Tangled Up In Blue

Wow. I’m really exhausted again.

I neglected to mention what the weather is like where I live right now, but move over Great Britain and America… because Australia has heat. Well, there was my attempt at being dramatic, which didn’t work. πŸ˜›

But a lot of people have been blogging about the snow. They can see it out their windows. I’m pretty jealous. I know the snow is annoying and pretty dangerous sometimes (and ice goes with that, too), but it would be pretty much a miracle to see snow outside my window.

It snows in some parts of Australia – up in the mountains. I live in the general city area, so it doesn’t snow. And right now, it’s summer, which means blasted heat. Lately it’s been so hot, it affects my mood. Extreme weather really gets to me and affects my mood badly. 😐

Here are a few photos from when I went to the snow with my school friends in 2007.

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I love looking back on my high school times. It was an amazing trip. A lot of shit happened, but a lot of new friendships were made too. πŸ™‚

I’ve found a photo from 2008 in summer. Soooo long ago! I know I’m sharing old photos – it makes me nostalgic. I can’t believe this was two whole years ago – we look so cheeky and weird, LMAO.

It was so hot today. 😰 So yes… I’ve fallen a little behind with online stuff and updating my website. My second job is unfortunately finishing up in February, because we’re so ahead on the project. That, and I return to my first job (in the educational centre) next week. Blast.

There’ll be another project for my second job later on in the year. But other than that – it’s finishing soon. 😞 I’ve really enjoyed it. I wish it was permanent rather than having slightly unpredictable times.

I return to university on the 1st March. It’s not a bad thing. But in the meantime my mum has to give me more driving lessons (I’m quite terrible, frankly) and it’s hard to work around things when she has work on, keeping her busy, and so do I. 😧

Anyway, that’s all from me today. I’m easing up a bit on the site and taking things easy. The last thing I want, in my “break” from university, is for this to feel like a chore. β™₯️

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