Away from the usual world

I’m used to being online a lot, and on my laptop a lot. I’m also used to getting tired by midnight but today I don’t feel that way.


I said I was going to start sleeping earlier, and I used to blame my American friends for my horrible sleeping patterns… but not anymore. Now there’s someone else to blame, and that’s my brother. :O Usually I sleep at around midnight, which is all good. I slept at 2:00am this morning and woke up near noon.

That wasn’t cool.

My brother has been sleeping at the ungodly time of 5:00am (or later) and waking up in the afternoon. I just can’t do that. I’m trying to revert myself into sleeping the other way around; sleeping very early at night, and waking up in the wee hours of the morning, maybe even before sunrise.

Years ago when I went to Indonesia, we visited a volcano/mountain called Bromo. It was a really rocky place and the mountains were obviously really steep. It is said that you can see the sun rise if you walk towards the top of the mountains. Unfortunately, and unusually, it was cold, rainy and wet on the day we chose to walk up. We couldn’t see the sun rise. It was disappointing but we still went there, so we had taken a photo just to prove that we’d made the effort. Making the effort is what really counts. :D

However, regulating my sleeping patterns is extremely difficult since I’ve already made a habit out of sleeping very late. :( I’m hoping that by the time university goes back, I’ll be sleeping a lot earlier. I know it’s just a habit for any regular student to stay up past their normal sleeping time when it’s a holiday.

I mean, when will I get a holiday like this again? Hmm. /oh

I’m alright with blaming my brother. Today he got me addicted to Minecraft. It’s this ridiculous game. I’m telling you, it’s ridiculous. More ridiculous than Supaplex, which I talked about in a previous post. Like holy shit, it’s terrible.

I’m only exaggerating; it’s just the graphics and the concept. The graphics are horrible. They’re pixelated and by no means anything fancy like the first-person-shooter games you might play today. The concept is simple. You are on a piece of land and you have to build a home before it gets dark so that the monsters don’t get you. Apparently, one of the monsters looks like a part of the male reproductive system.


It’s like I’m finding new things to do. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the internet is great… but sometimes it’s good to get offline.

(Yeah, and play more computer games instead of going out for fresh air.)

(No, really.)

I used to get so easily bored during high school. I used the internet and I played some games, but I think I ventured into web design and sort of lost interest in gaming. I also used to read. I read several books a day and sometimes I would just read books non-stop until it hurt my eyes after reading for a long time.

I was never one to watch television when bored, but now, suddenly, I have a bunch of DVDs to watch.

I used to hate adventure. I used to just want to read. I used to just want to doodle and draw and write poems. But now I love adventure. I love going outdoors, and hanging out with James. I enjoy our trips to unknown places and forests and exploring and going into the beauties of nature. I was scared of cooking but now I love it. I look forward to days when we cook something.

And now, I’m poking my nose back into gaming. I’m poking my nose back into writing. I’m working on a novel again.

Sometimes, it’s like a different world.

And it’s totally amazing.

I’m never bored anymore. ♥️

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I’m kind of like you.

I mean, I used to like sleeping around 12:00AM-4:00AM even if there are classes the next day. And it’s not good at the age of 11. 😝

Last year, I was addicted to gaming but then I eventually got bored. 😝

And like you, I now have a lot of DVDs to watch. /bounce

Oh Minecraft~ It’s pretty good, and very addictive (or so I’ve heard). I’ve only played it once, and only for a few minutes. It wasn’t that appealing to me (at first) but I could tell if I started to enjoy it, I was going to get really addictive to it. xD So I stopped playing it (for now).

Ever since we upgraded our bandwidth, I’ve been exploring the Internet more and more. Now I can watch or download almost whatever I want, and find new stuff that I may like. For example, recently I’ve taken an interest in watching StarCraft 2 match commentaries, as well as watching people’s playing different games and talking about it as they play – it’s pretty fun! It helps too because I get a few story ideas from said videos haha. Then again, it isn’t that hard to get small ideas for an story. Making said ideas work, that’s another matter. -.-

Oh it looked stupid to me, believe me. But it’s addictive because, if you like getting creative or any kind of adventure, you’ll start getting absolutely hypnotised by this simple game. :P

I used to keep an eye on my bandwidth but since Brandon upgraded us… Well, I guess we’ve been using it to our advantage! I don’t even worry about it anymore. Last month we came close to using it up and got an 80% warning – but you know, with 200 GB, even 20% of that is a lot. XD

The only way I can stay awake until midnight is if I have my phone on me, else I’ll just fall asleep. I usually fall asleep texting anyway /hehe My sleeping pattern is okay I suppose, my parents make me go to bed at half 9 on a night and I’m usually asleep by 11.

I enjoy playing computer games, I used to be addicted to ‘Habbo Hotel’ and ‘Runescape’, but now I just play Call Of Duty on my XBOX. Its great for passing the time when I’m bored :)

We have the VooDoo dolls here aswell, I think I have about 17 in total. I have 10 of them attatched to my lamp decoration so they ‘watch over me’ while I’m asleep.

You’re brother needs to get a life if he’s sleeping like that and gaming all day! /hmph But at least you have things to do with your time. :/ I get bored all the time. That’s when I come online… for like 3 hours straight. Just being near a computer entertains me.

I agree that the challenge will help me to write, that’s mainly why I am doing it. :)

Lol, but I love coconuts! D: And tomatoes for that matter. 😒

Wow. I always respected your insane superpower of being able to maintain so many domains at once! xD I love Chione the most now. I decided on the name through one of my favorite things to learn about; mythology, and it not only sounds cool, but looks pretty and isn’t that hard to spell. :D

Over break, I’ve been terrible about going to bed at a decent hour. I’ve beern going to bed around 2 or 3, and sleeping til noon. On school nights, I’m usually in bed by 10! I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier, but then I kinda gave up, because like you said, it’s break! I’m allowed to do that. :P

I used to read all the time, but then I guess life kinda got busy. Or, I guess I got kinda social. I now hang out with Andrew a lot, which I love to do, and with my other friends as well. For Christmas, I got some books so I’ve been reading them and realized how much I missed reading. I feel like this post relates a bunch to me, just in different ways.

Anys, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Geiorgie. <3

I’m glad you’re never bored anymore. I feel you on the sleep schedule, I’ve been trying to adjust mine but there’s always something to do to keep me up!

I apologize for this being really late! I’ve been really busy! Ahh I feel so bad:(

Anyway, mhm sleeping patterns. I usually go to bed from 10-12 on school nights. and Usually before 12 on non school nights too. If I go to bed past 12, I get hungry and my stomach hurts REALLY bad. And it’s bad to eat late at night (you get fatter). So I try to go to bed before I get to that stage. I hope you can regulate your time back. So you have summer break right now? Right? While I’m freezing with snow :p not fair. not fair haha

I never really liked gaming. I never played many video games, although I always had a PC, Playstations, Sega, gamecube and WII. I really like the mario games. (mario party, Super smash) and also the pokemon games. haha I had a gameboy color (from like 2001). lol I play sims 3 a lot. I really like making the houses and controlling their lives. haha Wow, that sounded weird. And I think you like the outdoors now and stuff because you are getting older. I feel like as I am getting older I like to experience the world more. I want to travel. Although somedays I am content being at home (i’ve been home for the last 3 days….)

Was this friend of yours that you drifted from, an online friend? Mine was an online friend. I feel like I blew off some of my friends to talk to him. I do not know why. I guess i thought we became friends so fast we had a better connection. But in reality he was pretty hot headed and I am very sarcastic.. not a good mix online.
Although offline I met one of my best friends in August and we are great friends. He doesn’t take stuff seriously, So maybe that is why we get along instead. I do not know. Life is odd haha. It works out and yet it doesnt.

I use WPspam, or I use too. haha I don’t really like it but it got some of the spam. So it helped. i used the Math spam. I did not like that (cause obviously sometimes i can’t count. haha and then it deleted my comment). grrr. Yes, I am 16 and simple math… I do not get it. haha That’s why i am bad at math, its the simple math that kills me. (mini rant).

OMG i am the same with piano, only the popular songs I want to play. I recently just played disney songs! haha I have a REALLY easy book, so it all worked out; haha I just like playing and singing to it (with my horrible voice, but at least I am enjoying myself :) ) lol

I think I ramble on. I am bad at this. Sometimes I get really into the comments. And then I feel bad for the person reading it, cause sometimes reading on a computer can give headaches. Although they made like ipads and konnects (sp?) for people who want to read books online. So i guess technology is catching up to us.
I feel like I am rarely interacting with people anymore. Maybe it’s because I am older and expect things more. Maybe everyone has their friends set already? haha I felt like I use to be in a “group” online more. Like all of my friends online were all friends with each other. haha It was amazing. I would love going online to get that one LONG comment from one of them…. ahh but I like blogging and talking to people. i hope I can make more friends:) I really do! I really want too:) haha

I think all parents are going to worry because they aren’t use to online.Like my mom did not have it growing up. Although she is pretty accepting of it.

I totally know what you mean about going to sleep early and getting up early. I can’t stand the fact I go to sleep at around 1 AM every night, because so late at night I don’t do much besides unproductive things (like tumblr, youtube… /type ). I want to get up early so that I can feel motivation to work, you know? What are your techniques so far for trying to fix your sleeping pattern? I always get tired halfway through the day and take a nap. It’s not helping haha.

Oh, I remember seeing an update on twitter about you working on your novel! Congrats or working on it again! How’s it going? Feeling good about your characters, or are they misbehaving? XD

Oh my gosh, just on a general comment on your adventures: they sound amazing! :D I want to adventure outside so much!

I love the tone of voice of this blog post! It feels like you just sat there and typed whatever the stream of your consciousness took you. I love reading personal “a day in the life” kind of blogs. I’m just a creep like that I guess?

LOL blaming your American friends. Shame on us xP OMG you should totally change your sleeping patterns to American Eastern Standard Time so we’re always awake at the same time!!!!!! hahahahaa. But forreal, annoying sleeping pattners must be so frustrating. I hope you get it all sorted out to a comfortable point!

Oh wow! I cannot believe you guise did that. I’m not really into hiking or walking long distances or climbing or anything like that. I’m glad you took a picture!! Proving that you actually did something that vast is a wonderful thing.

Doggone Brandon. When will he ever learn?! You should get him into blogging!! LOL xP

Just to let you know, no, I don’t have a new blog, & yes I’m trying to push down “On Time” on my sidebar so that the current blog will go up there. I’m not really sure how I’m going to be able to push down “Are You Serious Tiffany?” though..I mean, I obviously only want real blogs up there, but it’s kind of hard to when people would rather comment on the shortest blog they see. -_-

Aw cute post, Georgina. :) I’m so glad that you’re more adventurous now because no one wants to be a stick in the mud, you know?! You gotta get out there & explore the unexplored & now that you went on your adventure to can soak in the beauty of nature & the world. I’m glad that you’re opening your eyes to a world outside of the internet because walking around in a park is never boring when you’re with someone you love. :)

But I’m trying to get back into reading as well & gaming…I haven’t done in a while (other than The Sims 3 ahaha). But yay for having lots of amazing shows to watch. I mean they’re entertaining & you can learn something from them. :P

BTW I need to sleep earlier too. I’m like your brother..sleeping at 4 am. fml FML FML FML I NEED TO BE MORE LIKE YOU & go to bed around 12 am.

It’s unhealthy to sleep so late eerrrr…early. So it’s good that you’re sleeping or at least TRYING to sleep earlier. I applaud you. I’ll try to sleep at 2 am because you’ve inspired me to haha.

Holy crap your brother’s gone into Night Mode! D:

Wow. I’m not saying it’s bad for him if it’s consistent, but adapting back to normal would probably be difficult. /sweat! but it must get Lonely at that time of day.. /um

Minecraft could be fun /bounce
Sounds mighty simple /eee but beware the Dongbeast! /ho

Ogmog I love cooking /bounce and it’s a great thing to do with a friend. :)
Too bad we can’t do it very often, but it’s still great when we do :B

Trysleepearlytoday /um

yeah, the subdomain i moved to temporarily was hosted by them (well, my hosts host). I guess it was a good thing that I got it because I had no clue purplelights was going to expire! (but going to be renewed).
yeah.. well she knew i was there and all, but its just awkward maybe because we both dont really know each other. But now shes always at their get togethers so maybe in time we’ll become comfortable lol. I’m a shy person myself, so maybe I came off as snobby without meaning to, so maybe she felt the same way :/
I would hate to work in a fast food place! i know they are always hiring and im bound to find a job in one of them but I would hate it soo much! It would definitely turn me off from FF thats for sure, which wouldnt be a bad thing lol.

I know exactly what you mean! I always try to get my sleeping patterns back on track as well, but the more i try the more it back fires on me. Hopefully you can get yours back to normal in time for school again; more so your brother for your sake lol.
I hate terribly designed games! they look so cheap . The mountain sounds cool! too bad it was rainy and crappy weather though.. maybe you’ll get another chance in the future :D
sometimes its nice to do something out of the norm; out of your comfort zone. I’m glad your getting out and finding new places and enjoying yourself with your friends :D I wish i could do that.. oh the joys of being a shy person! I should get over it.. but its hard.
good luck with your novel :D are you going to be publishing it on the internet or keeping it for yourself?

Sorry about your bad sleeping pattern. :( Mine has been bad due to my allergies and such.

In high school I passed notes with a few of my friends, so when I was bored, I would write in whichever notebook didn’t have a reply in, since we had decided to use a notebook rather than bits and pieces of paper. ^^ I used to play SIMS a lot, but since my laptop has been broken I haven’t played any kinds of games. I don’t have internet at home; I’m staying the night at my mom’s house next door, hence the reason I’m online now. I LOVE Facebook games, though. ♥

I’m called an “addict” sometimes when it comes to books. If I really like the book, I will read it more than once. Some books are so good that you can’t put it down – I read New Moon in a day, then a year later I read Eclipse in a day. Personally, I don’t think it was a bad thing to do. ._.

I only read Because of Winn-Dixie by her. I didn’t favor the movie, though. :/ Seeing the girl they chose to portray Opal completely ruined how I saw Opal. :(

I know! Haha. Although I do like the name Atam for a boy. :) It seems like all the unique names for boys are just … not unique. But I do know that the uncommon name(s) babies are named right now will end up being common when they are in school. ._. It’s weird. o.o So I think I am going to name my kids (FUTURE!) names that are common then, so when they are in school, they will hopefully have a unqiue name? Blahh. I don’t know. D:

I try to take quick showers, haha. My younger siblings Christopher and Mary sing in the shower. AND while they are brushing their teeth. :P

Thanks! I’m not really sure if I could REALLY start a fansite because I don’t know where to get updates and such. But I didn’t apply for a fansite in I applied for a design site. /eee

Yeah. I’ll credit you for the smilies. I just forgot to credit you last night because I was very sleepy. Sorry. :D

ah, sleeping early is super duper hard for me! I do put in some sort of effort to change this bad habit too, but in the end it always seems to fail. I’m like an extreme night person so I’m much more alive at night =.=”” I’m not a vampire! Ah, at least you’re in a whole new world where you aren’t bored anymore 👏 I need to find that world!

Arghh it’s horrible when your sleeping patterns are out of whack! Mine are constantly and even on holidays I’m horrible!
I learnt that it is the time you wake up which is important — if you maintain that waking up time it will influence your sleeping patterns. Also it takes about a month of regular routine to get your sleeping pattern back on track.


Wow, your brother really IS nocturnal D:. Sleeping at FIVE am? That is CRAZY. How’s he going to cope when school starts again? O_O Hahaha, that reminds me of my uni sleeping patterns where I’d be up until 4am/5am doing tute questions for tort law, and then have to get up at 9-something the next day. Well at least he’s still getting his full 8 hours of sleep :).

Awww! You climbed all the way up and didn’t get to see the sunset :(. I would demand my money back! Well at least you didn’t have to risk sunburn. Hahaha.

Yeah, regulating sleeping patterns is important. My aunt’s noticed that my skin gets crap when I have terrible sleeping patterns. It’s true. Now that it’s the holidays, and I’ve been sleeping more or less regularly, my skin is totally less dry and I get less acne breakouts (although that might be due to those pills XD). And it’s just healthier to have regular sleeping patterns. Don’t worry, Georgie. 2011 shall be the year your sleeping patterns regulate! RAWR! YOU CAN DO IT!

I’m the total opposite of you when it comes to sleeping habits. Mine are REGULAR in holidays, and stuffed during semester XD.

Haha, it’s so funny how your brother got you addicted to that game :P.

It’s funny how interests change over time. And it’s also funny how you’re starting to get back into your old interests :P. Maybe you just have too many interests, so you concentrate on a few at a time? :P Either way, it’s a good thing :). Cos it makes you interesting :P.

I think my interests are largely stagnant. I still devote most of my spare time to reading XD.

He’s not gonna live… his sleeping patterns are terrible, and sometimes he sleeps really late on school days too. :( At least now he’s sleeping for eight hours, like you said – but he doesn’t get that much during term! :P

Oh well it was one of those mountains you could just drive in… there are shops at the top and hotels on the mountain. Really amazing stuff, but I guess there are other times we can see the sun rise too.

LOL the pills are magic! XD

Hahaha I have many interests so I’m interesting. That is genius. /bounce But I suppose I am trying to balance it all out. I’d hate to be limited to like, one interest. D:

Wow, I really need to take a page from your book. :)

I am exactly how you were when you were in high school. (I’m in high school now.) I constantly get bored. There are some days when I don’t even leave the house. I get a lot done; I mean, I might finish a layout or do some work or write a little, but there isn’t much adventure to be had for a fourteen year old. xD

Good luck with your novel! :)

I actually have an opposite problem when it comes to sleep. Some of my friends hate me for it. I go to bed super early and wake up at 5 or 6, even on sleepovers. And then I wake them up. xD

That’s just what the holidays are for! They are for getting out of your normal world so that you can appreciate the goods of your normal world a bit more.

As for bad sleeping habits, you commute to university, right? At a university where the students live in a dorm, the sleeping habits are horrendous, all over the place, and make me wonder how people pass their classes. Sleeping at 2:00 am is rather “early” for me, since I don’t have classes until the afternoon.

I wish that I could be never bored :P I think I have too much free time on my hands :3.
I used to game a lot, but my type of game goes along the lines of “Animal Crossing” and “Harvest Moon,” though I do like to play some Zelda too :p.
I have terrible sleeping patterns. All this week, I’ve woken up at noon, even though I’ve gone to bed at different times. The good thing is that my sleeping habits are pretty adaptable, so I don’t really have any trouble going to a different time zone (even though my family does 😒 ). The bad news is that I think my lack of sleep has damaged my brain a bit O_O …

I have thought that if some people are going to flame me for my opinions, then they should just get off my site. :P. & I think that too many people here say “Merry Christmas” and “oh my God” in schools for it to be banned. It’s just habit, I think…

What the…There’s no way I can go to bed at 5 AM. Your brother has a gift: The gift of staying up late.

I can definitely relate to your blog entry.
I used to draw and doodle ALL THE TIME, and I used to read a lot. I used to borrow four or five thick books from the library and finish reading them by the end of the week. I used to write stories a lot (Actually, I’m thinking of writing one right now). I used to think that the internet was my only love. I used to always stay cooped up in my house. I used to be bored all the time.

Now I go to my friends’ houses a lot and I like to go shopping. I used to despise shopping or walking through stores. Now I love it. O_O I get a lot of fresh air now. I still have a horrible computer addiction, though. /um
I still paint and draw, but now I’m more patient and I don’t rush through my work. I’m also slowly getting back into reading, but I’m not the obsessed reader I used to be. I call a bunch of people now to have pointless (but fun) conversations.

I’m not always bored now. :D It makes me proud and happy.

I blame my non-American friends for my sleeping habits as of late. lol. Usually I don’t get offline until 3am, then hopefully I’m asleep by 5am. Then I wake up around 10am. As you though, I need to try to go back to a “Normal” schedule.

I think even if you’re not in school, during the holidays you always end up messing your sleeping schedule up.

Oh gosh, Minecraft sounds…interesting. lol. I’ve been addicted to my Sonic game. Ah, so many childhood memories of playing it. :)

Everyone goes through a chance in their life when they’re changing what they enjoy doing when they’re bored. I used to write all the time when I was younger (14 to 16 year old) and over the past year I’ve fallen back in love with it. I used to love drawing too, but now I only do it maybe once a month. And well photography is always there and always will be. :)

DVDs, gosh don’t get me started. lol. Some days that’s all I watch, but I still have TV shows I have to watch…and most of them are cooking shows. lol.

My husband is the same way. When he can, he will go to bed when the sun comes up. He’s just a night person.

I think it’s wonderful that you are enjoying life “outside.” I’ve been more that way too since I’ve moved to New Zealand and it is amazing. ♥

Oy, I’ve had the same “going to sleep early, waking up early” problem. I used to be a lot like your brother when I was a teenager, crashing somewhere right before sunrise, waking sometime in the afternoon. Ah, the strange sleeping patterns of teenagers.

I love Minecraft! The graphics leave something to be desired, but it’s a fun game. Then again, I still like firing up D-Fend and playing some old-school Oregon Trail, not to mention purposely-retro games like Organ Trail. It’s terribly addicting, it is. And… now I have an urge to play it. Damn you. :P

I can understand how you feel when you wake up at noon. You don’t get to see the beautiful morning at all. When I used to sleep till noon when I was in the 6th std. during vacations, I used to feel that the whole day has gone wasted O_O . But now I’ve to wake up at 5.30 because I have my classes at 7 am. And it takes almost half an hour to travel to that place. So, now I’m used to wake up early. It’s very rare that I get up at 8.00 am (H)

Ya, HSC stand for Higher school certificate here in India as well. But it’s marks don’t affect you if you want to get into Engineering, medical or pharmacy, we have separate entrance tests for each one of them.

Oh! Its great that you don’t get bored now. Even I don’t get bored even though most of the time I’m alone at home. As my parents go to work at about 8 in the morning and return by 7pm. Most of the times I’m addicted to my computer, be it playing games, updating website or whatever ;)

I don’t have horrible sleeping patterns. I find when I actually need to do something the next day I can can normally sleep by 11pm and feel fine the next day. Right now it’s 12:30am in the US. :L I am up so late or…early (?) because I don’t have anything to do. xD

I hate waking up at like 12pm or 1pm!! A lot of my friends are like “Yeah, I woke up at two today.” and seriously I’m like “What the heck is wrong with you?” I’d rather get up at like 8am than 2pm. :S I like to get up normally at least by 10am. I’m not one to sleep in to late afternoon hours.

Aww, my contests normally only reach up to about 5 people which is fine for me. :) I would enter yours, but I really don’t need another domain to keep up with. I only have like 4 and I’m stressed about paying for them. You have what…like 50? XD I’m such a wimp! Good luck with your contest!

Seriously. People really don’t respect others like they should. Like seriously, I bought you a freaking domain, so you better respect me at least as a person. It’s ridiculous how people take things for granted these days. :L Maybe I’ve said this before but I don’t understand how people can make a website and then..just die. Don’t worry, I rant too. :P

Thank you! Oh noooo, here we don’t ever get snow. We normally get like 2-3 snowfalls a year. It’s rare if we do, but this year we broke the record for a white Christmas which we hadn’t had in over 100 years. I feel bad for those up in the Norther US, they get A LOT of snow that they have to deal with. We don’t deal with anything. XD My cold is finally going away, but I’m still not feeling 100%. I still have quite a cough, but I’m getting there. :) LOL. Omg, you hold you breath? You’re so silly! I guess that is true though, I should try that sometime hahahah. XD

The church that I belong to doesn’t do squat, so I’d have to go to a big local church. I am trying to find other things to do because the local churches normally have groups that are super close and I would be the outsider haha…go figure, a church. O_o We don’t have a lot of fairs here, actually and if we do, I don’t know where they are. XD

Thank you! :D

Really? Let’s see…we have Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart, errrr and I think those are the main ones. We don’t have too many but there are too many coffee shops here! Especially Starbucks! There’s a Starbucks on literally every street. O_O

Yeah, blogging does count as writing. :) True…I do want to practice writing more because I think it could be a really awesome thing to be good at.

Okay what the heck I just read “we used to decorate the tree” as “we are used to chocolate the tree”. XD LMAO. Where did I get “chocolate” from?! Anyways, aww that’s too bad; I guess times are growing busier now, right? :(

It’s weird to think it’s summer over there! Hope you’re having a fun summer! XD

LOL usage of the term ungodly reminds me of Howard and his
mother … he’s not the only one though, I’ve slept at 6AM once. My
brother actually pulls all nighters, he’s more addicted to the
computer than I am. Tonight I’ll probably pull all nighter since I
won’t have the internet again for … who knows how long. But
actually since I can’t really go back to work I’ll probably take my
laptop to somewhere with Wifi. It’s inconvenient though. Oh wow, I
want to see the sun rise! I can’t imagine it cold in Indonesia
though. But elevation contributes! I wanna see a lot nature but I’m
so lazy at hiking, bleh. Haha wow the way you wrote about Minecraft
I think most of your readers are going to try it. <- lame joke. But me too, I'm never bored anymore because I've learned to live internet less. I read, I draw, I write (should I say type). I want to do more things though. I don't think it's the snow that caused my internet down-ness, it's some stupidity on my service provider. They have totally made my life hell. Only person more upset than me is probably Jason. But as I told you on MSN he's the model child he can complain all he wants. Though he didn't because he's living with those goddamn iPhones. The trains cleared up today actually. It looks like the foot of snow got us too, there weren't enough people to plow! You'd think we should be prepared since it's likely for us to get so much snow, just not often. It probably won't snow in Australia, most of the southern hemisphere doesn't snow I heard? You need to reach freezing point for snow to stick. I have not played in the snow this year, I think it's because I feel so old now. I used to have snowball fights with my friends whenever school was canceled because of snow. That was why kids all love snow but now that we're adults ... ehhh. Haha I'm just like the opposite. Most houses here are like one-floor ranches, but my house is big and 2 floors ... not that big though, not like mansion or anything, just 5 bedrooms which is a lot compared to the other houses. Lol he watches Korean dramas? I don't know any guys who do, they all say it's so stupid! Even my Korea-obsessed-brother tells me the actors look gay or something. I'm not entirely atheist, I'm technically Christian but I'm really not religious. I don't pray or go to Church. I'm just hoping for that 2011 will be better for us. Hope is the strongest for me. If I had a religion hope will be #1. Lol that's so cool! BFFs a day apart. Twins really. My bff is a few months younger but we have so much in common! We've dressed as twins before, people actually believed us.

In uni my sleeping pattern is off — wayy off, in fact. My body can’t take it if I don’t sleep AT ALL, so no matter how late I’m staying up, I HAVE to sleep even if it means only a 15 minute sleep. In uni, I’ll normally sleep earliest at 3AM. Or else I’ll sleep at 6AM, then wake up at 7.30AM to get ready for my 9AM class. Ridiculous, I know.

I’m on my 3 month semester break now and I’ve been doing absolutely nothing at home and not even once I’ve complained about how bored I am. Because I am not bored of it at all. I think at some points we just love to sit around and not do anything. It’s nice to relax :)

Sometimes the things that you read/visit every day on the Internet can be so mundane and repetitious, y’know? So then you’ll find something to do offline, even if it’s still means you sitting in front of your laptop :P

Awh, a scrapbooks a really cute idea! /eee I don’t have many photos of me and my boyfriend though, he’s very camera shy. I suppose he’ll grow out of it eventually. :)

See I had the miniskirt on with tights but you could still see part of my bottom, so my dad won’t be very pleased with that gift I don’t think :P

I don’t usually spend time with either of my parents really, monday was really nice though.

May in Autumn? XD Hahah, that’s very strange. If you ever visit other countries it must be a little bit weird! My favourite season would be summer, my birthdays in July, which I hope you know is the middle of summer here. ^^

Haha, yeah Habbo Hotel did get rather boring. :D

LOL your brother reminds me of one of my very good friends David. His nickname is Vampire because he doesn’t get to bed until about 5AM and doesn’t wake up till about night-time. We don’t even bother calling him to hang out until about 6PM because he won’t answer his phone since he is still asleep. But now that he’s going back to school, we actually get to see his face in the daylight hahahaha. XD
I used to read all the time too!!! Now that I am soo busy with school I don’t ever get to indulgle myself in reading some casual novels. I am stuck reading textbooks which you know is informative and important but not [FUN]. I used to be able to read like 4 novels in a week but not anymore … /wah

Long time no see!

I have been having the worst sleeping patterns during my holidays. I’ve been awake until 2AM trying to get to sleep!
Most of the time I keep on waking up in the middle of the night. I am extremely tired in the mornings.

Good luck on the novel! XD