Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what you’re going to get.

Our neighbours gave us a large box of chocolates for Christmas. Now they’re all nearly gone. Before you open a box of chocolates, you may or may not know what’s inside. And I’m assuming that Forrest Gump was talking about an assortment of chocolates. I can’t even remember the movie, fail. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t tell us what was in the box of chocolates. Let’s just assume it was an assortment.

Most chocolate boxes that have an assortment of flavours have some fancy cut-out window lined with plastic sheet, so that you can peer at what’s inside. Most of the time you can barely see anything through the window, and you get a glimpse of about two individually wrapped chocolates, before you realise that it doesn’t really matter what box you’re going to get. Even if you get a peek, you can’t tell what the rest of the box holds.

Personally, I like those boxes of chocolate. I like an assortment. While I hate being spoiled for choice, and though I’m extremely indecisive, when you look at those little guides on the back of such chocolate boxes, you get a good glimpse of what may be inside.

With the large box we got from our neighbours, my mum looked at the guide and decided that she only liked one flavour. But most people like chocolates, so we decided to open it instead of arguing over which flavours we were going to steal when we opened it.

We emptied the box out on the table and looked at all the flavours. Ironically enough, there was only one individually wrapped chocolate of the flavour my mum liked. One.

Every time my brother decided to grab some chocolates, he would choose a bunch of the flavours he liked. He took nearly all the peppermint ones. Admittedly, I did that too. I took all the peanut ones. I thought the orange ones would be nice, too, so I grabbed a bunch. They were disgusting. 😞

Yesterday, instead of picking out the flavours I liked, I put my hand in and took out four – one by one – without looking. When I looked at them, they were the same. Now I could go into some mathematical probability equations right now, but the probability of getting a certain flavour out of a certain number of different flavours is not my point. My point is, sometimes you just don’t know what you are going to get.

One might argue that Forrest Gump is wrong, and once you open the box, you know exactly what is there. But if you think about it, even though you know what you see – you only think you know what you see. Is every peppermint chocolate going to taste the same? Are the orange chocolates going to taste the same as others you’ve tasted? Do you even know how this individually wrapped piece of chocolate tastes before you have tasted it? No.

Life is much the same. Maybe we start with a box. We start with something. This thing gives us a view of what is down the road ahead. The window on the box of chocolates gives us a glimpse of what is on the inside. But one thing leads to another. You might be like my mother. Go with what looks good. What looks good based on what she knows and has tried.

You might be like my brother. Go with what is familiar, but take a bunch. Have your options open and make sure you have those options. Or you might do what I did in the end. Just blindly dive into something. Be spontaneous. Grab a random flavour.

Life is like a box of chocolates. It’s unpredictable, with infinite possibilities. Make your life yours. ♥️

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