Honey and the moon

How is it already Friday? Funny stuff.

Today I was thinking that I ought to clean up the tags and categories of my blog. I have about 160 tags now, some of which are completely unnecessary. I use the Simple Tags plugin so that I don’t have to read through my post and type the tags in – instead, they are suggested for me. I don’t even know why I decided to have a tag called “car”, but it must have been the times I mentioned our family car going for service or something like that. But it’s so annoying because every time I type “caramel”, “cardigan”, or “caricature”, the bloody thing will suggest that I tag my post with “car”.

I doubt I’ll be bothered to do that soon, if ever. I’m already finding it hard to clean up a lot of the crappy pages on this website – let’s just say I’m a bit too attached.

Today James had to go to the shops up the road from university to buy some bits and pieces for a project. (He does mechanical and mechatronic engineering, if that helps.) He asked a bloke at the front desk for some assistance, and I don’t know what was up with this Jack Black look-a-like, but he was a real douche. He wasn’t friendly at all, and simply said he didn’t have one of the parts James needed.

Looking back in the racks, James asked another guy – tall, lanky, with long hair – and he was kind enough to even suggest an alternative. Not many shops assistants are that helpful at all and sometimes I wonder if they are incredulously nasty, or if they are really just having a bad day.

I realised I was the only female in the entire shop so I ruled out the fact that the Jack Black look-a-like was currently menstruating and concluded that he was, quite simply, a douche. *whistles*

The tall lanky guy was much nicer and I was hoping that he would serve us when James was getting the last of what he needed… damn. Stupid Jack Black look-a-like guy. I found out the tall guy’s name was Ben, though.

“All Bens are nice,” I muttered under my breath.

At least, all the ones I’ve met. 😉

On the way back to university we decided to catch the bus again. We saw the bus stop a little further from the bus stop and ran a bit to catch up. We were about to get on and the bus driver shooed us off and shut the doors. At first I was confused; there was enough room for more – was he going to move the bus forward and let us on, or was he going to just drive off because the bus was full?

It turned out to be the latter – only, the bus wasn’t fucking full. He just couldn’t let another few people on.

Do you know how many people got on at that bus stop?



We walked all the way back.

I’ve got to vote in the election tomorrow. It’s compulsory, so I don’t have a choice. I hate to say that I don’t give a crap about politics, but I really don’t. I can’t even pronounce the word for my life. I keep saying ‘puhliddicks’ instead of, as Daniel effectively described the correct pronunciation, ‘polly ticks’.

Anyway… turn off your lights for Earth Hour later. ☺️

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