Honey and the moon

How is it already Friday? Funny stuff.

Today I was thinking that I ought to clean up the tags and categories of my blog. I have about 160 tags now, some of which are completely unnecessary. I use the Simple Tags plugin so that I don’t have to read through my post and type the tags in – instead, they are suggested for me. I don’t even know why I decided to have a tag called “car”, but it must have been the times I mentioned our family car going for service or something like that. But it’s so annoying because every time I type “caramel”, “cardigan”, or “caricature”, the bloody thing will suggest that I tag my post with “car”.

I doubt I’ll be bothered to do that soon, if ever. I’m already finding it hard to clean up a lot of the crappy pages on this website – let’s just say I’m a bit too attached.

Today James had to go to the shops up the road from university to buy some bits and pieces for a project. (He does mechanical and mechatronic engineering, if that helps.) He asked a bloke at the front desk for some assistance, and I don’t know what was up with this Jack Black look-a-like, but he was a real douche. He wasn’t friendly at all, and simply said he didn’t have one of the parts James needed.

Looking back in the racks, James asked another guy – tall, lanky, with long hair – and he was kind enough to even suggest an alternative. Not many shops assistants are that helpful at all and sometimes I wonder if they are incredulously nasty, or if they are really just having a bad day.

I realised I was the only female in the entire shop so I ruled out the fact that the Jack Black look-a-like was currently menstruating and concluded that he was, quite simply, a douche. *whistles*

The tall lanky guy was much nicer and I was hoping that he would serve us when James was getting the last of what he needed… damn. Stupid Jack Black look-a-like guy. I found out the tall guy’s name was Ben, though.

“All Bens are nice,” I muttered under my breath.

At least, all the ones I’ve met. ;)

On the way back to university we decided to catch the bus again. We saw the bus stop a little further from the bus stop and ran a bit to catch up. We were about to get on and the bus driver shooed us off and shut the doors. At first I was confused; there was enough room for more – was he going to move the bus forward and let us on, or was he going to just drive off because the bus was full?

It turned out to be the latter – only, the bus wasn’t fucking full. He just couldn’t let another few people on.

Do you know how many people got on at that bus stop?



We walked all the way back.

I’ve got to vote in the election tomorrow. It’s compulsory, so I don’t have a choice. I hate to say that I don’t give a crap about politics, but I really don’t. I can’t even pronounce the word for my life. I keep saying ‘puhliddicks’ instead of, as Daniel effectively described the correct pronunciation, ‘polly ticks’.

Anyway… turn off your lights for Earth Hour later. /eee

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Oh yes, what a douchey day that was. I must say, Ben was very nice. Te hee
Sure his suggestion wasn’t very good at all, but it was the fact he was nice about it that I like, instead of the guy who was openly avoiding me and threw me a damn catalogue when I wanted a very specific type of product. Stupid.

Also, that annoying bus driver. Seriously. I’m sure someone would have been getting off one stop later anyway.. /bash

I’ll vote for Kenneally, you take the other dude :P


Mean sales people are the worst. Though the lady at sears a couple months ago was very nice. I was looking at coats and she asked me if I needed help with anything, I said yes, I need a really warm coat. She says, “Oh, I don’t know anything about that.” /huh

It really pissed me off when people say “if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about such and such in politics.” I vote, I vote because I’m a demographic, not because I think my vote counts for shit. Republican, democrat, all these assholes are the same. They don’t care about democracy, they don’t care that the middle class pays a shit load of taxes, they don’t care about what the tax payers think, they just care about staying in office and keeping big business happy because they fund their campaigns. I don’t blame people for not wanting to vote, it’s useless. The vast majority of Americans didn’t want the government to bail out the banks and the auto companies, but they did it anyway. And this health care bill that took them forever to pass, they spent forever arguing and arguing and now the damn thing doesn’t change anything. It’s like we have a bunch of first graders in office. The republicans and democrats hate each other so much but it’s so stupid because they’re exactly the same!

Hope it’s less ridiculous over there.

Hmm, not the greatest day when the bus driver doesn’t let you on!!! :-( Been a while since that happened to me, but it still sucks :-( I guess that driver was a real douche too! :-O It’s good you got it evened out with a Ben that day, so at least everything didn’t go wrong :-)

Haha! Jack Black-look-a-like with pms. Thats quite unique, you should be happy you met a special person^-^
Awh, busdrivers can be so mean >.< I still don't quite understand why everyone(including me) wears it… its like, my dad fixes fridges and freezers, and our fridge has no light, and it has a giant hole on the back. Ironic, really.

I did a tag clear out not so long ago and it is so fulfilling. I tag things manually, but I usually blog about something and think that I will blog about it again a few more times but I never do. I simplified Diet, Medicine, Cosmetics etc into Health and Beauty to neaten things up. Maybe you could try something similar :)

I considered using the Simple Tags plugin a while back, but at the time I didn’t even use tags, I only used categories. I stopped using categories altogether now, and I only use tags. I don’t really know the “right” way to use categories and tags, though. :P

Besides, I like choosing my own tags. XD

Jack Black look-a-like ay? Should have taken a picture! :P Jack Black looks kinda weird now he’s cut his hair. :(

I hate rude shop assistants. I don’t get why they have to be so rude though, surely if you have a job like that, you should be nice to the customers? IDK. I’m glad Ben was much nicer and actually wanted to help you guys! All Ben’s are know are nice too, weird that? :P

ASDFGH. I hate bus drivers like that, it’s happened to me SO many times. I was on my way to work once and the bus stopped when I put my arm out, but then he just drove off. :| I was the only person at the bus stop. I watched the bus and it stopped at the next stop and let 3 people on!!! Argh, I was late for work that day.

I’ve also been in situations where I’ve put my arm out for the bus to stop, AND IT JUST DROVE PAST ME. The bus was empty, but the bus driver must have been in a hurry, gah. I hate public transport.

Sorry you had to walk all the way back though. :(

Ew, I had to vote at our last election. I don’t understand politics, it’s not something I have an interest in and never will.

OMG, I had a Nokia 3315 at one point. XD My first phone was this http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Nokia_Brick.jpg I used to love playing Snake on it. XD I used to always throw my phones, I used to think “hey, it’s so big, it won’t break”. The phone I was talking about in my blog, was actually indestructible, seriously. Everyone who had that phone, could NOT break it. I wish I could remember the make. :(

The phones with the cameras on the inside were the best. I think everyone fell for that. My sister still has a really old phone, but it’s not a brick or anything.

I guess it depends on your sense of humour, whether you’d like Angry Kid or not. I’m just really immature I guess. Yeah, I know some people find swearing offensive, which is why I said so in my blog. XD

I love Youtube. ♥

After working in retail, I know that employees aren’t always trained to know about what they’re selling. So a lot of those people at stores are really really not useful.

I think that people don’t really give a crap about politics until things that happen in politics start affecting them directly. Until politicians started passing legislation that affected my daily life, I didn’t care. Now I care for some issues. I don’t know what’s worse: forcing disinterested people to make a decision that’s probably uninformed or having barely over half the country vote.


thanks for voting :) I’ll be sure to let you know about the next contest – I think you’ll really enjoy it :)

yup, i’ve been preparing for a while – i’m just trying to get more serious now. it’s the final final exams! after this, UNIVERSITY :) hehe. i can’t wait :) i’m usually good at timing myself with projects etc. and i’m even better at getting really good work done last minute :) i usually feel that the stress makes me work better :) – is that strange?

i just broke my #3 key :( i was putting a book ontop of my keyboard, and it flicked the key off :( but i think some superglue will fix it :) hehe. i’m sure your laptop will last long :) i think my parents are upgrading mine when i go to uni, so my sister gets this one. it’s in pretty good shap, aside from a weird dent in one of the sides.. but oh well!

i know! most people do want hair the other way around! it’s coz they’re probably used to their hair, and like the effect that it has on other people! lol. if i had a choice, i’d keep my wavy hair tho, coz i love it so much! i just wish it would stop getting so awfully tangled!

that’s really cool! i hope you manage to put a version of it up for us to see :) and stop motion. i don’t know how people have the time (or patience) to do it! i’d probably go crazy, hit the figures over, and then have to start all over again!

ooh, i should follow your lead and try to clear out some of the useless tags that I have. actually, I stopped using tags a while ago coz I knew I would start using really weird random ones! lol. and you? have bad pages on this site? what are you talking about! your site is meticulous!

ya, some people can be real douches! i hate it when shop keepers/workers act like that! fortunately most of the people in Kenya are REALLY nice and friendly :) (until you put them behind a wheel – then tehy are the worst people in the world!) but whenever I travel to other places, I notice a lot of people are just plain rude.

haha! that sucks about the bus! maybe he wasn’t allowed passengers on from a non-stop area? my sister and I once took the bus from columbia university down to times square. It was the LONGEST bus ride of my life! they stopped literally every four meters!!! my sister actually fell asleep in the bus! hahaha

whats the election for? I love taking part in elections/having a voice, but I’m against a lot of political things that happen – though I think thats more because of the country I live in than anything else

and i’m taking part! Earth Hour is such a great idea! :)

Georgina ♥ ,

How have you been? How’s Uni going? Your final year of your Bachelors!

I’m really glad to see that you and James are happily together, purchasing engineering bits and bobs lol (Don’t you love engineers?)

The Jack Black look-a-like probably lined up for ages at an Apple store for an iPad 2 but missed out, hence, the bitterness.

In response to your comment on my blog, no, the workload hasn’t minimised. It has done everything but! Even if I’m only doing my Masters part-time, full-time work really takes its toll on my studies (I’ve just begun an assignment that’s due on Monday – that’s not like me!) I’m at Uni at night time, so that’s why I probably miss you :(

You can definitely do third year. It’s easy peasy. You’ve had 2 years of Uni experience, you know how it all works now. I say, use this time to really apply yourself and aims for HDs all the time because it’s possible. And might as well end your Bachelors with a bang ;)

As for my LJ account – I now have this massive ad on it because it’s no longer paid. -_- Fudge. But, I haven’t been blogging so much lately because I haven’t had the time, so it doesn’t bother me much. (I’ll probably get a paid account for LinkedIn which I’m using a LOT now!)

Take care Georgie! I miss you loads.

It’s scary! I kind of hate it so far. I can’t wait to have it over and done with. Oh and speaking of Apple, I did lose my iPhone so I lost your number too. xP I’ll talk to you on MSN some time. :3

Nooooo. I think I’ll be considering Masters full-time just to get it over and done with. But good luck on that assignment! I have Storing Objects and Artifacts to do, and I know I’m up at an ungodly time right now but I swear I’m sleeping after this. :P Had a busy night and just had to chill. It must be crazy working full-time, but I suppose the money rolls in nicely…? ;) To keep you out of debt anyway. Hahahaha.

I don’t even use LinkedIn! But I hope that you get some snazzy benefits if you decide to pay. I used DeviantArt for a while and I didn’t see the big deal with getting a paid account, I guess because I don’t use it that much, and I recently deleted my account and made a new one. 8D

I hate it when the sales person are mean. If they’re having a bad day they should just call sick or don’t ruin other people’s day. When I worked at a desk and I was having bad days I try to be extra nice to customers because I don’t want my negativity onto another person.

ohh.. I hate running to a bus and turns out that the bus is full… lol happened so many times!

sometimes we really come up tagging something which isnt worth tagging.. like one time i tagged “ship”,. lmao.. right now since im using tumblr as my host, i think i cant use the simpletags plugin :-(

haha its funny that you described this someone as a black jack look alike lol.. and if he’s a douche then too bad, hes not gonna have more customers.. im a marketing major so i know how important PR is and how dealing with people affects your business.. :)) its hard to be a shop assistant though.. did you know that some of them arent even allowed to sit? especially those who are in major malls.. :)) good thing this tall guy is nicer than black jack..

bout the bus stop thing, uhm.. i havent tried waiting for a bus n a bus stop so idk what to say.. i know it sounds so gay T.T

‘puhliddicks’ for politics.. hahahaha you never fail to make me smile georgie.. :))) yeah its earth hour and if memory serves me right. last year we didnt participate.. idk why? maybe coz the neighbors didnt participate too.. I was at Brentwood LA back then..

Jaa yeah my mum works at a beauty counter and stands up all day. It’s kind of crazy. I did work in a cafeteria for a short time and I couldn’t even stand standing up.

Oh well you’re lucky! Buses aren’t the best public transport out there. :P

My sister wants to make a career in politics. She feels very strongly about the condition of politics in our country, and how it is synonymous with the word “Dirty.” Predictably, my parents are not too happy about it. XD Polly ticks. Haha. That made me laugh.
I came across the Simple Tags plugin on your site a long time ago, and ever since, I have been using it too. It works fine for me, because I hardly have any tags. It is just to organize and facilitate the search engines.

It sounds like a bad day. We all have one of those. I wonder what it would cost a person to be nice, especially to a customer. If you’re nice, he’ll definitely come back again. All these are simple tips we study in school (I have all those business-related subjects.)
Wowie, I don’t even know what mechatronic means.

I know, the quote is so lovely!
I just finished another book by Nicholas Sparks: The Last Song. DId you read the tips?

Ookay, once I am done with some of the leftover comments, I’ll email you. :)
Take care! *Hugs*

Haha I wish I knew a nice “Ben” XD I haven’t met any Ben all my life. It’s always Benny. I’ve never met any Ben. Anyway, ugh. I hate bus drivers who act like that. Once, a bus driver didn’t stop the bus even though there were a lot of people waiting to get in. There wasn’t any other person inside the bus but the driver. Hmph.

Ah, my tags and categories are still not working. I’m not sure how to fix it so I’ll just leave it like that for a while. I’m too busy to fix stuff ;_;

while you’re having too many tags, i don’t even have one. i use to put my posts in categories, but i’ve never bothered to tag them, i guess i’ve never understood the point. i know it’ll maybe get easier to find them, but what more??

the Ben guy sounded kind, at least compared to the other one. if he’s on work, isn’t he’s supposed help the customers?? some people should’ve been fired for not doing their job properly (of course he could’ve had a bad day too). but i’m glad Ben helped you out though!

and what is it with bus drivers nowadays, lol! first you got the water all over you, and now he’s closing the door right in front of your nose??

firefox is my main browser too, but i don’t have browsers like google chrome and safari, so i don’t know how my site looks in those. if everyone had used firefox, i would’ve been sure everybody saw the site like i do.

good luck with making a jumping tomato sack!! (: it sounds pretty hard too!! not that i know anything about animation production, but i do know it takes a lot of time!! i hope you get it finished before the deadline! i guess my time on animation shop is nothing compared to what you’re doing now, haha! :D

Haha, I am the complete opposite; I don’t use tags at all. xD I don’t know why I don’t. Either I’m too lazy or I don’t really see the real need for them. I think I’ll take a look at that plugin though so it will just do it for me, haha.

I hate it when store clerks are jerks. It’s like, I can go to a different store. It’s especially frustrating when they’re the only one around so you just have to deal with them even though their attitude and response is douchey. Sometimes they might just be having bad days, but other times they’re just pricks. I wish I could punch them in the face. :P

I hate politics. I really do. I understand government and all of it is necessary so we all don’t go off killing each other (or punching douchey store clerks :P), but the system is so messed up and corrupt anymore. And all they seem to do is point out each other’s faults instead of what they plan to do. Blahhh. LOL at ‘puhliddicks’.

When I was around 6 or 7, I could not wait to grow up. But now I just want to stop and stay in these moments because I know they won’t last long. :/ I’m not sure why my dad doesn’t understand that there are a lot of fields I could go into with French, but he’s just really close-minded about it. But, I’m going to do what I like, with his approval or not, and if it’s even French or not. It’s my life, right?

Thanks. If I land a summer job, that’ll just be a great start to getting extra cash. Once summer is over, I’ll have to look again, but baby steps. I’m going to try and save most of the money I make though, because I really want a car.

Thinking of college loans scares me like that too. I’m afraid I’m going to like fall terribly in debt and never be able to get back out. But good luck on paying yours off. But you’re responsible and smart so I’m sure it will all work out. ^^

I want to sort mine out too, actually. Mine are the most random I have one catergory, “I DONT GIVE A SHIT” I didn’t know there was a plugin! Awesome! Thanks for sharing! XD

I hate it when people working in the shop are rude! It’s happened to me too many times – I ask for something because I can’t find it and they just reply so rudely and in a “GO THE FUCK AWAY” tone. Seriously. That’s not treating the customers right. Hmm, douches. I laughed at, “I realised I was the only female in the entire shop so I ruled out the fact that the Jack Black look-a-like was currently menstruating and concluded that he was, quite simply, a douche.” GOOD ONE GEORGINA!! ✌️

At least there was one nice guy. His name’s Ben? Awesome. However, I have to disagree with you. MOST Bens I know are complete douche bags. :(

*turns off light*

I’m totally not complaining. TGIF. On Thursday I break up for Easter so I get pretty much all of April off, fuck yes! School is a total drag at the moment and the weekends have become much more worthy to me than before. Bitches, drama, y’know… @_@

I need to clean out iTunes. It’s always a mess! Always. Though your tag plugin does sound like a pain. I don’t use tags, only categories, but mine could still totally have a cleanout…

I hate rude shop assistants, like that douche Jack Black look-a-like. Ughhh. Thank goodness for Ben, though! He sounds totally rad. Even if they don’t quite help the same way, it’s nice that they bother to try and help by suggesting alternatives.

I know a Ben who’s a total dick. I think you mean all Australian Bens are nice. ;)

That bus driver is a prick. My bus can’t do that ’cause it’s a school bus but really? No space? Asdfgh. DOUCHE.

Politics, paha… I don’t even pay attention. It’s boring shiz.

Of course I didn’t spell it wrong… /ehe

In a group you need to be cooperative and it also helps if you all get along, rather than just arguing all the time. Friends are also fun to work with because you can get some awesome memories. Plus, it makes the project more fun! But, overall, I’m definitely better working by myself.

Aha crazy stuff. But it was definately a fun video to do. ^^

I can’t be bothered to do this project though… a) I like all my socks and b) I can’t be fucked.

Take care! xx

Hey! Oh that’s horrible. I can’t understand why he couldn’t just let you on the bus! Don’t you pay a fee anyway? Hmm. Hopefully didn’t have a long walk? I guess you can say that a nice walk was good exercise and a nice stretch for your legs! :)

I’ve never gotten the hang of really good tags and categories. When I first started I just treated my categories like my tags. So… And I still do. Oh well. *sigh* Fixing everything up will be a major project. Besides I have so many random posts, that it’s HARD to figure out what to do. I guess that the Simple Tags is alright, but I don’t think I’ll use it. My little, slightly weird system is ok I guess.

It was actually a free shuttle bus this time around. I think some bus drivers just hate their buses being full. It was a fairly long walk but it was good exercise; I definitely try to look on the bright side. :)

Sorry for such a late reply, school’s been a douche. >.>

My mom doesn’t like it much, either. But she let me get my nose so I was cool with it. ^^ I originally wanted my lip, but oh, well.

English is one of my favourite subjects, too! But I would never have the patience to become a writer, I admit. Maybe an editor?

Yeah I gotta get an umbrella… :P

Wow, who does that? He does sound like a douche. You should’ve got him fired. xD

All Bens are nice, aren’t they? I should name my kid Ben to make sure he’s nice… >8)

:O I’ve never seen a bus do that! What’s with people that day? XO

Yeah. I can’t believe what has been happening lately!! I don’t know much.. but apparently everything is happening so drastically because of the way the moon was a few weeks/days ago? Not sure… but sounds interesting.

Yeah, it definitely doesn’t sound too pleasant! :( HAHAHA, me too!! I actually never thought it could happen to someone in real life!

LOL Jack Black lookalike, how beautiful <- lame sarcasm. All Ben's are nice? Teehee, maybe I should say all Jay's are nice? Like Jay Park from that Ryan Higa Bromance video … well I like Jay Park as Park Jaebeom back when he was a Korean idol. Okay this is off topic. That bus driver sounds like a total douche though I'm sure he was PMSing just like Mr. JackBlack. I say that about any guys who are bitchy really. Like all my high school teachers.

You HAVE to vote in the election really? I'm 19 I'm not even registered yet, haha. I fail. But I'd love to vote Obama out of office. GRHH.

Well Korea is just a fantasy now, but it hardly matters. All those poor people in Japan who are getting the radiation and all the media about it hitting China and Korea, well my mom has banned me from going. I'm not that upset but I can't stand listening to her yell at my brother over the phone about coming back here =/ and once again the unfairness comes into play. If I tell her to 'lower her voice" rather than shut up because I'm that nice, she tells me to get out.

Ohhh of course I love reading novels! But reading for school is sooooo annoying! I don't think I ever did any reading in high school. I'm gonna be so screwed for college! University … I keep forgetting who hates that word haha.

DO NOT GET A FACEBOOK NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. I made the Unbreakable Vow about that! HMMPH!

Ohhh well yeah I agree, a lot of things work as well as Apple. If you got the extra money I guess you can go for it, but $1000 iPhone isn't such a great idea if you ask me.

I really hate dealing with sales people. They tend to be very rude and it can be annoying but despite their assholish behavior, I always manage to tell them to have a good day anyway. I do that all of the time with anyone because I figure maybe a few simple words can make someone’s day better… or in the case of the jerks, my kindness will help them to see how poorly they were behaving toward me.

I vote and I honestly don’t know why I do. The government is so tricky, I often wonder if my opinion or thoughts really matter. Whatever the case, I figure it doesn’t hurt to try.

Oh…thats..great -.-
Most of my comment suicided, oh well /eee Never mind what I did not say then.
To be frank; I don’t think Jack Black seems to be very nice either.
Haha, our fridge is about 7 months old, I think(its used though), and it has a huuuge stripe thing inside, which I think is a hole of some sort. So you’re pretty lucky^^
Happy Earth hour btw /wah

I’ve never really had a problem with tags until I have 40+ posts, and then I have repeated tags or stuff like that. And then you have to go through and re-tag everything appropriately. Not thanks. /argh

Wow, what an asshole. I don’t understand why those kinds of people even work with other human beings. It isn’t like you were being rude about it – you just wanted some help. Whatever. At least Ben was there to help you find what you needed, right? :P

Here, voting isn’t really required. I don’t even think you have to vote for the president or anything. It’s kind of whether you want to vote for anyone. Sometimes my parents won’t vote for anyone, especially if they have no idea who they really want to vote for. I doubt I’ll be a big voter. I’ll probably only vote when I feel a candidate really deserves the vote. Like your friend said – they’re all polly-ticks!

Cheese is really great, if I do say so myself. :D I usually have a drink when I have midnight cravings. But sometimes, I’m weak and will just have a few chips or something. I never have desert-type foods though (like ice cream, lollipops, stuff like that). O_O

I’ve honestly stopped liking fast food. But here, that’s all you can really get. It’s like, at one intersection you have McDonald’s, Burger King, In-N-Out, and then maybe some other places with easy, ready-to-go food. -_- It’s so easy for you to just go through drive through and have tons of [fattening] food to eat. Haha, I don’t like Chinese or Japanese food. I like Italian food. 🤤

Since I started this whole no-soda-for-40-days thing, I’ve noticed that I feel much better physically. :P My dad says it’s because I don’t have all that sugar, and now have more water and much better sugars in my body from healthier foods like fruits. I think I might stick to this, and after 40 days only have a soda once a week, or every few weeks. /eee That’s weird that the gas from the soda goes to your nose… O_o Why does it do that?

It makes me really sad that I couldn’t meet my grandfather, because my dad’s grandparents are hardly my grandparents at all anymore. We haven’t spoken in years. :| And I’m sorry about your grandmother. :/ It really sucks when you can’t meet them, and when your parents talk about them and stuff.

Well that’s good that you have a good time. :P No family dysfunction (well, not too much anyways, LOL).

I’m going to ask my mom some other day about the concert. She might come around. But I hope she comes around soon because the concert is in less than 2 weeks. 😰

HAHA! :P You go girl. It’s a lovely feeling to delete all of those reminders of people gone from your life (especially exes).

Hey girly! Jeez, I swear those people you run into are idiots. People are like that here as well; they let things such as their job title get to their heads so easily. That’s how I lost my job at Subway after being there for 3 weeks. It was either speed up in 1 week (which I had the nerve to call them out on and literally said I want to keep this job) and the manager was happy to know that, but still ended up firing me over the freaking PHONE!!! Can we say douche?

Ah well; at least Ben was nicer though. But god that bus driver wouldn’t let you and James in? Jeez was that some sort of ‘bitch’ day for employees every where or what?

Anyway, I went to the Meat loaf concert with my dad last night, and it rocked hard! I’m telling you I got over 300 pictures of Meat loaf and his band. And like you actually meeting Ben J. Randy Flowers the lead guitarist was using his guitar pick all night and at the near the end of the song he gave me his guitar pick! I simply blew him a kiss as a way of saying thanks, he winked and smiled back at me. I also got a high five from Patti Russo at the end of the show! I was in 7th Heaven. I took a LOT of pictures of Randy. And what was even cooler was the mere fact it looked as though Meat loaf had seen me standing near the camera man and literally walked my way and I was so in shocked I stood still like OMG and gasped. lol. I started taking pictures of him and he stood there singing for like a minute and then went on his business. I was so in awe! I just couldn’t believe he did that for me to take his picture! I guess he heard me say “We love you MEAT!” lol. I was a fangirly last night lmao. But I actually got Randy’s guitar pick!!! :D *SWOONS*. Haha! I’m still in shock over that. And the mere fact that the security guards didn’t tell you you had to go back to your seat when you wanted to take pictures of Meat Loaf. A woman on the left side of me said to me that her friend went to go take pictures of him so I should too and my dad nodded and said “I would” so I nodded and said ok and I did I literally stood there taking picture after picture lol. And I think the more interactive you have with the entire band the more they’re gonna like you and I think that’s the reason why Randy handed me his guitar pick during a song. I was like Awwww!! Heehee. And btw, Randy is so freaking hawt! I’ve always liked him. And I’ve always thought he was hawt heehee.

But anyway, I hate politics. I don’t like discussing them, and I really don’t like participating in them for the mere fact I get extremely nervous about it. I had to do this 3 minute presentation thing in Government in high school and a 2 minute rebuttle which was a negative out look on the thing I had to choose because everyone else had chosen the ones I wanted to do. When their number was called. But eh. I didn’t quite make it to the 3 minute mark but I did do pretty good on the 2 minute rebuttle. :). But it was enough to pass the class haha.

Ah well; I better get going or I’ll just keep talking and talking about the Meat loaf concert! Haha.

I do believe that sales assistant should always be really nice to their customers! Even if they are having a bad day, it shouldn’t be an excuse to be a bitch or a douche. I mean, what’s the point of sending negative vibes to your customers?!?! Plain stupidity~ I am just glad that the other guy was nicer enough to help you and James. ;)

Oooh, tags. I am having a problem tagging my posts. I end up randomly tagging them in a weird manner. HEEHEE.

Eh? Rude bus driver… what the hell is wrong with him?! o_O He does not want passengers?! O_o

Good luck on voting! *u*

Car. That seems so … random.

All Bens I have met are nice, too. So maybe that is right? I dated someone named Ben. He was very sweet. But his mom didn’t like me for some reason. I think it was because my mom didn’t like his mom, so their disliking each other is what made her move him away from me. He and I e-mailed each other until his mom found out. *sigh* I wonder where he is now…

I’m feeling better now, thank you. :)

Yeah, he took it home with him. He’s gonna fix it. xD

That’s why I haven’t really been replying to comments on my phone lately… :P

I think it is an excellent method of the Australian government to make voting mandatory. Even if you do not care for politics, it contributes to the political efficacy of your country so if you don’t care for anything else, be proud of that! :D The United States needs to do something about our political participation, because it is SHIT and no one gives a flying fuck come voting time, but everyone bitches and whines like motherfucking baby balls if things are not running the way they want them to. Sorry for all that profanity in the last sentence, it just becomes supremely annoying. 😒 I shall make it better with the pumping heart: ♥

Ha Mr. Faux Jack Black tainted “Ben” for you a bit, huh? I do not know that many Bens, actually I can only think of one, and he is just an all right guy. Not that close to him. Just love your idol all the more to eradicate the douche Ben from his namesake! ;)

Mechanical and mechatronic engineering? That sounds intense. I have never heard of “mechatronic” (just did a quick Wiki) – so what kinds of things does James do in his course?

And that is bizarre of the bus driver, and unpleasant. /ehh

OMG is this anime smiley? /faw hahahaha Sorry, amused myself there with your hyperactive emoticons.

By the way, thank you for bringing up the interesting point in your comment of being able to capture laughter in a photograph. That is beautiful, isn’t it?
Oh and dude, how could I forget pistachios? I fucking love pistachios, even pistachio flavors in ice cream and frozen yogurt. Yumyumyummehinmahtummeh.

How’s the animation project going? Are you already done? I shall give a post full of love Georgie love on the forum. /kiss

I know a Ben and he turned out to be kind of a douche. ;)
I’ve never experienced either a bad or good shop assistant. The ones who have helped me before were just doing their jobs, and their service wasn’t fantastic or anything. I’m not gonna complain though, they weren’t horrible.

I take public transport every day and cannot count the number of times the bus has left me behind even when the driver sees me and the bus isn’t full. :( I’ve never walked back, like what you and James did, though. XD I wait for the next bus, because waiting time for buses here aren’t bad.

Guess who’s back!! Me!! :)
My spring started March 20th, August my summer. :D We don’t get spring break till April, I swear they hate us or something.

I would hate to have a front-desk job because lots of people will hate your guts lol. Although I do hate it when some of them try to strike up a conversation with me. Every time we go to the store my parents always have a conversation with a lady in there and it irritates me because they take forever!

Wow i hate the bus with passion, it creeps the crap out of me. People here are so weird. Your bus driver is a douche, that was just wrong.

So I read the line “All Bens are nice” and I was like “huge generalization”. And then I thought and thought and realized that I actually can’t think of any guy I know named Ben who ISN’T nice. And I know a lot of guys called Ben ;) I think you’re on to something, Georgie! You could write one of those baby naming books. “And why should I call my child Ben, Georgie?” “Because ALL Bens are nice!”

That guy in the store sounds like an absolute douche. I love it when store assistants secretly help you out, though, even if it means recommending a competitor. I tend to trick myself into thinking they’re being all rebellious and lovely just for us, although that’s definitely not the case.

Thanks for your comment! ♥ I’ll take your advice, and “just kill the bus driver” next time :D Forget the baby names book, you’ve got it sorted to just write books on advice for a good life. Have a good day!

Seems like you had to deal with too many douchebags on Friday. :/