Stetsons are cool.

I’m pretty tired. It’s just one of those days. I believe I’m doing pretty well with my March goals, though I’m lazy to even start that WordPress theme tutorial. I haven’t been eating junk food for a long time and I can’t express how much I actually want to eat the cookies in the kitchen right now.

I remember that when I went to my first camp at the age of eleven, people brought snacks to have a “midnight feast”. It was stated on the information note that lollies/candy were not to be brought, but some people did it anyway. I was actually surprised to see people doing that. I guess I was a goody-goody. I always followed the rules. I wasn’t even used to sleeping late but everyone else in my cabin stayed up and ate candy. I couldn’t even eat by then… I’ve never been one of those people with weird cravings at night. I usually just have a drink or brush my teeth and I don’t get hungry.

I realised that I get hungry when I’m out. When I am at home and spend my whole day at home, I rarely get hungry. I have a late lunch and usually don’t snack a lot. When I’m out and about, for instance if I’m at university, I will get pretty hungry and want to buy food.

Now in conjunction with not eating junk food, for the past month I’ve been trying not to spend money on “stuff”. I have spent money on transport for university but not for food or drink. A few times while waiting to be picked up at the station, I have wanted so much to run down the escalator and buy some a drink. I resisted the temptation… oh my gosh, it’s so hard. 😦 I’ve been taking my own lunch with me and sometimes taken some fruit, knowing I’ll get hungrier than I do at home. I actually didn’t realise how hard it would be, but I think that now I’ve been doing it for a month, I should have kicked the habit so I shouldn’t be buying as much.

I did, however, spend money on some CDs and a new battery for my laptop. I swear, they were must-haves! Two Armor For Sleep CDs that I had actually left space for in my “favourites” CD rack. And I’ve realised that my laptop is sort of useless without a battery, and it’s been nearly two years that I’ve had my laptop, so it’s probably time for a replacement anyway. 🙂

Also, because I’ve cut out the junk food, it must be why I’m eating so many nuts and snacking on so many nuts. They are a better alternative. I should not eat too many almonds though…

I did some homework today – it seems that Wednesdays are my chilling days, because I don’t have university. Tomorrow I’ve got to do my animation homework though, which is just to create five seconds of animation. It sounds easy, but that means I’m going to be making 125 frames put together in motion for that 5 seconds. It’ll be fun – just a bit of a challenge.

I also made my hair curly today with a curling iron. I shouldn’t do it so much but I’m horribly annoyed at my hair right now. Last year, I got the back cut short and the front longer, and now that it’s grown out it looks… well, ugly. I decided to part my hair down the middle, and I don’t think my hair has ever been parted down the middle… whatever. Change is good.

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