feeling of “chillaxing”. T_T It’s great you’re on a break though. I still have 2 months to go. ‘Till then, I have to hold on. XD

Haha. Sometimes I just need to do certain things before I sleep, or probably my eyes feel weak after facing the computer for a while, that’s why I was able to sleep. I noticed I blink less when I’m on the computer. LOL!

Change is also a good thing. It really depends on how you use the word. :P

Thank you! That was the first layout that I uploaded online since that was the time I first got acquianted with hosting sites. My first ever layout was for a project in Highschool, and I used iframes too, with the background changing in every page. Haha. My teacher didn’t return my soft copy so I couldn’t post it. -.-

Yeah, that crossed my mind too. I’m already struggling, trying to keep up with my 5 domains, and I wondered how you were coping with it. No wonder why some people call you superwoman.

I would get bored fast with the fanlisting if I use a similar layout, that’s why I have different ones. But that’s just me. XD

Ill trade you the heat for our 19 degree weather we’re having right now!! Oh that trip looks like it was a blast! =)

Yeah I need to practice driving myself! Enjoy your day!!

Heyyyy Georgie! Yeah you inspired me to get photos up so I did. Yeah that ex boyfriend is a poor sod. LMAO!! My dad is a handsome man. Thank you!! Nah I don’t mind you saying that! lol. I look more like him than I do my mother though I’ve been told, that I got the love of animals from my mother and I think it’s true. haha

Your ex boyfriend looks cute! For a blondie! What a fool he was. I’m glad you got a good one this time. Oh yeah you just spilled the beans on when you got together not the month and day but the year. :P Silly you! lol.

That’s cool you got matching t-shirts for your best friend. I would do the same thing but I’m saving up for my computer and a trip to Japan. But ah well. I tried emailing my favorite actor but I guess he got rid of his email :(. Oh well; I’ll try his myspace and email him there. >D. Buahaa.

Ahaha Luvo’s? I’ve never heard of that until now. That’s wicked cool. Yeah we do backwards signs too but I never knew what they meant I just thought it was all gansta type of thing ya know?

My best friends are you and you’re one of them :). Even if we live in different parts of the world. :).

Yeah see the problem was, we signed up to be roomed up with another girl named Jamie and we needed one more person but noone would sign up with us, so the leader decided to stick Jamie with someone else and stuck me and my at the time best friend with two others. What an ass. Oh and to make matters worse he announced that the trip to Alcatraz was full. There was no bulletin posted about a trip to Alcatraz, but haha it rained on us the last day so they got soaking wet and probably couldn’t go. Buahaaha >D. But in the end I spent all my money and luckily one of the adults was nice enough to lend me $20.00 I said I’d paid him back and he said don’t worry about it. It was to get snacks anyway and he didn’t want me to go with out snacks. So I thanked him. Memories.

I was in chorale for two years and hated every minute of it because of the teacher. The funny thing though at my graduation he was sitting on a chair near the band, and we were waiting in line to go get our diploma’s and he reached his hand out slowly to shake mine like he was petrified of me, and shook it. ROFL.

That’s funny how you said I hope your sister finds a good guy, cause I said the same thing to her. She told me that she’s done having relationships. She wants to be single. She’s been with her first boyfriend for a year and a half and than her latest boyfriend a year. She just wants to be free. And now that she’s mobile, she can go anywhere she wants. :).

Ooh i have high cholesterol. But it’s slowly declining. I think it’s due to the over excessive eating I’ve been doing, but I’m changing that.

My laptop is pretty useless. It irritates me to no extent. I usually swear at it too, my dad hates that I swear. Cause ladies aren’t supposed to swear. But pff.

I guess I can try that paid blog thing. I dunno.

thanks for the compliment on my icon :)

i really hate winter. snow is only good for pictures lol so i say it can stay up in the mountains. it is freezing here and it is dangerous.

on the other hand, i agree about the weather extremes. although i hate cold – extreme heat can be just as annoying to me lol.

Oh, I don’t think I’ve replied your comment yet, sorry for the wait, I thought I already did. :P I don’t know how you keep up with all these comments, like Gillian said you are superwoman!

Same, but sometimes I love staring at random people when there’s a stoplight and I’m in my car. It just amuses me. /hehe

Oh cool. You mentioned in your blog that it’s your break, is it like summer vacation?

Yeah, I’ve noticed that most people are amazing at something but then completely suck at another thing. It just goes to show we’re all equal in someway.

Yeah. Like you have to prove yourself?

That’s weird. Was there any records broken for temperatures? All this temperature change is starting to scare me…

I didn’t really mind actually, I’d rather go shopping and choose what I get. :) That way I don’t hate anything or have to exchange something because the size is too small/big.

I know, but then again exams are coming up for me pretty soon. Maybe they’re trying to prepare us.

That’s such a cool school trip. My school sucks and we never go anywhere. SKI LIFT!! You guys went skiing right? Or is it just my eyes. :P

I love looking through old pictures and seeing how much I’ve changed. Even if it’s a picture from a month ago I’ll be like ‘Why did I act like such an idiot?’

Sounds like you really enjoy your job. What do you do in your second one?

DRIVING. Don’t worry about it, I suck too. I don’t think there’s any reason except for that!

You should enjoy your break and use the most of it. Hopefully it won’t feel like a chore! :)

I find it so funny how we’re jealous of each others weather. I’d love a bit of heat right now, might help get rid of my bloody cold! XD

The weather affects my mood too, except, when it’s cold, I’m in a bad mood and bitchy with everyone. Sometimes the heat gives me a headache, though.

Those are beautiful photos! I’d love to take photos like that but we don’t have much scenery like that in England.

Good luck with your driving! Just keep sticking at it and you’ll be brilliant. :)

Pixie has a lot of good songs, most of which haven’t been released yet. My favourites are all unreleased album tracks. :’)

I think people said that about Jedward in the press because they were ‘annoying’ or ‘couldn’t sing’. Sure they weren’t “major opera singers or whatever” (Edward quote there ~) but they weren’t awful. Meh, maybe I’m biased because I love them so much. :D

I’ve never even tried eggplants haha. I’d never even heard of them until I got Farmville. :P

Yeah I hate needles, but I’d rather be numb than feel the pain. :X

I love Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. Haven’t listened to them for a while though. D:

Yeah I like it when the weathers not too hot, but not too cold. A sunny day with a nice breeze is perfect for me. :3

ohh schools who have like uniforms are real strict eh? i know some schools dont allow decoration on lockers D;

OOOO SKIING. can’t wait to skii this year !

aww it seems like you really like your 2nd job ! time to move on and go back to school D: ehhh im not the best at driving either but it takes practice :)

I wish I was in Australia now! I am so tired of the blistering cold and of the snow! I really hate the winter, I hate how every time you go into the car in the morning you have to wait ten minutes for your windows to clear up from the ice. When I grow up I’m moving someplace like Florida where it’s always warm and you don’t need a 10 pound jacket, hood, scarf and gloves to step outside your door.

It’s good that your getting driving lessons from your mom. I am taking my road test for my licence next week, I really hope I pass. I like driving except that I am really afraid to drive alone.

I’m not sure if I already told you this, but it’s okay that you could help me with my WordPress problem. I’m not sure what was wrong, I just reconstructed a whole new theme and all my problems were fixed. lol.

I’m in the UK and the snow is not fun…particularly when it’s slippy and icy and you have to rush to get to work without falling over! Still, it’s not as bad as last year – at least 2 feet where I was! Trsut me, you’re lucky :) I’m getting an hour of daylight per day at the moment :(


Hehe, thanks. Oh and don’t worry. Just take all the time you need to return your comments and don’t let anyone tell you to hurry up. You do it your tempo.

LOL yeah definitely! I will definitely tell them to piss off. I don’t need any other people telling me that I look like a dude..

Thanks for offering! :) If I should need any kind of help with some questions, I’ll make sure to ask you! :)

Aww, thank you! But I think I can’t express myself in the same way in English as I can in German. But maybe I will try it one day!

She actually can speak English and she understands it, but she wants to improve it because she has to take this test if she wants to study English because she has to do good in it. I am still thinking of a way to really help her out.

They definitely help! Especially because you automatically pick up their way of speaking and stuff. You also hear how words are pronounced and that stuff. It definitely helped me a lot.

Hehe, yeah definitely. But if I keep up with my tempo on returning comments, I don’t think we will have to reset the conversation again. :)

Yeah, definitely. Today at the bus ride home, my friend really wanted to take a picture of this neon pink/red bus and luckily no one else was on the bus xD But I don’t think anyone would’ve said anything anyways. It’s actually none of their business, so they shouldn’t judge or talk about a person because of that.

You know that you are one lucky girl, right?! It never really gets cold down there and stuff. I would really like a warm/hot day after like almost a month of more or less coldness. But I think it sucks that you won’t get snow where you live, but only in the mountains.

Its like that here most of the time too. We’re just not high enough to get snow every year. But I guess that is okay.

Those pictures up there look really cool! Thank god for the cameras, because this way we have the opportunity to capture moments and remember them when we look at the photos over and over again!

I am not the type for extreme weather either. Though sometimes it’s cool. Like when you have a couple of really hot days and then this one day where it rains heavily and the air smells soo good and fresh and stuff.

Aww, it sucks that your second jobs ends soo soon! You really seemed to love it; I hope you can go back there on the next project they will have later this year!

Enjoy your last couple of months of freedom and really take things easier. You’ll need all your energy when you go back in March.

And good luck on those driving lessons with your mum :)

Gosh, how long is your break? I got less than 2 weeks between my two terms (but, unless I opt for classes, I can get May-August off).

Those are awesome photos though, the ski trip looked like it was a lot of fun =)

Haha, THEN WE SHALL GOOGLE IT! *goes and googles* According to Wikipedia, the fruit grows in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. So yeah….. if we ever get to those places. Then we’ll find some rambutans!
OOH! It also says sweet, sour and slightly grapey. So I guess we know what it tastes like too. :P

PLEASE! Jesus, we want someone else to feel our panic!

Lol, really? Well they didn’t allow it in the elementary school either. But Ms. Smith was a rule breaker… Haha, she was a cool though.

Ughhh,,, you would on my mom.

Haha, yeah but please don’t dent it! It took many imaginary guys who did a lot of imaginary work to make that goddamn trophy. They’ll be awfully mad if you ‘imaginarily’ dropped it.

It is just awesome, technology is amazing these days!

Yeah, that’ll be best. Sometimes my mom says that if I have to much on my plate. Or ‘bite off more than I can chew’ then just do it slowly. And focus on one thing at a time.

It’s just SO ANNOYING! I mean, we can do it, cos we’re cool. But jeez, some people just don’t know how to do it. :P

It’s so beautiful there, and their mythology is amazing. Lol, I love Greek Mythology, hate Roman.

Sledding is great! Maybe, you could sprinkle some rice on the ground and run around. Lol, they do it on t.v. and the kids on the t.v. seem happy all the same. OR! Better idea! Come to Canada and experience our Christmases!

I’M GLAD SOMEONE AGREES. Pffttt.. my stepsisters are such meanies.

I agree! Skiing is overly expensive to run down a little hill. But I guess it does take a lot of money to power everything. But still it’s really fun!
LMAO!!! I had the exact same experience. Morgan took me on a so called ‘easy hill’! It was steep as shit! O_O
I tried to do the S thing. But ended up just bombing it. Lol, surprisingly I didn’t fall.
Actually I think I bombed every hill except the bunny one. :P

Braces are meanies.

Wow, what a co-wink-ee-dink. We were talking about skiing and then you got these kickass pictures! Lol, that hill looks big. Very long!

Haha, aww that’s a good picture of all of you guys. Very cute. :)

Hopefully you get everything done, like University does sound very time consuming. (Well when you go back) Right now, just try to do thing slowly. One step at a time. Like my mom says. :)

Haha who cares about healthy when taste is on the line?

LOL. :P Most of my brushes are scans or made on the computer. Hem. I think it represents my lack of um, skill /type

Lol; I saw one of your youtube videos and your a pretty good singer :P

LOL. Procrastinating on comments. Smart :D

I can’t actually remember much from primary to be honest. My memory is so…crappy :s

NZ is really clean – there’s hardly any bad air like pollution and smoking..but that’s my opinion. I think you’ll really like it. :)

I didn’t get lost in Love Actually! But I didn’t get it the first time I watched it because I was like 9 or 10 🙄

o: how can you eat pho without bean sprouts?? xD

lol. you reminded me – I have to go to the dentist soon. D:

Sydney weather is way better than the Queensland weather…QLD is all humid sticky and gross. Sydney is just right ^-^ It’s pretty mild for January :S

I’m jealous of those people with snow as well. I would die of shock if I found snow in where we live :P

Ahh~ your so lucky!! You got to go to the snowy areas for your school trip :(

What was your second job? Sorry I’m so slow x[

You start uni so late compared to school. Lol; I still have 17 days of fun left before I go back to school. 😰

Driving? Sounds fun! :P But don’t trust me behind the wheel…I’ll probably run the car into a tree or something. :P

LMAO. Well I hate those annoying people who try to sell you products. No one really asks me or bothers me. That’s how unapproachable I look XD But then again I just ignore them and walk past, being the bitch I am. XD

I actually used some of my beads for my visual arts diary at school, but it pissed me off gluing one bead at a time, and they fell off sometimes. o.o Maybe I should just give it to my little cousin or something.

Naww, I didn’t get it for free because it was at Coles. T_T We should have some national policy about companies over-charging customers and a refund policy as well.

I love Morning Glory too! I usually just admire their stuff, I mean a $8 key ring is a bit of a rip.

I suppose not being in your friend’s classes has one advantage. That is, being less distracted. But I hate being loner and not having a partner in group work. I hate group work :S I prefer to work independently. Must be to do with my anti-socialness. XD

Oh yeah, I forgot that they only had the HSC in NSW! LOL. *slaps self* Sheesh I’m glad I didn’t run into a paedophile and gave that away XD But yeah, I know I’m going to be a depressed freak, and that scares me D: Especially because I worry too much -_- *sigh*

Don’t you just hate global warming -_- It’s colder in winter and hotter in summer. Damn you carbon emissions! Aww, I really want to go to the snow! I think my school has snow trip, but hardly anyone goes for some reason :/
Did you build a snowman? :)

Ahh, old photos. They make me laugh and smile. :)

Well good luck returning to your old job. Maybe they have air conditioning there so you can escape the heat. :P

I’m very lazy, so I think I’ll have to live off my parents for a while longer XD

Aww, well I suppose you can look forward to returning to your second job when the time comes. :)

I’m so jealous that your returning to uni in March!
Good luck with your driving lessons, I’m sure you’ll improve within time – practice makes perfect!
I actually hate driving and suck at it. XD *sigh* like 110 hours to go. XD

Wow. That’s so weird to me. It being Summer over there. It’s kind of surreal.

I hate being hot. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. The sweating, the sticky feeling, ick.

I like looking back on the good memories too. Especially when I see pictures of my niece’s when they were babies. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. /bounce I love them when they were babies. They were so cute and plump! ♥

Breaks are good. Especially with so much to do.
I know I can stress myself out easily. I really need to watch it.

If you come to America say hello. :)

That’s good that the job was enjoyable. Glad to hear it. :)

Oh my gosh. I know what you mean. Last night it was still 36 degrees at like midnight or something. Whyyy why why can’t the world stop being crazy. Theres like extreme heat waves here, AND FLOODS!, and a “big freeze” in Europe/USA. What the hell. :S

Mobile phones with cameras are pretty useful when you don’t have an actual camera, so I hope you get one!

My mom takes a long time to shop as well. She promises at first that she will take only a few minutes, which actually mean more than an hour. XD

I guess. The picture still doesn’t show up.

My sister wants to learn driving. My mom has confidence in her but she herself doesn’t. XD