Caught in a daze

The weather’s been insane lately. Yesterday I woke up to thunder and rain, and it had cleared up by the time I decided to actually get up (I probably slept in between the two times I woke up). It got really sunny, and then later on it rained again. The rain just kept coming and going, and it was pouring by the evening.

As you can probably guess, it was raining this morning. I made my way to the station okay, though the ride to university was so dreary. I didn’t want to go to the main part of the carriage so I stood in the space between the door and the door to the seats. I was on one of the better, cleaner trains with better and comfier seats, but I didn’t bother looking for a seat. It looked like it was full anyway. I stood in that little space for the whole trip and it was eerily rattly and I stared out the doors for a while, watching the rain.

Freakin’ miserable.

I had to open my umbrella when I got out at the station because it was pouring down. I didn’t want to take the underground tunnel because it always feels stuffy to me, and it was too late to go back anyway. So I walked under my umbrella as it rained. I was wearing a hooded dress so I put the hood on my head even though I was covered by my umbrella.

I was waiting to cross a very busy road – the main road, actually. There were a lot of people around me. There was an immense puddle of rainwater forming at the curb in front of where I was standing. I didn’t give it much attention because it was hard to see with water drizzling down and blurring my vision. A bus zoomed past while I was waiting. It honestly couldn’t have driven closer to the curb or that puddle of rainwater. What a fucking idiot.

That was the highlight of my day, being completely drenched in muddy rainwater. 😐 I was pretty furious so I just pushed past everyone once the light went green to cross the road. For some time my stockings were sticking to my skin and it felt horridly uncomfortable. I felt ill and just wanted to go home, and before class even started, that was all I could think about – going home. On Mondays, I usually hang around after class ends and just chat with friends or browse the internet until I have to leave for work.

All through class I looked for train timetables. I had already bought a ticket to the station near work, so I had to get off there if I wanted to go home. I figured I’d just call my dad. The thing was, the train was three minutes after class finished – 12:03pm. I didn’t think I was going to make it, and I’d have to wait another 30-40-odd minutes for the next one.

It was 11:41am and I was itching to leave but I just packed up early and waited. Our tutor wrapped it up at 11:55 at which point I panicked, and ran, telling Ryan that I had seven or so minutes. I ran into the elevator (I fucking hate being four levels up, mind you) and perhaps I could have had a little more time if I closed the doors on Seb (hahahaha, sorry… πŸ˜†) but I didn’t want to be a bitch even though I was in a hurry. So I had to let him in.

I was running across the road and running up the main road, before crossing the main road and running up the path to the station. I ran through the station realising I only had two minutes to catch the train. I saw a boy up on the platform waving at some of his friends behind me to hurry up. I was struggling to run up the stairs and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to laugh at myself but I couldn’t even spare the time of day. The boy’s friends ran in front of me but in my desperation I gave every ounce of strength to climb the last few steps and jump into the doors.

They closed right behind me as I walked in. WHO DA MAN? 😁 😁

That aside, I went to the bank, deposited some money, and got my dad to pick me up and take me home before work, and I had two hours during which I had a shower, a nap, lunch, and some home-made lemonade. πŸ˜„

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