Tidal Waves

James and I went to the beach today, and to the city. I was quite tired in the morning, but I made my way to the station.

It was quite a gloomy day, as predicted. Usually the weather is predicted wrong, but I think I’m a little more dependent on it nowadays. I feel like every day I should check the weather, so I can be prepared. I know people who carry an umbrella around all the time “just in case”. I used to, when I enjoyed carrying a big bag, but now I hate big bags.

Today I had no option but to carry one, seeing as it looked like rain (thanks, sky). I regretted wearing open shoes because it was rather cold. I should have worn boots. 😞

Before I continue with my day feel free to visit Fire The Arrow to read James’s account on the events of today. πŸ™‚

In the morning James got my order wrong at McDonald’s and I was stuck with sausage instead of bacon. Ooops. πŸ˜› Not that I minded, but they could serve their burgers better instead of in a damn cheesy mess. We dropped by university though, and checked some stuff on my iPod. Including prices for visiting the zoo and aquarium. It was too expensive so we decided not to go.

I keep forgetting to show people the outside of my university but here are the famous (and very comfy) cube chairs they have everywhere around campus:

cube chairs

We went to the markets and bought some nougat (yummy chewy nut bar – kind of like that). πŸ˜‹ After walking around for a bit and buying food, we slowly walked around and took photos around the city.

We went to the beach by ferry. I took a photo of the Sydney Opera house. I love actually going there; the few times I went there were to see operas. πŸ˜„

Sydney opera house

It took a while to get to the beach – maybe about half an hour by ferry. We walked around the shops and then went onto the sand. I told James to take off his shoes and socks but he didn’t want to. LOL.

We walked around for a bit, James exclaiming, “I’m at the fucking beach!” every now and then. He was really quite amazed by the tidal waves and the sand.

I'm at the fucking beach!


I must say, the day didn’t really get brighter, and it rained quite a bit more, but at least it wasn’t heavy. After we ate lunch off the beach, we bought a cheap towel and James bought some flip flops (fine, fine… I call them flip flops now because everyone seems to fucking laugh at me when I write “thongs”; well sorry dude, I’m Australian). He hated the flip flops because he’s not used to wearing those kinds of shoes. O_O

We went in the water up to our ankles and ran away from the tide when the waves were bigger. It was quite amusing, and I was trying not to get my dress wet either.

James and I

What annoys me about walking back up the beach when you’ve stood in the water is the dry sand sticking to your feet again. How annoying is that? We tried our best, wearing our flip flops so that they wouldn’t get sandy, but we had to wash our feet down anyway.

It was a good day and we fell asleep on the train. β™₯️

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