Beyond Paradise

James came over for a bit today. Just to drop off some Christmas presents. :)

He got me the perfume I’ve liked for ages; Beyond Paradise.

My mum isn’t too keen on the scent. I’ve loved it for years, and if any of you care to recall, I had a website by that name way back in 2003.

I also got a cute fluoro green plushie lizard and a box of chocolates from James. ♥️

I’ve opened my icon site, I’m wasn’t too keen on the domain name, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it but I wanted to try something new so that’s where I put most of my icons. I think I will be picking out the best ones and displaying them here, because I know a lot of the ones I have made and displayed on this site are ugly. :P Here’s one I made today entirely from my own resources.

My brother and I are trying to deal with some computer problems at the moment. It’s possible we have viruses or system problems (most likely viruses, which Avast doesn’t seem to be picking up – yet anyway) that is causing all our external drives – USBs, memory cards, iPods, to be named “PENDRIVE”. WTF?

We’ve tried formatting but it happens again; the name of the devices come up as “PENDRIVE”. Anyway, I hope we can sort the problem out soon. /hmph

Firefox isn’t responding to me either, so I’m using Opera at the moment. I like it, but I was really in a Firefox mood because I prefer Firefox when I return comments. I have left, again, a bunch behind, because I have not had the time today.

I practised piano today. Lately I’ve been going back to it, after a year of not playing. It actually feels really good to go back to it. I can play my favourite piano song Romance Without Words by Gabriel Faure. I had to look back on the music to refresh my memory but now I can seem to play from heart. /love

Even though my brother and I are in a hole right now, trying to sort out these problems with our computers, he did help me with the dishes today. /bounce He was bored, and so I taught him how to wash them, since our dishwasher is pretty much broken.

I don’t know how you guys wash your dishes, but the way we learned at school was to fill up the sink with water, with the dishes in it, and then clean them. I think that’s just gross. All the food and grime on the dishes is just going to make the water dirty.

The way we do it is to run hot water down them to get rid of the grime, and then stack them up at the side of the sink. Then we scrub them down with a sponge and detergent, giving it a thorough clean, then we give them a good old rinse.

I find it odd that I’m talking about dishes.

Tomorrow shall be the last day of the year I am going to work. Yes, I do have to work right up until it’s nearly Christmas. Ah well, I’m looking forward to holidays.

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Ngawwee! /bounce
I’m glad you like the presents :) You’ll smell like paradise. Huhu /um
Gonx, too bad I forgot 9 D= Curse its nice white sleeve in the nice white bag. I had burnt it just before I left because it only occured to me to give it to you when I was about to leave :(

It’s a trojan; they’re harder to pick up. We’ll fix it, we will. /eee

Haha, what we do is, first we rinse off solids and sauces, etc. Then we run them through a soapy sink of water, because the only thing left is grease. Then we rinse them again :P It saves detergent too *frog*


Thank you for the presents. ♥ :) The lizard dude is on my bed. 8D

Ngaweee! You can give it to me another time. /bounce It’s only an hour long after all.

I think it’s gone now. I used that funny malware thing and it found two trojans, which I deleted. Though all my external drives said “PENDRIVE”, I had to totally clean and reformat them. They’re smooth now, and are called Removable Disk. :D

That was pretty annoying. I’m scanning Brandon’s right now. He has like 32 things found already. /hmph

Eww. But we save detergent. We rinse them with hot water, scrub down and then rinse again. :P In your face. XD

Hrrrrng, I still bet we use less detergent. We’ll try this scientifically sometime../eee

32 viruses! Wow. That’s a lot of porn 😰 /um /poo /bash

Perfume up the lizard a bit /bounce /love


NO, I bet we use less.

You know how we could use even less? Wash the dishes together. /bounce

Wait maybe not… but we can save time. ♥

There was this time he actually had some rude sites in his history that my mum found. I think this was on his old computer though – I can’t quite remember. She told me to block them. I don’t know what he does now though. You could be right but he plays games so much. :S

The lizard would not be clean anymore. 8D

Ha, you’re so particular about your dishes…. so am I. I do it the same way as you. I think it’s unhygienic to wash dishes in their own dirt. One of my flatmates does it, and she doesn’t scrub the dishes properly so they always end up with dirt on them that wasn’t even there in the first place. Whenever she washes my dishes I have to do them again. O_O

Ooh god, be careful putting iPods into the computer if it’s doing that. I had a computer with a load of viruses on a couple of years ago (even though I had virus protection on it /angry ) and when I plugged in my iPod, it made it malfunction and I had to get a new one. It messed it up beyond repair. :( I doubt yours is as extreme as mine but it’s a warning just in case.

Another use for a domain. :P I’ve been on the site already though and I really like some of your icons. :) I really like the text and accessories ones.

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! You saw James today :) Hehe, and that’s so sweet of him to come by just to drop off presents to you :) That bottle is so pretty! If someone bought me that, I’d be more amused by the bottle than the perfume because it’s so colourful @_@

Haha! Your layout at Kisstherain is like the one you used to have here :) And it has tags down the side! :O YAAAAAAAAAY! I love those tags :)

Your icons here aren’t ugly! Hmph xP

Hmmm…that’s weird. That your computer isn’t recognising external devices. Maybe it’s cos of the heat. On our other computer, the dvd player/burner doesn’t work in hot weather. And the printer literally takes seven hours to print one sheet of paper. [That was before we changed the printer, though :P]

Hopefully the problem fixes itself! D:

I LOVE that song @_@ :) Except I’ve completely forgotten how to play it :( But I played another Faure piece as an extra in my seventh grade exam. It was also quite pretty :) Except I kind of feel bad because I couldn’t play it completely well. :(

Hehehe! You taught your brother how to do dishes :) Yay! At least he’s willing to learn. My brother is being a total prick at the moment [I mean more than usual, because he’s always a prick]. Far out. WHERE IS KARMA! :P

Omg, I remember that! I found it gross too! I mean there’s only so much detergent can do D: If you think about it, you’re washing dishes in DIRTY WATER. YUCK!

Yeah we do the dishes your way at home. Just we don’t use hot water all the time. We just rinse them. Then we use detergent. Then we rinse them again. :P

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Holidays! Even though I’ve been on holidays for quite a while now :P

Haha yes, it was only for a short amount of time. :P I actually really like the bottle as well, but the perfume smells nice.

I think they always make the bottle to grab your attention too, though. Otherwise they wouldn’t sell too well!

Yeah, it’s got those funny tab things. I just recycled the coding from my old layout. I’m so good. 🙄

Oh well, some of them are old, but I believe my icons are improving. :)

It calls them “PENDRIVE”. It still recognises and reads them. But after a lot of scans and formatting, hooray. I’m doing a scan on Brandon’s as we speak.

My printer is the four-in-one scanner, photocopier, printer and fax. It’s not bad! Takes a while to warm up though.

I think it’s the only one I remember how to play properly. I think Karen showed me that other Faure one. I still like Romance!

I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as Mozart or anyone. XD

It’ll come back to him; he’ll break a foot at work or something. That’s karma for you. Or maybe he’ll get really ill. Though, on that note, it will be annoying to take care of him. /hmph

Eww, yes. In food technology, they cleaned it like that and I was like, “What?” I don’t know how you can wash something in its own filth. D:

Oh, grease is nasty and stubborn so on the first rinse we use hot. After scrubbing we use cold. :D

We all have been on holidays! Yoo hoo! Only I’ve just had random bouts of work. 8D

Awwww :( Well a short amount of time is still time and therefore better than nothing :) That is seriously the coolest perfume bottle ever!!!! Haha!

Oh yeah. That’s true too. I mean if your bottle looks like a huge mess or a really old drink bottle that really needs to be thrown out. I don’t think anyone would buy it no matter how nice the perfume smelt. :P

Of course your icons are improving! Practice makes perfect, right? (H)

Oooh! Yeah, ours is an all-in-one printer thing too! Our old one was as well but it was a really old model. But man they are useful. Haha, yours may take a while to warm up, but our old SCANNER as in scanner alone too at least half an hour to warm up and another half an hour to come up with a DRAFT…@_@

Hehe, well it’s a really nice song :) Maybe I should see if I can still play it sometime this holiday :P Urgh. Where did I put my book! Oh, I have a youtube link of the song I played by Faure. I’ll link you! XD Although whoever’s playing it sounds so much better than me *cringe*

Oh pfffft! Of course you will! It’ll just take longer. Damn all these piano virtuosos! Hahaha.

Yeah hopefully he doesn’t get ill until he moves out. Because if we had to take care of him, I’d stab him myself within a week. Dear god. /angry It would be so /bash

I know! It’s disgusting! I mean they probably think the detergent takes care of it, but there is only so much detergent can do. Ughhh 🤮

Haha yes! I do like other perfume bottles though. You should look up the Juicy Couture range; they have pretty bottles with bows and everything!

I don’t know any totally ugly bottles but some just look plain weird. For some reason I can’t get used to Red Door (Elizabeth Arden)… it’s too generic and weird for me. I think the bottle should have like, more class or something.

They probably spend ages making the bottles and it must cost a lot of money, especially the ones cut in butterfly shapes and whatnot.

Haha I have to agree. It’s like, we all start somewhere, somewhere crap, but the more we practice the better we get.

Our old printer was a crummy Canon, I think. It was rather sketchy, for want of a better description. Drafts should be fast. /hmph

I actually photocopied my book for the HSC so I had the copy in a folder that was lying around in my room.

I think that actually is the one Karen played. My memory is bad! But I never got to that grade anyway… XD

I think I’m like that though! My mum says I’m moody when I’m sick. That’s not good. :P

True. Sometimes my mum uses Jif (err… spelling?) on those really angry stubborn dishes with grease.

Random note: I have already brushed my teeth!

Haha, when I went to Malaysia my cousin dragged me perfume shopping [dear god] because she wanted this specific perfume by Anna Sui because it comes in cute bottles. Some of them are sooo ridiculously intricate. I swear the BOTTLES must cos more than the perfumes. My cousin collects all the Anna Sui perfumes just for the bottles. [Well the little bottles anyways].

Yep! We all suck at everything in the beginning. Except virtuosos. Haha. Or child prodigies or whatever. At least you can MAKE icons in the first place. I don’t even know how to resize images :P

Oh! Our really old printer [like not all-in-one thing] was a canon too! It was pretty fast compared to the scanner :P But yeah, our first all-in-one thing was a HP but omg, the ink…got so expensive, it was actually cheaper to buy a new printer. @_@ O_O

Awww! How lucky :P I didn’t photocopy anything. Oh well I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to find. I think all my piano books are in the same place =S

Ohhh…Hahaha! It’s okay! You can probably play grade 7 stuff anyways. You were always better than me at piano :P I felt so bad after playing that song because mine was sooo slow. Oops. I shall learn to play it better! I swear :P

Haha, I think we’re all moody when we’re sick. Girls have PMS too. *sigh*

I have no idea what my mum does. I think she just washes them again with hotter water. LOL. I should probably be washing instead of my mum. I’m such a bad kid *sigh*

LOL, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet :P Oops.

Ooh eep! I have heard of Anna Sui though. Don’t buy a perfume just for the bottle though… :O

But admittedly a lot of them are cute.

Aw, child prodigies. They don’t really count; they’re an exception.

Resizing images is easy. I shall show you one day and it shall be a great achievement by you. :) I think you could do it in Paint or something but far out, I can’t seem to live without Photoshop.

Our scanner dude-machine-thing needs to warm up all the time but that makes sense I guess. Ours is a hp now; it’s expensive alright. Eighty dollars for an almighty new batch of ink.

I think that was the only thing I photocopied because it was the only thing I needed to photocopy.

I can’t sight read very well though! D: Shocker. I was not better…! Okay, to save argument you were much better technically. :P Perhaps I was better performance wise? I don’t know, but I don’t think I was as good as Anthony, who performed with such… emotion.

Well, PMS is an excuse. Guys don’t have that. Muahaha.

Hot water works to remove the grease though, but sometimes it’s intolerable for the hands (even with gloves on).


Hehe, the only perfume I have is the perfume Jennifer gave me for my birthday :P But don’t worry, I will not buy perfume just for the bottle. I can’t afford it! XD

Okay :P I’ll be sure to blog about it when you show me. I’ll be all excited over it and half “whooooaaa…what?” Or maybe I’ll feel completely stupid for not being able to work it out myself. Hahaha. 😳

Yep! That sounds about right. Our new Epson printer is just as good, and it only cost $65 for the actual printer. LOL. But HP is pretty fast too. And way better than Canon. :P

Don’t worry, my sight reading is so bad, I cringe at my own playing. Sight reading is totally overrated anyways :P Maybe I’m just saying that because I can’t sight-read but whatever. Who needs sight-reading when we can learn stuff beforehand! Haha.

No, I think I was better at the scales and stuff but you were better with the actual playing of songs and pieces and stuff. I don’t think I’ve heard Anthony play, but he was really dramatic so I bet it was really good. :P I wish I could perform too! :( It would make exams so much easier!

Well it evens out cos we get the period pains so we need the excuse too! Take that guys! :P

Yes, go you for brushing already!

Aww! Yeah, perfumes are way too expensive. @_@

You have to update with a new blog haha. :D

You can show us the first image you resize. Hopefully it’s nothing embarrassing. :P

I think our machine cost more than $65. Or maybe we bought it on sale, but still.

It’s like picking up something you don’t know and then playing it. That is so annoying.

I dislike arpeggios. They sound pretty but I hate them. I really like the chromatic scale because it’s amusing. Oh and you have no idea how much I loved the C scale. /hehe I liked the D one too actually!

Oh and I remember how to play Canon! LOL amusing, we were just talking about a Canon printer…


Yes, they are! Well I don’t use perfume, so I guess I better not buy them, huh?

Don’t worry! I will update when I learn to resize images :) And I’ll make sure I’m not resizing something completely embarrassing :P

Yeah, I think HPs in general are expensive, even on sale. We got our new printer on sale. :P We bought 2 as well because we have 2 computers. And for some reason we can’t get them BOTH to print from one printer. So annoying.

Yeah, I can’t pick up something completely new and play it. TOO HARD! XD

Omg…arpeggios. I used to like them but then they introduced inversions which SUCK. One position is hard enough to memorise.

OH, LOL! In 8th Grade, I have to learn C Major again. And hahaha the first time I tried to play it, it was so hard, because I wasn’t used to the fingering. I was so used to black notes. Me and my teacher had a huge laugh over the fact I couldn’t play C major but I could play other harder scales :P

CANON! I forgot how to play it, but it’s not too hard so hopefully I’ll pick it up quite easily :P

You posted this comment on 1:00 am! Hooray!

Yeah, no point buying haha. I have some… so if you really like the bottles I can give you those if I finish them. XD


I think we get everything on sale, to be honest. /um :P And we only have one printer, which doesn’t bother us because it’s pretty good.

I usually like to feel accomplished though, and I hate learning something new because I want to be able to play the whole thing straight away. :O I hate learning the hands separately then putting it all together.

But such is life. :P

Inversions are terrible. D:

Oh my gosh. I think I remember the technical book and you have to pick a set of keys. I remember looking on it back then and remembering that C was really simple and that if I ever got there, I’d pick that. XD

It’s simple! It’s like second grade level. 8D

That perfume looks great (Y)

Oh and thank you for the reply. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you my email at the time. It wasn’t working and I was a bit unsure because it has my full name within it XD
I’m just a bit cautious that’s all :) And daft :/

Psh thanks, I’ll be needing all the luck I can get for my next layout. I made something in Photoshop which I thought was absolutely hideous, and then I tried coding it into a layout and it looked even more hideous, so now I think that my current layout will be up for much longer. :P

I’ve never heard the term “rage quitting”. But I do that A LOT. Haha.

I can’t even remember that much from when I was 13 years old. I just remember my loser-ish elementary school, and how loser-ish life was. Sigh.

You’re very welcome. Superwomany is the best “not-even-a-real-word” word ever. Hands down.

Yeah, I can’t make much sense out of getting drunk. I guess people who are depressed and shizz drink a lot to forget about their depression. Which kinda makes sense. But there’s other ways to deal with it.

So not only did you return all the comments, you wrote a new blog as well. Not surprised. Not surprised at all. xD Yeah the cycle really is neverending. Just something we have to live with as bloggers. :P

That really sucks that the virus scan is keeping you up. I hate those scans, they take absolutely forever. Anyways, I hope that it fixes the problem with your computer. And what are ya talking about?! That’s the most superwomanny thing ever! To only get a few hours of sleep and still go to work? I’d be like “screw work”. :)

K good to know that Fusemein still exists. Cause I remember one time it just disappeared, and then it came back like a week later. I think.

(Btw I’m really sorry if there’s a lot of typos in this comment, cause for some odd reason my eyes are drooping shut, even thought I got more than my 8 hours of sleep last night. Maybe I overslept.)

OMFG YOU’RE COMING TO CANADA FOR A DAY? WHEN? WHY? HOW? >:OOOOO. I’ll be waiting for you at the airport.. just look out for some brown chick holding up a board that says “WELCOME SUPERWOMAN” (while I get dirty looks from everyone standing around me) lmfao.

Nah you see, my uncle is a lost case. xD My aunt has been telling him for more than 50 years now that he needs to stop because he’s wasting too much money on the tickets.. but 50 years later, he’s still going at it. For pity’s sake, they should just give him a million bucks for being so damn persistent. -.-

WELL THAT’S WHY IT’S NOT FAIR. What’s the point of people who are already millionaires getting the opportunity to buy themselves a lottery win, to become even more rich? PSH. What about the average folk, like my uncle? xD

I never knew that you can actually have a permanent problem with your sinuses, like your mom has. :O That sucks though. I would hate to have a runny nose all the time. :(

Well then I shall remind you now. GO GET THAT HORNY EMOTICON. :)

You got that right. I don’t see why anyone would want a doll that pees and shits on them. Unless they’re suicidal and they have absolutely no self-esteem.

Ngaw how touching. Superwoman was in the mood for returning my comment. :3 Well, it’s been a pleasure returning yours as well. :D Even thought I’m only half-way through.

Remember in one of my emo Maintenance Mode messages, I said how my site has almost become like extra homework for me? xD. I don’t even know if you read that message, but I had said it. And I still stick by it sometimes. Cause when school was going on, it really was like extra homework. But now that I’m on holidays, my site is an enjoyment again. Like it should be.

My parents constantly complain about how the cellphone companies and the cellphone industry in general here are probably the biggest rip-offs in the entire economy.

You’re welcome. :) Hmm, I’ll bet you 5 cents (cause that’s all I can afford) that you’ll get a new guitar before you replace the string, OR that we’ll be having the same conversation about how you were too lazy to replace the string at the end of 2010. xD

For sure. After all, as we’ve heard a million times, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. :) (no, I’m not talking about the physical organs inside our body.) I remember I told my little cousin that phrase and she was like “ewwww my guts and blood are what really counts? yuck.”

I’m glad that it’s not separated into white and asian in my school. I think that would be rather odd and boring. Btw I have to write a blog about that, cause of something Daniel told me. >:O

Just admit it. You are superwoman.

Omg I love that quote. It’s so true, and I agree with it as well.

Lmao yeah she does look really bored in the picture I took. Daniel commented on it on facebook saying “wow kristina way to listen to my story.” bahahaha.

Mhm DK had a blast. -.- And so did I. :D Woot.

Aweh that’s so cute that James got you the perfume that you’ve always wanted! I knew that he name sounded familiar, so when you mentioned that you had a site named that a while ago, it all made sense.

Wow the perfume bottle and the colors inside are really pretty. (: Luh it!

Oh look, it’s yet another domain. LOLOL. I love it though, very cute with all the icons. And that one you made from your own resources is gorgeous. (: Love the effects and such.

Pendrive? What the hay? I hope you guys can figure out what the problem is soon.

Omg that’s so weird. I have the same preferences for FF. I only use it to return comments, and I use a variety of other browsers to blog. xD Lmao, I thought I was weird.. but I guess not anymore. Unless we’re both weird.

I’ve never heard that song that you played on piano, but I bet it’s great. You should video tape yourself playing. :)

Ah, I’ve never really understood why people wash dishes by soaking them in their own filth. It’s the same thing with taking a bath. I never take baths, because I feel like I’m sitting there in my own filth LOL. I always shower.

The way you guys cleaned the dishes sounds like a much more hygienic way of going about it.

WOOO make the best of your last day at work before the holidays. :)

Ah wow!! I love the icon site name! The layout, I’m not to keen on but the domain I like a lot. Where do you get all this money to buy multiple domains? What’s your secret? lol. If you don’t want to share that’s okie.

Anyway, looks like I won’t be going to Disneyland when my friend comes down from Kentucky. But at least I’ll be going to Downtown Disney with one of my older friends from my old church. This wednesday, and I’m hoping to get a Wall-E Interactive toy. Heehee. Or maybe something else. I really want a ring, but the rings are so expensive. I don’t even know my own ring size. I think maybe 8 1/2-9?

Anyway like you I’ve been going back to my Japanese stuff. But spanish keeps getting in the way. I’m remembering a lot more spanish than Japanese don’t ask me why. Spanish just doesn’t interest me like Japanese and Mandarin.

Hmmm, going back to the piano sounds like a good idea. Ya know, I used to take a piano class. I did pretty bad in it. I didn’t even go to the recital aka final. I knew I wouldn’t do great on the piece the professor picked out for me. I just couldn’t get the end of it. It was “My Heart Will Go On”. I had memorized a lot of it but not the ending and I knew I’d make a fool of myself and say “I don’t remember the ending.”.

But anyway, I love what you did with your perfume icon. It’s amazing. I also love the icons at the other domain. :). Well; I better go before I bore you to death.

Your icons are really good. I like the domain name too.

OI don’t see anything wrong with the way you do dishes. I think most people do their dished that way, but I just fill up the dishpan with hot water, after they’ve been rinsed, and then wash them. I hate washing dishes. Especially during the winter. My hands get all dried out and start to hurt.

Call me crazy but seeing as I been outta work for so long I honestly would not mind working up until the day just before Christmas – I actually miss those days…miss watching folks run around in a scurry to get last minute Christmas gifts as they rush to catch the bus to go home downtown and all that – just puts me more into the Christmas spirit…I know I say I hate public transportation but when it comes to the holiday time…I actually luv it…cuz folks are so nice and friendly…so cheerful…

Oh, atleast you guys use detergent…I see when folks have their dirty dishes in the water – rinse them and than put them in the dish rack…unless am missing something – that is just NASTY…I got one aunt from England – gurlfriend do not use detergent…just wash off the filth and put them to the side…you know my skin was crawlin when I seen that shit…I had to quietly wait till she left the house and rewash that shit with detergent…and now my little nephews who I know their mother know how to wash with detergent don’t even wash dishes properly – they leave shit all up on it and put them in the dish rack all sometimes with soap on it and they are nearly fourteen…am like “WTF?! KIDS MY FUCKIN ASS!!! THEY OUGHTA KNOW BETTER!!!” and I know their mother knows better…but my mom has a way of babying their asses…I feel sorry for them when they hit the real world with that shit…they in for a very nasty and rude awakening esp when they get in a relationship with a woman…god forbid she Jamaican too cuz Jamaicans…they don’t stand for that shit.

Awe, ya hunnie hooked ya up with some perfume!!!! That is nice hun…wow!!! Gorgeous bottle too!!!! And I luv that icon featuring it!!! ROX ASS!!! And a domain with the name of your favorite fragrance is even more HOTTER!!!

Sounds like you guys got either a virus or a hacker – more than likely a virus…I freaking hate viruses!!!! They like the computer version of a nasty case of HERPES but worst…shit just won’t go away with some antibiotics unless you wipe your shit out and start all over from start. Which sux ass big time.

You should upload some mp3 files of you playing the piano as I would luv to hear you play hun!!! I use to play piano back in the day but stopped when I moved over to where I am now back in ’89 – than gain I never really was into it but I must admitt…I have some fond memories of me getting piano lessons and going to piano special events where I would watch other students who my piano teach taught as they done their pieces at a local art school…was fun.

I will most definitely check out your icon site soon. Have A Good One Hun!

Chyea, your right. I hate it when people label people. It’s just so annoying and discriminating. But I hope your not (cutting) now :( But I read your blog and you have a virus? I can send you some anti-spyware that works better than Avira. Because honestly, Avira doesn’t do shit. :O But anyway, lol I love the icon you made at the top. So original. Hm. I tried to get on Firefox (Flock Version) but it didn’t respond!

Well how are you Georgina? :)

Aww thats nice he has got you that perfume that oyu like, but didn’t you say it was a Christmas present? If you did why do you know what it is and its not wrapped up /huh Or did you open it early /ho :P lol /wave Oh and just to tell you its michael from rettro, i changed my site, click the link :D :) Michael

Yo, GG! (Y) BEYOND PARADISE WOO!!! Yeah we once had a convo about that perfume and you did mention having a site called like that. Good days. /wah (as if it was like 20 years ago lmao).

That’s so sweet James got you so many presents! Do take a picture and post it on O1S for us to see that cute lizard!! Hard enough we’re miles apart! :X

I did see KTR. I really love it! That’s all I can say! ♥

Isn’t like pendrives the USB itself or something? That confused me. I saw you tweeted about it too earlier on yesterday (for you since for me it’s still today lmao). It might possibly be a Trojan. I’m not entirely sure about it. 🤮

WOO HOO FOR ANOTHER PAIR OF HANDS ON THE DISHES! 😝 LMAO /bounce Now you can possibly have more time to stay online or something. I think it was about time your brother learnt how to do the dishes LOL. (H)

RAWR that sentence made me laugh when you said it’s weird talking about dishes. Well it kinda is… So silly and funny!! 👏

WOO! I have so much homework to do. I still have private lessons on Monday. :/ I have to work AFTER Christmas too. Being it BEFORE New Year’s too. FFS. /hmph

Excuse me for being so hyper but it’s 23:28 PM and it’s past my bedtime (sorta)! But I’m sure you don’t mind! D: I think it’s better if I get some sleep and shut my eyes AND do some homework tomorrow. ;)

Goodnight and enjoy your day at work! :D

Sorry for the latest reply ever, gah! I’m so lazy. O_O

Haha, oozes me? How lovely, I’m jelly.. XD Yeah I love that I drew it and didn’t use anything from anybody. Resources, pictures, anything. /love

Yeah, it’s a great book. Sad and true but very good. I love Kate DiCamillo’s writing. It’s so good. Burned is a good book. Interesting rather blunt, but very good.

It was early and I’m pretty stupid early in the morning. But I guess, it was fun in the long run. Better than watching t.v. all morning I guess. XD

Lol, really? I hate spelling really. Grammer doesn’t bug me, since I have many mistakes in that. Just when I get emails saying, “Shure Kaela, glad you liked my speshal present!” It’s kind of like… umm we’re old enough now to spell that..

Haha, what is a rambutan? I’ve never heard of them! @_@

No one else seemed to have heard of him! /wah And that bugged me so much. Like he’s just so likeable. And it’s so cute all the things they do. All human stuff in little form. The theme song is catchy, I have it on my iPod. :P

Shh, don’t tell anyone!

I’ve heard Cross My Heart, All To Myself, and Shaketramp. XD

FIVE YEARS?!! Whoa, that’s insane. When I tried learning guitar from my Nappy(grandfather), I barely did it for a month. But in the end result I learned to play Ode to Joy.

Awww, man, that sucks. But still now when you’re like 80 you can look back on this and say. “You know Ben? From Armour for Sleep? Well I talked to him y’know, just so you know!” /bounce

The bottle looks so cool. As soon as your site loaded, all I saw was the bottle that had a rainbow inside. Oooh,,, XD

That’s nice he bought that for you, really sweet. Although I’ve never heard of it before.

That is so cool, that you make resources and then you can USE those resources to make an icon/blend/ect… It’s like planting a red pepper then using their seeds to plant more red peppers! Awesome, :)

I have no clue about a PENDRIVE, but Avast should be picking that up. Normally it’s so good!

Man, I’m just in level 2a(kind of started late) in my books. So I can’t play anything awesome like that.

Eww, leave them in the sink? Then your sink would be crowded. I just leave them on the counter. And then put each dish in the water. Scrub, scrub. Rinse, and set it in the other side of the sink. Let them all dry and put away.

Rinsing them off and stuff like that.. that would take too long for me.. I’m too impatient to do that. If it’s really dirty I’ll rinse it, but not each dish. (Y)

thats a realy pretty jar for the perfume !
uh oh.. viruses… so glad to say that ive been free of viruses for a while. HATE THEM. i alwyas end up having for format my whole computer.
haha i think thats how i do the dishes too :) the way you do it. dont really like doing the dishes though :/ my mom usually does it. i wish we believed in using a dishwasher though !

Eeek i hope you get rid of any nasty viruses, etc soon – computer problems are the worst! As for washing dishes… the only time that i’ve had to do my dishes in that disgusting, pile-it-all-in-the-sink kind of way was on school camps when they were cheap with water lol

That’s a really pretty perfume bottle. I love the colors. What kind of scent is it? Fruity, Floral-y? 🙄

You totally should make more icons out of your own pictures. That one is really nice! And you definitely take a lot of pictures, lol. Nice idea for a site.

It would be neat if you could record yourself (like audio) playing piano or something. Show off what you remember hehe

Ooh, that sucks about the virus! Did you check Avast! log viewer? It might tell you if something got through.

I’ve never heard of the perfume (or even seen it). But it looks nice in the picture. The rainbow color. <3 It's so cool. How sweet of your boyfriend. /hehe

I like one of your icon on KissTheRain! It's the on with the heart-shaped leaf and a droplet. :) It's so pretty! I love it! (Y) You're so awesome Georgina!

Oh. :( I wonder where you get the virus from. Ugh. I hate it when my anti-virus program isn't detecting viruses when there obviously are viruses! I'm using Kaspersky. Is it good? or should I change to another one? :/

Firefox has been very laggy for me this few days. Especially when I'm on youtube! /hmph And it's the only web browser I have in this computer. xD

Yay! I hope you can take a video of you playing piano! (: I'm learning to play Christmas songs now. Haha. I have to finish the whole book of Christmas songs by this month. Hopefully I can do it. Ah, I suck.

Ah. I don't even have a dishwasher. :(
Oh and *high five* I was dishes like the way you do! :D HAHA. And i don't like the detergent that is very slippery. Sometimes I might drop the plate. but it doesn't break. HAHA x)

I think it’s a pretty old perfume. It’s been around since 2003, or at least since then (because that’s when I started to like it!). I was actually not expecting the present at all because we rarely talk about perfume and I’ve rarely mentioned it. XD

Aww thank you! I didn’t take that picture with the droplet though; I used someone else’s picture. /um

I’m guessing my brother got the virus on his USB or memory stick, and it stuffed up my computer and his. D:

I haven’t heard whether Kapersky is good or not, but I’ve heard that Avast and AVG are good. I had to download extra malware-checkers and things though, because some antiviruses do not find everything.

But I’ve sorted that out and I had to do a lot of formatting and scanning. :O

LOL I wish. I will borrow someone else’s piano though because mine is in such bad shape.

I can play The Twelve Days Of Christmas! Well, I haven’t played it in a while. :P

Our dishwasher doesn’t really work. We’re in the same boat. :)

Woo! *high five* Well I think, the more detergent the better. Especially if it’s all foamy. Gives a better clean. :D

HEY DUDE. I’m returning your comment from ages ago… November 30th. D: I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve done this!

Eh, well obviously I decided not to hold a holiday contest after all, but thanks for your offer to help me. :) I might take you up on that offer another time.

Ah crap, you reminded me of the fanlistings I need to make. xP I have six upcoming. At least I haven’t applied for any more recently. How many do you have upcming now?

I agree, EyeThief is better than Tranquilium, though Tranquilium is nice too. Hey, now you won’t be tempted to buy it because Vicky has it. :D

I do need to come up with a cool name for my fanlisting collective! I am in LOVE with, but that isn’t my collective. xD I need something I like as much as that. D:

Haha. Balls. :P

Potato! Balls reminded me.

Oh wow, your work has to be processed through different teachers just to receive a high distinction? That’s intense.

OH RIGHT, you did post a picture of those bangles! I remember seeing it. I can’t remember what they look like now, but I’m too lazy to go find the picture. :P It must be buried deep in your archives by now, considering how long it’s been since I’ve commented. -_-

Eh, you can get a good phone for cheap. I wouldn’t regret getting an iPod instead of an iPhone; I’ve heard that iPhones are ridiculously expensive once you take into account all the service charges! I’m not sure how it works in Australia, but it can’t be much different.

Nooo don’t be jealous of our snow. You don’t want our snow. It’s cold!

Oh, ouch! When your ex-boyfriend’s hand got skated over, was he able to recover completely? I remember at this rink I used to skate at when I was little, there was this girl whose hand got skated over and a bunch of nerves died or something.

Yes, you should be glad you don’t have a Facebook. :P

Hahaha, “large America”! That’s amusing. xD Is it really that much bigger than Australia?

Yeah same. xD Your comment still continues beyond what I can see on the screen in tiny WordPress text! That’s okay though, because it’s the first comment I have returned in weeks. :P

Haha, I’ve been to a holiday party now! It was the most boring thing ever, and such a huge waste of time. After dinner I just sat there watching the guys play video games and wishing I was doing ANYTHING else. I had my physics stuff in the car, but I didn’t feel like bringing it in to study. That would have been rude anyway.

Haha, as much as you shouldn’t buy more domains, getting one related to AFS and Ben sounds like a worthy cause. xD I know you’re planning on buying one… make sure to wait until 2010!

Wow, you’ve never seen Pocohantas? You should watch it; it’s an amazing movie. <3

ADAM LAMBERT. YUS. I don’t remember what we were talking about there, but you mentioned him. xD I think it was about how we’d like to meet our idols, or something like that.

Thank you!! I hope not; it would piss me off if someone copied off me.

Haha, thanks again. xD “Authentic”… hm, I guess I can see how that fits.

Nope, I haven’t forgotten all the people who I used to link as affiliates! They appear on screenshots of old layouts, and I think I remember all their URL’s. I still don’t think I’ll add any links though. :P

Random thought: I can’t wait to finish returning comments so I can start getting comments again.

Yeah I’ve thought about that saying before (“imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”) in regard to copying layout styles and stuff. I think if someone copied me, I might be flattered for a second or two at first, but after that I think I would just get really annoyed.

Oh, is this other person the male site owner I’m thinking of right now? The one who has been annoying us the most lately? This vagueness is difficult. xD

That’s dumb though. Your blogs aren’t even that long, and they’re definitely among the most interesting of all the blogs out there. Some are just painfully boring to read.


That is such a pretty perfume bottle. :) I wish I knew what it smelled like! Maybe I’ll find it at a store that carries Estee Lauder one day and smell it. :P

Aww, no picture of the lizard? :(

Oo you showed me that site. :D It looks great, even if you are using old CSS. ;)

Pretty icon! Doesn’t it make you so proud to make something out of entirely your own resources? :D I love trying to use my own resources.

I hope your computer (and your brother’s) get fixed soon! D: You should try that SuperAntiSpyware scanner I linked you to earlier in a DM.

Bah, I hate it when I have to use a browser I don’t like as well. :( I’m using Safari right now because Chrome keeps logging me out of WordPress, and FF just loves to act up on me.

Aww, yay! Are you enjoying going back to it instead of just your mom forcing you to practice?

I think you should record that song for us at some point and post it on YouTube or something. :D I would love to hear it!

Oh, do you guys actually use your dishwasher? …That’s normal. xD Jimmy has to wash the dishes almost every day because his family doesn’t use their dishwasher. His mom insists it uses more water than washing the dishes by hand, though Jimmy thinks that’s impossible with the way he washes them. Anyway, they use their dishwasher to store clean cups. xD

Wow, yeah, that sounds really gross. To wash our dishes we just run hot water and use a sponge with dish soap to get them clean. We wash them one at a time rather than stacking them.

Good luck at your last day of work today. :D You have what… one hour left? Well by the time you read this you will be done, so I hope your last day went well, and enjoy your holidays. xD


Ngaww, you and James are so cute :)

:O GEORGIE! I used to have that perfume! It smelled so so so good *drools* I only got a sampler bottle from a gala/company Christmas party that my Mom took me too, and I never got around to buying it again.

I wish I could make icons like you my dear, and I wish I was as dedicated to web design :3 You have so many domains, you should have a title. Georgina, Duchess of Domains.

Awwe, I hope you can find the problem, I always have a complete meltdown when my computer gets a virus.

My sister plays piano! I could not play or read music for shit…no lie. Honestly, I admire anyone who can read or play music *applause for Georgina*

Lol, I tried to teach my cousins how to do laundry…didn’t work out so well :P I’m glad that your brother could pick up on the dishes xD We have a dish washer, but with bigger pots I just scrub them down and then my sister dries them :)

zomg lulz a lot of people do it that way & it bugs me too. i hate when there is a bunch of crap from your plates in the water. it grosses me out so that’s why i have these rubber gloves but i just go through each plate one at a time, wash them & then scrub them down.

ugh i hate avast. it takes up so much of your cpu that it is impossible to do anything else while it scans. try the following:

superantispyware – it’s free & it’s super easy. there are updates everyday so you’ll always get those tracking cookies down fast.

malware’bytes’ anti-malware – it’s free & you can also run programs in the back without your computer really slowing down.

i’d suggest downloading them both from :) use them both! sometimes scanners miss things & the other scanner picks it up. in a perfect world, the scanners would pick up everything but since they’re free programs, it’s good to have both.

but anyway i’m glad you’re out having a life, georgie! you are right, i’ve had time to work on tiffanybee & what not. i’m glad you submitted an icon for the new icon contest! i gotta announce that. :) anyway get back to the email(s) as soon as you can so we can decide on a name! i’m really excited to get it up & started. :) it probably won’t happen until next year, huh?!

oh yeahhhh that’s cute what james got you. i told my boyfriend that i needed a hand held vacuum because my car is always dirty & i really need one so he got me one. tehehe.

congrats on the launch for the new site. kiss the rain is kinda meh like you said but whatevs, it’s a domain. can’t complain. goodness don’t all of these domains rack up some serious money each year?

The icon is very nice :)
And i prefer Mozilla, too. I haven’t got install any other browser. But sometimes the Mozilla not response me, too.

HAHAHA ARE YOU APPROACHING 20 or have you surpassed it?!!? jeebus! haha oh well at least you have fun.

you know i always get so excited when i open up a new domain (and i’ve only done it twice). i don’t know what it is but i just love it .. ahaha i think it’s because we’re gonna start a forum that will give us something more to do during the break. or just look forward to when we get online or something. i don’t know.

icons are pretty difficult to make’s all about creativity. haha. but i’m glad you’re getting a kick out of participating in the contests. it is good practice!

i’m glad i could help! i just recently discovered the programs i told you about hahaa. there’s a cute one called panda cloud or something but i don’t know if it’s good. i downloaded it for my laptop and hardly use it because i run the superantispyware one & malwarebytes’ whatever. ahaha. AVG is good too..if you pay for it. -_- but it’s really slow. malwarebytes’ anti-malware is pretty fast! i got a trojan deleted off my comp. i run the programs everyday to delete those darn tracking cookies!

Yes, it’s normal for people in China to take every possibility to either rip or scam people. You could say it’s part of their culture XD It is honestly hard to make a living there though…

You’re lucky you can remember all your cousins -_- Each time I go back to China I feel like I’ve never met some of them before, but according to my mum I have. And I worry that my cousins ask me whether I remember them or not because I just smile and nod until they ask me their name -_-
I managed to evade the question this time because my other little cousin who lives up in Queensland coincidently was at China the same time as my family XD

I must agree with your mother a lot of Asian countries (i.e. Japan) are ahead of fashion. Or…they start it XD Maybe it’s a thing to do with the population :P

haha no it’s not a bear, it’s actually a dog! *shock, horror!* D:

That’s very lovely of James to have bought you such lovely gifts for Christmas!
I must smell ‘Beyond Paradise’ next time I’m at Myer’s ^^
I’ve liked the Baby Doll perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for a a few years now.

Congrats on opening your icon site ^^ Your reminding me that I should open my own. In due time. That is, when I’m bothered LOL XD

Bleh, sorry that your computer’s screwed D:
My computer is just a pain in the ass because I have vista and not enough ram!

My, my aren’t you talented. Ballet and piano! I gave up on piano fairly quickly. I’m hoping to teach myself again in the future.

Ahh, I remember how last year I worked on Christmas Eve until Christmas morning. >_<
I hope you won't have to work over time! ;)

Ohh, that’s such a nice brother you have there. All my brother does ever since the beginning of the week, is piss me off to the MAX. He just doesn’t do anything. GRRR..

OMG. That perfume has different colours! That’s so cute! I’m not really fond of colognes or perfumes. I don’t know why. It’s hard finding a “smell” that goes well with my nose. HAHAHA.

Hmmm…Chocolates ♥ I can’t count how many chocaltes I have been eating since the beginning of Christmas break. And my mom’s not too glad about it. But hey! I don’t have cavities! LOL. That was random. I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating more chocolates as Christmas and New Years approach 😝

Yeah I was thinking of changing it, but than I thought hey it’s my own design, so yeah it’s going to stay up for a while.

Well; one more day till christmas so merry christmas! Can you believe that? I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by.

As far as Brittany Murphey’s death, yeah she was the third one to go there were two more actresses that died before her. So hpoefully it’s all over with now. I mean first it was Ed Mccmahon or however you spell it, than Farrah Fawcett, than Michael Jackson. I mean sheesh 2009 is a bad year if you ask me. Hopefully 2010, will be better.

If one of my idols died I’d don’t know what I’d do. Meatloaf is 62 and Harrison Ford is like 70 years old. But they still have it lol. I mean they look young for their age but ya know they still have it.

I think after I get my Nintendo Wii + Wii Fit I’m gonna start saving up for a trip. I’m not sure where too, I really want to go to Japan, China, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Australia. Help me choose! lol I love all countries.

One day out of my dad’s christmas vacation he’s gonna take my car up to his work and tune it up and what not. I can’t wait. We need a new head liner, and what not. I’m just hoping that his friend can find the code for my radio. I so miss not having my music in my car. We also need to find a part for the passenger side door. We don’t know if we need to replace the whole thing or just the part. I’m sorry I went off on my car I don’t know why lol. Just babbling I guess lol.

I agree with you on the Crystal thing. If she wanted it to be just family, she should’ve said so in the beginning instead of telling me I’m more then welcome to go with. And now she’s planning on a bowling party. Big WHOOPIE DOO. Bowling’s fun and all, but she got my hopes up high so I wasn’t too keen on the whole bowling thing. I didn’t act like I was either when she finally responded back to me. Sheesh people. But thankfully maybe sometime in mid-January my friend from Elementary school and I might go. So that means I’ll miss The Princess and The Frog’s Jubilee, and already missed Fantasmic, and what not. Hopefully the lights and snow will still be there. I doubt it though. I think this is the longest comment I’ve ever left.

Your icon site actually inspired me to do some icons. I did a lot better with these icons than the past ones. Take a lookie :).

Oh I failed to mention that we did have a house where I grew up in, but was forced to move because the jackass that we bought it from went to a different court, and said my father never paid him so we lost the house that we won in the first place. The guy is a crooked jackass, and to make matters our neighbors across the street bought that house right from underneath us so we couldn’t have it. They only did it because of the pool and spa. They totally f*cked up the house but hopefully we’ll get the house in beaumont.

Yeah I can understand you not seeing in moving after living in a house you’re so used to for 15 years. I get that. But it happens. I’ve moved 3 times.

Oh if I don’t hear from you before Christmas Day Merry Christmas to you and your family including James.

That’s just the way I wash the dishes too, rinse and then scrub. Soaking them in water are just gross = _ =’ I wouldn’t even dare to touch it. :P

My friend, she was a Korean foreign exchange student who can play the piano wonderfully, she played that song (Kiss the Rain) * v * and it sounded really soothing and relaxing ♥

Does the perfume really looks like the color shown or is that just the bottle? o,O

Oh the perfume looks so beautiful! Bright and cute and.. wow. Happy holidays! I have some time off work too. Going back on monday.

Yes, it is. I guess other people don’t even get that many.. I love to do projects but then again I don’t. I usually have too high expectations and then when I don’t meet them I get upset.

I was lazy too. Now everyone is getting a generic one! That isn’t personalized! haa.

Oh, really? I tried that one time and it didn’t work. I will try again though. (Mine won’t be copying yours though, I will make it different :D )

I love that domain name haha. It is good you use your own resources completely, that would be a great achievement for me!

I wash the dishes like you do and my mom always yells at me and tells me to do it the other way. If she has a problem with it then she needs to stop telling me to do it and do it herself /hmph

The bottle looks like it would smell good haha. I’m sure it does. That was nice of him to bring over presents. yay. By the way the icon is really nice..claps =]

Ew. I hate viruses. I hope you guys can fix it. My mom had a virus on her labtop and it totally messed it up and she needs a new hard drive. But we got her a new labtop for Christmas so its all good.

You learned how to wash dishes in school? Thats new hahah.. and I was taught to clean dishes like that too. but I thought it was equally disgusting so I do what you do too, haha.

Aww James is so sweet! I’m happy for you :) It’s indeed a Merry Christmas for you, huh? Haven’t tried smelling that scent of perfume before, I usually just use YSL’s Baby Doll or Davidoff’s Cool Water.

About washing dishes, I just let the water running as i’m washing them. I don’t like the idea of mixing it with all the other dirty plates :s That’s just a bit too grimy for me! Haha.

Merry Christmas! :)

Ha, thank you :) I love him already although I don’t get to hold him much. He’s still attached to his momma, well they all are.

That perfume is cool. Is is actually colored like that or is it the bottle or what? It looks like is smells good lol. I like the icon that goes with it (:

Ah, the piano. I would love to learn to play the piano and an acoustic guitar. I think both are very amazing instruments and you can be gorgeous songs on them

I was dishes the same way. I think it’s kind of pointless to let them all sit in dirty water with all kinds of food floating around. Yuck.

Yay for your last day of work this year.

I’d love to smell what Beyond Paradise smells like! Be sure to save some for yourself to wear if and when I am in Sydney :D The bottle looks pretty too, though you probably know by now that I love everything colourful, it just entices me :P

Congrats on opening! I’m sure a lot of people would find that really helpful, especially those who loves to put icons on their sites.

I hope you’ll get that Pendrive thing sort out soon, though if you cannot find the solution online, you might have to probably got to forums and let them know of your problem. I did that once before and I found out that the forum people were so helpful even though my questions were absurd haha.

I am a Firefox fan even though it sucks a lot of my memory when it is opened lol.

Over here, we don’t learn to wash dishes in school. Instead, we have to learn it at home. Some of my friends’ parents did not teach them when they were little so they grew up not knowing how to wash dishes :/ The way we do it here is rinse, scrub with soap and rinse again. We don’t soak them in water. I wish we have such thing as a dishwasher here /ho

Hurrah for the last day of work this year! *cheers* Have a happy holiday, Georgie! ♥

P.S May those who attacked you online learn some lessons this Christmas!

Thank you so much for the email.
And the comments in the cbox. It’s not your fault it doesn’t hold much words in one message XD

Oh and thanks for following me, I’ll be sure to follow you :)
I truly appreciate your help.

Thanks so much! :)

We still have the cable of our previous connection. I’ll keep it as a memory for all the fun times we’ve had together when the speed was good and all the times I’ve cursed it for being slow. XD

I don’t eat much but I need to cut down on chocolates and stuff as well. When I start eating something like a bar of chocolate, it’s hard for me to stop. :P

I ignore them, because if I argue they’re going to say that I’m disrespectful. I just smile and keep quiet.
Thanks. :)

I don’t put on perfume much because I start sneezing whenever I smell one. XD But yay that James bought you that one! :D

That icon’s awesome. And also the fact that you know how to play a piano. I really want to play one.

I also wash dishes the way you do it. It’s easier.

Olaaaa. (:

Well there was another one as well – Achieved, Working Towards and something else…Developing was it? :/

I get up so much earlier than last year because I live so far from school. I wake up at 6:45 AM on school days and sometimes even on 5:30AM because I have band. It’s crazy!

Yeah I guess, but he was extremely rude to us as well. So stuff those mean bus drivers. But most the passengers never say “thank you” when they get off the bus…I find it pretty rude I guess and bag school students out about being mannerless.

Black nails with yellow tips?!? That sounds awesome! What yellow did you use? Fluro? Daffodil?

Their stuff IS expensive, but I can’t resist buying stuff from Smiggle!! Too addictive!! My pencilcase is full of Smiggle, except for the glue. Smiggle glue is dodgy. :P

Yum yum yum chocolates :P What flavours did he get you?

Chicken salads are yum, especially Caesar.

Mm . Dark chocolate is DELICIOUS!! All my friends disagree with my *ahem* great taste in chocolate.

I LOVE PHO! & Miso soup is delicious! Viet cuisine is great as well :D Roast chicken is awesome as well. (:

I love the packaging of Beyond Paradise! It’s very colourful and cute. ♥

Kiss The Rain reminds me of the song by Yiruma. Listen to it! It’s a great piano song! & That icon is awesome!

Computer problems…ew. ): I hate them! Last time my laptop busted, it took ages to fix. Viruses are really bad. Go to Folder Options > Tools and uncheck hide hidden folders and files to check if you have anything in your Local C drive.

I need to practise piano now. Or soon. Or later. Must. Stop. Procrastinating!

I guess when I wash dishes, I soak the sponge in detergent and scrub the plates, etc clean then rinse. :D Sometimes I fill the sink up with water and detergent then I wash the plates there and rinse but I have to agree I hate the water getting all dirty and gross.

BTW – You have heaps of domains!! o:

Oh its michael, thanks for the reply. To reply to your comment about me keeping vickys coding in the footer from her premade. I haven’t used it, but i did use the comments template which is credited in the credits page, i will add to the footer if you like :D Michael. DONT think im a stealer /oh Michael

Yeah I get really annoyed when I lose blogs. I feel the same as you with comments. If I lose them and can’t return them I feel bad. I lost a load of comments before that I hadn’t got round to reading and then I felt bad for not even having read them.
Oh god yeah, I forgot it was summer over there. That’d be quite cool having Christmas in the summer. I guess it’s not a novelty for you though seeing as you have it every year. /oh

Okay, i just wanted you to know that i havnt stole any coding just used a comments template which is credited and she already knew :D But just to make sure, I dont want you to say i stole anything in my review. Or i hope you dont have a personal vendetta, and we are still friends. /um Michael

Urgh, I’ve noticed so many hosts are having problems at the minute. I know it’s not always their own faults but there’s a lot going on with them. The amount of times I’ve moved around is ridiculous.
I’ve always had at least one site with RigRag though, for as long as they’ve been around and recently I’ve not had any problems with them, touch wood. *touches wooden stool* I know a lot of people are having a go at them at the minute but I have to back them up again.

I’m going to come to Australia for a Christmas so I can experience a summer Christmas and you can come here for the following one. :D lol.