Hello 2011

Happy new year everyone! New year was nearly 24 hours ago for me. I hope you had a good time, whether you were sleeping, eating, watching fireworks, singing, or whatever. :) I’ve welcomed the new year quietly nearly every year. I remember one year having fallen asleep at 11:45pm (I was that tired), another year just lying down on the couch, last year just watching happenings on Twitter and being online, and this year – the same as last year. But I took time out to watch the fireworks on television this year.

Now people are talking about the date; it being 1/1/11, and being awake at 11:11am or 11:11pm or 1:11am… and so on. I don’t know why it’s all that interesting. It’s interesting when the moment comes, but the moment it’s gone, it’s nothing. And they even say “it won’t happen for another n years”, by which time n amount of years has passed, you will no longer be existing in a live human form due to the fact that humans have only a certain lifespan as their bodily processes and functions do not serve as effectively after a certain period of time. That said, you may not be alive the next time such a moment occurs, ergo making you think that now, you will be missing out if you are not awake to see the moment involved with such a fascinating date.


Life is full of the little things, but to be honest, little things like fascinating dates don’t fascinate me in the slightest. Are these dates as important as other things? Heck, I’d be willing to bet that some of you think that your birthdays are more important than cool dates. Your anniversaries. Days you had the time of your life. (That is, unless these fancy dates happen to fall on the date of your birthday or such.) In the end, you’ll be looking at fancy dates and they will not mean anything to you beyond the fact that they are fancy.

Fancy, isn’t it?

Another little thing – celebrating new year. It doesn’t bother me at all; I’m fine with people celebrating. But the need to get drunk and party and watch fireworks? I don’t think it needs to be done every year. I’ve been quietly celebrating it and that’s fine with me. To each their own. I still love hearing about people’s celebrations, the same way I didn’t really celebrate Christmas last year but still enjoyed reading other people’s blog posts about their gifts and the great times they had.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I don’t have any resolutions set out. Today, though, I posted a set of goals for January on my blog at glassfields.net. Basically, I’m going to try and sleep earlier, and read some books and watch some DVDs I’ve been planning to watch. I don’t want to make resolutions anymore. For the past year I’ve been making plans. I like plans. I don’t believe that we need a new year to make resolutions that we always end up breaking. Every day is a new day. It’s why I’ve been recently making goals for each day, and trying each day.

Today, my mum went to work. Ah, on New Year’s day too! But I took advantage of the quietness around the shops to go shopping and buy a few necessities. I hate the heat, though… it’s summer right now in Australia and it’s really hot. I hope it cools down and rains like it did in December. 😰

I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for everyone. Twenty-eleven. Two-thousand-and-eleven. I don’t even know. /bounce

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Zombog I don’t like those special date things. Just because three numbers happen to line up every so often doesn’t make it really that special at all; it’s just kind of pointless how people look forward to things like this. /um

I don’t really celebrate my birthdays either D:
man I’m lame!*slosh*

Ooh, books! I like books :3 I think it takes a complete idiot to not appreciate a good book in any subject. Seriously. /angry
and sleep is very very important! /faw

I prefer two thousand and eleven. /sweat


I prefer “two thousand and eleven” as well. :D

I don’t look forward to these dates. It’s cool to talk about for about thirty seconds, acknowledge it’s slightly mind-blowing, and then move on. Dates just keep nice track of time with numbers in an appropriate order. If anything, the fact that the civilised eventually found a way to keep track of time is more fascinating than the occurrences of consecutive numbers in this way to keep track of time. /faw

I know exactly what you mean, Georgina! :D

I did not go for the countdown session in my state, well actually, I don’t even know where it is. I celebrated New Year like last year – I was on Facebook fooling around with my friends. But this time, it is different compared to last year. I celebrated it with my offline friends too. I still went around leaving messages, but it was much more touching last year (am referring to the messages). Nevertheless, I enjoyed this year celebration too.

While everyone was busy wishing Happy New Year on Facebook, one of my Singaporean friends updated his status saying, “Woots, new 4D numbers, 2011!”. (In case you don’t know, 4D is a type of gambling here, where you buy a few numbers and then if the numbers that you picked came out on the selected list, you win.) And I was like /hmph . Then, he added, “I should eat two hotdogs tomorrow. Because I am 20 years old now, and I should add two hotdogs behind to make 2011!” … then I was like /hmph , do you want me to punch you? He didn’t stop, “Ah, I should sign off and enjoy my first sleep of the year now! ✌️ ” ………….. It is so funny, the way he craps about 2011. Haha.

I didn’t think of the waking up at 11.11am etc thing. In fact, nobody even mentioned it on Facebook. I guess my friends don’t care about that sort of thing and neither do I. You are right, I care more about my birthday. ✌️ Well, I don’t care whether it only happens in n years. It is not like you get something or you can change something when that moment comes.. I don’t know why some people are so hyper about those things. But it is sort of cool, I guess, to see them celebrating it and those creative thoughts of theirs. /eee

Ah, I didn’t go out from my house to watch the fireworks yesterday. It only lasted for a minute or so. It would be a lot more noisy on Chinese New Year. /eee

I agree, we should try our best everyday, instead of making new year resolutions that we will (most probably) break and even forget. :P

I hate the heat too. It will soon be real hot here in Malaysia. D: I WILL DIE, JUST KIDDING. 😢 My bedroom is really cool these days. I don’t even have to switch on my fan. The cool breeze cools my bedroom, it is like an air-conditioner. One night, I couldn’t sleep well because it was so cold. I wish it will last longer. :3

I wish that 2011 will be a better year for you too ~ ♥

I never usually spend time with my offline friends around new year. It just doesn’t happen… it’s too much bother! A phone call or text message or chatting online would suffice. :)

People go on and on about the fancy dates, like that guy. It’s a bit annoying in my opinion, like how people say that at 11:11 you must make a wish. It sort of loses its meaning after so many people yak on about it. :(

Fireworks in Sydney last 20 minutes. You’ve probably seen it on television or at least heard about how much we spend on them. D:

That’s true. :) Every day is a new day and we should always see it as a second chance!

Yesterday it rained for us, after a very, very hot day. I cannot stand the heat, and when it started to rain, I opened my window and turned on the fan. It was lovely. I simply hate the heat. I don’t have an air conditioner either, so opening my windows and turning the fan on was amazing. :D

Best wishes for 2011! ♥

I managed to celebrate with my offline friends this year because everybody has a Facebook account now. :D They used to concentrate on Friendster, I don’t know why the majority of them “moved” to Facebook in 2009. I sort of dislike it at first because I feel that they are, ahem, going to pollute Facebook with their stupid comments or testimonials just like in Friendster. I don’t know, I am the type who dislikes changes, I guess. But I do not feel this way anymore.

Ah, I know. That’s quite stupid to make a wish on 11.11am etc. We can all make a wish, at anytime, but if we didn’t go ahead and achieve it ourselves, it’ll only stay as a wish. I just find him funny because I know that he was just saying it for fun. He wouldn’t really do it. 🤫 That’s his personalities.

Haha .. I’m sorry. I don’t watch television actually. My television is broken but it doesn’t have anything to do with me not watching it. I stopped watching television for … I don’t know, a few years? Ok, I do watch it sometimes but rarely, because you can watch the dramas you like on Internet now. :P And Malaysia’s television schedule sucks. The programs are boring. 😒

It rained here too yesterday night and I loved it. :D I love rainy days, but somehow, my internet connection will be affected. /argh But still – I love rainy days. :D

Happy New Year to you too!

It’s great that you decide to watch the fireworks for this year’s celebration. I can’t believe 2010 is over. Just can’t believe it. I bet I’d be saying the same thing for 2011 when it’s over next year. :(

1/1/11 does seems like a cool date but of course doesn’t necessarily mean anything special compared to birthdays, anniversaries and such as you mentioned. But I found it interesting because it only happens once in your life (although I still think 01/02/03 is much more fascinating! But sadly I was a bit too young to even remember that year. :( )

I utterly agree with you about people celebrating a new year by throwing a party and getting drunk. That’s what my neighbour did last night. They cursed with each other and played a really loud music that I couldn’t even sleep. But it’s kind of nice to know how other people who are obviously different from you, celebrate a new year. :) I actually watch the fireworks, well on TV anyway since no one’s doing them in my neighbourhood (kinda sad, really). I don’t mind them at all because I like seeing them spark so beautifully in the night sky.

I used to enjoy making resolutions but half a year later, I forgot what was on my list anyway. So you’re right, every day is a new day for a new plan. ;) I hope you’ll successfully achieve your goals! That reminds me, I need to sleep early as well! :D

Most shops here closed during the New Year’s Day so me and my family just went sightseeing (we saw loads of shaved sheep too!) around the city and mountains and places like that. It was quite… interesting. :)

Best wishes for the new year! 👏

We had 42 degrees in Victoria yesterday and some parts were in excess of 47 degrees. I just watched the sex in the city marathon on foxtel, drank iced water and designed my heart out on photoshop. It was nice and simple, had me up till 4am … I don’t need to get drunk to have an awesome time by myself.

11:11, ah the angel number. You’re meant to make a wish, bugger that.

Happy New Year to you <3

All of my friends are freaking out about thr whole 1/1/11 and 11/11/11 at 11:11 etc. D: I really don’t see how a certain date can grant a wish or something.
It’s good that you don’t celebrate – it’s tiring. /eee The perfect thing to do on New Years is to eat and relax. I think it’s irritating when neighbors are setting off firecrackers when you’re trying to go to sleep. xD And then dogs start to bark and it’s… ehh…
Oooh, Doctor Who. I’ve never watched it before but it sounds cool.

Most special date of my life so far: 11 December 2010. 12/11/10. 11/12/10. However you want to put it. (I’ll have to get used to 11/12/10 if I want to live in Australia!)

I think you know what happened that day. ♥

I don’t really care about the fancy “special” dates either. I care about dates when important things happened. Like 27 July. 22 November. (Album releases.) 11 December. 17 December. (Concerts.) 5 February… upcoming concert. Birthdays! Stuff like that. :3

I’m with you on resolutions. I didn’t make any this year. What I made are plans that just happen to coincide with the new year. I don’t think we should have to wait for a new year to set goals, make plans, and/or change ourselves!

My mom and I are planning to go to the shops today (New Year’s Day) too. :) We got 50% off coupons for Borders (book store), plus I know Borders usually sells calendars for $5 on New Year’s Day. We’re also going to visit my grandpa, and on the way we plan to stop at Guitar Center if I want so I can get some middle-weight picks. .73mm, I’m thinking. :)

Good luck on your monthly plans, dude. /bounce

LOL you know what else the 5th February is? ;) But yes, birthdays and other dates certainly hold more importance to me than fancy dates. I don’t think I remember any fancy dates when something worth remembering happened either.

I love making new goals every day! Plans every day! Obviously it should have less site stuff as the year goes by… :P But I think 2011 has awesome things in store, now.

/bounce ♥

I actually spent this New Years alone with the internet, chinese and a few movies.
Mostly because I’m on Anti-biotics and I didn’t feel like being around drunk peoples.
I didn’t really enjoy it too much, though.
I felt so lonely- not being able to turn to someone and tell them ‘happy new year!’ to their face.
Definitely not going to alone on New Years again, but I definitely don’t need to drink.
Last year I couldn’t even remember the new year -_- Now thats sad, hahah.
I need to find my in between~

ugh yeah its winter in texas but unfortunately it feels like summer. its like 80 degrees outside. it blows that your mom is working but hey… you gotta do what you gotta do. its not two thousand and eleven. it would be (2000.11) i think the “and,” equals to a period or something. lol

happy new years! :D

Oh but I disagree! When you count numbers, you count “one hundred and one, one hundred and two”; “one thousand and one, one thousand and two”… I’d go for “two thousand and eleven”. ;)

My new years are usually quite relaxed as well xD This year I just chilled with my family and played cards with my brothers xD Oh and I made my own eye primer XP

I’m the same as you, I really couldn’t care less it its 1.1.11, or if it 10.10.10. I just don’t care D: I think last year there was a binary day or something that everyone got excited about? I don’t know why but I really just don’t care in the slightest, lmao xD

I guess people can celebrate how they want. Some people get drunk every year, like it’s a tradition, which I don’t get :S One person of Facebook was like, “I left the year drunk! And I can in the same way!!!” :|

G’luck with you resolutions. I set loadsss this year, I hope I can achieve them xD

All I can say is, “I know, right?” The numbers and dates are created by people anyway. We don’t really know when the year should truly begin or end either, it’s just a set date created by people (but personally I think it should start in spring). I only care if a rare *natural* event happens as a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Numbers bore me. 😒 I don’t celebrate a lot of things, but I do like the idea of family traditions. Too bad we don’t really have any anymore. That’s my resolution for when I grow up and have my own family. :3

I’m saying “two thousand and eleven” because that’s what I’m used to ever since 2001. ✌️

I don’t really care for dates, I personally see them as a way to keep track of time and that’s it. I also say “two thousand and eleven”. “Twenty one one” and “twenty eleven”… just… no. :P

I usually wouldn’t mind tthe whole 1/1/11 thing, but today is my birthday, and I was born at 11:00 or so and it’s kind of lucky feeling! :)

I hope you have a great 2011! My only resolution is to be nice and be helpful! :D

I so agree with the whole 1/1/11 thing. But the “I haven’t taken a shower since last year” irks me more! Making monthly goals is a really good idea. I have to work on new years too :( But that’s okay, more money :) lol Happy new year Georgie!

Happy New Year, although this is kind of late. :)
None the less, I hope you enjoyed your New Years.

I didn’t really celebrate it, just stayed up to see the New Year in and then went to bed. Currar was invited to the beach for New Years by his mates (but funny that I wasn’t, at all) so he was at the beach. I didn’t really want to celebrate it without him, and in the end I didn’t. :)

The dates is pretty cool and what not, but nothing to really rave about imo.

“Fancy dates” give me an excuse to laugh aimlessly and maniacally for no reason except that it’s fun. Holidays like Christmas and New Year’s are convenient times to enjoy with people that we love and may not get to enjoy as much when we’re all working, at school, and busy.

I feel like blogging has given me a new perspective on things, and also gives me more (and less) respect for different types of people that I would never run into in my daily life. I love being able to read about everyone else’s experiences, and will probably make some of them my own when I grow up and have my own family as well. My life, also pretty quiet for the most part.

Happy new year! I actually don’t remember the last time I had a quiet new year…I don’t really have much choice what I do on new year though, I’m either staying at home or going to my dads, and if my parents are going to a party I’m sort of oblige to go.

I saw a lot of tweets people left at 1:11am, 11:11am and it’s 11:12pm now and I’m not logged into Twitter right now but I’m sure if I was there’d be tweets about it! I agree though, there’s so much hype about the consecutive numbers in the date and time when it occurs. Like when it was 01:02:03am on 4/5/2006, I remember although it was long ago people going crazy about it, but it’s different for everyone all over the world as some people write the date differently.

Saying that though, of a dinner time when I coincidently check my phone at 12:34pm, I have to tell everyone. That happens every day though so it doesn’t bother me if I miss it. The same for 11:11, I don’t actually think wishing on it does anything but if I get the chance I do…You’ve got nothing to lose I suppose!

We had a party for new year, nothing big, just a few friends and relatives and then watched the fireworks. I rarely go to big parties for new year, usually just house parties of relatives or friends.

Haha the McFly dvd only came out a couple of weeks ago, and I thought because I didn’t have much money I’ll just see if I get it for Christmas and if not I’d buy it in the sales. My friend new I’d want it though so she bought it for me. :’)

I usually get a few calendars for Christmas :’) I don’t tend to use them for planning though, just to look nice on the wall! I still haven’t put them up yet though!

On the day of the concert I bet you’ll be so excited. :D When I go to a concert I usually can’t eat in the day which I really regret the day after!

40GB is a lot! I have just a little over 12GB then about 1GB of videos and pictures.

Happy New year Georgie! I totally agree with you about “fancy” dates. I don’t care for them at all. I celebrated new year with my parents and brother. My parents talking about politics. I fall asleep at 12.48.. ehehe. good times, good times. I think your monthly goals are a great way to accomplish things and avoid procrastination. So it’s warm now, huh? Does it snow/get really cold when it’s july-ish? I don’t know either XD 2011 woot~woot

Happy new year to you too, Laura! :D I was at home with my parents and younger brother. My brother was playing computer games when the clock struck midnight. Silly boy. :P I actually went out of my room to wish my parents a happy new year and watch the fireworks on television.

In Australia it doesn’t snow, unless you go to the mountain peaks (but that happens in every country anyway). But yes, our winters are in July-ish and it gets pretty cold!

Happy new year, Georgina! :) The thing I usually do when it’s new year is just jump. I wanna grow an inch taller. XD I promised myself not to sleep this new year, but I did. At 4AM. I was very sleepy. I was forced to line up with the crowd and watch the fireworks. /argh I just wanted to work on my new layout and chat with friends who are still online. /type

What’s so great about those dates and times? To me, they don’t matter. /ho

Yeah, celebrating is fine. I saw drunk people dancing on the streets. /pow

I also don’t have any resolutions yet. But I do have some goals. I want to grow an inch taller and graduate as valedictorian. :D I am also making plans. I want my year to be “organized.”

My mom also went to work. Only on New Year’s Eve though. I just stayed in my uncle’s house and surf the net. XD In the area where I’m living now, no one was able to have fireworks because of the very, very strong rain! It’s the 2nd day of the rain today. /argh

Happy new year, Georgina! Hope 2011 is filled with great joys for you, your family and friends! /eee

LOL. To be honest, the only one I am looking forward to is 11/11/11 at 11:11:11. I think that’s kind of cool. I’m not sure how I’m going to see it though because I’ll be in school, so there are no guarantees that there will be a clock in the room. Oh well, I guess if I miss it, I miss it. But I don’t even care about 1:11 at 1/1/11. I think that’s lame. XD

I have never partied on new year’s eve. I normally just hang out with friends at their houses or something. My mom wouldn’t let me go out on new year’s because of how many people die of drunk drivers hitting them.

I hate when people get crazy drunk on New Year’s. Just like my mom. She gets TRASHED. Last night when she came home, she was talking crazy talk. It was hilarious but also kind of scary. O_O She can’t remember anything either and she had the worst hangover today. LOL.

Come to think of it, I never really have a “busy time” with my website. Probably because I don’t set a lot of goals to get done with my website. I feel bad because I hardly get around to adding content, but I’m just way too busy. :(

Yeah, like today I woke up at 11:45am because I went to sleep at 3am last night. I was kind of disappointed, and the day when by super fast.

True. :) I just hope the person who wins can keep the domain up to my standards!

Wowwww, you’re crazy! Maybe 12 or 13? XD LOL. I wouldn’t even know what to do with all those domains! Yeah, I guess that makes them a little better to handle. You wouldn’t want like 13 different blogs to keep up with. Hehe.

It makes me feel like they can’t respect the fact that I bought them the domain and it makes me feel like sad. :( Stupid people. Luckily, everyone who entered seems to have a good grasp on how to keep up with a website.

Yeah, the mountains get so much here. They get a whole 5 more inches than we ever do. :o Maybe one day you’ll have a miracle snowfall! :D When’s the last time Australia got snow, if any?

Thank you! I feel much better. :) Oh yeah, I heard all of those things work. I have used the tea before when I had Strep but never the drops. I should try them next time. :)

Yeah, most popular churches have youth groups. A lot of my friend are in them…I always wished that I would get more into religion but I never did. Mostly because a lot of churches try to brainwash people. :S Wow, you’re almost 20? It seems like you just turned 19! xD

LOL, it’s okay. xD Hahaahah, sometimes I read things waaay to quickly!

Aww, really? That’s okay, you can still get in the Christmas spirit in other ways. ;D

Good! Aw why are you scared? :( It’s kind of scary how fast 2010 went… O_o

Were you sarcastic during the post? I read it like you were sarcastic so i hope you were lol. But I agree with the 1.11.11. It’s kinda cool, but I don’t really care that much about it lol. I just like how there are all 1’s haha. And you gave me a new perspective on caring about dates. It doesn’t matter what the date is as long as you are happy and having fun.. right? Like whether it be a birthday or whatever. It’s just a date. I think people need something to grasp onto and look forward too. And sometimes that is a date.

And I am glad you had a good time being a lone. It’s good to be a lone. I, however, was with my best friends. But we don’t drink or watch fireworks. We just hang out and watch the ball drop (a U.S. tradition?) lol Cause by the time the ball drops where you are, it’s already new years day. lol right?
Sometimes I get jealous though, of the people who have such cool fancy lives. Like celebrities. i want to dress up and go to parties (not everyday.. but I would love to)

Actually my new layout, i might make it dark haha. I don’t know if we ever talked before… (cause I mean we both know Tiffany fairly well…you better… but) my layouts were always dark with a black background or gray background. haha This is my first happy one in a while.. a long while lol…

I know you have been here (web designing for a while) so you know that people are always changing. Like I was sad and disappointed that when i came back that it was not the same. i expected people to be the same.. and like when I took my 6 month hiatus nothing would change. However I realized I love blogging (more than tumblr right now- I don’t really like tumblr at the moment). But anyway like when people left real comments and such. I know top people left too Gillian… Vicky… (though I think she’s coming back). I remember I was friends with people like that. and mhm pixels. I never could do small stuff haha. Like i am REALLY bad at icons and pixels and buttons haha. If it’s smaller than like 500 x 500 then I am pretty bad lol

People should change even if they do not want too. People grow up, mature and just become better or worse people. I hope that people realize this. My friend thinks that she doesn’t change… she does a lot. she’s not as dramatic as she was in middle school.. so there is a start lol. I agree everything makes you change.. the little stuff to the struggle to the scarring… everything.

I think people lead people on because they have a fear of not being loved. They like the attention. It’s sad but a lot of people my age (16) lead people on. They think they are really cool and all.. but really it leads to drama. I don’t really “date” in high school. I never been in a serious relationship.. just flaky ones haha. But I am fine with that. I am waiting to get done with high school.. guys mature later :P haha But if a guy comes along.. I’ll go for it if I like him xD haha

haha I usually comment the longer ones last.. sorry Georgina, but yours are always very long lol. I do the short ones first. haha like the ones that are just one sentence convos.. which suck. but I accept it cause I <3 talking/commenting haha. I just like typing. This made me a better typer, though I do not type the right way.. my friends make fun of me for it =p lol But back to the topic. okay well if you see I have some people on my comments that do not relate.. so I just do the same thing back lol. I never got mad at anyone. I don't like drama or yelling. I get paranoid and worried by it. it stresses me out. i hate fighting with friends.. though I rarely do it. My last major fight was with an online friend.. weird right? I can't believe you got mad at someone though.. good for you! Sticking up to what you believe. lol

ahh you do not have to put my link. It doesn't really matter. I stopped caring. if I like your site I'll link you lol with or without you linking me.

Haha! Sorry if I posted first in your Glassfields.net post before completing this comment. I got excited reading your plans because I am thinking of making plans too. Will have to jot it down in my planner once I get hold of it soon, though. /eee I got tired of making resolutions because I am included in those people who makes it and then breaks it after. I am hopeless. 😢

Happy New Year! ♥

I also like to celebrate holidays in the simplest way possible. Though I think it’s fun to party and all, but then I hate the thought of being super tired after, hahaha! So I celebrated my New Year eating lots of food, surfing the net instead and watched fireworks in our neighborhood. /ehe And as always, the manner in which you celebrate the occasions does not matter… it’s always the thought/spirit that counts! (H)

ROFL @ “fancy dates”. I think that they’re just great to know. It does not mean that you have to do something at that very moment! That’s so funny. XD Well, I loved how last 2009 when our monthsary fell on September 9, 2009 (09-09-2009). I was really freaking happy on how cute it was. The date 09.09.09, I mean. 👏

Is Jim Carrey in that movie? I think I’ve seen it before. I once read a book called Running Out of Time by Margret Peterson Haddix and it had a the same plot. A little girl who thinks she’s living the 1840s but is actually living in the 1900s. Their life is on display for everyone to see and no one but parents know about. Her mom tells her when some diseases threatens them and she has to find some way to escape and tell the world about it. It’s a really book. (Y)

I’m too lazy for tutorials. XD
You’re dedicated, that’s why you have so much blogs. I’m going for 200 this year. :D

Hopefully I will gt over him soon because he has a girlfriend and by the looks of it he loves her. There’s no need for me to be hovering. I haven’t even thought about him much throughout this winter break. I think it’s because I haven’t seen his face.

I finally saw them up close and I got to video it. There’s a link to it in my blog, i was so amazed when i saw it. When you book gets published, I will be buying it. :D

NLH finally backed it up, they put all the backups in the home directories of everyone’s account so now I finally move. For WordPress I am going to be exporting everything, i also did a database backups because the WP Export doesn’t take my wordpress themes. /angry

Happy New Year!! I was at church, we had a competitions, talent shows, and some good chille. 🤤
Hahah the moment is only there for one minute. I could care less about it being 11:11, now that it’s the 2nd I really don’t think much about new year anymore. It’s a new year and we’re already living it so moving on lol.

Getting drunk is one thing I do not approve of, I don’t care what the occasion is. I know someone who got drunk and she’s a kid. When I heard about it, the first thing I asked is “how’s the hangover?” and I wasn’t asking to be funny either. She didn’t reply but I could care less.


First post of the new year :D. Epic. Hahaha.

Yeah, those special dates. I understand why people may want to take note, but at the same time, I’m not really one to make a big deal about them, which is strange because you know me: I get SUPER EXCITED about Christmas and birthdays and New Years and stuff XD. But the thing is, if you’re going to think ‘this particular second is special. Let’s make note of it by dropping everything’, shouldn’t you think the same about every other second? Hmmmm…It’s strange.

Also, there are way too many of those so-called “special” dates anyways xD. If we took special notice of all of them, we’d lose a LOT of time, which could be better spent :P.

Hehehe, I full bounced up and down like 20 minutes before the official start of the new year, and then after the fireworks, it was like…blah. Anti-climax *sleep*. Then when I woke up in the morning I was all: OMGOMG! ITSTHENEWYEAR! all over again. Haha, I think I’m overly-excitable. Though I had a pretty quiet new year at home too :P. The fireworks were AWESOME though :). I need a bigger tv.

Good luck with all the goals! :D Please let me know if there’s a book that I absolutely MUST read :P.

And it IS hot in Australia at the moment. It was apparently 40 degrees yesterday. I could feel my skin sticking to furniture. It was PAINFUL D:. Thank GOD for today’s cold change =P.

It’s not a totally special moment, it’s just the date! As I said to James, “If anything, the fact that the civilised eventually found a way to keep track of time is more fascinating than the occurrences of consecutive numbers in this way to keep track of time”. :P

Haha you seemed very, VERY excited. But yeah, the fever dies down. I used to love watching the fireworks when I was younger. See how that has changed. Even now it doesn’t feel like the new year, so it’s a bit weird. Earlier tonight, I was about to ask, “When are the fireworks coming on?”

Fail. :P

I haven’t even decided on the rest of the four books, but if I come across something good I’ll let you know! :D Nothing beats The Book Thief… /faw

At least it rained today! (I hope you got rain. /eee )

I like the idea of your resolutions to read more books & movies. In 2010 I really did lack in reading, I have so many books on my ‘to read’ pile now! Happy New Year to you :-)

Happy new year to you too!! and I hope you had a nice Christmas as well.
My new year was fairly quiet too I spent it with the family we had some food and had some fireworks it was nice :)
haha yeah I can see why people don’t like snow, I don’t like how I can’t travel anywhere but i like my feet crunching in it.
these dates are kind of fascinating in a way I missed it though haha I was asleep in bed, I suppose there’s always 11:11pm but i probably will forget that too. I have to say I agree though birthdays and anniversaries are more important because they mean something.
Yep I agree, I don’t really like going out getting drunk on new years eve, I feel like it’s time to spend with your family, not getting lashed with some random people you’ll never meet again in a dark bar and sticky floors. I can do that any other night of the year
I’ve made resolutions this year again, they are a cross between goals and resolutions I’m hoping to achieve them this year, I’ve just had a look at your goals too I hope you manage to achieve them :D

I don’t care about 1/1/11… I’m waiting for 11/11/11 to make that epic wish. LOL

Lmao, my mother wanted to watch the Australian New Year’s fireworks thingy on TV. :P It was like 8 hours ahead or something. XD

Hope 2011 is good for you. :)

I really don’t get the big fascination with the ‘twenty-eleven’. Why can’t people just say it however they want? DX

I got a sewing machine for christmas and I proposed the idea of tailoring the skirt to my mum and she said she’ll see about getting some netting to sew onto it as the skirt is black and white check and I want to keep the whole ‘gothic’ feel of it.

I hope you had a good new years eve and wish you all the best for the upcoming year! :D With the whole 1/11/11 and 11:11am/pm thing I think its just because it only happens once every 10 years (I think?) so people think wow, we won’t see that for another 10 years. Personally, I’m not that fussed. I don’t even know what I was doing at those times yesterday, well apart from the fact I was sleeping at 11:11pm, tehe.

I hate the cold and the rain, but I suppose we get it all year round almost in this part of England. I’d love a bit of sun right now :(

Well I do believe in God, just not the Chrisitan god.. I believe that the world was made by something, just not some giant man in the clouds and in seven days… I just cant get my head around it, its all too fictional for me? :/

Me and you have similar views, I used to pray.. I wasn’t christian but I prayed some nights quietly, and I thought it was lovely getting your thoughts out, but I knew nothing would happen, yet a little voice in my head told me something might just happen if you try hard enough.. hmm..

Yeah, I need stuff to be proven. My chemistry teacher told me that nothing in chemistry had been proved, it was all just some ideas that kinda worked, and there are scientists trying to unprove certain topics in chemistry because they’re not hard facts, I find it hard to learn when a subject is so… contradicting?

I hope 2011 is a better year. Although my impression of people in the past will not change. I agree with the idea some people have that is, people think it is going to start fresh but you really are not. @_@

You still have to deal with certain thinks. I think the 1/1/11 and 1:11, or 11:11 is neat. I do agree though that certain dates are much more important. I guess that idea gives people a neat feeling. It is cool to see it written, but once it is over who really cares. I don’t. /eee

The idea of everything being new is nice, because new things are always amazing. :D.
I have a few resolutions, just to change certain aspects.

I don’t know what else to say. 😳 I’m lost for words, so I hope that your day is great. (H)

I envy that you have heat. I would take it any day compared to like -25 C. Then again it can get worse here. I always complain. xD

I like the dates because it takes less work when I have to write down the date. Just one number. XD
My family didn’t really celebrate Christmas much last year. We had a tree and decorations, but other than that we didn’t do anything. I don’t celebrate many holidays. I don’t celebrate my birthday. O_O A couple years ago I didn’t know it was my birthday until someone said “Happy birthday” to me.

I’ve actually made resolutions that I can definitely reach this year. I usually aim for something that’s too hard for me to achieve. :P

I went shopping on New Year’s, too. XD It wasn’t quiet over here at all, actually. The mall was really crowded. There were a bunch of New Year’s sales going on.

It’s a good job I don’t take my laptop into college with me. I would get even more distracted than I already do.

Hehe I do love Batman! My phone is amazing compared to my last phone. At least this one doesn’t turn itself off when I try to text.

Those hats are all over the place in the UK. Some of them are really expensive, it just depends where you buy them from.

Happy New Year to you too!

I get annoyed by people going on about dates like that. It annoys me even more when people post it as their status on Facebook, and then someone else copies it and puts it as their status. Grrrr I hate Facebook! I don’t know why I have it.

I’ve never got drunk before and I don’t want to. I do drink a little though. I’ve been having a few drinks over Christmas but they have a low percentage of alcohol in them and I only have 1 or 2 at a time so I feel no effects. I will never understand why people want to get so drunk that they can’t find their way home!

Haha, cool! New Zealand and Australia are the first, I think? Ireland (where I live) is one of the last but yeah, the US is definately closer to the last. :P I never do anything to celebrate New Year’s, either. A lot of people just use it as an excuse to get drunk/party.

You totally should! She’s brilliant. :) Also, you should try the Millenium series by Stieg Larsson. The first is called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. You’ve probably already heard of it but they are amazing! I’m only halfway through the first one and I can hardly put it down. xD

No problem. :)

Happy New Year Georgina!

2010 went by rather fast for me. I hope you enjoyed your new years.

I also wanted to mention that I’m back to bloging again. It might not be all the time, but it will happen. Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Those little dates and such are interesting, but my interest usually lasts about ten seconds. I may say, “Huh, how neat” to myself…then I move on. Honestly, I don’t really see the excitement about the new year in general. I’m excited for the new year, sure. But nothing is going to change as soon as the clock hits midnight. I’ll start putting my “resolutions” to action as soon as I get the chance to, and that won’t be for weeks.

I remember my birthday as a good date because it’s usually exciting and it’s the only specific date I can associate with good memories anyway. My memories are linked by general time periods and the feelings I had. Smells, sights, and feelings remind me of important things more than dates do…probably because I never know what date it is unless it’s on a dry-erase board in front of me anyway.

I don’t have any interest in partying, so I’m with you on the new year celebrations from that angle. I think I’d like to go to downtown Chicago to see the fireworks at least once when I’m older, but I can’t see that becoming a tradition. Right now I kinda like my usual New Years Eve night – I sit on the couch with my mom and watch movies and crappy local countdowns while pinning my eyelids to my eyebrows to stay awake. It’s boring, but it’s a nice little thing we’ve ended up doing every year for no particular reason. Plus, it would be shameful if I became one of those obnoxious drunkards on TV that I make fun of all the time.

Happy New Year!
I get tired of thinking of dates like 1/11/11 and 1:11am Because that means I have to be on the lookout for them and if I miss it I might get stressed out because I MISSED something. And I personally just don’t like missing anything that I didn’t want to miss.
Anyone that tells me I haven’t celebrated until I’ve gotten drunk most likely will get a bop on the head from their own bottle at my hand. I just like enjoying myself. And I like it when other people enjoy themselves even if that isn’t the way I would be able to enjoy myself. (That doesn’t mean I like it when people get drunk though. :) )
I see what you mean by planning. Good plan Georgina. :)
I hope this year will be good for you too!

Thanks honey. :)

I try to drink responsibly because I’ve seen too many people die from it. Not worth the risk. I also know my limit, I stop when my body tells me I need to.

Emma home-made my waffles so they were even yummier. I had maple syrup, and fruit on them. On nom nom.

Good luck with going back to work next week. I’m not looking forward to work at the end of this week. Egh.

Wow, you’re 21st is earlier than mine. So jealous. Although here the only thing to be excited about is the 21st celebration and our 21st key.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the SOTM has started. The button is here along with the poll: http://is.gd/jVxfa Good luck!

happy new year too Georgina <3

the way you celebrate your new year is better than mine, LOL I also dont understand them with the 1/1/11 thing.. LOL or maybe i just dont care with stuff like that.. haha

And yes, ,most resolutions are meant to be broken.. thats why my friend Aaron said he's gonna list down some bad stuff coz its not more likely to happen :))

Hope you have a good 2011.. Imma be reading your post though so I would know. haha

Happy 2011! I think this year is going to be a little annoying… or at least January and November… it’s crazy cuz I’ve already heard about people planning on getting married on November 11, at 11:11… i mean, really? that is so crazy and cliched out….

Wishing you a lovely New Year! I actually was watching the ball drop in Times Square – I’ve seen it live yet I still wanna watch the countdown. When I was younger I used to fall asleep before it hit midnight like all the time! I’ve been to a party for New Year’s though, and it’s really too much of a hassle. Getting drunk? No way, and I’m not even legal yet.

I don’t see the big deal with stuff like 1/11/11. Yeah it sounds cool, but so what? Not like a breakthrough will happen at the exact moment. Anniversaries and birthdays are far more fascinating. Something actually happens on those dates.

It’s good to have a goals list! I’ve tried so many times but I never seemed to be able to complete them. Maybe I should try again this year, it’s not too late to start haha.

Naws poor you. Gimme that heat. Today my heating went wacko and I was stuck in the cold for a few hours! I was trying to reply to your comment that time and my fingers just froze. It’s back on now though, thank god. And today was warm compared to what’s coming up.

Haha, I intended to write all about my acceptance in my blog but then I realized it’s not that exciting. It’s just one little email, I have yet to get the big package. But OMGs I am going to be going to the same school as Mia, OMG OMG! Sorry, haha. My mom actually said congrats, wow. I guess that’s a way to keep positive energy? My mom never approved of me attending an art school but she said congrats, lol!

Yes I’m really proud of Arron ^^ it’s not that we’re not close, it’s only distance making negative effects =( but anyways back to positive energy haha. It’s not like I can really turn to a guy for guidance, that’s where Mia and her older sister comes in! Lol. I agree though, time doesn’t describe relationship but I do like to say that we’ve known each other for ages, I like looking back to when we hung out as kids, it’s great memories.

Lol @ the word temperamental. Could’ve just said moody, LOL! It is possible to fight at all ages, but more often for people close in age. According to Asian thinking someone a lot older will have to be nice to the younger one no matter what. Even if the younger one is way unreasonable. It’s a pretty stupid culture rule I think.

Hahaha if only you could fly over! Lol! Happy New Year! I don’t even know what number time this is, but oh wells. The last year has seriously FLEW. It seems like yesterday I was applying for hosting with krystee.co.cc. That was September, wow.

Yeah that’s because the ocean and mountains are both methods of keeping cool! I’m fairly close to the ocean but not close enough for the breeze. However I am separated from mainland USA by the city which is HOT, on the other side it’s much cooler! I don’t get why it’s not cooler over here haha. But at least in winter, it’s warmer here and cold on the other side.

Haha who cares about my neighbors … they’re old people who still think I’m 12 … they’re not that old, like my moms age, yet they have bad memory. At least they got internet! Hahaha there are actually several to steal from right now, I’m happy. But I still want my own internet back!!

I’m sure in the winter if you go up to the mountains it will drop below freezing now and then? Just needs to be 0 for it to snow really. And if the precipitation comes that is.

Well if you don’t like cheesy love I suggest you don’t watch, haha. I just find them hilarious most of the time. I haven’t watched any Japanese ones … Japanese people seem to scare me for some reason. O.O

I don’t get to celebrate every year like I would like to. But I did celebrate the New Year this year. I believe that everyone should make daily goals, as you have. I don’t really understand the point of making yearly resolutions because most people say they will do those things then forget about them later.

A very late happy New Year to you too! I was (am) sick for NYE and couldn’t enjoy anything. 😒 😒