Stand In The Spotlight

I’ve opened my graphic portfolio today at If you have the time please check it out and leave a comment. πŸ™‚ It’s got some icons, layouts and other things I’ve worked on. I had the domain lying around so I’ve been working on it the past few days.

I’ve also added some stuff to Dreaming Less and quite a few days ago I started a project at Aerifyre; it’s quite a fun “365” project too, where you get a random Wikipedia article, quote and Flickr photo, to pull together your own “album” in an image – every day. πŸ˜„

Also, I’ve changed the permalinks on the website. URLs should automatically redirect – the only change is that there is no longer the weird /index.php in the URLs. I finally found out how to do it.

Wah wah. So a few hours ago, on television news, I heard that it was bad to be watching television or using a computer for long periods. It’s a bit ironic because it was on television… πŸ˜› But they were saying it increased the risk of getting cardiovascular disease. That’s a bad thing, obviously.

Earlier this year I read an article about how women using computers for a long time tended to be more depressed than those who didn’t use computers for very long. It’s all very moody stuff when you think about it. I spend a lot of time on the computer – I won’t lie. And I have tried to keep away, but it’s just too addicting. I’ll admit it; I’m addicted to the computer and internet.

I keep trying to put it in my brain that I should at least take a break every hour and stretch or eat or exercise. Noooo. πŸ˜•

I guess it’s something we have to work on, right? The computer is a great thing but sometimes it’s so hard to not keep away.

On that loserish note, I have been struggling to keep up with my websites – primarily this one, the reviews and comments alone – even though I know that one day I will eventually catch up. It’s a vicious cycle and an ongoing process. I just thought I should warn you all too, that if you comment on my website and I comment back on your blog but I don’t seem to say anything in reply to your comment – it might be because I’ve left the comment for so long and you might not remember what we were discussing. πŸ˜›

That said though, I think I shall take hourly breaks to do twenty star jumps. Who’s with me? 😁

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