All To Myself

New layout, roar. I haven’t returned all comments – I’ll be honest, I have felt very lazy today. This layout features lyrics from songs by Fightstar. If you have a problem reading the text (it’s a little on the small side) let me know and I’ll make it bigger, of course. πŸ™‚

Yes, it’s another typography layout. I couldn’t help myself. And this one strays a little to the dark side rather than the bright layout I had, but I think the lighter greys brighten it up a bit.

I know it’s not my best work but if you could suggest improvements, that would be amazing. I’ve named it One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours. Super long, I know… πŸ˜›

Ashley suggested I listen to some Marianas Trench, so I looked them up on YouTube and downloaded some of their songs. I love their music so far! It usually takes me a lot to get into an artist’s music but Marianas Trench sounded great from the first few songs I heard, and I’ll definitely be looking into their music more. πŸ˜„

As for my ballet exam, it went alright. I remember being so exhausted halfway through. I mean, so much work crammed into twenty minutes is pretty epic. There were four of us doing the exam, including me, and at the end when we were all at the back of the hall, together and ready to perform the final dance, we could hear each other breathing heavily. 😰

I’m sure I passed. I hope I pass with a good grade though. I will receive my certificate on Thursday.

Today my dad bought a cheap rubber case for my iPod touch. It was meant to be for an iPhone but it still fits alright. It’s a little loose because iPhones are thicker… I was considering getting an iPhone so that I could give Brandon my iPod (he really, really wants it!). I still need to think over it though. I bought my iPod not long ago.

In website news, I am transferring the domain (this domain, to NameCheap from Website Domains. I think it will be a lot easier when all my domains are in the same account. I’m sure there won’t be too much downtime, but no need to panic either. πŸ™‚

Laura [tweet?] and I have been going on about Ben Jorgensen all day… we share the same love for him. πŸ˜† 😍

She also inspired me to pick up my guitar again, seeing as I haven’t played in a while. My guitar still has five strings because one of them is broken.

But, going back to Ben Jorgensen and my obsession with said singer/songwriter, I watched him on ustream today. He was live on there a few hours ago, for at least an hour. And naturally I went on there because last time he did it, I was sleeping.

It was nearly 3:00am where he was in New Jersey… πŸ˜•

I could talk and ask him questions by typing them into the chat box. So being the way that I am, I asked him to come to Australia and New Zealand (for Laura!). He’s so amazing. He went out of his way to answer nearly everyone’s questions. There were about thirty people online and he still put up with it all. He is seriously amazing.

After he said that he would come to Australia and New Zealand, I said, “Aw yay, I love you Ben! πŸ™‚”

He actually read it and physically said, “Aw, I love you too, Georgina”. 😍

/end fangirling. πŸ˜›

James has gone to bed. I miss him already. 😞

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