Remember To Feel Real

I added an icon tutorial. I hope you guys like it. :)

Sometimes when I am cleaning my room, I come across something that I want to throw out, but I can’t, for the life of me, do it.

That always happens to me. /hmph More often than not, it’s something that is of sentimental value. Which probably seems acceptable, until you get to a few things.

Gelato spoons?

James and I prefer gelato to ice cream. There’s less fat and more water. We used to eat it every week. It was a little expensive though. And I kept all the little plastic spoons each time. Maybe that’s a little sad. But I rinsed them and washed them and kept them in a little container.

It’s things like these that I really should throw out but I don’t. :P

About five years ago, I started keeping a “Memory Box”. It was just a cardboard box. I filled it with all these little things that meant a lot to me. Some little notes from friends, some photos and other things that just meant something to me.

I had to move all the stuff into a new box when it no longer fit. But I still kept adding things to it. Usually they came up after I cleaned my room. Instead of pondering for hours what to do with these “things”, I tossed them into the box.

About two years ago, I stopped putting things in it. I don’t know why. There was less to put in. Things meant less to me.

About two years ago, I had gone through a rough patch. We all go through rough patches. But now that it’s in the past, I’ve kept it there. I don’t like bringing up something from the past that hurt or tore me up. Things stay in the past for a reason. They’re there because they happened, and there isn’t anything you can do to change that.

Don’t dwell on what might have been.

When I went through that tough time a few years ago, I stopped “collecting” memories. I stopped saving them and trying to remember them with physical, material aids. Hence, I stopped putting things in my Memory Box, because there was nothing I wanted to remember.

About two years ago, my Memory Box started to get full and I couldn’t find another box to replace it. I tied it roughly with a ribbon, and to this day, haven’t opened it. It collected dust, and sat behind my record player speaker for a long time.


But you can’t run away from your past. Even if I had burned this box, I still remember everything inside it. I still remember the moments I cried, the moments I laughed, the moments I was angry, the moments I was sad, the moments I was happy.

Now I think that you can’t totally depend on materials and “things” to remember. I don’t think you can have memories solely based on something you’ve kept or collected from the past.

Sometimes memories are pushed to the back of your mind, and their remembrance is fuelled by something else – something you do, something that happens. I think that memories – true memories – are ones that stay in your heart and ones you don’t ever forget.

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OMB, I’m the first to comment how in the world did that happen? Anyway, you are so right about the memories lasting forever in your heart and mind. I agree with that.

I never did keep a memory box. I guess I should’ve and saved all the letters I received from my friends but I didn’t. But yeah you had a nice idea of keeping a memory box, even if you knew what went inside of it.

As far as the gift goes you’re very welcome. I made it on the spur of the moment and yeah I do have a new layout. I like it so I think I’m gonna try to keep it up for quite a few weeks.

Pfft on your brother. He sounds a bit greedy. But anyway, I’m sorry you and your mother has to go through his growth spurt. That must suck.

I’m thinking about getting a desktop computer and than saving for a trip to out of the country and california for like a week. That’s all I can stay is a week out of the country because it’s a rule for people on social security income like me. Rats.

I also wanted to go bald at one point in time, that was when I was dying my hair constantly and thought if I go bald, my natural color will come back. Nope I managed to get it back on my own with out going to the extreme. My friend did though she shaved off all her hair and became emo. I guess she was already emo, but she became more emo when she started at my highschool. Getting drunk, sneaking in boys, having parties, ditching school. And what not. It was crazy times. Now she’s better, working a full time job, and everything. The last time I saw her was at “C” Buffet, with her family and that was a couple of months ago.

So what Christmas came and went, what did you get? I got some old 1950’s lamp which is cool I love it. And I got $200.00 which now I have $320.00 because I gave $20.00 and $100.00 to my dad for my stash. I got some oriental looking trinket things, and a calendar. So I made out like a bandit this year. lol.

I will die if I actually get first comment on this blog. But I probably won’t cause I’m pretty sure this comment is going to take me about half an hour to type.. and by that time, there’ll be like 20 comments before mine. Ah well.

It’s definitely not always about the chin. Daniels just stoopid. Obviously. I find that I’m not that madly in love with him anymore. xD Which is a good thing, cause I hate having a crush on someone for some reason… it’s just really annoying. You can’t stop thinking about them.

I feel like a douche but I have to ask. What does tantalise mean? :D

Exactly. Looks definitely matter. It’s like that “first impression” type of thing. It’s all in the physical appearance. Sure it may not matter the most, but it counts for something. If you think about it, a lot of personality is shown through physical appearance as well.. for ex, by how people dress.

I’ve heard of people developing it as well. There’s been tons of scenarios where friends of mine have realized that they like one of their closest friends. I’ve also noticed that even if someones physical appearance doesn’t appeal to me at first, but I start getting to know them and I like their personality.. I automatically start to like their physical appearance better.. LMAO. It’s so weird.

Nah I won’t have a new layout by new years, cause my host is closing and shizz. D: It’s in the current blog.

Mhm I definitely like blogging about happy things as well. I rarely blog about sad things haha. Another thing I really hate blogging about, and I try to avoid it as much as when I like I guy. xD Idk why! D: I really enjoy reading blogs about people’s crushes but I HATEHATE blogging about my own. Seriously, you have no idea how hard I tried to prevent myself from blogging about Daniel. I obviously failed.

I’m glad my blogs make you pee your pants though. (: I love your blog entries as well! They’re somehow always interesting. Just you and your superwoman ways I guess.

HAHA yeah that was so fail when I spazzed on Twitter cause I was stupid enough to post a new blog before returning comments. I posted my new blog before returning yours, because yours was the only comment that I had left to return hehe. Plus, no ones commenting on my current blog (YUS) so I’m taking my time returning yours.

MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO. *tackle hugs* >Lmfao that made me laugh.

Wow faces ftwwwww. I’m going to upload a pic of me doing that face on dailybooth very soon.

You have to come here before you rot and decay. D: (What a nice way of describing your death.) Who knows if I’ll still have a site. I most likely will hehe. Unless I go through that emo depression of not having any motivation, which will most likely hit me again as soon as school starts. But let’s hope not. I’m flattered that you’ll hunt me down and let me know you’re coming. :D LOLOL. *admires your celebratory thrust, takes picture*

It would be the most awesomest thing evuuuuuuuuuur, if you dressed up as a superwoman. That would make my life. I totally butchered the English language in those last couple sentences. :)

It’s good to hear that not too many people believe what those fortune tellers say, cause that means the majority of people in our world have some level of common sense. :D Yay. Psh they should have realized that it was bullshit, as soon as they heard it come out of the fortune tellers mouth. xD I’m pretty sure that if a fortune told by the fortune teller actually comes true, it’s probably just a coincidence or fluke.

LMFAO you have one with white fluid on it’s face? DAYUMMMM, that has got to be the nastiest MSN emoticon I’ve ever heard of. I’d laugh if by white fluid it was actually like melted vanilla ice-cream or something. Cause I’m thinking something way nastier lmfao.

Hopefully a year is enough to replace the string. Best of luck. :P

Omg I love the way oceans smell. Hehe. I don’t even know if we have that perfume here, but if we do, I will stalk it down and take a sniff. I’ll probably run out of patients waiting for you to bring the perfume to me, when you visit Canada. xD

I never even knew a piano could go out of tune. O_O If someone else in your fam has one, I’m sure they would allow you to borrow it. :)

LOLOL, you said Merry Christmas twice. SO MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS AGAIN. YAY.

Bahahah whoa. You guys seem to be days ahead of us in Australia. It’s Boxing day here today. :P

Yus, those trojans deserved to get eaten. Viruses can be super bitchy. It was a good thing that you dealt with it and solved the problem. I would have probably just kept procrastinating and using the computer while it has fucking trojans molesting it. -.-

I’m glad you’re not a drama queen too LOL. Idk if I am. I hope I’m not. *scared* Glad to hear that it doesn’t hurt much, woo. :3

LMAO. Yeah, because I’m an only child, I’m forced to be more active cause I have to do all the things that other siblings would normally do.. but I tend not to do them.. so that makes me lazy I guess. :)

You’re welcome.

Dayum, a THIRD TIME saying Merry Christmas. xD You just never get tired of it do you? Well here you go Superwoman: MERRY CHRISTMAS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS. Hell YAH.

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t get many presents, as long as you had a nice time. :3

Lovely icon tutorial. I can’t even remember the last time I added a tut to my site. :D

I know what you mean, about finding these junky things around, that you don’t need at all, but you just can’t throw them away.

Yes. That is sad. You kept the spoons? Yes. Very sad. Lmao, I’m just kidding. That’s cute.

There’s certain things that have sentimental value so I guess we can’t bring ourselves to throw them away, even if they seem like junk to everyone else.

You have a memory box? :O Ngaw, I wish I had one of those. Usually all my memories are on my laptop in the form of pictures . The cards and meaningful little things that I get from friends, I just keep them in some binder or something less formal than a memory box. That’s a sweet little tradition that you carried on for years though.

Seems like you won’t be needing the box anymore. I guess we all reach a point where we realize that memories should be stored in our heart more than anywhere else.

Even though they usually say to forget the past, and move on to the future, I don’t think we should forget our past. Cause it holds a lot of answers as to how we became who we truly are to this day. It reminds us of the good times and the bad. Sometimes it’s good to think about the bad times as well, cause we can learn from them. As you said, you can’t run away from your past, so it’s smartest to just embrace it at times.

True memories are ones that you don’t need reminders for. :) Great blog, superwoman. :3

I do the same thing. I come across something totally useless, I really don’t need it, it’s just taking up space… and what do I do? I end up not throwing it out, because I feel whenever I go threw my room again a few months later and I find it it will bring back memories, ya know?

That’s funny about the spoons though, so random, but yet it’s kind of a good idea to collect something like that… it just seems cool to see how many you can collect. If that even made any sense? :P

I think that you are right. When I first started reading the part of the blog about the memory box, I thought “hey that would be something great for me to do!” but as I read on, I realize what you mean. Memories shouldn’t be objects that you put in a box and only look at a few times each year, they should be like what you said, when you do something you remember that memory, or saying something.

Great post! :)
Have a great day.

:) Awww. That was so beautiful ! You are so right on the whole you can’t run away from your past.

Sometimes I feel like my past haunts me when I do bad things, and I can’t erase it. I am just human you know? But it’s okay if you opened the box or not because you still are keeping the memories alive in there. (did that make sense?) Lol. But anyway, I love the new haircut ! HA, same here. My moms side of the family is the same. Did nothing !

I really liked that Icon Tutorial, I liked the bursts of colour. It reminded me I should really find my Photoshop disc and reinstall it soon!

Sentimental things of are the best. I’m not a big fan of flashy jewellery, I keep the things that matter. I have a 9 letter note blu-tacked to my wall, just because the person who wrote it to me, I may never see again. It’s things like that that really mean a lot.

Your memory box is so cute! But, yeah, no matter what you do, you’ll still have the memory. Sometimes you just have to remember it’s all long gone, but I like your idea of keeping a memory box, even if you don’t use it any more.

Yeah, I’m getting to see my dad next week. He said he was coming to pick me up on Sunday but now he’s coming on Monday. *___* Meeh, at least I can have one more lie-in in my own bed. XD

My friends are always at my house. It’s pretty spacey since my brother and sister moved out, so we’ve got more room to just hang out. I’m not a big fan of going out in the cold though. :P

I love them haha! I managed to watch them all, and I watched Home Alone 4 on Christmas eve.

Thanks. :) I’m changing it again now because I’m not happy with it x___X But I’ve made one I like now.

I decided last year not to get on stage to collect my award, but I got in trouble for it. /angry

I’ve managed to stretch the shirt now haha.

I’m too obsessed with movies. I’m buying a DVD cabinet next week because I’ve no where to put them. D:

Yeah I read the email, I lost a comment but I can remember what it said to reply to.

Oh yeah, that’d be cool, in case I lost more than one. Would you mind doing the database thing for me?

I didn’t think it was that easy to resolve, thats cool haha!

i used to be such a computer noob and downloaded stuppidly on like limewire and things :P sometimes antiviruses dont help either D:

YUP GELETO ICE CREAM <3 mouth watering…omg small little spoons are soo cute haha (: such a nice memory box . my friend told me she had one and i used to have one too… but got lazy and didnt put anything in. all memories stay in my blogs/head though hehe

Government bashing. One of the few things I’m pretty good at ;D

Ew, I hate changing train lines, but I always have to change! If you miss one train, you have to wait another 30 minutes or something. Screw CityRail and their awful timetable! I preferred the old ones. We have to wait 8-9 minutes for our trains and all our services are to Hornsby, now. GRR.

I hate the Metro thing. Even though I don’t live in the area where they are going to tear apart, I live kinda close to and seriously, WTF?! Just get CityRail to create a new train line or something, don’t rip out 20-30 small businesses. Poor people, they will have to go unemployed and stupid government shouldn’t be wasting 1 billion dollars on some bullshit metro train. They should start improving hospitals or something.

I reckon, she’s so immature to retaliate. Old and grumpy adults these days…*sigh*

Exactly. I feel like ripping their earphones out.

I hate the smell too! It’s like it’s burning your nose or something. My nails become really hard and gross after using nail polish so I avoid nail polish c:

Mm, I guess. But the restaurant has all the ingredients already prepared. Talking about pho wants me to have pho right now. T_T

Yeah its UHU. I like that brand too :P

Well, either way, I don’t trust any computer except for my own, I’m that paranoid. Gosh what is wrong with me?!

C is just pass. My teacher thought I would fail (D) for second grade because I was so unprepared.

Yeah, my parents don’t rub it into people’s faces all the time but they always say other people’s achievements in my face…so I feel a bit failed. I know what you mean by snobby parents! This woman was like, my kid is the smartest, blah blah and he didn’t even get into his first choice selective so eh.

xD On the train, this really pissy guy always follows us and we always say we’re getting a restraining order on him. :P

I also bite my tongue…not cool. XD

o:! How can you cut your own hair without being seriously freaked out? I’m so scared of cutting my own hair.

Nice icon tutorial! It’s really good & cute dog BTW. ^^

I’ve cleared out my room so much, last time I cleaned it the hallway was covered in my stuff xD

Sometimes if it has sentimental value, I leave it but most I chuck it because I think to myself, do you want your room full of unnecessary stuff and blah…

I have a massive collection of headbands, even if they are broken, I still keep them. My top drawer is loaded with headbands, its crazy!

Aw thats so cute :P I rarely ever eat gelato but when I do, I really love it!

I don’t have memory boxes but I have boxes that remind of good things. Like I kept my camera box and my Converse shoe boxes. It’s really weird but it’s fun collecting boxes xD

Most of my memorable gifts and tidbits are stuck on my wall and most of the time I remember them for a really long time. Even bad memories. :s

Hahaha! I too loathe to throw old things away. Sometimes it is funny because most of them have no use to me anymore. But you are right, it was due to the sentimental values that make us still keep them.

I don’t have a Memory Box to put the things in. I just simply dump them at one place for a long time and God knows what’s breeding there.

Actually, it is more amusing to see you say ‘kurang asem’ because it is not an everyday thing I get to see you say it. ;)

Aw, that’s such a sweet blog. (:

I ♥ gelato. (: It’s so much better than ice cream but there aren’t many gelato places here =P I love ice cream though too. Both are my two loves :D

I did that too. I had this jar, where I put notes and pictures and such in it. Memories. I liked the idea of collecting material objects and each thing having a story to go with it. But I never put in something when it was associated with the bad things.

It’s like with my diaries also. I sometimes like to read my old ones from when I was in grade school. I actually laugh when I read them because I sound so silly with my crushes on boys who later on I could care less about. All the funny things I wrote in there or the things I freaked out about then but nowadays would seem like no big deal. Of course, in my diaries, I used to vent also. So bad parts of my past still hit me and sometimes just when I felt like I’d forgotten it all.

But I’ve learned that if I leave the diaries for a bit longer then come back to them years later, it all seems so funny even the bad parts. Sure, now, like with my kuya issues, they seem so big and so bad and so important. But I know, probably in college if I look back at all my old blogs I’ll probably start cracking up and laughing at myself or thinking how silly I was to think such thoughts.

True memories are definitely the ones that you don’t need material objects to remember. Because memories are well memories. Things in our minds that we remember.


Asian eyes are nice. :D A lot of people are commenting that and I was reading that over and over and I was like really? I always get a vibe.. well considering I go to a mostly caucasian school. I always get the vibe that we have chinky eyes and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Eh, I’ve lived with it, it’s just weird to hear compliments about it :DDD

I didn’t mean to dress up as a present. It was rather spontaneous :D But next year I will for sure, hopefully I don’t forget.

Aw, I’m sorry about your relationship with your parents. Mine is off and on. I just know that as icky and annoying as they may seem, they love me… deep deep.. deep in their hearts somewhere. Haha.

Oh database information, how did you find out that stuff anywhos? I just realized that. Hahaha.

Hahahahaha, I know what you mean about internet providers. My dad, my uncle, Kuya, everyone I know who has had to call Internet providers’ customer service has always complained about how stupid it is. They put you on hold for AGES and then they come up with a solution that would have taken TWO minutes to figure out. Like reallyyyy?

I think it’s rather funny people think you’re Filipino =D Filipinos ftw. xDDD

Yeah, Kuya and I always talk on MSN. I hate FB chat. Either that or over the phone. Except lately you know with the whole thing, we just don’t talk at all. That’s how different its been =P

Haha, you know I have a feeling Kuya is like Anthony. I have a feeling one day he’ll come out and say he’s actually gay. I mean he says he’s not but I just have a feeling. I might be wrong but still. Hahahahahhaa, I even remember when I first met him. I thought he was gay for a while. Until I got to know him but the thought is back in my head. Haha.

Yeah, love.. comes at you in different forms. =P I’ll never know.

Definitely, people need to be friends I think before they can go through with marriage. I could never imagine arranged marriages. I mean, it’s like forcing a friend upon you… what if the person just happens to be someone you utterly hate? Egad.

One of my friends suggested I dye my entire head of hair blue. Well not like neon blue but like dark dark dark blue so that only in some light could you tell it was blue. I think it’s a cool idea but I’d never actually do that. I just want a few clumps of strands in the front to be dyed blue. =D

The thing is Pixobox seemed to have a lot of downtime. Everytime I was online, it was down =/

Yeah, I like playing piano for fun. I want to go back to taking lessons. Get help from pros. :D That way I can improve my technique, I know now that meticulous as it may seem it’s actually really good to work hard at theory and stuff. xDDD

Yeah the lyrics are sweet (: Kuya liked the choreography, I thought it was okay. But i liked the story… it just made me sad though. The first time I watched it, I was talking to Kuya while I did so and at the end. I was like WTH WTH WTH WTH WTH? HAHAAHAHA, I did NOT see that coming. I mean, I thought he was just going to talk to her. I didn’t think he was going to propose to her!

The last two paragraphs of your comment were like reading.. a story or something xD It’s one huge metaphor and it’s smart. It’s true. I just… need to get a hold of Kuya. I told myself I need to settle this before 2010 comes. Make it all part of 2009. Hopefully I can. Kuya… is never on anymore. =/

Omg, don’t worry, that happens to me too :P I feel so lame when I can’t throw anything out. Oh well, being sentimental is not a crime. 🙄

The gelato spoon thing is kind of cute!

The first time I ate gelato, I kept the spoons simply because they looked cute. I swear I still have them somewhere… :X Oops.

Looks like we’re serial hoarders!

Your memory box is so pretty! @_@ :) But it’s a good idea! :D

Did you keep the notes we used to write? Haha.

I don’t have a memory box. I should get one though…==… All my stuff that I can’t throw out is just…randomly around my room.

I’m so bad, I can’t even throw out the red envelopes I get around Chinese New Year. Except some are REALLY pretty…@_@ :P

But yeah, I’ve kept all my birthday cards and christmas cards somewhere.

And all the notes you wrote me, I folded and stuffed into one of my old diaries. Except I forgot where I put the diary. D: I must find! (when I get around to cleaning my room).

But yeah, my point is having a memory box is a good idea. I mean you’ll always have the good memories inside, but sometimes you just want to look at something substantial to convince yourself that the memories were real. :)

You’re right: you can’t always depend on material things to remind you of memories and stuff. But sometimes they still help. And like, sometimes you’ll remember something and then want to look at something material and smile :) Or you might want to show someone later on.

But I agree that you definitely shouldn’t dwell in the past. Because if you keep looking back, you’re going to walk into walls. *nods*

I’m definitely not the only one. :D

Oh I think it’s sad. At least the spoons are different colours… yay? :P

But they are cute. I have to agree. Although you could just ask them for a bunch, maybe, if they didn’t mind.

I think Jason actually gave me that box, and it fit better than my other one, because my other one was tiny. :)

I think I did! There’s so much stuff in there there’s probably bound to be a note from you at least. :P

Now that I don’t use the box anymore, everything just sort of piles up or gets stuffed into drawers or containers. I keep thinking I ought to throw them away.

My diaries are all on a shelf in my room. I think reading back through them would be very embarrassing.

I vacuumed my room not long ago, but I haven’t actually gone through all my stuff and given it a clean. :P

I’ll probably show my kids my memory box or something… LOL, I think some of the stuff there might not be very interesting or might even be embarrassing. But it’s a nice reminder of things sometimes. :D

Oooh walking into walls is not good. But the past is there for a reason. It would be weird to go back – what’s there to know or see? You already know what’s there.

o m g that was such a great idea (Y) a memory box , i never would’ve thought of that ! You should pass it on to you children (if u have any)

Clean out your junk. /bounce

Hahah, yeah. I used to keep a diary until, I found one I had filled out the year before and I realised how mundane all the crap in it was

Whenever something doesn’t work out I like to think to myself ‘in a year, will this mean anything?’ and prioritize from there on in :)

The memory box sounds cute
Someday, we’ll light it on fire /bounce /bounce /bounce


Hehe. /um

I had a lot of diaries. Oh man, it was really embarrassing. I think I have one from year six. My writing was big and ugly and I read over it and realised how sad some of the crap was. D:

I think I kept one until year nine. Then things got a bit boring and I weaved my way more into blogging. :)

Ooh man. I try to think about that too. And it’s what I tell people. “This won’t matter in a few years”, etc. Most of the time it doesn’t. But it’s hard to look out of the picture.

LOL that sounds terrible. We’re supposed to light fuack on fire, remember…? /bounce

Well I don’t really have a memory box, but I have like a drawer where I keep all the memory stuff in. It mostly contains letters that I got from my friends ages ago. Other stuff are just pictures, pens, key chains and even receipts and napkins! Kinda funny, but I kept a napkin from the very first time we ate Pizza Hut here in Canada. And I even put the date on it!

Sometimes, I open and read the letters, but I need to be alone. Coz when I read the letters, sometimes I just laugh too TOO hard. When my bro saw me, he thought I was high on something. /um Some of the receipts, I throw them away in the end since the writings are starting to fade and I don’t know what receipt it is for. /huh

Sure, I would certainly want some apps on my touch. Just the free ones. Since there’s no wi-fi everywhere I go. At least I’ll enjoy myself with the games. LOL. I have Tap Tap Revenge 3. It’s so much FUN! I play it every single day! (Y)

I read your icon tutorial! Very cool. And I read the other two too! (Y)
Very good for beginners for learning techniques and shite like that /bounce

I rarely clean my room, but I know what you mean. Some things have a little space in my room and heart, even if they are a load of shit like paperclips. LOL. Or my badge collection, although I don’t normally wear the badges or anything. xD

I’ve never had gelato before! Reel me some flavours. (H)

I don’t think it’s THAT sad to collect gelato spoons. :) It’s like remembering all the times you got gelato with James! :)

I’ve never had anything like a “memory book”. I used to do a lot of scrap booking though, and just stuck in pictures, notes, lyrics, and whatever other shite I felt like.

I think I might start one again, maybe. It was nice to flick through and see memories and whatever else. I’ll just get a nice notebook with blank pages and start again. I didn’t throw my old one out but I haven’t looked at it in a while.

A bit like your memory box.

Things don’t take long to mean something to me, but I would still keep all sorts of strange things… maybe not sticking them in my book but collecting them in boxes like yours, except they weren’t as special as my book.

Very true! *hugs* You got past your rough patch and now you’re over it you can look towards the better things in life. :) And you can also learn from any mistakes you made.

Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. ♥

That’s a nice box! I love the little blue butterfly. :)

Some things aren’t forgotten, whether they are good or bad memories. Sometimes you don’t need to “keep” them by putting them in a box or a book because they are always there in the back of your mind. :)

You’re right about true memories never being forgotten. :’)

My Christmas was boring too. It stopped feeling like Christmas after lunch.
Some people get up really early for Christmas (like, 5am) just to open presents. I spent AGES in bed and thought of the people who had been up for, oh, only 6 hours longer then me…

I know two people with their birthdays on leap year days. Rather strange, I agree; but they celebrate it on the 28th when it’s not a leap year.

There are shitloads of dickweeds and twampuses (my brother’s word) around the place. Sigh.

I won two domains. Considering they gave away $10,000 dollars worth of domains or something, you didn’t win that many, in comparison, eh?

Well it’s pretty stupid to say “fuck you” and then add as an afterthought, “no offence”, which basically reads as “fuck you but don’t take it personally, you know”. I guess that’s the funny part.

And they can go fuck themselves, thank you very much. No offence, of course.

Gimme gimme gimme :3

And when you come to the UK we can go to Hamley’s in London and I’ll getcha something from the Bear Factory /bounce

My brother does that. :/ But my brother plays on stuff like “Thief: DEADLY SHADOWS” and shite like that. xD

Yerr dude. I left ya another comment :D Hahahohoh.

GLAC will be playing in the US then? *whoo*


Yes. (Y) Click on my smilies ;)

Yeah. :/ That’s the only time Ben Jorg’s hair isn’t so good – when it’s on you. :P


Your hair generally suits you though. /oh It’s nice. Mine’s just… like. Weird. xD

I’m glad you’ve got the fanlisting. :D ‘Cuz KC is sure one person whom you are a great fan of :D


Return this ‘un when I’m open. :P Even if that means you have to wait a day because you’re asleep :3

Thanks ♥ But no way dude, Family Guy put me off eye surgery lol… anyone fancy a lightsaber through their eye? /ehh /oh 🙄

LOL your hairdressers tell your brother that?! xD

And yus. (Y) We must be who we are and not who we want to be.

You should. :)

ILY TOO and take care! xx ♥

Oops, I meant to say “I’ve never really had something like a memory box”. xD I have had a memory book before though. /bounce

Oh LOL I totally understood though.

I think my other comment was a reply to this short one. I think you’ll still understand it anyway, because you’re cool. ♥

Aww thank you! :D I plan on writing more. It’s pretty addicting. I hope you find them useful too. Yes? Maybe? No?

I used to collect paperclips. I still have a lot of my collection because there’s never a time to use them.

I have badges as well! I think we had a brief discussion about this once. But yeah. I actually picked up a lot of my old badges the other day and I found some Kurt Cobain ones. I haven’t been into badges as of late.

Aww, visit You can see them menu there.

Oh, I was going to start a little scrapbook sort of thing but I guess it never happened. James and I were going to document some pictures and things. But everything is pretty digitalised nowadays so it’s hard to find something someone keeps in the form of notes and whatnot.

I had some diaries but they were embarrassing. I really don’t want to go there haha. :X

Yeah, it’s a good thing to look back on in that way, even if I don’t want to remember what exactly happened. The past is what makes us who we are. *hugs*

Thank you! :) I think my friend actually gave me the box with a gift inside, and I just chose to use it that way.

Wow that’s pretty cool actually. I think I heard that people celebrate it on the 28th of February or the 1st March – they just choose one.

Dickweeds? That’s… LOL. Good. Twampuses – have definitely not heard of that one before though.

Yeah, they got… they got um… sorry, what the hell was I saying? I got distracted. Yeah, they sure gave a lot away. I mean, if they can give that many away, why can’t I have a chance? And you too. /bounce

Get real haha. My friend Jeremiah won $300 as of last year. And he won more this year. So see how many he’s won. And he doesn’t give any away and he actually doesn’t use them very much.

Haha yeah. I mean, wow, saying that kinda shit to my face… really. :P

I’m sure you will like the kangaroo! The whole thing is getting sort of old for me now because I live in Australia and all, but other people outside of Australia come and they love those plushy Kangas.

Aww! We have a Bear factory here too, I think, but I don’t know if it’s that cool. It’s sort of just a shop. :P

Yes, GLAC are playing in pretty much less than 24 hours. I could probably cry now… I saw Ben live on his stream thing though, and he said my name. /eee

Yeah, I’ll stop fangirling. You get the gist.

LMAO. I do not look as hot as Ben does with his hair. Believe me.

I love Kurt as well. RIP. I think he’s definitely an inspiration as well. As is Stephen Christian… okay, anyway, moving along.

I think you’re the top commentator on my site as it is. ;)

LOL I’m having a race with Rachel to return comments though. Sorry! I just happened to get up to your comment. But I will drop by as soon as I can when you open, so you don’t need to worry at all!

If it makes you feel better I can just copy and paste this comment into your site.

It would be funny if I copied and pasted all the comment replies here to your site – just to make up for it. /ehe

You’re welcome! Oh eek. I don’t watch Family Guy so I guess that’s why. :P

ILY! ♥ Can’t wait to see your site. /bounce

Start playing GLAC as loud as hell! Hope they hear it from New Jersey!

LMFAO. Copy and paste if you want, I don’t mind. ;)

I’ll return it later, after I’ve returned the other comments from FU. /ehe



Hahaha, maybe I will, maybe I won’t… I might spam your WordPress… :P

I’ll be returning your comment on your site after this. I’m doing them in order from my dashboard. ♥

I saw your layout and blog though. Loooove. ;)

I’m gonna return your comment this way for the last time in a while :) I got my little domain up again (Y)

Yes. :) I do find them useful. Except I don’t really publish graphics on my site other than those I have pixelled like bullets and stuff.
I just use them for attempting to improve my somewhat shitty graphic skill whilst I fail. xD

I don’t really use paperclips anyway. Maybe drawing pins for when I pin stuff on my noticeboard, but never any other time. LOL. Maybe for homework and stuff but I tend to use a stapler.

Like instead of sewing up my art, I stapled it and turned it inside out. LMFAO.
He still hasn’t noticed. xD

(“He” being my Art teacher).

Kurt Cobain badges :D

That would have been cute, you and James documenting things :)

Oh LMFAO, I had shitloads of crappy diaries too… the stuff I complained about… /bash



Nice box like that ‘un shouldn’t be wasted (Y)

I’d chose the 28th LMFAO, it’s sooner. 🙄

Dickweeds indeed. :D And yeah, the word “twampus” (Twom-pus”) is of my brother’s inventing. 😏

Yup. Money for renewals! ;)

Jerimiah was sure as hell bloody lucky O_O

I want a plushy kanga either way. Like over here it’s boring with the models of the London Eye and Big Ben and “I LOVE LONDON” tees and hoodies… but it’s quite cute really to see little American kids going “mum, I SO want one of these hoodies, dude.”

I wasn’t actually trying to impersonate an American there. TAKE NOTE. /oh

Or we could just go to Hamley’s, lmfao. Or wherever else you wanted to go. :P

OMG he said your name! /eee AWWWW that’s so cute! /bounce
And your fangirling is cuter :3

Basically all the guys whom you own fanlistings for. (Y)

I wanna seeee but you don’t have that plugin activated. /ehe

Anyway you activate it sometimes when you’re curious so I hope curiousity overcomes you soon. :P I wanna seeeeeeeee

@_@ /faw

I’ll just return it. Fit in another comment… no two, ‘cuz of the reply to the comment that you returned that I am now returning, extra. :P Every comment makes a difference!

I remember Lee once replied to herself loads to overtake me on the top commentators. That upset me. /sweat

No fair. I’d written six more then her! /type

Haha. /oh

Comment races :D You and me don’t have them very often, do we?

IN FACT. Remind me to sign into MSN tomorrow morning (evening/ night for you), because I managed to revive the bitch this afternoon /bounce

LMFAO. All the comment replies. xD

I don’t watch Family Guy but my brother watches the DVDs we have and the computer is right by the TV so you know, I catch some of the episodes lmfao. They don’t actually interest me though.




And TAKE CARE! *hugs*

Harrumph. *cough*

“chose” should be “choose”


“Hamley’s” should be “Hamleys”


“Inventing” should be “invention”




The same things happen with me – Sentimental value means a lot. I just can never find the strength to through something out. Michael

Sorry it took me long to return this comment, too… I’ve seriously gotten lazy that I really need some tips on how to unlazy myself and get myself going.

Woo for the avatar tutorials! You see, with all this stuff you’re expermenting with new graphics and all, you’re increasing your photoshop tutorials which I love! :D

LMAO. The same things happen to me. Like when I come to clear my room or a shelve, and there is like, a lot of random stuff like pencils and mini figurines that are really useless and are just lying there… I still keep them sometimes because I really get this itchy feeling that if I throw it away it will be a really big mistake. Lmao, we’re all weird. :P

Your memory box is so cute! It’s so pretty, I love the colours all matched neatly together! I have random boxes too that I keep all sorts of stuff inside of them haha. I really am happy once I find them in a long time and it like, gives me so many memories! So yeah, you’re so right!

Have a good day! ♥

What a great concept.
I think it is especially great when one can look back on a bad experience and be able to remember as someone who went through the time, instead of being affected like you are still going through it. Like you said we leave things in the past and they are supposed to stay back there.

Wow an indoor theme park, you said? That’s amazing!

I try not to draw on foggy windows or mom will make me clean it or worse clean the car. She’ll be like, you know it really is dirty.

Thanks, I’ve always wanted to be told my graphics were improving. I’m glad they finally are.

I have some great memories from when I was a kid. And I have some bad memories. Those are the ones that keep on coming back more often than the good ones. But I bet I’m the only one who actually remembers the bad ones though.

I’d never had a problem with throwing anything away. I mean if I want it, I’ll keep it. But eventually it will go in the trash if it’s something that was silly to keep in the first place :)

Hmm, Gelato. I bet that stuff is really good. The name sounds good. :D

That is a beautiful box! :)

I actually don’t like Gelato that much. I’d prefer regular ice cream if I had to. But I’m not all that big on frozen treats altogether.

I sooo know what you mean. I’m a HUGE pack rat. I have 3 “memory boxes” plus 3 drawers filled with CRAP that I never look at. But every time I go to clean out the drawer I can’t bring myself to throw any of it out. lol

Hi Georgina! Congrats, you’ve won a domain for $9.69 the domain giveaway! When you’ve thought of a name, let me know so I may purchase your domain (: I hope that makes sense. 😳

Now I think that you can’t totally depend on materials and “things” to remember. I don’t think you can have memories solely based on something you’ve kept or collected from the past.

Plus, keeping every single little memory in physical form might mean that you’re developing a case of Obsessive Hoarding, and you don’t want that! D:

Still, though, I like the fact that you kept all the little gelato spoons … It’s just too sweet and cute not to like. /eee

Plus, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, since I have a Rubbermaid bin under my bed labelled ‘Tags, Labels, And Packaging’. XD

It contains exactly what the label says, and some don’t even have any special memories attached to them … I just wanted to save them because they looked cool! :X

Yeah skip it’s are fun indeed. I remeber doing them when I was younger I wasn’t so short of breath than. I think for the first few tries I’ll be short of breath but that’s not gonna stop me. Now the only part I’m worried about is that is it going to fit around my ankle lol. If it does it does, if not than I dunno.

OMG YES I remember Polly Pocket and Starcastles! I also remember My Little Pony I still have those btw lol. I never got rid of them. They’re a sentimental keep sake if you know what I mean. Heehee. I still have the movie too. lol. Shoobie do be do. lol. God I love that movie.

Yeah who cares what others think at least I’ll be losing weight with the skip its. Do you remember pogs? Those were the rage back then too. I can’t believe I remembered those haha.

Yeah my friend took a bad turn but she ended up alright though. She drives a car and what not. Now the other daughter didn’t want to work and was being told by their mother to go and get a job, so what does she do? Meet a guy on the computer, got a plane ticket and went to New York, got pregnant and they came back and now the mother is a grandmother lol. Ah well. She didn’t want to work which I think is selfish. But oh well.

Yeah I hope your brother “grows up” too. He sounds immature. But than he’s a teenager but most teenagers are immature. Maybe he’ll get out of that stage or something. I hope so for your sake and your mother’s.

Hmmm yeah it didn’t really seem like christmas. I think because it’s gotten so commercialized. But I’m glad you had a good one though with James and what not.

I can NEVER bring myself to throw things out. I swear, I have like almost ALL of the birthday and holiday cards I’ve received. I have Christmas cards from KINDERGARTEN. I was, what, 5 years old?! @_@ I still have notebooks I’ve used for school from previous years, toys I’ve grown out of, and little trinkets. It’s no wonder my room is a mess. :X

Aw, it’s sweet that you still have the gelato spoons you and James ate with. (: The memory box is pretty, even if it might remind you of things you don’t want to remember.

No, I don’t think you necessarily need to keep objects to remind you of things. The smallest thing might trigger a memory you might have forgotten about. If something is really important to you, you shouldn’t need an object to remind you of it; it should always be with you. :)

from experiences and mistakes, i finally mastered how to safely download from limewire :P its still not 100% safe but.. you know, theres always risks of virsues whenever you download things :P

you cant always count on digital memories though ! what if your computer crashes haha. thankfully i havent lost a thing from my computer but its quite risky :P but you can always upload on things i guess :P

ohh i saw your pictures on dailybooth haha (: i love your new bangs ! gahhhh i sometimes dont like having black hair cause its hard to dye :P but highlighting just lightens your hair so thats my only choice, since i dont want to bleach my hair.

HAHA i dont think i buy anything by myself for regular price, always the cheapest thing or on sale ! sure the branded name polishes are better quality but like $20 a bottle is INSANE. you might as well take my whole wallet D:

:) Lol ! Your right. Same here. It’s just that my family lives across the states. And some in the Philippines. :) So how are you?

Memory Box.
I am so stealing your idea XD

I have a lot of things packed around in various places in my room that I have ‘collected’ over time. For some reason though I cannot bring myself to throw them away. It could be the most simplest thing from a sticky note and I keep it, why…I have no idea and I really wish I did.

I think your right though. The true memories are the ones in your heart.

I have a lot of memories in my mind but often when something new comes along it pushes them out of the way even if for just a temporary moment. But sometimes they all surface again, the memory and all the problems that come along with it.

Love your layout BTW.

Haha yeah, especially when you are getting them online. You can return them, but doesn’t that seem like a pain? It’s different when you buy something from a store that is like everywhere. It’s hard shopping in general for peoples gifts, unless they tell you that they really want something

Yeah it is. I mean seriously, who WANTS to be called it? This other girl use to take them as compliments. We would be like, that isn’t something to be proud of. /ehh

Ahh we have send you some snow ! XD. I’m guessing you get a lot of sun. Does it rain a lot? I love the sun :D The rain, eh not as much. :/

Yeah! We learned in Italian class that they have school on Saturdays. Actually a lot of countries do. In America I think we are just lazy XP

LOL Yeah! They sneak in a rice cooker and they make their own meals a lot of the time. But my sister says the rice isn’t the same XD. Depends where you get it.

Haha yeah. I hate getting those stupid questions on Formspring. I ignore them. Oh really? I didn’t know they were bots. Cool Cool. It’s even more fair game for everyone.

You’re welcome ! I actually found the site that sold the panda. They are ADORABLE. They have like lots of different animals. So cute! You should look them up. Hehe I want the racoon XD. I don’t want to post a link, so i’ll just say squishable [dot com]. Some of them are odd. Like the giraffe. But I like the racoon and the mouse :D They are SO soft !

You’re welcome! That is good to hear :D

You’re welcome. Haha that’s good that you like it. Don’t you just love the fresh haircut feel XD. I loveee it ! (Y)

Teheh we save the plastic spoons as well :D It come in handy when you are going somewhere and you bring your own food but you don’t want to bring a metal spoon because then you have to carry it afterwards. We use the plastic ones so that we can just throw it out afterwards :p Awww ! I have a memory box and I like never touch it. I never want to throw anything out since I feel as if i am throwing away my memories. I know I am not since I always remember them. But it nice to actually visualize it. I always seem to cry when I clean because it brings back so many memories when I go through old binders with like crafts and everything.

Ahhh yes I did mean “releve”. D: Thanks for telling me! I fixed it.


That’s the thing… I don’t have a goal with ballet. =/ Well I guess I sort of do; I want to try pointe. Mostly I just want to go back to it! I’m sad that I didn’t like it as much as I should have in my last years of doing it, because it was just another thing that I had to do fr skating. =/ I WILL GO BACK. IT WILL BE AWESOME. :D

Yeah… I haven’t looked or really thought about it in a few days, but I need to find a place. Preferably a place that won’t make me do a recital, because I would actually love to do one but I just don’t think I’ll be able to pay for the costumes and stuff. =/

Hahaha yes you have been “watching” me work on my portfolio. xD YOU WERE THERE. ;) I haven’t worked on it since I posted that blog… I need to work out what that last page will be!

Thanks. :) Hopefully!

Oh, you should. :) Who knows, maybe I will enterrrr. ^.^

Have they fucked off your formspring yet? <.<

Now you only have one fanlisting to make! I’m pretty sure I have five. -_-

HAHAHA nice one. You stopped to make a fanlisting image, if you forgot. I can’t do that, because we’re racing! And fuck, I have to get up early tomorrow.

I can’t remember having applied for any since I got my last wave of approvals, thankfully. I need to get caught up first!

Choosing a domain name really is like picking a baby name! My websites are my babies. :D …LOL one day I’ll have real babies. Maybe.

I ended up using your search bar to find the blog with the picture of those bangles~. They look niceeee. :D

A steel sheet fell on his head? Nice. xD I just asked Jimmy if a steel sheet has ever fallen on his head… sounds like something that might happen at robotics. I think I remember him telling me some story about hitting his head on something at robotics and having one of the mentors laugh at him. :P

Haha I think you’re way off. xD There’s no way Australia is the biggest continent… think of North America! Or Africa, or any of them. xD It’s not the smallest country either; there are realy really tiny ones. I think you’re thinking of how Australia is the only country that’s also a continent. xD I remember learning that in second grade social studies when we colored these maps of the world. :P

WATCH POCAHONTAS. D: No really, you should. /bounce

Yes I do love Adam Lambert. And you love Ben Jorgensen. HE SAID YOUR NAME.

Ah yes, wonderful cycle. xD I don’t mind returning them yet though! It helps that this is only the second one I have gotten to tonight.

Oooo, like the ocean and flowers? That sounds nice. :) I WILL SMELL IT ONE DAY.

OH I see. Well at least you don’t use it for storage! xD Though I guess you could if it’s broken. :P

Hahaha, I love how whenever you say “break” you add “dance”. xD

Oh I don’t think DailyBooth is conformist either. I just meant that I conformed to the other people who were getting accounts! Iit really is addicting!

Haha that’s the opposite of my brotherrrr. He asks me to reset the modem/router and I’m like WAIT I’M USING THE INTERNET. D: I’ve been better about doing it lately though. :) Right now I’m not even on our own internet, because the neighbor’s network is faster! Isn’t that sad? D:

Wow… does your friend who has to take a 2.5-hour train ride to university commute, or does she stay there? It would suck if she made that trip every day…

Oh yeah my hometown is pretty damn boring too. Bah.

I hope so too!

Haha and since then you’ve added two more icon tutorials. xD They’re all awesome!

OMG I’m the same way! I always run into stuff when I’m cleaning my room that I just can’t bring myself to get rid of. Like I keep ticket stubs and stuff. =/ I finally forced myself to throw a lot of stuff away this last time I cleaned my room.

Hahaha, gelato spoons? Nice. xD

I think your Memory Box is a nice concept. :) It’s sort of like a wordless diary! Like I told you, I have like five or more boxes on the top shelf of my closet where I have all these random things I couldn’t bring myself to throw away, like birthday cards and pictures I drew in preschool.

It’s good that you’re keeping your rough patch in the past. That’s healthy. :)

Unfortunately, I dwell on what might have been a lot. =/ I’m one of those people who ends up having a lot of regrets about silly little things… like I’ll dwell for days about something I should have said to someone in an argument. Silly stuff like that.

Your Memory Box is really pretty. :) Even the ribbon is nice.

Oh, you saved objects from bad memories too? I usually just save happy things… like ticket stubs, drawings, and the like.

I agree with what you said about true memories. ♥

Aww, I like the icon tutorial and the image you used. So cute. :P

I get what you mean. My room is a mess and there’s this something that holds me back when I try to throw what I think isn’t of any use anymore, and I wouldn’t know where to place them. :S

I love eating Gelato, but I don’t keep the spoons. XD I guess there are just some things that seemed so little to others, but they mean something to you. :)

I have two memory boxes because I’ve put a lot of things in there that one of them don’t close anymore and they are messy as hell even if I try to organize them. I wanted to throw those away because it seemed bulky, but when I read my friends’ notes, see their hand-made breacelets and etc, I can’t do it. LOL. So I just left them in my room, and like yours, they are dusty. XD

Yeah, I agree with you. Just because you throw something away it doesn’t mean you have forgotten what had happened. I hate it when I remember more hurtful memories than the happy ones. I guess that’s why I kept a box so I could remember the good ones, but those striking bad memories are still in my head.

“Don’t dwell on what might have been.” – That isn’t easy though, there are times when your mind would go astray and you’re dwelling on something you shouldn’t have before you knew it. Happens to me quite a lot of times. :S

Your memory box is so cute. ♥ Mine is just a simple one with a matching ribbon.

LOL. I love the sound of that: gonked in the head. LMAO!

Haha, your poor friend. The autorun.inf is an annoying one. Well, all viruses are. -.-

I’m excited for New Year too. I love seeing all the fireworks and it’s noisier than Christmas. And my mom makes a lot of food during New Year. Haha.

I have a friend who sort of has a phobia of boys. So I always accompany her when we pass a corridor where there are lots of guys around. She doesn’t like being stared at. I’m lucky I was able to adapt to the change of environment though. ^.^

I don’t recall keeping a memory box of sorts but I have this attitude of “hoarding” stuff like crazy (even if I don’t need it).

The idea of having a memory box seems interesting but in a way i’m too scared to do something like that coz I know that it will just make me feel extra nostalgic about things and that’s not gonna be of help given the situation i’m in right now.

But yeah, we shouldn’t be dwelling on things that happened in the past. What’s more important is the present and how we deal with things right now to prepare us for the future.

Advance happy new year :)

Yeah its really hard. I cant wait for the review. Thanks for asking how i am, im great. :) :D Michael

Hey :)

When I’m cleaning out my closet I find things that could be “useful” but they really can’t lol. I just don’t want to throw them away. From when I was a little kid I loved stuffed animals, so I have a bunch of those, but I don’t want to throw them away :(.

Lol, it’s just plastic spoons :P.

Ugh I wish I could keep a memory box, I don’t have anything important enough to put in it, and if I did put something in, the next time I’d look at it I wouldn’t remember why it was important :(. Im so sad lol.

Do you remember what the things meant to you? The ones you just threw into the box? lol xD

Aww I hate rough patches :(. You shouldn’t put in things from that time anyway, they’ll only make you sad :(.

About two years ago, my Memory Box started to get full and I couldn’t find another box to replace it. I tied it roughly with a ribbon, and to this day, haven’t opened it. It collected dust, and sat behind my record player speaker for a long time.

Aww wait until you’re old and about to die to open it, make it the last things you will ever see.

Wow this blog was like a story, and the end was like an inspirational moral. It was kinda sad, and happy at the same time /oh

I never really write or get letters either. I wrote a letter to my friend who moved away for Christmas though. I never got one back but I did see her three days after I sent it haha.

Our house isn’t posh or anything, but we usually just hang out in my bedroom anyway. It’s pretty spacey and I’m a neat freak so it’s always tidy haha. :P

I’ve only been ice skating twice with my friends but that was such a long time ago. D:

I don’t think we have graduation as such in the UK, I think they have it in universities though…Hmmm.

Yeah it’s so boring |: my friend fell asleep in one of those ceremonies and he got in so much trouble.

I’ve never had to pull a shirt down before I don’t think, it’s just this one thats too short. Arggggh!

I have so many videos, too! We don’t have a video player anymore though. :( I used to have one built into the TV in my bedroom, but when my sister got a new TV for her living room, I had her old one, and she had the portable one for her bedroom.

Yeah I’m planning to wear the shorts for New Years Eve, if they arrive in time, it’s not too cold and if we’re actually going to a party! :P

I blogged on Christmas day last year, I think but I just didn’t have the time this year. I went to bed pretty early, too so I was lying in bed watching TV at midnight.

A Cinderella Story is so great. :D And yeah, I love 10 Things I Hate About You, too, I watched it last night and cried near the end ): haha!

Aw, I wish I had a lovely boyfriend to buy me nice presents. XD Haha

Hi Georgina,
Yes I had a good Christmas thanks. Did you? 🙄

I have a box a bit like that too. I like to keep little things in it. XD

Omg, would you seriously host me? Cause I’d looooove to be hosted by you, Superwoman. :D It would save me so much time from applying at bubble and all. Thank you soo much. :3 Yeah I had a few issues with the server change business before, hopefully it’ll go more smoothly this time.

Yeah I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has issues with getting along with the younger folk in their family. I mean, I wouldn’t have any problem with Candice, if she learned how to act her age. Ugh. She just tries to be “too cool” and it get’s so annoying because she’ actually acting “really stupid”. :P You’re lucky in that sense, that you didn’t have to deal with your annoying little cousins this year.

Before Andrew told me about his expulsion school, I had no idea what it was either. D: Then he explained and stuff, so I learned something new, yaaay.

I’m sorry. I just had to laugh when you wrote “He even punched some teacher in the balls..” LMFAO. Ah, that’s priceless. But dayum, what a rebel. I can’t believe they didn’t expel him the first time after he punched a teacher.. they had to wait for the punch in the balls eh? Speaking of these crazy temper tantrums, have you seen that video on Youtube called “the greatest freakout ever” ? It’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. It gets old after a while though.

It was weird. The foot licking wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be.. because it was so unexpected. It’s not like, someone dared him to like my foot and we were all just waiting for him to do it, cause that would’ve been awkward. But he just did this randomly. Completely out of no where. It was definitely disgusting. After it happened I was like “Dude, what if I told you right now that I had some deathly foot disease that could kill you in less than 10 minutes.” He just said, “Ah well, my loss.” LMAO. Thankfully, I was just joking.. my feet are in mint condition lololol.

I know how you feel about being the one who sticks out at the family parties, because you don’t really fit in with any age group. xD If it wasn’t for Andrew being there, I would stuck out like a sore thumb and died of boredom for sure.

Yeah we’re going to the condo on New years Eve and New Years! Wooooo. I hope it’s nice hehe. It was definitely very thoughtful of my uncle. I still have to discuss with him what exactly he meant by “the condo is mine”. Cause, I doubt he’s never going to live there again. Maybe he just meant that I can use the place whenever I want. It sounds too good to be true. :P

Sure thing. I’ll allow you to steal the tartan shirt. Once you come to canada. LOL.

Glad you liked the necklace as well. :) Whoa, I never even realized that it had the infinity symbol on it, until you mentioned, fail.

I think quality not quantity still kinda makes sense. xD Cause uh.. my comment was longer? Yay? DARN YOU JAMIE, DARN YOU. Lmao. One day, I will get first comment.

I feel special for taking the comment spot of Lilian or James. :P Very evil of you to blog when they weren’t online though. But hey, at least it gave me a chance to feel some kind of happiness and self-fulfillment. -Lmao what the fuck am I talking about.

Thankfully, with me, it’s not like I start to have a crush on someone else as soon as I finish with one guy. :P I think I would go crazy if my high-school life was like that, haha. I usually have a period where I like no one, and then someone comes along that completely swoops me off my feet. xD

I agree with you 100%. It’s better to have a boyfriend. I hate going through all these little crushes, which usually don’t end up going anywhere. I totally understand what you’re saying about the relationship starting to feel natural, and I seriously can’t wait to develop that kind of relationship with someone.

Whoa. Tantalise is an INTENSE word dude. Thanks for the definition. I had to read it over a couple of times, before I actually understood it. :D Yay for a low IQ. Merriam Webster ftw!

Yeah that’s true. A lot of first impressions can be shown through something as simple as a smile. Although, sometimes those can be misleading.. cause they could be smiling at you for the wrong reasons (LOL).. or they may not be smiling at all, not because they’re a depressing person, but just because they may be having a down day.

NGAW that’s cute how you didn’t really find him physically attractive, yet you guys are still dating and have a very strong/happy relationship. Relationships that start off as friendships are always the cutest ones.

I know what you mean. After you read so many stories about relationships that have been made or broken, it makes you want to share your own experiences. I’ve just always felt that it’s kind of one of those very personal things that I’d rather not talk about, but once you have that person on your mind 24/7 it’s hard not to. D:

You’re welcome. :) I actually don’t think your blogs are long. Maybe I don’t think that, because I’m so into reading them, that I finish quite quickly haha. I think they’re a good length. Not too short, not too long. I can’t even control the length of my blogs. Some are freakishly short while others are freakishly long. Argh. It’s like my blogs are pmsing. :D

Yeah my current blog got WAY less comments than usual. I don’t know why, maybe it’s cause I said my host was closing and I’ll be backing up the site and shizz, so people thought they don’t have to comment? LOL. Ah well, it gave me a nice break to just be a bit lazier and take more time returning comments.

Lmao and WHY are we talking about death? But yeah.. I think I’d rather be cremated than buried. I don’t want to rot and decay, ahhh.

WOOO you should write there everywhere “must go place is CANADA”, so you’ll never forget it. :P

That’s true. I have many other ways for people to contact me, so you shouldn’t have a problem hunting me down and telling me about when you’ll be here. Yaaay. :D

Yeah the whole “fortune teller technique” is to be vague. The more vague you are, the more likely the events in that persons life are to fit to your prediction.

I’ve heard of those tarot card peeps. That’s weird how it fit your mom’s experiences perfectly, pretty much. D: But yeah it’s hard to jump to any concrete conclusions since it was a vague prediction.

I don’t think I’ll ever visit one of those people either. They scare me LOL.

Good luck stealing James piano. :D Such a huge thing is going to be hard to sneak past him. xD

Yeah we really should stop with the Merry Christmas’. And start with the HOPE YOU HAVE A BITCHIN’ NEW YEAR. :)

It’s actually the 28th here. :O So is it the 29th there? Or New Years eve? Gah fuck you timezones. And I am very out of sync with returning comments. I return them at random times.

I pretty much always make a big deal out of things, so I guess I am a drama queen? Meh, whatever.

Darn right, you won’t have to worry about wishing me Merry Christmas for the next frikin’ ten years hahahaa. You’ve said it enough. Lmao. :D

Yes that is a good thing that you’ve been getting into the whole icon thingy. :) I wish I had some motivation to write a tut or so anything besides blogging for that matter. -.-

You shouldn’t feel like a sad person. I can’t really think of anything ridiculous that I’ve kept but my mom’s the type of person who would save anything in order to keep a memory. My dad get’s so mad at her at times cause there’s random junk around the house.. lmfao.

Hehe, I love pictures as well. :D They speak a thousand words. ;) -K random. Sorry about that.

Yeah I don’t think I could ever bring myself to throw someone’s card into the garbage either. It would just kill me to do that. D: It was so sweet of them to give you the card y’know? I wonder if people throw my cards away.. they best not.. hahah.

Dayum you must really love Christmas woman. You mentioned it like 40 times within 2 comments. :)

DUN DUN DUN. The stuff to do with your ex, should be left in the past. Cause you’ve obviously moved on to better things now. :) Ngaw, that’s sweet. Even the people that you may not have had the best relations with, they can still have a place in your heart. Now that’s a superwomanny thing of you to say. :D

You’re very welcome. Of course I liked your blog!

Whoa, it took you 40 minutes to return? Well, I don’t know how long it took me to return this, because I didn’t even look at the time, I would say around 45 mins though. Just a guess. :P

Best of luck to you for returning this one, hehe. :D

Lol! Hey Drops girl! I’m doing alright. How about you? HEHE I’ll spam more when I see you online! :D

Yes I do! Haha but now I’ve seriously gotten this thing to really reply to comments like, happily and enjoyably and with pleasure if you get what I mean like the opposite of not feeling to return comments! xD

COMMENT RACING? Hmm that might motivate me even more, it gets comments done more easily maybe! :O

Yeah I guess! Same goes to you lol, don’t be too pressured! ;)

Welcome! Haha true! I seriously need to open photoshop and start to ‘dabble’ myself too!

YEAH IKR? LOL. i don’t throw them away because then I would never forgive myself. I just can’t see myself throwing them away. Ever.

That has never happened to me either lol. I think it’s kinda stupid that you throw stuff that you actually need or something. :/ I mean seriously, wtf? yeah I know! I only remove stuff when I like overgrow from the clothes I used to wear or things that just don’t work anymore and such.


You’re welcome! HAHAHA no I mean the colours OF THE BOX ITSELF LOL. Like the orange and purple and stuff. With the ribbon… :3

LOL WICKED TYPO!! xD ‘I hope you talk to you soon’….. Yeah I hope I talk TO you soon, too! ;)

On another note, I registered my domain today! :) I hope I find you online tomorrow I need to ask you some stuff.

I really liked this blog; I’m not sure how to comment on it though since I can’t relate to it really. I do have a hard time throwing away material things that I haven’t looked at in years though… =/

Hi Georgina! :)

Hahahaha true. :) I feel that I’ve been needing more breaks…my life has suddenly gotten busier. xD

You’re welcome! It’s very nice! ^^

I totally understand that. They may just like the style, and there is way more to a person than you think. People don’t really label at my school, though. It’s normally just people have their own group of friends. :)

Hahahaha same with mine! I’m using Google Chrome at the moment because my FF won’t open! >.< I checked Task Manager, and it's not oh well haha. :P

Well when she says "ok i WILL" it's because I said "Don't send me forwards" and she replied like "I will send you forwards" in other words. Oh yeah, I blocked her on my g-mail. MWHAHA. She can't get me now! XD

I forget to log out all the time! I also forget to go on busy (I use busy when I am at the computer, but doing something important to where I can't be interrupted.) or away (I use when I'm not physically at the computer). :) People must thing I'm so rude since I don't answer and I'm available. LOL.

I don't know hmmm. I wish she would just close her site if she's not coming back. It bothers me to see an abandoned site. It's weird that she just all of a sudden left. O.o

I wish my dad would build a pool…I have always wanted a pool. We had one at my old house when I was like 2. XD

AWWW. Viruses are so stupid. Who would take the time to hack someone's computer? What's the joy out of that? :S

I won two haha. I am giving one away in a domain giveaway at the moment. :D I pretty much never win stuff like that so I am excited! ^^ LOL. FAILLL. Applesauce! :P

Eh, I'm not going with the New Year's layout. I attempted to make one, but it sucked. I'd rather not force myself to make a crappy layout. Maybe I'll make one for Valentine's Day. :)

I think she moved to another domain…wait I don't think it's opened yet. Oh well; When she opens I will she if she kept the tutorial. :)

It was! He looked like his father too!

So…did you end up going to the party? Either way, how was your Christmas? ^^

I got an iPod Touch! What apps do you recommend? I need some good ones. ;)

I’m a bit the same when it comes to throwing things away – sometimes it feels like getting rid of something that has sentimental value is actually like throwing away the memory, even though I know that’s not true. Your memory box looks lovely though, I love the butterfly in the middle of the lid. Sometimes I think it’s best to keep those sort of things sealed actually – you know the keepsakes are there, but you don’t have to confront them head-on if you don’t want. There’s just a bit of solace knowing that they’re still there if you ever decide you want to see them again. (That’s my take anyway, lol). And that’s so cute about the gelato spoons! I don’t think that’s weird at all actually, it’s just something symbolic of your relationship. It’s sweet. :)

Hi Georgie! :D Ooo I miss you so much XD I’m finally back and I get the time to return all comments, LOL. So I’m here, talking to you right now :)

I got your point! Ah yeah, sometimes when I clean my room (which I rarely do), I find a lot of things to be thrown away but I keep them instead :P I don’t know why but I feel sad when I have to throw my things away even if it’s no longer usable. I still have a handkerchief which I used to carry everywhere when I was 3 or 5, LOL. It doesn’t look pretty anymore because of its age, but I really love that handkerchief XD

I’ve ever read a story about a girl who kept a memory box too, but she called it a time capsule. She and her friends put everything inside the box and they promised not to open it until they were graduated from high school (they were in elementary school that time). I really love that story :)

Sometimes I cry when I remember a lot of things I’ve done in the past. You know, I’m not a good girl in the past. I’m a really bad girl :( But well, those are just memories to remind me not to repeat my mistakes in the future. I also cry when I remember my good friends in elementary school. I can’t find a sort of true friends like them in my current offline life. Ah, this makes me sad, LOL. I want to keep a memory box for myself but oh I’m so careless and forgetful that I will forget those things when I grew up *duh*

It always amazes me how alike we are. As I was reading your blog I couldn’t help but thinking ‘Did I write this’. I’m the same way and feel the same about the past. However, I’d be the one to open the box and go through it. I’d cry over it if it made me sad, I’d laugh over it if it made me happy, I’d think if it made me think. I’m not afraid of the past, or the emotions I may have. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, or that you’re afraid, but it’s not a good thing to avoid it either. (Not saying you are, but if you are, you shouldn’t hah).

I have things in 2 boxes in my closet full of random junk. At the top of my head I know there are random necklaces in there, a bracelett made out of those pop can things that my best friend made me, and my old phones. Plus other completely random junk. I’m such a pack rat. I keep everything. We have a drawer in our house that we literally call the junk drawer. It’s packed full of papers and things that we just don’t want to throw out, or I won’t let Jordan throw out. It’s funny.

Things with Jordan are absolutely amazing right now. I could tell when his feelings weren’t all there, he was becoming distant and I began to feel unloved. But now that feeling is back. It’s the little things he does. He started holding my hand when we go out now. He’ll hug me more, and just reach over and ‘pet’ me, or rub my arm. It’s those little things that make me feel loved. Know what I mean? We lost that some where a long the way, but it’s back now and I’m so freaking happy.

I know right. Who wants to look at someone they’re mad at. I know I don’t like being mad, so why would I want to be mad when I’m in a really good mood. It’s just so damn pathetic that she has to lie about it. Seriously, it’s so stupid. Who does that?

She wasn’t even that great a friend when we were friends. I’d try to talk to her about important things going on in my life and all she ever said was ‘Yeah’ ‘Awee’ ‘hugs’ ‘that sucks’ .. like seriously. I’m telling you that I’m no longer friends with someone and all you can say is ‘Awee, -hugs-‘ or I’m sad and all you can say is ‘hugs’ .. like ugh. Then she’d bitch about her real best friend all the time and look at me and say ‘Oh but don’t worry, I never talk about you behind your back’… O.o I’m supposed to believe that! I just hate her and can’t believe I wasted 2/3 years of my life with her.

But I’ve got the greatest friends in my life right now and I sure as heck don’t need her. They’re amazing and wouldn’t try to come between me and my boyfriend. Not to mention that they’re guys and not gay. But one of my friends likes me and still doesn’t try to come between us. Which makes me amazingly happy as well, to know that he cares about my happiness and doesn’t try to break people up.

I envy you and your friends though. You always have great stories to tell about them. You seem to have so much fun with them. I wish I had a best friend like that. Someone I’ve known for years and is amazing. My friends are amazing, but I’ve only known them for a few years, which doesn’t matter. But I’ve always been jealous of people who have had the same friends their whole life. Lucky bastards ;p Haha.

Oh lol. Yeah both of our families live far. That’s good! I just came back from the mall and ate a huge philly cheesesteak sandwich wrap /mwah

Yeah I hope to hell it fits around my big fat ankle as well lol. It should though. And I’m guessing it would.

Yeah I collected everything when I was a kid. I think kids or all of us that age had more energy than we do now because we didn’t have to worry about backaches or headaches or anything like that.

I remember collecting pogs and having those tubes. They’re probably somewhere in the garage or in the storage. But I remember the really big pogs I forget the name of it though.

As far as Meatloaf and his daughter, they do sing good together. I love them both. Pearl isn’t his real daughter but adopted daughter. But she is his “real” daughter in heart and spirit though.

Yeah I hate it when those guys try to bribe you into buying other equipment or their own online internet thing. I totally agree with you guys. It’s insane!

I like to be young at heart. I still like to watch Anime. Anime is for teens and young adults but hell, at least they’re not cartoons like Disney. I do like Disney and Pixar stuff don’t get me wrong, but those are for kids. But everyone should feel young at heart though.

That was the strongest I’ve ever seen myself. I don’t know what got into me. xD But it was all true, my plan just kind of backfired on me =P

I didn’t call him… but I will. I will, I’m not kidding I will. Before New Years… I just have to clear my gut of that nervous icky feeling I have. I’ve already pushed that. I did call, no answer. Apparently he’s on a technology hiatus. Thanks for INFORMING me of that Kuya. Yeah, see he doesn’t tell me anything until the last minute anymores. Oh wells.

Oh thank you, I didn’t think I looked too pretty in that picture. I look like a cow… you know open mouth and everything. Haha.

Haha, you plan to invite me to your wedding? That’s sweet, I hope I can come. Not to sound creepy either, haha. That would be epic… of course probably expensive if I was to fly to Australia =P

Technically they’re my second-nieces but none of my family gets into that technical stuff. We like to just call each other cousins, nieces, aunties, nephews, uncles. No need for the second cousin twice removed title. xD

OMGEEZE, you could put BOTH feet to your head? That’s amazinggggggggggg. ^^ I have always wanted to be able to do that.. as weird as it looks.

You’re sooooo lucky. We need more gelato. xD

Yeahhh, one time I got really sick of all the bad reminders in my memory jar and decided to shred them… so I did. xD

Hahahaha, I have raged entries from when I was 12 and 13. It’s rather funny because I had bad handwriting. Or I think I did, it looks so bad, and the grammar.. a geeze, I talked funny back then. xD

It is rather embarassing to read all these silly crushes in my journal. I had my head in the clouds most days back then. Haha.

I went to a school full of Asians. But the eyes never seemed a big deal before because I mean…I never noticed them until people started taking pictures of me in High school. It’s weird. =P

Yeah, I reset the modem too, I learned that’s that solution to all my internet issues at the time. xD

I don’t like arranged marriages either. none of my family had them so I don’t know how they’d work. =P But often, it was because of the will to survive. You know, there’s a ratio of men to women so only so many men can have a woman. Or something like that, arranged marriages are strange.. and scary =/

xDDD SEE the dark blue is a good idea. Credit to my friend who suggested it. xD I want to see it done on someone, then perhaps I’ll try it one day too.

Yeah, the idea of a teacher breathing down my back over stupid rhythms.. ( I like to change up the sheet music from time to time(, yeah that’s not appealing but still pro help would be nice. ^^

Yeah, Taeyang… xD He’s pretty darn hot in that video. ^^

2010, here I come (with a good start hopefully). ^^

Hmm I should try learning guitar again…but my guitar needs tuning and I tried tuning it once but completely stuffed it up -_-

Yeah, I feel sorry for people who don’t really know how to use computers as well. A few of my friends are like that… one of them got one of those spam viruses on MSN and she didn’t know how to fix it so I told her to delete MSN, or otherwise reformat and she had to hire a guy to reformat it >_>
I’m lucky I grew up with 2 computer nerds; my dad and brother lmao.

D; That sucks that people think you’re Chinese and tell you something. -_- I get westerners trying to speak Chinese to me frequently and it’s quite annoying and it feels almost offensive because I CAN speak English, and I CAN read facial expressions.

haha I guess my Christmas was better than last year. I put the Christmas tree up myself last year. How depressing is that lmao.

Maybe a big fat Santa is supposed to be ‘cuddly’ for children? XD My little cousin was always scared of Santa’s beard :/

Ooh, I’ll have to remember to read The Lake House and When the Wind Blows ^^

haha you’re just like me! I keep all my sentimental childhood things. I’ve kept an un-open packet of The Power Puff Girl party invitations and stickers that my dad bought for me when he was in America >_>

I think that’s cute that you keep your gelato spoons when you have gelato with James ;) I love Gelatissimo’s gelato’s mmmmm. 🤤

You’re right – even if we keep materials or objects as memories we still remember the past in the back of our minds. I’ve disposed everything that acts as a reminder of a certain ‘friend’. It makes me sad that even after so many years I hate speaking about her, or being reminded about her. It’s sad because she’s probably forgotten everything already yet I still remember… Gosh I sound so damaged XD

I suppose the objects/materials act as an aid to help us remember our memories. i.e. photos. Holiday photos from when I was very young seem to help me piece together a few things from time to time.

Maybe when you’re feeling down you could look through your memory box to help you think about your happy times. I seem to like re-reading my birthday cards 😳

The visual editor sounds dodgy anyways. I think it’s because I used the thingos. :S The HTML editor sounds so much more easier and I’m used to it. Heh.

I’ve actually made one (surprisingly) but I’m not sure if it measures up to what I have at the moment. Eeeeep! 🙄

Oooh! Have fun at the markets! The stuff is heaps cheap over there. Surprisingly, the sales weren’t crowded at all. o_O Which market are you planning to go to? Paddy’s market?

Sales. My best friend xD. There was a Diva sale and me and my friends were already getting a present for another friend there but we could also get something for ourselves so we did. ;D

I love accessories, even though I don’t accessorise much. I guess I can’t be bothered to buy any. I must rely on birthday presents xD

Their shoes do look a bit plastic-ey but I love the accessories. The people were OK at the shop I went to though.

:D We do like a mini celebration, so there’s cake and presents (unless they have a party…that’s a different story)

I haven’t heard of Stairway to Heave before. :S

50 cents?!??! OH MY!!!!!!

Aw! Build A Bear is cute. :D

Interesting plugins…I downloaded most the ones you recommended. They seem pretty good ;3

Ew I hate all the trains going to Hornsby nowadays. Can’t they just terminate at Berowra or something??

Woah, that’s really crappy service. I can’t believe they would let your brother and that girl be kept waiting for so long. If I was there, my parents might’ve already made a complaint by then. :S

Wasabi smell actually stings your nose. No joke. It hurts like hell xD

I haven’t had pho in about a year. *cry*

I think UHU smells way better than most glues…xD

Every time I look at my friend’s C Drives, I’m often the first to say, VIRUS! or YOU MIGHT HAVE A VIRUS! It’s really scary how paranoid I got after I got a virus. O_O

Ouch. 8th grade is really hard though, you’d be really lucky to even get a B.

I reckon. I couldn’t stop laughing when my grandma told me.

LOL! Why would she get pissed at you cutting your own fringe?

It’s adorable. What breed is he/she?

xD When this year’s school year was over, I finally chucked out all my primary school crap. Gee wiz, it filled up a whole drawer or something. ==

xD I still have broken ones. I’ve lost two headbands though…

Raffle tickets? You were bothered to buy them? xD I’m usually too cheap to. 🙄

I love Converse boxes and Converse. So pro. (Y)

I move on from the bad things, ignore and focus on future, unless something is really bothering me I need to deal with the past. *ahem DAD ahem*

Hmm…a memory box. I didn’t have one of those, but my mom liked keeping “memories” of me, like pictures I drew, photos, letters I wrote, and stuff like that :) I quite like it, I used to go through it all the time :P

But you’re right, you can’t really depend on those, can you? Say you were eating something spectacular, so you took a photo of it, but then if you go back, you can’t remember the taste anymore :(

Haha I’m fine, thanks :) School’s just been really busy, but I’m on holiday now, so that’s great. Oh and there are some really annoying server problems with my subdomain right now, because Kat’s host (Intohost) has some problems. :( This has happened so many times before, I don’t know what I should do except change hosts, because I’m afraid I am really getting fed up with the lack of ability to update my site. (apart from blogging), but I feel really bad to leave Kat. After all, we’ve been close friends for a long time D:

I think that you’re a great hostess so I applied for hosting at :) Do you think I did this right? After I submitted the form, I felt guilty of leaving Kat. :(

Hi Georgina, your right attachments sometimes become really strong that it’s difficult to go away from that thing or person. Now, I’m in college, but I miss my school friends a lot /wah

When I was in std. 7, I had made a personal diary, but then I was scared of my parents dicovering it, so I threw it :X A memory box sounds cool

Mm, nice tutorial. :)

Gelato spoons? Never heard of that before. I don’t have a “Memory Box”, but I have a “Memory Pencil Case”. LOL. Seems weird, eh? I fill it up with notes I’ve recieved when I was in Primary School. Most of it are from my crush. XD Your memory box is pretty. :3

I’d probably write more, but I have nothing else to say. 😳 :(