Live Forever

Sigh. Lately, the days have been hard. I know people start with the bad news first, but I’ll start with the good, because I want to be different… And because the bad news is serious.

My parents bought me an iPhone yesterday. I didn’t have a very good phone before. It was a phone James gave me. An ordinary coloured screen phone with no camera or Internet. Prior to this I had been using a black-and-white phone (my first phone) that resembled a brick. πŸ˜›

My mum asked me if I still liked my phone. She figured that I still did because it had “sentimental value”. Haha, that is kind of true. Nevertheless, she understood that it was a crappy phone. The plan was for me to get an iPhone because my brother, Brandon, wanted my iPod touch.

We went to the Apple store up north from home. I’ve actually never been in an Apple store. It was really busy when we went there but we were tended to quite quickly. The staff there were very friendly. The manager talked to us and introduced himself before introducing us to another staff member named Andrew. He was so nice and he was able to answer all our questions. I really like it when staff in a store are so friendly and approaching. πŸ™‚

When I went out of the store I could already use the phone and I had all my contacts imported from my old phone. πŸ˜„ I am still on pre-paid though, meaning that using the Internet will be very expensive. I also don’t have wireless at home so I can’t use the internet much on it. That’s what my laptop is for!

It’s a bit hard getting used to the iPhone and putting everything back on it (music and videos). I also haven’t listened to music on it yet but I know I will have to put the headphones in the top of the phone, as opposed to the bottom (because that’s where it is on the iPod touch).

I did give Brandon my iPod and he really likes it. 😁 He had a smaller old iPod nano before.

In bad news, I guess things aren’t really improving at home. I know I said I do not like blogging about my family and what happens at home but I feel like I should elaborate.

My mum’s been so strict on me since I was young. On occasions she has hit me and pulled my hair really hard. I am not a very good daughter and there are many times when I have disobeyed her or made her angry. It is very hard living at home when bad things go on. Don’t get me wrong; I love my mother but I am a very stubborn person. I will admit that.

I’ve not been on the computer a lot lately and I don’t mind being off the computer, at least when there is nothing going on at home. When I return to the computer there is so much to do. I know I’ve said this many times but I must reiterate – my websites are a hobby and I don’t want them to be anything like a chore. I completely appreciate that so many of you keep on visiting and support me all the way. I think it’s just that I seem so active online that if I disappear for some time… someone is bound to worry. 😞

I’m taking down the “ask me” page in a few days. People can just email me instead.

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