The Importance of Being Idle

I just realised that I like to write. Well, I didn’t just realise it, but for years, I lost interest in writing narrative, which led me to believe that my quality of writing and the enjoyment I got out of it was seriously deteriorating. Yet I’m here blogging.

I always tell people that their blogs should not, and should never be, somewhere where they think they must post on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Blogs need not be regularly posted to. As a blogger, you should have the say in when a new post is posted. It’s your blog. You don’t need to keep worrying about people who want to read it. More often than not, if they expect a new post and don’t find it, they will return when there is one.

For the past few days, I’ve had a really, really rough time at home. I don’t want to detail it. I have decided to make it permanent that I will not detail my personal problems on my blog. As I said earlier, is it my blog, ergo I can post what I wish, when I wish. And I guess personal things are just not things I want to include here. Some people have asked me what has been going on, and sometimes I tell them more privately through email or other such methods. But it’s been terrible.

To try and take my mind off things, and partially because of what happened, I started to read books again. I feel like I almost forgot how to read. I love reading, and it was unfortunate that I lost interest in it for about a year. O_O

I also started to write. I wanted to get away from the internet. It was hard, seeing as I’m usually connected all the time. But I’m still working on my novel. I made a goal to get to 15,000 words by the end of January and I’m already past 12,500! The month has just started, too. I really love writing. It was my decision to write a novel late last year. I decided I’d try it again, as I haven’t written narrative in a while – most of my 2010 written works were poetry.

I thought I would not be able to survive without the internet. I spent many hours fixing it today, because it went down. I could have used that time to watch Doctor Who and just forget about the internet for some time. But because it is such a part of my life (oh man, I sound like a real hermit now), I felt like I was neglecting something if I were to just leave it and let the problem “solve itself”. So I tackled it, and the internet kept going down. I felt annoyed when it was already late afternoon and realised that I really could have watched Doctor Who instead of trying to fix the internet. At this point I was nearly in tears from frustration. The internet didn’t work on any computers, laptops or iPhones/iPods. Normally I’d have cried a lot by then. But I was merely annoyed. The internet had been down but I was okay without it.

In the end I yanked out the wireless router and it turns out that that was giving us hell. /hmph I can’t use the wireless at all now, but at least I can live with being plugged in with a cable from my laptop to the modem. That’s fine with me; after all I don’t move my laptop around.

But I feel like that was almost a “good” waste of time. Sometimes I don’t know what a good waste of time is. What an oxymoron. I mean, sometimes I think, “Gosh, I spent an hour playing Minesweeper with James. I could have done one of the other things I planned.”

But I certainly don’t regret changing my plans to play those games. Some things are worth the time, even if they come up at the last minute. Play games when you like. Go out with your friends if you can, even though they just called you up to go out and you just woke up. Blog when you want. Get off the internet without feeling guilty for being inactive on Twitter. Or Facebook. Just do what you like. :)

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I only write when I want to or have something to say. I find it hard these days as I have a doubt that what I write is going to be boring and no one is going to read it. :(

I went to the doctor again today, and she gave me some medication for my asthma. So I’m hoping that will help me feel better. I’m still having trouble sleeping (it’s 2:13am here atm) and it’s driving me mad. I have to wait until I can no longer keep my eyes open to sleep. :(

I totally agree with this post. While I enjoyed doing the 30 day challenges, it was sometimes a hassle to HAVE to blog everyday. I do wish I was blogging more now, but I never get around to it, or I can’t think of many things to say :( My blogs are usually really personal, just because that’s where I get everything out, haha. I do know one thing I need to blog about later today though!

I would have gone mental if my internet went down. There was once when I was on a school trip for four days, so no internet, and when I came home.. the internet was down. We had no clue why, and it was done for a few days after I got home I believe and I was DYING. I don’t think it would be AS bad now, I could just read or design without internet, or I could leave the house and do something, maybe clean my room like I’ve meant to do forever now. Actually, I kind of hope now that it does go out tonight so I will get my ass in gear and get stuff done LOL.

It’s a good resolution to try to be nicer to people :) I find that sometimes, I don’t even notice it and then all of a sudden I’ll just be making a joke at someone, because it’s so out of habit. I have all year to try and fix it though :)

As for him changing, he said that the changing was for himself. He said he just didn’t know who he was/who he wanted to be, so he went to college and I guess was influenced by the others. But then before he finished, he said he found who he wanted to be wasn’t in that and while it was the best eight week block of his life, he realized that the person he was before was fine. Which, I had told him all along and he just went off on me for that :P

I always do what I’m in the mood at some point because it really relax me. Lately I’ve been watched TV-Shows, because I felt in the mood to do it. Well, I could study Biology instead, but I don’t regret it at all. I wish I could leave all Holidays atmosphere behind and work hard for something special for me, but I feel good that I relaxed after a hard semester of school.
Believe me in the last 4 months I didn’t watched the TV except 2 times for soccer games and I didn’t went online on Messenger like I used before. I just watched TV-Shows, played games and slept. Well, now I have to wake-up to the reality and start being serious. The break is over:D.

What happened to you and your family? I hope it’s not anything grave. If you ever feel like you must talk with someone, you can email me anytime. I would be happy to listen you and give you some advice. I hope everything will be OK. /eee

I don’t know why but I struggle to read a full book, where as my mother reads one in a day. XD
I can’t sit still long enough and I get too distracted from the tv or computer. Good luck with your goal though.

My internet is forever going down, frustrates me a lot, So I have to jump on it early before it begins to go slow around 5pm. Aol are terrible I think anyway, the router they gave me is awful.

I saw Australia in your Heartdropper, my sister moved there a year ago. So jealous I wanna be there.
Lovely and warm isan’t it?

Haha, Australia is great. :D I was born here and my parents moved from Indonesia. I have been to Indonesia and I just feel really lucky to live in Australia because in comparison it’s cleaner, education is better and basically the entire lifestyle is better.

I can often read books in a day, but I like to give my eyes a break too. :) I love the computer!

I have times when I like to go on the internet in the wee hours of the morning because it’s definitely much faster then. I used to be bothered by my provider’s speed, but not anymore. :D

I never feel guilt for not blogging or tweeting. I figure most people don’t read the crap I write anyway. I know I’m just doing it for me :) Nice to have a record of my life. I love looking back at old blog entries and seeing how much things have changed for me.
I do feel nothing but guilt when I play games though. I feel no enjoyment because of the guilt which makes it a total waste. But your right, everyone should enjoy a good waste of time every now and then.

Thanks Georgina! The same to you. *hugs* I also hope you had a good start to the new year.

Yes, I also think that despite all of 2010 was a good year. I am glad that you also keep the focus on good and positive things that happened to you during 2010. It’s the best we can do, leaving behind the bad things, and try to be positive. You’re right, it is important to have hope.

Yeah, that’s true. It’s good to have friends you can count on to make a better day. I know. That’s what I think.

I’m glad you had amazing moments.
Thank you Georgina! I also wish you a wonderful 2011 👏 .

Thanks! I hope so. It is less for my first final exam, and the nerves begin to emerge :( .

I’m glad you had a relaxing Christmas.

I understand. I agree with you, you do not have the same interests to engage in conversation with our mothers.

Yes, that’s what you should do, sleep early to get up earlier. That way, you take advantage the day :)

I’m glad you enjoy writing /type
I’m sorry to hear that things are rough at home.
Wow it’s great that you’ve already got 12,500 words written, I am sure he will spend the goal of 15,000 words, and it’s great that you’ve decided to write a novel.

I believe every one should do what you like, and what you want at all times.
Take care you too! :)

hey hun
happy new year year to you and the rest of your family. i use to be addicted to the internet but every december i go a month without it and im fine i just feel sorry when i come back home and some ppl have been trying to speak to me on facebook.

You seem to be a little high-strung. Relax! I guess next time the Internet goes down, you know straight away that the correct choice is to start watching Dr. Who.

I feel like people who blog feel guilty because they put so much effort into setting it up and then don’t maintain it by posting often. But if posting is a chore, then it’s not a hobby anymore.

Oh man! That’s a lot of words! Keep it up!

I agree! :D Totally post what YOU want, and it’s awesome that you’re writing again!

Yes, you really should watch Tron! And in The Social Network, the parts where he was coding were totally relatable. :P He even was blogging while doing it!

Can this post become the first rule of blogging? I am sick and tired of seeing people post for the sake of posting. I mean, if you have something to share, go right ahead, if not, have an adventure and write about that.

Good for you for writing a novel. I only dabble in the land of creative writing rarely and with rather choppy execution. /wah

I hope things at home don’t get worse, and that you’re able to fix your router, somehow. D:

‘Surviving a day without the Internet’ reminds of that challenge Catherine gave us last semester. And in around Christmas I realized something: I can easily survive without it if I know there’s no way for me to connect, like if I were to go out on a trip and I’m leaving both my laptop and phone behind. But if I had either of those and a connection to the Internet, no matter how slow – like I did while travelling to Kiama, I’d continue to try and connect. D:

Now that you mention Doctor Who, they’ve been showing Series 3 on UKtv as well! So I’ve been watching it every now and then when I remember haha. Maybe I’ll get to watch ’42’ which so far it’s the only episode of the new series that I haven’t watched. >.<

I'm also quite excited for your novel! I'm quite glad that you've started writing it, and that you're close to your goal of 15,000! Only 2,500 more words! Good luck. :D

Haha thanks! My dad actually just suggested to wait until we aren’t capped. So… :)

Oh no. Oh god no. I refuse to try that. The thing is, it was a whole different scenario. The challenge was to try it without having circumstances already prevent you from using technology. I would be completely fine without it, if there was a power outage, or if I went away – anything like that. Yeah, I’d think that a lot of people would still try. I mean, how many times do I check for free wireless these days? /hmph

Oh, watch it! I’ll probably be watching that some time soon – in the next few weeks when it comes up on the DVD. ;)

Thank you! ♥

I’m sorry about your problems at home. I could say that I can relate, but since I don’t know the details, maybe I can’t. I want to talk about personal things like what’s wrong between my mom and I or why my stepdad really isn’t very nice, but I don’t because I don’t want the wrong people finding out about it. I would like to share what all is wrong, because maybe someone who happens to stumble across my blog has gone through the same thing and can feel hope. …Or maybe I’m just being cliche.

I used to write a lot, but it stopped after I graduated. I can’t find much of an inspiration to work with. I wrote mostly poetry, using metaphors to describe everything I had been through and similies to illustrate feelings, thoughts and points of views. That is a lot of words! I think that I could start back up on writing – if my laptop was fixed. Writing my thoughts on paper tends to create pain because I my hand cramps up; I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I don’t like having no internet. :( It makes me feel very limited in what I am able to do and when I want to do it.

I think assignments that aren’t based on factual evidence have no right to be graded – even more so as incorrect or correct. A simple completion grade would do.

I hope your new year was swell and that it will get better at home! Mine has been … Well, history is repeating itself.

Hope and I have had our battles. Sometimes I believe in Hope, but other times I do not.

I’ve got a similar thing, I lost my blogging mojo, I just can’t do it, I still tweeted and stuff but I just didn’t really want to sit down and write (not that i write much on my blog anyway) but there was so much guilt I would go to bed, drunk, hungover or sober and the thought of “I need to blog some time soon” always popped up. Anyway! Enough with my rambling hope you’ve had a great holiday season, and I’m back to blogging now haha

Thanks for the comment on my last post

I feel like a lot of the time bloggers only blog because they do not want to lose readers, have their comments slow down and what not. But the thing is peoples blogs get boring when they are not blogging for themselves, when they are doing it for other people. Usually those blogs consist of the first paragraph being why they haven’t blogged, and then a short snipit of the past month or so that they haven’t blogged. Those are really boring for me to read, although I do admit to doing it before. Opening my site back up about a week ago, and blogging again, I have come to realize that it is enjoyable to actually write about something worthwhile and take those 40 minutes it takes me to write them, instead of taking ten minutes to ramble on about nothing. Those 40 miutes I feel as if I am doing what I want to do, and I am not doing it because anyone else is making me feel as if I have to.

I am happy that although whatever situation that is going on in your house, which I really do hope gets better, is horrible – at least something good came out of it! Are you writing your book by hand?! (Just wondering because although internet means… well INTERNET, and you can write word documents without the internet) What genre of novel will it be?
I am also glad that you did not get too upset about the internet not working. It’s not worth getting upset about when you could be doing other things that you want to do. :)

Like I said, I hope that things in your personal life get better, I am wishing you the best and although I’ sure you hear this all the time, I AM here if you want someone to talk to. I consider myself a pretty good listener.

Have a great day!

Aww, I hope things are going well at home :) Be strong, yeah? *hugs*

I don’t think I can survive Internet. My lecturer gave me an assignment that we have to write a diary for 2 days and the challenge is to avoid any forms of media. Be it books, laptop, music, radio, etc. Worse 2 days in my life, I tell you. But I feel like we have everything given to us in our life, might as well use it to the fullest, right?

About blogging… I blog about everything. Whatever I want to write, my opinions, my decisions, bla bla. It’s my blog afterall, right? We don’t blog to satisfy other people, so we have every rights to write about whatever we want :)

People feel obliged to blog when they start turning it into a business, when they have advertisements, sponsors and live off freebies, where their content starts being directed at listing names and keeping the numbers rolling.

Keep writing Georgie! (you don’t mind me calling you that right?). I use to love writing and imagining adventure fantasy novels in my head. I hoped one day I would write a Medieval tale but time got the better of me. Reading has been long gone, my only books now are Medical books and “blogs”. I’ve been planning to start up reading “properly” soon.

Having non-media (internet days) always make me feel good. It’s like you’ve gone out for fresh air. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy going away, because I deliberately don’t bring along a laptop or access any internet during that time, unless I have to email parents b/c they are worried, but it feels good. Gives the eyes a rest :)

I have decided the new year to not post up details of girl vs mom war anymore. They’re depressing to read. My blog shall be happy! I’ll try so. That’s what I think though, I usually check my links now and then for new posts. I don’t feel guilty about not updating though. Internet isn’t the first thing in life, haha. Or maybe it is. But I try to update whenever I can. I don’t like it when people write ‘sorry haven’t posted’ or something like that. Such a waste of time.

Good luck on your novel! You’re so close to your goal. =) If you ever publish it you will be the 3rd author I have come across just by blogs.

Awww I’m sorry for spreading the internet-down disease to you … ours is STILL not fixed. I’m pretty sure it can’t be fixed the way you did it, or else someone would’ve done so already. Jason has been going crazy – and no he’s not exiled, favoritism we discussed this -_-. For some reason his laptop isn’t detecting the good connection I am using at the moment. But lol, university starts at the end of August, I’m sure it’ll be fixed by then.

Aw, I remember your picture of your haircut though! It looked so cute! I’m thinking of getting my hair done soon … it’s been so long. I’ve been trimming my bangs myself, and I’m not entirely a beauty school person at this.

Thank you. <3 *hug* hug* My mom wants me to hear from my other schools but there's really no point. She wants to see my offers though probably to brag to her co-workers. I guess I can say she's proud? I wonder how she's gonna pay for all of it. I can't really take student loans.

Our trains are really expensive though! It's like $250 a month for unlimited! If only Mia commuted, she can commute with me. But she actually likes dorming, bleh. It's for lazy people who don't wanna wake up early. I'll say hi, haha.

Lmao your weather sounds so weird. Chilly in summer? You've told me chilly, HOT, windy, rainy. We pretty much just have rainy humid or sunny humid all summer long.

You've never even seen it on TV even? Omg! You must see it some time, people are crazy about it, they travel hours and hours to see a ball drop for 1 second. And you have to wait about 5 hours in the freezing cold, though sometimes you might be lucky and it's not that cold.

Yeah I know about 18 in Australia, and 16 in UK I believe. It's really too young! Teens drink and drive more than anyone. In Korea it's ridiculous … one of those fancy Asian traditional age thingies I still barely get. My cousin who's half a year younger than me can drink as of Feb 3, the new year. Makes like no sense. Did you know some guy in Australia got caught on Google streetview, he was passed out drunk. My gosh, people.

I think I'll make to-do lists when I need them, like I made one for the week and am off to a good start so far. I go back to work next week and need to get a lot done, bahaha. I actually miss work … O.O

Hahaha, when my friends got their acceptance letters I was the same with OMG + hug. While being a little jealous. =( If I didn't make it to university the 2nd year in a row I think I'd be very disappointed in myself. At the rate I'm going I'm already going to be the least educated in my family. My dad has masters, my mom has PHD, Arron is in grad school, and I know Jason is going for masters. I must live up to my parents' standards … I shall def go for masters too. ^^ 6 more years of education, here I come ….

Yeah exactly, that's why I tell Mia everything, she's not my only girlfriend but the others I'm not exactly close to. I don't talk the awkward stuff with my best guy friend Daniel. Nor would I ever talk about them with my brother. O.O

I think your mom is going for the culture rule then. SO NOT FAIR. HMMPH.

AHHHHH that’s so cute. :D & very true. It is an oxymoron, the phrase, “a good waste of time”, but you’re right, sometimes you know you wasted your time doing something..but it turns out that you wouldn’t have substituted it for anything else. :)

I’ve wasted a lot of time talking to Johnny on iChat & seeing him on the webcam instead of studying for my classes & hell, if I used that time to study, I would’ve gotten better grades..but I loved being able to connect with him that it was worth it to me. Wait, I take that back, I don’t think I would’ve gotten better grades had I not webcammed with him on iChat. Wouldn’t really have made that much of a difference, but the point is: THAT’S A GOOD WASTE OF TIME :D

& sheesh you’re right, you’re really really right & I for some reason feel pressured into writing a new blog right this moment that has some profound meaning, but I’ve yet to figure out what I want to write about..sigh. But I shouldn’t feel this way, because like you should blog when you want to blog & about what you want to blog about. Sigh.

I’m very proud of you for getting so much of your novel done. :) I need to finish Undeniable already, it’s gettin on my nerves that I haven’t finished it yet. :( But anyway, I haven’t gotten around to reading your first chapter yet, but I will soooon. :) I’d feel horrible if I just let it sit there for months!

Plus, writing is a soothing way for you to rid of your anger &/or express yourself. Even if you want to keep personal things off your blogs, you should try to write down how you feel or what you feel elsewhere (offline & private) so that you get to type out EVERYTHING that’s on your mind without needing to censor your thoughts. It’s a beautiful process, writing down your thoughts & reflections. By the end of the year, I’m sure you’ll see a process in which you’ve become a different person. :) Still the same lovely Georgina, but an older, more mature Georgina. :D

Ah & stupid wireless router of yours. Do you have to get a new one? I normally just give up if my internet doesn’t work & watch a show of mine or read a book. I actually kind of feel bad for saying this, but I feel relieved at the thought of not having the internet sometimes because…well…I think the forum & my site = pressure on me. But it’s stress I put on myself, not like anyone tries to whip me if I don’t keep up with anything. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. But you shouldn’t feel the stress/need to keep up with all 20 of your domains either! Remember what you blogged about girly, because it applies to your other domains too: you don’t need to update them at a certain time or frequency, you should do it as you please. :)

Haha, what you said were exactly what I have in mind right now. I don’t feel like coming online these days because I feel that I have been spending TOO MUCH TIME on the Internet, besides the fact that I want to spend my time watching Gossip Girl. And my mum has been nagging about me sticking to the computer all day long. I don’t think all these are worth it, you know. Hence, I’m rescheduling my time. I’d like to spend only a few hours, or only an hour online blogging, reading blogs and commenting. I’m going to quit Facebook games, because they are the ones that prevent me from leaving the Internet. You know how genius those game designers are these days? They create these games, like Farmville for example which you have to keep on going back to the games if you had planted some crops on time otherwise they’d wither = you lose your money. /argh

Really, I don’t think that it is a must to blog daily or whenever you think your readers want you to. I read a post (I forgot who the blogger was) about how stupid it is to apologize to your readers when you do not update. It is simply because you don’t have to. If your readers are loyal, you don’t have to worry about losing them. :D A good example would be my love for Clem’s blog, OhClementine. I really enjoy reading hers but she does not blog daily or weekly. She only blogs whenever she wants to, so I have to keep checking back for new posts. I think this is sort of fun but can be a little disappointing to see no new posts. Well, at least I don’t have to do that on your blog, because you update once every two days. Therefore, I know when I should check back for new posts. :D

Aww, I hope things will be fine soon in your family. ): Stay strong, Georgina. *HUGS*

Same goes for me. I would cry if the Internet does not work. It meant a lot to me. I would be in a really bad mood whenever the Internet is not working. Hence, this is one of the many reasons why I’d like to stay away from Internet. I don’t want my life to depend on it. I want to have a life. I am definitely not saying that being online is equivalent to not have a life, I just don’t want to spend TOO MUCH time on the internet. You might think that this is impossible, but I could spend my WHOLE DAY sitting in front of the computer – from 8 a.m. to 3 or 4 a.m.. I quote this from Gossip Girl, “When you grow up, every steps you take is going to determine who you will become in the future. Instead of apologizing, you should ask yourself whether you like it or not the person you are becoming.” And no, i dislike me staying in front of the stupid computer all day long, giving bad influences on my health, especially on my eyesight. I just changed my spectacles and my, the lenses are SO THICK. 550 degree on both sides, can you believe that?! D:

Opps, I think I’m really good at running away from topic. Sorry. D: That occurs to me too, but only during my studies. I enjoy doing other stuff like cleaning my bedroom or plan my About page when I should be studying. And after doing all those not so important stuff, I’d be like, “Gee, I should have….. instead.” -__- Yes, we should just do what we like but we should control ourselves and manage our time (wisely). :P


I know how you feel. My mum nags me too. But I do feel like I’ve spent less time busting my way around the internet and at least some more time reading and writing, as well as watching DVDs. It’s still like being a lazy couch potato, but I think it’s different.

A lot of games suck you in like that. Lilian likes Typing Maniac (I believe that’s what it’s called; I cannot remember) and she used to try and play every day to keep her score up above everyone else. A lot of social networking websites do the same, I guess.

I agree! I have people who read my blogs even without me responding to their comments and such – you’re one of those people. ♥ And after all, that is why RSS feeds and subscriptions were made.

*hugs* I hope they will too; they will be for both of us. :)

I love to travel, but I don’t always get that opportunity – I do want to get out there and do more things rather than sitting at the internet. The internet is a wonderful thing but it’s always a good idea to stop and get away from it every now and then. I don’t find the periods you spend at the computer that hard to believe – often I’m on here for about the same amount of time. From the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep! It’s ridiculous but as I said, I have been trying to read and get away from it more. I also suppose I should feel blessed because I have 20/20 vision. /um

Ho, Typing Maniac was one of the games I used to love on Facebook. I was the top scorer, not sure about now. Gosh, you just made me want to check out the scores. But luckily I am using broadband, so it will be really slow if I were to load the game. So.. thank god, I guess.

Hehe. /um I know RSS is something that you use to keep track of others posts but I can’t do it on this laptop because it is my mum’s school property. I love this laptop because of its speed, and I wouldn’t like to use RSS on my desktop. It’d kill me. Ah, what to do without this laptop after 20th Jan (when my mum retires)? D: …

I love to travel too. I wonder how do those girl bloggers out there like XiaXue at (Singaporean) or Audrey at (Malaysian) get the opportunities and time to go around the world. Whenever I visit their blogs when I have nothing better to do, I can always see them posting photos of their travels! How I wish I could have the money to do the same. /wah

Wow! That’s good for you. I think this is sort of a family trait. My parents wear spectacles and so do all my sisters. My classmates who spent a lot of time on the Internet do not have to wear spectacles like I do (their parents do not wear spectacles too). Sigh.. :(

My brother and parents wear glasses, so I really am blessed. :O

I’m insanely jealous of those people who travel frequently, even to meet other bloggers! I don’t have the money. Though I am keen on travelling in the future, I know I will have to save up for it and right now I’m still young, with not much money.

I hope you can get your own laptop or something – my parents aren’t close to retirement. :P I don’t actually subscribe to RSS feeds or anything. I just keep links of blogs I like to read or just visit the people who comment on my site. 8)

OMG! Now that’s really… OMG, I’m so glad for you! asdfghjkl 👏

Yeah, I really wonder how they make the money, especially when I know that they do not have a well paid work. I wouldn’t go to meet bloggers… I’d love to meet you though. But that’s probably not going to happen. Hahaha, I’m contradicting myself again. I am not good at dealing with strangers. We are not strangers but uh .. I don’t know. I sort of lose myself in front of every new human beings I meet. :D

My elder sister will buy a netbook for me if I get 9A+ and an A (for Chinese) in my SPM. But I think that’s not going to happen either. D: Sigh. Remember the netbook I mentioned in my first few posts? I didn’t get it actually. I think that stupid people in charge messed up my mum’s information for good.

Well, I am trying to find some new blogs that interests me. :)

I actaully can’t read when things are happening at home, I get distracted from the book with bad thoughts. I’m only in the mood for reading when I’m happy.

Are you going to post your novel? (Please say yes XD). What kind of novel is it?

I hope things get better for you at home. I hope you know the main problem of all the little problems and you’re able to fix it. If not, you’ve always got a big future ahead of you, and I’m 100% positive it will be a good one, because you’re successful and seem to know what you want in most places, and you’ve got a brain, a good one. I had a hard time living at home as well sometimes. After moving out, my relationship with my mum and two sisters grew so much stronger. I’m still not a fan of my step dad, but we don’t have any problems any more. ♥


Yay! You’ve started writing again :). How exciting. I hope you do reach your designated target. Though I am 100% sure that you will :P.

Yes! You are right. Blogging should be done whenever one feels like it. And about WHATEVER the person wishes to blog about *nods*. Otherwise you’re technically not blogging, but purposefully writing something to entertain someone. Although I can’t help but feel bad when I realise I haven’t blogged in a very, VERY long time. Haha. Oops. /um

*hugs* Sorry about your rough time at home. I hope it gets better :(.

I need a break from the internet. And computers in general. I’ll totally get one when I leave for Malaysia! Although it sucks I won’t be able to talk to you on msn as much :(. But still, I think it’s a good idea to get away from technology once in a while. Restful :). Hehe.

I hate when the internet stuffs. I hope you guys either fix the router or get a new one. Ughh….routers. SO unreliable!

Hmmm…a good waste of time. Well I guess when you’re really exhausted, sometimes it’s very restful to just lie down and stare at the ceiling and not do anything for a while. It’s a waste of time, but it’s a GOOD waste of time :P.

Ah okay. I know what site you’re from anyway. :P FanUpdate is really annoying.

I usually don’t update every day because I’m either too busy with other stuff or I just can’t be bothered. :3 I agree though, if it is your blog you shouldn’t have to please others.

I also don’t like posting really personal things in my life on my blog. It gets me more upset if it was something bad and I don’t really want people that I don’t know, knowing my business. I will post a funny story or something good that happened in my life but nothing too personal.

I only really started reading last summer again. I hadn’t really read from Christmas 2009 to summer 2010 but I’m glad I started again because it is a good way to get things off your mind and it’s also very relaxing and enjoyable. I couldn’t live without books. :)

I used to love writing novels too! Up until I got into web designing and graphic designing, I just kind of forgot about it and stopped. 12, 500 words is really good! I think I only wrote about a 1,000 words a day on several different novels so I never really got any finished.

Whenever I try to right, I always get too lost in the story and my writing ends up sucking so bad. I just couldn’t be bothered either because I know I will never complete a publishing worthy book so what’s the point? But good luck to your getting 15,000 words by the end of the month. :) I’d say you could get a possible 20,000 or maybe more at this stage. :3

I get really frustrated when the internet goes also. Last time it wouldn’t work for about a week and I was weirdly enough okay with it. I wasn’t crying like I would normally be and I wasn’t sitting at my desk trying to make it work for hours wasting all my time.

In the end itwas a simple connection problem that I fixed myself. We had rang dell and the internet guy and they couldn’t fix it so when I did I was really happy! 😝

When you think you have ‘wasted’ time on the internet, reading a book or watching TV and if you have enjoyed it, then it wasn’t really a ‘waste’ of time because you enjoyed it! That’s how I look at things anyway. :D

I’m not gonna use Tumblr anymore cos I can’t change the IP address D: But, I’m trying to find someone who will convert a HTML to WordPress now for my blog cos I can’t get FanUpdate to install. I hate these damn blogging scripts.

Thanks! Yeah, after about an hour, I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. XD is a pretty sweet domain. :3 I love .org and .net domains the best. (: I really want to get a .nu domain or a .ie but they’re kind of expensive~

Yeah it’s good. :D

Dark chocolate makes me feel really sick after one bite. The taste is horrible and I want to spit it out so bad if I accidently eat one. I can’t even swallow it. DX

Oh, that’s sad. Yeah you’ll probably get around to it sometime. :D

That domain is so awesome! XD You have some good photos up. :3

Yeah that’s the way it seems to be anyway…

Wow! I just wrote almost a full novel. Well, not really but it was 577 words. o.o

The Importance of Being Earnest!! That had better be where your blog title came from! ;P

I suck. I brought home three books over break: one that I was halfway through and two that I hadn’t started yet. I had intended to try to read all three of them over break. I only read one and then a couple chapters in the book I’m STILL halfway through. I love reading, but there are so many other things I could do instead, and it’s hard to find time for everything! As I’m sure you know.

Short comment ftw.

Nah, it’s actually from the Oasis song of the same name. :)

It totally is. It annoys me to hell that there is never enough time for anything… as I’m sure you know too. I finished my book earlier this evening, it was really quite good.

i never partied hard like never drank or anything just had a good evening.

thx ill need all the luck with my diet.

i found some good job offers today, now just have to email them my CV.

i do send ppl messages or put it as my status but some ppl dont read lol

Its good enough if I update my blog *monthly*. O_O
Trying not to end up posting every freaking meals I have, and such.

I remember when I read novels for fun. Wrote cute little stories in my notebook and watched movies when I got bored. When I got older, IDK what happened but something changed. I spent ALL my time on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. Made it my misson to blog regularly, never picked up a book unless it was a school assignment, I just couldn’t live without the internet. But today those things don’t matter anymore. I feel proud of myself. I can live without the computer and or internet for days at a time. After what happened with my bestfriend, I’m not on Facebook as much anymore. I’m slowly gaining my interest of reading books and such back and I can honestly say it feels great.

2010 wasn’t a bad year at all for me. I can honestly say it was one of the best. The little incident with my friend happened on the very first day of 2011 actually but I have no doubts that the rest of my year should be good. The boy actually called me yesterday but things still aren’t how they use to be. As for my bestfriend, I have no desire to talk to her for a very long time.

This will be my first time actually trying one of those challenges so who knows how I’ll think about it in the end.

I used to write a lot too but I have lost my touch. I used to write so many fanfictions a day, write mini novels and poetry and etc. I miss writing but after being in college, writing all those papers kinda put a dampen on my writing creativity since they keep drilling in our heads about structure and mechanics rather than creativity. I still try to write my poetry once in a while though :)

I try not to be addicted to my internet too haha. It’s hard when I have data on my phone and whenever there is wifi, I am on my touch playing around like crazy haha. At least I think I won’t be as addicted now that school is starting soon. Being on the internet for pleasurable purposes will be a nice treat!!

People should be able to write when they want and what they want without worrying so much about whether people will read it or that they only write to get comments. I think having a blog is a place for creativy to flourish and bring out the inner most of a person not for popularity. That’s just a little bonus. At least for me it is.

I’ve noticed I only tend to blog when I have something I need to get off my chest and I hate that it makes me look like a whiner… so I’m trying to make 2011 a more positive year. More happy posts!