Dream Catch Me

I can sense that this is probably my last blog of 2010. I highly doubt I’m going to bother blogging tomorrow, seeing as right now it’s already nearly the end of the day and it’s going to be midnight soon.

Tomorrow I’m not sure if I’m even going to bother going out and seeing fireworks for New Year’s Eve. I usually… don’t. I think it’s a little overrated. It’s nice to welcome in the new year, but I think that this year I’ll do it quietly. Last year I was sitting on my laptop and just hearing the echoing sounds of the fireworks and all.

This year went by so fast, I can’t believe a new year is headed upon us. I really don’t believe it. I guess that’s why I’m not excited. But I do still have hopes and dreams, and some vague idea of resolutions. I usually don’t like making resolutions – they are never kept, and you can make them at any time of year as some kind of personal goal. It’s nice to start the year fresh, though.

Last year I said that I was going to have less domains, get more sleep and get better marks in university. I know I got better marks; they all went up by a whole level this year, and I’m really proud of that. I hope to up it again next year, though that’s going to be a huge challenge since I’m doing so well already. ;) I do have less domains; I have well under 20, whereas last year I believe I had well over. :P

I also said that I was going to be a better person. Sophia was such a gem and emailed me the other day, reminding me of what I had said. She said that to her, I have become a nicer person. It really touched me that someone noticed that even though I was nice before, I have become so much nicer. Deep down I know I had some tiffs with people… and I’m sorry for that. I really want to let this sort of kindness flow in to next year, and especially into my family. We haven’t been close for a while and one of my greatest hopes is that we will be next year.

I’m going to try not to go off at people. I need to try not to get angry and flame my anger at people. But what I may not be able to promise is my emotions of sadness to dissipate. I’ve suffered from depression and it’s not pretty, but I’ve been through it. The past week has been a wreck for me, and there have been days this year when I’ve just fallen. But I know I am strong and can pick myself up again.

My dear friend Tiffany wrote about how change is not impossible. People can change. And I believe that change, especially for the better, is inevitable. Next year I really want to change. I’m still the same person, but I know that there are things I can do to make myself better, while still being me. I know I’ve been a bitch, and I don’t need people to tell me. I know I’ve been moody, and people don’t need to tell me that either. Maybe new years resolutions are ridiculous, but there is never anything wrong with having a hope or a dream for yourself. If you want to change something, believe in yourself and do it.

We can all reach the stars. We can all make the stars look like they are not shining. We can shine ourselves. We can radiate our love to those around us.

I hope you all have a beautiful end of year. ♥️

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Ngaww, you are a better person. :)
Even better than before. /rose

You definitely need more Sleeg /bounce
It is good for your skin 😏

Yeah, you certainly have had a most horrible week /faw
Shame your last few days of 2010 have been so crumbly. I mean, crummy. /bash

It’s okay to be a moody bitch sometimes /ho I mean, it’s not like you do it often or inappropriately. Or I’d be annoyed by that. /um

I personally believe self improvement begins with learning how to knit. Knitting is such an import..oops.
But if you want to do something, you seriously try it. Do it or do not; there is no try. I think Yoda said it. Or Darth Vader. It’s a lovely line, but one that I’d imagine is rather hard to adhere to.. /sweat


Hehe I have good skin! :P Water is also good for the skin. Brandon thinks he’s stunting his growth by having terrible sleeping patterns, actually. He’s still tall! But I think the young ones are growing taller every year. Brandon says his friends are all taller than him.

My mum says I won’t be growing anymore. Oh well. *stretch* /eee

Crumbly like an apple crumble! :)

Lilian knitted me a scarf! I’ve never tried to knit. I had some weaving loom, but that wasn’t the same. That was something that knitted for you, pretty much. And it was a lot easier.

I don’t remember who said that line. /ehe

Yoda said it!! When Luke was on Dagobah trying to get his ship out of the swamp. (I watched that movie two days ago. xD)

:D I hope you enjoy your end of the year! You deserve a relaxing night! You really have changed, you seem so much nicer! :)

I know you and I have had some awkward little skirmishes in the past… (Er, review queue falloff! XD) But if I really stayed mad about that, I wouldn’t be following your blog still. /hehe I enjoy your personality, and you’re a good person to have a conversation with. ;D — Ha, I realized that I was getting the same type as you
in the store after I’d been looking at it, and I thought it would be a good one so why not! :) But it’s seriously weird, because this laptop will never overheat: you put your hand near the bottom of it and it feel around, it blows out cold air! XD I really have 2-3 best girls and then a bunch of not-so-best but still awesome guy
friends! :) God, I spend ALL day online! :P I really need to stop being so nerdy; I bet I’m the youngest web designer on the web right now! /hehe

Glad you liked my past sites. I wish I could agree…. /faw I wasn’t so crazy about them!

I was going to comment on your previous post, but after I refreshed, “Woots! A new post! 🤤 “.

Well, I do have some plans for tomorrow. My schoolmates and I are planning to catch another movie, The Tourist. Yeah, I have a lot of free time because of the holidays. I have watched Spiderman (full series), Lord of the Ring, X-men, Wall-E and countless dramas (with 30++ episodes each), which also explains why I wasn’t blogging and updating – I am procrastinating and being lazy. /ho This is what holidays did to me. /wah

Hah, I don’t really remember what my new year resolutions are for this year. But I think I have changed and I think I told you before in the comments I had left for you.. it wouldn’t seem nice for me to talk about my (great) changes again. You’d probably be bored. 😒

I don’t know whether you have changed to be nicer since I just got closer to you this few months. But somehow, I could tell that you are a nice person behind this blog. :) Although we don’t talk much on MSN, Gmail or Twitter and although you are cold sometimes, but you explained that you were not in the best of moods and you didn’t mean to act that way. Hence, I feel that you are a polite and good person, honestly. :)

Although I don’t remember my 2010 resolutions, but I have been making some personal goals for myself throughout this year, like to be nicer to the others, not to be a bad-tempered person, be more girly (haha), have more patience… :P I think I have achieved a little results. But what’s more important than those is that, I have realised that changing for my own sake is what that matters. Be true to myself, instead of trying to fit in. ♥

Since you will not be blogging tomorrow, and neither will I. Happy (early) New Year, Georgina! (tempted to put a kissing smilie) /mwah (H)

(Back to watching Ice Age 2, ah, I am so free ~)

Lovely blog post. And happy 2011 to you! :) Getting better grades and getting enough sleep..isn’t there a contradiction right there? ;) Nah, you can be a good student and still get enough sleep, I guess.

all the best in your studies dear :) i’m college student
too…life been tougher sem by sem..hope can handle it well. may
all the joy comes your way hehe ;)

I don’t think I did get paid more for working Christmas Eve because it’s not officially classed as a holiday here. It sucks! I have to work New Years Eve too. Now, I hope that is classed as a holiday!

I have to agree, I think New Year celebrations are overrated. We use to go to a party every year at our friends house. It was always fancy dress and I’d never be creative enough to make a good costume so I felt left out. I got bored of these parties so I just found something else to do instead.

This year had just flew by. I can’t believe it! I rarely stick to the resolutions I make. I wish I did. I would like to stop biting my nails but I doubt that will happen. It’s a habit I can’t seem to break, no matter how hard I try.

I hope you have a great start to the new year :)

Well, that was an inspiring post. You’re right. We can always be better as a person; there is always scope for improvement. And the fact that you’ve realized it makes you a better person already.
I don’t have particular resolution, except perhaps, being early to school. Yep, that is definitely an aim of mine. I have promised myself that again and again but maybe a fresh start would help.
In case it helps, I have always thought of you as a nice person. In fact, I remember Marina telling me once that I should contact for some problem I was experiencing because you are always willing to help.

Books like that are beautiful and do tend to stay with you longer than the ones with happy endings, but they do make me sad as well. I have always found books to be a source of inspiration, to turn to when I am low. A friend, if I dare admit. And when I re-read those books {because I re-read everything} it depresses me further. Despite that, if somebody asks me to list my favorite books, most of them would have an ending like that.

Have a wonderful New Year. *Hugs*

Sounds like 2010 has been a good year to you! Have a great New Year, even if you do decide to celebrate quietly (I think I’m going to be doing the same this year).

That is so sweet of your friend to take notice and congrats on improving your grades. I wasn’t very successful with my resolutions this year. Though I did have less outbursts at people- but I think that was after a little hiccup this year and some help.
I am hoping for a mellow New Years eve as well. Last year I was on the coast with a friend and we just sat on a wharf watching the local fireworks — it was perfect.
You should try kangaroo – it is really nice, a mix between beef and lamb.
Which state are you from?


Before, I get really excited when I see/hear fireworks. But I was still little, and my mind was still childish. 🙄 Right now, I plan to just stay there in my room, surfing the internet, and hear the echo of the fireworks (like what you do ;) ), and eat. /hehe

I have to agree that 2010 has went by very fast.

Congratulations on your high grades! Keep it up! ;)

Even I’ve not celebrated new year with great for the past 4 years. Since my 9th grade began, it was all studies and studies. I mean, I do sit on my computer and play games but I hardly venture expect when going to college or classes D:

I hate fireworks in the sense that it creates a lot of pollution but the colour are awesome to see ;)

Ya, you definitely need more sleep /hehe What? You have 20 domains???? My God! How do you manage them all? D: I’m planning to buy myself a domain but thats going to be only after my CET. 20 domains must be costing you too much, isn’t it? I don’t believe in new year resolutions either. Well, I’m already a nice person and I hardly have any bad-habits (H) but I’ll try devoting some more time towards studying.
Have a nice year end ♥

I’m housesitting so I am doing nothing this year and with the heat here, I think it’s a good idea (Y) Happy New Year to you and yours.

Georgina, if you want to be a bitch, go ahead and do it. I don’t like this attitude everyone has these days about always acting like a saint. Ugh! Unless, of course, you want to change for no one other than yourself, in which case it’s perfectly acceptable. :) If you’re only planning on changing because of what others say, though, then fuck them and keep on doin’ whatchu doin’, girl! 👏

And hey, that’s neat that you get fireworks on New Years Eve in Oz, just like America — We only get them on Canada Day over here! Which kinda sucks, because I love fireworks and I wish I could see ’em more than once a year … 😢 Poopsicles!

As funny as it may sound, this time last year I remember being on your site reading your New Years post (:

I’ve been away from the blogging world and I must say that I have missed your blogs and lovely comments XD

I’m excited for the New Year. I’m not really one to make new year’s resolutions but in the upcoming year I plan on being the same old person that I am right now but doing things a little differently. I want to love myself before I love others and put ME first because before I haven’t. When someone else needs me I would drop everything and run for them and pushed myself to the side. I made sure others were happy while at night I cried myself to sleep because in reality I smiled on the outside but on the inside I was hurting. It’s not good and I finally realize that.

Hopefully my plan works.

im lazy to make a year end post too… hahaha :)) but i’m glad you have attained those high grades. many more high grades this coming year for you and for me.. lol ✌️ i hope i can accomplish something special next year… and yeah I’ll try to change these bad habits/attitudes years back. hahaha /eee

Happy new year to you. /mwah

I think this year’ll be quiet for me too. There’s usually a New Year’s Eve concert on TV showing all of the fireworks in London and stuff.

It really has gone fast! I remember the start of 2010 like it was last week. It’s really weird! My New Year’s resolution is going to be to eat healthier. And to not be on the computer/watching TV all of the time.

I still can’t get over how many domains you have! Plus, you keep them all updated! I struggle to keep on site up-to-date, so I really don’t know how you do it, haha!

Thanks :) You too!

Usually, when I’m at school writing a story or review, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s just when it comes to blogging, I kind of go blank, haha. It’s weird.

I’ll give it a go :) Maybe an illustration tutorial?

I never really set goals. It’s hard. Especially for me.

That’s great that you became nicer. I need to honestly change my attitude. It sucks and I’m afraid to drive the people around me away. That will be the end of me. I do agree that people can change. It’s defiantly not impossible. It’s far from that.

I hope you have a great new years. =)

Hi Georgie! :D

YAY for the last blog of the year for you /bounce. Though I’m sure there will be plenty of blogs from you next year :P.

I’m not watching the fireworks live either :(. Though I want to some year because I am just that distracted by sparkly objects. Haha. Though from what I’ve heard about the live experience, it might not actually be worth all the trouble D:. I’m just watching from my tv tonight :P.

You’re right. This year HAS gone by so quickly. I can’t believe we’re going to be THIRD YEAR uni students D:. And it’s YOUR final year. Like, WHERE has all the time gone? Hahaha :P. It’s a totally surreal idea!

Ooooh! You kept most of your resolutions from last year :D. Haha I’m proud of you ♥. I can’t even remember WHAT mine were. Fail. But I will keep them this year! Rawr! I am determined.

Congrats on the higher marks and fewer domains ♥. Let’s hope you do even BETTER at uni next year :P. I’m sure you will ^^.

YAY! You are a better person :). I’m sure you’ll continue to get better and better too :). And I sincerely hope that you get closer with your family as well *nods*. Don’t ever forget that you ARE strong and you’ll always have people to help you pick yourself up. 👏

I agree! Change for the better is inevitable. Who doesn’t want to be a better person? Sometimes you NEED to change to do that :). I’m hoping I’ll change next year too :P.

HAPPY NEW YEAR :D. Let’s hope it’s awesome.

Hello! :D Yeah, I’ll still be blogging all the time… I mean, I went through the past two years, with university and other things going on, still managing to blog! D:

I don’t think it’s worth it; they say every year on television that at home we have the best seats. I would want to see the firework in real life just to take pretty pictures. :)

Oh my final year, so scary! I can’t believe it. I’ll be doing my Masters, I’m pretty sure, so university won’t be seeing the last of Georgina yet!

You wrote your resolutions on your blog, no excuse to forget them now, since I won’t be stopping blogging next year either… and you will still be able to see them. Haha. Go WordPress and Archives. :)

I hope I do better! I was so determined to get a HD. Ugh. Oh well, there is another year left and at least I’m not failing and I am doing quite well.

Oh I forgot to mention it on your blog, but I hope to be a better daughter too. *hugs* ♥ :)

Beautiful post, really :) “I really want to let this sort of kindness flow in to next year, and especially into my family” -> I want the same thing! I just had a fight with my Mom earlier today. Such a wrong way to end the year. It’s all okay now. Whew. If not, it would suck to end a year that way ~_~

I also don’t think that my new year’s resolutions change anything about myself. Haha well you’re right. We won’t lose anything if we dream. It’s better to dream about something (no matter how impossible it may seem) than not dream at all. It’s really nice.

Yeah fireworks = overrated, in my opinion. But I still love it! I love seeing explosions in the night sky~ They look pretty. Even if it isn’t New Year’s Eve, I love fireworks XD

Happy New Year Georgina! Oh btw I’m glad you liked my Peepee pic! haha!

Sorry for the long reply!!

Ok, so.. I loved your comment! Yeah, sure I’d spend a dollar calling/texting my friends, but my friends usually have different ideas or need to finalize things so $1 can end up being $10 and thats my credit gone.. Facebook is a fast and FREE way of doing it, and people can check from their phones. Its just more…. simple.

Yes, I think it is stupid when children have facebooks, it DOES have an age limit however, but it doesnt fully work.. So yeah, thats my only complaint. But i suppose theres always dangers on the internet, not just on facebook.

I know, this year has flown by! I went from third year, to fifth year so fast!!!

A few fireworks would be nice, actually, though the only fireworks I’ll be seeing these year will be those illegally fired into the sky, since they’re no longer allowed in our city. :( It’s for the best, though it’s a bit hard to explain it to my little brother.

I usually don’t make new year’s resolutions. I sometimes make promises to myself in the middle of the year though, and I’ve actually kept most of them, which is great. Hopefully, I’ll continue that way, since I can be a bit fickle sometimes.

I didn’t really know you last year, so I wouldn’t know if you’re nicer than before, but you seem plenty nice right now. :)

It’s too bad that you had the end the year on a bad note. Hopefully it’ll start out all right for you. I’m sure next year will be a good one for you. :) You deserve a good year.

I didn’t give my diaries any names (I had about 3, though the number grew over the years), but I give all my gadgets names. My laptop (which my mom just passed down to me – I don’t mind that it’s passed down to me since it’s not that old and I’ve always loved this laptop) is named Tosh (Toshiba), my internet tablet is Archie (Archos) and my phone is Crimson (since it’s red).

I hope you had a good Christmas! Happy new year!

Hi Georgina! Just dropping by to greet you a happy new year! I hope the new year will bring you more blessings and good health! TC always!

I also love the tiramisu. Yeah, it’s so delicious. It’s great that you like Italian food. You’re right, is not the same pizza in a restaurant than a fast food shop :)

I know. But that’s what I must do now. Final exams will begin to return from break. Yeah. Thanks so much Georgina! The hard work paid off.

Thanks! I hope that you too have had a nice Christmas. Yes, we have gathered around to my grandfather to celebrate the Christmas. Sorry. I’ve had a quiet Christmas. I understand. You’re right. People are too busy these days.

Yes, I know. It’s good. I hope that the friendship with him will last for a long time. Good for you. I have not got many friends but the few I have I’d like to keep for a long time /eee

I’m glad you had a good time with your friends. I’m sure you will see them again soon.

I understand. Yes, at least it was not dangerous or a serious error.

I understand. To me it’s the same as you. I share many interests with my father, it’s easy to keep an interesting conversation with him about any subject. By contrast, my mother and I haven’t many things in common, we are completely different, we only share the taste of music.

Thanks Georgina! I hope you also have had :)

It’s a lovely blog, seems like 2010 has been a good year to you. It’s great thing.
I hope you have a great start to the new year. I think you definitely need more sleep.
Congratulations on the higher marks and got fewer domains. I hope you do even better at University next year. I’m sure you’ll do.

I think you are a better person . I’m sure you’ll continue to get better.
Change for the better is inevitable and I think that is possible. Just try. I hope you get change for next year.

My best wishes to you for the new year. *hugs*

I have a lot of the same resolutions as you. Be nicer, not have so many bitchy moments.. not lash out in anger. I tend to do that sometimes, and then people get angry so it’s never good xD Lets hope we can both do it in 2011!

I have talked to David about it. We talked about it once I stopped crying, and we’re still texting about it now. We like having these little things we call nap chats, which is basically where we just lay together, cuddle (usually make out a bit :P) and talk about anything, and everything. Lately it’s been a lot about us, what things would need to be fixed, how to fix them, each others thoughts on differences, etc. It’s nice, to just be laying and talking but it usually leads to more so..

He said he was trying to change to find himself, so i guess it was for him. He just didn’t know who he was, so he probably molded himself to what others were doing in college to try that, only to realize it wasn’t really him. Part of me always knew(/hoped) that he’d realize something like that and go back to how he was, and now he has. Well, not quite the exact same but I think it might even be a better version now.

Happy New Year to you though we’re still on Eve. This year totally flew! 2010 was not a good year for me until the end of August … so I’m really looking forward to 2011. Stay strong and have hope, that’s the best thing you can keep in your mind. <3 *hugs* My resolution is to become a better person to society and myself, which covers everything of course – better relationship with my parents, go to university, etc.

I've tried so hard to be a nicer person, and I agree with Tiffany that people change. I know I've changed. A lot. Won't go into the details but I'm much happier with who I am today than who I was 4 years ago.

My dad took my side OMG or else I wouldn't be sitting here … I'd be spending New Year's all alone. I can't believe he actually took my side though … haha had to tell you that. I was all ready to spend New Year's in starbucks. I was going to take my heavy laptop. Toshibas are so heavy.

That's really dramatic lol. Hot and sticky on ground but cold in the mountains … so that's why South America isn't really hot. It's on the equator but there's a high elevation. Actually even here, if I go to the mountains on mainland USA it's several degrees cooler.

At least they gave you extra days! That's like at least making up for their suckiness. Our service provider is still being a bitch, they won't fix our internet! They won't even give us a goddamn reason! I'm stuck with using a neighbor's and it's not always available. And yeah, cept change that to my mom, dad, brother with their lovely iPhones. The only person suffering with me is Arron. He has a smart phone too but can't really use data roaming here haha, that would cost a hell lot of money.

Lol why would they make fake snow in the mountains? I love how people who haven't seen snow want snow so badly, it's so funny I'm sorry lol … right now the snow is just a hassle. But actually I don't think it's just the low temperatures that cause snow, there's more involved so it might be unlikely for you. I haven't made snowmen or snow angels in ages, thanks for reminding me haha. Except our snow has been shoveled already.

Haha I think it's just because every girl likes Korean dramas – well every girl who watches. Not many guys do … actually one of my friends is a girl who watches but she hates them because they take forever with the episodes. Maybe it has something to do with patience. I have the patience to wait for an episode every week! But it's the same thing with anime … and plenty of guys like anime. So I don't know if it's really patience,

I don’t set goals because I know I’d never keep them and just end up disappointing myself. Pessimist and a half. :’) I also don’t believe that just because tomorrow’s a different year everyone will be all different and the world will change, because it never does.
Having said that, I admire people who can make goals and stick to them, and that New Year is as good a time as any to make up some new goals.

As my friend Euan said: “The second it hits midnight I’m going to grow 5 inches, pass my exams, become a better person and solve all my problems. Aye. Right.”

I always sit downstairs with my parents at New Year, and then look at all the fireworks outside the windows. I’d love to go to Edinburgh one year, they have massive four-day celebrations and an open-air concert right before midnight(Biffy Clyro are playing at 11:25pm tonight, for example). But I doubt I’d be allowed to go there, considering I’d have to spend the night somewhere. Maybe when I’m older. xD

Happy New Year! :)

I am glad you kept some of your New years goals for 2010. I remember you had a lot of domains lol, I do not know how you managed it lol. I can barely manage one. and good job on your University marks:) I always thought you were a nice person, so that was already settled. Like there are people who I think are “rude” online. So even though you had Tiffs (my name haha) I still think you are a nice person. I mean you comment all these people back and you comment me back:) And just talking is nice already! Wow I JUST commented on Tiff’s blog and now I am on yours. I think everyone changes and like you, i want to change for the better. I want to become a better person because I know change is unavoidable.

awww I am sorry 2010 was bad for you, i hope it gets better:) I know my 2010 was better than 2009. I hated 2009. A lot of stuff happened to me that I was pissed about. So I am happier now:) As long as people grow from the experience that is all that matters. And I am happy that you made a lot of friends:) even if you loose friends, at least you know that there are always people around you and your best friends are still the same:)

You are just like me in that way. I use to tell guys I liked them. I think its better than lying and hoping for something to happen lol And if they like you back then thats great.. if they don’t then errr there will be other guys. However the new guy I like I am afraid to tell him cause we are good friends… and thats the first time I do not want to risk something.. yea I am not even listening to my own advice lol. But I have no patients to wait for guys to text either. lol

I always feel bad if I do not answer right away=/

I get annoyed with my friends a lot, well certain ones. But then it goes and away and then it comes back. Maybe we all just know each other too well? haha I do not really know. i get paranoid and worry.

yea I get up at 5:45 lol So i am like always dead when I wake up. Right now since its winter there is no sun when I get up=/ I’ll gladly trade with you. i want the hot summer of Australia to be here:) not cold and snow :( ahh your lucky haha.. I think living in Australia would be cool. It’s someplace different.

I always use my fingers to count haha. Im like 4+2… is 6 (uses fingers) I hate subtraction lol. I can’t do that without my fingers. lmfao 5 -2 (puts 5 fingers up then takes down 2) haha. 3. Wow I do not know how i am gonna pass the math on the SAT and ACT lol. But I can do like sin, cosine, and graphing and trig functions and square roots. Basic math kills me=/

If people respond to me and do not read my blog, I do the same for them. So if they mention nothing about what I wrote I’ll just do that to them and have a conversation like that lol I’ll just add how are you? or something lol. Like I know my blogs aren’t always interesting so I can understand whyy people would skip reading it. But yea I always read your comments too. I might not respond back right away! OH I am gonna add you on my sidebar so I remember to check your site out if we ever stop commenting (hopefully not though)
happy New year:)

Dream catch dream? Nah… You catch dream! You’ve already started to be more awesome by your own standards, and you’ll keep going! You’re meeting your goals!

I wish you a great, hopefully less stressful new year!

good on you for managing to improve your grades! keep it up, but don’t overdo it 😰
that’s probably part of the problem when it comes to resolutions: people set their goals too high that they become difficult or unobtainable. so i don’t think the real idea for resolutions or self betterment is impossible, it’s just that so many people go about it wrong :(

you are a good person :D One of my favorite bloggers to visit. /love
I need to get more sleep too :/ Its bad.
My resolution is to probably to get my body in better shape. I have such a bad immune system lately that I’m sick all the time. so I think working on that will be good for me :P

I feel like this year was long. :( Weird. That’s really sweet – what Sophia said. ^_^ I, too, believe that people can change – but only if they want to.

Alice and I talked on the phone like that! :P I used up my remaining minutes on him before they got reset, which was 300-92. I don’t feel like working it out right now. But we’re not together. o.o He’s hilarious and adorable. :3

My phone conversations with my past boyfriends have always been really awkward because they would just … grow quiet. It’s great that you don’t get awkwardness on the phone whilst talking to your beau. :)

I love pizza. <3 Especially the barbeque kind, and then the stromboli (?) thing. o.o

I made many different characters on Sims. My laptop can only take just the original one, though, so I got bored quickly. I made my own "series" or whatever and had many affairs, lustful relationships, bad parents and murders. …Yeah, lots of drama. I named a few SIMs after my ex-boyfriends and, well… It's not my fault what happened. 🤫

I hope you have a wonderful 2011, too! :D

Just wanted to say I love your site! You have so much amazing talent! Your pixels were so cute; they were my fave! <3 Take care and Happy New Year! xoxo

Happpy New Year’s, Georgina! :)

I’m so glad that you were able to take a little less stress off your back by cutting back on the domains. :) I think it’d be a miracle if you ended up with only 5! hahaha. But you know that you don’t need all of those domains, it’s just difficult to let them go once you’ve had them, so it’s okay. :) Just don’t stress yourself over maintaining them!

Also, like you, I’m trying to work on getting more sleep, so hopefully we can set this as our goal. I hate waking up at 11 am on my break days because it feels like…I’ve wasted sooo much time. So let’s both try to sleep a lot earlier (we’ll remind each other!!).

I can’t believe it’s 2011 already..oH NO THE END OF THE WORLD..IT IS UPON US!! hahahaa, but anyway, sheeeeesh…..time has gone by sooo fast. I can’t even believe it either. It’s 2011, the decade of 2000-2010 is over. Oh man, we are going to be aging & having kids before we even know it -_-.

Sophia is so sweet for telling you that she thinks you’ve been a lot nicer to people. :) I think it’s so touching that someone reached out to you to remind you of your new year’s resolution/goal & said you’ve been nicer to people. :) I really do firmly believe that Twitter makes everyone more childish (remember all of those stupid Twitter fights you had with those stupid girls that would outrightly called you a bitch for no reason…?) & the only way to escape that melodrama is just to ignore it.

Sometimes it’s just appropriate for you to stand your ground on something, but there are always ways to say, “EFF OFF BIATCHHHH!!” in a kind manner. Because after all, you’re turning 20 this year (hahahahha WELCOME TO YOUR TWENTIES, it’s not exciting, it’s just weird to say/think you’re now a 20-something) & to come off as a bratty little teenager full of angst is just plain obnoxious & bad for your reputation. So I applaud you for trying to be the bigger person & i’ve seen you truly carry out your newfound “zen” attitude. It’s best to avoid stupid e-drama with people on the interwebz these days..especially if it involves those that misunderstood you completely & insist that they’re not wrong.

But anyway, cheers to the both of us! Hopefully we’ll have a better year than the last. Hopefully your relationship with your family will improve & maybe even your grades? haha, that’s what I’m hoping for! Oooo & thanks so much for plugging me deary. :) I totally appreciate it. :D So sweet. :D