Beyond Paradise

James came over for a bit today. Just to drop off some Christmas presents. πŸ™‚

He got me the perfume I’ve liked for ages; Beyond Paradise.

My mum isn’t too keen on the scent. I’ve loved it for years, and if any of you care to recall, I had a website by that name way back in 2003.

I also got a cute fluoro green plushie lizard and a box of chocolates from James. β™₯️

I’ve opened my icon site, I’m wasn’t too keen on the domain name, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it but I wanted to try something new so that’s where I put most of my icons. I think I will be picking out the best ones and displaying them here, because I know a lot of the ones I have made and displayed on this site are ugly. πŸ˜› Here’s one I made today entirely from my own resources.

My brother and I are trying to deal with some computer problems at the moment. It’s possible we have viruses or system problems (most likely viruses, which Avast doesn’t seem to be picking up – yet anyway) that is causing all our external drives – USBs, memory cards, iPods, to be named “PENDRIVE”. WTF?

We’ve tried formatting but it happens again; the name of the devices come up as “PENDRIVE”. Anyway, I hope we can sort the problem out soon. 😐

Firefox isn’t responding to me either, so I’m using Opera at the moment. I like it, but I was really in a Firefox mood because I prefer Firefox when I return comments. I have left, again, a bunch behind, because I have not had the time today.

I practised piano today. Lately I’ve been going back to it, after a year of not playing. It actually feels really good to go back to it. I can play my favourite piano song Romance Without Words by Gabriel Faure. I had to look back on the music to refresh my memory but now I can seem to play from heart. 😍

Even though my brother and I are in a hole right now, trying to sort out these problems with our computers, he did help me with the dishes today. 😁 He was bored, and so I taught him how to wash them, since our dishwasher is pretty much broken.

I don’t know how you guys wash your dishes, but the way we learned at school was to fill up the sink with water, with the dishes in it, and then clean them. I think that’s just gross. All the food and grime on the dishes is just going to make the water dirty.

The way we do it is to run hot water down them to get rid of the grime, and then stack them up at the side of the sink. Then we scrub them down with a sponge and detergent, giving it a thorough clean, then we give them a good old rinse.

I find it odd that I’m talking about dishes.

Tomorrow shall be the last day of the year I am going to work. Yes, I do have to work right up until it’s nearly Christmas. Ah well, I’m looking forward to holidays.

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