Merry Frickin Christmas

Merry Christmas, suckers. It’s the 25th of December in Australia – well, in Sydney and Melbourne at least. :) It is also my friend Dylan’s birthday! /bounce It is just past midnight.

So I thought Christmas would be crap because I had a bad day.

Some douchebag left a “question” on my Formspring and they’ve been on it for days. Way to be immature haha. I think they’re trying to get at me by saying nasty things but honestly, they have way too much time on their hands. They said I wasn’t nice and I was being greedy winning domain credits from NameCheap. Haha just fuck off, seriously. It’s just rude and pathetic.

“You don’t give a chance to your friends and other people” – everyone has an equal chance of winning if you answer the question correctly, you pejorative dastard. For them to call me a bitch and saying that I’m pretending to be nice – hahaha OMG. LOLWTFBBQ. 🙄 I wouldn’t even bother trying to be nice. I am who I am. Who does that? Because obviously you aren’t a nice person… oh the irony.

You guys wanted to see the lizard plush James gave me?

Cute huh? /eee

As for the virus and crazy stuff with my USBs and memory cards the other day, I have thankfully fixed it. Rachel, Tiffany and James helped me out. My antivirus didn’t pick up anything, but I downloaded other software which discovered some trojans. D:

I had to move files off my external devices and then format them clean. That got rid of the problem!

I was going to start on my brother’s computer, but then he pissed me off. I woke up very late today, and I had to make lunch for both of us. I wasn’t that hungry but he was. And because I care, I got to making noodles as quickly as I could.

I burned my finger with hot water that had just come from the stove. /angry 😢 It’s not serious but my skin burned a little brown and the skin peeled a bit. After that I tried to find ice to put on it but I didn’t have any, so I had to run it under cold water.

I called Brandon to help me prepare his food but he didn’t come. When he finally did, he just stood there waiting for me to serve his stuff. I don’t know why he can’t even lend a little helping hand, maybe stir the soup or grab a pair of chopsticks for himself? /hmph

I told him to help and he said, “With what? How?!”
I shouted at him and told him he was very selfish and lazy. He told me to shut up and hit me in the arm. No reason, right? Only acts back when it’s about his feelings. Geez, moody 14-year-old boys.

I haven’t properly talked to him since. Whatever, his computer problems can wait. /ho

I also got a haircut. I forgot to mention it last time.

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Merry Christmas loves. And happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate it. ♥️

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Hahahah, lets not help him until he apologizes. /frog
Seriously. How horribly rude. I hope he gets indigestion
Should’ve sloshed hot soup over that prick and shouted ‘HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR SOUP NOW, BITCHASS’ /bounce

Omg, that haircut is so cute. /bounce
WUGGS! /love

Heehee, that plushy is nice. And only $5! /um
But I’m glad you like it :)

The use of words to express something other than their literal intention! Now that, is irony! 😰


Haha I haven’t talked to him properly since… I feel weird. /um

It’s really annoying. He’s so moody and lazy. LOL.


Hahahahaha who cares. It’s the thought that counts. And I think he’s cute. I haven’t given him a name yet. But he’s green! /bounce

You are irony. 8D

Well I must say that I am in love with your website, stumbled accross your website trough your twitter which I’m following! :) Merry X-Mas! ♥


Merry Christmas! ♥ /bounce (H) Hehehehe. I’m so excited!

What a total loser. I can’t believe he actually took the time and effort to type out such an ignorant statement/question in order to be malicious. Does he have no life? Yes. He does indeed have no life.

Why would you do something so petty? Seriouslyyyy…He must have no friends. Oh, I mean “it”. “IT” must have no friends. Because no one wants to be friends with an “IT”. A stalker it too. /ho

Yes! Very cute lizard! Hopefully you think of a name for it soon :) Hahaha. It’s soooo cute!

Yay! I’m glad your virus problem is fixed. Damn those Trojans. They’re exactly like that it. Totally not worth your time and really pointlessly malicious and stupid. Grrr!

How mean of Brandon /angry How could he not help you? HMPH!

I hope your finger is okay! :(

Seriously that’s like my stupid brother. He expects everyone to cater for his every whim. Throw out his crap. My brother is responsible for our ant problem in the kitchen because he’s too lazy to do anything and refuses to admit he’s wrong.

Kick Brandon for me! HMPH! /ho

Hehe, your haircut looks good. *nods* I wish my haircut was that good. But it sucks so I have to live with a crappy haircut for a while :P

Yay! Merry Christmas! ♥ /bounce /mwah

I’m not that excited, but that’s just me… I’m here on Christmas day returning your comment. Amusing, right?

I know… it’s pathetic. They’re probably going to do it again after reading through my blog. Get real. I don’t know why anyone would bother stalking me that much then not even introduce themselves but flame me and be so rude. /hmph

I think the lizard shall be a he, but he doesn’t have a name as of yet. :P

Yeah, like that person who is also malicious and stupid… ALSO not worth my time.

Brothers… they’re like that. /angry They’re so lazy and they do nothing but laze around and are very rude. Must be puberty, but still.

I might have slightly exaggerated. /um But my finger seems okay now; I put pawpaw cream on it. :)

It will grow out eventually! You should go to one of the hairdressers I go to. I got my hair cut at a different place – it’s a good place too. It’s the one near Maccas on level three at Parra. 8D

Merry Christmas xoxox, i hope you have a good one. And your hair looks awesome. I have my hair like that too, but its blond :)

First of all, Merry Christmas to you as well! It’s nearly Christmas around here, too; in three hours’ time the real celebration begins for most folks. Do you celebrate Christmas as a family? We tend to welcome the new year with a much bigger celebration than Christmas, though we do give out presents to people who matter to us in advance. :)

Sucks so much that your brother just had to piss you off that much because he didn’t feel like helping at all. :( He could have at least asked you what was wrong and tried to do something; besides, hadn’t he seen with his very eyes that you had a scald wound? Gah, younger siblings. I don’t have any, but I know from having been sent to care for many a younger cousin that they do get on your nerves sometimes. :D You should try talking to him one day, as soon as the rift between you two heals. It would be nice to spend Christmas day united as a family :)

That’s a very cute lizard plushie! Your boyfriend James truly strikes me as extremely caring and kind, no wonder you two have been together for so long. <3 I wonder where he buys those toys? :D I've always wanted plushies of the amusing sort, though for some reason I'm unable to find any despite having searched every single toy store around town. I guess none of the shops around where I live carry items as interesting as the ones found there :)

I'm glad you've managed to solve your virus problems. It would suck tremendously if your computer became a repository for them. I remember back when I had school my flash drive would always get declined by teachers whose laptops were equipped with the most powerful virus scanning tools. It turns out I have Conficker and I am one of the most unfortunate to have all of my computers at home infected with it. Hopefully I manage to solve it soon, though we haven't bought antivirus yet.

Once again, Merry Christmas to you! :D

Merry Christmas to you Georgina, even though I don’t celebrate I’m free to congratulate people about it /bounce .

So your whole day got ruined by those people LOL wait those things happen to me, to get upset by silly things but it’s so not you, at least that’s what I know :P .

I never win namecheap questions, eventually I just gave up and protected my tweets, I was about to win once but my chance got ruined because my tweets got protected. i think everyone has an equal chance of wining. You just have to be fast enough and knowable about those things, if you’re not then it’s your fault don’t go blaming someone else for it. It’s really pathetic, why can’t they just say it to your face, cowards, I seriously hate people like that and I happen to know a few in offline life /angry

Plus, a lot of name cheap questions are repeated, I found out about that by searching on google, so if you don’t know about a lot of things just save some questions and they’ll pop up again.

Oh the lizard plush is cute indeed! I saw you post a plog about it earlier =D .

I’m glad your computer is now fixed, I hate viruses.

Aw, I’m sorry your skin got burned, I hate getting burned even if it’s not serious, because when water comes on it it hurts so bad. Actually, I’m kind of like your brother. my sister cares about me so she cooks me dinner sometimes, and she calls me for help I’m just so lazy :P .

I know I should’ve backed up up my files, I’m so stupid. I don’t feel bad about my content except for the articles, they were my special “thing”.

heyyyyy first off merry christmas again lol and did you get your tree up lol?
yeah i’m so glad they’re a weight off my mind and i can finally get down to some serious updating lol

yeah I’m just so insulted but I’m just gonna apply for this accommodation for next year for somewhere to live and I’m gonna just have to grin and bear it for 5 months. tbh i never want to see them again but there’s not much i can do so it’ll be me and daisy for the next few months and I’m gonna get my head down and do well in my course.

aww i’m sorry to hear you’ve been having virus trouble, I had one last week because I thought I was downloading cubase for my assignment but it turned out to be a virus and not ONE anti virus picked it up, i tried every single one and they were all like no you’re fine but every time i did a google search it redirected me so i was like I AM NOT FINE!!!!!
in the end i went into the registry and deleted it from there and I’ m clear now yay

awww that lizard is soooo cute

urgh that’s quite rude of your brother he should be grateful you made it for him and helped you seeing as you burnt yourself. He should be cooking it himself now he’s old enough so he should be grateful you went out of your way

Hey Georgina! I’ll be back in January incase you were wondering.

I’m sorry you didn’t have the best Christmas. Right now, it’s Christmas Eve where I live, so I’ll see how my Christmas goes. Uhh….thats so rude! Why would someone do that? And I wouldn’t want to hear the questions that the person asked.

Well, I have to continue wrapping presents, so bye, and hope you have a good New Year’s!

I’m replying to you on my site; I hope you don’t mind. I read your blog and I’m very sorry to hear about your uncle and grandmother. :( May they rest in peace.

It’s alright though, take your time, I know you need a break, and it’s Christmas time so we’re all a little busy.

Merry Christmas to you though!

Yes, the “questions” (more like comments) were pretty nasty. They didn’t stop for a while either. I was very angry about it and I hope this is the last of it. /angry

Have a good new year too! ♥

Merry christmas EVE to you too lol xD it’s only christmas eve for me :)

Omg that is sooooooooooooooooo mean. D: you deserve every domain you win. D: don’t you even give some domains to people some times? You do deserve it!! Haha I began the NC contest like 4 hours before it ended xD. I didn’t need another domain, I just wanted the money so I could renew my domains when they expire :) I’m so smart aren’t I xD.

Ohhh haha xD the lizard is hugs xD so cute :3

You had a virus :O :O. :( We thought this computer had a virus but it was just not enough space lol, and just this morning it said we had 38mb of space left lol. This is the family computer, I need my laptop!!

Awwww *hugs* don’t burn your finger Georgina!!! /wah .

You look so pretty with your haircut :D I look horrible with mine, like i have to let it grow out more before it looks acceptable :P.

Ohh and I’m turning snap-beat into a tumblr but i don’t know how, next time we’re both on msn, remind me xD.

bye <3

I am, so very proud ✌️

Damn… I did too. Wow, I’m a hypocrite, I say I hate bad spelling and go and spell something wrong.. O_O

Haha, that reminded me, there’s this group on Facebook. “Let’s eat Grandma! Let’s eat, Grandma! Punctuation saves lives..”

Eww, just googled it, it looks like an ape.. I wonder what they taste like..? Hmm…

Ehh, I doubt it, they cancelled the show here. And none of my friends ever heard of the little guy. So the future generation will never know him..
Lol, I actually never watched it. My cousin did though. I watched The Land Before Time, Hamtaro and Sailor Moon.. Then some other Disney shows..

Noo, I got frustrated easily, because I kept messing up. Piano made sense to me, one key, one note. Guitar it’s different.

Haha, yeah, “gather round kiddies, grandma got somethin’ important to tell yas… back in my day.. there was a feller…”

Avast normally is so good! I have it and normally it picks things up, well there was this one time on my other computer. It didn’t pick up a few trojans, but in the end the problem was fixed. D:

That’s true, and it is really gross to have carrots floating around. But usually it’s not that bad, so we just leave it.

SAME HERE!! Lol, we use the big side for the washing and the minier side to let them dry. (Y)

Aww, man, that’s really nice. I just wanted to write about her, since around Christmas I don’t know. It just made me think of her.
Yeah, my mom thinks it’s sweet we even remember each other since we haven’t seen each other in ages.

Ohh,, well that must’ve been sucky…. :X
But at least you did it! In the end, you did it! 👏

I think it’s really nice to remember all that. Yeah, it kind of is, there’s not much to say..

Well that person is fucking retard. Honestly, if they want to win so bad, why not I don’t know, participate? Instead of taking it out on people. If you want to win domains like everyone else, it’s none of their business. Can you block IP’s on Formspring? Or at least do something? /pow

Haha, man that is really cute.

Ughh, I hate getting burned. It hurts so bad and you can’t do anything. Just suffer. I normally get burned with the glue gun…

Wow… that’s rather rude.You’re brother doesn’t sound very appreciative..

That’s a pretty haircut! :)

Merry Christmas to you too! /bounce

No matter what you do and how much good you try to show, someone’s going to criticize you for whatever their reason maybe. Don’t take it personal. Ever.

That stuff toy reminds me of something similar to what i made when i first started sewing…except it was suppose to be a bear.

As for your little brother… Let me tell you something my mother always told me growing up. Boys wouldn’t and couldn’t function without a woman. My brothers are 25 and 27 til this day they still wait for me to cook, clean, and tell them what needs to be done. I still have to guide them through certain things that we, woman, find easy and natural to grasp. Instead of getting frustrated and yelling, tell him and show him nicely. They take in more that way.

Merry christmas! Have a blessed and safe christmas!

Yeah, you’re right. :( People always seem to hate what I do online. Probably just jealous, in the end. Or looking to get me raged up.

Haha I remember trying to make and sew clothes for my teddy bears in the past. :’)

I always thought so – woman, always made to cook and clean. But my boyfriend is a unique exception. At home, his sister does nothing and he cooks, vacuums, cleans, even drives (because she can’t).

I’ll try to be nicer to my brother next time! :)

Thank you. I hope you have a lovely Christmas as well. ♥ ♥

What’s with all the rude ass people now? Some people are just too damn jealous these days. I think you won fair and square and they are pissed cause they can’t win at all. People really do have too much time on their hands.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. It’s still the 24th here and today is my older sister’s bday too. She’s 42. XD

Your hair cut looks very nice. I haven’t gotten my hair cut in a long time and it’s way over due. It’s not that long, but long enough to annoy me.

Yeah Daniel is a weird child. I burst out laughing when I found out about this chin thing.. and I still laugh everytime I think about it. It’s just so .. weird.

LOL you are proof to Daniel that a guy does not always hold a girls chin when they kiss them. Sheesh.

Oh yes. We’ve talked about how you’ve dated white guys so I already knew that you didn’t have any racial preferences hehe. I respect the fact that people can prefer a certain race over another for a relationship as well. I have difficulty understanding it though.

AHAHA, well appearance wise, I mean, they have to be decent looking. I’m not going to lie. :P Everyone says “it’s the personality that counts” which is very true. I mean their personality counts for about 90% but looks do matter for me. That 10% must be there. xD I just think that I have to physically attracted to them, at least a bit, because you can’t have a relationship with someone if you’re not. Well, idk. That’s what I think.

Aweh thanks, but seriously, I’m not going to have a “next layout” for a while.. ahahah. I can’t come up with shit. D:

The past is pretty fuzzy for me as well.

Omg really? :( I never knew that about you. But as long as you’re not cutting anymore, well, that’s all that really matters. Y’know it’s hard for me to imagine you as a depressed person. Really. :P

Yeah whenever I blog before returning comments from the previous blog.. I end up going on Maintenance Mode.. fail.

HAHA yeah now that I’m on my Christmas holidays, I sleep until 12 everyday. Ah, this is the life.

Wow well that was pointless, since the virus scan didn’t even detect any problem. I can imagine that being really annoying. That’s great news that it seems to be fixed now though. Hopefully the PENDRIVE shiz doesn’t come back to haunt you.

I think I should go ahead and delete my Fusemein. I totally got a Dailybooth account yesterday, so that should replace it LOL.

Thanks for not minding my typos in the previous comment. I’m not that tired while typing this one, and my eyes are open, but there’s probably still tons of typos. :D

OH THE NEXT TEN YEARS. LMAO. Well, I misunderstood ya there. K well, I shall wait for you over the next ten years. If by any chance, I don’t have a site anymore, then you best rape my MSN with messages that say “I’M COMING TO CANADA THIS YEAR”. Yar. Ngawwwwwwwwwww, I hope you and James get married. Then you can come as a couple. I’d be even more fucking fascinated. :D Not just one but TWO Asian Australians. Yus. You should do it. Dress up as a superhero. I think I would actually have a heart attack. (In a good way). :)

Mhm, I’ve tried talking sense into my uncle, and I think my dad has as well.. nothing has ever worked. D:

LOL the fortune teller this is a good idea, but I don’t think my uncle is too big on the whole “psychic, voodoo” stuff so he’ll probably think it’s bullshit anyways.

OMG THAT EMOTICON. I have like 3 different versions on that emoticon on my other MSN.. lmao. I love them. They always make me laugh. I tend to overuse them though.

But if you were suicidal or had no self-esteem you wouldn’t care if you were getting shat on by a doll because… well, you’re suicidal for shit sakes. LOL.

Yeah exactly. There have been many times in the past where I’ve seen my site as a chore, but thankfully I haven’t felt like that lately. Woo.

It will take you a while to replace that string, let’s just hope that a whole year is enough. xD

It was pretty cute. I suppose. But yeah emotions can’t really have physical characteristics, as you said. It’s definitely what’s on the inside that counts at the end of the day.

LOL, it would have been hilarious if you only liked the bottle and not the scent. :P I want to smell it though, I bet it smells real good. As for now, the only thing I can like is the bottle. So remember within the next ten years if you come to Canada bring it with you.

Dayum, that must have been something to look at all your files which seemed to have “penis” written on them. *shakes head*

I doubt your piano is shit. I swear you thought your guitar was shit before you put that video up.. and it most definitely wasn’t. :P

Exactly. When I was little, I used to love just sitting in my parents hot tub with all the bubbles, but now it’s just like “why the fuck would I do that?” that’s disgusting. D:

You know your cool when.. you take a pic of your workdesk. :D

MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D HOLLAA. It’s only Christmas eve here, ngaw.

Wow whoever that person is on your Formspring, seriously needs to get a life. -.- Dayum. I would get so pissed, I would just tell them off. Is there any way you can block people on there?

That plush toy is so darn cute. Woo, congratulations on finally fixing the virus problem. Those trojans were finally caught, muahah.

So sorry to hear about you burning your finger. D: That must have hurt like a bitch, even though it wasn’t too serious, thankfully.

Gah your bro is lazy alright. Reminds me of myself. -.- You would hate me if I was your sister.. I swear LOL.

Lovely haircut. :D You’re too pretty SUPERWOMAN.


:) XD Thanks for the congratz! Merry Christmas! It’s only Dec. 24 here lol. One more day for us! That’s good you got a new haircut. It’s pretty rad. :P Yeah, I don’t like too much rap either. But his music was in my computer and I like to put my songs on shuffle and he started playing with his songs so yeah. Yeah. Wow, 14 year old moody boys? Puberty. /eee Haha, it’s just so awkward when they get so mad. Then they don’t want to forgive people for a long period of time (that’s only sometimes).

Haha, my mom gets really annoying so yeah, same here. But it’s mostly my dad. Ha.

So how is/was your Christmas going? :) Ha I read the bitch that was talking shit. She is JEALOUS! But it’s just luck you have to win those domains. Ha, she’s so freaking uncooperative maybe that’s why luck or anything or anyone wants to give her a freaking domain.

Haha, your lizard is very cute /hehe but i feel like saying bitch and closing the laptop, because its Christmas there, here in England we have to wait ages. Lol but i wouldn’t /wave Its also really weird knowing i have been speaking to you today and seeing that picture, that’s what you look like in your room (if your there) on the other side of the world speaking to little me. /eee Michael /mwah

Merry Christmas, Georgina! :) It’s past midnight here too and I don’t feel drowsy at all. 8D

I LOLed at that person. She’s just freaking jealous. She probably hadn’t won anything and is taking it out on you. Everybody loves to win and get domains, I understand that, but why is she calling you rude and all that? For her information, she’s the one being rude. What she left isn’t even a question. She’s retarded and a fucking idiot. That’s why she didn’t win anything in the contest.

Aww, the plushie looks so cute. He looks like he loves giving hugs too. Awww. x3

Ah, virus. I hate that thing! Did you lose anything?

Some computers in our school have viruses and I refrain from using my flash drives when I’m on it as much as possible. My teacher said that some anti-virus companies are the ones making the virus as well. Not all companies do that though.

Your brother sounds like my two younger brothers. There was once when Raymond asked me to cook for him and I told him to get the plate, but then he said he didn’t know where it was placed and ran upstairs. WTH? They’re crazy about computer games and I hate it when they keep playing Facebook apps and do that freaking harvesting game. Urgh.

Love your new hair. I have bangs too, but it doesn’t look as good as yours. It was cut lopsidedly. -.-

Happy Christmas! Hope you ate lots. /wave

ohhh ur lucky its xmas alreadyy ! merry xmas to u

Merry Christmas!
It’s still Christmas eve here in the UK /wah
I can’t wait much longer!

Anyway, I will try SSI sometime. When I get a better grip on CSS /argh

Thank you :)

Developing sounds bad as well. D;

Wow it takes that long to get to school for him?! 1 and a half hours?! That’s crazy!

I think some of the adults are ruder because these people on the train talk so loudly, the whole carriage hears them and it’s just like, SHUT UP!!

LOL. One time, we decided to mime the whole time on the train ride, to spare the public and it was so funny! We also played tricks on the guys and pretended they were deaf :P

Oo! That sounds really cool :D I would want to paint my nails polka dotted ^^;

Dodgy glue is TERRIBLE. Ugh! My family obsesses over the cheap glue you buy from $2 shops and it can’t even stick, so what’s the point of buying it?! Gosh. :P My favourite glue brand is Bostik. It’s really good.

I think dark chocolate tastes really good, I hate white chocolate. It looks kinda repulsive and milk chocolate is a bit too sweet for me.

Yeah! I wanna try to make pho one day, but I might explode my whole house so err..

I know. River Flows In You is a really good song as well!

Good job! Haha several programs xD My USB is infected with a virus and I can’t use it /wah

You don’t do grades?! Lucky you!! I have to do grades. I did leisure when I was little, but now I have to do grades. I bet it is when your parents compare you other kids and you need to er, have something to boast about, so maybe I had to do grades because of that xD

Wow!! 10 domains to give away?!?! That’s heaps! I can’t even afford one! :P

Merry Christmas!! It’s 9:50 AM now :D

Gee, that person sounds like a retard. I don’t think they should be so jealous over a domain. If they bothered working for the credits, then they shouldn’t complain. Gosh.

Aw!! That lizard is adorable!!

OMG – my friend once had 365 trojans on her computer xD

I’ve had a really bad virus – recycler and I kind of died because of it :P

Ouch!! I hope your finger is OK! :( I don’t burn, I just slam and squish my fingers. D:

Gee, your brother is really lazy. Next time don’t cook him any food because he should make it himself.

& nice haircut! Is it more layered?

OMG what a whiny brat you have for a brother! I’m sorry to say that. But it sounds like he is. I mean he couldn’t even stir the noodles?

Don’t worry about that a**wipe saying you’re rude and not giving anyone a chance to win domains. Hey you answered those questions correctly so why not get a domain? If you can host it I say bring em on!

Merry Christmas or belated Christmas to you. It’s Christmas Eve here, in the states. I can’t wait for tomorrow though. I mean, I’m not all that excited and alot of people are like that now a days. They just don’t seem happy about it. I mean sure we decorate the house and everything (This year we didn’t), but still it’s all commercialized. Ya know?

I LOVE the new haircut. You look really pretty with it. I cut my own hair, and I did a crappy job on it. I shouldn’t have cut my bangs so short. But everyone else loves it though. I also re-dyed my hair so now it’s a shimmering effect, and not two toned anymore. lol. I think once it grows out again, I might dye it a dark red color. You never know. lol.

Oh btw, the lizard plush toy is adorable! I failed to mention that!

I decided not to have one, I may add one later. Maybe a small-ish one? haha.

I know! I think his realy name is Adam..I’m not sure it’s confusing haha. Just have one name and stick with it! =P

I read that article many times. I love it haha. I have written in some of my notes to friends and stuff :)

I played it when I didn’t have internet on my computer yet.

Merry Christmas to you too! I am going to make the generic gift right now! I will try to make is special though.

I know, I wish I could do that! I sometimes use my own brushes but I forget about them most of the time D:

I mom always stops me and gives me a lesson on how to do it =P

Awww, sorry about the bad thing. And that guy’s an asshole. XD Really, that’s… wow. Stupid. And besides, you’ve had domain contests and you give out hosting and you buy domains and blah blah blah. Really, there’s a lot that you do for others, it’s not like you make websites for youreself alone. :/

And oooooh formspring. That’s pretty amusing. I’ve never heard of that until now. I keep seeing new social networking things. I was tempted to start a formspring but I was like NO, I draw the line. I MUST draw the line. :/

And sorry about your brother’s laziness. That would probably be me getting yelled at because I too get lazy and sometimes just sit there and do nothing /um But I’d help if you ask… maybe depending on the day.

What a cute snake (:

And nice hair cut. I love it. ^^ More layers?


Yeah, I agree. I’m sensitive. I’ve been called emo. And I’m okay with it, but sometimes it gets to the point where it’s just too much. Like really, I’m NOT. :/

Haha, I love wearing punk kind of things. Black and purple handwarmers for one thing. Fake dyed hair clips… I love those, I wish I could actually dye my hair though. Mum won’t let me. Then there’s leg warmers, rocker tees. Yeahhhh, I like my layering. :D

I love how you wrote “I don’t know if you’ll blog again in 2009.” Of course I will. ^^ And right when you posted your comment I had tweeted that too :D

Yeah, Pixobox did have a lot of downtime. :/ And they lasted like two weeks… Personally, RigRag was better than that. Hahaha.

I had a hate turned love relationship with piano. I hated it when I started but I never saw the value in it until just a few years ago. Since then, I’ve loved it :D

SEEEEEEEEEEE, Wedding Dress is sad. But you have to admit, there was beauty in it. And the song, gah I love the song. I finally mastered it on piano. I hope to video myself one day playing it because I love it so much :D

Yes, I don’t deserve it! Hahaha, I can’t ever get a hold of Kuya anymore. It’s Christmas but STILL. I was hoping to just sort all of this out with him but I can’t get myself to do it.

Aw, the rest of your comment was so sweet. A geeze, I hate to admit it but your right. I don’t want to completely drop Kuya though. We are friends… perhaps not BEST friends. Okay we still are. No we aren’t. In book we aren’t, and I think in his… we never were. I’m not sure anymore. But I know that he’s still my friend and he’s still there for me. It’s just been different. If it doesn’t clear up one day, I’ll just completely drop it (Probably at the end of this school year) Haha. Anywhos, it’s all good. I’m much better since I wrote that blog, much better. :D


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (: ♥

I told my sisters that once my holidays start, I’m going to make them play badminton with me. I emotional blackmailed them. XD

I feel like missing out on the fun by not talking that my cousins have together. I’m always kind of part of the “inner crowd” with my friends, which I also want to be with my family but I’m not.

I play the guitar sometimes. . I also play it just for fun. i don’t know how to REALLY play it but I know a few chords and stuff.

OMG. That was so damn stupid of that guy, whoever it was. They were obviously really very jealous. You DO give out hosting and stuff and they obviously knew that if they were “keeping an eye on you”. It’s just really silly why people do this kind of things. They seriously need a life.

That plushy is really cute. ♥

How come your antivirus didn’t pick up the trojans? My previous antivirus once didn’t figure out there were trojans in my computer and some system files start to disappear. That’s great you could figure out in time.

That was so mean of Brandon. He is kind of like my second sister, who never does anything for herself and makes me do her work but still shouts at me. /angry
That haircut looks good on you.

Yeah I think people just need to stop wasting their time on people who didn’t them any thing wrong in every single kinda way. It’s just pathetic and it cause lots of drama.. Well, merry X-Mas! ♥


Now thats out of the way, sorry for not replying to your earlier comments, i’ve been uber busy with christmas stuff, homework etc, as well as getting a layout sorted for allured :D

and yeah I was doing a paid blog, hopefully it’ll make some money :D but I didn’t really know how to make flooring sound interesting so I just reviewed their layout really.

Well, that sucks that somebodies done that. I went on the site and took a look at it- but to be honest it’s a competition, and obviously you’re just super cool if you win lots, not some bitch. xD

I love your little lizard beanie AND your haircut is awesome :D it’s very pretty!

Hope you had a grrrreat christmas :)

Haha Yup!! It’s christmas when I read this lol xD.

Yeah!! You gave away like 6 domains!! You’re soo nice :D. See, like I don’t have any money, well I have alot but I don’t have paypal or anything, so I send my money to Pam, and she buys my hosting and domain and stuff. So it could be nice if I won the NC contest because then I’d have money to renew it or have a contest for people who don’t have any money :).

Haha as I said on msn I got a giant microbe, from, I showed my parents it once, and I really wanted one for christmas :). that’s what I got :D.

Hehe, I might be on tonight, I might not, my family is coming over, but usually why they talk I;m on the computer, I’ll be on around.. 7pm? I don’t know what that is for you lol.

Yeah, I don’t know why it wasn’t secure.

Yeah, it’s been like days, and the upgrade message hasn’t come up yet :/.

Hehe thanks, tbh I kinda rushed on this one, it only took a day, maybe I shouldn’t be trying too hard to make layouts :D.

Haha, I never remember to write in journals, I fail xD.

Haha no, they don’t live in the earth haha xD it’s probably dangerous to let them go :P.

Merry Christmas to you too :D.


And he do sound like a lazy ass but is normal for kids that age…gurls are worst…I should know I was one of them :D and I can’t really toss stones at glass houses as my ass use to be like him (still is in some ways but only with those who so rightly deserve my lack of helping them out).

As for the nasty comments and the whole NameCheap situation…JEALOUS MUCH???? Sound like you got some haters who are envious of you cause you having much better luck than they are – pay them no attention…I wouldn’t even used up precious time and energy talking bout it as that is what they are looking for…they feed off that shit.

Cute haircut and dinosaur plush…hope you are having a wonderful Christmas hun! Take care!


Except it’s boxing day over there, but WTF. :P

My friend Sally has her birthday on Christmas but she celebrates it in June.

I do not want to talk about that prick of a motherfucking shithead douchebag. :@

Glad your Christmas wasn’t so bad. (Y)

Mine’s been… normal. Quiet. Homey.
Managed to sneak on the computer, toos. 🙄

The NC contest is fair, even if it doesn’t look like it. There’s the first person to answer and then some randoms who got it right – what’s to lose?

Lmfao. I remember the “no offence” part… oh HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

*laughs for a few minutes*


*and a bit more*


*and a bit more too*


*dies on keyboard from suffocation*

/bounce At least I died happy. XD

ZOMG THAT PLUSH. It’s so cute. :) I want one! But I’ve already got my presents and no one gave me one. /wah

Well I saw it yesterday on your plog, so a bit late notice. Haha.

Oh dear, I won’t start again.

Glad your virus shite is fixed! :)

Your brother sounds like my brother… he doesn’t do anything either but complains that he does everything.
Sibling disputes, eh. So normal for me lol. @_@ I hope he realises he was being a bit unfair on you by being a lazy /poo …


Aw you burnt your finger! :( I hope it’s better now /bounce

I love your haircut 8D My fringe is just spaz, ehhh. /eh


Merry Christmas again! ♥ New Year soon too /eee

Oh fuck. Time to get off. :@ I’ll reply to your comment tomorrow by replying to this one!

Take care! xx ♥

Well maybe today. /type

I was gonna return your comment the day you returned it (well maybe the day before you returned it or something because of timezones? WTH, I’m confused lmao). But heh, ummm you told me to take my time so. :P

My sitey witey will be back on the 28th! :D Probably the 29th for you though. xD

Aw don’t worry about changing the shortcut! *hugs*

AHAHAHA when I open you can click on my smilies! 😏 Would that make you happy? (Y)

I remember on FU, you kept on telling me that you clicked on them. xD

Yeah… weird how in America fringes are bangs. It’s kind of weird. Like “I have a bang!” LOL.

Yeah… as I mentioned above my fringe is spaz. /argh Mainly because my hair is wavy so if my fringe doesn’t “wave” right, it looks fucked up. :(

And I am not a goddamn fucking bird so of course I am not an emu.

I don’t like gypsy skirts much. :P In fact I don’t wear skirts much to be honest (excluding the one I have to wear to school).

KURT COBAIN! ♥ I got your email about the fanlisting. I’ll change the link soon!

Of course I’m still seeing how you are. :P It’s a bit useless commenting on other sites because most of them don’t have the swish reply plugin thing. :)

And like I said on MSN, it’s shitass boring not commenting on any blogs. /oh

My eye probably would have been very badly injured, yus. 💀
I really want contact lenses but I can’t get them because I have a stupid stigmitism (basically one eye is shaped like a rugby ball, and the other is a bit out of shape). Damn it.

I wasn’t the best shit Scrooge, they had two Scrooges – one for each performance, two perfomances… you do the maths. (H)


I was still sucky though. /faw

LOL your play sounds pretty fricking awesome! (H)

I can go a day without talking to my mum if I’m careful… and like a hunter. ;)

You should get more AFS ones! /bounce

Thatwouldbesocool ♥

Take care (as always)! xx

Haha that’s no problem. You should take your time. :)

You’ll pretty much have your site back while GLAC are playing in Maxwells at Hoboken in New Jersey in the United States of America! I can’t wait. Two celebrations to… well… celebrate. 👏

Hehe. *hugs*

OMG that would make me absolutely joyous to click on your smilies to use them. /bounce

Yeah, it would be weird. That’s language difference for you. I have bangs… it doesn’t work in Australia.

Aww. I see what you mean. When my fringe is long it sticks to the side of my face and looks like Ben Jorgensen’s hair. I mean that sort of in a bad way. :O

I like skirts haha!

Oh yeah. I remember that. 🙄 I was supposed to send the email ages ago. /um But I finally got his fanlisting, because I adopted it from someone. Yay! /love

Haha, I’m cool because I have the reply plugin eh? 😏

I will be sure to comment on your blog when you open! I’m going to be the top commentator! (Y)

Aww that’s a shame about your eyes. They’re still beautiful eyes. /love Besides, contacts aren’t always good and some people get eye irritation. Maybe if it’s not a problem in the future, some eye surgery would be alright. ;)

Hairdressers always tell my brother that he should get contacts or surgery because he looks better without glasses. I think most of us do. But at the same time we must love who we are. :)

And I should feel very blessed to have 20/20 vision. *nods*

Haha it was the bomb. 😏 💥

You take care as well! ILY. ♥

Merry Christmas SUCKER! :D Yeah, it’s Boxing Day. Whatever. :P

I hope you had a good one. Mine was, really, quite boring. We just stayed at home and it was like any other day.

That’s interesting! I wonder about people born on 29th February, who have birthdays every four years. :O

Yeah, it makes me angry. Some people are such dicks.

Aww, sneaky sneaky! ;)

Even some people I know won a few times – including someone I know who has only had their new Twitter account for a short amount of time. Besides, the winners are chosen by bots. Get real. /hmph

I don’t know why but everyone was laughing their heads off at the “no offense” thing. After all, they said exactly this: Fuck you. No offense.

Wow! Fuck you too! 😏 Doobedoobeedoo. /bounce

PMSL. I find it hilarious too. XD

Awww, I’ll send you a plush one day! When you come to Australia I’ll get you a huge kangaroo. ♥

Siblings suck sometimes. Sigh. My brother complains that he has homework and whatnot, when five minutes before that, he was playing hardcore on Combat Arms. 🙄

You left me another comment hahahohoh. /cool

Hey, I got an ipod touch! /eee
I’m so happy ^-^

Could you perhaps recommend some apps?
You mentioned it before and I’m eager to hear your suggestions /bounce

MERRY CHRISTMAS GEORGIE! ((hugs)) I hope that it was lovely for you, and that you got some great gifts :)

Ugh, asshole. Sometimes I wonder if these people ever got taught any manners, some are unbelievably rude >:( I feel so bad for you though, I’d take all those insults for you any day, some of them are just unbelievably rude. ((huggles))

It is ironic! They accuse you of being rude and unfair..hey, look whos talking

AWWWE! That is too cute! I wish I had a sweet boyfriend that bought me lizards xD You two are too cute together :P

WOOHOO! Lol, viruses suck balls -.-” If I had known you wanted some help I would have helped…sorry :( I fixed the virus(es) on my sister’s laptop with Zone Alarm Security, so maybe in the future that’ll help :)

Siblings can be such pains, and being the oldest you’re expected to serve them in a way :( I always make sandwiches and whatnot for my sisters and they just sit around! /angry

AWWE! Burning fingers is the worst thing for me, maybe its because I use my hands a lot, but I hope it heals! Polysporin (Hope they have that in Australia) is God in those situations xD

Well, hey there pretty girl…can I get your number ;)

It was heaven in a bottle! I loved it so much *drools* <— That was lady like, wasn't it?

LOL! I used to be the Queen of cropping images into icons ;)

Some softwares are just useless, just a waste of time =/ Formatting is hell for me, I'm so impatient with those kinds of things :(

You should play something for us :3 LOL, I always get paranoid with the spit in woodwind instruments and I just can't read music lol :P

I found it! Actually, my Dad's letting me use his card reader, but I did manage to get the pictures :D Awwe, thank you! I hope people can see it like you, but some people are so demanding with updates, but I was ripping my hair out with this mosaic….I do not recommend making one.

Lol, I did have a good one! I hope yours was lovely!

LOL! The basement was a really good place for that actually :P They were doing pull ups and then at one point they made me do some to see who could do the most. It was embarrassing because I beat a couple of them lol :P I'm not bragging, I was trying to show how tiny some of them are so that you could get an idea of how easy it was to pants them :P I'm tall, but sometimes I wish I was short. I stand out too much 😝

It wasn't the first time they got pantsed though, last year they all got pantsed and them pushed in the snow lol xP

Thats exactly what I worry about! I don't want visitors to get bored of my blog :P Once I finish your comment I'm actually done with them! :D

Oh I'm so jealous! I remember you blogged about your trip once, and it was so pretty! I remember you showed us the picture of you and your brother infront of a tree!

Again, Merry Christmas! (Well, from here) I hope you had a lovely one! <3333

Merry Christmas! Love the new hair!

D: That’s so awesome that your mum works for YSL.
Wow you taught yourself guitar? I took guitar lessons before and quit after a few years because I thought I was too crap. But that’s probably because I didn’t practice enough -_- I’m such a quitter :(

Merry belated Christmas! :)

Well that douche bag had too much time harassing you then trying to win the domain XD NameCheap never had the condition that you couldn’t attempt answering the questions if you already had a domain T.T
They gave one out every hour for pete’s sake XD

D: The lizzard James gave you is SO adorable /bounce

Yay! I’m glad you fixed your computer ^^
D: I hope your burn gets better soon! I always get burnt by those stone pots/plates that some restaurants like to use.
My brother’s 21 and is still just as moody as he was when he was 14 -_-

P.S. Nice hair cut (Y)

Merry Christmas to you too :)

Well someone can’t just accept the fact that there’s always some winning and loosing. What a real douchebag. He or she is just too childish and can’t accept reality.

Anyways Merry Christmas :) well it’s Christmas day here in Canada. I’m just hoping I can squeeze some money for boxing day. LOL.

Ugh I hate it when my brothe doesn’t help me at all and gets credit for it! I told him about it and he said he doesn’t care and asked me why I’m doing it. Such an asshole.

Gah! Don’t mind those retards and now they’re complaining because they don’t have a chance on winning. What do they expect? 🤬 I wouldn’t call someone greedy if they win more than once. The person just may be fast and smart enough to win. Retards, really, can’t think straight and right.

Haha. I get annoyed of that autoplay whenever I insert my flash drive since I don’t use that thing. :P Most of the viruses at school makes a file called ‘autorun.inf’ and a recycler folder that can’t be deleted. It was really annoying.

I’m sorry but I found that funny. XD It reminded me when we had this Web App class and my friend and I were done coding and have to wait for our teacher to check our work. I was doing nothing, but my friend was playing out of boredom and she didn’t even stop when our teacher went to check her work and called her a few times, so I had to nudge her. Haha. Good thing that our teacher isn’t strict. XD

Oh, really? Some countries don’t celebrate Christmas, probably because of the various religions. :) You celebrate New Year at least.

I’ve never heard of DoTA in Highschool since I’ve been in an all-girls school. I have more guy classmates in College and they’re the ones who influenced me in that game. I haven’t played in a long time though because our schedule is pretty hectic. XD

I love my mom’s spaghetti too; that’s why I want to learn it. :P

Haha. I agree. You can get more things done during mornings, at least that’s for my case. I’m more motivated to do things in the morning, just that I usually wake up late. Oops.

Hey Georgina, Merry Christmas ! Seriously, some people are really very rude, probably it’s best to forget about them

Yo! Merry Christmas :) And happy birthday Dylan. Poor Dylan – I guess he gets less presents because his birthday is on Christmas. yikes! XD. Just kidding. Christmas isn’t about presents :P

Everyone has an equal chance of winning. Gees. If Jincen hasn’t won anything, I wish I could just buy him/her a domain so that he/she would stop pestering you already O_O.

“I’ve been keeping my eye on you” AHHAH. So now he/she is a stalker. I’m cracking up now.

And it’s not like you choose to win domains. It’s a random thing. You’re following all the NC rules so I don’t see why Jincen is being a bitch/manbitch.

“Fuck you. No offense.” That was stupid – seriously. Anyways – you’re one of the nicest people I know !

THE LIZARD PLUSH IS SO CUTE. I want one. Where did he get it? XD

Ooh wait. About your tweet on wanting an iPhone. My dad says it’s a really hectic phone but the battery life isn’t so good. So if you use your phone a lot an iPhone might not be so good for you. But I’m not sure. Sorry for butting in to your tweets and conversations. I’m sorry. FORGIVE ME! Please?

I’m glad that the virus is gone. At least your virus didn’t win. /bash A virus I had before deleted everything and made my USBs go retarted. Yeah. D:

This assface from school tries sending viruses through MSN. He didn’t fool me though. BWAHAHA. My friend accepted the file he sent to her and her computer shut down O_O. Assface must die. All assfaces must die! Whoever sends viruses and whoever invented them must die!
That’s not relevant…but… you know…

I can’t believe Brandon.
UGH. What I hate most is the fact that you bothered to cook him something yet he doesn’t care. He’s 14? And he doesn’t even bother to help out in the kitchen? That bugs me.

Trust me, brothers get worse with age. My brother is 17 yet I cook Mi Goreng for him and do his laundry. I’ll be relieved if he makes it into the Defense Force (he’s joining the Navy XD) – he’ll be living on a ship and I won’t have to do anything for him.

Ooh D: My mum says toothpaste will help burns. Not sure if it works, though. I hope it heals soon.

I love your hair. It looks so smooth and wearable (y’know what I mean?). I want to do something with my hair…not too sure, though.


My family is still bitching about Dad but my mum is getting better – I hope. She’s been liking this guy for ages and she’ll meet him face to face when she goes to the Philippines in April. She told me that he’s not Hitler, or a paedophile or a rapist so he must be a good guy. If she and this guy have a long relationship, maybe she’ll stop saying things about my dad? I hope so.

And my mum said that if she does marry the guy and they get divorced, she won’t be sad. She says that she’ll have fun while she lasted. So it’s true – she learned from my dad :) You’re right. People marry to learn from each other.

Yeah. Parents always say harsh things and not mean it. 😏

I commented at 2am on a school night? I wouldn’t call it sneaking on. The last 4 weeks of term 4 were pretty screwed up. I would sleep at 2 and wake up at 5 and sleep more after school and wake up after 3 hours or so. Don’t worry. It’s 8:26 now and that seems like an appropriate time to comment :P

Have a nice day.

p.s LOL I was typing in the website box above and I almost typed one of my passwords XD

I don’t think they will mind. My second sister wants to play but her college gets in the way. And my eldest sister will probably not want to play but I’ve got my parents and other sister for support because we all think she needs exercise. XD

Exactly. That’s not greedy in any way. They should learn to respect you and try harder to be like you instead of being just jealous, or if they don’t want to do that they should drown themselves in a well. XD

My antivirus puts every single application that I use in “High restricted”. LOL. It’s really irritating especially as Windows Vista asks for permission to use almost every file in the first place.

Aww! Hope it was still not that boring! Poor you. :( Yeah haha I think if I’m 18 years old or so I will also get not anymore that expensive presents, because when you are 18 you need to take care of your self… HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY! ♥

Haha cool! My sister liked them and I was like :O ! That’s good, since she doesnt seem to like my taste, but I was trying to think out of the box XD have a really good point there. I guess also by their behavior. They call themselves sluts, and they like jump on the guys at school /bash

Oh aww. My sister’s friends had their cousin visit from Australia. We had a snowball fight and she was quite stunned from the snow XDD

Yeah it is weird! A few schools still had classes this week. We use to have a longer break, but they stopped. I wonder why. They use to start earlier. Weird school XD

Aww thanks! We are having a blast now that she is home. She likes being home. Home cooked meals ! XDD

Aw thanks! I had a great time. There was so much food though XD /faw

Yes, I think 2009 was an awesome year too!

Yeah I read about your little envious people on Formspring. Sucks. The contest was random, and hey, you answered the questions and therefore you got rewarded. Yeah sometimes it seems unfair that someone may win more then you, but its not anything that YOU have control over. Just luck !

CUTE PLUSH! My sister got this Panda bear that looks like a SUPERRRRR fat panda. It is like the shape of a ball XDDD! But your little plush is absolutely adorable!

Awww hope your finger heals quickly! I hate burns

Pretttyyy haircut! Ha, I got a haircut a while back and I got it short. Now I want it long again! Haha, it always alternates since I guess I get bored easily LOL!
But UGH! I wish I had your hair, its so prettyyy!

Meh, I hate when people spam things like that and annoy you with stupid things. They’re just looking for trouble. /argh

LOL. The lizard is so cute! :) It looks a bit funny, though. >.<

I had a virus on my laptop once. This thing kept popping up, telling me I had a virus and I had to run a scan. Turns out that THAT was the virus. -.- /bash

Your brother is a meanie/lazy butt. :P Lol. Aw, and you burned your finger because of him. /pow

Well, I'm not exactly sure how you looked before your haircut, so I can't say you look better, but you look pretty. (;

Merry Christmas to you, too! :D

Haha now it’s the day after christmas. :D

Haha, I don’t know anyone in the U.S who would buy me one if I send them the money :P. I have to send it to the U.K XD. It would cost alot for me to send it to you :P.

Yeahh, does NC have any other contests that you can win credits?

Hehe xD. I didn’t ask for a certain one, but i said I just really wanted one :D

Kk, i might be on tonight :) or… morning for you lol.

Haha, I don’t know where anything is in the control panel, and the custom smilie pulign doesn’t work :( I made the awesomest smilies and it doesnt work :(.

Yay! :D. I hope I do good :P.

Haha yeah :P. But what I need to do is find out how to get my date for the blog on the outside of the container like one of Vicky’s layouts had :).

Aww that is a nice story :) I wish i could remember the important things I do everyday :P.

Byee <3

Well, whoever developed the report system should be sacked for making everyone sound like they have failed. End of story. ;D

D: That’s so slack. I don’t mind the public transport system but gee, 1.5 hours to work? That’s so stupid. They should devise a bus route so people aren’t late. Stupid government and their metro line, that’s all they care about ==’

We’ve gotten told off once for talking on the train. That woman later saw us and whacked us with her bag or something, well maybe not whacked, but she just shoved through and was all bitchy.

Yeah! The other day, I saw this guy on the train and he was listening to music so loudly and the music was really crap too, so I was like, JUST STOP Dx

It was for about 30 minutes…and it was pretty fun xD

I don’t think I should try doing polka dot nails, I’ll probably end up ruining my nails. :S

Mm. Bostik is my favourite glue brand. I really hate Smiggle glue and Marbig. Do you know the yellow brand? I forgot what it’s called, but its really good but it runs out fast. xD

White chocolate has a really bad colour and completely puts me off. xD

He makes pho?! Doesn’t it take ages to make?

So can my friends. My friend learnt it and she doesn’t even play piano. I’m such a fail.

=_= our school computers are so infected with viruses you can probably even take it to a hospital and it’ll stay there for days. *sigh*

Grade 6?! You must’ve been really good! I’m only up to 3 and sort of failing. ✌️

Yeah I reckon! Whenever we visit our family friends and stuff, they’re all like, my child plays piano grade 10974107417047190710 and my parents are like, yeah…. :X

Hm. I wish I could get one, but that would require my parents buying it and they probably wouldn’t let me. ):

Yeah, same with my family xD We just sat. Ate. Didn’t do anything. o.O

Exactly! That person is also really creepy, stalking your every move. Try a restraining order?? :S

LOL 500 viruses?!?!??!?! I flipped when I got one! I was so paranoid and my friend was paranoid with me too because her computer had the same virus but she got it fixed and we were both freaking out.

Ouch! I burnt my tongue by drinking tea. o_O

xD Very nice.

Oooh, nice! I think I’m going to grow out my hair now…until I get split ends xD