Awkward Last Words

Yesterday at work (this is my older job, by the way – since I have two jobs I’m going to have to bother explaining which one I’m talking about – it’s the one where I work in an education centre), I had to go up on stage and read out students’ names. We were having a presentation for the end of the year and a lot of the students were receiving awards.

I was supposed to hand my boss the trophy (or trophies) as I was reading out the names. It turned out to be a nightmare.

The names weren’t really in alphabetical order on the sheet, and I had to skip some names because the students were not present. And when I had to pick up the trophies, they weren’t really in any order either, so I had to look for them in their arrangement on the table.

I was very slow and half of the abbreviations on the sheet I just didn’t understand. “AGL” is supposed to stand for “above grade level”. I could not remember that, especially since I was only run through this process in five minutes prior to going up on that damn stage. /hmph

So, when I was up there, I was stuttering into the microphone and it was just ugly. Everyone was probably staring at me thinking I was weird.

No problem saying the names of the students, but what the hell? AGL? I could not remember what that stood for, “SHR” either (apparently “student honour roll”). /ehh

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, when I was reaching for one of the trophies, I sent the whole row flying down the table like dominoes. Shit.

They were the flat kind of trophies, like a block, made of perspex (cheapass glass, less easy to break). If they were made of glass, I would have shit my pants. A few fell onto the stage from the table.

My boss muttered to me that I was supposed to be helping her and I was just of no help.

I felt pretty bad, and I was really close to crying. It was really embarrassing and I don’t remember why I agreed to read out the names and help out on the stage in front of everyone. Bloody hell. 🤬

After we sorted that nightmare with the falling trophies, I finally got the hang of it. I still felt pretty crap standing up there after humiliating myself though. /blush

We had a little party and had food – lollies, chocolate, cakes, cordial. It was only for about half an hour but there was a lot of mess. Cleaning up wasn’t so bad though. :)

I don’t really mind being on stage. I’ve been on stage many times for dance concerts, but with that, we’ve had rehearsals over and over.

I recall this one time Lilian I were in a band, and the microphones stuffed up on us. Our performance was downright crap, and since only my microphone was working, I was the only one who could be heard, and because I wasn’t singing all the parts of the song, it sounded terrible.

“Thanks,” I think I said into the microphone at the end. Unenthusiastically.

I should be used to performing in public now, what with my many music performances in high school, but I think we all dislike being on stage sometimes.

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Ohh noo! D: That’s horrible. :( Don’t worry, I do things like that all of the time. 🤤

Well I’m glad everything turned out okay though. I hate embarrassing myself in front of a large audience. And I can’t believe you were only told five minutes before that, and she said you were no help! Who does she think you are, Wonder Woman? Sheesh, she doesn’t sound very nice. If I were her, I would have helped you. /bounce

Anyways, I hope you’re feeling alright after that and you aren’t too embarrassed. :P Have a great day!

In reply to your previous comment – that sucks that your parents won’t let you dance. :(

Aw man, it was really embarrassing. /um Well, Gillian calls me Superwoman. I probably shouldn’t be surprised. :P

She just stood there. She could have been of a bit more help, seeing as she totally knew what I was supposed to do, but I guess she wanted to see me struggle. /hmph

Thank you! I’m feeling better now… thank goodness she wasn’t super mad or something. 🙄

Yeah. :(

Haha, you are pretty amazing(in a non-creepish way… 😏)

I hate it when people do that. Those people are evil – you know, the ones who laugh at you if you need help. -_-

Hee, that’s good! Oh and sorry we have to keep replying like this, my website should be open soon. xD

Forget it girl. That emoticon was creepy enough. 😏 :O

Just kidding, hahaha. Thank you. ♥

Yeah, I don’t think it’s very funny either. You shouldn’t laugh at someone just because they can’t do something. Obviously, you wouldn’t like someone to do that to you. 😰

Haha no worries; I’ll keep checking back! :)

Haha, I know, eh? xD They’re cute though.

You’re welcome. :) I think someone should make an article on that… *wink wink* :P Maybe you should. Or I will, I dunno lol.

Okay, hee hee. :D

Tsk tsk, still not open… :P

I didn’t make the emoticons though. I got them from, but the site doesn’t exist anymore. That person didn’t provide credit for them either, and you could tell it wasn’t made by them. /oh

I’m not in an article-writing mood; perhaps it’s your turn! ;)

I’m gonna change to WP before I open. :P Besides, I think I’ll open in January cuz on Monday I’m going somewhere for Christmas, and I’ll be gone for two weeks, heh.

Oh really? Wow, that’s stupid. xD

Okay. :D Hee.

Wow, Sharon’s an ass. Tell her I said that. Hrrrrng
She reminds me of the apple-man in that Wicked series of books. Besides, it’s not your fault she didn’t take the time to explain whatever the hell those things stood for. Australian Gas and Lighting? Simple Harmonic Resonance? etc

Dominoes! /bounce Bet a little part of Sharon died when she told you off. What a cow. :P


No way; that’s so mean!

I haven’t heard of the apple-man. LOL, Simple Harmonic Resonance. XD

She did explain them but there was no way in hell I could remember them. :(

AGL… yes… AGL… O_O

LMAO. A little part of her died. I think a little piece of me died when all those trophies went bonkers. /ehh

Aww, Georgie! *hugs*
That’s pretty embarrassing. If I were you, I would have cried out. By the way, why couldn’t they just write in a long form since you did not have any rehearsals and stuff. 😴

Well, accidents do happen at anytime and anywhere so you should not be blamed. I really hate how your boss blamed you. She should freaking understand. -.-

So, I’m sorry I have nothing else to comment about. I just want you to know it’s okay. I’ve felt embarrassed in front of the whole school. (and my crush) /wah

I’m never used to being on the stage. I guess I have a little stage fright? LOL. I wish I could make the fright go away! Ahh.

True, I didn’t like the damn abbreviations. I would have much preferred everything written in full. My boss could have given a little more of a helping hand!

Aww, that’s alright. I know we’ve all been embarrassed at some point in our lives!

In response to your comment on my other blog, now. :)

I’ve seen people try and copy my typography, or basically just use typography. I don’t mind, of course, but sometimes it’s so damn obvious that they’re trying to make it the same style as me. O_O

I know what you mean. I had a friend who was perfect at everything. Playing instruments, doing sport, all subjects, speaking another language. The downside was that every time she went out with a guy, it didn’t go very well. Hey, no one’s perfect. :) And it’s never too late.

I used to like country music. I do now, but not as much anymore.

Limewire does bring viruses. Don’t try it. I got five hundred on my old computer when I did. /bash

I was jealous of my younger friend who was in grade 8 already. Grade 6 is good enough for me.

I’m sure it’s not embarrassing. Come on, we all started somewhere. We just start at different times. And I’m sure you will improve and get better. /bounce

My friend is a master on the violin; she’s amazing. She’s been playing for so long, but she’s still very good.

I’m sure jumping upside down would hurt your head though. /hehe

Oh dear! I probably would have cried if I were in your situation.. seriously. I don’t understand why they didn’t put everything in alphabetical order and such? That would have made your job soo much easier. Blah. But you made it through! With no major mishaps, right?

Yay for snacks and an easy clean up! I remember one time in Highschool we had some karaoke thing (7th-12th grade was all in gym).. I think our school was trying to bribe us to do better on tests or some, my sister, and 3 other friends deicded to sing the Time Warp from RHPS. Well.. I think most of our microphones were off.. so they could barely hear us.. it was interesting, so say the least. I usually get stage fright but for some reason I didn’t that day. Hrm.

I see that I got a plug! You’re too sweet m’dear. Thank you ♥

Yeah, timezones suck sometimes! hahaha. I’ve noticed that Gillian tends to leave super long comments!

That sounds like a reallyyyyy horrible nightmare. Whenever I have to speak in front of people I’m always afraid that I’ll trip or throw up or something, haha. Or forget what I was going to say. Don’t worry about messing up the abbreviations and everything. It’s not your fault, you only had a little bit of time to memorize it! (: Your boss was probably just as stressed out as you were.

*covers face with hands*

Oh no! That must be a ghastly day for you. You poor soul *hugs* You know, that sounds like something that I would do. I am known to be a clumsy person. I run into things, trip over things or simply break things (unintentionally of course). So whenever this kind of accident happens to you, just remember that if Kitty is in your shoes, she’d probably had done worse.
I know that isn’t exactly a comforting thought but I’m so lousy when it comes to comforting people. 😳

I’ve been on stage a couple of times too but usually with a lot of people around me so even if I did something wrong, nobody would actually notice it.

Oh my haha.
That does sound pretty horrific. But atleast you got the hang of it.

Oh and you are credited don’t worry. At the foot.


I’m glad to be back though I really want to buy over BCF when it’s available again whee :D

Lol I spent TWO whole days painting my room by myself. My motivation was the fact that I could redecorate my room when I’m over and done with painting and then I can go on and re-organise my room again since I left 5 years ago. LOL BLACK WALLS the shades I got for my room were actually the maximum ones that my mother allowed though I think it would be prettier in an even darker shade.. 😒

Yupp, that’s true. Even if I had loads of assignments back then, I wouldn’t force myself to stay awake for days! It’s just absurddd. It’s apparently some form of suicide, the only difference is that you’ll die in a few days 😰

Eek. I’m sorry you had a bad experience :( I can actually tell how I would feel if I was in your shoes. I think my heart would’ve beat so fast and then I’ll probably feign a faint haha.

Lol I’m sorry but I can’t help it, the last part of you saying “thanks” actually cracked me up XD

I’m really scared of going on stage and sing. I kinda like to do it in my own bedroom, without the live audience. It’s just, too scary 😢

Oh my god, you poor thing! That must have been terrible! D: I would have died. Or at least seriously prayed for some divine intervention in the form of the floor suddenly turning into quicksand and swallowing me up. Dear GOD!

I can’t believe you only got five minutes of practice too! O_O @_@ That’s crazy! And pffft! This is why abbreviations suck! Half the time you forget what they mean! /angry

Aww, don’t worry! I’m sure all the people watching you figured you were nervous and all :) I mean, it’s really hard to just get up on stage and speak in front of people. I couldn’t even speak a speech I was familiar with in front of a class for like ages. I think it took me until year 10 to get used to it.

Omg, your boss is so mean! :( It’s not as if you weren’t trying to help! It was just an ACCIDENT! /angry It’s not your fault everything was just so epically disorganised. It’s probably HER fault! Hmph!

Aarrrgh! I remember that assembly! I try not to think about it. It was SO EMBARRASSING! 😳 🤬 /wah I’m never, ever doing that again! Well at least we got through it in the end. *cringe*

Don’t worry, I think that even if you have lots of practice and experience, some things are always going to be difficult, and going up on stage and speaking is one of them. *nods*

Ugh, I think the quicksand might have been more embarrassing though! I was making the biggest effort to actually do better and not make any more mistakes to save myself from more extreme humiliation. In the hope that they would forget that I had knocked down half the trophies. /ehh

We did have to set up the hall with balloons and put out all the chairs and food – but I could have done with a bit more pratice. 😒

I remember having to read out one line for a mass at my Catholic primary school. They gave me a pretty card with my line on it and it went great. I was only about eight years old.

I hope they understood. I feel like they were probably laughing inside. And that stupid Asian grandma who always fucking stares at me – she was probably laughing evilly inside. /angry

I’d love to blame her haha. I feel bad doing so, but she could have been of more help too. 💀

I usually don’t mind speaking in front of a large group. That was really intimidating though. I barely know these people and… /ehh

You’re welcome. Yeah, but I like the old one too.

Aw, that’s too bad. Why will he not buy his own? And why don’t your parents approve? I guess they think he’s old enough to get his own.

Yeah! That’s the one! Thanks for reminding me. LOL. Well at least you got to learn it by yourself! I was too lazy and I’m such a procrastinator. I’ve got to change my habits.

It doesn’t look Christmassy at all! It’s a bit dead. I’ll try some other layout. Though it would be cool if I could make my own.

The rules of Kickball is almost the same as that of Baseball. But you use your feet to, well, kick.

Thanks. Haha. Well, I don’t need a phone right now, anyways.

Yeah. They’re awesome. I took a picture of them before my mom wrapped them, but I took the pic with my dad’s camera and he brought it to work. I’ll up load it…. maybe later. Cool Japanese umbrellas! I’d like to see one of those.

Anyways, that sucks. I would never survive if I was told to be the one to say names on stage 5 minutes before the program.

Why would your boss say you’re no help? I guess it’s their fault because they didn’t give you enough time to rehearse.

I guess it isn’t so bad. The “little kiddos” won’t care or pay much attention, anyways. Well if they were High Schoolers or something then they’d know how to react properly when people make mistakes. ;)

Ooh, cool! I’d like to be in a band someday. But I’m way to shy. But I guess someday I’ll get over it.

That must suck. They should’ve given you guys more microphones.

Yeah, we all hate being on stage. But I guess we could never run away from it.

(Whoot for me because I didn’t use that much smiles! :P)

Aw man , sad for you . But then , on the bright side , its over XD
Anyways, prior to your tag , glad you liked the website :P Now there are more twilight hate sites but they are all like selling merchandise just to use twilight :(

I love the new layout Georgie ! Reminds me of how close Valentine’s Day is. Winter is so expensive for me. Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Harry’s birthday ..he’s okay with not getting lots of presents so I guess that’s good, hehehehe (;

I really love your header image. It’s so sexy ! lol. Keep this layout up for a while.

Do you have to make an image for every blog title ?

Ahh reading this blog is so painful ! I’m just imagining you on that stage with all that messy stuff happening. I’m so sorry ! Man I wish your advisor organized it a bit better. I think you did the best you could do with what you had.

Are you all ready for Christmas ?

I really wanted to do Japanese as a language but I got kicked out because it was overfull. :( Japanese is awesomeee :) But I’m doing French next year so, um bon something xD

Teachers tend to do that rigging thing…:P

Pah. Doesn’t he like sport? Sport is fun ^^

Woah, a group of 20″?! How did you guys survive?! Seriously xD Didn’t you guys have like fights or anything? :S

xD iPhones are too professional for me :P I’m a bit too simple for iPhones (H)

Aw D: I’m sure everyone has their fair share of stuff ups! Today for our play, I was meant to be James Bond and halfway through my lines, I stood there like an idiot and I forgot what to do for my act and ughh, it was just terrible :( You should’ve had more run throughs so you can get the hang of it :P but I doubt the kids really cared so mmm. Sorry to hear that though!

It’s me again! I don’t mean to spam. Last night when writing the comment, I forgot to mention the new layout. I woke up this morning and thought of it so here I am haha.

It is by far my favorite that I’ve ever seen from you. You are really excelling at the whole typography thing. I love everything about it.. amazing job, m’dear!

Ouch, that sucks. WHY would they right acronyms anyway? It’s just easier to have the whole word written out so that you can read it.

I dislike presenting too!

Oh wow, that really would be something for me to do!! I suck on stage, I get so scared when I see all these faces staring at me (at least that’s how it feels) so I get al sweaty, red, and I am going to talk or really fast, or really slow, or both! Basically means that one sentence goes so fast you can hardly hear it, and the other one is so slow that you think: Is this going to eennnnd? LOL

Although, Cho and Lysla aren’t pet mice, but gerbils. :P But they look kinda like mice though (except for the ears(they’re smaller) and the tail (it’s hairy))

On-stage embarrassments are not cool. JUST NOT COOL.

Your blog title really fits the post. That’s a change. ;) I love the randomness of your blog titles! /bounce

And yeah, everyone does think you’re a creep. /ehh I had to do something a little similar to you once, except it was a play in assembly. One person wasn’t there so they asked me to fill in their part – just three lines and stuff, but I fell down the fucking stage stairs, goddamn it.

Plus, I suck at acting. /argh
Not a good start to the day, heh.

Wow, they only told you 5 minutes before? That’s very very very late notice. The least they could do was put the fucking certificates in order, goddamn it. 💥 THAT WOULD HELP.

And the trophies, arrrrggghhhhh. They could have been in some kind of order too.

I wouldn’t’ve guessed what all of those things meant, and I certainly would have forgotten too. I’m really not good at working out those kind of things. Education titles/ rewards can just be CONFUSING. @_@

I think you did amazingly for five minutes notice. ♥


Your boss is a bitch. /hmph Maybe she should have either

a) expressed that she appreciated your help in an ENCOURAGING way
b) She should have ORDERED THE FUCKING STUFF (yes, yes, indeed)
c) Reminded you about the stupid title things, anacronyms (whatever they are, you know I can’t spell it 😰 ) and their meanings

Yes, B is so important it has to go on twice. 🙄

I suck at drama or being on stage, even with rehearsals. I once had to be Scrooge in… Scrooge.
Worst time of my life. You see you had to audition for Scrooge if you wanted to be in the actual play, and I wanted a little speaking part or something so, I auditioned. And obviously it had to be good, but not TOO good, otherwise I’d get the part.

And if I got the part, it obviously tells you about the acting standards at my old school. LMAO.

But they normally give the main parts to the older kids, and I was the second eldest in the school at the time and before that, I had been a narrator for SIX bloody years.

Six. D:

AND I asked if I could have a smaller part and the bitch of a teacher blackmailed me and said that if I didn’t do it, my end-of-year report, and the one that was going to be sent to the secondary school I am now at, would be “tampered with”, to quote.


Aw, you were almost crying. :( I know the times. But you gotta stay strong; ’cause life will go on. (Y)

I like the “traditional” party food, like sausage rolls, hehe.

I’ve never been in a band, and never intend to be. I remember visiting the band website once, haha. I thought it was quite cool about the band.

Not cool about your mics stuffing up. :/

The Holocaust is terrible. :( I hope we move on to a different topic after Christmas!

If I followed a religion properly, I would definitely not shove it in people’s faces. That’s rude and disrespectful.

Oh no, I think she’s just very very very proud of being Sikh and let’s other people know… a bit too much about it. :/ Besides, I am not becoming Sikh any time soon lol. Wouldn’t suit me.

Drunk fags suck.

My mum’s just getting used to it. *sigh* We just start talking and then she gets annoyed at me and moans about my homework, that I’m not doing it when I should, etc., etc. Well how does she know? /bash


Hehe my dancing style is… unique, to be polite. Known.

Notorious is closer to the mark, lmfao. I only dance when I’m hyper (sugar rush! /faw ) or am with friends. :)

Yes, I did. /um
And I’m listening to them right now, too. XD Breaking Benjamin are too cool, and are just an everyday for me. But MCR will always be my favourite! I broke out “The Black Parade” the other day and pissed off my sister, heh. Good times.

Fightstar based this whole layout! 8D Which I love, by the way. :) I think the red is a bit bright though. Like you mentioned in your last blog (which I just read), it isn’t your best work. But it’s still good!

Poets of the Fall! I haven’t listened to them in a while. I love “Carnival of Rust”.

Yups… but earphones are still better. ;D Headphones are retro, and I’m not really a retro type of person. 🤤

Whoooo, 8 batteries? That’s quite a lot. My CD player only used two, but it went flat every month or so.

That’s what I thought. I hate ads.

Your friend was probably right. /poo

Well obviously they didn’t SAY that, but that was the basic idea. Like “you are only nine years old but I feel that I shall traumatise you by making you witness CPR on this fine male specimen, whilst we go to the second floor”.

Oh haha yeah. Very expensive for the film!

I think anyone could catch up with someone carrying a sticker machine. XD

Aw I hope you get better soon. ♥

Take care! xx

Hello Jorja! Still not back, eh? Well I’m returning your comment pretty late too, considering I am going to blog tonight. /um

Ah, I tried to make the title fit! You know I love AFS.

Aww, I hope you weren’t too hurt from that. Usually nothing goes wrong for me. In front of a bunch of people it’s all just too intimidating.

Unfortunately not. They weren’t even in alphabetical order either. No help at all. And it’s not like the abbreviations were common ones either. 😰

Thank you! *hugs*

Haha, I know. I was just shaking and nearly going to cry. She damn well should have organised the shit.

That definitely does tell me something. Or, Jorja, you could secretly be very good and just didn’t realise it until they chose you. :P

Though Scrooge doesn’t seem like a hard part to act. I think I told you about the script I wrote where I wrote myself as the wicked witch. Now that was fun. :)

Oh, narrator! In the script I wrote (well, I wrote it with a friend), we put in the narrator, but because we wanted to make it crazy, we actually wrote him into the actual play and made the bears (in the play) harass him. XD

Wow. Way to go. /hmph That sounds ridiculous. No need to be a threatening whore. Be honest about it and tell them why they got the part. I’m sure it was for an okay reason, like you were good at it, but she didn’t have to be such a turd. /poo

Oh, they didn’t have sausage rolls because this party was sort of in the evening. Lots of lollies though!

Ew. I remember the band. Absolute suckage. And the site, too. D:

We will! No more about the Holocaust. :)

Haha I don’t think Sikh would suit me either. She must have been very enthusiastic. That’s a good thing.

I agree. My mum is the same. Little things tick her off. Or when we’re having a normal conversation, she somehow finds a way to weave some fault of mine in the conversation and get mad.

I dance all the time! With friends, at home, alone…

Thank you! Haha, yes. I wanted the red to stand out though… kudos to me for doing something unique, maybe? Hopefully. :P

I haven’t listened to POTF in a while. Yes, I remember; you told me that you really like Carnival of Rust. :)

I’m very retro, on the other hand. /bounce

LOL, evil doctors. XD

Possibly, unless you’re Bruce Lee or someone who actually has the ability to carry a sticker photo machine.

I’m well, I’m well! I don’t appear to have a cold anymore. My nose is just a tad runny, but it could be from the scorching heat too. :P

Ooh no!

I would be ready to cry as well. 😳 😳 I think that was kind of mean of your boss though…I mean maybe you just got nervous…and since you couldn’t remember the abbreviations, it’s only natural to be kind of froze in the head lights.

I hate getting up in front of people and speaking on a stage. When I was little I used to have this horrible nasal sounding voice and kids made fun of me when I talked. I ended up not talking a whole lot, so that would’ve killed me there.

You’re brave for doing that. And I’m sure you’ll get back into the swing of things after you’ve been back in the spotlight again!

Woah! That was indeed a nightmare! Stuttering on the microphone was already pretty bad, plus the whole trophies flying thing. It must have been hard. *hugs* But you must recover from it and forget it. XD I hope you had already gotten over it.

I have stage fright too. I guess we all have that, just that we have different intensities. XD When I was younger, I hated it when either my knees or voice would shake. I was able to control it now, but my hands would be sweaty. There was even a time when we were having a report on something and I was sweating a lot even though we were on an air-conditioned room. :S

I’d rather clean than be up on stage. XD

WOW. You sang? XD I bet your voice was good, just that the microphone messed you guys up.

Aww, thank you! I was afraid that it the colors were horrible. I was quite surprised when I heard that from you since you are one of the honest and frank people who give constructive criticisms. XD

I love using containers too. Before the centered layout came in the picture, transforming my layout to a centered one was really a bother for me, not knowing that it would only take one line and a container. Haha.

That person tweets nearly every minute? He/she must have flooded your homepage. XD I sometimes tweet using our language here, so pardon me if you don’t understand it. :X

During stage performances, they would always tell you to smile, unless you’re doing a play. It wouldn’t be right to always smile and the scene looks serious. Haha.

Really? THAT easy? You’re tempting me again. Hahaha. If I win another domain, that’s a sign that I’d make a fnalisting. XD I’m always at a loss for coming up with what to do with a domain or so.

Awwe! I hate it when things are unorganized, it doesn’t help anyone! Its ridiculous =/

I feel for you though, something like that happened to me. I was handing out sheets for something and there were several people in each class. They weren’t organized by class, so I was going back and forth. UGH! I must have ticked off many teachers that day xD

Oh! Poor Georgie! I knocked a table with my hip and all the things on it fell off! I was mortified D: I wanted to cry too, because it was a huge fundraiser and we were handing out little containers of food for the athletes (it was a track event) and the organizer looked like she wanted to kill me. Things happen though, right? *hugs*

Microphones are public enemy #1 -.-” In the play we hand last year, we had to come out infront of the stage for the opening number. So there was a microphone there, mostly the stand because it was extended up to the stage, and one of the guys walked into it! It was funny :3

Sorry for adding all these additional life stories, it won’t happen again 😳

Congratulations on your exam! I’m so glad that you passed :D I guarantee you, you will get sick of the snow after a week lol :P

I was so happy they were my friends, well most of them! If the ones I didn’t know had cracked a bad joke, I know the ones I did know would have gotten upset :) They’re like brothers I never had…very distant ones :P

You are officially 1/100th Canadian Georgie, you said “eh?” :P Just kidding, people make such horrible stereotypes about other countries :P

I’m always worried about embarrassing myself too. It sucks sometimes. But yeah, at least you didn’t get fired. (:

Btw bb, your site doesn’t work for me. :( Well, it does, but the layout is screwed up.. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using linux now.. but that shouldn’t make a difference because I am still using firefox.

Oohh. I didn’t notice that. Before I wrote the blog it was perfectly centered and now it disappeared.

Well I just put it in the sidebar now so that works =]

Aw I have a stage-fright O_O My body always shakes on the stage. Well I love talking in public though, but my stage-fright ruined everything, gah.

Aw that was such an embarrassing moment :( So sorry about that. I would surely cry if I were you. At least you could handle it at last :) Just be more careful next time XD

Wheee I love lollies! I even called the ‘lolly-girl’ when I was in elementary school, LOL. I don’t eat it a lot anymore because I’m afraid my teeth will hurt :(

Aha I still think you’re much better than me XD I only know some guitar chords. I can’t even do the F chord. My fingers are so thin and small; I can’t reach the strings XD

Yup he replied to some of his fans :) He read my tweet though, but he didn’t reply it. LOL I know it because once he replied to someone’s tweet on twitter I looked for it on the twitter search and guess what, that tweet he replied was above mine! That means he probably read mine but not replying to it, LOL.

I got my report card today and I got the 2nd place in Indonesian curriculum and the 1st in the English one, like what I’ve predicted (H) I have 50 points lesser than the 1st rank. Haha I will try harder next time! :D

Oh yeah fishballs are yummy! It’s cheaper than sushi too. I bought five pieces of them for $1, LOL. Everything in Indonesia is cheap, eh? Haha.

My mom also dislikes Japanese food XD She can’t eat raw food. She’s okay with udon and soba though.

Aha actually the spicy food was soup, and I ate it with rice but it was too spicy still. LOL that’s why I drank three glasses of water XD

Woot my parents also like spicy food! Even everyone in my mom’s family 0.o I can’t eat my aunt’s cooking because it’s too spicy for me. Indonesian loves spicy food, I guess.

LOL I love Indonesian food as well :D It’s cooked with many spices so the tastes are varied :)

OMG that’s so horrible! I would’ve been mortified for knocking over the trophies like that! I’m sorry that happened to you. Sometimes it just gets the best of us when we’re up on stage. I remember this one time when I was in elementary school, I was in special ed class, and we had to put on this show for everyone to watch. I walked on stage, carrying a piece of paper upside down (I didn’t realize it was upside down), and then I looked down and saw that it was facing towards me and went whoops. I also couldn’t remember my lines. I was like huh? Huh? lol.

Like I said it gets to the best of us, but I’m glad that you had a little party afterwards. Now is that cherry cordial? You’re talking about? Or just cordial cake?

I wish I knew how to play an instrument. But I only know how to play a little bit on the piano. But I’m not very good at remembering the notes and such. How hard is it to remember the guitar?


Sorry ’bout that Georgina, clicked the wrong the button…

@vanessa, what you’re gonna stalk me here now too?

Oh gosh! I don’t know what I would have done! At least you stuck it out though and finished. Other people (like me!) would have ran off the stage and never went back period.

I haven’t heard anything from Carolyn since the day of the “blow up” . I think she’s going to be staying away from here for a while, come to find out her little boyfriend called my mom white trash to her face, that isn’t going to fly with me.

Wow, that sounded terrible. It’s not your fault that the list wasn’t in alphabetical order and the trophies weren’t in place.
I’m terrible at public speaking and being on stage. My legs won’t stop shaking :P
Oh, and I love your new layout. I am terrible with layouts. My next one will be in 2 years. :P

I can’t seem to comment on your website, so I’m commenting here. Sorry about that! This was my comment:

Yeah, bah! I’m glad it’s over though.

Whenever I’m on stage doing something musical, especially on the guitar, my leg always shakes so goddamn uncontrollably.

Thank you!

Haha, you put up a new layout! I love the colours! I like the pictures in the header too.

You must be super relieved that school is over. :P I always went to school, even on the last day. The last day was full of random stuff and we usually just had ‘lunch’ the whole day. Well, it was a good day to spend with friends before the break, LOL.

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas, and nearly 2010 too. :O

Congratulations on the good marks in maths! I don’t remember my stupid resolutions but I think it was generally to ‘do well’ in university. Which I sort of did… :P

Oh, wow; i think I couldn’t survive dancing 20 minutes for an exam especially if It’s ballet. :P

LOL about your parents. XD Yeah, I sure hope they will like it. They’re really disappointed with me nowadays ..

You do?! I didn’t know that! I’ll go check them out. /hehe

– – – – –

Oh my. That sucks. A lot. 😰 I wonder if someone got it on cam .. /ho

Anyway, It’s all just an accident (: At least you agreed to help your boss right? I wouldn’t since I would rather spend time on the computer than going on the stage and pass those trophies. XD

Yeah, I agree; especially when we’re gonna be performing solo. I tried it once and I went /huh when I saw the audience. I was so nervous when I started singing, my voice broke when I reached the high part of the song. /hmph

I love typography so I naturally love this new layout!

Aw that is kind of .. understandable. Honestly I’d probably be really flustered, frustrated, & embarrassed had I been in your shoes! Jeebus…but I know what you mean. There are days when you’re perfectly okay with being on stage & other days you’re just like..”k not in the mood.” It happens! Your boss shouldn’t have put you up to such a ridiculous task after only 5 minutes of prepping!!

Are you parents going to let you hop on a plane to NJ for a concert? I hope they do! A trip to the US would be fun. Not in NJ though, New Jersey is the armpit of America. ahaha you’d have to visit New York!! It’s one of my favorite states other than my own. :)

I’ve never had the vegemite here before..wait I don’t even think we have a version or at least I don’t know of it. In 6th grade, I had a friend who was from Australia & she brought vegemite to school & warned us that it would taste kind of disgusting to most of us but for some reason I loved it. I think it’s because I like weird stuff such as anchovies & caviar. :) But seriously, vegemite! Just e-mail me once you find out whether or not you have swedish fish! I’ll send you some! I can’t think of things we have that you don’t have but if you can think of something that you’ve wanted to try, let me know! I’ll send it. :) It’ll be like a christmas present!!!

Oh yeah my classmate is 31. He’s been married to his wife for 7 years. It’s really sweet. I honestly thought he was crazy & an idiot for getting married to her so soon but then I met my boyfriend & I was like, “ohhhhhh I get it.” hahaha it happens I guess. LOVE HAPPENS! ahaha. btw if you’re into movies (i know some people aren’t..i don’t know why but anyway..) i recommend watching this romantic comedy called Away We Go. It’s with John Krasinski (Jim from the Office! if you don’t watch that show..YOU SHOULD START!!!) & Mia Rudolph (She’s on Saturday Night Live. I don’t know if you guys get SNL..? or even heard of it ..? I really don’t know haha you gotta tell me these things. You gotta enlighten me!!) Anyway…it’s a really cute movie. Well, it’s HILARIOUS…omg watch it with James. I think you both will find it hilarious. Basically, it’s about this couple that travel around trying to find a place to move to to raise their daughter. (She’s preggers.) But it’s hilarious. I think the plot is meh but omg the scenes are so funny. It’s kind an indie movie so it might be hard to find.

Oh no, that doesn’t sound too great. At least you did it though. I know some people that would’ve run away if anything went wrong. My friend was in a performance not long ago and during a dance routine she fell over, then ran off the stage in embarrassment. O_O I think that’s the worst thing you can do really.

I know what you mean about the whole being on stage thing. I’m used to being on stage too as I act and I used to dance, but there’s certain situations that I wouldn’t be too happy in. I don’t particularly like doing presentations at uni when I’m thrown up in front of hundreds of people, yet I could act, sing or dance in front of thousands. I guess it really depends on the circumstances as to how confident or comfortable you feel on stage or in front of people.

My sister Kerry told me to visit your site because I could get some good things for my site. :)
I really like it and I might get Kerry to help me use some things.

It’s still not normal, but that’s okay! I can deal with it. (:

Oh I bet it was terrible. I probably would’ve cried myself, but I’m glad you didn’t.

Yeah that was way in the past, everyone just laughed it off and joked. Not made fun of me but they cheered me on. lol. I was like cool but embarrassed.

Hmmm, I don’t think we have cordial here in the states. Or at least in California. If I’m mistaken someone tell me otherwise. But they sound tasty. Is it like wine cooler or just like cider?

As far as my website goes yes I have been working on it. I still need to add a meatloaf typography layout. But I dunno what to do. I got Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga and Nickelback lyrics. Any suggestions would be nice. He has a sh*t load of songs to choose from.

Oh I know! I can’t wait for christmas. I bet my dad hasn’t even started my shopping. He usually waits till the last minute. I really want a nintendo wii + wii fit. But knowing him I’ll probably get $200.00 like usual. He’s not the kind that likes christmas. Ah well. I guess with that money I could either save it up for my trip to england or taiwan, or I could purchase nitendo wii. What do you think? I also want to go to Australia.

I think we all say “um” a lot. It’s just one of those words we use a lot when we’re trying to think of what else to say lol. Don’t ask me why, but that’s what I think.

omgg i hate standing infront of an audience, not because i have stage friehgt, but because im always scared i’ll make a mistake or something !!
just be glad its over? haha :)

Oh dear! I think that really that’s always the way things go, when you don’t feel nervous or everything is abit rushed, it tends to go wrong. The other day in my drama class, we made some last minute changes and one of the people forgot their cue and then performed the wrong scene too late, so it all got messed up. But luckily the teacher said we could either perform it again, or he would grade us on our rehearsals.

Oh, my Hamlet essay isn’t finished! That was only my draft version. Now I have to make improvements and write it up to submit it for the final grading. I got an A on the draft though, so I’m happy with that seeing as it’ll rise after the improvements have been made.

I decided I would draw my new layout by hand and scan it in and then render it, but my printer has broken :/ so I’m trying to think of a new idea. xD

I just wanted to let you know that seeing as Olivia at (as you probally know, having adopted a domain from her) isn’t hosting domains anymore, I’ve applied for hosting with you :) I hope you accept me!

It’s weird how this subject cropped up for you recently, I have the exact same thing (sort of!) to go through tomorrow. It’s the awards assembly at school tomorrow, and I have to get my gold award. I know that’s nothing compared to what you did today, but I just hate being in front of a crowd.

At least you managed to sort out the falling trophies accident. They can’t really blame you, since you only had 5 minutes to prepare.

That must have been so embarrassing for the microphones to break. People should really prepare for that happening!

It’s okay haha! I didn’t actually realise the colours were similar until you pointed it out. My observation and comparison skills are lacking right now.

My friend taught himself how to play guitar using tutorials on the internet, he’s really good! My dad does that too, but we won’t go into my dads guitar ‘playing’…

Usually on those streaming live sites, loads of creepers start commenting. They did on mine, sending me private messages asking me to call them. D:

Yeah I love Dailybooth! It’s a great way to show and tell people about stuff from your day.

My offline friends take everything I say online the wrong way. It upsets me because I’m only trying to express my feelings. :(

He stalked you on your site?! If my friends ever found out about my actual site, ah, I’d go crazy!

Sam was even going to my friend “I keep telling her about it to make her jealous!”. When I found that out, I went crazy.

Haha thank you, my offline ‘friends’ don’t seem to think so though.

I’ve changed my URL again so she has no choice but to stay well the heck away from my blog. :)

Well, today she tried to give it me but I had to return it to her because I’d already ordered a new one. :| She’s giving it to another friend now though.

Woah, I didn’t think The Saturdays had been discovered in other countries yet! :D

I ended up keeping her present for myself…it was only bubble bath! :P

Well I don’t really mind I guess. You have to suck it up xD Aw :( You could always go to my school – Music elective is really small :P They accept everyone and you even get a trophy when you complete it xD Aw. That music teacher sounds like a real jerk.

Yes..tres bien XD my French is a bit rusty…

LOL. My phone is made for me…hehe. But I wouldn’t mind the N97…its. so. sexy. !!

Aw, I don’t think the parents would mind. They can’t blame you for not having it rehearsed properly and yeah :/ I doubt they cared. They probably care more about the child getting the award than the trophies falling :P

Awwh~ I would be so embarrass @.@! Usually we have two person for that job. One reading the names and the other search for the trophies or 2 if it’s not in alphabetical order. Well hey, at least you didn’t cry =P

There’s one time when a girl was dancing her solo and her strap came off but she continued to dance till the end. She was crying after her solo was over. :( Though, her solo was good. Everyone had their finger crossed when that happened.

Well, the shading was a pain doing it because I have the mix the color to get whatever color I needed (the tile absorbed the paint /hmph ) and usually each time I mix it doesn’t came out the exact shade /argh (I only have the basic colors, white, black, yellow, red and blue).

It can be any type of dance as long as it meets the requirement and one of them is 1-2min long. The instructor haven’t gave us the packet of information yet.

Guess what :D I won both of my individual games in bowling against a guy! (Guys tends to be better at it for some reason =)

i love being on stage, not that i love basking in all the attention and all, but i just feel comfortable up there, cos like you i’ve been performing on stage, in fact since kindergarten :/

that said, i feel terrible for you! about what happened with the trophies and all O_O it must have been really horrible. i was just wondering though, when you said your boss muttered to you about being of no help, was he like, berating you? or was that just a casual comment in jest? because i live in an asian country, i’ve always wondered about asians who live among the whites, like are people less forgiving of asians at work/school? /huh

ps: you can reply me here!

Ohmigosh, I would have been so embarassed.

Hopefully you have a speedy recovery :)

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the new layout ♥ It’s pretty. I like all the fonts. :D Are the words from a song or something?

Ohhh, *hugs* sorry about the whole trophy thing. It happens to the best of us. :P It’s not your fault.

And that kind of happened to me too… today. See, we had to present masks in collegio. And my teacher called on me. Big surprise. I really had no problem with being called on, but I didn’t think I would have to go up in front of half the class (about 25 people) and talk about my mask. When he said we were splitting into groups (at he assigned the assignment) I thought he meant groups of four. But no, I was surprised when he said we’re presenting in front of everyone.

I knew what I was going to say and all. I had my reflection right in front of me. But I decided to just talk about my mask. But there’s just something about being up in front of a group of people like that.. hearing only MY voice that throws me off. I mean, if other people were talking, I think I would have been fine.

But then I get up there… silence. And I start talking and I could feel my voice all shaking and being how it normally is. And I was like… crap I’m shaking. I always shake a bit and I have to fidget in order to make it less noticable. But you could tell I was nervous because of my voice. Gah, I was like… eep. But I got what I wanted to say across.. After stuttering a gajillion times because looking at my teacher… just watching me is like ack. /bash


Hahaha, apparently you aren’t the only one who does not like saying, “no regrets.” I suppose you’re right but really, no regrets is like saying I’m done with the past… no need to regret it. At least that’s how Kuya thinks of it.

Like I said, it’s always easier said than done. I can say I’m done with it, but deep inside I might not be. :P That’s just how things are I suppose.

I think its because I haven’t played piano so vigourously in a long time. Usually, I play but not so.. intensely.

The song is AMAZING. I love the song, Wedding Dress. You so have to look up the music video. It’s amazing :D

We broke our bridges today. And ours held up the minimum… for like ten seconds. Hahaha, fail. :P

Yeah, some people are like “YOU’RE RELIGION IS F’N STUPID.” O.o That’s just terrible. The book we’re reading in English class at the moment is all about how Europeans did that. I’m like, they’re stupid for thinking they could convert Africans by totally dissing their beliefs. There’s some truth in everything.

I’ve gone bi-polar is what has happened. No wonder this year is so icky. :P I’ll find some way to get rid of the negative feelings. Often, I find playing piano helps. ^^

There’s just something about the fact that I’m Filipino that makes me say hi to people even though I don’t know them. Well not, really me. But my mom… she just goes up to random people and is like HI, I KNOW YOU… MAYBE. Hahaha.

WOW!!! Talk about the worst of luck hun! Awe…c’mere *Warm Hugz*

That sucked big time and your boss ain’t make matters any easier…gurlfriend shoulda kept her own personal thoughts about your performance to herself! I woulda said “Are You Okay Sweetie? You Seem A Bit Out Of It Today…” or something along those lines…I would never put down anyone who was trying to help me out…

Awe…sorry to hear you had a bad on stage experience hun…clearly the organization was not your fault unless it was you who arranged the trophies than yah I can see where you are coming from here but still…it is whoever organized the trophies originally who is at fault not urs or anyone elses.

You probaly got nervous and freaked when shit started to go wrong and of course you going to stumble and make a few mistakes but tis only natural when things are not going as planned for you to panic. Who wouldn’t?! Tis all normal – don’t be too hard on yourself hun!

Have a good one sweetie!


Hi :)

Oh man, that sucks what happened. I know that I would have been the exact same way except I would’ve cried lol. Just out of curiosity, why did they choose you last minute?

BTW, love that layout :D

Bleh, I hate things un-organised when it comes to business or presentation. It can get so frustrating -_-
I think of the gas company when I think of AGL XD

I always go red or get nervous on stage -_- which is why I tend to avoid it XD

D: You had a band! When I was like 10 me and my friends attempted to create a band. It sucked. XD

Thanks (: The kittens are adorable. I wish I could keep them all, haha. If I had my own place, I definitely would! It was very shocking when it all happened, and gross, but the kittens were worth it. At the moment my stomach started to churn, I wish I hadn’t watched. I really didn’t think I’d feel sick from watching, but I did, lol.

Yeah. The sex toys thing, haha. Everyone is completely thinking I’m like all weird and stuff. It’s completely natural to use things like that solo & in a relationship AND the site has like lingerie and stuff too, haha. I feel awkward now.

I’m really in love with that dang header. You’re amazing at that stuff.

Ha, I would have been so embarrassed if all that happened, but that’s just my anxiety. The worse part is is I get completely RED in the face like even if I’m just a little shy, mad, or embarrassed. I can’t even help it and it makes me mad, lol. I don’t like speaking in front of crowds either. And at least you make it interesting, but they could have organized it a little more, lol.