That’s Just How It Goes

My site is being annoying. Tiffany mentioned the layout being weird, so I did some stuff and edited the navigation. If you have any problems viewing the layout just let me know.

I checked my university results the other day; I got a pass and two credits. πŸ˜“ I don’t know how I got only a pass in that one subject, because I did pretty well in the assignments.

I dislike explaining this shit, but the grades go as such, from highest to lowest: high distinction, distinction, credit, pass, fail.

I think marks are stupid; honestly. If you pass, you pass. I guess it’s nice to see how well you passed. One of my teachers said that at my university they used to only have fail and pass as grades until they realised it was more “encouraging” to have grades that defined how you were doing.

I was doing terrible in high school. I went to a selective high school, so we were seen as being better academically. I didn’t go to the best selective school but apparently, it’s a good thing because you’re seen as “smarter” than other people. I might be underestimating the whole system and my brain (no, honestly, I’m not that smart), because there are actually only about 40 selective schools in the state. I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s that amazing that I went to some “good” school.

Despite that, I wasn’t getting very good grades at all. I was lucky if I got over 60%. πŸ˜›

My dance principal forgot to pass on my exam certificate to my teacher. 😞 I don’t know when I’ll find out my results; my teacher called her though, and left her a message to post it or something.

My teacher is also leaving. 😒 She’s great. She’s leaving to do choreography and move onto bigger things. It’s wonderful, but I will miss her tons. It’s funny how people can have such an impact on you.

Tomorrow, the government buses have a strike, so my dad’s driving me to work instead. Hooray. 😁 I don’t have to put up with annoying people on public transport.

Speaking of annoying people and my regular bus rides recently, I’m annoyed at this woman who catches the same bus as me, on the way to work. (My newer job.)

She boards the bus after me. What pisses the crap out of me is that she nearly always sits next to me. Even when there’s a free seat further up the back, or in front. She just has to choose the empty spot next to me. I like sitting in the same place, generally. But even if I sit even further up the back, or closer to the front, or even on the other side of the bus, she always sits next to me.

It annoys me when she gets on and I sit towards the edge of the seat so no one can sit, and she stands in the aisle looking at seats, about to sit in a seat next to someone, then she turns around and wants to sit next to me. Just fucking fuck off.

One time she fell asleep when I wanted to get off the bus, and I had to get up and shove past her to exit my seat. 😀 I know people can sit where they want to, and I have the right to move if I don’t like sitting next to her, but sheesh.

I’m not in a good mood. The heat has really bothered me today and yes, excuse me for not returning all comments. I have to go do some chores before my mum gets back at midnight. πŸ˜’

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