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I’ve opened my graphic portfolio today at If you have the time please check it out and leave a comment. :) It’s got some icons, layouts and other things I’ve worked on. I had the domain lying around so I’ve been working on it the past few days.

I’ve also added some stuff to Dreaming Less and quite a few days ago I started a project at Aerifyre; it’s quite a fun “365” project too, where you get a random Wikipedia article, quote and Flickr photo, to pull together your own “album” in an image – every day. :D

Also, I’ve changed the permalinks on the website. URLs should automatically redirect – the only change is that there is no longer the weird /index.php in the URLs. I finally found out how to do it.

Wah wah. So a few hours ago, on television news, I heard that it was bad to be watching television or using a computer for long periods. It’s a bit ironic because it was on television… :P But they were saying it increased the risk of getting cardiovascular disease. That’s a bad thing, obviously.

Earlier this year I read an article about how women using computers for a long time tended to be more depressed than those who didn’t use computers for very long. It’s all very moody stuff when you think about it. I spend a lot of time on the computer – I won’t lie. And I have tried to keep away, but it’s just too addicting. I’ll admit it; I’m addicted to the computer and internet.

I keep trying to put it in my brain that I should at least take a break every hour and stretch or eat or exercise. Noooo. @_@

I guess it’s something we have to work on, right? The computer is a great thing but sometimes it’s so hard to not keep away.

On that loserish note, I have been struggling to keep up with my websites – primarily this one, the reviews and comments alone – even though I know that one day I will eventually catch up. It’s a vicious cycle and an ongoing process. I just thought I should warn you all too, that if you comment on my website and I comment back on your blog but I don’t seem to say anything in reply to your comment – it might be because I’ve left the comment for so long and you might not remember what we were discussing. :P

That said though, I think I shall take hourly breaks to do twenty star jumps. Who’s with me? /bounce

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GG ^^

✌️ (H) /bounce


I have looked at ♥ It is as awesome as all the rest of your other domains /eee ✌️ I’m still all /love about your flower photos. Hahahaha. I shall leave you a comment after I leave you another comment here.

Wow that was terribly worded D:

And I am also having a very good time attempting to classify your made up albums on aerifyre. Hahahaha :P But it is definitely a very fun project. ^^

Yes! I did hear that on the news today! The thing about watching tv increasing risk of cardiovascular disease. BUT! I think that was the new manipulating crap as usual. Because if you think about it, if you sit down too much without watching television, you probably ALSO increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, so I bet it’s probably the sitting down without moving rather than the television part that’s related to the whole cardiovascular disease crap. :P

And everyone knows that being a couch potato is bad for your health, so the news had to stick SOME sort of big word like “cardiovascular” in to scare people. Otherwise everyone would be like “DUH, SITTING DOWN ALL THE TIME IS BAD FOR YOU *rolls eyes*”

Omg! Women spending too much time on the computer = depression? WHAT?! WHY ONLY WOMEN!? THAT’S TOTALLY SEXIST! RAWR! /angry

But yes, the computer is rather addictive. I’m always like…I can live without my computer if I have to. And then I’m like “I am so lying” after that :P :P


Aren’t I terrible? :P

Hooray! Thank you! /eee I took those flower photos ages ago though. :P

I think it’s good ahaha! I like it. I like hearing your input on the albums. And it’s pretty interesting to see what random things I come up with too. :D

LOL you heard it too. I think you’re probably right. You’re still using your brain at the computer though, and apparently thinking and using your brain burns calories… as does sleeping. I think the whole thing could be bullcrap, and they’re just trying to make us exercise more. Tricks, tricks. /hmph

Well unless some unfortunate people are confined to a wheelchair. O_O Still, I hate when they state the obvious in current affairs. :S

It is sexist… just because we’re weak it doesn’t mean it has to be that way. 😢

I don’t think I could live without my computer. Well, I would be able to, but knowing that I want to do stuff online will stop me, and will make me think about it so much more.

I don’t think I’ve been doing my star jumps, but I’ve been stretching every hour! :)

Yeah, I recognise the flower photos from one of your old layouts. ✌️

LOL, aerifyre…sometimes the image totally clashes with the name/artist. It’s highly amusing. :P

Damn News. Maybe it was just a slow News day so they were like “Oh, let’s pull out this half-truth and stick a few big words and scare tactics in there. PERFECT.” Oh yeah…brain power burning calories. I forgot about that. THEN WHY AM I GAINING WEIGHT DURING UNI? My brain HURTS from over-usage! /angry

Yeah! Give us SOME credit. Everyone knows we’re smarter than boys. And also I don’t see guys having to give birth. *superior look*

Hahaha…I haven’t. I completely forgot about the star jumps thing until just then. Oh well, I totally did exercise today. *so tired*

Haha yay! It was the funny rose one. I put that layout picture into my portfolio too. /bounce

I didn’t actually like that layout… it was kind of ugly. LOL.

I agree. And I got that stupid, stupid long name too, for the band name. Ugly. D:

Well, we learned this in year 12, remember? Maybe it’s just getting to us that way. It’s kind of stating the obvious. O_O

Hmm, I’m not sure but I know this girl online who has anorexia, and they won’t let her take stairs because she might lose weight from moving too much. They also said that thinking a lot could do that too.

Hahaha! It’s not very fair. We are more mature anyway… and mature before them.

I did star jumps an hour ago. I haven’t done one this hour… I keep forgetting too. :P

Yeah, I did notice that. There were quite a few flower photos. LOL, it wasn’t ugly! How can so many pretty flowers make an ugly layout?! It was a pretty layout…^^

But then I again, I know nothing about layouts. The only think I can say is ‘It looks horrible/It looks AWESOME!’

Hahaha you did. But still! It was amusing. :P

Yeah, all that truth in the media crap is haunting me. D: Oh well, at least it makes us smarter! XD

Omg, that poor girl! Losing weight from walking up stairs. @_@ Wow. I can’t even contemplate that. LOL…”I’m sorry you can’t think because you might lose too much weight.” O_O That would be a little awkward.

Yep! Girls are WAY more mature ✌️

LOL! You’re doing better than me. I have no energy now. Can’t be bothered star jumping. Oops :X

Haha it was ugly. :P I insist. I think I edited it lamely. XD

Well I think you have a good understanding of bad/good with layouts from a non web designer’s point of view, so perhaps I should agree with you that my layout was not ugly. :P

It does! We’ll be more on the lookout for crazy Today Tonight re-enactments and fake-ness.

Haha well they did control her exercise and made her take the elevator and other things. Anorexia is so scary. :O

Oh, well I just took a “break” from the computer… that is totally counted as exercise. 🙄

Yes! You should agree with me. Damn straight it wasn’t ugly! RAWR! (H)

Oh yeah…lame stories too…speaking of which…there was one on A Current Affair today…something about a ghost haunting a place that was a closed-down nursing home before. The reporter was like “blahblahblah…lights flicking off and on…doors slamming repeatedly” and the whole time I was half /ho and half laughing my head off at the ridiculousness, because seriously…==…if I were a ghost, I think I’d have better things to do with my time than flick lights on and off. If people aren’t that lame in life, they can’t be that lame in death…==…

Please think of more feasible, less lame and cliche things, ACA. So lame.

Yeah, anorexia is scary. Some anorexics look like skeletons! D:

It finally loaded! LOL. 💥

Haha GG NOOB. /bounce It wasn’t my best layout but okay, it wasn’t ugly. :)

Oh! I heard about that on the advertisement… I thought it was dumb. It caught my attention for a second (as ads do) but then I thought it was pretty dumb. It was not convincing enough to make me want to watch the actual story. :P

It is very ridiculous. I know it’s creepy stuff to have things like that happen but sometimes it’s terrible the way they deliver those stories. James told me about one guy saying, “leaving them as hungry as a ravenous scavenger”.

Well no shit Sherlock, thanks for pointing out the obvious. XD Too lame for words. :O

I saw a lady in a restaurant that looked terribly thin. I could see her bones. And her head was so much bigger than her body; it was obvious. /sweat

LOL, my stupid brother was watching while we were eating dinner. ACA, I mean…and it was like…”FOR GOD’S SAKE YOU’RE CORNIFYING THE STORY!”



So very lame. /snort

Yeah, they say that about Anorexics. They look like lollipop people because their heads are so out of proportion to their bodies…D: Poor people!

Ewww…! XD

They should, actually. All of them seem to be attempting to be humourous when they really aren’t. I think current affairs are different from news reporters and people who write articles on the internet/for newspapers… they don’t seem to be qualified or need to be qualified. Most of them are making a fool of themselves. Such is life. O_O

Very lame indeed! /snort (Haven’t used that emoticon in a while!)

It’s terrible though! It’s not very nice. It’s one thing to be skinny but obviously anorexia is to the extreme. The media were saying that about Nicole Richie some time ago. :S I think I spelled her last name wrong… too lazy to check… :P

No wonder you get so frumpy at times /eee but it only happens to women. Hrrrrrng

It’s also bad for the eyes D=


I’m grumpy now. Oh no. 😰

It’s pretty sexist. So mean. /wah I’m sure you guys… like… get depressed too, you know? 😏

But I have 20/20 vision. In your face! :D sounds pretty; I will definitely go check out what you have over there right after this comment! :D

I should definitely get started on since I am now done with’s layout and whatnots. I hope I am as dedicated as you are in updating though! ♥

Eeep you know what, I’m a Graphic Designer and I have to deal with computer every damn day and every damn hour so there is no escaping to it /type

The only exercise I get is pilates and I get my does of social when my friends drag me out of my house and bring me to our usual hangout cafe at Up2U. You probably have seen me tweet about my whereabouts there because I only tweet like 573892561308963 times! Haha. 😏

My friends gave me the nickname Captain Lame because I made a joke on how if I were to get a tattoo, I’d get my domain name tattooed on my arm /ho /ho

I take quite some time to return my comments. I usually return them when I am going to write a new blog post but..


I never click my fringe back. Usually I just leave it down since I don’t really like using bobby pins. Girls put way too many bobby pins in their hair when could use one or two.

Same usually people rant to me when I’m in a good mood. It just really pisses me off except usually I ignore them since if I didn’t, I really probably rant about how annoying they are to them and they’d probably get mad at me. :X

Your graphic portfolio site looks really amazing. I love that you went creative with your navigation and used words related to Enchanted.

I don’t watch the news so I didn’t hear about that report. :/ It’s a bad thing about increasing the risk of getting cardiovascular disease. But I mean it is sort of hard to just suddenly give up or take a break from the internet. I mean I don’t spend heaps of time on the computer, just a few hours. But when I do try to take a break from the internet, is only works for a day or two before I go back on.

I find it hard to keep up with both my sites so it must be really hard for you since you’ve got so many up. But I think it’s pretty amazing that you do have so many domains and that you work on all of them. :)

I would join you and do twenty star jumps hourly except I hate doing star jumps.

The new graphics portfolio looks great, Georgie! I especially loved your photos – that last one of the clouds and the one of the lights through the windshield in the rain in particular are amazing. I’ll have to go and check out the new stuff at Dreamingless soon too…I already saw your 365 thing with the albums through Twitter and I must say it’s looking fab too! Awesome idea, actually. :)

Lol, they’re always putting stories on TV (especially on those current affairs-type shows) about the dangers of too much TV and computer usage, but I don’t think it’s really making much of a difference to most people – nobody really listens or heeds the advice because as you said, it’s just too addictive! Interestingly enough it was only last week I was reading something online about the link between depression and internet usage in young women, but the results seemed rather inconclusive – it still seems undecided which is the cause and which is the effect. =/ Personally I find that using the computer a lot makes me LESS depressed because it’s a distraction and even an escape sometimes…and not using the computer makes me bored, which leads to feeling glum. That’s my personal experience anyway. :)

Hahaha, count me in for the hourly breaks, but bugger the star jumps! Exercise and I are old rivals. :P

Hey Georgina, well it doesn’t snow everywhere in India, only a few parts in the north :)

Oohs! Cute domain name! ♥ I have set to purchase a .nu domain. One day…one day I will purchase one. Hahahs, that will be a long time to come.

I’ve heard using the computer and watching television too often isn’t good for you. Your eyes can get damage and all those good stuff. But seriously, I do not think it damages my eyes. I’ve been using the computer excessively since I was eight years old. I still have really good vision and I do not need glasses. (Secretly, I am hoping to get them. They look pretty good on me.) I think it varies in people though. If their family have a long history of wearing classes, then it might affect them more in some cases.

The computer is hard to be away from. I don’t think anyone wants to be away from it. It draws us in too much and with the technology developments these days, what can we do about it? 👏

I had a look at Enchanted! It’s looking really good. The page Allure excites me, it’s similar to my website name ahaa.

My Mum threatened to make him move schools so I wouldn’t have to be near him during the day, and for a while he was nice. But nowadays he’s back to his evil self :/ I’ve learnt to ignore it really.

I’ve got a snake! It’s a corn snake and it’s only abour four months old! I’ve called it Nagini, after the snake in Harry Potter haha.

I looked at, seems awesome. :L

I can never stay away from the computer either. I’ll walk past it and be drawn towards it, and before I know it I’ve spent 3 hours sitting here and my homework isn’t done. I sit and tweet on my phone during class a lot as well. :)

I saw the thing about TV raising the risk of heart attacks this morning on the TV, the presenters were having a laugh and saying that breakfast TV didn’t count. XD

Hmmm, yeah it does seem to get women more moody and depressed if you stay too long on the computer. I know I’ve tried to quit so many times. But failed. I,however, learned to stay off of it for a while at times now. And I’ve become less moody so your t.v. was telling the truth. :). lol.

Don’t worry about trying to catch up on comments. People comment when they can. It’s not like it’s mandatory for you to leave a comment on someone else’s blog or what not. So no worries. Just try to leave a comment when you can. If not no worries. :).

I’ve checked out all three of your websites, for a brief moment, and I like what I see so far. You did a great job on them. From what I can tell. I think I might do a project 365 or something one day. Who knows? lol.

Hmmm, are you going to do another typography layout again when you decide to let this one go or are you going to do one with your friends and or boyfriend? I think you should do one of you and your boyfriend again that’d be cool. Speaking of your boyfriend you’ve given out the year you guys got together on your last blog. haha. And something is telling me something about you guys, on when you got together. So I might give it a whirl.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did ;)
Hmm, well actually I think I lied when I told you that I’ve never seen snow…I think once. In the upper part of the state…but it was really dirty grey snow. Ew.
Wow, you didn’t practice for 2 1/2 years? >.< I'd probably forget how if I'd been gone for that long.
I love your domain giveaways ;D You're so generous. Yeah, the namecheap contests are so fun! :) I won a couple of times and bought my domain with that money.

I love .nu domains but I don't think I'd ever have enough money at a time to buy one. I'll look at later because it's blocked for some reason (I'm at school -.-) here.
I don't think i can do 365 things because I don't have much time. I'd love to someday though.
:/ Hm I've been spending a lot of time on the computer since I've learned about websites xD My dad tried to get me off it…but he failed xD I guess cardiovascular disease is the reason why…by the way, what is cardiovascular disease? xP
-.-" it must really be hard with so many comments to reply to, but you do a good job.

Awww I love your new site! The name is so pretty! I actually saw it a couple of days ago on twitter, but yeah I’m commenting about it now (: You’re so lucky to have gotten such a pretty domain name from Hannah!

LOL whoa that is pretty ironic, but I guess, you have to watch the television sometimes to get some news across? Other then those who go online or read the paper.

Hah, I am ADDICTED to the computer as well. I go places and I wonder if I got any important emails that I should be replying to. I think its also because its winter for me. I can’t go outside because its too cold outside and there isn’t much to do with my parents working. I want to get some new games for my Wii maybe? Then I’ll at least do something. Maybe Wii Fit. I’ll get some exercise inside in the winter (:

LOL I try to do 20 squats everyday ! I should join you though with those jumping jacks every hour as well!

Aww, don’t get too stressed over your comments. We all have those times when we are a bit lazy when it comes to returning comments XD

Hahah but I guess that happens to a lot of people when they get older. Especially if they don’t drive a lot. It is pretty much your source of transportation, other then your parents XD

LOL, that happens to my sister all the time. Her bangs would stick out so much because my dad trimmed them too short [and crooked XD] so she would have to put water on them everyday to get them to stay down.

Yeah, its good to get a variety of both. Both scenic pictures and people are great memories (:

Haha whoa, that sounds, intense! Even though you said its not that painful.

Haha Yay! I hope they don’t cause any pain for you like they did for my sister XD

Yeah, we were all at first happy that we had such an easy teacher. But then we were all like, just wait until exams, we’ll all fail x_x

Haha! Me neither /ehh I use to like it, but then it got intense XD

Ahh, that’s a wonderful portfolio. It’s very professional looking and I quite like it. All I can say is that maybe you want to display some of your skills initially with a fancy header image? Just a thought, of course. :3

That sounds like an interesting activity, the photo album thing. I might have to look into that… although I find I never seem to have quite enough time on my hands to do anything of the sort!

Good job with the permalinks. :3 fancy, eh?

I am addicted to the computer, as well. Not so much the television… but still =P

I’ve heard that it’s bad for you as well but can’t get away from it, no matter what or how I try. At the least I’ve gotten on a schedule where I get my homework and instrument practicing done before getting on the wonderful electronic device I am currently sitting behind.

Luckily I haven’t been getting depressed from using the computer – I actually really like the feeling of belonging, so to speak, in an internet community. I’ve made quite a few online friends, and it’s really wonderful to come on here and know they won’t judge me for my offline faults, or the fact my jeans might not be name brand, or any other things like that. =P

You aren’t a loser, either. So it wasn’t a very loser-ish note, coming from a total un-loser. But anyways. Take your time with things! It’s best to just enjoy Heartdrops and your other domains as opposed to scurrying around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off (I still think it’s freaky they can do that).

& I have to work on my computer usage as well… I think many bloggers like us do. Maybe we should start a pledge-like type thing. Lol. :3

And hourly breaks ftw, completely.

Take care~! xx

Wow, that’s really weird that women who use the computer a lot tend to be more depressed. I’d love to keep away from it to see if it improved my mood but I don’t think I could, lol.
I read somewhere a while ago that addiction to computers and the internet is a mental illness. I’m going to find it and write a blog on it I think. You’ve inspired me. :) I think all of this stuff’s pretty interesting. Sometimes I can spend all day on the computer and not even realise how quickly the time’s going, it’s insane!

I’m actually amazed that you keep up with as many sites so well. I was counting my domains today and I saw that I have 16 registered. I don’t use all of them though. Some of them are ones that are hosted at Mantinite. If I had that many, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. You do well. XD

OMG really!! I shouldn’t be on the computer so much then, I am always on and I feel moddy all the time, well i guess that will be my excuse when I am really moody and my mom askes why. /hehe

Well, that’s what I heard on the news if you care to believe it. :P I’m quite a moody person in general.

Your mum might make you get off the computer if you say that though. XD

Good luck with your site construction/revamp. :D

Aww that sucks that Taco Bell went out of business, in Australia!! I hope that doesn’t happen over here. But the way things are going I don’t think it’ll happen. So if you crave a taco where do you go? My family likes fish tacos so we go to El Taco Naso or as they’re more commonly known as Senior Baja. lol.

Yeah, I like to watch t.v. sometimes too, but I’ve found some shows that I like so when “LOST” goes away, I can watch those t.v. shows.

Spending some time off the internet can do so much good for your mood swings. But yeah.

I agree with you that our friendship grew stronger because of the fights or what ever you like to call them. You’re one of my best online friends too. I dunno what I’d do with out you!

Hmmm, yeah I like your typography layouts too. As far as you and James goes I was thinking May 5th 2008 or something like that so I was right on the day but you guys got together four-five days after my 25th birthday on February 1st. haha :D.

I actually have no choice but to do it in the front yard because our backyard is filled with junk. So if they stare oh well. And I agree with you that since I haven’t used my legs in for so long they would be sore. I agree. I put a hot pad on them yesterday afternoon cause they were hurting like an S.O.B., so I called my grandmother and she said take two tylenol (which I did) and put one of her hot pads on me and I did that and the pain went away. Now it’s back but it doesn’t hurt as much as it normally does.

As far as the computer goes it’s only $5.00 but hey it’ll be worth it. I might get it in February after my birthday the only thing I’m worried about is that my phone jack doesn’t work so I dunno how my dad’s going to check into that or what.

Yeah I was shocked to see that he added me back on myspace. I also added a friend from a long time ago whose in a band called J-Slash they’re a japanese rock group, and I added one of their members and I was shocked to see that he remembered me.

OMG you probably heard of Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement right? Well; he played the middle son if you haven’t watched it. Anyway, I had this book of celebrity addresses as to where you can write to them, and what not. I wrote to Jonathan, and he wrote me back with a picture and than not two days later I get a whole autographed cast photo of Home Improvement. I was so shocked and happy. I also sent one to Steven Q. Urkel on Family Matters aka Jaleel White, and I got an autograph back from him. heeheehee I kinda destroyed it though by going over his signature because in some parts it was cut off. I thought I could just go over his signature and make it look like his but meh I didn’t do so well. I also sent one in for Harrison Ford and I got an autograph picture of him a year later than when I sent one in. I also sent one to Savage Garden but got nothing back. Pff on them. lol.

OMG I hope you don’t have high cholesterol. I have it and I’m trying to bring it down. It’s actually coming down on it’s own so I must be doing something right.

Oh I’ve been meaning to ask you this do you guys have an American Idol aka Australian Idol? If you do, do you watch it? I watch the American idol auditions. I love that. It’s funny. And the way they react when Simon Cowell, tells you you can’t sing. lol. I know I can’t sing, because I’m tone deaf. But meh I wouldn’t dare try to sing on that show. I’d probably get told you can’t sing or have you heard yourself lately? LMAO.

My one year anniversary will be coming up in September of this year for my domain. So I might just do a project 365. I dunno. It looks kinda intimidating because I don’t know what to do actually. I kinda have an idea for a layout. But I dunno.

Well; I can’t wait to see what kind of layout you come up with when you get your next layout done. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another typography layout. :P. heeheee.

I looked at, great portfolio :) I didn’t realise how many websites you have! you are lucky to have so many! they are all great sites XD

I saw that on the news too! I was like, nooo! I don’t want that to happen to me :( I need to do something about it!

Actually I can admit I’m sort of addicted to the computer too :X well the internet, I can’t live without the internet! it started me being sort of addicted to it when I start to know more about website designing. And at one stage I loved Habbo, don’t know why. But now I just love having my own website, even though when ever I try to make a layout it doesn’t happen because for some reason it never works out /wah
I need to get rid of the addiction from the internet though!

I love your website Georgina! when ever I go on the internet, I always look at your website :) how do you get more than 20 comments? I know why! because you have the best website :) :D

Okay, I am with you to have the hourly break! it will be good, I need to exercise more anyway :P I should stretch more often too.

I’ve seen, and it’s great!! :D

Oh, that’s scary. O.o I can’t keep away from the computer, either! :X I think I’ll do that star jump thing too, but maybe jumping jacks instead, since I have no idea what star jumps are, to be honest. xD

Ah, no, sorry I meant I like ANY not I DON’T like any. :P Hee.

Me too! I always take it off with my lips, but I hate making a mess. >.< I can't bite really hot stuff either. Wah.

Yeah, timezones are gay. -_- It would be cool if everyone was in the same time(I was about to type "tame sime" xD), but then I suppose it would be a tiny world. If that makes sense. @_@

LOL! I doubt that you're a crap driver. :P

Yeah, pictures do make me feel nostalgic too. And sometimes regretful. I keep thinking about things I could have done at that certain point of time that I didn’t get to do. But that’s all in the past, and we all need to move on. So here I am. :)

OMG! Febuary until December? That means you only have one month of summer vacation? That’s not enough time to just relax and celebrate!

HEHE, I tried changing the doctype and adding /’s and it still says there’s something wrong with it. I’ll make sure to check your tutorial. Thanks :)

I didn’t know that watching television or using the computer can cause cardiovascular disease. I know that it can make eyes really bad, coz that’s what happened to me :( . I tried taking breaks every hour, but I just can’t stand up and walk away! Its so hard especially when I’m doing something for the site. I just need to finish it, that time.

OMG, computers can cause depression too? That’s really bad! Maybe because you get less social activity or something? Gosh, hopefully I’ll try harder of lifting my butt away from the computer.

I hope you get to buy that iPhone.

LOL. I say the same thing to my mom as well.

Yeah maybe.

I’m checking out now. :)
Computer really is very addicting. I can’t stop myself from getting on it every few hours. :P I always try not to do it but I end up doing it. I didn’t know women get more depressed. Oh well, I guess I’ll keep on trying to do more stuff other than getting on the computer all the time.

I’m with you on the star jumps and hourly breaks! :D

Ooooh, nice new portfolio site! It looks lovely. :)

And research is saying women who uses the PC more are more depressed than women who uses PC less?

I think that all depends on the woman, period! I think I’d go insane and beyond depress if I can’t use the computer. Like you, I’m addicted to it, but it’s also the thing that makes me happy!

Yet you made a good point on how it would be better for us to take a break from the PC every hour or so XD. I sat in front of it for four hours non-stop, and later my legs cramped up. Oi. Not fun!

That explains why I’ve had a history with depression! Because I’m on the computer all the time..but honestly, I think I’ve always dealt with random spouts of depression in my life…I used to think it was just me being over-emotional but now I KNOW that’s a chemical imbalance and sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it.

Hey, but I hope you’re not like me. I mean, you have a wonderful boyfriend who makes you happy. Well so do I, but sometimes I feel like just staying at home.

ZOMG!! Don’t even get me started on reviews. HOLY CRAP..I think I have 9 in queue. Ugh okay … you’ve convinced me to work on two sites simultaneously. It’s going to take forever…..

I visited your new portfolio! It’s very cute, Georgina. :) I’m slowly getting TiffanyBee up to date & soon enough I can add you back on my little sidebar. :)

BTW glad that you finally figured out how to get rid of index.php in your url. So how’d you figure it out? I’m curious because we all tried to help you out on that one. Plus, you could probably write a tutorial on it…just in case someone has that same problem.

Actually, I think one of my affiliates does.

hey thanks I hope it does fly by because at the moment it seems to be dragging, it’s so hard avoiding them i feel restricted in my own flat and it’s horrible
lol i’m like that even though it probably doesnt exist i wont say grey lady ahha
aww thanks yeah i hope i meet some nice people too :)
LOL aww it is a lot of hard work but i like my imagination running away with me hehe
i’ve been looking around your other websites they’re soo cool :)

awwww good luck keeping up with your websites we all know how hard it is so we understand
haha how ironic that it was on tv but so many of us watch it i suppose it’s the easiest way to spread the word
i suppose thats true as well if you’re stuck in front of a computer all day not having much social contact you’re more likely to be moody and depressed
good luck with taking breaks i always say i will and i forget lol

I really don’t know how you have time to maintain so many websites! I admire you for that, lol. ;)

I’ve heard things about that computer thing, too.. that being on it for too long isn’t good for you, but I guess too much of anything isn’t good, so that makes sense, lol. I need to work on that as well, cause I’m pretty much addicted to my laptop & the internet. /love

Woohoo, you got that index.php fixed! You should probably make a tutorial on it; it’d be helpful to a lot of people who have the same thing going on their websites. ;)

Aw, thank you! :)

Yeah, it does… but it’s pretty obvious! I think that if you exercise enough, it’s fine – obviously it’s not good to be spending all your time on the internet. But I have to admit that I am very addicted. 😰

Yeah, I am planning to actually – I will write a tutorial on it in the next few days. It’s definitely on my list and I’m proud of having found out what to do. :P I had to edit my .htaccess file but I had to find out the code myself. O_O

ahahah i’m going driving again with my instructor soon… hopefully i dont look like a fool again :P

AHAHAH probably the best part of getting a phone is adding the charms :P

oh no women who tend to use computers for a long time = depression? :| damn i hope not. i wonder why. is it because we’re becoming more anti-social with the outside world? :/ err… that sucks.

HAHA, sorry , not gunna get up and do the 20 star jumps… too lazy.

Cool graphics! I really like them! :D

Yes, yes, that is ironic, and a bit stupid as well!

I don’t really have to struggle with my website, since for one, my only website isn’t really popular. But what I do have to struggle is, is to maintain all of the stuff on my website while replying to all the commenters. DX

For the star-jumps? Nah. I’m good.

Congrats on the opening. :)

You figured it out? Will you share the permalink secret? :D

Yeah, I just realized that I was getting obsessed with my website. So I decided to do one of things I would say I’ll do, but never do, because I’m on the computer. My goal today is to write a letter to my cousins.
20 star jumps huh? :)

I changed my background color. Tell me what you think, and no rush. :)

Wow Georgina! Enchanted is so cool! You’re such a creative person, how many domains do you have now?

I never knew you could get that disease from using the computer… scary! I’m only on for a few hours ever day except when I’m busy writing and then I could be on all day! But what happens if your job relies on the computer…

Hehe I’ll join in with the starjumps thing :)
Good luck with catching up on stuff. :)

Oooh and happy belated Xmas and New Year!

Hello! :)

Seriously, why do you say you aren’t Superwoman? Because you really are! Thanks a lot for the offer! :) It’s really good to know that there is a lovely person out there in the wide world that is there if I need her help with anything! You’re way to lovely my dear! I will definitly keep your offer in mind and when I opened the site and got it running and when I am busy with school stuff, I’ll make sure to ask you for some helping out! :) And I trust you enough to let you log into my WP and do some stuff on there! :)

Thank you! I asked another two friends today if they still want my help on improving their English because exams are pretty much around the corner and they really need to learn how to express them in a better way. They always tend to just translate their German sentences into the English language – but that just doesn’t work most of the time. So I was like, let me try to help you out with that. BUT they will have to really show me that they want the help. I am not planning on spending time on something they won’t appreciate. But I think they’ll do.

Yep, that’s totally cool with me. :) I know that you are busy and have an offline life (oh what a surprise, huh? ;) ), so I really don’t mind if it takes “long” for a comment to be returned. Just like I said before, take all the time you need. I totally unerstand and wouldn’t mind start a conversation over again when ever it’s needed. :)

It probably really is worth it! Have you ever tried snowboarding? That must be soo much fun, everything around you is just white and lovely and kinda romantic 🙄

That person definitely looked dumb. And even more, because I let everyone on Tumblr know about all the questions I get on my Formsprings. I would feel really dumb if I would send such a Formspring. At least do it the “smart” way! XD

Yep.. and I think even another person send in a Formspring after that one too.. telling me that they didn’t want to be mean or something, but that I really looked like a man. I was like: Are you serious?! I just gave that one a short answer and forgot about it. It’s ridiculous. I would love to know how those people are in real life! If they would really ever say something like that to my face and stuff.. but probably not. They wouldn’t have the guts to do that!

Oh yeah I think I remember that.. it’s really ridiculous. They have no idea who you are. You are a great person and freaking nice and great and all that stuff, I can’t evne think of enough words to describe the awesomeness of our Superwoman! ;) And you did the right thing, by not giving them the satisfaction of seeing you mad.

Haha, yeah that person definitely is a genius! I was all flirtatious too! xD It’s kinda awesome how free you feel because it’s really just pretended most of the time.

I wanted to ask that UK dude for his MSN too, but then I felt kinda “stupid” because I didn’t really know him. Not that you were stupid for adding him, that’s just how I felt. I guess it would’ve ended the same way for me too, so it’s probably not too bad! xD

Yeah, bye my first domain ever. /wah But I think it was the right decision because I didn’t really use it anyways and it would’ve expired in April. I didn’t even think about it for a long time. But stillme is definitely at least as awesome as was. :) I had/have a great time with both of them. :)

I visited your portfolio a couple of days ago already and I think it looks really great :) I like it how you show some of your best works on there and stuff, keep the great work up! :)

Ah, I was wondering what that project 365 was about. First I thought you were just adding albums to the website you really like, but now I got it! xD It’s a great idea and something I definitely haven’t heart about yet!

Oh you got rid of the .index/php thingy?! Could you please tell me how you did that? /rose

Oh boy.. computers are sooo addictive! I never really take a break either.. or wait. Maybe now I will, because I don’t like to eat in bed and I no longer have a desk in my bedroom. xD Usually I only put the laptop away if I want to take a “nap” or something.. it’s kinda ridiculous how much time we spend on the computer.

Why don’t you close the application form for the time being (if you haven’t done that yet) and try to catch up on comments and on the review applications you already have? I guess if the reviews were closed for a few days maybe more it would help you a lot. I am pretty sure people love getting reviewed by you and a lot of them apply, so a break from that could be a first step to catching up.

He doesn’t know out actual names lol. I hate pet names from random boys unless it’s like a boyfriend or a best friend.

I curse too much. I tried going one day without saying Bitch. I broke 10 mins later when my teacher pissed me off lol.

Bean sprouts look like onion but taste worse lol.

I like to say “we’re together” instead of dating lol.

Thank you. :D It really means a lot. :D

Yours is awesome too. :D I keep looking at mine and just think it’s ugly lol.

The think i hate is, when you buy someone a domain they just let it go to waste. I did it once and I regretted it.

Ohh a .nu domain. :D Congrats.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not be ashamed. I am too. I can’t stay away from the computer for no reason lol.

Good luck with comments and review. I am just too lazy to reply comments sometimes lol.

I would be with you if i knew what star jumps where /eee

Oh yes, I gotta have my crac– I mean, INTERWEBZ! I still manage to run around and get everything I need to get done and pop onto the web whenever I can, lol.

I’m glad to be the next 35 commentator :D

Btw, I agree.. it’s bad watching television or using a computer. My computer blow out after long time I use it to watch TV. Really..

I don’t really use my computer for watching anything, games or anything large or that takes up a lot of space or RAM. I mostly use it for typing, university work and browsing the internet.

Yay for getting domains used and urls changed! LOL. I really like the domain name. I don’t know why, it’s just catchy (:

Yeahhhh. Sometimes I get dizzy in my eyeballs if I’ve been in front of the computer for too long. I know it’s the computer because all I have to do is look away or cover my eyes for like 10 seconds and it goes away.

I’ve been slacking a lot too. Ew, especially on comments and I hate that. I just feel really rude when I don’t return a comment, but.. it happens.

In the end, I need to take breaks too, but because I barely go outside, I’m ALWAYS on the computer living my life through Youtube and blogs, lol. It’s fun though too, so it’s kinda hard. I’m addicted <3 lol

I luv ya new sites!!! Your graphics on your graphics portfolio looks freaking awesome especially your photography and icons!!!

I do the same with comments – although am not as popular as you I just comment on the blog entry and forget to reply to comments left on my own blog. It looks as if I forgotten and in truth I have.

For me I heard when u watch television and on the pc for so long – you mess your eyes up due to eye strains. Which is VERY TRUE as that is what happen to me and my eye sight has gotten worst.

That whole depression thing – HELLS TO THE YES on that…I know cause look at my depress ass!!! That little emotional episode you seen me had earlier about the whole “IGNORING MY EMAIL” thing…I honestly think that was DEPRESSION there!!! *LOL* Cause I tell you in truth – I never get like that!! True I hate being ignored and all that shit but I honestly never felt the need to confront someone about it…is really petty and stupid…unneccessary drama and here I was bitchin bout stupid shit with you. I know you musta been like “THIS CHICK SO NEED TO TAKE HER MEDS!!!” *LOL* I blame depression though…*LOL* Computer and depression!!! *LOL*

Anyways glad to hear we are still cool…and forgive me for my little emotional breakdown…I got issues…*LOL*

Have a good one hun!

Scientists are just stating the obvious here. The reason they say that is because well, if you just sit like a couch potato, you’re gonna be fat since you aren’t moving, and then you’re gonna contract one of many health problems and maybe die. The majority of couch potatoes are actually male who are chubby. /type /poo

And as for women with depression for using the pc, that’s due to lack of social interactions because their hunched over a pc. 🙄 So don’t freak out too much. And I reccomend situps instead, tone better /wave (Y)

Haha that’s true. After writing this I thought, “They’re just saying regular, ordinary stuff”.

I guess if I just exercise regularly, I’m not going to get heart disease or anything. Current affairs shows always exaggerate… 🙄

Someone did mention on the news that social interactions happen in the internet too, though. Not just in real life. :)

I love sit-ups! Star jumps just came into my mind straight away… haha.

Haha, well at least you can sing in tune :P

Yeah today was pretty cold surprisingly. I was expecting hotter weather xD It was rainy as well though last night. .-.

Ooh!! You got a job as a graphic designer?!

xD I watch my parents drive and wonder how can they drive so well without crashing?

T_T Rude and immature people really annoy me as well. They are like flies, you swat them, they go but come back again.

Aw D: Ouch, I can’t stand places which are mosquito infested. It’s too much for me.

Thanks :P

xD I swear, you are a DOMAIN QUEEN. I’m guessing you have about 12 by now…:P

Your portfolio is very organised and pretty ♥ It’s looking great!

xD I saw that news thing as well and though, oops. I better get off the net. But yeah – I’m really addicted and it’s not good. I need to be more out there and social. lmao.

I keep forgetting to exercise. I do it for the first hour then skip it for the rest. :X

Good luck with returning comments! It’s a big feat xD I usually take 1-2 hours to return mine. /type

I love ! I left a comment about my favorite photos on every page (: They’re so unique ! I can’t believe you’ve kept and saved all your old layout files. I never bother saving them, or they just disappear on their own. Boooooo.

Ooh your Aerifyre project sounds really interesting! I’ll go check it out after I post this comment ! ♥

Oh geez. Everything is going to give you cancer. Everything is going to kill you some way or another. And it’s probably true! But how much of a dose would you need to actually die of using a computer too much ? There have been many people who lived long and happy lives as computer programmers.

I used to be really bad with my computer/internet. I would go on it for 6+ hours a day. I remember talking to a friend about it. I got in trouble and was only allowed on the computer for 2 hours a day (I was like 13). My friend said, “wow, still. 2 hours seems like a long time.” That’s when I started using the computer less because I realized I was definitely using it too much!

I don’t use it that much anymore because it kind of bores me o.O I check Twitter and my website a lot though! The internet has like nothing to do for me.

Put an alarm on your phone to go off every hour on the hour so you can take a break. Sometimes (usually when I’m coding layouts) I’ll look up at the time, and I’ll be all WHAT IT’S 3 O’CLOCK ALREADY ?! ..when I got on the computer at like 10PM -__-;;

” I just thought I should warn you all too, that if you comment on my website and I comment back on your blog but I don’t seem to say anything in reply to your comment – it might be because I’ve left the comment for so long and you might not remember what we were discussing. ” I do that all the time. Don’t worry about keeping up with stuff according to other people’s time.

I’m with you ! (:

In reply to your comment —
Who is this Emmie character ? Does she have a website or ..? The first time I heard Kings of Leon, I was not impressed. I immediately turned the channel. But maybe their old stuff was good. I’m just not into the lead singer’s vocals. The music is too bad though. The vocals are just unbearable to me o.O

I can’t help but see a rejected ferret with blubbering baby fat on his face. What’s with the girly clothes ? What’s with the peace signs ALL the time ? Oh well. At the end of the day, he’s richer than me and can pay for his college tuition immediately. Blargh.

Oh my goodness, yeah. I’d probably die in Australia in the warm weather. I’m glad you don’t have allergies too ! Yay (:

I’ve never been on a plane, so I can’t actually imagine what it would be like to be on a plane that long. No, I lied. I was on a plane when I was like 2 or something because I flew from Washington, USA to Seoul, South Korea. I don’t remember a thing );

Well of course they’re your friends! I just have no idea who they are because you never talk about them. Lol no I’m not racist at all. I don’t know where you got that impression. No worries: I make friends with everyone too ;P

That’s so cool ! Is your name going to be in the credits like in Photoshop ? lol

When do you have to go back to school and get back to a regular sleeping schedule ? I was doing pretty well a couple weeks ago, but now I’m back to staying up all night, sleeping from 10AM – 6PM, and going about my day that way. jsdkfljs that’s no good since I have school starting Tuesday !

Eugh I hate when I tell bad stories. It’s worse when I know it’s a good story to begin with, then I start telling the story, and midway I just stop because I don’t remember why I’m telling the story. And then everyone’s like o.O and I’m like -__-;;

What do you want your wedding like ?