At Least I Feel Alive

The amount of stealing happening online is ridiculous. I’ve seen it all. Someone stealing all my tutorials, my layouts without credit, taking bits of my coding and not changing the links so they get an ugly image telling them not to direct link or the links lead to my site instead (LOL), someone taking my photos, site name ideas, copying my ideas… not to mention copying someone else’s personal poems, photos and even blogs. I’m not kidding. I’ve had someone copy my blog, paste it onto theirs and post it and change all the names.

LMAO. Maybe this isn’t such a serious thing anymore, is it? Most of the time it’s immature 12-year-olds who steal and take other people’s things.

Why do I say immature? Because there are so many 12-year-olds out there who I know and talk to and who aren’t immature, or who actually make an effort with their site, do things themselves, and don’t go off taking other people’s stuff.

This is seriously ridiculous. Making up dumb excuses like, “Oh I didn’t know it was yours”. Yet you chose to take something you just “found”, put it on your site and say, “I made these, so don’t steal!”

And you say so when that is exactly what you are doing. 🙄 Which not only makes you a stealer, but a hypocrite and a liar.

I’ve concluded that the way to deal with this is not by closing my site or tutorials and stopping them that way. Let’s be creative. You own a shop and people keep stealing. You don’t get angry and fire at the person or approach them or immediately call police. So when someone steals from me, maybe I shouldn’t email people at all, or report them to their host, whether it be in a rage, or politely.

Let me try this. “Name and shame”, so it’s commonly called. How about when someone steals a Mars bar from my shop, I go to the door of my store, point at the thief as they step out, and yell, “Hey everyone! This sad loser is so poor he can’t even afford a Mars bar for two bucks!”

Maybe I should sit back and laugh. It’s really pathetic that these people steal. What good does it do? Make you look cool? Nuh-uh, not when people realise you’ve directly copied something they’ve seen before. You’re making yourself look like a fool.

I remember a teacher telling a story about someone who submitted an essay for assessment. This tutor had to mark it, so she was reading it through, thinking, “Wow… this is really good”. She kept on reading, until she noticed a piece of underlined text reading: click here.

At that moment, she realised that the essay was copied. So clearly, this person had made a fool of themselves.

I appreciate that some people are able to apologise about this kind of thing when you bring it up. Some people steal for the thrill… but don’t freaking deny it when you do! 😡

My mum’s rather annoyed at me now. 😞 I sort of wrote this blog up the other day. 😒 But yeah – things get tough at home… just thought I’d say.

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