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My site is being annoying. Tiffany mentioned the layout being weird, so I did some stuff and edited the navigation. If you have any problems viewing the layout just let me know.

I checked my university results the other day; I got a pass and two credits. /ehh I don’t know how I got only a pass in that one subject, because I did pretty well in the assignments.

I dislike explaining this shit, but the grades go as such, from highest to lowest: high distinction, distinction, credit, pass, fail.

I think marks are stupid; honestly. If you pass, you pass. I guess it’s nice to see how well you passed. One of my teachers said that at my university they used to only have fail and pass as grades until they realised it was more “encouraging” to have grades that defined how you were doing.

I was doing terrible in high school. I went to a selective high school, so we were seen as being better academically. I didn’t go to the best selective school but apparently, it’s a good thing because you’re seen as “smarter” than other people. I might be underestimating the whole system and my brain (no, honestly, I’m not that smart), because there are actually only about 40 selective schools in the state. I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s that amazing that I went to some “good” school.

Despite that, I wasn’t getting very good grades at all. I was lucky if I got over 60%. :P

My dance principal forgot to pass on my exam certificate to my teacher. :( I don’t know when I’ll find out my results; my teacher called her though, and left her a message to post it or something.

My teacher is also leaving. 😢 She’s great. She’s leaving to do choreography and move onto bigger things. It’s wonderful, but I will miss her tons. It’s funny how people can have such an impact on you.

Tomorrow, the government buses have a strike, so my dad’s driving me to work instead. Hooray. /bounce I don’t have to put up with annoying people on public transport.

Speaking of annoying people and my regular bus rides recently, I’m annoyed at this woman who catches the same bus as me, on the way to work. (My newer job.)

She boards the bus after me. What pisses the crap out of me is that she nearly always sits next to me. Even when there’s a free seat further up the back, or in front. She just has to choose the empty spot next to me. I like sitting in the same place, generally. But even if I sit even further up the back, or closer to the front, or even on the other side of the bus, she always sits next to me.

It annoys me when she gets on and I sit towards the edge of the seat so no one can sit, and she stands in the aisle looking at seats, about to sit in a seat next to someone, then she turns around and wants to sit next to me. Just fucking fuck off.

One time she fell asleep when I wanted to get off the bus, and I had to get up and shove past her to exit my seat. 🤬 I know people can sit where they want to, and I have the right to move if I don’t like sitting next to her, but sheesh.

I’m not in a good mood. The heat has really bothered me today and yes, excuse me for not returning all comments. I have to go do some chores before my mum gets back at midnight. /sus

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I know you say you only got a pass, but at least you did. It could’ve been worse. I’ve failed one of my courses and only just passed another one. O_O It’s insane!
I didn’t do well in school either. I never really got on well at my school, even though it was one of the best in the area and in the top 50 in the country supposedly. I just didn’t enjoy it. The thing was, all of my teachers knew I wasn’t getting on well, yet they didn’t give me the encouragement or support that I needed. I’ve seen one of my friends in the year below me go through the exact same thing and because I’ve been there, I was able to help… if only I’d had someone like that.
I ended up with only 2 A-Levels (most people get 5) and they were pretty low grades. I only just got into uni, and it wasn’t the one I wanted. lol. It was the only one that would accept me with my low grades. 🤫

I hate it when people do that on the bus. I know that they need to sit down, but they never seem to go to the empty seats, they always sit next to people like you or me that don’t appreciate being sat on when there’s plenty of empty seats around.
Urgh, some people!! /angry

Ugh, grades annoy me. My school is weird. For some subjects we have the whole distinction, credit, pass etc. thing going on, but for others we’ve got the American system of A’s, B’s, C’s etc. It’s rather stupid. Why can’t they just pick one or the other already?!

Reading your blog made me feel kind of ignorant, haha. I live in Australia but I had no idea what a ‘selective school’ was (I go to a private school). Woops. :D
I get annoyed by the stereotypes private schools get, though. As far as I’m concerned, people who go to private schools are pretty much the exact same as those who attend public schools. They make good and bad decisions which will ultimately affect their lives. I’m so tired of hearing my other friends whinge about how private school kids are up themselves and goody-two-shoes. Honestly, why does it freaking matter? We all have to go to school somewhere.

The heat in Australia is absolutely terrible. Yesterday I came back from a trip to Newcastle and I had to spend four hours in a bus with all these people. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sweaty in my life. :/

By the way, I love your layout! The colours are gorgeous, and I really like the navigation. I have got to get off my butt these holidays and make a new layout…

Don’t worry! I am not having any problems with your site =) But then again I only use one browser. LOL :P But you are smart! You can fix whatever occurs ^^

Congratulations on the credits and all! :) And also on passing! I swear they totally rigged it! /angry You did awesome in the assignments, yet you only get pass. Grrrrrr! My results are coming out at 12.01 tonight. I’m so scared! D:

Awww, I bet they also changed the pass/fail thing so that employers could distinguish us somehow or whatever. Because apparently with law, if you have a credit average you graduate with second class honours and if you have a distinction average or above or something, you graduate with first-class honours =S Whatever.

Oh speaking of selective schools, our former highschool came 24th this year. I *think* that’s an improvement! :P LOL.

LOL, 60% is still good for a selective school, where every second person is a total nerd! Hahaha!

Awwww! It sucks about your ballet certificate. :( I hope you find out soon! :O And it also sucks about your ballet teacher :( But maybe she’ll come back and visit! Or she’ll choreograph something totally awesome that it gets produced on stage and we can totally go and see it XD

YAAAAAAAAAY! No public transport for you tomorrow! :) That’s cool. Public transport is a pain. Omg, that is sort of annoying. I mean it’s irrational, but if someone were like that to me, I’d be annoyed too.

OMFG! She fell asleep? I would have a panic attack! I hope she woke up when you shoved past cos it would serve her right! Hmph!

Yes! I agree, the heat was TERRIBLE TODAY! I was all 😰 @_@ O_O /bash And dying ==

Well hello. :P

I’m up to your comment (obviously).

Haha well that’s handy that you only use one and there are rarely any problems in it. Firefox, covered! :P

Your results already came out! Woo! *dance* /bounce

Eww that’s gross. I heard about that too. I hope it doesn’t matter in my degree, because I’ve been thinking that so long as I pass, I will be fine. O_O

It is? Well hooray, I think we might have been in the 30s before. It’s a weird thought.

I sort of thought that. That because I was in a selective school, even if I got a low mark, it was still considered okay. :S

I hope so too! I am getting anxious thinking about it.

She probably will come back to visit at the concert next year if she isn’t too busy. But you’re right; she might have something planned and we can go see it! :O

Ugh, there were traffic jams today because all the buses were dead. It was really quite annoying. But it sure beat sitting in a dreary bus. Comfy cars are better. :)

I think that after I shoved past, she woke up. Ahahaha. XD

It rained today though! 👏

OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL…JOYFUL AND TRIUMPHANT! :P I thought you could do with some Christmas cheer :P:P

Anyways, back to comment reply :)

YEP! Firefox is covered :) One browser down. I could check in Internet Explorer too.

Yes, my results did come out and I am so relieved/happy/finding it so funny that Mq Uni’s server lets YOU in but not me! *pout* Whatever, just shows that you are special :P

I think you’ll be fine if you just pass everything, because I’m pretty sure lots of people doing your course will fail something and that will appear on their transcripts so uh oh D: But yeah, you’ll pass everything, definitely :)

Oh actually I was wrong, Girra 08 beat Girra 09 because they were 24th and apparently we were 22nd :O But that is way cool :P

Yayyyy! Hopefully she’s not too busy to come :) I bet she’ll miss you guys too, so maybe even if she’s busy, she’ll make time to come? :)

Hahahaha, yeah I saw the traffic jams on the news :O They were epic D: My aunt didn’t bother going to work because of the buses :P 😰 :X

But you’re right. Comfy cars are better than buses. Although most of the time I normally get comfortable buses to uni :P But then again, my trip is comparatively short.

YAY! That’s karma for you :P Hahaha!

And yes! It did rain, and I was so relieved because I died in the hot weather.

Let the war begin! (In comment chaining.)

Oh, I watched some of it on television… I think I am bored of it by now. /um I still like Silent Night. It’s a bit gloomy but it reminds me of that last episode of Lockie Leonard. :P

Nah, it’s alright! With my multiple browsers they look fine. It’s just that my friend uses Linux, not Windows or Mac… weird, right? Well, not weird, but different.

I’m special! :D Well it was still very amusing.

Yeah, like Flic. I wonder if she failed or not. :O

Oh really? Go us! /bounce You know when we went to the city and I went back home? I got off at the station and I saw Jonno and Fitzie (well, his name is Andrew I think… everyone calls him Fitzie :P) from the year below us. They were in my music class. They said everyone was going well. I hope they weren’t “just saying”. But I think they were a pretty good grade!

I’m sure she will have the time to come along! I’m not sure if I’ll be going though – I have no idea how much time this teaching will take me. But I think I might still watch the concert anyway, even if I don’t participate. :)

Oh, that’s smart of your aunt. :P Sort of. But it was pretty hectic.

Lucky. The train is usually annoying as hell. I’m not on there for long but it’s always crowded and boring, and it’s not comfy. O_O

Today it was sunny but then it became windy. /bounce

Yes! Let the comment war begin: AUTOBOTS, ROLL OUT! ;)

This is the first time I’ve watched Carols in the Domain for something like 4 years, so I figured why not? Considering I’m so excited about Christmas this yeah :D I LOVE Silent Night :) It’s the first Christmas Carol I learnt how to play on keyboard. Except I have totally forgotten how now. Where is my sheet music?

But my all time favourite carol will always be “All I Want for Christmas is You” even if it’s technically not a Christmas carol :X :P

Oh, Linux. Yeah that is different :P I remember Larry the Cow. I have a scar on my left knee to remember him by… /um

I hope Flic didn’t fail! :O

Yes! We beat Girra 09! LOL. Yeah, the grade below us was pretty nice :P I’m interested in how Girra 10 is going to go though because Serena and my brother are in that group :O Hahaha

Hey cool. It’s so weird bumping into people we used to know :P

Oh yeah. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll be able to find time to teach a little :) Hehehe! I’ll still let you teach my future daughter ballet :P :P


OMG, trains in hot weather suck! Especially when the air con doesn’t work. When I went to Parra on Thursday I caught a train whose aircon didn’t work. I wanted to cry because it was so freaking hot and stuffy /wah 😰 /angry

Yeah! The wind is actually blowing into my room this time :D


I haven’t seen it in… more than four years, I think. I have been rather moody today though. There’s so little time until Christmas and I’m just… blah. /um

Ooh, I remember learning Amazing Grace. I think that might have been the first. After “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, which I don’t really count. :)

I played the piano today! /bounce A bit rusty, and most of it I remembered from heart rather than reading the music. Until I got stuck. :P

Yeah, and I just heard that guy singing it! LOL. :3

Oh what a shithead… yes, Larry The Cow. I’ve actually been stuck on something to blog about today, so I was thinking about something funny from school. But that wasn’t funny, and I don’t want to talk about Larry The Cow in particular. XD

Oh your brother will bring everyone down, man.

I can’t believe he’s already that old! Haha. I think they’re going to do badly. No offense to Serena of course! But they have idiots in that grade. Like Matt Burn (well, he isn’t really an idiot), Giacomo… They didn’t seem like a majorly bright grade to me.

LOL yay! Our children will be tiny dancers… thanks Elton John and Dave Grohl’s cover of that song. 🙄

SURE! You’ll have to pay of course. But it’ll be heaps of fun. :D

Ewww, gross! :( Thursday was pretty damn hot too. The air conditioner always seems to work when it’s cold, and never works when it’s hot. /oh

It got a bit too cold for me so I shut the window. :3

We’re rolling! :D Hehehe!

Awww…:( *hugs*. I should be moody, but I think I’m just a little too excited and happy to be moody at the moment :D Yaaay! Haha. Cheer up, Wuggs ♥

Ohmygod! I didn’t even realise that “Mary Had a Little Lamb” was a Christmas Carol. :O

Oh yeaaaaaah! Your brother wrote something about you playing paino for the first time in ages, so I liked his status :P Yaaaaay! For you playing the piano :) Haha, at least you can still remember most of it by heart. If I were in your position, I’d have to learn the whole song from scratch :P I bet I probably can’t even play my Grade 7 exam pieces anymore. Oops. XD

Hahahahaha yeah…Larry the Cow. Aw, I don’t know. I find it pretty funny in hindsight. Although at the time I think it was just freaking painful. And inconvenient. Particularly for the week following where I couldn’t get the stupid thing wet cos of my bandage. /angry

Hahaha! So true! Well I don’t know, apparently there are heaps of maths nerds in that grade. Wait…=S Maybe I’m confusing them with Girra 09 O_O Oops. Whatever. NOT TO WORRY! Serena will push them back up, because she’s awesome! Haha. She’s smarter than me at any rate. Oh wells we’ll just have to see :P God I can’t believe they’re that old either :O I can’t even believe first year uni is over.

OH, THAT IS SO CUTE! Yes! Our daughters can be tiny dancers! Wait a minute. Our sons can be tiny dancers too. :P LOL!

LOL, DUH! Of course I’m going to pay! Unless there is a way for me to sneak in unnoticed. HAHAHAA. Only kidding xD :P :P But, yes, it shall be fun.

Yeah, it was an EPICALLY hot day! @_@ Damn, your work aircon must be the biggest irony on earth! Maybe try kicking it next time :P

Haha, I’m not in my room atm, but I bet it’s pretty damn cold now :P

I’ve just been moody today for some weird reason. :P

It is? It’s a Christmas Carol? LOL I don’t think so…

Well I guess it’s a good thing I remember. What? My brother put it down? You must tell me exactly what it said. :P

I did play at James’s house, but he doesn’t know that. :)

Yeah, it was quite amusing, considering we were having a run just to rip down posters. That was kind of my fault! :P Although we blamed Larry on it.

Haha I hope so! But even then, she should always work for herself and not feel like she has to hold up the rest of those jerks. ;)

Oh weird! But nothing wrong with guys dancing. ;D

I can’t believe it either! I always look at it in comparison. I’m looking at… wow, we’re pretty much in second year now. Crazy. I can’t believe a whole year has passed.

Oh did I say work? I mean the air conditioners on the train. LOL. But the one at work is sort of okay now… not being bipolar. /bounce

I’m in my room! XD

Awww, maybe it’s the weather =/ Mother nature has pms. /ho HMPH!

LOL, okay maybe it isn’t a Christmas Carol. Whateverrrr…Hahahahaha.

Yeah, of course it’s a good thing you remember :P Haha.

Omg, I forget exactly what your brother said. But I’m pretty sure it was “listening to my sister play the piano. I just realised she hasn’t played in ages 3=” Crap. Something along those lines. :P Lol, this is funny, I’m like spying on your brother’s facebook activities for you :P

I can’t believe we did that :P We’re so silly XD It was quite amusing though, and it was totally Larry the Cow’s fault *nods*

Haha, don’t worry, she doesn’t realise how smart she is, so she thinks that Girra’s going to hold her up. LOL. Maybe in maths, but I edit her english speeches for her and she’s really good. Even if she doesn’t believe it :P

Yep! Guys can totally dance! Our sons can be miniature Billy Eliots! :O Haha. XD

I know! One year has gone by so fast. It doesn’t even feel like it. *sigh* Oh well, at least no more HSC and highschool bitchiness :P Cos highschool was pretty bitchy.

LOL! Oh! Hahahaha. I wonder if you can kick the aircons in the train :P At least your work air con isn’t acting all pms- like now :)

Hehe, I’d normally be in my room, but since my dad is sleeping and I’m waiting for my mum, I’m in the living room.

Probably! LOL!

Haha interesting. I will probably just go into your Facebook and see for myself. When I can be bothered. Hehe. :)

Alright, I blame him! I can’t believe I was obsessed with a mascot/character. But then again, I get obsessive sometimes. And there’s Ben Jorgensen for that too. ;)

Aww, how cute! I think she’ll do well though, especially with your help. And anyone is smarter than your brother. :P

High school was… full of shit, pretty much. I just started writing my new blog and I wrote a bit about why it sucked. /hehe

Probably not, because the air conditioners in the train would be above your head. I think anyone’s aim would be pretty bad. Unless you’re a gymnast or something. /pow

You can punch them though.

My dad slept in the living room today for quite some time. I got pissed because I wanted to play the piano.


Hahahaha, I hope you still remember my password! :P And omg, I hope my niece doesn’t try to facebook chat with me while you’re in my account. LOL, that would be hilarious XD

It’s alright, there are worse things to be obsessed about. I mean I have a new object of obsession every week. BEN JORG! ♥ But I’m sorry, my heart currently belongs to Jace Lightwood, from the Mortal Instruments book series. /love I really have to get a life…==…

Hehe, I think she’d do alright WITHOUT my help, but I promised her I’d help her so whatever. It’s not exactly hard anyways :P Because I’m used to speeches and all now anyways :)

Okay! I’m going to find and Gymnast or Acrobat or something and get him/her to punch the aircons when they don’t work. Perfect :P /argh

Hahahaha, well at least he moved eventually :P

I think it might take me a few tries but I remember, alright! :P

Well, I’m not sure how the chat works so I would probably ignore her and not know! :P

Oh well, I think I kind of like Matt Webb from Marianas Trench… D: /um He is kind of cute-looking… 😳

LOL well, try moving on to actual people rather than characters, and you’ll be well on your way to “getting a life”. But you have one, literally and all, so don’t worry. :3

Haha it’s still nice of you to help. :)

Hooray! /bounce

Haha, it should be in our chatlogs or whatever.

The chat will pop up :P Hahaha. I think it will. But yeah a little dialogue box will pop up in the bottom right hand corner.

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh god, another band guy :P I can’t remember what he looks like, so I wouldn’t know XD

I have a real person! That’s just getting sad too, because it’s been so long :P *sigh* Okay, maybe I should find some other celebrity to obsess over. :P

God, look at this dialogue box :O

Yeah, of course… I can just look in there if I get stuck. XD

Oh, I see! Because I remember seeing the chat thing and thinking that the number was messages, when you told me it was actually people online. :P

Haha, he’s the guy in the “Say Anything” video who was “born to model”. He looks weird in there but heheee. /um

And I kind of spammed photos of him on Tumblr. :P

Do so! Find another celebrity but don’t choose one of the Jonas Brothers. LOL.

Skinny comments! XD

Hahaah remember when you were upset and das Neves came around and said ‘Noone at Girraween gets a ‘crappy UAI’.” /frog

Choreography? That is big! D=
Hoohoo, you’ll have a new teacher thing /bounce

Rude passengers? Sometimes I try and force a fart. It’s horrible…

…horribly effective.


Ugh, I remember that. Mine wasn’t that bad, but compared to a lot of other people (…you) and the courses I wanted to do, it was pretty low.

Yep! She’s such a good dancer. She went away for a while recently, to do performing down in Tasmania. She’s so flexible and lean. :O

LMAO. No way. They would think I’m even weirder. /ehh

No layout is perfect. Don’t fret! This one is absolutely fine. I guess I say so, well, that’s just what I think about this layout! I see you’ve changed the navigation thingy. There was a heart before, when you hover, right?

Anyways, that’s okay. At least you passed! We don’t have that kind of grading system here. We use numbers. This highest you can go is 97, (or at least only in our school.) not 100.

Yes, marks ARE stupid. I honestly don’t care about my score. What I care about is whether I passed or not. So what’s the point of having grades, right?

Aw, that’s too bad. But you’ll get it! Yeah, people can have an impact on you. Especially if you are very close to each other.

Maybe she just likes you. LOL. Maybe like you, she likes sitting at the place. In this case, beside you.
But honestly, I would be pissed. I hate my cousin who follows me all the time and the more I would hate that woman if she were here because I don’t know her!

Ah, people just don’t care anymore. People can be really /pooty at times, eh?

Well anyways, what’s up?

Again, Whoot! For moi not using too much smilies! I still find them awesome, but sometimes they’re not needed. LOL :P

It’s almost perfect now! (: The sidebar and the content part now line up like they are supposed to! The nav on the top just continues on another line, but that’s nothing! (:

heyyyyy awesome new layout i love this it looks great
ugh thats so horrible and bitchy to try and come between you both, i thought it didn’t sound like her in her tweets she was typing a bit differently
hehe it’s so fun decorating the tree we have quite a lot of decorations but we didn’t put them all on this year

aww thanks and I will try to keep it :)
our university’s quite confusing but i think they only have pass and fail
they have numbers in the second and third year like 1:1 2:1 2:2 and 3:1 then a fail i think thats to do with our degree though

oh good luck with your exam results i’m sure you’ve aced it and i’m sorry your teacher is leaving :(

thats weird and creepy lol if there’s other seats around it’s blatatently obvious she should sit in them lol you should sit in the aisle seat or put your bag on it, I don’t mind when it’s busy if people sit next to me but when it’s empty it’s like look at all the other space go and sit there instead!!!

Woah, I think that girl’s wardrobe malfunction was a little worse than what happened to my friend. Bless her. I think I would’ve run and never showed my face again. /wah
Sometimes I’m just in the mood to watch loads of films, lol, other times I can’t even sit and watch one.

Yeah, that’s the only problem. I feel this need to keep buying domains but I’m not sure what I’d use them all for. It’s like an addiction, haha! I know what I want one for, but that’s about it. /argh

Hi Georgina!
I think this is my first comment, but I’m not sure. Just thought I’d tell you I’m using your Orange Stripes PHP premade layout. I adore your stripes collection. I’ve kept your credit in the footer and i’ve edited the layout a little. Oh, and your layout looks fine to me. I was thinking as I was reading the bus part of your blog ‘Why don’t you just sit on the outer edge of the seat?’ but then I read on. Haha, but still, I feel for you. When I get the bus home from school (occasionally) they’re mainly full. Usually I can find a spare seat somewhere. So I’m sat there in my school uniform, headphones blaring out and i always get some old woman standing in the aisle, staring at me as if to say ‘move’. I’m like, how ignorant? :S But yeah, anyway, love the site and keep up the good work! XD (Y)

Hello there, I haven’t commented you in a while. XD I used to comment you sometimes but I stopped for some reason. o_o; Oh well, I’m commenting you now. =D

Congratulations on passing! :D

It’d be scary for me to go to one of those selective school things– too me, anyway! XD I’m not exactly ‘the brightest crayon in the box’ ahaaaaa. :P Especially lately, I used to do fine at Primary school but now in high school (especially this year!) I’ve been doing badly in subjects but it’s my own fault, I think. I don’t study enough. /ehh I really should though.

AAAAa, I should really shut up about myself and comment on YOUR blog. :X

LMFAO@ that woman on the bus! She sounds like a creeper, if she did it one more time I’d just shout “GTFO YA MAD CREEP! O_O” then run away. Not that that’s a clever thing to do, but… ya know. :P /hehe But yeah, she sounds like a weirdo. :P

I never did well in school, either. Like you I always got that percentage. Hmm…lol.

That is annoying…why that lady chooses to sit next to you I don’t know…unless she feels comfortable because she sort of knows who you are? That could be it, but geesh. Get a life, stalker lol.

And well my nasal voice went away when I stopped talking through my nose. My problem has always been speech, I was in Speech Class when I was little. I think if I had got picked on less, it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. That’s how it goes for me :) I don’t know about anyone else really XD.

hahah awwww. I hate when you know you are doing well and for some reason you don’t get as high of a grade as you expected.

Haha ohh! Whoa a heater in the ceilling? I’ve never seen that before XD. I only see them like against the wall.

LOL! I never knew it was a book. I just knew about the movie, and the way it was created just creeped me out XD

Yeah. I hope it gets better soon! I hate seeing my parents get stressed about when their companies lay off people. It is pretty stressful

Haha yeahh. One of the only few stores that allow pets XD

LOL! I wanna do yoga. My friend is like dying to do yoga. She wants to get a yoga outfit and bring a mat and everything XDD

Yeah. Do you believe in that whole 2012 thing? Sometimes, I get freaked out about it.

Cool! I got my sister a shirt from Threadless. I wonder when it’ll come 0.O

Oh a new layout! A bit late XD . I don’t have any problems with it,it looks awesome, I think this is my favorite between all your layouts. It’s just so…elegant? something like that. :P

Wow that’s a surprise! From your blogs you seemed pretty hard working, I hate when that happens where you work a lot and don’t what you want. And if there was just pass and fail then it doesn’t mater and you did good. I hope you got up to high distinction, because I think you worked hard.

I was in a “good” school in junior high, but I hated that school so much that i left it. I’m in a new school, not that bad but it’s not famous or “good” school. It doesn’t really matter to me, it’s the grades that give me the job not the school =D.

I’m sorry that your teacher is leaving, when my favorite teacher stop teaching our class i was pretty sad, she was the only teacher that truly known me.

I don’t go on public transports a lot except for our school bus (if considered public transport), well, because in here not a lot of people do that. My mom drives me to school, and i take the school bus on the way back home.

That’s a bit weird if you ask me 😰 . She probably doesn’t like to sit alone so she sits next to you LOL. If I were you I’d just ask her in someway, it may probably sound rude but hey that woman is weird.

Aw, I’m sorry that the heat is still high there, here it stopped raining 😢 but it’s not hot or anything.

Sheesh some people needs to learn some manners on the bus. I know what it was like to have to take the bus all the time, but I think I only got yelled at one time. I pushed the bell to be left off at the next stop and it was a stop light away and the guy was like “Don’t push the bell so soon.” and blah blah blah. I was like okay sorry.

You’re willing to give me your wii? How much do you want for it? Does it have the controllers and everything? Gosh you’re so sweet!

I know I’m gonna have to start saving. First I want a desktop computer, and then I’ll start saving for the trips I wanna take. Ya know?

Yeah, I’m cutting all ties with that guy. It was just disgusting. He showed me his ding a ling and I was like O_O;!! lol. I wanted to move so bad but I dunno why I stayed either. But you’re right I should cut all ties with him and I’m going too.


Oh, man, I can’t decide if I should start raging or laughing — It sounds bother hilarious and creepy at the same time. Have you ever said anything to her …? You should seriously speak up next time. Just say something like, ‘I don’t feel very well, and I’m afraid I might have to vomit at any moment … I wouldn’t suggest you site here, ma’am.’ And be sure to hold up a brown paper bag. :X

Or maybe you could take up the whole seat with all your belongings …? Like bring an extra huge hoodie along and just set it next to you, and pile your bag and stuff on top of it.

Or, I don’t know, complain to the driver. OR! Wait until she’s all settled in next to you, and then quietly pick up your things and simply move to a different location.

You wouldn’t dare follow you — And if she DOES, then threaten to call the police on her if she doesn’t back off. Mention that you’re planning to get a restraining order if she doesn’t back the fuck off.

Seriously, try one of these things — It’s a little disturbing that she always cozies up to you every single time! D:

Whoops. In the first line I meant ‘rather’, not ‘bother’.

And when I said ‘site here’, I meant ‘sit here’.

And I also repeated ‘back the fuck off’ wayyyyy too many times.


I apologise, I’ve got a headache, so I can’t concentrate very well ATM. /bash

Your site and layout look pretty spiffy in my browser and what not. I love the layout by the way. It looks really good. /bounce

Passing is a whole lot better then failing, fo’ sure. You should definitely be thankful. ;)

AHAHAHA oh man maybe that lady wants to be your bff. She has a crush on you. Or she really likes Asian people. I wanted to find you this clip from one of my favorite shows called It’s Always Sunny in of the characters (Dee) has to take the bus because her two friends crashed her car (they faked their deaths so they crashed her car, it was really hilarious). Anyway!! It reminded me of what you were talking about. It’s so funny. The public bus with all of the weird people on it..but then again it’s Philadelphia. That city is semi-ghetto. Kind of up there with New Jersey except NJ is a friggin state.

AH! Away We Go is out on DVD!! You should find it! Or order it on Amazon for cheap! The plot/storyline is kind of dull but the movie in general is just really funny. You will just love John Krasinski’s character. He reminds me of my boyfriend. In fact, I sent my bf a clip of the movie that was basically a replica of my bf.

Heressss I found it:

It’s SO SILLY. When he saw it, he said, “you’re right, John Krasinski does play me pretty well.” ahahaha like the movie was based off him. Pft..ahaha but then again I told him that John Krasinski’s character is basically him + a beard. It’s so adorable. I think James will find the movie funny. It’s not a chick flick although it is considered a romantic comedy, it’s not predictable & it’s just really funny. gave it pretty good reviews!

Anywayyy damn I forgot that it’s like summer in Australia right now!! But it’s winter over here! That must be kind of odd to experience summer during Christmas! But I’m sure you’re used to it. :)

No but seriously, see if you have Swedish Fish because I’ll send it to you if you don’t & I can’t send you Ben (I’m sure James would be jealous) but I could send you snacks that you may want to try out that you might not have. OMG I’ll send you this salsa from Trader Joe’s that’s SUPER YUMMY. I hope you like salsa! Salsa, Swedish Fish, & anything elsee?

I just want some vegemite ahaha.

Hrm you know..I never knew how different the grading system was. We get As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Fs, or we have the option of pass/no pass or just credit for selected classes. That’s interesting how your school system works! I know that in the UK .. they use numbers … I think, well at least my friend’s school does. Wellllll although the grading system is blah sometimes, it is efficient in determining whether or not you grasped the information well enough. It sucks though, but I mean, I wouldn’t want a doctor who graduated from med school with a D in all of his classes!!! Or a lawyer who barely passed his bar exam!

The layout looks great, I’ve got no problems viewing it.
Congrats on passing and getting the credits, I don’t know what the courses are like there but right now it’ll be a miracle if the people (including me) in my class pass our courses -_-
I hate grades, I only care about passing, doesn’t matter how much I pass by as long as I pass I’m good. 😰
I guess if I worked really hard I might want to know my grade , still I don’t like ’em.

Maybe the lady likes you /ho Its a bit weird that she always sits by you even when there are empty seats around, probably a hint that she’s interested in you D: That’ll be creepy. At least she’s not smelly, now that’d be bad!! God the memories I’ve had of stinky people sitting next to me, it was so bad I just wanted to knock myself unconscious . /bash

Yeah. I’ve already uploaded the smilies in the right folder, but when I type in the box what you want people to type so the smilie would appear, I save it, then it says a lot of weird stuff. Help me out! I’d be forever in your debt (not)

Actually, on Friday, it’s Christmas already! I’m so excited. We just had our party a while ago, and it’s Christmas break now! Whoot! We’re going back to school on January 4th. Ugh. No time to enjoy the gifts.

I know right? I asked someone who has a request-whatever-you-want site to make me a WP theme, but she gave me the one from Fuzzable! I was really “What the hell?!”ed. But I never knew Fuzzable have themes! I fell in love with this one almost immediately.

LOL. I know. My aunt doesn’t want any of us cousins calling them old. WTF? Was all I thought. :P

Thanks so much. I’m sure she heard that. :)

Me too! There were just so many sites that I liked and their affiliation was always open. But now, I think there’s no need to have a hundred affiliates. Before, when I opened Randomiserr, I wanted to have lots of affiliates. But I guess having a few is fine. I’d love to make more, though.

Ohhh. LOL, okay. I thought he was as old as you who’s working already and earns enough money. What age do you have to be before you are allowed to work? Here, you have to finish college. If you want a job while you’re studying, it’s only part-time. You are not allowed to work without full time without finishing college. But some……

Haha. My procrastination can go worse because it’s Christmas break. I have nothing to do. We have afew homeworks. I’ll probably leave it and do it last-minute. I tend to be like that when I know that I have loads of time.

I know. It really sucks. If there’s no need to get a phone, why bother? It would be a waste of money if you’re going to get one and no one’s going to text you, anyways.

Oh, I see. I think I’ve seen one of those. I’ve been begging my dad to just save the picture already, but he keeps on saying later. I don’t know how to work that “fancy” camera of his. Do you know that all the pictures in that camera are pictures of him and our Christmas tree? Ugh.

I can be too, sometimes. But I’m usually all friendly-friendly with them because I want to make new friends. I’ve only been part of a band once, and the experience was great. Though yes, all the practicing was so tiring.

I feel like there are wrong grammars and typos in this comment, but I’m too lazy to check.

Yeah, hahaha. It’s probably just the size of the text, but it doesn’t matter, it’s pretty much perfect now! ♥ I got a shoutout. <3

Oh my gosh, I KNOW what you mean about the bus people. So fecking annoying. I usually sit on the inside though, because I don't really care if people sit next to me, but usually it's someone near my own age so it's not that bad. The other day this really cute child sat next to me. He was adorable, must have been like 12 – 13. I cannot BELIEVE that she would fall asleep, lmao. I could see it if she was on the inside and leaning against the side of the bus.. but the outside? hahaha. I'd fall off the seat.

Our school just does a pass / fail as well. Well, for most of my classes anyways. My program has a couple of classes that you need to get above %60 to move on to the next class (to satisfy the prerequisite), but meeh. It's not that bad. I've always done pretty good in school. It sucks that you only got a pass though, but at least you didn't fail! (:

Yay! I don’t really like purple that much, I just love using it in layouts it’s so pretty. XD Isn’t sweet evil like an oxymoron or something? (I remember learning about it in like year 10 haha)

Oh I do that as well. If something doesn’t go how I want it to, especially with coding I just wanna give up completely. I end up leaving it for a while and think “oh der, that’s so obvious” lol. Glad you didn’t give up because this layout is so bloody amazing! *drools*

Exactly. I don’t really see the problem with immigrants working here, if they are legal. They have every right to be here so stfu.

Yeah, I guess if James’ dad moved to say France or Germany or something like that then people would say something but because he’s from Hong Kong people don’t see a problem with it. I wanna move to Australia and get a job there heh.

Yep, I know quite a few people who have moved from the UK to Australia. People just use the excuse “FOREIGNERS ARE STEALING OUR JOBS” because they’re too lazy to get a fucking job themselves.

I see you finally added those candy smilies you said you were making a long time ago LOL. I love them though. =D

Your layout looks perfect to me! I don’t know why some people are having problems with it etc. *Checks other browsers* Nope fine in IE, Safari and Opera.

Oh congratulations on your grades. :D Even if you’re disappointed with one of them, they are still amazing. You should be bloody proud of yourself, I’m proud of you. :D

I think it’s stupid how they do the grading system. It should just be pass or fail, so much easier.

Oh check you out going to a selective school. ;) LOL. We only had normal mainstream secondary schools, grammar schools and then special schools for those who have disabilities, mental illnesses etc. I just went to normal secondary school baha.

My school grades weren’t good either, but never mind. :P I mean, look at you now, in university and passing with flying colours, well pretty much. XD

I used to be well upset when my favourite teachers left too. It really is amazing how much impact a person can make on you.

OMG I have someone like that on my bus every morning too!!! If the bus is empty, he ALWAYS sits next to me. :| I thought it was because I sit at the front, on the priority seats because there’s more room and he’s quite large.

But I sat further back and he still fucking sat next to me. And like that woman, he falls asleep or just refuses to move and I have to shove past and I end up missing my stop. Wanker.

People these days, pfft. ^_^

Your site looked good before and it looks good now too.
Sorry about the whole coding thing, deff meant for it to show!

I hate marks too. If it was just pass or fail my life would be such a much hahaha. I actually failed one class. Blah. This semester wasn’t really a good one for me anyways.

Sad to hear that your teacher is leaving, but its nice that she’s moving up in life and reaching for bigger and better things! Hopefully she’ll visit or something, that’d be nice.

Freaky about the women on the bus -_- Id make sure I sat in between people so there is no way she could sit next to me haha.

Yeah me too :D Yeah science can explain alot that religion just doesn’t seem to be able to.. I think religion is from older times when we didn’t know about science if you understand, lol. Now we have the modern science we have learnt so much :)
Well I tried CHOMD to 777 but it didn’t work :(
I won the bid! I went over my budget but oh well, christmas is only once a year :D

Those are strange grades! In our highschool (and college) we have A, B, C, D, F.
In between there is A+, A-, B+, B-, C+, C-, D+, D-, and just F. F is fail. D would be like passing.

In college though, you just got a percentage and based on the percentage, you knew what letter grade. A is usually 90-100, B is 80-89, C is 70-79, D is 60-69, and F is 59 and below… usually. Some courses/schools vary slightly. Like, if you take your driving test, you have to have an 80 or better to pass. Same with your CPR class. It’s weird too haha.

Yay for not having to use public transportatioN! Im like you though. For things like that (like my parking at work), I usually have a spot I always use. If people get in my way (or if it was on a bus) or get next to me, I would get really aggravated. Of course, I don’t have the balls to say anything ;x boo people.

So sad about your teacher leaving :( but hopefully she will be alot more successful and find herself moving up in her career like she wants to.

I hope you get to feeling better. Heat always pisses me off haha. Im glad its finally cooling down here! It was in the 30s and its back up to 55 today. Boo Arkansas weather.

I agree. I hate report cards. The thing that annoys me the most is that my parents expect me to get 90%’s so then the pressure is on. :( /ehh

I hate is when it is the teachers fault you don’t understand something and then they say it is mine for not asking for help, when I do but they give the stupidest answer ever. /angry Sometimes I just want to do this! /pow

Then again I end up getting it. I hope your grades get better. !!

Hope you find out your results soon for the certificate! 👏

Talk to you later!

Hello, you! :D

This layout looks a-okay on my pooter ;) Just thought that you should know ✌️

Yayy for passing! 👏 Ooh I know a tad bit about Australian university grading! :D My younger brother goes to Monash so his results are being sent over to my house every term. At first when I first got hold of his result, my mum and I were trying to figure out what in the world was HD. ‘High definition’ was definitely one of the things that come to our minds HAHA losers -_-

Back in uni, we had only a subject or two that only required us to Pass and the rest were graded by marks and whatnots :/ Though there were some pain in the asses anal students who just HAD to have marks or else they wouldn’t sleep well at night D:

HOMGAH while commenting, I just check the Namecheap winners and I am one of them! Will you join me in my happy dance?! I’m sorry I’m just so excited, I’ve been playing the trivia for 3 days straight lol and I just purchased a new domain :D Also, after this, I’ll go apply for hosting at! ✌️


Oh wow selective high school sounds like an elite school for the smart ones. I agree with you on how people will stereotype you automatically as smarter than the rest because you go to a selective high school. I went to a girls’ school /ho It definitely has its perks here and there, despite that there were gays trying to convert you and lurk you to the dark side /ehh I don’t have anything against gay people but receiving love letters from them is actually pretty disgusting and scary 😢

I hope you’ll get your results soon though :( but I’m pretty sure that you’ll pass with flying colours! :D

OHMAIGAWDDD that lady is so annoying. I totally feel you because when I was in West Malaysia, I board the shuttle bus to work everyday and sit on the same spot in the bus which is right in front, right behind the driver’s seat. I sat on the same seat for months and I really felt like punching some lady who I found out sat on the seat I usually sat, I mean, the bus was practically empty! Like you said, it’s a public bus and everyone can seat wherever they want but yeah, STILL :/ :/

Ugh the weather here is really hot too. Yesterday, we went to the mall just for the aircond XD

Hello :D
Look on the bright side, though. At least you actually passed.
Wow, you went to a selective high school? I know you say that your not smart, but I’m sure you are really smart :P I didn’t even get in ==” I know this girl who got into James Ruse, and my parents compare me to her…. well used to. It’s better now. I really hate it when parents compare you to someone else that is smarter.
That woman who wants to sit next to you all the time on the bus sounds annoying. I would be mad, but then again, I wouldn’t have the courage to say anything. You know when you want to say something but you can’t? Then, you regret not saying anything afterwards.
Hope you are in a better mood :D

Hmmm, the layout looks fine on Mozilla and Opera. I’m not sure with the other browsers, because I only have these two. Yeah, I still haven’t downloaded Chrome, can you believe that? XD

Really? The good thing is you passed, though it’s annoying to know that you barely passed. Some teachers are thrifty in giving grades and I don’t think that’s fair.

Here, we only have a pass and a fail. I failed once in our Physics. Thank goodness it was only for the Midterms.

I went to a higly accredited school and it was annoying for me that when a single student caused a ruckus outside the campus, the reputation of the whole school would be spoilt. And it was even more annoying when they always tell us to behave well outside and such. I was happy to get out of High School because the rules in College aren’t so strict anymore.

Same here. I’m not performing well this semester. I failed the test for three subjects already and that was devastating for me. :(

Your dance principal is prolonging your agony. I know how it feels to wait for something. I’d be anxious to know the result as well.

That woman sure is weird. She’s appealed to me as a stalker. Brrr. I hate it when there are lots of people in the jeepney or bus and still the drivers would pick up passengers. Are they planning to let them sit on the roof of the bus or what? /bash

I actually like it when public utility jeepneys and buses go on a strike. Since most students here don’t have cars of their own, we rely on them. Strike means no classes for us, so… :D

Hmm, why don’t you unfollow that person? I do that when find that it sort of annoying to know that they tweet almost every minute and just tweet a word or two.

Some of the classes at my school are simply pass/fail. I think most students would prefer that (at my school at least) over know JUST HOW WELL you passed or JUST HOW HORRIBLY you failed.

Those are decent grades though Georgie. I know you worked hard on them. I hope you do just as well if not better next term (:

Is 60% a passing grade in Australia ?

How is dance going by the way ? I didn’t know dance classes had exams. Do you have any shows/recitals ? What kind of dance class do you take ?

Oh yes it’s great that your teacher can venture off and pursue greater things for her life and career. Being a choreographer must be a hard and prestigious job. Good for her. Sorry for you though ); Do you know who will be replacing her ?

Pfft. Transportation employees go on strike in Philadelphia (the city I live near) like every other month. It’s like, what more do you want ? Other people work just as hard but can’t get paid more. Actually, I’m not gonna continue with that rant. I feel like when it comes to the lives of the American public, I can just keep running around in circles with arguments and rebuttals.

Even though the bus drivers are on strike, at least you can still get around to work. That’s good. What does your second job entail ? It sounds really interesting !

That’s so obnoxious! Well, maybe she always chooses to sit next to you because you seem approachable. You should just get on the bus one day with black and red makeup everywhere, really bold, and see what she does. Draw like lines and twirls on your face stemming from your eyes. These girls used to do that when I was in middle school. Nice girls once you got to know them, not very warm or welcoming though. LOL. I don’t know if you care that much about warding off this lady, but it’s just an idea (:

In response to your comment
Of course Valentine’s Day is overrated ! It’s still nice to have a valentine though. It’s a special day to recognize those who have someone else to share love with (: I definitely don’t expect an event or gifts out of it though.

Even though your dear James insists you don’t buy him gifts, have you selected one for him ? Oh crap. I doubt he reads all your visitors’ comments and then checks their sites, but if you feel that he might creep up on our conversation, DM me on Twitter what you’re getting him for Christmas. Just in case he snoops around and finds out via blog comments, lol.

I was wondering if your blog titles were images because they can’t be highlighted. I tried highlighting one of your blog titles because I didn’t think my computer had the font that your blog titles were, so I was wondering how they showed up. You seem to use a lot of WordPress plugins. Recommend any to me ? I’ve been wanting to get into using more plugins. I like your external links one.

Huh, now that I think about it, my Christmas layout reminds me of candy too! lol. Like hard candy.. Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers or something. Thank you so much! I feel so proud now, lol. I worked hard on this layout. Yes, the background is so cute! has such good backgrounds to choose from. I go there for almost all my background needs.

If I had it my way, I would have a job already lined up at home. I had to quit my job here because I’m moving back home. Work here and school at home is nearly 2 hours away with moderate traffic. I can’t do that everyday. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a waitressing job. I’ve done cashiering, sales, and babysitting.. I’m ready to try something new. Every college student should be a waitress at one time or another, lol.

Hahahahaaa of course. I didn’t even need to ask you to know the answer. Of course you would die if you met Ben Jorgensen. I know a Jared Jorgensen. He was on my internship team. I wonder if there’s any relation.. lol !

Oh my gosh. My comment on this post was loading, but my browser froze. I almost had a heart attack. I usually copy and paste long comments onto TextEdit (NotePad) but I didn’t for this comment. I almost died Georgie.

Blaah D: I don’t like mixing classes with other grades. It feels like the teachers only focusing on one grade O_O

Aw. I hope I’ll do good in French…hehe.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure no one’s parents paid attention to anything other than the trophy in the child’s hands :P

I’m so jealous of the singing in Glee!! Grr!! Everyone is so good and talented :(

Oh well :PI just find reality TV addictive..Don’t know why. I think everyone has different tastes in TV.

House was really good :) I’m so disappointed that its not on at the moment =_= I don’t mind the new people, they’re okay I guess.

What?!! Word bank?

Ugh, those comments are so mean. /angry

Lockie Leonard? What show is that? :P

Cloudy?! Seriously?

Your layout + site looks fine :) I can’t tell anything wrong with it. Maybe different browsers?

I hate that C, D, HD, etc system. We have that in our UNSW competitions. I got really weird marks and I don’t like the C D HD stuff…they only base it on the top percentile. :(

The education system has seriously stuffed over the years…for our reports, there’s like, “Outstanding, High, Sound, etc” and ughh D;

Aww :( I hope your dance teacher has a good time while she’s away. It sucks when someone like a teacher leaves because they’re like your mentor kinda thing :/

Annoying people on public transport…I could almost write a whole book on it. That woman sounds stalkerish and annoying. Good luck dealing with someone like her D;

I also go to a “good” school but meh, i am not doing well. :( my uni is the no.1 uni in the philippines (thats what everybody says but to me…idk haha). yeah i go to the university of the philippines. it’s nice that people see us kinda smart but if you really study there, people there are not so smart, really. they can just pull off answers and exams. heheh.

Your new layout is very nice!

I’m using bus a lot, and i hate it, there are a lot of people on it! I hate marks, too… But there’s the winter holiday at Thuesday! (In Hungary…)

Oh my god, what an idiot. That’s ridiculous even to say… I think someone must be jealous of you. /hehe
By the way, if you win another domain on NameCheap I’m going to come and beat you up. :P *sarcasm*

I seriously don’t see how you can be so quick with the questions though… I’m usually about a minute behind you and I’m always like ‘DAMN!!’ haha. :)

Aaw thanks. I was trying for absolutely ages to make a blue layout. I think this was about my 6th attempt in a row. Maybe even more. /huh I got stressed out with it in the end and decided to just make a simple one. :) It’s the way forward, I tell you. XD

I just love how different countries have their own grading system O_O;; The first time I heard about the Aussie’s grading system where someone said a 60% is good, I was like WHAAAAA? XD Americans grading system considers 60% not great at all! :)

At least you passed, though, right? Better than failing. But I understand completely on how you thought you did better but yet you got a different grade. X_X;; It’s not a great feeling.

Of course I remember you! How could I possibly forget you?! Thanks so much for adding me to the liked blogs section, I feel very proud! I think I am just going to start with affiliates because I am new open but then just have a link to liked blogs and friends.. because you wanted to know my plan. :)

Yeah, I have a singiture style of layouts I guess. I’m hoping that’s a good thing, aha. :D I’m going to be using lots of emoticons this comment, I miss using them! /ehe

I never got those distinction things, we do that in one of our subjects and it just said the letter C so I thought I got a C grade and wasn’t too happy. /huh Turns out it was a Credit but.. yeah still no idea :’)

Well, you passed which is very good. Who cares how high it is if it’s a pass? Er, not many people. Unless they got really high grades and are showing off, ergh.

I actually laughed at the bus story! XD I bet you were glad to escape her, sheesh. I think she wants to be your friend and so sits next to you.. urm.. yeah I have nothing :( It’s a bit creepy!

It makes me laugh when people fall asleep on public transport and then wake up and look around like /oh XD

In Hungary there’s -17 Celsius (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit)… Soo cold! :S