Caught in a daze

The weather’s been insane lately. Yesterday I woke up to thunder and rain, and it had cleared up by the time I decided to actually get up (I probably slept in between the two times I woke up). It got really sunny, and then later on it rained again. The rain just kept coming and going, and it was pouring by the evening.

As you can probably guess, it was raining this morning. I made my way to the station okay, though the ride to university was so dreary. I didn’t want to go to the main part of the carriage so I stood in the space between the door and the door to the seats. I was on one of the better, cleaner trains with better and comfier seats, but I didn’t bother looking for a seat. It looked like it was full anyway. I stood in that little space for the whole trip and it was eerily rattly and I stared out the doors for a while, watching the rain.

Freakin’ miserable.

I had to open my umbrella when I got out at the station because it was pouring down. I didn’t want to take the underground tunnel because it always feels stuffy to me, and it was too late to go back anyway. So I walked under my umbrella as it rained. I was wearing a hooded dress so I put the hood on my head even though I was covered by my umbrella.

I was waiting to cross a very busy road – the main road, actually. There were a lot of people around me. There was an immense puddle of rainwater forming at the curb in front of where I was standing. I didn’t give it much attention because it was hard to see with water drizzling down and blurring my vision. A bus zoomed past while I was waiting. It honestly couldn’t have driven closer to the curb or that puddle of rainwater. What a fucking idiot.

That was the highlight of my day, being completely drenched in muddy rainwater. /hmph I was pretty furious so I just pushed past everyone once the light went green to cross the road. For some time my stockings were sticking to my skin and it felt horridly uncomfortable. I felt ill and just wanted to go home, and before class even started, that was all I could think about – going home. On Mondays, I usually hang around after class ends and just chat with friends or browse the internet until I have to leave for work.

All through class I looked for train timetables. I had already bought a ticket to the station near work, so I had to get off there if I wanted to go home. I figured I’d just call my dad. The thing was, the train was three minutes after class finished – 12:03pm. I didn’t think I was going to make it, and I’d have to wait another 30-40-odd minutes for the next one.

It was 11:41am and I was itching to leave but I just packed up early and waited. Our tutor wrapped it up at 11:55 at which point I panicked, and ran, telling Ryan that I had seven or so minutes. I ran into the elevator (I fucking hate being four levels up, mind you) and perhaps I could have had a little more time if I closed the doors on Seb (hahahaha, sorry… XD) but I didn’t want to be a bitch even though I was in a hurry. So I had to let him in.

I was running across the road and running up the main road, before crossing the main road and running up the path to the station. I ran through the station realising I only had two minutes to catch the train. I saw a boy up on the platform waving at some of his friends behind me to hurry up. I was struggling to run up the stairs and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to laugh at myself but I couldn’t even spare the time of day. The boy’s friends ran in front of me but in my desperation I gave every ounce of strength to climb the last few steps and jump into the doors.

They closed right behind me as I walked in. WHO DA MAN? /bounce /bounce

That aside, I went to the bank, deposited some money, and got my dad to pick me up and take me home before work, and I had two hours during which I had a shower, a nap, lunch, and some home-made lemonade. :D

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Oh man, I’m so sorry! Like I knew you wanted to go home after class, but I didn’t know your train was coming so soon until you told me when I got into the elevator. Now I feel guilty too for pressing ‘2’ in the elevator. >_<

I've never run to the train station with only 6 minutes to get there. I don't think I would, either. Since I can catch the bus, I don't need to hurry if I need to go home quickly (most of the times). Although I remember back when I was working near Newtown, that I would run to the closest bus stop. Because I finished work at night, buses around that time are pretty full, especially near Newtown. There's also a lot of traffic, so it takes buses a while to get there in the first place. Sometimes I would wait an hour just for one bus to come. =/

I'm glad you didn't get sick after getting drenched. It would have sucked getting sick at the start of the week, and assignments will be due soon too… It would have been a terrible situation. Fortunately you didn't and you were able to go to work. ^^

Haha that reminds me of that ‘ready to drench the kids..’ video. D:
What a douche. He probably did it on purpose; I know I would. /um

Good thing you had your running shoes on :P and you didn’t slip. That would be /sweat
Once the train doors shut in my face D: and it was gawnx

A nap is very good on a rainy day :)
Someday, you can make us lemonade. Tehee

Wash Your Socks!


very suspenseful story, glad you made it though :)

one time my friend and I left about 30 minutes early to catch our train, but there was traffic and the stupid rutgers buses were so slow, we got there late. We must have made it though because I remember having to spend extra $$ to buy our tickets on the train. so, yup, been there :)

I dislike grey rainy weather very much. I get that very often in the UK. It’s always raining and grey here.

I hate idiots that just drive through puddles of water super fast! They don’t think about the people standing on or walking along the pavements.

I use to take the train to work. I didn’t really like the train because of the horrible times! I had to make a change as well. If first train is delayed or I missed it then I’ll have to wait a long time at the inter-change station. Anyways I can rant on and on about trains so I think I’ll stop here.

In 2hrs you manage to have lunch shower nap and make lemonade wow. If that was me I think I would have napped the whole 2hrs. My naps always turn into 2hrs sleeps.

Oh goodness Georgie!!! You da man!!! lol. Seriously; I hate going out in the rain especially pouring down rain, but I do love the rain regardless it just smells so crisp and clean after it rains ya know? The only thing I don’t like it besides going out in the rain is when the internet actually goes out. The cable box towards the internet is located on the outside of the house. -_- idiots like they couldn’t have put it somewhere else like maybe INSIDE?! -_-.

Yeah, I still do like the Japanese culture and music, but I just want to get rid of the JPOP and JROCK music that I DON’T listen to anymore. I still love Ayumi always have and always will; but who knows maybe no one will buy them? I dunno. I can always back them up on my harddrive though. If I ever wanted to listen to them again heehee. But yeah I want to actually at least $10.00 towards the earthquake fund towards Japan. I told Takuto that a week ago when the earthquake had hit, and he thanked me for it. I’m guessing he’s still wanting to come out here and is still planning on it, and thus lead me to ask Andrew if he would be there when I go to meet Takuto. He said he would love to be there with me. And Takuto doesn’t mind meeting Andrew either and he knows Andrew’s my boyfriend heehee :).

But yeah, sashimi is actually healthier for you than SUSHI is. When I was going on one of those fancy expensive diet plans a long time ago to see if I can’t get the gastric done, the lady told me I can only have sashimi and NOT sushi. :). So there ya go. When I get a place with Andrew, I’m definitely going to save up for a yorkie-poo or some kind of puppy that we both want, and name her like Sushi or Sashimi or whatever name we both agree on. Heehee. So that’ll work out. I still need to talk that out with him though.

Well; I bloody got my time of month and it would happen the day before I go see Andrew!!! Bloody hell!!! I woke up twice due to cramping. The first time was sort of like a hilarious nightmare. I have no idea why, but Andrew was in it and he told me something and than all of a sudden, the Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo theme came playing in my head. I was like What the f*ck? lol. The 2nd time was around 7:00 a.m. this morning and I have been up ever since. Ugh!! It is raining now too. But yeah don’t ask me how I got that Elephants are on parade song in my head lol. Thankfully; it’s not one of those songs that linger on afterwards. Like a lot of those songs do lol. But I guess the good thing about me being on that time of month NOW is the fact that I probably won’t be on it on Friday night when I go see MEAT LOAF!!!!! And than Sunday I start taking my birth control!!! So uber happy!!! Heehee.

I actually listed all my horror movies for sale on so far no one has texted me a price or want any of them yet. Maybe it’ll take a few days for someone to look at it or something I dunno. But I do hope I get rid of those horror movies. I had asked one of my male nurses about them and he said yeah they’re definitely not good, especially for the soul and mind. And he gave me advice when I start to feel an anxiety attack coming on read God’s words. So that was probably the best advice anyone could’ve given me. :). But yeah those movies are definitely going one way or the other. My dad took all of the Final Destination movies I have (he really likes those and I gave him back all the movies I stole except for Shutter Island which I will get back from Andrew’s lol).

But yeah, it is upsetting I couldn’t find her, but oh well. I guess it’s just not meant to be. Ya know? I didn’t like how she treated me when she came out here the last time. Her and I were going to go to Disneyland and I had the money and was going to pay for gas and my ticket too and food as well. But her mom wanted me to pay for gas, my ticket, my food and half of the parking. I was like wait what? And told her I wasn’t going because friend’s just don’t do that to friend’s. I already promised her mom gas money, and I would’ve paid at least some of the parking but HALF?!!! When there are other family members going as well? I don’t thinkso!!I just thought it wasn’t fair on me that I had to pay half of the parking when other family members of hers was going as well ya know? That was like taking advantage of me or something ya know? Ah well. Well; I’m gonna get going, my toes are frozen eeek!! :/.

haha and i thought i’d had a wet day today (: i’ll admit yours were worse. of course the bus couldn’t have driven any closer to you and that puddle. sometimes i’m wondering if it’s the bus drivers job to do that on purpose, just for fun, it happend to me once…
i’m glad your running to the train paid off!! you know, every minute and second counts. i remember i was going to catch the bus once, and when i came, i just saw the back of it slowly disappearing, haha i had to laugh!

well today it rained, and yesterday it snowed. so now all the snow is wet and i promise you nothing is worse than walking in, uhmmm don’t know the english word, but it’s like slush!! and i didn’t even wear a pair of suitable shoes for that kind of weather (who would know it would start to rain??), you can guess i was more than wet when i finally opened the door to home sweet home.

thanks for following me on tumblr, i followed you back (:

yes finally i had a weekend to catch up some website work. it feels nice to finally be open again (i closed my site for a day or two, and now it’s back open :D)

i think that’s what i like with designing. in math there is only one right answer, but in designing the result will always end up differently, and all of them are just as right (or great)!! (: the “answer” is constantly changing, but it’s still “right. 2+2 will forever be 4.

i agree with you, there’s lots of things at school we have to learn, but we’ll never use it in the future anyway. that kind of annoys me though, but my dad always tell me to “just do it, and get it over with it. it will take longer time if you’re going to complain about before you start with the actual work”. and he has right of course.

I would much rather have rain and thunderstorms right now! Where I live we’re getting hit with a snowstorm, it sucks. We currently have about 2 feet of snow, but after the storm we’re supposed to have double that. Be thankful of your rain, because it could be snow!

Unfortunately that’s not possible as it doesn’t snow where I live. It’s supposed to be autumn at the moment.

Oh man, if I got drenched in muddy rainwater I think I would’ve died … from OCD. It’s terrible. We haven’t had much rain for months because of the winter, and now it’s just starting to be so gloomy. In fact it’s raining out there right now … last summer one time when I was going home and carrying a huge backpack, I walked down the steps to the train and fell, my hand got drenched in rainwater, and that was almost TMTH.

This actually reminds me of the old days of high school when I had to run to catch trains to school, because I couldn’t wait like 7 minutes for the next one. HA! I really miss those days though. I hate university … well maybe not but I HATE living on campus so much I can … I’ll stop here.

Yeah. Haiti then this? Not even during a year!! Crazy.

haha, yeah. Online life is awkward. I mean… it’s easier than talking to someone face to face… but then it makes it a bit more awkward. ;P I don’t know.. haaha

Wow.. quite an adventure you had there. I’ve never gotten drenched by a bus… but if I did, oh my god. I would be so mad!! What can you do? Especially if you were going to school or work, what do you do? What an awful situation! I’m sorry that happened to you!! But then it seems like you were pretty pleased with your running into the train before the doors closed, highlight of the day. haha.

Insane weather is a constant thing in the UK, especially in spring – one day it’s hot, then it’s freezing, then it rains and the next day it drizzles, then it’s cloudy and then it’s sunny but cold and then it’s fucking boiling… I never know what to wear at the weekend. :S I always have to wrap up warm just in case. Though, it’s definately warming up now and over Easter it should warm up enough for me to wear shorts minus the tights. /eee

I hate walking around in the rain. Once I went on this school trip to a city for geography and it rained all day. -_- To the point when I squelched when I walked, felt damn miserable, and, like you, just wanted to go home. It’s horrible. And then we had to sit in this dreary old church and sketch stuff when we were all miserable and soggy in our waterproofs (I was only 11, bless).

I wish I lived in an urban area, they sound so much more exciting than the countryside. I don’t like where I live at all. I wish I could take trains and such when I wanted to… if I want to get the train I have to get a bus first, then walk to the station, then get a train.
That kind of scene (with someone staring out of a window) is such a classic in films. I do it on the bus all the time, just with music playing – or my homework in the evening (you’d be amazed how much I can get done on the journey). It sucks you couldn’t get a seat, though; I hope you get one tomorrow or something. Then you could write poems or summat. ^^

My umbrella got chewed by my dog… the handle bit at the end has been chewed off so I’m left with this spiky end to the metal. Total health and safety hazard; I normally stuff my umbrella into my bag chewed end first, though. It’s green and has an ivy pattern on it, ehe.

Your dress sounds lovely! I want to steal it. I only have two dresses and I don’t wear them much. One’s rather short so I have to be careful when I wear it. @_@

SCREW THAT BUS. When I’m walking down and it’s raining – which hasn’t happened much recently, actually – that always happens to me in some way or another. Madness. Bus drivers can be total pricks at times. When I walk up to the traffic lights, though, there’s honestly this massive puddle that takes up about half the road after it’s rained heavily. It’s maybe the length of a car, and since all the cars speed right through it you have to run past it when a car isn’t coming. Which normally means you stand there for a good two minutes looking stupid as you wait for minimal traffic.

I hate it so much when stockings stick to your skin. -_-

My god, you sound like a rocket. :O HOW DID YOU DO THAT? Especially without slipping over or any awkward falls. I’ve tried something similar in the rain and I so totally skidded like a badass around the corner, nearly falling flat on my ass. You have skill.

Aha silly guys who were no match for Georgie. YOU DA MAN.

That sounds like a nice two hours. ^^ I can’t nap in the day, though – it’s just impossible for me.

I’d return your comment but I want to keep this relatively short ’cause I know you have lots to do (plus I have a bit of homework to get to. /um)

Take care! xx

I hate rainy days. They make my day more depressing by virtue of being rainy, even though rain is awesome and good for all the food I eat.

You da man! Boo yah! That rocked.

Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear that you had an awful day! I once had a truck driver do that to me. In my own anger, I threw my umbrella at him. Oh the irony of it. :) Well on the bright side, there needs to be a rain storm in order for the rainbow to come out! lol – sorry, lame saying but thought I would put it out there :P


Naps and snacks are what make shitty rainy days like this bearable.

Fricken popsicle shitsticks! It’s been raining like crazy there, too? My cousin said he left the mad weather in LA for New York and it’s the same. Doom and gloom from Mother Nature, what’s up. We had some crazy thunder at 4am. Woke me up, that bad boy.

That is just horrible that you got splashed and drenched by the dumbass bus and then had to go and sit through class in that condition. But, superwoman you, Georgina, got on that train just in the nick of time! (H)

You are efficient. A shower, nap, lunch, and lemonade in two hours? That would take me…I dunno, I can only nap if I’m feeling terrible from my allergies, or if I’m super tired. Actually, even when I’m insanely exhausted, my eyelids just refuse to stay in slumber unless it is nighttime. -__-

It’s cold here, too. My mother’s making udon with fish cakes. Nice hot soup will do the trick. I’ll send you some virtually. :D

Hi! :D Ahh. My mom isn’t that into piercings. She isn’t against them either, though. she had her bellybutton pierced, but took it out.

I used to have it on Playstation; it’s better on the computer to me!

Yeah, like when you dislike the person, you just want them to shut up anyway. But I always forget I’m mad at my friends or whatever.

They’re so delicious! The contents aren’t even that outstanding to me, but all together they’re great. Yeah, I love Mexican food!

Oh! Is it fun? Yeah, it’s really strange.. I wonder what they imagined us to be like?

Yeah, it’s still possible. I hope it doesn’t change though! If it did it’d probably be something like meteorology. I’m almost positive it’d be something to do with science or English, as those are the only things I’m really good at, haha!

Yeah, I don’t see why they would. Maybe it was her mom! It always makes you wonder.

Oh, I love rain and thunderstorms! <3 It's absolutely my FAVOURITE weather, especially when it's warm! I have no clue why, I just like it. I've never owned an umbrella, either! I love walking in rain.

Ouh, sounds horrible! That's never happened to me. It's kinda like in the movies where the people are already in a horrible mood, then SPLASH. ^^ Quite amusing in the movies, but I'm guessing not so much when it happens to you.

What an eventful day! I'm glad you caught the train just on time! I've done that, but with a bus. ^^

NICE SAVE!!! I don’t think I would have made that at all. My cardio really really really sucks. I would have died just halfway through that LOL. I drive so that’s why I’m incredibly lazy and spoiled that way LOL

I hate being drenched in the rain too. Our weather here has just been wet and gross here too and my pants are always gross and drenched and I can never keep nice hair LOL.

I hate the rain, so whenever it rains it kind of puts me in a grouchy mood. It’s kind of silly how it affects my mood, but oh well. I like to just stay inside on rainy days and curl up and read a book, not have to trudge through it to school. Blahh.

Aw. :( That flippin sucks. It’s like one of those things that you hear about but don’t think happens. Good job on catching the train! I’m glad you got to go home and shower and all that. I hate being stuck in wet clothes; there’s nothing worse!

It’s fall/autumn in Australia, right? :) Hehe, I don’t really know these things. I like to watch the rain sometimes, in a way it calms me down when I’m upset.
:( Aww, I hate wet socks. Sometimes dirt gets caught inside & all… yuck! D: But at least you had an umbrella & a hood, though. You could’ve really gotten wet, I’m glad you didn’t, though. Wet is bleh.
/eee My mom says that, too! She says I can’t listen to my iPod or go to the internet cafe a lot since she wants me to spend time with my family. I mean, I love them as my family, but I love the internet, too. ♥

Oh god, I’m sorry to hear about that! I would have started crying right there in the rain, O_O I would have called my mum or dad. Stupid driver should have watched where he was driving, if you got to talk to him what would you tell him? LOL. :P

At least you didn’t get sick from the rainwater or that’ll be a really bummber /hmph. ♥

I’m familiar with the same situation! When I was in school..and it was pouring rain..and I didn’t wear my rainboots so I would walk to class and step in huge puddles that I cant avoid..and my feet is wet…socks is soaked..the annoying squishy sound..the annoying discomfort of it all!!! And worst of all…I too can’t think of anything else beside my soaked shoe and going home during lecture. /angry

The weather here has been sort of unpredictable too. The first day of Spring just passed here and yet a few weeks earlier we had snow and them random spurts of 70 degree fahrenheit weather. And yesterday, even though it’s Spring now, it was raining with the chance of snow flurries. There was no snow flurries by me, but parts around me had them. It’s so weird, I don’t even know how to dress day to day.

I get the same way with rain. I don’t know if you feel that way everytime it rains, but when it’s that rainy, all I want to do is stay in, stay home, stay in bed. That’s pretty epic that you made the train just in time, hopefully you grabbed a seat then! Anyways, homemade lemonade seems like a pretty delicious way to top that.

I hate it when the weather acts like a bipolar asshole. I especially hate the drivers who speed during rainy days, I always end up drenched and cursing the middle of the street!

Well, I’ve just got to comment that I’ve been absolutely LOVING this rainy weather. Perhaps I’m just weird, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful. Every time it pour torrentially I’ve been running outside and jumping in puddles like the sensible, mature person I am ;) One of these days I’m going to get pneumonia, I swear!

Seriously, though, when you get splashed by buses, rain becomes less fun. Some bus drivers are seriously awful people. Not to pigeonhole the entire demographic of bus drivers, but some of them really have anger management issues. I swear they do little things just to cause people pain. I had an annoying incident with a bus driver today, actually. I was running for my bus, and he closed the doors bus was waiting for the traffic to move along so he could pull out of the bus stop. So I ran up and knocked on the door, and he just stared at me with this expression that basically said “What the f*** do you want?” I motioned that I wanted to get on, and he just shrugged his shoulders. This repeated several times until the traffic moved, and then he just drove off. If I hadn’t been in school uniform in a very public place I would have screamed profanities at him. Seriously, did he think I was just knocking on the door of a bus because I find it fun? Urgh.

Georgie, you are seriously cool for making it to the train. I’ve attempted amazing last-minute dashes like that before, and pretty much every time I miss the bus or train by a matter of seconds. And then I sit, panting, at the station and try not to look like I just ran for the bus and missed it. And the middle-aged jerks all around me look down their nose at me and refuse to budge along the bench or remove their briefcase so I can sit down. Some people are rude.

Home made lemonade? I’m jealous. I also want your recipe/formula for it, because every time we try it, it turns out like disgusting lemony soup. Not exactly the dersired effect…

I’ve had pneumonia before – not pleasant, I’m telling you – not pleasant. Try to keep out of the rain if you’re already feeling cold. :P

I keep the pulp in my lemonade. I know some people don’t like it but that makes it a little less like soup. Just squeeze the hell out of the lemons (as much as you want, better do more now so you have a supply for later) and store it in the fridge for a while. I use about five to six teaspoons of lemon juice, and then just one teaspoon of sugar. I mix that in a cup with a teaspoon, until it’s nearly fully dissolved. Then I pour chilled water to make the cup full and just stir it some more. It’s not bad at all. :B

Eck I’ve experienced all that before – the rain, the splash from puddles, the sticky stockings… i’m glad you managed to make it home! The major downside about me and rushing for public transport to/from uni is that I can’t really run… not with a fucking bass guitar :/


Anyways, WHAT AN ASS bus driver T_T. Couldn’t he have driven a LITTLE to the right? Hmph. Must have SUCKED being totally drenched in muddy water. Good on your for staying though :P. I’d either have gone home to change or bought new clothes. Don’t I sound spoilt :(.

LOL, see, sometimes it SUCKS to be nice. Letting Seb in was nice, yet it cost you some precious time. Haha, this is why it’s so much easier to be bad :P. Oh well I’m sure you felt better in the end for doing a good deed, right? :).

Good work for making the train though :P. How EPIC. Hahahaha you JUST made it. I would NEVER have been able to do that. I’d have just walked and waited cos I HATE running for the train. But YAAAY you got to get home early :D. EXTRA TIME FOR YOU :).


You always have such interesting days (whether exciting in a good way, or a bad). This was no exception! I’m sorry you were drenched with rainwater, and then had to endure class like that. Me, being someone who desperately hates germs, I would have had to wash it all off in some way. /bash But what an asshole to be driving like that, when it’s obviously raining and driving like a chicken with its head cut off when it’s raining so hard like that isn’t smart. But “you da man” making the train like that. You go! xD

I am hoping it’s a good April, anyways. :P And that’s really, really cool that you got to actually meet Ben Jorgensen! I saw the picture of you and him while I was reading your about page. I’m hoping to meet All Time Low, if I get the chance. I think that’d make 2011 the best year yet. ♥

Ha! The House of Blues is too small for the amount of people who generally come. People are squished together like sardines, really. I’m hoping, if I get up to the front, I won’t be too into the “mosh” section, and won’t have to deal with crowd surfers or anything. I think I’ll be alright though. 😰

I agree with you on that. I like books where the character faces a challenge in themselves, and sometimes their stories are really deep and touching, fiction or not. It puts them right on my favorites shelves.

I’ve tried getting on her good side! Really, I have. But whenever I come up and tell her I turned something in, and I know I turned it in, she’ll give me a bunch of attitude and shove a blank paper in my face, telling me if I don’t redo the paper I get a zero. /angry It’s really frustrating, but I only have 3 more months of her, and that’s comforting at least. I’ve also tried complaining to the school, but they don’t do much. They don’t want to put people out of work if they don’t have to. Plus, getting a new teacher means reorganizing classes, and they don’t want to do that. /ehh

I’m so sorry about your cousin. :( It really hits home, doesn’t it?

I wish I knew what was going to happen to me, but that just takes the fun out of life and making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. You live and learn, as they say, and if you know everything that’s going to happen…you really miss out on a lot. So I guess it’s just better not knowing. For me, anyways.

=_= It really bugs me that parents think it’s okay to try and “set us on the right track,” and pick our careers for us. In the end, it’s us that will be living our lives, and I don’t want to be like my dad, complaining everyday about how much he hates his job, but does it because it pays good money and his dad did it. It’s good you like what you’re into now though. /eee

I have yet to tell my parents about whether I’d actually like to get into forensic anthropology, or whether it’s just a rash decision. I know my dad will say it’s disgusting, because he thinks it’s morbid that I don’t become nauseous at the sight of the bodies on Bones. He told me the other night that it’s freak-ish. I think my mom would encourage me to pursue it though. Haha, good for your brother. :) I mean, you never know – he might be like one of those brilliant detectives someday. LOL.

There’s something more personal about a handwritten letter, I guess. My box has things all the way back to 1st grade, when my teacher wrote me a long letter telling me how she hoped I did well in life, and that she hoped to hear from me someday. We’re friends on Facebook, actually, and I talked to her just the other day (even though I know you don’t like Facebook, I thought it worth mentioning). And I’m hoarding so many things right now (especially books and old notes from friends), but I’m far too lazy to throw them away. Sooner or later…though most-likely later.

The weather has sure been crazy with all the rain this week. Today it’s warm. The weather is so strange these days.

I wish CityRail would roll out more of those nice, new and clean trains. I usually get the tin can trains. I still haven’t found that underground tunnel. :/ I was supposed to go to the Passport Office and it was quicker to go through the tunnel but I couldn’t find it at the station so I ended up walking all around it.

How rude of the bus driver! That’s happened to me on the way home from school before and I feel your pain because you had just started your day. :(

I usually keep a train timetable in my bag so I can check when the trains come. It’s pretty handy in situations like yours. :)

I love the big rush to the station and the success of just making the train! My friend and I have done that quite a few times and we’ve had people give us weird looks because we’re panting and celebrating at the same time. :P

I usually run to the bus more than I run for the train because the bus is supposed to ‘connect’ with the train but it never does because the driver zooms off.

Oh bollocks! I was always used to the tunnel, which is why when I went to the concourse (Hungry Jacks) I got completely lost. It’s hard to explain where the tunnel is but if you face towards Elizabeth Street, where the platform numbers are higher (eg. you get off at platform 14 and look towards platforms 15, 16, 17 and so on)… and then take the exit at the end of the platform to your right, it should take you to the tunnel. Though I’m not entirely sure where the Passport Office is. :X

I had the train timetables on my iPhone before I lost it, and I haven’t gotten around to bringing a paper timetable around! :P

I used Prestoshop. It’s okay but not that great for a little store. It has so many features that it’s a little confusing.

I’m looking for a simple cart that allows payment with or without signing up. Let me know if your friends finds anything good :)

Getting drenched by cars is very common here! You may have heard that UK is always rainy :( As well as rain most of the roads here aren’t even so there’s always puddles everywhere!

I can’t power nap at all. I have to set an alarm to make sure I wake up in 30-40mins time. Else I will sleep till…god knows!

Good thing you’re sort of happy about the day although everything didn’t go according to your plans :)! Oh and thunderstorms – I love them. I’m actually eagerly waiting for the summer and those lovely pouring rain thunderstorms that we sometimes have here in Finland.

u kept me in suspense all the way to the bottom of your blog. YOU DA MAN XD.
Thanks for saying RocketDot has instructions, I downloaded it and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!