Stetsons are cool.

I’m pretty tired. It’s just one of those days. I believe I’m doing pretty well with my March goals, though I’m lazy to even start that WordPress theme tutorial. I haven’t been eating junk food for a long time and I can’t express how much I actually want to eat the cookies in the kitchen right now.

I remember that when I went to my first camp at the age of eleven, people brought snacks to have a “midnight feast”. It was stated on the information note that lollies/candy were not to be brought, but some people did it anyway. I was actually surprised to see people doing that. I guess I was a goody-goody. I always followed the rules. I wasn’t even used to sleeping late but everyone else in my cabin stayed up and ate candy. I couldn’t even eat by then… I’ve never been one of those people with weird cravings at night. I usually just have a drink or brush my teeth and I don’t get hungry.

I realised that I get hungry when I’m out. When I am at home and spend my whole day at home, I rarely get hungry. I have a late lunch and usually don’t snack a lot. When I’m out and about, for instance if I’m at university, I will get pretty hungry and want to buy food.

Now in conjunction with not eating junk food, for the past month I’ve been trying not to spend money on “stuff”. I have spent money on transport for university but not for food or drink. A few times while waiting to be picked up at the station, I have wanted so much to run down the escalator and buy some a drink. I resisted the temptation… oh my gosh, it’s so hard. D: I’ve been taking my own lunch with me and sometimes taken some fruit, knowing I’ll get hungrier than I do at home. I actually didn’t realise how hard it would be, but I think that now I’ve been doing it for a month, I should have kicked the habit so I shouldn’t be buying as much.

I did, however, spend money on some CDs and a new battery for my laptop. I swear, they were must-haves! Two Armor For Sleep CDs that I had actually left space for in my “favourites” CD rack. And I’ve realised that my laptop is sort of useless without a battery, and it’s been nearly two years that I’ve had my laptop, so it’s probably time for a replacement anyway. :)

Also, because I’ve cut out the junk food, it must be why I’m eating so many nuts and snacking on so many nuts. They are a better alternative. I should not eat too many almonds though…

I did some homework today – it seems that Wednesdays are my chilling days, because I don’t have university. Tomorrow I’ve got to do my animation homework though, which is just to create five seconds of animation. It sounds easy, but that means I’m going to be making 125 frames put together in motion for that 5 seconds. It’ll be fun – just a bit of a challenge.

I also made my hair curly today with a curling iron. I shouldn’t do it so much but I’m horribly annoyed at my hair right now. Last year, I got the back cut short and the front longer, and now that it’s grown out it looks… well, ugly. I decided to part my hair down the middle, and I don’t think my hair has ever been parted down the middle… whatever. Change is good.

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I believe I get hungry too while I’m out. I think it may be because we’re expose to so many choices of food that it makes us hungry. Not really hungry, but we get a craving to eat something tasty. Not that food at home isn’t tasty, but you get what I mean? Sorry, tired mind leads to confusing theories.

Hair looks nice too. I think this is the curliest I’ve seen your hair. Curly hair either suits you or I think it looks nice because I always see you with straight hair and curly hair is different. Yay me for stating the obvious.

Also, get that WordPress theme tutorial done already! Sure you got a week to do it, but wouldn’t it feel good to finish your monthly goals a week early even when you had to go to Uni and work? :3

I think it might be because we move around a lot – at least that’s what my mother believes, and it makes sense to me. But we are surrounded by a lot of food as well. I remember being so amazed when I first started university. It’s nothing new now. :P

Yeah, I used the bigger curling irons all the other times, so it must have just looked like waves. :)

HAHA YEAH. I will try! I should at least get started. It’s like I don’t want to share my knowledge with people or something… meanie old me. XD

I know what you mean! I eat so much food when i’m not just lounging around at home – like in school I eat at least two snacks.. but at home if I miss I meal I don’t really notice.. Lol

i had to get a new battery for my laptop a few months ago – it only lasted a whole of 30 minutes without a charger, and that was if I was using word :) This one is a lot better tho, so i’m glad. I’ve had my laptop for… three 1/2 years I guess, so it was time for a change :) hehe

yeck – homework! I have a huge pile sitting next to me, but just dont feel like doing it :( i’m too laz! lol

that’s really cool about your animation – what kind of stills do you have to make? real life (stop motion) type stills, or graphical ones on the computer?

and your hair looks nice :) i love straightening my hair, coz it’s naturally wavy, but whenever i straighten it, it ends up curly :( lol

Well done for not buying as many unnecessary things. I am the complete opposite to you though, if I am in the house and bored then I will eat for something to do. However if I am out, I am usually occupied and do not eat anything. The exception being if the purpose of going out is to get a meal with friends.

My hair is really annoying me at the moment to. I had it cut into a pixie cut and now it has grown out to that annoying shoulder length where it is neither short nor long. Your hair looks lovely, mine is not long enough to curl atm.

I hardly eat when I’m home as well but I get so hungry when I’m out and about especially at work. I’m at the office from 9:30am – 6:30pm so that’s pretty long hours. I eat about 6 times! I use to snack of unhealthy things but noticed the extra wrist line so changed to just snack on fruit or nuts.

Nuts is a really good snack if you haven’t got any fresh fruit on you.

Your hair looks lovely! I love curling the ends of my hair. Gives it such a natural mature feel to it :D

Oh man! You’re almost done with your goals! Georgie is epic!

Now that you’ve parted your hair down the middle, you look a bit more like me (without my glasses) and you remind me a LOT of a really awesome girl I know. :D

Hey Georgie!!! Don’t fret!! I’ve been busy too. I was at Andrew’s last night, and spent the night. I did kinda have a bad moment, and kinda teared up though, but eh cramps and time of the month did it that’s why. But I’m wondering, how do you get your own gravatar to show up on your domain? I made one for people who don’t have one, and got rid of the mystery man but the gravatar doesn’t show. Any idea why?

Hmmm, nope we haven’t kissed in the rain yet. It’s actually Spring now, but still it will rain, so maybe just maybe? But I bet it will be passionate when you’re with someone you really love and just kissing them in the rain. :). I hate power outages. It does make you appreciate the technology we have nowadays when you don’t have it such as a rain storm or something of the sort ya know? When we first got our computer, a long time ago, I was so miserable. The t.v. was out, the computer was out, and I do believe it was all due to a rainstorm and someone running into a pole. Figures right? I had a cell phone but it wasn’t the same. I just appreciated the technologies we have now a lot better and do not take it for granted!

Haha, I tried getting Andrew to go to the Meat loaf concert but he’s not too familiar with him, he does like some of his songs, but he’s not a fan like I am. He did lend me his camera though. And wants me to have a good time. Awww! So I appreciate that much and I respect his decision on that as well.

Thanks for letting me know about not wanting the c.d.’s! I do still talk to Takuto and several other people from Japan and they’re all safe! He still wants to meet me, and he also wants to meet Andrew as well. So all’s good in that department. I told Andrew that Takuto and I did have feelings for each other and that he wanted my first time to be with him, and Andrew’s like “I’m definitely going with you” :P. lol Such a great guy! But no he was only kidding haha he still does wanna meet Takuto though. His birthday was actually yesterday and even though I wanted to sing him happy birthday, I couldn’t. I was at Andrew’s all day. So yeah. But I’ll eventually talk to him again and wish him a happy birthday again. Heehee his friends are calling him ojiichan (grandpa) and I’m not gonna let him live that down lmfao!!! I do have a plan to make fun of that statement in the birthday song though lol.

I LOVE Sashimi! It is NOT tasteless at all. If you put wasabi and soy sauce over the wasabi to cool down the hotness and dip the sashimi in the dipping sauce, it’s just fantastic! I figured that one on my own haha. I did eat the wasabi on sushi once and it was too hot lol. So I just improvised it. lol. But yeah, we’re definitely going to eat Sashimi next month, and than go to L.A. and see if I can’t find any rugs I like and curtains as well. He’s also gonna help me paint my bedroom. :D. SO can’t wait for that haha!! I’ll also make him do some other odds and ends for me on my computer and t.v. so I can watch some stuff on the computer on the t.v. haha!!! Cool huh? I have the devices and what not just don’t know how to install them yet. :/.

Way to go on saving some money!!! It’s hard, but it can be done!! I’ve done it before as well! Twice before actually. That’s how I managed to get all my new furniture instead of the old looking furniture I had when I was a little girl. We still have it lol, but yeah, it was time for a switch. I also did buy my first car with my money as well. I’m going to fix that car up, sell it and get a 2002 Ford Explorer. Which was my initial dream car before the bug came out. But yeah, I agree I don’t eat breakfast at all; or hardly any lunch’s but when I do they’re light lunch’s and than I just want to snack after that. Which is bad. But I’m doing good on my weight though. My face does look thinner like it used to be, and my tummy is looking like it’s getting smaller. Even Andrew and his dad noticed it as well; as mine. Haha! :D So happy!

You look a bit older with your hair parted and curled like that! Is there any style you would recommend I should try? Andrew doesn’t want me to cut my hair at all; he wants me to grow it out. Which is understandable; because I want to grow it out as well; but I want a different look though. Ya know? So yeah. It’s getting cold here, so I’m gonna head on off to the bed and take a snooze! Take care and hopefully all will come in it’s place!! Heehee.

I like your hair. It looks purrrdy. :)

I can’t wait to see that wordpress theme tutorial! :) Even though I already know how to make a wordpress theme. hahaha.

I don’t eat nuts or apples. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t eat them. I really should eat better but I just can’t. It’s tough for me to eat stuff that is good for you like salads or yogurt or grapes. I have to be in the mood for it or I will not eat it.

That animation sounds very easy. I can create a button with 2 slides (animated button of course) but I think a new kinda button with 5 or more slides would be awesome-r. hahahaha.

Congrats on getting the new battery. That is something I have yet to purchase. hahahaha. I just haven’t had the reason or time to. Oh well!
Totally. Idiots.

She wants attention. That is all. She is an idiot and annoying as HECK!

Same here. I don’t want you to change. You are perfect just the way you are. :) ♥
They need to change. & yeah that would be annoying. I mean come on how low can you get when you copy someone?
Well, I guess you can’t get much lower than Carly. /um /ehe XD

That is very true. I think this phase will pass soon though. I hope. I’m being such an introvert. It is getting to the point where Dante is getting mad cuz all I want to do is stay home alone in my room. Even if there is nothing for me to do online. I just want to watch Netflix (internet movie site if you haven’t heard of it) alone in my room or in the living room.
I have no idea why but I just am not interested in seeing him, AT ALL. Like, he is coming over later (once school is out) but I don’t want him to, I didn’t tell him that but I don’t really care if I see him at all right now. :/ It’s been going on like this since I got back from Ohio during Spring break which was exactly one week ago. It’s starting to freak me out.

Hi Georgie! XD I can’t believe you got so far on you March Goals, I am horrible at the whole goal thing, but i keep trying. :)

I could never give up cookies. I don’t eat much junk the only thing is cookies and chocolate granola bars. /hehe I should probably try and cut down too though. I know what you mean about eating more when your out then at home. I think the reasoning is because we are not moving around as much at home, so we tend to not need to eat, where as when we are at out and about, we are burning more calories. I also drink more water when I am out then at home too. Even though I know i should always drink water. /um

Wow a favourites rack. I have never bought a CD that wasn’t a favourite. So I guess I technically have one of those too. I had to do a 5 second animation too for class last year. It was a drawing though not like amazing but something fun. I made mine on cupcakes. /bounce It takes forever to make the animations.

Being real healthy for one month is awesome ^^ It makes people think about how much strange things they eat all the time…Haha.
Just *thumbs up*
I did the same thing in november, and I even made a facebook group called ‘Healthy november’! Over a 100 people joined.
By the way, your hair looks great with a little curls^^ If you used a smaller tip on the curling iron, you’d probably get more curls though. I always think about curling my hair (its dead straight like a horse’s tail), but I never get the time.
Er, anyway, I actually came here to say that your site is amazing-tastic and fell into my laptop from heaven. I keep coming back to your site looking at the tutorials, I’ll bet they have helped hundreds of people! So…thank you /eee

I get hungry when I am bored. Lately I have been too stressed out to eat. Hopefully now that this speech is over I won’t have such an odd eating thing.

Sorry. I had so much to say about this, but it’s all … Gone. I have been like this all day, so I am sorry. :/

Change is good. Pretty picture. :3

I’ll try to be better next post. :]

I do horrible with goals. Well real life goals, website goals I can keep up with. haha. I think I must be doing snacking for you, that’s all it seems I’ve been doing lately is eating. :( not good though, the weight I’ve lost is already back. So horrible. I’m the opposite, I am always super hungry when I’m at home but when I go out I’m not. My CD rack has been taken over by DVDs, so I have a stack of CD cases because my computers. Right now though they’re all ones I’ve recently bought. I’m sure you’ll do great with your animation work. It sounds like a lot of work, but fun work. :) I love your hair. I’m too lazy to ever curl mine or anything and mine is always parted down the middle. haha.

Good luck on your March goals! They sound pretty tough but I’m sure that you can do them! I’m definitely waiting on your WordPress tutorial! That’s gonna be a lot of fun to write.

I need to practice not eating junk food all the time, and I haven’t been, but sometimes it gets hard to resist. I have been drinking water only for the past couple of weeks so that is also good. My skin is getter better because of it as well.

We are in the same boat when it comes to expenses, I most definitely need to cut back on just buying crap!

I love how many domains you have ^__^! And that you`re able to keep up with all of them :D! I want to copy your mentality and paste it onto mine XD! Your goals are all straight forward! Nothing impossible, nothing easy. Its all moderate and it is a challenge- goal :P! All you needa do now is create that tutorial and stay away from junk food for a day :P!

When I was little, or younger, I always followed the rules. I became a rebel in 9th grade. :(. And I still am a rebel D:! Wow :P! As long as the kids don`t get caught and get in trouble, its all cool ^__^! I can`t sleep without brushing my teeth. I can`t get cravings during the night. The night for me means sleep. Sleep means.. Replenish my energy! D:! Or recharge it XD! Thats what breakfast is for! to break your fasting during the night you sleep XD!

Taking food from home is better than buying it outdoors. You save money, you are more healthier, you are.. more happy. :P! Sometimes. I love buying outdoors. I`ve burned around 10 bucks this month because of energy drinks. -__-! NO MORE THAN THAT! I had an energy drink today -__-! I have a weird addiction to it. I don`t care if its nasty to others or weird tasting or is like a non alcoholic beer. I love it :P! But the more you eat at home, the more of a habit it becomes ^__^! If you lessen your outdoor eating, then that means you have more money to buy leisure goodies ^__^ Like.. More CD’s :D!

I love your curls on the hair :)! It`s a simple curl on the tip :P! My curls are like… MUST HAVE CURLS! from top to bottom. :P! Even though I`m not a fan of Taylor Swift, I do love her hair curls. It`s pretty. D:! But My curls are like… 2x fatter than that XD!

If the no school day is an April Fools joke, the district will lose more money :P! I don`t think any programs needs to be cut due to the fact that there`s a budget crisis. I think… The people who spends the money needs to spend it wiser!!

I can eat eggs if its like mixed with something :P! Like.. Mix it with.. Tofu and seaweed, I`ll be alright. :P! If its scrambled and fully cooked, I`ll be semi okay. If its not fully cooked, I`m out. .__.!

Take care ;D!

I think I can push myself to do better but I’m doing the best I can and as a lot of the comments said that’s all that matters right? :)

Your hair looks lovely curled, you’re really pretty. :) ♥

I’m more hungry at home than when I’m out at school or anywhere. I guess it’s because I know I have yummy food to eat at home and I’m craving something delicious and I know I have it at home. I don’t know if that makes sense or not but whatever. /bash

I can’t wait to read your WordPress theme tutorial, I know it’ll be well explained and I might learn something new. :)

I’m a goody tooshoe right with you. I figure sooner or later people do get caught and punished.
I think I’ll like it when I get out of high school and may not have school days in the middle of the week.
It sounds look you really are doing well on your goals. My mom is always telling me to pack a lunch when we will be out long. My trick is to add dessert for the end.
I think the curls turned out nice. :)
I do plan to make that baloon layout soon. Just as soon as I learn to spell it. :D

im like u in a way when i was younger and even now u cant tempt me with chocolate unless im in the mood. why u not eating anything unhealthy, are u on a diet?
thats cool that u dont have university on a wednesday. ye animation is a neat thing, i did a tutorial on a walking man if u want to take a look its under my flash tutorials.
your hair looks great with the part in the middle :)
i hate to many icons on my desktop as well, the rocket dock is sooo much better.
how u and james? hope u all well.

Your hair looks beautiful :)! Good thing cutting down on the junk food – and nuts certainly are a good alternative. And for me, who looooves sweets, I try to eat berries instead.


Argh! I feel your pain. I haven’t been eating junkfood since forever! I rarely, RARELY EAT it now, so I’m PERPETUALLY craving junkfood. Like cookies! OMG, I miss cookies :(.

Ha! I was the opposite for you. At camp, my parents would always buy me HEAPS of junkfood to eat :D . I LOOOOVED junkfood. I used to eat so much when I was younger :(. I kind of miss having camps now D:.

I get hungry when I’m out too :(. I don’t know whyyy. I mean I get hungry at home too, but when I’m out I seem to get hungrier, which sucks cos if you’re at home and you’re hungry and there’s nothing to eat, you won’t eat, but when you’re out you can go buy stuff so you’re more likely to eat, and WAH! /wah

ARMOR FOR SLEEP CDS :D. I’m still not over the fact that they disbanded :(. *Sniff*. I will forever be heartbroken. But they are still totally AWESOME :D.

Your curly hair looks awesome :D. HOPE YOUR HAIR GROWS OUT SOON!

I had a look at your March goals and I’m impressed by how much you’ve already done in about a month. I don’t think I could have made 100 decent icons in a month, and I haven’t even factored in all the other stuff. @_@

I had a school camp in Bintan last year and we couldn’t bring food/tidbits or cell phones. They were pretty reasonable rules because we were going to another country, and if I’m not wrong, you have to declare that you have food items, and that just creates more hassle for everyone. Some people tried to smuggle in packets of potato chips because they couldn’t deal with eating the camp food. The food wasn’t that bad, anyway. My schoolmates were just being spoiled.

I haven’t spent a lot of money this month and I’m proud because I tend to overspend. I think, “ooh, that packet of /something/ looks nice and it’s only $2!”. Next thing I know, I’ve bought 5 more packets and the cost really adds up.

I haven’t changed my hairstyle for a long time. I do want a change, but very few hairstyles work for me because I have stupid, untameable hair. I’m just scared it’ll look awful and then it’ll take what seems like forever to grow out.

i also get more hungry when i’m at school or out than when i’m home doing nothing. it doesn’t seem like my body needs any extra energy when i’m at home, while at school i could’ve had more than just one lunch!!

i’ve eaten junkfood once this year, and i think i’ve been doing great to keep away from that stuff. it’s not good for anyone, still it tastes to good, haha! sometimes i wish i thought it was awful, just so i wouldn’t eat it.

it still “amazes” me how much money we use on food. it’s not that we’re going to starve ourself, but some of the snacks i buy, aren’t really neccesary, and i could’ve saved up all of those money to buy something i really wanted, like you did with the cds you just bought.

good luck with your animation homework!! 125 frames sounds a lot, and it probably is too. the closest i’ve ever come to animation was back when i tried out animation shop to make those fancy link buttons, haha!

thank you!! (: and yes, sometimes the complaining takes more time than the actual work. but it’s like i need to learn that it’s easier to get it over and done than start complaining and then do the work. and i don’t have a link section like that, so i put you in my affilate list if that’s ok? i love your site and blogs! <3

The internet is a fun place because you can do a lot of things on it, but to me, there seems to be more cons than pros. Just how people tend to be immature and how people are murdered from meeting people online, or even commit suicide from online bullying. I read articles about this all the time and it’s rare that the person who committed the act is caught. Sadly, real life isn’t like CSI or anything. @_@

I don’t really know what you’re doing but you really keep in touch with your friends! Whether it’s through blogging or whatever (since I know two of your friends offline have blogs too? Well, I guess three counting James but I don’t know of any more). Just seems to me like most people don’t bother keeping in touch; they expect you to do all the work. They only bug you when they want or need something which I find ridiculous. 😒

!!! I just gained a whole new respect for you. Okay… so let me get this straight:

1. You go to school full time.
2. You have two jobs.

You seriously are super woman.

It really wasn’t cool of your cousin to mention that. I know my uncle tends to do that to me too… he’ll read something that he thinks is targeted towards my dad so he’ll call him and bring it up. Then my dad will proceed to question me at the dinner table. /hmph Did your mom chill out though? If she’s still trying to make you get another job, I think that’s a bit overkill. o_o

Yeah, that’s true. They were only judging though based on his age. They assumed that just because he was significantly older than me, that he had “been around the block” and knew how to “get in my pants” (so to speak). Yeah, I understand I’m in Miami: playboy capital of the U.S but do you have to judge everyone? They raised me to be better than that and if I think he’s a decent person, I wish they would at least give me a chance. But no. I’m 18, so what the hell do I know. 🤬 Luckily, everyone is on good terms. My mom will occasionally bring up David but it’s nothing extreme; Dad has also backed off so I’m really happy now. :)

As far as professors and whatnot goes, I’m trying to avoid speaking about them and my school in general as much as possible. Mainly because I know that some colleges look through your profiles and whatnot before accepting you. What if they find something to use against me in the future?! That would freaking suck. Even though I really want to talk about the people in my school and staff in general, I really don’t want to risk it. By blogging, you’re supposed to be able to say whatever that’s on your mind but there’s so many restrictions these days it’s freaking crazy! /argh I might as well go back to writing in journals and hiding it under my bed.

There’s a lot of handy Javascript codes, but I’m trying not to rely on it too much! :X Not to mention if someone has it turned off, my site kind of looks like shit. LOL XD

Talk about a client from hell? o_o I noticed that some people already have a specific layout in mind; there’s usually no working with them. They want something specific and if you don’t give it to them, they freaking go nuts. /ehh This is one of the many reasons why I’m keeping designing just a hobby; I don’t think I can deal with those kinds of people on a daily basis. Did he at least pay you?

You should like, include how to make a Tumblr theme in your giant archive of tutorials. XD Your tutorials are the only ones I read anyways because they’re in depth and actually make sense. I wish I could say the same for everyone else.

I read an article that some jobs actually go as far as to look at what grade you got for specific individual assignments; that’s crazy! I wouldn’t think that kind of information would be available because to a limit, is that kind of invading your privacy? It’s like, if you got a C or something on this specific assignment, they won’t hire you. Like wtf? I don’t see the relevance in that at all.

Okay, scratch what I said earlier. My respect for you has just doubled what it was during the third paragraph. You even have separate goals and manage to complete those within the month too?! MADNESS. Seriously, and here I am complaining over simple things like an essay (I tend to drag these even though I know I can write them in one setting) and all this other crap when I don’t even have a job. I guess I have more free time than I realized.

I’m the same way! Since I’m in the house most of the day, I often “forget” I have to eat because I’m never hungry… I’m just sitting there anyways, but when I’m out and about with family or David, I’m hungry. I point to everything, “I want this! And this! And this!” sometimes David gets so surprised, he says it seems like I had been starving for months. /hehe It’s strange, I just get this weird appetite? I tell myself that when I’m in class, I won’t buy anything till I get home, but I almost always give in to the chips in the vending machine. Sigh.

I should probably buy a replacement battery myself. When I’m online, my battery only lasts for an hour and a half before it dies. It used to last five hours when I first got it (I’ve had mine for almost three years). Aren’t they kind of expensive though? o_o

I tend to snack on peanuts throughout the day. /eee Since my dad is a health freak, we rarely have junk food in the house. Everything is diet to some moderation. If I want candy or something, I have to spend it with my own money.

You look really nice with curled hair! :) I try to curl my hair sometimes (even though my hair is naturally curly… LOL I just mean after I straighten it to give it some “Oomph!”), but I always fail. Usually someone else has to do it because I seriously suck at it. 😳

A WordPress theme tutorial would take forever, no wonder you feel a bit lazy about it. 😏

You know I think I’m the same. I always eat and drink more when I’m out which is awful for spending habits. I buy magazines, CDs, concert tickets all fairly regularly so I really can’t afford to buy too much food. Nuts are meant to be really good to snack on but unfortunately I don’t like them. :/ I settle for the unhealthy alternatives. Well done you for sticking to the less junk food plan.

Your hair looks really nice like that. I always envy people who look good with centre-parted hair because not many do and it would just be so much easier to deal with.

It was in the Simpsons Movie, if you went to see that. :P

I’m the same, it normally takes me a while to listen to new music. I always have several albums I need to listen to. I should really stop it because I know so many other opinions on them before I can form my own without bias.

That does sound amazing, actually being able to walk around. I never normally have room to move my arms let alone walk. Once they’re up in the air they’re there for the rest of the night because I have no room to put them down. And if I try to I usually end up accidentally hitting someone in the face and being elbowed back.

Those angels just freaked me out a bit. :P Did you see the Comic Relief episode of Dr Who?

That seems really unfair. Now you have to go and spend your own money on a new phone when it’s not your fault that you don’t have your old one anymore.

Haha, I found a cheap-ish pair of red studded biker gloves on Amazon; a woman in Wales was selling them. When I got them I tried them on and wanted to keep them to myself. :P But my friend loved them/him more. :)

When I was young I was a ‘goody-goody’ too. I’d never disobey the teachers, eeverrr, and whenever someone did it totally shocked me xD

I am the same way completely? When I’m out and about, I get soo hungry. And at home, I’m rarely hungry. So weird :S Maybe it’s because of the fact that when you’re out and about, you’re constantly surrounded by food :S?

I think that’s a good idea, spending your money on other things. I’ve been trying to do the same as well recently; I mean food literally it what I spend most of my money on its crazy Dx

You hair looks nice! :)

I actually noticed I eat more junk food when I’m home with nothing to do haha … and nowadays. My school requires every freshman dorm-er to have $3000 on his/her meal plan a year, and I still have $1500. So I’m screwed and buying junk food (well actual food too) like crazy because there’s no refund. I also buy these $3 orange juices they sell in our own version of Starbucks … all the ways to waste money. Like CDs! I have a bad habit of collecting every CD and DVD of this ONE band. I swear I have like them all. But I don’t really have a CD shelf or anything because I don’t collect others! I’m kinda crazy I just realized.

Friday is my chill day =D Ohhh that sounds like the animation course I took years ago! We made a 1:30 video, but I don’t think I had that many frames … mine was pretty bad. I know how tedious animation can get though, but it’s a real money spinner if you know what you’re doing.

The last time my hair was parted down the middle was 10th grade … that was such a long time ago! Anyways I think you made it work though.

Thank you. No, I don’t use Illustrator…my laptop broke down when I tried to install it. I use PS Elements 8 for drawing. /eee Drawing tablets are awesome! I just got my first one, so I’m a fresh new drawer..
Really? I have met a lot of people from Norway on the internet. Haha, I suppose thats because I’m norwegian. Meh, I think most mothers would worry about kids in storms.. Where do you come from?
Star Wars is kind of amazing, its so unique, but some poeple are overly obsessed with it >.>
Eating healthy food does not only make you keep control of your cholestrol, but it makes you feel good 👏
Oh how strange about your hair… I guess it all depends on how long you keep the curling iron in your hair then. (My mother is a hairdresser, so I SHOULD know this /ehh )

I am sooo trying to stop eating junk food, everytime my step dad comes down we seem to buy more of it grrr lol.

I try to eat breakfast then that fills me up most of the day then I won’t snack on rubbish food, and well it is working when my step dad goes back up north.

All I ever do it pay out for transport, I pay nearly 50 pounds a month on bus fare. Then the buses always show up late after upping prices, so I soon complained about that. At the minute I am saving for a new phone.

cds and a new battery is a must have though, can not live without music and well battery helps to stay on your laptop. I keep trying to band myself for music but I can not it is impossible so my ears keep ringing. :(

I bought a curling iron the other week and wouldn’t work on my hair and I am gutted, it burnt my forehead really bad. I can see yours worked better, what did you use? I bought babyliss which are so hot but no good for me.

Lovely picture btw.

I can’t get on a computer at home (but my dad is going to try to fix my laptop!!! ♥ ) right now, so that’s basically out of the question. I get too many hand cramps when I try using my phone. Blah. :/

Thanks! It hasn’t looked like that since then; it was a bit cloudy that day. :P

I’m one of those people who has midnight cravings, and it really drives me crazy, because on nights when I’m not in the best of moods, I’ll have a few chips or a stick of cheese. 😳 I hate it because I go to bed feeling really…bloated and full. And I don’t like that feeling.

I think we get hungry when we’re out more than we do at home because there are so many options to have (at least here, I’m not sure about Australia). I mean, in the span of a square mile you might have McDonalds, or Subway, or some other fast food place that makes bad food that tastes good. 😰

But good for you, resisting that temptation! You a) save money, and b) eat much healthier. I’m also trying to cut back on sodas, at least for 40 days. I’m drinking more water and green tea to make up for it. I feel much better physically, and not so tired throughout the day. /eee

Yeah, my mom’s dad passed away when I was a baby due to (ha. ha.) cancer. I never met him, but from what my mom says, him and I could’ve been really close. That makes me sad because I’m not close with my dad’s side of the family (at all!), and my mom’s side lives on the other side of the USA. That’s good you wrote your grandparents letters though. :) I’m sure they really appreciated that.

I’ll probably hear back from them when another holiday comes around. :) I’m looking forward to it, because I wonder if they’ll make a comment on getting my thank-you note, too.

Thank you so much, Georgina! ♥ I’m hoping tomorrow goes well.

And, the point was proven here when you simply told us about snacking, laptop batteries, and curling your hair (plus other things). I wasn’t bored while reading about it, while other blogs I might’ve been bored reading it.

I hope I get lucky too, and I hope I get to meet them. It would make 2011 a really great year for me, since All Time Low has become suck a big part of my life, seeing as their music got me through really shit times in 2010. So I’d like to meet the men behind that. /faw Know what I’m saying?

Ha, I haven’t met a girl who’s kept memoirs of her ex-boyfriend(s). Just not things you keep around. /hmph And from long-lost friends. They just aren’t important anymore. The memories fade, and so do the people.

Honestly, I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t hungry (unless I’m full, and it’s not for long), because I’m ALWAYS hungry. I’m trying to work on better eating habits in general, no more junk, fast food, etc… but it’s so hard. LOL.

Some of us know what too much junk food will do to us, others i think dont care.
O i forgot u had high cholesterol, what are you not allowed to eat?
Ye i learnt flash at my college for two years, last year was better because we got a new lecturer and finally i understood how to work flash. i would love to see your flower animation.
Thats good that u and james are still going strong, how long has it been again for you guys?

First let me say you have really beautiful big eyes, it’s awesome.

I can’t believe you bought CDs, I don’t know anyone who still buys CDs with iTunes and the alternatives. I can’t even remember how many years its been since I have bought one.

Congratulations on not eating junk food, I wish I was as disciplined as you, I have no self control when it comes to that stuff.

Thank you! :)

I do buy a lot of stuff from iTunes but especially with my favourite bands I like to have a physical copy. I do still collect vinyl records too. :D

hey there georgie! i miss being here again. LOL.
anyway… we’re kind of opposite because I’d rather spend my money on food and drink than to buy stuff for myself. hahaha. it’s just that I feel like spending it on food is worth it. my dad even even scolded me for not having a control with my money when it comes to eating. bwahahaha /bounce

it’s my dream to have a curly hair… just around the tip of it. i feel like i’m beautiful. looooool. and as usual… you’re pretty, girl! :D