Merry Frickin Christmas

Merry Christmas, suckers. It’s the 25th of December in Australia – well, in Sydney and Melbourne at least. πŸ™‚ It is also my friend Dylan’s birthday! 😁 It is just past midnight.

So I thought Christmas would be crap because I had a bad day.

Some douchebag left a “question” on my Formspring and they’ve been on it for days. Way to be immature haha. I think they’re trying to get at me by saying nasty things but honestly, they have way too much time on their hands. They said I wasn’t nice and I was being greedy winning domain credits from NameCheap. Haha just fuck off, seriously. It’s just rude and pathetic.

“You don’t give a chance to your friends and other people” – everyone has an equal chance of winning if you answer the question correctly, you pejorative dastard. For them to call me a bitch and saying that I’m pretending to be nice – hahaha OMG. LOLWTFBBQ. πŸ™„ I wouldn’t even bother trying to be nice. I am who I am. Who does that? Because obviously you aren’t a nice person… oh the irony.

You guys wanted to see the lizard plush James gave me?

Cute huh? ☺️

As for the virus and crazy stuff with my USBs and memory cards the other day, I have thankfully fixed it. Rachel, Tiffany and James helped me out. My antivirus didn’t pick up anything, but I downloaded other software which discovered some trojans. 😦

I had to move files off my external devices and then format them clean. That got rid of the problem!

I was going to start on my brother’s computer, but then he pissed me off. I woke up very late today, and I had to make lunch for both of us. I wasn’t that hungry but he was. And because I care, I got to making noodles as quickly as I could.

I burned my finger with hot water that had just come from the stove. 😑 😒 It’s not serious but my skin burned a little brown and the skin peeled a bit. After that I tried to find ice to put on it but I didn’t have any, so I had to run it under cold water.

I called Brandon to help me prepare his food but he didn’t come. When he finally did, he just stood there waiting for me to serve his stuff. I don’t know why he can’t even lend a little helping hand, maybe stir the soup or grab a pair of chopsticks for himself? 😐

I told him to help and he said, “With what? How?!”
I shouted at him and told him he was very selfish and lazy. He told me to shut up and hit me in the arm. No reason, right? Only acts back when it’s about his feelings. Geez, moody 14-year-old boys.

I haven’t properly talked to him since. Whatever, his computer problems can wait. πŸ‘½

I also got a haircut. I forgot to mention it last time.

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Merry Christmas loves. And happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate it. β™₯️

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