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New layout, roar. I haven’t returned all comments – I’ll be honest, I have felt very lazy today. This layout features lyrics from songs by Fightstar. If you have a problem reading the text (it’s a little on the small side) let me know and I’ll make it bigger, of course. :)

Yes, it’s another typography layout. I couldn’t help myself. And this one strays a little to the dark side rather than the bright layout I had, but I think the lighter greys brighten it up a bit.

I know it’s not my best work but if you could suggest improvements, that would be amazing. I’ve named it One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours. Super long, I know… :P

Ashley suggested I listen to some Marianas Trench, so I looked them up on YouTube and downloaded some of their songs. I love their music so far! It usually takes me a lot to get into an artist’s music but Marianas Trench sounded great from the first few songs I heard, and I’ll definitely be looking into their music more. :D

As for my ballet exam, it went alright. I remember being so exhausted halfway through. I mean, so much work crammed into twenty minutes is pretty epic. There were four of us doing the exam, including me, and at the end when we were all at the back of the hall, together and ready to perform the final dance, we could hear each other breathing heavily. 😰

I’m sure I passed. I hope I pass with a good grade though. I will receive my certificate on Thursday.

Today my dad bought a cheap rubber case for my iPod touch. It was meant to be for an iPhone but it still fits alright. It’s a little loose because iPhones are thicker… I was considering getting an iPhone so that I could give Brandon my iPod (he really, really wants it!). I still need to think over it though. I bought my iPod not long ago.

In website news, I am transferring the domain (this domain, to NameCheap from Website Domains. I think it will be a lot easier when all my domains are in the same account. I’m sure there won’t be too much downtime, but no need to panic either. :)

Laura [tweet?] and I have been going on about Ben Jorgensen all day… we share the same love for him. XD /love

She also inspired me to pick up my guitar again, seeing as I haven’t played in a while. My guitar still has five strings because one of them is broken.

But, going back to Ben Jorgensen and my obsession with said singer/songwriter, I watched him on ustream today. He was live on there a few hours ago, for at least an hour. And naturally I went on there because last time he did it, I was sleeping.

It was nearly 3:00am where he was in New Jersey… @_@

I could talk and ask him questions by typing them into the chat box. So being the way that I am, I asked him to come to Australia and New Zealand (for Laura!). He’s so amazing. He went out of his way to answer nearly everyone’s questions. There were about thirty people online and he still put up with it all. He is seriously amazing.

After he said that he would come to Australia and New Zealand, I said, “Aw yay, I love you Ben! :)”

He actually read it and physically said, “Aw, I love you too, Georgina”. /love

/end fangirling. :P

James has gone to bed. I miss him already. :(

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Love it! I love typography layouts! You have a good eye for design. Any time I try to make a typography layout, it comes out crap ~__~;;

. . . I really do like this, though! Love the typography and the colours! You did great!

YAAAAAAY! For this awesome new layout ♥ /bounce /love I can’t see the header image thing because my net is capped… /wah But I love the colour scheme. I really love grey right now. I have no idea why, but it’s soooo cool…^^…And I like how you used red and grey because they contrast… :) Very cool. I LOVE THE HEARTS THAT COME UP WHEN YOU HOVER OVER YOUR TAB THINGS :D /bounce

Lol, I have no idea what typography is /um

Marianas Trench. Okay, I will download some of their songs as soon as I uncap. Which is thankfully soon :)

Wow, 20 minutes? That sounds pretty epic for a piano exam D: BUT IT IS OVER! And I am sure you will get a very awesome mark. 👏 I predict either A or A+ :P

Ooooh! What colour case is it? Has it got a cool pattern? :O Hehehehe! Or is it like my mobile phone case. Completely clear? Is it even possible to have clear, see-through rubber? O_O

Ben Jorg is so cool…^^…So you can be forgiven for stalking him. At least you’re stalking someone very cool, awesome and amazing. Unlike me who spend ages stalking a fictional character /um Haha! Oh well.

It was so nice of him to take the time to respond to everyone, even though there were heaps of people. And YAAAAAAY! They’re coming to Australia ✌️

Don’t worry! I think I gave you a preview sometime on MSN, so you know sort of what it looks like. ;)

My friend thinks that more contrast should be put in. Well I like how it is now, and most people seem to be giving good feedback (save the dullness of the layout and the greys).

First time I’ve done an image-kinda-thing on the navigation! 👏

Typography! Basically what I did on this layout and the old layout. Playing with words and text in an artistic way. When you uncap you should Google some examples. /bounce

Hooray! At least the three of us (you, James, I) are uncapping soon. :)

Well, I’m sure an exam for piano is similar to ballet (you meant ballet, right?). Just a whole year’s worth of work in one blob. O_O

Aww it’s a boring black! You saw on my photoblog. Not all that cool. :P

Laura does the same… she stalked his photos on Facebook! And that’s where she found him with the cute hair at his formal. /bounce

Oh, you’ll get over it! *pokes* You have a real guy to stalk… sorta… maybe… XD

They have to come! /bounce

This layout is amazing and cool!

I don’t have problems reading the text, they are just fine, so don’t worry.

Well, the layout change is a big change because from a lively and lovely layout to a little dull and lonely type of layout. I mean, there’s only grey so it looks a bit dull, though well, it matches the image :)

I like all the hover-over hearts in the navigations, though if it could go in different colors that would be fine and better. It might make it look livelier.

Hmm. I have never heard of Marianas Trench before. I will check it out tomorrow because I am playing Bowling Buddies on Facebook now, heheheheh.

I hope you pass the ballet exam, though you should one day show us a picture of you in your ballet shoes and costume, you will definitely look nice :)

Yes, if all the domains were in the same account that would be easier. I have two domains in my NameCheap account currently :P

LOL. I expect you to wear a T-Shirt featuring Ben Jorgensen tomorrow since you are a big fan of him. I’ve never been so addicted to someone before.

Wow! You’ve got a guitar? My friend has one too. She is so lucky, eight years old, one guitar. She’s too rich, i guess.

Wow! You would then get a chance to meet him. Lucky girl, i don’t have a chance to meet Taylor Swift…

:) Alright bye!

Awww this new layout looks so sweet! I love it very much! Nothing wrong with typography layout, I think it suits you better :)

Hahaha! Marianas Trench. Isn’t that the deepest trench in the ocean? The one in the Pacific? Wow, I didn’t expect a music band would name themselves that. LOL.

It’s good to have the domains together under one host. Easier to manage. But it sucks when the host is down, all your sites are down as well. You just gotta make the right decision.

I’m confident you’ll pass your exam. I am not too sure about mine though. I think I could pass it but it’s a matter of whether I scored it or not.

OOOOOOO!!! Sorry i can’t help it. You talked to Ben and he replied to you back! And he said I love you too back to you, awwwwwwww that’s really really sweet! *heartbeat goes faster**dreamy mode*

Hahaha! I never knew Hanukah/Hanukkah could be spelt Chanukah. Oh well, something for me to learn. :)

I thought so. Jedism sounds like a religion for the Jedis alright. So what do we call the practitioner of Jedism? Jedist? Jedeist? Hmm…

Yeah, it was pretty stupid for the girl to choose the phone for its color. And what makes it sadder is that, it wasn’t her own money either. I think it was her parents’. *shakes head* Some people are just too unbelievable.

Wow, this layout is so prettyyyy ♥ /love
I like this one way more than the previous one, (not that it wasn’t pretty or something) I just like this one better haha.

That dude from Busted with the song Year 3000 does Fightstar now, doesn’t he? I have heard one song of them, Pahlaniuk Laughter (don’t k now if I spell it right xD) and I really like it! /hehe

And Marianas Trench, also know a few songs of them, called Celebrity Status, Perfect and Good To You. I liked those too, but I am kind of lazy to look up more of them, cause I already know so much different artists. And it feels like when I know more and more, I can’t keep up with them :P

However, I really have no clue who Ben Jorgensen is.. Is he Norwegian/Swedish or something? :D

Oh, Georgina, this layout is awesome. ♥ The colours go so well! ;) I really love the header and also the font style. Overall, IT IS AMAZINGLY AMAZING. :) I’m sorry, but I thought I should show you how much I like it by typing the words in capital, and no, I’m not exaggerating. Typography layouts are legit, in my opinion. :D I can never make this kind of amazing layouts, I swear. I know that all I need is hard work and patience. But still, I don’t think I can have such great ideas and all. /argh

Marianas Trench? To be honest, I had not even heard of this band before. :X I will check them out since you think their songs are nice. /hehe By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, what program do you use to download songs? I’m currently used Ares for the past few years but right now, it isn’t working for some reasons. So I thought I would just download some other programs instead so that the same problem won’t occur again.

Well, I’m glad that you are passing the ballet exam. I hope that you will get good grades as well. (Y) I never got to learn ballet. I’m gonna be honest. I was really desperate and wanted to learn ballet when I was young. (Not that I’m really old now. All I meant was when I was 6-8 years old.) I thought it was the most amazing dance ever. My mom never let me learn though. For whatsoever reason. I don’t care now anyway. Even if I want to learn now, it would be too late and I don’t have much time. I even need to spare out time to practice my piano. @_@

LOL @ your dad for buying an iPhone case for your iPod Touch. Oops, I’m evil. 😏 I’ve always wanted an iPod Touch like your brother. :P I was desperate back then. My parents and my sister thought I didn’t need it… blah blah. 😰 So I decided to save up money and buy myself one someday, but the problem is, and iPod Touch costs so much here. 🤬 Well, I guess I will have to wait for a couple of years. Patience. Too bad, I don’t have that. D:

Aww, Georgie, you’re so lucky! I wish my favourite singer would even tell me that he loves me too. /bash Well, even if he reply me, I would be jumping upside down, if that’s possible. 🙄 Oh well, I’m just not as lucky as you are.

I’m so sorry I didn’t check my mistakes in my the comment I left. Forgive me please? /hehe

So, I meant to say “I’ve used Ares for the past few years but right now, it isn’t working for some reasons.”


“Well, even if he replies me, I would be jumping upside down, if that’s possible.”

I’m so sorry for the error. I DID check before clicking “Submit Comment” but… I have no idea why I didn’t see that. Sorry! Maybe I’m just so careless! X(

Aw thank you so much! :)

I’m sure that whatever you come up with is great and unique to you. I know you’re a unique person, not like those people who secretly copy other people’s style. And hard work and patience comes with practice! But despite that, we’re all good at different things. :)

They’re great! They sing rock music. :D

I don’t really use a program to download music. I don’t download it a lot so I just get it from the internet where people upload them. I had a problem with Limewire and I didn’t want to download other programs in case they gave me the same problem. Including viruses. :O

Aww, that’s a shame your mum didn’t let you learn. :( I play piano as well, but I’m not that good. I quit after I got to grade six piano.

I used to want to play the violin so much when I was about six years old. My parents couldn’t find me a teacher.

I used to want an iPod ever since 2003. My parents didn’t let me buy one and they bought crappy mp3 players instead. I finally bought one though! :P

It is pretty expensive but I won the money so I used it. I am waiting for the iPhone to become cheaper though.

LOL, jumping upside down – that would be amazing! My heart was probably jumping upside down. /love

Ah and don’t worry about the mistakes! /eee

You’re welcome. /hehe Well, I’m not so sure. We’ll just have to wait and see. Sometimes I have a few ideas and when I put them altogether, it doesn’t look good. O_O Well, I guess I’m just not creative enough. Oh God, I hate those copycats. They just have no lives, like seriously.

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m good at. Seriously. I just can’t think of anything that I’m good at. :X Well, I hope I will be able to figure it out someday. I really admire those people who are just so good in many things! Sometimes I do wonder why is one born like that and I’m not? Well, maybe he/she wasn’t really BORN like that but just following their dreams. I know I should be like that too, but I’m not. :/ Ahh, I should. From now on. I hope it’s not too late. /eee

I don’t really like rock music though. I’m more into country music. :P But any other song is alright for me. :D Well, I said I would check out the band but I forgotten to. So I guess I’m going to do so after submitting this reply.

I download songs and I transfer them into my phone because I don’t have an iPod (sadly). I heard some people saying that Limewire brings viruses, so I never bothered to download it.

Wow, but Grade 6 is already good. My sister stopped her piano when she was in Grade 5. She can play songs pretty well now. I’m only at Grade (_). I don’t want to say it. It’s pretty embarrassing. /hehe At my age, people are already in Grade 5 or 6, but I’m still down there, climbing the mountain, trying to catch up. /wah

Violin is cool, but I heard that it was harder than some other music instruments. I have no idea why though. Never bothered to ask them. LOL. I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar other than piano. My mom told me to catch up in my piano, then I will be allowed to take guitar lessons! :)

It’s so good that you’ve won money. I’ve never won money in my whole life. xD

I would pay to see someone jumping upside down. Maybe hip-hop dancers can do it? That’s so cool! /love

Thanks for forgiving. XD I’m going to make sure there’s no mistake in this comment!

Your layout looks so…..I’m speechless. It looks so beautiful, I really like the typography. Just in time for Christmas and February! :D :D

Haha, your welcome. Yeah, it’s “Christmasy” fudge. I bake it every year, actually I might start baking sometime this week.

The other Lil(l)ians I know spell it with 1 L too. Yes, but in the city, the plowed the roads and sidewalks.

I agree, it’s so expensive. Almost all stores in New York City is a designing company that is very….expensive, and that store is one of them. Compared to other stores like Juicy are even more expensive. Probably $200 for a scarf. lol. I can’t afford that at all, actually, I don’t think anyone can.

And thanks for answering the questions!!

Replying to your other comment lol:

Haha, I was so bored yesterday that I watched movies alll day. I’m so lazy XD. I love Dirty Dancing, that’s like one of my favorite movies!

Really? That sucks, it’s not even hot here where I live. The highest temperture here is probably 100 degrees, but we still get air conditioning every where!!

Haha, I still remember that old man….lol.

Me too, I will never try to prove anything that someone is real or unreal. Exactly, no one should be unrespectful to other relegions. These people in my school laugh when the Jewish speaks Hebrew, but I don’t think it’s funny. I feel so bad.

I know, my freakin english teacher gives me so much homework, and I get so stressed. But since it’s around the holidays, all of my teachers are giving less homework, which is good, and I could focus on my family. I have to work on it too. :(

Oh my gosh! This layout is amazing! :) I wish I could make layouts this fantastic! D:

And I want the iPhone so badly. I have an iPod touch too, and I recently got a new phone that you can play music on and all and it comes with apps (basically, like a copy of the iPhone) and so my dad wants my iPod. Haha!

And I agree, having all of your domains on one account would be easier. :P

Have a great day!

(and sorry it took me so long to comment back, I’ve recently applied for hosting and was accepted so now I’m moving my stuff over.)

Ohh my gosh this layout is amazing! I love how you picked gray and red, it’s my favourite combination of colours. /love

I hope you get a good mark on your ballet exam! Was it hard? I’ve always wanted to dance ballet.

I asked for a guitar for Christmas. :P My dad said I probably won’t get it till my birthday though, wah. =/

To be honest, I have no clue who Ben Jorgensen is, but I’ll look him up. ;)

Thank you so much! :)

I’m not a big fan of the grey as I mentioned, because it’s not so bright… but whatever. :P

It wasn’t really hard – maybe because I’ve been dancing for nearly nine years. It gets hard but I love it. I think you need a lot of dedication.

I have a guitar but I’m thinking of getting a new one. I’m not too sure. I used to really want an acoustic-electric but I’m not so desperate to get one now.

He’s gorgeous. Do look him up. :P

Haha you’re welcome. :) I think the grey looks fine and the text, too.

Ohh well my parents won’t let me dance, so that sucks. :P

I think you should get a bass. I dunno, I can just see you playing one. xD Plus, they’re awesome!

Lol I shall :)

As I said earlier, I adore this layout, it’s so amazing! :)

I’ve never heard of them, maybe I’ll listen to them something, give em a chance at least.

Good luck at transferring your domain, hope nothing goes wrong!

Anyway that’s cool, haha, :D

wow oh my gosh!!!!! if only that would happen to me and my korean group idols <3 yay!! i will melt, and chiburger go byebye…hahaha!

I really, really love this layout! It looks so awesome! I love the red on it, and the shades of grey and the Fightstar lyrics of course! XD

I used to listen to Marinas Trench when I was younger. I don’t know why I stopped listening to them, must’ve just forgotten about them with my ever changing music taste. D: Hmm, maybe I’ll listen to them today. :)

I hope you did well in your ballet exam, all the hard work will pay off! :]

I actually thought iPhones and iPod Touch’s were the same width, shows how behind I am. That would be very thoughtful to give it to your brother!

I wish I could play guitar. How long have you being playing?

I love Ustream, it’s such an awesome thing and I’m glad loads of celebrities have discovered it. XD A guy who was once in one of my favourite uses something like that but it’s called BlogTV, I’ve used it before, it’s cool. XD

Aw, Ben loves you! :D

I don’t use Twitpic as much any more, since I hardly use Twitter… D: I like Flickr though because you can join groups and favourite photos. I really like it.

I’d love to get a professional camera so I could take better photos, but I’m glad you like them! :D I’m getting a small digital one for Christmas which is surprisingly really good, my friend has one the same and I’ve tried it. It’s a Samsung one.

Coyote Ugly is a good film to watch with your friends. It’s a chick-flick but there are some funny parts. Yeah, I usually watch movies over and over. XD

I’ve been using Google Chrome all weekend, and I really like it. You can use themes on it, and I have a nice black, Victorian style one. I have Safari on my laptop but I rarely use it. I like Opera, but I use a lot of applications on Facebook and they don’t work properly in Opera. :|

Oh right! If anyone did that at my school, all hell would break loose. :|

I hate it when it happens though, so we got one of those mini hand-vacs and that doesn’t suck very well but it gets up the dust. I must find it out actually, my keyboard is getting a little crumby. x_x

oohh amazing layout I /love
you have a lot of sites!! I only have one ! XD

good luck with your hosting /eee

Oh my gosh, I love your new layout.

The font is perfectly readable, don't worry. (:

I love when I'm watching someone live and they answer my questions, haha. It makes me feel special.

Oh, and I love Mariana’s Trench as well. <3 I saw them live at the muchmusic video awards. (:

Ahh , my first comment didn’t work? That sucks. :(

Anyways, the gist of what I said was that I love the layout, and that the font is the perfect size so not to worry.

Also, I love when I am watching one of the people I like over the internet live and they answer my questions. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and special inside. (:

I will tell you all about it. :D I’m about to watching. :) I just need to blog first and then go watch it. :D

I haven’t been close to it for a while. If i feel the need to use pictures, i just think models.
Some people are cruel like that. They have nothing else to do but to put others down. Such a tragedy.

Yeah I’m sure I will. I just need to keep searching. :D
We run in school every Wednesdays and Thursdays. At first I was dreading it and now i’m really looking forward to it. :D

I would be too lazy to that, I change channels like ever 5 mins. Especially on commercials. If I had to stand up and go change the channel manually, I would just give up lol.

I just loveeeee your new layout. :D
It’s sooo pretty. :D and amazing!!!! Everything is soo simple but completely gorgeous!! ♥
Improvements….IDK lol. More colors??? 😏

/ho – is that smiley picking it nose?

Aww I am sure you passed. :D I can’t dance to save my life. XD

Yeah it would be easier if all the domains were under the same account. How do you transfer domains? Will you content still be there? Sorry I’m lost lol; it happens a lot. /bounce

I hope you get to meet Ben. :D I’m trying to picture you screaming and fainting LMAO!!!!! When you do meet him, act calm and collected. :D XD

OMG, I love this new typography layout! It’s so bitchin! I actually like this one a lot better then the last one. So yeah. Wow Ben Jorgenson actually replied to you with i love you to georgina? awwww. how sweet. I remember doing that thing with Bonnie Hunt. She answered my question about Jumanji. I was estatic. I was like okay this has to be a fake, or a robot or something. But than she answered my question and I changed my tone. Yeah the ‘airy fairy’ feel came from a layout on I searched and searched and searched and saw one like it. But I added two cloud stamps, two musical stamps and two cloud brushes to mine. So it’s all new and mine’s better by a long shot. If I have the time which I do I’ll go back there and take a screen shot of it and you can be the judge of it. haha. k? Wow transferring domains can be pretty hectic especially when you receive over 20 comments. But I’m sure it won’t be that long. Anyway, I’m off to go finish my domain. Or at least start on it.

Thanks for the comment a while ago! didn’t have the time to say thanks. /eee


If only I could get a layout o turn out right so fast like that. /type

Anyway ttyl!

Another lovely Georgina layout! I really adore this one. I do think I prefer the typography layouts, especially typography layouts with such beautiful lyrics. *Fightstar fan*

Congrats on the alright ballet exam! /bounce I’m sure you did far better then alright though. It must feel so good to have it over with.

AHHH! So cool about Ben Jorgensen. I would have been spazzing out all over the place. I’m officially jealous of your moment! XD

I really hope you pass your exam too! *crosses fingers* So that would be really cool that you can teach ballet….teach me! XD. lol.

Now that you will be switiching domains, does that mean that you will be changing domains? I got a little confused there.

Wow, that’s so cool you got to talk to Ben! That’s awesome….I finally downloaded Car Underwater onto my iPod today. I ♥ that song!!

This layout is so great. The red stands out a lot, but its easy to look at. And i love the font :)

I will come back and read your blog later, so need to reply to this comment. Have a great day :)

***Sorry i meant ‘no need to reply’.

Aww, that’s alright. Lately RigRag has been bugging everyone. :O

Wow, that is old!

Yeah, I think there should be a more complicated fruit on it. Although I don’t really know a complicated fruit, /huh

Lol, I have no clue. They all look the same to me (Y)

Haha, yes. Well, no. Um, yeah I’m like 80% sure. I don’t remember. I think I may download Safari then.

That sucks, hope it’ll pass. Being sick is no fun when you missing school actually means something. (N)

We all hoped they weren’t.

Lol, that’s the way to go! So far, my so called affiliates haven’t even noticed. Ughh, it’s very unsettling to know they don’t care.
Harsh, but that’s what it feels like. O_O

YOU KNOW HAMTARO??!! D: That is so great! So far, like no one has ever heard of the cute little guy. He and Barney taught me teamwork.
Neither here, but seeing him play it made me get my Gameboy out anyway. XD

I know, the weather is always a killjoy.

Lol, snowman rock!

You always seem to be so original with typography! I love this, it is so cool. The way you did the text and colours. Christmasy yet original! :)

I only know three songs by them, all the famous ones. But they seem pretty good just by listening to that. What ones do you like?

It’s so nerve racking! But I’m sure you did well! ;)

That sucks, but at least you still have one! What songs can you play? I can only play Ode to Joy, lol.

Ben does sound AMAZING! Like what star will go out of his way for his fans? That’s like true appreciation for fans! Like, all those singers on the EMA’s and the AMA’s who thank the fans. They should do it Ben’s way instead. Actually talk to them!

Haha, now you should print that out and pin it on your bedroom wall! That would be worth pinning up! /bounce

This layout is soo amazing :D It reminds me of ribbons. LOL, go typography /bounce

Oof, in my last ballet exam, my friend fell right in the middle of her final dance. Haha, she got a 4/10 for coordination XD I usually get Honours or Highly Commended (H) Hope you get a great score :D

Looks like you had fun with Ben; so cool how you could talk to him live, kinda. :P He sounds like he really appreciates his fans tons.

I love the new layout :) You’re right, it is a little dark, but dark is good. It’s better than you having a massively bright screaming layout that kills my retinas :D

Marianas Trench? I’ve heard of them, but never listened to them. I know what you mean about getting into new music. I’m so devoted to the bands that I listen to, that I don’t want to listen to new music, just incase I like them more. It’s freaky xD

I didn’t actually think that ballet exams existed (I’m retarded). But I bet you did well in yours :)

You are so lucky. If I got to speak to Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) online, I would probably just go “I LOVE YOU *spasm*”. Then pass out.

This layout is amazing! It is one of my favorites. It is really pretty. I love the hearts that come up when you hover over your navigation! (How did you do that?) The different fonts really make it interesting. Hmm, suggestions.. I can’t think of any, actually.

Congratulations on your exam! I hope you got a good grade. There is really no doubt because you do great on everything :D

I am so jealous of you! I want an ipod touch! grr. Haha. Maybe you should give it to your brother for Christmas? If you celebrate it that is. :P

Wow, I haven’t listened to his music but he must be amazing if he listens to everyone. That is amazing. Most celebrities could care less, which is sad. /hmph

I liked Super Monkey Ball 2 for the ipod touch, although I beat it the day after I got it, which made me kind of sad because it was 10 dollars and I feel like it was kind of worthless. But it’s good if you don’t have hours to sit around and play it and it will take you more than a day to beat! :)

I actually like this layout better than your old one, honestly! It’s very simple, but yet… I don’t know I just really like it! I really like the name too! :) Great job.

I’m glad that you were able to find someone else to listen to, I’ve never heard of Marianas Trench but I might look them up and see if I like them. :)

I really, really hope that you pass your ballet exam! I believe in you that you did! I’m sure that you are a great dancer, I can tell from your dedication!

I think I would rather have an ipod touch and a different phone than an iphone, my ipod touch battery dies very quickly, I can’t imagine how shortly the iphone battery would last, making phone calls and all.

I’ve never heard of Ben Jorgensen, but that is so sweet that he was actually responding, and talking to you! Sometimes celebrities are rude and don’t like to respond to their fans :'(

Have a great day!

Heehee, it’s not bad /bounce
I don’t like these very much because..I don’t know. I like pictures more than words 😏

Get an iPhone /frog
It’s a lot more fun than your iPod touch. Besides, the phone you got is aging fast ;) and you could probably sell it to Brandon for most of the money you bought it for.

‘together and ready to perform the final dance, we could hear each other breathing heavily.’ That is so huhu /um but I’m glad you went well. Time to teach ballet, eh? /bounce! But what a short exam.

Yay, Ben Jorgensen :P It’s made all the more funnier by the girl he ignored. Hahahahhaha
I wonder if she saw him say it to you, eh /ho

Yes, it was the Great Sleeg. 😴


Someone actually just gave me the idea of doing a typography layout but making the words form images. I might try that next time. :)

And seeing as I haven’t used actual images in a while, I probably should. I feel like I’m venturing everywhere with these designs. 🙄

Somewhere I read that it is now $700. I might look into it because it could be cheaper now. /ho

Yeah, Brandon’s planning to ‘buy’ it off me anyway. ;)

It’s like piano exams! If you remember them. On my first one, my piano teacher told me it was only about 20 minutes. I was just so shocked. A whole year’s worth of work into that?

I don’t know if you’ve done a theory exam, but mine was about two hours, except I finished early.

I’m sure she was still in the chat room thing when he said it. /love She wasn’t saying much as it was; I actually asked him questions and stuff. (H)

Ahh, yeah. I got 97% in second-grade theory. It was the highest mark in any test I’ve done that was longer than an hour.

I remember my teacher recieving the mark in the mail. She gave me a hug. Less than a week later, I was recieving remedial ’emergency’ lessons because I sucked ass (and I knew it). A week later, three days after my grade 6 practical exam, I gave it up after getting a C.

Instruments just aren’t my thing.
I like singing in the shower and whistling, and whistling in the shower (but not too loud because it hurts my ears due to echo) and drumming on tabletops (especially glass ones. Huhu!). Sometimes I secretly pretend I can dance when I’m in a real good mood and nobody’s around, and I ‘bust a move’ so to say. Holy crap that sounded stupid. And gay. God, why did I say that.
But..yeah; I like music when it’s less…restrained? :3

Yeah, that’s how I feel too. I can’t play for grades. I feel under so much pressure especially with so many good pianists out there, especially ones who started out at… five years of age. I started at ten or so. When all my other friends were pretty much ‘pros’.

The highest mark I’ve received on a test is 100%. Thanks French… why did I pick Japanese?

Side note; Brandon got his report. He’s doing way better than I did in year eight. D:

I found it demeaning when some examiner (tall bald old man, not terribly friendly) gave me a C+. It was sort of mocking, that little plus. @_@

I can’t whistle. 😏 Because I’m just that cool. /oh

There is a song called ‘Bust A Move’. I used to dance to it. /um There is a sort of ‘standard’ to dancing, to which people who boogie freely simply say, ‘I can’t dance’, but it’s all fun. Everyone can fun-dance. 👏

I love the new layout. I seriously like your typography. Do you have a tutorial for it? I don’t even know how to make my own. 🙄

I’m glad that you got through your ballet exam. Exams are so nerve-wrecking to me.

oooh. oooh, post some guitar! :D

Wow that Jorgensen must be really appreciative to his fans. I love it when stars aren’t corrupted by their own stardom.

I used to be scared of being drunk, but idk, I would only ever drink if there were good friends around and there were. (:

We’ve resolved everything and we’re fine now. A little cuddling can go far. /eee

I’m sure you did amazing on the exam, don’t worry! Extra smiling is always good! haha.

Oh my gosh, I know. I was lucky enough to meet then when I went to the MMVA’s. They didn’t perform, but still, hahaha.

Oh, and do you know what’s up with Gillian’s site? It’s been down for two days. :(

I totally ♥ your new layout :D
But then , this new layout is a little dull ?
Like um not that is is not nice but just has no life .
Gives me an impression that it is dead .
Yup .
And though this is not really related to your post , I ♥ your articles .

Thank you. Perhaps if you actually read my blog post you would know my opinion on it. The underlying theme of the layout, had you realised the lyrics were from Fightstar’s songs, is supposed to be a little on the dull side. 😒

I’ve enjoyed these ‘text’ layouts of yours. They seem very classy to me! Especially this one. So claps on it.

I tried very hard to become an ‘apple’ person and dive in to the whole IPhone groupies, but my darn contract wont allow me to go with AT &T that supports the IPhone. Gahh.

Aww, Yay for Ben =] He lives a right next to me since I’m from Maryland.. but any type of artist that makes time like that for his followers is quite amazing in my book!

Whoa, what an awesome layout you got here! :O OMG I’m a huge fan! I love typography layouts :D

Yay, congrats on the ballet exam! :D I’m glad you did well. So, you can open your own ballet course now, can’t you? You must teach me one day, Miss! :P

Yay for guitar! :D I love it so much. I learnt it from my brother XD He’s not a great teacher anyway, because he always says he is too lazy to teach me new chords -_- blah. Haha I can play some songs with easy chords though, like I’m Yours :D

Oh my, Ben said he loves you to you? :O OMG sooo cool! I hope David would say it to me one day, LOL xD Forgive my David obsession O_O

Oh yeah, I’m also looking forward to my yearly results! Ugh 2 more days until I receive my report card. I’m so nervous :( I’m afraid I won’t be able to be in the 2nd place. My dad said it’s okay if I don’t get it, but I don’t know I feel shame if I don’t get it :(

Awesome layout. Can’t go wrong with Typography layouts. Very appealing to the eyes. (H) (Y)

I feel that typographical layouts are quite interesting. Sort of like playing with the text and fonts. I might work on another one soon when I’ve the time. The red on this layout stands out well but there’s a lot of similar shades of grey here. Perhaps you can try using different shades of grey and maybe form some pictures with the text. I think a higher contrast will make the layout looks better. :)

All the best for your ballet exam! I’m sure you will pass with good grades. For the life of me, I can’t dance. :(

I actually think your layout looks quite festive, haha.
I hope you’re having a great holiday so far, Georgina! ^_^

Lucky you getting to talk to someone you admire that much. I seriously hate how so many artists ignore Australia when they go on tour. Seriously, I’m sure we have a big enough population that they would make some sort of profit, even if its small.

Agreed :P My site is just a tad more important than dA xD

TWO?!? seriously?!?!? What electives did you pick?

Nah, it’s mainly on the train. The lazy bums that can’t be bothered standing ==’

Calling people sluts is bad full stop :(

Mm yeah xD All my friends tease me (very lightly thank god) about some guys we talk to. Heh.

Woah, your teachers picked school captain?! That’s so slack!

LOL. Most our group isn’t going and I can’t be bothered anyways xD /bounce

Leftovers? That’s a bit mean D:

Woaaah!! You make typography work really well! I’m so jealous of your skill :( Normally my typography layouts end up looking abnormal. I don’t have any suggestions because it might overkill everything :P

Don’t worry about your ballet exam…I’m pretty sure you got at least a credit or however it’s graded :D

I prefer iPod touches to iPhones…I don’t know why, but iPhones just seem so…general xD Maybe it’s because everyone has them ;)

HTEITHT The header is amazing. You have such a way with typography and I’m very jealous :P

Haha, I thought the comment did go to spam, but I wanted to make sure because I thought you’d said it was eating your comments and I didn’t want to type it again, lmao. I’m lazy.

YAYYAYAYA! I can’t wait til you find out your final grade. I’m so happy you got to go back to ballet and finish doing all of this. It probably feels good, huh? Well, after the physical pain goes away, lol.

Awh, I really want to learn how to play an acoustic guitar, but I’ve never really sat down and tried. I guess not having a guitar doesn’t help either, lol. I had my grandpa’s old one, but it had like 2 broken strings.

OH MY. Haha, that’s so cool that Ben responded and said that. After having a few well known people talk to me, let alone an idol, I know how you feel :P

I love this layout! I actually thought I was in the wong website because I didn’t expect you to change your layout all of a sudden. The fonts are alright. I can read them with no problem.

Well if you just bought it (the iPod), then maybe you could keep it for some time then buy an iPhone!

I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar but when my dad was fixing it it broke. I know you can still play, but I just became sooo lazy. I only learned like, two.. what you call it? LOL 👏

How nice of Ben! Barely famous singers are nice like Ben. ;) Ooh, that’s cool. I hope you get to meet him!

Ah, I’m so sorry this is so short. I’m feeling leyzey. :P

Your new layout looks fantastic! Honestly, I think typography layouts looks better than the ones that has pictures on them. It shows that it’s simple yet amazing. /hehe

Wow, twenty minutes for a ballet exam; that’s super long! XD

Good luck and remember to tell us what grade you get for your exam! :D

Oh, you play guitar? Awesome! /love I guess you should buy a new string for it; it’s really cheap. :)

Oh haha, your such an ‘Ben Jorgensen’ addict! ✌️

Woah, the new layout looks lovely, I like how bright it is it’s really nice on the eye :D I love the words too, I’ve never heard that song but the words are sweet, great job! :D No I wont :O they are so horrible :( Yeah thats like me I don’t follow the religion I’m technically under, I never have. Maybe I should but religion just isn’t as big as it used to be. I do believe science more, it explains alot more than religion can do.. Thank you :) I hope so too.
Yeah I will have a look :D alot are saying they dont use deviantART anymore, I’m always the late comer to things haha! first twilight, now deviantart, lol. Oh thanks for the advice on the captcha thing, yeah I use fanupdate & luckily I know how to CHMOD, will it be to 777 do you think? I’ll give it a try after I send this, thank you very much! :D Yeah my mum’s the same she can’t have enough jewellery, haha. Thanks for the suggestions, I think I’m going to have a look around for some jewellery to go with the dress I have found, the only problem is the dress is being bid for and I don’t want to loose the bid, argh! it ends tommorow if I don’t get it I have 10 days to find something else :o ooops. So fingers crossed I’ll win it :| if not, I will go with the makeup you suggested!

Sorry it took so long to reply!

Urgh, I hate Hamlet at the moment. The storyline is good but I’m no good at translating shakespearian and I’ve also missed out on decorating my christmas tree because I had to do the essay :( I think it’s safe to say I’m not to happy with my English teacher right now xD.

I love the new layout! It’s really cool, and I don’t think the writing is too small. I really like it :)

I hope you do pass your exam! I think it’s always the most nervewracking part of the exam processes – I hate waiting for my results.

Woot for fangirlyness! I’d absolutely die if a celeb told me they loved me xD. Lucky you! :D

woo, her site is back up now.

Hahaha, yeah. I was so lucky to go to the MMVA’s as well. It was an amazing experience.

And yeah, cuddling = ♥ .

Thanks XD
Your smiles are da’ 💥

This layout looks really fantastic! The font looks great for me too.

I would say more, but that’s all my brain could work up right now. /argh

Haha, I took your advice and came up with my own typography layout. I used the same colors as I had in my previous basic typography layout. But yeah. I like it a lot. If you want the link to the domain is but you have to register then log in and check it out.

As for the domain that’s what I thought you meant was transferring the files too. But thanks for letting me know. God I feel stupid now. But I didn’t know so I shouldn’t.

I hope that Ben comes to Australia and New Zealand! That’d be awesome if he did. Wouldn’t it?

In response to your last question/statement on my once upon a time blog at, yeah we’re planning on buying a house in beaumont ca. The only thing is we went to go see it yesterday, and well; my dad said that the pool has been filled and the pump is running. So we’re a little worried about that. Like what’s going on? The bank said that the offer was invalid and if we updated the offer to a later date which we did, than they’ll see about it. I hope we get that house.

Oooh yeah, I’m saving up for a computer. My laptop is a piece of junk. Hopefully my dad remembers to call Dell; and ask them if we can get a newer laptop since I’m still under warranty. If he gets too busy at work, than no big deal.

Haha, I was having trouble with my earphones so I bought some cheapo earphones, and I love them. I know this is off topic but oh well. lol.

Bitching layout m’dear. It’s hooot, I love typography layouts. :) I’ve only had one in the past, and I never have enough inspiration to make another one. So kudos to you for making two in a row. >:O

Aweh thanks. I’m glad I’m funny, to you at least. xD But on the other hand, it’s not necessarily a good thing to be funny all the time, because then no one takes you seriously which can get really frustrating. D:

K I’m going to save myself from writing a paragraph as to why I didn’t return your comment for so long, cause I think you already know. :'( The usual. And my site got randomly suspended but now it’s back up so chyeah.

>Fail. I totally did just write a paragraph about why I took so long to return your comment.

ANYWAYS. I know what you mean. I could never work in any place that’s really smelly. I just can’t concentrate. D:

Ooh I miss doing those kiddish activities making flowers and all.. reminds me of how easy and stress free my life use to be.. LOL, now it’s just like “k fml.”

Yeah a chicken wing dissection doesn’t sound all too exciting, but the frog sounds interesting.

AH EWWWWW. I really didn’t need to know how the eye was tough. LMAO EW. I literally squinted at my computer screen when I read that.. it made my eyes uncomfortable. D: Ew my gawd, I can’t imagine myself ever “digging into” an eyeball. Holy shit, I would pass out before I ever got myself to do that. Epicly gross indeed. I definitely don’t want to know what the contents of the eyeball were, when it was burst. D: Ahhhh. *squints*

I know eh? A lot of the guys in my school are extremely immature. It gets annoying at times, but sometimes I’m thankful for their immaturity because without it, my school life would be an epic bore.

Plus, I’m not exactly the most “mature” person either, so I shouldn’t be calling them annoying. xD

I felt really bad for him too! But I just couldn’t help but laugh. Hayden laughed at himself for a bit, and then his face started to flush red. xD The whole situation was just so “OMG LMFAO”. I didn’t even know how to react at first cause it was like this moment of shock/panic/WTF DO I DO NOW?

Yeah, I’ve had many friends (obviously girls) who have had their period leaked onto their pants at school. It happened to me once last year. Dayum, it was close to the worst day of my life. I’ve had a lot of “worst days of my life” lmfao.

That’s true. You’re probably right. Since they are sluts, and have probably fucked countless of guys, they don’t even have any shame anymore. Therefore, they don’t care if they’re seen puking all over someones lawn and stupendously drunk. MAKES
SENSE. But yeah, whatever the reason for their stupidness is, it amuses me.

7 HOURS? FRIG SHIT MAN. FRIG SHIT. I would actually die, if I ever tried to return comments for that long. Georgina Luhur (ooh I mean business now, I called you by your first and last name.. BAM), where in the hell do you get such inspiration and dedication? You have a Superwoman gene that science has not discovered yet. I SWEAR. I don’t care what anyone else says, 7 hours returning comments is no joke. That’s what you call “superwoman ways”. Rawr.

Well if the field caught fire you have two places to go : heaven or hell. Because you will die. LMAO.

Yeah I don’t think anyone was injured, thankfully. If someone was, I’m sure that they would have told the school over the announcements to keep them in our prayers, but there was nothing of the sort. So it was probs just some small fire that the school overreacted to. As usual.

Whoa you got a Dailybooth? Coolio. I don’t have one of those, I don’t even know what Dailybooth is.. fail. Like I’ve heard of it and all.. but is it just a place to post pictures? Or is there more to it than that? HEHE I want to see these hardcore pics that you posted on twitpic. :D And yes, you should definitely post the pics where you supposedly looked like a “freak”. I doubt you did, I’m sure you can’t look more freaky than I do in my current twitter pictures. :)

You’re lucky that the weather reports over there are pretty accurate. Ahhh, I hate when weather changes so dramatically from morning to night like that. I usually get sick in that type of weather where it’s really hot and then really wet and cold at night. I’d be sick quite often if I lived in Australia. LOL.

That sucks that it only does that when it’s really sunny in the morning .. cause it’s almost as if mother nature is getting your hopes all high for a nice sunny day and then BAM she starts pmsing like mad at night. :D LMAO.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I randomly got struck by lightning tomorrow because I accused mother nature of pmsing. Sigh.

Yeah for sure. I love FF for the same reasons. I really have to clear my history though, cause I don’t think I’ve done that since I started using FF a long time ago. xD That’s why it’s slower now than what it usually is.

Whoa that’s quite a statement to say that it’s the scariest movie ever made. I still haven’t seen it. UGH. But I will. If it is the last thing I do, I will watch that movie haha. I love a good scary movie. Sure, I’d probs be one of those people screaming and crying, like you, but there’s something about screaming and crying that makes me like a movie. Lmfao, I’m a messed up child.

Dayum, does James scare easily? Cause if he’s not, then this movie just may be the scariest film ever made. D:

That staircase you went up in Indonesia sounds pretty intense. And wicked cool. :D Cause it was on a mountain. I still think that’s better than being choked to death in a narrow, closed, dark, steep staircase. :P

Ah my gawd. D: You’re still sick?! Well, you’re probably not because I took a year to return this comment. But if you are, then holy shizz, start taking twice the amount of antibiotics. xD I hope you make a full recovery.

I agree. A bed making fairy would make my life complete. I would never get yelled at by my parents for having a screwy bed ever again. Screwy bed. Just take that in. How wrong did that sound? O_O Screwy bed. Get your mind out of the gutter, Gillian. Ngaw I used to not be able to sleep without a nightlight like 4 years ago. xD But now I’m good.

Lmfao oh PULEASE, superwoman does not faint on desks. :)

Omg the cabbage patch kids dolls scare the poo out of me. D: Seriously. I don’t know what it is about them, but they scare me half o death.. same thing goes for the telletubbies. THEY’RE FREAK ASS SHITS.

I’ve never owned those parenting plastic dolls either, and I’m so glad. I would have ripped it apart and failed the parenting course haha. But the good news is, the real baby that I babysitted on Saturday was a sweetie. :) She just sat there, looked cute, giggled occasionally, and watched TV. I was like “oh.. true… she’s not planning to shoot me.. that’s a surprise.”

Nah, you don’t put real food and drinks into the plastic doll. You just place the bottle on its mouth and it starts to make sucking noises as if it’s really drinking. xD

Exactly the plastic dolls aren’t real, and they never will be, and they don’t act anything like a real baby would.. so I don’t really think they’re that effective at all.

You’re right about that. They are humans after all, and I didn’t even have to sing to the baby that I babysat, it just kinda passed out on the couch. xD At first, I was like “HOLY SHIT SHE COMMITTED SUICIDE AHHHHHH” but then I was like, “ok, we still have a heartbeat going on here, so she was probably just really tired.” phew.

I’m just thankful that my boobs are still in one piece and nothing got gnawed off.. LMFAO.

IT DID GO WELL. :D YAY. I had to change the diaper about 7 times.. yeah the baby liked to .. shit. But, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. :D

And now, to finally comment on your blog LOL. You’re probably like “psh, her comment isn’t even long, cause I’m superwoman and I leave comments as long as blogs”.. lmfao. Another amazing thing you do.

OMG YAY ASHLEY for getting you into Marianas Trench. I loove them. :D Have you heard their songs All To Myself? and Cross My Heart?.. those are some of my favorites.. OOH AND SHAKE TRAMP. I rock hard to that one.. lmao.

Glad to hear that the ballet exam went pretty well. I’m sure you did pass. Sucks that you were all so exhausted though. I hate it when I get out of breath, I feel like my legs have turned into noodles lmao.

I have a cheap rubber case for my itouch. :D It’s white, and semi-transparent. Maybe you should get an iphone, it would definitely make Brandon really happy hehe.

I hope the switch to NameCheap goes smoothly. There better not be too much downtown. I’d miss you and your site! But I’d miss your site more, cause you’d probably be on Twitter eh? :P Sounds like a smart idea though, cause it will be easier for you to manage all those domains of yours, and it’s make your superwoman life just a bit easier. xD

Aweh, that’s great that you’ve been inspired to start playing your guitar again! :D I remember watching that video of you playing “The best I ever had” on guitar, and it was soooo good. :) You’re really talented.

No wonder you were sleeping, 3am is a bit extreme to stay up to watch Ben, but on the other hand.. I can picture myself with bloodshot eyes looking like a frikin insane hobo just waiting for Taylor Lautner to come on.. no matter what time it was. xD

That’s so cute that he answered all the questions! I love humble celebs like that. :3 I hope Taylor Lautner does that someday.. I would die to even get a “Aw I love you too, Gillian.” from him. LMAO.
Gah, ok, just like you said, fan girling over. But I'm happy for ya. You are one lucky chick to get that response from him. :D

Hope you don't miss James too much! You'll see him in the morning. :D

Aww, lol. I love that he replied back to you! Sounds like he’s a night owl…though, I am too. If I’m not careful I stay up until four in the morning sometimes. O_O

I love this layout. It’s almost kind of Christmasy in a way, with the red and the light grey lol. I like how you did the typography in this one, it’s really cool!

Congrats again on the ballet certificate. That’s so awesome!

Hope you have a smooth transfer on your domains :)

I haven’t heard FIGHTSTAR for a while but I remember listening and thinking how much they were better than busted. That was my emo phase speaking I believe.

You always seem to make such beautiful layouts. I like your personal ones more. But possibly I am a sucker for personal layouts.

I will send positives thoughts your way about your ballet exams. Hopefully you would of pass, that would be amazing. Another thing to add to your collection of accomplishments. (:

If Elvis was alive to say “I love you, Shola.” I would of died as soon as he said it, he isn’t though so I guess that’s great. i don’t have to worry about dying a lunatic of a fangirl. LOL. I bet your heart skipped several beats when he said it. Glad you’re still alive, I swear if Elvis would of done that for me I would be dead. xD


Thank you! Of course now that I’ve officially announced my Monthly Blogger title, I have the sudden motivation and inspiration to write a new blog. Like, really, mind? XD But that’s the way life is, I suppose.

Still so weird to me that your in summer season right now. That must make the holidays a totally different experience! Baking and drinking cocoa in hot weather? Ick. Not fun. :X

How funny! I actually just started listening to Fightstar as well, like a week or so ago. And then I saw your new layout and was all: Oh! Sweet! I’ve never I haven’t heard their song Mercury Summer. I’m going to check it out after this comment. Any other music recommendations? *always searching for more good music*

You better share your ballet exam results with us! Or at least me! :P

Oh and I had a huge, huge, huge bowl of miso soup yesterday at a sushi place. I thought of you when I was ordering, and then dedicated the meal to you. ♥

Love the new layout! I don’t think it’s too dark. The lyrics on their own might be a little, but as you said, the lighter grey gives it a brighter feel. And btw, typography layouts rock! I’ve often thought I’d like to make one but my (brief) attempts have always been horrendous. Yours are always so lovely though!

Glad to hear your ballet exam went well, I can only imagine how exhausting that 20 minutes must have been! I get tired just walking for 20 minutes at a time, lol! But then again I’m really really x100 unfit. :P

Aww, that’s so sweet too to consider giving your iPod to your brother. I remember you blogging about buying it, not very long ago! But I do think the iPhone has advantages aside from the obvious (ie. the phone features). It’s a lot easier to use many of the apps when you’re able to use 3G or whatever it is (lol, I don’t really remember) instead of relying on wi-fi.

And yay for your chat with Ben Jorgensen! I know how much you love him, so that’s awesome. :)

Marianas Trench is very good. In fact, it is one of my favorite bands :D