Black Fingernails, Red Wine

I painted my nails black today. :)

People used to call me an “emo” for doing so. I used to colour them in with permanent marker. Gillian and I were talking about my “emo side”.

During high school I was probably classed as an “emo”. My black nail polish, messy hair and accessories gave people that impression and hence I was labelled with such a stereotype. /oh

I don’t think it’s nice to label people – at least not rude derogatory things. Pocci was saying how it’s alright to associate people with being in a certain group, but labelling a group as “sluts” is just rude. In high school, I copped a lot of shit calling a certain group “The Leftovers”.

I had only tried to reassure my friend by commenting on her blog, saying that our group was not The Leftovers, but I referred to another group. In turn, the people from that group didn’t like me very much and left anonymous replies on that blog telling me that I was rude. Still to this date, I wonder if they dislike me for that comment.

Well, in the end, it turned out that our group – our big group of around 20 people, that had grown in the last year of high school – pretty much looked like a bunch of leftover people that didn’t fit into any other “group” in high school.

Back to my emo-ness. I was later referred to as Jazzmo. Nicknamed by my male friends who discovered the odd fact that I love jazz music yet I look like an “emo”; hence, Jazzmo. (And that’s why my username is jazzmoodles. /huh

I don’t really like being called an “emo”. But as I said – how I dressed really gave off that impression.

I have experimented with different looks. I dress what feels comfy, but most of the time that is something on the “emo” side. Lately I’ve been trying to work something girlie-grunge, or even just ditch any piece of clothing or accessory that would give off that “OMG YOU EMO!” vibe.

I know that the way you look can leave room for people to judge. If you’re wearing something dirty and old and you stink, people might think you didn’t have a shower or you’re too poor. If you wear something revealing, people think you’re “slutty” (in this case, for girls).

I’ve always thought that I don’t care what people think about me. You know, Arctic Monkeys’ album, Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. People always seem to be conscious about their image and what people think of them. You might not give off a good impression to some people, but when you think about it, what does it matter?

I’ve had people stare at me in the street, even when I don’t see any reason for them to. What does it matter what they think? This all comes down to family and friends. They are there because they care for you and love you for who you are.

If someone doesn’t like me, I’ll have the willpower to fight back… /pow But only because in my heart, I believe in me. And if that person doesn’t know me, or if they don’t like me… take it or leave it.

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Yes, I saw in your dailybooth account :P Very nice black fingernails :) Hehe, and I totally remember those days with your emo arm of black accessories and your girly arm of blue accessories, all of which Ms Earp constantly told you to get rid of. Hahaha!

Urgh! We weren’t the leftovers! HMPH! And if those people STILL dislike you, that’s just stupid because they’re disliking you for your own opinion and since everyone is entitled to their own opinions that means they are basically being stupid. /ho Hmph! Oversensitive people!

You’re right. It’s wrong to label people with derogatory terms. It’s just wrong. I mean you can say something like “That person seems to be one of those indie-music lovers” but saying something like “God, that is the slut group”. That’s just mean!

I like your random dressing style :) It’s creative and cool. And it’s unique :) I don’t even have style! LOL. I’m just like: I *think* this matches. Whatever. I’ll worry about style later. I guess.

You’re lucky. :P Most styles suit you. Haha..

Yeah I think the only time you have to worry about the impression you’re making is when you go for a job interview or are meeting important people. Because then appearances matter. I mean if your qualifications are exactly the same as the next persons, I guess appearance may get you the job. Sort of.

Other than that, besides the people who are important to you, who cares what other people think. Let them stare. They’re the ones being rude. HMPH! /argh

It’s wrong to judge people anyways. Besides I like to think that most people are open minded nowadays, so unless you stink like a bog, people generally will make an effort to be nice to you and not judge, even if you’re wearing the ugliest shirt possible. Only superficial bitches don’t. :P

Hooray! Thank you! :)

Oh ew. She seemed to be less angry at me towards the end of year 12. Maybe because I was leaving. But she sure didn’t like me because of that.

I sort of think we were, even though we called ourselves the Bent Bench Bunch. Nah, I find it ironic though, because some of those “Leftovers” (the ones I called that) actually joined our group later on. /hmph If you don’t get my drift, I’ll tell you on MSN anyway. :)

LOL well, at least we dress appropriately… right? XD I’m sure your style will grow over time anyway. :D

Haha that’s true. They always look at your appearance to see if you’re suited to the job and whatnot. My mum always told me that you only have one chance, pretty much. :O Now that’s a bit of a worry. But you do have to convince the employer somehow, that you are right for the job. :D

Totally true – it is rude to stare. But some people just… 🤬

I personally think that people around here (in Australia) are pretty open minded. Such as the general public. When you get to know some people they might be really narrow minded, but generally… :P

Yeah, I think ‘sluts’ is quite rude. But sometimes, you just gotta make exceptions. Sometimes.
Note; I didn’t mean that for your situation. *floog*.

Huhu, leftovers. Sounds pretty horrible, though :P
Who cares. You either fitted in with people who probably played too much sports, or people who probably never got out too much. I liked us.

Stastistically, they like your boobs. They don’t care what you’re wearing. You could wear a jumper and fluffy pants, and they’d still look at them. /bash

Heh, I’d be the first to admit I don’t leave very good first impressions. Not that it bothers me. I take care of myself; I don’t tell people how to run their own lives, why should I care if I decide to not shower for a week? (Nah. That’d be horribly negligent of me)



Hahaha, well I would not call people that to their face obviously, but sometimes you just get that impression from someone in the street or just seeing someone.

I liekd us too. /eee I don’t think I would have fit in anywhere else. ♥

Ew, that’s so wrong. What if I didn’t have any? :O

Ngaweee. Appearance is not everything; I think you give a friendly first impression to most people (you know, not jerks). :)

I believe in you! /bounce

I really like painting nails black, probably because black is one of my favorite colors, my friends and classmates call me a “tom boy” just because I don’t girly colors like pink /hmph . Which is very annoying.

I’m sure you know that I have low confidence (duh XD) so such names have a big impact on me, especially because I care too much what people think. I always ask my friends about that, I know they get annoyed, but ah well 😏 . I’m really trying to not to care what people think, but it doesn’t work. I can be really happy and thrilled and get all down and sad when a girl tells me I’m ugly and such. Even though i have low confidence i still speak up and stuff, that’s strange :P .

Your case reminds me of a girl in my class, she told me that epople always tell her that she’s emo, quite frankly, I thought so too. Probably because her hair and jewelry is all emo/scene type.

They really did that? I really hate people who misunderstood then stick with their attitude even if they realize they’re wrong.

The title of the album is really cool! I should listen to it, it would probably help me.

I’ve had people stare at me a lot, especially teacher O.o. Like I’m taking the exam then they stare and when I see them starring at me they stop staring, weird. I hate people like that.

I agree on the whole why should we care what other people think of us. That’s one area where my mother and I constantly butt heads with. She always tells me to be more “lady-like” and etcetera, telling me that people will perceive me wrongly. I retort with, “I don’t care what they think of me. If they judge me by my appearance instead of my personality, then they are not worth my time”.

. . . Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite grasp that. X_X;;

Ugh, that’s annoying. My mum always wants me to dress nicely when we go out to see family friends, because she doesn’t want them to say anything rude about me. In that sense my mum does care about me because she doesn’t want anyone to judge me by my normal style.

Still, it annoys me that I have to sometimes dress up for certain stupid judgmental people. O_O /um

What’s wrong with painting your nails black? That doesn’t mean you’re entirely emo, right? I hate being called an emo. That just isn’t who I am!

Oh how rude. Yes, it is very wrong to label people. Unless you’re giving them a nice label. Leftovers? People are NOT food. :P

Well, you have the right to speak out your feelings. Of course you guys are not leftovers! No one is. Just because you’re not as cool doesn’t mean you’re NOT cool! You’re super cool. Oh wait, I’m cooler. LOL /cool

Is that cool? Ah, I don’t know. But I think Jazzmoodles is a fun name. And unique.

I’m a girly-girl. But I like dressing up as an emo sometimes. It’s just makes me feel cool. :P

“Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” that is SO true! So we should be happy if people call us “sluts” because that’s not who we are! Well I guess it depends on the person on how he/she would react to being called a slut..

I used to be intimated by a girl who’s smart, popular, beautiful, pretty much anything I wanted to be! But now, when I see her, I just think Whatever. We’re all different in our own ways, anyways.

Oh Gah. I hate it when people would stare at me when I’m walking. It makes me so conscious sometimes. Especially if it’s guys staring at me. Creepy. But then again, whatever.

That’s so nice. We all have to believe in ourselves. It’s the only way we can stand even though people try to make us fall down by labeling us.

Merry Christmas!

P.S, The smilies still won’t show up when I click them.

Black seems to be the “in” colour nowadays. As long as you like it, I don’t see why not. I’ve people staring at me when I “dress up” for shopping trips. In Singapore, people usually blend in with the crowd and people who don’t are being stared at. If someone stared at me for more than 5 minutes like their eyes are going to fall out, I’ll actually be quite pissed off. I think it’s rude to stare no matter what the reasons are.

Anyway, what do you mean by dress on the emo side? Like clothings with dark colours or …?

Thanks about the layout! Haha, I should try that. I have coding down, I think I’ll just replace the images or something :3

I don’t have black nail polish D: I, in fact, don’t even paint my nails that often. I only do it when I have the urge not to bite my fingernails, and then I’ll put some on. I have a tendency of not biting my nails when there’s nail polish on it. :P

That reminds me of this kid in my class; he’s always labeling people out of nowhere. A girl squeals “OMG!” and he’s like “..prep.” Someone gets an A or 100% on a quiz and he goes “..nerd.” LOL, no one ever listens to him, but it gets really annoying.

People shouldn’t label each other. It can be really detrimental to someone’s feelings now and then. I think that everyone should just get along, accept differences, and all be classified as humans as a whole, not jock or emo or geek or whatever. (Y)

Well yeah, when given the option between a pass and a fail you’d choose pass, but of course you’d rather the top grades.

Haha, I find myself when in annoying situations thinking ‘Oh that’ll be good to blog about!’ so I guess that’s one good thing.. I also hate public transport. I always get people sitting next to me who smell bad. Not fun.

Aha, my friend lives down the road from me and she had no snow whatsoever which was a bit odd! Oh gosh yeah, it’s summer there! My friends just moved out there and found it a bit weird for it to be so hot duirng Christmas XD

I love making snowmen.. saying that I have only ever made 2. :(

I also hate labelling and when people make fun of people for being in a certain group. In my school all the people who used to bully people with long hair are growing it and those who used to bully people for their choice of clothes are wearing it now >:(

Why thank you for the rather lengthy comment you left on my blog :D And yeaaaah, Calum does know I like him, and he doesn’t like me back, unfortunately, because I asked him out and he said no. XD But oh well, I’m not really bothered. :) It doesn’t stop him from flirting back haha XD

*now I shall comment on this blog*
I think it’s so stupid to call someone ’emo’ just because you wear black nail polish! o____o! I wear black nail polish sometimes and have never been called anything because of it :O

I really hate it when people label people, it’s just silly to be quite honest. :P I remember about 2 years ago, when I first started high school, I was labelled ‘hippy’ by two boys in my class — just because I wore a rainbow hairband. o_o; Yes, I know, it’s stupid! XD But it’s fine now, I’m actually quite good friends with one of the boys and the other one moved school and I still hate him ahaa. XD And I’ve never been called anything like that again, thank god.

But yeah, judging people = stupid.
I just think everyone is themselves and that is that :D

Heyy Georginaaa! I like your header, it’s cute.

For some reason, I think that is a cool nickname, Jazzmo.

I never painted my nails black because I don’t like how it leaves dark marks on the side of my nails. @_@ I have lack nail polish, but it’s the skinny one that i use for designs. I like to paint my nails when I’m bored :)

I’ve labeled people before… but I stopped because I realized myself that I didn’t like to be labeled and just wanted to be known for being me. I don’t recall being labeled as a group before… maybe like weird and crazy, but I believe that is a part of me.

i think calling people emo because they have black nail polish is soooo overrated now !
hmm, everyone has their fashion sense. i love asian fashion, and im asian, so everyone calls me the ultimate asian. just because i own a lot of things from hongkong. doesnt bother me a lot, but idunno :P its just the way people look at you.
judging people is a natural thing to people. i judge people but, in the end, it really is about how you think about yourself :)

I get judged & labeled because of my tattoos & my hair which is currently black & neon pink all the time. I don’t dress any particular way or listen to one type of music but, people make assumptions based on appearances way too often.

If they stopped to ask they would know that I’m a 29 (eek!) year old mom who is employed full time but, they just see me as odd or irresponsible. *shrugs* As long as you know who you truly are and feel good about yourself nobody’s opinions should affect you :)

You know, I think in real life you and I would get along just fine. Except, in high school when I was still going it was considered “Gothic”. Although, I didn’t like Marilyn Mason then (I do now) I was into Alice Cooper, wore black nailpolish and lipstick. It just…fit my mood.

But you’re right. Even now, I’m more like you–I’m trying to dress more girly, adult but still with…an edge, I guess you’d say? If I didn’t live at home I’d probably dye my hair black, have snakebites and tattoos lol.

People shouldn’t be fit into these lables, and you’re right they suck. It’s very hard not to do that, though. Sometimes I even find myself judging someone else.

Btw, Livejournal sucks. I can’t keep a blog there at ALL. So I think I’ll stay where I am, I love my subdomain and you guys too much! ♥

I live in the Caribbean so none of the bands I like come here, there were a few tribute bands and its only now that rock music is becoming more popular, still I doubt any bands will come since we don’t have an area to facilitate a large group of people for a concert. I’ve never even been to one of our local concerts -_-

Black nail polish is nice, I’m into a lot of the bright colours like green and orange to dark purple and blue.

This blog remind me a lot of my friend, she loves colouring her nails black, the messy hair, she looks a lot different so people tend to judge her and label her with words like emo, goth, punk, and most of the times they don’t even know the meaning behind the names. Actually anyone who listens to rock/alternative/metal music is seen as weird /angry where I live

Crap, I’ve had this comment typed out for about 3 hours but I keep getting distracted -_-

I like the nickname Jazzmo, it sounds cute!
You’re right it doesn’t really matter what strangers think, only your loved ones, they accept you for who you are! Still, comments from strangers can affects us, at least sometimes I feel that way. I’ll be good one day and not give a crap about anyone and then some days I’ll feet not so great and self conscious and other people’s thoughts tend to linger in my head.

I hate it when people label other people. It’s down right rude and discriminating! Especially people with diseases such as schizophrenia. One of my friends from a long time ago said she doesn’t want to hang out with me any more because of my supposed mood swings. How ignorant is that? I just think people who label others are ignorant.

Hmm, I tried out the daily booth, but I’m lost for words on it. How do you make an album and place other pictures underneath that album? Maybe there’s a tutorial that you can do for it on your domain?

I know you like hard core music but I never labeled you as a hard core person. Or an emo person. I don’t judge people by what they wear or what they look like at all.

I really like your attitude. Like, that last paragraph of your blog. I wish I had the strength to not care what people think, but no matter what I always feel so self conscious. There are days I’ve changed my outfit for school at the very last second because I didn’t feel like anyone would like it, or I felt weird in it. I wish I could be more confident, and I try. I think it just takes acceptance of yourself first before you can want other people to accept you.

So, is it summer right now in Australia? Or hot out, at least? Because it’s winter in the US, even though for me where I live it doesn’t feel like it. XD

Wow that teacher is kinda stupid. They should’ve focused teaching your class, rather than playing favourites with the year 11s. pfft.

I hope I don’t fail it. It would be pretty humiliating xD

Yeah! Some music videos have heaps of dancing and I really want to dance as well as them. Urges like these are pretty hard to contain xD

Oh I remember cloze passages. We had one in our science test, but it was sentences and we didn’t have a box to pick from, which I thought was fair because it was our yearlies and we were meant to remember these things xD. & wow, that’s a pretty stupid thing. It’s almost as if the government is controlling us or something.

I’m sorry! xD I’ll wiki it when I’ve finished returning comments :P

Maybe it was the Linux then? :s I’m using Chrome Windows 7 and everything looks fine.

xD My parents always flipped when I didn’t get at least a HD.. but I still don’t like these competitions. I managed to wriggle out of one last year :D

I had the Working Towards stuff in primary before the swapped it! Gosh, it was really weird and I didn’t like it much. But I don’t like reports much full stop.

I’m not sure which one is worse – train or bus. I would probably say train because I catch it longer but gee, bus is almost as bad. Have you ever come across mean bus drivers?! They are the worst!!

Haha ok :)

My friend painted a couple of her nails black and no one called her emo. A lot of celebrities do that too and they don’t get called emo. I don’t find it fair people call you emo because of the colour or your nails.

Jazzmo is a cute nickname :P

Well I don’t think people should call you an emo because you wear a black singlet or something. I normally dress for whatever is comfortable but a little…quirky I guess. I like brights but I don’t mind black. I find it a very flattering colour :P

I don’t care what people think most of the time, but I am slightly self conscious when I’m way way outside my comfort zone. I really like your attitude towards these types of things. It’s pretty hard to shake people off and not care about what others think.

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Thanks. And no thanks. That was really rude of you to leave such a comment on my blog, that wasn’t even related to the blog, asking me to vote for you. Do I know who you are? No.

Growing up I was really shy, I didn’t talk much and kept to myself. People thought I was stuck up because of this, or had a cold exterior. They didn’t even bother trying to get to know me, they just assumed.

I also had the ’emo’ stereotype in high school. I dressed in mostly black clothing and wore skull accessories. My hair was always dark colors, and I even died it purple in my senior year.

I honestly don’t care what people think of me, cause I know what I am and who I am. People are going to judge you no matter what. I know it’s kind of silly, but everyone judges, whether we say we do or not. And I’m not sure if it’s even judging, or more of a first impression thing. Cause I think with judging you have to carry that thought with you whether you know the person or not. Agree?

Ohhh haha cooll! :D

Yeah, I don’t believe in it either, but I guess I just get paranoid XD. But hey, that’s what they kind of want us to feel. They also said that like we weren’t going to make it to the 21st century, but we did. I’ll try to stay positive XD

Haha yeah! Strangely, after I read this, but did not comment back since I had stopped returning them for a while, I actually got the Threadless shirt in the mail! At first, we weren’t sure if we were going to get the shirt, since for some reason, we didnt get that email after you order. But then it came up on the charge card and in came in the mail. Yay ! I wrapped it for my sister already :D

Haha my friend use to paint her nails black. Everyone thought she became emo XDD

Ah, I try not to group everyone into those types of groups, but sometimes, it’s just the truth. Seriously, if you see what they all wear to school, you would be crazy if you didn’t call them anything but sluts XD

Haha btw, I love how you ended your blog. That take it or leave it statement, was..hmm, how do you describe it, well just really really good :D

Eh, black nailpolish is NOT emo.

I was a “leftover”. I didn’t fit into any group because I was a little of a lot of the groups. I think that makes you original, but people are people and say rude things.

I’m the same way as you and I think a lot of people would have an easier life if they thought like that. I don’t care what people think about me. Wether I want to go out in sweats and a hoodie or shorts and a tank top (I tend to wear SHORT shorts) I don’t care. My mom and grandma yelled at me for ‘what people might think’ because it was FREEZING outside and I wore shorts and a hoodie. I didn’t care, lol. If they wanna stare, they can.

Ha, your right. I hate stereo types. My ex used to think I was emo but I was just really sad at times. It doesn’t mean I am emo. My friend and I had this chat about emo-ness and she felt emo inside [emotionally, not cutting.]. And I we both were like Why do people always assume (labeled: emo kids) cut themselves. Stereo Types kill the world you know? /bash So many dumbells need to face the truth and stop running their mouth. I loved your post . :) I also normally visit this site so yeah !

This was a great blog, Georgie. You really went from trying to cast off this different look to throw people off about your “label” but then you mention that it really doesn’t matter. But honestly, dressss the way you want. I love black nail polish. I used to paint my nails black all the time but now I have this obsession with red. I think it’s really pretty for some reason. I think that’s just the “indie” look I want talking though. ahaha. In High School I was given a label since there was another girl in my grade with the same first & last name as me. So a lot of people referred to me as either “the taller one” or “the punk one” & it offended me because I didn’t dress that way………………………….omg that pissed me off. I did not want to look like I was punk. I think they also referred to me as emo & that bothered me to. But whatever, wear what you like. Dress the way you like.

I definitely don’t dress the way I used to in high school though & now that I think back on it, I never liked the way I dressed. I do now though! I think. Uh. Yeah ahaha.

The leftovers, eh? I was always a floater. I could blend in with most groups but I never planted my feet with any particular group. So I guess I was also kind of a nomad but that is an interesting label for a group I guess. Girls are kind of stupid & they always think that you’re talking about them. They’re really conceited & even to this day, they probably do still dislike you for that comment. They never let things go. High school never ends for some people. I’ll tell you a story about that later. hahaha.

haha, that’s good! XD

Oh? O_O Really? Don’t you feel sad or something?

I saw the smilies and it looks superb! I ♥ the guitar picks! /love

– – – –

That’s cool :D I tried painting my nails black, and it didn’t look good. :(

In my high school, there’s no stereotypes and all that shizz. Thank God. I don’t think I can survive if there’s such a thing.

People tend to judge too quickly especially students in High School. It’s always the appearance that matters to them. /ho

Don’t worry my brother always used to call me emo -_- I don’t get why people just can’t keep their mouth shut in front of people sometimes. I wonder whatever happened to ‘common courtesy’

This girl I know used to call this group ‘The Rejects’ It’s funny, because no one else except for her own group would probably accept her, making herself a reject as well.

I used to sit with a ‘left overs’ group, and then moved. Moving to a different group made me realise that groups like ‘the rejects’ or ‘left overs’ are usually very kind because they are very accepting of people and can get along with almost anyone.

You’re right Georgina, society cares too much about what people think (including myself at times). At the end of the day we need to realise that what matters the most is who we love.

heh, another inspiration blog from Georgina ✌️

Who cares what other people think? Like you said, family and friends are the only people that matter. I’m glad that’s what you think! If you want to paint your nails black then go for it! Do whatever makes you happy! I tend to not even notice things like what color people’s nails are anyway. I think it’s such a silly thing to judge people by.

Black nails! There was a massive drama last week when I painted mine black (I normally paint my nails pale colours, if I actually bother painting them at all, and it was a little “anniversary” of a rather sad day so I felt like showing my “emo” side. /roll ).

Sometimes I like to find some clothes in my wardrobe that are “grunge” or “girlie”, and wear black nail polish. Because that combats the “emo” vibe.

You know how I feel about stupid people labelling people emos… or emus… /hmph

It annoys me how people assume these things by the way you dress. Ever since I got a side-fringe cut people are all certain I’m an emo… it’s like WTF.

At the beginning of Year 7, apparently everyone thought I was a hippie. I honestly LAUGHED SO FUCKING HARD when they told me. I said that really, you can call me hippie but you’ve gotta be blind. Back in year 7 I was quite “punk”. But that still relates, kind of, to emoness. /argh

I coloured my nails once in chemistry! Black too. (Y) took a while to come off though. :/ I had to use nail polish remover and it turned the pen that wouldn’t budge blue. XD

My “emo” factor is the nails and the clothes, too. My skulls… hmm.
And my “emu” shirt. Fucking bitch of a maths teacher. /poo

Anonymous commenters, damn it. It would be way more polite to write their name, at least.
Sometimes people never let things go.

Hehe Jazzmo. (Y)
I’ve never really had any cool nicknames, or any decent ones. All I get is shit thrown my way by “the populars”, for lack of something else to call them.

My look has changed a bit too. (Y) Although I live in my converse, which doesn’t give off as much as a girlie vibe as pumps or flats do, I’ve tried something a bit like you. Not grunge, really, but kind of punk without all the black… and with a bit of a twist. /bounce

I used to think I didn’t care about what people called me last year, but really I knew it upset me. So this year (Year 8) I came back a bit refreshed and now I honestly don’t give a fuck, because I’m here to be who I am, and not who I want to be. :)

Yeah. Still not back. /oh

And it’s okay about late replies; you know mine are a bit late too. /ehe

I do know you love AFS. /bounce

I’m fine after falling down those stairs but I almost got a black eye. LOL. Glasses come in useful, especially if they’re rad. ;) (H)

At least that ordeal is over for me, and your award cermony for you. But next time, they really should prepare you a bit more.

Really, I am not good at acting. I suck on stage. I can’t act in front of people I don’t know very well… i.e, the WHOLE SCHOOL… and thus. I was a shit Scrooge, haha.

Scrooge was quite hard, actually. Loads of lines and you had to shout them all the time. xD Good for stress relief, haha.
Oooh I love wicked witches, hehe. :D

LOL. That’s a pretty awesome play you guys made!

Duhhhhhhh. Anyways, it wasn’t so bad really… I mean she could have just said “no you’re doing this part” instead of all of the blackmailing shit. Sheesh.

She is very enthusiastic! That’s they polite way of putting it… /ehh

Yeah. Sometimes I go without talking to my mum for a whole day just so we don’t argue and then she’ll pick at me for that. /bash

I dance in my bedroom XD

Kudos indeed for uniquness! 8D

I did some typography the other day, on paper. It sucked, LOL. I did some AFS lyrics and it reminded me of you and your shirt. (Y)

Glad you’re better! /bounce

Take care! xx

Jorja! Now I cannot stress this enough; take your time with this comment. As I sometimes do with mine. ;)

I know you have your site to work on too. :P

Ugh, I’m a tad annoyed because I changed the emoticon shortcut for that eye-rolling-question-mark emoticon. Oops. And you used the original shortcut. I fail. /um

Emus. Oh man. I remember that. /hmph

That’s pretty ridiculous. I had a straight fringe (did you know that in America they call all fringes “bangs”? I thought “bangs” were a certain kind of fringe) for some time, then a really long one when I had long hair. So I had none at all really. I like my side fringe but that alone does not class you as an “emo”.

I suppose so, but then again, “emo” is starting to be seen as a way of classing people as if to make fun of them. :|

An emu is a goddamn fucking bird. /poo

Yeah, some people don’t give up! Anonymous… great way to show us you’re right, huh?

I used to wear band shirts with gypsy skirts, but it was weird because it looked funny with my Chucks. O_O Denim skirts are more my thing, I think. :)

Exactly – like Kurt Cobain said. I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

Haha well as I said, take your time returning this! I really appreciate that you are still dropping by to see how I am. ♥

I guess so, but had your glasses broken with that fall, you might have badly injured your eye. D:

Amusing though, you were the best “shit Scrooge” there was! ;)

We were supposed to base the play on a traditional story – we chose Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Our play was called “Goldilocks, Witch and the Spell of Two Bears”.

Don’t ask me why, but in the end I (the Witch) turned the scene into a Star Wars ship and there were lightsaber fights. XD

Ugh. I talk to my mum every day though. I know I’m reserved and always pretty much in my room, but I can’t go without talking to my mum! :(

Ahhh I love my shirt. I want to buy more AFS ones. /bounce

You too! <3

Georgina! I’m truly amused at the way you blog; it always seems as if you have a lot to say, and it’s true. You do. :D
Ah, emos. Teenage taxonomy the way it’s done. I’ve always hated these so-called “cliques,” I’ve never been a group-ish person and if I did belong to a certain set of people it would be with the boys, the literary freaks, and sometimes with the leftovers :O Back in freshman year I was certainly one of the wandering folks; I had no idea where I belonged so I often contained myself in the library or some other place where I could be alone until a friend would come along and pick me up from that point. This would prove as somewhat ironic later on, seeing as come second year I would have tons of friends, having gotten to know more people who shared my interests. I forgot completely about once having lived life all by myself. In my mind, that stage was nearly nonexistent. Some people may have dubbed me a loser at one point (or did they? silently, perhaps, in their ways of having left me alone) but I did manage to redeem myself in weeks, one thing which I considered a great achievement. Whenever I was down better friends would often come along, and eventually I realized this was way better than having to stick with people who’d often judge me for what I was not.
Speaking of emos, you loved to dress in rockstar fashion, I can see :D I loved to do the same too! Back in sophomore year (by then, I could say I was already quite “popular,” or well-known at the least) I used to dress emo and gothic as well, probably as a means of seeking acceptance, though not in wanting to be just like them, but in striving to be different. Eventually I realized I was no “emo,” though I liked rock music after all. I made the compromise by dressing just how I wanted regardless of what fads existed, no matter how people might judge me because of it (after all, aren’t people judgmental by nature, as a sad fact of life) for I knew that as long as I was myself, I would get by.
I love your strength of character and how strong you tend to be at asserting yourself. I’ve always wished I had that quality, and somehow I feel glad that I’m finally gaining it. :D
Your layout is superb, by the way. Color choices are simply fantastic, and might I say the text effects look quite “romantic.” :D

Yes. Labeling people is very common at my school. It’s so unfair /argh I truly hate stereotypes. I often get called a nerd just because I’m quiet. It’s ridiculous! /wah

I guess we’ll all have to ignore the stupid stereotypes.

On another note, love your site :)
And sorry I couldn’t give you my email :|

Hey Georgina!!
Sorry I’ve been a little (a lot actually) inactive with the site, I’ve just been busy. Hope you’ve been okay these past few weeks, I’ve still been reading your entries.

All the curtains in my house are light colours as well. In fact I don’t think I know anyone who has black curtains…. fail!!

I haven’t changed my Firefox persona in ages. I think it’s because I like the one I’ve got so much!!

Wow, nice entry. I think people are labelled too much in all honesty. I get called an emo or mosher sometimes by younger kids in the school, even though I don’t dress like that. It really confused me, ’cause I was just wearing and ordinary pair of jeans, boots, an Elmo T-Shirt (I think) and a purple cardigan. I don’t get younger kids sometimes.

I also remember my friend saying that this girl said we were the emo group. This girl had black hair, wore skinny jeans, had quite a few piercings and wore tonnes of black make-up. Pretty stereotypical emo look if you ask me. Haha.

I don’t like labels. People are just people, there’s no need for any other labels.

My site is on hiatus/revamp at the moment, I’ll be back on January 1st. Have a great Christmas!!


Hello Amy! I hope you don’t mind that I am returning this comment on my blog. It means a lot to me that you’re keeping up with my entries!

I think a lot of stages and performing venues have black curtains though. XD

I haven’t changed my Firefox persona in a while. :P

Thank you! In university now though, no one really calls people “emo” or labels them. It was really like that in high school though. Younger ones don’t seem to understand the meaning haha.

I see what you mean haha. I would call that the stereotypical emo look too.

I can’t wait till you’re back though!

You’re lucky you got snow. :) I don’t really watch the weather; I’m one to look it up on the internet.

That’s a shame about your last day’s Christmas dinner. It sounds like you had fun anyway!

That text you’re studying sounds fun. I remember the “bland” texts we had in English in high school. They actually grew on me and I really started to like them, but other people hated them.

Hope to hear from you soon; I’ll still be blogging of course! Take care. ♥

And if I don’t hear from you, have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year, by which time I hope you’re back! :)

Wow. Black! I tried painting my nails black but it ended up too messy so I removed it. That’s why I only paint my nails with light colors because I don’t know how to use those with dark colors. D:

“Emo”. When I get emotional and post quotes like sad, heart-broken quotes, my classmates would tease and call me ’emo’. O_o I don’t think it’s nice to label people. And I don’t see the point of it. Labelling just makes people uncomfortable and if you were labelled with a good one, you’d feel haughty and whatnot.

When I was in Highschool, people would eat lunch in groups and I hated it how they would label groups with this and that.

I thought that your username jazzmoodles was quite cute. XD I don’t like it when people give you nicknames, plus they sound horrible and without your consent.

People seem to judge you from the way you dress, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Even if you’d change the way you dress, you can’t get everyone’s approval and no matter what you do, people would always find a way to talk something about you. You might as well give them something to talk about. -.-

I don’t care what peole will say about how I dress. They don’t matter to me. I won’t try to explain to them because I know that people who actually cares and accept who I am don’t mind what other people say about me.

This is our life and it shouldn’t be lived with tags like “emo”, ”

Yeah, she’s a flirt and it’s like she’s so desperate to have a boyfriend that if she could grab anyone she meets on the street, she would. And no, she doesn’t look like a fucking stick. She looks like a ball with nothing but fats here and there. Sorry if I sound rude, but I can’t help it. I’m really mad. I guess you saw her. She’s on the picture when I posted at Pop:

She’s the one wearing white.

I get along with Harold sometimes, other times we don’t even talk to each other. I can say he’s a good person, only that he can be arrogant and he’s hard to read and that bothers Pansy a lot. I hate how she keeps on talking about him. Even if they’d be perfect for each other, Harold wouldn’t want her. He doesn’t like girls who flaunt their bare skin, don’t have integrity, loud and attention-seeker. And yeah, she likes the idiot. And her disliking me being on good terms with him makes sense. I feel sorry for her though. Most guys in our batch don’t like her and talk behind her back.

Aww, I should be the one who has to apologize. I returned your comment soo late.

Haha. Yes, I failed Physics. I’m glad I’m done with everything that has Physics, since I don’t really enjoy that subject.

Haha. Young love. It isn’t normal here to see people kissing publicly and if there is such a scene, it would be the talk of the town. But it has become common lately. LOL.

We wear uniforms here even though I’m already a College student. Do you have that too?

I got pissed off once when it was my stop and the driver continued what he was doing and asked “Is there someone who wants to get off?” *facepalm*

*This is our life and it shouldn’t be lived with tags like “emo”, ”preppy”, “loser”,”punk”, whatever. -.- They are pointless.

*Sorry the other comment got cut off. O_o Weird.

You don’t remember it? :O The one with that was all sideways and grey with a bit of yellow and orange? Lmao.. k I’m probs not helping so I’ll just stop. :)

LMAO ew. If I were ever to try to do math in a smelly place like a washroom, I’d most likely end up flushing my homework down the toilet. Cause it gets frustrating trying to understand the shit.

Nah don’t apologize. It was interesting to hear about the eyes tough-ness. EWEWEWEWE. K done.

I think we all want to be kids again deep inside. Funny coming from me, cause I’m pretty much a kid right now.. well I’m 16 but still, are you considered a kid until 12? Or older? Whateves. But yah, I have the maturity of a two year old, so I guess it doesn’t really make a difference in the end.

You’re lucky that you haven’t had too many “worst days of your life”. And omg, are you serious? NEVER had a period stain on your pants? Once again.. that’s quite a superwoman thing to accomplish in life. xD Bahaha.

Yeah they’re ruining their reputation. Only to the adults though. Cause for some reason a lot of people our age think it’s cool when someone has a “smoker, alcoholic” rep.

The point is, Georgina Luhur, that you DID stand returning comment for 7 hours (or however long it was). For Christ sakes. xD Oh I see. Whenever I leave two blogs full of comments that haven’t been returned I end up going on Maintenance mode or something of the sort, and taking a week. :D So kudos to you for getting it done in 7 hours SUPERWOMAN. (:

Yeah I guess I should just be thankful that I didn’t die in that school fire. xD Even though it was nothing serious to begin with.

Whoa coolio. I love twitpic. Hmm, maybe I should get a Dailybooth, but I’m always afraid that I won’t use it at all.. cause it annoys me when I have pointless accounts in places LOL. I think I’m going to delete my Tumblr and Fusemein accounts. I don’t use them at all.

LOL. You deff don’t look as freaky as me in my twitter pics. ;) There’s just no way. I’m the queen of freaky dude. You’re the queen of comment returning. xD

Hopefully I will get to travel to Australia someday. I bet y’all have those KICK ASS ACCENTS. I get so easily amused by those little things. And then I’ll show up with my stupid as fuck Canadian accent. xD Tehe.

Are you serious?! Well that’s an interesting fact. I should let my uncle know about that, because I swear he’s addicted to buying lottery tickets.. and he never, ever wins. xD I remember once I chose a ticket for him, and he won 10 bucks. YAY UNCLE YOU’RE A RICH BITCH NOW. 10 whole dollars, dayum boy.

Exactly! That’s the same reason why I don’t clear my history. I just always find myself referring back to it, cause it comes in handy very often. I would hate to be stuck without those sites, and desperately searching for what I’m looking for.

I still haven’t seen Paranormal Activity.. bleh. Still want to see it though. I probs won’t see it anytime soon, since it is the Christmas season, and I wouldn’t want to be scared shitless with freaky ghosts when I should be singing Christmas carols. xD But sure thing, I’ll let you know if I shit myself whenever I see it. Just stay on guard for a comment that looks like this: “OMG I SHIT MYSELF. I SHIT MYSELF.”

Woo great to hear that you aren’t as sick anymore. :) Are you fully recovered now? Or still not 100%? :(

Horny emoticons ftw. Can’t you just search that MSN emoticon on Google and then save the image to your computer somehow? Idk if that would work, or even if I’m making any sense.. LOL.

Telletubbies are freeken aliens. I hope they die. Amen.

My gawd. Since you guys have peeing and eating and shitting cyborg babies over there, maybe I should reconsider coming to Australia someday. D: I can imagine myself having nightmares for awhile. :P

Whoaaaaaa, really? You’re actually having trouble returning my comment? Now I feel bad for making it so long. But it’s really long again. -.- I wouldn’t want to leave you a one-liner.. but on the other hand these are like essays that we’re typing back and forth.

I don’t think I even spend as much time on a real english essay as I spend on returning your comment LMAO. Feel special.

Yaaaay, All to Myself is really catchy. And your tweet about Shake Tramp made me laugh. That dance they do in it, is pretty epic alright.

That’s true. That was the only reason why I didn’t get an iphone. The plans are super expensive and there are no good deals on it as for now.

You’re welcome. :) Great news that there would be no downtime.

You’re welcome, again! Haha. You should play us more songs on guitar. :) You’re very entertaining baha. Hope you get that string fixed though.

Well if I loved Ben as much as I loved Taylor then I’d be HELLA jealous, but I don’t love him as much. (please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me..) LOL.

Dayum, you returned my comment pretty late. I was so out of it today, cause I got home from a party at 1 in the morning, went to bed at 3 in the morning and then had to drag my ass to community service at 7 in the morning today. Fml.

Emo side ALL THE WAY. Haha. One of my friends painted her nails black too, and she’s the farthest thing from emo. xD Her personality is just way too “happy pappy”. Yus, I did just say “happy pappy”.

The Leftovers eh? Interesting. We’ve never had any type of group like that in my high-school. We just have: popular, middle, nerds. Lmao. xD

Omg. Jazzmo is the BEST. NICKNAME. EVER. LMAO JAZZMO. :3 Wow I love it. The male friends who came up with that are pure genius hehe. Now I have two things to call you: Superwoman and Jazzmo. Woooo.

You should always dress in something that you’re comfortable in. If people think it looks emo, then they can suit themselves, cause they don’t know you in person. They wouldn’t know that you aren’t really emo, but you just happen to look that way. Idk, I tend not to care about people who judge cause when people get too concerned about what other people think then they just don’t act like themselves. Which SUCKS. Major dick. :)

It’s great to hear that you’ve got your head on your shoulders straight. :P WE LUH YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE!

I understand what youre thinking completely…. I mean I am an overweight girl and people look at me and assume I don’t take care of myself or I don’t love myself or I am a loser. Thats not the case. People are always making assumptions and in high school its all bull shit. As for the emo thing? Psh if you don’t like it fuck em. lol (Y)

Georgina, this layout is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sorry (again) that I didn’t return your comment, but I was on hiatus. Oh but I have been reading your blogs since I really enjoy them!

Oh we have groups labeled like that in our school. I’m just normal. I’m not emo, but I guess I could be called preppy. LOL. I don’t normally label people though, but I don’t think it’s really labeling if they have pitch- black hair and wear really scary make-up and clothes. I would just guess that they were goth… I guess everyone is the same underneath though. ;)

LOL. I had just added it. Thanks lol. *squishes it* Aww! :P

I know hahaha. Sometimes I just want to kill FF, but I still love it too. :) Waaay better than stupid IE. >.< OH! Task Manager! I always forget about that. Gee, thanks Georgie for reminding me! LOL. That must have been freaky! It's probably faulty. Grrr! LOL. That's good. I have been getting these damn forwards from my old hostee and I asked her to stop nicely. She then proceeded to reply this "ok i WILL." as in she's saying I will not stop and she sent me another fucking (excuse me :3) forward message. I didn't do anything to that bitch except host her! D: Sorry about that, I got all worked up. XD Same hahaha. 10 is too much for me. :P Yeah like all of Christmas it's also wintered theme. Odd..hahaha. LOL. Yeah. I get bored so easily with MSN. I normally talk about pointless junk. XD I always forget to sign off too. :P I'm sometimes signed on as available for days. XD Hmmm weird! You completely skip the Thanksgiving deal. XD I'm not sure but if Jen is on hiatus this long she should just close lol. I think she is already closed and it's just implied haha. :) Whoa! That's really old. Is it like falling apart? I bet it's a cute-looking house though! Yeah seriously. I would love to get a pool in the backyard, but it's really expensive and my dad is lazy. Just kidding, he really is not a lazy person at all. :P I really haven't talked to you in a while! How have you been? (:

I love black. I don’t have a complete black wardrobe but I usually wear it.
My mom only lets me wear clear nail polish. Even then black nail polish doesn’t only state emo in the US it can state, an extreme side of the metal genre lifestyle. I don’t want to be sterotyped into that. Not that it’s bad or anything but it’s not for me.

Sterotyping exasperates me a lot. And it exasperates me when people do it to me as much as it does when I do it. If that makes any sense.

I can’t say that I was labeled any thing or in any kind of group in school. I hung with people that I liked and that liked me.But I am sure people said some things behind my back..

I used to care what people thought of me, how I dressed and shit like that. Now, not so much. I do what I want, wear what I want and as long as I am comfortable, I’m OK.

But it is hard for younger people to feel that way sometimes.

I absolutely love this layout! ♥ Gray and red together is just awesome.

I don’t paint my nails much, but when I do it’s mostly black or some other dark colour. I like it. People should not judge you just because you like black nail colour.

People do not label people in my school thankfully. It’s just rude to label people just because of what you like and wear. It’s silly.

I’m always conscious about what people I know think about me, even if they are people I’m not very close to. I don’t really care what others think.

amazing site! I agree with you, people shouldn’t be labled things they might not be/might not want to be called. I used to be called emo! :P Even though I wasn’t so it’s not cool…
keep going your website is great /wave

Thank you!

Yeah, it’s not right when someone labels you. It can be put way out of proportion. “Emos” – it’s just getting old now. Emos are supposed to be people who show their emotion through how they dress, but unfortunately, people use it to make fun or label others. :(

I’m sorry about Haloscan going iffy on you; hopefully you can come up with a commenting form or progress your site to something a bit more fancy. :)

I remember the days where black nail polish was emo. And now that celebs have started wearing it, everybody wears black nail polish now xD I love myself some black nail polish :P

I’m guilty for labeling people in the past, but I don’t do it really anymore. I completely get what you mean that people can be put into a certain group, but that you shouldn’t just label a group :/.

Mehh if someone wants to call you an emo who cares :/ People should be free to act however they want – we’re all different.

I really love your layout! ♥ Especially the fonts! :)

Black! My toes are painted black. Lol. Permenant marker? I’ve never done that before, I will try that sometime!

I too find it rude how some people label others. Even if it’s a nice label, it’s like that’s the only thing you do/good at.

The way you dress does leave room for people to judge you, but they shouldn’t judge you just because of that. I really don’t care what people think of me, I just carry on with my life and say that’s nice back to them if they something rude. :) Lol It really doesn’t matter, like you said.

Black is sexy! So many people got the wrong impression when seeing somebody with black nail color, one-sided messy hair, and emo-ish get up. They’re not emo right? But TBH, I don’t know where that term came from. Uh, emotional? LOL. IDK seriously.

Don’t mind people who call that way. They just do NOT know anything about you so they can judge you that easy.

PS. Thank God for archives link or I might get myself commenting in an old blog of yours yet again. This is how Mozilla FireFUCKS.

HAHA ive been real lucky to get real awesome secret santas :P i got a $25 gift card 2 years ago, a big teddy last year and now this , this year :) too lazy haha.

Yeah it is I agree with you. I mean who can be a size 2 anymore? I know I can’t be. My mother has tried though. It didn’t work. She was basically judging me because I’m fat and took after my father. But than again if I took after her I’d be doing drugs and be a skinny minnie. ya know?

Yeah her death was shocking. When I went to, and saw a picture of her and a big word R.I.P , I thought it was a joke. Than I started looking around on and it wasn’t. I was like OMG. So I guess there’ll be no more Luann, on King Of The Hill. Not that I never watched it but to all those who did will be like now what? I wonder whose next, they always travel in pairs. Oh god I’m getting chills just talking about it.

Well; hmm I tried dailybooth and I didn’t like it, I can’t even remember my sn I guess that shows you how much I like it lol. But I came up with a new way of showing off my photos. . Check it out! I linked them. I originally was going to copy Tiff’s album, but than I came up with a better way no more thumbnails, no more linking pictures just a link to the pictures. heehee. smart or not?

Did he really? I don’t remember that. :O But thankyou James! I’m going to start working on a new layout today, but I have absolutely no ideas, and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to code… So this should be interesting. Wish me luck. :D

Even when I’m not doing work in a stenchy place, I feel like flushing my homework doing the toilet. I just hate it that much sometimes. :)

Yeah so I guess 12 and up are teens? MAKES SENSE. Cause y’know you start with the thir-TEEN. I feel so smart.. but I should’ve realized this years ago. -.-

I think you’re pretty mature, but only when you need to be. Which is a good thing. Because when people are immature all the time, it just gets annoying. Maybe that’s why I’m so annoying. Ah, depressing thoughts. xD

That’s still a very superwomany thing to do. Only get the period stains in the privacy of home. Very smart Georgina. I shall always admire your superwomany ways. Btw LMFAO, you have no idea how funny the word “superwomany” sounds when I say it out loud.

Nah but that’s the point. If you smoke and drink, you aren’t really having fun.. because what you’re really doing is embarrassing yourself since you aren’t in your right mind, and you don’t even remember the party the next day.. because you were so wasted. So what’s the point of that? D:

I bet you finished returning that whole blog of comments. So how long did it end up taking you? :O For some reason I wouldn’t be surprised if you said something like “15 hours, I stayed up all night. *superwoman theme song goes on*” :)

Yeah fire’s can be pretty treacherous. My friend who’s house was on fire is doing much better now. I actually haven’t spoken to him in a while. :O He’s been traveling around a lot with his hockey team, that’s why. But I guess that’s good, cause it’ll get his mind off things.

Oh my good Lord. You have no idea how frustrated I get when I get these STUPID POINTLESS EMAILS from random sites that I don’t even remember signing up for. They just spam my inbox and it makes me so angry.. fuck. Sometimes I can’t even figure out how to turn the fucking email notifications off. Cause I’m challenged like that.

Maybe I can’t get access into FusemeIn either. I haven’t even tried to log in. xD Does the site still exist? O_O Dayum.

Hell yus, if you ever came to America and happened to walk by a person like me, I would swarm you with warm greetings and then pull out my camera and be like “TAKE A PIC WITH ME” and then be like, “K NOW TALK IN YOUR ACCENT SO I CAN VIDEO TAPE YOU”.. then I’d go on facebook and post everything so that people can be jealous that I got to hang out with an Aussie. LOLOL. I’d make you feel like a celeb for the day. xD

Mhm I feel sorry for people who are addicted to buying lottery tickets. My poor uncle. Hopefully someday he’ll realize that being able to afford FOOD is more important that wasting that money on lotto tickets. If I told him that he’d probably start giving me some long lecture on “once I win the lottery, not only will I be able to put food on the table, I’ll be able to end world hunger!!!!” … ah crazy dude. (:

I never knew you could buy all the numbers to make yourself win. :O Isn’t that like cheating? xD I doubt anyone would have enough money to buy all the possible combinations anyways.

I bet I will make it through the movie. I’ll be waiting for my congratulations. Or I may end up waiting for an ambulance… but let’s think positive.

WOO, great to hear that you’re 100% A-OK. One of the students at my school always seems to have a cough, but she says it’s normal so we’re like okay, as long as you don’t die on us. :D

LMFAO. That would suck if your computer got raped by porno, by searching for a horny emoticon. Maybe try using some more “g-rated” search words like “sexy MSN emoticon”… meh idk, that would probably still give you porn.

That’s a smart idea! Hopefully your chat logs will allow you to save some of them.

That is very fucked. I’m glad we don’t have those babies here. Maybe we do.. and I just don’t know about it. I just hope that I don’t find out about it, in that case. :P Freaky shit.

Lmao yeah I can’t imagine myself leaving you a one-liner comment cause it just wouldn’t feel right. xD I have lots to say. But dayum, you returned my comment pretty fast last night. I wasn’t expecting to see a long one from you so soon, but I guess I should always expect the unexpected.. especially from superwoman. :D

Oh how I wish the same thing. If I was as efficient with my homework as you are with your comments, then I’d be acing school with flying colors. :P

My fav part of the song is SLAP YOU LIKE A BITCH AND YOU TAKE IT LIKE A WHORE. Lmfaoooo. :)

I know eh?! The physical phone is pretty expensive too.. but I think they have deals on that here. So you can get the phone itself for half price but you have to stick to the normal monthly plan.. which is a total rip off.

Let’s hope that you do get a new string by next year. :P Watch we’ll be having the exact same conversation at the end of 2010 lmfao.

YAY for no killing. I’m glad you understand that my love for Ben is not nearly as profound as that for Taylor. Sigh.

Yeah that community service morning was total hell. I was half asleep during the entire thing and I got yelled at a couple of times by the bitchy lady who was organizing it. For Christ sakes, all the kids were doing was COLORING, how much help can they possibly need? It’s not as if the world is going to end, as soon as they color out of the lines. Shit.

Happy pappy ftw. And yeah, just b/c you paint your nails black doesn’t make you emo. It’s all about the personality.

LMAO I think it’s hilarious how the popular group in your school was split into “Asians” and “Caucasians” bahaha. It’s pretty mixed in my school.

Ngaw, well you guys must have had a pretty diverse group since you had people who just didn’t fit in anywhere else. xD Diversity rules! Woo.

Superwoman Jazzmo. Just take it in. :D

Exactly! There’s no point in trying to be someone that your not, because you aren’t making true friends and you aren’t truly enjoying your life if you do that. Because people start befriending you for the wrong reasons, when they should befriend you based on who you really are.

Don’t worry. I meant the head on the shoulders thing figuratively. xD Hopefully your head doesn’t fall off. :)

Aw thanks! *hugs back*

Thanks for your bday wish to my friends. :D They did look gorgeous, fo’sho. Glad you liked my SIZZLIN red dress too. :P

Yeah it was really overwhelming to walk in and just see complete, utter GOLDNESS. Lmao. The place looked stunning. Once again huge kudos to your mom who was in charge of the decor. I hope my wedding looks like that as well!

That’s so cool that your aunt is a dressmaker. That’s too bad that she couldn’t make you one, but I bet the dress you bought was gorgeous too. :)

Lmfao yeah the girl’s expression is pretty priceless, I think I just snapped the photo at the wrong time because I think she was paying too much attention to whatever was in his hand.. but the rest of the time she was completely mesmerized by just staring into his eyes. xD

Obviously he was flirting with all the girls. I think he had the night of his life, cause he was getting swarmed .. literally. Girl after girl was just coming up to him from random tables and asking him for a picture. I was like WTF IS THIS.

But all in all, it was a SEXY AND SIZZLIN night haha. :)

Yeah, I do the same when coming up with blog ideas. I do something that has happened recently or just dig up an emotive story from the past. (H)

You’re lucky that you haven’t sat next to someone smelly! I do like it on public transport when they speak to you about random things, I always get old people asking me about my day and it’s so cute! :3

Haha, I think she was. Her house was outside the snow cloud or something. Luckily later we had like a blizzard so she experienced some snow.

I do love making snowmen, and naming them, and giving them hats and scarves. :P It’s sad when they melt or fall over though, mine only lasted two hours before the rain came and made it all slush like.

Nah, I am not a bully either. I made fun of people which wasn’t exactly nice but I wasn’t a bully over it. Bullies are just nasty :|.

I HATE emo stereotypes. I was friends with a girl once who, like you, painted her nails black, and people classified her as emo.

And it’s not just emo, it’s like EVERY stereotype. They’re unneeded and so broad.

It’s great that you don’t care what people think about you. I wish I was that strong but I care what everyone thinks. :(

I paint my nail black too, sometimes. :) Mine are blue at the moment though. A lot of the girls (and even some boys) at my school do it, but we used to get labelled as ’emo’ but not any more, it’s became a bit of a trend. |:

Being labelled sucks so much, I hate it. I don’t see the point in it, I can understand associating people with different cliques but it annoys when people saying outright “They’re the emo’s.” I used to get it all the time. /angry

The way someone dresses doesn’t define who you are, but I guess fashion plays a big part in what stereotype people get these days. I tend not to follow and rules when it comes to fashion, I dress however the heck I like. :)

OMG, Arctic Monkeys, I love them! XD

I know right, haha! I don’t see why they can’t just give us the award in our tutor groups or something, especially if it’s only one award.

I was streaming live with my friends last night and some people were saying really horrible stuff, and others were saying really perverted stuff to my friend just because she’s pretty. :| In the end we had 115 viewers and just gave up because they were crazy!

Yeah, she gave the t shirt to someone else in the end. Mine came in the post on Friday and I was so annoyed because the maker of the shirt makes them slightly shorter than normal shirts. /angry

I love shopping. I shop too much, actually. The one thing I buy too much of is DVDs, and I watch them once, and then I’ll probably never watch them again. But I like having a big DVD collection, even though now I have nowhere to put them . :|

Well that’s good (: I’m sure they didn’t want their students to fail. (;

I’m sure if I tried to dance…I’ll fall face onto the floor. 😏

“Working Towards” does make you seem a bit of a you can’t do anything. Well stuff the whole report system any way because it kind of sucks xD

Compulsory?! Ours is too sadly. At least I feel your pain :P

Train follows timetable well?! Are you serious?! I hate it how they changed the stupid timetables now, the trains are all messed up and they always leave early which sucks because I have more chance of missing the train. 🙄 But they don’t follow the timetable, they’ve made us late to school quite a few times and cancel our trains sometimes.

Yeah! Last time, my friend was going to miss the bus so we tried to keep it open and the bus driver’s like, I’m not waiting for your friend and closed the doors. He totally didn’t deserve our Thank You because he was being such a jerk.

I think it’s pretty slack. You call people a whore if they hang out with guys and stuff nowadays :S

Yeah ^^ Black goes with almost all the colours…maybe except yellow and green…:S

Some lived pretty far and depended on other people to carpool and stuff but like, people who didn’t bother coming because their parents were stingy but they went to someone else’s…yeah, slack. :(

He’s always like that. Even my mum says that. 🤮

I love Smiggle! I always window shop there, it’s extremely fun to :D

Mmm I get what you mean about the page.php template. I’ll check out your tutorial (:

Oh wow. I normally look ridiculous in the winter time, like when I’m going out to play in the snow because I put EVERYTHING possible on, matching or not, haha. I’d rather stay warm then look cute.

Haha, I am excited. I love packages and so far, luck!

Thanks. I need to get a picture, the orange ones eyes are open now! I love it, he’s soooo cute. The white is staying here for now (my cousin who lives here is getting her) and I think my mom is taking a black one. So I’m excited about that. I don’t know where the others are going yet, but I’ve got about a month left to find out, so that’s good (:

The one thing I’ve always hated about high school are the cliques. I hate that people are so immature that they won’t associate with anybody who has not been in there cliques since kindergarten. Especially at my high school, some of the girls who are classified as the ‘popular girls’ will most likely not associate with you unless you are the only person that seems to be up to their standers, the year later if you have another class with them which they have friends in they pretend they don’t know you.

What bothers me is that they other day I heard a group of girls talking about how they aren’t “cliquey” at all and criticize their friends who are “cliquey”. It bothered me when they said this because I have never seen these two girls associate with anyone out side their large group of friends and they are constantly find something to criticize someone about.

Although cliques bother me, I feel that I am guilty about placing people in certain groups, this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be friends with them though. I might not initially talk to someone who dresses extremely different and causes a lot of attention there way because I don’t personaly like the idea that some girls will rebel and dress extremly out of the norm for attention, However I am friends with a couple of girls who don’t dress as girlie as I do.

All I know is that I can’t wait to enter a different atmosphere like college where people don’t remember everything you have done since the time you were five.

I don’t know what happened to her, she just died on me =(

Yeah age doesn’t matter, but it’s the fact that some of them are barely teens and singing about love and ‘packing bags’. It’s pretty unrealistic for a 14 year to be singing about that type of thing. They’re annoying and get to much fame for being ‘pretty’. I hate it.

I’m shy around everyone but certain people; like my friends. I’m actually really outgoing and silly. My friend Devo and I will sit at Tim Hortons for hours and sing along to the radio. I mean what normal person does that ;p

Yeah we all do it. I wish we didn’t but we did. As long as we aren’t doing it to hurt people’s feelings then it’s ok. Like don’t make fun of the person because of the impression you have.

I am wearing black nail polish now, it is does not mean someone is emo! Lauren Conrad (don’t no if you know her) wears black nail polish and she is definately not emo. I hate it when people label people, it’s just not cool! and it’s very rude. People shouldn’t judge people on how they look, it’s the inside that counts.

Haha, high five. I have black nails too. :D

I have heard of her but don’t know much about her at all. It definitely is the inside that counts; it’s silly to judge people on how they are on the outside.

I used to be called emo as well because we have the same fashion statement. But I’d rather be called goth than emo.

People can be a little too judgemental sometimes and its up to us if we’ll let them affect us.

Emo. :P That term used to be flung left and right back in 2007-2008. Nowadays not so much but I still hear it every now and then. People often mix it up with Goths which the Goths end up not liking :P

Every now and then I’m referred to as emo as well. Because I like dressing along the emo side of things. No, not all black but mainly black, skulls, skinny jeans, black and other colors. I never painted my nails black although I’ve always wanted to. I painted my thumb nail black once and then removed it and there was black residue on my nail after. :P

But I agree, I hate when people label people based on the clothes one wear. It makes me a bit self conscious and I’m already self conscious as is. Last year, I could have cared less but for some reason this year I’m just so … conscious of what I wear.


Yeah, I did miss the blog about your new layout :P Fight star. ^^ It’s pretty.

Tis fine that you didn’t respond to my comment ASAP. I kind of have done the same to you. I just haven’t found time for comments even with me being on break and all. I just needed to get away from the site a bit and try and piece myself together in reality. And my site is often down when I come on. :/ And it’s strange Kuya says he can’t access my site. I’m not sure why. I didn’t block his IP or whatever, so I have no idea why that would happen. I’m kind of worried about this new reseller :P

Head over heart indeed. It’s tough though. The past is THE PAST. But sometimes, it takes me so long to realize that.

YAYSSSSS, GO PIANO. ^^ I’ve been playing a lot this year. It’s been another one of my outlets. I need it just like I need air to breath. Give me a piano and I’ll be happy.

Oh yeah, definitely ask your brother about it. xD But the video is AMAZING (: Wedding Dress ftw.

Hahaha, speaking of your mom approaching someone who speaks Indonesian. Today, some guy went up to me and started talking to me in some Asian Language. (I didn’t know at the time). And then I was like “I don’t speak Chinese” And the guy was like.. “I’m speaking Korean..” And I was like… Oh well, I wouldn’t know because I’m not Korean, I’m Filipino. FAILLLLLL. On both our parts. It was SOOOOO FUNNY. And then he was like, Oh well you look Korean. You don’t look Filipino. Wow.. Thanks.

Oh, I’m sorry about the kicking thing in PE. I want to laugh though, it sounds rather funny. xDDD

That’s how my friends are too. We split into groups even within our big group. It fails, it’s sad we all used to be so close.

That’s just like me and my friends nowadays. Last year all was good.

I never tried getting up as emo nor painting my nails black but i think it’s cool… yeah i know its wrong labeling people with whatever just because they’re friends with these and that people.. in school they call me and my friends -the powerslut girls.. and thats just so rude but we careless because we know that we’re not like them and we are not born to please other people

Hi Georgina! It’s been a while since I left a comment on your site. Anyway, here I am. ;)

People like to label things. In a way, it is a good thing because it help us to categorise things in orderly and neat manner. But being too discriminative is not right. It is simply not nice and it can hurt other people’s feelings.

We do not have to change so that others would accept us. Those who truly love us will accept us the way we are. Though of course, that does not mean that you should be doing inappropriate or wrong things and expect our loved ones will still be behind us. ;)

Hello :)

I’m so incredibly sorry for being, well, GONE, for so long :( I’ve missed you so much!
How are you? It feels like so long since we last spoke. It HAS been so long since we last spoke :(

Urgh, according to my brother, I’m EMO because of my music. So it’s fine for me to be an emo for my music, but if I call him a chav for his, well, that’d be World War Three. /snort

I think my old group, the people I used to go around with, would have been the “leftovers” at your school ;)

I always wondered what started off Jazzmo XD

That is so true! People can be so judgemental! Why can’t people accept that you like the clothes you wear. So what if you’re wearing a pair of black skinnies and a rock band t shirt? What’s it to them? They’re not the person walking around wearing it, are they? :|

That last paragraph sounded like a really motivational speech. I can just imagine it being something that’s said in a big speech against labels or something ;) (I’m pretty sure that didn’t make sense but, meh :P )

Sorry again for disappearing on you.

I could have sworn you were a lonely person! Ya know, people labeled you as a leftover because you acted like one, it’s only your fault! And you judge those people too by saying they are rude, so you should just have dealt with it.

I sure as hell did not act like a leftover. I had a group of 20 friends and we were all as a whole called leftovers. How dare you assume I acted like a leftover.

I didn’t judge those people and say that they were rude. I said that labelling a group as “sluts” was rude. Nowhere did I mention that “people” were rude.

Perhaps you should read properly instead of putting words in my mouth.