The Social Vacuum

Anthony Padilla of Smosh just made me realise that mouthing “I wanna vacuum” looks the same as when you mouth “I wanna fuck you”.

In primary school, other students in my class would mouth the word “colourful” and ask others, “What am I saying?”
Most children would have said, “I love you? What?”
“No, I’m saying ‘colourful’, you idiot!”

I watched a bunch of YouTube videos today (which is why I had to mention Anthony Padilla), though I didn’t watch everything in my subscriptions box. I wasn’t in the mood, and they didn’t look like interesting videos. I just left them for later. I’ve heard from friends who always try to steer clear of YouTube, especially when they have assignments. Reason being? They get sucked in. It’s a simple concept. You watch a video, thinking it’s only three minutes. The reality is that three minutes turns into thirty, and before you know it, a full hour raving around your subscription box until all those videos are gone.

Go on, tell me about it.

How many times have you vowed not to open Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or any other social networking website (or similar) to avoid being stuck on it, for hours on end? If I had a dollar for every time someone on Twitter alone said “okay I’m closing Twitter so I can do my homework”, I’d have enough money to renew all my domains.

It’s like a trap. Let’s face it. You avoid going on these websites (or even on the internet!) knowing full well that once you start (“oh, just one status update, please”, “oh please let me check how that cutie Bob is doing”), you’re not going to be able to stop. It’s like being sucked into a vacuum and being swirled around endlessly until the vacuum is turned off. And when is that?

  1. When Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/etc. goes down.
  2. When the internet goes down.
  3. When the power goes out.
  4. When Mister Obama flicks that one switch that turns off the internet.

I’m serious about number 4. (Go on, Google it; you don’t need me to tell you.)

I run with my friend Tiff. I hadn’t been on the forum in months before today. I was really busy, and I also had some problems at home, as well as busying myself with other things. I sometimes had a bit of time to spare, but that bit of time turned into no time for the forum because I knew I’d be sucked in and I would spend hours on there.

But I went on there, updated myself on a bunch of posts and that was it. I didn’t feel the need at all to update myself endlessly on every single bloody post. Yes, it would have been nice to get my post number up, since not having as many posts as some members and being a Super Administrator is bloody embarrassing.

The truth is, no one literally expects you to be on any social networking site at every waking hour. There is a reason why there are services like Direct Messages, Ask boxes, Messages… wait, hang on… there’s also Mentions, Reblogs, and Wall Posts.

Hello. The reason you have a Twitter profile in the first place, a Tumblr blog in the first place, a Facebook account in the first place – is because there are ways for people to contact you on it. It’s not instant messaging, for crying out loud. There is a reason you can leave people messages and mention them. They can bloody check it when they come back.

Come back from where? Sleeping. Eating. Showering. A trip overseas. Going to buy groceries. Going to the toilet.

Oh wait, people use the internet when they’re in the toilet these days.


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I have 3 minutes to make a comment! EEEEEEEEEP! D: 😰

OMG, IT’S TRUE! I just went to a mirror and “I wanna vacuum” really looks like that D:. Omg, how to lip-readers differentiate? That’s scary. Hahaha, the “colourful” one is just cute.

I used to get addicted to youtube! But then I started using this laptop more, so now I don’t, cos I can’t stand the lag. I HATE watching youtube videos now. But still, facebook, tumblr, twitter, the internet in general, MSN…omg…ALL massive distractions around exam time. MASSIVE. I wish I could temporarily disable the internet, but I need blackboard to study. Hahaha…how sad :(.

If Mr Obama does do that, I predict HUGE riots complaining about freedom of information and stuff like that. So he better not. It’d be against our human rights! D:

Oh wow. Your forum. I haven’t been on there for AGES D:. Sorry! I must go on soon and take a browse or something :P. Preferably before I leave for Malaysia :O.

Haha, hey, you’re right. It’s funny now we feel the need to be constantly on facebook/twitter/wherever, when people SHOULD be aware that it’s not instant messaging, and people should be allowed to respond in their own time. How ironic :P.

And how hilarious that people are on the internet while in the toilet. Soon we will be needing internet rehab. Haha XD.

Lip readers must be super talented or something, and there are probably differences in the way the mouth moves… or if you say it really slowly, it would be enunciated in different places. I don’t know! :P

I don’t really need to study… but when it comes to assignments I need the internet for this constant research. I don’t think I need to go to measures like turning the internet off, but I’m always telling people to leave me alone. I swear, for me it was worse in high school because there was just way too much stress. These days it seems more relaxed and I don’t have to keep telling myself to set my status to ‘away’ on MSN or get off my website and things. (Back then I didn’t have Twitter. LOL.)

Don’t worry, I rarely go on my own forum, which is worse. XD

LOL internet rehab! I am determined not to ever need that – so I need to monitor my use of the internet. Fast. 💥 :P

Wow it’s bizarre of when you mouth words like “I wanna vacuum” can turn into a vulgar language. XD Ironically, I was also vacuuming my room today.

Grr, you’re absolutely right. I tell myself “Okay, I’m gonna watch just this video. Promise” and when the video finishes, I’d be off clicking on videos on the recommended list sidebar. It’s so addictive, uncontrollable and eats a lot of your time. Haha, I do that too; I’d finish up videos on my subscription box without even realising it! :(

I just googled number 4 because I was so curious (since you insisted so anyway :P ) and the top 2 sites on the results page referred to your site. /hehe

There’s no need for you to go all through the trouble to increase the number of posts you have on your own forum just because you’re a Super Administrator. It doesn’t really do any justice if a person on whatever level has 123456789 posts/replies. We’re still people with lives and other important things to do. ;)

People take social networking seriously these days. -_- They think the world is gonna break into pieces if they don’t post the latest “updates” of their life every millisecond. Who bloody cares?
You can say that again: people go on their profiles wherever they are. Sometimes I wish I get to see their reaction when they suddenly drop their phones whilst in the middle of updating their status in the toilet bowl along with their poo. That’d be hilarious. :D /bounce

Haha. The first part is funny. I wanna Vaccum. Hehe. XD

You’re totally right, Georgina. Happens me with all the time, too, as ashamed I am too admit it.
However, I am not addicted to one website in particular – especially facebook, like some of my friends. I actually miss everything when I am away from my computer. Looking up a video in case I want to listen to a particular song, or just checking for new comments or maybe my friends’ whereabouts on facebook.

That is good, what you did on Skeletons. Sometimes we forget the important things in life, and that is not certainly a stranger who posted hello to you on your website.

Ha. Let us exchange weathers. When I get up to turn on the geyser at 6 a.m. in the morning, it is awful. Then going to school, wearing a goddamn skirt…we shudder and shiver all the time. And when I actually step in the hot shower, I curse everyone from the school principal to the president for not shutting schools across the country.

Ha! That’s so me. I remember back when I was 17 and I was facing this HUGE final exam I’ll be, all, “Okay, that’s it. I’m going on an Internet abstinence until I finish this exam.” Such abstinence it was, lmao. I’ll go online, telling mum and dad I have to check my email and it’ll only take me 10 minutes but it snowballed to 1 hour. It’s ridiculous how Internet can distract us so much. So much to the point where sometimes I wouldn’t even realise I have a few text messages from my friends (because my phone is always on vibrate).

But since university happened, I get to curb down my Internet addiction, I suppose. Sometimes I only get to spend 1 hour online per day (and that’s to facebook and do things unrelated to assignments) and that’s a huge accomplishment for me.

Now that I’m on semester break, I’ll only spend a few minutes on facebook per session just to check on my games or spend a few minutes to update my blog. That’s it :) I tweet regularly but isn’t it ridiculous to get tweets by people who’s tweeting in the toilet? Like we don’t need to know EVERYTHING that you’re doing, sheesh. Haha.

You know there really is nothing wrong with social networking sites. I love Twitter and tweeting, but the problem really lies in how much time is spent. I mean, there are people out there that probably tweet every stinkin’ thought that comes to mind or happens to them – its annoying.

I guess that is what happens when time isn’t viewed as precious.

Social networking sites can become an obsession if we let it. The truth is is that I can’t believe how people have enough time to tweet away or play Farmville, yet they don’t have enough time to return my e-mail or do something productive in their life.

I guess that is why I wait to tweet until after everything else is done or when I don’t have anything else to do. That way I have something to look forward too. Or otherwise, my other work will never get done.

Haha, that’s funny. :P Mouthing olive juice looks the same as mouthing I love you – or even if it is just said.

I have trouble staying away from social networks (even forums!) when it comes to working on my websites! Especially when it comes to Facebook appications! Blahh. Obama can’t literally turn off the internet yet – that is still being debated on as far as I am concerned. I mean, it would have been on the nine o’clock news, because everything that is anything is on at that time. Also, I would have seen it on the Yahoo! homepage. Aside from that, I don’t think he should be able to; in my eyes he seems really controlling, like he wants more and more power as the days pass by. Being a Republican, I don’t exactly favor him …

I have been good abought not logging onto forums lately; I’m proud of myself for that.

My stepdad takes his laptop with him when he goes to the bathroom; he ends up being on it for hours and hours. And what is he doing?? WORKING.

Family members on my dad’s side of the family expect me to reply to their messages they send to me via Facebook within the next day. It’s ridiculous, and it makes logging onto my personal Facebook feel like such a chore. :(

I was describing my stepdad, but I’m sorry about your mom. :( If she’s anything like he is, I’m extremely sorry. She’s never beat you though, has she? Not a normal spanking, but I mean, like … sadistically? Hopefully not.

I like my room more now – it’s clean and looks organized, even though it isn’t. I colored last night. It was pretty relaxing. :)

/hehe I love Smosh

AHAHA that’s funny
No I totally agree.. people.. are int he washroom and probably typing up a blog post
I swear I don’t do that

Saw the video.. on mute, (bf playing game, doesnt want interruptions) quite funny

Haha every single time I go on Youtube it lasts a substantial amount of time. It’s generally about an hour but sometimes shorter than that if I’m short on time. :D I’m one of those people though, so addicted to the internet and social networking sites in general. Facebook is my downfall, though. I more than often wish it would just disappear because I’m pretty ashamed of my habit. /bash

I actually stopped using many of the networks I used to. I’ve narrowed it down to pretty much just Facebook now. I used to use Twitter more often than Facebook. I also loved DailyBooth, Tumblr, and a couple of other ones. Now I’m basically just addicted to Facebook and occasionally, Youtube.

I admit I have an obsession, though. I know when the power is out or when I have no electronic access to the internet I get really, truly upset. A lot of people do. I guess it’s just the generation we’re leaving in. I sometimes wish I lived in the past when the internet didn’t even exist. I’m sure I’d find a different way to amuse myself if I had to. :)

I’m usually watching TV when I’m online, so I don’t spend too much time on youtube, but it’s really a big time suck.

It’s a good thing for me they block facebook at work, though I can still visit on my phone, but I usually only do that during meetings :D If you don’t check it every day, you miss stuff!

*Tempted to leave a comment* I was just about to leave the computer until… :l

That is so cool and it interests me. +__+ (I am referring to what Anthony Padilla said or showed .. argh, whatever) I’d try that on my sisters and friends if I meet them. I’m sure they’d be surprised too. :D

I rarely go on Youtube. But if I am there, you can always see me browsing for Korean videos. I don’t browse for that sort of videos, like funny videos etc, I just don’t. But my cousin does that. She likes to search for Youtubers who create videos of themselves, singing, making parodies etc. I haven’t find that to be interesting yet so Youtube is not really the reason why I stayed up late at night.

That used to occur to me, Facebook and Twitter especially. Facebook, because of the games; Twitter, because I was addicted to update what I am doing. But ever since my desktop fails on me (Twitter always lags whenever I try to tweet. It takes 2 seconds for an alphabet to appear!), I rarely go on Twitter now. And it also bothers me a lot when I try to read others’ tweets. Now that I quit playing Facebook games, I can sign off easily. :D Plus, I am quite an invincible person on Facebook, unlike my schoolmates. They would receive a lot of comments whenever they update and that is what keeping them on Facebook. So now, I guess there’s only blogs that could keep me online. I wonder if you consider watching GG on my desktop as online. :/ But I do admit that watching GG has used up a lot of my time IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER. Season 2 episode 2 now. :x

I don’t last long on forums, meaning I will not be active for long, like Bubble. I sort of find forums boring, unless you have a lot of friends there. I don’t really know what to do, besides the games thread. But that would be boring too when there’s only one or two members who’d play that with you. -_- I don’t know. Like those life updates thread, I am quite afraid of leaving wrong replies. What if I hurt the owner? What if she finds it rude? And a lot of what ifs… I just don’t belong there, I guess. Bubble has active members, but only those people, you know what I mean? KawaiiVille was a really active forums but I didn’t participate in other threads besides Codings stuff, and I got into a drama for helping too. I wonder if you had noticed that. I was accused of being rude for using “anyway” in my reply. A member found it rude and her best friends stood up for her, so yeah. That was the last time I signed in because I felt insulted. I really don’t understand some people. :l

I completely agree with what you said. It is not necessary to be online for 24/7. That is totally ridiculous. We need to have good rest! I used to spend a lot of time on Maple Story, an online game, just to train my character. But there were a lot of gamers out there who were even better than me – they slept at godly hours. D: Needless to say, my mum disliked me playing that game and I quitted because I think that it is not worth it.

Haha, yeah, people could online in toilets nowadays. I wonder what will happen if their iPhones drop into the … ahem. :)

“OMG I DROPPED MY PHONE INTO THE ….!” (Facebook and Twitter updates)


Ahaha their loss if they drop their phone in the toilet! Dun dun dun. They should just go their, do what they need to do, and get out so they can go back on their laptop of course. 😏

I joined a lot of forums many years ago when I was part of the ‘kawaii’ community. I never understood how forums worked. I just remembered, last year I was a part of this forum with a lot of Asian girls. I really liked it and I was active on there a lot. Then all of a sudden I forgot about it and stopped visiting. It felt like such a chore to visit all the new posts and visit every day. I know it’s a great way to get to know people… but sometimes I think it gets old easily. Having my own forum sort of changed my view because now I think it’s good to keep it alive. If a lot of people visit and keep it alive, then that’s a good thing.

Some forums are definitely not for me. As I said, they got old fast when I was younger. Now I know that some forums still get easily boring and the spam/game threads are the only places people post. It’s good to muck around and go there when bored, but I think that to really make friends with people, you have to start discussions and more than just play the games. That’s what’s missing – a lot of people just ignore that and don’t want to read long posts.

I watch some DVDs from my laptop. It’s not counted as online, even if I may be connected. :P

So i read your blog than I read your comment on my blog so yea haha. Just thought you might have wanted the process:P

OMG i agree with you!. I try to do homework, and I open up the internet, however google crome is staring at me with all my “visited websites” and I click facebook,, Tumblr, Gmail, Oceanup/ (celebrity gossip.. guilty pleasure :p) But I can never get stuff done. I am actually happy I never jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. I think I would tweet a lot and go crazy. However when I do homework first (the written without the internet) I am fine. If I try really hard I do not have to go on facebook… but it helps me with my homework (i contact friends that way). So I need it in a way.. a bad way though.

and Colourful. I never heard that one for I love you. I heard Olive juice (Practices it). And I haven’t been on that message board in a while. Although I get the e-mails :) I think Tiff wanted me to get it or she kept promoting it so I got one. In all honesty I have no idea what to do with it. I know it’s forums, but forums do not really interest me.

We always have this “online” topic going on haha, Anyway I had this fishy friend from when i had a myspace. He actually has the name of your BF (but it is obviously not your bf… one of my ex is named James too.. I guess it’s a popular name) haha I met this guy when I was 13 on myspace, I had a myspace site lol. But he was SO fishy. He like liked weird stuff for a guy his age and he got into fights. It just did not seem pretty. I do not know why I talked to him for as long as I did. I kept wondering why I did.

My website means a LOT to me. haha I keep going back to it.. haha I had 2 different main domains and a sub domain and had a significant pause/hiatus between them. But I keep going back! I love talking via blog comments from people around the world. I think its amazing you are from Australia! It just amazes me that I can connect to someone so far away.

I am scared to tell some of my friends because I think I fear it a little. Like I am in high school. I know my “true” friends or at least hope I do. But I am still a little weary. I think it comes with maturing. I know some people post their link right on their Status, public twitters, facebooks and AIm/MSN away messages. But I am happy your friends know! That is amazing. My 4 best friends know some stuff. haha
J.M-knows I have a site, doesn’t know URL. knows I met an online friend.
F.T-knows I have a site, doesn’t know URL… but added one of my online friends as a facebook friend.
C.K-knows I have a site, knows the URL, has texted some of my online friends via my phone.
J.S-doesn’t know I have a site, knows I met a friend online.
^You probably did not care about that, but I wanted to see who knew what haha

I think some of the most “special dates” are the ones you are just doing what you love. The everyday stuff. Like going on your website. As long as you are doing it because you love it, than that is good:) It’s not like everyday needs to be remembered. I do this because I love it (like what I said in the above paragraph lol).

People would complain about my layouts “they are too dark… I can’t read the text… you always have the same layout setup” Although I take complaints very well, i got tired of it. I want a dark layout again. I want a cool layout haha and thank you so much! haha I went simpler, though I told myself I wouldn’t. I really like black backgrounds haha I guess I like darkness? I do not really know. If you seen me (I bet on tumblr) you would see that I am not a dark person haha. And I love color, like all my AP projects are all oil pastel colors.

and I was never close to Gillian, but Vicky actually hosted me when I changed host with this domain! She left me amazing comments and we use to bond over soccer. I hope she comes back soon! I know she had difficulty with her family life and her job and everything! I loved her site too, her tutorials were the bomb!

Some of my friends drifted but I still see them post stuff on facebook. I do not know if you know Bonnie? I use to be good friends with her but we drifted and I see her only post status on facebook and stuff. Maybe I’ll e-mail everyone haha be like “howdy, how are you?” lol nah, well something like that lol

You are so lucky you are good at banners and icons and that stuff. I am SO jealous. I get a headache when the image is really zoomed lol.

I am waiting patiently (I really am) for a boyfriend. I think once I get our of HS it will be better. People are less racist and less judgmental. Right now you have to “go out with people equal to you” and that shit. But yea I am happy being single. If I was not, then my life would change (this might be a upcoming blog) haha of course i have hope and little crushes that I think would turn into something more. I am kind of in a flirty relationship with my friend, but I only want it to stay that way. I am glad you realized the “good guys” and got one! You are so lucky to have an understanding boyfriend!

I will have to pass on the “I wanna vacuum” info to my older brother, he’ll get a kick out of it. /hehe

Youtube is the number one website to be sucked into very easily. I know. I go there to watch a movie trailer and next thing I know I’ve watched ten trailers.

Oh gosh when tumble goes down it’s like mayhem. *shrugs* I don’t miss it. lol. I haven’t been on there in weeks anyways.

I am guilty of being on twitter all the time during the week (except for when I’m sleeping and stuff like that). Ry isn’t around so the people on there kind of keep me company. It doesn’t help either that there’s things you can download to keep facebook and everything running. Now though I’m down to going on facebook only maybe once a week.

LOL really? Honestly I just mouthed both lines … I don’t think they use the same mouth movements but maybe I should check out someone saying that instead.

Oh man this entry totally described the high-school me. Back when I was into social networking etc. I would seriously go on Livejournal for HOURS instead of doing my homework, and end up sleeping at 2 because I couldn’t finish. It’s so true though, those services are designed so you can actually leave it and people can leave you messages – can’t do that with instant messenger, instant is the keyword <-lame. But I swear I saw the word internet rehab as I was scrolling down to the comment box. True that, I think I need it. =(

I only get off the internet when it's not working properly or when someone has business for me to put my mind in, which is usually never. Not like I have school now. I never tend to spend so long on these kinds of things nowadays though. I think all my time go into browsing. It's an addiction.

LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I just totally imagined him saying that! LOLOLOL! Keep your head down … -in a funny accent- Okay maybe without the Engrish accent like Yunho (DBSK member) does it.

We got a little bit of snow. It was nothing compared to the after-Christmas blizzard. It was snowing pretty densely for several hours but there's nothing on the ground, it probably melted because the temperature wasn't freezing yet.

Well then I'm the only one in my family who got the mutation. =( I totally suck at learning languages! Every Asian I know speaks Chinese or Korean or what their language is quite well! At least within my group of acquaintances. When did you take those 4 years of Japanese though? I have been learning Spanish since 1st grade, and it was utterly useless until high school. By senior year I could actually carry a slow conversation, but not anymore.

Haha I see a lot of tall high school students, but it's not the height that determines age! Their faces are still quite young! But don't worry, I'm short too … my friend Euna is 13 and taller than me. But it's obvious I'm the older one.

Aww I'm sure it's not bad! Looking at your current layout, I can't wait for the new one! This one has been here as long as I can remember I think.

You're right. Most people don't understand my situation either, all they'd say is "I'm sorry about -" which is kind of awkward. =( It's okay when you say it to something like, "aw sorry your internet is down" but anything more personal is just weird. I shall keep my blog positive! As much as I can. I try not to do what I used to on blogger – jot down my boring day.

Well you have at least one reader -points to self- if a book of yours was available on Amazon I'd order it right away! Haha. My friend's book is actually out already but I don't have a debit card … oh I just realized I wouldn't be able to order yours either. =( Hopefully I get one soon!

Or it could've been overheated? In the summer sometimes my dad's study (where the modem is) gets much warmer than the rest of the house because the door is always closed and it has a skylight to get DIRECT sunlight. One time it got overheated and the internet just stopped working. Had to turn on the A/C when the rest of the house didn't need it. Cold + waste of money.

Lol the back is shorter than the front? That would look so cool right! Reminds me of anime characters and their gravity-defying hair! Hahaha. Don't worry though, I've done same when I was young, my mom got oh so mad that she had to take me to the hair salon to fix it.

Well America is very expensive, especially in my area. But even so, wouldn't you need to go several days a week? I think I'd have to go every day, I'm looking towards full schedules every day, so it's definitely cheaper to buy a monthly ticket. And $250/month is still far cheaper than dorming.

Hahaha if only it was actually snowing. :P Sunny and cool. If only we could have that in the summer. But never! Always so so humid! Like a sauna.

Okay the more I write the ball drop the more awkward it sounds. We have fireworks too! Right over where they drop the ball I believe. ^^ But it's winter so it's not like I'd go out and watch it.

Lol my mom says to me she's glad I'm not out here like a lot of people from schools, dating random people and doing drugs. She thinks that's what Americans do when they get rich. Maybe so? But don't worry, I'd face the slaughter too if I was like that.

Well then. Here you go:

Haha yay for work next week! Money money money money money. O.O

You know, sometimes I don't see the point of high school. I am half a year out and have already forgotten everything I learned. Was it really necessary then? Is it going to be necessary when I start university? NO. :(

I know several people who are guilty of using the Internet on the toilet. At least it is not as creepy as eating on the toilet. At least I can think of the Internet as a substitute for a book. *shudders*

What I found was the easiest way to keep me off the social networking stuff is to just not have accounts and use email and im and the phone for all forms of electronic communication. Now the problem is that I spend way too much blogging… Whoops.

Kill switch lols… I guess people from outside America don’t actually know how unreliable many of our news sources are. Before it was the health care death panel, now the Internet kill switch. Really? Okay, I’ll stop hating on my country now…

I tried mouthing “I wanna vacuum” and WOOO! It does look like as if I’m saying the other sentence. Hahaha! I’ll try to remember not to do that in public; people might get the wrong idea. XD

I envy those who have the luxury of watching videos on Youtube. I can’t do the same because my internet connection isn’t fast enough. Waiting for a 3-minute video can take up to half an hour to finish streaming. :(

“How many times have you vowed not to open Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or any other social networking website (or similar) to avoid being stuck on it, for hours on end?”
= Many, many times. Never kept my promise. 😳
It’s always, “just one more update and I’ll close it”, but a second later, “wait, what if I got a reply?” And that continues on and on. In the end I find myself switching between the tabs (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tumblr) non-stop.

It’s the same with me when I haven’t been on a forum that I have not visited in a long time. I contribute to several posts but that’s about it. It’s really not necessary trying to reply to every single post in the forum when I have nothing better to say.

“Oh wait, people use the internet when they’re in the toilet these days.”
Urp. 😳


I’ve grown to accept my mom will never change her ways so I could only try and live with it. It’s not easy, it never was, but at least I’m not denying the fact now.
I’m sure your mom would stop treating you badly at some point later in your life. :) I know that it is not always easy for Asian parents to let go of their children (it must be something got to do with the culture, I believe), but your mom will definitely has to stop doing things like that to you one day.

Gagagaga, I received your email. Will be waiting for the request. :)

It’s pretty true. It’s not really getting on the social network for me, it’s getting on the computer period. If I need to get on the laptop to type an assignment for school it takes two or three hours longer than it usually would considering the internet is RIGHT THERE. I’m so tempted to update on Facebook, Twitter, & even Tumblr (if I really don’t feel like doing my homework) & then there’s checking my email, checking the website, returning comments, commenting more blogs; when I had no intentions of doing anything but type an assignment, it’s pretty sad.

I really hate social networking sites. They got me in so much trouble with friends and whatever that I’m basically left with no friends now. They’re nothing but trouble really.

My friend has a notebook and she always brings it to the toilet with her so she can stay on twitter…

People really need to get a life with all these ‘social sites’ Obama really should just get rid of the internet. Although, it probably wouldn’t make a difference to us in Ireland.

Yeah, you can write your URL properly but it doesn’t make a link on your name to your website. It doesn’t matter now because if I click ‘feed’ I can see where you’re from. :)

I’m not bothered with WordPress now because I got FanUpdate working. :P

Yeah, I saw it. We had several other dogs before that and we had to give them to new owners also because we couldn’t take care of them properly as we’re always busy too. But this time we got him lots of his own things, kennel, toys, bones to keep him occupied. But as he’s only a puppy he kept digging our garden up so we got him a collar that shocks him when he goes to the grass (we’ve layed a wire around the grass) and he’s getting much better now and we’re probably going to take the collar off him soon. :) But, puppys and dogs can be hard work.

I have to fix that spiral or take it off. I just did it in a rush to hurry it up. XD It took me ages to make the layout so I rushed the notebook.

Oh, good! I love books. :D My books STILL haven’t come. I’ve been waiting over a week for them from the dispatch date and it said it should only take 5 days from the dispatch date. If I don’t have them by Monday I’ll have to contact them. >.<

I don't talk to anyone about my personal things. I only have one close friend and I never see her since I moved school. It's only a matter of picking up the phone really as she lives so close but sometimes it feels like she's a stranger cos I only see her once every few months.

I want an e-book reader but my mother says it's a waste and it's stupid because you can easily pick up a book and read it anytime and it's cheaper then buying an e-book thing like Kindle. I am getting an iPhone in February and I think you can get e-books on that?

In a few decades there will probably ONLY be e-books left. :(

I have to write more then one novel at once cos I always get bored of one piece and move on to another and when I'm bored with that I go back to another. xD But it is hard to keep up with.

I think it is because the domain isn't mine but it doesn't matter.

Yeah .nu domains are expensive but I might still buy one sometime. I currently have my eye on a .nu domain but I won't say incase anyone takes it. XD Most people have their names on .nu domains, too!

I admit to being on the Internet way too much, but for some reason I don’t seem to have the patience to get stuck somewhere. I don’t ever watch youtube videos. I go off and on facebook quickly. I only seem to get distracted by tetris, really, when I have assignments :-D

LOL at the “I wanna vacuum” thing XD It’s so true!

I always tell myself “I’m not gonna go on Twitter/Facebook” when I’ve got school work to do, but then I’m like.. ehh just for a second! And I end up on there for like 30 minutes -.- I don’t even know why! I just really love talking to people on social networks, I guess, heh. You’re right, though; people can just as easily leave messages rather than treating it as an instant messaging device, but we all still do it anyway xp I especially use Twitter like that, and it probably gets annoying to some people, but…

People go absolutely insane when social networking sites go down O.O I get annoyed as well, but only because then I’m incredibly bored, ahaha. That really says something about myself.

I have new found respect for people who have to read lips all day =P never thought about it much, but yes, I can imagine some words ‘looking’ the same. And you’re absolutely right about all the social networking sights. It’s too tempting to check out ‘one more thing’ and then after that ‘juuuust one more’, and before you know it, hours have past =P

That’s so funny, how mouthing something can totally change the meaning. /hehe
I cannot get off Twitter. That is how bad it is; I am pretty addicted. I mean, I don’t tweet consistently, but it is very addicting. It’s one of those things that every time you open a browser, you check your email, your website, then log on to Twitter and continue doing whatever it was you were doing in the first place. XD
I’m pretty new to Tumblr, I just use it as a mini-blog. Even though the small time I’ve been on it, yes, it can get addicting.
Nothing is more addicting than YouTube though. Nothing at all.
When I took a small absence from the internet, I went on my email and had so many emails asking where I had been. I was traveling, and just plain busy. I find it frustrating that people can’t accept that I’m not online every minute of every day.

This is so true. There have been countless times when I got on the computer to complete say a 5 minute homework assignment that didn’t get completed until 5 hours later simply because of social networking sites like Twitter, and Facebook. They do have things like wallposts and messages so that you can read them later but in this world today they are used for something totally different.

I’m not addicted to the Internet as I use to be either but of course my mom disagrees also.

Obama’s liberal, we don’t have to worry about that >;) haha!

That is quite off-putting though that someone would have that much power. Ahhh well, compromises must be made. A president wouldn’t be as effective she/he didn’t hold a large amount of power.

As for the social vacuum, to be honest, on the days when one needs to be most productive, facebook becomes dangerous lol! But most of the time I get on facebook for tiny amounts of time… BUT I do it many times a day so I guess it all adds up. Dang it, before this blog, I was like, I don’t spend that much time on facebook.

We used to do something similar in primary school! We used to mouth “elephant shoes” or “elephant juice” which makes you look like you’re mouthing “I love you”.

This reminded me I literally have around 100 videos in my subscriptions…I’ll get round to them eventually haha. I know what you mean about ‘getting sucked in’. Once you watch one video, you’ll see something that looks interested in the related videos section, and then you’ll watch that, then the same thing’ll happen over and over until about an hour passes!

I find Tumblr more distracting than Twitter and Facebook. I’m trying to return comments now but Tumblr is open in another tab. Every time I see the (5) or (6) or whatever, I have to refresh and look, and maybe like and reblog. Usually when I’m determined to get something done I close it but there’s a lot of interesting stuff on my dashboard tonight haha.

On my Blackberry, I get Twitter mentions, direct messages and Facebook notifications straight to my phone. I’m not on those websites 24/7 but if someone sends me a message or needs to ask me something, I can reply to them quickly whilst I’m doing something else. I don’t always hear it vibrate when I’m doing homework as I listen to music but I can still reply to them when I’m taking a break without completely abandoning my homework.

Thank you about my layout! And thank you about my hair too. :D

Haha, I love Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, I used to watch it all the time when I stayed at my nan’s house when I was younger!

I loled when I read this =))

Because everything you said is just so true, and it hit me. Ouch LOL.:))

“Oh wait, people use the internet when they’re in the toilet these days.


And to this part, I have even heard some actually dropping their phones because of using the internet when they’re in the comfort room. like internet is already glued to them :))

Such an insitful post. Sorry for taking so log on returning your comment. Kept getting sucked into my facebook, twitter, and fanlisting stuff. Ironic. I think so! 👏

This always happens to me though. The only way to avoid it is not use the computer or shut off my internet. I always find that I need to check just incase someone messages me or I miss something. I guess I am paranoid maybe. /hmph

Haha I like number 4. It is kind of funny how they acutally think he has the power to do that, in reality no one can actually control the internet. You can try, just not possible though. /bounce

I must admit I have checked my email in the washroom. My uncles friend in Italy apparently skypes from the toilet. 😰 HAHA! XD It is really wierd. But funny if you think about it. XD

I hope your 2011 is continuing to stay good. :)

Commenting in the toilet? Ummmm, now that is a little over the top. Apparently :D
Facebook sucks me in everytime, but I am not a constant twitterbug. I don’t use twitter as much as some people, and if I do go on twitter it is to alert someone of something without making it obvious … Or something to that effect.

I joined skeletons and I haven’t been on since I joined. I must go back there seeing as it is the new year and all. A new year, new start, new beginnings, new everything, well more new then not.

I use in the internet on the toilet. That is all.

I’m guilty of using the internet when I’m in the toilet – not cos i sit on the dunny for ages, but if i’m hanging out with people and i keep getting txts/msgs I think its rude to reply to them all the time, so I take my phone into the bathroom to discreetly reply ><