Tidal Waves

James and I went to the beach today, and to the city. I was quite tired in the morning, but I made my way to the station.

It was quite a gloomy day, as predicted. Usually the weather is predicted wrong, but I think I’m a little more dependent on it nowadays. I feel like every day I should check the weather, so I can be prepared. I know people who carry an umbrella around all the time “just in case”. I used to, when I enjoyed carrying a big bag, but now I hate big bags.

Today I had no option but to carry one, seeing as it looked like rain (thanks, sky). I regretted wearing open shoes because it was rather cold. I should have worn boots. :(

Before I continue with my day feel free to visit Fire The Arrow to read James’s account on the events of today. :)

In the morning James got my order wrong at McDonald’s and I was stuck with sausage instead of bacon. Ooops. :P Not that I minded, but they could serve their burgers better instead of in a damn cheesy mess. We dropped by university though, and checked some stuff on my iPod. Including prices for visiting the zoo and aquarium. It was too expensive so we decided not to go.

I keep forgetting to show people the outside of my university but here are the famous (and very comfy) cube chairs they have everywhere around campus:

cube chairs

We went to the markets and bought some nougat (yummy chewy nut bar – kind of like that). /drool After walking around for a bit and buying food, we slowly walked around and took photos around the city.

We went to the beach by ferry. I took a photo of the Sydney Opera house. I love actually going there; the few times I went there were to see operas. :D

Sydney opera house

It took a while to get to the beach – maybe about half an hour by ferry. We walked around the shops and then went onto the sand. I told James to take off his shoes and socks but he didn’t want to. LOL.

We walked around for a bit, James exclaiming, “I’m at the fucking beach!” every now and then. He was really quite amazed by the tidal waves and the sand.

I'm at the fucking beach!


I must say, the day didn’t really get brighter, and it rained quite a bit more, but at least it wasn’t heavy. After we ate lunch off the beach, we bought a cheap towel and James bought some flip flops (fine, fine… I call them flip flops now because everyone seems to fucking laugh at me when I write “thongs”; well sorry dude, I’m Australian). He hated the flip flops because he’s not used to wearing those kinds of shoes. O_O

We went in the water up to our ankles and ran away from the tide when the waves were bigger. It was quite amusing, and I was trying not to get my dress wet either.

James and I

What annoys me about walking back up the beach when you’ve stood in the water is the dry sand sticking to your feet again. How annoying is that? We tried our best, wearing our flip flops so that they wouldn’t get sandy, but we had to wash our feet down anyway.

It was a good day and we fell asleep on the train. ♥️

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LOL! I must dance with you; I forgot. *DANCE* /bounce 😏

Yes you got first comment! And second, and third… :P


I am typing in Notepad, while I wait for your comment form to load, like you suggested. Hahahaha. This is so weird O_O

Anyways since I did not get to gloat properly in my first comment because I wasn’t sure that I was going to GET first comment, here is my official gloat:

/bomb (H) /bounce ✌️

Yaaay! I feel better now. If only your comment box would load…:( Stupid brother…capping the internet.

But anyways, in relation to your blog, YAAAAAY for going to the beach. Hahaha! It was the PERFECT weather! Not overly sunny. Because if the weather was way too sunny you guys would have to buy sunscreen too so you both didn’t turn into lobsters. D: I hate sunlight. @_@

I have already read and commented on James’ blog because I got the tweet notification. RAWR. (H)

Awwww…he got your order wrong. Oh well, at least he ordered for you :) Haha. I haven’t had a whatever McMuffin in AGES! :o

Ugghhh…the zoo and the aquarium ARE expensive. I don’t even think the aquarium is WORTH it. /angry Not fair! I mean it’s a good aquarium, but it’s not *that* good. $22 is waay too much. And the zoo! I am so devastaed because I really wanted to go, but it’s SO expensive. /wah

YAY! It’s your university cube lounges! Haha I like the bright colours. Nice contrast to the greyness of your big tower buiding. I mean brownness. My uni is grey, not yours :P At least I think my uni is grey. God, I can’t even remember.

Hahaha nougart! I love nougart! =D And I love Paddy’s Market too.

Hahaha, James mustn’t have seen a beach for ages. :P Him being that incredulous of the beach is kind of funny. :P

I hate when sand dries and sticks to your feet. :( It’s a horrible feeling! But I like walking on wet sand. In water. Hehe. I love jumping over tidal waves too! I miss the beach now. :( Maybe because your photos look so awesome :D And it was such awesome beach weather today. Most of the time when someone mentions “beach” to me, I’m like: ughhhh! Too much sun. GET AWAAAAAY! *pout*

Wow, I haven’t been on a ferry in ages either. Haahaha. I MUST GO SOMEDAY! :P

Your comment box has FINALLY loaded :D TIME TO POST :P (H)

Haha, on the train sometimes I type in Notepad so I can copy it in later… when I comment on other people’s sites. :P

It’s all your brother’s fault! Though it might be the smileys because they’re before the comment box and that’s a lot of images there. :P

I don’t think it was perfect, it kind of rained! But James said he wanted to go on the beach when it was raining… :P

Turning into lobsters would suck! I don’t like going in very hot weather. :( It’s nice when it’s moderate but when it’s too hot… you might get skin cancer! I mean, it’s a higher risk.

Haha, it was funny because we were arguing over it.
“It’s bacon!” he said.
“Oh? It is… oh… my bad… I thought it said sausage.”

*few minutes later*

James (looking in bag): Oh shit, it’s sausage.


Haha yeah. I can’t figure out how to make it tweet to his account as well… so it comes from my account. O_O

They are very expensive! :( Even for student price. It’s probably because they’re tourist attractions. I swear, even when my family goes overseas we do the calculation to see if it’s cheap or not. Sad! XD

We’ll just have to save it for a special time when we want to go. :)

Yeah, I agree! Our building is so ugly and brown. I like the cubes; they are so comfortable. /love

James doesn’t like the clothes – he says there are too many clothing stalls nowadays. True. I think my brother would agree. :P

Haha yes. He was so amazed by the beach, and the flip flops. O_O

I usually hate beaches as well! Gah! I think it was just a tad too cold to go to the beach that day… next time when it’s a tiny bit sunnier. ;)

The ferry rocked a lot! I got a bit dizzy. :O

YAY! /bounce

This is such a sweet post, I love how eventful your date went. The cubes look really cute, too bad we don’t have those kinds of cool stuff at our school! It would be interesting to have fun stuff like that saying like “I’m sitting on the green cube, look for me!” or something like that HAHA.

It’s been awhile since I last stepped foot on a beach and yeah sometimes it sucks that the sand gets stuck on my feet. I hate it when that happens. Hahaha.

At least you guys had fun! :) Good to see that your relationship is getting stronger than ever!

Those cubes look great, I have the urge to stack them up and attempt at sitting on top. XD the AU looks so pretty, I swear I’ll have to go there one day. *sigh* ♥

Okay now I have to ask what does GG stand for? I am so bad at this type of lingo lol.

Looks like you guys had a fun day. And the opera house looks amazing! I want to visit there one day.

Hmmm, yeah I do think you should use some of the pictures you took of James and you again. I like the first layout. It’s pretty.

I don’t think I can get the paw paw cream here. It only hurts if you touch it or rub it. Ya know?

Yeah I agree starring is pretty rude. It’s like mexican children running a muck and their parents don’t do anything about it. I’m not racist but it just seems like it in restaurants ya know? It’s just plain out rude and obnoxious. But I agree once you stare back they know they’ve been caught so they look the other way.

God I don’t know what I’d do if they took out Taco Bell over here in the states. I guess my next retreat would be going to Wendy’s. I love their food. Or In – N – Out. I love their food too. haha. They have the best french fries.

I really should call the pomona hospital and ask to see the dietician. As to what to do about my weight. But I want to wait it out a little bit more I dunno.

Yeah I agree some celebrities do actually take their time out to write back. Before I got my Harrison Ford autograph picture, my dad bought me an autograph picture of Harrison Ford, and it’s authenticated too. So it means it’s real. It even came with the certificate of authenticate. How cool is that? I love it, but I’m not putting it up until we move.

Yeah Home Improvement is the BOMB. I laugh at Tim Allen’s jokes I love him dearly besides Harrison Ford and Meatloaf of course. I guess you can say I love older men. lol which I do, my aunt Wendy is a bit miffed and puzzled why I like older men. But oh well; she’s out of the picture now she’s a bitch anyway, and acts like a child. (Long story).

Dude if I ever make it to Australia we should meet up. Ya know? That’d be awesome.

Have you seen any movies lately? I really wanna see the movie “These lovely bones” or something like that by Peter Jackson the guy who directed the lord of the rings movies. I also wanna see the new Harrison Ford movie that’s coming out this month. But I dunno cause I wanna save for that computer! What should I do?

Hello there :)

Aw I told you to have a good time with James and it seemed that you did! /bounce
Everyone here carries a weather around “just in case”. You know, with all the shitty weather over here.
The weather forcast here tends to be wrong about the snow but right about the temperatures. Apparently it’s meant to get warmer but it’s just been getting colder. @_@

Aw! I hope your feet didn’t get too cold. I hate having cold feet.
Boots don’t suit me. At the moment everyone at my school are wearing Ugg boots because they can – the snow and stuff. I don’t want to tell people that

a) I don’t suit them and
b) I don’t even own a pair /ehe

I’m kind of trying to make this a nice long comment as way of apology for leaving returning it so long. I would’ve done it sooner but dude… Geography population pyramids; drawing, labelling and analysing = bullshit. Sigh.

Back to your blog.
I skimmed through James’ s account of the day and those Korean dudes sound strange hah. Like over there you must get a lot of Asian people there (no offence intended of course, just a way of defining people from Asia) whereas here we tend to get a lot of French, German, Spanish, Russian, American, etc. people. I saw some Chinese girls in London once though. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying but~ /oh

I don’t like bacon so I would have gone for the sausage option hehe.
And yeah. MacDonalds burgers suck. Personally I don’t like fast food because it tastes gross (cheesy messes = plastic cheese) and I have to have a vaguely decent diet otherwise my skin gets loads of spots and shit. I hate fucking having to keep an eye on all the chocolate and stuff I eat. It’s crap. I wish I had decent skin… sigh.

iTouches can do like… everything 🙄 I want one now haha but I’ll wait until George dies (five or so years haha, mebbe longer). I quite like zoos, they’re cool. Aquariums kinda… don’t interest me much. I like feeding the fish but overall I like zoos more.

Ooooooh I love those chairs! /bounce They look really modern and very comfy. I want one… you should steal one for me and post it. ;)
I is jealous now. I want oneeeeee. /wah
Nougat is nice but it’s quite sickly so you’ve got to watch how much you eat. It’s kind of like candyfloss (fairy floss there).

The Opera House is nice. I want to go to freakin’ damn Sydney. :(
My attention span when it comes to operas is kind of… very low. /um
I haven’t been to the beach in ages. It’s useless going in the UK because it’s always cold and gloomy and the water is freezing, even in the summer. I love going when we’re on holiday though.

LOL, I don’t like taking my shoes and socks off either but it’s better to get sand on your feet then in your shoes and socks as well by walking in them. But then the sand gets in anyway. /hmph
Aw that’s so sweet that James was amazed by the beach. LOL.

Shame that it rained; it always rains at the beaches here. Like total BS, eh. Then all the kids cry because the freakin’ sandcastle they were making falls apart. So cute and heartbreaking, almost, to watch. /faw

I don’t have anything wrong against you saying thongs! But beforehand I wasn’t sure what you meant because I was pretty damned sure you wouldn’t wear a piece of string between your butt. So.
Sorry if I offended you or anything on MSN yesterday (when it was morning there). *HUG*

Haha I love running away from the waves but it’s quite hard work. And haha, yeah; it’s hard work trying to keep your clothes dry. :P
Aw you two look adorable /eee
Maybe one day I’ll have a boyfriend that means as much to you as James does *hopes*

That’s the sucky part, eurgh. The part when the sand gets stuck to your wet feet.
It seems quite organised over there. We don’t have fountains here, which is stupid. If you want to wash your feet you have to use bottled water. Freaking stupid.

:’) Glad you had a nice day out. How many pictures did you take? :P

Holy fuck I wrote loadddddddds on your blog /um /type

But I’ll return your comment and if you want to just return the part I wrote about your blog that’s fine; I’ll understand LOL. /hehe
Fucking hell I accidently clicked a bookmark and was scared shitless I’d lose all my writing. Gonk.

But I got it (Y)

I hope you don’t feel like a douche anymore. It’s rather sad feeling like a douche *hug*
I feel kind of crap because of numerous items of offline crap that I don’t want to bore you with but basically my family expect me to do ‘my best at all times’ meaning that I am meant to get A’s all the fucking time and work my freaking ass off harder than I do already.

I mean okay so I work as hard as I can and they’re like, pushing me harder? It’s stressing me out like shit. I came in today after I’d got off the bus and got a drink and something to eat and my mum comes in and says “why aren’t you doing your homework?”

Can’t I have a bloody rest first? So I sit on a bus for a shitting hour and three quarters because it got stuck and I’m not even allowed to satisfy my appitite. SIGH. Instead I am meant to start writing out freakin’ damn Chemistry formulae? Like WTF is with you?

My parents obviously don’t appreciate that I try my best to work and keep up. Unlike my BROTHER, who moans at laying the freaking table so I have to do it instead and then my mum days I don’t help around the house enough. WHAT ABOUT THE LITTLE BUGGER READING A BOOK ON THE SOFA?

End rant. Sorry. /um Had to get that out. Ignore that if you want.

I’ve got 13 to do and one hour and 20 minutes. I don’t think I’m going to get there, at this rate. And haha yeah I know you don’t like TOO MUCH OF THIS!!!!! but it does help with emphasis. XD

Hm it was weird. She’s a bit of an oddball herself, in the politest way; so…
Damn everything I say is a nice shirt you tell me it’s a dress. Maybe I should say “nice item of clothing eh”. Or if I could see what you were wearing on your legs it would be easier.
Either way – you have a lot of nice dresses :)

Fringes FTW!

Aw, I will swap weather *swaps* It’s now minus eight degrees celcius over there. Have a nice time.
You’re a very old visitor to my site so I like, know you’ll remember some of my old blogs and the like~
Oh yeah… that can get old.

Oh haha that’s strange. xD I was kind of thinking of the song ‘Keep Holding On’ by Avril Lavigne (a bit corny but it’s okay). I didn’t want to say ‘keep holding on’ so I just said ‘keep on keepin’ on’. :P

Same. We have models in the Biology labs of the top half that ends where there should be the male’s part. Harrumph. And the model is off a young girl so there’s only nipples. XD
This laptop is my dad’s old one. I mainly have music and pictures on here too haha. Surprising how much space it takes up! /ehh

Please come here when you’re older /bounce Then I’d be older too haha. Dayum, growing old *facepalm* /oh
We do. You’re like 12 hours ahead, basically; so it’s fucked up. At the moment it’s about 6:45am there *hug*
I have to get up at that time tomorrow… 😰 I is not looking forward to it. But it’s Friday!

And hopefully I’ll miss hockey for the second time in a row because of the weather (yn)
Oh I take way longer then half an hour haha. I’m sat here for about 45 minutes returning. I don’t know how I fit it in haha! :P
I’ve listened to ‘Uprising’ by Muse a lot recently but nothing else by them. I’m kind of in a weird phase at the moment. I think it’s mainly Atreyu.

Oh well when I had my teeth out I had to have this gum stuff and chew it. Tasted gross. It helps your gums go numb before they inject or something…
Well she likes to think she’s perfect. Even if she’s not.
I always put things off. So not good for me. Take, for example, my R.S artwork on the Holocaust… which I haven’t even started. /ehe

At the moment the Americans are at school having lunch/ afternoon lessons, here we’re all eating supper and getting ready for bed, and there you’re all waking up. :)

My P.E teacher looks like a man too. I mean what is with that look? She doesn’t have a moustache though aha.
I remember seeing her in a skirt for some occasion thing and it just didn’t suit her lol. AND high heels. /hehe

I wanna see how long this comment is. I is curious. I’ve been typing for ages /type @_@

I luh you, sexy biatch /oh

Take care! x

Only 1,561 words /wah

I thought it would be longer lol.

Oh and FUCK I just noticed a dumb mistake.

“A weather” should be “an umbrella” XD

/poo Poo.

Aww how sweet! BF and GF time! 👏

You are one lucky girl to get to go to the beach. I’ve never seen the ocean. I’ve always wondered what the beach smelled like.. I know. I’m weird.

Never? Never seen it? Nooo! I must teleport you there some time. It smells salty, but it’s gorgeous when it’s not too hot. /love

Put it on your list of things to do before you die. :P

love the chairs and the last photo.. very sweet.. that’s very sweet that both of you went to the beach & play..

Aw you’re welcome! Yeah I saw it on twitter when you were asking if it was bad that you were using a premade. I saw it and it looked great (: And using a premade isn’t bad! You have so many sites, its hard to make so many layouts for all of them.

Haha that’s cool! You are so lucky to have gotten it from her.

Haha yup! I guess we are just going to have to learn to be able to do other things without the computer. Imagine something happens one day and none of the computers work for a long time. Oh god, I’d die LOL

Cool! Yeah I got it like a year after it came out, its fun. My sister doesn’t play the wii much. Only when friends come over. It’s more my Wii then hers, but I let her use it. We have like our own systems, but we share them XD

LOL! Haha yay! The other day I did jumping jacks in addition to my routine XD.

Aww. When did you start driving? Yeah, you do need to learn now a days. Unless you want to be like my neighbors who don’t drive and they walk everywhere. They are older, but they are really healthy because of it! XD

LOL YEAH! That happens to me EVERYDAY. Like this one part of my head gets all kinky. I hate it! Haha you’re like the first person other then my sister who uses the word “kinky” LOL. I say that to my friends and they’re like “huh?” XD

Haha those cube chairs at your University looks awesome! They are soo colorful! XD

Nougat sounds pretty cool! I’ve never heard of it. Well maybe I have, but we called it something else. Sounds cool though (: I wouldn’t mind trying it some day!

Aww the Opera House looks soo pretty ! I’ve only seen pictures of the classic view of it, but yeah looks awesome!

Hah I hate when the sand gets on you! It is so annoying ! I also hate eating when I have sand all over me. It’s really annoying and it bothers me soo much. I just want to rinse off and eat peacefully XD

Sounds like you and James had a lot of fun!

Awwww, looks like yous had fun. =D I was gonna go to the beach once but it’s freezng here and I would freeze. XD And that was in the summer. o___o

AND AAAAA I HATE THAT. XD When the sand sticks to your feet, I mean… When I was on holiday it happened all the time so I ended up getting sand all over my hotel room. :(

And aaaa, I love those chairs! =D I remember we had those at my primary school, except the colours weren’t as cool, we only had a weird orange colour and a weird blue colour. They didn’t match, but they were comfy and we chucked them about the floor… Don’t ask why cos I have no idea. XD

And awwwww that picture is so cute ;D Yous look so cute together. (:

I AM JEALOUS that you got to go to the beach! You know, I’ve never been to an official “real” beach in my life! Ooo the cube chairs are pretty pretty. The nut bar sounds delish… *drools*

Aww love the pics! I LOVE FLIP FLOPS aka flippy floppies, haha. Yes I hate the aftermath of the beach and all it’s sandyness haha.

Gahh, every time it’s all dark and it’s really cloudy outside, I feel so gloomy & lazy. Probably because the sun is not out.

Nougats? Never heard of them but they sound kinda like granola bars. :)

Those cube chairs look so cool and colorful! I definitely want a yellow or green one for my room hehe. :)

Whoa, lucky; you got to go to the beach. :D
I hate when that happens. The wet and sticky sand gets stuck on your feet and when you where your flip flops or shoes it feels like your walking in the beach bare foot. :S

The chairlifts are definitely scary, especially when the chairlift starts swaying… I’m really afraid of heights so it’s scary for me too.

Aww… that’s too bad that your day went gloomy.

I’ll be sure to visit Fire The Arrow after I drop you this comment. ^_^

McDonalds! I love them! ♥ That’s a poo when they serve your burger in a cheesy mess. They always do that when they’re in a hurry and have lots of other customers to serve. /ho

Wow at those colourful cube chairs! They look reaallllyyyy comfy. You should take a picture of yourself sitting on one of them. :P

That’s really cool that you went to the beach by a ferry! It’s been a long time since I had a ride…. /wah
Before you mentioned that it was the Sydney Opera house, I thought it was a somewhat grand hotel. XD I don’t like operas because sometimes they bore me. ✌️

LMAO – “I’m a fucking beach!”. That makes sense. /bounce

Eeek… it’s no fun to hang on the beach while the sky is raining. But it didn’t rain heavily and that’s good to hear. :)

LOL, Georgie, you call them whatever you want. Flip flops, thongs… But I guess some people are more familiar with the word flip flops so I wouldn’t be surprise if they laugh at you because you say thongs. :P

Yes, when you walk on the beach all the sand would stick on your feet regardless if your feet was wet or not. -_- It’s like as if someone put glue on your feet for the sand to stick. It’ll all be extra sticky especially when you wear your sandals/shoes again. I hate that. /ho

By the way, did you notice the picture of my gravatar? LOL.

I had that picture for quite a while… 🙄

Yay for hanging out, but boo for the bad weather. It’s just constantly cold here, too cold to go outside.

Ah, our zoo and aquarium is sort of expensive. Like $10 a person, but that also includes the gas to get there and their $4 waters, lol.

Those cube chairs are so cool, lol. I want some!

Wow the beach/opera house is gorgeous. It does look kinda cold though, lol. Gosh, I want a good camera like yours.

Lol, my grandma calls flip flops thongs too. I think it’s weird, lol.

Ah, sandy feet, yuck I hate that feeling lol. Only dry, warm sand on dry feet is good (:

Those cube chairs are adorable! I love how colourful and inviting they look. ;) I would have shift all of them and arrange it into a smiley face. Then, I will get all my friends to sit on it and take a snapshot. Sometimes, I just do the most craziest thing. :D

Anyway, sounds like you had a great time at the beach. I’m not really a beach-y person (pun not intended). lol. The beaches in Singapore aren’t one of the cleanest and I try to stay clear of them. The huge red ants crawling in the sand just puts me off. But I’ve to say the beaches in Australia are gorgeous! I’ve seen photographs of the beaches in Brisbane and it’s stunning. By the way, I think camwhoring on the beach with your partner sounds fun too! :)

That sucks that it was a gloomy day. It is still hot where I am, it’s not too bad, but its over 30 degrees.

Love the cube chairs! they look so cool. I want some! haha. They look neat and tidy :)

I love nougat 🤤 it is delicious! so sweet and yummy :P which one is your favourite? I don’t know which one is my favourite, they are all so nice XD

I’ve never been to the Sydney Opera House :( It looks really cold in that photo! you are really good at taking photos BTW :)

I call them ‘thongs’ even though it could mean something else, but Aussies call them that! Aussie Pride! haha LOL. I hate it when sandy feet! it is so annoying, when you was your feet under the shower near the beach, you just get dirty again.

I’m at the fucking beach! /bounce
/um !

But that was fun. and /love
With a hint of huhu /sweat

My God, those flip flops. The ones I’m used to don’t go between your toes and have a wider strap that goes over your foot instead. When we were done, that toe-gap thing was coated in sand and it worked a bit like an abrasive all the way to that fountain. At least it didn’t cling to the slippers D=

You were so hardcore! 💀

Not funny! 😳 It was very nice though, and very fun. Minus the splashes and the foot cramp! /wah

I don’t think those are called flip flops though. XD That part is really annoying though. It shouldn’t have been of the fat rubber material like yours. Mine was even cotton/sponge material, I think. It is pretty uncomfortable to have between your toes. /ho

Dang, Lillian is always the first comment. She has cat-like commenting reflexes, lol.

I feel like I have deja-vu reading this blog because I read James’s rendition of it on Fire The Arrow, lol.

Ooh I’m still all about big bags. I carry like 3 miniature bags in my one big bag. It’s so great (;

When I have a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, I always get sausage over bacon. I don’t like bacon unless I make it myself. I like it squishy (:

How much would it be to go to the zoo and aquarium ? They’re usually elementary school field trips here (: But my parents never let me go on field trips because they were afraid I’d get kidnapped. No, excuse me, I mean they were PARANOID I’d get kidnapped.

WHATTTTT THE HECKKKKKKK. I am SO jealous of all your butts. I would LOVE to sit on one of those. My school is so lame now. I’m so jealous !!!!

I love when you post pictures in your blogs!

Ooh the Sydney Opera looks so cool !! Have you ever been in it ?

Oh James. Silly, silly James. He’s like Harry: he’s rather walk around in the sand with shoes on. Strange.

Eek, did the weather get better by the time you got to the beach ? Nothing is worse to me than a rainy beach day.

You two always take such good pictures together. Harry and I need to take more pictures together (:

I hate wet sand. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. Gross.

Awwe falling asleep on the train together ..so cuuute ! Ahh you two make me giggle (:

In reply to your comment —
I know ); It’s so difficult being so committed in a relationship and being so far apart. Our living situations are always so difficult. I’m only in my second year of college, but we want to get married soon. I go to school in Pennsylvania, and he works in Delaware. If we bought a house, would it be in PA or DE ? Just things like that are so difficult to sort out sometimes.

Oh no! So is James going to be living far away for that internship or ..? Do you two live far from each other ? You could just go to his house and make him dinner on the weekends (: What’s he going to school for ?

Ooh I used to follow those shows too! But I don’t watch TV much anymore. Ever since I’ve lived with Harry, my sleeping schedules have been all over the map that I can’t ever sit myself down and follow a show regularly. Oh well ;P When did you stop watching Supernatural ?

What kind of milk do you drink ? Well of course cow milk. But I usually drink 2%.

LOL YEAH OF COURSE I LIKED THE NOODLES !! They looked so neat ^^

You have a lot of other hobbies too, right ? Spend 6 hours on the guitar instead, lol. Your online life would probably be like WTHECK WHERE IS GEORGINA ?! IS THIS A SIGN OF THE END TIMES ?!

I have actually never heard of Emmie or Problematique.org. I tried visiting once I read your comment but the site is on Maintenance Mode. Who do you consider to be in the blogging circle ? lol

Ooh yeah a garden ceremony would be beautiful ! So I imagine you would want the wedding in the spring/summer time. Are both yours and James’s families big ? I just started out on my wedding invitation list, and we’re already at 200 !

Once I get my wedding plans up and going, I’ll open a site for it and my online friends can be a part of it ^^

I’m like you – I’m dependent on what the weather says. Even if it is wrong or changes all the time, I just need some kind of a source :x

Lmao @ getting the order wrong xD Sausage is still gooord though 🤤

Blahh I hate the rain x| But it sounds like you had a really good time ^_^! I love the pictures. I love the cube chairs o.o they’re so cool :o

I’m glad you like the layout better. :)

We have those cunes in the teen section at my library. :)

Awww, you get the opera house. That’s so cool.

Wasn’t the water cold?

I really don’t like it when sand gets on me. It doesn’t feel good. :(

Bonjour. :)

Well ehe, you’d be surprised hat people at my school do :O
But yes; I’m surprised my school is still considered to have a pretty good reputation despite all of this graffiti!
You didn’t have lockers? I would struggle with that. Last year I kept all my books at home and lugged them to school but this year I keep them in my locker and use it. It’s easier in my opinion. What did you use instead? Or did you just keep your books at home?

LOL yeah, you gotta look in the labs, language classrooms, washrooms and under the stairs for serious graffiti. 🙄
Eiurgh, I hate chewing gum. Let alone it sticking a desktop to a wall. Our teachers get really narky if you chew gum, but loads of people do it anyway and it’s all under the desk. Argh. /pow There is one teacher who lets you chew gum but you have to give her a piece first…

People don’t tend to leave notes in my school; but I guess everything else makes up for it. LOL. And maybe the laptop key thing is like a way of communicating /oh
Reading graffiti is cool but because there’s only a certain amount you can read on your desk without leaning over, you soon run out of reading material.

Oh you’re right. Sometimes seeing the creative urges of other people makes you want to draw too. :) I bet your drawings were cooler heh.
OMG really? You scribbled on a whole desk? That’s cool. Your scribbles are unique and creative and do not involve anyone’s private parts at any point in time so I’d rather sit at that desk for any lesson.
You should’ve done the others in the school. LOL. But then other people wouldn’t have room to draw.

I’m not the last year yet so I don’t know about mucking up and stuf f on the last day, but on the last week of term we all have no lessons but instead do things like salsa dancing and self defence classes. /bounce
And go on some trips and stuff. And then we all muck up aha.

Your bench sounds special. :) The Bent Bench also sounds cute!
Oh yeah I guess our place sounds pretty gloomy and stuff. We call it ‘The Dark Side’. Haha. Mainly because of the muffin man graffiti (here lies the muffin man). If people look under and see us, we just go “welcome to the dark side… we have cookies.”
So random but whatever, LOL. (H)

Your comment didn’t go into spam; don’t worry!
Our school obviously need some laptops that have laptop keys that aren’t so easy to remove. And you’re right; there will be a lot of school secrets. You might find out some of those secrets when you become a pupil and see/experience them first hand, but otherwise… you will never know. /faw

That was my attempt to be mysterious/ dramatic. Epic fail.
Teehee! /bounce /eee

I hope it warms up soon too *brr*
At least your feet were warm then /bounce
I don’t like high heels either. LOL. I’m such a freaking failure when it comes to ‘being’ a girl. :P /um
Flat boots are okay. Have you seen those massive boots a lot of people are wearing on the front of magazines? They’re so high they’re up your thighs.

Aw thanks :)
Yeek! That’s strange that he was so skinny. D:
I love cheese but I can never face MacDonalds cheese…. /oh
You’re lucky your fringe covers up your pimples. I get no spots under my fringe but I get them where my fringe isn’t… blasted bollocks *sighs*
An iPhone? I think iTouches are cooler~ Even if it’s not a phone. :P

Oh yeah. Indoor is great. And you can see some pretty damned amazing fish!
Awwweee you dragging Sydney my way hm. Bringing mass death and destruction with you. I think I’d better pop over there LOL before we reach such extremities. :P

Oh wow. I thought you went quite often. Apparently not!
Yeah. But whenever I remake something it never looks as good as the original. @_@

Thanks again eheeee~ ♥
Very considerate. I guess it’s because few before bother going to the beach here due to the cold sea and shitty weather. Plus a lot of ours are pebble beaches.
SAMEEEE HERRRRRRREEEE. But I like clicking things heh.

Thank youssss~ *hug* And yeah it’s BS, my brother does nothing but they don’t shout at him or anything.
Pushy people annoy me. I will do something within the next 2 minutes. Not NOW.

You can do it! (Y)

I have one comment left. /bounce I returned the others before yours ‘cuz I knew yours would take a while. :P
I left a shortie one after this one for me to do.
That’s true!
Personally I prefer Avril’s old music like ‘Nobody’s Home’. Her new(ish) album is kind of… not as good, in my opinion. But ‘Keep Holding On’ is okay. :)

OMG OMG OMG OMG that would be freaky but awesome heh. :) If you had a child then I’d be like 17 LMFAO. Maybe older.
Okay let’s move away from the subject of children LOL, you’re making me worry about my future~ /oh /um

Oh yeah. I was at school… doing fucking bloody shitass hockey… :@
I had the gum stuff AND the injection. Blah.


Take care and I luh youuuuuuuu ♥ x

Okay, YAY! We can finally end this long search! LOL! 🤫

OMG! That is so cute.. he’s like picking his nose..? Irrelevant… XD

LMAO! Okay, but you have to be sure to make it the EXACT same way. Cos you know those little men… they’re angry little fellers.

Haha, I wonder what your mom and brother will think of that….. :P

Well come and visit me! XD

OMG! Finally! Somebody who understands the pain and suffering elementary school was. When everyone sent funny videos to me it, they were like 10 minutes long = hours to load. And I wasn’t allowed on a lot back then. Therefore, I was totally uncool. O_O

Aww, that’s cute. I love little house, they always make me feel so cozy. :3 Big houses make me feel lonely.. :O


Yeah I know it looks very comfy. Like the ski boots gave me brusies. And I can’t sit down very well or walk up steps. But my friend can sit down and on her snowboard she can like kneel down and actually have a rest! The only rest you get on skis is on the chair lift!

LUCKY! Beach sounds like a great thing right now! I would love a bit of beach in my life…

Ughh, we got bad weathermen too, puh-leaze. Call yourself a meteorologists, pshh…

OMG! Those look so fucking AWESOME! I would definitely want to sit in those. Hmm, a purple one? :P

Whoa, that looks much better in your picture. I’ve seen them on google and stuff. But it looks clearer there.. I shall have to go there. ;)

LOL! Haha, Australia sounds so cool man!
Ughh, I wore flip flops all summer last year. I got so many blisters and sores!

OH! I tried to do that when I was little. I’d put on my shoes and get my feet nice and clean. And try not to get sand on them..
I was unsuccessful. (N)

Hey :) I really hate to carry umbrellas and all when I go to places but oh well my mom watched weather every morning and tells me if I need to bring an umbrella to go to school.

hhahaa I always take sausages when I can chose! :P The chairs look very very comfy and they are very pretty I want one. haha.. THe sydney Opera house look so awesome!!! I really would love to see it in real.. my friend did a project on it in French class once.

Aww it sucks the sun didn’t come out during the day.. it’s great you enjoyed walking on the beach though.. walking on the beach is so fun. :D

Get ready to get totally blown away by how long this comment is going to be. I shall start timing myself right now at 5:37 and see how long it takes me to return both of your comments. Of course, you don’t have to return this comment, because that would be epic torture. You can feel free to start anew. I just feel bad for taking so damn long to return your comments, so I’m returning all your comments in all their fucking glory. :D ENJOY.

The Bachelor and all the shows that are similar to it are pretty ridiculous alright. But I think I can understand why your mom watches them.. their stupidity and ridiculousness is the exact reason why. That’s the only reason why I watched the Bachelor. It’s stupid and fucking hilarious. AHAHAHA I think it’s so jokes how your mom picks out the bitchy ones.. but that’s pretty much all of them.. so there’s nothing to really pick out.

Exactly! This is my point when I say that “their stupidity is fucking amusing”. I just can’t understand how stupid someone can get if they think someone LOVES them while they make out with 25 other different people. Wtf is that? For shit sakes. Even worse, if they’ve slept with other people. Which wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Psh. Horny idiots.

Mhm, most of it is acting just to maintain the high tv ratings. Gawsh, it still surprises me what extents people go to for money and fame.

LMAO. Why, they don’t play the “bad shows” in Australia? That doesn’t sound fair. :O

Yes, seriously. That’s what happened on last weeks episode. They found out that the girl was having an “inappropriate relationship” with one of the staff members. -.- Oh and then after she got eliminated from the show.. she showed up on another entertainment news program where they were interviewing her, and apparently she has a frikin criminal record. LMFAOLMFAO. She’s stolen items from 2 of her exs AND she’s been in jail once. -.- You have no idea how hard I laughed. Just goes to show how much someone can be hiding from you, and you would never know. Even better, this same girl had received a rose from the bachelor (meaning that he was specifically interested in her).. obviously he got fooled hardcore. I shall sat it again: Horny idiots.

Ngaw thanks, good to know that you don’t think I’m a slutmanwhore. xD

You used to hate it?! Gah now I feel bad. I think I remember you mentioning something about how you hated a nickname that people gave you, but I thought it was something other than “Georgie porgie”. I personally think that nickname is super cute. xD Although, if it bothers you, then just say the word, I wouldn’t want to be pissing you off. :X If I did piss you off, then just so we’re even, I give you permission to call me the dreaded nickname .. “GILLIGAN” which I hate with an undying passion. /bash

Yeah poor Vicky went through a lot with her reseller. She was so stressed out about it. :( Has everything been resolved? I’m glad that you didn’t have to go through that too.

As long as that little program can do a big job, then it should be fine. :)

You’d be surprised. Obama can be pretty freeken gangster alright. He has 2 daughters.. I think.. but if he had a son, then that would have been proof that Obama possessed some gangster genes cause his son was have been gangsta as hell. LOL.

Don’t underestimate your gangster abilities. You could pull it off if you wanted to. I bet. (H)

Gah, I really hope that I don’t fail. The last thing I would want to do is repeat.. that totally blows. I feel sorry for those people who had to repeat in your high-school. :(

I always wish I was on break, whether I have assignments or not. :P Although these days, it’s hard to find a time when I don’t have assignments and tests.. ugh poo.

Hahaha, yeah, it’s hard to remember the topics of conversation in these long ass comment chains.. but hopefully you aren’t too lost right now. /ehh As I said, you can start over if you don’t feel like returning this bitch ass comment.

LOL I think that’s so cute that you used to get excited over science exams. Did you love it that much? xD I can’t imagine myself getting excited over anything science related.. yet I get excited over accounting and still claim to hate math. Fuck, I’m weird. 😏

Are you CEREAL? (As in are you serious?) That makes me feel good that your parents would be impressed with my job choice. xD Who knows though, it could change. I doubt it will, but it may. My parents were pretty happy when I told them about wanting to be a CA as well. They were kinda shocked at first. xD

That’s true. Some teachers really do have good intentions and it’s usually obvious. But some teachers.. like my chem teacher, are just evil bitches who are out to get you. :) As simple as that, yo.

G1 and G2 are definitely boring, robotic names. I hope they do make driving more exciting in the future. Instead of G1 and G2 they could call it “amazingly fantabulous LEVEL 1 HELL YAH” and “HOLLAAAA AT LEVEL TWO, SEXY STUFF”. Now that’s more exciting.

Lmfao I’ve never really thought that the diagrams in the drivers books are cute.. I’ve just thought that they’re useful/helpful. :P

You definitely have a lot of knowledge on this page down button. xD I find it most amusing. Anyways, thanks for those tips, they sound very handy-dandy. I thought page down would take you to the very bottom of the page, not just like a big scroll down a portion of the page. Thanks for confirming that nothing will blow up. *wipes sweat off forehead* LMAO shaddup.. so what if I thought that one key could do damage.. psh YA NEVER KNOW. Isn’t there some f7 button or something that causes you’re computer to restart or shut down? :P Scary stuff yo.

Caveman speak ftw. UGUHGUGHGUGHUG. Translation: I LUH YOU UGH. ;D Lmfao. (Wow, isn’t it rather pathetic that I’m actually laughing so hard at what I just typed? .. yes. Yes, it is.)

Yeah I’m happy for her that she has moved on as well. It seemed like trying to get into a “more than friend” relationship with Kuya was really tearing apart their friendship. I’m glad that things seem to be going well now though. I must admit, I was all for them dating, and I kept telling her that they should, and I still think they should, so Anne Marie if you happen to be stalking my fat as fuck comment, then SECRETS OUT. Haha, not really a secret though, I’ve always thought that.

LMFAO. Wtf is waving frantically at a bus stop going to do?! The closest bus stop to our house is like a 5 minute walk.. and the bus stop is within a quiet neighborhood, not a busy street or anything.. so if my mom were to frantically wave while I was choking to death.. no one would even be there to see it. xD

Yah I know. My dad and I have tried countless times to get my mom to face her fear, and she has driven short distances to places, like twice (exactly twice LOL).. but never really got in the habit of driving. :(

Didn’t you say that you’ve already taken quite a variety of IQ tests? Cause if you have, then it’s more likely that you’re right about them being really general and useless.

Psh 35 comments. Yah, that’s not a lot at all. xD Best of luck catching up with them though.. but I doubt you need the luck cause I bet you’re already caught up with them all. Sorry to ruin your thunder by submitting this obese comment. D:

That video truly was epic. The remote shoving moment was just priceless. Tbh, I didn’t noticed how computerized Kanye’s voice sounded so it didn’t annoy me that much.

OMG LOL. That would be very exposing material if he video taped you when you were all pissed off and put it on youtube. xD But hey, if it happened to be amusing then you could become famous overnight! Wooo.

My mom is SUPPOSED to be dieting.. but she still has a purse filled with chocolate. LMAO. Oh mom. Yeah, I’ve already told my mom to clean out her bag shit loads of times, but it never happens. And if she does clean it out, its back to a messy state after a day or so. So both her and I figured that there’s just no point anymore. :D


I bet clothes made over there are really good quality. I don't think many clothes are made in Canada and America. If they are, they must be really bad quality cause they aren't that popular lmao.

Cheap ass market sales ftwwwww.

Y'know I never really thought about it in that way.. but you have a point. Dentists actually live very sad lives being hated by all kids. That must suck.. especially if they have to provide dental care for their own kids. "DADDY I HATE YOU".. "DON'T HATE ME SWEETIE, HERE'S A LOLLIPOP".. man, that's a heartcrusher right there.

OMG lmaoo, if you don't mind me asking, why in the heak did you have to get your butt numbed?! That must have been the most awkward feeling ever.

Driving 4 hours just to see snow must really suck. I feel for ya. But if you come to Canada, during the right season, then you won't have to. :D That snow would be molesting your window sill and pretty much everything else outside. :D

I never really realized until you mentioned that you do have Christmas in summer. O_O Holy fucking shit. I probs sound so typical but "THAT'S WEIRD YO" bahahaha. I'm so used to frigid temperatures around Christmas time.

Omg you thought the skiing chairlifts were a pain? THAT WAS LIKE MY FAV PART. Lmao. I friggin' loved the chairlifts.. I lost count of how many times I rode on those things cause I just loved jumping off them and going down the hill. :D Epicness.

Darn right you can always make friends. :) That's the fun part.

Ohemgee, you do have a peace emoticon! Holla: ✌️

You went to the beach with James! Aweee. I wish I could go to the beach, but it's obviously not the right season here. :P I hope you didn't get sunburned. x_x Those burns hurt like hell.

You're welcome, I'm sure you will be a magically awesome driver when you get behind the wheel. You and your superwomanish ways. :3

Oh SNAAAAAAAAP. You went into Maintenance Mode? It's a fucking miracle. Lmao, just kidding. It's not like you went on Maintenance Mode because you were behind with comments, it was because of permalinks which is a legit reason. Of course, there's tons of folks who wanna visit.

I always get messages when I put my site on Maintenance Mode about people wanting me to open because they want to use tutorials and all.

You definitely let her know that she has some serious competition for that first comment spot. PSH WHAT THE HAY? SHE GOT FIRST SECOND AND THIRD COMMENT. Rawr. I'm jealous. XD

Now to return your second comment: Good Lord, I'd be surprised if you actually read through this entire thing.. but I hope you do.. so I won't feel like I'm wasting my life here lmao.

Yes, you must be used to all the annoying shoving and uncomfortable small spaces since you take public transport quite often. It definitely is worse when you're standing. It was so funny cause I was standing next to Ryan who had got a seat on the bus. And then I was just saying to him "wow I hate standing" and then he was like "maybe you should get on your knees" … and he didn't even realize how dirty it sounded cause he was actually trying to be helpful LMFAO. I was just like "wtf, someones a little horny today.." and then he was like "what?" and then we both burst out laughing once he finally understood.

Yeah, people need to learn how to mind their own business, and keep their eyes off our text messages. D: As you said, if its private then it should remain private.. so they need to back off a bit.

Wow, I can't believe that creepy man still continued to watch James text even after he shot him a dutty look. You see, that wouldn't happen with me, because my dirty looks are pretty fucking hardcore and usually no one even dares to lean in my direction after they've received one of my dirty looks. xD

Yeah when I text with one hand, it usually takes me twice as long, plus there are tons of mistakes.

Don't worry about being random. I get where you're coming from when you say you feel gross holding the pole.. but I've never really felt that way. Idk why. I think I should be more germ conscious.. but I sanitize my hands as soon as I get to my locker so I think I'm good hehe. I swear, I'm addicted to sanitizing my hands.. I sanitize at the beginning of every class without fail. I'm so weird, shit man. Not that I'm a germ freak, but it just became a habit. xD

Eye contact always can get awkward. So I can see why you try to avoid it at most times. Ngaw, I'm sure you have a nice time when on the train with James. :) It's always nice to sit next to someone you know. Even when I stand on the bus, I try to navigate to an area where I'm standing near my friends, cause I feel more comfortable and less bored there. :P

And now to comment to on your blog. IT'S THE FINAL STRETCH.

The weather is very unpredictable here as well. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those "prepared" people who always carries an umbrella. I just take it as it comes. Bring it on Mother Nature. *gets struck by lighting*

Nomnomnom, McDonalds burgers. I enjoy them thoroughly haha, as I would any other burger. But that's true, some of their burgers are just a mess. They throw things on and it kinda looks yucky.. but the burgers that I order are the "bigger" ones so they're even messier lmao. As long as they don't taste yucky, it's all good.

Ipods always come in handy. I don't know if you remember that blog where me and my friend went downtown and got lost, so we used a GPS on an ipod to find our way back. :P Thank-you technology.


Yummay nougat. I think I saw a picture on your dailybooth of you eating nougat. :) I was creeping dailybooth on my phone yesterday cause it seemed like forever since I had been on that site. I really need to update it soon. D:

The opera house looks amazing. I love the structure of it, it's very unique and eye-catching.

LOL that's hilarious that James seemed to be so amused by the beach. Good to know that he had such a nice time. I absolutely love squishing my toes in the sand and walking along the shore. :) It's so relaxing.

That sucks that the weather didn't really cooperate with you guys, but it doesn't seem like it got in your way of having a great day. :D

THONGS. LMAO. K so, that made my day. I will now call flip-flops thongs. The end.

Like James, my mom hates flip flops too.. she doesn't like the feeling of having that part of the THONG that goes in between your big toe and the toe after that. :P She always complains about how uncomfortable it is. Weird, cause I love THONGS. LMAO.

The sticky sand when you run out from the waves, is one of those things that I don't like as well. Squishy my toes in the dry sand is fun but when it get's wet, I just feel really gross. :P

NGAW that's an oober cute picture of you and James. I love your skin, and you're teeth lmao! -So random, but true.

Oh shit, you guys fell asleep on the train? Hopefully you didn't miss your stop. -K I totally ruined the moment. xD

Anyways, glad you had such a nice time, and have fun reading this comment. LUH YOU. :D PEACEHUGSANDMACHOLOVE.

I finished this comment at 6:58. I had some breaks in between but it took me about 1 and a half hour. WOOOO.

Hey Georgie! :)

Aww, sounds like you guys had fun! I don’t really like McDonalds, but ahh well. :P Those chairs are like… ZOMG! Awesome. xD

Ohh I love the beach! It’s so beachy. Wow, descriptive word, huh? Ick, I hate when sand sticks to your feet. >.<

Ohhh right, now I know what those are! :P No, jumping jacks aren't mid-air like star jumps. :P

Yeah like with pizza. I HATE hot pizza! And hot hot chocolate. ;)

Yeah, I think some people would just be hanging… O.o And because there wouldn't be very much balance, I suppose the water would flood the earth in some parts and there would be a lot of earthquakes. xD

Ahaha. I would be a crap driver, even my dad said so. :P

Ahhh, I love the beach.. ♥ Its just so calming and peaceful. Too bad I still need to wait for about 6 months before I can go to the beach again.. Damn you winter! LOL. But I don’t mind the snow (H)

Those cube chairs are so cute! I wish I have one of those in my room! I would definitely sit on it everyday. Whoah, that sounds kinda weird. HAHA.

I haven’t been to an opera. But I would really love to go. I wish I could see Phantom of the Opera… but I think they don’t have it here anymore. Plus, I think it would be expensive. But that building looks so cool! Really has an opera feel to it :)

/eee You guys look so cute ♥

Thanks! I need all the help I can get with the converting stuff. But I still need to go through all the exams and studying and all these crap. GRRR.

Hee, yeah, I’ll still be updated Intrepid. I guess it doesn’t really matter, I guess you could choose either. ;)

Ah, it’s no problem! If you ever want it back, just holler. :) I’m still wondering if I should post up some writing and pictures and crap. Hmm. =3

Yeah, I enjoy planning ahead. :D Hee I’ve always known stuff like that, to be honest. I’ve found it interesting.

Oh, really? It sucks that you forgot it!

Thank you! I did do well on the paper XD I’m very proud. It took me forever to write. But it was worth it. /eee Haha.

Oh, That sounds fun! I love the beach! Especially on rainy days. I like sunny days, don’t get me wrong, but rainy days are my favorite. ♥

I think it’s a great day to relax and read a book. Especially when It’s one of those books that you just can not stop reading.

The picture of the beach is very pretty. It looks so professional! It’s really quite pretty. :)

And the picture of you and James is very cute. :)

And those chairs at your university are so cool. I wouldn’t mind having one of those. XD

Lol, my eyes were bad to begin with and I think the computer made them a little worse, but I wear my glasses now, so hopefully they won’t get even worse.

Wow, I wish it was summer here! Isn’t it always summer there though? Lol.

Hm, you might be able to get on disability for that, but yes, it’s hard to get on. It took my grandma 4 years, I’m hoping it doesn’t take that long. Normally once you get a lawyer it goes through and they usually don’t charge you til you win.

AWWW! I ♥ this entry, Georgina! It was so cute, and it sounds like you finally had a bit of a day to just relax, you know? I hope it was relaxing for you, anyway!

And OMG, the Sydney Opera house … It’s such an iconic building! And it’s wayyy cooler looking than my city’s Opera House, LOL. This is what mine looks like:


Kinda tranditionally Gothic, which is cool, but it’s a bit boring … ‘Specially compared to Sydney’s. @_@ Oh, and a funny thing — Before I learnt what the Sydney Oper House WAS, I thought it was some sort of large ocean dwelling ship, or some sort of humungous art sculpture, or who knows what. I had only seen shots like these ones:


So I was like, uber confused, LOL, because, well … Those sticky-uppy parts look like the sails of a ship! XD Now I feel like a bit of a ‘tard for not realising, but how was I supposed to know what sort of building it was?! It’s not like they announce ‘THIS IS A BUILDING, AND OPERA HOUSE, TO BE EXACT, JUST FYI’ on TV when they show the ‘Vacation To Austrailia’ commercials … Which was pretty much the only place I had seen it before. XD

Ahh, I fail. /argh XD

Oh, man, I forgot to proofread/spellcheck my comment before I submitted it, so I apologise for all the textual errors. Eeep! /type

Yeah, its not a bad thing though :D We all have used it at some point.

LOL yeah. We’d all just lay there on the couch, bored to death. But we’d probably hang out with our friends XD Oh gosh, it just shows how dependent we are to the internet (H)

hahah! Well I use to be scared of gaming systems [I DON’T KNOW WHY]. I don’t like playing those like fighting games or adventure games because I get scared of dieing. I like to play happy games with lots of people XD So she usually was the one who wanted the game counsoles.

Ohh cooll! I know a lot of people do that. They get their license, but they don’t drive for a while since they don’t always get the time to. Especially with school.

Haha that’s good to hear! Aw, well at least she goes places and doesn’t just sit around since she can’t walk.

Awww! I’ve seen like ottomans that are similar. Those are cool too (:

LOL really? I always see it at that angle. If you ever go in there soon, you should take pictures of the inside. If you can, since I know some places you can’t. You aren’t allowed to take pictures when you see a broadway show. Well only before and after the performance.

Me too! I’m not a big fan of beaches. The last time I went to the beach, I cut my foot from like either a sharp shell in the water or some like crab, since there were like crabs in the water for some reason. It hurt XD. And it was hard to walk because of the sand. :(

That’s good!

Thanks for replying :)

I have to buy my uniform from two shops only, so I can’t get it cheaper. At my school, the boys uniform is like soo cheap! they should be equal.

Yeah, she should of noticed us. She looked our way as well, my mum finds out soon who is going to pay.

Aww that’s very good that you and your mum weren’t injured. That would of been so scary. I nearly was in a scary car accident. A few days before I got my uniform, my dad was turning, it was a red light but he was over the line. So this taxi was far away and went through the red light just about when we were turning. Luckily my dad pulled on the brakes. My dad got very angry, he put the finger up at the Taxi guy :O so did the Taxi guy. It was freaky.

Thank you for being on my side XD I think I was the only one who saw it, but I’m too young to be a witness /ehh unfair!


Error :O

those cube chairs seem really cool. we have something similar at my university.

That’s awesome. Yay for the iPhone!

People do understand that boys and girls are friends, but some of my friends don’t. And no one understands that I don’t WANT a boyfriend now.

Same here. Most boys prefer rock and stuff. Wasty does too, but he listens to pop as well. Kind of like me. XD

We always have an umbrella in our car, in case it starts raining. :D

Those chairs look very comfy! :P
Sounds like fun! I haven’t been to a beach in a long time. There’s no beach where I live.

I actually love flip flops. :P I didn’t know they were called thongs.

I hate it when sand or dirt gets stuck to my feet. It makes me feel kind of disgusted, for some reason.

I always do that awkward thing where you dip your feet to get all the sand off, and then put the shoe back on to try to keep the foot clean… but then the shoe gets filthy! :(

Those chairs are amazing! I wish my uni had even just one!


how are yoouuu? hope the holidays are treating you well! do you know when you start uni again?? aaghh i dont want to go back V___V;

anyways i am thoroughly jealous that you went to the beach! i’ve been craving to go forevverr but no one wants to go with me.. sigh.. either because they themselves dont like the beach.. or they’re too lazy… or they get sunburnt REALLY easily due to their complexion…

seeing as you guys took the ferry i’m guessing you went to the one in manly? i’ve only ever been to manly beach actually……… or maybe i have been to bondi but i have realllyyyy bad memory haha

it didnt end up raining did it? im one of those people who carry an umbrella in my bag ALLLLL the time wherever i go just incase hahaha

Sounds like you had a cool day at the beach. :D It’s a shame about the weather though, but nevertheless you had fun. :)

I agree with you about the McDonald’s burgers being a cheesy mess! I don’t usually have a cheeseburger but when I see other people’s burgers they look all messy- nothing like on the adverts!

Wow, those cube chairs are so cool. I want some of those in my living room haha.

Yum, nougat! I haven’t had any of that in years, you’ve made me want some now. :P

I’ve never heard the term ‘thongs’ for flip-flops LOL.

Sometimes my 365 slips my mind so I end up taking a photo of something so boring!

Yeah, I’m the same with ordering food too! I’m okay with it now but when I ask I use a posh voice. :’)

Extreme weather sucks, the snow is starting to melt here because of the rain now. :D