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Sigh. Lately, the days have been hard. I know people start with the bad news first, but I’ll start with the good, because I want to be different… And because the bad news is serious.

My parents bought me an iPhone yesterday. I didn’t have a very good phone before. It was a phone James gave me. An ordinary coloured screen phone with no camera or Internet. Prior to this I had been using a black-and-white phone (my first phone) that resembled a brick. :P

My mum asked me if I still liked my phone. She figured that I still did because it had “sentimental value”. Haha, that is kind of true. Nevertheless, she understood that it was a crappy phone. The plan was for me to get an iPhone because my brother, Brandon, wanted my iPod touch.

We went to the Apple store up north from home. I’ve actually never been in an Apple store. It was really busy when we went there but we were tended to quite quickly. The staff there were very friendly. The manager talked to us and introduced himself before introducing us to another staff member named Andrew. He was so nice and he was able to answer all our questions. I really like it when staff in a store are so friendly and approaching. :)

When I went out of the store I could already use the phone and I had all my contacts imported from my old phone. :D I am still on pre-paid though, meaning that using the Internet will be very expensive. I also don’t have wireless at home so I can’t use the internet much on it. That’s what my laptop is for!

It’s a bit hard getting used to the iPhone and putting everything back on it (music and videos). I also haven’t listened to music on it yet but I know I will have to put the headphones in the top of the phone, as opposed to the bottom (because that’s where it is on the iPod touch).

I did give Brandon my iPod and he really likes it. /bounce He had a smaller old iPod nano before.

In bad news, I guess things aren’t really improving at home. I know I said I do not like blogging about my family and what happens at home but I feel like I should elaborate.

My mum’s been so strict on me since I was young. On occasions she has hit me and pulled my hair really hard. I am not a very good daughter and there are many times when I have disobeyed her or made her angry. It is very hard living at home when bad things go on. Don’t get me wrong; I love my mother but I am a very stubborn person. I will admit that.

I’ve not been on the computer a lot lately and I don’t mind being off the computer, at least when there is nothing going on at home. When I return to the computer there is so much to do. I know I’ve said this many times but I must reiterate – my websites are a hobby and I don’t want them to be anything like a chore. I completely appreciate that so many of you keep on visiting and support me all the way. I think it’s just that I seem so active online that if I disappear for some time… someone is bound to worry. :(

I’m taking down the “ask me” page in a few days. People can just email me instead.

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GG ^^

(H) ✌️


*hugs* A hobby should never be a chore. It should be fun. :)

Also, I’m sorry to hear things are rough at home. I hope things turn better for you.

And yay for getting a new iPhone! Getting new gadgets and stuff is always fun! I need to get a new phone for myself one of these days, but I will certainly not get an iPhone, hahaha :)


Whoa, I want an iPhone. You are so lucky :) Yes, the people at Apple stores are really friendly! When my dad bought my brothers iMac they were so nice and helpful! My dad haggled and got heaps taken off the price and loads chucked in with the deal. Haha, my dad never pays full price for things!

Man that sounds bad. I’m sorry. Things were bad for me a week or two ago. My parents were on my back, and when I did something wrong they would call me an idiot or bitch or selfish, not knowing how much it really hurt. I cried like every night that week. :(
I hope everything becomes good, and soon. You need to sit down with your mum and tell her how hard it is. Explain to her. I would do that with my mum, but she yells whenever she is wrong. :@


YAY for your new iPhone :) You finally got it. Hahahahaha. You’ve wanted that for AGES. And it seems like your brother’s wanted the itouch for ages too, so I guess yaaaay for him getting your old itouch then :P

You’ll have to show me the iPhone sometimes. Hahahaha. I hope loading all your stuff onto your iPhone isn’t TOO much of a hassle. D:

I didn’t even know there WAS an apple store somewhere. I’d have just gone to 3 or voda to get my iPhone :P

Friendly staff make me smile :) Especially when they’re really patient. Sometimes I don’t understand why some people go into customer service, when they serve people and are all grumpy. It’s like….it’s not our fault you’re in a job you don’t like. /angry

Hehehe! I remember the phone James gave you. :) I actually liked your first phone better. The Nokia 3315? I think O_O My mum had that same phone :P She only recently replaced it with my old phone. When I got my new one :P I LOVED her old phone cos it had SNAKE on it :D

Yeah, I still miss my old phone sometimes. It does have a lot of sentimental value. Especially cos my old phone was a camera phone and had a lot of pictures of us in highschool on it /love ✌️

Ngaaaw :( I’m sorry to hear that things at home aren’t improving. *HUGS* ♥ I wish you lived near me, so you could come and crash at my place. Hahahaha. Then I’d really have to keep my room clean so you could have somewhere to sleep. At the moment, there’s no room in my room. Hahaha Cos all my boots are littering the floor space. OOPS.

I hope everything gets better :) Let me know if I can help. :D You know I will :P

Yup! He’s very pleased with it, but now he wants wi-fi so he can use the internet on it. The silly boy is planning to jailbreak it. :O

Yeah, it’s kind of funny because I wanted the iPhone for quite a long time. XD I finally have it! /bounce

There are two Apple stores in NSW. One in George Street and one in Chatswood. Actually, the iPhone is cheaper at Apple stores compared to the phone company retailers. ;)

Yeah, it’s pretty hard for people to like their job but in customer service, at least be polite to the customers because they’re approaching you for help. 😏

I remember Snake! LOL. I was more amazed by Snake on the phone James gave me, because it was in colour and it was more interesting. I hated that fat Nokia though… it was cool in 2003, but after that people started getting fancy phones. @_@

Your old phone was cute and pink! 👏

*HUGS* It would be so cool if I could crash at your place! And hope your parents don’t rage. :P I would probably be a better person than your brother. LOL. XD ♥

CRAPPY /angry
That phone doubles as a rock; I’d like to see your iPhone do that. Hrrrng /bounce

D: I don’t remember the last time my mum hit me. My dad almost never did. Sometimes I think they love me a bit too much, but it makes me appreciate them all the more /faw



Uh oh! /um

Yes indeed. I guess the iPhone is a bit more fragile. I used to throw around the phone you gave me. It was kind of indestructible. XD

Aww. :( *hug* ♥

I wish I had the money for an iPhone XD, but this old crummy thing of mine will have to do for now. :P
Are the apps for it any good?

Sorry to hear about the home life Jazzmo (man i miss saying that >< nostalgia!). I really hope things are okay or at least improve for you from now on! I really do doubt that you are a bad daughter by the way.

Dylan /bash

Yeah, they are pretty expensive. :P Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a lot of apps for anything and everything. Some of the free ones are okay, but there’s paid ones as well. You can find so many things! :P

I believe I am, if being disobedient and selfish falls under that category. :(

Yay, an iPhone. I saw your personal message and I was looking for the blog that was about your iPhone and now I found it!

Even if the phone James gave you was crappy you can still keep it for the sake of looove. My mum has four phones and uses 3 of them. Yeah. Weird, right?

I’ve never been to an Apple store. But for some reason I can picture a white room with a soft blue glow. And a huge apple logo on the back wall. Weird.

I wish every store had nice staff members. There’s this guy at the closest Woolworths store and he’s a bit too nice. I see him every week and he won’t stop talking to you unless you agree to do the self serve checkout thing /hmph

I don’t really think that internet on a phone is that important. Like you said, that’s what a laptop is for 😏

I wish I could put my headphones in from the top. My new headphones are really good and without the extension cord, they’re too short. Plugging it in at the top would be really useful.

I would suggest just sitting down with your mum and talking about your feelings but your mum doesn’t sound like the type who’d listen. If you’re stubborn then she probably is too D:

I don’t know what you could do about your mum hurting you physically though. My mum pinches me and it hurts like a mother****** (it hurts so much that I have to use that word).

I love my mother and it seems that everything I say about her is negative. I am a stubborn child as well. I want to do whatever the hell my mum wants me to do, but I end up not doing it. I’m even stubborn to myself.

I would probably worry if you disappear for one month, to be honest. But I shouldn’t. So don’t pressure yourself, okay :) If it makes you feel better, I’ll call you honey (which is illegal in my circle of friends).

I hope things get better for you :)

Whopper. I love it when you say that XD

Woah, really? Well I hope my child will be mutated and have blue eyes. I hope my child looks nothing like me. I wouldn’t want my child to have a square face because they’re so hard to work with /ehh I have a square shaped face (my friends say it’s a hexagon but yeah XD).

Yeah. My family’s going to get confusing. What if my dad has a kid with ANOTHER woman. Then I’d have a half half sibling. A quarter sibling. Oh wait. It’d just be a half lol XD

I want to read everything. Yeah, Javascript is really stupid >_>. Maybe I should learn about PHP first instead. Thanks for the idea :)

Fyndalia. It’s like Fin and Dahlia. Hmm.. if you want something similar to that maybe have Fin as the first name and Dahlia as a middle name. But Fin is guy name. XD Moving along XD

I love the name Valerie. It’s such a nice name to say.

YEAH. I’m picking up new words and phrases from B2TF! Butthead! Great Scott. Woah, this is heavy. And so on.

Yeah, part 2 was probably the smartest one. I love how they start off going to the future and then they go way back into time.

The best thing about B2TF is how it’s not too Sci Fi-ish. Like, you know how Star Trek (or Star Gate or whatever XD) has so many planets and languages or whatever. And it gets confusing. Well B2TF still smart and complex but not confusing.

I feel sorry for Michael J. Fox because he has that disease (forgot which one, sorry). :( He would have starred in like a million films.

Hmm, now that I’m thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind owning a DeLorean. They’re pretty nice.

LOL. Like those ‘skaterboys’ who constantly have their head to the side. It reminds me of my new baby sister because her head is usually cocked to one side for some reason.

People often say that my hair is ‘messy’ because I don’t have my fringe tucked behind my ear and when I show them what I look like, they take it back XD It looks ridiculous. And it makes my squareish jaw more prominent :S

I’ve gone back to my nocturnal ways. It’s 3:46 right now. I think I need to go to rehab or something XD Someone has to help me with my staying up late obsession.

Is this a whopper comment?

First of all am so sorry to hear things are not improving at home – sometimes you just have to bear with it cause atleast you and your mother have a relationship, a close one. I can tell you guys have a good relationship as she bought you an iPhone there are some mothers like my own who is so hard on me…would not spoil me like that. I would rather take the hits and hair pulls if it means having a relationship with my mom – a good one. It could be alot more worst hun. Be thankful that you have some kinda good relationship with your mother and she looks out for you and loves you.

Congrats on your new iPhone – that is awesome!!! I know your brother must be walking on sunshine with your old iPod Touch…*LOL* But iPhones are so much more cooler…APPLE is improving alot more these days…

Have a good one hun!

I must congratulate you on your iPhone; it’s such a nifty gadget and sometimes, I wish I had one (please don’t tell that to my Blackberry, it will probably be upset and run away) XD

Apple store people are helpful and would be able to answer almost all of my questions. All their employees go through some sort of a training process which is a pretty good thing I must say. I guess it’s because it’s Apple and they have a certain standard to maintain :)

I used to have a black-and-white phone before too! My friends joked that the phone was so ancient, that if you throw it to a dog, the dog will die 😒 😒

I’m really sorry about your mom’s behaviour towards you, Georgie :( My mom used to smack me when I was little but she stopped when I started high school. I hope your mom will chill out and lay back the more older she gets; hang in there, you’ll be fine *hugs*

On an unrelated note, I will send out your shirts this week. My dad went on a meeting fest with his buddies and I am without a car to go to the post office. The public transportation here is helpless and I’ve never ever taken the bus here because it’s filled up with immigrants and pretty dangerous O_O

Yay for your iPhone, seems really cool to have. I have a Palm Centro, loool. Supposedly a smartphone, but the interface is really ugly and hard to navigate :P I bet it’s hard to switch from that phone to the iPhone. I’m sure the iPhone’s interface is a lot more sleek and complex. :3

I’m really sorry to hear things like that going on around home. It’s pretty similar in my family too. I’m the stubborn one, and my mom is the hot tempered one. Harsh words get thrown around and then we don’t talk for days at a time. ):

Thank you. :) Yeah, I agree. It’s a great feeling knowing that your work paid off.

Angus, thongs, and Perfect snogging sounds like my kind of movie too. :P It looks really funny. I’m planning on renting it at some point.

I haven’t read Harry Potter either. XD I don’t really care for it. I am a sucker for romance novels too. :D

Congrats on your iPhone; I really want one. Is it amazing like everyone says? I want one so badly…haha.

I’m sorry things ain’t the good at home. :( I hope it gets better soon.

I know sometimes thing don’t go well for a while. But It will get better. :) I hate when things don’t go OK. But just do your best to get through it.

Hope you have a good day! :)

Oh, sorry to comment again, but i had a typo. :( FireFox change are not to ain’t and i don’t know why..o_O

I’m sorry about that. The sentence is suppose to say: “Sorry things are not so good at home. :( I hope it gets better soon.”

Sorry about that..

Hey, I’m sorry about the bad situation at home. But hopefully things will get better ya know?

I’m glad your brother loves your phone. And that you got a new phone. How’s it turning out? Pre-paid? That sucks. I have a phone but I’m on a family plan. We only get so many minutes but we have unlimited texting! heehee.

Well; I got my computer yesterday. We waited for the ad to come in the newspaper like my dad said. And low and behold the paper didn’t have one. So we went to best buy, and looked at all the computers and compaired them to one another and I bought a gateway computer! I love it so far, but I need a ethernet cable plugged in so I can use it bah! O_O . We also changed my room around a bit and I quite like it this way. I wanted it this way for a long time. The dumb worker at best buy said there were no speakers built in so we had to buy speakers. When we got home we tested it and low and behold it had built in speakers. But we’re still using the speakers we bought for $20.00. How insane is that?

After all that I went to bed at 8:00 and was so tired I didn’t wake up until 9:00 a.m. this morning so now I have to finish everything on my laptop before handing it over to my dad who wants it. Lol. What a trade off huh? It was either keep dell or go with a computer and I wanted the computer and told my dad he can have it if he wanted it. So he’s taking it. :).

Well; girly I got a lot of stuff to do so I’ll see you later.

It’s not a hit counter I was trying to find a place for; it was a users online counter. I like those. :)

Pixelling DOES take forever, which is why I don’t normally do it. XP Well, that and because mine don’t typically turn out that great. Oh, well.

I can sort of say that I wish I had wireless, too, because after I managed to get everything uploaded yesterday (the new layout), it stopped working for me and I haven’t been able to get back on it since. XP

The Apple store employees remind me of when I go to Best Buy. Every five feet, an employee jumps out and asks, “Can I help you? Are you finding everything all right?” which is really annoying. Apparently they’re trained to be aggressively friendly, which I don’t think is a great tactic, but maybe that’s just me.

I never really caught on to the point of “ask me” pages. It seems to me like people could just comment or e-mail you with their questions.

I think it’s sweet when people are concerned when I’m gone, but it makes me feel guilty for not being there.

Hope you have fun with your new phone /eee
I don’t have an iphone but I have an ipod touch ;)

Your right; it shouldn’t feel like a chore. It usually does for me because I find the process of adding the content long. I’m pretty impatient /hehe

Thank you! Yeah, I had an iPod touch and I gave it to my brother. :)

I’m a pretty impatient person too. :P

You can try Haloscan for a comment box – I’m not sure if they have the old version or if it’s all crummy Javascript now. :S

Good luck in your science test. :)

Thank you :)
The test seemed to go ok. Not sure when I get the results though.

I tried getting haloscan, but I keep getting directed to this ‘Echo’ blog thing which apparently costs money to use. I don’t think I’m going the right way about it /wah

My Ipod iTouch is amazing, so I can image the iPhone is awesome.

I have strict parents also. /angry
I can’t wait for the day I can provide for myself and move out.

/hehe I have an avatar. XD
thanks for offering your help.
The only problem I have is, when I change emoticons (from the default to something else) in the themer the emoticons don’t show.

What? Dude, I think your eyesight is going cause um. I know a guy picking his nose when I see one. (Trust me, guys in my class do it numerous times.. O_O)

He’s smiling too, 🤫

GOOD! :) Everyone will want to see you!

Eiffel tower? Uhh, can I stow away to in your suitcase. LOL :P

Yeah, it just creeps me out. Like all the horror movies involve big houses, so yeah. When it’s lightning out, I can just see an ax murderer outside the window.

That sucks, skates and boots are brutal to legs and feet.

Aww, man, we’ll have to add that to our search list.
-Purple cube chairs

It is! Taylor Swift is coming there on my birthday, >.< >.< Aww, *hugs* I'm sorry about your mom and all that family biz. But it's alright. Like, my stepsisters (before they went to college) used to fight all the time with my stepmom. They thought she was being brutally unfair and 'ruining their life'. And in a way she was, like she was being so strict with friends and rules. And food, don't get me started with those girls and food. But in the end, your mom only wants whats best. And she tries. So try not to hold it against her too much, like someday you're going to go see your mom when your 30. And you and her will laugh and laugh, x)

Yay for getting an iPhone! That is so awesome! I am also super jealous. :P

I am sorry that things are a bit rough at home. I am sorry that your parents are very strict on you. I hope things will get better for you.

I’m sorry that your hobbies online seem like a chore lately. I have experienced that in the past and I know that stinks.

Oh wow, you got an iPhone? I have an iPod Touch, and I really like it. :) I also have a cell phone – a Samsung Slyde. It’s pretty cool.

Aww, it’s really sad that things like that are going on. :( Your mom hit you?Aww that sucks. My dad’s never hurt me before.

Thanks! :) Yeah, someone always finds out about thieves.

Meeh, they’re okay. Kinda watery though..O.o

Yeah, too bad the connection there is kinda wack.

I’m sorry that your life is so hard at home. I don’t think your mom should hit you unless you are disobeying her. I mean I can see for discipline for like a spanking or something like that but that is for younger children under 13 yrs old. Once you hit your teen years groundings should work just fine and once you hit your junior year of high school groundings/taking things away should work fine. Once you hit college revoking the privileged of a paid college should work perfectly. I don’t think that you should be hit under any circumstances but that’s just me. I can’t tell your mom what she should and should not do. I can only suggest it and I don’t even know your mom or even everything that has happened at home and what position your mom is in.

On another note, iPhones are cool. I prefer the iTouch, that’s what I call and iPod Touch. Easier on the tongue. Hahahaha. :) I like having cell phones so I wouldn’t want to be forced to have AT&T with Apple. I only have a iClassic. I have 584 songs on it though and like 8 movies and 6-7 games. It’s perfect because I travel a lot to go from Alabama to Ohio which is like 1000 something miles. A 2-day drive with our family of 5. I think that the inventor of the iPods were smart and that Apple and PC should merge because Apple’s computer’s suck in my opinion. I mean they look weird and they FORCE you to use it only for designing purposes and you can’t play most games on them. They are mostly made for PC (the games). If they merged that would be AWESOME. Two of the best things combined into one company. That company would be the “Disney” of the electronics. Hahaha.

Awh. I wish I could see what smilies they had. :'( Oh well. I’ll deal.

I bet the trips are worth it. I mean I want to go up to Wisconsin this coming winter (December) to hopefully go snowmobiling. I ♥ snowmobiling. I’ve only done it once but I had a blast. It was scary at first but I can easily say I would love to visit Wisconsin for 2 weeks and go snowmobiling every one of those days. :) I’m so weird. Great memories. Hahaha. :)

No problem. :) & Layers FTW!! (Y) I would probably die if layers weren’t invented.

Yes, if we don’t get off of the computer bad-really bad-things will happen. I’d probably go insane…or not. Hahaha. I love staying on the computer but right before I got with Dante I felt like I didn’t have a life and now I know that I have one. Although it only is with one person I still have some sort of life. Hahah.
I don’t like not feeling like I want to work on my site. When I feel like that I tend to either hang with my friends or just watch youtube videos and comment on people’s websites. Commenting on other people’s websites has become fun for me in the past few weeks. I think it’s a change of heart or something. Hahaha. I don’t know but I like it. :D

Oh, a beetle. If I got one of those my parents would walk outside and punch me. Hahaha. We play that “Punch buggy no punch backs” game. I would get beat up at home. I prefer Cheve’s of any kind. I drive my dad’s Cheve Cavalier. It’s old we bought it in 2001 but it’s still a good car. I love it. Small but good size for me.

Yeah, I should get a job but I should do a lot of things. <= my excuse for basically EVERYTHING. I need a job though. I want to be able to save up for a car. My mom said that if I save up $1500 She'll match it to get me a car. I really want my own car cuz I don't like sharing one with my dad. I'm looking (not that hard) now but I just haven't gotten any call backs or anything like that.

Awesome. I bet you are having fun learning things that you love. I love that fact that in college you only learn what you need to know. Unlike high school where you learn everything no matter if you need to know it for a future career or not. I believe that people should choose their career of choice in Middle School and take classes that they need throughout high school and on into college just have the classes get harder and harder. That way you could get your master's degree faster. That just seems smarter in my opinion.

Hopefully, you go into something with media and computers otherwise you would be in school for another 4 years. What a waste of 4 years of your life..unless you open your own business online..but still you'd need those business classes in college to show you how to own your own business.

Thanks. I'm so glad I got this domain open and I'm surprised at how fast I got it open. :)

I have an accent? I'm sure you were expecting that question but people from down here in the south say that I have a northern accent and my family from the north say that I have a southern accent. Hahaha. I love having a mixed accent. :) Makes me cooler. (H)

You admire me? I've never had someone say that to me. Awh. Thanks! It was fun. TOTALLY easy, too. As long as my parents are asleep I can do whatever the crap I want. :D I'm a lucky girl.

Thanks! It's two months next monday. :) This is the longest I have ever been with him. The other times I dated him it was for a week total (3 days the first time and 4 the second). I feel bad for doing that to him last year but I had to grow up and now that I know that it is so much better. :)

It's REALLY boring throughout the whole movie. The end is FREAKY though. I am not one to like scary movies either though. I loved this one though. It wasn't that scary but yet it was scary. More shocking. Idk. I'm trying not to say anything about the ending just in case you decide to see it. I think it was a youtube video before it became a movie. Then it got so many hits they made it a movie.

Wow…Hahahaha. I wouldn't cry I would scream and not be able to sleep though. I don't think you should see Paranormal Activity then. Haha. Too scary for you. Wow..Not something I usually say. Usually people say that to me. I'm such a scardy cat. XD

OMG! I’ve been wanting an iphone forever! Congrats! I hope you’re happy with it :-D
Haha your brother must be joyful to have that Ipod. Hehe.

I’m sure I’ve told you about my own mother. A strict and conservative person. Which is why I could understand your situation. Not 100% of course, but well enough to say that it is patience and love for each other that keeps the family together.

Yeah, having a wall of shame is pretty silly I guess. I’ve never had one even though I was tempted to put one up. Lol.

Leon asked me to thank you for congratulating him. He’s not much of an internet person so he can’t tell you himself. :)

Thank you. I never knew what support really was until Leon joined the army cadet unit. Bad enough I have this disliking for the military, but to have to listen to him talking about it half the time is really challenging. Haha.

Laundry and bad weather just don’t go together. But laundry and good weather can be irksome too because you have to stand under the sun to put them all up. Maybe I’m just lazy. Haha.

I know how you feel! I am a very sentimental person as well. (if that makes sense) /hehe I am going through something similar with the sentimental thing but I wont bother you with that.

I do understand how you feel about the whole mom thing. I am also a very stubborn person and my mom and I haven been getting a long verywell the past 2 years. I guess she was really stressed about my grandmother in the hospital for 5 months and her death, ever since that we have had a really rough relation ship. but it has been getting better. For example has warmed up to the idea of letting my go next year to italy and greece. :P

Your relationship with your mom will get better and congrats on the phone! :D

Haha that makes sense. I don’t mind hearing though, so next time just tell me! :)

I think all parents go through stress – both your mother and I. I have to admit that sometimes it’s my stubbornness and laziness has really gotten me into trouble.

But you’re right; things will keep looking up and getting better. Thank you. ♥

OMG you got an iPhone! you are sooo lucky! I really want one. I got an iPod Touch, so it’s similar, but I still really want an iPhone :P

I love going in the Mac stores xD I always use the computers/laptops there, and I go on the internet :X

I’m sorry about your family :( my mum also hit me when I was younger. I hope everything is okay ♥

Sometimes I mind not being on the computer D: probably because I really like to see if my friends are online.

Have a great day :D

Lol, its funny how excited the person always is that gets the first comment on your blogs XD

I wish my mom was nice enough to buy me an iPhone and oh how I would love to have an iPod touch. I bet your brother is happy :)

I remember you telling me how you don’t really like blogging about your family and the sort of relationship you have with your mom. She seems, I don’t really know but yeah. I don’t really know what to say about her but I do hope things get better for you soon ;)

You should be glad you don’t have a facebook, it can be a big hassle at times. You brought up a good point, it is funny how someone you don’t talk to for a long time always get into your business when something bad happens.

I keep away from my enemies to and I think it would be best if I kept it that way because I sure do know how to destroy them.

it’s nice that even tho you get into fights with your mum, you still love and understand her. some arent like that. :( they curse their parents. aw.

me too. i keep my blog as a hobby and sometimes because of the comments it appears as if it was a chore..

i never understood why or how people see their blogs as a chore to keep up with. It is a hobby. It is afterall a choice, right? hmmm, who knows. .
the iphone isn’t much to get used to. it’s the work you have to go through trying to get all your old contents back. you’ll get the hang of it in no time… it becomes your mini-planner. it’s actually very useful. I have my schedule, reminders, recipes, grocery list, and everything else that keeps my day steady and easy :)
that’s the hardest part of the “teen” years and sometimes moving into your adulthood. keep loving no matter the heartaches! heads up and keep doing your thing. ♥

Oh em gee, congratulations on getting a brand new iPhone! You certainly deserve a new phone considering your old one wasn’t in a very good condition, I supposed.

Haha, your brother was in luck! He got your iPod Touch…. Ngaww. The Apple store is always busy. Yet, I’m glad the staffs from the store were very friendly! Some services aren’t very good and they could sometimes be rude too. /argh

Aww… That’s too bad you wouldn’t be able to go online from your iPhone. It would be great if you could. :( But then again, even if you could browse from your iPhone, it wouldn’t be the same because of the tiny screen. So your laptop is there to save you. :P

I don’t think putting everything like your music and videos back on it would be a problem. You can use iTunes to help you. First you need to sync your old iPod Touch to your iTunes account (it’s like backing up your files) and iTunes will save all your music and videos to it’s server or whatever they call it. After you finished doing that, you should sync everything from iTunes to your new iPhone. Does that makes any sense?
I’m not really sure but that’s how my brother does it with his, at least, I think so. O_O

I’m really sorry to hear that your mum used to pull your hair and hit you. I think I’ve made my mum angry too before. But that’s only because sometimes I get extremely annoyed by her. Not that I intended to fight back. Because that’s rude and disrespectful anyway but it’s just something that’s too difficult to explain.

You’re not a bad daughter! You shouldn’t say that. Sometimes when parents get angry they do or say something they don’t really mean that could make us think we’re bad. But really, you’re not. *Hugs*

You still love your mum and that’s important too. Some people curse on and on with their parents. We all have certain things we’re not satisfied with our parents so it’s bad if people publicly post things like “I hate my parents” kinds of stuffs.

Lately, things have been gotten really tough for me at home too and I’d really like to share them with you but it’s something that I don’t feel very comfortable talking about. :(

*Double hugs* I used to feel the same way too about web-designing being a chore instead of a hobby. It’s mainly because I kept doing things that would satisfy my visitors instead of myself. Say you have low-quality graphics saved as .bmp files and so what? You’re doing it as a hobby. At least that low-quality graphic satisfies you and makes you happy!
So don’t feel pressured in some way. If you’re not able to complete reviews or able to return all comments or whatever, you shouldn’t feel bad. But then, when people expect too much from you like you mentioned before, it gets stressful. You’re not a robot, for god’s sake. Not everything you do is perfect.

That’s too bad you’re taking down your “Ask me” page… But I guess it’s for the best, anyway! :)

Yes, it was so rude. It’s bad enough people steal graphics, but someones blog? It’s basically stealing their identity. Very immature. All of the people that steal end up being like 12-ish anyway. I feel like slapping them *sigh*

I have seen websites that look similar to yours. I don’t know if they are using a theme you used, but yeah. The footer type you have now seems to be pretty popular. I am trying to find my own style. Well what I do now is my own style, but it isn’t just quite me. . .

Mmhm. It’s clearly there that they have stolen, but most refuse to take the stolen content down, or even deny it. Whenever I see that happening… I just think “Why?” It’s just… shocking. Yes, That’s the right word. Why would anyone want to do such a thing?

It’s a tough life to live. I know I can be loud and moody, but that’s just how it is being a teenager. I just can’t help but retaliate when they shout. My dad just infuriates me sometimes. Just the little things seem to tick me off. But when they used to call me names, I didn’t even deserve it. It was uncalled for and just downright horrible to say.

Why can’t parents just admit they are wrong? Is it too hard? They probably think if they admit to being wrong, that it is a weakness. . . But I don’t know how their f’ed up brains work.

I honestly just can’t wait to grow up so I can move out, and start my own life. I want to be independent. I’m already nearly there.
But at the same time, I don’t want to grow up. Time flashes too fast already :( *sigh* I guess I can’t have it both ways, can I?

My mom is almost always mad at everyone. XD She keeps on abusing my father even if they are not fighting, and also me and my sisters.

Yeah. That’s why it’s a relief to have a blog.

Aww, I’m sorry you lost that umbrella. :P I didn’t have many umbrellas as well.

That’s great about the iphone! I like it as well when the staff of a shop are nice. Most of the staff in the shops here are just…weird, kind of. Some of them (men, especially) stare at you as though they have never seen women before. Only some are friendly.

LOL. Turns out your brother and I have a couple of things in common. I also want my sister’s really awesome Nokia mobile phone, but unfortunately it’s only a few months old. XD

My mother has hit me a lot of times. But that’s because I’m really stubborn as well. Hopefully things turn out better for you at home.

Congrats on getting an iPhone!! I wanted one to read e-books and use the Twitter application on it XD I don’t know whether I should be ashamed of that though. :P

:( I hope things will begin to improve for you at home. Sometimes parents are very strict because they are actually being protective of you even though it may seem incoherent at times.

Take your time with your online life, it’s not going to disappear; even if it does you can restore it quickly. :)

Actually, my domain expires september of this year so I dunno what I should do. Should I renew it? Or what should I do? That’s why I have my blog at wordpress. I think I may go back to my domain shortly though. I dunno yet.

So yeah I think Japan is closer, than Australia comes next. I know a couple of people who have been to Australia before, and were gonna go again but the money fell through. So they didn’t go.

I’m loving my computer. It’s all I ever wanted. I can’t wait to get my total gym or that swivel exercise equipment. Heehee. I heard that the total gym (the one that Chuck Norris owns) folds and goes under your bed. I’m not sure if this is accurate but I think it is.

Well; Georgie, I’m off so I will leave a better comment when I’m done with my site. IF I get it done. I like making icons so, if I do go back that’s probably the only content you’ll see besides the stuff about me.

My parents can be like that too, and I guess like you, I’m not always that great a daughter either. Things always seem bad, heading for worse, but I promise you, it’s not as bad as it seems. She’s probably just worried about you and is naturally agressive at parenting. Everyone has some rough patches here and there, just try to keep smiling no matter what and don’t hold any grudges. Life’s too short to waste on the things you’d rather just forget. Especially if we’re supposed to die in 2012, boy does that cut us real short /ehh

Aww, thank you for your lovely comment. ♥

It’s always good to look on the bright side – sometimes I look ahead and know things will be alright. It’s just that going through it is tough. I try to keep quiet as angry as I may be – it’s so hard when those people are your parents. I guess my mum just cares for my welfare – doesn’t want me to get nowhere in life, so I have to stop being selfish and lazy.

I don’t really believe the world will end, but even so – live for the moment. ♥

Congrats on getting an Iphone!!! Oh yes, you have such a better experience when the staff at a store are polite.

I’m sorry about your home situation but your Mom shouldn’t be mistreating you in that way. *hugs* I hope things start to improve!

I know what you mean, when I fail at something I get really annoyed about it and just basically down. At the time I don’t really think about how well off I am in that sense but then little things make me realise.

It can be hard to think about other people when you’re going through something particularly bad, because all you want to do is make things better for yourself. I don’t know, it’s a strange thing.
I think a lot of the time I can be selfish without even realising it. 🤫

Hey lovely. :)

Oh wow Georgie! That’s a lot.. Sometimes while returning comments you just reach a point where you have nothing new to say really and then it’s really good if there is a new blog post you can comment on. Even though I might be happy if some people still have the same blog up when I return their comments, sometimes I am more thankful for a new blog post. xD

Definitely. I mean, you don’t get like a handful of them – you get a bunch. And then it’s really difficult to return them right away. People need to realize this. I mean, they get it back in time. That’s better than nothing.

Wow.. They definitely must have a damn boring life if they just go out there and steal Jorja’s and other’s complete blogs.. I would feel soo stupid. I mean, there is the chance that somebody who already read it on the original bloggers website and then sees it on yours.. wow. Poor stupidity.

Sometimes I wish that some of my dreams would be real and sometimes not, because they would make things really complicated and I am not in for complicatd things right now. But dreams are definitely pretty weird sometimes.

I have a dreamcatcher hanging on the wall behind my wall. :) I got it when I went to Spain in May and actually planned to give it to my cousin for her son Maxi (who wasn’t born back then), but then ended up keeping it. And it really helps – I think. I didn’t really have any “bad” dreams for a long while now. :)

I kinda really don’t want to ask her about this whole Mo stuff. He’s a complicated person – like really complicated.

He makes it difficult for somebody to like him most of the time. He says he is surrounded by the wrong friends (he used to do/does drugs and they make it easy for him to get some again even though he wants to stop) so I told him, that it really wouldn’t be that difficult. He could just come to us and be surrounded by the “right” people but he doesn’t really want to. I really have no idea what is wrong with that guy. He is a damn smart person and could do soo much with his life, but he just fucks it up by all the things he does.

She is not really the only reason. I guess one of the more important reasons are the ones I mentioned up there.. and they probably won’t change too soon.

Oh yay for the iPhone :) You’re parents are actually really nice to buy an iPhone! Aren’t they like really, really expensive on pre-paid?? Are you getting a different plan on the future or are you staying on pre-paid?

It’s really, really nice of you to give your iPod thouch to your younger brother. He is definitely one lucky guy! I hope he appreciates it. :)

I am really, really sorry that things are that bad at home! I really think no body deserves something like that to happen to him or her.

I really can’t understand why some people would hit their kids.. I remember how I always told my dad that if he would just touch me I would call the police on him – no matter if he’s my dad or not. And I guess I am kinda lucky, that my parents never hit me in any way.

I do hope that you and your mum find a way to somehow get along with each other without things like that happening again.

I want to see you happy and things like that definitely don’t make you happy. :( If you need to just really take a break – like really – than do so. Tell your visitors that it might be the only way to make things at home easier and they have to accept it. We want to see you happy lovely! :) ♥

congrats on the iphone. :)

yeah, she was really immature

hopefully, I’m getting an LGKS360 for my birthday. :p

Wow, an iPhone! I’m pretty jealous, but at the moment I’m happy with my iTouch. I use it all the time; I wouldn’t be able to live with it now.

It sucks that you’re having problems at home. At the moment I haven’t been having a great time either, my Mum’s boyfriend left for Australia and is now rather depressed and lonely without him, although she does still speak to him. Plus my brother is becoming more of a jerk each day and I’m really sick of him.

Congrats on buying an iPhone! Which one did you buy and how much space did you get? When I first got my iPhone I was amazed by the applications and whatnot on it. I had a crappy phone before I had the iPhone. You should get the data plan for the iPhone so you can use the Internet on it whenever. It’s very useful and that is why I got mine. I love Apple products! :)

I hope things get better at home for you. I am a very stubborn person as well.

Have you already bought the domain? Isn’t it just going to expire? I have 12 to go lol. You get lots of comments, I’m amazed at how you reply them all lol.

A year is really long. Things like that just don’t work lol. Eventually you will cave lol.

Vicky told me about her. Vicky told her to remove the contents but she didn’t, so I had to tell too. Them she started feeling all bad and saying how everyone hates her now. I told her that the best way to get off everyone’s bad side is too apologize. I don’t know if she did. She does talk to me a lot. She is like a huge fan of my website.

Totally off topic but I just signed into MSN in the middle of replying your comment ans someone just asked me for help. No hello. She just asked me to do Dynamic Sidebar for them. That’s a big no no.

Computers are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Congrats on your new phone!!!!!!!!!. I’m planning on getting that some day. :D It’s like 299 or 199. I forgot lol.

Aww sweetie I hope everything gets better at home. With you and your mom. Mother and daughter should have the best relationship. :D

Of course we’ll worry. We love you and if you just disappear like that everyone will go crazy lol. 😢

Parents are like that. Mine are like that. It’s gets annoying but you can’t help to love them. Well not my dad because he’s a bitch. Everyone is stubborn and we don’t listen at times but that’s just life though. You cant go through life doing everything someone tells you.

I appreciate the comment on my blog ♥ it made me feel better, though I’m not sure why… haha. :3

I’m glad I’m one of the 12-year-olds who is mature in your point of view. Phew. :P

Yeah, most people are saying the same thing about the concert. It’s not that my parents are strict, exactly, and as far as parents go they’re wonderful. I was just really disappointed, and what’s a good thing is that they understand/stood that and my mom even told me she expected me to be bad.

Another thing is that the concert was on her (my mom’s) birthday. So I would have felt bad making her drive me four hours on her special day, as well.

Basically, it’s all sorted out now. I’m really sad still, but I see where my parents are coming from too and I guess it meant a lot that they completely understood. Guess they’re cooler than we all think… :P

Better days are indeed ahead. :D

Oh! IPhones are wonderful. You’re really lucky :D

I love how you started with the good news, too. Way to be different, Georgina. ♥

I haven’t really been in an Apple store either, now that I look back on my 12 years of existence. I love when the workers are all so sweet though, in any store, it makes me feel more comfortable and hey, even if the products suck, I might still come back.

I have a little orange nano right now. Nothing much, but it holds my music and I can make crazy videos with my friends… so it’s still pretty awesome, whether it’s large and beautiful or not.

I’m happy your brother was pleased with the fact that he got your old iPod. I’m the youngest in my family and like it when I get halfway decent things from my sister, instead of… crap. :D

(I just realized how much I love your smilie set. I seem like such an addict in this comment…!)

I’m sorry things aren’t going so hot at home. I’m pretty strong willed too and understand how that can affect family life. My parents have never hit me or pulled my hair or anything (they are strongly against physical punishment) but I’ve gotten in trouble plenty, and like you said, am not the best daughter.

I know I applied for a review, but I want to say that feel free to do my last out of the rest on the “waiting list” so to speak, if you wish. I’m perfectly fine waiting, and don’t stress over anything on your site! It’s your site, and if people are going to be bugging you about updating it… well then they’re not even worth caring about their opinions.

Take care~

I really want an iPhone *is jealous*

I really hope things work out better for you :(

Omg yay! You got an iPhone :3 That’s so cooool. I don’t have one, but my Mum does so I use it all the time. They’re so handy and fun! (Although when I was doing the city to surf 12km walk, I wanted to put some anime on Mum’s iPhone to keep me entertained – but it failed because the converter I used put a huge watermark over the video “TO SEE THIS VIDEO, BUY THE FULL CONVERTER AT http://WWW.THISCONVERTERSUCKS.COM” )

Naw shucks! That’s incredibly cute, James gave you your previous phone tehe. So what are/did you end up doing with it? Like are you keeping it and cherishing it forever or whaa? XD And just wondering, is James hell in with technology? o.O i remember reading one of his posts at FireTheArrow about a laptop XD

Woah, I’ve never been in an Apple store but gahh! I could only imagine how it would look, like all apple-ly and futurific and WHITE ! I don’t even know if we have one here in perth :S LOL Plus they have friendly staff? WIN! That’s awesome that it was already for use straight after you bought it !

But crap! It sounds like things at home have just taken
a turn for the worse :( *hugs*

! I don’t know how you can think that you’re not a good
daughter, if I were your Mum i’d be very proud XD
(and maybe a little weirded out seeing as you’re
older than me haha). But I mean, you’re such a good
person and I can understand fights between the parents
and children, but like don’t take offense to this, your
Mum sounds super strict :( But I guess thanks to her
ways you turned out to be a great person! I’m just
curious, but are you on good terms with you Dad?
Sorry if that’s personal, it’s just that you don’t blog
about him much ;o

Hehe, it’s funny when you haven’t been online for a while it feels like when ever you come back on that you’ve missed so much, it’s just like woah ;o
But yes, we all love you and your appreciation for websites XD
If you ever were to go I would scream, the internet isn’t
the same without Georgina!

NAW thank you georgie! You’re my biggest inspiration eh! I always spend forever browsing your sites lmao, like your aerifyre on at the moment, oh my god. Your album covers rock!

You said that I did a good jobs with the shades of grey, that really made me happy – mainly because I generally suck at picking a colour scheme. Plus I don’t know how you can think I did a good jobs with greys compared to your current grey layout. I remember you blogging about this layout saying it wasn’t one of your faves, well it’s one of mine! It’s gorgeous (as per usual :P)

Haha! You’re the master of domain ideas Georgie! Yeah same here, I was planning on using for fanlistings, but it’s located on a different server and I couldn’t find Angela’s article on being able to access the same database over two servers.

Aw man! You should so see Avatar, you would love it! It’s brilliant. And the lead actor is from my town! And went to one of the schools i went to. I feel freaking proud. But yeah, I’ve never seen the matrix and don’t intend to anytime soon.

Omg, you go to Operas? LOL, sorry but that’s incredibly random and unexpected, but still cool :3 !
Hehe, but you see Georgie; you would be brave enough to say something rude to a person on a train during daylight by yourself (as well as with a mate), whereas I’m chickenshit if I’m not with someone. I wouldn’t dare start crap.

LOL, yeah i’m faster than usain bolt, rofl I wish. But seriously, they were so stupid. Like if they’re in a car and I’m in the middle of a big land of grass, how are they going to get to me without doing a bit of exercise? Gah!

It’s pointless people stealing from your site, everyone knows that what ever was stolen was created by you. Seriously D:
and aw, thanks Georgie! But your designs are always so creative and original :3
AND OMG YOU DID A COZZA FACE n___n LOL. You know what I face I relate to you? the T.T – only because you were the first person I saw to do it until others eventually started doing it too :P

Lmao, I seriously can’t believe it either. Like I got a B for attending two freaking lessons out of what? Like 80 + D: but i know, my attendance is disastrous.

Aw damn, Grave of the fireflies is already taken. Maybe you could apply for a character or relationship from it? :D Oh and by any chance have you seen the movie spirited away? It’s brilliant, it’s a must see honestly. I watched it for the first time a few weeks ago (it was on SBS n___n) and i fell in immediate love with it! And apparently you have to watch it about 4 times to truly understand what the movie portrays o.o

Hah yeah! I’m glad that my sis and I both like Glac’s music because our tastes are so different, like she’s all disney *vomit* whilst i’m jpop, jrock and old school rock. i was just wondering, do you, james and lilian all have the same taste in music? (This is one of the many questions I had been trying to submit to your formspring :P – oh and YES that was me those questions on your formspring, but honest to god I PUT MY NAME! D: but now it’s back to not letting me post more questions to you u__u)

EW! Aw, you’re poor eyesight having to suffer that! By any chance have you seen the tv ad for ? They freaking got Pamela Anderson to promote their site, the ad is so wrong. And Pamela Anderson is well past her expiration date rofl.

LOL “And extreme apologies for the late reply! XDD” you call your reply late? I didn’t return your previous comment for about a month – that’s late! :3 So you needn’t apologise only I should :D
But surprisingly, I’ve returned comments quickly for once.

It’s like 8.39am and I haven’t slept due to it being to hot D: Is it hell hot over in Sydney at the moment?


and omg, i just sent you a comment over 1000 words long, I’M SORRY! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Congratulations with the new phone. (Y) (H) 👏

Stores with accommodating staffs are cool. It makes me want to go back there for their services. :3 I had an experience like that when I bought a corporate attire. Their female staff who assisted me was really kind. She gave me all the nice clothes that were in my size. :3 And I only had to choose. Hee. Such a nice lady. :3

In our family, my mother was always the disciplinarian. She would occasionally hit me and pull my hair too when I was being overboard or I was being stubborn. 😰 But that happened when I was still young (elementary days~). But as soon as I entered High School, my mom would just nag or scold me when she’s really angry. 😒

I just hope you and your mom will be more okay now. /eee

I agree that people don’t get the humor of old shows. Some of the jokes were kind of lost in time. But it is cool to see where the ‘oldest joke in the book’ came from. :)

Congrats on your new phone!

And I’m sorry things aren’t going well at home. That is sad. :(

If you let us know that sometimes you need a break from the computer, like you just did, I’m sure that will cease a lot of worry. :)

Hey Georgina, an iphone, wow ! Wish I had one. Even I have a simple cellphone with just radio with it. But my Dad has promised me that if I get good marks in my 12th std. and CET entrance test, he’ll buy me the best available in the market :) My mom used to beat when I was a child but no longer does. That was just for studies /bash But just because of her, I improved in maths so much. And guess what now it’s my fav. subject XD

Lol, well your friend cracks me up everytime.

iPhones are cool but if I got one I would have to switch phone companies and possibly even get my number changed so I’d be just as satified with an iPod Touch just like your little brother XD

Sometimes I think ignorance isn’t always the best weapon. To me, it actually all depends on the situation but in the one I’m in it will work just fine (:

She is. She is always scowling. :P

Yeah. I did not cry if I did bad in exams or something, but when I lost even the cheapest eraser/pen that I owned, I would cry a lot. XD

At least they have a reason for staring at you. I definitely do not look foreign in any way. Staring is one of the main reasons I hate going to shopping malls and such.

Yeah. XD Both of my sisters own awesome Nokia phones, and I’m jealous of both of them. :P I told them that once they even think of getting a new phone, they are going to have to give me the Nokia one. :D

That’s one thing we have in common, I am very lazy and stubborn too. Not my best qualities but they help when in social studies in a heated

I still want an iPhone – they have been out for years now but each time I tell myself I’ll wait for the next version to come out. Hopefully there will be another in July?! 😢 Sian x