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Rest in peace, James Owen Sullivan (AKA The Rev) of band Avenged Sevenfold. You shall be remembered forever. ♥️

It’s supposed to be break time, but there are still days completely full of chores and of course, there are lazy days. :O

Meaning – I’ll be honest – I haven’t felt like doing much to the site lately! Of course, the reviews I’ve done and the icon tutorials I’ve added might tell you otherwise, but perhaps you’ve noticed I haven’t returned a bunch of my comments.

They mean a lot to me – they really do. /love I enjoy returning them and interacting with you all, but I don’t get to do it straight away with my busy life. But that aside, as we all know people have a life off the computer, let’s move on.

I want to send out huge hugs to Rachel who hasn’t had a very good day. She’s sleeping now, but I hope she’ll be better in the morning – when I am asleep. Don’t timezones amuse you in the slightest? Here’s an example!

Today, I really, really, really wanted to see God Loves A Challenge at Maxwells in Hoboken, New Jersey, right in the large USA. Yes, I say “large” – because it’s just huge and massive and obviously so much bigger than Australia (where I live). I love the band GLAC because my idol Ben Jorgensen is in it. Yep. :)

But of course, that would require me spending thousands of dollars for a plane ticket to New Jersey, and it would take about 22 hours to get there.

Not only that, but my parents would not let me. Sure, I’m 18 years old and I’m legally an adult, but my parents are strict and they care about my welfare. A spontaneous trip to New Jersey just to see a band is insanity to them – as much as I love Ben Jorgensen.

The life lesson I’m trying to get at is that you can’t choose your parents. If your parents are divorced and you have a stepmother or stepfather, or you are adopted, your parents/guardians still care about you.

Sometimes we might hate our parents for doing unreasonable things. The worst nightmare for any teenager is probably being grounded from the computer – seeing as it is such a large part of our daily lives. Whether it’s gaming, going on Facebook, chatting on MSN, watching videos on YouTube or updating your website – it’s hell when you’re grounded.

But what can you do? It’s your parents and they had reason to ground you. Maybe you disobeyed them or talked back. :(

I’ve been grounded a few times in my life. The worst thing that happened is that I had my mobile phone taken away, my computer taken away, I wasn’t allowed out, and even worse, anyone who tried to contact me on my home phone was ignored.

The sad truth is that my best friend Lilian and my boyfriend James had worried about me and wondered where I was, because there was pretty much no way of contacting me.

One night I was quite upset and I decided that despite everything, I would sneak in the middle of the night to get my phone. I sent James the longest text message explaining what had happened and why I seemed to be MIA.

Our parents might be awfully mean to us… but I think the secret, awful truth is that it angers us. It upsets us so much that we want to fight back somehow in rebellion. :X

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22 hours? Whoa /bounce
Yeah, that is pretty crazy. We’ll go someday, wherever he is :)

Hahah, a few years ago my computer was taken away for a week because…of something. I don’t recall; anyway, they were sort of disappointed when I wasn’t upset about it at all. They’ve never really grounded me or my sister. I guess they just don’t see it as necessary or suitable.

Personally I think it’s cruel and counterproductive; I’d rather have people make amends, do some housework and let them get on with what they like doing, provided it’s acceptable.
Forcing someone to brood for days about how much you make them miserable instead of giving them a chance of actually redeeming themselves won’t teach them anything but to dislike you as a nuisance.


You’re fuggen grounded /bounce

I decided to approve your badass comment by “James’s Mum”… LMAO.

Some 22 hours. That’s so long. But you know, it goes against the rotation of the earth if you’re going to New Jersey from Sydney, so it takes longer. You remember physics. /bounce

And I think it was that thing called orbital something. When you launch a rocket from earth and use the earth’s rotation to help shoot it? But you have to do it clockwise (I think it’s clockwise) in order to be helped around, otherwise you’re going against the rotation and you’re just going to be getting nowhere.

I hope that was correct; I’m surprised I remember this stuff. /eee

Haha amusing. You always find something to do off the computer though. If I had mine taken away again I’d probably read or play games on my iPod… (Walk down the street and sit outside the neighbours’ house at the end of the street because their wireless is unprotected…)

But they’d most likely punish me with some house chores along with that. 🤬

Aww. You’re right though. I see how the punishment works for some people – like to make children stay at home if they’re always going out and breaking curfew or something.

I don’t feel like updating the site either. I’m also too lazy to return comments. I just don’t know what to add or what to do. Updating is so hard.

Yes, I find that insane too. Because what kind of parent would let their daughter spend thousands just to see a band, right? But I still think it’s quite unfair since you are already an adult.

Our parents have never grounded us. Ever. We just don’t do that kind of thing here. But if I would get grounded, I would DIE. I can’t survive a day without using the computer.

You’re right. We ourselves gave our parents enough reason to ground us. Besides, we should obey adults. Even though we hate it. :P

Happy New Year! It’s the start of another year again. Time moves fast, eh?

Omg, I heard about The Rev. :( It’s so sad! He was so young…and totally talented. /wah 😢 I can’t believe he’s…GONE! :O D:

Wow, you sure have been making a lot of icon tutorials lately :P So I guess it makes up for your not returning comments as quickly :) At least you’re doing something. I’ve just been sooooo lazy all holiday…@_@ Bad me.

Awwww! You didn’t get to see GLAC :( But don’t worry, there’s always next time [i.e when they come to Australia :P]. The USA IS pretty biiiiiig! @_@ And that 22 hour flight is totally epic…:O

Can you even imagine 22 hours on a plane? I’m telling you if we ever fly to the US, the planes had better have DAMN good movies! Although plane movies are usually good :P Mostly.

Hmm…don’t you technically arrive before you leave if you fly to the US? :P I know that from Australia, there’s this country…where you arrive “before” you leave because of timezones. I find that hilarious :P

Hehe…yeah…it was always us two with the over-protective parents. :X Well, at least we know they care :)

My parents are like that too. I mean we’re 18 now, but we’re still like little children to them. :P How sad. Haha.

Although I reckon what sucks more is when people can’t respect the fact that you’re overprotected and nag at you and try to urge you to flout your parents authority. That really pisses me off. It’s like “LOOK I RESPECT MY PARENTS EVEN IF YOU DON’T ARSEHOLE!’

Yeah…you really can’t chose your parents. And even if you could…who would you choose? How would you know who are the right people to be your parents? It sucks for some people who have really crappy parents, but if you have parents who are half decent…maybe you should be grateful for the fact that they love you, and you’re not some kid whose parents are totally neglectful. But then again that’s easy for me to say because I have great parents. Some people have crappy parents. Poor them. :(

But either way, if your parents deserve it, you should respect them *nods*

Being grounded sucks :( But it’s been a while since I’ve been grounded. :P Fortunately..

He was very talented. It was such a shock because he was so young. :( So many people have died in 2009. 😢

I hope it does haha… sometimes I’m not in a commenting mood, and I just want to write a tutorial or something.

I have been pretty lazy otherwise, though… house chores suck. :O

It would be such epic jet lag. But they will come to Australia sometime soon, and I’m going! And you have to come with me. /bounce

Spending that much time is pretty much a whole day. That’s terrible. Where would you shower? Haha. I think if you had a lot of movies to watch then you wouldn’t be too bored. It’s just so long to be on a plane.

Oh I didn’t think about that. But if I travelled to America, it would be like time didn’t change. Because I think they are some sixteen hours (at least) behind us.

Yes, they do. Even though it sucks sometimes. :(

We are legally allowed to do anything by law but it sucks that our parents are overprotective of that. I would not disobey them just because the law says everything about it… it just ruins our relationship already more than it might possibly be.

Yeah, that’s really disgusting. I mean, sure, my parents are different from yours. It doesn’t mean you have to be a fucking rebel because everyone else’s parents are different. /angry

I love my parents, as strict as they are. I mean, I can’t imagine having other parents. I might not really like my parents sometimes but who else would I want? /wah

I think all parents deserve some respect for bringing you up – with the exception of being adopted or whatever.

Lucky for you haha. I’ve not been grounded for a while… I think my mum has forgotten about it. Sometimes she tells me not to go on the computer because she wants me to clean some stuff or whatever. /hmph

I’m on my ‘lazy days’ right now. XD

Ah. Same. I still haven’t replied to your latest comment on my blog, because I have nothing much else to say. 😳

Nah, I think timezones are kind of annoying. /hmph

Hey, maybe you’ll get lucky if someone decided to take a video of them and post it on Youtube! Wouldn’t that be great?

Grounded is such an evil word. XD Imagine your parents forbid you to use the computer for a week. I couldn’t even survive a day without using the computer.

“I’ve been grounded a few times in my life. The worst thing that happened is that I had my mobile phone taken away, my computer taken away, I wasn’t allowed out, and even worse, anyone who tried to contact me on my home phone was ignored.” Are you kidding me?! No. Way. How the hell did you survive?! 🤬

Lucky that your parents didn’t caught you when you txted James. I’ve been caught using the laptop when I was grounded by my aunt. Traitor. XD

I talked back to my mom three months ago. She was shouting at me for not going to school again. /sweat

I’ve been trying to figure out how to put a comment on this website without messing it up, but the message about The Rev at the top has made me cry like a baby. :(

Yeah, I’m really upset about it myself too. My friend was so totally torn up by it. :(

Sorry I took so long to reply! You’ve probably forgot what you put since it’s been well over a week so I shall just comment on your blog. LETS GO~

I have been very busy lately hence the lack of my replying to comments. I do love it, and would do it if I had time.. but lately I don’t and it’s annoying :(.

Ah, one of my favourite bands were playing in London the other week and I was like if only I was older and could just book a train ticket down to see them :’).

I find time zones quite interesting in a weird way. That when I am sleeping somewhere else in the world people are having their evening meal, somewhere else they’re getting up. I am sad, haha. But yes, I know they can be very annoying -.-

I never had you down as the rebellious type! :O I have been grounded a few times and at first I am like WAAA WHY :( but then I realise it’s my own fault -.-, it is so annoying when our phones or computers are taken off us though, blah.


How long is your break suppossed to be?

Haha how do you ever return so many comments? I have trouble returning 10 at a time :P.

I love when I got like at a time or whatever :P it’s easier on my hand xD. Take your time returning mine lol I don’t mind if its late :).

Haha timezones are amusing! especially from where I live to you, when It’s night for me, it’s morning for you :P.

Omg New Jersey? :O That’s where I live!!! :D you should stop by me if you ever did get a chance to go there :P but… I don’t live in hoboken :P. Did you know the word Hobo comes from Hoboken? :O lol

That sucks :P. But New jersey is awesome, no joke!!

My parents would never let me fly alone to Australia, ecsecially since no one would be meeting me their!

My parents use computer as one of the best things to take away since I’m on it soo much :(.

It’s not really what I “do” as to what I didn’t do, like if I didn’t do my chores after my mom tells me a bunch of times :P

My mom more takes away the computer than my cell phone. I really would like to keep both thank you bery much!!

Aww, yeah that’s a problem if my mom takes my cell phone away, if one of my friends doesn’t get a respond from text from me, she’ll just keep texting. Once I got 12 from her in 4 minutes :/.

What does MIA mean? :P

Yeah, and I feel bad giving them away, since I’ve had them for so long :(

Hehe, I used to collect stamps.. I don’t think I really wanted too, I just wanted a hobby or something :P

Yeah, so what until you’re old and find that box one day, actually open it then :).

Yeah, that’s just like what people say about mistakes, it;s just a lesson learned :)

Byee <3

yeah haha ! i usually download off 4shared or mediafire :P most safe thing, i guess !

you cant choose your parents, thats for sure. i hate it when my parents dont let me do things i want to do, which is why i’m always so scared to ask them if i could go out… getting grounded is DEATHHHH. i got grounded like… once or two, got my computer taken away a few hundred times… it was honestly not a fun experience ahhhh !

i hate being out of contact with friends :( i went to the library once , to send a long email to my friend haha.

Awwe darn, if you went to the concert, you could have visited me! NJ is only a couple hours away from where I live. Sorry you couldn’t go ); You should get them to go to Australia ! Or your house ! I’m kidding, hehe. But I’m serious about the Australia thing !

Time zones are KSJDfslkdfjsd. Like RIGHT NOW, I need your help with something, but I think you’re sleeping. Lol. That’s fine though. Our busy Georgie needs her sleep. I seriously don’t know how you do all the things you do in just one day sometimes.

Nothing annoys me more than when teenagers (I’m talking like 11 – 15) think their lives are completely shot when they’re parents take away PRIVILEGES when they act up. Of course, I went through the same phase. I thought my parents were crazy and that I needed more freedom. Granted, they WERE crazy and I DID need more freedom, but the way I went about getting that freedom was so immature and uncalled for.

It’s crazy how unnecessarily dramatic teens can be sometimes, even boys! My brother is going through that phase right now where he thinks he has everything figured out and the whole world is against him. Yes, my grandparents can go about discipline a different way (and just be more doggone consistent, sheesh), but he is almost always the one who starts the big mess. *sigh* I just hope he grows out of this soon.

Sweet dreams Georgie doll ~

I was about to write a post on my mom when I read your post on parents. You are absolutely right there. Parents are parents, no matter how mean they could be, they are still the ones who bring us to this world. They’re also humans, they make mistakes. Of course these are all easy said than done, and a lot of the times I feel my mom is treating me unfairly. But she’s still my mother and I love her.

That’s really horrible to have your phone taken away. I couldn’t live without mine even for a day. :O That would be equal to being grounded from the internet. My phone is the tool that helps me manage my online life: emails, my sites, my friends’ river, Facebook, twitter, etc. Without it, I’d probably just die out of boredom.

I’ve never been grounded as my mom doesn’t let me out anyway. It’s funny when you think of a 23-years old woman who can’t go out of the house without the consent of her parents, but oh well, that’s me.

Yeah I heard about the tragedy in Indonesia. It was about a decade ago, I think? It is sad to hear things like that happening. Why can’t everyone just leave together in harmony? It’s a free world for everyone.

Oh yes, photos and diaries can now be preserved longer once they have been digitalised. It’s a good way of preserving memories as well.

About my site being down, apparently it wasn’t down at all. It seems that it was just me having that problem. It could be an issue relating to the IP address, I suppose. Luckily it is something that only happens occasionally so there’s not much problem there. :)

My dad never angers me, only when he calls me names. That’s like once in a great while, but still it angers me.

I really don’t have two parents I only have my father. My mother could give a rats ass about me. In fact she had told me I should join the army and get out of the house. How rude is that?

She’s always telling me I need to go on diets because I’m too big for my age. Well; does she want me to go on drugs and become anerexic like her? Not in a million years. On her wedding day way back when she married a guy named Dan, we all went to Las Vegas and I was in the wedding as one of the brides maids. She told me than I needed to lose weight. My hair wasn’t done so I looked like crap and whose falt is that? My older sister. She was so busy doing everyone else’s hair she didn’t have time to do mine. So I looked like crap.

I’ll blog about this a little later on. Anyway, I love my mom and all because she’s the only one I have, but still I hate her guts. For what she’s done to me and my dad.

But I agree with you that our parents grounds us from the computer or from the cell because it’ll make us mad. I remember one time my dad made me smash my phone up. That was gut wrenching. But yeah.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It’s just been crazy with the holidays. I’ve never been grounded to where I couldn’t do anything or things were taken away from me. My brothers have been many times. Maybe it’s because I’m the only girl or something. I don’t know. lol.

Yeah the worst thing that happens to me is when im not allowed on my computer; it’s my life. 🤤 Lol that sounds sad.

You must of been a really naughty girl to have had all them things taken away from you. /hehe

I love clicking you emoticons btw /type did you make them or download them?? I want them 👏


yeah. i agree. i think when i actually started trying to see the reasoning behind when my dad would tell me no, i started to not feels so angry. parents are supposed to protect us and so many people forget that they’re parents are people and they make mistakes and they’re not perfect but at least they’re trying.

I actually got this from MTV’s Teen Mom and “I’m 16 & Am Pregenant” reality shows –

Another thing you forget to mention…is that as much as you hate your parents…they do certain things cause they care very much about you and they ground or punish you for certain reasons. Whatever they maybe it is always for your best interest in the long run…to teach you a lesson and for you to learn from your mistakes so that it will improve you for the better and make you a better person in the long run…to know right from wrong.

Long story short, as much as we hate our parents…deep down we love them and they may often hate us but deep down they luv us as well…

I am a 30 year old who live at home with her parents who clearly is trying to kick me out of the nest but I think deep down and they often admitted this to me when I say am goin to move out and it is often out of anger…my mom would sit me down and tell me not to move out..that they don’t want me to move out but to leave the nest and be more independent. And half the time when I say am moving out it is always outta anger and to move out for those reasons are just straight up wrong and my mother knew this. She and I hardly ever see eye to eye but when it comes to certain things that is major and very important…we will put our differences aside and work together to find a resolution to the problem.

Take care hun

Hey, long time no talk! I love your layout! It’s gorgeous!

And yeah, parents are so annoying. Mine wouldn’t let me go to the Glamour Kills Tour, which pissed me off.

How are you? What’s up?

R.I.P The Rev :( I remembered how I used to listen to Avenged Sevenfold back in my first year of Uni :(

Heh I get what you mean. I’m nearly done with my new layout for SequinedSky but I don’t feel like finishing it even though I am at home and I have nothing else better to do /snort I’m out most of the time because December’s the month when all my friends come back for Uni break from overseas. Also, it’s a month where you go broke after 10 days from the 1st of December 😰

Anyways, where was I? D:

I wish the airplane tickets to the States are affordable so we can all go and see friends and rock stars and whoever’s worth seeing :P I’m saving up enough money to go for Euro trip next summer, though the exchange rates between UK Pound and Malaysian Ringgit is RIDICULOUSLY ridiculous /bash

I got kicked out of the house when I was 17 to go to West Malaysia for Uni. Well technically 16 because I finished high school before my birthday on the year I turned 17.

You’re pretty blessed to have two parents who are still in good terms and care about you :) My parents are not in good terms and I am never in good terms with my dad because he’s done a lot of things that actually jeopardised my family’s welfare.

I resent him for the things he had done. At this age, when I was supposed to be doing my masters, because of some things that happened, I was forced to move back home. I felt obligated to stay though I really want to go and see the rest of the world.

My dad wasn’t a good person at all. If he were, I’d give him the respect that he deserved. Though the only thing that refrains me from shouting back profanities and whatnots is the idea of him getting a heart attack and probably die and I really don’t want to be a killer /ho /ho

He’s probably the reason why I am easily annoyed. /hmph

I don’t think I was ever grounded. Of course, how much trouble can you get into if you don’t go anywhere /hehe

I wish I had the money to see No Doubt in other states. That would be amazing and scary at the same time.

My friend’s parents ground her all the time, even for the smallest things. And I mean small, like to the point it is not fair. And her punishments are pretty strict too. So sometimes I think it’s not the kid who is being rebellious, I think it is the parent who is putting it on the kid by their rules. But I guess it is different in different situations…

Before I started doing websites and stuff, I really had no notion of the entire world and people in other countries. But now I think about that all the time, like who is up when I’m asleep. Except sometimes when I am up at like 4 AM I feel like I could be on the timezone on the other side of the world XD

Ahh you never know, maybe God Loves a Challenge will tour Australia some day.
I remember back when I used to really love All Time Low and wished I went to the warp tour in 2008 (I still want to go to warp tour haha) I really wanted them to tour Aust, and when they did and when I met them at a signing a realised they were complete fags. Ok, I jsut went totally off track lmao. Point is, God Loves a Challenge may tour Australia one day, otherwise you can go on a uni exchange and go to one of their gigs. XD

Bleh. That sucks that your parents cut off all your means of communication D: Well..there was the option of ‘snail mail’ XD
I’ve been grounded from the computer before (I forget why) and it made me really upset :S Now I can seem to survive without the computer, so long as I choose to. XD

I guess rebelling is the nature of being a teenager. You could say that it’s also part of human nature; to fight back and to get what we want. I guess rebelling is in a way protesting to our parents, or whoever we’re rebelling against XD

I love winter as it’s not as old as it is in other places. But I really want to see snow at least once in my life. :P

Georgie is cute. Asma really isn’t. I’m much happier with the full version of my name. XD

I really felt annoyed when I fell. I wanted to hit everyone for laughing, and especially Wasty for pushing me but I started laughing along with everyone. There really wasn’t anything else to do. Boys should be more careful, though. They themselves fight jokingly but end up hurting others.

The phone would be more useful but my mother would use it so I wouldn’t be able to keep it with me all the time. My father bought the camera. He says it’s for me but obviously I’m not going to use it myself all the time.

I love returning comments as well. It’s awesome to get to know people from all around the world. :)

My parents would consider it insane as well. My sisters are both adults but she doesn’t let them get a few miles out of this city, even, let alone the country. I get really mad when my mother forces me to do/not to things. But she never grounds me or my sisters. The worst we do is fight for a few hours, and then it’s all good. XD

My mum always said ‘banned’ when I was in primary school, she banned me from the internet, which I hated so much! I just always have to go on the internet. My parents have never grounded me from my phone, which I am happy about, otherwise I would of been angry not texting my friends! I can not survive without the computer, everyday I need to go on it. When my mum would say that I was banned/grounded from the computer or internet, I would say ‘NO!’ then she would say that she has added another week, then I am so angry.

Hi, I was wondering what host and blog system you use. (: XOXO

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t leave such a comment on my blog and completely ignore what I wrote. If you bothered to read about my site in the history or look in the credits then you would know.

Ok. (:

Hey Georgie! I have allured up and running now :D

Maybe you could create some kind of pool account for you and a couple of friends- you could all put a little bit of spare money in whenever you get some, and maybe ask people online to donate, and when you have enough money you can buy some concert and plane tickets. Me and my friend might be starting one, we want to go somewhere like Dubai when we leave school :D

It’s true you can’t choose your parents, but it’s nice to know they will always love you. I was never really grounded- if I wasn’t allowed on my computer, I’d be able to go on it for homework and then I’d just sneak onto msn and facebook, and close the pages whenever anyone came near me.

That sucks you can’t go but at the same time they are probably lookign out for you. I wish my parents looked out for me like that, I was allowed to stay out past mid night from the age of about 14… and I think if I’d have been more disciplined things would be different.

Saying that, I didn’t really rebel too much as I could do what I wanted anyway… hmm, it’s a toughie!

I love when people get to the point that they understand their parents’ behaviors. They really do mean well. I wasn’t grounded enough, and now i’m all too rotten because of it haha. And yeah, no internet is like the worst torture imaginable!!!!

Hi Georgina,

I’m going to comment on your blog so I’m not rude, but then I have something to tell you. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m not looking for attention, or being dramatic. Its just been getting to me.

I’m sure your other visitors don’t mind, I don’t. Its your break, so you can do what you want with it. Thats why its a break!

Time zones are a butt fish, I agree :P

Awwe :( I hope you get to see them one day, if not, I’m buying you a ticket myself and you’re coming here to see them.

My parents wouldn’t let me either heh, but they’re parents, and its their job to nag, annoy and make us upset all to keep us safe.

My Mom doesn’t ground me that much, its more my sisters, while my Dad grounds me more, because my sisters have him wrapped around their fingers. My Mom usually comes and makes him unground me though :P

Awwe :( *huggles* The worst thing that happened to me was that they took my laptop away for a week or so, my friends were so ticked off that I was never answering any of their e-mails. :P

I’m sure James and Lilian were worried about you! We’d be worried too

Now onto the thing I wanted to talk to you about. I know that some people were upset last night (I guess this morning for you) and I feel like I’ve upset you. And I’m sorry. I don’t want you to hate me for maybe thinking this and that its not true, but if you are cross with me, I wanted to apologize.

You’re one of the most amazing people online, and if we were fighting, I’d feel terrible. I’m not trying to get attention, and I’m probably being over dramatic, but thats better than never apologizing. I just want everyone to be friends again.

Sorry if that was annoying, I just needed to do that. And if you see this on other people’s sites, its not because I’m trying to suck up to them, I’m trying to fix things.

Thanks for your time :)

Whoa, 22 hours to get from Australia to New Jersey?! That’s almost a whole day. :O It only takes about an hour or so to get from New York to New Jersey. It really just depends on the traffic. :P

Meh, I know what you mean. I have so much free time especially now since it’s Winter Vacation, but I just don’t feel like returning comments.

I’ve never actually been grounded before, though my stepbrother has been plenty of times, I can assure you that. :X Man, it would totally suck to not be able to go online for a week. I’ve experienced it, even though I wasn’t grounded since sometimes the internet router/connection thing is messed up, and we have to wait for some guy to came and fix it. :/
Lol, I think I’ll be clearing out my room soon. It’s sad to throw away all your old things, but they all end up accumulating, and they don’t amount to anything. They just take up room.

I like hand sanitizer, too, especially the ones that are scented. XD They smell really good. :3

Hello Georgie 😏

I wanted to return your comment yesterday so you’d have got it today, but I had to go the cinema.
And today I was dragged to London, so you know. Dude. No time. /ehh

But I promised you a shitass long comment, so here goes (Y)

I have loads of lazy days. I think I’m only returning comments all the time because I missed it whilst I was on revamp. Wonder how long that will last, lmfao. /oh

Reviews. I always had a love hate relationship with them. Most the time I hated them and yet when I got going they weren’t so bad. And yet they were so time consuming…

Tutorials! (Y)

You get loads of comments though. People shouldn’t expect you to return them all in a day!
I once read this article about whether offline life was more important and they said online. I was kind of like WTF. You wouldn’t HAVE an online life if you didn’t have an offline one, would you?

I might blog about something like that. /bounce

Hope Rachel feels better today. :)
Timezones are kind of screwy. You get more time with Rachel online because America is closer to Australia. :( I’m stuck right in the middle of both… kind of. The plus side is that the timezone offset here is 0. GMT and all.

GOD LOVES A CHALLENGE! You really are up-to-date on all this stuff, heh. I’d love to go to America…


You and Ben Jorgensen go back a long way in terms of fangirling, thinks I 🙄

Call me stupid, but if you went to America, wouldn’t you fly… *works out*
Well you wouldn’t fly past England would you? You’d fly the other way, right?
So why’d it take so long? I guess it’s oceans and shite.

Actually just ignore my stupidity. :P
22 hours is worth it, I would say. Would be boring though. I was bored on a half an hour train journey /sweat

I suck at long journeys, but on planes they normally have TVs and stuff for long flights /bounce
But the food can be pretty gross /bash

Flying is ridiculously expensive. Me and Vicky were once looking at ticket prices to go to Sydney from Heathrow Airport – you know, to do our around the world trip and stuff. :D

For one person to go there from London is £1,131.
So for both of us, it would be £2,262, and then there’s all the other stuff we wanted to do in Sydney. :(

And it’s a bit late notice to go on a trip like that. Plus like you said, it’s expensive and to go all by yourself! 😰 /ehh

My parents aren’t perfect but whose are? You’re stuck with your parents, ’cause like you mentioned, you can’t choose them.

I’ve never really been told right out “YOU’RE GROUNDED” but yeah… I have had the computer taken away on numerous occasions lmfao. xD
And I have pretty much died from it. Mind you I don’t do online gaming or Facebook, so it’s not that bad in those areas – but MSN and stuff. 💥

I talk back all the time but I’m normally not grounded for it. Scolded, sure, but not grounded.

That was a pretty bad punishment you got given there. I think no one being allowed to contact you, even by the home phone, is definitely the worst.
Aha that’s right, be a rebel, Georgie! (Y)

Sometimes fighting back in what keeps us kind of “in link” with our parents. Like knowing that we have “got back” at them by doing what they said not to do. And then they scold and ground us or whatever else, but when we get older, we’ll learn from those rebellions – the petty ones and the worse ones.

Aha your comments next /ehe Some people have commented 3 or 4 times, one person 6 so fight your corner, Georgie. (Y)
I’m your top commentator! /type


I love you too :D

Aha WordPress is sexy but I’m really nothing to look at. XD

Jorjeous is my adjective and has always been aharr. Jorjeous Jorja. :P
But I’m glad you like it. :)

I did join your fanlisting for Ex’s and Oh’s. Awesome song. :D



I just had to sing for you (H)

Yeah… I tried having a sidebar but it didn’t work. I wanted to add a welcome message underneath the image but it didn’t look right.

Footbars are quite cool :) I’ve never had one before either!

But you stray away from your roots a lot so it’s okay to come back to grey. :P And aha thank you, I am happy too /eee
Brown is quite nice really.

Yeah, the font was the best I could find without overdoing the layout or making it look too “plain”, if you know what I mean.

I always peek at your visitor section /um Aha. It occupies me and it’s quite cool because I know people use your stuff lmfao.
I’ve started the coding for a CSS premade. :) I’ll finish it tomorrow and put it up, maybe make another and stuffs…

I go back to school on the 5th. /hmph

ZOM ZOMG ZOMG I WANNA SEE THE PIXELS. D: My pixels are shit. Aha. I tried pixelling a fondant fancy the other day (ever had them? ) and it went so wrong. My shading technique is totally screwed up @_@

Uhm yeah. xD I have ten or so to return :) Blogs to read and stuff so. But yours is first ‘cuz I meant to return it yesterday…
It’s taken me over half an hour to write this. LMFAO. Must stop getting distracted…

But you need a special skill to make opening blogs interesting. xD
I don’t like people calling me “woman” :P

Aw thanks. Glad my ramblings satisfy you, yar. :P
Blogging is pretty much like that. Not a mandatory thing. Some people seem to think differently… Chloe wrote a “journal” about “you should blog reguarly” and I was like “pish tush silly”. If someone told me to blog reguarly I’d kick their ass and tell them to mind their own business.

Although, mind, I do blog every few days. :)

AND I LOVE YOU TOO. And lmfao yes I finally learnt how to spell acronym. xD I’m so proud (Y)

This girl the other day spelt “stereotype” as “stehreeotip”. I was laughing so fucking hard but I forgot to bookmark the URL to show you.
Yes, yes, I wanted you to laugh at it too. /hehe

Yeah, I put MCR and AFS and RA and GLAC and PKM and whatever else I could think of off the top of my head into the plugin /bounce

You’ve read my next blog ‘cuz you’re cool (Y) The one about nail polish :)

Much bottles of vanish. *cringes*


I was ready for ya, biatch. /faw


Aha I love your casual comment spamming. :P But it’s spam with a MEANING.
Clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick clickityclick


“Reply comments” kept me going thoughs. :) But “MAINTENANCE MODE” is kind of boring. So many sites were on it, I felt like I was in some kind of trend /argh

Well yeah last year I was deep in the shits with the concept of graphics and HTML. xD *hugs*
I read Rachel’s blog and I think I’m in “that stage”, like Rachel said. /faw

AND I’M PROUD OF YOUUUUUU for having this domain (Y)

AND all your other ones (Y)

AND keeping up with them (Y)

AND managing to return shitass long comments (Y)

Thanks! My drawings aren’t great, really, but they’re not that bad.
I never liked whiteboards. We used to use them at school for stuff like Maths and you rubbed the pen off and it stained the board, so you had to use this stinky board cleaner. *wrinkles nose*

A noticeboard is cooler, but mine is a mess to look at. Like, pictures and postcards and whatever else I have on there.

I don’t mind sewing but I suck at it; all the fiddly thread and stuffs. Besides, stapling was quicker. This prick at my old school once fired staples from the stapler. Creepy shit. Made this boy cry.

He said your name /love What sentence did he say with it in? :)

I is curious /oh

Aha yeah and my brother isn’t the brightest crayon in the box either.

I visited but didn’t find any tips. XD I’ll have another look.

LMFAO. There’s a Twitter account for Big Ben? WTF. So random. :/ Good for timekeeping, maybe?

No problem. :)


It still upset me. :P Wasn’t fair. xD

Yeah. Lots of MIA people about…

LMFAO hit me. Remind me when I’m not online then heh. But I am online nowww. :D

Well not in my “site” MSN, on my personal one with my friends and shite. No one’s online though, bloody typical.

Maybe I’mwarding them off with “Psychosocial” by Slipknot lmfao.

Yeah, Family Guy doesn’t interest me.
LOL The Simpsons are a classic :3 Did you see the episode when they put Bart on drugs to make him well behaved and he got addicted and took shitloads and ran away and got a tank?! xD

I wanna see how long this comment is. I is curious. I’ve been typing for ages. /faw


OMFG that’s the longest comment I’ve left you. xD 1,627 words (Y)


Hey, I’m a regular visitor here but I’m not sure if I’ve ever left a comment, haha…..

I love this layout by the way, it’s beautiful.

I can’t believe the Rev is gone – my best friend phoned me to tell me this morning and I thought she was joking… He’s the reason for my nickname – Plague. Gonna miss him so much even though I never knew him – my best friend went to see A7X last year and I can’t believe i missed out on the chance to see him play. and A7X are the reason I met my bf! I have a lot to thank them for…

This turned into a bit of a rant, sorry :P but no one else I know really knew about him, lol

Susanna x

Don’t worry about not being able to update that often. We all know that you have a life outside of the computer, and those who don’t understand… well they will just have to get over it! We appreciate that you do take the time you do have to work on your site and return comments! :) I haven’t been that good with comments either lately, that makes two of us. :)

Sorry that you didn’t get to see “God Loves a Challenge”! That stinks, but I guess I can get what your saying – that your parents still care about what you do and they didn’t want you to go.
I’ve only been grounded 3 times, and usually my mom softened up and only kept it for 2 days when it was supposed to be more. I didn’t do anything to horrible either, so yeah. :)

I hope that you have a lovely day!

Your blogs are so…touching to me. I guess that’s the right word to use.

My mom, I think she honestly does some of the stupidest things but she’ll forever be my mother whether I like it or not.

Parents do have a reason for everything they do because of course they’re older and wiser. When they were our age they probably felt the same way about their parents as we do about them but once they grew up then understood the cause of it all and we will too.

I remember once my mom wouldn’t let me get on the computer for a week..I was oh so miserable and didn’t know what to do. See how we let such things almost take control over our lives.

Yes memories are both good and bad but I think they help you grow and learn (:

Yes that is me. I feel like I do have the same feelings for him but I don’t really ever want to lose them. . .he just doesn’t know how special he is to me and I never once thought I would feel this way about him, of all people /hehe

Hugs to Rachel. I didn’t know of her bad day. =P

And *hugs* I read this blog yesterday… and I had a lot more to say then but I didn’t want to return your comment yet. My comment returns always turn out really long and it was past midnight. =P

On another note, you’re right. We don’t get to choose our parents. But you know, it’s all for a reason. We’re all put into the situations we’re put in for a reason. So maybe life doesn’t seem super awesome now, just wait a few days, months years. Let some time pass, and perhaps life will turn around.

Hahaha, I feel like I had a moment like that too. Where something was taken away from me but I had to tell someone…. so I snuck out. I can’t remember though. I feel like it was the desktop. I think I was grounded from it and so I decided to sneak out in the middle of the night to send an e-mail. =P

RIP to James Owen Sulliven. Although I don’t know him. =P He probably was awesome in the band.

Georginaaaaaa. I’m glad you like my blogs. I love your entire website. So there. =D

I’m sorry that you were crying. *Hugs* As I keep saying.

I know you read my entire blog, I can tell (even though it may not seem like it). xD Tis fine, you aren’t in that great of a mood at the moment. And I really am sorry about that. I wish I could help. =P

Yeah, she’s pretty dressed as one. She definitely isn’t one though. Far too perky. Maybe quiet at times, but perky nontheless.

My parents are still very strict as well. But they have let up. In small subtle ways. I’m actually allowed to plan things. Well I suppose I was allowed before. But of course, there has to be so much “preparation.” Who, what, where, when. They need to know all the details. =P

I know what you mean. About not sharing their depression. That’s what I don’t like saying I went through a depression, because I know it technically wasn’t. I had enough guts to spill the beans to one of my closest friends. But still, it wasn’t much. It was because of her and a few others that I’m okay. Small conversations help depression because often it’s just a feeling of lonliness and when someone comes in and starts up a conversation… well it often is the best medicine for that kind of stuff. (:

I didn’t mean to share about all the gloomy stuff, but I mean I never really talked about it before with anyone. I felt the need to share my past =P

I read a lot of Chicken Noodle Soup books at the time and there was a part about depression and such. There was a part where the writer was writing about her own period of depression and she was like, If I had only known someone was out there who loved me, if I had given a second to think about it, maybe I wouldn’t have gone through so much of that pain I went through.

And I applaud you. I’m really happy that you were able to get over the self harm. It wasnt the answer, although perhaps at the time it felt like it was. I’m really happy for you. *hugs*

I forgot that I had left so much behind when I graduated 8th grade. I actually forgot. It hit me when I talked to Z, I almost had a second of true insanity because I felt so alone without all my 8th grade friends. And then I realized, they were there still. Just not at the same school. =/

Don’t you just love the feeling that you learned something from your mistakes? I wish people took the time to reflect on what they’ve done like you and I have been doing. I mean, some people just move through life and don’t stop to smell the roses. I feel like I’ve stopped a lot this year to smell the roses, and just bask in how things have turned out. =P

I think his techonology hiatus is BS. And you’ll probably see in my current blog.

Hahaha, well I’ll try and come to the Wedding. Hopefully when that time comes, I’ll have money to do so and my parents won’t be so worried about me seeing my online friends. =P Maybe by then I’ll have told them of Smashed Dreams.

I wish I was flexible. =P

You do have pretty eyes. A lot of people do. ^^ Eyes are just pretty fascinating all themselves. I always liked drawing them. =D

Hmm, do people still do arranged marriages? Or is that all in the past now?

xDDDD Well, Taeyang isn’t much my type too. But he is a tad hot. xD or cute. Or something like that. Not my “dating” type persay. But he is eye candy ish. xD

Hope 2010 does start good for you. A few more days, and smile (: Look at things positively? That would start your year with a bang. ^^

I also feel lazy to update my site :( I haven’t updated the content for 2 weeks, haha. I’m such a lazy bone :( And yeah returning comments require a lot of time and its kinds tiring in my opinion, but it’s fun to interact with others XD Don’t force yourself anyway, take your time to return all comments <3

Aw my parents are also annoying sometimes. I used to play an online game and they disturbed me every hour which made me so pissed off. They said they did that to make sure I wasn't addicted to the game because being addicted to an online game is not good. Gah but it's still annoying, LOL. They don't disturb me now because I'm not playing those games anymore, but it's kinda unfair, I guess. I still use the computer even longer than before but they don't disturb me since it's not about these online games. But they don't care about my eyes, eh? I'm wearing glasses and using the comp way too much in my opinion but they don't care, LOL. Kinda weird O_O

It really sucks when your parents take everything out of your life :( I have ever been treated that way so I know the pain. Aw I hope your parents won't give you more hell though. *hugs*

I always want to fight back if my parents scold me, LOL, but I'm afraid they would scold me even more. Ah yeah we can't choose our parents. I guess it's like another challenge in life: managing ourselves in every situation, in front of all people including parents. LOL I sound so mature here *duh* I'm not trying to be maturer than my age though, but it's my opinion XD Sorry if it's kinda annoying :P

Aw thanks for the compliments on my artwork and layout :D I changed the border of my sidebar though because it's neater with solid border :P Haha.

Ugh yeah I got 4899 spam comments. I hate that D: I didn't put an image verification that time so those bots can spam freely. Well that's a mistake I've learned from the past :)

I actually have a lot of things to rant about everyday, LOL, but I try not to post it on the site because it's kinda weird to rant about unimportant craps everyday. I guess I have to make another blog for ranting :P

LOL! I want more sun! Especially since its winter here. I get sick of winter easily XD Once I get a cold or my face feels chap, I want summer :P

Yeah, its’s an Italy thing XD

Hehe such an Asian thing :D My sister should just get rice here and bring it over. I love rice ♥

Haha woww. What a question. Some of them I delete, and someone keeps asking them again -____-

Teehee ! XD You’re welcome! They are a tad expensive for a stuffed animal, but they are so cute and soft and squishable ! The giraffe is weird XD Since it is supposed to have a long neck but its squished into a mini ball XD

Hahah; feels like a fresh start :D

Yup! It is always good to reuse ✌️

Haha yeah. I hate when I get emotional though XD I feel like such a loser crying over such little things that bring back memories ! /hehe

LOL yeahh, I guess since I am on winter break, I want to get the most of it 🤬

awww! Hopefully you had a relaxing day at least (:

Yeah. When you are little you’ll love anything :D Ahh I remember those days. Hah I remember when I would wear anything. I never matched my clothes, whatsoever XD. I would wear like neon pink and a dark green XDD

Haha my sister got this Asian sweater dress from Hong Kong. Their sweater dresses are so different then the one I got XDD

Aww you collected keychains! That’s so cool! I seriously never thought of that, even though it is a typical thing to collect. I would collect sea shells, rocks and racecars LOL

LOL ! I don’t know how you do it! You blog everyday & with pretty lengthy blogs! Nothing ever that lengthy happens on a daily basis! XD!

Haha randomly “Hey Mom & Dad! I’m going to the US! See ya!” XD. It must cost a lot to go to America. Especially since it is sooo far away! It would be a tad less since the US dollar is so weak /hmph

I never say that I hate my parents. Sometimes I do say how they are freaks XD [but that’s why I love them] XD. You know, your typical weird, but loving parents :D

Yeah, if I had gone on that trip with my brother, it probably would not have turned out as good. We get along, but not confined in the same room for days XD

Paradise Cloud… hahaha how time does fly. I remember your old site too! And you had that Beatles layout :)

Aww, I’m so sorry! Parents sometimes don’t understand the really important things in life, even if it doesn’t seem so important, but it would be special in the long run. I’m really sorry, and from all the comments of people I’ve been seeing, everyone is standing by you.

I hate it when my mom gets angry and talks to me that way. It always makes me feel so bad because I know she does so much. I think moms really need some other kind of way to vent out their anger.

Yeah, parents are being fair because they are in charge and they just want you to be safe. I think there might be a line though between being fair and smart and being overly protective or smothering the kids.

I can’t wait to see where we are at next year, web-wise. Or maybe I can. It’s so scary to think about the future! :O

Yeah, I would never trade my parents. I see other parents and I know my friends parents, but it’s not just that I’m used to my parents, no matter how strict they are. It’s like, I can’t picture them any other way. I can’t wrap my head around how other parents are. @_@

If that day came, would your blog be like, a collection of all your blogs now. Like, it would have photos and random stuff and then the normal type blogging too, all in one place?

I think people would definitely still visit, because you have such a big presence and impact on the web world. Or at least, the corner of the web world we are in. And if you somehow made all your other sites lead to that blog, lots of people would find it.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Like Liz, if you remember her. She left. And so many others. I always feel that then I would just be giving up too easy, or giving something up too easy that can be easily updated whenever I feel like it, even when plenty of times I don’t.

Oh yeah, I’ve watched that show before! It’s so crazy, and the people who make the show always make it as uncomfortable as possible, for both the new mom and the family she goes to. But hey, I guess that’s reality tv?

My mom annoys me to no end, all the time. Me and my mom actually have a problem though and it’s actually sad.

Hehe, it really gets on my nerves when someone says “I was your age once…” and they go on saying how they know how the games is played and all that.

This friend…he’s really something special because I have never once felt this way about any other of my friends. Some of the best relationships do some out of friendships but I have also experienced, plenty of times when some friendships evolve into a relationship it isn’t always the best outcome. People change, you would have thought they were so perfect before but we you two get together their true colors come out and in the end the relationship, friendship and everything you’ve ever had is sabotaged and I don’t want that to happen with me and him.

Yes you can tell me. I don’t really go one sharing the things that happesn in my household..I really do hate some of the things, it has often come to the point where I’ve told my mom I hate her..I find it to be really sad if someone asks you if you love your mother and you have to second guess yourself.

It is funny though to hear the elderly go on about their childhood and they really can least the ones I know can. Hehe, it’s also kinda funny to me when they laugh to themselves and I just wonder in my head, ‘What’s funny?’

Nope it’s not always for the best but thanks. I hope it works for me XD

Haha yup, I’m one of those bloggers who don’t update the content but still blog regularly. :P I have a very little amount of content, haha. I tried to make smilies yesterday but I failed (H) LOL.

Ooo yeah NameCheap contest! I was like that too. When the time came I’d run to my brother’s laptop and bother him :P I begged him to use the comp for at least 3 minutes, haha. But I really hate it when the questions came late :( I didn’t have a chance to be the first then.

Wow, that’s nice! My eyes are wrecked, LOL. I spend a lot of time in front of the comp everyday. And when I stay away from the comp I will go straight to the TV. Haha it doesn’t make a lot of difference, does it? :P

Ah yeah, talking about stretching back and arms, I’m curious how some people can make a crack. Um like when they feel their arms are tired they would first stretch it, bend their arms with the elbow as the angle, stretch it again and *crack*. Do you get it? LOL I’m bad at explaining and this is kind random XD

Haha children can only stay calm and accept any punishments *sigh* When I was a little kid I thought this kind of thing will not happen when I grew up, because when I fought back my mom always said, “you’re still a little kid, you have no rights to talk to your mom like that!” That’s why I thought when I grew up I will have the right to fight my mom back! LOL :P

Aw, use an image verification? It’s better than WP-spam-free because WP-spam-free deleted some real comments as well, haha. That sucks.

Oh you’re lucky to have friends who will listen and understand to your problem. My friends will ditch me if I have problems D: Seems like I haven’t found my true offline friend XD

Luckily I still have a brother who always support me when I’m down :) He’s a good guy. Now I feel sorry for kicking his nose when I was 5 :P We fought a lot when we were little XD

Yeah, photos are really nice. I used to do that, but I got tired of all the extra time uploading them to my computer and stuff. Now with my new phone that takes better pictures I may start putting them up again :)

I know you have a photo blog too, though, so would you put photos up both at Heartdrops and there?

Speaking of photos, when and why did you decide to put up pictures of yourself on your site? My mom is always telling me not to put up pictures of what I look like, but I feel it would help people get to know me.

I remember seeing a site last year where the person played a prank with their hostess saying the webmiss had died, but it was all fake. Not very nice…

That’s true, but I always feel like if I can impress them, then I will be impressing myself. But I guess if I impress myself, and that means work really hard to make it good, then it would impress visitors. O_O confusing…haha

Yeah, Liz. She is so busy though I don’t think she will ever find time to come back.

I always wonder what goes on behind scenes on reality tv. Like, if someone doesn’t have the right emotion in one part, or the tv crew has already let them know they are there, but need to shoot the scene still, is it all just really bad acting like you are surprised or something?

Thanks XD Congratulations to you too :) You won pretty much of times. Haha I also missed the contest once or twice because I was chatting with my friends XD

Um yeah my dad wears glasses and most people in my family do wear them. I guess it could be a genetic factor.

Oh LOL my arms and legs never crack O_O I want to feel the crack though, LOL. It sounds cool :P

Yeah. We must always obey our parents even if we’re 30 years old :P Luckily I rarely argue with my parents now XD

Ooh Akismet is pretty famous! I’ve never tried it but I heard it’s nice :) Spam comments suck XD

Same here, I’m not very close to people offline too. That’s why I love my online friends more :P And most of my offline friends are younger than me, so we have pretty huge difference in thinking. My online friends are mostly older than me so they can understand me more XD

Oh he is 14? Me too :P I don’t fight with my brother much now as well, because I’m getting older and we can understand each other now XD

Now I just realized that I ended each paragraph of this comment with this emoticon –> XD LOL.