At Least I Feel Alive

The amount of stealing happening online is ridiculous. I’ve seen it all. Someone stealing all my tutorials, my layouts without credit, taking bits of my coding and not changing the links so they get an ugly image telling them not to direct link or the links lead to my site instead (LOL), someone taking my photos, site name ideas, copying my ideas… not to mention copying someone else’s personal poems, photos and even blogs. I’m not kidding. I’ve had someone copy my blog, paste it onto theirs and post it and change all the names.

LMAO. Maybe this isn’t such a serious thing anymore, is it? Most of the time it’s immature 12-year-olds who steal and take other people’s things.

Why do I say immature? Because there are so many 12-year-olds out there who I know and talk to and who aren’t immature, or who actually make an effort with their site, do things themselves, and don’t go off taking other people’s stuff.

This is seriously ridiculous. Making up dumb excuses like, “Oh I didn’t know it was yours”. Yet you chose to take something you just “found”, put it on your site and say, “I made these, so don’t steal!”

And you say so when that is exactly what you are doing. 🙄 Which not only makes you a stealer, but a hypocrite and a liar.

I’ve concluded that the way to deal with this is not by closing my site or tutorials and stopping them that way. Let’s be creative. You own a shop and people keep stealing. You don’t get angry and fire at the person or approach them or immediately call police. So when someone steals from me, maybe I shouldn’t email people at all, or report them to their host, whether it be in a rage, or politely.

Let me try this. “Name and shame”, so it’s commonly called. How about when someone steals a Mars bar from my shop, I go to the door of my store, point at the thief as they step out, and yell, “Hey everyone! This sad loser is so poor he can’t even afford a Mars bar for two bucks!”

Maybe I should sit back and laugh. It’s really pathetic that these people steal. What good does it do? Make you look cool? Nuh-uh, not when people realise you’ve directly copied something they’ve seen before. You’re making yourself look like a fool.

I remember a teacher telling a story about someone who submitted an essay for assessment. This tutor had to mark it, so she was reading it through, thinking, “Wow… this is really good”. She kept on reading, until she noticed a piece of underlined text reading: click here.

At that moment, she realised that the essay was copied. So clearly, this person had made a fool of themselves.

I appreciate that some people are able to apologise about this kind of thing when you bring it up. Some people steal for the thrill… but don’t freaking deny it when you do! /angry

My mum’s rather annoyed at me now. :( I sort of wrote this blog up the other day. /sus But yeah – things get tough at home… just thought I’d say.

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Yes, stealing is very bad, and very wrong. Yet it happens way too much. /angry I don’t own a site, but I hear about it from you lots, and I am EXTREMELY indignant and angry on your behalf. RAWR.

It’s wrong to steal. And stupid. You (and others) made the effort and put in the hard work to add all this material and self-created stuff to your sites, and yet these lazy, stupid idiots who are obviously trying to imply to people that they know more than they actually do just steal and take the credit.

What exactly are they proving? They may be able to PRETEND that they’re better than they actually are, but it’s so lame, right? In reality they suck. Sooner or later people are going to realise they’ve been stealing, and then after that everyone’s respect for them will plummet. [Not that any existed in the first place].

I’d be more respectful to someone who wasn’t that good, but willing to learn, because they’d improve. I have no respect for these bitchy arseholes who just steal. It’s pathetic. /argh

And stealing BLOGS?! That is BEYOND sad. What, like these people have such boring lives that they see the need to steal someone ELSE’S life? DUDE. /ho

Omg, that “click here” person…LOL. Fail. Imagine being so lazy and careless, that you couldn’t even STEAL properly.

I mean, I guess you could accidentally steal by posting something on your site and not knowing who to credit. But you should at least MENTION that. ==

And everyone knows that if you’ve done something wrong, you should admit it. Otherwise you’re a coward. HMPH /angry

I’m sorry your Mum is annoyed at you :( I hope she doesn’t stay annoyed!

*hugs* for the home problems. ♥

It does… especially online! It’s annoying having my stuff stolen when I’ve spent so much time on it. :(

It does make them appear better, but soon they will be founded out and seen in a much worse way. Word spreads pretty quickly and it’s crazy stuff. Once someone steals and someone finds out, no doubt people will spread word to the next person they talk to.

I would definitely as well! Someone asked me on my Formspring what I would take away from the online world if I could – I said thieves. It makes me smile to see someone try, and to have their own stuff, even if their graphics are crap. At least they’re trying and being unique and not copying anyone.

It is. This girl told me that she admired my writing. I found it more of an insult. /angry

It’s quite amusing. It’s when you get caught out when it’s worse. Some people go on believing, but when your lie slips, it just makes a bigger impact on everyone when they find out and are shocked. :O

Well, I know sometimes people use resources from somewhere but they genuinely forget, or they got it a while ago and the site doesn’t exist or they forgot it. As much as I’d like to say that I made these smilies on my blog, I did get them from, fair and square – had the owner made them or not, and despite the site no longer existing. I still also credited them on my credits page!

My mum’s in a much better mood today. :) *hugs* ♥

I hate stealers. :/ I don’t see what the point is to stealing anyway – stealing BLOGS? Is that even possible? @_@
I liked the tutor and the essay example; it’s getting graded high for an essay you did not create, and when people expect you to know a lot about that particular subject, you know nothing about it. x

I hate stealer too.. Never mind, that people can do that things to you.. /angry I’m curious who is that bitchy people 🙄 . Do that person know that he/she detected?

Well, it does bother me because I don’t like people just taking what I put on my site when I worked very hard on it. Especially my blogs, because they are personal. When I found out about that person I emailed them and they closed their site.

Ick. As long as we have brilliant people like you there will always be stealers. Now that isn’t exactly a proper compliment but all I’m saying that your works are so great people just can’t keep their hands off them! I bet if you have a Wall of Shame on your site, the list’s probably more than a mile long.

The “oh I don’t know it’s yours” excuse is so lame. I wouldn’t believe it even for a sec. Even if they don’t know whom the items belongs to, at least you’d think they should know the stuff aren’t theirs.

It’s sad that people still think stealing stuff and claiming them as their own is the shortcut to fame. It isn’t.
One gotta work hard to achieve it. And that’s what I see in you, Georgie. :)

No one’s ever stolen my online work from me, so I don’t exactly know how you and everyone else who have had stolen content feel.

Seriously ? Someone has stolen your BLOG ?! That is the MOST ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. How do you find all these stealers ? Are they dumb enough to comment on one of your blogs and leave a site link ? I can’t people this.. I really can’t. And your POEMS ?! REALLY ?!

You know, now that I read this blog, I don’t think I will ever post my school papers or anything I turn in for school. I write at a college level, so any high school or college student can copy and paste my essay and turn it in. Their teachers wouldn’t think they plagiarized because they have nothing to compare it too. It’s written at the age-appropriate level. Why should they think anything is fishy ?

I don’t know if your teachers have used this website, but is a website where students upload their work onto the website and teachers can check to see if their students plagiarized anything. The website compares it to any piece of published writing on the internet and in print.

I know on some level this has to be unconstitutional. We’re just students; we don’t have the money to pay a copyright on our written work, but the website’s company can use our written work to enhance their business ? Wrong.

If anyone ever stole from me, I’d just post a link to the stealer’s site on my Twitter or something for everyone to see. I wouldn’t want the stealer to be harassed unnecessarily, but I think s/he would need to burn under the spotlight a bit.

My 10th grade history teacher actually had a student turn in a paper with different font styles and sizes If you’re gonna plagiarize, be smart about it.

Meeeep -__- What sets your mom off ? I don’t understand why she always has to take things out on you. Just move out soon and maybe your brother will get his turn. It’s not right how your family treats you Georgie. At least you have James, Lilian, us, and lots of other great people (:

In response to your comment —
How many McDonadl’s restaurants are there where you live ? There are like 10 within reasonable distance from my house. It’s ridiculous.

Do you remember your primary school field trips to the zoo and aquarium ? I’m so upset I never went ); People always make a huge gasp when I tell them I have never been to an aquarium or zoo. Lol ;P

Send me a chair, thanks ^^

You make the operas sounds to exciting! But I just don’t know if they’re my thing. I’m not into watching old-time plays/musicals. What happens at an opera anyway ? Do you have to get dressed all fancy and what not ?

I have actually never heard of that quote before, but it makes a lot of sense. It seems so fitting to the current living situation that Harry and I are stuck in. It’s a shame, really, but we’ll probably settle down where his work is. At least it’s not too far away, you know ? 2 hours including traffic isn’t so bad.

Yeah, at the beginning of my relationship with Harry, he wasn’t allowed in my house even if my parents were home, and we were only allowed at Harry’s house if his parents were there. It’s not like we’re freaking animals. We just want to hang out somewhere, or else we’ll end up wasting money at the movies or something.

Ooh what kind of engineering is he studying ? That’s a really difficult major. A few of my friends are chemical/mechanical engineering majors, and their science courses are doing their heads in. I feel bad );

Oh man you’ve missed a lot since you stopped watching Supernatural then. It’s all about the apocalypse and what not now o.O Now that I’m back at home, I’ll probably follow the show. My younger sister is obsessed with Smallville and Supernatural ^^

Eeek I don’t think I could ever enjoy skim milk. I don’t mind 1%, even though people think it’s really watery. Boo high cholesterol ); That’s no fun !! Do you think it’s annoying/difficult living with hereditary high cholesterol ?

I honestly think all your followers on Twitter would freak out and wonder if anything happened to you. I know I would !

Do you only play acoustic ? How long did it take you to get accustomed and comfortable with the guitar ? Harry’s brother is trying to teach himself right now. We bought him a teach-yourself-at-home kind of book for acoustic guitars.

I just went again to try visiting Problematique, but didn’t remember the extension. I tried .com first, and it took me to a random French site. Then I tried .net, and it was some electric lime on black background imaging. Last but not first, I tried .org and it’s still on Maintenance Mode. I just can’t catch a break !

Do you think you would invite all your aunts and uncles from Indonesia ? Are they the kind of relatives you HAVE to invite or else they’ll be all passive aggressive with you and your parents until the rest of eternity ? -__- I have so many of those. Blarghsldfkj. It’s not like they’re going to bring wedding gifts either. Cheap Asian adults.

Lol “I can’t people” this should be “I can’t believe this”

And “compare it too” should be “compare it to.” What has gotten into me ?! It’s only 7AM and I haven’t slept all night ^^

You are say you’re not going to swear but when you least expect it, you will swear. :)

You should sell it to someone who would actually use.

Good luck with finishing lol. I am almost done returning comments. I got one more after yours and then I’m blogging. My current blog is making sad lol. My next one probably will too. But just the first two parts lol.

I would never do that to her. I love her too much to hurt her like that. They are already good friends actually. We are laugh around 7th period together lol.

Congrats in having James now. :)

who the fuck steals blogs??? That is just soo pathetic!!! That person is dumb! /hehe

I think I know who you’re talking about. As soon as you said 12 year old, i figured it out.

What really ticks me off actually is when someone else takes your content and puts it on their site. They don’t claim it but they ask others who use to credit the people who made it. How do they know who made it if the person who took doesn’t tell?

Hahahahaha that person is sooo stupid lol. They left a click here link on the essay hahahaha lol. I am soo immature lol.


Hahaha if I had a store and people were stealing I’d make a huge poster of their face, and a list of things they stole
and every time they walked in I’d set them on fire. /frog

Well, that’d be hypocritical. Today I stole an easter egg /um

Short comment! D:

I had to reply to this now. It literally made me laugh out loud when you said you’d set them on fire. 💥 XD

Easter eggs are on sale already? Holy shit, what’s the world coming to? /oh

I think we should all be a little less serious when it comes to these things. Especially if it’s just an easter egg. /hehe

That’s cool.

Maybe. I hope they understand.
I used to have a yellow and red mini umbrella when I was little. I never let anyone else use it. :D Now I don’t know where it got lost.

My mom said we might be going to Cox’s Bazar. That’s kind of a coastal area. But I don’t think we are.

Whenever I’m walking on the road, my feet gets covered with dirt. That doesn’t happen to others, only me for some reason. XD

Stealers need a life. They should drown themselves in a well, as I say. Or maybe drown themselves in a glass of water. XD But seriously, they should stop taking others’ things and claiming those as their own, AND asking for credit.

Blog-copiers are pathetic. I’ve never heard that before, so whoever copied your blog should be crown and titled “First blog-copier”. LOL.

It’s of no use, emailing people and telling them to put off your stuff from their site. Maybe they will listen to you, but they would copy others’ stuff.

Aww, that’s not cool your mom is annoyed at you. Hopefully she wouldn’t be for much longer!

It sucks when people steal stuff from you. I know I’d be angry if I had people stealing my stuff.

I think that’s one reason why I don’t bother to have websites that has tutorials, graphics, and whatever because I don’t want to deal with the thievery that happens with it. Of course, I also don’t make those contents because I couldn’t be arsed to and I don’t have the time or the motivation to do so. XD

Oh well. If they steal, then that’s their problem. They are the ones who end up looking like huge, incompetent morons.

I’m not on MSN yet because I woke up at 12 o’clock. Dayum, I so shouldn’t get freakin’ used to getting up so late! On Monday I’m going to die.

Aha. I see we have broached the problem of stealing. I know that you face this more then I do because your site is so amazing and popular, so it’s like a magnet for stealers. Although the ‘popular’ part isn’t so good if you steal because basically everyone will have seen the content on this site and so when they see it on someone else’s, they will know it’s yours.

ALL of your tutorials? Isn’t that a bit over the top? I mean WTF.
Douchebags who steal coding. As you know I’ve also had this first hand and even right now someone is probably using it despite the fact I asked them to credit me for base coding which I still recognise as mine, even if they have edited it like shit! (You know who I mean, of course).

Copying ideas. Pffffffffffft.
And poems! What kind of douche steals poems? Eurhurghurhuhruhgujhga. I was ready to fricken rage when I saw that douche with my poems on their site. What is wrong with these people? D:

You told me about that douche you stole your blog. (Please ignore the overuse of the word ‘douche’ in this comment).
So rude. And a blog is something personal – like poems – and people have read it, and even so the owner will know it’s there blog. Sigh. Some people need brains!

Hm. I’m 13 and have only been this old for three months but there are people like Lily, whom I host, who is 12 and she is perfectly mature and nice.
Some people never grow up. Growing up is optional; growing old is mandatory.

Dumb excuses. Aha. Like some of the following:
“I forgot to put it on”.
“I found it on Google”.
“But it has my name on it”.

Sheesh. Everyone else manages to show appreciation for other’s work by crediting them. And ‘forgetting’ to put a credit link on when it was already there… lmfao.
I appreciate people who give me credit. Because some people just don’t fucking bother or think they have to.
I don’t help people and REQUIRE credit, but when people do credit me for helping them I know that they aren’t freaking ashamed to admit that they had help to get where they are now. We all had help sometime.

Maybe with tutorials, or asking other people, or just by looking at other people’s sites – we all have had help to get where we are. A lot of people used premade layouts, including myself; eventually we break away and create our own. Why these people can’t just admit they had help, like the rest of us did, is beyond me. You can’t always do these things alone.

People will probably disregard the fact they didn’t code their layout, anyway. I know plenty of nice people who use premades. That doesn’t mean I think that they’re not worth talking to because they didn’t code their layout or anything. Judging people on things – on anything – annoys me. It’s not worth judging people on any detail, until you have proof.

Stealers should be willing to learn these things themselves; graphics and whatnot. Trial and error, use of other people’s resources or whatever. Stealing them is simply low. Let alone redistributing them.
Hypocrites and liars suck balls, and I won’t say anymore or else I’ll rant.

You’re right. Dealing with thieves is trickier but there are ways. I think that confronting them is okay if you have good proof that it’s them (like dates, IPs, and all that lot). I try to sound vaguely mature in any emails I send (hah) but I always end up sounding pretty damned pissed off. 🙄
Naming and shaming works the best, though, I agree. Because you are just embarrassing the stealer and they will learn (or they hopefully will), that they should not steal. It’s not worth it.

You certainly don’t look cool. /oh If you ask me you look like a fucktard for taking someone else’s hard work, very likely claiming that it’s yours too.
Oh wow. You shouldn’t directly copy essays! Especially if you don’t cover yourself up. Plus there are those things around that you had to use once – I remember you blogged about it. When you put your work through a site or something and it checks for plagiarised work online or in print.

Last year two girls in my year were in different ICT groups. One of them (let’s call her Kitty) hadn’t done the homework, and asked her friend – she can be called Laura – if she could copy her homework. So Laura printed off two pieces; one for her, one for Kitty.

They both went to ICT and handed in their work. Kitty’s teacher asked her why she had copied Laura’s homework.
Kitty was confused, because the ICT teacher couldn’t’ve seen Laura’s work. But she had – it was in her hand.
Laura’s name was on the top of the paper.

Some people do apologise for what they did and that’s great. But the majority can’t freaking accept that it’s wrong to steal.

Aw I hope your mum is not annoyed at you very soon. *hug* Hope things get better.
I’m pretty fucking busy at the moment with shit raining down on me so could we start a new comment chain? /um

Take care! x

GAHH, I don’t know anymore. People just steal whatever they want to steal. It’s like they act before even thinking! There’s something called credits? There’s something called karma? Sometimes, when I’m really bored or mad, I just end up thinking “maybe they got hit by a car”. I’m such a devil sometimes. LOL

I just hope nobody would steal my poems and articles. Coz those came straight out of my head! And for the poems? They were first written in my old agenda, and then transferred here. So it really shows how creative I am in such a boring state/class /bounce

But so far, I haven’t come up to anyone who have stolen some of my content. Which is good because my life sucks at the moment, and I don’t want it to suck more finding out that someone stole something from my site!

The cube chairs are custom made? That sucks! Well, I’ll still try finding them. Maybe they’ll happen to pop out sometime and somewhere ;)

I want to watch a real opera, but I’m stuck with musicals IN movies. LOL. Which is ok I guess as long as the songs are good, that it.

Thanks :) I need all the luck I can get!

LOL really? I never knew you could do that! Haha, you can do just about anything on the internet XD

Haha yeah. The computer is pretty big and powerful as well, but that’s a different story since we ♥ the computer XD

I dont know how many hours we need here, since I don’t drive XD. I know that they have to get like a certain amount of hours though, just not sure how many. Aww I hope you get those hours in! People shouldn’t lie about it, since it’s for the better, even though its a lot

Yeah, also they mention how it distracts the performers. And I agree with them, it would be pretty distracting. & definitely copyright. Someone could just video tape the whole thing, which wouldn’t be good XD

Haha yes. Bad experience. When it stopped hurting though, my friends mom wouldn’t let me go back in the water. -__- It wasnt bleeding and we had put a bandaid on it. But when I did go, the salt water made my cut better :D Aww I don’t get blisters, but all of my friends do. I think it’s because I have been skating for a long time, both ice skating and rollerblading so I guess my feet are use to it XD

WOW. I can’t believe people would steal those kind of things. Like I mean seriously, BLOGS? That’s crazy. It isn’t really a “blog” since none of it actually happened… that sucks, I hope you find out the little thief.

Hmm well the way you are going to handle your little thieves situation depends on you. If you really want to send out the message that stealing from other sites is WRONG and that stealing in general is wrong, then don’t do it in email. Haha it really is pathetic that they would steal. You don’t need true talent to steal other peoples work. I think Name and Shame is the best though.

Aww, I hope things straighten out soon both with the stealer and at home. (:

Naming and shaming doesn’t always stop people doing things. And well, maybe they don’t know a thing about site’s? So rather then yelling at them, perhaps they should be given some helpful links to tutorials. The way I see it, if someone copies you, be it work (although it can be annoying), what you wear, or make, take it as flattery. They’re in so much awe they couldn’t resist trying to impersonate you. :D /love I hope things get better for you at home *virtual hugs* /rose

I know it doesn’t really stop them, but it sure makes me feel less angry about it, personally. Not all of them will stop. But usually it’s immature people and they really need a spanking. :P

Yes, it’s true – they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I still think it’s bad. Haha.

Thank you! Things were much better at home today. *hugs*

Dang I hate it when people steal and accuse you of doing it so they would make themselves look better and visa versa. Ya know? I’m sorry someone copied your entire post and changed the names. How lame is that?

I agree with you that some 12 year olds are mature for their age and others not so mature.

Stealing coding is one thing but stealing someone else’s hard work such as poems and what not is down right wrong. I’m sorry I don’t know what else to write as I’ve just woken up.

I think people stealing from your site is one of the most annoying things that can happen. These people don’t seem to give a damn that you’ve spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into producing these things. /angry
It doesn’t actually happen to me that often but then again my site’s nowhere near as popular as yours. When it does happen though it pisses me right off. The thing is though, there’s not really a lot you can do. O_O

I remember once a girl had taken a load of my tutorials completely as they were. You could tell the difference between mine and hers because her spelling and grammar was AWFUL!
When I asked her about it she started denying it saying I wasn’t the only person who knew how to write tutorials about these things. /huh :O
I thought I’d name and shame and she still denied it. Then she decided I was the biggest bitch put on this planet, haha! I think it wound her up when I just replied with ‘love you too’. HA!

I just don’t get some people. @_@

Stealers are assholes, why can’t there be a police or something that kicks them offline? Thats really stupid lol, the links still lead to your blog? Some people are overly stupid, they shouldn’t even try. /angry

Oh right! I saw on your Tumblr how that one girl took your blog. What the fuck? Its a blog, why isn’t she capable of writing her own? Douche. And alllll your tutorials? Someone’s bound to point it out, I don’t know how they think they can get away with it *face desk*

Ehh, to me stealing is stealing, but when you think about it, they’re all big fat wannabes. I know a couple 9 or 10 year olds online, and they actually put forth an effort. Sure, their sites aren’t fantastic, but the content’s not stolen ffs.

They actually say they didn’t know it was yours? >.> Uhh, so they just take things? I seriously don’t know how that would work, you have rules up.

Thats just stupid how they claim its theres, uhh, hello!? There are people who saw that on your site before it magically showed up on yours >:(

Ho hum, I haven’t really had experience with stealing /rose So I wouldn’t be able to give you an opinion on your idea =| I kinda like your strategy though, maybe you should just humiliate them! :)

LOL, when you said Mars bar I got really hungry :P My friend had a deep fried Mars bar, which is a little weird in my opinion :P

Oh gosh, whoever submitted that essay is really dumb >.> I always get freaked when you have to run your essay through those “Hand it In” things that check for copyright, it checks for even the smallest words O.O

Awwe ((hugs)) I hope things improve at home <3

You shouldn't feel sorry, I should feel sorry, your comment is almost a week old and I'm just returning it. And, you're on break, you shouldn't have to do anything! I wish it was a hot day here tbh, its too cold!

Fringe does sound more conservative and normal, bangs just sounds…errr.

I KNOW! Some guy in my class always does that, and during tests, we all want to concentrate, but half of us can see him flipping his hair O.o

I've never been camping lol, failure :P I never really thought about it actually, I haven't done a lot of things = Oh no! That must have looked really appetizing in its brown, sludgy glory. I remember once that happened, and me and my sister took some and put it on the floor in the other sisters room so that it looked like you know, crap. So we called her in, and the look on her face was priceless. Except the first thing she said was "MOM! Carly pooed in my room!" -.-

Eesh, I remember at tennis, I had one or two feminine products in my bag, and that "old" man who keeps sitting on my stuff, knocked the bag off the bench, and it all fell out. I had to run from two courts over to pick it up…errrgh.

Oh I know, I'd probably have a mini tantrum, and cry like a small emotionally disturbed child lmao :P

Thank you for the lovely birthday wish <333 It was really small, and I didn't get together with any friends :P I went rock climbing last year, but there was some drama afterwards because some girl got upset that she wasn't invited =/

LOL! I'm relived that someone thinks like that, because I feel like a brat going "Its my birthday tomorrow", because I know some people think I'm saying it for the attention -.-

Don't hate the Mathfun! Its sexy if you ask me ;P

LOOOLOL, I have a dirty mind too, and Cooper holds up the sign and goes "I couldn't fit basket", he has a dirty mind too, so I think he did it on purpose lmfao :P

Awwe, your birthday wishes are so sweet <33 Ily ♥

And Carly is my middle name lol :)

I really agree with the blog! The mars bar part made me laugh. XD I know a site that stole stocks from and a blog post from as at the time). love the layout btw ;)

Oh, I hope everything is okay at home. :/ Things get difficult for everyone… 0-0

I’m hoping I happen to be one of the 12-year-olds who tries with her site and does not copy? =P

I see what you mean though. I know Jorja has had this problem, I’ve had it before, you have… most of the blogger community has, in fact.

It’s just quite stupid. At the least, they should ask for permission to be inspired or take ideas from you (of course editing them themselves). But no, it’s just “I like your stuff so I’m gonna copy it kay.”

Oh. My. Gawd.

Stealing blogs? I have not yet heard of anything quite THIS pathetic in a while… wow. They think you wouldn’t find out, or notice?! -shakes head dejectedly-

That essay story is just sad. :( There are people at my school who would do that, as well, and I have never quite understood it. You’re not getting graded for what you’ve done, and then you will never quite know just WHAT you are capable of if you just try yourself~!

It’s like with my credits page. I DO use search engines to find things sometimes, but I always, always, always make note of the URL and credit the owner. Say I credited the wrong site on accident… at the least, I’m able to put the right link up as soon as I realize it, and sincerly apologize to the respectful owner.

I’d have more respect for someone, even if they DID steal, if they were able to regret it and apologize, and make amends.

I had a wall of shame for a while, on the early EOI… then realized that made me almost as pathetic as the stealers. It’s best to approach them politely and give them tips and suggestions for improving their own skills, as opposed to trying to make them look like doorknobs in front of the whole world. It’s good to be mature and handle situations being the… bigger person, as some would say.

I hope everything turns out fine at home, and take care~! xx

I think I saw a tweet of yours once that said someone copied your entire blog, or something like that… I can’t believe someone would actually do something so ridiculously stupid. Although that is something to laugh about, there are times when it’s just frustrating, like when people steal your work and claim it as their own.

Recently, I had this lame, pathetic hosting site ( copy pretty much everything I had on Pixobox’s homepage and put it on theirs (the welcome message, “why choose us” section, etc. They changed it after I confronted them about it though. However, they did keep the screenshots I took of Pixobox’s cPanel (which has on it, proving it’s mine), WHM, and WHMPHP. It annoyed me SO much cause they denied it and then accused me of saying “everyone” copies “everything” from Pixobox, LOL. I was like DUDE, I have the original PNG files of the screenshots and this other image they took, and you can see “ (pixoboxn)” on one of them. xD Sorry for making this so long, but I really needed to tell someone who knows what it’s like. I feel much better now. :P

I personally think that when it gets really bad, something should be done, like publicly confront them on their own website, so that their visitors can see it. :P I know, it sounds mean and wrong, but they brought it upon themselves!

Haha it was quite a while ago that someone copied my blog, but yep. It’s pretty stupid considering blogs are quite personal things. :S

That site, – continually spams people, or so I’ve noticed. They have been leaving comments on people’s sites trying to promote their company. It’s ridiculous. I can’t believe they copied what you had on Pixobox though. What a laugh. :P

I don’t mind at all! I love hearing people’s stories, especially when we’re in the same boat. :)

It does sound mean and wrong, and it sure feels like it when I have a go at them… but I try to do it in a “polite” way, sort of try not to snap back, but to tell them about it matter-of-factly. XD

More stealing? O.o It hasn’t happened to me… and I’m glad. I’d be really pissed if it did.

Someone copied your BLOG? Okay… that’s seriously immature, low and stupid. BLOG? Can they not WRITE at ALL? … That’s really silly. BLOG? Yeah, I read that and thought wtf?

HAHAHAHAHAHA, click here. Stupid student. My teacher in 8th grade once told us some student tried to get away with turning in the work of another student. But apparently, they forgot to change the name at the top…. HAHAHAHAHA FAILLLLLLLL.

And I feel like I haven’t talked to you in ages. So hi (:

Uhmmm, celebrity couples? The fake kind. xDD Yeah, James and you are cute. Period. (:

Hahahaha, exactly. Pain free… that just does the opposite of what’s intended, it scares people


I’m not sure if you told me Tumblr was addicting. We’ve never talked about it I believe. :P But I’m on it a lot these days. I don’t use my site as much anymore because of it. And I like updating my tumblr with just random things I find. And I’ve been using it as a blog everyday kind of deal. You probably don’t read what I write there since it’s so much but that’s where I’ve been updating on my life most of the time. :P

OOOHHHHHH, Big yellow Taxi… I have to listen to that song, I think I know it but I might not. It’s probably the song though. ^^

Oh, well I’m glad I can see mine. And I haven’t had any problems anymore (:

Ohh, visitors and internet providers? Probably the reason Kuya can’t access it. ^^

I’ll take your questions. xDDDDDDDD Except I probably can’t answer them all because I have limited knowledge.

And I’ve answered your questions in my current blog (:

oh you have a polyvore account too ! ooo i love your style :P kinda rockish and sometimes casual hehe.

i would feel so guilty for stealing. i think people steal because they want to take credit for everything… cause i know i had that intention when i started webdesigning. i want to be all like ‘HEHEHEHEH. I MADE ALL THESE THINGS. THE LAYOUT, EVERYTHING! PROPS TO ME!!~~ WOO’ yeah something like that.

Heyyyyyyyyy Georgie!!! How are you doing?

Okay so I know I left you a short message but I’m gonna try and leave you a long message now.

I think that stealing should be prohibited no matter what. I mean I do steal some codes here and there but I credit. I’m not perfect and you know that. I don’t steal from you I know better too. But when I do “steal” I credit like I said.

And I’m really thinking about going to Australia first to see what it’s like to travel, ya know? I dunno. It’s just an itching feeling I have to travel there first and than Japan or Japan than there. While I’m still getting money ya know?

Hmmm, I hope noone steals from you again, if they do I’ll beat them to the ground and make them say they’re sorry haha okay maybe I won’t do that, but I do hope that noone steals from you. That’s just plain rude. Especially if you write up tutorials and poems and what not. That’s even ruder.

I haven’t done much with my domain lately. I just feel like as if it were a chore. Y’know? Noone ever visits except for you and a few others so why bother? I think I’m just gonna keep what I have up and if people start coming around, than I might add more later. But for now I’m gonna leave it be.

Well; the big gash on my hand is starting to not look like a big gash but a small one now with dried blood that can’t be cleaned. I know what you’re thinking. Gross right? It is gross to look at but hey it was my stupidity that did it in the first place haha. Ah well; live and learn I guess.

Well; I’m running out of things to say so I again hope noone steals from you.

Oooh yes, I’ve heard of tons and tons of people stealing this and taking that off of peoples sites. LOL and they ALWAYS use the lame excuses, always! Hope things get better for you and your Mom! *hugs*

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Thanks but it’s fine. I’m not looking for hosting or domains.

LOL one time I was designing a layout and I copied and pasted someone else’s blog into it, so that I could see what it looked like with text. Of course, I deleted it as soon as I was done. Maybe that’s what was going on in that scenario?!?! lol it doesn’t make any sense otherwise. That’s pretty funny though.

Someone actually stole one of your blogs? That has got to be the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard of someone doing.

I’ve heard of people stealing icons, pixels, premade layouts, etc, but never someone’s personal thoughts. It makes you want to put a theft device on your brain or something.

How did you come to find this out?

I”m not sure what I would do if someone stole something of mine. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happends.

Hey, Georgina!

Oh wow, people have stolen a lot of stuff from you. I know that sucks. Blogger users who have “Button Requests” take a button base from some site but they don’t even credit that site!

God, who copies and pastes someone else’s blog? That’s so stupid!

A 12-year-old? Did a 12-year-old steal stuff from you? Looks like it. Aw, that sucks. I hope you’re not talking about me. :P Well I’m not 12, so I’m safe. :P

Yeah, you found something, you say “don’t steal” and when the owner finds out you say “I didn’t know it was yours.” Some people don’t respect the work of others.

You should totally do that Name and Shame thing. They’d be so embarrassed they won’t even go online anymore.

The person who really wrote that must have spent time writing that, and then someone submits it as their project.

Our computer education teacher showed us a video. A guy forgot his biography about his life was due tomorrow, so he found a nice story on the internet and the next day, the teacher wanted to share his own biography. Turns out the story he copied and pasted was written by the teacher.

What was really cool about that video was the last part:

“You copy,”
“You paste,”
“You lose. “

I like this blog. I know how you feel. I sometimes see people with my stuff on their website. It angers me :(
Also, a girl copied my whole blog, but didn’t bother to change the names. To make things worse, everyone still wanted to be affiliates with her and didn’t even take into account that she had been stealing. Everything on her website was stolen O_O I bet she’s still doing it right now. I could go to her website and abuse the hell out of her, but I don’t see the point in the end.
When the anger fades, you just see how pathetic they are.

What annoys me equal to that, is people who use resources and tutorials and do not credit. Damn that gets me mad.

I’ve never been a victim of ‘thievery online’ (if you will), but then again the stuff I shove on my site aren’t exactly worthy of stealing XD

Stealing your blog?? That is so weird! I mean don’t people have their own lives to blog about? XD
heh. I’m sort of guilty of stealing your quote website idea. 😰 I did credit you on the about page, I promise! :(

You know, I was thinking of putting up my personal poems, but I think I’ll just leave them up on DeviantART for now… I would hate it if some 10 year old plagerised it for their school homework or something. o.O

Yes, I think shame is a much better approach. I remember seeing a lot of ‘Wall of shame’ back in my piczo days…
I also saw on the news once that shop owners are putting pictures of thieves outside their shop windows to humiliate them. So It’s quite similar to the ‘Name, shame’ thing you’re talking about.

Well that guy didn’t bother proof reading his plagerised assignment XD He could of at least removed the blue hyperlink! c’mon! It’s so easy to spot in a word document. :P

Awww, I hope things get better at home soon ♥

haha it’s funny because I’m actually considering to study law! I suppose it will just end up being a pathetic dream, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try. Well…I take that back. It does kill to try and get into law XD
But of course I’m happy enough to do an economic or business degree or something or rather. :)

Anyway, I could go on about my future because I freak out and stress so much. 😳

I really do want to go on the snow trip!! But bet you anything my dad’s going to withdraw me from going at the last minute because his scared I’m going to die from a landslide or a snowball to the face. /hmph

Well good luck getting your hours done before July! I’m just going to stop doing my hours until my dad says I’m ready for the test XD He said around 60 hours….maybe.

Ahh, yes, you MUST get around to seeing Sherlock Holmes! It’s a very witty film in my opinion. :)

Yeah..I don’t think I’ll be going back to Cronulla any time soon. I’ll just go to Bondi – there will at least be Asian tourists o.O

I don’t think racism will ever die out…when I think of nationalism nowadays, I think of that terrible Pauline Hansen of One Nation Party who wanted a White Australia. She probably brainwashed the entire Queensland. And to think my little cousin lives up there :(

Why must people feel compelled to steal? What’s the point of running a site that is completely stolen, where’s the fun in that? I remember seeing this piczo site a few weeks ago and it was someone who was taken graphics worked on by other piczo users, rubbing off the credit tags and displaying them all, available for anyone to use.
I was seriously like /ehh wtf.

Lmao, how can someone claim that they didn’t know the content they stole was originally someone’s? LOL, that’s ridiculous. Gosh, even their excuses lack creativity.

As I said on twitter, I agree that the ‘name and shame’ method would be incredibly affective. Especially if you did it, considering how popular your site is. The culprits would cop a lot of crap. I would love to make like a ‘wall of shame’ and just name stealers, alas my site isn’t well known and my designs/content is rarely stolen.

Lmao, what a douchebag. Leaving the hyperlink to the document they plagiarized.

And sorry to hear things at home are not looking so good, I hope you’re Mum is making a healthy recovery if she’s still unwell.

Rofl! Thanks Georgie, I’lltell Christina that you’re on a manhunt for her XD But you really don’t want to know her, she’s just pushed it to far this time.

Ah, on the topic of rude mofos, your ex-bf. I can’t stand him, seriously I don’t know what you saw in him (no offense ♥) because he just sounds like such an arrogant C-U-Next-Tuesday. If you don’t follow a religion doesn’t mean you have to bash it 24/7 !

Star wars ftw! Are you a big sci-fi fan? Have you seen Avatar? I saw it a few nights ago, it was freaking amazing imo.

ROFL, omg. Yeah I got my report back after you left that comment and you know what I got?
Every subject was marked as N/A (I didn’t get a mark) due to my lack of attendance. Although there was one exception, which was maths.. My teacher gave me a B LOL. I gained a B for attending two maths lessons in the second semester. It was a proud moment for me XD

Aw yeah, fanlistings are like that too I guess. They’re so fun to make, I just don’t like the deadlines sometimes (deadlines make me nervous /sweat). I just created another four, though I’m not linking them up yet because two of them are adoptions and I’m still waiting on the members/affies lists. And I think that you should own at least one fanlisting from TAFL! There must be some anime/manga that Lilian has forced you to watch/read that you’rea fan of XD

LOL no you must ask her if she’s related to Ben. You never know, they could be distant cousins! Talking about Ben Jorg, I got my sister to listen to GLAC’s music on their myspace page.. and now we’re both fans! Their music is great, despite it being fairly electro it’s still not the typical mainstream crap if you get me?

Yeah some girls need to start acting their age. I mean the other week I found out that my brother (who’s freaking 18) made out with one of the twins that are in my class at school at a party. My brother was 17 at the time and the twins were 15 :l (my brother thought they were older at the time). Such shame. Their trashy little sluts, and like their Mum allows them to go out and party, get wasted. Even smex guys at their house. GAH


(I changed a few words in the sentence, but forgot to re-read it all as one D:)

Haha, my Gravatar isn’t really my picture (the flip flops one)! I found them from my laptop. There were a lot of beautiful avatars that came along with my laptop when we bought it. I just thought they looked so cool before and I didn’t have any decent picture anyway. :D :P

Having people steal/directly copy the things you made/did are just so annoying and wrong. Sure, sure it makes you feel so good taking credit off those things when you didn’t even do them. But hey, how would they feel if I steal something from them? 🙄

Sometimes I find it a bit amusing seeing people do that because it just shows how strongly pathetic they are. Seriously. But other times it can make you feel really angry because you’ve put a lot of effort into what you do. /ho

Wow, to have someone to copy your whole blog and only changing the name(s) are so f*cking stupid. I suppose they don’t have a life and they just want to borrow yours. O_O

Eeek. I’m twelve years old. Sometimes I could behave really immature but now I’ve naturally (sort of) started to “grow-up”. Those other immature, annoying, freaking, 12 year olds should too. How long will they keep this up? This is not what web-design means. That’s web-stealing.

Hypocrite, liars, stealer, wow, a perfect match.

Ripping off people’s hard work is rude. Not just rude, it’s also illegal because it’s still stealing. You should register a copyright for your website, Georgie. That way, if anyone wants to try to steal your stuffs, you could sue them. /ehe

LOL. I can’t believe the essay had an underlined “click-here” text. Whoever did that is really smart. Smart enough to fool people, alright. That’s like putting a sign to tell the tutor, “I didn’t write this essay. I copied and printed it from online.” /hehe

People who don’t even bother to admit they steal, are so… weird. Even if you did steal, at least be able to apologise and admit you’re wrong. It isn’t so bad rather than having people being more suspicious of you. Sheesh.

Aww… Maybe your mum had a bad day. I’m sure she’ll be okay again later. I hope everything at home will be alright soon. ♥ *Hugs*

Stealing is such a frustrating thing, and people just don’t get that it’s not cool to do it. I’ve come across a couple of stealers in my time and had poor pathetic comments like, “I just found your site SO inspirational” or shit like.
I’m flattered but I’d rather you didn’t rip it off.

I never come across actual blog stealing though. What on earth would possess you to steal someone’s thoughts? That’s a bit… odd. Making up your own day from someone else’s. If you’re gonna do that then you really shouldn’t have a site lol

I agree though. How do you respond to such people? It’s obvious that they are attention craving so if you write a huge blog about them, their head is going to inflate to an unmanageable size. Some hosts do very little to care either. Meh, what ever happened to people just being nice to one enough, eh? :P

wtf, stealing your blog??
You are right, majority of the persons who hi-jacked my stuff aren’t even teenagers yet.

Sometimes people forget where they get a texture or a png from, I guess that’s okay.
But to take someones work and erase their name of it and put theirs, now that’s just wrong.

People shouldn’t even dream about stealing personal photos, stories, poems and blogs.

Don’t get mad, some people are just FAIL like that.
I’m a 12 year old, but I don’t result to stealing. I admit I’m still learning. My website isn’t the very best, or top-noch like yours, but I still have plenty of time. I wouldn’t steal someone else’s work then put it as my own! That’s just mean. :

Ignore them, and simply post that it’s your work. If they result to flaming, their just plain immature and not worth your time. :P


I hate thieves. They’re retarded, and as you said, immature.

WOW they actually stole a blog? LMAO! Kay, obviously people would know it’s yours cuz your website’s been here for a long time and lots of people know it. :P

Haha stupid kid. You’d think s/he would at least be smart enough to actually put in a tiny bit of effort to look for any links. xD

Aww, I hope your life at home gets better. :(

Yeah, I suppose their salads aren’t bad, and their egg McMuffins, but other than that, I don’t like them. xD

Really? They’re so awesome! xD

Ohh. Well I dunno. And really? I think pizza is DEEELISH! :P

Ohh really? Hee. Okay. :)

Ahh, I would renew it, but I probably wouldn’t have money. :P Besides, I’m moving into the country in June or July, and I’ll probably have to use dial-up.

Ohh, really? I might post some poetry, too. And maybe drawings. :) And ahh, me too. It’s fun, also!

Lmao, what in the heck…I knew people stole other’s people’s coding, tutorials, graphics, layouts and things of that sort but wtf…people are stealing blog’s now. Like really, what’s the purpose of stealing somene’s blog? Ummm…I guess.

I was in uniform all through school until I got to high school but now it’s back to uniform for me. I really don’t care because now I won’t have to be stressing on what I’m going to wear the next morning to school and avoiding wearing the same things over and over.

It’s great if your BF’s mom likes you because she’d give you hell if she didn’t!

Aww I’m sure you’ll find a buyer soon. :D I would get it but i have no use for it. I had six at first, i replied 3 and came back later and i have 8, i replied to 2 and now then back to find 11 lol.

Yeah me too. :) I don’t think they will go out though because she said she wanted to try to be single for a year.

Blogs are things that happen in your life, it would be soo damn dumb to copy. I mean seriously soo stupid to copy and blog. wow.

Is her name Nasian? Vicky contacted me about her. She took some tutorials from Vicky and some content from you. Vicky asked her to remove it but she didn’t. So she asked me to warn her since i talked to the girl a lot.

I hate people who judge others because it would hurt if some one did that to you. Like you go up to someone and say “I’m pregnant” They will just shun you out of their life. Treat you like you are below them.

I feel that way when I’m around her. I cant even talk to her because its soo hard. I listening to music in class sometimes. I see them talking about me. Glancing at me and then laughing. They think i don’t know but i’m not stupid.

GYM was the class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best one ever!!! Power point will be fun since i have an addiction to computers lol.

My school years suck and i hate it . 2012 needs to come lol. In high school, I’ve mostly learned to never trust anyone.

Hey lovely :)

I guess comments are just a never ending cirlce and you probably barely have an hour where there is no comment to return to, even if you would catch up on all of them. I wish I would be a little bit more like you on that one. I left my comments be there for like 2 days because I am that lazy. But I finally got around to return them. I want to blog.. but not before I return all the comments I currently have. Good luck on yours! :)

Definitely. Those people who still live and are healthy are really lucky, but they definitely aren’t the only heroes. There are soo many other soldiers that died and should be remembered as heroes too. Like a lot of the soldiers and people that died during WW2 trying to get Hitler and the nazis to stop.

We have this kinda wall too, but it’s pretty short. It displays the names of the soldiers from my town that died during WW1 and WW2. It’s really sad to see.

Skiing was the word I was looking for when I commented you, but I was too lazy to translate it online so I went with snowboarding xD Lucky you! I haven’t even tried skiing yet – not to mention snowboarding.

Haha, I guess their parents forgot to teach them that lesson!

Do you still check what is on the domain you gave away? Like, if someone is using it and stuff? Because sometimes I find myself typing in the URL just to see if somebody is already using it.

I sure can wait for the tutorial. :)

Some peope are really, really impatient when it comes to reviews and comments. I mean, they have a life and we have one too. It’s not like we’re just sitting infront of the computer doing site stuff.

Seriously, why would you steal somebodys blog. That’s more than just ridiculous and immature. Is your life really that boring that you have to steal from someone else?!

I think I saw a blog post on your tumblr where you reblogged somebody who found his/her blog on someone else’s tumblr. What the hell is wrong with people lately? Well, not just lately. But you know what I mean.

Stealing is and probably always will be a problems we can’t solve. The best thing to do might really be to just sit back and laugh at them. Laugh at how stupid they are.

Are expose them. Show the whole online world who those stealers are. Maybe that will stop them – at least for a week or two.

I know I wouldn’t want to have my name on some website connecting to the subject of stealing. I would search for a hole to hide in.

It really sucks that things are being though at home right, I hope it will be better soon. ♥ I want you to be happy and not have to deal with things like that *hugs* ♥

Omg I can’t believe someone actually stole your blog. How annoying and rude, I can’t stand people who steal. I hope this person has removed all your content and apologized. And like you said, I hate it when it’s copied content and then you go to their site and they have don’t steal my work 🙄

Wow, that’s so shitty about people stealing? If someone stole my stuff I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think I am that talented for someone to be inspired to steal my stuff. Imitation is a form of flattery apparently…so beflattered! LOL.

Naming and shaming sounds good. I would. They don’t have the curiosity to not steal, you shouldn’t space them any sort of shame. I am sure you angry followers would write angry emails to their hosts anyways.

I don’t even know how you find the sites that steal your gear either?! C’est magic!

I hope you’re okay as well. I saw your tweet about going away. Whatever is going off, I hope it turns out well. <3

Wow someone actually copied your blog and changed the names /angry they thought they could get away with it. If people don’t have any ideas for their website, instead of stealing, don’t have a website! or only have a blog which is written by them only.

There is this website that I go to, people copy her so much, even though her website is popular and is loved by so many people, some still copy her! so I told her.
I would feel soooo guilty if I stole something, but I wouldn’t steal in the first place.

I hate stealer’s! I hope everything is going well for you.
Sorry I have to go, can’t write anymore /wah

I don’t get why people would like to steal things in the first place. What the pleasure in pretending you own the stuff that you steal? It’s ridiculous and annoying at the same time. .___. /oh :)

Oh, my God. This is exactly like this one girl did–is doing–to me. She stole seven or more of my articles WORD-FOR-WORD and maybe added a picture. When I confronted her (politely), she blocked me from her guestbook. I had several blogs about her (I can’t remember if you commented any of them or not) and posted her on the Wall of Shame with an image of all the rude ‘anonymous’ comments she’d posted to me. AND SHE DIDN’T STOP. She loves all the attention it’s giving her, even if it’s negative, and she just keeps blocking everyone that says anything about it to her from her guestbook. Her host is Piczo and I’ve sent them two e-mails over the past month when it started, and they haven’t replied (and probably won’t). Sigh. So, sadly, your method isn’t/didn’t work for me. She was using an IP proxy thing, too, so I had to block a bunch of IPs from Cutenews (where she kept commenting), but I’m not sure if the way for blocking multiple IPs from a group (with stars to replace the end numbers) works in the .htaccess file… I wonder if that even made sense. :/

I’m loving that book as well. :) It’s on the computer so I cannot read it much, because my mom starts shouting at me for being on the computer. XD

She only has a small scar, thankfully. It doesn’t hurt anymore.
My mom is the same. When I feel sorry for her she gets mad at me for some reason, and I get mad at her as well.

I would have liked to cry it out, but then my sisters would have been like /huh and /hehe Not good to have two sisters who laugh at you whenever you have done something “uncool”.

I talk to my friends whenever I feel depressed. I talk to only a few of them if it’s about family situations, because my parents wouldn’t like it if they knew I’m talking about family problems outside the family. But my friends are really caring and supportive.

Hehe, I had two umbrellas, actually. One was the little one, which was yellow. Another one was a pink one with a Barbie near the top. I think I still have it somewhere. :P

Yeah. The person who stole my coding made a fool of themselves, alright. It’s really immature. /hmph

Wow, people steal blog entries? That’s not even like… comprehendable. Are their lives so sad and their minds so bland they have nothing to say other than pretending someone else’s life is theirs?!! I mean, i wouldnt condone tutorials, etc being stolen, but at least it seems like theres more motivation behind those!

The whole stealing thing is getting seriously ridiculous. I’ve seen it all as well. People stealing my coding, premades, smilies, tutorials… everything.

I love the direct linking thing haha, it amuses me. :’)

I think I know who this is about heh. But yeah, some 12 year olds are very mature. Like Jorja, she’s not long turned 13 but she’s so mature for her age!

I love it when they try to claim it’s theirs, or they didn’t know it belonged to someone else. It’s hilarious. It’s like people who remove links from premades “I forgot to put it on!” how could you forget when the link was already there?

That’s a good point. I don’t know, the stealers used to make me close but now I just laugh. I was going to name and shame but what would that do?! I either email them or report them to their host now…

LOL @ the essay thing. Someone at my school done that once, it was so funny.

I also find it funny when people put on their tutorial/visitor page “PLEASE DO NOT STEAL OR COPY MY WORK YEAH” when they have stolen it themselves. :’) They obviously know it’s wrong…

I hope things at home get better Georgie!! *Hugs*

OK, this is your reply to your comment, I apologise if I can’t remember all of it.. you did leave it like 6 days ago. o_O

I hate it when it goes to minus degrees. :( It’s just too bloody cold. It warmed up a bit, I think it was 9 yesterday but we’re getting more snow on Wednesday? Lol.

I know an inch really isn’t a lot. We just can’t deal with it because we’re never prepared for it. This is the worst Winter we’ve had for a very long time…

LMFAO. Twice daily?! I do it once. :P I remember when I done reviews, I used to dread looking at my emails. o_O

Ah yeah that’s fair enough. I don’t know why but the archives page amuses me… on any site ha. I like Page Navi *nom*

I didn’t wanna list Maintenance Mode… nearly everyone has heard of it hahaa.

I had Statpress seolution on audiorush but forgot to install it. o_O *Reminds self to do it after this comment*. This is going to sound stupid but I don’t understand tags LOL. Never used them either.

I know, I prefer the Winter because I hate being skinny and everything, I love hiding underneath loads of clothes. In the Summer, you can’t do that. :( Although, I still wear jumpers in the Summer lmao.

Oh that sucks. I’m sure it will snow there at some point or another.

I’m sure you’ll remember how to drive when it comes to it, it’s just one of those things. I know you can do it. XD It’ll be so much easier for you to get to work etc as well, even if it will be a pain trying to find a parking space. o_O

LOL, that’s why I don’t tell anyone offline about my site or Twitter haha. That’s why my tweets are protected too, in case Rob or my offline friends find me. :P Twitter is a huge distraction though…

Work it poop. :( I don’t really mind the journey on the way there because it’s peaceful most of the time. But on the way back, my second bus is always packed. :( The transport sucks here too!

I’m sure you’ll be fine Georgie! You don’t HAVE to do it, remember that. :P You’re not super human, you’re just you! :D

LOL! Duct tape you and James together?! Haha, awww! I think I’d do that with Rob if I ever got him to come to a concert with me. XD Oh you should have gone! :(

Yep. I mean, I’m sure loads of combination of words have been used in real life and lyrics before so it’s not like anyone owns them.

LMAO, Sasha isn’t cheeky, she’s just plain stupid. :3 Hehe I saw you opened I still need to comment but I’ve been so tired. :(

I did fall over haha, a few times actually! I didn’t hurt myself too bad so it’s all good. :3

Buses here don’t even have air conditioning lmfao, sucks. I hate getting the bus in the heat, with a bunch of sweaty people.. ew. Some of my buses don’t even have heaters?!

I wish I could take my laptop too haha. I’m planning to get an iPhone on contract though. :D I heard you got one? Are they good? :D *hugs*

If I see anyone is stealing from you, I will tell you straight away :)